Bass Fishing During a Salami!!!

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Bass Fishing During a Salami!!! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 27

Tropical fishing 4 years ago 43,805 views

Merch - MTB Promo Code: GRAYGANG MTB Link: BioSpawn Code (20% OFF)- GRAYGANG BioSpawn Link- Snap Chat- kendallgray6 Instagram- @kendallgray1 Mailbox! - Kendall Gray P.O. Box 724 Barbourville KY, 40906 Email-

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for Bass Fishing During a Salami!!!

bird hunter109
bird hunter109 - 4 years ago
Kendall you are quick on the net aren't you bud
Kash Johnson
Kash Johnson - 4 years ago
Hi bro and I'm a bow pro bro
Tank Carlton
Tank Carlton - 4 years ago
Kendall what is ur favorite smallmouth bait I love a tub3 or a white craw
#Yummi R6fan
#Yummi R6fan - 4 years ago
at 2:00 hes realy fkin hard
ashton brown
ashton brown - 4 years ago
Joseph Leo34
Joseph Leo34 - 4 years ago
O.C Fishin
O.C Fishin - 4 years ago
Like fishing? Like outdoors and exploring? Then you'll love my channel just click the bass and check out my channel!
Xbox Gamer
Xbox Gamer - 4 years ago
Kendal on a scale 1-10 how much do you like sweet tea
Ethan Stotts
Ethan Stotts - 4 years ago
Dude try a 13 fishing concept z , great reel !!

10. comment for Bass Fishing During a Salami!!!

Joe Bezold
Joe Bezold - 4 years ago
We caught most fish on a rigs fishing above grass
upstate carolina outdoorsman
upstate carolina outdoorsman - 4 years ago
Your dogs are not obedient u need to train them. To be obedient before u try to hunt with them
Joe Bezold
Joe Bezold - 4 years ago
Hey Kendall I was fishing dale hollow during the same time. I had a 6 plus pounder on jerkbait
protonation - 4 years ago
hey kendall
Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson - 4 years ago
Do a catch and cook with mammy
Fish Or Fish Hi Fish Be Cool
Fish Or Fish Hi Fish Be Cool - 4 years ago
Mod the trapping shack on wheels
Lane Ruholl
Lane Ruholl - 4 years ago
I was just thinking while watching this video you should make your own fishing lure
cory miller
cory miller - 4 years ago
Hey Kendall I love your videos and I love your bible verses and I feel like that helps out a bunch of people and it inspires me Thanks Kendall
Dallas Cornett
Dallas Cornett - 4 years ago
Peanuts winer
Savage Logan
Savage Logan - 4 years ago
Thanks for the tips about how to use a waky rig

20. comment for Bass Fishing During a Salami!!!

Power of tiny Pro
Power of tiny Pro - 4 years ago
Fremiboidora _
Fremiboidora _ - 4 years ago
So I’m watching this video. He’s talking about God and all that stuff then I get a fricken ratmat add with some wired guy talking about rats
Amber Ruzicka
Amber Ruzicka - 4 years ago
Notification Squad And Gray Gang!!!!
Joshua Johnson daily vlogs
Joshua Johnson daily vlogs - 4 years ago
Who else has been here since 3200 subs
Deacon's Fish Tanks
Deacon's Fish Tanks - 4 years ago
Kendall better watch out for the Kentucky were wolf
RTHE 1 - 4 years ago
Who subscribed

I so like comment
Austin Kemp
Austin Kemp - 4 years ago
You make me want to go fishing and hunting
Austin Kemp
Austin Kemp - 4 years ago
Thanks Kendall Gray
JayCod Fishing
JayCod Fishing - 4 years ago
Gomi no trapping I love your videos go minnow trapping
Max Arnett
Max Arnett - 4 years ago
the dog was horney
Gale97 - 4 years ago
I needed that verse of the week. God wanted me to hear that. Ive been struggling with sin

30. comment for Bass Fishing During a Salami!!!

Gus Lemon
Gus Lemon - 4 years ago
My favorite outdoors channel ever #graygang
gta 5 gaming
gta 5 gaming - 4 years ago
Red tocket
Midnight Emerald
Midnight Emerald - 4 years ago
I have a dog named Peanut
(Edit) The Peanut I have is a girl though
Tanner Wall
Tanner Wall - 4 years ago
You should talk about Jesus more often everyone loves when you talk about him
Hamish McPherson
Hamish McPherson - 4 years ago
What boat is that
will odrz
will odrz - 4 years ago
peanut had a boner..... GAY
Rhino Ryan
Rhino Ryan - 4 years ago
Peanuts gotten huge!
Big Boi
Big Boi - 4 years ago
2:00 yo why your dog got wood when he rolls over for you?
LiL PeP vids
LiL PeP vids - 4 years ago
Does anybody besides me use poppers like if you do
Daniel Cornett
Daniel Cornett - 4 years ago
Peanuts dick
daniel penwell
daniel penwell - 4 years ago
Any one else see peanuts red rocket coming out at 2:04
Trey Pirkey
Trey Pirkey - 4 years ago
I love your catfish videos and blue gill
Cyrsin Byrd
Cyrsin Byrd - 4 years ago
Craw fish taste awesome
JOHN WOODS - 4 years ago
Kendall is a savage #graygang #Jesus
Clayton White
Clayton White - 4 years ago
I got a bracelet from him
Evanaustin123 - 4 years ago
Kendal like plllllllzZz
Joe Cook
Joe Cook - 4 years ago
I don’t know that much about fishing I just hunt but is spawn like when they mate
killas dont run
killas dont run - 4 years ago
Go add me on face book @ Darrell Spears
killas dont run
killas dont run - 4 years ago
Peanut likes u kendall
Trisha Gerst
Trisha Gerst - 4 years ago
I'm in a different time zone, so Kendall should post videos an hour later than normal. I think it's a good idea.

50. comment for Bass Fishing During a Salami!!!

Hunter Waters
Hunter Waters - 4 years ago
Bro no joke I was the 3000th like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
charlene jones
charlene jones - 4 years ago
3:54 what are thoes
Jacks vlogs
Jacks vlogs - 4 years ago
Yo I have the same jacket kendall
Caleb Giesbrecht
Caleb Giesbrecht - 4 years ago
You should make your own craws and call them the craygang series
Stevie Reinke
Stevie Reinke - 4 years ago
So far I was right about Kentucky going all the way in the March madness bracket. I only picked them because Kendall lives there and he is my favorite YouTuber. #GrayGang #Jesus
Connar Light
Connar Light - 4 years ago
Bulls we caught a big en oh God Kendall took the crawldad bait bulls we got em he's a big en
Joey Crist
Joey Crist - 4 years ago
I bought merch
LIVE_LOVE _LAX - 4 years ago
So I get lucky tackle boxes but should I switch to mystery tackle box
Levi Petty
Levi Petty - 4 years ago
I would love to meat you
Levi Petty
Levi Petty - 4 years ago
Always stay on the positive side
david s
david s - 4 years ago
Do a bass catch and cook please Kendell # gray gang # Jesus
Stacey Wood
Stacey Wood - 4 years ago
do a bass catch and cook
Sarah Messer
Sarah Messer - 4 years ago
Stian Matthews
Stian Matthews - 4 years ago
Peanuts wiener
H&J Outdoor
H&J Outdoor - 4 years ago
Really like the title!
JT Tut
JT Tut - 4 years ago
graygang for Life
jason moore
jason moore - 4 years ago
Do money challenge on wow cathches the most fish
Johnathan Jasper
Johnathan Jasper - 4 years ago
Why watch Grays videos? His and his fans answer Why Not?
Logan Chesser
Logan Chesser - 4 years ago
Bass fishing is the best
atomic turtle
atomic turtle - 4 years ago
peanut is Rich in lures
Austin Christiansen
Austin Christiansen - 4 years ago
I got some new crawdads and I caught 20 bass
kyle1738s - 4 years ago
peanut was horny
MPM Fishing
MPM Fishing - 4 years ago
What kind of dog is peanut
john engebretson
john engebretson - 4 years ago
I love this kid
BRANDON PUPEK - 4 years ago
Kendall I’m 12 and god talked to me and I saw a angle at my conformation above the alter
Derek Squad gaming
Derek Squad gaming - 4 years ago
Ooo gaaaaaa
Brandon Forrest
Brandon Forrest - 4 years ago
Who else saw the dogs penis?
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete - 4 years ago
Looks like peanut was really excited about something. I bet it was the lures????
Everything Outdoors
Everything Outdoors - 4 years ago
Loved the vid and Jesus talk #graygang#jesus
Mr. T
Mr. T - 4 years ago
Here we still almost need a extended auger
Chris And Ken Reacts
Chris And Ken Reacts - 4 years ago
i bet im the only black person that watch him!!!
Gaven Myers
Gaven Myers - 4 years ago
y u use a net?????
james taylor
james taylor - 4 years ago
I did sub and turned on bell
Sam Glaser
Sam Glaser - 4 years ago
Ian Gold
Ian Gold - 4 years ago
What is your pb
Ian Gold
Ian Gold - 4 years ago
Nice video Kendell
Rylan Lavengood
Rylan Lavengood - 4 years ago
Hey Kendall I would love to fish with you but I live in Georgia I don’t even you say those are dinks but I have never caught a bass that size I thing those are huge
The Sims Tips And Tricks
The Sims Tips And Tricks - 4 years ago
I love ur videos
cuBertuber - 4 years ago
Kendall you are awesome you talking about the concept helped me so much you are definitely my favorite youtuber
chance sexton vlogs
chance sexton vlogs - 4 years ago
I thought you misspelled tsunami
Walter Holland
Walter Holland - 4 years ago
Are you ever gonna go camping?
Logan Beers
Logan Beers - 4 years ago
Yo love the vids keep it up
Dave Boerema
Dave Boerema - 4 years ago
Peanuts got a red rocket
Cole Martin
Cole Martin - 4 years ago
Sub to me
Stephen Garner
Stephen Garner - 4 years ago
2:08 the dog has an erected penis of the mtb
Feline Ferret
Feline Ferret - 4 years ago
Jkriz63 - 4 years ago
Kendall how long is the promo code good for cuz like I wanna use it for April
Connor Dawson
Connor Dawson - 4 years ago
I just got my KG outdoors shirt in the mail, and I love it! Thank you so much Kendall! #jesus #graygang
OpXn clan
OpXn clan - 4 years ago
Bet u won't like this
Tommy Boggs
Tommy Boggs - 4 years ago
These videos are so awesome

100. comment for Bass Fishing During a Salami!!!

Tommy Boggs
Tommy Boggs - 4 years ago
Hey I have the same shirt
Peter Lorentz
Peter Lorentz - 4 years ago
another great video from Kendall, really surprised!!!
ii_ Nyxz
ii_ Nyxz - 4 years ago
go deer rack hunting
the lit life of Shady
the lit life of Shady - 4 years ago
I went ice fishing today and caught nothin
Xxlaynpipe22xX - 4 years ago
Amen special k
the lit life of Shady
the lit life of Shady - 4 years ago
Hey Kendall I love this channel so much and I've been watching for about a year and a half and have laughed at least once during most videos I've even learned some stuff from you about fishing and trapping. #GRAYGANG #JESUS P.S I hope you get a deer get a deer this year.
Mac Smitty
Mac Smitty - 4 years ago
Peanut has a boner at 2:00
Bob Wick
Bob Wick - 4 years ago
Thank you for the vesre of the week please reply
Tommy McCord
Tommy McCord - 4 years ago
Great vid keep it up
Patrick Hunter
Patrick Hunter - 4 years ago
Where do you catch these cats at buy your house
Fish God
Fish God - 4 years ago
I was here at 500 subs
Taylor Leverette
Taylor Leverette - 4 years ago
Love your vids and I like!!
Gavin Core
Gavin Core - 4 years ago
If Kendall appreciates his graygangsters he’ll pin this
Twobuckswidethundercunt #
Twobuckswidethundercunt # - 4 years ago
SwagAttackKnife_ YOUTUBER you're like 12 years old
Taylor Leverette
Taylor Leverette - 4 years ago
Where was notification squad
Melissa Harper
Melissa Harper - 4 years ago
Did anyone else notice that penis red rocket is out
Paolo Franceschi
Paolo Franceschi - 4 years ago
Peanut had a boner lmao
mike the creekman jones
mike the creekman jones - 4 years ago
I hit that thumbs up
Roger Dickinson
Roger Dickinson - 4 years ago
Dang Kendall could be a preacher.
ricky broughton
ricky broughton - 4 years ago
do a mail time video
metaldetecting illinois
metaldetecting illinois - 4 years ago
Love your videos
Outdoor Gang
Outdoor Gang - 4 years ago
At 2:10 I
His dog had a bonour
Michael LaCombe
Michael LaCombe - 4 years ago
1:58 peanut has a red rocket
Kegan Crenshaw
Kegan Crenshaw - 4 years ago
Big fan hit me up boi
Hunter fisher Outdoors
Hunter fisher Outdoors - 4 years ago
Great vid god helped me today caught my PB bass 8 pounds
SuperGuman Games
SuperGuman Games - 4 years ago
Your dogs a lil horny bud
slorby vids
slorby vids - 4 years ago
Peanut has a red rocket
Owen Wilkes
Owen Wilkes - 4 years ago
Good video
Its Me bob john
Its Me bob john - 4 years ago
Where's lucky
Wyatt Shellenberger
Wyatt Shellenberger - 4 years ago
My dogs name is noel she's a bluetick beagle
JTsChannelofAwesome - 4 years ago
Awesome video!! If u can can you watch one of my videos on my channel??
everythinglevi - 4 years ago
Dude peanut got to excited he got a bone
Lit Boy07
Lit Boy07 - 4 years ago
Catch tommy the carp
William Harris
William Harris - 4 years ago
Never give up hope. I can do all through Christ who strengthens me:Phillipians 413
rylee nettles
rylee nettles - 4 years ago
My birthday was yesterday
Gabriel Eisener
Gabriel Eisener - 4 years ago
Give me a like if you think Kendall should do a catch and cook bass edition and if you do Kendall can i get a shout out??
Ryan Leach
Ryan Leach - 4 years ago
Please show peanut more!
matthew ours
matthew ours - 4 years ago
God speeks to me through you Kendall
That250fguy - 4 years ago
Peanut gonna steal the grand am Kendall watch out
Ryan Leach
Ryan Leach - 4 years ago
Amazing video Ken!!
Frogassasin15 - 4 years ago
Do a challenge where instead of having 5 swim baits on a A-rig have 5 crank baits on a A-rig
Frogassasin15 - 4 years ago
My dog stole my whole tackle box when I was 10 never found it
Mind-Blown-Deer - 4 years ago
you going turkey hunting this year?
That Murder Inc.
That Murder Inc. - 4 years ago
chance Lawter
chance Lawter - 4 years ago
You are my favorite YouTuber
The Country Kid
The Country Kid - 4 years ago
Man I’m glad I’m not the only one who try’s baits
Collin Midland
Collin Midland - 4 years ago
Hey Kendall I was having a bad day because my grandma died and I am sad when i watched your video it made feel much better thank you
Jake Voyles
Jake Voyles - 4 years ago
Collin Midland sorry for your loss
Frank Jones
Frank Jones - 4 years ago
When are you going turkey hunting
Amber Petty
Amber Petty - 4 years ago
peanut is awesome
Baller Boy33
Baller Boy33 - 4 years ago
Love the vids plus I also live with n Kentucky too as well
Blake Hurst
Blake Hurst - 4 years ago
I think peanut approves of the mtb pro box
Isaiah Amparan
Isaiah Amparan - 4 years ago
i like using jerkbaits
Jennifer McCombie
Jennifer McCombie - 4 years ago
i never new you could bass fish with salami
Mason Horsey
Mason Horsey - 4 years ago
I herd god talking to you
William Ames
William Ames - 4 years ago
apparently peanut had a red rocket
blaynes life
blaynes life - 4 years ago
Kendall I love your videos but you did not fish with salami
blaynes life
blaynes life - 4 years ago
My bad it says during uh salami
Mark Doherty
Mark Doherty - 4 years ago
Peanut us back peanut is much better than lucky
Jackson Hatfield
Jackson Hatfield - 4 years ago
#graygang #jesus love your videos. Keep them coming
Tyler Olson
Tyler Olson - 4 years ago
Why does you dog have a bonner?
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith - 4 years ago
I am your favotite Fan
Ethan Lassen
Ethan Lassen - 4 years ago
Take some of the big ones you catch in the lake and put them in your ponds
puppy money baby
puppy money baby - 4 years ago
This is the best YouTuber ever. I love the verve of the week . Keep it up !!!!!!!,,! #JESUS#graygang are you going to hunt for turkeys this year ? You should do a mail Time next video
Amanda Wilson
Amanda Wilson - 4 years ago
Add me back on snapchat
Kentuckiana Outdoors
Kentuckiana Outdoors - 4 years ago
Ill be waiting for the video from the tournament today
Jodi Lynn McCoy
Jodi Lynn McCoy - 4 years ago
Will you do some gun shooting
Jeffrey Donaldson
Jeffrey Donaldson - 4 years ago
do not use your Alabama rig in Illinois we are only allowed 2 hooks per line and only 2 poles in the water per person at any one time.
Gabe Bingham
Gabe Bingham - 4 years ago
The pink thingy on the dog at the start of the vid
Cooper Roberts
Cooper Roberts - 4 years ago
I love penut
Seth Moore1
Seth Moore1 - 4 years ago
Peanut is not good in bro he was roasted #jesus #graygang
Woodland Outdoors
Woodland Outdoors - 4 years ago
I love fishing videos
Amanda Gilchrist
Amanda Gilchrist - 4 years ago
I hope everyone caught this at 5:50 and 5:53 between there look at Peanut what happened to him KENDALL EXPLAIN
Mitchel Hawk
Mitchel Hawk - 4 years ago
new subscriber love the vids so far
Blake Siegle(Student)
Blake Siegle(Student) - 4 years ago
DID ALL THAT SNOW MELT IN like 3 days!! I mean I live in Minnesota and the snow haven’t even melted yet from a week ago and it 42 degrees also known as HOT
Sharpshooter For life
Sharpshooter For life - 4 years ago
When's r u going to be posting turkey hunting vids 1 like = 1 turkey hunting video
Shelly DeFord
Shelly DeFord - 4 years ago
You got the cutest dog
Cody Furness
Cody Furness - 4 years ago
Hi yr vids r the best ever
Bryce Roach
Bryce Roach - 4 years ago
Kendall I love your catfish videos
Natasja Autar
Natasja Autar - 4 years ago
How much rods Joe haf
C_A_H Outdoors
C_A_H Outdoors - 4 years ago
You need to open the box once you get to the pond
Isaac Kuhls
Isaac Kuhls - 4 years ago
I feel God’s presence every time I go fishing or hunting
KRM squad
KRM squad - 4 years ago
who else went fishin today
Justin Sparks
Justin Sparks - 4 years ago
So is my dogs name, it's peanut too
Adventures With Niubel
Adventures With Niubel - 4 years ago
1:57 peanuts gets a boner (no homo)
Hunter Martin
Hunter Martin - 4 years ago
What lake is that?
Nikki Ringo
Nikki Ringo - 4 years ago
You are the light of my day!!!

You are the best Fisher I have ever seen you might not think so but I have never seen anyone catch like 6 bass in a row!!!!!

Never give up #GrayGang #Jesus
RippinLipz WNYfishing
RippinLipz WNYfishing - 4 years ago
your dog is amazing
the awsome outdoors !!!
the awsome outdoors !!! - 4 years ago
Peanuts red rocket was out
Alex Oprel
Alex Oprel - 4 years ago
This feeling when I'm about to catch a biggun, I start smirking for absolutely nothing and then go out fishing and catch the biggun... The feel!
Cammy SoftBall
Cammy SoftBall - 4 years ago
Hi Kendall. I’m 12 years old
Blake Mahley
Blake Mahley - 4 years ago
Peanut is bait happy

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