Avalon Fishery Carp Fishing

Myself and Dan headed to Avalon Fishery in Somerset once again to hopefully bag a few more mid March carp. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NuffinbutfishingOfficial/

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Myself and Dan headed to Avalon Fishery in Somerset once again to hopefully bag a few more mid March carp. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NuffinbutfishingOfficial/

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Snagged Bro
Snagged Bro - 5 years ago
Hi dude, been watching your stuff for a while but only just got a channel. Really great clean production! just subbed up!
The Vaping Carper
The Vaping Carper - 5 years ago
Always a good video. That ghost was lovely joe!! Keep up good work and don’t let work take all them ideas ;)
Fred J Pearce
Fred J Pearce - 5 years ago
Another lovely vid. That last fish of yours was a "Stunner"!
baby beel
baby beel - 5 years ago
Nice one my man, my carp spots are still frozen over lol
Gareth Hughes
Gareth Hughes - 5 years ago
Great vid as always ! Some great fish must be nice just to get some runs not had a single fish all winter :-( resorted to watching others catch on YouTube:-)
Hellriser76 - 5 years ago
Nice see you again :)
Lee Brown
Lee Brown - 5 years ago
Top stuff !!!
Rob01978 - 5 years ago
Such a sexy rod and stainless setup Joe!
swash - 5 years ago
Do u have the most up to date to date rod and reels and alarms

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Sean Mcglynn
Sean Mcglynn - 5 years ago
Great video!

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