Big Tanks, Big Fish, and Big Rich - Touring Ohio Fish Rescue

Come along as Big Rich Price takes us into his massive home fishroom that serves as a rescue operation, providing forever homes for fish whose owners can no longer care for them. Donate to the Ohio Fish Rescue here: Or their GoFundMe here: Check out their Facebook page: ------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE! LET'S CONNECT! EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS:

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Come along as Big Rich Price takes us into his massive home fishroom that serves as a rescue operation, providing forever homes for fish whose owners can no longer care for them. Donate to the Ohio Fish Rescue here: Or their GoFundMe here: Check out their Facebook page: ------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE! LET'S CONNECT! EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS:

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for Big Tanks, Big Fish, and Big Rich - Touring Ohio Fish Rescue

D- SEL - 5 years ago
awesome man...
Mute َ
Mute َ - 5 years ago
He looks like big shows brother lol
Michael Cachia
Michael Cachia - 5 years ago
I have to say a big well done for all the lives of fish you have saved!
dziegan - 5 years ago
Hi Steve Poland from Poland :) ?
Steve Poland Aquatics
Steve Poland Aquatics - 5 years ago
No, Poland is an English name actually
Jason Martin
Jason Martin - 5 years ago
That MULLET!! you should be in a tank.....amazing
Aiden M
Aiden M - 5 years ago
water changes must be a nightmare
hdfatboy69 - 5 years ago
Bass Pro Shop Aquarium's doesn't have shit on this guy!
Bill Vickers
Bill Vickers - 5 years ago
Most incredible mullet the earth has ever known
Ryan McQuiston
Ryan McQuiston - 5 years ago
This is cool! Some very cool fish! Need more places like this around

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Artyfacts - 5 years ago
His sushi place is making a killing! ;D
daniel alexander
daniel alexander - 5 years ago
are you kidding meQ!
GARRY OAK - 5 years ago
Misty eat your heart out.
devin killa
devin killa - 5 years ago
50 percent of the time ,it works everytime!!
Frogos mcduck
Frogos mcduck - 5 years ago
that guys got a party on the sides, and party in the back, heck party in the front :D
gold fish pedro
gold fish pedro - 5 years ago
verry good
CRAVEN AQUATICS - 5 years ago
You have inspired me in Maine to rescue fish needing homes as well thank you!
મોહંમદઅલી ખરોડિયા
મોહંમદઅલી ખરોડિયા - 5 years ago
veri nice
Michael miller
Michael miller - 5 years ago
I have pacu for this :(
BraaapAllDay - 5 years ago
Hope this is on the lowest lvl of the building

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el señor de los cuchillos
el señor de los cuchillos - 5 years ago
Hayque recalcar lo increiblemente limpio y ordenado que lo tiene todo este señor...
Battle Memes by Omari
Battle Memes by Omari - 5 years ago
Sheesh, this is awesome
Kush Purple
Kush Purple - 5 years ago
Big rich a forever guardian angel of the aquatic world.
let's try name it
let's try name it - 5 years ago
I got a big fish pond I live in Massachusetts u know where I can get some big fish
Damien Garcia
Damien Garcia - 5 years ago
Like what your doing for these fish. The rescue idea is awesome , it sucks that know oone wants to help more... I got into having fish because of my ex-wife , only because of her i got into it. Its a fun relaxing hobby.
Chad Jones
Chad Jones - 5 years ago
I want the big white butterfly koi for my pond!
BHASKARAN K - 5 years ago
U R gr8 sir . good job
Ricardo Bajnauth
Ricardo Bajnauth - 5 years ago
Idk which is more impressive, the majestic mullet or the aquariums
Prasad Kalas
Prasad Kalas - 5 years ago
hey what you feed them man
I O'Neill
I O'Neill - 5 years ago
Those tanks are immaculate! Glad I found this channel!

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Dana Birrell
Dana Birrell - 5 years ago
FYI that is a Blue Catfish not a blue channel cat. Channel catfish and Blue catfish are two totally different species. Generally when people call something a "blue channel cat" they are simply channel catfish.
Dylan Heidebrink
Dylan Heidebrink - 5 years ago
almost 2 million people have witnessed the epicness that is this mans mullet
EZ Reapers:Megatron
EZ Reapers:Megatron - 5 years ago
some of these fishes are really ugly, maybe that why ppl abandon them
OfTheDawn Patriot
OfTheDawn Patriot - 5 years ago
Party in the back!
OfTheDawn Patriot
OfTheDawn Patriot - 5 years ago
Get in contact with famous rich people. They could take them. Maybe send back to the amazon?
Mo 3
Mo 3 - 5 years ago
Kaiballya Baliarsingha
Kaiballya Baliarsingha - 5 years ago
Dirt Poor Aquarist
Dirt Poor Aquarist - 5 years ago
Holy freaking mullet
Rob Vas
Rob Vas - 5 years ago
Omfg sick mullet!!!
Paul V
Paul V - 5 years ago
Awesome work, love the channel
Tina Marie Farmer
Tina Marie Farmer - 5 years ago
pristine tanks!
Ya Favorite, Fat boy!!
Ya Favorite, Fat boy!! - 5 years ago
Your the shit
NinjaOrange Cat
NinjaOrange Cat - 5 years ago
All granny in the front, all horse in the rear.
danielle cosens
danielle cosens - 5 years ago
This is amazing what your doing for fish and people that donate their over sized fish that they can’t house anymore! They look like they are all healthy and well taken care of. I have a 30, 16, and 10 gal and get overwhelmed some times cleaning them with two goldfish tanks and they are some of the dirtiest fish I have ever owned and my 6 year old betta, I couldn’t imagine taken care of these tanks every day. Again your doing great work taken care of these fish that most people would just throw in a pond or river.
João Clash
João Clash - 5 years ago
No meu rio tem esse peixes jumbos
V J - 5 years ago
Great work you guys!!! Big hearts!
dlee728 - 5 years ago
Can you know longer feed your fish big goldfish because it is not good for them
gflinski - 5 years ago
This is absolutely awesome.
Putra Ok
Putra Ok - 5 years ago
Where arapaima fish
Philip Arroyo
Philip Arroyo - 5 years ago
Donate to this man!

50. comment for Big Tanks, Big Fish, and Big Rich - Touring Ohio Fish Rescue

Eco Sapian
Eco Sapian - 5 years ago
Nonya Busi
Nonya Busi - 5 years ago
He is right about pet shops shouldn't be selling pacu, etc.
BLB13films - 5 years ago
i thought my 30 gallon was big :(
Antonio Baeza
Antonio Baeza - 5 years ago
That's incredible what he is doing mad respect bro.
agingsnoopdog1 - 5 years ago
DJ HANSON KING - 5 years ago
MadMatt8880 - 5 years ago
Big Rich's haircut is friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!
Al Bundy
Al Bundy - 5 years ago
May i have an Arowana, ill make a donation
Logan Steese
Logan Steese - 5 years ago
Rich has a nice mullet
Be Humble
Be Humble - 5 years ago
Ben Fearon
Ben Fearon - 5 years ago
Legend what a guy much love
Pharohs Tarot
Pharohs Tarot - 5 years ago
youre awesome!
Nick Ferdinande
Nick Ferdinande - 5 years ago
All I can hear is his hair. WOW!
scubaeb - 5 years ago
So thats what happened to Joe Dirt.
Multi Music Art
Multi Music Art - 5 years ago
Mohammed M.
Mohammed M. - 5 years ago
mashallah, you are awesome
Braiden Kreller
Braiden Kreller - 5 years ago
Your living my dream
B3wareTheIdes - 5 years ago
That mullet is insane
Regiane Flores
Regiane Flores - 5 years ago
Awesome... I'm a engineering aquaculture student... I'm so proud for you initiative! Hugs from Brazil
Will Snyder
Will Snyder - 5 years ago
Absolutely amazing im in md i wish someone near me had this would love to see in person great job
Toxikk Nynx
Toxikk Nynx - 5 years ago
wow soo cool and that second tank is amazing ,that would make one kick butt saltwater tank! , I was also thinking of starting up a fish rescue but not on that scale yet
Dan Waite
Dan Waite - 5 years ago
Yep, awesome what he's done, but the way he nonchalantly waves away the fact a lungfish has eaten the head of a goldfish because they only cost 50 cents is a little contradictory. Why would you even put lungfish in with goldfish?
karthik g
karthik g - 5 years ago
MAN - U R A Legend!!!
Winston Hong
Winston Hong - 5 years ago
Im a Pisces...what a fish humanitarian he is. This world needs more people like Big Rich. Kudos.
Ephesians 2:8
Ephesians 2:8 - 5 years ago
1000 gal is beautiful
Dylan Farrell
Dylan Farrell - 5 years ago
that mulet is on point
Nate Morlock
Nate Morlock - 5 years ago
Sure, the cause is great. So are the fish. But that marvelous mullet...
B - 5 years ago
I wonder if he can put a pond in his addition??????????????????/, that would hole the MOST fish
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor - 5 years ago
Mb,cbvbcvvmcnbn,mx cvbvcbmcb,bvcvcv,,cvnvvmxcccvcmvvvvvmbxcvvvc
MegaBuckeyes10 - 5 years ago
Anytime u wanna get rid of cichlids im your person!! Your tanks are amazing
Marybeth Sibert
Marybeth Sibert - 5 years ago
I will have all your fish when your bikinis go's out
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 5 years ago
What a nice family
Carlos Véliz
Carlos Véliz - 5 years ago
Incredible, amazingly prefect!!!! Respect to this guy, beautiful fishes.
James Kleiber
James Kleiber - 5 years ago
Are you willing to sell some of your cichlids?
DOGGYDOGG - 5 years ago
That 1000g did have alot of cichlids in it. Nice to see someone so passionate about what they do
Juan M
Juan M - 5 years ago
Great things come to those who care!! May u guys be blessed!
Michael Justice
Michael Justice - 5 years ago
respect to big rich for doing what he's doing thanks for the upload
nick jackson
nick jackson - 5 years ago
Dude how do we take a tour..
cuquitina30 - 5 years ago
God bless you, Rich. As fish lover and owner for over 30 years I can tell you we respect what you do and we know the 24/7 dedication those babies need.
As much as I love fish, I think some species should be banned from pet stores. Sometimes they don't know what they are selling and clueless new fish owners find themselves in trouble when the cute little fish is 10 times bigger 6 months later.
Thank you.
julio martinez
julio martinez - 5 years ago
Amazing! Love it
Charlie Chamberlain
Charlie Chamberlain - 5 years ago
This is absolutely amazing!
knot289 - 5 years ago
His electric bill has to be at least double the rest of the trailer parks combined.
Razel Roa
Razel Roa - 5 years ago
1 day isn’t enough for me to stare at those tanks and fishes. Amazing!
indnajns - 5 years ago
Better question: what's his electric bill every month?
Mud Money
Mud Money - 5 years ago
I just stumbled across this and I'm from Columbus. Much love my brother. We appreciate you.
Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes - 5 years ago
That's Amazing. Dang
Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher - 5 years ago
Please buy at least 1 powerball ticket a week. I'd love to see an update video of him after winning.
john mcmurran
john mcmurran - 5 years ago
Doing a fantastic job for the fish no one wants. amazing man.
stelthTEN AU
stelthTEN AU - 5 years ago
Joey got nothing on these tanks
Charles-Antoine Hudon
Charles-Antoine Hudon - 5 years ago
Big fish

100. comment for Big Tanks, Big Fish, and Big Rich - Touring Ohio Fish Rescue

Ad g
Ad g - 5 years ago
Preppy Littles
Preppy Littles - 5 years ago
I'm in the mood for sushi now
anthony whitehouse
anthony whitehouse - 5 years ago
WOW amazing. Jealous them tanks look amazing. Great work
Boboexplosion - 5 years ago
This man saves so many fish. He is a good guy. Can somebody save his haircut pls ?
Edward Louie
Edward Louie - 5 years ago
Great cause! Keep up the good work! Love your tanks!!!
Amber Sherry
Amber Sherry - 5 years ago
Bo Knows
Bo Knows - 5 years ago
Great thing you're doing, beautiful fish/tanks, super clean, keep up the fantastic work, these fish love/appreciate you keeping them alive
Jay Gleason
Jay Gleason - 5 years ago
The only big thing I've seen in this video is that dudes mullet!
kalieb Griffiths
kalieb Griffiths - 5 years ago
Good day rich
Can I have the build process of the 3000 gallons
Do u have a build video
What is the thickness of glass
Thx and keep up the good work
Jeffrey Ranghill
Jeffrey Ranghill - 5 years ago
my question is how u feeding all those fishing .. thats like a feed bag of food a day
Gabe Thibodeaux
Gabe Thibodeaux - 5 years ago
After watching my 55 gallon looks like a 5 gallon compared to these lol.
swordbreaker3 - 5 years ago
That waterfall!
iris baldwin
iris baldwin - 5 years ago
wow what a great public service nice job Rich
John Sickler
John Sickler - 5 years ago
That place is bad ass! Much respect for what you do
Johnny too bad
Johnny too bad - 5 years ago
Fantastic human being
Try Particpating
Try Particpating - 5 years ago
Love people who try!
Try Particpating
Try Particpating - 5 years ago
Rich do you pay people to help you? Are you retired? You are like a city sea aquarium . Soo cool all fresh water ,! How did you afford this? Give this guy an indoor olimpic pool
Brett Marriott
Brett Marriott - 5 years ago
That dude has awesome hair
elk0ss - 5 years ago
Curtis Meier
Curtis Meier - 5 years ago
amazing beautiful fish. What is that spotted catfish in the 750g? @8:30 I'm guessing hybridTSN & something else?
Urban Constrictors
Urban Constrictors - 5 years ago
Very well kept! and hats off to you for doing what you are doing. Massive respect mate
Juanita W.Heath
Juanita W.Heath - 5 years ago
Love love your tanks
Juanita W.Heath
Juanita W.Heath - 5 years ago
Long hair
Wish I was sleeping
Wish I was sleeping - 5 years ago
I love fish people
Try Particpating
Try Particpating - 5 years ago
You mean every one doesn't want to use animals as lab testing and then kill them when they are done? This guy is so weird, Thank you for not making me embarrested to be human . Maybe sea Shepard Foundation will have to share some of my Estate with you
Gangala Surender
Gangala Surender - 5 years ago
Shane H
Shane H - 5 years ago
You may not realize this, but that is the ORIGINAL mullet that started it all
Syedminhaj Syedmushtaq
Syedminhaj Syedmushtaq - 5 years ago
Abeauty full and keaute
Chris Autumn
Chris Autumn - 5 years ago
Hmmm, almost no plants. These are clean but not pretty aquariums
Random Taco
Random Taco - 5 years ago
I wonder how big this guys water bill is.......
kyle Smile
kyle Smile - 5 years ago
I lovee that sand waterfall
Jeffry Arowana santoso02
Jeffry Arowana santoso02 - 5 years ago
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee - 5 years ago
Wish he was my dad
Jeremy Barfield
Jeremy Barfield - 5 years ago
#fishlivesmatter. You guys are awesome!
Mario From Houstone
Mario From Houstone - 5 years ago
Id like 2 Oscars
Justin Stuart
Justin Stuart - 5 years ago
This guy has such cool hair!
Tom deaardappel
Tom deaardappel - 5 years ago
david mcintire
david mcintire - 5 years ago
I had more than one oscar that liked being petted they are as smart as a dolphin why their my favorite.
Mike Trottier
Mike Trottier - 5 years ago
I could have used a fish rescue for my two iridescent sharks I had. It was quite disturbing listening to them.
It got to the point they would wake me up from smashing into the glass. There was nothing I could do, nor no was there a place I could have taken them.
Much respect to to you for helping these fish and the people who bought fish they did not expect to get as big as they do, and all the rest of the people who also need a place for their fish.
Steven Yap
Steven Yap - 5 years ago
My oscars with a red cichlid
Ed s
Ed s - 5 years ago
At 4:08 I thought you said African Marijuana. lol
Taze a Butterfly
Taze a Butterfly - 5 years ago
Jacob Alabastro
Jacob Alabastro - 5 years ago
What is the name of those black bottom dwelling catfish and my parents are planning to buy me one
curtis ames
curtis ames - 5 years ago
This made my fishtanks look like little bitches
Altrunchen - 5 years ago
I love aquariums and this is pretty cool but, how long does it take you to clean all these tanks? O_O
Salman Niyari
Salman Niyari - 5 years ago
nice fish tank
ELVES KIMUTAI - 5 years ago
hello steve,

how can i get those black long fish?
Samuel Pulis
Samuel Pulis - 5 years ago
We had a pacu that loved being pet! Check out our vid! I hope my fish ended up at a place like Big Richs. How can we donate some money to him?
UK URBAN TV - 5 years ago
this guys amazing
SayWin - 5 years ago
Rich has that pure breed hair. Cool fish and tanks!
Craig n Izzy Naz
Craig n Izzy Naz - 5 years ago
Wow!!! Great work my man! Could some of those fish make it to a florida private lake or something? Just to take the expansion speed down a bit?
DumbSh!tMoto - 5 years ago
That is the most mullety mullet from mulletville
Dell Extron
Dell Extron - 5 years ago
catherine peck
catherine peck - 5 years ago
My favourite monster fish are peacock bass I also rescue some fish I've got 2 300 gallons and I've got big South American cichlids that people can't keep I've got clown knives blood parrots the lot I've also rescued some catfish about 60 cm
Andre Freitas
Andre Freitas - 5 years ago
He starts talking and it's all normal. Around 2:37 he turns around and it's a FREAKING 20 INCH MULLET. Dead!
Travis Abraham
Travis Abraham - 5 years ago
Amazing... Just amazing
Luís Campos Jumbo
Luís Campos Jumbo - 5 years ago
Ben s
Ben s - 5 years ago
We need more people like this
rashmi baral
rashmi baral - 5 years ago
it's a privilege to see such rescue centers
phillip pehrson
phillip pehrson - 5 years ago
That pool looks like it would feed a whole village.
Luvlife23 - 5 years ago
Teng Yang
Teng Yang - 5 years ago
He “saves” them
Craigs Garden Maintenance
Craigs Garden Maintenance - 5 years ago
9.20 i want one of those sand water falls!!
The FLAWLESS - 5 years ago
What do you use for your hair
Yoobin Lee
Yoobin Lee - 5 years ago
I'd like to know how it's funded. People should know the magnitude of this tremendous operation. It's sad he has to do all this.
Steven_T_K - 5 years ago
Sean Hidlebaugh
Sean Hidlebaugh - 5 years ago
If Heisenberg von fish face gets his own Facebook page surely Big Rich's epic mullet is deserving of one.
sailing yaght
sailing yaght - 5 years ago
I'm single so house is quiet most the time had two fantails the size of baseballs in a kid's paddling pool in my front room pump like a water fountain in the middle the lot.never seen them have more fun swimming over the water jet now moved them to a four foot fishtank upgraded to an external fishtank pump they seem dull.or is that just because it's winter?
Ignifaxus - 5 years ago
Let me get a flashlight so I can find my
I love the big tank!
Murg Trollen
Murg Trollen - 5 years ago
I've almost killed my fish with tile... itwere releasing some toxic stuff into water and made all my fish gasp for air.
Not sure how you pick the tile you can use, but it didn't worked for me. Sometimes it could stay for 2 weeks without a water change, sometimes after 2 days they all would go pale and gasp for air.
The common water test kit didn't show anything strange.

Also... unless you basically have "running water" in the aquarium, poop will laying on the tile, even if you're overfiltering x2.
Kid Cannabis
Kid Cannabis - 5 years ago
That sand water fall is out of control....
Kid Cannabis
Kid Cannabis - 5 years ago
I bet you can find people to donate money to help you with helping the fish.
Johnny Cos
Johnny Cos - 5 years ago
What type of fish is that white one at 10:28
Michael Knox
Michael Knox - 5 years ago
Where in Ohio is this
Steve Poland Aquatics
Steve Poland Aquatics - 5 years ago
Bulmaro Chavez
Bulmaro Chavez - 5 years ago
I have nothing but respect for this man
micheal danchuk
micheal danchuk - 5 years ago
love  it
guineapigmommy 89
guineapigmommy 89 - 5 years ago
Bless him for doing so much for these fish
Roger Torrez
Roger Torrez - 5 years ago
Drop eye
Tegar Rick sandi
Tegar Rick sandi - 5 years ago
Desi Jones
Desi Jones - 5 years ago
Rich is......... uhhhh, a giant mullet.
Robert Lengemann
Robert Lengemann - 5 years ago
Much Respect for doing this. If you need to relocate large fish. Try Bass pro shops & Cabellas . Most stores have huge tanks. And there always looking for large fish to put in. And they pay a company to maintain so they are taken care of.
Ian Paling
Ian Paling - 5 years ago
People wonder why I only keep neon Tetra and dwarf gourami!
B C - 5 years ago
awsome my fd
Adictos ala Aquariofilia
Adictos ala Aquariofilia - 5 years ago
Sorprendente ....algún día tendré algo ...más grande lo que tengo ...
microtechmachineshop - 5 years ago
sweet tanks and ever sweeter mullet
Darrell D
Darrell D - 5 years ago
You are officially the coolest guy on the planet!
Chris Last
Chris Last - 5 years ago
Where was you at when my jacks had babies? Nobody would take them and I wasn't even trying to breed so I wasn't prepared for it. I called pet stores, the zoo. Everything I could think of. I would have just gave all of them to you for free. They bred on me at 3 to 4 inchs long. They was still small themselves. I thought they had to be a bit bigger than that. But I guess not. They bred in a 55 long on a shinny smooth rock that I lost when I went to jail. I about swept them up with the hose and that's when I spotted them. They was in the tank for not even a month. Boy... was mommy beautiful days before I spotted the eggs. So was dad. He started to eat them. So I had to get rid of him. Won't do that again unless I'm better prepared.
mcees - 5 years ago
AnimalsAndReports - 5 years ago
As he unveiled mega tank it looked like a mega wide-screen TV!
Bryton payne
Bryton payne - 5 years ago
Hey rich I was wondering if I could get some fish or a fish tank from you I have been into fish since 3. I if I could plz email at if you could than you for what you do!
Tina Hayes
Tina Hayes - 5 years ago
I have a Bata fish I LOVE it
Steve Duvernois
Steve Duvernois - 5 years ago
That's awesome
Jessica Chung
Jessica Chung - 5 years ago
this was really cool
HOMIE Croc - 5 years ago
Its_Goose - 5 years ago
This guy owns Sea World...
Caleb Rabion
Caleb Rabion - 5 years ago
I used to have Pacus, and Oscars. I would buy them from a local pet store, he was a true professional. I had a 55 gallon tank, and when my fish would get to big I would trade them in. He had people with huge tanks that took the fish in.
Carlos Mac
Carlos Mac - 5 years ago
shoooot i thought it was his wife who opened the curtains, what i shocker it was him.
reidfish3 - 5 years ago
no bass?
Warm Suga  NP
Warm Suga NP - 5 years ago
Love It!! Do you ever sale any of the gold fish or pond fish. And what can you put with gold fish - pond fishes in a aquarium? I would love to add to my gold fishes?
Radames Venturini
Radames Venturini - 5 years ago
Is very, very, very beautiful, Congratulations!
Nextgengamer Jc
Nextgengamer Jc - 5 years ago
I'm scared to ask how much in electricity do you spend in a month wow those set up are amazing
John Dee
John Dee - 5 years ago
Awesome, Dude. If your gonna have a mullet or an aquarium -Go hard or go home.
Marc Richmond
Marc Richmond - 5 years ago
It's great that your sporting all this bad ass tankery but I would just eat them when they got big enough. Beer battered catfish nuggets!
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith - 5 years ago
I think what he does is very good is a good man for doing it
Mc Suckables
Mc Suckables - 5 years ago
I was not expecting all that hair to be behind him
Planet Waves
Planet Waves - 5 years ago
A most powerful mullet.
Alex .Pitts
Alex .Pitts - 5 years ago
Holly crap those fresh water fish are hugh.
caronicole - 5 years ago
Surprised to see oscars with all those different types of fish!
Dan Kerns
Dan Kerns - 5 years ago
Wow man this is freaking amazing this would be my dream tank!
KHURRAM HUSSAIN - 5 years ago
lots of respect sir, I love your motives.
Ben Ellis
Ben Ellis - 5 years ago
All the fish look so healthy and your tanks are so clean. keep up all the great work .Nice to see someone on YouTube so well informed , most other videos I've watched are red necks with no clue.
Phil R
Phil R - 5 years ago
Only thing more majestic than the fish is his long flowing mullet....
Leesha Harding
Leesha Harding - 5 years ago
wow this is actually really inspirational to me i love what you do! hope you guys post more vids!!
sailing yaght
sailing yaght - 5 years ago
I wish I lived in a house now not a flat lol beautiful tanks and fish wow
Utube Guy
Utube Guy - 5 years ago
Can u image the size of those fish turds? at least they are easy to see and to siphon out!
opticalriot - 5 years ago
so he writes off his fishroom as a nonprofit
Jessica Masters
Jessica Masters - 5 years ago
Such an incredible thing you are doing, well done.
Mike Ambrosio
Mike Ambrosio - 5 years ago
Awesome dedication too his tanks..and even more too that mullet
Peter Pim
Peter Pim - 5 years ago
Great presentation of magnificient fishes,only the spooky,longhaired Chap is a bit disturbing.
AD Urpina
AD Urpina - 5 years ago
cute fish* looks great!
Grizzly Beard Outdoors
Grizzly Beard Outdoors - 5 years ago
Nice tanks man but cut your hair...
Shelby Campbell
Shelby Campbell - 5 years ago
By far the coolest fish room, full of monster fish, I have ever seen! I would love to see that in person. Amazing!
David Ridlespriger
David Ridlespriger - 5 years ago
evidently ,yall are in over your headz and your repetitive tactics aren't paying off. nothings change and everones is on schedule to be entered into my waiting room regardless.
Zenin Skomorowski
Zenin Skomorowski - 5 years ago
Can this Ohio Fish Rescue be a side trip from the OCA Extravaganza ... I am sure many people would want to donate to support the rescue efforts :)
D Sab
D Sab - 5 years ago
That mullet though.
risquecat - 5 years ago
I would love to see him feed all these amazing fishes.
Zaccheus Horsman
Zaccheus Horsman - 5 years ago
That silver dollar is huge
Ashley M
Ashley M - 5 years ago
Absolutely beautiful tanks.
Pd Lc
Pd Lc - 5 years ago
It's wonderful what you do, but rescue wouldn't be necessary if , as you say, pet stores would stop being so irresponsible, not care about their stock and stop selling these monster fish as babies. People don't bother researching and just buy whatever catches their eye. Poor fish always come to a bad end.
Brandon Roberson
Brandon Roberson - 5 years ago
Ask For Quentin LY
Ask For Quentin LY - 5 years ago
I have to say it again this was really a good one. I was losing interest in the hobby. This made me feel better about watching more fish videos
Ask For Quentin LY
Ask For Quentin LY - 5 years ago
This was a good one!!!!!
Kiran bobby
Kiran bobby - 5 years ago
How exactly are you maintaining the water parameters for the arowana
Jesse Sinsmy
Jesse Sinsmy - 5 years ago
Is they freshwater
Jonathan Heron
Jonathan Heron - 5 years ago
how do you keep all your ph right for all the different fish if all the water runs together ??? what is all your water parameters??phtempAmmoniaNitriteNitrateAlkalinity
Buddy Stevens
Buddy Stevens - 5 years ago
I had two jack dempseys that loved to be touched, loved those fish
Pets pets pets Galore
Pets pets pets Galore - 5 years ago
I keep big fish but I put them in pool ponds I own
sdq sdq
sdq sdq - 5 years ago
surprised there are no paimas
John B.
John B. - 5 years ago
Message Zach catchem from catchem all fishing. Im sure he would love to have some of those fish..
erNomic - 5 years ago
I am so impressed...with that mullet. Your feathered wavy locks are just breathtaking.
NoJustass NoPiece
NoJustass NoPiece - 5 years ago
Could you tell us what your process is and what chemicals you use during quarantine? Would that also work for saltwater
Slim Stickly
Slim Stickly - 5 years ago
God bless your soul, and your family. What a good deed this is..
In the trenches with Cas
In the trenches with Cas - 5 years ago
How the hell did this amazing mullet hero get over 500 dislikes if this doesn’t show you can’t please everyone what can..
Your a champion mate well done
David  Rivera
David Rivera - 5 years ago
Wow you are a hero!
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan - 5 years ago
Your tanks are amazing
cintia quispe linares
cintia quispe linares - 5 years ago
sdpadresfan - 5 years ago
Harvey is that you?!
thebro - 5 years ago
Bless your heart haha love what your doing
Captain Tobias
Captain Tobias - 5 years ago
When they get too big for your tank, eat them!
soulbytes - 5 years ago
what is the white fish name ? thanks. awsomeee aquarium.
Spiderhole Records
Spiderhole Records - 5 years ago
Now THAT's a head of Hair!
I VOE - 5 years ago
Y’all go donate for this man he’s saving fish life and making them big and beautiful
Miss Mons
Miss Mons - 5 years ago
Bless you!
piscesjessi - 5 years ago
This guy is epic and awesome!
Chris The Hobby Guy
Chris The Hobby Guy - 5 years ago
STEVE...great video..your friend ''CHRIS THE HOBBY GUY''
Jack Jordan
Jack Jordan - 5 years ago
How much does it cost per year or month to run filters and lights and buy food for your tanks/fish?
Neb Segdoh
Neb Segdoh - 5 years ago
you're doing a great job there mr. price it takes eccentric people to do eccentric things good on ya mate
Larry Smith
Larry Smith - 5 years ago
Awesome that u take fish in that people can't care for.i have a beautiful 60 gallon that could use fish.all I have is 2 placo and a few guppies in it.but wanted to add something new but no fish places around me.they are all a hour away. Wish I could find a place that donated fish I would pick up one for my 60 gallon
grayRain - 5 years ago
I actually gasped when he turned and revealed that glorious Mullet.
Андрей Трухачев
Андрей Трухачев - 5 years ago
Очень очень круто! В России такого нет и не скоро будет! Спасибо за видео!
Kieff Samala
Kieff Samala - 5 years ago
Zak_CatchEm should see this
stan - 5 years ago
I don't think that makes much sense. Most fishes which get too big you can also eat.
Keekee Waleria Sadd
Keekee Waleria Sadd - 5 years ago
Woouuu beatiful fish and akvarium and hair hehe .......
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 5 years ago
Love what your doing for the fish man..
Bob James
Bob James - 5 years ago
Its like a old folks home for fish! I love it!
bobby sydnor
bobby sydnor - 5 years ago
I have raise most of the fish you have and then some from Aba Aba's, to electric eels , datnoids, arowana.even some that are now "outlawed" in this country such as red arowana, and arapaimas, that said I not only love what you're doing I respect it as well. Much love for you brother, and all the best to you.
montydesijokes - 5 years ago
He grows hair on his heads and then cuts it and sells it. That's how he can afford to keep this going.
Danny Neal
Danny Neal - 5 years ago
Are you related to Joe dirt!!
Danny Neal
Danny Neal - 5 years ago
Did the hair!!
Goku Son
Goku Son - 5 years ago
That's a real hair
Alyssa Ryuk
Alyssa Ryuk - 5 years ago
Underwater sand waterfall is beautiful I wish more people like you did this
DJ X2UU - 5 years ago
Open to the public? I'd love to check it out if I am evern in Ohio
Nando Landaeta
Nando Landaeta - 5 years ago
So much love...
SDONJ4Y UK - 5 years ago
Fantastic guy
Thank you
Beau LaForge
Beau LaForge - 5 years ago
I wonder if there's any mullet in this place.
To Love
To Love - 5 years ago
Thank you Rich for all you do...its beautiful in there
GmoneyStylez - 5 years ago
So passionate true inspiration.
Nelson Branco
Nelson Branco - 5 years ago
this dudes money is as long as his hair
Bracks - 5 years ago
What about fish sandwiches. How sustainable is this? What kind of financial backing do these guys have.
Cherilyn Bright
Cherilyn Bright - 5 years ago
u take suck good care of those things
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar - 5 years ago
Jack Illinois
Jack Illinois - 5 years ago
Jiraiya molodec
suke - 5 years ago
When he pulled the curtain on that 4500 gal .... :O i died

I am now in heaven & yes God does have a power mullet. ( Hats off to this owner..such amazing people in this world )
Sunny Macwan
Sunny Macwan - 5 years ago
8:58 Almost bought a pair once. Good thing the price was too high for me.
pavan kumar.m
pavan kumar.m - 5 years ago
Awesome & super man
Matthew Siwula
Matthew Siwula - 5 years ago
the tanks look spotless, great job man i am very jealous.
Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS
Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS - 5 years ago
HI BIG RICH! I'm SO HAPPY to see your wonderful fish shelter! I run a rescue shelter for Walmart puffer fish, and a lead a campaign to end walmarts puffer fish sales. I've rescued rehabbed and rehomed over 300 and stopped sales in the sf bay area. I have several 185 and 125 tanks to house the 64 current residents waiting for adoption. 6 of my Green Spotted Puffs have reached 5". My website: Thank you for all you do for the fish! I Love your kind heart!
MEWAN MEWAN - 5 years ago
Respect for what you do...
David Fisher
David Fisher - 5 years ago
wow wow great stuff.
GameboyRODD - 5 years ago
Tell me y'all didn't see a woman in the thumb nail
Extatique - 5 years ago
Wow! That is an amazing operation! Fascinating to get a tour. Thank you!!! The biggest tank was AWESOME!
Rebecca Tafolla
Rebecca Tafolla - 5 years ago
Shovel nose is beautiful a very beautiful fish
jerish joseph
jerish joseph - 5 years ago
jesus of fish
Kitty Vaughn
Kitty Vaughn - 5 years ago
Furever homes for kitties & dogs...and you have finever homes for fishies...JUST AWESOME what you do!
Kitty Vaughn
Kitty Vaughn - 5 years ago
How wonderful!!! You, sir, are a man after my own heart. I truly love what you do. I had to give up my aquarium hobby 15 years ago. I really loved my aquariums.
Ricky Prickles
Ricky Prickles - 5 years ago
I can't even imagine what the food + electricity cost per month to keep all this must be.
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia - 5 years ago
Que feos tus acuarios
High Tide
High Tide - 5 years ago
My most impressive thing in that room is that giant Brown Mullet!
Amit Nanda
Amit Nanda - 5 years ago
Nice job
KATHY R JONES - 5 years ago
very impressive marvelous!
Glenn White
Glenn White - 5 years ago
Hey man saw your video loved it keep up the good work we go make sure we donate
Hamood ur Rahman
Hamood ur Rahman - 5 years ago
Rule no. 1
Must have long hair to have that kinda aquarium
Fish Tales
Fish Tales - 5 years ago
Great to know there are people out there that are willing to give their time and love to sorting out other people mistakes. People need to be educated about the size fish get to depending on the breed and not how they look in the aquarium shop. Always ask how big species get so you do not end up with a fish bigger than your aquarium.
Law19157 - 5 years ago
Guy should buy a commercial space and open it to the public. He can earn a living showing the fish off and have enough money to sustain his rescue financially
Jenna T
Jenna T - 5 years ago
Wow!!! Every tank is immaculate in every tank is clean and I love and appreciate that. You are a great hobbyist
Jon Skelley
Jon Skelley - 5 years ago
This is awesome. What is the fish with the orange and black stripe tail at 15:59?
Steve Brown
Steve Brown - 5 years ago
I really like the Viejia/Black Belts. I have had two that got that size but they jumped out of their 150G.
Miss Meeseeks
Miss Meeseeks - 5 years ago
Start your own zoo/aquarium i would pay to see them!
Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist
Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist - 5 years ago
Wow, thanks for the idea Wahoo I'm a save my Pacu
Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist
Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist - 5 years ago
I have a Pacu that needs rescue! Help
Just Fishing TV
Just Fishing TV - 5 years ago
Nice tanks and beautiful fish.
نورهان عامر
نورهان عامر - 5 years ago
good me lovr you fesh
Ben Jacobs
Ben Jacobs - 5 years ago
Good guy
Travis Hamman
Travis Hamman - 5 years ago
Should put some sand with the sting rays for them to hide
DNA malawi cichlid hub
DNA malawi cichlid hub - 5 years ago
Subscribed! Awesome tanks! thanks for uploading! Could u be kind enough to sub me back, thanks
dmcepeda - 5 years ago
This mullet man is a fish God
Pickle Dick
Pickle Dick - 5 years ago
I found your mullet more amazing than the tank
Nicky Bang Bang
Nicky Bang Bang - 5 years ago
Sounds just like Jimmy Kimmel!
Cathleen Baldwin Maggi
Cathleen Baldwin Maggi - 5 years ago
Wow! I love what you're doing. Is your big"pool" just a kiddy swimming pool?

Also, what does it cost per day/month to feed all of these fish? Do you have another job too and do the tanks on the side, or do you work outside the home and pay for help with the tanks? Just curious, A coworker has a horse rescue and I would love to do a fish rescue. I farm my backyard so the tank water wiuld make for great food water for the fruit trees and plants.
Gutbomber - 5 years ago
Incredible !!
Nick Romano
Nick Romano - 5 years ago
can't fish like the blue channel cat be released to the wild?
Nick Romano
Nick Romano - 5 years ago
That 1,000 gallon tank has beautiful fish in it!
kalieb Griffiths
kalieb Griffiths - 5 years ago
Do u have a build of the 3000 gallon tank
What's the glass thickness
kalieb Griffiths
kalieb Griffiths - 5 years ago
Can u give a description of the big glass thickness and stuff
Aqua exhibits
Aqua exhibits - 5 years ago
Can I purchase the sting rays.
Praveen Talikoti
Praveen Talikoti - 5 years ago
Koi fish i love
Angelo Rodriguez
Angelo Rodriguez - 5 years ago
Like All YoUr SpEciAl Fish's you Have boddy.. keep Up the great job..
shahram norozi
shahram norozi - 5 years ago
خیلی عالی
Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M. - 5 years ago
I came to Youtube to look at possible tank sizes for once we move. I was thinking 500G was large enough but then I saw your 1000G tank. OMG! Now I have to wait to get into the house to see what I can do. I may go larger since we have 30ft ceilings in the living room. LOVE what you are doing. I wish I had the room to do that. Maybe one day soon once I get some land. I used to have 9 tanks in my old 2 bedroom 900ft2 apartment where I rescued fish of all kinds. It was amazing. I also love your "pool" for the fish. So neat to be able to have so many different types of fish.
Awesome Randomguy
Awesome Randomguy - 5 years ago
Hmmm... would have been way simpler to release them back to the lake or river in the wild. Not sure why sentences them to death — maybe because it’s just a “fish”.
oink ooink
oink ooink - 5 years ago
So as the dude says himself....all he can do is PROLONG a stay of their death sentence. He just likes keeping fish in captivity. He's not a fish savior.
Thëriziino - 5 years ago
yeah okay. i doubt the thousands of fish breeders are just gonna stop captive breeding.these fish he rescued were CAPTIVE when they were hatched, its not like they took them from the wild.
oink ooink
oink ooink - 5 years ago
So don't captive breed. I mean who are these ghouls captive breeding for profit in fish shops?
Thëriziino - 5 years ago
captive bred fish cant be released
oink ooink
oink ooink - 5 years ago
@Thëriziino - In the wild
Thëriziino - 5 years ago
would u rather they are kept in tiny bowls
tyson thao
tyson thao - 5 years ago
Amazing, great man what he's doing for these fishes, wonder what he does for a living to afford all this
ScaryNitro X
ScaryNitro X - 5 years ago
Give me some of the biggest fish im building a 60.000 gal pond
Chelsea Clementi
Chelsea Clementi - 5 years ago
You have a really good heart for taking care of all those beauties
delores kerney
delores kerney - 5 years ago
i have some alrican cihiclid and they eat up my algae what can i put in there to stop that and what kind of fish go with them.
yehoo32life - 5 years ago
How does your house support all that added weight? Did you have to reinforce?
Moo Moo
Moo Moo - 5 years ago
Wow!!! I cant get tired of this video so amazing
Wolfgang Trixl
Wolfgang Trixl - 5 years ago
That sand waterfall looks sick
Fred Lubimov
Fred Lubimov - 5 years ago
Now I know a perfect place for fishing, lol
Kelly Wiederhold
Kelly Wiederhold - 5 years ago
Thank you for doing this for these are a good soul....We have about 17 tanks and this hobby.
Anil Rehmatullah
Anil Rehmatullah - 5 years ago
I don't know what's more impressive your hair or your tanks man awesome keep it up
Hook em All fishing
Hook em All fishing - 5 years ago
Tank the peacock bass
Hook em All fishing
Hook em All fishing - 5 years ago
You said you can give them away the fish In the small
Hook em All fishing
Hook em All fishing - 5 years ago
Can I have a fish
Chris Reed
Chris Reed - 5 years ago
Amazing well to that man right there keep it up
Jinder V
Jinder V - 5 years ago
Wow. Awesome stuff.
Ren vill
Ren vill - 5 years ago
I wish i can go there
Mary Barratt
Mary Barratt - 5 years ago
Do you deal with humidity? Are those tanks on bottom floor or basement? This is a labor of love for sure.
family movies
family movies - 5 years ago
I thought i was at Newport great job!
Muhammad Munaim Chouhan
Muhammad Munaim Chouhan - 5 years ago
amazing video - beautiful video
mundo microscopico acuario carrero
mundo microscopico acuario carrero - 5 years ago
DarkSpawn - 5 years ago
Wow I admire this guy's dedication I'd totally buy some off him
Saad Ahmad
Saad Ahmad - 5 years ago
Thish is very beautiful aquarium l like this (:)
Rick Sanchez C137
Rick Sanchez C137 - 5 years ago
Do you take fish from Canada? Cause I made the mistake of filling my tank with a lot of clown loaches
zo p
zo p - 5 years ago
That Mullet goes HARD!!! I think it has its own Area Code!!!!
FinnyFish BearyPlants
FinnyFish BearyPlants - 5 years ago
I want to visit this place where are you located? Can you take donations?
FinnyFish BearyPlants
FinnyFish BearyPlants - 5 years ago
I’m subscribed now
Jennifer Burdette
Jennifer Burdette - 5 years ago
I have a few 55s if you want to fell me up with fish was just looking around at what fish to put in the tanks and happened to see ur video. I had oscars and Pacu in one of the tanks im set up and ready to go since you can't give them away here is ur chance to loose a few to good home. 417-988-8494
Thëriziino - 5 years ago
u had pacu in a 55 gallon tank? how? dont they get giant?
Original Schlarf
Original Schlarf - 5 years ago
Suleman ibn Moosa
Suleman ibn Moosa - 5 years ago
Incredible project....
Jim AoE Daligdig
Jim AoE Daligdig - 5 years ago
Imagine 8 magnitude earthquake
jimmy quek
jimmy quek - 5 years ago
Umut - 5 years ago
OMG!! How does the floor support ALL that weight?I am afraid of putting together a 1000gallon tank,fearing that the floor might collapse rofl
Three Tykes
Three Tykes - 5 years ago
Wow. Just one of those large tanks would be my dream.
Lauren G.
Lauren G. - 5 years ago
What a kind soul. It makes me happy to see people who have compassion for often disregarded animals like fish.
Malcolm Gibson
Malcolm Gibson - 5 years ago
I have a fluval spec 5. I need some African cichlids
SONNY YAMAN - 5 years ago
buy one submarine and live under water more easy for you :D
Slimy squishy
Slimy squishy - 5 years ago
Omg I have shark and they are no where close to that size hopefully it doesn’t get to big
gazzertrn - 5 years ago
wow awesome !
Albert Ngo
Albert Ngo - 5 years ago
Love your tank
Gufran sajid
Gufran sajid - 5 years ago
what is the exact size of that large tank?????
Gufran sajid
Gufran sajid - 5 years ago
what food u r feeding to that large white koi fish?????
Steve Poland Aquatics
Steve Poland Aquatics - 5 years ago
4000 gallons
Kwong Jai
Kwong Jai - 5 years ago
poor fish at jail
Saori Furman
Saori Furman - 5 years ago
Love what you do!!!
Stevo Devo
Stevo Devo - 5 years ago
Absolutely beautiful! You should be running a State Aquarium.. From the Ass end of the globe. God Bless America and its freedoms! Lol ;-)
alexanderx33 - 5 years ago
Just think of all the starving adults in Ohio that could have eaten that acrylic. Naw, seriously though, it would probably be best to just have an exotic fish fry with a lot of those, assuming they haven't been exposed to any bio-accumulative organics and you make sure to research that they are edible and don't have any toxic defense mechanism (any parasites will be killed by the cooking process). It's a matter of sustainability, and in all honesty many of those fish are too big for an aquarium setting, they need a pond and not to be hovering less than a foot from one another (schooling fish are one thing but this just looks uncomfortable and unnatural).
ubastich - 5 years ago
8:13 do what the Asians do when their pet fish get big..... EAT THEM!!!
Siddharth Tewari
Siddharth Tewari - 5 years ago
Good work buddy
so much of pain
U inspire me a lot
Gabensy - 5 years ago
Just Wow
KING OF DIY should be visit
Markus deLeeuw
Markus deLeeuw - 5 years ago
Here's a guy with love in his heart! What an awesome operation. I'm inspired.
ILuceferi - 5 years ago
Dis guyz hair is WACK
Genevieve Mason
Genevieve Mason - 5 years ago
This is like animal crossing!
Woxineau Crows
Woxineau Crows - 5 years ago
I say RELEASE them ALL like I did 25 yrs ago and so glad they are were they belong and I only have a dog as a pet and he is enough. Humans need to leave Nature alone and Protect it all~
don`t need all the junk, Edith Ziglar
don`t need all the junk, Edith Ziglar - 5 years ago
love what you are doing!!!
Dexter's World
Dexter's World - 5 years ago
My passion is breeding also ornamental fish. I have a pestore here in the Phippines and you are my role model. Please check out my videos and please give me advices. Thanks and God bless you..
Егор Борисенков
Егор Борисенков - 5 years ago
все ок, но американцы бесят суки
Shan Shanahan
Shan Shanahan - 5 years ago
We should donate just so he can maintain that mullet! Lol You can tell he's passionate about his cause. Well maintained, good work!
Ricardo Balacuit
Ricardo Balacuit - 5 years ago
wow i like it so much you have a lot of fish.....awesome
Carlos Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez - 5 years ago
Cool love it
a. banks.
a. banks. - 5 years ago
Mullet or not...

Anyone can see, that you truly have a lot of deep love for all of GOD's sea creatures.....

And the big tank?

Just beautiful!!
GOD bless you.....
acuarios y peceras
acuarios y peceras - 5 years ago
Creation La
Creation La - 5 years ago
Die Haare sind natürlich der oberkracher.
cttomcruise - 5 years ago
wow very beautiful set up, I got a 500 gallon tank. just wondering if you are selling any of the fish? I would love to get a couple of the black diamond rays.
Mr man
Mr man - 5 years ago
not bad for the tanks...but pls change your hair look like a Ranchu
Gary Svoboda
Gary Svoboda - 5 years ago
Nice Work! I would Pay to see something like that! Gonna need more real estate pretty soon. Lol.
Este Glez
Este Glez - 5 years ago
Joey from KING of DIY ain’t got chit on this guy!
I love his tanks!
andreboy1 - 5 years ago
Please donate to this guy. If that dumbass Joey can get 90 grand for his personal tank then this guy (who is doing far better things) should get tons of money also.
theresa Berkan
theresa Berkan - 5 years ago
You need to hook up with animal planet and teach us to do bettrr
Katacus - 5 years ago
His electric bill must be insane
Chris Gerzanics
Chris Gerzanics - 5 years ago
Would you be interested in a 13 inch peacock bass? I don't have the means to house him properly at this time
Zeze Whiite
Zeze Whiite - 5 years ago
Also, don't forget koi and goldfish.. Goldfish grow up to 12-18 inches long while koi grows up to 40 inches lol
3009spud - 5 years ago
Aquatics And furries
Aquatics And furries - 5 years ago
Wow, what great looking tanks and helping so many i fortunate fish. Huge thumbs up
Mohammed Ameer Ahmed
Mohammed Ameer Ahmed - 5 years ago
One of my favourite video...
grandmasterbruce - 5 years ago
First time I've ever seen you and just donated a small amount to try and help with your monthly costs. Keep up the awesome work!
xxdizannyxx - 5 years ago
He spends all his money on the fish that he can't even cut his own mullet.
Rmk22 SR.
Rmk22 SR. - 5 years ago
Very Cool  would love to see in person
alonzoxiver - 5 years ago
Kik ass very cool dude
Random Guy
Random Guy - 5 years ago
My dad brother have a abandoned 6.500 gallon tank. No water, no fish, nothing! He told me that If i old enough i could have that fish tank.
Audrey !
Audrey ! - 5 years ago
Aquascape TV
Aquascape TV - 5 years ago
Wow, love to see the aquariums...

great tour man...!
Isaias Carreño
Isaias Carreño - 5 years ago
KodRaiN - 5 years ago
your 1000 reminds me of my 200 with turtles, raphaels, a RTBS, CAE's Plecos, goldfish, balas, tinfoils, and talapia. haha such a wierd combo but they're all happy and healthy. tons of food, tons of filtration.
Matthew Moore Cichlids
Matthew Moore Cichlids - 5 years ago
Taylor Sanchez
Taylor Sanchez - 5 years ago
Holy mullet
Dean - 5 years ago
That's some crazy ass hair dude
Todd Westin
Todd Westin - 5 years ago
Good work
789stefke - 5 years ago
I think that what you do is very awesome and nobel. But when do you do water changes ? How long can the tanks go without a water change ?
koko kia
koko kia - 5 years ago
Lovely place!
Timmy Fingaz
Timmy Fingaz - 5 years ago
wow!! great stuff!!!!
Little Suruk
Little Suruk - 5 years ago
i wonder how much time did he use to take care all those fish...
R35PECT V - 5 years ago
True dedication! Much love!
Marla Suiter
Marla Suiter - 5 years ago
This is absolutely amazing. It's a wonderful place you have created. I must say the fish are so beautiful. You are a dedicated man.
Geezer Blackstar
Geezer Blackstar - 5 years ago
Very important work you are doing. I'm very impressed. Also brother,your mullet is somewhere between legendary and monumental. Subscribing!
Dylan Bosser
Dylan Bosser - 5 years ago
If you have any how many small one do you have
Dylan Bosser
Dylan Bosser - 5 years ago
How many goldfish do you have?
Makoy Unggoy
Makoy Unggoy - 5 years ago
Another impressive video!
brads3111 - 5 years ago
He needs to start a go fund me project and get on the news, but first cut that hair for respect to get the support he needs.
Olivia Simone
Olivia Simone - 5 years ago
I was shocked
scorpion H.
scorpion H. - 5 years ago
Brielle Dior rofl.. same
SergTV - 5 years ago
Brielle Dior yo fr he got a super mullet
steve gant
steve gant - 5 years ago
You are awesome Mr.Price! I love tropical fish and they all deserve a good clean home!
pawan kumar
pawan kumar - 5 years ago
i love you Rich :) good job man.....
LGW3 Orchids & Exotics
LGW3 Orchids & Exotics - 5 years ago
Glad to see conservation on the mind!
Sarah Warner
Sarah Warner - 5 years ago
What a amazing man
JEAM ジーム
JEAM ジーム - 5 years ago
Where do you keep the big shaq
Blonde Joke
Blonde Joke - 5 years ago
Keep doing what your doing!
Diego vinicius
Diego vinicius - 5 years ago
Dingbat - 5 years ago
this is amazing , do any of the fish ever attack each other
Ohio Fish Rescue
Ohio Fish Rescue - 5 years ago
there has been different fish that have, i have had to move to different tanks and i even had to keep some fish completely by themselves, like the aba knife, its a trial and error type thing and you have to keep them fed really well to keep them from fighting
HEKTIC458 - 5 years ago
Mark B
Mark B - 5 years ago
Cool. Greetings from Mexico
teamhex - 5 years ago
Amazing set up.
Balasubramaniyan Devendra
Balasubramaniyan Devendra - 5 years ago
Super ❤
shardul nage
shardul nage - 5 years ago
U want my alligator fish
Ohio Fish Rescue
Ohio Fish Rescue - 5 years ago
i take in any and all fish, where are you located?
Rebecca Valentine
Rebecca Valentine - 5 years ago
Man you need to get in contact with the King of DIY fish channel if you've not already. ❤️
Noah 1997
Noah 1997 - 5 years ago
Glad someone like you exist when I get a tank I want a big guy not a small gold fish.
kentford67 - 5 years ago
What this man is doing is truly amazing and it's sad to see that an endeavor like this has to suffer from a lack of support.
sailing yaght
sailing yaght - 5 years ago
I have a 4ft tank and I clean half its water every 6 days and clean around the tank and treat white spot if they happen to become ill also when I treat the fish when bloated its a hobbie of mine and it beats boredom also they become part of family in a way.
GmoneyStylez - 5 years ago
Yannick J. That makes sense
Yannick J.
Yannick J. - 5 years ago
Thats partly because there are no or very little real plants and therefore no substrate to grow them in. And that is usually where the dirt and debris in a tank comes form.
you break my record now i break you
you break my record now i break you - 5 years ago
I love this your a lucky man
Kyrotonia - 5 years ago
Man... I really wish I could donate to this guy, I'll definitely keep him in mind for the next time I get some money. I actually have a 11+ inch Oscar that I'm holding onto for my brother, his tank broke.
LealwaysSmiling - 5 years ago
He's a god send it makes me cry
Sagid Sagid
Sagid Sagid - 5 years ago
Christine Pence
Christine Pence - 5 years ago
Gorgeous fish beautiful
Aqua Dino
Aqua Dino - 5 years ago
Can these fishes be Released in the sea/ocean ?
Jason Duckworth
Jason Duckworth - 5 years ago
I'm really happy watching this video people like you are few and far between. What a nice guy :)
Chad lira
Chad lira - 5 years ago
U have the ugliest hair I've ever seen!
WesleyAPEX - 5 years ago
That alligator gar will eat every fish in his 4,400 gallon tank and it’ll get 500 pounds and 8’ long
Blake Lubecke
Blake Lubecke - 5 years ago
How in the name of all that is holy do you have such clean and clear water in every single one of your tanks???
Ohio Fish Rescue
Ohio Fish Rescue - 5 years ago
diligence :) daily maintenance:)
joyo nurdiansyah
joyo nurdiansyah - 5 years ago
wilson blauheuer
wilson blauheuer - 5 years ago
I bet you could integrate some  little tiny fishes in there and they would  do just fine
Mythical Vigilante
Mythical Vigilante - 5 years ago
Great thing you're doing! Super cool man.
coolcoolbri101 coolcoolbri101
coolcoolbri101 coolcoolbri101 - 5 years ago
very well kept , super cool >:).
Helcio Pires Videos
Helcio Pires Videos - 5 years ago
Great heart and helping the environment. Where does he get the money for this?
Vidhyasagar Vidhyasagar
Vidhyasagar Vidhyasagar - 5 years ago
why can't u get a pond and let live there
edward george
edward george - 5 years ago
What a amazing place
Amy Sainz
Amy Sainz - 5 years ago
olizardokingo - 5 years ago
I really like the ingenuity with the tiles. I have never seen or thought about that. Sweet fish!
iSharkJawz - 5 years ago
do u have any reef sharks just becuase i love sharks i just got into it have 10 gallon tank with rainbow sharks one bala shark and im moving them in a month to a 135 gallon tank soon
Owen Trout_27
Owen Trout_27 - 5 years ago
Aren't Asian Arowana illegal in the US?
Owen Trout_27
Owen Trout_27 - 5 years ago
Ohio Fish Rescue oh ok they look similar thanks for the information too
Ohio Fish Rescue
Ohio Fish Rescue - 5 years ago
yes they are, i don't have any Asian arrows, i have African arrow, and 4 regular arrows:)
Joel Weidenfeld
Joel Weidenfeld - 5 years ago
Dude knows how to keep FISH and tanks ON a budget
HangeryFinsHS - 5 years ago
wish we had one of these in Texas.
babbs wal
babbs wal - 5 years ago
This is awesome!
jessie reece
jessie reece - 5 years ago
Business in the front, Party in the back, Love for the fishes er' where.
LJ - 5 years ago
Dear Lord, what tanks. This is an amazing thing Rich is doing.
edgu71eg - 5 years ago
Looks like sushi to me
Sunshine Chester
Sunshine Chester - 5 years ago
At 16:02 that fish looks like it has a bearded dragon head!
Shelbycat - 5 years ago
You know what else is big ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

benbirchh20 - 5 years ago
His hair
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson - 5 years ago
Nice to see rescues for fish :-)
Paige Brady
Paige Brady - 5 years ago
The mullet surprised me
Fish Extra
Fish Extra - 5 years ago
When you show the first Arowana in the biggest tank it has a case of dropeye in case you want to check it out.
Allen G
Allen G - 5 years ago
I'd Love to have some of those African Peacock Cichlids
Jameson Aquatics
Jameson Aquatics - 5 years ago
Those Arowana have very serious drop eye. He is not qualified to keep arowana
Ohio Fish Rescue
Ohio Fish Rescue - 5 years ago
i run a rescue, i did not raise them, they came in like this, i do what i can for every fish we own,
Wiktor Szadkowski
Wiktor Szadkowski - 5 years ago
I am from poland
Glenn Smeenk
Glenn Smeenk - 5 years ago
my reaction by the biggest tank was like WOOOOOOWWWWW thats sick mannnnn !!!
Jim O'craig
Jim O'craig - 5 years ago
Brilliant work
love beats
love beats - 5 years ago
Gram Kracker Mike Boss
Gram Kracker Mike Boss - 5 years ago
Well done really like what you are doing!!! From your fellow fish lover best of wishes
Izz Danish Khan
Izz Danish Khan - 5 years ago
Very rich is like this many tanked i
TatManMyOwnBoss Dan
TatManMyOwnBoss Dan - 5 years ago
I recently purchased Koi fish and I noticed that the fin of one was missing today what can I do
Grow Your Heirlooms
Grow Your Heirlooms - 5 years ago
Absolutely incredible. I love your passion. I'd hate to see your electric bill though :-)
Ryansten10 - 5 years ago
Well at 1:15 he did say “I’m rich”.
CJ - 5 years ago
Ariel Klopfer ,He lives in Ohio. I live in Ohio too and I can tell you the electric bills and water bills aren't terrible, but not great either.
Ariel Klopfer
Ariel Klopfer - 5 years ago
Depends on where you live. When I used to live on Long Island water was very cheap. but i have family who live in places like Florida and New Mexico and their water bills are ridiculous. I now live in the mountains and get my water from a well so I don't really pay for water anymore.
slotcarj - 5 years ago
yea water an ele are very expensive in the us im not sure how he keeps up i know i couldn't with out a second job ur prolly looking at 1100+ a month in just ele,,an maybe 400 a month in water an that may be a tad low
manhenk - 5 years ago
my thoughts, energy and water must not cost anything in the US, here in Germany you would need to get a second, well paid job.. :-O
vlms ca
vlms ca - 5 years ago
we have also a fish tank
addar1989 - 5 years ago
Osmar Fuentes
Osmar Fuentes - 5 years ago
lilie cain
lilie cain - 5 years ago
Amazing !
comot 5641
comot 5641 - 5 years ago
Nice tank..nice fish...nice hair bro..
Richard Cardone
Richard Cardone - 5 years ago
You must of reinforced the flooring structure of your home, very impressive and keep up the good work.
Jyothy Das
Jyothy Das - 5 years ago
ehtcom - 5 years ago
That mullet is magnificent
Sushifoo - 5 years ago
A lot of people think a fish is just that a fish, a creature easily abandoned at the slightest inconvenience. I'm glad there are people like this man who have a heart and know that fish are wonderful creatures, creatures that over time show great personalities. Good for this man!

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