ADA Gallery Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー 新潟県

VISIT Takashi Amano's ADA gallery @ Maki, Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー新潟県で See also Visit

ADA Gallery Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー 新潟県 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 49

Travel & Events 14 years ago 935,645 views

VISIT Takashi Amano's ADA gallery @ Maki, Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー新潟県で See also Visit

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Most popular comments
for ADA Gallery Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー 新潟県

Germán Ricaud
Germán Ricaud - 7 years ago
Very beautifull fish tanks. Just a question, I can see you have some aquariums of around 50 gallons but with no reinforcement on the top, did you have any problem with glass supporting water presure???
OriginalMindTrick - 6 years ago
You need thicker glass with rimless.
Le Van Nau
Le Van Nau - 7 years ago
383hugo - 7 years ago
Very nice
nurettin sever
nurettin sever - 8 years ago
Bree Bisshop
Bree Bisshop - 8 years ago
i thought taking photos and video were not allowed here.
aquatic Vida
aquatic Vida - 8 years ago
Looking good !
Francisco Villeda
Francisco Villeda - 9 years ago
Zeref Bocchama
Zeref Bocchama - 9 years ago
Rafał Kruszyński
Rafał Kruszyński - 9 years ago
piekne widoki w akwa pozazdroscic

10. comment for ADA Gallery Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー 新潟県

Jean-Francois Prince
Jean-Francois Prince - 9 years ago
Where do they put the heaters?
Nick1991 - 8 years ago
+Helveteshit Yeah, room temperature was kept quite high
Helveteshit - 9 years ago
Think the room heat is around 26-28 since they usually use fish that want those temperatures.
Elvis Ruvalcaba
Elvis Ruvalcaba - 10 years ago
I want to work for him! I have the knowledge :-)
David79d - 10 years ago
A very small detail which make ALL the difference in design, its the transparent sillicone which past the glass plates on all tanks !!! Just amazing effect much better than the usual black silicone...
Inge VS
Inge VS - 10 years ago
i love open aquariums...but last night one of my guppies jumped out :( And my water wasn't even filled to the top like the ones in the video + current from my rena superclean....he still managed to jump out :(
Felis sylvestris
Felis sylvestris - 10 years ago
3:20 best one
Halit BAHÇIVAN - 10 years ago
cennet :)
Kaori Uiro
Kaori Uiro - 10 years ago
So beautiful like a dream. What I like all this green plants. <3 私はあなたの国の作品を鑑賞 高い敬意 <3
xxRho - 10 years ago
Yes I gathered that part; it is an art and a science rolled into one. Do you know what the species used is called?
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 10 years ago
aquascaping requires: patience, quality aqua soil, high quality or harty plants, and minimal fish
xxRho - 10 years ago
That's what I thought; it's so beautiful. I wish I knew more about aquatic plants - I want that "grass" =]

20. comment for ADA Gallery Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー 新潟県

Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 10 years ago
it does it almost looks like grass and mountains
Rorro Trejo
Rorro Trejo - 10 years ago
its so beautiful all that i love it...but i have a cuestion what kind of plantas do ya put in the aquascaping???
Rafael de Avila
Rafael de Avila - 10 years ago
xxRho - 10 years ago
the tank at 2:17 looks so pretty
ARNOLD - 10 years ago
TheBSideDJ - 10 years ago
I would love to know all about the details of the system behind the tank serie in the first part of the video (fertilisation - EI method ?, pumping system and system of connection of the serie, C02 system)...
พนม ผิวละเอียด
พนม ผิวละเอียด - 10 years ago
Daniel Bellizzieri
Daniel Bellizzieri - 10 years ago
Sebastian Velarde
Sebastian Velarde - 11 years ago
Иван Романов
Иван Романов - 11 years ago

30. comment for ADA Gallery Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー 新潟県

Carlos Jurado
Carlos Jurado - 11 years ago
subs 4 subs! suscribanse!
GroinFaceGroin - 11 years ago
I'd love to see Mr. Amano's electric bill. lol
Eduardo pedro
Eduardo pedro - 11 years ago
Gosto muito do trabalho dele
che leo
che leo - 11 years ago
that always happens this kind tank is popular in asia like CN JP KR TW HK
lonewolf2545 - 11 years ago
Usually with a siphon.
maple Blue
maple Blue - 11 years ago
bro minta contact no donk kalo saya mau set up akuarium seperti ini
Krazy's Old Channel
Krazy's Old Channel - 11 years ago
Slenderman brought me here. Now I am buying an aquarium, because of this. LOL
Trevor Booth
Trevor Booth - 11 years ago
Beautiful !
TheMastino79 - 11 years ago
stupendi sono senza parole complimenti
Grigoriy Tretyakov
Grigoriy Tretyakov - 11 years ago
flicp44 - 11 years ago
because tetras and other small fish species are very unlikely to jump, particularly if there are no aggressive fish chasing them out
Grigoriy Tretyakov
Grigoriy Tretyakov - 11 years ago
why fish can jump: 1) fight between them 2) fish might be frightened
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - 11 years ago
Explain me one thing. What fish wil ever want to jump out from Amano`s tank? (sorry for my bad english)
Grigoriy Tretyakov
Grigoriy Tretyakov - 11 years ago
Explain me one thing. They don't cover tank on top, why fishes don't jumping out?
the aries channel
the aries channel - 11 years ago
how they can change the water of it?
Aussie DIYFK
Aussie DIYFK - 11 years ago
i really love his puntiius dennisoni tank @ 3:17 it really inspires me to do something simmilar with my 240. im using white play sand at the front and heaps of plants at the back. the bolbitus in his is huge growing out the tank!
SnotRockets55 - 11 years ago
I used to have a tank but don't right now...when I eventually start another one, I want it to be exactly like one of these. :(
Sahira89 - 11 years ago
du7500 - 11 years ago
geeq13 - 11 years ago
lucky fishes

50. comment for ADA Gallery Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー 新潟県

hao ai
hao ai - 11 years ago
i wish this store is mine
cavhoki - 11 years ago
carmelinna - 11 years ago
cuanta belleza...
FreeJump3r - 11 years ago
[V]eRtIgO.- - 12 years ago
sorry for the spelling on *aquascaping, iPhone has some notoriously F'ked up autocorrect.
[V]eRtIgO.- - 12 years ago
@chattled aquascapingactinic is not overly difficult, but you do need to have knowledge about types of soil, water cycling, co2 supplying, and the correct wavelengths of light to use. Otherwise you might be growing something else other than ur plant :P
GHJFGJKGH - 12 years ago
i have a fish tank too. my mom got it for me and I picked the fish out for it. I have many fish. I poke at them with a broken pencil. hahaha its funny to see them run away. my mom says i can get a bigger fish tank one day later. but we need for money for it. then i will get a bigger fish tank than anyone.
Jp Dave
Jp Dave - 12 years ago
@dave1053 I have videos on my you tube channel if you want to have a look
Jp Dave
Jp Dave - 12 years ago
@VertigaDesignMEDIA I have an Atman brand external filter for my freshwater aquarium. I only feed my fish, prune the plants and top up the water due to evaporation. I have a Bristlenose Catfish that eats all of the algae, my tank is so healthy I have bred 7 baby Bristlenose Catfish
TheCurrencyMan - 12 years ago
WoW, these tanks are so beautiful...this must be where aquarium hobbyist go when they die. :-) Thanks for posting this video!
milo scorpion
milo scorpion - 12 years ago
hermosas todas un dia tendre una como cualkiera de esas
Dick Dickinson
Dick Dickinson - 12 years ago
@rayne7echo We all got our vices ;D
Dick Dickinson
Dick Dickinson - 12 years ago
If only I could wake up one day with all those tanks in my bedroom.
ShiebMo - 12 years ago
@iben7 reef tanks (salt) are easier to keep and maintain than freshwater after initial setup and costs. Massive water changes are not necessary with salt. I've kept both Fresh and Salt for decades, and freshwater definately takes more maintenance. You can set up a salt tank with all the equipment and auto top-off the water...never have to touch it. So, to say that a reef tank is MORE complicated.... i disagree.
oogallecta - 12 years ago
I wish I had the money to create tanks like that <=[
iben7 - 12 years ago
And not a single view of the most complicated tank? , the reef tank smh
SUPERSS90 - 12 years ago
@SUPERSS90 were can i find info to start like book or dvd please help ty..
SUPERSS90 - 12 years ago
Is this hard to do?
Ray Chipchase
Ray Chipchase - 12 years ago
This is my idea of heaven
MrHoney2U - 12 years ago
Don't know plants but when I decide to try it this is where I am coming. Awesome
Justkozlow - 12 years ago
hencputwo - 12 years ago
@TheAirkosong The filters are kept inside the cabinet, see the those pipes coming out from the side of the cabinet? They're connected to the glass inflow & outflow (lily) pipes. For the smaller tanks you can clearly see those Eheim filters directly beneath it.
TheAirkosong - 12 years ago
i didnt see any filter here? is it no need filter like eheim and etc?
iateanappleyesterday - 12 years ago
Does not matter if you are skinny does not matter if you are fat.
Hodrigo Dionathan
Hodrigo Dionathan - 12 years ago
igual o meu aquário :D
Dennis X
Dennis X - 12 years ago
extremely awesome fish tanks
Bone Hunter
Bone Hunter - 12 years ago
very nice, well thought out aquariums. great work
stretnik1 - 12 years ago
@VertigaDesignMEDIA No, the Water may be well filtered but the clarity is also due to the Glass that the Aquarium is made from, a type called Optiwhite, it is crystal clear because it has little or no Iron used in it's production which leads to a much better viewing experience.
Manuel van gen Hassend
Manuel van gen Hassend - 12 years ago
Außergewöhnlich ...
formulaonehotwheel - 12 years ago
Outstanding aquariums!
Luis Silent
Luis Silent - 12 years ago
Hermoso, beautiful, belle
TrickCrip - 12 years ago
Ахуенно !
ianzeus - 12 years ago
How are they able to prevent brown algae growth on these aquariums? They're just beautiful.
danilo noli
danilo noli - 12 years ago
nossa isso sim é aquário plantado!!!!!!!!
parabpbpbp - 12 years ago
whos gona be a troll and dislike this video
twisto - 12 years ago
@ikuzojapan how do you avoid the layer of protein that comes up in stagnant water?
underscoreibrian - 12 years ago
is this aqua heaven
jackske11ington - 12 years ago
someone please pick my jaw up off the floor!
schizobipolarjoe - 12 years ago
@VertigaDesignMEDIA flow plus using a canister that is 10% of the tanks volume will do really good... plus you don't need all the high class media in the filters, crushed lava rock in the canister works.. let nature take it's coarse look up dianna walstad she uses potting soil as her substrate.
GwynnbrookFarm - 12 years ago
Beautiful aquariums.
AsianRider - 12 years ago
1:25 my fav!
monaki moon
monaki moon - 12 years ago
amazing ... my dream is to have such a collection
dumdopooch - 12 years ago
Kopsu - 12 years ago
It's like watching pieces of art. I wish I had the knowledge, skills and perspective to create something that beautiful.
benito samia
benito samia - 12 years ago
how do you keep the glass/acrylic clean? ..and do the lights stay on 24/7?
Petur Martin Johannesen
Petur Martin Johannesen - 12 years ago
I dont get why the plants dont spread over the sand and everywhere, are the instalations just ment to be for short time, or can the aquariums stay that way for longer periods? if well maintained?
James Mclean
James Mclean - 12 years ago
Is this a school or?
James Mclean
James Mclean - 12 years ago
fucking awesome!!!
Josh Shremshock
Josh Shremshock - 13 years ago
Have you ever thought of putting some floating water hyacinth in the tanks? It might enhance the composition of surface of the open air tank. Although the roots of the hyacinth may be too imposing on the underwater aquascape. Just a thought. Beautiful and thank you.
Myles Prower
Myles Prower - 13 years ago
May I ask what the ground cover is in the tank @ 1:15, 2:16, 2:31 and 4:26? Also what is that moss covering a sticks in the tank @ 3:18 and 4:05? Where I live the pet shops have very limited plants.

100. comment for ADA Gallery Niigata 尚天野のADAギャラリー 新潟県

Evoral - 13 years ago
I want one of those to my room u.u
Rich Gaskill
Rich Gaskill - 13 years ago
@VertigaDesignMEDIA - Really High Quality water. It's a balanced system. Think 3-5kH...
Risenok - 13 years ago
LeMaistro91 - 13 years ago
If i only had the mony D´;
Nick1991 - 13 years ago
@VertigaDesignMEDIA High density vegetation keeps the water clear.
Vertiga - 13 years ago
how is the water so clear? is it a really high quality filter?
SpearWieldingOctopus - 13 years ago
such a stressful job it must be to work there
Abraham Gencianeo
Abraham Gencianeo - 13 years ago
wow so beautiful
tim818 - 13 years ago
They're amazing!
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson - 13 years ago
I love a aquarium with water that is perfectly clear. Totally gorgeous displays. I wish that i could get the water in my mini bow 1 to be that perfect. Beautiful video too.
schizobipolarjoe - 13 years ago
@nerkasirka because the air pumps will disperse c02 and the plants make oxygen for the fish.
schizobipolarjoe - 13 years ago
@rafarafa72 yes his stuff cost a lot of money, just a 20 gallon stand will run you $500.00 to $700.00 USD
Zander van Zweel
Zander van Zweel - 13 years ago
dusnt alot of the water evaporate?
rarity - 13 years ago
@oflamemakero a tank raised fish wouldn't survive the wild.
@rarityd youd better wish to live like a fish in the wild... much more space
ad3hybrid - 13 years ago
i want more! :D
Sandy Clark
Sandy Clark - 13 years ago
he must be bloody rich
Nick1991 - 13 years ago
@feedkirbynow Me too :-D
Nick1991 - 13 years ago
@nerkasirka Air pumps are not necessary in planted acquariums and they would disperse CO2.
nerkasirka - 13 years ago
Why there no air pumps?
feedkirbynow - 13 years ago
@ikuzojapan I wouldn't mind working here! :D if....I can get my own mini tank haha
Leng Chanpov
Leng Chanpov - 13 years ago
nice and beautiful!!!! i want to rebuild my tank =)
Juan Chong
Juan Chong - 13 years ago
wow wow and more wouuuuuuuu
rarity - 13 years ago
I wish i could be a fish living in one of these aquariums.
kumarsa108 - 13 years ago
rarity - 14 years ago
wow, there are almost zero flow at the surface of these tanks.
Eduardo Díaz Glez
Eduardo Díaz Glez - 14 years ago
precioso cada uno de los acuarios¡¡con ese mismo sistema de co2 mantengo mis plantas y me va del 10¡¡no paran de crecer¡¡¡XD
happy orange
happy orange - 14 years ago
does anyone know what the 'green carpet-like plants' are at 0:00, a different one at 1:25 and 2:17 etc? Amazing tanks
Manu Guerrero Aquascaping
Manu Guerrero Aquascaping - 14 years ago tienes ni puta idea....estudia un poquito antes de decir semejantes chorradas
TheTarantulasWeb - 14 years ago
Wow these are beautiful...!
Giorgi Khizanishvili
Giorgi Khizanishvili - 14 years ago
Daniel Gehle
Daniel Gehle - 14 years ago
does amano originally scape all of these tanks and have his minions maintain them?
Brian Tlamintzi
Brian Tlamintzi - 14 years ago
Veamos. 1.- No es lo mismo esos tanques de exhibicion, que los que monta solo para tomarle la foto. 2.-¿Desechables?, ¿sabes que tipo de musgos tienen esas peceras?, detras de esos tanques sin duda existe un gran trabajo realizado y ni que decir del mantenimiento que requieren para estar asi de presentables. Saludos!
Nick1991 - 14 years ago
While I was at the gallery, I noticed a person checking each tank and kepping on cleaning the glasses. A lot of work ;-)
sirtim1909 - 14 years ago
KitKatNeko - 14 years ago
wow, it is surely a lot of work keep all this clean and immaculate!
defdac - 14 years ago
I can detect a whole lot of win and awesomeness in this video. Thanks for sharing.

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