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naamanb - 9 years ago
I wish i could surf.
Gob Nobbler
Gob Nobbler - 9 years ago
These are small waves for me! jkz sick vid good music.
Brad Godinez
Brad Godinez - 9 years ago
at 0:30 where is that!!!???!?!?!
Carlos Wilkie
Carlos Wilkie - 10 years ago
@env1233 yep
Carlos Wilkie
Carlos Wilkie - 10 years ago
J0kers7 - 10 years ago
bonfrid1980 - 10 years ago
Song name Moving on to better things by the Kooks.
miss ooshlehh
miss ooshlehh - 10 years ago
Robert Kanda
Robert Kanda - 10 years ago
lol its like when ur paddling out u can see this at certain places like the wave would pass u by but ur all the way to the right of it that u can see from like a top view i guess but i t looks so cool becasue the wave is just about to break :]

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waveaddict91 - 10 years ago
i saw the wave at 0:41 on youtube and it was insane
Robby Gray
Robby Gray - 11 years ago
the kooks she moves in her own way
Anton Bengtsson
Anton Bengtsson - 11 years ago
i can better lol!
k wally
k wally - 11 years ago
cory mckenzie
cory mckenzie - 11 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 27 is pretty bluty heavy
Mitch Cox
Mitch Cox - 11 years ago
wtf is that a whale in the wave at 14??
Harry Mullins
Harry Mullins - 11 years ago
what the fuck is on 0.14
João Pedro Pazin
João Pedro Pazin - 11 years ago
what's the name of the music?
SpeNNCS - 11 years ago
Caleb Leach
Caleb Leach - 11 years ago
fuck that

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Tommy - 11 years ago
51 omfg
Kristen Kallhovde
Kristen Kallhovde - 11 years ago
0:11 looks like he is in chest high water lol
Kristen Kallhovde
Kristen Kallhovde - 11 years ago
0:27 and 0:30!!!
XDlolroflmao - 11 years ago
0:29 that shit be crazy!
Kristen Kallhovde
Kristen Kallhovde - 11 years ago
31 thats a title wave
Kristen Kallhovde
Kristen Kallhovde - 11 years ago
0:27 thats a fat ass wave
mikeasuraus - 12 years ago
cool some strange waves
ej2baller - 12 years ago
43 seconds... holy shit
mikeasuraus - 12 years ago
Matt Ward
Matt Ward - 12 years ago

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aneeda gofadump
aneeda gofadump - 12 years ago
very nice collection... holy shit did you see cyclops
dreamsands - 12 years ago
Thats Teahupoo in Tahiti watch some vids its a really narly surf spot...
Vince Vu
Vince Vu - 12 years ago
looks like the world is sinking lol its a hugeeeeeeeeee wall... and the picture is being taken while they're on top of it before it breaks =)
golfmaniac007 - 12 years ago
can somebody describe to me what :30 is? am i seeing correctly?
GReeDYDeVASTATOR808 - 12 years ago
your a shame for saying that! and your a shame for your grammer too!
Luke Godfrey
Luke Godfrey - 12 years ago

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