We did an all day surf fishing trip out to Pensacola Beach, Florida in search of Sharks and Bull Redfish! David showed use an old Surf Pole Holder trick and we caught some Blue Fish. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram @yakmotley and JackMotleyLive on Twitter. 30 Pound Braid 50 Pound Braid My Camera- My Apparel - Battle 3000 Penn Spinfisher 850 Please send me Mail to: Jack Motley 418 West Garden St. STE 213 , Box 10 Pensacola, Florida 32502

THE COOLEST SURF FISHING TRICK I HAVE EVER SEEN! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 383

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We did an all day surf fishing trip out to Pensacola Beach, Florida in search of Sharks and Bull Redfish! David showed use an old Surf Pole Holder trick and we caught some Blue Fish. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram @yakmotley and JackMotleyLive on Twitter. 30 Pound Braid 50 Pound Braid My Camera- My Apparel - Battle 3000 Penn Spinfisher 850 Please send me Mail to: Jack Motley 418 West Garden St. STE 213 , Box 10 Pensacola, Florida 32502

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Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
Thanks for watching everyone ! Please Subscribe! Check out 6 fish you should NOT eat !
Thrill to Kill
Thrill to Kill - 2 years ago
The pipe job
kmh - 2 years ago
What size the yellow kayak?
Jamie Odonnell
Jamie Odonnell - 2 years ago
Call it the stormy Daniels
p tus
p tus - 2 years ago
That guy with blue shirt hunchback?
Patrick - 2 years ago
wait, did Cap'n Dave blow into that pvc and shove it into the sand that easy? wth did I just see?
Patrick - 2 years ago
ok he sucked the water to the top. who the hell figured that out?
john curtis
john curtis - 2 years ago
God please don't use that ridiculous music.
Ace33W - 2 years ago
I live like 20-30min from P-cola beach. SO BEAUTIFUL there!
Isaiah Helget
Isaiah Helget - 2 years ago
Beach smokin


MICKIN310 - 2 years ago
share some recipes for how them , after all we love fish.
TheTim16964 - 2 years ago
The pole sucker.
GIANT FILMZ - 2 years ago
Bait used for the red fish?
GIANT FILMZ - 2 years ago
Drone is better. Go out 2000 ft
Dany Cervantes
Dany Cervantes - 2 years ago
Black helicopters ...
George Reichle
George Reichle - 2 years ago
The sick n fish
Schy Mark
Schy Mark - 2 years ago
Sucking the pole holder
jsmithnevinsky - 2 years ago
Skip the 7 minutes for the interesting content
Roger Clark
Roger Clark - 2 years ago
Suck! Don’t blow!
rob andone
rob andone - 2 years ago
That beach pole holder immersion process is called - The Sandy Blowjob. Please refer to it using its proper name.


Jason Smith
Jason Smith - 2 years ago
My ex girlfriend showed him apparently. ..
David Maye
David Maye - 2 years ago
The ol'Suckerew
Lee Peterson
Lee Peterson - 2 years ago
That's called the "sucky sink"
Mr C
Mr C - 2 years ago
Pole smoking
dirtyshirtinfo - 2 years ago
The Presidential Pardon Method.
Derek Super Strong
Derek Super Strong - 2 years ago
We call it sucking pole... duh
acuraGrx lover
acuraGrx lover - 2 years ago
Your music suks guy
Jared Stevison
Jared Stevison - 2 years ago
Pensacola beach is such an awesome place
New to Mosin
New to Mosin - 2 years ago
I don't know about sucking a pipe off on the beach maybe I can get my girlfriend to do that for me LOL
matt Evetest
matt Evetest - 2 years ago
The dick suck


John nunya
John nunya - 2 years ago
Did this today. Freaked the guys I was with out.
Kenneth Gerard Sapp
Kenneth Gerard Sapp - 2 years ago
Great post thanks it's nice to gave good friends
Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon - 2 years ago
the name for the pvc pipe trick should be suck the pipe.
Diary of a Mad Swan
Diary of a Mad Swan - 2 years ago
The suckink!
Mark Reaves
Mark Reaves - 2 years ago
Spike sucker lol
Ra Chan
Ra Chan - 2 years ago
The Blow / Fish. : )
Awesome trick!
Mason Bradley
Mason Bradley - 2 years ago
Call the trick the suck and go
uBreakIt iRepairIt
uBreakIt iRepairIt - 2 years ago
Looks like the spinning rods won the battle.
David Jeep
David Jeep - 2 years ago
ok here the smart thing to do paddle out an drop a main line anchor then run all you baits down that line use a 15 foot pole for anchor line guy in yak only goes out once maby 3 anchors
Brian Foltz
Brian Foltz - 2 years ago
Suck that pole boy!
Live Bait Boat Miami Beach
Live Bait Boat Miami Beach - 2 years ago
Banana it's a no-no when fishing it bring you bad luck, I don't let anyone bring banana into my boat in my charters
PJalst - 2 years ago
Sand sucking
Leroy The-Savage
Leroy The-Savage - 2 years ago
should look into a polorized lens for camera
TilDeath1776 US
TilDeath1776 US - 2 years ago
Call it the happy ending
TilDeath1776 US
TilDeath1776 US - 2 years ago
Used this trick the other day, works great!,!!
liken00ther99 - 2 years ago
Suck Holing!
hunter brown
hunter brown - 2 years ago
u brought a banna thats why yall were not catching much
Raycefan - 2 years ago
It’s called “science”. I’m fairly confident blowing in it would have the same effect.
Raycefan - 2 years ago
Most people who go out to fish “a while” generally get started before noon. Just sayin.
Scott Graham
Scott Graham - 2 years ago
Looked like a good time. Nice looking beach.


jackson murray
jackson murray - 2 years ago
'rods' not poles you gimp
jackson murray
jackson murray - 2 years ago
Morningtide, any every other experienced angler.
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
jackson murray
jackson murray - 2 years ago
says real, experienced fisherman.
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
Says who ?
ScRiPtEaZe - 2 years ago
Sucking Pipe
joseph george
joseph george - 2 years ago
Just stand straight
Bluescity Garage
Bluescity Garage - 2 years ago
Sucking the pole is the obvious name.
Jerden Caday
Jerden Caday - 2 years ago
Call it gud suc
Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago - 2 years ago
Adam Line
Adam Line - 2 years ago
cool video, interesting move. call it the "saltwater keeper", bring a girl with ya, have her do that trick and if she comes up with ocean water in her mouth shes a keeper!!
Paul Gaines
Paul Gaines - 2 years ago
call giving fish head lol
ConfusionEdits - 2 years ago
The Big Succ
OVERKILL_123 - 2 years ago
The sucking method
Nate V
Nate V - 2 years ago
That boy is great at sucking lol
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen - 2 years ago
Well, dude. Which bait group wound up 'winning'?
Terren Navone
Terren Navone - 2 years ago
don't talk so much. just say the obvious and get on with it.
peter kinasz
peter kinasz - 2 years ago
beach BJ
Peter Christensen
Peter Christensen - 2 years ago
what glasses are you wearing?
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
Costas. I linked them in the description box.
Craig Frigo
Craig Frigo - 2 years ago
I see your hands coming to life lol
SaltyDad - 2 years ago
This is stupid easy! I just tried it this past week at Pawley's Island and while I got some strange looks from people, I couldn't care was so easy to sink the rod holder! Thanks for the tip!
Truthurts - 2 years ago shark bait there is.
TilDeath1776 US
TilDeath1776 US - 2 years ago
If u call No Homo After Sucking the pole
it still gay?
LES - 2 years ago
That sucks. Or should I say the guy sucks?
Deniece Donnafield
Deniece Donnafield - 2 years ago
I love to see you releasing! I didn't see you release the one with the battle scars?
4x4 Productions
4x4 Productions - 2 years ago
the suk kadik trick
TigrisdeGallia - 2 years ago
Didn't catch any fish, posts nice pic of sunset instead
victor rodriguez
victor rodriguez - 2 years ago
Jea Lee
Jea Lee - 2 years ago
Blow job haha
Daron Dyer
Daron Dyer - 2 years ago
I Fish this area two or three times a year.Just got back last week and caught a really nice 30" red, a 5' Blacktip and a 6' tiger.Good times.
Sayed Akbari
Sayed Akbari - 2 years ago
Which beach is this and where
Jorge Juarez
Jorge Juarez - 2 years ago
Sock job
Wayne Anthony
Wayne Anthony - 2 years ago
Reverse hydro implantment
Blake Driggers
Blake Driggers - 2 years ago
pole suckers
Michael Lothyan
Michael Lothyan - 2 years ago
Just wasted 10 mins of life watching video of no fish catching
Addy Joe
Addy Joe - 2 years ago
Shudve casted in the gutter with good bait
LS Fishing
LS Fishing - 2 years ago
Woah, 260k views! Good ol' serendipity
Dan Bugenhagen
Dan Bugenhagen - 2 years ago
Stp method is the name, suck the pole .
Martin Quinlan
Martin Quinlan - 2 years ago
What was the music ?
Ryan Deich
Ryan Deich - 2 years ago
The “Pole Sucker” method.
Evermont King
Evermont King - 2 years ago
Deep throat it
Greg Ross
Greg Ross - 2 years ago
I think I'll call it " Salty Suck " .
Love that Pensacola Beach .
The Downfield Syndrome
The Downfield Syndrome - 2 years ago
Felch holder
bulldog Brown
bulldog Brown - 2 years ago
The pole pucker sand sucker method.
Roderick MacLeod
Roderick MacLeod - 2 years ago
The Lewinsky Maneuver.
Les Lieb
Les Lieb - 2 years ago
Sucking the long hard one.
Amadeus Rocks
Amadeus Rocks - 2 years ago
pvc pipe you mean
Dagwood Dogwood
Dagwood Dogwood - 2 years ago
Cool video, music is 4x too loud.
John Y
John Y - 2 years ago
Lol, i skipped directly to where he was wearing sunglasses and thought dude was Asian.
nicksmith1123 - 2 years ago
Suck and shove.
william palevo jr
william palevo jr - 2 years ago
How about Homo pole insertion.
crystal joleen
crystal joleen - 2 years ago
You guys are hogging a lot of space.
Nona Bardin
Nona Bardin - 2 years ago
A HERD of redfish??? LOL!!! How bout school?
Gordon Penny
Gordon Penny - 2 years ago
The Miller Tiller!
The polesuckamagig!
The suck-o-matic!
The fishpolesuckthinginthesandtrick!
The suckchinaupfromtheotherside!


alexkg1 - 2 years ago
The blow hole
Yuxuan Li
Yuxuan Li - 2 years ago
me so horny me sucky sucky
isdon isgood
isdon isgood - 2 years ago
The bong holder!
Chewing Tooons
Chewing Tooons - 2 years ago
Looks gorgeous but not alo of fish about.
John Rambo
John Rambo - 2 years ago
I miss PB
Margaret Mead
Margaret Mead - 2 years ago
call it a "dirty sanchez"
darkstar18498 - 2 years ago
Why does a fisherman suck his pole. Because he can!
scott brotherton
scott brotherton - 2 years ago
Hey if you dont mind what kind of lights are those you put on the line for indicators!!
Shawn - 2 years ago
Hell yes!! Costa sunglasses... plug away.
Shawn - 2 years ago
Well... we have 2 things in common. Fishing and great sunglasses. Good luck out there.
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
lol, its only a plug if your sponsored lol jk. I got nothing over her lol . Just a dude that wears sunglasses lol
longcaster - 2 years ago
During a "blow-job" blow is just a figure of speech.
TL GALLOWAY - 2 years ago
Sooo cool that you catch and release!!!
Gi STRONG - 2 years ago
I wonder, does this make sharks come back to shore more often...?
Pete Lewis
Pete Lewis - 2 years ago
Sucking the pole?
01drewsky - 2 years ago
Nice pole suckin video
OC Run
OC Run - 2 years ago
He learned that trick in Folsom.
phil cose
phil cose - 2 years ago
Here is one time that you dont mind being called a sucker
Joshua Mouton
Joshua Mouton - 2 years ago
Try catching a shark with a regular 8 foot rod and a regular reel then you will be saying something oh and cast it from shore instead of the kayak.
Jean Amaya
Jean Amaya - 2 years ago
That guy at minute 11 has an alien coming out from his back!!!!
come to live a little
come to live a little - 2 years ago
Joe Soap
Joe Soap - 2 years ago
The Holy Poli
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
lol good one
Torino88247 - 2 years ago
Thank you, from Maine.
Mick Liber
Mick Liber - 2 years ago
Suck Job..
MrBeal - 2 years ago
That is a cool method to implement.
But remember, If at first, you don't succeed,
keep sucking till you do succeed.
THE MAN RECON - 2 years ago
Hey buddy give me a "Pole Job"sounds like a great the trick,awesome thxx for sharing...
Myakka Outdoors
Myakka Outdoors - 2 years ago
The suck it stick
Sha Atiya
Sha Atiya - 2 years ago
Dude, get an all terrain rolling carrier. BOOM! camera in one hand and buggy in the other!
Kaarina Makela
Kaarina Makela - 2 years ago
Duck burst register identification platform sometimes entitle sexually activist.
Ethan Badillo
Ethan Badillo - 2 years ago
The Suck N Stuck
Kenneth T
Kenneth T - 2 years ago
What bait was catching them red? Nice video.
the patriot sitler
the patriot sitler - 2 years ago
The name for it is science. JS
Michael Avery
Michael Avery - 2 years ago
Sand Fellatio - the pipe not going down the world is coming up.
Go on line, look up, learn about you how to dig for "sand fleas /mole crabs"
great FREE bait for reds , blues, pompano, bonita and a lot of cut bait fish also
they are on every open water sandy beach on the Gulf and the Southern Atlantic.
Do not be afraid to handle them, they don't bite but they have strong crab like legs
and may make you think other wise the first few times. No this is not a joke !
Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths - 2 years ago
How’s about, B J.
Gene Parker
Gene Parker - 2 years ago
Is this in Navarre Florida
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
Terry Boyd
Terry Boyd - 2 years ago
Great vid man....enjoyed this
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
Laura Swan
Laura Swan - 2 years ago
Bananas are bad luck when fishing on a boat, maybe that applies to surf fishing as well.....? Just
Eric G
Eric G - 2 years ago
Sucking pole haha
yeet yeet nation
yeet yeet nation - 2 years ago
This is awesome I noticed that I live so close by where you are at, it's so cool to know I have such a cool fisherman living near me
Bettina - 2 years ago
Paddle out in Pac surf!
U.A.T. - 2 years ago
You guys ever try using Drones to bring the line out? I know they have that waterproof one that has the fishing line release mechanism.
Chris Guy
Chris Guy - 2 years ago
I love bait fish
Eric Alexander
Eric Alexander - 2 years ago
How cool will this be with a drone flying out and dropping off the payload.
Billy Green
Billy Green - 2 years ago
The Beach Hummer.
Jaymesauce - 2 years ago
Surf bong hit trick.
Robb's Homemade Life
Robb's Homemade Life - 2 years ago
so many videos are click bait nowadays, this was actually true to the title, cool fun video, made me a subscriber. look forward to watching more of your videos.
wtravis young
wtravis young - 2 years ago
Very true.
steersman 1812
steersman 1812 - 2 years ago
Name "Debbie does Dallas"
11happychap - 2 years ago
I take it the large fish was a Bull Redfish? and the smaller fish were Blue fish?
I am from New Zealand and we don't get those types down here.
The reason you didn't catch any fish was because you had a banana on you everyone knows bananas are bad
Great clip thanks for sharing and have now subscribed.
Tyler McClunie
Tyler McClunie - 2 years ago
Your good at fishing
Vincent Gatekeeper
Vincent Gatekeeper - 2 years ago
The Beach Bong!!!
Vincent Gatekeeper
Vincent Gatekeeper - 2 years ago
Muan Muan Mang Tawn
Muan Muan Mang Tawn - 2 years ago
U cringe
Cameron Staatz
Cameron Staatz - 2 years ago
Just call the pole trick, "The dirty whore"
Danny E
Danny E - 2 years ago
Hey bubba, spent 13 years there. Never had a problem bagging shark. Not sure how far out your placing bait. I always placed mine just inside the sand bar, not the other side. I always used cut up fish to get the scent into the water. Hope to see you on a visit down. Good luck.
UncleBully2000 - 2 years ago
David Miller thank you! You too Yak...
UncleBully2000 - 2 years ago
Awesome!!! I can't wait to try this!!!
drunkrudetat2d - 2 years ago
fish travel in schools, not herds.
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
But calling it a school is not very interesting !
Ingenious Camper
Ingenious Camper - 2 years ago
gave a sandbj
William Benner
William Benner - 2 years ago
You could call it "The Suck Trick"!
Puddin Cheeks
Puddin Cheeks - 2 years ago
Is that a Banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Eric Ehrke-Schulz
Eric Ehrke-Schulz - 2 years ago
Bing smokers definitely have an advantage in doing so...
Seth Daniels
Seth Daniels - 2 years ago
call it the "PUSH IT REAL GOOD"
Lachlan Hampton
Lachlan Hampton - 2 years ago
The pole sucker
Richard Tanner
Richard Tanner - 2 years ago
Best trick ever!!!!!!
Tim Bruse
Tim Bruse - 2 years ago
Enjoy your vids! I just started back fishing after about a 20 year hiatus. Re-learning everything. I live on Choctawhatchee Bay and Destin. So far, I've caught my pointer finger and a picnic bench. Lots to learn. Ready to EAT!!!
Hans Pcguy
Hans Pcguy - 2 years ago
Dude, you could just stand in front of the camera and talk and people would love to watch. You have a great personality. Can I be your friend? I can put a tent in your back yard and live there.
Kevin McGee
Kevin McGee - 2 years ago
Pole smoker uhh I'm mean sucker!! Lol
Sonny Mullins
Sonny Mullins - 2 years ago
So what was the verdict? Fish bites or shrimp? I’ve tried both in the outer banks. Both work but the shrimp worked better for me.
Marina Bull
Marina Bull - 2 years ago
"Bong Hit"
Kit Knight
Kit Knight - 2 years ago
It's called fluidization of sand. Sand crabs use something similar to burrow quickly in sand.
Rob Hofer
Rob Hofer - 2 years ago’s name is a “Bong hit”!
Twin City Drain
Twin City Drain - 2 years ago
All your lines are brought out with a kayaks? Potato guns used?
wayne conrad
wayne conrad - 2 years ago
I think u can call it the BEACH BONG METHOD,,,
Hummer4u2nv - 2 years ago
Yep! the "beach bong"...I looked at many across this section and like it.
Lawrence Pierson
Lawrence Pierson - 2 years ago
Slurping/ Slurp Rig / slurp sinking / Slurp Fishing
Kikiona Kahoonei
Kikiona Kahoonei - 2 years ago
Blow job!!!
Johnie Taylor
Johnie Taylor - 2 years ago
ya coulda caught one of them apaches ,now that would get some views.
jon b
jon b - 2 years ago
The Didgeridoo
Quinton Prevost
Quinton Prevost - 2 years ago
Really want go there.
mn2deep - 2 years ago
Your buddy will do much better with the metal detector is he stops swinging it like a golf club. The coil should remain level and the same distance from the ground while moving it back and forth in an arc around your body.
Melissa Trebbe
Melissa Trebbe - 2 years ago
Tom Roucek Sr.
Tom Roucek Sr. - 2 years ago
Looks like a Blast.... Wish I was there !!!!
Vineyard -GHS-
Vineyard -GHS- - 2 years ago
Wow the thumbnail was actually in the beginning of the video instead of the last 30 seconds I'm absolutely proud of you as a YouTuber
bogoto247 - 2 years ago
Have you ever considered using a drone to carry the line & hook off shore?
Gary Hurst
Gary Hurst - 2 years ago
I noticed during the video you were smoking, I hope you took your butts off the beach. Cigarette butts comprise the majority of trash on the shore.
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
I don’t smoke
Salty Dog889
Salty Dog889 - 2 years ago
Clever! Fishing for sharks where everyone else swims. Fools. Go to a back beach and attract them there or just shove ya banana up your arse
death painful
death painful - 2 years ago
Wow you really like watching guys suck Pole!
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez - 2 years ago
You can call it " The Suck Stick" or.... " Super-head Sandy" !
Lissette Rosario
Lissette Rosario - 2 years ago
Blow jobbinit
TRF Chango mongo blanco
TRF Chango mongo blanco - 2 years ago
Suck stik, the rod holder that doesn't suck
MrSwissfrank - 2 years ago
The “Suckin Sandy” technique would be kinna sexy :-)
mr.Ben betor
mr.Ben betor - 2 years ago
awesome trick
Michael Wiemers
Michael Wiemers - 2 years ago
only beach i ever went to growing up, got to love the base right there, when we were there visiting family we would watch the blue angels fly over their house, it was awesome
Duane Dalton
Duane Dalton - 2 years ago
Pole sucker method!!
Daniel Youngman
Daniel Youngman - 2 years ago
suckin pole
Darrell Rpbinson
Darrell Rpbinson - 2 years ago
sand sucker
James - 2 years ago
You should call that trick the anderson cooper
James Ryals
James Ryals - 2 years ago
The Monica is great...from jim fidler
Rob Summitt
Rob Summitt - 2 years ago
Theres another way to do that without the gayness. Lol
paul davies
paul davies - 2 years ago
HELLO from BRITAIN ,, nice to see you back mate !!]#
its bloody cold here , in the sea here next month i think !!
redwood1957 - 2 years ago
Freespiritangel61 - 2 years ago
Where I come from we have fish called suckers and considering that is exactly what he is doing I think you should name it the sucker!
Sidewinder365 - 2 years ago
Drew Odessa
Drew Odessa - 2 years ago
Dude, you have the same outfits I use! Ugly Sticks and Tiger Sticks with spin caster reels like the Pen 740Z(s). I also use Fin Norrs and a Shimano. My 2-piece 11' Ugly Stick is almost 30 years old.
david deberry
david deberry - 2 years ago
What type of detectors are those? Good video!
Paul Fitzpatrick
Paul Fitzpatrick - 2 years ago
The nuts deep method.
Hans Pcguy
Hans Pcguy - 2 years ago
Call it the lung implant.
Randall Frank
Randall Frank - 2 years ago
I saw a video a year or so back where a guy was beach fishing and he used a home made pipe mortar to launch frozen fish bait way out into the water. It worked great. Gota look for it now. - Found it, "Beach Fishing Cannon" Sends bait out 300 yards.
Archie   Guy
Archie Guy - 2 years ago
College sucking the pole
Cannibalizer of cupcakes
Cannibalizer of cupcakes - 2 years ago
Jucee Lips Pool Installation.
Bill Etling
Bill Etling - 2 years ago
YOU suck??
Night Shade
Night Shade - 2 years ago
Pensacola Beach in Gulf Breeze Florida. I live here you should try Fort Pickens next time on the old sunken ruins.
josh bishop
josh bishop - 2 years ago
Are you related to Clint Howard?
RegularSize Russ
RegularSize Russ - 2 years ago
A banana in your pocket!?! I won't even go there but, are you kidding me? NEVER BRING A BANANA FISHING! Everyone knows that. Lol! Looks like fun!
RegularSize Russ
RegularSize Russ - 2 years ago
Myth, schmyth! I spent a fishless week on Cape Cod a few years ago. Not one Striper, or even a Bluefish all week. Before that trip I hadn't gone more than a day - maybe two without a fish. Upon clearing my gear from the room, I found a banana under one of the beds. There you have it. Incontrovertible proof. Coincidence you say? I think not! Bananas are straight up bad luck. Spiders? I have no problem with them. LOL! Good luck out there! I will be on that very beach in 10 days. Wish me luck!
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
Lol, that’s an old myth pertaining to boats and and spiders.
William Kennedy
William Kennedy - 2 years ago
surf sucking
Eddiquette Tv
Eddiquette Tv - 2 years ago
Tube sucking lol
Wade Barnes
Wade Barnes - 2 years ago
If it was a girl it would be straight
My2ndchannell - 2 years ago
Rod suck.,,,, OR ,,,Head
Curtis Martin
Curtis Martin - 2 years ago
Sand Sucking✅
GULLWORKS LTD. - 2 years ago
Man watching him with those rod poles, I’ve got a banana in my pocket too.
Bing bing bong bong
Bing bing bong bong - 2 years ago
Oh hum.... You guys just caught on ? Been around for years. Not well known... but it's been around. 20 + years back I saw it for the first time in Sodwana Bay
Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez - 2 years ago
fjfjfjf fjfjfjjf
fjfjfjf fjfjfjjf - 2 years ago
the didgeridoo method,
jim fidler
jim fidler - 2 years ago
The Monica
Todd Millar
Todd Millar - 2 years ago
I never had sexual relations with that rod holder miss Lewinsky
Kendrick Donnelly
Kendrick Donnelly - 2 years ago
jim fidler that's god damn funny!
Cannibalizer of cupcakes
Cannibalizer of cupcakes - 2 years ago
jim fidler LOL - you are the winner dude.
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
Daniel - 2 years ago
Nothing happens
William Alloway
William Alloway - 2 years ago
That banana is bad luck
AirSoftMaverick3232 - 2 years ago
only on a boat!
Prince 6ft1
Prince 6ft1 - 2 years ago
Basic_Fishing - 2 years ago
haha awesome video man. beach fishing is super adventerous. n that trick that ur friend did was pretty handy XD n that footage of the v22 osprey flying by was pretty sick too.
wtravis young
wtravis young - 2 years ago
Love beach fishing!!
Aengus Lawes
Aengus Lawes - 2 years ago
Basic_Fishing aye your here
Ronin 13
Ronin 13 - 2 years ago
Don't bring bananas to a fishing trip, you won't catch crap.
Hypnogogic Monk
Hypnogogic Monk - 2 years ago
Tube sucking?
Brian Kempkes
Brian Kempkes - 2 years ago
You should call it “the Lewinsky”.
John Herrmann
John Herrmann - 2 years ago
You should have caught that fish. Keep you line Perpendicular to the beach. My buddy chased a 20# rockfish a mile and a half down the beach on 6#, had to drive down and get him and the fish.
Zeddicus - 2 years ago
Does David have a channel?
David Miller
David Miller - 2 years ago
I do now lol. before I didn't. been telling myself to make one for 2 years
Bruce Mathews
Bruce Mathews - 2 years ago
Call it "Sucks on the beach"
Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant - 2 years ago
Fascinating, how did the shark miss its spine? Blows my mind that it was not only still alive but healed and feeding. Good video
Louis Bailey
Louis Bailey - 2 years ago
I hope you released it, that fish deserved to go back.
MrBubbahunt9 - 2 years ago
That's the ice machine next to the liquor store. ..
jacktheripped - 2 years ago
Tube sucka.
Gonegonzos08 - 2 years ago
Bryan Bree
Bryan Bree - 2 years ago
Getting to third base
Ken Robison
Ken Robison - 2 years ago
Suck Sync
Joseph - 2 years ago
The big suck
Ringo Star
Ringo Star - 2 years ago
Where are you fishing
BR5491Z1Z - 2 years ago
awesome vid ..loved it ...peace out
Kevin Meldrum
Kevin Meldrum - 2 years ago
Suck n sink
The Washington Post
The Washington Post - 2 years ago
The Old Fashioned.
Flat earth Response
Flat earth Response - 2 years ago
The suckinator!
Theycall Metue
Theycall Metue - 2 years ago
The sucker 1000
Mark - 2 years ago
Surf suckers!
tolpacourt - 2 years ago
The best way to get your gear to the beach is to use a surf cart with big, balloon tires.
LES - 2 years ago
It even works at inland bodies of water.
Rodney Pratt
Rodney Pratt - 2 years ago
tolpacourt yes sir, you are correct
Joshawott - 2 years ago
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
lol good one
Everything Random
Everything Random - 2 years ago
its called sucky sucky boom boom
Big Poppa
Big Poppa - 2 years ago
I like the content but no one wants to hear your choice of music 2x louder than the rest of the video. RIP headphone users.
Big Poppa
Big Poppa - 2 years ago
Bananas are bad luck for fishing, supposedly.
Vinfish 46
Vinfish 46 - 2 years ago
Is that dude for Rent?
1 dad Tankersley
1 dad Tankersley - 2 years ago
That's what I'm saying
HANNES DE JAGER - 2 years ago
Vinfish 46 i thjnk his name is electrolux
Les Boucher
Les Boucher - 2 years ago
"Sucking the Pole ;)
Game Changer
Game Changer - 2 years ago
Slick suck
The Designated Driver
The Designated Driver - 2 years ago
Great vid! Is that a SW Troller Trolling Rod there by chance? If it is, I have one for over 10 years, needs a reel.. Thinking about the Penn Squall 50.. Any advice?
ObiWanShinobi1 - 2 years ago
Rod Bong.
riff724 riff724
riff724 riff724 - 2 years ago
how  can you tell how far out the sharks are ,  and that dude setting the holders and yaking  all the baits out there deserves  first crack on the big baits .
Josepi Mann
Josepi Mann - 2 years ago
drill small holes in a line vertically, for the air to escape and pound those tubes one that soft sand with a wooden mallet. save suckig for the bedroom.
Little PAW 1969
Little PAW 1969 - 2 years ago
Good video. I have never been surf fishing and have always wanted to try it, one of these days I will send you a message and come up there and go fishing with the crew.
Big Daddy Leroy
Big Daddy Leroy - 2 years ago
Beach bong
Nick Panasuk
Nick Panasuk - 2 years ago
Sucky push
Kevin Harding
Kevin Harding - 2 years ago
suck a pole
Peter Myers
Peter Myers - 2 years ago
Call it the “blow me spike sticker technique”. Really, that’s extremely cool, thanks for sharing.
Alan  Call
Alan Call - 2 years ago
"The Pipe JOB " love the videos keep them coming you need a drone big time that would be beautiful thanks Big Al Michigan
John King
John King - 2 years ago
you boys wanna see a pole sucking trick?
NEO DON - 2 years ago
Pole Sucking?
Slipry Trout
Slipry Trout - 2 years ago
Probably not the first one to notice your name matches your face, fairly cool guy!
James Hart
James Hart - 2 years ago
You need a Cart, or a little red wagon :) Nice video, I've got snow and cold where I live. Might be fishing in a week or so.
Rafael Romano
Rafael Romano - 2 years ago
the trick has a name it's called liquifaction
cold spring
cold spring - 2 years ago
juvinious - 2 years ago
Good luck trying that in sugar sand on the east coast....
Alicia Alvarez
Alicia Alvarez - 2 years ago
Vacuum set rod holder
Ace RF
Ace RF - 2 years ago
That's the way to work the pole
Bill The Cat
Bill The Cat - 2 years ago
What was the thing Brant was wearing to protect his head frin the sun?
I need to find one of those things.
The last time I went to the beach I spent about half my time looking for a hat that would work. The surf shops had nothing!
That thing looks awesome-crazy simple!
What's it called?
DaddytechEnt - 2 years ago
why would you go to all that trouble of catching the fish and putting them through all of that trauma just to turn around and let them go again? I can understand letting the little ones or under sized ones go but when you catch good sized, proper eating sized fish and just let them go like that then you're just torturing the fish for your own gratification and that's just wrong
DaddytechEnt - 2 years ago
ah ok wasn't familiar with that bit of it, i lived in Gulfport MS for a year too but all we did there was flounder giging, and crabbin. never really caught anything else from the piers except sharks, rock fish and a sore shoulder from all that casting.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson - 2 years ago
Redfish in Florida have a slot limit that prevents you from harvesting any large breeding fish or undersize not sexually mature fish. All those redfish were over the slot limit.
DaddytechEnt - 2 years ago
too big to keep? meaning they wouldn't be any good to eat as big as they are? not trying to sound ignorant but way back when, when i was in High School i worked at a sea food restaurant and we had some rather large redfish come in regularly. infact Blackened Redfish and blackened Alligator were our two best sellers there. because of that i alwyas figured bigger was better.
Rellim Fishing Adventures
Rellim Fishing Adventures - 2 years ago
Because legally those redfish are to big to keep in florida and its better to not break the law.
DaddytechEnt - 2 years ago
and you sound like a fucking ass clown that needs to mind their own fucking business!
nhojyelbom - 2 years ago
this is hilarious, you sound like a snowflake
A B - 2 years ago
That was a crazy red!!!!
Nathan Frey
Nathan Frey - 2 years ago
A herd of redfish?
hm mahoney
hm mahoney - 2 years ago
Sand sucker
Fish Hunter
Fish Hunter - 2 years ago
Let's call this technique "The Girlfriend Experience".
Gino Vieto
Gino Vieto - 2 years ago
Miller method!
john foy
john foy - 2 years ago
Thats crazy.great trick to remember
Yak Motley
Yak Motley - 2 years ago
Thats awesome!
FnDTX Destination America
FnDTX Destination America - 2 years ago
Jack, cant believe you hadn't seen that trick on my videos. I posted that one on my quick tips series 2 years ago, lol. Anyways, ill post the link if you say its cool to do so? Anyways, Thanks for the vid man! Always good to see some surf fishin action.
FnDTX Destination America
FnDTX Destination America - 2 years ago
Nick Vavoulas mine are cut at an angle. I have some that are strait as well. They're not much different than the slanted ones.
Nick Vavoulas
Nick Vavoulas - 2 years ago
Is the bottom part cut square or on an angle?
Wade Baune
Wade Baune - 2 years ago
I’ll have to go with “ Golden Suck Cannon”
Justin Rigdon
Justin Rigdon - 2 years ago
Hey Yak, what is the toll to Pensacola Beach nowadays, and do they take cards?
Mike Howland
Mike Howland - 2 years ago
I'm a long time fisherman and rec-kayak'er..... you're helping me put them together.
Thanks for all the info and taking the time to make the videos. It's appreciated.
curtis huffstutler
curtis huffstutler - 2 years ago
Bong load
RabbitBully - 2 years ago
What was the length and strength of that Ugly Stik you were using??
alvaro vargas
alvaro vargas - 2 years ago
Ur videos have become addictive, the investment video was an eye opener for me... “ i asked the question i knew the answers already” i totally relate... great videos overall, great vibes, great info, love the wife? no point intended... pure fun relaxing videos ... great job, hope we can hook up one day m in south florida.
Doss Fishing
Doss Fishing - 2 years ago
He said he might flip how you're lucky I live in Jacksonville Northeast Florida and a calm day is three or four foot waves
Bill zo
Bill zo - 2 years ago
Great video !!
What kind of lights were they using on the rods ?
topk981 - 2 years ago
Thanks again for another great video...
Bruce David
Bruce David - 2 years ago
I saw video of someone doing that a few years back and I've been doing it when we come down. I'm sure people were thinking crazy tourist or Yankee. LOL
David Wolter
David Wolter - 2 years ago
Call it the Raul method. He can suck that pipe below below the surface.
Brian Morales
Brian Morales - 2 years ago
That red was wicked man. But pretty cool to make it through that bite.
Jake Jones
Jake Jones - 2 years ago
No more tv show shoots? Can i find the episodes on youtube? Sorry might have missed this.
Rory Mayer
Rory Mayer - 2 years ago
Fish bites work great in surf I've caught countless of reds and whitening
The Albino Collection
The Albino Collection - 2 years ago
The fellatio...
Kenni-411 - 2 years ago
what mode to you shoot in on your Canon ? auto ? or manual with tracking ?
Keith - 2 years ago
Man you’re livin the life!Thanks for sharing!
Jed Wells
Jed Wells - 2 years ago
The pole smoker!
Jed Wells
Jed Wells - 2 years ago
Ed Sipes Nice lol
Ed Sipes
Ed Sipes - 2 years ago
Jedediah Wells ... I scrolled right past your comment and was well down the list before it hit me what you said. I laughed so loud that it scared my dog.
WolfofNL - 2 years ago
The Lovelace
Todd Millar
Todd Millar - 2 years ago
Sucking pole....holder
J Browning
J Browning - 2 years ago
I was in Cape San Blas last year fishing off the rocks. Nothing would bit sand fleas or live shrimp. Tried the shrimp fish bites and caught croakers on every cast. Most were 12+ inches
WackyCuda - 2 years ago
The “Suck-N-Sink”
Jim Ringo
Jim Ringo - 2 years ago
The tube event is called "going quick". The water pressure goes to zero in the vacuum and actually lifts the sand particles. From a Florida soils engineer!
Vineyard -GHS-
Vineyard -GHS- - 2 years ago
Joseph Boboseph he's talking about physics please go back to school
Karen Untz
Karen Untz - 2 years ago
The Quicksand Method
Joseph Boboseph
Joseph Boboseph - 2 years ago
Jim Ringo wtf u talking about guy
hardstepps - 2 years ago
Awesome video man. Those redfish were awesome! Were you using squirrel for bait? That David guy really knows how to suck poles.
theTodds - 2 years ago
Jack, your edits are getting so much better my man. Keep up the good work!
JP ManiYak
JP ManiYak - 2 years ago
Awesome video man, I felt like I was there, I could almost smell those blues!
Oilman82 - 2 years ago
Didn't get a single bite on ob beach this am lol hope you guys did well
Yakin with Jack
Yakin with Jack - 2 years ago
Dang i thought you were finally gonna catch a fish brother. Great video
Sha Atiya
Sha Atiya - 2 years ago
Thanks dude.. I could have wasted so much time watching
W G - 2 years ago
Yakin with Jac
The New Gandhi
The New Gandhi - 2 years ago
Yak Motley it was chill. I liked it.
Yakin with Jack
Yakin with Jack - 2 years ago
Yak Motley I wish I could of man. I will next time for sure!
Maine Magic
Maine Magic - 2 years ago
S.A.O= Suck Air Out by trick, will try here in Maine when snow leaves..
Quin Calkins
Quin Calkins - 2 years ago
well done
Nick Hall
Nick Hall - 2 years ago
Lol people trip out when i set the sand spike like that. Found the trick out a few years ago.
Pat McDermott
Pat McDermott - 2 years ago
The suck it, don't pound it method of planting a pole holder is too cool - can't wait to show it off on South Padre. Thanks for another great video!
adimus929 - 2 years ago
Jay Reyna o
Jay Reyna
Jay Reyna - 2 years ago
Been around South Padre for awhile brother known this for years lol
Bobby Silver
Bobby Silver - 2 years ago
Always be careful when sucking on a pipe :-0
Felix Garza
Felix Garza - 2 years ago
Wow that was neat
Michael Musgrave
Michael Musgrave - 2 years ago
Great vid. Love shore fishing in Texas
Joseph Gamble
Joseph Gamble - 2 years ago
Planting rod holder by suction
Jack Frye
Jack Frye - 2 years ago
Ill name it the deepthroat
Woodrow Pass
Woodrow Pass - 2 years ago
Sharon Polmanteer
Sharon Polmanteer - 2 years ago
not sure, but I don't think it fits deepthroat at all.  deepthroat is to have an object pass by your gag reflex, all the way down your throat.  but you are probably a guy and have not researched this.  Cheers anyway!!!  : )
Charlie Townsend
Charlie Townsend - 2 years ago
Beef jerky ,the fuel of champions
Charlie Townsend
Charlie Townsend - 2 years ago
DaddyO's Ink haha never thought of that ,beef jerky usally never last long enough to make it to a hook but I will have to try that next time . Thanks for the tip
Outdoor Adventures
Outdoor Adventures - 2 years ago
Damn dude, i was so close to first haha
Paradoxtal Pythons
Paradoxtal Pythons - 2 years ago
Was the red bite open or healed?
tolpacourt - 2 years ago
animallover4920 hey
animallover4920 hey - 2 years ago
wow you're amazing I subscribe can't wait for next video

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