The Mayhems - Surfin' Moon (Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music)

Taken from the popular beat combos 1964 long player 'De Mysteriis Dom Surfanas'. ( )

The Mayhems - Surfin' Moon (Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 47

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Taken from the popular beat combos 1964 long player 'De Mysteriis Dom Surfanas'. ( )

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for The Mayhems - Surfin' Moon (Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music)

Alex M
Alex M - 3 years ago
Svrfer Dvde
Chiquinha 666
Chiquinha 666 - 3 years ago
The Surfyricon - Nemesis Surfina
avsky321 - 3 years ago
being a Californian and a huge black metal fan, this is fucking great
kev f
kev f - 3 years ago
I won't lie it took me a minute to twig Mayhem there, this is the best thing, take a thumbs up
dimauro antonini
dimauro antonini - 3 years ago
The Borgirs - Surfers Of The Great Apocalypse
Sims - 3 years ago
Townie posers
Wipe out behind my steps
by following the tasty waves
Nicklas Trejo
Nicklas Trejo - 3 years ago
Now I kind like the beach :v
Esteban Rodas
Esteban Rodas - 3 years ago
Patrick William
Patrick William - 3 years ago
Everything here is so cold
Everything here is a shark
I remember riding the tide
By following the surfin moon

It's high tide again
High tide you beautiful thing
I please my hunger on big kahuna burger
Night of surfin
Follow it's call
Follow the surfin moon

The waves are growing
Eternity in the ocean
As in ancient times
Other surfed died behind these depths
By following the surfin moon

10. comment for The Mayhems - Surfin' Moon (Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music)

TheFaceMangler - 3 years ago
The doors if the Doors covered Mayhem.
Santiago De la Rue
Santiago De la Rue - 3 years ago
Surfing in the night over cold ice
Blake Davis
Blake Davis - 3 years ago
you can't play surf on humbuckers
G Delic
G Delic - 3 years ago
I heard that Attila Csisurf should sing here, but he had too much tequila sunrises and his throat was sore.
hukatus - 3 years ago
Toprak Koç
Toprak Koç - 3 years ago
I like this version better.
line kook
line kook - 3 years ago
clever fucks
João Marreiros
João Marreiros - 3 years ago
The bodyboard mini mes chasing my trail of foam and disturbing the blue sea!
Frede - 3 years ago
So sad that we lost legendary kvlt svrfer, Per 'Dude' Ohlin to the waves...
Matheus Coelho
Matheus Coelho - 4 years ago
lindo é pouco

20. comment for The Mayhems - Surfin' Moon (Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music)

Roger Wire
Roger Wire - 4 years ago
no fucking way this is real!Mayhem ripped this off?
Bung The Booce
Bung The Booce - 3 years ago
Wired Earth no
Spräckta Snutskallar
Spräckta Snutskallar - 4 years ago
The nargaroths - the day that surf kill mayhems
Flesh Vessel
Flesh Vessel - 4 years ago
This would go so well in any David Lynch film.
SpartanOmega - 4 years ago
Night svrfers.
Merkur - 4 years ago
Life can still surprise me, that's nice
Emiliano Sari -
Emiliano Sari - - 4 years ago
Scoff von Kiel
Scoff von Kiel - 4 years ago
I fuckin' love this.
zacarias fangueiro
zacarias fangueiro - 4 years ago
Someone told me that is the black metal band playing surf tunes, is that true?
Bung The Booce
Bung The Booce - 3 years ago
zacarias fangueiro no
Mr Pizza 2502
Mr Pizza 2502 - 4 years ago
The fist "Wave"of Black Metal? ;)
Peter Grantham
Peter Grantham - 4 years ago
Mr Pizza 2502 You're thinking of Cliff Richard and the Venoms.
vaginaaaaa - 4 years ago
second wave ding-a-ling
Matthew steele
Matthew steele - 4 years ago
Come on really no serious answers here?

30. comment for The Mayhems - Surfin' Moon (Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music)

Matthew steele
Matthew steele - 4 years ago
So where are all these songs from seriously? They aren't real 60s songs since they sound like surf versions of black metal songs... Who made them
BROTHER GARY - 3 years ago
they are literally just black metal vocals with slightly better production, zero distortion, and all the vocals taken out.
C C - 4 years ago
Matthew steele holy fucking shit are you legit retarded?
JigiSix - 4 years ago
This is an instrumental, no distortion, ultra reverby cover of Mayhem's Freezing Moon. Artist/coverer-er in the description?
John McLellan
John McLellan - 4 years ago
Matthew steele black metal without the distortion and potato production sounds a lot like surf rock. These are just surf rock covers of black metal tracks.
Yisus Grohl
Yisus Grohl - 4 years ago
are you kidding me? these are only covers from black metal bands, the reason is that surf rock and black metal are really similar.
riboflavinmusic - 4 years ago
I was in northern Norway a few years ago sitting on the shore
waxing down my board in preparation to surf the Lofoten maelstrom when a
gnarly old Norwegian surfer with skin so pale it was almost translucent
appeared next to me holding a tatty old LP. He handed me the record,
mumbled something incoherent then walked off. I merely brought the
record home digitized and cleaned up the recording, and finally got
round to putting it up here for people to listen to.
Jesus H. Cresto
Jesus H. Cresto - 4 years ago
everything here is so sunny...
everything here is so bright...
i remember it as from a dream
in the sand of this beach
furlag2 - 3 years ago
La Gata Flora..freezinggggg sandddd;-)
Vulgrr - 4 years ago
sounds like the doors
barbara payton's downward spiral
barbara payton's downward spiral - 4 years ago
0 0 kind of
AlexandrusMegus - 4 years ago
Everything here is so cool
Everything here is so shark
I remember it as from a beach
On the surfing of lifetime

Diabolic waves float by
Out from the dark
I remember founding a great tide
By following the surfing moon

It's night again, sea you beautiful
I please my hunger on screaming crewman
Night oh wonderful
Follow the surfing moon

The waves are growing, the beach bar opens
The promenade lights up again
As in every night
Kite high souls, puff behind my steps
By following the surfing moon
Ja Kooistra
Ja Kooistra - 3 years ago
To me it kind of sounds like you just threw some spoopy words into a mediocre poem.
hukatus - 3 years ago
You are my hero.
wvanzonderen - 4 years ago
Rerere Wewewe
Rerere Wewewe - 4 years ago
AlexandrusMegus thats funny as hell
Josh Pilkington
Josh Pilkington - 4 years ago
Yuri Brezinger
Yuri Brezinger - 4 years ago
AnAngryStorm - 4 years ago
set speed to 2. sounds way better!
Mc. Laxanikos
Mc. Laxanikos - 4 years ago
no way
HAPPY METAL - 4 years ago
Phantom - Divine Surfomancy
SEWER - NecroPedoSurfoMaso
Von - Satanic Beach
Antekhrist - Carved Upon the Surf of Satan
LeeFerikson - 4 years ago
Dudekh - Summer Aurora
I Misanthrope
I Misanthrope - 4 years ago
Great job, dude! \m/
D. N.
D. N. - 4 years ago
Surfyricon - Surf the Wave of Sorrow
jorgefuzzomendez - 4 years ago
quite egyptian
Berly Tannyono Putra
Berly Tannyono Putra - 4 years ago
jorgefuzzomendez it's because the heavy use of phrygian scales, dude!
DudleyScardsdale - 4 years ago
“When it’s warm and bright, the surfing moon can obsess you, dude!” - Per “Big Kahuna” Ohlin
J Thorsson
J Thorsson - 3 years ago
can't get enough of the surf covers and the memes :D
KarateBJJ 1994
KarateBJJ 1994 - 4 years ago
DudleyScardsdale cyeaaah brah
VictorNFN - 4 years ago
Now do a black metal version of a Beach Boys song
anothasocalstoner yooo
anothasocalstoner yooo - 4 years ago
immortals call of the summer moon!
KreationKills - 4 years ago
The Blut Aus Nord Boys - The Wave Which Transforms Surf
ThomasRocksU - 3 years ago
Holy shit dude XD
FidesInferno - 4 years ago
The falling tremolo riff at 2:49 made me squeak.
Prithvi Jana
Prithvi Jana - 4 years ago
this is fucking amazing
Poison Joe
Poison Joe - 4 years ago
MrThrashmetal13 - 4 years ago
now we need to see The Immortals- far beyond the southern waves
mothertree - 3 years ago
yeah man the overseers
Phil Psycho
Phil Psycho - 4 years ago
Someone give this man a cookie
riboflavinmusic - 4 years ago
+Phil Psycho Thanks, peanut butter is my favorite flavor.
R de G
R de G - 4 years ago
Wish this album was for real and I could download this stuff somewhere in good quality

50. comment for The Mayhems - Surfin' Moon (Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music)

faselblaDer3te - 4 years ago
svrfing with satan \m_
Malcolm Hall
Malcolm Hall - 4 years ago
When it's warm, and when it's sunny, the Surfin' moon can obsess youuuuuuuu
joeblowthehot - 4 years ago
+Malcolm Hall HAAAA!!!
Geezer Paakkunainen
Geezer Paakkunainen - 4 years ago
This song saved my monday :D
Francisco Feest
Francisco Feest - 4 years ago
Some days I just love being alive. I love this.
RolodexEnigma - 4 years ago
The Mayhems are one of my all time favorite surf groups from the good old days. I love everything they've done, from Wavecrush to Californian Warfare. I even like Grand Declaration of Surf!
MaitreMechant - 3 years ago
"Californian Warfare"
my fucking sides xd
AlexandrusMegus - 3 years ago
Hawaii Capta Est, anyone?
Lord Impetigo
Lord Impetigo - 4 years ago
Sigurd Anders
Sigurd Anders - 4 years ago
Grand declaration of surf, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Matthew May
Matthew May - 4 years ago
Doesn't anyone like Surfmera?
Patrick William
Patrick William - 4 years ago
I remember surfing while listening to Dude Mysteriis Dune Surfanas
Any Odyssey
Any Odyssey - 4 years ago
+RolodexEnigma Check out Dawn of the Black Waves if you want to hear some of their greatest work.
patrick - 5 years ago
a joke but actually such a sick track
Blurgg Blurgg
Blurgg Blurgg - 5 years ago
I've heard of the darktrone for years now. THE MAYHEMS, THE BURZUMS.... THIS IS FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!
robert contreras
robert contreras - 5 years ago
i remember back in the day when this scene was huge. but i didn't like the locals only incident where they made the surf circle and did illegal bon fires all across the california coast. and the time euronymous was being cussed at by varg for not being a local
TeaDoubleU White
TeaDoubleU White - 4 years ago
And how Pelle left the scene after they ditched him at his house.
Any Odyssey
Any Odyssey - 4 years ago
"don't be such a narc, man"
Zach - 4 years ago
kek <---
20XX - 5 years ago
the best comment
Welcome To Sky Valley
Welcome To Sky Valley - 5 years ago
fucking brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHO DID THIS???!!!
riboflavinmusic - 5 years ago
+Electric Sabbath ( )
PinkFloydrulez - 5 years ago
chris Mal
chris Mal - 5 years ago
The Ved Buens Endes ''The Surferer'' from ''Those Who Caress The Wave'' or ''I Surf For The Waves'' from ''Written In Waves'' The Dodheimsgards, ''Shiva Surfin'', ''Ion Waves'', ''Traces Of California'' from ''666 Californian'' and ''Satanic Surf''
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti - 5 years ago
+Agte Mal the ved buens endes were always my favorite band back in '65. I did like the stuff Carl and Vinny from the ved buens ende's did on "traces of surfin" though.
Shameless Hillbilly
Shameless Hillbilly - 5 years ago
the nargaroths - surfing ist krieg
Metal_Reks_You - 4 years ago
This comment is so awesome
Dani Legions
Dani Legions - 5 years ago
2:42 Fuck yeah trve raw surf
Abi Camoro
Abi Camoro - 4 years ago
Trve svrf
Koning Kaasklier
Koning Kaasklier - 5 years ago
lovin' these black metal surf covers
munky cheez
munky cheez - 4 years ago
x420xmarijuananaut - 5 years ago
gnarly bro
Raiane Victoria
Raiane Victoria - 5 years ago
yamazakiangelripper - 5 years ago
damn man!!! this version is slowly... BUT FUCKING AWESOME!!! \m/
kartusian - 5 years ago
Necrosurf !
Kyle Eberle
Kyle Eberle - 5 years ago
Thank you! I've been looking for darker surf rock. Love it.
Uriel Valle
Uriel Valle - 5 years ago
Vnholy Svrf Kvlt!!
silentbron - 5 years ago
The nargaroths - Seven surf boards are flowing to the river
Something Orother
Something Orother - 5 years ago
noon, so beautiful...
I feed my hunger...
on salty french fries
PinkFloydrulez - 5 years ago
this is the best one
ambientalholocaust - 5 years ago
The Burzums - Surf Wisdom!
Tobias Br.
Tobias Br. - 5 years ago
The Behemoths-Surfing The Throne Ov Seth
Digital Deathsquid
Digital Deathsquid - 3 years ago
Tobias Br. Better yet, On The Left Hand Side Ov The Coast
Daalberith Funebre
Daalberith Funebre - 4 years ago
Surfhamforash !!!!
Jack Demare
Jack Demare - 5 years ago
RainingPiggies - 6 years ago
This sounds like acid rock.
Louis Villeneuve
Louis Villeneuve - 6 years ago
Skorrrpion - 6 years ago
Surfago - Surfin' Lust
Miguel ramirez
Miguel ramirez - 6 years ago
who the is doing these sweet ass instruments
riboflavinmusic - 5 years ago
+Miguel ramirez ( )
A. A.S.
A. A.S. - 6 years ago
Dude, that's the true shit!
Matt Test
Matt Test - 6 years ago
fucking awesome. Now, The Celtic Frosts- Into Crypt of Waves 
Mustafa Essayed
Mustafa Essayed - 6 years ago
respect my friend the melodies are better than the original one
CHris Henniker
CHris Henniker - 6 years ago
I love the restraint used in playing this, it gives it more menace of a more subtle kind.
SlayerHippie - 6 years ago
The Surf Funerals - The secret of the surf arts
Skull Chaser
Skull Chaser - 6 years ago
When it's cold and when it's dark, surfing under the moon can obssess you.
ThorinVIII - 6 years ago
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Surfin'
Digital Deathsquid
Digital Deathsquid - 3 years ago
ThorinVIII Californian Hunger
Nanny Skexis
Nanny Skexis - 6 years ago
The Satyricons - Mother Surf
metalmaster29 - 6 years ago
This is bloody brilliant.
Heiko Jöst Messer
Heiko Jöst Messer - 6 years ago
Slaves shall surf
UnsilentStorms - 6 years ago
The Burzums - Surfsupisofem, and Ea, Lord of the Surfs
Ozan Young
Ozan Young - 6 years ago
The Behemoths - Cowabunga to the Lions
Ozan Young
Ozan Young - 6 years ago
Windirsurfer - Resurrection of the Waves
Ramirez Theo
Ramirez Theo - 6 years ago
Darkthrone- In the shadow of the waves
Staravora - 6 years ago
This is totally awesome
OurorobotS - 6 years ago
Surflike Silence rec.
R Tintin
R Tintin - 6 years ago
Qvorthon - 6 years ago
The Emperors - Inno a Surfana
xdistortxjapanx - 6 years ago
The Drudkhs- the waves only call my name.
JR McDowell
JR McDowell - 6 years ago
Hail Surfin'

100. comment for The Mayhems - Surfin' Moon (Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music)

Insepsy - 6 years ago
Haha!! "True kvlt music"
Rjúka Draugr
Rjúka Draugr - 6 years ago
When is hot and when is warm..... The Surfin' Moon can obsses you.
Coffin Varnish
Coffin Varnish - 6 years ago
The Bathorys - A fine day to surf
JohnDiabol - 6 years ago
The Marduks - Surf for Belial, from the amazing Surfing Sermon album! 
killiscredo - 7 years ago
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta - 7 years ago
Aris - 7 years ago
The Belphegors - Bondage Surf Zombie
Jonas Teigen-Kolerud
Jonas Teigen-Kolerud - 7 years ago
The Nattefrosts - Predawn Deathsurf
Immopimmo - 7 years ago
The Dark Funerals - When Angels Forever Surf
Xhino Sollaku
Xhino Sollaku - 7 years ago
omg this is so ... can't tell.... awsome... like the blood of 10 virgins running down an empious temple
VTBM - 7 years ago
Earvin Rivas
Earvin Rivas - 7 years ago
Антон Харкачев
Антон Харкачев - 7 years ago
еще бы вокал, было бы вообще отлично!
Altarium Ambient
Altarium Ambient - 7 years ago
The Bathories - Surf to Hall Up High.
Angel Junior Gamba
Angel Junior Gamba - 7 years ago
why does everyone comment a name of some other song?
lolroflhehe - 7 years ago
Bathorgy - Raise the waves
Jean Kremer
Jean Kremer - 7 years ago
The shinings - Within Huge Blue Waves
MrThisucks - 7 years ago
halloween sounding
Moonsorrow15 - 7 years ago
Satanic Surfmaster - Distant Surfing Wave
TrveMetalManiac - 7 years ago
Dissurftion - surf of the lights wave.
Goatmoon_88 - 7 years ago
The Immortals - Beyond the Californian Waves :D
Jonas Teigen-Kolerud
Jonas Teigen-Kolerud - 7 years ago
The Burzums - Hvis Bølgen Tar Oss
Jonas Teigen-Kolerud
Jonas Teigen-Kolerud - 7 years ago
The Darkthrones - A Wave in the Northern Sea
TheAmazingDom - 7 years ago
This is beautiful
MrThrashmetal13 - 7 years ago
the bathory's- a fine day to surf
Fnidner - 7 years ago
I was saying boo urns!
Connor Bogte
Connor Bogte - 7 years ago
The Venoms - Welcome to California
Michael Zervas
Michael Zervas - 7 years ago
The Crafts - I want to Commit Surfer (nosense but i like it) :D
joeblowthehot - 7 years ago
Pietro S.
Pietro S. - 7 years ago
The Incantations - Ownard To California The Blasphemies - Fallen Surfer Of Doom Celtic Warm - Morbid Waves
Guldalder - 7 years ago
The person who came up with this (the uploader?) deserves an internet parrot. This is the best thing ever.
Toni Badea
Toni Badea - 7 years ago
What about other songs on the record: Funeral Wave, Surfed in Eternity, Pagan Waves, Surf Eternal ?
Zion Crossover
Zion Crossover - 7 years ago
De Surfiis Dom Sathanas!!!
Mr061099 - 7 years ago
the burzums - jesus wave
Mr061099 - 7 years ago
burzum - jesus wave
BannersWillRise - 7 years ago
Calefornian Surfanist Madness! ;)
James Watson
James Watson - 7 years ago
Surftyricon - The Surfpack
94svenni - 7 years ago
you really should consider making a surf song out of Asakku - Endless Woods i am not joking that song is perfect for surf cover
Deba Radovan
Deba Radovan - 7 years ago
Текст за ову песму иде нешто овако- 'Ел има неко пивооо ал'да буде 'ладнооо Има један Зајечарац 'ладан ки гоћ Freezin' Moon...
BannanaOfDoom - 7 years ago
The Immortals - Call of the surfing moon
Tim Tam
Tim Tam - 7 years ago
Moonsorrow15 - 7 years ago
Satanic Surfmaster - Distant Waving Sea
Marin Turk
Marin Turk - 7 years ago
Maximus Primal
Maximus Primal - 7 years ago
The Darkthrones- Leave No Wave Unsurfed!!
Lucas Fursy
Lucas Fursy - 8 years ago
Surf Rock Cafe
Surf Rock Cafe - 8 years ago
Great tune!! :) Evil!
heavy671 - 8 years ago
the burzums!!!
OPAQUSTIM - 8 years ago
When it's cold,and when it's dark.....just wear a wetsuittttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
tra lala
tra lala - 8 years ago
AWESOME!!! Make more! XD XD
Bagienos - 8 years ago
The Sarcofagos "S.U.R.F"
nickfury1012 - 8 years ago
Chainsaw bro, I think they wouldn't be on youtube
ROFLRocketz1 - 8 years ago
what about The Behemoths - Surfing near the Baltic
Game Moments
Game Moments - 8 years ago
The Shinings- For the god of surf The Watains- Waters of california Surfspell Omega- The shrine of mad Surfing The Surfing mists- Holy surf The Emperor- Behind the great vast sea The Mayhems- Buried by time and waves
Severian89 - 8 years ago
I second Satanic Surfmaster- The Surfing Tyrant
Liolar43 - 8 years ago
Surfthrone - Hawaiian Hunger
chainsawchump - 8 years ago
if anyone knows how to reach the person who wrote/recorded this, please have them message me.
ebolapestis - 8 years ago
or Gorgoroth - A surfery written in blood
johnny kahuna
johnny kahuna - 8 years ago
very cool
James Watson
James Watson - 8 years ago
Surfens krammer del 2
dimi966 - 8 years ago
This sounds more evil than the original lol
Paweł Tasak
Paweł Tasak - 8 years ago
Or maybe The Dark funerals- 666 Surfers inside The Burzums- My jurney to the waves The Mayhems- Surfcrush
Magne Karlsen
Magne Karlsen - 8 years ago
Surfin' Blood? :-)
Rahahaaz - 8 years ago
This is absolutely awesome. Just love it !
carnifex714 - 8 years ago
the bathorys-13 surfers
Adrian Incarnate
Adrian Incarnate - 8 years ago
The Anaal Nathrakhs - The Beach is Empty, and all the Devils are Surfing The Darkthrones - A Blaze in Northern Waters
PotHat - 8 years ago
The Gorgoroths - Open the Waves
Crazy Irish Dan
Crazy Irish Dan - 8 years ago
Not black metal per se, but how could you NOT do The Slayers, Raining Surf?
Felipe Pezzoli
Felipe Pezzoli - 8 years ago
Fleshboard Apocaswell
TrueLoveSoundart - 8 years ago
The Behexens - My Stigmas Surfin' Black The Taakes - Californialands Doedsurf Part I The Lifelovers - Surfdepressioner Make A Change and the Kill Yourselves - Surf Revisited The Sargeists - A Surf To Awaken The Temple The Burzums - Det Surf Engang Var The Sterbends - Surfing Lifeless
NaitsabesWinklersson - 8 years ago
The Necrosurfist - Jane Doe Autopsy Satyrisurf - The Surfboard is my Throne
Mike Wellington
Mike Wellington - 8 years ago
The Leviathans - At the Door to the Tenth Sub-Level of Surf
SonneillonXIII - 8 years ago
Everything here is so Cool. Everything here so Blue. I can remember it as from a dream. In a Wave of this time! Surfing shapes float by, out from the sea. I remember here it was were I dived. By following the Surfin' Moon.
Ian Brusso
Ian Brusso - 8 years ago
Anaal and the Nathrakhs "Between the Surf and the Piss We Are Born"
Milos Milosevic
Milos Milosevic - 8 years ago
My Dying bride - The sea to surf in
mortues - 8 years ago
the Anorexia Nervosa's - Enter the Church of Surfing
S0D0M1T3 - 8 years ago
The Nargaroths - The Day Burzum Surf Mayhem
berserkur19 - 8 years ago
The description made me soil my pants
AirspaceFalling - 8 years ago
Agalloch - Marrow of the Surf
Acid Queen.
Acid Queen. - 8 years ago
fourtoeight - 8 years ago
Immortal - Pure Surfercoast
crowbarftw - 8 years ago
I'm looking for the long lost LP by The Vons called Satanic Surf. I heard it was really primitive black surf.
ndrw grnt
ndrw grnt - 8 years ago
a full album of this stuff would be amazing.
キーリア ♡
キーリア ♡ - 8 years ago
HAHAH! Awesome xD
otacon451 - 8 years ago
The Burzums - Dunkelheit watch?v=1SFy2QMjY30
IantoddusSardus - 8 years ago
Please do some ulver stuff
EighteenBuddha - 8 years ago
MrQuagmire26 - 8 years ago
what about The Burzums - Dunkelsurf? or Ea lord of the waves?
carnifex714 - 8 years ago
The Mayhems Surfin'fears
Vadim Verenich
Vadim Verenich - 8 years ago
Thou Shalt Surfer!
Ugo Tovil
Ugo Tovil - 8 years ago
please please The Bathorys - Ode to Wave Up High
Sal O
Sal O - 8 years ago
Possesed by the Waves!
Saracen Cosmonaut
Saracen Cosmonaut - 8 years ago
everything here is so surf, everything here is so sunny
TheGui PB
TheGui PB - 8 years ago
Man,i love it!!!! What about The Nargaroths - Surf Metal Ist Krieg ?
Justin Eaton
Justin Eaton - 8 years ago
Old cowboy music right here. XD
Tom Vidar Michalsen
Tom Vidar Michalsen - 8 years ago
Now what about The Mayhems - Wall of Water?
errikagrc - 8 years ago
Excellent. I think I'll need to look out for The VONs and The Sarcofagos.
Boo Urns
Boo Urns - 8 years ago
what about The Gorgoroths - Carving a Giant Wave
Snarl616 - 9 years ago
The Nargaroths - Surf is Krieg. That would be brilliant. Love these songs!
ElvenefrisAflame - 9 years ago
@hastvr Conquer All (Waves)
MiGrandeCazzo - 9 years ago
wow...sooooo good!!! dark surf! fuckin love!
hastvr - 9 years ago
The Behemoths - Slaves Shall Surf
MrUnit731 - 9 years ago
This is awesome! Is it taken from a cd or is it a one man project here on youtube? The Satyricons is a good suggestion :)
koskenbloe - 9 years ago
I wanna hear dunkelsurf from the burzurfs
terr0rwolf - 9 years ago
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Anubis Drakh
Anubis Drakh - 9 years ago
I'd love to see a "Surfing Division Marduk"
ghevaer1 - 9 years ago
THE IMMORTALS - PURE HOLLOW SURFING COAST ----> song about the rivalry between the local surfboys (the Hollows) and the tourists who terrorize the beach everyday.
hans57peter - 9 years ago
all time laugh
N. W
N. W - 9 years ago
The Venoms - To Surf And Back The Marduks - Surfing Division Marduk The Immortals - Call Of The Surfing Moon The Satyricons - Surfing Divina Satanic Surfmaster - Surfing Satanist Madness Satanic Surfmaster - The Surfing Tyrant
Channelsurfer - 9 years ago
Black Metal has never sounded better.
Profanum - 9 years ago
haha NICE!
DeAdBlodmanen - 9 years ago
This is very funny!
crowbarftw - 9 years ago
Damn, this is a pretty happenin' tune. I think I'll record a metal version of it, the arrangements should fit well.
World Eater
World Eater - 9 years ago
@riboflavinmusic Any update on that one yet? Would love to hear more surf classics, they're so rare and hard to find!
NorthrendProductions - 9 years ago
Hmm, does anyone remember the largery ahead of its time single by the Venoms called Black Surfal? I recall the B-side being Welcome Surf Hell.
Louis Wain
Louis Wain - 9 years ago
Please do surf to Black Metal now :)
ezxhaton - 9 years ago
Seconding @fullmoonspoons suggestion for Surf Eternal!
Pablo Manuel Aceves Gutiérrez
Pablo Manuel Aceves Gutiérrez - 9 years ago
The Immortals All Shall Surf please
Pablo Manuel Aceves Gutiérrez
Pablo Manuel Aceves Gutiérrez - 9 years ago
@riboflavinmusic he said "where can i find this" (download or buuuuuuuuy)
Moa991 - 9 years ago
love surf music and love black metal. awesome
riboflavinmusic - 9 years ago
@LordBlastKrieg watch this space
riboflavinmusic - 9 years ago
@1530INV it's in the works.........
1530INV - 9 years ago
donde me puedo conseguir existe???? alguien me puede ayudar
1530INV - 9 years ago
quiero un disco de todas estas bandas.... interesante
bytheblueriver - 9 years ago
You are brilliant, dude! So creative! I'm a die hard black/atmospheric/suicidal metal fan and you rocked my socks! Considering this surf stuff, I really like DeadBolt. Those guys are fucking crazy and have an obsession with clows, like I do! Krieg! Cover something from Xasthur! Love, Patricia
rafaelll76 - 9 years ago
Carles Pareja
Carles Pareja - 9 years ago
Better than the original. A version of Graveland or Deathspell Omega could be great.
RyanJVH - 9 years ago
@KSX387Database I'd rather have them find Surfblast
AdmiralUfolog - 9 years ago
Scott Colombo
Scott Colombo - 9 years ago
I'd love to see something by The Immortals, if you can dig that up somewhere :)
Biliunas93 - 9 years ago
lol, this is awesome =D
rrrbub - 9 years ago
You got any cuts of The Ildjarns in your collection? I know they're a highly elusive surf combo and really, only The Trashmen play surf rock that hard 'n' heavy, but it would be rad if you could upload us something from their "Surf and Anger" or "Det Syrfende Nordariket" albums.
Kendall Drury
Kendall Drury - 9 years ago
please do the satyricons mother surf.
Morningrise90 - 9 years ago
This is genius!
metal warrior
metal warrior - 9 years ago
your black metal covers are unbelievable!! i think you must do some covers in greek black metal bands like Rotting Christ, Varathron and Necromantia!!
LeZandra Persinger
LeZandra Persinger - 9 years ago
This is great! You did an awesome job!
KathVoldsby - 9 years ago
Hahahaha, this is fucking badass!!!!
lynx vosmia
lynx vosmia - 9 years ago
again, oddly fucking cool!
riboflavinmusic - 9 years ago
@autumnalias I might have a dusty old copy of 'Nemesurfis Divina' around here somewhere, I'll try and dig it out.
Rocketromano343 - 9 years ago
Hahahahahhahah AMAZING!!
allgoa - 9 years ago
from now on i'll wax my board with a black, skull-shaped candle
Jairo Antonio Melo
Jairo Antonio Melo - 9 years ago
Absolutely AMAZING! Hail Surfanas!
odaxne - 9 years ago
@autumnalias or The Gorgoroths - Unchain my board! :D
Мао Хуевич
Мао Хуевич - 9 years ago
Brilliant! I really like how The Mayhems use organ in their songs. Hope you and MrMeddled find more classic 60s records from your archives. Any chance for e.g. The Satyricons "Mother's surfing north"?

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