tarp surfing

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Surf 12 years ago 3,308,466 views

visit http://www.tarpsurfing.com exclusive homer henard and nic lamb scoring mega slabs somewhere up north. Check out our fan page http://www.facebook.com/TarpSurfing and Hey if you think your video is good enough go here http://tarpsurfing.com/contactsubmit-video/ to submit and maybe you will be on here http://tarpsurfing.com/tarpvidz/

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for tarp surfing

matt crosby
matt crosby - 5 years ago
Love all the kook hate. BEET IT KOOKS!
El Jefe
El Jefe - 6 years ago
its called chinese surfing
Kbomb123 - 6 years ago
where did you get the music track? I'm digging it 100%
Russ Jones
Russ Jones - 6 years ago
Never gets old!
DeltaEchoRomeoPapa - 6 years ago
Keegan bennett
Keegan bennett - 7 years ago
Mean, check out my little edit for this. Cheers
SubtenkoGaming - 8 years ago
Please dont let this video be a bunch of 1/2 second clips with corny music and editing...

Its a bit better than that ONE video but most of it is slow motion... ._. no one has balance...its never perfect... :/ lol
dan m
dan m - 8 years ago
Love the dog tow in!
Henry Prillaman
Henry Prillaman - 9 years ago
how big is the tarp?

10. comment for tarp surfing

Aubrey Lorena
Aubrey Lorena - 9 years ago
Animal by Miike Snow
Anthony Zerrer
Anthony Zerrer - 9 years ago
One of my favorite videos. What is the name of the song?
George Contreras
George Contreras - 9 years ago
your an idiot you wont be able to see
Beach Bum
Beach Bum - 9 years ago
then don't hate bro its still skating its pretty awesome and looks fun
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre - 9 years ago
You must hate your life.
Jake Hinds
Jake Hinds - 9 years ago
How do you guys enjoy this? I'm usually not one to hate on what people do but for christ's sake. Go and actually skate, not play on a playground with a tarp.
Laydy Tatiana Nieto
Laydy Tatiana Nieto - 9 years ago
Laydy Tatiana Nieto
Laydy Tatiana Nieto - 9 years ago
johnss - 9 years ago
ITS A TARP!!!!!!!!!
Alec Chafin
Alec Chafin - 9 years ago
check out costa mesa tarp surfing

20. comment for tarp surfing

liper22 - 9 years ago
Dog- Tow-in !! LoL
uncouthkidac - 9 years ago
YO! EVERYONE I FOUND THE SONG! Its treasure fingers remix of animal by miike snow!
Bryan Sanders
Bryan Sanders - 9 years ago
how big is that tarp?
CandBphotography - 10 years ago
how big is your tarp
Tyler Severtson
Tyler Severtson - 10 years ago
This looks so boring
Jamie Silvester
Jamie Silvester - 10 years ago
i remember when this video has only 200000 views like 2 years ago its awesome to find this video again it brings back memories!
Bill Kizer
Bill Kizer - 10 years ago
It doesn't look fun at all NeuralNetProcessor
NeuralNetProcessor - 10 years ago
it looks like a lot of setting up for like 2 seconds of fun, although I doubt it's much fun
Toby Mullis
Toby Mullis - 10 years ago
Looks pointless as fuck
hongkongfooyHAZE - 10 years ago

30. comment for tarp surfing

ChrisLoug - 10 years ago
Sk805 Films
Sk805 Films - 10 years ago
Keegan Darbonne
Keegan Darbonne - 10 years ago
well he said santa cruz, sooooooo... no.
Kyra - 10 years ago
pennydave - 10 years ago
so incredibly lame & incredibly amazing all at the same time. I'm going to try it!
Dr Dj Psycho
Dr Dj Psycho - 10 years ago
lmao,if you want to see how to surf with no water,check out me its called rope surfing by dr dj psycho
thekillersfan11 - 10 years ago
Remix of Miike Snow's, "Animal"
Wolffrider700 - 10 years ago
may look really stupid but its actually quite fun :) (although i would rather bomb a hill any other day of the week)
TheCatsa - 10 years ago
Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Beyond Type 1
Beyond Type 1 - 10 years ago
You guys inspired us to include Tarp Surfing in our Big Blue Test 2012 campaign video. See it on our channel!
Alex Geerken
Alex Geerken - 10 years ago
/watch?v=dLHjKgQt39s the song is a cover of that^
Greg Maule
Greg Maule - 10 years ago
how big of a tarp do I need?
alessandro barlotta
alessandro barlotta - 10 years ago
kittyliter008 - 10 years ago
this is kinda stupid
NZRacine - 10 years ago
images are quite cool but... tow in with a dog, sup with a broom? that's dumb...
awesomevideos757 - 10 years ago
Why don't u just skate
Kyle. - 10 years ago
on my bucket list for when the sun explodes and there is no more water
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson - 10 years ago
Shit I saw this whn it had 1k views haha this got big
shamos999 - 10 years ago
Did that guy just tow in with a dog? epic
1234toastman - 10 years ago
ich weis habs schon ausprobiert ;D

50. comment for tarp surfing

CARACAL THEBAND - 10 years ago
Cem Obut
Cem Obut - 10 years ago
das geht auch mit nem skate board kannst ganz beruhigt sein
1234toastman - 10 years ago
geht das auch mit nem normalen skateboard oder braucht man ein cruiser oder longboard?
TheSnaptin - 10 years ago
Allein der Bericht bei Galileo hat ein Paar Fans mehr gebracht, mach jetzt auch mit!!!!
Kartmaster Alex
Kartmaster Alex - 10 years ago
Ich Habs grad auf Gallileo gesehen heute 2.7.12 Änt geil!!!!!Ich will auch!!!
Schachdli - 10 years ago
@SkRapid22 Haha hab's auch Auf Galileo gesehen ;)
ChowdongsFameCrew - 10 years ago
Son unnötiger Blödsinn, entweder richtig surfen oder garnich ^^
XxxExigexxX - 10 years ago
Galileo <3 :D
Izzy Crystal
Izzy Crystal - 10 years ago
Ich auch haha
xvalerieeex - 10 years ago
Galileo :D
tim schneider
tim schneider - 10 years ago
bin nur wegen galileo hier
luucvp - 10 years ago
Awesome that they made it out of the barrel! ;)
Albrecht - 10 years ago
Hells yeah, I can finally get a stand up barrel.
NoDiaC - 10 years ago
jay Sull
jay Sull - 10 years ago
Miike Snow - Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)
GrahambertusJosepha - 10 years ago
Yeah, you should go to where these guys are doing this. They only do it during the flat spells. This is Santa Cruz CA, surf capital of the world.
GrahambertusJosepha - 10 years ago
Hell yeah got some sick gromlins wreckin it! Is that Gault?
Chris Sandy
Chris Sandy - 10 years ago
If I was sh*t at skating or surfing I would totally try this
Kekoa Tecson
Kekoa Tecson - 10 years ago
Hahahaha but u can't duck dive
IVolatileI - 10 years ago
what is this song
H. Laker
H. Laker - 10 years ago
instead of slamming into water you hit cement. sick bro!
darcy obrien
darcy obrien - 10 years ago
What's that song called bra it's sick, I wana go tarp surfing now, it's sick.
Dave2100 - 10 years ago
lol brilliant idea!
brandon Lichtenberger
brandon Lichtenberger - 10 years ago
Song? please reply!
uncouthkidac - 10 years ago
sweet miike snow remix! also this looks like so much fun! i might try this tomorrow!
carlsaganexpierence - 10 years ago
It's by treasure fingers. :)
KimberlyAmos - 10 years ago
@bugaljuice yes there was
bugaljuice - 10 years ago
no wipeouts!
Chris - 10 years ago
what is the name of that song. I know its a remix of animal but i cant find it.
JC indigo47
JC indigo47 - 10 years ago
i think it is a mike snow- animal remix......
Vicious CSGO
Vicious CSGO - 10 years ago
the guy duck diving t :40 made me laugh so hard!
drakethick1 - 10 years ago
? talk about being easily entertained. Legos are a lot easier to pick when you finish playing...
Robbie Davis
Robbie Davis - 10 years ago
Epic tarp surfing
Kim Schaefer
Kim Schaefer - 10 years ago
what song is this?
1kidbrain - 10 years ago
bahahaha love the tow in with the dog!!!!
JustCookie - 10 years ago
this is fun,...IF U CAN SKATEBOARD
Hauke - 11 years ago
Wow it looks really cool. How big is this tarp? I wanna try this out..
Kaiden - 11 years ago
Well for those of us not lucky enough to live in australia or hawaii, surfing has to get creative!
RealRacer69 - 11 years ago
@thederp99 Animal by Miike Snow (the Treasure Finger remix)
marv S
marv S - 11 years ago
so its just regular skate boarding while someone swoops a tarp over you?
TheJiggabooooooooooo - 11 years ago
I love to snowboard and longboard. I skate too but it's not that fun anymore for me. Idk what surfings like but it looks really fun. Wanna try it sometime
Naive Cynic
Naive Cynic - 11 years ago
elijah lawrence
elijah lawrence - 11 years ago
for when the water is dead
billy bob
billy bob - 11 years ago
Jesse Friedman
Jesse Friedman - 11 years ago
he's my friends uncle
uncle poly
uncle poly - 11 years ago
what song? sounds like animal by miike snow
dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd - 11 years ago
Nice tow in by the dog at 1:50
Mintchiplol - 11 years ago
Sounds like a Canadian
turboturtle5511 - 11 years ago
growing up and still living in so cal all i have to say is ....HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! love it
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson - 11 years ago
Treasure Fingers Remix

100. comment for tarp surfing

Kaila Crawford
Kaila Crawford - 11 years ago
the santacruz one with the bottle opener on the bottomm, YEAH BUDDY!
Kaila Crawford
Kaila Crawford - 11 years ago
i have that longboard. :D
TheUsername450 - 11 years ago
Will this work with a regular skateboard?
abel2088 - 11 years ago
Skyried - 11 years ago
cheating :P you used a dog
Average Joe
Average Joe - 11 years ago
@Markodide It's called Animal by Miike Snow. But this is not the original, it's a remix. Can anyone tell me what remix it's called please?
Devin Curtis
Devin Curtis - 11 years ago
its not surfing if your on a skateboard
Elias Olsson
Elias Olsson - 11 years ago
close enough.jpg
ThommyTheFarmer - 11 years ago
how can anyone dislike this??? Pure genius. Gonna get my tarp on asap.
EstradaDude - 11 years ago
i love skating and surfing, so this looks fun as hell for a day with the buds, but no way in hell should this be considered a legit sport,
sideshowking - 11 years ago
Homer Henard is a fucking burnout.
ZphykTESHD - 11 years ago
pretty gay just my opinion
Mitchell Pruitt
Mitchell Pruitt - 11 years ago
that so cool
thefunkymovies - 11 years ago
song ??
xoxisaidxox - 11 years ago
song plz
SprayedToTheBone2 - 11 years ago
Duuude thats fuckin awesomee! ahahhahaha
mrlollo - 11 years ago
utilità sotto zero...
Llama4295 - 11 years ago
that first place thing has a scooter zone sticker on it
Joe Hayman-Joyce
Joe Hayman-Joyce - 11 years ago
thats sick.
trido1986 - 11 years ago
1.54 that surf board got 1 dog power motor
Justin Janich
Justin Janich - 11 years ago
Thumbs up for the Stand Up Paddleboarder and the guy who got a tow in from his dog!
mgmtlover100 - 11 years ago
yall are awesome
Sentry - 11 years ago
@jazzyjake7 the video is made to be a joke you chode snugler
levicash - 11 years ago
I love white dudes. We think of the coolest ways to have fun. And oh yea ...to the haters....If you've ever surfed, you would know there are not waves everyday morons.
jamie tooby
jamie tooby - 11 years ago
wtf ppl with no skill's wasting time
jason nosaj
jason nosaj - 11 years ago
lol stand up paddle...
joopwoop - 11 years ago
joopwoop - 11 years ago
@jazzyjake7 Its a joke dude
Gunslinger - 11 years ago
6568 people can't swim
Alejandro Espinoza
Alejandro Espinoza - 11 years ago
Alex Solano
Alex Solano - 11 years ago
thats rad! Santa Cruz is where its at man!
Nicki Mayes
Nicki Mayes - 11 years ago
that so sick
atvking04032 - 11 years ago
first time iv seen this and looks so sick i want to try it
kenzoz26 - 11 years ago
so sick
Alejo Fortique
Alejo Fortique - 11 years ago
No muestra la cara por que le da pena.. ridiculo
renan vieira
renan vieira - 11 years ago
i've done this TODAY! hahaha awwwwwesome!
scarface - 11 years ago
muy bueno
Kitesurfari Kiteboarding
Kitesurfari Kiteboarding - 11 years ago
Most awesome dog. Ever. 1:50
Twazdersopnat - 11 years ago
Ahahaha... This is hilarious. Awsome god guys. Lmao.
Oh_my_Random - 11 years ago
lol funny as hell
David Hansen
David Hansen - 11 years ago
i've been trying to land some of these barrels but i keep getting sucked in by the immense pressure. any advice???
uRnotGOODLikeME - 11 years ago
lol at this... now here is something that takes no skill....
PhoenixPhire22 - 11 years ago
Lol... this is so lame...
Hetierd - 11 years ago
Are they serious?
Aleks Folvig
Aleks Folvig - 11 years ago
1:50 flanneys ftw!!
Guitar7Surf - 11 years ago
NC-66-1 - 11 years ago
Kraig Highnam
Kraig Highnam - 11 years ago
that doesn't look fun
Abscisic - 11 years ago
homemade surfing!
Marty Ramirez
Marty Ramirez - 11 years ago
Damn, looks shallow and super heavy!
KingOfSilver2 - 11 years ago
i want to do this so bad!
Dahgrostabphri - 11 years ago
It's a DIY beach!
conno749 - 11 years ago
awsome :)
Cian Collins
Cian Collins - 11 years ago
Look up surfing Ireland or go on my page
The Epic Movies
The Epic Movies - 11 years ago
Tarp surfing is soooooo fun!!!!!!! And that dog tow in was ninja I want my dog to do that!!!
manlycurlsDOTcom - 11 years ago
LOL, very creative guys!
nadegeland - 11 years ago
Simon Snow
Simon Snow - 11 years ago
thumbs up for the epic dog tow-in!
USCisbeast22 - 11 years ago
Hmmm theres a whole in the wave hahaha
snavertron - 11 years ago
I like the moments with water drops on the lens. HaHa! It adds a level of authenticity. Rad video
Slother9393 - 11 years ago
Those Baylor dudes love their tarps!
321Green1Fork123 - 11 years ago
@lamclan :)
dsjbvhfdbv - 11 years ago
So fun!!!
321Green1Fork123 - 11 years ago
this is so fake. u can tell easily theyr not in water. nice try but FAIL
imblue36752100 - 11 years ago
Omg, this looks totally epic.
CrazyUncleJoe - 11 years ago
How much do I love this? 1,000,000!
Freq Logic
Freq Logic - 11 years ago
great idea, nice one !
bakedinspiration - 11 years ago
yeah this wouldn't get old in about 10 minuets. I don't like to make my friends pull a tarp up so I can get 10 seconds of tarp wave...
Jens Roelant
Jens Roelant - 11 years ago
@brainscores Why do the usual when u can just be creative?
bree thomas
bree thomas - 11 years ago
dis is great rlly smart!
Omar Khan
Omar Khan - 11 years ago
Good video, too long though
Patrick Haare
Patrick Haare - 11 years ago
My pool tarp surfs every winter day.
thelaking100 - 11 years ago
who needs the sea when you have blue tarp hahaha
superawsomeman3 - 11 years ago
props to these guys cuz i would never have thought of this.
Sandro N
Sandro N - 11 years ago
what is the soundtrack?
Lindsavvy - 11 years ago
5:16 that guy eats shit hahahaha
TheDogod - 11 years ago
this is hilarious and awesome at the same time
xoxisaidxox - 11 years ago
wat song??
Token825 - 11 years ago
hey whats the song?
Savannah Cochrane
Savannah Cochrane - 11 years ago
Lol love the paddel board!
victor abbley
victor abbley - 11 years ago
Those are the most realistic tarps slabs to date. There's some copycats your video is the best good job guys.
Noah Nash
Noah Nash - 11 years ago
Just go catch a real wave!:P
KingDennisJensen - 11 years ago
Treyvon Milner
Treyvon Milner - 11 years ago
Whats the name of this song!?
Cado Torres
Cado Torres - 11 years ago
Good idea! Brasil
Daniel Siemers
Daniel Siemers - 11 years ago
What an awesome vid!!!!! :-) (Hold down '8' for creepy smile).
kindpotato - 11 years ago
That is acctually pretty cool
Morgan Mccullough
Morgan Mccullough - 11 years ago
the ghetto version of surfing
v8v6v8v6 - 11 years ago
gnarly dude
otakesurf - 11 years ago
Killer brah !
Miguel A
Miguel A - 11 years ago
@tb2481 It's a remix of Animal by Miike Snow
David Hansen
David Hansen - 11 years ago
1 day when im really bored and i see a tarp laying around im doing this
Ule Maika'i
Ule Maika'i - 11 years ago
this guy sounds like my annoying buddy Toby.
BrentBTV - 11 years ago
College FTW
86Boro86 - 11 years ago
Haha 1:50 .. tow-in with a dog^^
Kevin Louw
Kevin Louw - 11 years ago
This is very sad... really scraping the 'barrel' for a new sensation!
MrDazp1 - 11 years ago
Brilliant. Very very good indeed.
Albrecht Ch.
Albrecht Ch. - 11 years ago
Haha :D Sweet
MARTHA CUEVAS - 11 years ago
@UTubegrl14 thanks for the respond
chad suter
chad suter - 11 years ago
So it's like riding a skateboard, but on a tarp...
chad suter
chad suter - 11 years ago
Lots of hate. Wait... Do people actually think this is a serious video?
Jake Barrett
Jake Barrett - 11 years ago
what size tarp is this?
MVSXE - 11 years ago
@aron420ful fuck you
Ilja_ - 11 years ago
LOL!!! :D
Mike Lefevre
Mike Lefevre - 11 years ago
haha dog tow in
Aaron Maltby
Aaron Maltby - 11 years ago
fuck going to the beach. i got one of those big blue bastards out back!
qgwueirbtbyo - 11 years ago
looks so challenging, really.
microstar81 - 11 years ago
JJNZProductions - 11 years ago
Thats great but i cant skateboard
heyitzclint - 11 years ago
tarp size?
Will Allen
Will Allen - 11 years ago
what's the problem with water??
mozell ford
mozell ford - 11 years ago
lamber2021 - 11 years ago
what the hell about real wave??
boylogbet - 11 years ago
hahahaha. the duck dive was funny.
awsomeguitar54 - 11 years ago
Im suprised they didnt drown with such massive balls to do this.
Danthious - 11 years ago
ooohhh...so THIS is how they do surfing vids with the perfect wave!
Austin Baird
Austin Baird - 11 years ago
love the dog tow in
George - 11 years ago
sick! Thanks for inspiring!!! Check out my tarp surfing vid
graiypz - 11 years ago
sick video dudes! great song aswell. what a fun time man
Stephen Bancroft
Stephen Bancroft - 11 years ago
Love the tow in... from the dog !
Gilgamesh - 11 years ago
geremdu85 - 11 years ago
rollinfever15 - 11 years ago
this is so gay
Andy Varian
Andy Varian - 11 years ago
so this is why tarps are blue...
Elizabeth Jimenez
Elizabeth Jimenez - 11 years ago
i love to surf too and I am going to the beach tomorrow to catch some waves!!!!!
Elizabeth Jimenez
Elizabeth Jimenez - 11 years ago
oh my god u guys are funny hilarious and awesome this is my favorite video out of YouTube! And i love this song! what is the name of it? who cares GREAT VIDEO!!! THIS IS THE BEST TARP SURFING VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!
Elizabeth Jimenez
Elizabeth Jimenez - 11 years ago
oh my god u guys are funny hilarious and awesome this is my favorite video out of YouTube! And i love this song! what is the name of it? who cares GREAT VIDEO!!!
Griffin Payer
Griffin Payer - 11 years ago
It's a tarp!
antheman47 - 11 years ago
Human beings just evolved, this is the next step.........tarp surfing
David Snead
David Snead - 11 years ago
this is pretty much the greatest thing ever on youtube
Sofia Juárez
Sofia Juárez - 11 years ago
Deleon023 - 11 years ago
What's the name of the song ?????
POTTERick - 11 years ago
Troy P. Comon' this is pretty lame ;-)
John Lane
John Lane - 11 years ago
step one: get a black tarp, put white stripes on it, and tunnel it on acid. step two: enter a portal and travel through time haha, epic
LeemanBrothaZ - 11 years ago
Obama got that I3itch Osama...Greed is Good!
001GenLee - 11 years ago
Pretty cool, and you don't have to worry with pesky sharks. LOL ....as well as jellyfish for all that goes. I myself, am too much of a beach bum, i've gotta have some waves to ride on though. =)
keala Lacerte
keala Lacerte - 11 years ago
"Thats the most retarded sport i've ever seen."
Thies van Zon
Thies van Zon - 11 years ago
600 poeple are jealous that there isnt somewone that puls the tarp for them
Riley Channells
Riley Channells - 11 years ago
Darlene Arenivas
Darlene Arenivas - 11 years ago
The dont have a beach so they make waves with Tarps
pronauthority - 11 years ago
smoke weed
86harleys - 11 years ago
Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Johnson - 11 years ago
This video pwns
xadrian89 - 11 years ago
@tony8999 treasure finger's remix watch?v=y6DGP9-QUAw
David Lopez
David Lopez - 11 years ago
eolewind19 - 11 years ago
Se faire bâcher prend un tout autre sens ! Nice video !
Cameron St Denis
Cameron St Denis - 11 years ago
I love how he flips off the paddle boarder in the beginning ha!
Kyle W
Kyle W - 11 years ago
nice.. i found a 100x100 foot tarp in near a construction site in perfect condition that they used for the roof but then they put it in the dumpster so i took it and cleaned and and with a 10 foot rope i can make HUGE BARRELS! Sometimes we get cars to drive threw them.
Daniele Sechi
Daniele Sechi - 11 years ago
Ivo Ribeiro
Ivo Ribeiro - 11 years ago
For everybody that was looking for the music's name here it is: Miike Snow - Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix) /watch?v=y6DGP9-QUAw (like so everyone can see)
Gabriel Pani
Gabriel Pani - 11 years ago
What remix is this of animal??
Ivo Ribeiro
Ivo Ribeiro - 11 years ago
Song name? xD
hazmat151 - 11 years ago
lol, this is brilliant
menjavlafitta - 11 years ago
So you're skateboarding while someone drags a tarp behind you..? I don't get it :(
ClosedCircuitMedia - 11 years ago
what size of tarp is that?
Kristoffer Lindblom
Kristoffer Lindblom - 11 years ago
this is just for fags who cant surf in water, lol
Kennet Lindheim
Kennet Lindheim - 11 years ago
tony8999 - 11 years ago
NICE miike snow remix, whats its it called?
Conny Connyson
Conny Connyson - 11 years ago
@rugbychamp23 gay!
krypt900 - 11 years ago
That was really cool :)
Aidan Gunningham
Aidan Gunningham - 11 years ago
Get out to the REAL beach and SURF LIKE A MAN!!!!!
manitsmatt - 11 years ago
@jacobjulin its not supposed to be another kind of surfing, its just something to do when theres no waves and your bored All you people saying its pointless, its not supposed to be another kind of surfing holy crap. Retarded ass koooks
manitsmatt - 11 years ago
@nmate00 how? It's really fun to do it yourself
manitsmatt - 11 years ago
@oxygenownz Its just fun to do, you obviously dont longboard or know the feeling you get when your in there
nmate00 - 11 years ago
This seems pointless :s
rawbann - 11 years ago
The song is a remix of Miike Snow - Animal
jac jul
jac jul - 11 years ago
thats fucking stupid
Alle1222 - 11 years ago
whats the song?
Douglas - 11 years ago
what that song? xP
LongJohn Vllasaliu
LongJohn Vllasaliu - 11 years ago
thats awesome on a whole bunch of awesomeness-levels
filllebanan - 11 years ago
Kan Existenz få mest likes ???
Marius Kamfjord
Marius Kamfjord - 11 years ago
I like the part when they use a tarp
ThyChrysanthemum - 11 years ago
Man, check that impact zone. Heaviest thing on Earth.
bighazdog1ner - 11 years ago
this is so fun
Justin Garnett
Justin Garnett - 11 years ago
God I totally chanced on this clip via something else. THIS SHIT IS EPIC !!! WHat a fucking great idea and soooooo much fun ! That tow in with the dog is just pure gold....
collinscubs1 - 11 years ago
damn wish i was on the tarp circuit :[
someone9909 - 11 years ago
LOL tarp circuit 92, 93, 94!!!!
Cole Byre
Cole Byre - 12 years ago
It's in slow motion and it's still over in like 5 seconds. Imagine how long it lasts in reality, lol.
NickVocal - 12 years ago
Thumbs up if the new Mountain Dew commercial brought you here
marsdog - 12 years ago
sucks how you have to reset the tarp every time.... lame.
FreneticKey - 12 years ago
Marvelous Drumps
Marvelous Drumps - 12 years ago
i am so trying this when i get home !
JU KO - 12 years ago
@runawaydarling Animal (treasure fingers remix) Mike Snow :)
Max Mueller
Max Mueller - 12 years ago
@Birkenquelle It is, and I can't find it! But so good!
Polly L
Polly L - 12 years ago
woah...I like this miike snow remix! does anyone know what it is called?
Kyle cas
Kyle cas - 12 years ago
where did they get a big tarp?
Mark YremogtnoM
Mark YremogtnoM - 12 years ago
why in the hell I didn't think of this? this is awesome
titnut4 - 12 years ago
wtf i dont get it the tarp is useless they are just skateboarding uner a tarp basically like wtf
Ryan Park
Ryan Park - 12 years ago
THumbs up if you wanna know what remix that is? Mike Snoww +??? by ???
Teisa Kava
Teisa Kava - 12 years ago
tow in on the dogg wins it hahahaha and the dude with the gloves hahahaha
tranceotaku - 12 years ago
God this looks so fun.
Ian Phillips
Ian Phillips - 12 years ago
need a big tarp
moolikeachicken - 12 years ago
This is awesome...like art
edgarhons - 12 years ago
Somedays you think you're cool then you see someone do something cooler and you're like damn...
NotGuiltyMag - 12 years ago
so epic
Tori LaC
Tori LaC - 12 years ago
@trampvideos watch?v=y6DGP9-QUAw
Aleks James
Aleks James - 12 years ago
Anybody know which remix of 'Miike Snow - Animal' this is? There are so many remixes out there... P.s some quality tarp surfin boys, good fun!
brad leblanc
brad leblanc - 12 years ago
these kids are kool : D but i think ill do some real surfing ;)
AMULDARRY - 12 years ago
and by the way this is really a big ass tarp lol
AMULDARRY - 12 years ago
pretty funny
Steintanz - 12 years ago
... how cool's that!
Animal00000 - 12 years ago
It's a tarp!
Coen - 12 years ago
I love the holes in the wave.
Blake Morrow
Blake Morrow - 12 years ago
if you shred the gnar to hard you will have to get a new tarp
MANDIMARIExX - 12 years ago
great for people stuck in North Dakota
TheNightBite - 12 years ago
Miike Snow - Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)
Will Pigott
Will Pigott - 12 years ago
What remix?????
Thakkennes - 12 years ago
what's the song?
captaingreygoose - 12 years ago
guy gets hammered at 2;05
captaingreygoose - 12 years ago
guy gets hammered at 2;06
chandawg - 12 years ago
hahahaha ok HONESTLY!!!!!!!!!! I just fucking cracked up when I saw you flip off the surfer standing with a paddle. hahahahaha sorry Im just so high and that was hilarious, carry on.
Deborah Burrows
Deborah Burrows - 12 years ago
ha ha so funny how some people take this vid so seriously.... it's supposed to be a joke.... You people without a sense of humour.. you must be so much fun to live with!! (that's sarcasm)
TheNightBite - 12 years ago
für menschen die auch ohne wasser spaß am surfen haben ;D
Woo_One - 12 years ago
seems fun, i'd like to try!^^
TheKleintoldi - 12 years ago
hahahaah omg opfer mehr als aufner plastic plane fahren tun die ned 1. tatsache 2. stefan raab hats mir gesagt!!
Anibal Toloza
Anibal Toloza - 12 years ago
if they want to feel the sensation of the tube should surf because that feeling is unique in the world and only the surfers understand it
Anibal Toloza
Anibal Toloza - 12 years ago
@asturnach that's true bro =)
matuzzi man
matuzzi man - 12 years ago
song: Miike Snow - Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)
HeyRona - 12 years ago
okay... this is SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!! where did u guys get the tarp from?
Jack Pakiri Beach
Jack Pakiri Beach - 12 years ago
@vmabbott23 oh fanx =)
BLOWMEV8 - 12 years ago
nice vid boys two thumbs up!
Michel Sirois
Michel Sirois - 12 years ago
pointless. amusing at best. hope you didn't drop money on that tarp.
Joseph Scarpa
Joseph Scarpa - 12 years ago
Jack Pakiri Beach
Jack Pakiri Beach - 12 years ago
whats the song plz
slugabug27 - 12 years ago
so cool!!!!!
TheJasmineee - 12 years ago
@KevYuuuu sure looks like it. What fun!
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu - 12 years ago
waiit.. So you dont actually ride the tarp do you? You kinda just roll, and the tarp goes over you?
asturnach - 12 years ago
only a surfer knows the feeling!
jakenbake10 - 12 years ago
its all the fun of surfing without sharks :p
Wk193 - 12 years ago
bluefreedomtrue - 12 years ago
its cheesy boys, but i like it! but maybe more tarping and less talking ... :)
Kararihia - 12 years ago
Hearty orignal! inspired us all..
Diego Peña
Diego Peña - 12 years ago
whats the name of the song?
welshnathan - 12 years ago
Loving the creative use of a tarp, i think every surfer and skateboarder can appreciate the steez it takes to backdoor deep tarp like that!! Thank god for the early 90's trap scene where would we be without it, we salute you!! Also whats the accompanying track awesome electro beats i tried to shazam it but got nowhere!! Appreciate any help!!
PopeKurt - 12 years ago
this won viral video sensation? i dont see it.
Caitlyn S
Caitlyn S - 12 years ago
That's brilliant...
liljahn24 - 12 years ago
Ahhh, I just got overly excited about Animal playing in the background, lol. I love that song with a passion and that mix was tight!
kerplat - 12 years ago
hahaha the paddleboarder. yeah they're fucking annoying
laxerted98 - 12 years ago
wats the song
lnrlnzlpz - 12 years ago
C´mon... is that a joke?
BrownFlip7852 - 12 years ago
how is this fun?
psyborg303 - 12 years ago
i know his mom shes a real estate agent
Eric Malo
Eric Malo - 12 years ago
1:50 -big wave surfing.
Saltydog Productions
Saltydog Productions - 12 years ago
towed in from the dog...beast guy on the sup with the broom....epic dudes soul arching...classic boys havin fun being creative...PRICELESS!
Thomas O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor - 12 years ago
Amen thirdstryke
TheGjbravo - 12 years ago
Hawaiian brahs....i forgot how cool you guys are that you have to tell everyone that you're from hawaii...these are just some dudes havin a good time with a creative idea...just cause you live on the north shore and get barreled everyday doesn't mean you have to talk shit on other people's fun...i live a block away from the ocean and I love surfing and this still looks fun as hell...shred on my friends....peace and love
war da
war da - 12 years ago
Seeing this makes me feel fortunate that I live near the north shore of Hawaii and surf there. Though good idea guys.
war da
war da - 12 years ago
Seeing this makes me feel fortunate that I live and surf in the ocean.
Thomas O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor - 12 years ago
This is great what the he'll r u talking about????
chopshark2 - 12 years ago
i love the paddle boarder with the broom XD
BnE2012 - 12 years ago
this is by far one of the stupidest fucking things i've ever saw. what a bunch of fucking tards...
wustachemax - 12 years ago
@AlgolscIV thanks!!
Thomas O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor - 12 years ago
ja ziemlich einzigartig sein
Kevin Püschel
Kevin Püschel - 12 years ago
echt sehr geil gemacht
Nietzschealeatorio da contradiçao
Nietzschealeatorio da contradiçao - 12 years ago
o melhor video the best video i've ever seen!!!! punk!!!!!
Ray Jones
Ray Jones - 12 years ago
cool music, looks like fun.
Ashton Imerman
Ashton Imerman - 12 years ago
Check out the Extended Version of the Tarp Surfing Mountain Dew Commercial on ParkPictures Website...Sick!
wustachemax - 12 years ago
song? i know it's miike snow, but who did the remix?
grzesiek_d83 - 12 years ago
Ha, niezły sobie patent wymyślili. Dzięki Maro za link. :)
rajansudha1234 - 12 years ago
This is good , but i think bedroom intruder song should also have been in people's choice awards for best viral video
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson - 12 years ago
Chris Stein
Chris Stein - 12 years ago
nice hamboard
TheZeerow - 12 years ago
this is pretty annoying !
casey koch
casey koch - 12 years ago
dude u r sssoooo cool on your 70s skateboards omg i love this vid jkjk it was cool lol
Neidin Henard
Neidin Henard - 12 years ago
@16brooke1992 This funny surfing spoof video made as a joke for their friends to laugh. Tons of good has come out of TARP SURFING All spawned from his funny Tarp Surfing spoof video. By helping Charities raise money just a few "Grind Out Hunger, SPCA,The Core" I proudly know this deserves a PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD as "Favorite Viral Video Star" It awakens the fun we all need in our life's.
Neidin Henard
Neidin Henard - 12 years ago
@16brooke1992 This funny surfing spoof video made as a joke for their friends to laugh with them. Lots of good has come out of TARP SURFING All spawned from his funny Tarp Surfing spoof video. By helping Charities raise money just a few "Grind Out Hunger, SPCA,The Core" I proudly know this deserves a PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD as "Favorite Viral Video Star" It awakens the fun we all need in our life's.
1890scooter843 Krall
1890scooter843 Krall - 12 years ago
for people who cant surf or surfers who can get barreled
1890scooter843 Krall
1890scooter843 Krall - 12 years ago
for people who cant surf or surfers who can get barreled
VoteForClaudio - 12 years ago
whats the song
Nakiki18 - 12 years ago
@SwimWinterSW retarded*
Nakiki18 - 12 years ago
so.... why was this nominated? no offense.
PreMadePopCorn - 12 years ago
Wait one more thing... how can tarp surfing be a business??? Don't I just need a tarp and skateboard with two willing friends that want to run with it in their hands?? I really don't get this at all.
PreMadePopCorn - 12 years ago
BWAHAHAHAHA... So dumb. Defiantly not winning People's award
OnlineSkateTrevor - 12 years ago
what is a good size tarp for this? anyone?
Buddyshroom - 12 years ago
Did you get paid by Mountain Dew Yet? Sick!
Tension - 12 years ago
looks pretyy realistic at some parts
Dan o'leary
Dan o'leary - 12 years ago
anyone who thinks this is stupid, has obviously never tried it
123NDay - 12 years ago
Check out fenix tx - surf song!
antonioaparicio1997 - 12 years ago
what tarp did you used?'
Jichael Mordan
Jichael Mordan - 12 years ago
cool... but looks pretty desperate move to me
angis jol
angis jol - 12 years ago
Gayest shit on youtube
Lars Himself
Lars Himself - 12 years ago
what the fuck... this is retarded
Alex Birkhofer
Alex Birkhofer - 12 years ago
i surf with nic all the time and his little brother mitchel is my best friend so its cool to see him get this famous
Michael Owen
Michael Owen - 12 years ago
funny. like the remix
subasurf - 12 years ago
aw man, the part where you give the SUP boarder the finger....classic!
hotohorifan411 - 12 years ago
hotohorifan411 - 12 years ago
yes love the electro in the background ;)
rossdiadame - 12 years ago
what the. why did they put this in the people's choice nominee? it's good if they ACTUALLY "surf" on the raised tarp. DUH!!! double rainbow is far better.
CyanideX - 12 years ago
@imanbell... I WOULD VOTE!
Brooke Macwilliams
Brooke Macwilliams - 12 years ago
i dont really think this deserves a peoples choice award haha..
JM Roubos
JM Roubos - 12 years ago
@ashley3808 Same here! hahaha
les10691 - 12 years ago
@P1STOLG Animal by Miike Snow (yes with two i's in mike) i don't know what remix but i recognized it right of the bat. Love this song
Caio Salvagno
Caio Salvagno - 12 years ago
eww... should've been "we gon find you" lol
Samantha D.
Samantha D. - 12 years ago
gene moran
gene moran - 12 years ago
what song?
zoogleahhh - 12 years ago
TARP SURFING!!! for those who dont live near the ocean.. you can still surf=D
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano - 12 years ago
Bed Intruder Song was MUCH better.
rebekah w
rebekah w - 12 years ago
that is pretty cool, but you got too many holes in yoo tarp broo!
MrCraziMonkey - 12 years ago
cuteii0032 you dont need brains to do this any one can do this so you shut the f up
TinaMarkovska - 12 years ago
Isn't it obvious....
Lauralynn York
Lauralynn York - 12 years ago
How lame can you get!
nightwishfan06 - 12 years ago
@agecross07 ahaha yeah i came her the same way u did i think
Lala Lele
Lala Lele - 12 years ago
@agecross07 @imanbell oh please just shut the f up ! u guys are just jealous u don't have the brains to do anything but post rude comments on youtbe. GET A LIFE..
Kastine Salazar
Kastine Salazar - 12 years ago
That's pretty awesome!!!! :D
Macarena Balcazar
Macarena Balcazar - 12 years ago
i really loved it :D!!!!!
summerbayy - 12 years ago
losers zz
Neidin Henard
Neidin Henard - 12 years ago
@oliasdoug You get it! Bravo!!! Vote People's Choice Awards 2011!  Online Category "Favorite Viral Video Star"   Encourage your friends to vote too. I hope Tarp Surfing wins. Check out Burning Man Tarp Surfing!
cobzy69 - 12 years ago
Thumbs up for being towed in by a dog XD
Jeniece Youbert
Jeniece Youbert - 12 years ago
@agecross07 People's choice!
Alla Maz
Alla Maz - 12 years ago
suppernerd101 - 12 years ago
freeking awsome idea man me and some of my body r going to be tarp surfing this week end hell ya!!!
veganjoshua - 12 years ago
Bro, let's all grab our white hats and jump into Hiedrich's import tuner and take our totally unskatable longboards out to the burbs and tear up some tarp. So croosh, bro. So croosh.
Vicky N.
Vicky N. - 12 years ago
Dude, I don't want to freaking hear you talk, if you wanna "surf" do it! Don't talk about it.
Kardo Omerbell
Kardo Omerbell - 12 years ago
TexasGirly1979 - 12 years ago
hoh how funny #LOL
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson - 12 years ago
How can you find a tarp that big?
pith191 - 12 years ago
watch somebody say thats not even real water
luvvvmusic - 12 years ago
this is the stupidest thing ever. just go surfing in the ocean..?
Sierra Duckett
Sierra Duckett - 12 years ago
@agecross07 i was watchin this in caomparison to the nominees for the peoples choice awards and the boy cryin was wayyyyyy better
Natalia Rios
Natalia Rios - 12 years ago
Animal by Mike Snow, yet this is a remix.
Natalia Rios
Natalia Rios - 12 years ago
Animal by Mike Snow, yet this is a remix.
adamtube2 - 12 years ago
just voted you as best. Brilliant!
SkyBree - 12 years ago
awsum music! oh, and the vids cool too XD
Ariannabrooke - 12 years ago
Dan o'leary
Dan o'leary - 12 years ago
@MPSMPS77 animal, its a remix though the original is good to, its by miike snow.
amzeeStar - 12 years ago
they should of done the girl crying over justin bieber
hckyroxs - 12 years ago
@imanbell That's a great video!!!
imanbell - 12 years ago
they should have nominated "hide yo kids hide yo wives" for the people's choice awards instead of this
Neidin Henard
Neidin Henard - 12 years ago
@Minxplus I am W/U !!!! Wow(must see) I checked on you tube & These guys are real Pro-surfers just goofing off and having fun. Check out YT surfing video's of these guy (worth seeing) I like it! I voted 4 it! Thumbs up!
mike albers
mike albers - 12 years ago
wow u peoplehave no life if u like this it makes me waqnt to kill myself not 2 mention the music but i guess whatever floats ur (homosexual) boat
Leigh W
Leigh W - 12 years ago
creative idea, not as cool as i was expecting. still cool though
Nasty_Nate - 12 years ago
I love the dog tow-in
spouspube - 12 years ago
I'd like to see nothing but outtakes of them falling...then I'll vote for this over the little boy crying that he's not a single lady LOL.
BulletOfBullets - 12 years ago
Yes, it's creative. But it's skateboarding along the floor, with some tarp underneath the wheels, and way above you.
Josh Kearns
Josh Kearns - 12 years ago
well thats 5 mins of my life I will never get back , , , , , See you later , Im going real surfing!
xenalove - 12 years ago
this is cool...but not 6 minutes worth of cool. voting someone else for people's choice ://
xenalove - 12 years ago
this is cool...but not 6 minutes worth of cool. voting someone else for people's choice ://
61 North
61 North - 12 years ago
All I see is guys doing the same thing over and over again.
Nick Yates
Nick Yates - 12 years ago
Who the hell has a tarp that big lying around the house??? Sweet idea tho..props
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson - 12 years ago
This is sick, what song is this love the tow in by the dog!!!, good work boys
l8rg8r24 - 12 years ago
@agecross07 I still love double rainbow... lol!!
l8rg8r24 - 12 years ago
@agecross07 lol!!
Alchoo - 12 years ago
sure it is visually appealing but it looks boring AS HELLZ!!
RATHERO VALLE - 12 years ago
@werm277 u know whos remix is i only got fake bloods
Diana Gee
Diana Gee - 12 years ago
mustve been sum hiqh or bored ass muaffukers :]
eric - 12 years ago
Loving the Miike Snow remix.
Deexrock - 12 years ago
Not quite sure what to make of what i'm seeing. I don't get how it works or why it's done... Is this legit? or am i just being a noob...
FireChaos - 12 years ago
rofl this is the stupidest shit ever
orbust - 12 years ago
@n0nc0mp0smentis I disagree..... I think this vid is epic. Really could have cleaned up the audio background noise in the interview segment and maybe made that a little shorter, but overall, nice job and a worthy consideration. 2.5 million views doesnt lie.
ouselfishnumber - 12 years ago
Typical paddle boarder dropping in!
tanyalazurka - 12 years ago
Elliot - 12 years ago
this will never beat the rainbow guy in the PCAs.
manitsmatt - 12 years ago
@p3nguinish Ik right!!! so creative
Jannie Chien
Jannie Chien - 12 years ago
i don't get it, isn't it just skateboarding, and then pulling a tarp over? looks cool though haha
p3nguinish - 12 years ago
haha 1:00, these guys are geeeniouses
clippercaptain - 12 years ago
This is some funny shit !
Jonathan Levasseur
Jonathan Levasseur - 12 years ago
Seen this same vid on videobash with more dislikes then likes. pffff. I'm definitely bringing a tarp to the skatepark dude.
Daniel English
Daniel English - 12 years ago
i have always wanted to do this but i voted for something else
Julie Lokee
Julie Lokee - 12 years ago
tight video!!!!! this is soo kool!!! im'a try it!!xD
Minxplus - 12 years ago
I cant believe people are even comparing this to surfing. This is pure gold, in terms of a creative, clever visual represtaon. This is people who think ouside the sqaure and share something different.....
Connojack - 12 years ago
hahahahahahahahhahahah the paddle boarder with a broomstick
Jumai Yusuf
Jumai Yusuf - 12 years ago
@1983CUEVAS Its called Animal by miike snow
Rhiannon Hoffman
Rhiannon Hoffman - 12 years ago
@n0nc0mp0smentis yeah, this is cool. but double rainbow should win(:
MARTHA CUEVAS - 12 years ago
bssmallville1 - 12 years ago
@n0nc0mp0smentis Agreed
John M
John M - 12 years ago
What are the tarp dimensions?
nrandomness123 - 12 years ago
its miike snoow yeaaaaah! <333
siauau007 - 12 years ago
It looks so fun XD
Hudson Smith
Hudson Smith - 12 years ago
Everyone saying learn to actually surf, me and all my mates surf all day everyday, and we also still tarp surf. It's just a bit of fun, chill guys
Dominic Y
Dominic Y - 12 years ago
whats the name of this song, i know the name of the original song, but whats this remix called
Dominic Y
Dominic Y - 12 years ago
whats the name of this song its the remix of animal by mike snow but whats the song called
Cindy A.
Cindy A. - 12 years ago
Might not be the best vid 4 peoples choice but a great idea :)
lmbrat69 - 12 years ago
Treasure Fingers Remix
Josh B
Josh B - 12 years ago
Can anyone tell me what remix of Animal this is?
netsLiBero09 - 12 years ago
soo creative :)
enilegnave21 - 12 years ago
Man, I thought this was the best idea ever for landlocked people, or those too scared to get into the water for sharks, or when it's winter, or when it's boring and ya got nothing to do; beats doing drugs, tagging, shoplifting, and getting girls pregnant. ;-D This get's MY vote. You guys rock... like... RIGHT NOW lol
APSooners - 12 years ago
such a waste of my valuable youtube time...
TheSpiderByte - 12 years ago
Epic win is epic. Thumbs up if you agree.
speedybananawheels - 12 years ago
wow this looks cool
girlplz - 12 years ago
@FunnyPantsCM first off the native indians were here first u bastard so ur dum ass need 2 go back to europe or australia or school for that matter u dumb fuckk.... so suck a dick n choke bitch!!
potterbond007 - 12 years ago
something for the fags who cant surf..
RowanTess - 12 years ago
@frenchjuicebox what exactly am I supposed to get over?
Hugo Pilate
Hugo Pilate - 12 years ago
@RowanTess get over it
girlplz - 12 years ago
du,b white people, nasty crakers!
shazil888 - 12 years ago
wow. how does this have so many views?????
GagaMonsterify - 12 years ago
I change shapes just to hide from this place, but Im still, Im still, and animal.
Rosemarie Spece
Rosemarie Spece - 12 years ago
cancel a trip to mexico to tarp surf ?!
kryptonite123567 - 12 years ago
Cool, very imaginative. Also liked the guy with the broom paddling haha. You should add more effects like a lawn sprinkler for water effect and a blow-up dolphin or something. Neat I liked it.
people287 - 12 years ago
hahaha looks crazy fun!! also love the remix of animals for soundtrack!! great fudgin song
Holly Rose
Holly Rose - 12 years ago
@uspincezz lol same with me XD
dong sik choi
dong sik choi - 12 years ago
for people who wanna know what is that leopard longboard is. its element mini longboard i have that too
aspiringtripletrheat - 12 years ago
cool, and the guy "swimming" is too funny
Robin Norman
Robin Norman - 12 years ago
@uspincezz me either lol
kim manga
kim manga - 12 years ago
Zach Russell
Zach Russell - 12 years ago
"Its not funny".. hahaha
Gheorgee - 12 years ago
awesome idea..!!
Despoina Emma
Despoina Emma - 12 years ago
creativityyyyy! :P
chimera - 12 years ago
@splossh its some remix of miike snow's "animal"
splossh - 12 years ago
whats the song name?
Ralph Ong
Ralph Ong - 12 years ago
awesome. LOL
Andy Hughes
Andy Hughes - 12 years ago
hey thumps up if ur fucking gay and say thumps up if blank just to be a fag

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