TEAHUPOO - Biggest and Craziest

If you had the chance to get a free trip, all included to Tahiti, but you would have to surf, at least one wave at teahupoo, would you go for it? This is how big and crazy teahupoo can get!

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If you had the chance to get a free trip, all included to Tahiti, but you would have to surf, at least one wave at teahupoo, would you go for it? This is how big and crazy teahupoo can get!

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for TEAHUPOO - Biggest and Craziest

Bokuma01 - 4 years ago
How these dudes not die?
Young Alex
Young Alex - 4 years ago
Rip Briece Taerea.
JudgeDrench - 4 years ago
I’d rather fight a tiger
Å - swedishstream
Å - swedishstream - 4 years ago
Why always crappy music in surf videos, i want to hear the sound of the waves crashing in!
Sebastian Bretthauer
Sebastian Bretthauer - 4 years ago
awesome shit O.O
anybody knows the name of the song?
Its5oclocksumwhere - 4 years ago
And to think compared to Nazare these waves are tiny
Konrad a
Konrad a - 4 years ago
These waves maybe aren"t as tall as nazare waves , but i think that, they are faster and also more massive when they collapse or it is my imagining that they are collapsing with more force :D. Also, when nazare waves are collapsing, they are collapsing into middle of the wave, here they are hitting flat water and every surfer is almost ending in the inside of the wave which is more hardcore in my opinion.
Manuel Federici
Manuel Federici - 4 years ago
0:40 I think it's the biggest wave I ever seen
George Henderson
George Henderson - 4 years ago
if you get caught in that barrel, how long are you holding your breath?
ItzSnowy - 4 years ago
George Henderson around 20 seconds. But the power of the waves make it seem like you are under water for 3 minutes
phapnui - 4 years ago
Has anyone ever ridden the ceiling in the curl upside down, come out on top of it and rode the roof down?

10. comment for TEAHUPOO - Biggest and Craziest

kcanded - 4 years ago
There are some amazing surfing guys in here, especially that guy who made it out through the burst of foam. And yes, I would take the chance at surfing if it included body surfing the leftover foam 50 feet from the beach.
sunshinegirl1967 - 4 years ago
After the first 2 deaths, I couldn't watch anymore. Did any of these surfers make it?
sunshinegirl1967 - 4 years ago
Heck I don't know but if they made it it was a miracle.
Konrad a
Konrad a - 4 years ago
Did they really die ? lol
James Braun
James Braun - 4 years ago
These are the biggest , heaviest waves ever .
redrumrabbit - 4 years ago
Is there a memorial fund I can donate to for the guy in the first clip ?
Yo Mama
Yo Mama - 4 years ago
Does anyone not fail on these waves
Almighty Sosa300
Almighty Sosa300 - 4 years ago
2:35 buddy got absolutely tossed by that wave oh my
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius - 4 years ago
2:47 it was that moment Billy realized... he'd fucked up.
HOSWELL444 - 4 years ago
Cowboys from hell.. Pantera ... is the bodgy tune
Banana Banzai
Banana Banzai - 4 years ago
Do they duck dive the waves?
Maxwell Smart_086
Maxwell Smart_086 - 4 years ago
shit music - the sound of the waves is so impressive - you don´t need this shitty music.

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Elmo Blatch
Elmo Blatch - 4 years ago
It's a god damn circus out there. Even in that treacherous chaos, crowds.
M Mckissack
M Mckissack - 4 years ago
Not sure exactly why, but that arm makes laugh very hard...:D
Cunty McCuntface
Cunty McCuntface - 4 years ago
the last one is the best omfg. grew up at dst in encinitas nor cal san diego. Dst crew!! we had some good shore break and swamis. this is just fucking epic.
Caralhinhos Voadores
Caralhinhos Voadores - 4 years ago
band and song name ?
Whitenacho - 4 years ago
Soundtrack was perfect.
Gustavo Henninger
Gustavo Henninger - 4 years ago
Caralhoooooowwww SÓ PORRADA!!!
Juliet Gil herrera
Juliet Gil herrera - 4 years ago
Dothraki Screamer
Dothraki Screamer - 4 years ago
Holy shit.
Rikkie Carette
Rikkie Carette - 4 years ago
Those surf boards must be strong to hold such massive balls!
ProjectV8 - 4 years ago
The Queen.

30. comment for TEAHUPOO - Biggest and Craziest

Ian Bartleson
Ian Bartleson - 4 years ago
1:37 the jetski on the inside. Seriously?
Anthony Palmer
Anthony Palmer - 4 years ago
first guy i know him he not dead
David Walker
David Walker - 4 years ago
You dont really want to fall off your board on a wave like that.
noah mccormick
noah mccormick - 4 years ago
Big wave surfing is so fuxking cool
Disapointed William
Disapointed William - 4 years ago
I've lived in French Polynesia for forty-five years, and when I saw Teahupoo the first time in 1976 nobody had ever ridden this wave. I left Tahiti for the island of Huahine and stayed there for 7 years riding Fiti and Fare passes!! Great waves, but I never surfed Teahupoo and never will!! I snorkeled out there when it was calm and all there is at the impact zone is brain coral and holes in the reef, so when I see these kind of wipe-outs, I'm really surprised there has not been more deaths!!
Bmac 814
Bmac 814 - 4 years ago
How are all the other people in boats and just chilling in the water not getting destroyed? Are they outrunning the wave and going up over it ? Surely sometimes people don’t make it. That shit is insane.
Bo J.
Bo J. - 4 years ago
They're in the channel. The spot is blessed with a deepwater channel on the left side that is relatively safe for boats and people. Even the biggest waves don't break there. That's why on that one clip you see the guys paddling hard, it looks like they're gonna get caught inside on that monster, but then they make it pretty easily. Most of the time the waves aren't even close to this big, they're actually a really amazing little lefthand barrel.
conspiracies are just great stories
conspiracies are just great stories - 4 years ago
The new high def drone footage of one of these massive swells in teahupoo gives a fantastic look into how heavy the wave really is. It shows how the front of the wave is just a straight drop compared to the ocean behind it. It's not like a typical wave that rises up and above the ocean. Seeing a wall of water that people ride is makes me nervous as hell lol
XavP - 4 years ago
Damn nature you scary.
Namik Pirkić
Namik Pirkić - 4 years ago
hey :D awesome video, but the music is really ass kicking!!!! anyone knows the artist maybe? song name? whatever? :D
Amy Duggan
Amy Duggan - 4 years ago
That’s not teahupoo that’s tea-hope-poop-ur-pants!
Jpgundarun - 4 years ago
For once a title that doesn't exaggerate.
eddie callahan
eddie callahan - 4 years ago
That first guy is DEAD holy
phapnui - 4 years ago
No thank you. I'll just watch on a computer from my mother's basement.
Robby Wilski
Robby Wilski - 4 years ago
That's insane!
treach50 - 4 years ago
WTF was the guy on the jetski at 1:54 thinking.......
Daniel Schaeffer
Daniel Schaeffer - 4 years ago
This is like watching someone driving a Porsche turbo at 180 into a brick wall just because he loved James Dean movies when he was a kid.
Barry White
Barry White - 4 years ago
That last ride was amazing!!
Christian Turner
Christian Turner - 4 years ago
As long as somebody films it so if i bite the dust i go in style! Lol
des - 4 years ago
This is mental. These guys deserve medals. So little margin for error, awesome. I could not imagine what going over the falls would feel like.
Mandoggy Dogg
Mandoggy Dogg - 4 years ago
Human endeavour at its purest

50. comment for TEAHUPOO - Biggest and Craziest

Kornelijus Kort Kiss
Kornelijus Kort Kiss - 4 years ago
what tsunami, and wash-machines
Mary Antonio
Mary Antonio - 5 years ago
0:00 omg, I've never seen someone get sucked up and slammed like that at Teahupoo. Did he live? How is it possible? I think I would die.
22 A Day No Way
22 A Day No Way - 5 years ago
Watch. 22adaynowau
Harriet1822 - 5 years ago
Set volume to zero, open another youtube window, and watch to Bach cantata 39. Much better.
colmcq - 4 years ago
the music is the worst. sound is off.
kcanded - 4 years ago
Thank you so much for your recommendation, so much better.
Shane Karstel
Shane Karstel - 5 years ago
And is he dead......????
Candy Land
Candy Land - 5 years ago
HansumRob100 - 5 years ago
Fuckn Massive...
Swannie Scotty
Swannie Scotty - 5 years ago
Loved the music. Who was that?
upsidedahead - 5 years ago
Who is that with the crazy foamball ride make at 3:55
upsidedahead - 5 years ago
Ian Walsh ?
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva - 5 years ago
Obviously the only boards that made the suck out walls and bottom drop out. Had killer shapers make non sticking rails enabled slip slider in full effect. Everyone got sucked over the falls or. Negative tube vortexed into la la land. I should have shaped only licensed certified keapoontang boards, exclusive to point. Boardbuild.
nolan - 4 years ago
Carlos Silva What?
Eddie Vanlingen
Eddie Vanlingen - 5 years ago
is Al Pacino would say are you ready here comes the pain
Chuck Pinter
Chuck Pinter - 5 years ago
I have respect for the balls and courage these big wave surfers bring to the table
Birdy  Wirdy
Birdy Wirdy - 5 years ago
Shit clip, shit surfing, shit surfers, shit song, dead set rip off of cowboys from hell.
James Bromley
James Bromley - 5 years ago
the dislikes are people who crapped their pants watching and now have a mess to clean up
James Bromley
James Bromley - 5 years ago
first guy is gonna win XXL +wipeout award you guys better enter him
Peter Page
Peter Page - 5 years ago
Pipeline is way bigger
Trailrider 75
Trailrider 75 - 4 years ago
The power and suck on this wave is crazy, one little mistake and your board flies away like a tooth pic, I don't see that pipeline is on the level of this bone crushing monster
Reg Taraare
Reg Taraare - 4 years ago
upsidedahead Cloundbreak yesterday. 30.05.2018
FETH - 5 years ago
Pipeline is like a toy compared to Teahupoo, the same with waimea compared to nazare
upsidedahead - 5 years ago
Peter Page at this size pipeline is washing through at 2nd or 3rd reef. Not crazy barreling like this. The only other wave that can hold this size and shape is cloudbreak in Fiji
txofinger - 5 years ago
Alguien me puede explicar cómo se sale vivo de un Wipeout de esos?q bestias!!!!
William Tomlinson
William Tomlinson - 5 years ago
Someone's going to die at this break, if they haven't already.
William Tomlinson
William Tomlinson - 4 years ago
Daniel Schaeffer yeah I'm not surprised, actually I thought there'd have been more. One dangerous break
Daniel Schaeffer
Daniel Schaeffer - 4 years ago
I checked it out on Wiki. Half a dozen have. So far.
james Jameson
james Jameson - 5 years ago
The terror the first guy felt...
Tye Starr
Tye Starr - 5 years ago
Penny Three
Penny Three - 5 years ago
Pure insanity
Sean O'Brieon
Sean O'Brieon - 5 years ago
Insane.. (!!!)....All of it... But that last wave was fkn Epic!!!....
Siskle Ebert
Siskle Ebert - 5 years ago
Holy shit!!! Have these waves always been around or are they new! Wow!!!
JIMJAMSC - 5 years ago
As much as I DESPISE Chuck Norris references, "Did they died?" and "How can they float with such balls of steel type?" comments, in this case they are totally appropriate.
SpaghettiToaster - 5 years ago
JIMJAMSC as opposed to all the other videos you see them on, where they totally aren't and you therefore hate them.
Dabiznis TheCat
Dabiznis TheCat - 5 years ago
Did that first guy survive? I thought the reef was only 3 feet under the water and is razor sharp rocks.
rafa b12
rafa b12 - 5 years ago
Masterpiece of nature?!!!
sunn power
sunn power - 5 years ago
How do these dudes live after eating shit in shallow water??? It boggles my mind. Especially the cats that go down with the lip.
Craven Moorehead
Craven Moorehead - 4 years ago
sunn power Ive been down on d lip
Mr. Admiral Hat
Mr. Admiral Hat - 5 years ago
Holy shit? Is he daed
J Simo
J Simo - 5 years ago
Is that first guy dead?
Arian Samselnig
Arian Samselnig - 4 years ago
are you serious?, if yes i am very happy for him
Marcos Villa
Marcos Villa - 4 years ago
hes alive and well. he won wipeout of the year for this
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez - 4 years ago
Damn!!! I've heard of people dying by some misstep in their own showers. If this guy still alive he must be the luckiest man in all dimensions and all Universes.
Charles Lee
Charles Lee - 5 years ago
if no he 's lucky!
Ferf Hartle
Ferf Hartle - 5 years ago
Woogity Woogity!
brett jackman
brett jackman - 5 years ago
WTF....There are 2 dislikes on one of the most amazing vids of Chopes..That first guys wipeout was the most brutal flogging ever
John Basiglone
John Basiglone - 4 years ago
+Hal Shwimer is that what they call it these days, "floggings". Back in the days when only real surfers used the term, "gnarley" or "stoked", we called it getting "munched".
Back then, a short board was 5'10" Clyde Beatty Rocket Fish. Our surfing heroes we're Rabbit Bartholemew, Larry Bertleman, Buttons, Ian Cairns, Mr.Lopez, M.R. and of course Sean Thompson. Tommie Curren was just a kid that we were jealous of because he was an up and comer and getting all the press.

And for a So. Cal kid, surfing North Shore was an exotic surf trip for me and surfing Mexico was common and not dangerous from a cartel or federali perspective and most the time, five guys in the line-up was a crowd(except Malibu), even Rincon on a 8' to 10' day had maybe only 30 guys in the line up and many waves were to be had.

Just some perspective from a crusty old, now land locked waterman. My life has taken me down some some serious paths. Had a career as a Marine and military aviator. But in my heart, I'm that long haired 18 year old, cruising the coast with bald tires and in search of some inner peace and solitude in the blue/green liquid cathedral. Burning one enroute made it an enlightening experience. I really do cherrish those surfing memories. It was a magic time that can't be repeated, those were truly the good ol' days.
Eddie Gooden
Eddie Gooden - 4 years ago
I think that's the coolest nickname for this surf spot.
Hal Shwimer
Hal Shwimer - 5 years ago
several unimaginable "floggings" depicted...the first one was very dramatic....obvious visit to trauma center, unless protected by a "reef angel"
Jake Colburn
Jake Colburn - 5 years ago
agreed, music crap...
D33P S3A
D33P S3A - 5 years ago
Actually 3 dislike w mine!....i rather the original sound that this metal 3 chords song
D33P S3A
D33P S3A - 5 years ago
Must be the uglu ass music. This music on surfing was ok on 80's
Vicky Vonstein
Vicky Vonstein - 5 years ago
how did he live?
Peter Karig
Peter Karig - 5 years ago
I'm not sure I've seen Teahupoo this big. The lip isn't as thick as I've seen before, but the tubes are huge!
J Simo
J Simo - 5 years ago
that's what she said
daasboot81 - 5 years ago
Gnar gnar
Swayzeo - 5 years ago
biggest suck out day ever
Шиен Мoonen
Шиен Мoonen - 5 years ago
Poor pepole that fell RIP

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