Albino shark in tropical fish tank

Tropical fish tank aquarium, focusing on albino shark. Can see more of the shark further on in the video.

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Tropical fish tank aquarium, focusing on albino shark. Can see more of the shark further on in the video.

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Mike K
Mike K - 6 years ago
it's a 50 gallon tank. so pretty big. gonna go back to the store and bitch and see if they'll at least give me a few replacement fish. we want more than just angels in there.
Mike K
Mike K - 6 years ago
Robbie, they told us at the store they needed to be bought in groups for protection against other fish. we have large angel fish as well. both my albinos are dead, not even had them a month. they are not inexpensive either!
Robbie Joyce
Robbie Joyce - 6 years ago
Also if the Angel fish eat fast then may be worth buying some food that drops to the bottom quicker so the Sharks can get some
Robbie Joyce
Robbie Joyce - 6 years ago
Oh really? I've never heard that before. I've always been told to have 1 in a tank as they attack each other when they get older unless the tank is big enough for them both to have their own territory. It sounds like they may be dying from fighting with each other + the Angel fish having a go at them as well as they are aggressive fish especially being so big. And yes you are right, not cheap!
Mike K
Mike K - 6 years ago
What do you feed your Albino shark? I have 2 and a black one, but they don't seem to eat. I have 3 Angel fish as well who do eat fast.
Robbie Joyce
Robbie Joyce - 6 years ago
+Mike K I just feed them Tetramin, standard food for tropical fish and occasionally some live food such as bloodworm etc. They may not be eating as you have 3 in the same tank, they recommend just having 1 otherwise they disturb each other as like having their own territory. Or they may be eating as the food drops nearer the bottom of the tank and you may just not see it. They wouldn't be able to survive if not eating so must be eating something. Hope this helps
Lana G
Lana G - 8 years ago
Sharks are actually only Cat Fish in FreshWater.
moros_beto - 9 years ago
Do u wantd to sell it let me khow
MrWwemaster13 - 10 years ago
i like your tank mines a fancy tank not enough plants :( i think i should make it a plant tank
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith - 10 years ago
Guppies mostly swim at the top of the water and rainbow sharks are mostly bottom swimmers. I wouldn't see a problem with housing the two species together, as long as the tank is large enough and enough hiding places are provided.
Robbie Joyce
Robbie Joyce - 10 years ago
my shark seems to be ok with the other fish in the tank, however i dont have any gupppies and they might frustrate the shark depending on your tank size if it is quite small. i would get a place where the shark can hide and go into like in my tank so then it can make it its territory and shouldnt worry other fish as it wont be swimming around the tank most of the time

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