We caught some absolute monsters on topwaters and glide baits Kyle's Channel: Kyle's Insta: Music:


Tropical fishing 5 years ago 34,841 views

We caught some absolute monsters on topwaters and glide baits Kyle's Channel: Kyle's Insta: Music:

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Gregor Miller
Gregor Miller - 5 years ago
..Ok, I'm a grown man, just saying....BUT I piss'd my pants at intro.
Franky Jay 86
Franky Jay 86 - 5 years ago
You da fuck...g man!! thanks for share with us this amazing adventure and all your videos you are a great fisherman keep doing this awesome job
on top lures
on top lures - 5 years ago
NOBBY2306 - 5 years ago
That's not a 70 lb shark
Josh James Kiwi Bushman
Josh James Kiwi Bushman - 5 years ago
awesome stuff lads
Roger Sham
Roger Sham - 5 years ago
Nice fishing hope to visit your place
Kyle Scott
Kyle Scott - 5 years ago
Now this a damn Lawson video . Its been a while since you have had content like this . Keep it up . And when you get home i want to see 40+ snook and river donkeys , no bass fishing in the backyard with a bobber
Steve - 5 years ago
need that biramundi video! I've been obsessed with going to australia to get into some of them on spooltek
The ToxicBadger
The ToxicBadger - 5 years ago
50 pound braid that’s what I use for bass fishing


anagman - 5 years ago
This is the video we were all hoping for when you said you were in Australia!!!! I hope there is plenty more to come!!! I cannot help but noticed you recently broke the 55k subscriber mark! Coincidence??? I think not!!!
AFORWW - 5 years ago
That was a tiny shark. And it smoked you that day? Gotta work in that man lol.
chipoffdablock247 - 5 years ago
Iowa Bassin
Iowa Bassin - 5 years ago
I appreciate you Lawson
BR5491Z1Z - 5 years ago
i hav add blocker sorry dude ..peace out
AdventureVT - 5 years ago
Josh Blackett
Josh Blackett - 5 years ago
thats badass
Jacob Nelms
Jacob Nelms - 5 years ago
These keep getting better and better! My heart was fuggin racing the entire time! Can't wait to watch the next one!
Steffan Thompson
Steffan Thompson - 5 years ago
I was trying to say try that brand of braid for gt
Yakin with Jack
Yakin with Jack - 5 years ago
This what we all been waiting since you got to Australia.


Niko Okumu
Niko Okumu - 5 years ago
4 ads?! - 5 years ago
bro those top water hits were insane...but only half as insane as those socks homie
Connor Herrera
Connor Herrera - 5 years ago
I love you videos. I would live to fish with you, you can email me any time. I live in Florida. So we can fish easy
TheMasterCasters - 5 years ago
Wow fantastic video bud
Briar Little
Briar Little - 5 years ago
Monsters man, I have never personally caught a gt but I have hooked into one and wasn't ready and lost a 1500 rod and reel set up. Sucks you didn't land it maybe next time man keep up the great content. You should go fly fishing for some tarpon.
Scott Norvell
Scott Norvell - 5 years ago
You’re taking your show to a new level this year. Well done!
Austin Maxey
Austin Maxey - 5 years ago
Awesome video bro
James Richardson
James Richardson - 5 years ago
I got sea sick just watching this
Hunter Russell
Hunter Russell - 5 years ago
Amazing content lately
Man , really enjoying these videos
IamISCT - 5 years ago
Best fishing channel on YouTube period. Been here since 1k subs, never got bored once.


Durten Gator
Durten Gator - 5 years ago
cool shirt awesome video
Jersey Joel Fishing
Jersey Joel Fishing - 5 years ago
This is the best fishing video on YouTube!! Unbelievable!
Liam Diffee
Liam Diffee - 5 years ago
Damn I wish this video was longer
VINMAD666 - 5 years ago
PB Fishing
PB Fishing - 5 years ago
Sooooo sick
Saltwater Texan
Saltwater Texan - 5 years ago
5'11" ? Don't wanna impugn your integrity but doubt your veracity.
Anton Langé
Anton Langé - 5 years ago
Chris_Ludwig_Fishing - 5 years ago
that gt smoked that thing..
Mr. Queen
Mr. Queen - 5 years ago
Australians go insane when they hook up a fish
Kyle Hennig
Kyle Hennig - 5 years ago
Mr. Queen that we do!! I couldn’t contain me excitement
B - 5 years ago
Yewwww! Brooksy!!!!
Derek Majewski
Derek Majewski - 5 years ago
Duuuuude so sick! Rock n Rollin on the coastline!
Cory Klein
Cory Klein - 5 years ago
Dope video bro. Cant wait for the next one.
Joey Fish
Joey Fish - 5 years ago
Wow Lawson!! That's all I got after seeing that! WOW!!!
TheDankEclipze - 5 years ago
Loving the videos Lawson also that fcl labo popper looks slick
SpagFishing - 5 years ago
This episode was action packed!!!
The Fishing cartel
The Fishing cartel - 5 years ago
if this video doesn't get jonb and peric wanting to come to Australia instead of boring ice fishing then nothing will hahaha
The Fishing cartel
The Fishing cartel - 5 years ago
The ToxicBadger lol have a go bro
The ToxicBadger
The ToxicBadger - 5 years ago
The Fishing cartel uhhh their not ice fishing it’s March idiot it’s spawn season fuck
Teddy Landefeld
Teddy Landefeld - 5 years ago
The Fishing Cartel jon b already went to australia but idk about peric
lidyjan - 5 years ago
Great vid....when a line brake, will the big popper swear out of the fish mouth?
How long wil this take?
Tucker_ - 5 years ago
lidyjan eventually. Could be days could be a couple weeks. The fish will be fine tho.
JackVoodoo - 5 years ago
i cant believe you used 25 pound line for GT
clinton frauenstein
clinton frauenstein - 5 years ago
great vid bro , those FCL Ebi Pop Poppers are great lures , you gotta get PE10 line and 200lb leader for those bigger Geets , you will never stop them on PE5 line. keep up the great work bud.
Nick B
Nick B - 5 years ago
Easily the best vid youve ever made


Jack How
Jack How - 5 years ago
mate u got big balls to bring a bronzie into the boat thoose things will appsolutley shred u to pieces and that one isnt that big compared to what they get to
AliEL- hajj
AliEL- hajj - 5 years ago
Dam great video
Strayan Pepe
Strayan Pepe - 5 years ago
Lawson likes metal
Todays Angler
Todays Angler - 5 years ago
Sick vid guys! If there is anyone that didn't wanna be there doing must be dead inside!
jed rouse
jed rouse - 5 years ago
Yes Lindsey
luis campos
luis campos - 5 years ago
good for you! really cool to see someone start so simply and what you are doing now very cool. stay humble and keep doing what you love! very happy for you
Joe Mbarak
Joe Mbarak - 5 years ago
Amazing video, that intro pumped me up. I can’t wait for what else Australia has to offer you. Hands down the most exciting video you have posted. I am so excited to see the next video. This is going to be insane!!!!!!.
Herb Coswell The Second
Herb Coswell The Second - 5 years ago
If you see that bloke cavvy tell him I said he’s a spot stealing bogan mate
Talltailsigns Fishingtv
Talltailsigns Fishingtv - 5 years ago
Morning Tide collaboration next?!?!?! Sick video though gave me the shakes and I'm​ not even fishing!
Christopher Ortega
Christopher Ortega - 5 years ago
you boat at home cant handle the sea in Florida?
Best video you've done
Michael Simko
Michael Simko - 5 years ago
The topwater! The drag! The Lawson Lindsey excitement! I've been waiting for this one! The next one will be even better!
SledOrFish - 5 years ago
Great video!
Niall Cameron
Niall Cameron - 5 years ago
Where's BROOOKSY?!!
Mash Bassing
Mash Bassing - 5 years ago
Nice video go for tarpon on fly
Hayden - 5 years ago
Yeah bra!! Nice to seeya get some fish down under yew!
lucas long
lucas long - 5 years ago
Lawson wsup videos are getting better and better you rock man living the dream keep up the great content!,!!
theoneuafter - 5 years ago
Shit man, Its almost midnight and I want to grab my gear and get some! AWESOME video brother! Son of a bitch that got me hype!
hoan ho
hoan ho - 5 years ago
Man . First 12 seconds made me think i ate too much sugar . Great vid Lawsom
Matt Holt
Matt Holt - 5 years ago
Great video! I felt like I was on the rod and reel at times. I was pulling for you. Can't wait for the next Aussie installment!
Aud Atkins Fishing
Aud Atkins Fishing - 5 years ago
shit got me hype LFG!!!
H Smith Fishing
H Smith Fishing - 5 years ago
Great video Lawson, what gopro do you use?
John Perkins Jr.
John Perkins Jr. - 5 years ago
DeLeon Fishing
DeLeon Fishing - 5 years ago
Best video in a while!!!!
Nicholas LaLond
Nicholas LaLond - 5 years ago
What brand is the bait casting reel do you use for snook fish with live bait? (the silver one)
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant - 5 years ago
Dropping 1 million sub vids. the most underrated.
khunt holio
khunt holio - 5 years ago
LOVE IT and love that you love my country
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams - 5 years ago
By far your best vid yet!!
Brian Orlido
Brian Orlido - 5 years ago
Bring a 50lb braid they said. It will be fun they said...
Tucker_ - 5 years ago
Brian Orlido if it wasn’t so rocky down there then 50 pound braid would be fine. Honestly if he used like 65 I bet he wouldn’t have a problem.
Kendall Wilkins
Kendall Wilkins - 5 years ago
How can I get his black and white UV shirt?
ooBoFaDeeZoo - 5 years ago
Hell yah!!!
Scott Bello
Scott Bello - 5 years ago
What was ur set up
Backcountry Boy
Backcountry Boy - 5 years ago
Can I double like this? My Favorite vid on your channel so far bro!
Dakota Outdoors
Dakota Outdoors - 5 years ago
going for the morningtide style intro lol
RikkiTikkiTavi - 5 years ago
Livin the dream Lawson, I'm jealous. Keep it up.
Cory Ray Bowman
Cory Ray Bowman - 5 years ago
Florida boi knows how to fight some bigens
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 5 years ago
WOW, people way over use the word epic. But that was truly epic. Real man fishing there! Thanks
Rob C
Rob C - 5 years ago
Great video man!!! Can't wait for next!!!
carfreakkk - 5 years ago
Lawson this video was really fun. I really enjoyed it. Gt are hard fighting fish it will pull you of that boat lol
Taylor Mondina
Taylor Mondina - 5 years ago
Fuck yeah I been waiting for you to hook into to some GTS
Greysen Petri
Greysen Petri - 5 years ago
Great video
Noah Deason
Noah Deason - 5 years ago
Come to ponce inlet and slay some reds and flounder
Rb 65 04
Rb 65 04 - 5 years ago
Nice 2 see some Americans on gts
Keaton Merkle
Keaton Merkle - 5 years ago
i think sweet lips are mutton snappers i could be wrong
Allen Gallion
Allen Gallion - 5 years ago
What rod were you using?
Ez Ze
Ez Ze - 5 years ago
Good video but more ads than fish.
GT Vitti
GT Vitti - 5 years ago
Uggggg... Loosen drag... over
Graham Itzstein
Graham Itzstein - 5 years ago
Hi Lawson, I met you at Copeton Dam when you were fishing with JJ and Bretto for big cod. We had a session on Johnny Walker at the "Tajhmahal". Love your videos mate. They have inspired me to drag out all my lures from retirement and try again. We all told you "wait till you go North"...See what we mean ?
Lawson Lindsey Fishing
Lawson Lindsey Fishing - 5 years ago
Steiny! So glad to hear from you man. Glad to hear you’ve busted the tackle back out! Can’t wait till next year to sit around and share a bottle of Johnny walker
Justthatguy420 - 5 years ago
You are The man Lawson, doing it big buddy, got to try for monster jack again when your back or something f your back already
SpoonierMilk - 5 years ago
SICK video bro


Sammy Harper
Sammy Harper - 5 years ago
Hell yeah Lawson, good to see you having a great time. I’m envious not going to lie. Life’s always good though..
Drew Farmer
Drew Farmer - 5 years ago
Lawson your a good dude bro. Most people just cut the line and say screw the shark. Good dude man
Mark Katterheinrich
Mark Katterheinrich - 5 years ago
Honestly the best video you have ever made. The intro/b-roll got me in a certain type of mood....
Graham Itzstein
Graham Itzstein - 5 years ago
Mark Katterheinrich ...Yeah Mark, it's hard not to be inspired by Lawsons enthusiasm.
balaclava351 - 5 years ago
Loving these Oz videos! Hope you're gonna hook up with the Morning Tide guys while you're out there?
Jason Naylor
Jason Naylor - 5 years ago
Looks like a killer time!!
IBeFish'n - 5 years ago
enjoy your trust fund kid
Nicholas Cordero
Nicholas Cordero - 5 years ago
Man that was action packed
VJ Abonador
VJ Abonador - 5 years ago
Damn! That first 10 seconds already got me hyped! A shame you didn't land a GT this video, but that whaler shark was freaking huge, and who says you wouldn't land one next video, huh? Looking forward to the next one, going by your outro, it would be something epic. Can't wait!
Ian N
Ian N - 5 years ago
Yeah Lawson been waiting to see you boost some ulua!!!
Hoffman - 5 years ago
1 thumbs down ? Get a life catch em all we know that’s you lmaoooo
Steffan Thompson
Steffan Thompson - 5 years ago
Tasline pe 10 it is 100lb test breaks at 130lb the guys from morning tide use that braid
Tucker_ - 5 years ago
Steffan Thompson they weren’t using 100 pound braid. It was 100 pound leader. He said it was 50 pound braid.
USN_Ret 84-05
USN_Ret 84-05 - 5 years ago
Wil Martin
Wil Martin - 5 years ago
I’m in love with your pond vids but that was fu__en sick. My cheeks hurt Great video thanks for sharing
Mason Helms
Mason Helms - 5 years ago
He broke off because u cupped your spool
Mason Helms
Mason Helms - 5 years ago
Lawson Lindsey Fishing oh that’s stupid you should find him
Lawson Lindsey Fishing
Lawson Lindsey Fishing - 5 years ago
He broke me off cuz he hit a rock haha
lurefishingMNL - 5 years ago
Epic trip with Kyle!
LowTide Fishing
LowTide Fishing - 5 years ago
Awesome man!
SUMONSTERTUBE - 5 years ago
Absolutely speechless. Show stopper.
Joseph Chen
Joseph Chen - 5 years ago
this is the one I've been waiting on ever since you said Australia
Beth Williams
Beth Williams - 5 years ago
Jeffm86 - 5 years ago
Oh man such a fun video. Looks like youre having s blast! Welcome to the great barrier reef Lawson lol.
The googan squad travelled all the way to africa and threw thousands of cast and youre there on the first day hooking GT lol
aslunsford - 5 years ago
I liked this video in the first 5 seconds
MpTx - 5 years ago
A little topwater shark And got out fished again. Killing me cuz I root for you but you’re breaking my heart.
Kyle Scott
Kyle Scott - 5 years ago
Love it brotha. Life is good
SchusterFishing - 5 years ago
Killing the game Lawson!
EspenTremonti - 5 years ago
SBFISHINGTV - 5 years ago
GNARRRRRLY. Can't wait for the next one.
luis contreras
luis contreras - 5 years ago
What gear ur using
SrM MrS - 5 years ago
Crazy awesome intro!
john Barry
john Barry - 5 years ago
I remember telling friends about "this kid" who did some cool fishing videos (he had maybe 9 K Subs). Now, he has gone Down Under, living the dream that many men think of as they drift off to sleep. You are really Kicking some Ass Lawson. Thumbs Up!
Lawson Lindsey Fishing
Lawson Lindsey Fishing - 5 years ago
I love hearing stories about subs who have been around for the long haul
Colin Winkelmann
Colin Winkelmann - 5 years ago
I can only imagine what those fights feel like, good on you. I fought a 27" steelhead today in a river and it pulled like a whale, I really cant fathom some of this saltwater fishing where that size it considered small. keep it up
Tucker_ - 5 years ago
Colin Winkelmann Saltwater fishing would make steelhead fishing feel stupid.
Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo Mendes - 5 years ago
9:38 was the best part ! looool bro your videos have beem improving like crazy !! keep up , greetings from portugal ;) if you ever want to fish here, hit me up ;)
nathan stolz
nathan stolz - 5 years ago
Great video but I would like to see you put the others you caught into the video
Andrew Cravin
Andrew Cravin - 5 years ago
Dude, Epic freggin Video man, looking forward to the rest of these videos!
Senko - 5 years ago
cristian venegas
cristian venegas - 5 years ago
Hell yeah. That's what's up.
Hard Reset Fishing
Hard Reset Fishing - 5 years ago
Awesome video Lawson! who makes that shirt you are wearing at the outro? check out our channel for some BIG SNOOK fishing!
Adam DeBard
Adam DeBard - 5 years ago
Absolutely Epic.
Jonathan Rojas
Jonathan Rojas - 5 years ago
Australia has to be my #1 spot to visit some day. it's wildlife is incredible
Mao Fuh
Mao Fuh - 5 years ago
Paul cuffaro- Berta fish videos (150k subs)
Lawson Lindsey- actual cool fishing content (50k subs)
SOMETHING DOESNT ADD UP HERE. Seriously bro you are under rated your content is so good
Luke A
Luke A - 5 years ago
Barely a minute into the vid but that was a hell of an intro Lawson lol got me pumped
Michael Ruppel
Michael Ruppel - 5 years ago
Fucking hell man. That’s awesome.
MC Fishing
MC Fishing - 5 years ago
Wow Lawson u are true ly one the best you tubers ever!! ur vids never get old man keep it up
Troy Verdaguer
Troy Verdaguer - 5 years ago
what rod did you have that saltiga on?
Danny Harvey
Danny Harvey - 5 years ago
What size rod are you throwing those big poppers with?
STT VOYAGER - 5 years ago
Holy shite BRO that was INSANE! Your channel is amazing! doc David
Sala evangélica Bonilla
Sala evangélica Bonilla - 5 years ago
Wow wow
Luis Pérez
Luis Pérez - 5 years ago
Great video I was really wating for this one!
MBFishing - 5 years ago
Only a minute into this video and I can already tell its going to be one of your best yet. Keep up the great content man, you're one of the realest fisherman on YT. Not everyone wants to show the dog days, just days like this. I can tell big things are to come for you and your channel!
chaerin b
chaerin b - 5 years ago
Kyle is HAWT im shook
ninjaman12310 - 5 years ago
So sick!!!
Brock 12
Brock 12 - 5 years ago
Nice video man! There’s no way that gt is 30kg though. 20 maybe...
f266101463 - 5 years ago
Living the life!
Bassin' With Evan
Bassin' With Evan - 5 years ago
Awesome video bro good stuff
7citiesfishing - 5 years ago
Ima get fired from work for watching this while on the clock but the title was to intriguing
Brandon B
Brandon B - 5 years ago
What kinda rod where you using on the saltiga
Brandon B
Brandon B - 5 years ago
Leon Clark Rola
Leon Clark Rola - 5 years ago
the editing is INSANE such a joy to watch those videos
Toby Golding
Toby Golding - 5 years ago
Super awesome to see a American fisherman targeting the fish I know and love. Nice Vids bro!!
Wolverine7 - 5 years ago
Whoa, Lawson! That place is awesome! It's beautiful.....with monsters! Keep them coming. What a memorable trip.
Xander Taylor
Xander Taylor - 5 years ago
Dope video Lawson! Keep it up
Justin F
Justin F - 5 years ago
Fish with morningtidefishing
gregg hatcher
gregg hatcher - 5 years ago
Loving it bro!!
Alec H
Alec H - 5 years ago
GT video out of nowhere!! Noice
Collin Boule
Collin Boule - 5 years ago
Dang...........awesome vid Lawson
Kevin Timson
Kevin Timson - 5 years ago
What size is your dog fight?
JackVoodoo - 5 years ago
mate you dont need a dog fight you can go with a shimano saragosa 20 thousand that is what i use for them on a live fiber rod
Kevin Timson
Kevin Timson - 5 years ago
Thank you sir! I have been looking at them for my first GT trip ever, and was thinking about going cheaper with a Saltist. However, that's probably a very bad idea.
Lawson Lindsey Fishing
Lawson Lindsey Fishing - 5 years ago
Goattie McGoat
Goattie McGoat - 5 years ago
Looks like that popper could use some new hooks
AddictedToFishing12 - 5 years ago
Awesome video!!
Graa Tata
Graa Tata - 5 years ago
Damn lawson. Ive been watching since like 4k subs and its so cool getting to watch you live your dreams out like this while making a living at the same time. I dont even have words for all the content youve been putting out.
Andrew Geier
Andrew Geier - 5 years ago
Dude!! That was epic! The intro almost reminded me a little of Morningtide Fishing, sick to see you get out there and explore new horizons
Brandon Kennedy Videos
Brandon Kennedy Videos - 5 years ago
Great video man!!
heysogo - 5 years ago
Need 100lb braid on that Saltiga! 50 won’t cut it on a 50 kilo trophy GT mate!
heysogo - 5 years ago
But I will say this is your most exciting video so far! Great work!
Patrick Connors
Patrick Connors - 5 years ago
Wild stuff, what beautiful water.
Evan  Jacobs
Evan Jacobs - 5 years ago
Why don't you have more subs......
Miami Angler
Miami Angler - 5 years ago
Nice Gt mate lol!!
Kai Hobbs
Kai Hobbs - 5 years ago
the intro is sooo sick
DubD 426
DubD 426 - 5 years ago
It would be a trip wasted if you don't fish for some GT!
Average Joe
Average Joe - 5 years ago
130lb test!?!? Lol fifty pound test can get it done just fine
AFORWW - 5 years ago
150 is needed when you're trying to muscle em in.
Walter - 5 years ago
finally someone with a brain
Chris Baguio
Chris Baguio - 5 years ago
Lol even a 10lb GT will shred 50lb test. These fish are smart, especially when fish from shore. they will cut you off on the rocks or coral. Also, when you cast 100g-200g poppers and stickbaits all day, something will eventually give and that can be your leader. Need at least 150lb leader for GT or other Trevally.
Sam Hutchinson
Sam Hutchinson - 5 years ago
Will do while I cruise on 40kms brother
Walter - 5 years ago
You own a tohatsu outboard says alot, save some pussy for the rest of us huh?
Sam Hutchinson
Sam Hutchinson - 5 years ago
Yea What that guy said sucks to suck bream virgins
Walter - 5 years ago
says alot coming from bream fishing virgins ahaha
Aussie Fishaaa
Aussie Fishaaa - 5 years ago
Sam Hutchinson
Sam Hutchinson - 5 years ago
you are special
Walter - 5 years ago
if you watched the vid obviously not lawson got torn a new asshole with 50 in some cases no matter how heavy of a setup you use for g's it might not be enough you just have to be lucky on how they fight, even on 130lb if they get you in the reef with that drag pressure you really dont have a chance
Anderson Portillo
Anderson Portillo - 5 years ago
as always great vid bro . still wondering about the lawson pond .your next stop should be belize .love the contents
Sushi The Snook
Sushi The Snook - 5 years ago
I love your vids Lawson

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