The Biggest Surf Story of the Year - Maya Gabeira's Brush with Death

For more surfing check out On October 29, one of the largest swells in recent memory hit Nazaré, off Portugal's majestic coast. It attracted big-wave surfers from around the world, including two of the most admired, Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira. If you follow the news closely, you probably know what happened. If you don't, here's a quick recap: Carlos surfed what many believe to be the largest wave ever surfed, while Maya nearly drowned as she charged what could have been the largest wave ever surfed by a woman. _________________________________________________ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. See into our world: Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here:

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For more surfing check out On October 29, one of the largest swells in recent memory hit Nazaré, off Portugal's majestic coast. It attracted big-wave surfers from around the world, including two of the most admired, Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira. If you follow the news closely, you probably know what happened. If you don't, here's a quick recap: Carlos surfed what many believe to be the largest wave ever surfed, while Maya nearly drowned as she charged what could have been the largest wave ever surfed by a woman. _________________________________________________ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. See into our world: Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here:

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for The Biggest Surf Story of the Year - Maya Gabeira's Brush with Death

Mark Strutt
Mark Strutt - 2 years ago
Unreal to see her back absolute legend hardcore love her
S 1
S 1 - 2 years ago
This guy can't drive a jet ski
Eddie Gooden
Eddie Gooden - 2 years ago
I've been obsessed with surfing my entire life, but I'm not a surfer. This young woman is beyond a hero of mine, and one I think of daily. Just no way to verbalize my respect for her and her astronomical courage
Fiona Battrum
Fiona Battrum - 2 years ago
Bit cocky doesn’t ring true
Michael John
Michael John - 2 years ago
She’s got bigger balls then most men.
007Variable - 2 years ago
damn, no joke being on the inside of that monster...
Dylan Hitchenson
Dylan Hitchenson - 2 years ago
The biggest wave I have surfed is 8 feet and I am 9 CHARGING.
surferpam1 - 2 years ago
Kudos, Maya!
Cplo Wu
Cplo Wu - 2 years ago
Nice, guys! you are bold.

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John Surf
John Surf - 2 years ago
The ski guy wasent on the ball!!!
Chris C
Chris C - 2 years ago
Nice how you say you didnt want to go to the shorebreak at that size! You have a ski man.. NO tiene juevos
jacqueline b
jacqueline b - 2 years ago
i read about her in 'good night stories for rebel girls' :)
Sean Bee
Sean Bee - 2 years ago
why couldn't he get to her before the second wave hit her, isn't that his part!
Steve Wilcox
Steve Wilcox - 2 years ago
This is I am sure the ultimate challenge for surfers but this location if it has not already will take a life.
Andrea Little
Andrea Little - 2 years ago
It's not just her own life which she put in danger but the rescuer's life as well.What's it for? I noticed she crosses herself before entering the surf?
cactus fullmoon
cactus fullmoon - 2 years ago
nature requaires respect..if someone dosent feel 100% sure for himself shouldnt test the boundaries otherwise death is the common price for disrespectfulls..u are truly very lucky u survived i hope u learned a good lesson..
Diane Bays
Diane Bays - 2 years ago
I guess people surf those big waves because they're there. I really admire these surfers. You go, young lady, go!
kimrecreant - 2 years ago
Maya and Carlos both awesome.
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth - 3 years ago
Glad your not my tow partner Carlos...

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Francisco Rodriguez Jr.
Francisco Rodriguez Jr. - 3 years ago
When the rescue ski dragged her by the tow rope, that was what caused her to stop breathing. Jet ski pilot should have activated the quick release preventing her from being dragged under water for meters
Jonathan Iraggi
Jonathan Iraggi - 3 years ago
She broke an ankle. How many guys broke an ankle that day. She weights 115 pounds. She was dead if not for the men who saved her on the beach that gave her CPR and M2M. Carlos knows he did something wrong it’s all over his face. He drown her on the way into the sand by dragging her through very heavy currents instead of getting her on the ski. Have another Red Bull Carlos maybe you can catch another wave after your partner or rather sacrifice just cane inches from death. These athletes think training saved them it was a miracle. Shame on you Carlos.
T G - 3 years ago
I wonder if some ppl would go big wave riding on those hydrofoil boards. They eliminate the deadly bumps.
Matilda G
Matilda G - 3 years ago
Red bull here, red bull there, red bull sponsors everywhere
powdergangster83 - 3 years ago
The way they laugh it off at the end and say they would do it again,....yeah, they're crazy...and it's awesome
William Taylor Winn
William Taylor Winn - 3 years ago
the waters no Joke..¡m glad you pulled it off.
Joel dragunov
Joel dragunov - 3 years ago
she should just tattoo red bull on her forehead! Still got bigger balls than me for ridin those waves.
Timmy Barker
Timmy Barker - 3 years ago
She is a fighter, and very lucky to have survived here and Tahiti
Tyler M
Tyler M - 3 years ago
I wish I was that brave.
kimbella66 - 3 years ago
This is what unhappy people do with their life, risked it so that they can "feel" alive by the intense rush of adrenaline; what a waste of human life.

30. comment for The Biggest Surf Story of the Year - Maya Gabeira's Brush with Death

joao dos santos
joao dos santos - 3 years ago
Nazaré is a very dangerous surf place. It has a long cannon, unique in the world and extremely dangerous. Maya was advised not to surf that day. She was extremely lucky because our rescue people could take her out and our hospital in Nazaré was top grade. Hope the best for her, We receive everybody in Portugal like our own family and we are happy because we didn’t lost one our members. Thanks to our rescue team she can surf again. Hope for a very long time.
chris cochrane
chris cochrane - 3 years ago
lack of skill but I guess enough guts
Dsutphin91 Ds
Dsutphin91 Ds - 3 years ago
12 foot, highest I went
Allen Pellerin
Allen Pellerin - 3 years ago
Come on Maya can God's grace even have 1% credit for your survival?
Georgia Surtees
Georgia Surtees - 3 years ago
Wow, those waves were so big, I wouldn't last 5 seconds out there. I don't know how she survived after being hammered by all that white water
gangsterboogie - 3 years ago
awesome job promoting the sponsors while telling your story. ...really frames the realness
Abdelkader Safir Medjahed
Abdelkader Safir Medjahed - 3 years ago
This is simply an advertising for red bull
Jabroney - 3 years ago
that guy needs a red bull sticker on his unibrow
Lurgs - 3 years ago
Wow, she is one lucky lady, some people don't come out of that alive. Respect to both of them
surfinmuso - 4 years ago
I've had that "white vision" before. My wave was only 6 ft lol.
Michael G
Michael G - 4 years ago
2:50 That whole crossing thing worked out really well.
Mercury Cosplay
Mercury Cosplay - 4 years ago
The sponsor plugs in this video are the least subtle things I've ever seen. Let's drink some Red Bull, put on our Red Bull hats, hop on some Red Bull jet skis with Red Bull flags and hit the waves
Boris Chang
Boris Chang - 4 years ago
Nothing screams I'm retarded like the backwards baseball cap.
Charlie X
Charlie X - 4 years ago
Boris Chang : nothing screams " I'm retarded" like surfing this shit
Cherie C
Cherie C - 4 years ago
Boris Chang Nothing screams I'm a dickhead, more than the name Boris!
active411vm - 4 years ago
This guy driving the ski should be 86ed took his ass 3 times to get her
River of Stars
River of Stars - 4 years ago
Girls... You need balls to catch these monsters...

... You can try and catch, but Ya gonna get chewed !
Mercury Cosplay
Mercury Cosplay - 4 years ago
As a female surfer, I have to agree. I mean, we can do it if we try, but we'll likely have to work harder than a lot of men do.
River of Stars
River of Stars - 4 years ago
I'm pointing out the fact that Women don't have the power a man has... leading to unsafe circumstance.

And I'm a 'mean as' Surfer, Kayaker, Mountaineer... Lol !!
OceanBushWarrior 2101
OceanBushWarrior 2101 - 4 years ago
I don't see you measuring up to the size of her balls.
blocbonbon - 4 years ago
Red Bull? What is that?
AlucarD - 4 years ago
That is what Bull Red
Sinjinbin 64
Sinjinbin 64 - 4 years ago
Isnt brushing with death the adrenaline rush they are seeking?
Cherie C
Cherie C - 4 years ago
Sinjinbin64 Sinjinbin64 Not quite, it more living with the risk of death, for the ride of a lifetime!
Gankiee Youtube
Gankiee Youtube - 4 years ago
"I did my part" Okay bud that's why you let her sit in 3+ waves and drug her through another...
Sota Baka
Sota Baka - 3 years ago
Gankiee Youtube you are a douche ... else had to jump in the warwe to grab her
AnonymousStormChaser - 4 years ago
If the jetski was flipped over by the waves then he could have needed to be rescued as well.
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch - 4 years ago
Normally, the surfer grabs onto the orange sled and pulls him/herself up... and they are off to the races. I don't know what he could have done differently without compromising himself and his control of the Jetski in those conditions.
BloomingfieldHD - 4 years ago
Bro did you not see the look in her eyes when he said that. She was almost crying because she knows that without Carlos, she would have been dead. The guy singlehandedly saved her.... why do you feel the need to make comments like that
Sevex - 4 years ago
Well if his jetski got hit by a wave, they both would've been fucked
patrick Berry
patrick Berry - 4 years ago
Iain Clark
Iain Clark - 4 years ago
To surf these big waves as a woman it cannot be easy, If you look at Laid Hamilton he is what a big wave rider should look like He is 6ft 3" 215lb and very strong. On the other hand Maya Garberia is like 5ft 4" and 135lb I think and with the waves at Nazare when they get big they are ferocious with such energy and short lasting she has a massive disadvantage.

With her weight she is fighting with the waves when they get big because they are sucking her up to the crest a heavier person with travel down quicker it is just physics.

If you look at all the big wave pioneers they have been strong, heavy people Greg Noll and Laird for example. The famous wave Laird surfed at Teahupoo is a prime example of how his weight helped him so much a lighter person would have be struggling to ride it and likely been sucked up to the crest and wiped out.

I am not taking anything away from maya she is a brilliant surfer and person with massive courage and I am not criticizing her because she is a far better surfer than i will ever be but this is just my opinion on big wave surfing and the advantages the people have over others.
ficokr - 3 years ago
bodybalancer you are idiotic, its not just the weight, but the muscle and fat that that weight brings. wearing weightd would make her drown more often
bodybalancer - 3 years ago
In that case maybe in future she should wear weights. Doesn't mean she can't do it
Cherie C
Cherie C - 4 years ago
Iain Clark you're right obviously, there's nothing sexist about stating a fact. Maya even has said the same thing in regards to the difference between men and women surfers. She works her arse off to do what she is passionate about, for the love of it. I wish her a long and fulfilling life. As a women who does not surf, but has an affinity with water I can appreciate where she is coming from.
Iain Clark
Iain Clark - 4 years ago
+Tori Ollar The same would be said about a small man I am not sexist, but IMO she is on the edge of risking her life if she continues Big Wave riding, she has nearly killed herself twice. Everyone has the free will to do what they want but when you have a Red Bull sponsorship you have more pressure on yourself. Surfing isn't about money or glory and its definitely not about idols its much more deeper than that and the person who rides a 5 foot wave is just as equal as the person who rides a 70ft wave.
 Do men have a advantage in Sport? of course they do they have testosterone coursing through there body they are bigger stronger and faster that is not sexism that is a fact.
magorkel - 4 years ago
+Tori Ollar girl compete on a curve
magorkel - 4 years ago
+Iain Clark yes, women are not the equal.
LK - 5 years ago
We all float down here

50. comment for The Biggest Surf Story of the Year - Maya Gabeira's Brush with Death

Jules Hitchen
Jules Hitchen - 5 years ago
she's beautiful but I think the best thing is that she's not just about her looks, she's not superficial like what seems a lot of women, she has ambition and determination, she goes above and beyond for what she loves and that is far more attractive and respectful than just looks alone
Nicholas Gyutyan
Nicholas Gyutyan - 5 years ago
She is beautiful
Sharon Gonzales
Sharon Gonzales - 5 years ago
You're my HEROINE!!!! Thank you for sharing your INSPIRATIONAL story. Very touching!!
Oldmancrazy - 5 years ago
dude on jetski is shit what was he doing had 3 grabs at getting her and failed!!WTF,if i was him id be to embarressed and ashamed to go on that interview,and TOP saying shes beautiful cmon,and obviously she needs to workON surfing skills a bit more before she tries to ride big waves like that,shes trying to prove a stupid point,look at me look at me,and nearly died,SILLY GIRL
Sota Baka
Sota Baka - 3 years ago
Oldmancrazy at the 2nd 100 foot wave he lost eye contact ...
AlucarD - 4 years ago
+Oldmancrazy True I agree on that one... But I said she was ballsier because she tried surfing the biggest wave on the world. But still, I agree, idt she has enough skills
Oldmancrazy - 4 years ago
+Ziyad Merzak mate you dont know me from a bar of can u make thay assumption. Ive been surfing since I was 12.i know the deal out in the water champ.shes trying to prove point to everyone. Riding big waves.i dont think she has the skill that she thinks she has.puts people in danger trying to prove points and impress...have a mice day pal.
AlucarD - 4 years ago
Dude on jetski had the pressure of a 20 meters wave coming at his back. rather save the jetski. if hed grab her and let the jetski go, they wouldve both died.
AlucarD - 4 years ago
She's still 1000000 times bolder braver ballsier than you. even tought shes a girl. you know that?
AlexParker1981 - 5 years ago
+Oldmancrazy it actually takes more cardio and conditioning to do this. theres no silly girl in her . when waves are that big you hit any size bump and you would normally fall. she fell cus her third bounce broke her ankle. or she might have made it. that inside is way crazier than the outside at half the size. thats where she was stuck… but there are other females who fit the description ur talking about. she's not in that category.
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez - 5 years ago
<3 keep it up!!!
Mister Reard
Mister Reard - 5 years ago
So many people who say that she is stupid or something like that have never do extrem sport like that. They don't know how it feels, how it is but they think that they have to decide for her what she had to do. They know nothing.. It's her own decision.
And all my mistakes can u ignore
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch - 4 years ago
You can edit your posts you know.
Mister Reard
Mister Reard - 5 years ago
my grammar mistakes
David - 5 years ago
I would've had zero sympathy if she didn't make it, riding waves this big is just stupid and senseless.
AlexParker1981 - 5 years ago
+David Liu its a sport….so what if a skateboarder did a ten foot air as he does every day but practicing a new trick where he landed on his head and got paralyzed? thats more show than what she did. she trains for these moments. id gave no sympathy for you if you reached for your laptop while holding your baby and broke your baby neck cuz ur cat ran under ur feet and u stumbled. u didn't want to drop your laptop so you tried to hold both….how stupid does that sound…..sounds like u….should of never tried to hold both…..ur comment is full retard. how do we evolve if we dont try to push ourselves?
Bonnie Ruth
Bonnie Ruth - 5 years ago
I will never understand a woman like this. She's just plain crazy. That's just crazy. All I can say I have alot of awe and respect for someone who loves something sooo dangerous and scary so much.
DKNZ7 - 5 years ago
wow u got balls girl. u cant hate on her. this is a surfers dream to ride waves like this. to survive a wipe out in that and come through. speaks volumes in its self to her courage!!!!
Hicham Misto
Hicham Misto - 5 years ago
AlucarD - 4 years ago
Zeug - 5 years ago
Human stupidity.
AlucarD - 4 years ago
Human braveness. you're the stupid one sitting next to a fuckin laptop and typing two words. Get on some of these beasts sometimes
Daniel Alejandrino
Daniel Alejandrino - 5 years ago
This is so scary. I'd be too scared to surf something like this
MrRouxy - 5 years ago
Nobody speaks about the rescuers, they are the real heroes, risking their lives for surfers withot any reward in terms of glory, or money...
Disnox - 3 years ago
He was the rescuer...
Jimmy J
Jimmy J - 5 years ago
This is truly awesome. Much respect for Maya G.

I'm also not seeing enough Red Bull product placement here. Can we have more next time? Thanks a bunch!
diver dave
diver dave - 4 years ago
she pulls a lot of $$$ from Red Bull
Mohannad Omar
Mohannad Omar - 5 years ago
+Jimmy J hahahaha a red bull clock is missing on the wall as well hahahahaha
KEF Murray
KEF Murray - 5 years ago
ok everyone is negative her goal in life is to ride big waves and get pitted. If she dies doing what she loves then did she really fail at life.
Adam T253
Adam T253 - 5 years ago
A very close call indeed. She should stick to smaller waves.
bigfishpondhome1 - 5 years ago
The most uncoordinated surfer ever. She could not even grab the ski.
bigfishpondhome1 - 5 years ago
+EseIzan98 Anyone who has been around water all their life certainly has no need to hold their nose when they dive, smashed or not.
EseIzan98 - 5 years ago
+bigfishpondhome1 what? she was SMASHED. what do you want her to do? a triple backflip to jump the wave? and does it any difference if you hold your nose or not? I think it doesn't
bigfishpondhome1 - 5 years ago
+Gunnhild Bjørngaard Come on, what pro water sports athlete holds their nose with their fingers when they go under water like she did? She should not be there. I would like to tell you why I know what I know, but it is pointless on the web and you know that.
Gunnhild Bjørngaard
Gunnhild Bjørngaard - 5 years ago
+bigfishpondhome1 she could not grab the ski because her brain suffered from lack of oxygen, and at the time she was not even fully conscious. I am not gonna give the "know-what-you´re-talking-about-before-hating" lecture, but maybe you should consider it though... And no, my english is not perfect, but be nice on me, as it is my second language.
jaywar69 - 5 years ago
Surfing talent aside...  Maya is an absolute beauty!
diver dave
diver dave - 4 years ago
she's a true perfect 10
I wish she was my one and only Valentine !
Steve Blundell
Steve Blundell - 5 years ago
The fact that she went is huge, but the fact he had multiple chances to put her on the sled and most likely drown her pulling her through the white water not clear water says to me he just used her for himself and you can see it in his eyes. He used her to boost redbull, himself and her. Find another partner girl!!
Jonathan Iraggi
Jonathan Iraggi - 3 years ago
Spot on. Her ankle breaks because it’s half the size of mine and she only weights 100 pounds. This is jackass on surfboards and this Carlos guy absolutely made this happen. Like you said his eyes tell the tale. He goes back out??? He is a total phony. Your right about drowning her. She was conscience enough to hold on until she wasn’t which was very near the shore. He’s lucky she Survived otherwise that was on him all the way.
I’d do it again. Hi five. Haha. Have another Red Bull Carlos the sellout.
Steve Blundell
Steve Blundell - 5 years ago
+Callum Nickson I am from Ventura Ca. I have surfed for almost thirty years. Every one has there opinion and that's mine. She should have been on the beach!
Eric Emerson
Eric Emerson - 5 years ago
+Steve Blundell Yes, and he went right back out to catch more waves once she was in the hospital?
Andrew Morison
Andrew Morison - 5 years ago
Bigger balls than your average troll I imagine. ..
Ivan Nosha
Ivan Nosha - 5 years ago
One badass girl.
We love you sweetheart, keep it up!
milkmandan77 - 5 years ago
She's died like three times now right?
John Melville
John Melville - 6 years ago
It,s not for me to say whether Maya should be out there in conditions like this but I would like to say that I respect her without reservation
Grayson Gilmour
Grayson Gilmour - 6 years ago
PYPOProductions - 6 years ago
that guy tried to kill her
dan m
dan m - 6 years ago
These two aren't very humble are they. It annoys me when people over analyse a situation in hindsight..I doubt anything was going through her mind about "knowing she would have to rely on instincts to keep her alive" I doubt very much at all was going through her mind after that wipeout..
Gualter silva
Gualter silva - 6 years ago
gente estupida
The Kruxed
The Kruxed - 6 years ago
she already said that the wave was twice as big anything she had previously ridden, was a complete joke she shouldn't have been out there and Carlos knows it, its why he always looks so shitty when talking about it.

All these morons saying she is courageous and this and that, just stupid and inexperienced and nearly payed for that with her life. Luckily she made it, luckily they saved her, but shame on Carlos and shame on her and most of all shame on the people in these comments saying how great she is.
shdba - 5 years ago
+The Kruxed "No you should not be proud of luck and stupidity, you should be proud of talent and a fucking brain." -agreed man...a true risk taker and daredevil knows better than put his chances in luck and "faith".
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
+The Kruxed Oh well then she will most likely contact you personally and thank you very much for repeating her statement on social media then. Thank you for your public service. Say hi to laird for me.
The Kruxed
The Kruxed - 5 years ago
+Nicholas Evans
newsflash no iq piece of shit youtube warrior, she said herself she shouldn't have been out there lol. You are really bad at this bud
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
+The Kruxed  You should contact 60 minutes and get them to do a piece on you where you can share your extensive knowledge on big wave surfing with the general public... And then catch up after it with Laird and talk bullshit all night about how Maya should have not been out there that day. But hey if I ever get really depressed can you help me kill myself? I could climb to the top of your ego and then jump to your I.Q
The Kruxed
The Kruxed - 5 years ago
+Nicholas Evans
Which is exactly what you did by stating your opinion and replying in a shitty manner, the irony is strong with you ;-)
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
+The Kruxed Sorry but unlike yourself I am not that needy to have to try and prove myself right to a complete stranger. I wish you all the best on your quest
The Kruxed
The Kruxed - 5 years ago
+Nicholas Evans
I never mentioned educating people, you really are grasping at straws now. The only self righteous bullshit is coming from people like you
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
+The Kruxed ok kid yourself your educating people and not just using this as a reason to preach self righteous bullshit.
The Kruxed
The Kruxed - 5 years ago
+Nicholas Evans Because everyone with some knowledge becomes an 'expert' in the eyes of those wanting to use it as a way to but in, your talk is very cheap ;-)
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
+The Kruxed yeah everybody is an expert on here aye.  Talk is cheap
The Kruxed
The Kruxed - 5 years ago
+SSMB Brookes Adventure
lol I like how you have respect yet call me a sad loser and a salty freak, I would say you are salty clearly.

Big wave riders train and prep all their lives in most cases, she had less experience than a kid at college doing his A levels.

says it all
Benji Brookes
Benji Brookes - 5 years ago
+The Kruxed you know what you sad loser why do you even watch this if you are such a safty freack. I know you are a lifegard and i have total respect for that good for . But this girl its her choice if she wants to die let her ok! You should really look up on youtube big wave surfers because you would find a lot of people like this so they probebly have no fucking brain either! plus i want to do this when im older it looks awesome!
The Kruxed
The Kruxed - 5 years ago
+SSMB Brookes Adventure
Actually I trained to be a lifeguard and ironman athlete on a rough coast from 8 years old till 19. I know I wouldn't be stupid enough to do something before I was ready and nearly die because of my idiotic friend who I now can't trust and my inability to have a brain and say 'not this time'

No you should not be proud of luck and stupidity, you should be proud of talent and a fucking brain
Benji Brookes
Benji Brookes - 5 years ago
You are just plain pathetic man! You know some people who have passions and dreams in life do crazy stuff like this you shouldn't judge i would like to see you out there! And ten coming back saying that no one should be proud of you! Your just dumb man plain plain dumb
dan m
dan m - 6 years ago
+aline c. She would say that in hindsight, but if she had mad that wave she wouldn't. Luck, at the end of the day you are never gonna be ready for a wave of any size up from your norm until you've dropped in and made that bottom turn. She knew the I do every time I go out in my 1-8ft surf
aline c.
aline c. - 6 years ago
Maya herself said that it was a stupid mistake.
Howabouthetruth - 6 years ago
I respect her very much as a pro surfer, BUT.........and don't anybody give me the "feminist" crap........this whole mission was STUPID. As good as she is, she just does not have the natural strength for dangerous surf of this size PERIOD. Hey, I'm a man, and I know what my limitations are. We ALL have limits. Her "rescue" by the jet ski looked rather stupid too, he was finally right there, and instead of taking a split second longer to get her on the back, he takes off towing her with the rope. That alone, looked like it was drowning her, after all the trouble she was already in. Good grief. Glad she is alive.
mmcm - 3 years ago
she returns and owned it so shut up
clarkewi - 6 years ago
Push the limits rebel girl!
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 6 years ago
So many people commenting on how she shouldn't of been out there.Who are you to judge!She trains harder than most and has the attitude and courage to take on these waves,so let her do what she does best and applaud it .She handled it so well,much respect!
Julcisko - 2 years ago
+ralf m so in your opinion is a better choice to live empty, but safe life? If you live an unsatisfied life you can cause the pain to your loved ones as well, with your depression, grumpy attitude, etc.
ralf m
ralf m - 2 years ago
Yeah, nihilistic, self-centered dreams that risk your only life with the possibility of missing out on all the beautiful, meaningful things life has to offer and risk the pain you cause to all your loved ones. It's her life, her choice, but don't expect me to admire her choices, or admire those other surfers out there.
Andrea Little
Andrea Little - 2 years ago
That's bull....philosophy.We all have just ONE life.
diver dave
diver dave - 4 years ago
A M E N .... she is one very beautiful and talented surfer !
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 5 years ago
+JWG@Large If you used half the energy you do on other people chasing their dreams you may reach yours.
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
+Ryan Smith I like how you think Ryan. I agree. And  Fuck narrow minded haters just using this as an excuse to preach self righteous bullshit.
Rachel Simson
Rachel Simson - 6 years ago
h ey there.........take care of yourself....dont waste your precious life..........G-d bless you
Ariel Gazandlare
Ariel Gazandlare - 6 years ago
BangEmBeatZ - 6 years ago
thats new breathing apperatice will be a life saver when it comes out. when under water the device takes the air from the water allowig u to stay under water longer then squba tanks, yet its the size of ur hand
Jacko kookamyer
Jacko kookamyer - 6 years ago
u shouldnt be out there ...handle pipe then......
Colloquial - 6 years ago
cool video butt FUCK RED BULL
jacob98ify - 6 years ago
Real message of the video: Drink red bull or you will drown.
tiffsaver - 6 years ago
What a courageous woman, and kudos to her rescuers.  Incredible.
James Tindall
James Tindall - 6 years ago
She's got a masseeeev set o baws like & a big set o lungs!!!!
WORD - 6 years ago
These rock!
dave chandler
dave chandler - 6 years ago
Twice the guy on the wave runner missed her. rather than make a wide arc circle for her to grab the rope in her present condition he had time to get in closer and grab her and pull her on board. Its just his fault that she got into deep trouble,
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth - 3 years ago
dave chandler ya man he's timid on that ski..wouldn't get in close..needs more hours on a big machine.
Sota Baka
Sota Baka - 3 years ago
when was your last 100foot jetsky ride?
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
+dave chandler Have you driven a ski in the currents of 50 foot plus surf? Best Shut the fuck up then.
Ich Chee Kok
Ich Chee Kok - 6 years ago
+Paul O'Reilly He saved her life, you idiot. 
Zach Grand
Zach Grand - 6 years ago
I know Carlos is a good big wave surfer but it looks like he didnt know what he was doing on the ski . Looked like Maya grabbed the rope and  thats what fucked her. Once she grabbed the rope he shouldnt of took off on the ski. thats just my thoughts on it
calmfocustruth - 6 years ago
How good are you? How good is your tow? How good your gear?
If anything fails...(fill in the gaps)
Melissa Phelan
Melissa Phelan - 7 years ago
learn how to drive a ski, that was a pathetic performance on the safety aspect
venkateswara rao garapati
venkateswara rao garapati - 7 years ago
she is great ...real sufrers vs killer waves
George Foord
George Foord - 7 years ago
they should not of let her out there shes not experienced enough 
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
+George Foord yeah he should have got you to be his tow partner aye George haha. Wake up!
dan m
dan m - 6 years ago
+Jack langdon You are never gonna be ready, you just have to go for it man...props to her for charging.. If she had drowned that would have been her own fault, and a risk that she would understood could happen...This wasn't just some stupid spur of the moment thing, it takes planning... although it was a poor happens.
Jack langdon
Jack langdon - 6 years ago
+Meet Edo Jr she has some experience, but she was IN NO WAY ready for these conditions.
Meet Edo Jr
Meet Edo Jr - 6 years ago
So she isn't a big wave surfer? She hadn't ever done big waves before? I think she would of done some big wave surfing
Audiman - 7 years ago
This is stupidity by her and irresponsibility by her partner. Yes she is a talented big wave surfer. But in this video she clearly states the wave was at least two times bigger then what she has ever ridden plus she was surfing faster then she has ever been. This is a recipe for disaster. She simply was not ready to take on surf this big at this stage of her career. But her partner said in the video, he you gotta take it..she should count her lucky stars she is alive.
jjs4you2 - 7 years ago
It's rather strange that both of them would make a point to tell everyone that if it wasn't for themselves it may have turned out differently? Usually after such a harrowing experience you are to humbled to "thank" yourself.......Maybe that's part of their up-bringing as Brazilians?  
Ken Hunt
Ken Hunt - 7 years ago
Damn girl!!
Federico Martinez
Federico Martinez - 7 years ago
el wey que la estaba rescatando estaba completamente incompetente para hacer eso, tenia CERO capacitación en rescate , tubo 2 oportunidades y la cago, gracias a la incompetencia de ese pendejo le paso eso a ella.

100. comment for The Biggest Surf Story of the Year - Maya Gabeira's Brush with Death

Maximilian Hauser
Maximilian Hauser - 7 years ago
I've been there;))
tracy smith
tracy smith - 7 years ago
There is video of her making one of these choppy monsters. She could do it but it seems that this one caused her ankle to fail. I don't know if that's something they train for but surfing even small waves hits the feet very hard.
HBCult - 7 years ago
She is brave for her attempts, and passion pushes you past your limits. I say you go girl!
Gunslinger - 7 years ago
thank god they can have a Red Bull and talk about it
emj5052 - 7 years ago
she should not be out there, her skills are average at best, I am not saying this because she is a woman, I know I sure as hell could not do that
Carlos Montalvo
Carlos Montalvo - 7 years ago
This is awesome. Carlos and Maya make an awesome team. Maya is is an incredible surfer and absolutely beautiful. I hope for a speedy recovery!
impleasen - 7 years ago
Has she jumped back on a board and hit big waves again?
euripideesshreds - 7 years ago
Food chain sausages. We welcome everyone to our beach too , just don't die here.
captainKts - 7 years ago
250 bucks
captainKts - 7 years ago
Anyone near long beach CA wanna buy an 8' Quiver board? It has carbon fiber rails. 5 fin
Richman Ryding
Richman Ryding - 7 years ago
Dude how can You say the title is a lie. Who made the title "The Biggest"!! You always halve to look at the source!
Alls I can say is "GET A CLUE"  Go see the Wizard. I heard he's passin' out Clues!..,
Paul Bunyun
Paul Bunyun - 7 years ago
WillOFilms - 7 years ago
Hey guys, I'm 16 and just starting out filming for YouTube, I recently made a longboarding video for our island's surf competition. It would mean the world to me if you would take just a few minutes to check out the video or my channel. Thanks in advance. 
Richard C
Richard C - 7 years ago
Marius Kahlifa
Marius Kahlifa - 7 years ago
it was trippy lol wow shes a champion ima find a surfer wife
Ansel higgins
Ansel higgins - 7 years ago
sharetime1 - 7 years ago
Well worth a watch for anyone seeking Inspiration & that extra push to achieve your goals. Are girls as tough as men? I think so!
GabKoost - 7 years ago
What do you mean? Attempting suicide? She clearly was not ready to face some of the most brutal waves in the world. That's not a goal. That's bad preparation.
berniedmj1 - 7 years ago
I hate it when people say that she wasn't prepared!!!! (I watched other vids of Maya's wipeout) The reason why they say that is because she's a girl! The same shit happened to Dorian at mavericks except he paddled for it, he didn't drown & he didn't break a bone! But he was almost to that point of passing out & drowning. Nobody didn't say a thing about him being unprepared?!? Maya was more than prepared because she is alive! Who can say that they took a beat down on a massive shitty bumpy wave, break a bone while riding, knocking out of some your air when you smashed the surface, hold your breath for however long, drowned & came back ALIVE??? Maya... You're breaking new barriers for the women & bringing the level higher for the women & the men!!! Freaking AWESOME! Conditioning & rescue training is KEY!!!!!
joao dos santos
joao dos santos - 3 years ago
She was not allowed to surf  by our the rescue people, but she went on and almost died. We know our Nazaré waters. She was lucky because our people rescued her and the hospital did a good job. Remaining is only bravado.
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town - 7 years ago
My heart literally sank when she took that second wave on the head , she must have had angels watching over her because nobody survives that.
Ia orana
Ia orana - 5 years ago
+Hurley Cape town So true
Vincent Fauquenoy
Vincent Fauquenoy - 7 years ago
But hey who has not been in the same situation at least one time in his life, realising to late, ouch maybe i sould not be here. No doubts she got the courage, let just hope she learn from it and apraise her abilities and training as well as the one of her safety jetski rider...
Vincent Fauquenoy
Vincent Fauquenoy - 7 years ago
One has to know when the limits are reach. She clearly reach hers, not only physicaly but also in her ability. She just run away from the wave and did not really surf the wave...
There is a big difference in skills and commitment between one being pulled at full speed and going straight down a big wave not looking back and hoping to outrun the wave and the one to chose deliberatly to do the bottom turn and confront the wave and surf it...
Isa Carvalho
Isa Carvalho - 7 years ago
She's amazing! No matter what, she's brave an that's it!!! Amazing woman!!!
Adir Peretz
Adir Peretz - 7 years ago
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 7 years ago
As soon as i realized it was about girls i shut er down.
Zephyr467 - 7 years ago
The reply system is rooted so I can't reply to the pleb saying that that wave is small and generally talking shit. You clearly don't surf, that wave is the messiest meanest point break i've seen, and I don't think anyone commenting on this video including myself would run that wave, this chick is charging a wave that is easily big enough to cause her to hit the bottom, drown, break bones (as proven), tear muscles and possibly the worst thing for a surfer, cause her to wipe out in a way that will emotionally stop her from surfing, and yeah she wiped out but, she did so on a wave that I wouldn't even think of surfing, if it's any more than 9 ft and sucking or pulling hard then I won't go out, not because i'm scared but because i know i'm not good enough.
The Icelantic super Ramone Jr
The Icelantic super Ramone Jr - 7 years ago
SUP richie
SUP richie - 7 years ago
interesting, she said the wave was more than twice the size she's ever surfed, thats was the fastest on a ski, NOT PREPARED. and when i showed this to Uncle Blue Makua Jr. he said she wouldn't have done that if the Camera's weren't rolling. Carlos saved your pretty okole. Much props no doubt. but hey what do i know i'm just a Waikiki Beach Boi fotog. Aloha
Sota Baka
Sota Baka - 3 years ago
when was the last time you ride on a 33m /100foot wave???
Rene Eduardo Dominguez Calderon
Rene Eduardo Dominguez Calderon - 7 years ago
munirul alam mahyudin
munirul alam mahyudin - 7 years ago
great surfer maya
Cody Stevens
Cody Stevens - 7 years ago
i thought he fail in the rescue. missed her twice. he is to blame. she was swimming until he drug her under with the ski.
Thomas Rot
Thomas Rot - 7 years ago
you know how hard it is with a jet ski in foamy water you cant shit on him because he did the best everybody could
Raul Gomes
Raul Gomes - 7 years ago
Vais voltar cá nao vais?
Morpheen999 - 7 years ago
Need to have a GPS on the sea doo for tracking down surfers in these types of situations!!!
dan m
dan m - 6 years ago
Next year that will come about...
Scoot4lifenow14 - 7 years ago
Wow the editing in this video is stunning I admire the filmers and photographers for red bull:)
matt bosworth
matt bosworth - 7 years ago
I think she has her percentages wrong. The jet ski put his life on the line in order to save hers. jet skis don't work in white water very well because foam isn't a good propellant. She didn't give him enough credit. floating to the surface isn't the hardest task in the world when you have a life jacket on.
holly shet
holly shet - 7 years ago
she lost the life jacket as soon as she wiped out, but you got a good point, I agree.
Nelson Cruz
Nelson Cruz - 7 years ago
The life vest exploded as well. I agree though about the percentages, 60%-40% would be a better way to thank Carlos.
Epillon - 7 years ago
Those waves are so enormous it's insane. People can't comprehend it if they've never been out in the open ocean. Those are 4 story buildings they're surfing on. Charge on.
QQ - 7 years ago
Awesome!  The last 30 seconds of the video was awesome, made the whole video that much more awesome.

Did I mention the video was awesome?...
Grehund - 7 years ago
Wow, amazing. That's one tough chick. That would've been very scary.
Jason Bierz
Jason Bierz - 7 years ago
They can easily get up to and over 50mph. So pretty much highway speeds! Glad you made it through this maya! Can't wait to see you break the women's world record, we'll be watching.
Keenan Fleming
Keenan Fleming - 7 years ago
gosh it took them long enough
William O'Brien
William O'Brien - 7 years ago
hell yeah it did 
Claudio Lacayo
Claudio Lacayo - 7 years ago
What speed do those waves create on surfers?
Nick McCullough
Nick McCullough - 7 years ago
so much respect to the both of them.
Under liquid
Under liquid - 7 years ago
She couldn't handle it she was bumping all over the place stupid really.
doug148877 - 7 years ago
HOLY F*CK.  That wave is the scariest thing I've ever seen.  Anyone who surfs that has balls that should be carried in a wheelbarrow. 
P.S.:  Maya is pretty hot.
jake nancarrow
jake nancarrow - 7 years ago
stefan speidel
stefan speidel - 7 years ago
To the people who never surfed before, when you see a 5 foot wave you might say it's small, but actually surfing waves and feeling the full force of the ocean is different. A 5 foot wave might feel like a monster. I can't even begin to explain the size of balls people have by surfing these waves. Amazing.
surferpam1 - 2 years ago
When you're prone on your board paddling out a ripple is "overhead" 5' can be daunting.
nyyankees4296 - 3 years ago
So true
Dsutphin91 Ds
Dsutphin91 Ds - 3 years ago
stefan speidel I've done 12 foot. Huge, monsters, imagine these bro! I'm afraid of heights lmao
Audiman - 7 years ago
The only thing amazing about this is she is ALIVE! Balls..ahh she is a girl I hope she has no balls! Maybe you like girls with penis? If she is experienced in riding waves at this level and speed, well done, congrats! I can see her courage to ride the big wave. But this wave was two times bigger then she had ever previously ridden...this is crazy and stupid!
Holger Nielsen
Holger Nielsen - 7 years ago
Is it El Niño year

Clay Miller
Clay Miller - 7 years ago
This chick has massive balls
Mike DiMartino
Mike DiMartino - 7 years ago
kiko Duarte
kiko Duarte - 7 years ago
Lily CT
Lily CT - 6 years ago
Portugal the place of the accident such a honor huh? but no.
André Voß Erdbau und Transport GmbH
André Voß Erdbau und Transport GmbH - 7 years ago
that had to happen yes
atila540 - 7 years ago
You people are brave .
thomas ohare
thomas ohare - 7 years ago
Red bull
What cool sports don't they do
andrew willi
andrew willi - 7 years ago
Holy moly
Brayan Favarin
Brayan Favarin - 7 years ago
bem que poderia ter uma legenda em pt-br né
Josh Llama
Josh Llama - 7 years ago
1080p D':
soronefabrik1 - 7 years ago
redbull, redbull everywhere
soronefabrik1 - 6 years ago
+dan m yea im also glad they do, i just found it funny how over saturated with their logo this video was :)
dan m
dan m - 6 years ago
I know, no-one with any sense even drinks the shit. But still, I'm glad they sponsor all these crazy people to do crazy shit:)
Diogo Mota
Diogo Mota - 7 years ago
Nazaré rulessss
Alex lindström
Alex lindström - 7 years ago
much English, such waves, wow
RickGambetta - 7 years ago
Vamo q vamo ;)
Gaetan Tringham
Gaetan Tringham - 7 years ago
Emotional video realy good
alexsxe - 7 years ago
+olivier koster I*...
olivier koster
olivier koster - 7 years ago
i dont wanna be that guy but i feel obligated to help the ones who don't speak english yet but... really* ;p
mcgaugh57 - 7 years ago
She is not strong enough too surf that big of waves, Stay in kiddie pool or kitchen for your own good girl.
Matilda G
Matilda G - 3 years ago
Everyone leave him alone it’s clearly retarded and got mental issues. But I do suggest that you go to that nice little Spokane falls of yours and jump off xx you’ll be doing the world a favour and also you can just put an end to that fat little ego of yours but of course, little boy it’s just to compensate for size. Lots of love xxx
jjs4you2 - 7 years ago
And Georgiy comes back with a childish remark, how typical.
Georgiy Potulov
Georgiy Potulov - 7 years ago
+jjs4you2  Shove it in your little hole haha
mcgaugh57 - 7 years ago
+jjs4you2 That really hurts :(
jjs4you2 - 7 years ago
+Georgiy Potulov Hmmmmm, seems Maya might be making Georgiy and mcgaugh a bit concerned about their manhood. Little Maya surfs big gnarly waves, Georgiy and mcgaugh just talk big gnarly waves. One does as "you" two don't. It's ok guys, if it makes you feel more manly while stroking your ego's.  
mcgaugh57 - 7 years ago
+Georgiy Potulov you may be feminist 
Georgiy Potulov
Georgiy Potulov - 7 years ago
+Malalucaman agreed
Malalucaman - 7 years ago
Your comment is fair until the comma, after that it reveals that you are a frustrated sexist. She will get stronger if she doesn't die trying. I wish Maya the best. Brave girl!
mcgaugh57 - 7 years ago
Sounds fun :)
TheBeofox - 7 years ago
mcgaugh57, I would like to see your massive balls in Nazare, they'll be massive because of the amount of water you'll consume drowning while you shit relentlessly.
mcgaugh57 - 7 years ago
She may look it , but not likely. Could be a tranny though :(
mcgaugh57 - 7 years ago
NO, and I already did :) truth hurt little girl ?
dtizzle - 7 years ago
"I love it, I would do everything again"
"Me too!"
That's some awesome passion. 
shonuffLA - 7 years ago
so someone who had no business on a wave that big almost got themselves killed ?
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald - 2 years ago
shonuffLA she has big balls don’t discredit her ability you don’t know her or that wave
Geraldo Ferreira
Geraldo Ferreira - 7 years ago
´´E fogo´´ as consequências são terivel mais vale apena!
Marcel Horne
Marcel Horne - 7 years ago
gwerty - 7 years ago
Eoin Lynch
Eoin Lynch - 7 years ago
Holy guacomole
Why so serious?
Why so serious? - 7 years ago
yury shanshin
yury shanshin - 7 years ago
God Bless!
Juan Antonio Ramírez Solano
Juan Antonio Ramírez Solano - 7 years ago
☻_ ╦ ╤ ─       ☻/
 ▌                  / ▌
/ \                    / \
Linus Stueben
Linus Stueben - 7 years ago
geiles video
TheHelloDonk - 7 years ago
Is anyone actually going to comment without saying wether they're first or not? Respect the video guys, this was a powerful story of an incredible surfer who almost lost her life. It takes balls to attempt a wave that big. Balls that I can only dream of having. Kudos to Maya and her team. Great video as usual RedBull 
Dr. Tumbali
Dr. Tumbali - 7 years ago
Жорра Бичь
Жорра Бичь - 7 years ago
Игорь Лебедев
Игорь Лебедев - 7 years ago
tntmg9 - 7 years ago
Harry Wixley
Harry Wixley - 7 years ago
Anton Helgesson
Anton Helgesson - 7 years ago

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