The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite!

This was my FAVORITE thing to do in CSGO! NOW ITS IN TF2 BABY Second Channel! Muselk Merch: - use code MUSELK My recording gear: Twitter (best place to message me): Twitch Stream:

The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1153

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This was my FAVORITE thing to do in CSGO! NOW ITS IN TF2 BABY Second Channel! Muselk Merch: - use code MUSELK My recording gear: Twitter (best place to message me): Twitch Stream:

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for The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite!

Ryan Richards
Ryan Richards - 1 year ago
6:19 thats what she said
Isaiah Cabral
Isaiah Cabral - 1 year ago
nok off of the o.g. CS:GOO
Dixie Reckt
Dixie Reckt - 1 year ago
tries level once
Ethan Eggert
Ethan Eggert - 1 year ago
Muselk sucks
Let’s call him musucks
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips - 1 year ago
6:20 that’s wat she said!

Edit: 6:55 too!
Unknown Destination07
Unknown Destination07 - 1 year ago
I’m going to take caryatid to the uptown road I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more.

Muselk: oh I though I can ride you
Ron Ron
Ron Ron - 1 year ago
It is nice to see you happy
Cooper Chungus
Cooper Chungus - 1 year ago
Muselk has PewDiePies camera
Clout Nabu
Clout Nabu - 1 year ago
Almost reminds me of 2f2 muselk

10. comment for The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite!

Wyatt Roberts
Wyatt Roberts - 1 year ago
I played this and it was so hard for me but not for. You because your muselk also code muselk
Thomas Heider
Thomas Heider - 1 year ago
Muselk did u use to be Cosmic space dick
bennies fried chicken
bennies fried chicken - 1 year ago
"im not even getting mad its so much fun :D"

Chris Ouellette
Chris Ouellette - 1 year ago
We don’t need you to rage we have cra
Lakeside - 1 year ago
Ok guys its official surf is dead.
Sonny Walsh
Sonny Walsh - 1 year ago
That's what she said 6:19
Corrin Puno - Fortnite/Creative Destruction
Corrin Puno - Fortnite/Creative Destruction - 1 year ago
Sidmur - 1 year ago
why does it physically hurt me to see elliot do something wrong so many times and not realize it...
3 Bros 1 vlog
3 Bros 1 vlog - 1 year ago
Keep cray out of vids hes annoying
xon anf. longerpongddodjowhf whio
xon anf. longerpongddodjowhf whio - 1 year ago
Nostalgia is real

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Tim McDonald
Tim McDonald - 1 year ago
most dramatic person ive ever watched
Noobist361 - 1 year ago
I beat lvl 11 first try UwU
tu papi
tu papi - 1 year ago
for anyone wanting to play the map
and too lazy like muselk
J Cozi
J Cozi - 1 year ago
6:21 that what she said
Gonzalo Saenz Garza
Gonzalo Saenz Garza - 1 year ago
Well at list is no a door in the level 7 that you almost don’t like but at last you change of opinion and made it
VinnieTheLion1 - 1 year ago
Notice how in the end level when you see Muselks head go up in the quick montage it means he’s raging. Lul
Simon Hansson
Simon Hansson - 1 year ago
I gotta say, I rather see you play these with cray than with Fresh to be honest
THIS GUY HD - 1 year ago
What music is there at the start
? name ?
Austin Harrison
Austin Harrison - 1 year ago
6:19 cray's laugh seems a bit suspicious...
Baddeck stuff
Baddeck stuff - 1 year ago
Watch this 5:08 Then this 14:10

30. comment for The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite!

Baddeck stuff
Baddeck stuff - 1 year ago
That's defiantly not what she said. LOL. 6:18
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips - 1 year ago
Baddeck stuff and 6:55
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips - 1 year ago
I saw that too!
OTF TRue Savag3
OTF TRue Savag3 - 1 year ago
When you ask why did she break up with you

Liam Cooper
Liam Cooper - 1 year ago
whats better
like: fortnite
reply: apex
PingvinEdvin - 1 year ago
6:18 :What she said.. .
Blue Jay1215
Blue Jay1215 - 1 year ago
It took me a hour to do this
Legendary Squad
Legendary Squad - 1 year ago
6:19 It's so small cray so small
Collector Dude
Collector Dude - 1 year ago
Muselk: Fortnite surf map!!
Counterstrike: Look how they massacred my boy
Airsoft Roller
Airsoft Roller - 1 year ago
6:23 that's what she said
Mr.Ghost - 1 year ago
You stopped cray dislike
_.Konstantinos _xydis_.
_.Konstantinos _xydis_. - 1 year ago
In the fuckin last lvl, why u didn’t use the fuckin ballons man.?
TaZeR_TeM - 1 year ago
Literally 90% of the comments: muselk y u no rage?!??

5% of the comments: (nostalgia intensifies)
Andrew Jagers
Andrew Jagers - 1 year ago
Remove doors from fortnite
Kats_YT - 1 year ago
Ailin Martinez
Ailin Martinez - 1 year ago
6:19 to 6:24 that's what she said
Gustavo Pizarro
Gustavo Pizarro - 1 year ago
Not death run, deathFUN
Mikkel Tharaldsen
Mikkel Tharaldsen - 1 year ago
6,19 that was she said
mrrocketleague 99
mrrocketleague 99 - 1 year ago
Whats the code
Toux Br
Toux Br - 1 year ago
I played this map with my brother...

I killed him
Twrgys Best_Friend
Twrgys Best_Friend - 1 year ago
Dude don’t bring surf to Fortnite that’s gonna ruin a lot of people’s day but csgo is way better than Fortnite in my opponion
Denomote - 1 year ago

50. comment for The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite!

Jay 66n
Jay 66n - 1 year ago
Telltale games text prompt: "Cray will remember that that"
Bendik Evensen Bråtån
Bendik Evensen Bråtån - 1 year ago
I have made it
Connor Greenberg
Connor Greenberg - 1 year ago
Muselk: Through the hole cray through the hole. Me: I didn't know muselk was a girl and is in a relationship with cray
Connor Greenberg
Connor Greenberg - 1 year ago
Muselk: It's so small cray so small!!! Me: Thats what she said and yes I liked my own comment
varun kumaar
varun kumaar - 1 year ago
I missed crays optimism
Sammyjoy_ Playz
Sammyjoy_ Playz - 1 year ago
6:19 when your girl sees your pee pee
Pee Pee Island
Pee Pee Island - 1 year ago
ha penis deth run who agre'
Willg808rayson _
Willg808rayson _ - 1 year ago
ᑕOOᒪ ᐯIᗪEO
Max Van Den Berk
Max Van Den Berk - 1 year ago
You have 4 maps of hooshen played
Ray Fuck
Ray Fuck - 1 year ago
7:32 hit me with your best shot haha
MiniKnight Games
MiniKnight Games - 1 year ago
Cray: are you alright muselk
Muselk: "it's so small cray so small"
oB Toxik
oB Toxik - 1 year ago
6:20 When she asks you to pull down your pants and she sees your peen
Sharon G
Sharon G - 1 year ago
Hooshen please make more maps
Graffiti Shimada
Graffiti Shimada - 1 year ago
Who else did this before muselk?
Noah King
Noah King - 1 year ago
nothing like surfing in csgo
Massefect XY
Massefect XY - 1 year ago
I beat it before the vid lul
The Pixel Reaper
The Pixel Reaper - 1 year ago
at 8:08 Craysator's ice stays on the floor.
Alice Brent
Alice Brent - 1 year ago
I made a poll to see which Muselk channel everyone prefers, Muselk or MoreMuselk? You can vote here:
Slyy Remiix
Slyy Remiix - 1 year ago
I’ve completed this one
James 06
James 06 - 1 year ago
I still play sutf
intelligence - 1 year ago
I could not even beat the first level
Tommy Lingard
Tommy Lingard - 1 year ago
toxic-ghost864 Pro Ghost
toxic-ghost864 Pro Ghost - 1 year ago
Senor Brown
Senor Brown - 1 year ago
This whole map was just me loosing my virginity, “that felt so good” “through the hole” and so many “oh my gods” and many other enthusiastic comments
Ava Quintanilla
Ava Quintanilla - 1 year ago
Your the wierdest fucking kid in the world like are you ok your just fucking retarded and probobly socially akward and you lost your virginity to a toaster
Aaron Clarke
Aaron Clarke - 1 year ago
Fibre is now cheaper than ADSL
Senor Brown
Senor Brown - 1 year ago
Who else had flashbacks to loosing their virginity whenever muselk said “that felt so good”
Ava Quintanilla
Ava Quintanilla - 1 year ago
No one dude what the fuck is wrong with you your probobly a horny 12 year old
Swgdragg0n - 1 year ago
Can we have the link to the video in the beginning? I remember watching it awhile ago but I don't remember the name.
Anim4niac - 1 year ago
muselk and cray are such good friends
Mercury Colton
Mercury Colton - 1 year ago
14:18 someone call PETA
COLONY Olly - 1 year ago
10:11 Muselk smoking or sucking?
ryan himmin
ryan himmin - 1 year ago
6:18 that's what she said (;
Kian Whittaker
Kian Whittaker - 1 year ago
SG MiNi - 1 year ago
“It’s so small cray it’s so small”
I_fanet - 1 year ago
Shane is doing strange things to the cats and now you want to slap a cat ! Jk
Jun Keum
Jun Keum - 1 year ago
I still i'm in the first level....
erezSgmes - 1 year ago
Potato Kin
Potato Kin - 1 year ago
you look hella old
Cam D.
Cam D. - 1 year ago
I love how supportive Cray is
[lega] dofke
[lega] dofke - 1 year ago
Muselk did you ever play CS GO?
Yurtos Jr.
Yurtos Jr. - 1 year ago
That’s what she said
Nathyn Trimper
Nathyn Trimper - 1 year ago
6:44 Austin powers??
Phill Ranerii
Phill Ranerii - 1 year ago
I love how when muselk trolls someone on a level then on the all the other levels he cheers for the person to prevent from being trolled
One Piece Treasure Cruise
One Piece Treasure Cruise - 1 year ago
wauw getting flashback cs 1.5 1.6
GhostDaffy - 1 year ago
That’s what she said 6:20
Sir Leafs A lot
Sir Leafs A lot - 1 year ago
I was waiting for this since I found out you you could slide down mountains in season 1
My wait is over
AlexGalaxy Designer
AlexGalaxy Designer - 1 year ago
This is sliding not surf xD
Mark Taarning
Mark Taarning - 1 year ago
Its called a fun run
anas farah
anas farah - 1 year ago
I played that yesterday
Kanaklata Verma
Kanaklata Verma - 1 year ago
This should've been the cizzorz fun run
Space duck of dreams
Space duck of dreams - 1 year ago
6:19 that’s what she said

100. comment for The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite!

FaZe Therapy
FaZe Therapy - 1 year ago
Ur voices are shit
Theo Gammelsrød
Theo Gammelsrød - 1 year ago
Any one else than me that prefers the happy Muselk?
Mystic_Carsyn Yt
Mystic_Carsyn Yt - 1 year ago
6:20 that’s what she said
Malachi T
Malachi T - 1 year ago
fresh bullies muselk muselk bullies cray
Malachi T
Malachi T - 1 year ago
when mussels said he would not play with fresh he ment it
Demon Blast
Demon Blast - 1 year ago
Elliot when talking about his penis 6:18
ThinkingOfAGoodName - 1 year ago
Go Longhorns
Go Longhorns - 1 year ago
Muselk is so toxic
Jeremy Epner
Jeremy Epner - 1 year ago
Literall: Cray clapping his hands saying “nice”. In His Head: You stupid fucking ghost looking person, u actually suck and I’m the best because I have the worlds most perfect mustache
Yt RDS - 1 year ago
Like 6 ads chill
Kevintendo23 - 1 year ago
cant cray just give muselk the jetpack
Maxinaitor - 1 year ago
Lol it wasn’t that hard I completed it in like half an hour or less (not trying to flex)
JD H - 1 year ago
I got a five kill solo dub and then I did this course and beat it and I was so happy
Jackson Chang
Jackson Chang - 1 year ago
MY d is 6:22
Rawr_Gordo - 1 year ago
Me unzips pants, her 6:20
UpsetPizza - 1 year ago
The number of likes on the video is how many times Muselk said this is the one
TheDefaultHunter - 1 year ago
only those who remember when salty springs did not have a name can like this.
btw if you get time, checkout my newest video. I make a URGENT Plea To Fortnite.
TheDefaultHunter - 1 year ago
only those who remember when salty springs did not have a name can like this.
btw if you get time, checkout my newest video. I make a URGENT Plea To Fortnite.
Starboss05 - 1 year ago
DAMM, good shit
Cj Da goat
Cj Da goat - 1 year ago
Yohan Song
Yohan Song - 1 year ago
6:18 they were talking about my dick
Dominic NIOH
Dominic NIOH - 1 year ago
What is the code for the map?
formoop - 1 year ago
TheAlmightyOne - 1 year ago
The first sentence in the description
SlaughterMilli - 1 year ago
6:20 muselks gf
5000 subs with no vid Challenge
5000 subs with no vid Challenge - 1 year ago
10:12 tf he doing XD
Ashton Doherty
Ashton Doherty - 1 year ago
6:18 that’s what she said
Thekingofawesome - 1 year ago
6:35 "ha-penis death run"
Jorge Skate
Jorge Skate - 1 year ago
This guy is funny af
occido UL
occido UL - 1 year ago
Showing some of my amazing cs:go memories! Instant upvote.
The Remedy Gaming
The Remedy Gaming - 1 year ago
6:24 that's what she said
Rozz Tilley
Rozz Tilley - 1 year ago
Your garbage cray
ZzshrubzZ Fan
ZzshrubzZ Fan - 1 year ago
U need to put codes muesulk
JammyDodgerXD - 1 year ago
6:15 that’s what she said
6:19 that’s also what she said
Anthony Haggin
Anthony Haggin - 1 year ago
Dude stop playing with fresh and play with Cray because fresh is a cheater and he's a streamer and Cray is super supportive and cool
Jeffbot Classics
Jeffbot Classics - 1 year ago
When Muselk teases the description

(Read the first sentence in the description)
Phoebe sta123
Phoebe sta123 - 1 year ago
that’s what she said..
UnnamedBro - 1 year ago
When Elliot finishes first:

Cray:well done

Elliot:suck it cray
Kappa Chedder
Kappa Chedder - 1 year ago
6:16 that's what she said
Iwan Spilker
Iwan Spilker - 1 year ago
i like how cray is first on more levels and when cray gets the last level Muselk: i smoke him at every level and he gets lucky one time
danny9940 - 1 year ago
This isnt a surf map
Youtube Pxrry
Youtube Pxrry - 1 year ago
Level 5 4:23
poods - 1 year ago
6:20 that's what she said
Unknown_Jay - 1 year ago
Nice vid like the map
Neil Hsia
Neil Hsia - 1 year ago
Fun run
La Levesque
La Levesque - 1 year ago
This is hardly even surfing
Amogh Upadhyaya
Amogh Upadhyaya - 1 year ago
Cray is such a positive guy. Muselk on the other hand...
Eddy Boekdrukker
Eddy Boekdrukker - 1 year ago
6:18 TWSS
Jonathan Ammary
Jonathan Ammary - 1 year ago
6:21 That's what she said ;)
john ehsman
john ehsman - 1 year ago
9:00 rage starts . Quite fun
Ville Appelkvist
Ville Appelkvist - 1 year ago
How can satans son be holy?
atif ahmad
atif ahmad - 1 year ago
Hooshen made the storm attack deathrun
MOAB Soaron
MOAB Soaron - 1 year ago
HOLY SON OF A SATIN - Muselk 2019
Meena Vaidy
Meena Vaidy - 1 year ago
Do deathrun with fresh
Ansley Ig
Ansley Ig - 1 year ago
This has leafyishere all over it
Guacumole Boi
Guacumole Boi - 1 year ago
Is it true that Larry is your editor, on Larry’s newest video, he said he was like a co-editor or something like that
Posta - 1 year ago
is there one thing this game doesn't rip off
King_Taj - 1 year ago
“Holy son of a Satan...”
hoggy mac
hoggy mac - 1 year ago
“Through the hole cray”
C0mpl3t3 NEMO
C0mpl3t3 NEMO - 1 year ago
6:18 that’s what she said to muselk
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer - 1 year ago
mussels is the worst friend in the entire world for level 10
Luis Nino
Luis Nino - 1 year ago
Through the hole cray-Muselk 2019
Robert Lorenz
Robert Lorenz - 1 year ago
Omg crainer has a ego you have an ego every death run vido
Smuby - 1 year ago
Its so lazy, muselk says the same stuff in craytors video. Cray for life
Meg Patel
Meg Patel - 1 year ago
You and cray are so funny
jack_smith50 3
jack_smith50 3 - 1 year ago
There are so many that’s what she said In the vid
Henry Langford
Henry Langford - 1 year ago
ur girl 6:22
Very Nice
Very Nice - 1 year ago
6:20 that’s what she said
Prime - 1 year ago
This is a fun run
Addisyn Adkins
Addisyn Adkins - 1 year ago
You’ve been hanging out with fresh too much, blocking door ways and stuff
Callofdutygames COD
Callofdutygames COD - 1 year ago
6:17 that what she said
Addisyn Adkins
Addisyn Adkins - 1 year ago
“Holy son of a Satan”
Courtney G
Courtney G - 1 year ago
This is the first death run hes ever actually had FUN at
Animation squad i guess Lit
Animation squad i guess Lit - 1 year ago
Cool cool
JambobPlays YT
JambobPlays YT - 1 year ago
What is that game at the beginning
Monica Carrera
Monica Carrera - 1 year ago
I dont think muselk was properly thinking when he said " i thought i could ride you"
Taj Cauvin
Taj Cauvin - 1 year ago
I love your vids
Taj Cauvin
Taj Cauvin - 1 year ago
U,mm hiiiiii
O. Officially Steven
O. Officially Steven - 1 year ago
11:42 the phone emot was sidways
ELI Winter
ELI Winter - 1 year ago
I completed this on 150 ping in 40 mins (flook)
Elijah Caraballo
Elijah Caraballo - 1 year ago
I just finished that death run, with some help from this awesome video that you made. So thank you, I love your video's and I use your code. #use code Muselk in the shop
J Dog
J Dog - 1 year ago
deathrun more like funrun

Edit ) i changed my mind
MORRIS 123 - 1 year ago
6:19 When Muselk sees his dick
Bradley fowler
Bradley fowler - 1 year ago
I like how when Elliot is playing with fresh.Fresh gets mad when Muselk beats a level,but with Cray he’s actually nice about it.
Anastazja Machon
Anastazja Machon - 1 year ago
Damn boys got a very good trick on how to get vB ucks, it's new and private one so better hurry up before it's patched
Thumbs up if it works
Nathan Mooney
Nathan Mooney - 1 year ago
I'm gOnNa SlAp A cAt - elliot 2019
Morning Nigth
Morning Nigth - 1 year ago
Hylas Blooding
Hylas Blooding - 1 year ago
6:20 thats what she said
Fear Gaming
Fear Gaming - 1 year ago
It's fun until scizors makes his own surf map.
Clinton Destiny
Clinton Destiny - 1 year ago
For more views he should do more Fortnite creative
Clifford Irving
Clifford Irving - 1 year ago
Girl after hanging out with a dude 9:53
mr clapzasians
mr clapzasians - 1 year ago
Muselk :im not going to rage
Also muselk:rages after cray beats him
Ivan Cerpa
Ivan Cerpa - 1 year ago
6:20 that's what sh said
ADCM REX - 1 year ago
6:20 after walking outside in the winter
ADCM REX - 1 year ago
6:16 what they tell each other after recording videos
Ridzzy Mo
Ridzzy Mo - 1 year ago
Where’s the rage at boiii
Chipperbubble - 1 year ago
6:16 - 6:23 thas wha she said ;)

btw i spelt it like that on purpose
lil Jimmy
lil Jimmy - 1 year ago
“It’s so small”
E O E - 1 year ago
Love you and cray

Yes I liked my own comment
Big Bris 60
Big Bris 60 - 1 year ago
You gay af for 14:59
Straight Into Awesomeness
Straight Into Awesomeness - 1 year ago
Mr mc chicken
Mr mc chicken - 1 year ago
What’s the code where’s the code?
Dina Craner
Dina Craner - 1 year ago
I died on this map over 9999999999900000000 times
Ashton Wood
Ashton Wood - 1 year ago
More cray videos please
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas - 1 year ago
6:20 When my girlfriend looks at my dick
Tomy Andreetta
Tomy Andreetta - 1 year ago
Elliot every single death run video:
“I love this map”
Nek minut
“I hate this map”
striker gg
striker gg - 1 year ago
Damn it, I wanted loud noises and an instgram story from LoserFruit showing what it's like in the rest of the house when you rage!

JK, love your videos [yee] [yee] - 1 year ago
What block is that thing you surf on
Ernie Brown
Ernie Brown - 1 year ago
No rage???
Yikes! With the OOF Queen
Yikes! With the OOF Queen - 1 year ago
12:46 Muselk apologizes for the first time.

Nate Wilsey
Nate Wilsey - 1 year ago
This is a disgrace to cs surf it’s nothing like cs surf
TheYoungWolf219 - 1 year ago
That's what she said
Christian Freitus
Christian Freitus - 1 year ago
elliot: I am not going to rage. last level : I had to make you rage.
Spaget XD
Spaget XD - 1 year ago
Muselk can’t penetrate
Yacine Bek
Yacine Bek - 1 year ago
Cray is sooooo positive he gets happy when you finish a level
Silverinfernoblaster - 1 year ago
“You have to fit through this tiny hole”
Silverinfernoblaster - 1 year ago
These Australians be surfing
Fortnite Plays
Fortnite Plays - 1 year ago
you r best bet for having them is pretty cool
G Mirv
G Mirv - 1 year ago
this is da real fun run
Try Xmas
Try Xmas - 1 year ago
That was she said
Erik Fagher
Erik Fagher - 1 year ago
Go to 14:50
Jc_Striker - 1 year ago
why does cray scream when Eliot failed?
Erik Fagher
Erik Fagher - 1 year ago
Go to 6:20 that what she Said
Izi360 Gaming
Izi360 Gaming - 1 year ago
This is one of the best videos from muselk because he doesnt rage
stryker pin0105
stryker pin0105 - 1 year ago
Very wholesome duo
I wish they cough play more togethrre
woodfull99 - 1 year ago
You live with a Kat, Just film Marcus reaction..I'd double click that!
ttv clapzy
ttv clapzy - 1 year ago
Through the hole. that's what she said lol
Sir Slushi
Sir Slushi - 1 year ago
Now you have to prove your good at CS surfing my making a video!!!
Gizze_Misse - 1 year ago
It’s a fun run
dat vo
dat vo - 1 year ago
When there’s too much tryhards in fortnite and the only content u can make is on custom map. That’s sad
Hippety - 1 year ago
Play Csgo Or i will eat water
Anthony Sce
Anthony Sce - 1 year ago
Who agrees that museum should go back to over watch
Helen Marsden
Helen Marsden - 1 year ago
Sorry to say but you are bad
Helen Marsden
Helen Marsden - 1 year ago
Holy shit. That is sick
Amy Isabella
Amy Isabella - 1 year ago
Me and my friend actually played it, I got to lvl 7 and she got to lvl 6. But the server restarted so we gave up
Emilio Gamboa
Emilio Gamboa - 1 year ago
11:56 cray remembers
Total Numbness
Total Numbness - 1 year ago
6:21 that's what she said
Hero George
Hero George - 1 year ago
6:25 that noise is SUS
Bustr Bustr
Bustr Bustr - 1 year ago
6:16 that's what she said
Eww - 1 year ago
this is the real fun run
Kryptic Toxicc
Kryptic Toxicc - 1 year ago
Sayz I thought it was the last level after looking at the next level wtf elliet
Zombe killer
Zombe killer - 1 year ago
Alexthaboss13 - 1 year ago
The RSPCA is coming for you
SmartAce Cookie
SmartAce Cookie - 1 year ago
Ironically enough my friends and I just did this map before I watched the video...
Arash Samiei
Arash Samiei - 1 year ago
Feels good not to play with fresh
lime ish
lime ish - 1 year ago
Cath Jules
Cath Jules - 1 year ago
Cray the new fresh?!
Jjacobo - 1 year ago
Muselk: I’m going to slap a cat

Me: is he secretly Shane Dawson
chevi minas
chevi minas - 1 year ago
im not a lady im not a gentelmen im a BOY say boys and girls
Parcival 4321
Parcival 4321 - 1 year ago
Don’t slap cats
Gareth Reilly
Gareth Reilly - 1 year ago
6:21 Thats what she said...
itw - 1 year ago
Was it just me or were you just staring at the hair springing around
FierceFX - 1 year ago
Played the map before he uploaded this video.
Flarpy_Marty - 1 year ago
No. You don’t know what real fun is... until you’ve played the enrichment center. It’s the funnest map ever
Anjana Dogra
Anjana Dogra - 1 year ago
6.23 that's what she said
Bob the builder
Bob the builder - 1 year ago
6:19 that's what she said

To whoever's doesn't like this
Eshu Agni
Eshu Agni - 1 year ago
Try the king of the tower game
Pearl Franz
Pearl Franz - 1 year ago
I wonder what the rest of the Click house thinks when they hear Elliot yelling 

"Oh! Oh-Come on! Through the hole! Through the hole Cray! OHHHHOHOHOHO!"
Dinkle Whisper
Dinkle Whisper - 1 year ago
Your clearly a hacker I can’t beat the first level on any death run your hacking if you make death runs your stupid
sky bash
sky bash - 1 year ago
Whats the code for this?
Zenon Frangoulis
Zenon Frangoulis - 1 year ago
Thats what she sai- WAIT A MINUTE
ntc9600 - 1 year ago
11:14 omg laughing for hours at that GG
Davis Crook
Davis Crook - 1 year ago
such a different dynamic with you playing a deathrun with cray than fresh lol
Viudios - 1 year ago
muselk got fat
Liz Deppner
Liz Deppner - 1 year ago
6:18 I really thought Cray was going to do a 'thats what she said' joke
TheFireMonkey9 - 1 year ago
I am the one sub who hates to see Elliot rage. Sorry if I spelled ur name wrong.
Landon Dunn
Landon Dunn - 1 year ago
Is it just me or do they sound really stoned
Add Server
Add Server - 1 year ago
Number 4 trending for gaming
Undeadcheese - 1 year ago
Muselk I’m a professional

Everyone else shut up
Someone got to do it
"It's so small" 6:19

Coconelephant Epic
Coconelephant Epic - 1 year ago
Pubg better
Derek desouza123
Derek desouza123 - 1 year ago
The Braidenator
The Braidenator - 1 year ago
Powerforceoriginal - 1 year ago
6:18 thats what she said
JJ Moreno
JJ Moreno - 1 year ago
you got mad
hunter T
hunter T - 1 year ago
This isn’t surfing whatsoever
JJ Moreno
JJ Moreno - 1 year ago
this is how many people like muselk
Stealth Daddy
Stealth Daddy - 1 year ago
Is it me our did anyone else think this was boring ( Just a Little bit)btw sorry muselk
mireille leblanc
mireille leblanc - 1 year ago
Haha if ya know wet i mean
Juariah Mansor
Juariah Mansor - 1 year ago
No toksic anytime
Alex - 1 year ago
6:19 when they talk about my peepee
Cassandra Gidney
Cassandra Gidney - 1 year ago
Muselk slaps cats when he's angry. Unsubscribe. ;D
Faulisy - 1 year ago
Cray is such a nice guy
Jhon c100
Jhon c100 - 1 year ago
K Staehlin
K Staehlin - 1 year ago
If I hade a nickel for everyone I would crack a that’s what she said joke I’d be rich
Rosetail The Furrry
Rosetail The Furrry - 1 year ago
i thought this would be hover boards
OstinGaming - 1 year ago
# neonfunrun
SuPrXme KidD
SuPrXme KidD - 1 year ago
How many times did Muselk rage in his whole youtube career???
ChristianLingers - 1 year ago
That’s what she said 6:19
Jaclyn Barreiro
Jaclyn Barreiro - 1 year ago
THEY WERE GETTING ALONG SO WELL!! Until Muselk stood at the doorway -.-
Lolo - 1 year ago
You are a master I can't even get past the first level
Amanda LaFollette
Amanda LaFollette - 1 year ago
Anime squad bros -ASB
Anime squad bros -ASB - 1 year ago
dont you guys love how he spelt fortnite in the descripition
Jan Yang Khor
Jan Yang Khor - 1 year ago
U evil Son of a gun lmao. U literally put an ad just b4 u entered the hole of lvl 10
CarlServi - 1 year ago
I like the haircut Elliot!
Emerson Golladay
Emerson Golladay - 1 year ago
6:22 that's what she said
DeadMazx - 1 year ago
I love when you play with cray his just so happy all the time and sends a good vibe every time you play with him. I love him in your videos. ❤❤❤
Some Goose
Some Goose - 1 year ago
now wheres bhop maps
DeadMazx - 1 year ago
Arama Family
Arama Family - 1 year ago
Muselk: I don’t even know if you can call it a deathrun it’s so easy!
Me: rage quits on level 1
Matt Marr
Matt Marr - 1 year ago
Skip to 13 minutes to c the rage
ItzPeanut 123
ItzPeanut 123 - 1 year ago
Muselk you should play 100 level deafult deathrun itz fun
Eddy - 1 year ago
Not to be an ass just saying something
Eddy - 1 year ago
Your boast mobile ad was so bad how did you even get it
TTV .OPplanexx
TTV .OPplanexx - 1 year ago
Muselk try’s the level once,dies and says the levels hard
Xd Beastz Boi
Xd Beastz Boi - 1 year ago
The true fun run
Xeno Hunter
Xeno Hunter - 1 year ago
Muselk: He gets lucky on one level and he gets an ego
Muselk whenever he beats anyone in a single level: OH IT'S SO EASY
Alpha Bros
Alpha Bros - 1 year ago
11:12 an ad came on..
lifhaksdontwrk - 1 year ago
I dont think epic games realises they cant keep taking stuff from other games
Dylan Zhang
Dylan Zhang - 1 year ago
Held W?
Ta'Jon Anthony
Ta'Jon Anthony - 1 year ago
I support your creator code on fortnight.
wildinbesson - 1 year ago
Who thought it would be about the hover board
CometZ - 1 year ago
jamoms101 - 1 year ago
Not only did Cray post this before you, but he didn't have the decency to leave a chest unopened for you
Bernabe Fernandez
Bernabe Fernandez - 1 year ago
What gallery is the slide thing in?
TSM JAY - 1 year ago
At 5:07 Elliot sounds like that meme when the boy gets hit in his head with the basketball and say yay
L a u g h L a u g h
L a u g h L a u g h - 1 year ago
Cray were you at?
L a u g h L a u g h
L a u g h L a u g h - 1 year ago
Muselk were you at?
Diva Dolphin
Diva Dolphin - 1 year ago
Idek why but I feel like you uploaded this twice...
Drewburz - 1 year ago
lmaooo you have to fit through that tiny hole
SpectorEntity - 1 year ago
14:59 Just, picture it "I thought I could ride you! aw...."
TylerHooo - 1 year ago
CSGO is better
Krista Smith
Krista Smith - 1 year ago
Krista Smith
Krista Smith - 1 year ago
My picture looks like a monster right
PiperPie - 1 year ago
i actually watch because you get excited in a fun way
RILEY1243 KENYON - 1 year ago
I hope u die
leonhard thomasius
leonhard thomasius - 1 year ago
Plz take fresh on this map for toxic comedy
Svecenader - 1 year ago
Try the Troll Run.

Island Code is 0565-4202-7306.

Looks epic. Watching another live streamer playing it right now. Think it would be entertaining/cissorz like and generate some good views for you too.
Soyer Dake
Soyer Dake - 1 year ago
Where are swagersouls gay babies at???
Jake Shoup
Jake Shoup - 1 year ago
Pls play overwatch again
Cinnamonkey 8648
Cinnamonkey 8648 - 1 year ago
Muselk 2019

Grant Frye
Grant Frye - 1 year ago
come and look at my Chanel
Oscar Cranshaw
Oscar Cranshaw - 1 year ago
To many ads
TTV Lucas btw
TTV Lucas btw - 1 year ago
ChessLlama - 1 year ago
6:18 That's what she said
Elnaco 08
Elnaco 08 - 1 year ago
Muselk I need your help for death run my name is nicolico09
Kidgamer Tango
Kidgamer Tango - 1 year ago
So like i think he so salty because lazer bean is daiting his sister
Kayla Krawczyk
Kayla Krawczyk - 1 year ago
Taiwo EGBEYEMI - 1 year ago
MY CoCoNut guN Fires inSPuRts
k h
k h - 1 year ago
Yo me and my friend nick took so long to finish it it took us like an 1:30
Tony Texaco
Tony Texaco - 1 year ago
subscribe to my channel to win free xbox 1 or ps4
Bias: RM
Bias: RM - 1 year ago
This is a set up for thats what she said jokes
Ethan Graham
Ethan Graham - 1 year ago
The code is 0983-2790-7319
Claudia Consiglio
Claudia Consiglio - 1 year ago
I was literally playing with my cat when you said that you were going to slap a cat. Then he ran into the other room
Bert - TF2
Bert - TF2 - 1 year ago
Come on muselk, that video description is just mean lol
Marc Cantos
Marc Cantos - 1 year ago
Do the troll deathrun with Fresh pleasee
Herc breadboy
Herc breadboy - 1 year ago
6:22 that's what she said to muselk
General Jew
General Jew - 1 year ago
I drank a 44 year old coke
-E_C_L_I_P_S_E- - 1 year ago
RAGE plz :)
L S G - 1 year ago
6:19 that’s what she said
ZerMJ09 _
ZerMJ09 _ - 1 year ago
Who else missed him saying far out
Kevin Davenport
Kevin Davenport - 1 year ago
I MISS WHEN MUSELK AND CRAY USED TO PLAY FORTNITE ALL THE TIME. throwback to season 4! Their chemistry is so positive
Kevin Davenport
Kevin Davenport - 1 year ago
6:20 that’s what she said
Outlet .
Outlet . - 1 year ago
I saw this on crayators channel first
Andres Vizcarra
Andres Vizcarra - 1 year ago
You talk way to much in your intros
alaa nighty
alaa nighty - 1 year ago
I love when you and cray play !!!
OTB NoK1N9 - 1 year ago
hes playin deathfun
ShocKollar - 1 year ago
Hey I qualified for the Fortnite World Cup online semi finals if you know anyone who needs a partner I can be there partner my PlayStation and epic name is BagBoy316 really could use a hand finding a partner lol. Reply if you or someone you know needs a duo Cup partner tomorrow like to help people see my comment it will be appreciated
Ahmed Zahar
Ahmed Zahar - 1 year ago
is anyone else waiting for cray's revenge on elliot blocking the door?
Enraged Human
Enraged Human - 1 year ago
6:19 that's what she said.
Micheal Kneebone
Micheal Kneebone - 1 year ago
cray with those positive vibes, his encouragement. Thats the content craytor I subscribed to <3 <3 u cray
Michael Perrault
Michael Perrault - 1 year ago
Why does Cray sound like Ebony Maw?
Saeed Killion
Saeed Killion - 1 year ago
Hey @Muselk you should the the locked load-out challenge. What happens is that the first 5 items that you see, you have to pick up, and that is your load-out for the whole game . The only way you can pick something new is if you run out of something like balloons or shields. You can still pick up meds if you use them right away, but you must take your previous item back after you use the meds.
AnimaydenYT - 1 year ago
loke arias
loke arias - 1 year ago
hey wait why did he make it surf_kitsune?
TC Skillz
TC Skillz - 1 year ago
6:17 sexxxxx lifeeeee
Aaron Bell
Aaron Bell - 1 year ago
Makes me sad, your the best YouTuber
Aaron Bell
Aaron Bell - 1 year ago
I hate watching you rage
Vedant Deokar
Vedant Deokar - 1 year ago
Saddest moment of Elliot’s life when he can’t ride Cray
Gray Wolf Gamer
Gray Wolf Gamer - 1 year ago
6:19 that's what she said
BlueJGaming - 1 year ago
For real tho when was the last time we saw Elliot and Lachy play together???
Nug NATION - 1 year ago
klick bate hedass
Sebastian Board
Sebastian Board - 1 year ago
That’s what she siad
Lunas Cleaning Inc
Lunas Cleaning Inc - 1 year ago
I would slap all the cats in the world
Cella Taki
Cella Taki - 1 year ago
PETA: I’ve heard enough, cuff him!
Jack’s Music Stuff
Jack’s Music Stuff - 1 year ago
What’s the code for the deathrun
MUFC_News_Edits Centre
MUFC_News_Edits Centre - 1 year ago
Play w Cray not fresh
Diamond Eyes Mc
Diamond Eyes Mc - 1 year ago
Level was easy
Diamond Eyes Mc
Diamond Eyes Mc - 1 year ago
Kareena Almanza
Kareena Almanza - 1 year ago
"I will have my revenge...EVERY TIME."
Fergus Warnock
Fergus Warnock - 1 year ago
Oh yeah yeah
Fergus Warnock
Fergus Warnock - 1 year ago
We love cray
john mark
john mark - 1 year ago
close your eyes and listen to 6:20
Big Ligma
Big Ligma - 1 year ago
Press f for leafy
subscribetoQJB - 1 year ago
its so small (like his d**k) JK I LOVE YOU MUSELK
ii conquistor
ii conquistor - 1 year ago
I THOUGHT i could RIDE you
Thats what a female said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ii conquistor
ii conquistor - 1 year ago
+ChEt! You know that im trying to be origibal here xd
ChEt! - 1 year ago
ii conquistor omg you are literally making me cringe so much what a female said? It’s that’s what she said get it right god!
Kane Lee
Kane Lee - 1 year ago
Myself being disappointed he couldn’t ride cray is every female to have ever lived
Brainy Pear91
Brainy Pear91 - 1 year ago
You shude do crouchde only chalenge
Dingelnator - 1 year ago
6:18 that's what she said
D Hollywood
D Hollywood - 1 year ago
6:16 that’s what she said
Maena Hernandez
Maena Hernandez - 1 year ago
More Rage plz
Suraj Dhariwal
Suraj Dhariwal - 1 year ago
You’re shit but quite smart
Kaly Newsome
Kaly Newsome - 1 year ago
Thats what she said !!

She also said that
Michel Brouwer
Michel Brouwer - 1 year ago
Muselk, you where mad, you shouldn’t be mad...
The Gamertron
The Gamertron - 1 year ago
CS:GO : * Has surf maps*

Fortnite : Ayy fam can I copy your homework
Chad L
Chad L - 1 year ago
6:54 that's what she said
T3 VIDEOS - 1 year ago
OffWorld - 1 year ago
Read the description and then press f for respecc
Zadex - 1 year ago
Maybe you should play "subway surfers" on the other channel
Anonymous Viewer
Anonymous Viewer - 1 year ago
My GF when we’re in bed.
MLG _Gamer07207
MLG _Gamer07207 - 1 year ago

Nils Askelund
Nils Askelund - 1 year ago
I like that Cray gets happy when Muselk succses
Fresh clan For life
Fresh clan For life - 1 year ago
Guys I’m live if u wanna check me out
PALdingo II
PALdingo II - 1 year ago
Muselk: I’m not gonna rage
Hey Yo You People
Hey Yo You People - 1 year ago
I absolutely love how Muselk says stuff like Oh my GOD! And Noooo! But then he says stuff like let’s go and I’m a god like nothing happened
Wasbeer 3000
Wasbeer 3000 - 1 year ago
6:16 when you're wife her p#ssy is to smal
Martin Ledezma
Martin Ledezma - 1 year ago
I have a Meme strat the new bunker under dog house when yu are in there yu cant get out the only way out is where you came through maybe yu should try to trap some bots down there like the og turret trap like this so muselk can see it
Cipher - 1 year ago
Anyone ever wonder why Elliot never has his ping or fps counter on. It really pisses me off
gaming_reapers 216
gaming_reapers 216 - 1 year ago
U used to have more than lannan but he just beat you so hard
Jake - 1 year ago
(ALL OF LEVEL SEVEN) - That's what he said
Fernando Vargas
Fernando Vargas - 1 year ago
Fortnite just copies everything ping from cod
Respawn from apex
Now surf from CS:GO?
THE Mompool
THE Mompool - 1 year ago
15:08 every muselk video ever
sufyaan amod
sufyaan amod - 1 year ago
Goku 1101876
Goku 1101876 - 1 year ago
6:18 Thats what she said
mohammed fahad
mohammed fahad - 1 year ago
I have a vid idea
You are not allowed to touch the floor the whole game and if you touch the floor you will have to leave the game
You can build ,stand on things and anything that you can fly with.
And if you rage or have a mental breakdown you must leave the game ok just kidding
b boy
b boy - 1 year ago
Cray is the best death run partner because of his never ending moral support. It’s really wholesome well done Cray
Thomas Lacy
Thomas Lacy - 1 year ago
Th fourth level at the end that means pole is probably a stripper pole
Vinnie Zoots
Vinnie Zoots - 1 year ago
Love your channel and content. It be great if you could share the creative code for these maps so others can play them in case they miss it when they are featured.
Swagger Dagger
Swagger Dagger - 1 year ago
6:19 Thats what she said
James Morgan
James Morgan - 1 year ago
I mean ruin skin
Kelan Hickman
Kelan Hickman - 1 year ago
This game mode sucks.
Tiffany Banks
Tiffany Banks - 1 year ago
Music get as many people as you can stream if you have to get all string stoppers everyone you know come to shifty shaft there’s an alien species you half to destroy it I hope you come join the battle
Mffkfkkffkkf - 1 year ago
6:20 that’s what she said and yes I know this is a bad joke
Sam Smith
Sam Smith - 1 year ago
ADZ _ - 1 year ago
When crays gf first sees his penis 6:19

DIKNA Q - 1 year ago
it is made by hooshen the same storm map guy
CreeperFace752 - 1 year ago
You should do the the random skin random rarity but with a twist you also have.To have your backbling and pickaxe as the same to use heals and your backbling has to be a animal/plant to use vechials. Also if you do dicide to use my idea could you credit me for the idea
Luke Srubar
Luke Srubar - 1 year ago
6:19 that’s what she said
Aakash’s Vids
Aakash’s Vids - 1 year ago
Cray: You can do it
Fresh: Blocks Muselk
Zachary Uniza
Zachary Uniza - 1 year ago
I haven't turned on my PS4 or played fortunate in 2 months. I'm turning it on and updating it just so I can play this map. throwback to CSS obstacle courses and death run!
Sad Cardinals fan
Sad Cardinals fan - 1 year ago
6:19 insert penis joke
Zer0_ Kills
Zer0_ Kills - 1 year ago
I just watch to be entertained
The Dude
The Dude - 1 year ago
Crayator: uhhh uhhhh -2019
Ttv daddybaum
Ttv daddybaum - 1 year ago
i’m sorry but he’s just very un entertaining
muriofin - 1 year ago
I want overwatch back fortnite is shit
Shaplin - 1 year ago
Finaly facecam
Just game 4 life
Just game 4 life - 1 year ago
The real fun run is here
CrunchyFrog - 1 year ago
@Muselk: Hooshen made the awesome baller pinball machine.
Youtube Silkyy
Youtube Silkyy - 1 year ago
Starts at 1:15 sub to me for helping you lmao
STOP - 1 year ago
I remember compilations of parents destroying kids consoles with some teenager playing counterstrike in intervals
CrunchyFrog - 1 year ago
Fortnite: adds Surf mechanisms to the engine (How? I always thought surfing in Valve's HL2/Source engine was a side effect of oddities of their physics engine, picking up speed when strafe-sliding over surfaces at certain angles, same with TF2's blastjumping?)
Muselk: mentions "nostalgia", then talks about ancient Counterstrike surf maps instead of Team Fortress 2 surf maps (which still have an active community).
Connor Crowe
Connor Crowe - 1 year ago
6:21 that’s what liv said
Zone Duckey
Zone Duckey - 1 year ago
Only OGs will remember when Muselk got his first Fortnite win.

P.S. I don't even remember LOL!
Lousada SCP
Lousada SCP - 1 year ago
please stop talking like that, i like your videos but i can't stand the way you talk, it is so forced c'mon you're not a kid anymore
Rpm1097 - 1 year ago
I’m just watching this so I can take your advice and do it by my self
Razzar - 1 year ago
Subscribe to my Youtube Channel
XxJazminenightcoreXx - 1 year ago
Ima girl
XxJazminenightcoreXx - 1 year ago
im By the way, lots of people ask that. :(
XxJazminenightcoreXx - 1 year ago
Was there a Sware in that? Idk but that was a good vid.
Jacobi is Sad
Jacobi is Sad - 1 year ago
Please play the entertainment center death run
The RavenGamer
The RavenGamer - 1 year ago
Jesus Padilla
Jesus Padilla - 1 year ago
His Videos are better when he plays with Cray
Julius Hihnala
Julius Hihnala - 1 year ago
More Cray, less Fresh
Marvel Rhy
Marvel Rhy - 1 year ago
Wtf muselk wheres the mental breakdown and rage
_wafflz _
_wafflz _ - 1 year ago
There’s another one
Georgio Akiki
Georgio Akiki - 1 year ago
When cray plays with muselk always expect an ELLIOTTTTTT
Milos Van Der Horst
Milos Van Der Horst - 1 year ago
I prefer the real fun run
I said the REAL fun run

Satania - 1 year ago
still playing Surf on Zombie Escape on Cs:Go
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze - 1 year ago
U shouldn't say God's name in vain it's a sin

If u believe in God which u should
Lucid 2xy
Lucid 2xy - 1 year ago
bro - 1 year ago
elliot: YOU SON OF A- not mad not mad i said i wasn't getting mad this is gonna be a no mad deathrun happiness happiness deathrun *next attemp* HOLY SON OF A SATAN
Lozer Moose
Lozer Moose - 1 year ago
6:16 and 6:20 that’s what she said
Max Babenko
Max Babenko - 1 year ago
Muselk has a little of life back when he playing with cary
maria neri
maria neri - 1 year ago
TheFiery Finalist
TheFiery Finalist - 1 year ago
Mark O Sullivan
Mark O Sullivan - 1 year ago
Subject Delta
Subject Delta - 1 year ago
Cray is so supportive, I love it.
xNitro - 1 year ago
6:17 that’s what he said
Juju Gilbrough
Juju Gilbrough - 1 year ago
Number 2
Enidza Velazquez
Enidza Velazquez - 1 year ago
6:20 Muselk talking about his penis.
lastbuilders - 1 year ago
Pls make this the most liked comment
Mark O Sullivan
Mark O Sullivan - 1 year ago
Sub to muselk
Fe4r LEsS24
Fe4r LEsS24 - 1 year ago
6:21 thats what she said
David Carpenter
David Carpenter - 1 year ago
"its so small" (Muselk). Thats what she said
Zxi ø
Zxi ø - 1 year ago
Um am i a weirdo cause if i close my eyes when hearing this and this, i think of something else :-i 6:16 and 6:54??
Atlantia 555
Atlantia 555 - 1 year ago
The one time Eliot has a time to show off and cray steals his thunder
Dislodged Grump
Dislodged Grump - 1 year ago
Please do more vids with cray, no offense fresh but I like cray way more than fresh
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 1 year ago
Muselk: I love this death run

What my mind thinks Muselk is saying: I love to die! Yaaaaaaaay!
Kyle Morrison
Kyle Morrison - 1 year ago
Great channel, but get good at deathruns. It's not that hard
Alec Takaki
Alec Takaki - 1 year ago
This vid made me hard
Wesley Rittenhouse
Wesley Rittenhouse - 1 year ago
Bobby Blast
Bobby Blast - 1 year ago
Omg this was such a funny video
Jackson Curley
Jackson Curley - 1 year ago
I was watching fresh when you and cray were blocking each other
Kinley Lewis
Kinley Lewis - 1 year ago
MUSELK: I’m gonna slap a CAT

Me:(laughs for 15 minutes straight )
Theodore Hom
Theodore Hom - 1 year ago
OMG I found the best fortnite montage ever check it out!
(I did not make it)
Oscar Lagan
Oscar Lagan - 1 year ago
6:15 when you try anal for the first time
skeleimisplays - 1 year ago
It's so small

That's what she said
Salem YT
Salem YT - 1 year ago
16:03 was the funniest part of the video
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor - 1 year ago
Bruv I made one when creative first came out bitch
Ezekiel - 1 year ago
Please Like and Subscribe.....and yeah I'm that guy
Red Shadow
Red Shadow - 1 year ago
I need to play csgo again
JustinTime - 1 year ago
卩卄丨ㄥ - 1 year ago
Storm Attack V2 was the map you played by Hooshen.
Christian Monte
Christian Monte - 1 year ago
I knew there was no way he did a deathrun map and not rage
Scudly - 1 year ago
If the like button is grey, you're a T Series supporter
An Existing Thing
An Existing Thing - 1 year ago
Scudly Which like button?
Scudly - 1 year ago
nichole henry
nichole henry - 1 year ago
Muselk you should do csgo surf
Wixt TV
Wixt TV - 1 year ago
I just played this yesterday and couldn't get past level 4 ughhh
Almightyknight - 1 year ago
Big L muselk jk nice vid
Aiden Helmick
Aiden Helmick - 1 year ago
Muselk, you once said hooshen was harder cizzors death run because of the storm barriers
that gaming boy
that gaming boy - 1 year ago
6:20 that's what she said
Gabriela Donțu
Gabriela Donțu - 1 year ago
Its horrible, because there's no Lannan

This is a joke, not hate
Alex Jeffery
Alex Jeffery - 1 year ago
Muselk:There is going 2 be no rage
Me: clicks off the video

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