Trevor Noah: That's Racist - Surfing AIDS

Trevor has a discussion with a surfer in Malibu. BUY "THAT'S RACIST" NOW: Follow Trevor on Twitter: Subscribe to Trevor Noah:

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Trevor has a discussion with a surfer in Malibu. BUY "THAT'S RACIST" NOW: Follow Trevor on Twitter: Subscribe to Trevor Noah:

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for Trevor Noah: That's Racist - Surfing AIDS

Jay Davis
Jay Davis - 2 years ago
LowKey Cali girl was trying to get it in sounds like.
Philipp Schmid
Philipp Schmid - 2 years ago
There are many stupid questions "How did you get here" is not one of them. Generally it implies a question of purpouse rather than actual physical transportation. Example the why might be because of educational pursuits. The how could be an enabling exchange program a relative, a buisness venture ect. almost nobody cares about your mode of transportation.

Also please excuse all the Idiots thinking africa is just full of huts that is the shit rhetoric we are being fed by various orgs leaching off of charity.
Jozie Ash
Jozie Ash - 2 years ago
I get asked questions like these a lot . It's so annoying.
genericfighter - 2 years ago
Not to put to fine a fuckin' point on it, but the gulf of Mexico hasn't got shit for waves, and the Atlantic coast, at least in Georgia, has NOTHING for them, so it's not like it's an invalid question... I mean, she surfs. It is one of her interests. Could she, a surfer, could have possibly meant that she wanted to know if South Africa has waves that are worth a transcontinental flight to do a thing she has at least a mild interest in?
DeltaSceptile - 2 years ago
"Question. Why take diet pills when you can enjoy AYDS?" - AYDS commercial
Spooks McGhie
Spooks McGhie - 2 years ago
Explain the last joke
Oliver Farfan
Oliver Farfan - 2 years ago
OMG just take a shower jock, was disturbing and hilarious!! It's 3 am and I can't stop laughing about the stupidity of people in power in SA.
yaakov jizchak
yaakov jizchak - 2 years ago
A einen asked me in New York if WE got Streets and light in Europe
Juhee Nam
Juhee Nam - 2 years ago
I am a Korean but i lived in Africa for most of my whole life, so when i went back to my country they would ask the dumbest question and would also get shocked if i took my phone out and told them that theres wifi here and tv to watch. Somrtimes im ashamed of my own race smhh

10. comment for Trevor Noah: That's Racist - Surfing AIDS

KenTube.Co.Ke - 2 years ago
Tired waves lol
Le Kek Tessera
Le Kek Tessera - 2 years ago
Now imagine if we were to change the white bimbo into a black negress? There would be a riot.
Buford T justice
Buford T justice - 2 years ago
This dude is the least funniest guy ive seen. Now joe rogan thats a funny motherfucker man. this guy here is sub par in my opinion but opinions vary.
Randell Porter
Randell Porter - 2 years ago
The truth is Black Crime Matters. The majority of black crime is black on black crime. Where is the white prejudice now?
AFRIQUIKA1 - 2 years ago
A school teacher once asked me how come my skin tone is lighter than another Ghanaian student. I said cause your ancestors raped mine. Safe to say she never bothered me again.
Guns of boom gamer Mohammed
Guns of boom gamer Mohammed - 2 years ago
This got me I’m fan of Trevor noah
plastic Spoon
plastic Spoon - 2 years ago
This is trevor noah everything is racist to him.
The One 2099
The One 2099 - 2 years ago
I think the majority of the American Population are racist,rude and stupid. NO OFFENCE AMERICA, DON'T SHOOT ME DOWN!!!
Me Dwight
Me Dwight - 2 years ago
Eh just to let all you hosers know we Canadians love maple syrup, have a nice day.

suestroude - 2 years ago
Stupid things people from so called developed nations ask foreigners.

20. comment for Trevor Noah: That's Racist - Surfing AIDS

Great video!
Have a nice evening :D
Chardala Simons
Chardala Simons - 2 years ago
I'm from Bermuda, and while travelling to the States or Canada, people have asked me how did I get to the States, if I am from the Bermuda triangle, and if we ride horses to work and have running water. Like really people?
Chardala Simons
Chardala Simons - 2 years ago
I'm from Bermuda, and while travelling to the States or Canada, people have asked me how did I get to the States, if I am from the Bermuda triangle, and if we ride horses to work and have running water. Like really people?
Ottts22 - 2 years ago
The surf lady made me laugh so hard. I was an exchange student in a small US community and was asked, how I got there ( by bus!) and was asked whether we spoke German in Germany, even in school ( yes we do) :-)
Alwyn Agenbag
Alwyn Agenbag - 2 years ago
AIDS- Alcohol In Da System
Tommy Wagner
Tommy Wagner - 2 years ago
We have the waves down in Africa
3165dwayne - 2 years ago
I’m from Jamaica and Americans have asked me if I lived in trees. Most times I didn’t answer but since I was a kid I sometimes said, “Yes, with your mom”.
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright - 2 years ago
If she was a surfer she probably would have known about J-bay, I'm just sayin' ^^
Apple Goodness
Apple Goodness - 2 years ago
Omg your so funny
Diamel Mapping
Diamel Mapping - 2 years ago
First of all I feel the need to apologize for America's ignorance as one of the very FEW Americans who has ever lived outside of America or cares for international issues and events. I must also apologize for how stupid Californians are compared to even the rest of America. I lived there for a year, and will never go back do to the ignorance. Please be careful when you go to California, so you don't catch a new Oriental disease called "O-Son-a-Bitch-I-Stupid". Thank you

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hunter marlow
hunter marlow - 2 years ago
To be fair. We don't really have waves in Texas.
Bobthedj - 2 years ago
I went to America and everyone was really great and polite but the instant I pulled out some Aussie money like I kid you not the store clerk and some random family wanted to have a look and I was like HOLD UP it's still real money get your hands off it. You would think I pulled out a stack of hundreds. It's just got more than one colour?

I loved America, everyone was super polite and easy to talk to (I went more into the county but also spent some time in NY)
Bobthedj - 2 years ago
3:30 Aussie?
LetsLearnFarsi - 2 years ago
I'm originally from the Middle East, but grew up in US. I'm pretty good at geography, and am informed about a good portion of the world since 'my area' is always on the news, so I try to learn a lot about other countries and stuff anyways...if I wasn't middle eastern I'm sad to say that I wouldn't know 99% of the things I know about this kind of stuff. Our education system sucks and I would have the knowledge of that blonde on the beach.
Jeannette Kwame
Jeannette Kwame - 2 years ago
I fucking love this man.
Ankit Arya
Ankit Arya - 2 years ago
omg comment section > Trevor Noah
oli godendrocyte
oli godendrocyte - 2 years ago
bone marrow transplants supposedly can cause "ever had aids" ... at least for a few patients..... again supposedly
Gurgle - 2 years ago
There actually did used to be a chocolate brand called aides that was supposed to help people lose weight.
Samar Iqbal
Samar Iqbal - 2 years ago
This dude is very contagious but u can't help laughing at his witty sense of humour! ;-0)
Peer Music
Peer Music - 2 years ago
This plays out like a hetalia episode
Lee J
Lee J - 2 years ago
I went to a highschool in the U.S., when kids found out that I'm Korean they asked me questions like 'Do you have refrigerators in Korea'. waaaat? That was probably back in 2003 but I still remember it since it was the dumbest question I had to answer in my life.
Emily Robinson
Emily Robinson - 2 years ago
Thought this was gonna be some half-assed routine about that tweet. (You know which one I’m talking about) I’m glad to be proven wrong.
Mercury _ii
Mercury _ii - 2 years ago
“Africa is my COUNTRY
Gabriella DePaula
Gabriella DePaula - 2 years ago
I've been asked if it rained spiders in Brazil..
I told her it did, but that our xamã would conduct a ritual, we danced and it would stop. Her response was "wooow!"
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez - 2 years ago
Surfers are not the brightest group of people around.
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez - 2 years ago
I know that not all surfers are dumb. I'm just saying that surfers are not known for their intellect, but that doesn't mean they can't be intelligent.
Mila Scott
Mila Scott - 2 years ago
Alexis Lopez not all surfers are dumb I surf and I was watching this thinking what a dumb cunt. May I add I have blonde hair lol
James Dick
James Dick - 2 years ago
LaterMimmi - 2 years ago
Is that Mark Zuckerberg at 4:59????
Comments And Likes
Comments And Likes - 2 years ago
Californian are dumber than the average American. The Californian girl is dumber than the average Californian. The female Californian Surfer is the dumbest of all
E2 M5
E2 M5 - 2 years ago
I didnt get the shower joke
Tshilidzi Munyai
Tshilidzi Munyai - 2 years ago
LOL Jacob Zuma once said you could cure AIDS by taking a shower
Tom Y
Tom Y - 2 years ago
See if you can spot Mark Zuckerberg at 05:02...

50. comment for Trevor Noah: That's Racist - Surfing AIDS

ismail mahmood
ismail mahmood - 2 years ago
Can someone explain the last bit to me about laughing at his president
Angel Gray
Angel Gray - 2 years ago
Most people go through life, living and learning. That blond girl just lives
thenaynaycat - 2 years ago
I told a person I'm from Turkey once and they said "Doesn't everyone get thrown in jail or something?"
And well that is true but not my point.
Andy One
Andy One - 2 years ago
He's one to talk. I'm African, not some half Nazi like this dirtbag.
Alganesh Ucbayonas
Alganesh Ucbayonas - 2 years ago
He is the best
Christian Kamin
Christian Kamin - 2 years ago
The funny thing AYDs is a chocolate. Search up AYDs commercial
Nicolas YLB
Nicolas YLB - 2 years ago
One day in high school, a girl was adamant that there were no buildings in Africa. Like no buildings at all, no "proper houses", no towers, and so on. Only mud huts.
It didn't matter to her that I was black myself, or that I had been in Cameroon several times. She just wouldn't understand.
In her defence... hm... no, nothing comes.
Meytal Yasser
Meytal Yasser - 2 years ago
must question we North African be asked (Morocco.Algeria.Libya.Tunisia) if you're from Africa then why are you white , like seriously ._.
Kzizzles - 2 years ago
I was in Science class in my freshmen year and I was the person everyone went to for help because I did very well. We were covering Ionic bonds and this girl who sat across from me asked me the absolute best question ever, "Is bondage the same thing as this bonding thing we are learning about..?"
Angela Qi
Angela Qi - 2 years ago
Africa is a continent. Not a country.
Naive Girl
Naive Girl - 2 years ago
I'm North-European and american one asked me if we are allowed to travel to U.S.A ...
Kimathi Kevin
Kimathi Kevin - 2 years ago
That AIDS narrative is so real. Experienced it a couple of times
Earth Man
Earth Man - 2 years ago
Colin MacLaughlanWeir
Colin MacLaughlanWeir - 2 years ago
Fresh Air and Sun Shine are bad for your brain. Thats why I like to sit at home in a dark room all alone
LilFlais - 2 years ago
Once an American ask me if we had electricity in Italy!! Like for real..
Jarrett Henderson
Jarrett Henderson - 2 years ago
Lmaooo! Stupid Americans
Fionn Krahforst
Fionn Krahforst - 2 years ago
fuck cali surfers east coast
Paloma Thomas
Paloma Thomas - 2 years ago
Dude in the audience at 4:59 looks like Zuckerberg
Shadownet - 2 years ago
what was the thing about his president?
eTHEREAL. - 2 years ago
Wow, this can't be a real conversation. But it was still hilarious.
Zadex - 2 years ago
eTHEREAL. It's very possible lol
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba - 2 years ago
Lau knowsbest
Lau knowsbest - 2 years ago
You will be surprised how ignorant are people from the ''so called developed countries''
J Apps
J Apps - 2 years ago
An American thought Ireland didn't have water taps, electricity or pretty much anything
Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams - 2 years ago
people think africa is a country XD but its friend who moved oversea said she was from zambia the people oversea asked whos that haha dumb people
B-Pick - 2 years ago
I hate it whenever people from the states are dumb because it adds to the stereotype that Americans are stupid and ignorant. Which isn't true......kinda
Rachel Dannheisser
Rachel Dannheisser - 2 years ago
I'd feel so bad if I was the surfing girl he was talking about in the beginning
skye dietrechsen
skye dietrechsen - 2 years ago
in your recent video... your accent sucks !! that American accent isn't at all why south africa fell in love with you...YOU WERE THE BEST IMPERSONATOR...until America...
Sarah Al yami
Sarah Al yami - 2 years ago
I love him because he's sarcastic
Sarah Al yami
Sarah Al yami - 2 years ago
I l be him because he's sarcastic
Lana Сергеева
Lana Сергеева - 2 years ago
I have similar story. Me and my best friend Nehita (she's from Lagos) were walking through the corridor and so this girl comes and asks her:"Hey can u teach me to talk black?"
Lukas Mei
Lukas Mei - 2 years ago
some americans are just so fucking dumb...i come from Germany (which is not that mysterious and unknown lbr) and i was asked if we "dress like normal europeans" and whether we have trains and cars.
Sizankosi Nqentsu
Sizankosi Nqentsu - 2 years ago
"then you just take a shower"
Janne Winsemann
Janne Winsemann - 2 years ago
This reminds me of the one time I went to Capetown for a couple of days. I come from Germany where every person crossing the street without the traffic light being gree is pretty much a bad person and if you do this in front of children you just are the Antichrist.
So in Capetown it was just like Trevor said and we managed to adapt within a hour or so.But the we were on huge crossing and a school class with a teacher was waiting for the green light and everyone really everyone was just crossing including us. The teacher,teaching the chdren how to behave right in traffic, looked me in the eye while I was crossing and I had the feeling in her eyes I had a 666 written on my forehead.
jessie james
jessie james - 2 years ago
hes so brilliaint
jessie james
jessie james - 2 years ago
many people say americans are so ignorant of cultures of other countries
Truther 416
Truther 416 - 2 years ago
is that Mark Zuckerberg at 5:00
steve wickens
steve wickens - 2 years ago
tons of surfing in Cape Town.
Steph Powell
Steph Powell - 2 years ago
I don't get it? why did they all laugh?
giligara30492 - 2 years ago
It also works if they only know ONE thing about your country. I'm Colombian, and almost the first thing an American classmate asked me was if my dad could get him a cheap deal on cocaine.
joseph daouda Sene
joseph daouda Sene - 2 years ago
A fat dude at new york told me one day "" take me to africa so that i will loose weight""
Vanadiumoxid - 2 years ago
I can proudly state that, as a European, I have been to Africa. Once (It was South Africa). But it does make one more sensitive to the differences throughout Africa and that "Africa" is not a country. I just hate it when people say things like: "yeah and there was one guy from Italy, one from Switzerland and one from Africa." Africa is big, people! :D
Vanadiumoxid - 2 years ago
I can proudly state that, as a European, I have been to Africa. Once (It was South Africa). But it does make one more sensitive to the differences throughout Africa and that "Africa" is not a country. I just hate it when people say things like: "yeah and there was one guy from Italy, one from Switzerland and one from Africa." Africa is big, people! :D
Ali Abulafah
Ali Abulafah - 2 years ago
can someone explain the part about the shower in the end and why the crowd were laughing so hard at it please?
Ali Abulafah
Ali Abulafah - 2 years ago
Sam Soxa thanks for telling me, that's really funny did he try it on himself lol
Sam Soxa
Sam Soxa - 2 years ago
It's a reference to a statement by Jacob Zuma. He said something about one being able to wash HIV off if one takes a shower right after sex.
AL HD - 2 years ago
I'm From Syria nobody ask me anything.
Shari Scott
Shari Scott - 2 years ago
I don't get the last joke about the shower. what happened to his president??
Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez - 2 years ago
Johannesburg? Oh damn, I wonder if things got crazy after that District 9 movie.
Jerron Primus
Jerron Primus - 2 years ago
Fuhu Xiao
Fuhu Xiao - 2 years ago
This one is SOOOO good...
Linah Madiba
Linah Madiba - 2 years ago
a guy from dernmark just last nite asked me if us blacks we have christmas trees ? at our houses i was like lol
AnimatedDisc - 2 years ago
This entire story sounds incredibly fake.

100. comment for Trevor Noah: That's Racist - Surfing AIDS

Jello Shot
Jello Shot - 2 years ago
Is it just me or the California babe wanted to fuck him?
Theo Rompas
Theo Rompas - 2 years ago
i met this girl online.. and i said that i was from indonesia and ask her if she knew?? she said, i dont know much about India..

Really?? india?? smh
Drea Granig
Drea Granig - 2 years ago
this ignorance is getting me down
Logan Cooper
Logan Cooper - 2 years ago
Sounds like Trevor Noah ran into Karen Smith...
Twiggy Morris
Twiggy Morris - 2 years ago
I'm an American, and I often get asked why I don't have an accent, don't use the word 'like', have a preference for oxford commas and why I'm not stupid. It's funny to me, considering that people hate it when American's generalize them - yet they do the same to Americans. lol
*다람쥐* - 2 years ago
03:52 Yes...that feeling I know, really wished I didn't have to deal with it though.
SouldierToTheEnd - 2 years ago
Someone once asked me if we had cars in Mexico...
rrafka - 2 years ago
a kid in my class asked if we had apples in indonesia. you know apples? not that thing you use to send texts no. the apples you eat
SmokeAndClickCircles - 3 years ago
Fuck that cali girl accent was so annoying to me. I know that's the point, and he nailed it. But still...
Big Schäck
Big Schäck - 3 years ago
i dont get the shower part
Stephen Barlow
Stephen Barlow - 3 years ago
Could someone explain the shower joke at the end?
TheBeauella - 3 years ago
I don't get the joke at the end..
awabatiti - 3 years ago
If Morocco is in Africa so why aren't you black ? _'
France CHAPRIER - 3 years ago
funny show but i didn't get the shower joke at the end
IanYoutubIan - 3 years ago
google, Jacob Zuma aid shower... you will then find out why it is funny.
Tiki80 - 3 years ago
stupid ignorant white ppl lool! like my heritage is from bangladesh n some ppl is like oh you're seriously? ? we are just neighbour of india.. n we never had issues with them with independence. we got into war with pakistan bcuz we were under their state n they wanted to ban our language n only speak urdu so bengalis fought a bloody 9month war for freedom its like how it is with israel n palestine.. n we've been independent for 40+ years now...
Kawthar Bakhach
Kawthar Bakhach - 3 years ago
Does his surfer girl accent remind anyone else of Ryan Higa's Regina accent XD
13holdera - 3 years ago
LOL the audience though (shower)
sphamandla cyril
sphamandla cyril - 3 years ago
For people that have been meaning to understand the "shower joke", it was basically to ridicule the current South African president(Jacob Zuma). He was once charged with a rape case by supposedly a female whom it was later discovered he was in a relationship with. There were suspicions about her being HIV positive and so in his defence (president) stated that "he had taken a shower".
XxHexxesxX XxJibril The FlügelxX
XxHexxesxX XxJibril The FlügelxX - 3 years ago
There's a chocolate brand called....

Aids dietary supplements

now with more fiber and regrets!
Shelby Abbott
Shelby Abbott - 3 years ago
Lots of places don't have waves..... Seems like he doesn't know that and that is kind of ignorant.
Michelle Ziems
Michelle Ziems - 3 years ago
Hamdi Ali hassan I am an American girl depends on where you're from, there's a bunch of different accents here
Linda Khadenje
Linda Khadenje - 3 years ago
he is always funny
Marcus Hudson
Marcus Hudson - 3 years ago
Mark Zuckerberg at 5:00
NNS 12
NNS 12 - 3 years ago
People like that really exist?? I thought it was just in movies LOL
Patty Nayyar
Patty Nayyar - 2 years ago
Schwartzbruder1 z
Schwartzbruder1 - 3 years ago
NNS 12 they usually come from privileged upbringings. Even living out here seeing is beleiving
NNS 12
NNS 12 - 3 years ago
+Schwartzbruder1 I mean I've ever been so I couldn't believe it was real xD
Schwartzbruder1 - 3 years ago
NNS 12 fucking California man....
ζσμηδ Λαμɩτ
ζσμηδ Λαμɩτ - 3 years ago
MORE sex robots = LESS aids
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar - 3 years ago
holy Christ the accent
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - 3 years ago
Oh my god those facial expressions killed me xDD
prince anderson
prince anderson - 3 years ago
Trevor Noah > Kevin Hart
Mila Scott
Mila Scott - 3 years ago
As a surfer I find this so funny and South Africa has some of the best waves I mean common J-Bay get outta here amazing wave
Zeemas - 3 years ago
Im not fom South Africa but you won't know how much people who think that the country has people living in jungles and chasing lions and shit.
Neela Saha
Neela Saha - 3 years ago
Everyone confused about the shower joke: Jacob Zuma was charged with rape in 2005 (found not guilty; the accuser was granted asylum by the Netherlands). During the trial, Zuma said he knew the accuser was HIV positive, so he took a shower to decrease the risk of contracting HIV. That statement generated a lot of extra controversy on top of the controversy from the rape charge itself because taking a shower doesn't do anything to prevent HIV transmission.
Lacey Thiessen
Lacey Thiessen - 3 years ago
California girl in Miami beach?!!?
J Wei
J Wei - 3 years ago
Lacey Thiessen Malibu
Venatix_ 92
Venatix_ 92 - 3 years ago
Trevor's face when he says "how'd you get here?", got me guffawing! XD
Ashia Keys
Ashia Keys - 3 years ago
I miss Trevor Noah before he Hosted the Daily show...
White Trash
White Trash - 2 years ago
Please, take him ...
I miss Jon Stewart.
ZeeRock - 3 years ago
when he did the chocolate move, I immediately felt Louis C.K in there
Andréa Labonair
Andréa Labonair - 3 years ago
My experience with Americans in a nutshell. Sincerely, A Scott
Andréa Labonair
Andréa Labonair - 3 years ago
+Traumglanz What do you even mean?
Traumglanz - 3 years ago
Woah, a schott. Do you drink like Whisky everyday? And are you a fighting for independence still? scnr
XxxlilmizzzxxX - 3 years ago a Jamaican, I have constantly heard people's failed attempt at Patois...
mannelshah - 3 years ago
yeah, the common american guy/girl are stupid as hell lol
Moataz A
Moataz A - 3 years ago
At 5:00 is this Mark Zuckerberg on the left of screen?
Scott Pinto
Scott Pinto - 3 years ago
Moataz Abdalla its his stunt double
Henry von Rintelen
Henry von Rintelen - 3 years ago
What is the background for the shower joke?
Henry von Rintelen
Henry von Rintelen - 3 years ago
+Luvo Mveli
Ahhhhh, thanks for the explanation!
Luvo Mveli
Luvo Mveli - 3 years ago
Few years before his presidency, South African president Jacob Zuma was facing rape charges. It so happened that the woman pressing charges was also HIV positive. So during an interview, Zuma was ask if about this and his reply was a confident "I TOOK A SHOWER AFTERWARDS", like that would wash away the infection. Classic guy, he's our Trump.
Edgar Diaz
Edgar Diaz - 3 years ago
Henry von Rintelen didn't understand it either
polymphus - 3 years ago
It's funny because there used to be a chocolate bar called AYDS, which sold itself as a weight-loss product.
Lydia Rose
Lydia Rose - 3 years ago
OMG so funny I love the accents. Trevor is the best ever love it!!!!!!
t3h51d3w1nd3r - 3 years ago
I was talking to an american girl online and she couldnt believe that i was able to speak english or understand how i knew slang, she said she thought all the irish live in cottages, speak irish and ride donkeys, so i informed her and i thought i got thru but then she started asking me how i had access to a computer, was it a community one, like the whole county had just one, i told her i built it another thing she couldnt understand, so i gave up, i mean ill straight up admit i dont know things about every country but i try to learn. Ppl poke fun at north korea for being introverted or self centered but the us is almost as bad, i know its just a few idiots that gives every1 a bad name, given the chance id easily live there
Traumglanz - 3 years ago
Guess everyone is always meeting the same "just a few idiots" than ^-^
marxxmann - 3 years ago
My Americans neighbours whom I left in California to go and live in Thailand where i'm still presently, asked me if they have movie theaters and microwave ovens there. I swear....., and you wonder why so many people around the world look down on these people for their monumental ignorance. SMH!
A-REECE Tyopo - 3 years ago
I don't think you should watch trevor if you are faint harted to those critics I say. trevor is to high to pull down they say you can't beat just join him #proud south african
Leticia S.
Leticia S. - 3 years ago
Ahh the good old fashion shower that cures and prevents it all... lol Brilliant!
panicatdx - 3 years ago
i love his sense of humour!
Samantha Geso
Samantha Geso - 3 years ago
It's the same with Australians. So many foreigners think we ride kangaroos here
Anti Christ
Anti Christ - 3 years ago
Really american here, never thought a australian rode a kangaroo haha wouldn't they kick you if you tried lol
Delani Mbele
Delani Mbele - 3 years ago
this guy is dope!
Muddassir khan
Muddassir khan - 3 years ago
2:15 had me in splits :D
JUSTIN O.K. - 3 years ago
Gets hellbent When subtitles said Nigga.
Reuben Kiboi
Reuben Kiboi - 3 years ago
Ignorant Americans.
Hopeful Hyena
Hopeful Hyena - 3 years ago
I wonder if the people in his stories ever hear this stuff and are like "hey that's me! Was I that stupid?"
Tragoudistros.MPH - 2 years ago
Hopeful Hyena Lol, I have friends in Malibu. I will put the word out!
DerJojo20 - Montages & More!
DerJojo20 - Montages & More! - 3 years ago
this guy is a genius xD
moe joe099
moe joe099 - 3 years ago
Yo he the funniest comedian out here..
john lewis
john lewis - 3 years ago
i saw how many views Mr Noahs videos were getting so i thought i would watch a few. I know comedy is a person thing and what makes some people laugh does not do it for others I must he missing something here because i see so many likes and yet i found him about as funny has toothache
The Traveler
The Traveler - 3 years ago
Trever has shown his enormous ignorance. "unnecessary surfer movements". A joke is a cleaver way to point out the truth. There is no truth to "unnecessary movements". Just ignorance there. It's called a life's skill. If you don't have these skills, you will be sitting on your ass on the beach. Doing nothing. Just running your ignorant mouth.
Anonymous Channel
Anonymous Channel - 3 years ago
Look I'm American and I'm sorry for my people. But I think I might know why they do this. Maybe because the rest of the world hates America so they hate back? It's just a guess. But there shouldn't be any hate at all.
Naning Widyastuti
Naning Widyastuti - 3 years ago
what's the type of his sneakers?
Kayla Samuel
Kayla Samuel - 3 years ago
There people who ask me "What are you?"
I say "I'm a pacific Islander."
then they say "Omg so your HAWAIIAN?!"
I swear if I had a dollar for every time they said I was Hawaiian, I'd probably be able to buy as many chicken nuggests if I can.
Lolx caekae
Lolx caekae - 2 years ago
I'm Micronesian and people think I'm Hawaiian. No matter what I say. I'm either Hawaiian or Marshallese. It's crazy.
Kayla Samuel
Kayla Samuel - 3 years ago
Lmao "You cant be an Islander if your from Somalia." Wow.
Rockart9 - 3 years ago
Pacific Islander is such a broad term. What specifically? Hawaiians are pacific Islanders so they're not wrong. So what exactly? Fijian, Samoan?

As a Filipino, what really grinds my gears are Filipinos (mostly American-Filipinos who've never visited the country) who claim they're Pacific islanders. No Filipino who actually lives in the Philippines would claim that.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker - 3 years ago
What on earth does that mean: "I'd probably be able to buy as many chicken nuggets if I can"
bjam89 - 3 years ago
Lemlem Arey why are you talking about children songs
Lemlem Arey
Lemlem Arey - 3 years ago
norsk barn julesang
Esh LR
Esh LR - 3 years ago
Kayla Samuel frickin feeeeels
Sophia Yamaguchi
Sophia Yamaguchi - 3 years ago
Moses Nyirinkindi
Moses Nyirinkindi - 3 years ago
How else do you get clean? You go surfing
Hiro Mahtava
Hiro Mahtava - 3 years ago
I guess every Hongkonese love Jackie Chan And know Kung Fu , Stereo type stuff?
mannelshah - 3 years ago
jakie chan is actually very hated in parts of china... so i hear
StevieTheAwesome - 3 years ago
how dare u turn my jokes against me !
Justanotherconsumer - 3 years ago
Nnena Uchendu
Nnena Uchendu - 3 years ago
I'm telling you. Many Americans are so dumb that they ask useless questions
Kelvin Jackson
Kelvin Jackson - 3 years ago
can someone explain the last bit about the shower and the president.. I don't get that
Kelvin Jackson
Kelvin Jackson - 3 years ago
+Neo Thulo it is on relation to when Jacob Zuma had unprotected sex with a HIV patient and thought showering will stop him from getting aids
Neo Thulo
Neo Thulo - 3 years ago
+Daniel Pienaar Really now? I don't understand how the guy taking a shower, has to do with increasing votes for the ANC. Like Wtf dude. Dude don't be stupid.
Daniel Pienaar
Daniel Pienaar - 3 years ago
He told the Africans in South Africa that after they have unprotected sex all you need to do is take a shower and it will wash the aids away, this was so they could increase the population of blacks in South Africa to vote for the ANC, they wanted to be sure that the whites wouldn't out vote them.
Pheap Original
Pheap Original - 3 years ago
His dimples melts me.... sigh
Namo rin
Namo rin - 3 years ago
didn't get the last joke about the shower and then the president. like what happened to their president?
Drea Granig
Drea Granig - 3 years ago
Nani rin our dear president once said that u can get rid of aids by showering
Ashley Maria
Ashley Maria - 3 years ago
+masego maeci No one here is being rasict. It's simply a matter of personal hygiene
naveen kala
naveen kala - 3 years ago
masego maeci sarcasm... something not every1 understands specially self appreciative dumb cunt americans but its ok
Ashley Crank
Ashley Crank - 3 years ago
Ashley Maria nah B it's not... you're just accustomed to the casting of aspersions against black people that's why you agree with the statement... the cold hard truth is that all races have people who are unhygienic. I know white people who don't shower in the mornings... they stink too... it's not about where you live or what race you are. yall are just racist B... but that's cool. do you
Ashley Maria
Ashley Maria - 3 years ago
+OGTrapQueen KillemAll It not being Rasict, it's the Cold hard serious Truth.
Ashley Maria
Ashley Maria - 3 years ago
masego maeci They also have really bad BO. that's not all of them just some of them.
masego maeci
masego maeci - 3 years ago
+naveen kala​ Indian life ! Lol and u wonder why Indian houses are infested with lice.
Ashley Crank
Ashley Crank - 3 years ago
Shivam Sharma get your lying racist ass the fuck outta here b
naveen kala
naveen kala - 3 years ago
+masego maeci yes and we make it a point to take bath only thrice a lifetime... when we are born one we retire and we try to avoid the 3rd time expecting that we will die beforehand
DeadMan the Hekatonkheire
DeadMan the Hekatonkheire - 3 years ago
+Nani rin the joke pokes fun at South Africa's idiot president, Jacob Zuma, who, after having been accused of raping a woman who turned out to have HIV, claimed that he couldn't have contracted the virus since he took a shower right after he had sex with her. Get it now?
Oriane Nsengiyumva
Oriane Nsengiyumva - 3 years ago
nope that wasnt it at all...there are parts of S.A. that may not get water but that doesn't mean they dont know about hygiene
Namo rin
Namo rin - 3 years ago
+masego maeci well they're meant to be dirty, it's the waste chute, but should be cleaned. Why wouldn't you wash your butt of all places? And soap will cause an infection. The butt isn't fifth free but can be cleaned.
Random User
Random User - 3 years ago
+masego maeci Well butts can be smelly and filthy. You should have thought of that before putting your tongue in there. That's basic common sense.
Namo rin
Namo rin - 3 years ago
+masego maeci they use their left hand to wash and right hand to eat. Most people do this. It's better than walking around with a dirty butt.
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma - 3 years ago
hahaha calm down friend, I did not mean any of that as an Insult. It is just how it is, I stated facts, from what I saw around me when I lived in South Africa. Is any of what I said untrue?

btw, nothing cleans better than hands and water. Read this up to know yourself :]
rosedaline valetine
rosedaline valetine - 3 years ago
+Shivam Sharma Dang, are they mirroring the Europeans? Especially the Brits. Look what happened to them: black plaque.
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma - 3 years ago
Blacks in non city areas of south africa don't shower often enough, like once a week, that's just how they are and have been. AIDS is also a disease common in blacks in South Africa. So Jacob Zuma, south african president, once tried to link aids to showers in order to get blacks to take better care of their hygiene. He said aids wouldn't be such a big problem if people took shower more often. It came out terribly and became a joke on the president himself in popular culture.
Lilly N.
Lilly N. - 3 years ago
Jacob Zuma, the current SA president said that.
Wes Köhler
Wes Köhler - 3 years ago
He basically said and don't quote me on this, having a shower would cure you from hiv/AIDS
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 3 years ago
xD lolololol
MJforever5690 - 3 years ago
I'm Australian born and bred but my ethnic background is Sri Lankan. People in America were so confused when I said I was from Australia. One guy literally refused to believe I was from Australia and said I looked like I was from "New Delhi or something". P.S I do not look like I'm from New Delhi. One lady also didn't know where or what Sydney was.
Nus ko
Nus ko - 3 years ago
Mufti Menk's accent
Don Cohrs
Don Cohrs - 3 years ago
AIDS= Alcohol Induced Drippy Shits
some person
some person - 3 years ago
As a Canadian, i think in every developed Western country, high schools should have mandatory assemblies once a year, where they teach us the basics about Africa and Asia. Because as it is, we really don't learn much about them.
alana king
alana king - 3 years ago
There was no hope, lol
Ahmad Fauzi Purwandono
Ahmad Fauzi Purwandono - 3 years ago
is it only me that needs to scroll down the comments, to get the shower jokes thing?
Thembinkosi Sibiya
Thembinkosi Sibiya - 2 years ago
Hes still president until 2019 lol i know many people want him out but his still the first South African
Neo Mphahlele
Neo Mphahlele - 2 years ago
If only he was the ex president
Rakano - 3 years ago
south african ex president jacob zuma took a shower after having sex with a positive hiv woman, thinking he will prevent infection
zinhle Mercator
zinhle Mercator - 3 years ago
no he didn't actually say we must take a shower,he said he takes a shower to get rid of Aids.He was accused of raping someone that had Aids and he said he didn't get infected by it because he took a shower
MrAirbender32 - 3 years ago
Sadly she is just the typical average american.
Stephanie Julia
Stephanie Julia - 2 years ago
LOL I'm shocked that she was aware that Africa existed and that you shouldn't breathe water while surfing -_-
swamidude - 2 years ago
Traumglanz well a lot of countries in Europe at least have some neighbour countries. Which languages you learn + English always. But the English speaking world is pretty lazy, scince everyone can speak English... I think a lot of people in Europe also know French or/and German. Depends which country you live in and what countries it borders. I would personally recommend one Germanic language, one latin language and one slavic language as a base as a kid, from there on you can easily pick up almost any other European language as an adult. As many languages in the same linguistic group share enough similarities to easily learn them if you know one of them well.
Traumglanz - 3 years ago
Wow. Speaking another language, that makes you like, totally educated. 3 languages are the minimum requirements for college in a lot of countries ;-)
Kory Kwon
Kory Kwon - 3 years ago
More like what we call basic white girl in
MrAirbender32 - 3 years ago
Anti Christ, suck Trump tiny dick, you whiny little emo bitch.
Anti Christ
Anti Christ - 3 years ago
MrAirBender choke on a dick dude american or not why are you stereo typing people?
MrAirbender32 - 3 years ago
+Shafer Wilkerson , don't worry dude, i know no everyone is like that, there's always good people all around, they're just harder to find. Dumb people are more noticeable.
Shafer Wilkerson
Shafer Wilkerson - 3 years ago
+MrAirbender32 Yikes, well I'm sorry to hear that man. Come down to Dallas sometime. We'll treat you right, lol.
MrAirbender32 - 3 years ago
+MrAirbender32, i also travel a lot and i found that the average american traveler is super ignorant and rarely speak anything but English.
MrAirbender32 - 3 years ago
+Shafer Wilkerson, dude I'm american also but the typical mainland white american is exactly like that in my experience.
Shafer Wilkerson
Shafer Wilkerson - 3 years ago
See, this. This offends me. I can't stand the fact that people automatically assume that this is the typical American. I'm from New York originally, and now I love in Dallas. That being said, I have rarely found an ignorant numbskull like the one Trevor was playing. A lot of us are actually educated in foreign affairs, and can speak another language...
naomi costello
naomi costello - 3 years ago
I think she meant if you guys have BIG waves in Africa like in California.
Arkeeny - 3 years ago
can someone explain the showa president joke?
Arkeeny - 3 years ago
Oh.... O_o. Don't know what to say to that..
Ornela Emanuel
Ornela Emanuel - 3 years ago
Well the South African president Jacob Zuma , was involved in a scandal where he had unprotected sex with a HIV+ woman. When asked about this in court he said he took a cold shower after the sex so that he could not get AIDS and everyone lost their minds  -the end.By: Lwando Lawrence Moshani comments
khan baba
khan baba - 3 years ago
I didn't get his last joke about shower and president?
Aldemar Depuy
Aldemar Depuy - 3 years ago
WildlifeObsessed - 3 years ago
Thanks for brightening a crap day - you really are a genius.

You script writers are quite cool too !
Nicola Mendonca
Nicola Mendonca - 3 years ago
Hilarious and clever!
Nicola Mendonca
Nicola Mendonca - 3 years ago
Hilarious and clever!
ekaiLo - 3 years ago
Is it weird that I find his accent sexy? (sigh)
Nathan Stein
Nathan Stein - 2 years ago
I, as an American, proclaim that we as an accent sound the most like robots out of all the other accents of English.
maddythinks - 2 years ago
ekaiLo he is really sexy. Accent. Looks. Intelligence. Everything
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 3 years ago
There is a fuck ton of stupidity in this comment section
Landon Horton
Landon Horton - 3 years ago
An accent isn't what language you speak, it's your tone and cadence when speaking that language.
Mahnoor S
Mahnoor S - 3 years ago
Traumglanz he's from South Africa
Traumglanz - 3 years ago
Nah, the americans are the ones with heavy accents, barely understandable, just like the aussies.
Traumglanz - 3 years ago
What accent? He speaks english …
Ashia Keys
Ashia Keys - 3 years ago
+21stCtesc yeah I guess, but I always thought us english south africans sound like americans....
21stCtesc - 3 years ago
Everyone has an accent.
Ashia Keys
Ashia Keys - 3 years ago
do south africans have accents? (im south african?)
ekaiLo - 3 years ago
edd st Actitud Caribe
edd st Actitud Caribe - 3 years ago
Not his accent is cool!
sf e
sf e - 3 years ago
No. It really is.
Amani H
Amani H - 3 years ago
Victor Vaiopoulos
Victor Vaiopoulos - 3 years ago
No it's not weird at all
Treeninja1999 - 3 years ago
Lukhanyo Mtshingana
Lukhanyo Mtshingana - 3 years ago
I think Africans should start investing in movies which will show the world how we live at present in the 21st century, I mean most Africans no American life through movies and media! we should never be ashamed of who we are and were we come from as society, just because we close to our traditions and culture does not mean we are not educated, just because most countries are in wars and poverty does not mean we are not intellectuals and have talents from different spheres of life!
DuchAmagi - 2 years ago
Lukhanyo Mtshingana
Do you understand he was just being helpful and nice to you?
KeyboardWarrior - 2 years ago
Biased Sherman iah yes chappie. What a great representation of south africa.....
some person
some person - 3 years ago
Thanks :)
I understand the resentment but I think it's kind of ridiculous that someone can fail to understand that if no one had taught them a language in the first place, they wouldn't be able to be speaking it right now to talk to me and the other people here.
Btw, I get that stereotyping is a serious issue, and there's a lot of it. Everyone lumps countries together. But it's worth considering that we all do it, even though we don't always notice we're doing it - you both seem to think I'm from the USA, and I'm Canadian. Different culture, much more multicultural, more knowledge about different countries. That just came to mind, so I thought I might as well point it out :)
MrError90 - 3 years ago
Mtshingana hey fuckface, what's up? I see you are angry. man, I'm in a situation just like you but truth should be said. America has many stupid people but the smart people there are more. and overall IQ there is way higher than your fucking country! just don't be sad and try to make your way out to another better country and live there. good luck
MrError90 - 3 years ago
some person wow I announce that he's so stupid to answer you like this. I'm not a native english speaker and I would be thankful to anyone helping me with it. just don't be sad and don't stop offering help to others. I scrutinized through every word you've written in order not be annoying to him but he still didn't get it. I bet he's angry of the bad situation in his country and that Americans are underestimating their qualifications. so he acted his anger out this way. I know this because I, myself, am from a third world country, Iraq, and can understand, though not agree, his feelings. when smart hardworking people see many lazy stupid folks in america, they see this situation as unfair, so they become angry. but he has no right to do this because he's not even smart. he's dump as fuck! lol. I'm trying to piss him off. I know I wrote alot but I thought you need this clarification. thanks
Cuppid Thomas
Cuppid Thomas - 3 years ago
Lukhanyo Mtshingana true I love that as Africans we have great culture that...shaped us to be respectful not like this Tomi lahren...
D4RKBRU73 - 3 years ago
Have you ever heard of District 9 ???
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
+some person I thought about that possibility the very second I clicked on "post reply", but I'm really sorry I just felt like I had to say this after having seen this unfortunate situation so many times XD
I may have travelled too much on virtual places like Youtube, lol.
some person
some person - 3 years ago
+Shell Master Tortwaf
I dropped it a month ago XD
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
+some person Just... Drop it. I mean, I know this conversation was over a month ago, and I shouldn't even be here or say this, but several... moods float around youtube, and even when you're legit trying to help someone, the understanding of what you're doing will be different, misinterpreted, and you'll end up being punished for it.
Kinda relates to Trevor's "there's no hope line."
Hopefully, you won't have to get into this kind of trouble next time - I, too, I trying to help here. Sorry for interrupting.
Lukhanyo Mtshingana
Lukhanyo Mtshingana - 3 years ago
I do not need your help!
some person
some person - 3 years ago
I thought you were saying it was 'absolutely not,' annoying. I didn't realize you were saying it wasn't helpful.
Again, not trying to change culture or whitewash things. English is a useful language to know, since so many people speak it. If you don't want to perfect it, I have no issue with that, but you're being really over-aggressive, since I was just trying to help...
Lukhanyo Mtshingana
Lukhanyo Mtshingana - 3 years ago
+some person , fuck off!
some person
some person - 3 years ago
Good to hear it :)
I'm not trying to make you white. I was saying it just in case you wanted to learn more, since English is a fairly useful, but incredibly confusing, language to learn.
Lukhanyo Mtshingana
Lukhanyo Mtshingana - 3 years ago
+some person , you were not! I do not care about being perfect in English, My home language is "IsiXhosa " I am not the want to be white African!
some person
some person - 3 years ago
+Faisal Ismail
Based on the commenter's non-English same, I thought it was fairly likely that English was their second language. I was trying to be helpful - I even stated that I hoped it was helpful and not annoying.
I used to study French, and I know that if I said something wrong in French, I'd want someone to correct me so I wouldn't repeat the mistake.
With your 'You yank piece of shit,' you're being worse than patronizing, yourself. You seem to think you're superior to all Americans - so much so, that you both assumed that I was trying to be patronizing, and assumed that I was American. Which I'm not.
Faisal Ismail
Faisal Ismail - 3 years ago
+some person You patronising yank piece of shit, its youtube not an english test
some person
some person - 3 years ago
It's a great idea, but I'm not sure many Americans would watch them.

Not sure if it's a typo or if English is your second language, but:
'No,' always means negative. So, if you know about American life, you use know. Hope this helps :) (and hope it wasn't annoying).
Biased Sherman
Biased Sherman - 3 years ago
District 9, Chappie etc
taifhamid1 - 3 years ago
a girl once asked me if we had national anthem or and she thought that we didn't have and we ride camels and horses, I was laughing so hard, I thought she was just trying to offend me but than I realized she us dead serious I was speechless...
Some Person
Some Person - 3 years ago
+lauren felton
They can hold it in, then laugh once they get home :)
lauren felton
lauren felton - 3 years ago
+some person if the did that than they wouldn't make any money lol
MrAirbender32 - 3 years ago
+some person, so true, i like to take advantage of their ignorance and have a little fun at their expenses.
some person
some person - 3 years ago
I'm Canadian, and I've seen people online who seem to think Canada's just a bunch of igloos XD
On the bright side, you can laugh at the ridiculous tourists :)
MrAirbender32 - 3 years ago
+some person, don't worry, I'm from Puerto Rico a US territory and americans come here and are amazed to discover they don't need their passports and that we have electricity, internet, roads and buildings but when they discover that we also have Starbucks and Walmart then they go ape shit crazy, is funny to watch and simultaneously annoying and offensive.
some person
some person - 3 years ago
Cars are easier to have than cities :) Having brick houses indicates wealth far more than having cars.
A lot of charities show images of people in huts, in villages without electricity or running water. I understand why they do that - to raise money for the people who actually live in those conditions - but I think it's the main reason some people think African civilization is just a bunch of straw huts. Those ads should start mentioning the fraction of people per country who actually live in those conditions.
taifhamid1 - 3 years ago
+some person
forget about cities, everyone have CARS lol
some person
some person - 3 years ago
People don't realize that even the least developed countries have cities and institutions.
sseven hakim
sseven hakim - 3 years ago
what do u expect from most americans? an intelligent conversation? lol
nam e puthpong
nam e puthpong - 3 years ago
how much time have you spent with western culture? you seem so accustomed to it.
qfadfnbseden - 3 years ago
hey, boss..?
Abdirahman CB
Abdirahman CB - 3 years ago
there are ignorant people in every country around the world but what makes the average american's ignorance very distinct is their lack of care to learn about anything outside america which is arrogance.
Debby Dares
Debby Dares - 2 years ago
Debbie Marquis gee... thanks....
omar ahmed
omar ahmed - 2 years ago
Exactly wallahi
sonofaballer96 - 2 years ago
Jazzy well maybe your ancestors did but mine we brought on ships and made slaves but they fought for independence and equal opportunity but even black Americans are close minded. We sometimes don’t refer to people as “black-black” or “really black” if they don’t use slang and aren’t from the states. We like people from the
Brad Geffrard
Brad Geffrard - 2 years ago
I can assure u all that while American ignorance is very distinctly portrayed in the media it's only a small portion that's actually like that if anything other countries are more ignorant such as Haiti parts of Africa, North Korea, etc
If anything America is one of the least ignorant and most accepting and for some reason people seem to forget that
(From a Haitian guy)
Brad Geffrard
Brad Geffrard - 2 years ago
Joanne Njau
Other countries and cultures are vastly different from each other especially America
What you said makes no sense to me
Ignorance stems from people who are unwilling to accept other cultures regardless of how different they are
Go Jojo
Go Jojo - 2 years ago
Abdirahman CB Americans have this idea that other countries and cultures are vastly different from theirs. That's the basis of all the confusion & ignorance.
DuchAmagi - 2 years ago
I have a theory why so many Americans look dumb. It's maybe because they teach them at schools to always have their own opinions about everything and they have an extrovertic culture. So for them it's kind of a virtue if you're active and say something all the time, engage in something and express your opinions even if all of that is completely stupid. And there are very stupid people outside of the US but they're more likely to be quiet and not have opinions about everything (you can't really know everything anyway) because they don't want to look stupid while Americans just don't care.
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins - 2 years ago
Abdirahman CB America is doomed... please help me.
Brad Geffrard
Brad Geffrard - 2 years ago
What makes American ignorance distinct is that the media likes to portray Americans as complete idiots who remain ignorant of the world around them when in actuality that isn't true at all
Corylus Bluefox
Corylus Bluefox - 2 years ago
Ah yes, the charming duo ignorance and apathy: don't know, don't care!
Debbie Marquis
Debbie Marquis - 3 years ago
Abdirahman CB so true...actually...they're some of the dumbest ppl on the planet!!!!
Kawthar Bakhach
Kawthar Bakhach - 3 years ago
I agree....You can be ignorant and not know it, but then there's being ignorant, knowing it, and just not caring.
YouCan'tHateMeMoreThaniHateMyself - 3 years ago
Pinguino del Rio Heavy consumerism and capatilism aren't exclusive American traits nor do they originate from it.
Pinguino del Rio
Pinguino del Rio - 3 years ago
+Nikita Salcedo

I'm American, and I feel the same way. Its kind of weird though. The United States is a country with a culture that is spread around the world, yet so many of the people here don't seem to know anything, or care to know anything about the rest of the world.
Nikita Salcedo
Nikita Salcedo - 3 years ago
I'm an American but I agree with you! Most American people take an education for granted and they don't care about broadening their minds. They tend to believe that their opinion is all that matters. :(
Drea Granig
Drea Granig - 3 years ago
Abdirahman CB ur right there
sf e
sf e - 3 years ago
They barely know about their own country
YouCan'tHateMeMoreThaniHateMyself - 3 years ago
right no representation in what taxes were put in place
InfinityArch - 3 years ago
Raptor3614 - 3 years ago
"And even as an educated adult" you're fucking stupid then. You should know that the American Revolution was NOT because we didn't want to pay taxes. It's because us as a colony didn't have any representation. Dumbass learn some history before stating you know what you're talking about.^^
Jazzy - 3 years ago
but really, is American arrogance all that surprising? we came here, saw other people already living here, and fucked their world up because we could and we felt entitled to do so. the damn American revolution was basically America throwing a temper tantrum because they didn't want to pay taxes, Britain said "fine, but you're on your own" and us being the eternal toddlers we are, that wasn't good enough. our county was founded on arrogance and false entitlement. this might be my American arrogance emerging, but I think our country as a whole feels the most entitled than any other country in the world.
Jazzy - 3 years ago
there's a culture here of "nowhere else matters" and even as an educated adult, I feel it a bit, but it feels more like.. isolation and distance. all we (America) have is Canada and Mexico, and we (north America) are somewhat isolated from the rest of the world, and when you mix in American arrogance.. people be stupid, yo
Between the Panels
Between the Panels - 3 years ago
finding the countries they invade is too much.
JmmiP 20
JmmiP 20 - 3 years ago
What a title
sarah mthiyane
sarah mthiyane - 3 years ago
Trevor's really good and funny
Faith Uchiha
Faith Uchiha - 3 years ago
he has dimples so cute haha
Faith Uchiha
Faith Uchiha - 3 years ago
haha wouldve been awkward if the girl was at his show haha
marcopg1 - 3 years ago
Its not just Africa, Americans ask the darnest thing to anyone outside of the U.S. Her are some question I have been asked in my lifetime (I am from Venezuela). Do you have cars? How did you get here? Do you know what a tv is? i am dumbfounded by those questions. I just want say, bitch have you ever taken a geography class and learned anything from the world?
Xo - 3 years ago
80% of Whytes american so stupod
Syco Sikk
Syco Sikk - 3 years ago
It's white dumb ass.
okamus panulirus
okamus panulirus - 2 years ago
ItzKavya is it racist that i read it with an indian accent
majooismajor - 3 years ago
only at weddings ... streets are shut down ......

source : lived in india.
Lenoah Chacko
Lenoah Chacko - 3 years ago
Hahaha....those people watch too many bollywood songs.
Many beautiful reasons to be happy !
Many beautiful reasons to be happy ! - 3 years ago
That smile at 3.57... sigh
Shamarky Nomand
Shamarky Nomand - 3 years ago
Someone asked me "how to say Hi in Algebra" before!
Joel Bullock
Joel Bullock - 3 years ago
+Shamarky Nomand Algebra? Like math algebra? Are you Asian?
Nihal Salim
Nihal Salim - 3 years ago
Could someone explain the shower joke, the one at the end? I didn't get it.
Nihal Salim
Nihal Salim - 3 years ago
thanks for explaining that.
liez rams
liez rams - 3 years ago
Our president once raped and the girl was allegedly HIV + , so they asked the president abt him having had the chance to contract it,..... then said he took a shower after the rape....... meaning he washed the HIV off his dick
Oguz Caylak
Oguz Caylak - 3 years ago
i coudn't get it 4:57 joke can someone tell me please?
Oguz Caylak
Oguz Caylak - 3 years ago
its already very funny story didnt need add any joke.thanks man
Zihnne Riley Demor
Zihnne Riley Demor - 3 years ago
South African President Jacob Zuma had sex with a woman and didn't use a condom and was asked if did he tested for HIV after and he said he took a shower so he cant be contacted with HIV. So ppl make fun of it that if u sleep with someone without knowing if they hv HIV/AIDS or not u must take a shower afterwards
Sabrina Venegas
Sabrina Venegas - 3 years ago
I'm a Mexican-American in California and not all of us are that me lol.
K Family
K Family - 3 years ago
Lol funny man
Niya V
Niya V - 3 years ago
I come from the carribean. I feel your pain. I was outside shopping with my mom, this tourist came up to me and asked if I knew what a phone was.... I then pulled out my own phone. then the lady is like, thats coooooool saying it in a really slow and annoying female surfer dude voice. she then said, so like... do you climb trees for coconuts and swim all day? I bet you hang with the monkeys and stuff. I was so frickin mad and so deeply frustrated by the american education system I told my mom and she bursted out laughing...... then she went to go try on more clothes. I saw the lady coming to me again. she started another sentence with a: So like......... then I interrupted and said " I'm sorry miss but you have like no commense and I have no tolerance for you at the moment, not everybody from a foreign country is an animal, you must know this before someone who is ghetto tells you this in another way, I then said these three words very loudly LEAVE ME ALONEEEEEE!!!!! everyone stared at me. I walked away silently. Yes, I'm not lying it literally happened, most awkard ten minutes of my life.... TOURIST WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! thankyou for giving me your time :)
Lili Reyes
Lili Reyes - 3 years ago
Some people cant believe that people in mexico have internet access
Inedy ngoma
Inedy ngoma - 3 years ago
i love u Trevor
Gaia Hemp
Gaia Hemp - 4 years ago
are you the real Trevor Noah or just a fan made a fan account. Well im an Afrikaans guy and a big fan of you! and im not a boer! im not growing anything lol
Barbie Kerry
Barbie Kerry - 4 years ago
people the wild animals in Africa you see on tv are all in national parks
john smith
john smith - 4 years ago
guys tell me he is joking and there are not such uneducated human beings out there be able to vote for the government of the strongest country in the world........
lone_cherryblossom - 4 years ago
LMFAO! Helloooo Africa! ... Hellooo Americaaaa... >.< I cannot even... Categorizing the entire continent as being made of only one country rather than many different countries. Watching so many of Trevor Noah's videos can really open your mind and reveal the power of mass media to push everyone into basically one category and even skew geography and perception. Whoa... He's so intelligent and funny! Keep up the marvelous work! :D
Sierra Davis
Sierra Davis - 4 years ago
I once asked a guy from India if they have tigers where he lived. o.o
Toussaints' Wrath
Toussaints' Wrath - 4 years ago
+Sierra Davis Did he? Well, did he have tigers where he lived?
Gasparagus Productions
Gasparagus Productions - 4 years ago
"I used my monkey grip..."
The Silver Spooner
The Silver Spooner - 4 years ago
The jokes is kinda funnier because there was a brand of chocolate named "AIDS"
Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser - 3 years ago
First Name
First Name - 4 years ago
can someone explain the president joke lol?
First Name
First Name - 4 years ago
+nontobeko goba oh ok lol, tahhnks
nontobeko goba
nontobeko goba - 4 years ago
Allegedly president zuma said that he took a shower to clean out hiv... Allegedly
Michael Travis Matthews Walls
Michael Travis Matthews Walls - 4 years ago
The irony of this routine is that South Africa's own president (Jacob Zuma) truly believes he can "wash" AIDS off in a shower, or rape a child to cure himself. There's nothing funny about this level of stupidity, and it's far more 'hopeless' than any Malibu surfer girl. (It still doesn't make Trevor Noah any less funny. The guy is gold!)
Jerry K
Jerry K - 4 years ago
Who went, and watched Team America again, after this? xD
some person
some person - 4 years ago
ow...Ow...OW! The ignorance is crushing my brain!
Aminu Yakubu
Aminu Yakubu - 4 years ago
Gee B
Gee B - 4 years ago
Lmao!! Yes Ive had americans ask me if we ride kangaroos to school smh and they can't grasp the fact that there are black ppl in Australia (even tho the indigenous ppl are black) smh. Its sad but sometimes i just gotta laugh and smh at the ignorance foreal!
Angelo Cudal
Angelo Cudal - 3 years ago
Gee B is it also ignorant to take jokes seriously?
Gee B
Gee B - 3 years ago
+MJforever5690 lol I cant...the ignorance is real
MJforever5690 - 3 years ago
I had a mixed race black and white guy refuse to believe I was Australian cos I had dark skin. I wanted to ask him where he was from and then refuse to believe he was from America.
ZhangtheGreat - 3 years ago
As an American, you're always free to ask me if I have two guns fucking each other constantly...because I do =P
Bahaa Bujazia
Bahaa Bujazia - 3 years ago
+Jaysen Leolo you should've told him that charlez throne is from South africa ..
narmaK - 3 years ago
Lol typical
Amberley Canegitta
Amberley Canegitta - 4 years ago
Even Americans get asked questions like these. Some people are just so genuinely stupid. A girl once asked me if I was sure I was black. WTF YOU DON'T KNOW ME LIKE THAT. WHAT DO YOU MEAN "ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE BLACK." Some Americans will say "where are you from?" "uhh New York..." "no. Where are you frrrooommmm" WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO. I KNOW WHERE I WAS BORN.
DuchAmagi - 2 years ago
You could ask them the same, unless they're not Native Americans their origins are not "American" but e.g. European.
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
Oh I got that one a LOT, too. They're not interested about where you were born, but what your ORIGIN is, because since you "look different", you must have exotic things they can ask about.

...That's dumb, but y'know.
Eid - 4 years ago
I was chatting with an American girl who couldn't believe that I come from Egypt. She thought that I was lying because how come I use the internet while we don't have electricity in Egypt :D
Eid - 4 years ago
+some person
:) I did explain. I myself had some misconception about Europe but I read and fix.
some person
some person - 4 years ago
Carefully and politely explain to her, that ANCIENT EGYPT ISN'T MODERN EGYPT, GODDAMN IT!
Ayanda Ngcobo
Ayanda Ngcobo - 4 years ago
His accents is just amazing
Mahdee Reda
Mahdee Reda - 4 years ago
I love kevin hart and i just found out about this guy yesterday and i kinda find him funnier than hart. Am i the only one?
TJ MuziK
TJ MuziK - 4 years ago
+Mahdee Reda ... no you're not. I came across him today...he's funnier, makes more sense and has a real world view of things, I still like Kevin.
Marc Touss
Marc Touss - 4 years ago
i see why trevvor was tapped for the daily show gig.. he's hilarious and irreverent.. and he's doing a great job on the show..
ago - 4 years ago
"If you're from Africa, why are you white?"
cj wins
cj wins - 4 years ago
I love his jokes.
Ken Aguilar
Ken Aguilar - 4 years ago
a lot of americans actually speak like that. lol.
Ashley Stinfil
Ashley Stinfil - 4 years ago
hmm thats weird lol .. I'm from the east coast 
Ken Aguilar
Ken Aguilar - 4 years ago
+Ashley Stinfil i've lived in texas, virginia, washington, and vegas. And i've always heard that accent a lot. I having nothing against. Its just funny.
Ashley Stinfil
Ashley Stinfil - 4 years ago
+Ken Aguilar lol noooo.. a lot of california people state out of 50
Jacob Kreppeneck
Jacob Kreppeneck - 4 years ago
as American I feel the need to apologize for all the stupid comments that have been said to forigen people like they come from a different planet or something.
cuki-Face - 2 years ago
Jacob Kreppeneck nah stop tight there. I understand your intent but there are stupid ppl all over the world. Trust me. I went to school in the Caribbean, and I was so behind when I moved out there. But it's gotten much better here in the states. And those kids had stupid ideas of America that made me furious and a bully victim.. trying to defend NY. Lot of ass beatings were taken and given. Made me stronger. I travelled Europe and you meet ignorant ppl as well.
Brad Geffrard
Brad Geffrard - 2 years ago
Why are we acting like americas got the worst of the idiots, it's just that American idiots are shown way more often cuz it's much better to see the super power of the world produce idiots as well
I can assure u other countries have just as many ignorant idiots like in china where they regulate immigration so they have very few black people and literally they think that black people are dark becuz they just got dirty
MrError90 - 3 years ago
you guys voted for trump! this is even worse than these stupid comments. lol just kidding
MrAirbender32 - 3 years ago
sadly the thing about americans is that they manage to hit the perfect spot between dumb and offensive, also unlike people from other nations, they don't seem to learn anything.
Sunshine - 3 years ago
Sometimes I feel that way. Then I remember all the ignorant things people from other countries have said to me. Then I realize that, while America has their own monopoly on a certain kind of stupidity, it's still true that stupidity is still a universal trait.
Joshua Chittick
Joshua Chittick - 3 years ago
+Jacob Kreppeneck don't worry there's plenty of twats in England as well. I'm English btw
Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes - 3 years ago
+Alan Mackey&#160; Says the Irishman :-) Its a joke, no offence mate
Rusnurmat - 4 years ago
Dude, chill out:-), we are on same side... 
Jacob Kreppeneck
Jacob Kreppeneck - 4 years ago
I know I'm not stupid. I'm apologizeing for my country.
Rusnurmat - 4 years ago
+Jacob Kreppeneck don't feel like that, we all are stupid, I work as a tour guide... and I know about stupid questions from whole of the world... Americans are funny :-)
TheYasmineFlower - 4 years ago
+Jacob Kreppeneck Don't worry, you're not the only idiots in the world. There's plenty others in Europe too. And possibly Asia. And... everywhere, I guess.
firenight - 4 years ago
I'm American to and i agree
That_llama_in_a_tuxedo - 4 years ago
And this is why I will never move to California.
MagicianFlip69 - 4 years ago
My family is from the Philippines. But I was born and raised in the US. When I tell people about my background. They always ask the dumbest questions like. So have you tried a dog before. and I reply. "Ofcourse... I ate your girlfriend who barks like a bitch all the time!"
zegh8578 - 4 years ago
Americans have asked me if we have cars in Norway, if we have tv in my country, if we have tv shows to watch on tv or if our tv sets are just for staring at static. I was nice and responded honestly, patiently... so patiently... and this is Americans. Anyone else, Chinese, Brazilians, Kenyans, will typically go "oh, very cold yes?", which is true, but they'll all assume that we have both cars and tv here.
Tia-Marie Schaeffer
Tia-Marie Schaeffer - 4 years ago
I read surfing is the most relaxing past time you can engage in... I think it's bc it some how destroys brain cells
Sachin Patel
Sachin Patel - 4 years ago
Hey Trevor,

Where did you get those shoes from Man? Pretty cool!
Eyerusalem G
Eyerusalem G - 4 years ago
"There's no hope" I died
Cycy Mg
Cycy Mg - 4 years ago
So, do u like come from Africa, Africa?
No the one next to it
alexa mahara sofka bottega
alexa mahara sofka bottega - 4 years ago
The north americans(not all but some) think that any country outside europe and USA, is just lots of forest.(I'm from Brazil)
some person
some person - 4 years ago
+alexa mahara sofka bottega
Some think Europe is forest. I've seen others in this comments sections talking about people who asked if there's TV in the netherlands, or who complimented people from Scotland and the Wales on their english.
Brony Time
Brony Time - 4 years ago
this guy is the best
F ms
F ms - 4 years ago
trevor. trevor. I am from zambia and currently living in Deutschland. I was flying with SA as u was coming here and I was just watching yo videos. you are born with this talent and I am happy for yo new job in USA.God bless u bro.i watch u every day in mainz
KayNineLP - 4 years ago
Too much AIDS, ooo more AIDS AIDS AIDS
Matt Graham
Matt Graham - 4 years ago
"I don't surf" ... then... "all those unnecessary surfing moves" ....okay
Angela Halliwell
Angela Halliwell - 4 years ago
right so making the classic "dumb blonde" joke as a way to criticise cliches about race,,,,, ironic...
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Angela Halliwell Pretty sure that was intentional. I could be wrong though.
veyron4213 - 4 years ago
I didn't get the shower joke. Can someone please explain?
some person
some person - 4 years ago
The president of South Africa said that he could shower to get rid of AIDS. He's an idiot.
ZipplyZane - 4 years ago
So, where was this? I'm curious who knows about the South African president. Not just who, but actual details like this where they'd get a joke about him.

Also, great surfer accent. I would totally believe he grew up around people who talk that way.
Cali Fresh
Cali Fresh - 4 years ago
If she was a real surfer she would know that some of the best waves in the world are in Africa like skeleton bay in Namibia, and Jefferey's Bay South Africa. She's just a kook.
Mila Scott
Mila Scott - 4 years ago
+Cali Fresh thats what i found pretty funny lol
lkrnpk - 4 years ago
I'm from a country called ISIS and when I went to America, some ignorant guy asked me if I had ever cut off someone's head. Then I asked him "Have you ever shot up a school?" How prejudiced people can be! It's not like all people from ISIS are like that, there are doctors, teachers, social media analysts, televangelists, digital prophets, suicide bombers, stoners (like people who stone others to death), slavers, stabbers, shooters, rapists etc. A lot of other interesting professions to choose from, like in any other country
Nasen Bär
Nasen Bär - 4 years ago
I didn't get the president joke at the end. what happend.
Thabo Lefleur
Thabo Lefleur - 4 years ago
+Pai Chan He actually did that
Nasen Bär
Nasen Bär - 4 years ago
+Pai Chan Thank you
Leano Mkulise
Leano Mkulise - 4 years ago
lol, lol, lol!!!!! Have u like ever had aids
LUFC Holmesy
LUFC Holmesy - 4 years ago
I went to Florida last year and I swear at least 5 people asked me if I knew the queen haha. Their was this girl at my hotel and on the day I was leaving I said to her "I was actually lying about not knowing the queen, I'm part of MI6 and was here to learn Obamas secrets." Then I left and never spoke to her again
jason enriquez
jason enriquez - 4 years ago
I bet that surfer girl was the one who grew up from that little girl who "cut the dookie" with the other languages like Britishen,canadian,alaskan. Yep she is still on her mission to let all the people learn Americanish
Automatic No Static
Automatic No Static - 4 years ago
South Africa has some of the best waves in the world. And a huge Bull Shark problem.
Boss Nl
Boss Nl - 4 years ago
Euan - 4 years ago
I'm Scottish and an American said to me once "WOW! Your English is great!"
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
Well if we can understand you through your accent that's hard to imitate, then yes. Your english is, in fact, great! Lol
ali ahmed
ali ahmed - 4 years ago
i'm from Tunisia in north africa, and we are white . once I chatted with an indian and he asked me why i'm not black and did we have lions and elephants at home hhh xD
hamad AL-Sulaiti
hamad AL-Sulaiti - 3 years ago
+Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት no he is white look at zidane
Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት
Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት - 4 years ago
+titi owo They are very much part of the AU. I'm Ethiopian and live there. I see all the North African presidents in my country coming to attend the AU meetings, since the headquarters for the AU is in Ethiopia. The only North African country that isn't part of the AU is Morocco. They got kicked out because they aren't willing to acknowledge the Saharawi people their independence. But, once they do they will have the privilege of rejoining.
titi owo
titi owo - 4 years ago
+Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት They do not refer to themselves as Africans but Arabs. There are not even in AU (African union).
Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት
Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት - 4 years ago
+ali ahmed You're not white dummy! You just have lighter skin just like i have straight hair and look Indian even though i'm from East Africa. White people let you know that you're not white. White people don't like you guys. White people hate Arabs with a passion! Just look how they are treating the Arabs in Europe. You should be proud to be African. Because Africans are the only ones who accept you Arabs even though Arabs have brought hell on the Continent. Besides i can tell an Arab from a white person very easily! lol. The self hate is real. Pathetic.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
You should have told him "i own 50 elephants. And you must pray to all of them for my amusement"
JejeBabe - 4 years ago
You guys are lucky, when I tell someone I'm from Saudi Arabia they just run away!
some person
some person - 4 years ago
To be fair, there are some pretty terrifying laws in Saudi. Things like execution for sorcery. (There was an execution for it in 2014, so not exactly an old, forgotten law). To be more fair, you didn't put those laws in place.
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Aksum Princess We aren't all clueless bigots, you know... Those exist everywhere.
Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት
Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት - 4 years ago
+Anthony Long They will think he said Osama. Then they will really avoid him.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
Tell them you're from Oman. I guarantee you, nobody will know where that is.
Smoke - 4 years ago
Sounds like a typical American.
pureindian407 - 3 years ago
lol, what part of New York are you going to where girls sound like that?
Viserion Targaryen
Viserion Targaryen - 4 years ago
+The_Communist_ Texan But you are right about SoHo and Williamsburg.
Viserion Targaryen
Viserion Targaryen - 4 years ago
+The_Communist_ Texan I am myself from Yorkville ("am from" is a bit of a strech, i live there) Not so much Hipsters as White Collars tho. The few times I've been to LA though, the most of white girls there had that accent...
That_llama_in_a_tuxedo - 4 years ago
+Viserion Targaryen I live in New York. The hipster ones who live in soho or Williamsburg all sound like that. Hell even the ones in LIC sound like that as well.
Viserion Targaryen
Viserion Targaryen - 4 years ago
+The_Communist_ Texan LA people tho...nailed.
Viserion Targaryen
Viserion Targaryen - 4 years ago
+The_Communist_ Texan No, Us New Yorkers are not like that.
That_llama_in_a_tuxedo - 4 years ago
It is the Cali girl and the standard New York girl.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
+Nicholas Peterman i must be doing something right then. Lol
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Anthony Long I think your sarcasm went over his head.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
Yaaah you're so raaaiiiight. We always talk like thiiiiiiiis. Especially like in SoCaaaal! Yaaaah!
Livid Imp
Livid Imp - 4 years ago
The California accent DOES NOT EXIST. The "valley girl" accent was a joke started by Frank Zappa's daughter, and the news media was stupid enough to pick it up as a real story. The footage is even on YouTube, look it up. California's have been saddled with this stupid assumption ever since. We sound just like the rest of the country with the exception of the few idiots that believed the hype and started talking that way. You are much more likely to hear an Okie southern drawl from all the dustbowl immigrants than a valley girl accent.
Noah Aist
Noah Aist - 4 years ago
+Livid Imp I am californian, so I understand, and can see why it's annoying, but personally I just find it funny. Differing opinions I guess. :)
Livid Imp
Livid Imp - 4 years ago
I understand that, but it's the same stupid joke from every comedian on Earth. People just love to bash on California, despite the fact that they all love to move here once they have the money to.
Noah Aist
Noah Aist - 4 years ago
I'm pretty sure he knows that, he's just playing it up and hyperbolizing.
Patrice Rock
Patrice Rock - 4 years ago
I'm from an island in the Caribbean called Barbados and Americans always ask me what part of Jamaica that is.
Patrice Rock
Patrice Rock - 4 years ago
Lool very funny. I'm glad at least some of you know that they are other Caribbean islands besides The Bahamas and Jamaica
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
Those americans are wrong. Everyone knows Barbados is part of Puerto Rico.

Im kidding. I know where Barbados is and i know it isnt part of jamaica. Lol
Rimu N
Rimu N - 4 years ago
As a Kenyan, he is not exaggerating. I've been asked some of the most dumbest shit here. Do we live in huts, ride elephants. I was asked if we read books in Africa when I told this girl, I had read Lord of the Flies in 7th grade.
caroline ngondoki
caroline ngondoki - 2 years ago
some person we have over 42 languages. But the official languages are Kiswahili and English
Indogene Doctor
Indogene Doctor - 2 years ago
Oh, by the way, you read Lord of the Flies in 7th grade?! We didn't read it until the 9th, and it was kind of a mouthful at that age.
Indogene Doctor
Indogene Doctor - 2 years ago
Well, to be fair, whenever we (we meaning the western world, or at least Denmark where I'm from) are shown or tought anything about Africa it goes a lot like this: 1) huts, 2) AIDS, 3) hardly any schooling, 4) poor people, 5) sick people etc. Back in school no teacher ever even bothered to tell us that Africa is a continent, not a country 0_o Must be freaking annoying to be asked all those dumb questions though -_-
Go Jojo
Go Jojo - 2 years ago
Rimu N I've gotten the "your hair grew so fast" comment too. I've also had an American ask me, "Do Kenyans like peanut butter?" Lol. I didn't even understand the question. How would I know if everyone "likes" it. Asking if Kenyans "eat" peanut butter would make more sense, but not much.
MegaBall PowerBall
MegaBall PowerBall - 2 years ago
Varoon When you write a sentence it would be wise to stay consistent in the language. You should use the English spelling of Cameroon as you wrote the paragraph in English. The French spelling confused me for a second and if it wasn’t for knowing the Cote D’Ivoire was the French spelling of Ivory Coast, I probably would never have realized what you were saying.
Zesani Tesfayohannes
Zesani Tesfayohannes - 2 years ago
Rimu N You read Lord of the Flies in 7th grade?? In America, we read that in high school.
Niobesnuppa - 3 years ago
If it makes you feel any better, I get the same dumb questions even though I'm from a European country (Norway). I've been asked over the internet if I'm afraid to leave the house because of all the polar bears roaming the streets, I've been asked if Norway is a city in Sweden or a city in the USA, or if Norway's in Asia, if we have electricity in Norway (got asked this over the internet, mind you), and if we wear folk costumes every day. It's hilarious.
Phedre Delaunay
Phedre Delaunay - 3 years ago
Notoya Arthur Maybe they confused Guyana with Guiana (the french speaking country)? they have the same pronunciation (at least in Italy)
Kenyan14 - 3 years ago
Drea Granig
Drea Granig - 3 years ago
Rimu N that is so sad that people are so ignorant! i hate it
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
+Varoon ...Bon, j'me coucherais moins bête ce soir,lol, mais sérieux qu'est-ce qu'ils foutent, pourquoi les DOM-TOM sont jamais au programme scolaire? Je sais ou elles -sont géographiquement, mais j'avais aucune connaissance de ça, et je devrais, puisque je suis quand même français.

Lol. Connaissant le côté ultra ironique de La Vie, il est très possible qu'elle en rencontre un un jour XD

Bon, un peu comme la France et la Belgique, j'ai l'impression.
Belle et triste image. C'est en effet toujours en après coup que les souffrances passées deviennent drôles (sauf en cas de cynisme genre moi), mais bon, on survit bien.

Thank you. Again: human suffering. I know people can get it.
And yes! Precisely. I started with French and THEN Portuguese/English, but it's sitll something few people here are used to.
Varoon - 3 years ago
+Shell Master Tortwag Au fait les Antilles font référence à la Martinique et à la Guadeloupe ensembles et souvent ils s'aiment pas trop lol

J'avais un job étudiant et ma patronne, très sympa d'ailleurs, était martiniquaise et elle répétait à tout le monde que jamais elle ne sortirait avec un homme martiniquais, c'était assez drôle à entendre :D

Sinon les Mauriciens et les Réunionnais aiment bien s'envoyer des pics aussi

Oui sa réplique était drôle après coup, mais moi je savais pas au début du coup entendre ça au téléphone ça te plonge le coeur dans un bac glacé

Don't worry, I sincerely got your point. I had a client who was from Brasil. She was black and of course spoke Portuguese. Portuguese speaking Blacks are not that common in France so people are still getting used to it.
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
+Varoon I hope that you do - and I don't mean that in a mean-spirited way. I can believe that you do, though. We've all suffered enough at some point to understand these things, especially if we're part of minorities.

Don't worry, I was just trying to make sure everything was clarified. I know that my situation is uncommon in France and more common elsewhere, I really do get that a lot. My Mom did a lot more, obviously.

J'ai entendu cette réplique quelques fois quand ma mère était au téléphone. C'est pire dans son cas, vu qu'encore une fois, la plupart des français manquent d'information sur les pays lusophones (donc qui parlent portugais, hein)

...Ok, c'est un peu cruel, mais d'un point de vue cynique, sa réplique est plutôt drôle XD C'est un peu comme si une japonaise s'excusait d'un commentaire aux abords racistes au téléphone avec un Coréen x)

Tiens tu vois par exemple, j'avais aucune idée que les Martiniquais et les Antillais ne s'aimait pas, alors que si je venais des Dom-Tom, je suis sûr que j'aurais fini par le découvrir.
Varoon - 3 years ago
+Shell Master Tortwag Ok, I get your point.

I have no reason to put your words in question. If you went through that, you are better placed to speak about it. My bad.

Je suis Mauricien, étudiant à Paris et une fois au téléphone au travail, une dame m'a dit "de toutes façon, vos origines ne me conviennent pas"

Elle a rappelé cinq minutes plus tard et quand mon collègue s'est mis à l'engueuler, elle a rigolé en disant "Je ne suis pas raciste, je suis Martiniquaise"

Je pense qu'elle a cru que j'étais Antillais à cause de mon accent. Ils s'aiment pas entre eux :)
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
+Varoon I think you missed one of the things I mentioned. First off, I've lived France all my life (putting aside occasionally traveling left and right), I was born there, so I got to see enough and remember enough to know - like you - what I'm talking about. Paris is where I was born and I frequently came back to it during every year's holidays, so there too, I know what I saw and heard.

Second, unlike most black people that are in France, my origins and culture don't come from the DOM-TOM. They come from Angola. This is why I mentioned that I faced Racism from both sides: because some black people didn't acknowledge me as "one of them" because my customs are different, and some white people didn't either for the obvious reason that I'm black. To put this in perspective, it's like you're a black person from the DOM-TOM moving to South Africa. Black people there may or may not act xenophobic with you for the simple reason that, obviously, your customs are not the same.

So you see, what I meant was pretty simple too. But again, it's not all of the people who are like this - and i mean heck, it was worst 30 years ago, so I can't complain too much.

Of course you're surprised. You're like the 10th person this year telling me you're surprised this year. Mais sérieusement, mec, t'as raison d'être surpris, mais moi je n'ai pas de raison d'exagérer. C'est ma vie. En fait, c'est la vie en général. Je suis pas le seul dans mon cas.
Varoon - 3 years ago
+Rimu N I wouldn't say "huge" but you are right

To put things into perspective, there are 11% afro-americans while blacks make up like 5% of the whole french population, citizens plus residents.

But that's still sufficient for people not to be surprised by a french speaking black because well many come from former french colonies like Côte d'Ivoire or Cameroune
Rimu N
Rimu N - 3 years ago
+Varoon I also thought France had a huge black population. One of my friends here in the U.S is black and French and she's from Bordeaux.
Varoon - 3 years ago
+Shell Master Tortwag What I meant is pretty simple. France has an "indigenous" black population from the DOM-TOM so no one is surprised to find a black speaking french well.

I don't know where you live but I'm pretty sure it's not in the Paris region.

I'm not minimising your experience, i'm just surprised having lived here for nearly 7 years
Traumglanz - 3 years ago
Meanwhile the stereotype in europe goes: Black and European? Must be a Frenchmen. Stereotypes can be like super annoying. ;-)
Traumglanz - 3 years ago
To be fair, I don't think you are required to know the languages spoken in every country in the world. So you really should have replied that Guyana is a english speaking country.

And even when australia is a english speaking country, no one understands them anyway. ;-)
Traumglanz - 3 years ago
People believe reality TV is real, so your story just fits in with all the other silly stuff people believe ^-^
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
+Emerald Medford Yeeeeah, that's the logic most of the people you'll find usually get behind. It's like if you have Asian facial features, you automatically come from "China", a friend of mine usually has to deal with that, and he was born in France to.
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
+Varoon "Aren't you over-exaggerating?" I'm sorry but this is the LAST thing a person who's been through racism wants to hear. You probably heard it too, so you know what I mean.
Anyway, I wish I was.
Point is, there's something you don't seem to realize. The Black people you're talking about are French-speaking ones from overseas. I, on the other hand, come from a family that mostly speaks Portuguese (because they were born in Angola), so my culture is vastly different from theirs, even if I'm French too. In fact, go around the country and ask French people if they know what is and where is Angola. Most of them won't know, but they will know where and what Martinique and Congo are. Because, again, it's part of their French culture, while Angola was colonized by Portugal.
I've faced racism from both sides: a few (so not all of them, because France is still an awesome country) white people who didn't want anything to do with me 'cause I'm black, and black people who told me I was "too white" to suit them because of the way I spoke.

If you've faced racism too, which you apparently have, then you should know that someone talking about their lives and asking if they're "exaggerating" can be quite offensive. Please be careful: I'm cool with it 'cause I'm used to it, but France isn't the same everywhere. We both know that.
Varoon - 3 years ago
+Shell Master Tortwag I live in France and aren't you over-exaggerating? There are many black french people especially from the overseas department so noone is surprised to hear a well spoken black french.

I've actually faced racism from some blacks who said my origins (Indian) didn't suit them.
Emerald Medford
Emerald Medford - 3 years ago
+Shell Master Tortwag I'm from the Caribbean and because I have a Bajan accent they ask if I'm from Africa
But what gets me is because I have an accent and black I'm African
Shell Master Tortwag
Shell Master Tortwag - 3 years ago
+Rimu The funniest thing about this is that I've lived the exact same things... But in France. And I'm French myself. But because I'm dark-skinned and therefore labelled as "African" (I've only been to my country of origins for two years and 3 weeks), I got the EXACT SAME qustions or ignorant remarks, such as how my French or English were so good, and what was my origin, which of course would explain my apparently "superior intellect" or "superior English" or "superior French". While all I did was reading, watching cartoons and movies, or like, play video games.
Coming across the exact same questions from Americans (though that was mostly online, I haven't been there myself yet) didn't even surprise me. Oh, except the part where they refused to believe that I was Black AND French. But seriously, it's just ignorants or people who don't travel much in general. I've had even some good friends who totally forgot that I was French, despite me hanging out with them.
Danielle L-S
Danielle L-S - 3 years ago
I'm from SA, and, guys, it's not limited to the Americans. Scotland exchange with a friend, we were asked if we lived in the same tribe, and whether we rode lions to school. My friend said we only rode lions if we were in a hurry, otherwise we got the zebras. XD
zizwop - 3 years ago
+Rimu N -that's funny. I have a friend through a social media site that lives in Nairobi, his English is better than a lot of my American friends -hahahaha
Jack Amling
Jack Amling - 3 years ago
I'm from Australia and when I went to America they asked if we road kangaroos to school so I see where ur coming from
Mimi N. K. O.
Mimi N. K. O. - 4 years ago
+Rimu N I'm Kenyan too, and I literally had someone ask me how I got here (Australia) and I was fed up with those kinds of questions, so I told them that I had a special connection with all animals, so lions and elephants and rhinos carried me to the ocean and then killer whales and dolphins swam with me to the shore and then kangaroos and dingoes carried me the rest of the way. They asked me whether it was just me and I was like: "No, it's just the way things are in Africa, like we're all connected in the Circle of Life, so we all live together in peace and harmony". They asked where I got my clothes and I told them that ants had made them for me (never mind the fact that the clothes were clearly NOT even close to looking like plant matter). They believed it all, and I was able to hold it together, until they asked how my English was so good. I said the air hostesses on the plane taught me and they were so amazed...
I thought that was the end of it, but it turns out they went and told all their friends so I was asked to repeat the story over and over. I changed it each time, exaggerating more and more, and they STILL believed me (so did their friends). Finally, one of their friends was like: "Wait, didn't you say you were brought here by animals? So then how does an air hostess teach you English on a plane???"
That person hated me for the rest of our (unfortunate) encounters with one another but I honestly didn't care. I try to surround myself with people who think for themselves. If you're gonna sit there and let me drag you in circles that you buy into just because of stereotypes......BYE FELICIA!

Another thing I'm tired of constantly hearing:
"Is your hair real?"
"Can I touch it?"
"Is that your actual hair?"
"(after I went to school with natural hair one day and had extensions in by the next day) OMG, your hair grows so fast! I wish I had hair like that!"

Rimu N
Rimu N - 4 years ago
Oh they even ask you how you came to America, like they think we came by ship. I once told someone I swam here and they were like "Really?" Another one is they think we live in the middle of the maasai mara and live a topless lifestyle in huts roaming free with animals. They think we have lions in our gardens and shit like that. I remember when I had only been here for two weeks and people kept asking my sister and I how our English was so good. We were so confused until we figured out they thought we learned English in America in the mere two weeks we had been there...They wanted to put us in ESL like the education was so superior. Pssh, aced regular English and ended up in honors classes. In college, actually helped people write literature papers... 
some person
some person - 4 years ago
+wangui njoroge
What language do you speak in Kenya?
It's so stupid how some people think that a person who's immigrated across an ocean was born in a hut...
Rimu N
Rimu N - 4 years ago
+wangui njoroge A classic one isn't even that. "Do you speak African?" Like what even?
Vinny Raptor
Vinny Raptor - 4 years ago
Wow. Were the people who asked these questions American?
wangui njoroge
wangui njoroge - 4 years ago
I was once asked, do you speak Kenyan?
ateh dieudonne
ateh dieudonne - 4 years ago
I told a Romanian once am from Africa and she asked me if I have ever owned a lion for a pet. I have never seen a lion or any wild animal in my life time. She was so supprised. Some ask me why I speak African. Lol
Kyma Nwagboso
Kyma Nwagboso - 4 years ago
+Anthony Long sublime
some person
some person - 4 years ago
+ateh dieudonne
Tell her you were chased by a tiger. See if she ever figures out that tigers are form Asia :)
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
You should have said "yes. His name is Aslan and we defend Narnia together"
Jimmy Qi
Jimmy Qi - 4 years ago
Southern Californian accent sounds really stupid, just like speaking with a sticky and melting taffy under the tongue.
Martha Durham
Martha Durham - 4 years ago
Hello Trevor, Have you ever considered being a singer? I bet you would be amazing.
Spaceish - 4 years ago
MachineGunMouth - 4 years ago
everybody has a got damm story to tell. no one cares........ burp.....
dude - 4 years ago
Once an American guy, and I was present, asked a couple of middle easterners;"Are you two like rich? Do you have oil wells?"
dude - 4 years ago
+Anthony Long I didn't say he asked me. Someone asks a question that stupid, people just laugh at him.
" Dont tell me he planned to invade you on his own."
What's the deal with you, saying that? You don't believe me? who cares!
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
What did you tell him? Dont tell me he planned to invade you on his own.
Palash Aggrawal
Palash Aggrawal - 4 years ago
What was the last part about?? like what was so funny when he said about "shower"?
stackfl0w - 4 years ago
Oh I had a bit of the AIDs. It's cool tho. I washed it off.
Jakira Kumahata
Jakira Kumahata - 4 years ago
Dumb question but why did people laugh at the shower joke?
Jovan Blom
Jovan Blom - 3 years ago
Yeah, and he should've gotten AIDS for that - why the frak didn't he? This world is skewed......
ZhangtheGreat - 3 years ago
That is hilarious...and sad at the same time. This is the damn president of a major rising power we're talking about after all.
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez - 4 years ago
+Lwando Lawrence Moshani jajajaja thanks now i can laugh too jajajajaja
Jakira Kumahata
Jakira Kumahata - 4 years ago
+Lwando Lawrence Moshani That's amazing. Thank you so much.
Lwando Lawrence Moshani
Lwando Lawrence Moshani - 4 years ago
Well the South African president Jacob Zuma , was involved in a scandal where he had unprotected sex with a HIV+ woman. When asked about this in court he said he took a cold shower after the sex so that he could not get AIDS and everyone lost their minds -the end.
betelhem assefa
betelhem assefa - 4 years ago
... freshening the stupidity!

.... Ha Ha Ha ...
Hockey Patriot
Hockey Patriot - 4 years ago
Sounds like Meegan from those Key & Peele sketches
Max - 4 years ago
This stupid american girl he is describing...god i hate those bitches
a.m. remorse
a.m. remorse - 4 years ago
Those unnecessary moves in surfing absolutely serve a purpose. U do it to gain more speed and get by sections and it also feels amazing.
TheRegalEagle2014 - 4 years ago
LMAO! He's hilarious. I know of the sort of girls he speaks....they've never left LA county or the OC for very long, so what do you expect?
TickleMeShlomo - 4 years ago
actually south africa has some of the best surfing and best surfers in the world.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
And it has sharks....lots and lots of sharks.....
Abdulrahman Alnafia
Abdulrahman Alnafia - 4 years ago
This fella is too funny
Aniket Rudraksha
Aniket Rudraksha - 4 years ago
his Californian accent rofl :D
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
Im from california and we dont all talk like that. Well...where im from at least. Im from northern california. That accent is your typical SoCal (southern california) accent.
Tiztu - 4 years ago
A couple years back, I used to go on Omegle for shits and giggles, and I remember talking to this Canadian guy who was like "oh you're Brazilian, so you like soccer", and I said to him "oh you're Canadian, so you like hockey?", then he just said "check-mate".
Cathrine Lundqvist
Cathrine Lundqvist - 3 years ago
To be even more fair, Brazil is pretty damn religiously attached to it's futbol ;P
LrsLzk - 4 years ago
+Tiztu He probably did like hockey to be fair...
Vinny Raptor
Vinny Raptor - 4 years ago
Lol. You took him to school! XD
Memefield - 4 years ago
As a south African myself, I would love to bring some knowledge down on murica.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 3 years ago
+Kel0390 your state voted for rick perry and ted cruz. You lose all credibility as a state
Kel0390 - 3 years ago
+Anthony Long Wow, I live in Texas. Why do you say that?
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Anthony Long I'm an atheist with a college degree and a moral compass so...
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
+Nicholas Peterman christian redneck assholes cant grasp onto that concept
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Anthony Long That's idiotic.  But, it being legal does not imply that everyone does it or that it is a common practice.  Just like legalizing gay marriage won't suddenly make everyone decide to be gay.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
+Nicholas Peterman in half the country, it's legal to bang a horse.
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Disciple Of Dishonest Truth Aren't there states where that is legal?  Florida isn't one.
AB Original
AB Original - 4 years ago
Didn't someone in Florida have sex with a dog. The only good thing in Florida is the sexy ladies.
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Disciple Of Dishonest Truth Florida isn't so bad. Plenty of decent people over here, so watch where you aim please. :D
AB Original
AB Original - 4 years ago
Yeah the Southern part of America sucks.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
As an american...drop the knowledge on the southern US and drop it really hard on them. Make a second grand canyon out of it.
Me_2 - 4 years ago
this guy isn't funny at all
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+123lowp Your opinion. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Me_2 - 4 years ago
they picked this guy for Daily Show??? wow... I'm done watching Daily Show
Bee. Happy
Bee. Happy - 4 years ago
Can someone please explain the shower joke at the end? Didn't get the reference.
Daniel Ngongang
Daniel Ngongang - 4 years ago
+Bee. Happy the South African President, Jacob Zuma was once accused of of raping a young woman. he denied the accusation saying the sex was consensual. Someone asked him if he wasn't afraid of getting AIDS, he said he took a shower right after and so he couldn't contract HIV
EsammyE820 E
EsammyE820 E - 4 years ago
How come SA is the rape capital of the world ?
Bee. Happy
Bee. Happy - 4 years ago
+Thapelo Radebe OMG! Unbelievable! People like him shouldn't exist.
Bee. Happy
Bee. Happy - 4 years ago
+Thapelo Radebe wait so he confessed to raping her and got away with it??! Sadly such politicians are in every party in any country.
Yulia Matveev
Yulia Matveev - 4 years ago
This is shocking!!! What is his name? He did he manage to get aeay from it?!
Yulia Matveev
Yulia Matveev - 4 years ago
+Thapelo Radebe OMG
Veritas - 4 years ago
Can someone explain the shower/president joke?
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Veritas Some idiot said that you can cure AIDS by taking a shower. Guess he was a president.
Guesstahw - 4 years ago
Trevor is hilarious. and he's not even using explicit sexual jokes which many comedians (like Russel Peters recently) use as their biggest leverage ..
toseeornot2see - 4 years ago
An American once asked a friend of mine if we have internet in New Zealand. She told him that since New Zealand is so far away from everyone, we don't have the basic technology every other developed nation takes for granted.
JP Sfeir
JP Sfeir - 4 years ago
I'm from Lebanon, what I get is Lesbian.
titi owo
titi owo - 4 years ago
+ali ahmed what does Lebanon have to do with Tunisia. Tunisia is African while Lebanon is Middle East
ali ahmed
ali ahmed - 4 years ago
hhhh I'm Tunisian , nice to meet uu
manuvaa1 - 4 years ago
In Texas, I was once asked if I had seen any lions in my backyard when I lived in Africa. This question came from a Veterinarian.
Peter Bynoe
Peter Bynoe - 4 years ago
welcome racist American
Ben O
Ben O - 4 years ago
How many people got the Shower reference?
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Ben O Retroactively.
Tankiso Komako
Tankiso Komako - 4 years ago
hahahahahah this is funny .......
Znander Pertander
Znander Pertander - 4 years ago
0:17 Turn on Close Captions
Marco Mejia
Marco Mejia - 4 years ago
Sooo, The Last Part Was An Inside Joke ?
Percy N.D
Percy N.D - 4 years ago
+Marco Mejia Definitely. Check the comments above, it's explained...
Muarif Sumahar
Muarif Sumahar - 4 years ago
love the impression
Olivier Mosimann
Olivier Mosimann - 4 years ago
is this bloke supposed to be funny..??
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Olivier Mosimann Humor is subjective.
anissast - 4 years ago
I don't get the reference at the end. Someone help out please
TheGreatCat123 - 4 years ago
I can totally relate... to the experience Trevor has with some Americans...
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+TheGreatCat123 Thank you for saying some.
NO DATA - 4 years ago
yeah people damn you
Juan Potgieter
Juan Potgieter - 4 years ago
I know exactly what he is talking about my family moved to Australia in 1998 and sometime after that I was in school and it came up that I was from south Africa and these girls became very interested in me asking all these questions like Did I live in a hut? or did I have a Zebra as a pet? but the one that made me laugh was the one girl asked if I was eaten by a lion?!
Nicholas Farrell
Nicholas Farrell - 2 years ago
Us Australians cop it bad as well though. Once was having a conversation with an American online and when asked where I live he was surprised to find that we have metropolitan areas, Internet and was shocked that kangaroos roaming the streets and being rideable wasn't a thing. Of course he asked about the bugs and asked me "Don't you guys have spiders the size of car tyres ". Now that's just ridiculous.
Stephanie Julia
Stephanie Julia - 2 years ago
Ever seen a chupacabra though? Most traumatic event of my life.
Stephanie Julia
Stephanie Julia - 2 years ago
Did they have data plans in1998? This guy could be sending out a plea for help from inside a lion...
Unlimited517 - 2 years ago
Just ask about them if they'd ever been attacked by a drop bear
Brad Geffrard
Brad Geffrard - 2 years ago
Mark Richardson
Blatant Racism at its finest, thx u for proving that not only whites can be racist
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson - 3 years ago
saying it again, can't help it, stupid ass, white people.
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee - 4 years ago
+Gasparagus Productions A lot of the white people were afraid of black people taking over after apartheid. Trevor made a joke about it in one of his other shows, how all the white people were running off to Australia.
Gasparagus Productions
Gasparagus Productions - 4 years ago
There seem to be a surplus of South Africans I'm finding in Australia these days! I love it.
Feras Al Hati
Feras Al Hati - 4 years ago
Dude they were fucking with you.
Joni Rose
Joni Rose - 4 years ago
+Juan Potgieter Well, were you?
Bts_slays_my_life - 4 years ago
lol u made ma day
Itscooliknowryt? Yeah!
Itscooliknowryt? Yeah! - 4 years ago
lmao !
Jan - 4 years ago
I'm from Nepal and I've met a few tourists on the road and they ask me if I have climbed Mount Everest, like that's something we Nepalese do everyday. XD
John Patrick
John Patrick - 2 years ago
I'm sorry, but if I lived in Nepal that's definitely something I would do at least once.
Maybe not climb it but go visit and see it.
But I get that not everyone is outdoorsy or even has the means or time but I can definitely see why people ask you.
Chiyu Akimoto
Chiyu Akimoto - 2 years ago
Jan Don't you?
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal - 2 years ago
Jan i still laugh at this comment
lexandlens - 2 years ago
ayyy eccentric !
Impala 67
Impala 67 - 2 years ago
Jan well it can be worse. I'm from Germany and when I did an exchange to France they asked me if I like Hitler and if he was my grandfather. To be fair tho this happens not always when we travel, most people are very very nice. I guess every country has its stereotypes and associations, some are funny and positive and others are not. I've always found it very funny when I was asked if all I drank was beer and so on ^^
Jan - 2 years ago
Hey, thank you, mate. It's nice of you to say that. :)
Alex R.
Alex R. - 2 years ago
so, did you tho? :D:D
Het D Shah
Het D Shah - 2 years ago
Man your country is not small. Its beautiful and has huge potential.
Btw I'm from your southern neighbour
and we simply love your country
MaryAnn - 3 years ago
say "Yes , yes i have climbed mount everest. Many many times. We climb it every other weekend. Without an oxygen tank. "
Tiki80 - 3 years ago
Jan lmaoo
Jan - 3 years ago
Haha. I put that name intentionally because I'm a Chelsea fan.
Sigart - 3 years ago
Amazingly, coming from Denmark, I hjave never been confronted directly with this sort of stupidity. Though I've heard of it. My favourite is "So... the capital of Ikea, right?" although to be fair... those kinds of tales tends to get embellighed.
Paul S.
Paul S. - 3 years ago
Yes, our tab water is also bottled and sold all over europe. No, I don't wear a berret. I am not 80 years old. I do eat baguette and I drive a peugeot. And sod you, I'm not french.
schplafff - 3 years ago
+Paul S.
Is water/milk/whatever safe to drink ? (even the water that goes down the toilet is safe to drink over here)
Do you shower ?
Do you have a moustache / wear a beret insert cartoon stereotype here ?
Do your rifles come with a white flag instead of a bayonet ?
I could probably go on. Like, forever. =)
Soul S.
Soul S. - 3 years ago
dude.... just say Yea and brag about it... if you don't know an answer to their question, invent some shit... Like You got the best 'weapon' to get laid and you're not abusing it...
crupeople - 3 years ago
i know how you feel. im British and you have had no idea how many times Americans have asked me if i drink tea or have bad teeth...
Paul S.
Paul S. - 3 years ago
+schplafff What do you mean?
ABCD12345 - 3 years ago
+Jan Terry hahaha i know right! I told them Mt. Everest is in my backyard. LOL
schplafff - 3 years ago
+Jan Terry For awkward questions, try being french... some are mindblowstupidingly amazing. ^^
Jan - 4 years ago
+Toussaints' Wrath Haha. No. Climbing the Mt. Everest takes fortune. I don't have that kind of money. XD
Toussaints' Wrath
Toussaints' Wrath - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry Did you? Did you climb the, ever?
Spanish Inquisition
Spanish Inquisition - 4 years ago
+danny -EF us brits are too busy drinking tea for stuff like the Big Ben.
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 years ago
+TheYasmineFlower haha funny reply fish head haha. How come they call you fish heads?
TheYasmineFlower - 4 years ago
+Libby Bollinger You could always open an atlas... couldn't you? Or try one of those cute Jigsaw puzzles on the web where you have to drag the right state (or perhaps federal state in this case) to it's place on the map.

But you could also swing by with a knowledge of where which big city is and where what culture is predominant. That's really easy: West and southwest is carnival, south is Lederhosen, east is Nazis, north is fishheads.
Me, I'm a fishhead myself.
Paul S.
Paul S. - 4 years ago
Depends on where you're from... If you're german thats quite a lack in knowledge, but if you're from australia, I absolutely understand you haven't got a clue. But its a Grand-duchy, so its a real monarchist, although democratic form of state. We have our own language etc. But we did belong to France, Spain and the Netherlands for quite a while, hence the multicultural environment
Libby Bollinger
Libby Bollinger - 4 years ago
+Paul S. Until recently, I had thought that Luxembourg was like a duchy in Germany. Granted, my knowledge of Germany is more related to medieval geography, so I think of everything in the Holy Roman Empire (minus Italy of course) as being part of modern day Germany.
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry I'm certainly going to try to visit before I pop my clogs.
CaptainFluff - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry So you're from Nepal. But why is your name Jan Terry?
Jan - 4 years ago
+Stephen Howe History says so too. Do visit the country. It's absolute bliss :)
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 years ago
+Lalita Budathoki I'd love to visit Nepal. I've met quite a few ghurkkas and they are the nicest most humble people you could wish to meet and really tough.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry also when people look at your name, do they mistake you for John Terry? A footballer for Chelsea FC? Lol
Bharat Rasali
Bharat Rasali - 4 years ago
fells bro
Jan - 4 years ago
+Anthony Long They haven't asked me yet. But people do mistake Nepal as a part of India. And when the news breaks out, every Nepalese people turn into god mode and abuse that particular person or group. XD
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry im curious. Has anyone ever asked you if Nepal is part of India? Lol
Lennon Clifford
Lennon Clifford - 4 years ago
+danny -EF Northampton I'm from there to lol
Paul S.
Paul S. - 4 years ago
Yes, some people haven't got a clue... but yeah. the last time someone though it was somewhere in england it was a girl from londonshire. 
Not So FlappyBird
Not So FlappyBird - 4 years ago
That was a joke in case anyone questioned it.
Not So FlappyBird
Not So FlappyBird - 4 years ago
+Paul S. England? Realyl? Every city / town / whatever  in England ends in Shire!
Paul S.
Paul S. - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry This is quite amusing. I'm also from a small country, very very small actually. I'm from Luxembourg, so immediately people assume my parents own a bank and are billionaires if they have ever heard of the country. If not, they think its Germany, france belgium or even in england...
Not So FlappyBird
Not So FlappyBird - 4 years ago
+Anthony Long're kinda scaring because your so passionate about this subject.....X3
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
Im american. People ask me "do you like McDonalds?" To me all the time.....i prefer Wendy's. I prefer an attractive redhead and i think clowns are creepy as fuck.
Not So FlappyBird
Not So FlappyBird - 4 years ago
+The0Skeleton123 Ok if you guys have actually experienced that from Americans i'm gonna shove my head into a car's exhaust pipe. X3
The0Skeleton123 - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry :D mate it doesn't help, if you live in a more "popular" country like, Germany. Some people (cough 'Mericans) also think that every German wears Lederhosen, drinks beer all the time and eat Bretzeln all day. 
People have their sterotypes and stupid or uneducated think they are true.
Not So FlappyBird
Not So FlappyBird - 4 years ago
+Nischal Prajapati I don't, I doesn't make sense to. I would be a different story if that person was from New York or Liaoning. I wouldn't ask someone from Alabama or Beijing.
Jan - 4 years ago
+Jon Snow I am.
Jan - 4 years ago
+JayPii Kudos!
Lusitani Mendes
Lusitani Mendes - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry i know where nepal is....
Salome Mkervalidze
Salome Mkervalidze - 4 years ago
Roblox Ninja56
Roblox Ninja56 - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry like do you have roads, like is that super new there? no sorry just joking
Jan - 4 years ago
+Lalita Budathoki Aah. Tell me about it. I guess this "missing home while abroad" syndrome happens to everyone. But I'm looking forward to new challenges. Living in the same country for a long time can be monotonous and I believe a change in the environment could help refresh my body and mind. Anyways, you have a good time there. Cheers :)
Lalu B
Lalu B - 4 years ago
+Jan Terry it is but you will definitely miss our country. Especially all the big commotions about the festivals. And the people and food.
Jan - 4 years ago
+Lalita Budathoki Haha. Aah. Being a citizen of a small and unknown country has its disadvantages. Anyways, I'll be leaving Nepal soon. I hear New Zealand is a really nice place. :)
Lalu B
Lalu B - 4 years ago
I too am from Nepal and I'm now living in New Zealand and I get asked that. But some people don't even know that Mouth Everest is in Nepal, there was a person that actually thought that it was located in New Zealand.
danny -EF
danny -EF - 4 years ago
in Northampton, nearly 100km from London.. crazy, right?
Jan - 4 years ago
+danny -EF Haha! Where do you live? In Hull?
danny -EF
danny -EF - 4 years ago
dude I'm living in England and I have never seen Big Ben in real life
Nischal Prajapati
Nischal Prajapati - 4 years ago
+danny -EF i'm not trying to be rude but if someone says they're american, do you ask them if they've been to the top of the statue of liberty or ask someone from china if they've been to their great wall
danny -EF
danny -EF - 4 years ago
or maybe they think that would be something amazing and they are curious if you did it because you are from Nepal so you have big oppourtunity to make it happen
Stephen Morris
Stephen Morris - 4 years ago
Suid-Afrika het 'n paar van die beste plekke om te navigeer op die aarde!
Joshua Ward
Joshua Ward - 4 years ago
+Stephen Morris Dis waar.
Cruxador - 4 years ago
I feel like a lot of people assume Californians are dumber than is really the case; those sorts of questions are intentionally that way to give you a chance to shoot the shit. She didn't actually care about the answers to her questions, she was just giving an opportunity to have something to talk about and be knowledgeable. She was trying to be friendly. This is a totally normal thing to do here.
some person
some person - 4 years ago
I'm not talking about all Californians, or stupid questions in general, if that's what you're thinking. I'm talking about this specific scenario.
some person
some person - 4 years ago
'Are there waves in Africa,' is not a legitimate question to start a conversation. That would be 'what are the waves like in Africa,' and even then there's an element of ignorance, since waves are different in different parts of Africa.
And if she was trying to give him an opportunity to say something smart, she wouldn't have run back to go surfing the second she got it out. Which she did.
If that was the one stupid question, I'd agree that there's a possibility she's just just bad at social interaction. But after two or three mind-numbing questions, there's no doubt that she actually does think these are legitimate questions.
Cruxador - 4 years ago
The latter, as I said from the beginning. As you're demonstrating, some people are quite bad at conversation and need all the help they can get. "are there waves in Africa" gives him the opportunity to talk about what the waves are like. Of course the short answer is "yes" but it's not supposed to just be a yes or no question unless he wants to blow her off.
some person
some person - 4 years ago
Are you saying she was trying to learn? Or trying to let him say something smart?
Because whatever reason she said those things for, she was highlighting her own ignorance. If she thinks 'Are there waves in Africa' is a legitimate question that will give him the opportunity to say something, she really is uninformed.
As for 'Have you ever had AIDS?' from what he was saying, she believed him when he said you can get AIDS and recover. And she wasn't trying to learn about something general, if she was asking if he personally had it.
Cruxador - 4 years ago
+some person She wasn't trying to be knowledgeable herself, but to give an opportunity to be knowledgeable.
some person
some person - 4 years ago
She was trying to be knowledgeable, but in asking questions, she showed that she's never so much as looked at a map with African countries labelled on it.
Mustafa M
Mustafa M - 4 years ago
I agree actually
Bella Vita
Bella Vita - 4 years ago
"She was trying to be friendly." "She didn't actually care about the answers."
Yeah that's really polite & friendly
Kabelo Kay
Kabelo Kay - 4 years ago
+jeddy benson Lmao
jeddy benson
jeddy benson - 4 years ago
you must be related to her
abyssiniyangirl - 4 years ago
True story, my coworker once asked me if South Africa was like the new york of Africa.
Faisel Muktar
Faisel Muktar - 4 years ago
I was studying somewhere in Asia, an associate professor asked me to stand up in a class and asked "DO YOU HAVE ANY UNIVERSITY IN YOUR COUNTRY?" lolz
SamIAm - 4 years ago
what the hell was he ranting about at the end?  was he serious or just being funny?  I didn't get it.
SamIAm - 4 years ago
Thanks for clarifying....!
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
President of South Africa claimed to have taken a shower to keep himself from getting AIDS. People laughed at the joke and he pretended to defend the president's actions by ranting. It was sarcasm basically
Sixth Jayhawk
Sixth Jayhawk - 4 years ago
@1:54-- isn't the South African coast one of the best surfing spots in the world?
some person
some person - 4 years ago
+Sixth Jayhawk
Maybe in most of SA, but not Johannesburg?
SuperCrazybumblebee - 4 years ago
+Sixth Jayhawk J. Bay awesome but sharks ya know.
Mark shane Coetzee
Mark shane Coetzee - 4 years ago
yeah it's the best bra,but there are too many sharks
Mayadah Maher
Mayadah Maher - 4 years ago
He says a word in the middle of that show that sounds like "fotak" or something .. what does it mean???
Mayadah Maher
Mayadah Maher - 4 years ago
+Jetaime Gallant
I found out what it was. It's "Voetsek" and it means get lost. thanx for replying anyways :D
davidenko speed
davidenko speed - 4 years ago
Daaaaaaam thats LSP NOT GIRL
Shawn Summers
Shawn Summers - 4 years ago
I don't get the last joke about taking a shower and the president? Someone please help.
Carla Venter
Carla Venter - 4 years ago
+Shawn Summers The South African president Jacob Zuma once said he took a shower because he was afraid of getting HIV after not using protection. Been a joke ever since. (Trevor is South AFrican)
Ivan Kyle Alele acuda
Ivan Kyle Alele acuda - 4 years ago
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
You should have said "i reenacted 'the life of pi'"
Ben Netherway
Ben Netherway - 4 years ago
I once told an American person than I was Welsh and he said:
"Wow you picked English up well.."
Couldn't help but think that he didn't. ..
SW K - 2 years ago
Ben Netherway lol from far east
TotalRookie_LV - 2 years ago
I guess each individual case is different, there are 1,4 million people of my "tribe" in whole world (which is approximately three times fewer than Welsh people), yet most of us speak our native language as the first one, but, of course, since we are so few, most of us speak at least 2-3 languages, as there is no way only one would be enough, unless someone lives in a rural area. History shows, language will not die out, if people speak it at home among themselves, then it doesn't matter if it's official or on contrary - suppressed by the state, which has happened in my country while it was under some empires.
Phoebe Mae
Phoebe Mae - 2 years ago
Ben Netherway actually i was born in wales in a real rural village and didnt know any english til i moved to Australia so
theJade - 3 years ago
Ben Netherway On the brighter side of things, at least he didn't say, "You speak English good".
VideoRocketz007 Millar
VideoRocketz007 Millar - 3 years ago
Don't feel bad. I went to Ohio and told ppl I live in San Francisco. They ignored what I said and wanted to know about los Angeles. Ughhhhh they think the entire state of California is one city.. Such weenies..
Caster090 - 3 years ago
+Pieter Botha the british
Pieter Botha
Pieter Botha - 3 years ago
+cristian proust Who are you actually referring to as the people with a sophisticated profile in your last paragraph? The Americans?
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 years ago
+Alejandro Romero that's some people's mentality. I've heard El Salvador has some amazing scenery and the people are meant to be so nice
Alejandro Romero
Alejandro Romero - 4 years ago
I once told some people that I was from El Salvador (it's a Spanish Latin American country, please look it up). I told them that I went there for about 3 months and as soon as I said that they jumped on me asking if I had been mugged or had any drugs with the gangs. this was extremely offensive because even though El Salvador does have violent gangs, it has extensive natural beauty and a very interesting culture and way of life. it hurts to see how so many people automatically jump to conclusions about countries they don't know about.
some person
some person - 4 years ago
It's the spring break crowd, but that's a crowd that's mostly American.
Again, I understand that most Americans wouldn't act like that.
But if you average out respectfulness across all tourists from each country, the US would definitely not be at the top. Yes, every country has some disrespectful tourists. But the US's worst tourists are some of the world's worst.
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 years ago
It is a city of drugs and prostitutes I lived there and Americans were terrible
Cruxador - 4 years ago
+Stephen Howe Amsterdam has a reputation in the US as a city of drugs and prostitution.
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 years ago
+some person I've seen loads of Americans been proper dicks in Amsterdam and they were far from respectful they were a bunch of ignorant loud mouthed racist cunts
Cruxador - 4 years ago
+some person That behavior would be considered inappropriate in America too. Sounds like it was probably the spring break crowd, who are notorious for being a crowd of oversexed drunken partiers that fuck everything up but also pay a ton of money (which is the only reason they're tolerated anywhere).
some person
some person - 4 years ago
+cristian proust
Please don't go on about how respectful americans are abroad. I went to the Dominican Republic, and went on a boat ride. It was supposed to be a family-friendly thing, but most of the passengers were americans, and they were incredibly drunk. Once we were off the boat, they were grinding against each other in public, and one fell over and couldn't get up...
I understand not all Americans act that way, but Americans are certainly NOT the role model for respectful behavior abroad. For many Americans, there's a strong sense of pride, but for quite a few, the strongest sense is one of entitlement.
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 years ago
+cristian proust I'm English and you got it about perfect
Ben Netherway
Ben Netherway - 4 years ago
+jayjaydubful It's ridiculous ain't it, an American was amazed I bought a book in America and was reading it.
Jessica - 4 years ago
I've had that happen to me in America as an English person. People also asked if we had buses in England, and doctors
Cruxador - 4 years ago
+Brandon Dollar I bet you didn't even really know that and had to go look up the city's name.
Brandon Dollar
Brandon Dollar - 4 years ago
+Mark Coetzee The only thing I know about Wales is that they have a city called:

david yang
david yang - 4 years ago
+Ben Netherway In US, we have people that live here as US citizens without speaking any English at all. So, at least from our perspective, it is not that ridiculous.
cristian proust
cristian proust - 4 years ago
+Ben Netherway Well dude,stupid?. In europe people would struggle to know the same and we share political alliances (how much Catalan it is spoken in Cataluña?. Do you know?). 
Americans are way more respectful than brits abroad, because as another guy said, they believe people are proud, and they show deep respect. I don't know welsh that much (I hook up with a girl once, just the accent was particular), but english tend to criticize a lot and (less than the french of course, but far from Irish, the most friendly), and the drinking and the "overweight" ladies.. damn, americans behave a lot better in that respect than brits (excluding northern Irish) . 

To be honest, I think you "oxford englishmen" exported to US show a sophisticated profile that most brits don't fulfill at all. There is a gloomy lack of hope, social resentment and all comes out with the alcohol (a great deal of violence in not absent either). Don't take this as an attempt too be acid, I'm interested in your opinion, maybe welsh people are way different.
Gabriel S
Gabriel S - 4 years ago
+Ben Netherway definitely funny, but somewhat understandable considering the general ignorance people have of knowledge they're not spoon-fed or exposed to. she prob thought welsh was like being dutch haha
Ben Netherway
Ben Netherway - 4 years ago
+Cruxador well its pretty stupid to assume that the most widespread language in the world wouldnt be spoken in the country next to it, especially with such a small language like welsh as the alternative.
Cruxador - 4 years ago
+Ben Netherway Americans tend to assume other people have pride in their own countries/heritage, since in the US that's seen as a good and aspirational thing. Implying that you don't speak Welsh as your first language would have been a potential insult.
Mark shane Coetzee
Mark shane Coetzee - 4 years ago
+Mark Coetzee I'm a springbok lol
Mark shane Coetzee
Mark shane Coetzee - 4 years ago
+Ben Netherway I don't really know so much about Wales besides their great rugby lol but I always thought most of them speak English,or coherent English
Ben Netherway
Ben Netherway - 4 years ago
Yeah we do have english as the primary language, as we are part of the UK, and welsh isnt really spoken at all
Mark shane Coetzee
Mark shane Coetzee - 4 years ago
lmfao,but don't the Welsh speak English as their first language?? aren't use part of the British colony??? correct me if I'm wrong king
Crow Face
Crow Face - 4 years ago
What's sad is that there are people that are actually that stupid. As a Canadian who works for a popular American fast-food chain. Three guesses which. I can assure you that a good 95 percent of the American customers I've encounter have had less than average intellect.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
+Bella Vita dont worry. We are nice people for the most part.
Bella Vita
Bella Vita - 4 years ago
+Crow Face Sounds very familiar..Here in Europe, the Americans I've met haven't exactly impressed. And since those were mostly students from US universities, you'd expect a higher standard. Hell I don't wanna know what the rest is like
James Thomo
James Thomo - 4 years ago
The most gifted comedian in the world. Keep it up bro.
deadbirdy - 4 years ago
That's first time I've heard in and said he wasn't funny he just was not funny at all
Athena SuperHeldin
Athena SuperHeldin - 4 years ago
I come from a small country in Africa and am currently a student in Germany. We were talking about languages and then he asked me if I speak african. -_- I then just asked him if he speaks European.
Marshall Walton
Marshall Walton - 2 years ago
Africa has there own national language in his defence and Europe does not as it's structured different and is developed and has culture Africa not so much
Crazy Wolfgang
Crazy Wolfgang - 2 years ago
Athena SuperHeldin Well, you haven't even told us what country you're from
James Dick
James Dick - 2 years ago
Athena SuperHeldin u wanna be white bruh? you so beautiful
James Dick
James Dick - 2 years ago
Athena SuperHeldin i love you
Niki91-HR - 2 years ago
I saw that someone mentioned SLAVIC people... we do have latin alphabet... Croatia (south slavic) for example where I am from uses latin alphabet.... Serbia, Russia, Ukraine use for example cyrillic
Niki91-HR - 2 years ago
I was born in Germany and was also raised there (I am originally from another country)...german aren't that stupid...but even there are some hopeless cases xD
Ang _56
Ang _56 - 2 years ago
Mase T Youre right that is a long shot, a VEERRYY long shot.
M Anon
M Anon - 2 years ago
Or... this is a long shot, but maybe, just maybe... he was asking if you speak "Afrikaan" and not "African".
Maybe he just pronounced it incorrectly and instead of correcting him, you've chosen to assume he's ignorant and didn't know the difference between a continent and a language used on that continent.

Now who's ignorant?
Ang _56
Ang _56 - 2 years ago
Brad Geffrard No dude. No. If I "accidentally" said to a French person "Do you speak European?" That's not a common mistake, that's just stupid.....
Brad Geffrard
Brad Geffrard - 2 years ago
Ang _56
That's my point some populations share the same name as their country and some don't, so if u don't really know which are which ur bound to accidentally say something like that
Ang _56
Ang _56 - 2 years ago
Brad Geffrard Okay? Puerto Rican people are called Puerto Rican but there's not a language called "Puerto Rican". Nigerians (myself) are called Nigerian but there is no language called " Nigerian" or "African"
Brad Geffrard
Brad Geffrard - 2 years ago
Athena SuperHeldin
Well Americans/British are called the English and their language is also called English
Ang _56
Ang _56 - 2 years ago
swamidude I think you are thinking of the language Afrikaans, not African. And I doubt that the people who ask "do you speak African" are referring to the South African language. They are just ignorant and think African is is language . Just as there are people who think Mexican and American are languages. Just sad
swamidude - 2 years ago
African actually is a lanuage, spoken in South Africa and a sister language of Dutch. However if someone isnt from South Africa its weird to ask. However did you also introduce yourself as being from Africa? As I could hardly imagine somebody from Eritrea would get that question. As it should be overall well known that its North east Africa. My topographical knowledge might sometimes be lacking when it comes to Africa, I'll be honest, but at least when I hear a countries name I can place it reasonably well, as not on the complete opposite of the fucking continent.

But then again, ignorant people live everywhere, America doesnt have a patent on them :p
Ang _56
Ang _56 - 2 years ago
Yes! I'm Nigerian and a Hispanic girl asked me if I speak African, so I asked her if she spoke Mexican .......
Toyin Thomas
Toyin Thomas - 2 years ago
amber o me too!
amber o
amber o - 2 years ago
Athena SuperHeldin oh god im half german half nigerian and i get that question all the time
Zoë - 2 years ago
roxen moore Afrikaans is similar to Dutch though. Are you sure it's a tribal thing? >.>;
TokyoGhouls 4 eva
TokyoGhouls 4 eva - 2 years ago
Same, its funny how germans think we have an universal language in india ;D
roxen moore
roxen moore - 2 years ago
alice kumwenda its actually afrikaans...and its tribal. Its not for all Africans
JG - 2 years ago
Athena SuperHeldin Hey I am An Indian student in Germany too and my friends also asked me what Indian sounds like! XDBut it's ok when I told them we have over 22 languages they found it amusing :) But I guess I have also asked a lot of silly questions to my German friends but I think that how we learn .We should respect different cultures and learn from each other
alice kumwenda
alice kumwenda - 2 years ago
Carveros yes there is language called africans and its found in south africa
angryjunkyard Professor
angryjunkyard Professor - 2 years ago
Athena SuperHeldin what about affrikaans?
Elfaia - 2 years ago
What, you don't speak african?!
hauptmann25 - 3 years ago
Do you tough?
Niobesnuppa - 3 years ago
LOL, we had some exchange students from Kenya in my class (Norway), and somebody in my class asked them that exact same question.
MaryAnn - 3 years ago
haha same, people ask me if i speak indian XD
2ossy - 3 years ago
Athena SuperHeldin

Well do you?
Debbie Marquis
Debbie Marquis - 3 years ago
good answer!
Toussaints' Wrath
Toussaints' Wrath - 4 years ago
+Mimi N. K. O.
lmfao What are you talking about? And, I know that. Fuck you, and the honkeys.
Mimi N. K. O.
Mimi N. K. O. - 4 years ago
+Toussaints&#39; Wrath There are literally over 50 countries in Africa, and you think that they all share one language??? (That's not even taking into account the fact that some countries have tribes, which also have their own dialects)
Toussaints' Wrath
Toussaints' Wrath - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin Do you? Well, do you speak African?
TheYasmineFlower - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin Well, we like to think we do speak European... I remember, one of my classmates kept insisting, sometime in 9th grade or 10th grade or so, that all African people live in huts and are poor. I was like "WTF? We had a textbook with one picture and an article by a girl from an African country explaining how they were more modern than people knew", but I was unsuccessful in explaining it to her.
But then again, German education. Not much hope there.

Were you on a semester abroad or are you a long-term student in Germany? (It's late, I don't know if that's the right word. Whatever)
some person
some person - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin
You had a great response XD
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 years ago
Haha the African continent has 100s if not 1000s of different languages
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin where was this people are really dumb in America, hence the hatred of Donald trump
Athena SuperHeldin
Athena SuperHeldin - 4 years ago
+Sebastian M That is a language spoken in south africa and is even spelled differently. The guy asked me if I spoke african. There is no such language.
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - 4 years ago
+Sebastian M I gave hiv to ur mother 
Sebastian M
Sebastian M - 4 years ago
isn't there a language "afrikaans"? I think it came from the colonial states of the Netherlands
Zhi Chen
Zhi Chen - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin I get asked if i speak China... it's common... among idiots
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin Hey but in case that don't work out and mine don't work, how would u like to move to  amurrrca
Athena SuperHeldin
Athena SuperHeldin - 4 years ago
+Collin Hennessy Thank you very much. And what you said about meeting someone before the love is exactly what I am going through right now. Thank you very much for your advice. I truly needed it. 
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin you are gorgeous, read my comments below plz 
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - 4 years ago
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - 4 years ago
now i've known that trick for a while girls, and if we had all just met up in a bar tonight, then hey who knows.  I get the feeling that you are both about 21ish, what I've learned recently though is that love is forever, and sometimes ppl meet when that love for each other isn't quite ready, maybe you'll get lucky and find another compatible person who is ready be fore said original love matures.  From my observations, however, that is unlikely.  Anyways the moral of this story is get to know each other also be forgiving and patient with each other, and don't have kids til you're married, and have been for a couple years, or at least have lived with each other for a couple years. with that being said, I don't think anyone will listen to me, but hey at least im happy, and tried to make this world a better place
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - 4 years ago
goddess o'wisdom, only 1 way to find out, kelsie, you know it.
Kelsie Shipley
Kelsie Shipley - 4 years ago
+Collin Hennessy Wow. What a pickup line.
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin from what I can tell you';re pretty cute I have a theory that Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Somali girls are the prettiest on earth, you don't fit those standards, so I wonder where u r from
gerais padilla
gerais padilla - 4 years ago
Wow! That's awesome!
Uyarasuk - 4 years ago
+gerais padilla Over one thousand, maybe two thousand or more. It depends on things like whether something is a language or dialect.
gerais padilla
gerais padilla - 4 years ago
That's funny! How many languages to they speak in Africa?
Uyarasuk - 4 years ago
+Michael Park South Africa is a land of many languages. The official languages are Sepedi (or Northern Sotho), Sesotho (or Southern Sotho), Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenḓa, Xitsonga, Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa and isiZulu. Trevor Noah is from Johannesburg where English, Zulu, and Afrikaans are the major languages (all of which he speaks). Xhosa is also spoken there, his mother's tongue, which he also speaks. There are many other languages spoken across the republic as well. The Pan South African Language Board promotes the various Khoi, Nama, and San languages, South African Sign Language, German (his father's tongue), Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Portuguese, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, and Sanskrit. And there are creole and pidgin languages as well.
TheSilentAngel - 4 years ago
Language in general is quite complicated. I've recently started reading on ancient languages, Semitic and Latin languages, to see the similarities and differences. We can't just come up with some stupid concept to unify a group of languages when even if you put these people in a room they won't be able to speak/understand each other fluently. No there is no such thing as African, European, Asian or American language. An Igbo man won't be able to converse with Dinka man, A Japanese man won't be able to converse with a Chinese man who speaks mandarin etc.
TheSilentAngel - 4 years ago
+Abdulrahman Alnafia Does that mean most South Americans speak European since they use Latin Alphabets. The Dinka language also has some Latin alphabets does that mean we speak European. Please give it up already you are wrong don't be ashamed it's ok everyone can be wrong sometimes.
Lukas Schulte
Lukas Schulte - 4 years ago
Ich muss mich für solche dummen Menschen entschuldigen ( ._.)
Joni Rose
Joni Rose - 4 years ago
+Abdulrahman Alnafia The Slavic people don't have a latin alphabet, and they make up quite a bug chunk of Europe, but that's besides the point. The point is, you don't ask a person if they speak African, or European. You ask them "tell me something about your country, or your language". It's just people are so ignorant they can't admit they're ignorant about a subject (which is normal, cause the world is vast), so instead of asking to know more about it, they just make dumb assumptions and generalizations.
Abdulrahman Alnafia
Abdulrahman Alnafia - 4 years ago
+Saleh Alarfaj well. if one asks another person if he speaks European but his real language is German, then the answer is yes I do speak European. Because almost all of Europe use Latin alphabet. So the question was do the African people excluding the Arab states speak African language.
Nduduzo Mngomezulu
Nduduzo Mngomezulu - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin wow I've never heard of that country, where is it situated ?
Saleh Alarfaj
Saleh Alarfaj - 4 years ago
+Abdulrahman Alnafia Think of it this way. Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, they're all in Africa. Each with Arabic as its main language but with different dialects. Sudan has more than 100 languages, and more than 500 dialects. Ghana officially speaks English. Kenya, Swahili. List goes on. Africa is a continent so just like there is no Asian or European language, there is no African language.
Khanya Mashabela
Khanya Mashabela - 4 years ago
+Abdulrahman Alnafia Nooooo honey, there is no 'African language with different dialects'. There are thousands of African languages and some of them are as different from each other as French and Chinese.
Abdulrahman Alnafia
Abdulrahman Alnafia - 4 years ago
But honestly, he still got point. Because there's an African language which consist of African dialects. Well from my point of a view I think he meant to say that do you have your own language or only English or French. Athena superheldin
lordofdarkdudes - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin did he speak european?
Grim Reefer
Grim Reefer - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin Have you ever had AIDS?
Joy Adewumi
Joy Adewumi - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin i get that a lot. don't worry you are not a alone. sometimes they say do you speak south african. i am like.'which one' .
it's annoying
Pooledogg - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin Did he?
Carveros - 4 years ago
+challenge accepted Yup
emeg losota
emeg losota - 4 years ago
+julien de broissia I think you can understand that the intention of the question was not that. Afrikaans is small language with 6 million speakers, which probably very few foreigners outside of South Africa know the existence of the language.
Ben Perlmutter
Ben Perlmutter - 4 years ago
Lol. This is the only appropriate response. You did well
Carveros - 4 years ago
+Putumani Nomzaza I know the pronounciation is different, I mean he might just not have known that. Or just mispronounced it. Just looking for a logical reasoning (because no "he is an idiot" isn't a logical reasoning ^^) an idiot remains an idiot until he learns (therefore are we all idiots? Since we can't know everything? OoO, philosophical mindfuck)
Putumani Nomzaza
Putumani Nomzaza - 4 years ago
+julien de broissia actually it's Afrikaans the pronunciation is totally different
Stimulator7 - 4 years ago
+julien de broissia it's "Afrikaans"
Irene Ailin
Irene Ailin - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin I've met quite a few people from Europe (mostly England and Ireland) who have asked me if I speak Asian. I just started walking away from people who ask me things like that haha.
Just Ben
Just Ben - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin Good one Athena what country in Africa do you come from ?
Samuel Hailai
Samuel Hailai - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin there is no even eritrean language ...u must speak tigrina ...
PrivacyForever - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin
I work in a restaurant in Victoria, BC (Canada). A group of American ladies (a little in their cups), asked me: "Does Canada have a capital?" Without missing a beat, I told her "Yes, Moncton, New Brunswick."

sweetclariss - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin I live in germany too and people ask me the SAME question, like did they forget that it is a continent?
The Doctor
The Doctor - 4 years ago
+Martian Devil just because there are countries smaller than it doesn't make it suddenly not small... It's a small country. Deal with it...
Martian Devil
Martian Devil - 4 years ago
+The Doctor ever heard of comoros , zanzibar,Mauritius,Swaziland. it's small but not that small :v
The Doctor
The Doctor - 4 years ago
+Martian Devil I'd call it a small country... It's long though.
Martian Devil
Martian Devil - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin Eritrea is not small country my friend
Carveros - 4 years ago
Well, there is a language called Afrikaan. No? Maybe he meant that?
Niya Abdullahi
Niya Abdullahi - 4 years ago
+Daniel Yohannes Selma Daniel! Yes you are right I forgot the most important tigrinye! But it's not called Eritrean or ethiopian
Daniel Yohannes
Daniel Yohannes - 4 years ago
+Niya Abdullahi it also exist the language tigrinia and thats right eritrean
Vishak Raman
Vishak Raman - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin Haha! But are you sure he didn't say Afrikaans?
Niya Abdullahi
Niya Abdullahi - 4 years ago
+Athena SuperHeldin You probably speak either tigray, amharic, arabic, italian or something else because eritrean isn't a language ;) This is due to the seperation between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Athena SuperHeldin
Athena SuperHeldin - 4 years ago
I am from a small country known as I speak eritrean...and not swahili :)
Michael Park
Michael Park - 4 years ago
I get that question all the time. Do you speak chinese or any asian. I just look at them and tell them I was born in America and they act all shocked. Like wtf you don't start off a conversation with "can you speak English, or do you speak chinese or asian." Wtf asian ain't even a fuckn language. Also what language do you speak in that part of Africa. I know the eastern part of Africa speaks swahili right?
theadrix92 - 4 years ago
Ahah! I got the same experience
Daniel Yohannes
Daniel Yohannes - 4 years ago
I can only agree with u honey. I get also so shitty questions
FKalo - 4 years ago
The waves just get too tired...
qsdf qsdf
qsdf qsdf - 4 years ago
this guy is the next king
Alexander Kopanakis
Alexander Kopanakis - 4 years ago
I didnt understand the last part with the shower.Explanation please?
kinotii - 4 years ago
+Alexander Kopanakis The South African president said he showered after having sex with a HIV+ woman to reduce the chances of getting infected
Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker - 4 years ago
Dude reminds me of Mickey from Dr. Who
Em Hu
Em Hu - 4 years ago
Dear Trevor Noah:  Please go home.  Thanks.
Mark shane Coetzee
Mark shane Coetzee - 4 years ago
he lost his monkey grip.
Rofhiwa Rambane
Rofhiwa Rambane - 4 years ago
+Em Hu Shame man. Change sucks don't it....................................... Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks, you go do the show
Em Hu
Em Hu - 4 years ago
he's lurking under Jon's desk.
Caleb Wossen
Caleb Wossen - 4 years ago
+Em Hu Where is he now?
Worthless Car
Worthless Car - 4 years ago
Please for the love of God know that not all Americans are idiots
zigzaggered - 4 years ago
Just COMEDY !!!!
Flippity Floppity
Flippity Floppity - 4 years ago
This feels a lot like a story that would never happen
LylaN93 - 4 years ago
Few Americans have asked me if New Zealand is a real country, and while I was in LA I was told several times that I speak good English. 'Murica.
Iki Niuhulu Green
Iki Niuhulu Green - 2 years ago
Its funny coz majority of people in all other countries know most of existing countries all over the map other than main common heard of
sonofaballer96 - 2 years ago
Well in America people often say they’re from a city or town or state and if you’re foreign we usually expect you to say the continent you’re from we almost never hear about New Zealand, the only thing I know about New Zealand is Flight of the Conchords. Most Americans forget everything they learn in geography, if it isn’t in the USA, we usually don’t care unless it’s Europe or the Caribbean.
Guillermo Sulvale
Guillermo Sulvale - 4 years ago
+LylaN93 I'm saying that New Zealand is a conspiracy, or an "inside job". The implication here is that New Zealand isn't real, and that it is a conspiracy. Why would someone doubt you when you said you come from New Zealand is my question. And in response to such oddity, I exaggerate the question and make it a declaration. It's also a barb against conspiracy theorists who take certainty from a lack of knowledge and export their looniness onto others. Does that make sense?
LylaN93 - 4 years ago
+Guillermo Sulvale I'm confused. What inside job?
Guillermo Sulvale
Guillermo Sulvale - 4 years ago
+LylaN93 The kiwis were an inside job! What?
danny -EF
danny -EF - 4 years ago
+LylaN93 haha
Fiy Ade
Fiy Ade - 4 years ago
Being foreign in America can be so tiring.
GOapeshit14 - 4 years ago
did he do a Kiwi accent there?
Mark shane Coetzee
Mark shane Coetzee - 4 years ago
it was a white South African accent
Faine Pearl
Faine Pearl - 4 years ago
+GOapeshit14 nope :)
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin - 4 years ago
I ask my friend the same question every time, do you guys live in houses made of shit? Shithouse? Funny everytime :)
Divya Kondapi
Divya Kondapi - 4 years ago
Hahaha Trevor!! You are the perfect sub for Jon Stewart
The Sultin Of Smack
The Sultin Of Smack - 4 years ago
Frost Archer
Frost Archer - 4 years ago
Do you have waves in Africa?

Yes. Yes there are. Heat waves.
Elemental Three
Elemental Three - 2 years ago
zigzaggered Has just been hit by a stress wave
Big Dog
Big Dog - 2 years ago
zigzaggered r/wooosh
Young Ethiopian98
Young Ethiopian98 - 2 years ago
Your ignorance just proves his WHOLE point.
Siduri - 4 years ago
+zigzaggered Thanks! I had no bloody idea that you could have heat waves on a continent which has a desert the size of Brazil and I'm sure last month when we had lectures canceled due to the "heat wave" they got our forecast confused with Europe. Silly me. Good to know mate. xD
lovell - 4 years ago
+zigzaggered you dobt always die from a heat wave
Jeremy Simms
Jeremy Simms - 4 years ago
+zigzaggered missed the tolerant intelligence gene...
Jeremy Simms
Jeremy Simms - 4 years ago
+zigzaggered cruncht
Frost Archer
Frost Archer - 4 years ago
^Thanks for the geographical lesson. If only I gave two shits.
zigzaggered - 4 years ago
No cunt, you lie. Have you heard anyone dying from heat waves in Africa ? It happens in Europe and America all the time. I guess you didn't even know that Australia is the world driest habitable continent.
Kevin Matla
Kevin Matla - 4 years ago
2:16 is the funniest part
Oberon Blackwood
Oberon Blackwood - 4 years ago
"Do you have waves?"

Reminds me of how Japanese people don't realize that other countries have seasons.
Jonathan Jacob
Jonathan Jacob - 4 years ago
Barack Obama???
juukame - 4 years ago
God, I love his dry and sarcastic style of humor XD.
Steph - 2 years ago
It's not dry at all. He's very animated and expressive.
Jetaime Gallant
Jetaime Gallant - 4 years ago
The South African way.
Josh Sinclair
Josh Sinclair - 4 years ago
Americans are retards
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 3 years ago
+Kel0390 pretty much
Kel0390 - 3 years ago
+Anthony Long I live in Texas and I'm not a retard either. Is that literally what everyone thinks?
Nicholas Peterman
Nicholas Peterman - 4 years ago
+Josh Sinclair Someone buys into stereotypes too easily.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long - 4 years ago
Dont label me as a retard. I dont live in Texas. Therefore i am not a retard.
Patrick Cheptoek
Patrick Cheptoek - 4 years ago
Rubana Manzur
Rubana Manzur - 4 years ago
When I first came to the US, and someone would ask me how I got here, I would go into a LOOONG explaination of how i started with a dingy, then a Elephant ride, and I would use the names of cities I would think the person might have heard about.
Sigart - 4 years ago
+Guillermo Sulvale It's never just to expect anything of a person you've never met. Reality isn't always just, though.
Guillermo Sulvale
Guillermo Sulvale - 4 years ago
+Sigart I do expect this. I simply ask if it is just or unjust.
Sigart - 4 years ago
+Guillermo Sulvale That's a risk you take, though most decent people know whether what they believe is a stereotype. You may have to prove yourself to not be an idiot, though.
Livid Imp
Livid Imp - 4 years ago
+DeepBlue That is bullshit. "How'd you get here" is just an American idiom for "why'd you come to the US" or "what's your story". They are most likely just genuinely interested in your story. That's not to say there aren't any racists, because there are, but you can't make that assumption based on a single question.

As far as the Republican debates go, they are pandering to the most extreme right-wing, nationalist 20% of Americans that actually vote in the Republican primaries. Once the general election starts, they'll all drop the racist rhetoric because they know they have to speak to the normal Americans that won't put up with that shit.
Guillermo Sulvale
Guillermo Sulvale - 4 years ago
+Rubana Manzur And this is the sort of stuff that will make me wonder when I study abroad, it is just that I be considered a clown solely because of a stereotype associated with my country?
Rubana Manzur
Rubana Manzur - 4 years ago
I know they are clowns
DeepBlue - 4 years ago
+Rubana Manzur
IF you are still in the USA, just listen to the Republican debates. All of them (directly or indirectly) keep hinting that most colored (latino, mid eastern, south Asians, etc)  are illegals & should be sent back .... even though one of the candidates (Bobby Jindal) is a colored fellow, born of immigrant south Asian parents.  
Rubana Manzur
Rubana Manzur - 4 years ago
+DeepBlue Did not know that, LOL 
DeepBlue - 4 years ago
+Rubana Manzur
( I am presuming you are non-white).... in USA, when they ask this question to a (non black / non native) colored person, they usually are "politely" trying to find out if you are legally or illegally there in the USA.
Most white Americans assume that most colored people in USA have entered illegally (and the rest as refugees).
Dubai892JK - 4 years ago
I didn't find him funny !!
Dubai892JK - 4 years ago
+Demian Haki yep I won't, I came here through qura, a guy recommended his video. Still Russell Peter the number 1 comedian.