Teahupo'o Du Ciel | Surfing

Watch this amazing video of Teahupo'o, Tahiti from the sky.

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Watch this amazing video of Teahupo'o, Tahiti from the sky.

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for Teahupo'o Du Ciel | Surfing

CANYON KILLER - 2 years ago
SO HEAVY!!! song goes very well with the vid.
Chris Von Lintel
Chris Von Lintel - 2 years ago
Nice quadcopter video of amazing surf.
Salmon Ollivier
Salmon Ollivier - 2 years ago
Beau boulot,
choix de musique osé mais ça fonctionne bien
Rob Banks
Rob Banks - 2 years ago
fuck your idiotic drone footage you fucking faggot!
Jokos 29
Jokos 29 - 2 years ago
Magnifique !
fred pg
fred pg - 2 years ago
Great music.... for once
Noho KONG - 2 years ago
music pas terrible
Community Grow
Community Grow - 3 years ago
grouse footage
Jamie Goodman
Jamie Goodman - 3 years ago
I liked the song and thought it created a unique feel to other Teahupo'o videos I've seen. Nice to see something different than the typical hard and fast surfing vids (though I like those, too).

10. comment for Teahupo'o Du Ciel | Surfing

YURDIS - 3 years ago
Music was ass.
RUMad3 - 3 years ago
Worst music ever.
Balade & Vagabondage
Balade & Vagabondage - 3 years ago
Ce film est splendide !!
Carlos Valenzuela
Carlos Valenzuela - 3 years ago
beautiful video, awful song....
Steve Reed
Steve Reed - 3 years ago
The song is perfect. Totally sounds like the picture
Steven Laibe
Steven Laibe - 3 years ago
Super vidéo par contre la musique est horrible!!!! Dommage on dirait une chanson de plp
Michael Johns
Michael Johns - 3 years ago
Loved the music....... wud the upset peoples prefer " the hills are alive " by Julie Andrews ???
Rob Banks
Rob Banks - 3 years ago
what sort of shit music is this? wrecked a great video.
7siamesecat - 3 years ago
The words in French are so stupid... :-( time is a boat, world is a cake wtf!
Monsters - 3 years ago
I bet lot of people are gonna call it a Tsunami but is not really

20. comment for Teahupo'o Du Ciel | Surfing

Herbert sat
Herbert sat - 3 years ago
When you are French, it's funny that all french songs used by others for their videos are the ones you never heard before...
BRUNO ZAVAGNO - 3 years ago
Meilleur video de surf jamais vue. La géniale Brigitte Fontaine apporte en plus le côté surréaliste avec son chant lancinant "Le Goudron". On est proche du nirvana. J'en veux encore...et je précise que les French people are VERY PROUD of this song and singer...
zenkaimana - 3 years ago
all them friken boats man,especially that orange boat i would love to jump in that boat and suplex the boatman out of the boat, cunt
thornsaresharp - 3 years ago
Surfing is how the universe works. A moving wave produces constant energy. This is the basis of consciousness. See more at www.thefourthdimension.info. Brilliant video, by the way.
1966 Rico
1966 Rico - 3 years ago
Surfing brought back to its source, wonderful shooting, excellent pilot, great editing, and a music choice against any trend, perfect!
Ezra Melchor
Ezra Melchor - 3 years ago
Who made the music?
Josh Roake
Josh Roake - 3 years ago
Your really dont want to have an off day when taking on these waves.
Aventura, Esporte e entretenimento
Aventura, Esporte e entretenimento - 3 years ago
Que porra de música horrível!!kkkkk
pierre seaumaire
pierre seaumaire - 3 years ago
French people are sorry for this bad song ....
Fabiano Carvalho
Fabiano Carvalho - 3 years ago
this music is to lucifer? What music terrible is this?

30. comment for Teahupo'o Du Ciel | Surfing

conspiracies are just great stories
conspiracies are just great stories - 3 years ago
music is brutal.... cool concept but poor choice of instruments and her pace is annoying. sick footage tho
LeahBandB - 3 years ago
It looks less like a wave and more like the ocean just suddenly sinking on itself. Incredible. And beautiful
Tamtam 21
Tamtam 21 - 3 years ago
Elle a fumé quoi celle qui chante ?
lestliness - 3 years ago
Just my casual observation but it seems to me that some of those boats should get the fuck out of the way.
Azerty Robots
Azerty Robots - 3 years ago
J'ai eu un meilleur aperçu de la taille de la houle, c'est vraiment flippant, musique surprenante et ultra originale pour ce genre de vidéo, et ça fait du bien.
Washichu Rehab
Washichu Rehab - 3 years ago
what a shitty depressing song.
jaywar69 - 3 years ago
Great video... what a beautiful place.
Waveor Company
Waveor Company - 3 years ago
The reflection of the sun at 3:58...looks like a firework behind the surfer. Indescribably awesome.
Fender Strat
Fender Strat - 3 years ago
Thumbs down just for the shitty soundtrack. Dick Dale and His Deltones and The Beach Boys never go out of style for surfing.
Alek Martell
Alek Martell - 3 years ago
So fucking sick
Seacraftsalem - 3 years ago
This is awesome! Could I use this in my next outdoor video if I give you credit?
ajamico - 3 years ago
Wow, that song sucks. I had to mute the video to enjoy what I was seeing. Sounded like kindergarteners learning how to play music. In complete contrast, footage was incredible.
Tom Diem
Tom Diem - 3 years ago
Love this video. Dislike the 2 popups they threw in at the end. Ruins the spectacular ending this video once had.
jrhpt1 - 3 years ago
Le chanson est trop !!
Joseph Melia
Joseph Melia - 4 years ago
Who does the beautiful music?
Amazing singer and band,,,,Love this video,sheer beauty ,skill daring and just too cool for words...How tight are those waves?
Jeffrey Zimmerman
Jeffrey Zimmerman - 4 years ago
Time is a boat;
The earth is a cake.

Hell yeah!!
Romain Leberre
Romain Leberre - 4 years ago
Horrible music but it is the best footage I have ever seen
luvmsiahatethegov - 4 years ago
RIP to all those that wiped out in this helluva heavy wave
f0t0b0y - 4 years ago
Some of the best surf footage ever! But the worst song ever! Change the song!!!
Kevin Hills
Kevin Hills - 4 years ago
Excellent! definitely some of the best perspectives of this mystacular place. is there really anyone that isn't appreciating the 'multi-rotor' footage (when executed so skillfully as this)?

50. comment for Teahupo'o Du Ciel | Surfing

Denis Roy
Denis Roy - 4 years ago
Trame  musical affreuse svp couper le son .:(
ItzMagic_ - 4 years ago
Denis Roy La
Gee Jee
Gee Jee - 4 years ago
was that jamie at the end on fire? haha very nice video angles are amazing music is amazing
Adrien Gremaud
Adrien Gremaud - 4 years ago
sympa la vue mais pas pu tenir la fin de la video a cause de la musique... voix horrible qui chante mal dommage ca gâche la video...
Eloi Adam De Vill
Eloi Adam De Vill - 4 years ago
je suis français aussi, ça fait mal au oreilles. .
Mr WTF déz
Mr WTF déz - 4 years ago
big vidéos and big waves!!! but what is this fuhing music. i m french and this song was so bad xd.
Tamtam 21
Tamtam 21 - 2 years ago
Mr WTF déz on est d’accord mec elle a fumé quoi elle ?
Vehiarii [T987]
Vehiarii [T987] - 3 years ago
Mr WTF déz Kooks
geomdx - 4 years ago
an impact front to the boat could be catastrophic! take care the zones! min 3:04
Victor Uribe
Victor Uribe - 4 years ago
I have a question how the fuck do you get to the line up? Paddling, on boat how?
Vehiarii [T987]
Vehiarii [T987] - 3 years ago
Victor Uribe Boat or Paddling (8-10 min' from the point)
Arquitetonojapao - 4 years ago
amazing Teahupo ....
Asher Addams
Asher Addams - 4 years ago
de toi à moi Je dois toujours une chose pour le français
Mauloa Thompson
Mauloa Thompson - 5 years ago
Bruh video is sick but who ever chose the song needs to get fired or needs to get a life because this song sucks with this video.
ta moman
ta moman - 3 years ago
The time is a boat, the earth is a cake.
Lyrics of the music ..........
Mauloa Thompson
Mauloa Thompson - 3 years ago
Sleeping Lion this comment was kinda late i only saw your comment now but im from hawaii and i know alot about surfing and barley anything about teahupoo but even tho this song matches with all of Polynesia or the kind of music there but it certainly doesnt match with this surfing video that needs a better song
ajamico - 3 years ago
Sleeping Lion

The song sucks no matter how it fits in with tahitis history.
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion - 4 years ago
?????????? If you knew shit about teahupoo, you'd know it's French Polynesia. This song fits beautifully
Douglas redding
Douglas redding - 5 years ago
Dudeeee I wish this video was 3 hours long!!!! By far one of the greatest YouTube videos I've seen in a while
Inus Herbst
Inus Herbst - 5 years ago
3:52 is that guy on fire or what!?!
Tamtam 21
Tamtam 21 - 2 years ago
Inus Herbst yes it’s à challenge surf teahupoo on fire
Corey Grace
Corey Grace - 5 years ago
Yeah, it's Jamie obrien
Derek Pasco
Derek Pasco - 5 years ago
Heavy...great footage!
Ho Stevie!
Ho Stevie! - 5 years ago
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice - 5 years ago
love this
Jan Pedraza
Jan Pedraza - 5 years ago
The beach Teahupoo Tahiti French Polynesia at its maximum splendor
Vehiarii [T987]
Vehiarii [T987] - 3 years ago
Jan Pedreza Reefbreak bro
lester kenedy
lester kenedy - 5 years ago
Brigitte Fontaine - Le Gougron
Jah Mann
Jah Mann - 5 years ago
no other soundtrack would do it so well as this french song does. here's my sympathy to the ensemble
João Mantovani
João Mantovani - 5 years ago
Is it the inspire 1? Thank you!
Hugomk7 - 5 years ago
Music de merde
Felipe Montoya
Felipe Montoya - 5 years ago
agree, the rest is amazing
Martin Palamara
Martin Palamara - 5 years ago
min 3:16 poor guy! well done fantastic video and music
ocaradofilme - 5 years ago
I don't even surf and this almost made me cry.
Kevin Hills
Kevin Hills - 4 years ago
I don't even cry and this definitely makes me surf ;-)
Hugo Pereira Official
Hugo Pereira Official - 5 years ago
Great work!! Anyone knows the font used in the title?
Liam Bo
Liam Bo - 5 years ago
Tons of water pushing you down on the reef. But it's still a beauty of a wave
Henrique Schwengber de Brito
Henrique Schwengber de Brito - 5 years ago
The entire video is amazing, but how perfect was this footage from 3:28 to 3:47!! Incredible
Patrick Butler
Patrick Butler - 5 years ago
*heart attack
La Digue Tour Guide Seychelles
La Digue Tour Guide Seychelles - 5 years ago
breathtaking video
the place looking like the Seychelles island.
Come check my home the Seychelles island

one love guys
Mark U
Mark U - 5 years ago
thx Ricksville
Mark U
Mark U - 5 years ago
The music is great...........who and what is it?
Ricksville - 5 years ago
+Mark “markobear1” U "Le Goudron" by Brigitte Fontaine
Marcelo Esteves
Marcelo Esteves - 5 years ago
Key Olímpio
Key Olímpio - 5 years ago
como é o nome dessa sonzera q rola no video?
B. Robertson
B. Robertson - 5 years ago
Had to shut the video off b/c of that music.
ajamico - 3 years ago
Bryan Robertson I had to mute it to enjoy the footage
28th St. Air Land & Sea
28th St. Air Land & Sea - 5 years ago
kudos to the camera work of the multirotor pilot!!
De Girolamo Filmmaker
De Girolamo Filmmaker - 5 years ago
brunislaw - 5 years ago
irado demais
Kowloon Diplomat
Kowloon Diplomat - 5 years ago
Guy at 3:58-ish caught fire briefly??
Kowloon Diplomat
Kowloon Diplomat - 5 years ago
+Tim Cofer Holy shit!! I didn't believe it but had no other explanation. Now that I watch again (with the benefit of having read your comment) he's clearly on fire. Epic.
tim __
tim __ - 5 years ago
Jamie o'brien made a video of him riding a wave while on fire so maybe he did it at the same time they made the video but i thought he did it at pipline so i dont know for sure
Ben Enright
Ben Enright - 5 years ago
This song exemplifies the vibe of this video to the bone.
Rob Banks
Rob Banks - 2 years ago
Ben, you want to sound like a total scro....
Whatever dickface....
mutalix - 3 years ago
Don't agree, to me it's terrible.
Alban Roinard
Alban Roinard - 3 years ago
Not visually as entertaining than surfing, but hey!
CREATEtheCOSMOS - 3 years ago
This is fucking dope. Walk way to death. Haha
Taco Taco
Taco Taco - 3 years ago
It's perfect
Ben Enright
Ben Enright - 5 years ago
This song exemplifies the vibe of this video to the bone.
pal yer
pal yer - 5 years ago
3:16 ouch
Gonzago Pistachio
Gonzago Pistachio - 5 years ago
Gabriel Paiva
Gabriel Paiva - 4 years ago
desnecessário e impertinente o seu comentário.
D K - 5 years ago
+Gonzago Pistachio Totally, doesn't suit the vid in the slightest
Petya Kirienko
Petya Kirienko - 5 years ago
Coin3103 - 5 years ago
Great video ! At the end we can even see Jamie O Brien making is on fire thing
Theorn Campbell
Theorn Campbell - 5 years ago
+Coin3103 Good eye! Unless some one else has done it. :-)
BiKeRRc - 5 years ago
That's give me too much idea!
Svetlana Puchkova
Svetlana Puchkova - 5 years ago
Thanh Thiên Nguyễn
Thanh Thiên Nguyễn - 5 years ago
I think this video 's very beautiful, and the song so.
bigmag101 - 5 years ago
cool footage,but the song is pretty annoying
Zz.zZ - 3 years ago
Better than the dubstep music used in 99.9% of all drone footages on YouTube.
max lamenace
max lamenace - 3 years ago
bigmag101 haha I am sure you prefer "blink182" ... If she were singing in English would you like the song better?
Swango - 3 years ago
LMAO read at all these retarded idiots
ajamico - 3 years ago
bigmag101 "cash me outside"? I have no idea what that means. Obviously some ridiculous millennial phrase. To say I don't have good taste in music means you feel you know me, which, in reality, you know nothing about me. In the end, this song is trash and still sucks. I'm sure you'll reply with a personal attack on me again when I am only speaking about a song. Sticks and stones "bruh".
Mauloa Thompson
Mauloa Thompson - 3 years ago
ajamico bruh, you shouldn't even be talking, you have no taste in music whatsoever and you need to know that surfing videos like this need a better song in it than the song in this video. How bout that comeback so you can cash me outside
ajamico - 3 years ago
bigmag101 no, you don't know what music is. Bam! What a comeback
daemogia - 5 years ago
+bigmag101 you don't know what music is.
Keith Bloemendaal
Keith Bloemendaal - 5 years ago
Man, these are some sick wipeouts!
Martin Perez
Martin Perez - 5 years ago
Increíble !! Excelente trabajo
amartinsu13 - 5 years ago
amazing video.
Marcin Górniewicz
Marcin Górniewicz - 5 years ago
impressive video and that music... :) Fantastic job
Elizabeth Bradley
Elizabeth Bradley - 5 years ago
what's the name of the song?
John Daniel
John Daniel - 5 years ago
+Elizabeth Bradley Brigitte Fontaine - Le Gougron

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