Catch and Cook Coral Trout while Camping and Fishing on a Remote Island!

Camping and fishing with your mates is something we froth on more than anything! This time we travel 50km out to sea to be dropped on a remote island with no one in sight, so it's safe to say we were all dead set stoked just to be out there, any fish were the icing on the cake. We've listened to your comments and give you fellas a more indepth look at the camping side of one of our trips, we also show you the fish we ate this time with a catch and cook towards the end of the film. These Morningtide films are getting bigger and are extremely time consuming to create, so if you want more content from us while you wait for the next one, go and check out our personal vlog channels below. Cavy - Jonny - Briggsy - SoundTrack -

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Camping and fishing with your mates is something we froth on more than anything! This time we travel 50km out to sea to be dropped on a remote island with no one in sight, so it's safe to say we were all dead set stoked just to be out there, any fish were the icing on the cake. We've listened to your comments and give you fellas a more indepth look at the camping side of one of our trips, we also show you the fish we ate this time with a catch and cook towards the end of the film. These Morningtide films are getting bigger and are extremely time consuming to create, so if you want more content from us while you wait for the next one, go and check out our personal vlog channels below. Cavy - Jonny - Briggsy - SoundTrack -

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for Catch and Cook Coral Trout while Camping and Fishing on a Remote Island!

Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez - 2 years ago
this channel honestly deserves 2 million + subs just off the quality and detail in the videos
minginify - 2 years ago
You cunts need to learn how to cook your fish on fire... not too mention how to forage for crustanceans, oysters and seaweeds... rather than bringing all that crap onto the island.
REEF OWEN - 2 years ago
have u heard about fishing i think you might be good at it
M&M Agency
M&M Agency - 2 years ago
AuttumCoffee 515
AuttumCoffee 515 - 2 years ago
Karl Södergren
Karl Södergren - 2 years ago
Your vids is entertaining and inspiring keep up The good work
Nick Marangos
Nick Marangos - 2 years ago
The best fishing video I've seen yet. Truly amazing I keep watching this video!!
Alisha - 2 years ago
I would love to do something like this. Use to camp on one the islands around Brisbane but could never catch anything like these fish. Awesome video and Awesome adventure!!
FinesseDaGod - 2 years ago
Df is a stingeroo

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Nino yonson
Nino yonson - 2 years ago
Absolutely amazing mates! legendary trips man!
badboybootz8 - 2 years ago
Absolutely siccckkkkk
IeatYOUraw - 2 years ago
pure respect for you guys, awesome experience and what a quality video!
Dj Jimmys
Dj Jimmys - 2 years ago
Get your dislike !
Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn - 2 years ago
So much insperation
Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn - 2 years ago
Awsome yeah i would like to join the crew to like literally
zakkrick - 2 years ago
Looks super fun
joey cardoza
joey cardoza - 2 years ago
Fucking-A, that's doing it. I did it best i could considering budget and the extreme lengths i'd go to catch the uncatchable but nothing to this extent. Thanks for the look see, my best days are well past now but it sure gives a guy ideas.
Christopher Tandy
Christopher Tandy - 3 years ago
maybe take a chef with you next time :)
Dean Russel Larrosa
Dean Russel Larrosa - 3 years ago
I wanna have friends like diszz guysss

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Andrei Ionita
Andrei Ionita - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing nice, i love what u are doing , hope u do some more catch and cook videos , luv u and greetings from romania
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Haha it's wild but not that wild mate! Although there is a cave up the top of the hill that looks pretty creepy... But really people camp on this island, it's just the side/area we were in is so tricky to land on we doubt anyone fished/camped/walked there before.
Mutated Antibiosis
Mutated Antibiosis - 3 years ago
How do you only have 63k subs? The quality and the content of your videos is insane
Casey Read
Casey Read - 3 years ago
Me showing this video to friends has literally made them buy fishing rods.
Kyle Links
Kyle Links - 3 years ago
I don't understand a word coming out of their mouths
Naltddesha - 3 years ago
Huh. Didn't think I'd see someone fart on a potato today.
kevin0kura - 3 years ago
Archie henry
Archie henry - 3 years ago
Sick one
Cooper Denny
Cooper Denny - 3 years ago
good as vid
Ned the muscle man flanders
Ned the muscle man flanders - 3 years ago
you catch fish, and you end the night eating nothing but wasteful pasta ? no wonder you guys are skinny weak little men

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Bass and brass
Bass and brass - 3 years ago
Love your videos! Check out our catch and cook of a bat ray
Martine Alvarez
Martine Alvarez - 3 years ago
Farting in faces is no joke... you'll get pink eye
Respect fish nature C-R
Respect fish nature C-R - 3 years ago
Dean Phillips
Dean Phillips - 3 years ago
The best fishing experience in the world.! Takes you right into the action like your there with them. Amazing and beautiful locations.
Kribang SnakeheadHunter
Kribang SnakeheadHunter - 3 years ago
Daniel ayris
Daniel ayris - 3 years ago
Living in the froth
Daniel ayris
Daniel ayris - 3 years ago
Aggressive shopping cunts
Jean Simard
Jean Simard - 3 years ago
Calm down
Jean Simard
Jean Simard - 3 years ago
Beautiful big eye tuna
Jean Simard
Jean Simard - 3 years ago
They could of bring a full house furniture set for the incredible amount of stuff they bring.
jake Mercado
jake Mercado - 3 years ago
Nice video. Damn those GT. They fought like animal lol haha.
GnarlyK K
GnarlyK K - 3 years ago
sickest thing i have ever seen. By far the best youtube video
Lars Pagel
Lars Pagel - 3 years ago
What kind of rods and reel combos are you guys using
Revive Zedakan
Revive Zedakan - 3 years ago
Gold Coast??
Adam Hampshire
Adam Hampshire - 3 years ago
Holy fuck. I stumbled across these vids the other day and I'm hooked on em. The film quality, narative and editing is awsome. You guys are doing a fantastic job and setting an awsome example for everyone to follow with your catch and release philosophy. Absolutely loveit. By far the best fishing vids ever.
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Thanks mate, stoked you're digging the films!
Icyfuzzy gamer
Icyfuzzy gamer - 3 years ago
You guys have the life
CBonesey - 3 years ago
Dig the reflection and narration on this one! Sick trip.
Excuses Excuses
Excuses Excuses - 3 years ago
My gay dar goes off watching this .. enjoy the fishing but the grab ass it too much ! Cheers
ballplayacr - 3 years ago
awesome video!
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus - 3 years ago
Fuckin sick one 4 dayzzzzz m8

50. comment for Catch and Cook Coral Trout while Camping and Fishing on a Remote Island!

Calvin Deo
Calvin Deo - 3 years ago
Brokeback mountain lol
Bodie Bassett
Bodie Bassett - 3 years ago
Was this filmed in Mackay qld I live here and would love to meet you guys
jacinto felix bermeo luzcando
jacinto felix bermeo luzcando - 3 years ago
hola amigos excelentes vídeos saludos desde la mitad del mundo ECUADOR
Marianny Urena
Marianny Urena - 3 years ago
You guys need more subscribers
Marianny Urena
Marianny Urena - 3 years ago
You guys are awesome
Pauly Jozseffrd
Pauly Jozseffrd - 3 years ago
You're 4 friends, who love to Fish! You ain't NO "Supreme Hunters", because you're lucky enough to have a lifestyle, in which you can afford to go Fishing on a Remote Island!!! tHat is your Hobby! To become a "Supreme Hunter" you need to live the Hunt and you have to depend on it like the bushman of the Kalahari, The Inuit of Nunavut Territory, the Aboriginal Tribes of the Outback, or the Indian Tribes of the Remote parts of Amazon Rainforest are Supreme Hunters NOT you guys!!!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Haha not talking about us mate, just talking about humans and how some hunting instincts still remain (even though we sit in front of computers all day now). If you get outside and run around a bit, cast a lure or even just go for a hike it kinda satiates the need to express ur caveman within, but we're definitely not under the illusion that us 4 are supreme hunters, haha we'd more likely spear ourselves in the foot then hit the target.
Yale Furse
Yale Furse - 3 years ago
Best fishing video I've ever seen.
Yale Furse
Yale Furse - 3 years ago
If you guys ever get the chance to fly out to Okinawa, there are a ton of small islands similar to this one in this video. I know for sure there are tuna, mahi, and of course coral trout out there, and I'd love to see a video of it from you guys!
southernrainforest - 3 years ago
You blokes are on. Normally after landscaping all day, when I get home from work, I'm too knackered to do much, so I watched this episode and you got me amped, instead of the couch, I grabbed my rod and lures and went down the river, beautiful sunset and 3 casts in I hooked up to a small brown trout. Your words about admiring nature and magnificent closeups, music and slo-mos, i took a moment to look at this fish and admire its perfection, perfect camoflaged stick brown, with bright red spots, still with me now even though I released him hours ago.
I then got snagged on the other side of the river and instead of losing my lure waded in up to my armpits and got my lure back. It is these moments that create a lifetime of memories.
I now have this tingling sensation like the river is still with me. Thanks for the inspiration. Well done men, these productions are works of art.
TEAM LUNKERKING - 3 years ago
13:00 what's that fish??
TEAM LUNKERKING - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing awesome! I'm looking to get out to New Zealand one day to get on those giant Pelagics
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
We call them Spanish Mackerel over here in Aus but I think in the US they're called King Mackerel (but are a slightly different species).
Mr Shrimp
Mr Shrimp - 3 years ago
panagiotis kapiris
panagiotis kapiris - 3 years ago
Wonderful video beautiful place amazing job !!
panagiotis kapiris
panagiotis kapiris - 3 years ago
You should add some flour on fish before you fry it ....
The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars - 3 years ago
Wow, looks amazing. Where are these Islands ?
carlos castillo
carlos castillo - 3 years ago
So you guys catch big as$ fish to feed 20 but, you eat the one that feeds 2. LoL
time tracked
time tracked - 3 years ago
yewwwwww aussie legends !
abroocoloft - 3 years ago
By far this was one of the best and most inspiring clips I've seen in a while.... getting in touch with my boys and planning a trip, thanks to you fellows. Great job.
Roy Ng
Roy Ng - 3 years ago
All the best predator is in this episode what more can i ask for . Anglers Dream my man lol .
Fazil Ghazali
Fazil Ghazali - 3 years ago
Your friends are very fortunate because your beach is very rich with various species of fish. Your excitement is enough for us to feel
Miles Mercer
Miles Mercer - 3 years ago
These videos are by far worthy of being documentaries
steven lloyd
steven lloyd - 3 years ago
in frying a fish, you need to set the frying pan and oil to the hottest temp and let the skin cook to crisp before you try to flip he fillet. that grouper you caught is one of the tastiest when fried. :)
Héctor Domínguez
Héctor Domínguez - 3 years ago
Hacéis unos vídeos muy buenos!!!! Felicidades
Francisco Campos Amorim
Francisco Campos Amorim - 3 years ago
Love your channel. Hi from Brazil!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
G'day mate, stoked you like our films!
Micheal Rex
Micheal Rex - 3 years ago
unreal video , such good editing top job
PlayGendary Gamer
PlayGendary Gamer - 3 years ago
i love your videos
John James Harry
John James Harry - 3 years ago
Who ever disliked this is a true peanut these lads are just living life
Jordan Collins
Jordan Collins - 3 years ago
Fucken legends
Chrome NuKes
Chrome NuKes - 3 years ago
I realised watching the crews videos that my and my friend are Just like you guys but younger.
Ryan Allain
Ryan Allain - 3 years ago
Amazing content and A-1 video/ narration. The title doesn't do this video justice, you boys are making some unreal content. Can't wait to see more
Locos por la pesca Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
Locos por la pesca Ixtapa Zihuatanejo - 3 years ago
Your videos are great!! Greetings from zihuatanejo Mexico
Named Person
Named Person - 3 years ago
Hey guys I’m going on a 3 week fishing trip from the gold coast to the Cape York and will be fishing along the the way but mostly above Cain’s and near the top for queen fish and tuna and other Pelagius of that size but I am not sure what size rod and reel to use we will have a medium sized tiny and will be launching from the beach just wonder what size rod and reel would be good and maybe some brands and or suggestions. And keep up the great work you make some really inspiring videos and have inspired me to do a trip of my own with my buddy love the vids
Bajanfan101 - 3 years ago
I wish I found your channel sooner this is the exact type of videos I search for on YouTube thank
Jack Beattie
Jack Beattie - 3 years ago
What do u do with the braid that doesn’t fit on the spool
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
we have so many fishing mates that there's usually enough line to fill someone's smaller spool and we pass it on to them. Or if there's enough left on the spool to fill your reel again we bring it on trips incase something bad happens and need to respool.
Nicholas Chotoo
Nicholas Chotoo - 3 years ago
I love your vidoes am 11 every morning before I go to school I hide my phone and watch your vidoes you guys whole grate fishes
Mason Mckeown
Mason Mckeown - 3 years ago
That's the Gold Coast that's were I live and love fishing there
Unnanya Cece
Unnanya Cece - 3 years ago
Daaaaamn it is so fucking awsomee hell yeah wooooohhhoooooooo
Brodie Higgins
Brodie Higgins - 3 years ago
Lit as fuck
jhvghjgjkhlihli - 3 years ago
sick trip. subed
SenorSoondol - 3 years ago
you guys definitely need a cook in your crew!!
TechnoMulen - 3 years ago
awesome video man :)
Jason Pietzner
Jason Pietzner - 3 years ago
Cracking vids. Never caught a GT but inspired! Are you going out to islands off Mackay (my home town). I'll have to get out there.
Codey b
Codey b - 3 years ago
Someone get these guys a pan.
samdub - 3 years ago
Incredible guys! I bet you're sad af coming home!
antianabolic - 3 years ago
absolutely breathtaking video! a masterpiece!! thank you so much for sharing these awesome moments...
Chad Perrin
Chad Perrin - 3 years ago
Is this Kessy Island?
Thienqv - 3 years ago
i keep watching this over and over again idk y but its so crisp
Bri Bork
Bri Bork - 3 years ago
i can only understand less then 40% of their conversations.
Paddle Tales
Paddle Tales - 3 years ago
When Ryota caught that trout what was following it?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
It was a cod I think, when a fish follows up ur hooked fish I never know if they're trying to be tough/territorial and staunch the hooked fish out of their area, or if they're actually trying to get the lure out of the other fishes mouth...
Harold Morales
Harold Morales - 3 years ago
Peter Chatman
Peter Chatman - 3 years ago
The work/life balance and meaning of life is awesome.  Its oh so true!!
Ahmer Khan
Ahmer Khan - 3 years ago
Awesome fishing and production.
Premium WHITEcracker
Premium WHITEcracker - 3 years ago
You guys go to war! Love it!

100. comment for Catch and Cook Coral Trout while Camping and Fishing on a Remote Island!

Andres Munoz
Andres Munoz - 3 years ago
Ive watched everything, definitely my favorite channel!!! What an excellent production as well as the scoring!! Come on out to the Florida Keys!
Fishing_pro 69
Fishing_pro 69 - 3 years ago
please take timmyturtle fishing
Fishing Mojados
Fishing Mojados - 3 years ago
Jon B would make a perfect team mate for you guys
Aeonz - 3 years ago
Insane vid
HeavyHooks - 3 years ago
All I'm asking for is a vid a week pleaseeeeeeeeeee, love this channels content!
Casey Read
Casey Read - 3 years ago
Aaron you put the breakdown from Domination in the video! You legend. #pantera
leighsponger - 3 years ago
When I hear this music I get goosebumps... fuck I love this channel
Brian Orlido
Brian Orlido - 3 years ago
"not thinking about the past, not thinking about future, just living in the moment"
mundsburg83 - 3 years ago
wow guys, great work, greetings from Germany
Sabot19K - 3 years ago
Absolute masterpiece mates
BrennanHD - 3 years ago
I love these type of videos
Jorden Klapproth
Jorden Klapproth - 3 years ago
Any recomendations for a rod that can handle mack tuna off rocks?
IMFISHNGUY - 3 years ago
Hey you guys should invite Jon B and Rob to fish man. Show them who are the true big game fisher men. Come on bro's. You tube should sponsor. Or MTB or Lucky Tackle Box
Keanu unaeK
Keanu unaeK - 3 years ago
You rock guys ! Come fishing in Tahiti
ugly nigga
ugly nigga - 3 years ago
congrats boys on 50k!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Cheers bro only just saw that haha!
Kudarra Bros
Kudarra Bros - 3 years ago
Hey guys plz subscribe I'm gonna be making a video every week in summer either fishing,hunting,spear fishing and much more plz subscribe
Shavema Nadsac
Shavema Nadsac - 3 years ago
Epic movie lads
Ben Hollrah
Ben Hollrah - 3 years ago
Just got hooked on your channel by watching your "fishing in paradise" video... now almost done with all your videos and I am stunned. You have a future with this camerawork and editing. Cheers
swx - 3 years ago
Easily the best fishing video i've seen whole week
Reef Surfer
Reef Surfer - 3 years ago
Awesome content!!
Dustin Diamond
Dustin Diamond - 3 years ago
The best fishing channel on youtube to date..
Nicholas Charles
Nicholas Charles - 3 years ago
do you ever eat the fish you catch
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hi Mate, we ate other fish on this trip that weren't filmed well so they didn't make it into the cut but we do try and release most of our fish. In Australia, we have a problem with people killing every fish that they catch and not really understanding that it's a limited resource. We do keep fish if they are injured or if we're hungry but to set a good example to our followers we try and show that C&R on healthy fish is possible and there's no need to keep everything you catch.
Here are some more catch and cook films from our personal channels - -
This film explains it why we C&R a bit more -
khunt - 3 years ago
Australians fuck yeah.. you boys aught to join us in broome sometime when we go out to hit the rowley shauls. makes your trip look tame.. google the shauls. its heven on earth..
kalibercutz - 3 years ago
Liked and subscribed. Tip: bring a good non stick frying pan and butter if you can. Temperature should not be too hot, medium to slightly mid high heat. Listen to the skin sizzling when it hits the pan. It should have a gentle crispy bubble sound, not a loud sear.

Keep up with the videos, new subscriber here.
Jordan Cochrane
Jordan Cochrane - 3 years ago
I hate to have a dig at your catch and release techniques but is buying a tonne of food from a supermarket really more sustainable than eating a few fish caught of the rocks?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hi Mate, we ate other fish on this trip that weren't filmed well so they didn't make it into the cut but we do try and release most of our fish. In Australia, we have a problem with people killing every fish that they catch and not really understanding that it's a limited resource. We do keep fish if they are injured or if we're hungry but to set a good example to our followers we try and show that C&R on healthy fish is possible and there's no need to keep everything you catch. This film explains it a bit more -
Jordan Cochrane
Jordan Cochrane - 3 years ago
I hate to have a dig at your catch and release techniques but is buying a tonne of food from a supermarket really more sustainable than eating a few fish caught of the rocks?
Kahele Kok
Kahele Kok - 3 years ago
How can you guys live off of candy bars when you catching all those fish God created fish to be eaten as long as you don't abuse your resources it's all good
xxdizannyxx - 3 years ago
Can't understand one sentence they say. What language are they speaking?
D and C Adventures
D and C Adventures - 3 years ago
Great video
Joey Leal
Joey Leal - 3 years ago
How much do these trips cost roughly ?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Depends on the weather but to get good footage we usually shoot for at least 5 days spinning. 3 days not enough, 10 days you start to lose your mind prolly turn cannibal, eat ur mates and move into a cave haha. So 5-7 is the sweet spot I reckon and that's usually about what we do.
Joey Leal
Joey Leal - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing Wow. That's awesome, how long so you guys stay on the island for ?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
The island trips cost us about $400 - $700 each depending on how far out it is and how far we gotta drive or fly to get to the general zone. So pretty damn cheap really, what it comes down to more is taking the time to research where to go, how you're going to get out there and actually just going and doing it!
Alex BOYER - 3 years ago
I just came back from Briggsy's Recording process video, must watch this one again now ! :D
Henry Smith
Henry Smith - 3 years ago
Colten argue
Colten argue - 3 years ago
I would have cooked up a tuna
BALIK TUTMA KEYFİ - 3 years ago
Oooo nice video
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen - 3 years ago
I want to do this
mitch akin
mitch akin - 3 years ago
Fish Northern Territory
Ben Fleming
Ben Fleming - 3 years ago
Whoever edits your vids does an incredible job. You guys make really good content and im a bodyboarder mainly but you guys have pumped me up to get into fishing more aswell. Fuckin legends.
Michael Lind
Michael Lind - 3 years ago
Best fishing vids on YouTube, too sick!
Peter Tomlinson
Peter Tomlinson - 3 years ago
really enjoying the video, subbed and only 12 minutes in good job on the editting
Tomo Lothbrook
Tomo Lothbrook - 3 years ago
Epic fucking video! Real and raw! You guys are solid!
Lung Rathana
Lung Rathana - 3 years ago
Hi ! I like video
Backwards Aussie
Backwards Aussie - 3 years ago
Couple of blokes recording their adventures! this was an awesome video! Keep it up! Well done with the cinematography too
Fishing with Fitz
Fishing with Fitz - 3 years ago
best part is how the music changes when the camera goes underwater
Daryl Koh
Daryl Koh - 3 years ago
Freaking awesome good job guys im subbed!!! what boots are you guys wearing and running up and down those rocks in?
Jose Carlos Granado Acosta
Jose Carlos Granado Acosta - 3 years ago
Hello, what brand of fishing rod and reel are you using in the video? Nice pieces and beutiful landscapes
vanessa guadalupe
vanessa guadalupe - 3 years ago
freaking insane!!! awesome
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith - 3 years ago
Stranded? You have a huge tent, drones, food and water up the ass, and so much of everything stranded is the last word I would use. But it was a great video!
Reaper 17
Reaper 17 - 3 years ago
MTF = best fishing channel on youtube
Soundtrack is best too
George Strut
George Strut - 3 years ago
catch and release is dumb
Mugen - 3 years ago
Where is this australia?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hi mate, yeah most our films are from the East Coast of Aus.
george em
george em - 3 years ago
i am new to fishing, been a year now. still trying to learn new stuff everyday. your channel is godlike. what a gem i have just found...SUBSCRIBED 4 LIFE.
LIT Brick 18
LIT Brick 18 - 3 years ago
One of the greatest videos I've ever seen
Nanner Hammock
Nanner Hammock - 3 years ago
Awesome. You've gained a sub
chao thao
chao thao - 3 years ago
Bunch of faggot
Jonny Brooks Fishing
Jonny Brooks Fishing - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing
The General
The General - 3 years ago
they look so free...
HAFertr 123
HAFertr 123 - 3 years ago
Get a better camera evryting is grey and wierd
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
It's mostly shot on GoPro mate, but there's some DSLR footage towards the end of the film - which is a bit nicer
Mathieu Lebrun
Mathieu Lebrun - 3 years ago
yo what hat is that at 9:52????? awesome design
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
P S - 3 years ago
Your soundcloud is amazing
Ryan M
Ryan M - 3 years ago
You guys must've pissed off YouTube somehow because for this to only get 100k views in over a week doesn't make sense.
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Haha maybe too many farts in it aye! I guess compared to channels that already have a bunch of momentum youtube still sees us as pretty small time and shows our films to people accordingly. Sucks for us right now but we'll get there one day mate!
billie tyx
billie tyx - 3 years ago
Do another one please! the 4 of you. that would be awesome!! subbed
Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen - 3 years ago
This is why I love fishin with the mates and going camping it's away to escape the city life
jimmy brown
jimmy brown - 3 years ago
Have you guys ever heard of the of the Banff mountain film festival?
Darcy Yarnold
Darcy Yarnold - 3 years ago
This legit deserves to be aired on TV, damn amazing videos.
Abdullah Al-Azmi
Abdullah Al-Azmi - 3 years ago
No exaggeration. Not one fishing show I've seen, YouTube or on demand, has ever been as good as morningtide. Ever. Nothing can compare. Also what'd be a good mackerel rod that I can also use for monster gt and 80 kilo yellowfin. If I'm going to take anyone's advice without questioning, it'd be YALL. Also, cheers Briggsy for all the editing and music! Music is so good I addictively listen to it on SoundCloud!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
a good GT rod won't feel great on a Mackerel but prolly be fine on a 80kg YFT and you prolly couldn't get a nice Mackerel stick that would be able to handle a big GT, so might be best to go for a solid GT stick and make it work for the Tuna/Mackerel. Jonny's Zenaq Tobizo is pretty all time they have a PE8 and PE10 version, my Ripple Fisher Longcast is a really, really nice stick. I think at the upper range of GT rods you can't really go wrong and after talking to some GT guru's who have tried em all there were none they said are crap. Best thing to do is head to a good tackle shop that stocks a few of the top brands and get a hands on feel of each rod!
Awsum Guy
Awsum Guy - 3 years ago
Lovin the long vids, quality over quantity boys!
snaggyslugworm fishing/vlogs
snaggyslugworm fishing/vlogs - 3 years ago
Have yall ever used the new saltist? I have it and its amazing
Dalton - 3 years ago
why no nets?
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart - 3 years ago
Am I the only one who needs subtitles?!
graph jtstour4
graph jtstour4 - 3 years ago
what fans name from MTF?
Mark Morinishi
Mark Morinishi - 3 years ago
restock the store boys!
Mother Russia
Mother Russia - 3 years ago
They all look like fuck buddies
Grizzly Beard Outdoors
Grizzly Beard Outdoors - 3 years ago
These videos are so intense ! I love it!
Nico Greer
Nico Greer - 3 years ago
Why didn't you keep that huge mackerel to eat
grjsb13 - 3 years ago
Fun like this is almost criminal. How dare you make me hate daily life.

Cheers boys, nothing like hooking into some monsters with your buds.
Tony Vale
Tony Vale - 3 years ago
Fabulous video guys, and a mega job putting it together. So good to see you keeping only what you need to eat. You are so right with the old days of pillage been left behind. We used to camp on the Smith Islands and live off what we caught. Couldn't believe what the turkey boats would take home with them.
Ethan Brown Spearfishing
Ethan Brown Spearfishing - 3 years ago
Could never not enjoy one of your epic videos lads, great work and thanks for putting the effort into making such great content. Cheers
Jolley films
Jolley films - 3 years ago
How do channels you only have 45k subs but shut holes like monster Mike have upwards of 100k. This video was a true masterpiece that reminded me of a fly fishing style movie. Obvious how much time and effort went into this video, you didn't just do some stupid stuff and slap a title in all caps on there. If all catch and cook videos were this high quality, the world would be a better place
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez - 3 years ago
Tim O'Neil
Tim O'Neil - 3 years ago
1/10 of the footage is fishing, the rest is gay teenagers sex play. Unsubscribed now!
Jonny Brooks Fishing
Jonny Brooks Fishing - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing
Duane Gaskins
Duane Gaskins - 3 years ago
You gentleman have earned a sub for being some of the few people I know to truly understand the plight of the human condition int he modern world and your well thought out philosophical commentary on why these trips in nature are so important.
vash347 - 3 years ago
Great video you guys, have been waiting for new content from you guys for a while now. I watch your videos all the time. Daiwa and Shimano needs to show some love to you guys - because of these videos I've bought 2 Stella's and a Saltiga. I am in true disbelief that you guys don't have 4, 5 times as many viewers. I love the respect you guys have for nature and the joy you guys get out of fishing, I am living vicariously through you guys!
Tikimohn - 3 years ago
I need some friends like that.... That's some fucking team work.
Lucian van der Vlugt
Lucian van der Vlugt - 3 years ago
do a "what is in my tackle box" video
Praveen501 - 3 years ago
You guys are living the kind of life that I want.
Dylan Summers
Dylan Summers - 3 years ago
very well made. one of the best (if not the best) fishing type video I've watched on youtube.
DamickONPC - 3 years ago
That dude looks like Ragnar from Vikings, LOVE THE CHANNEL, WAS THIS ISLAND IN NZ OR AUS
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
This is an Island off the East Coast of Australia mate.
5winder - 3 years ago
Y'all found a good fishing spot... don't tell anybody. ;-}
just a guy
just a guy - 3 years ago
Thought this was some more inspirational bull shit in the beginning but it got better
Adriano Cantelmi
Adriano Cantelmi - 3 years ago
This got so deep at one point and this is the first video I've seen on your channel and it will definitely not be the last, this is real fishing and has real meaning to it. One of the best fishing videos I have seen yet. You've mixed the two best things in the world together (fishing and camping). There was definitely a lot of hard work put into this. Keep it up. Good fishing comrade.
Liam Diffee
Liam Diffee - 3 years ago
Yalls accent is something serious
c4snipar - 3 years ago
Living a fucking life!!!! Hope non of you married and keep it that way!!!! Nice video
zaahatchetman gaming
zaahatchetman gaming - 3 years ago
why is your camera so grey scaled lol
Richson Tran
Richson Tran - 3 years ago
10:53 on the money this is why we do what we do
superpugee - 3 years ago
they don't eat the catch?
It's apodmore4
It's apodmore4 - 3 years ago
Crazy fucking video loved every second of it
Keyry Hernandez
Keyry Hernandez - 3 years ago
You guys are very lucky to have that once in a life time opportunity unlike the fucking losers inside there home watching your vids wishing we could do that like me
bobby smith
bobby smith - 3 years ago
one the best trips ever seen I'm jealous that place is paradise wish I could go amazing loved it thank you
Zoë Ella Wilson
Zoë Ella Wilson - 3 years ago
can i go fishing with you guys
we catch like 10 cm whiting is brisbane
Nipple Dickerson
Nipple Dickerson - 3 years ago
Man I just found your channel the other day and wow so much great content on here bro love the vids!!!!!
Skuudz xo
Skuudz xo - 3 years ago
Fuck me this is one immaculate video. Earned my sub brah. Good shit.
BFN Fishing
BFN Fishing - 3 years ago
Stop f**ker
Drunkalunka - 3 years ago
Why take food could have lived off fish
BC Bike life
BC Bike life - 3 years ago
Y does this have 53 dislikes
EHSAN AFSHARIFAR - 3 years ago
what's the best lure for blue fin tuna?btw love ur videos, thumbs up
EHSAN AFSHARIFAR - 3 years ago
thnx a lot mate
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Stefanie Bernstein
Stefanie Bernstein - 3 years ago
Wow this was amazing.
Connor Dillon
Connor Dillon - 3 years ago
Should have over a million views Shame
Gus Stav
Gus Stav - 3 years ago
"fishing is a form of meditation", so much truth in that
Milc Man
Milc Man - 3 years ago
Bro, this is the best motivation i have ever had to get out and go fishing more. just how you guys work together to help each other and how good of friendship you have with everyone is just amazing. On another note how do you guys fund these islands ?
Milc Man
Milc Man - 3 years ago
Cheers mate, i've watch all of the major vids here and im motivated to do it myself with a group of my friends. Cheers for the information my brother. And sorry about the first comments ahahhaah. :)
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Haha you wrote "fund" in your first comment so I was tripping out...

There are thousands? of small Islands just off the Australian coast. We use a combination of google maps (to initially find a good looking one), Navionics (for ledge depth), youtube/facebook/Instagram searches (to see if others are catching fish in a specific zone), google images searches (of the island in mind to check the ledges are fishable), info from charter websites (they sometimes give a seasonal report on what species are around etc.), forum searches (sometimes people are talking about fishing the Island in mind). And once we think we have a good one we just find someone to take us there and give it a go ourselves! There have been a few duds along the way but that's just part of the fun of pioneering new ledges, the more you do it the more you know what to look for and before long you're only going to rad spots!
Milc Man
Milc Man - 3 years ago
thats awesome man, how do u find the islands though?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Cavy works manual labour on building sites, I do similar work and Jonny is a drug rehab worker. These Aussie trips are super cheap for us mate, like 400 -700 each for the week (depending on the Island). Fuel, food and boat ride out are the only costs so we can save up for a month or two and we're good to go again!
Tom Miller
Tom Miller - 3 years ago
Gotta bring a frying pan next time ey?
Ocean Angler
Ocean Angler - 3 years ago
We're was this?
MrTop73 - 3 years ago
Just an absolutely stunning vid guys, thanks!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Thanks for watching mate!
Sam Nettleton
Sam Nettleton - 3 years ago
I love the amount of work you guys put into these videos, I have found no other fishing videos to be as visceral and entertaining to watch. All of your videos are profoundly powerful to the senses, you have a way of capturing all emotions through your use of expert film making, use of music and narration. Needless to say this video is one of many of yours that is going on my favorites! Keep up the fantastic work mates! Much love from America
facepalmfishing - 3 years ago
This video is a masterpiece! Really explains why we fish and enjoy the outdoors! Good job lads!
kale chiswick
kale chiswick - 3 years ago
What website do you recommend to buy gear off in Australia
kale chiswick
kale chiswick - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing yew cheers legends
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Fishhead, Ebbtide, Otto's tackle world, Ray and Annes, and Motackle are the main sites we use mate.
Joseph Serrano
Joseph Serrano - 3 years ago
super dope film!!!
Paul Mele
Paul Mele - 3 years ago
What kind of shoes do you guys wear on the slippery rocks?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago

Dunlop Volleys, they're not perfect but best we've found.
Kainoa Alden
Kainoa Alden - 3 years ago
Did anyone else flinch when he threw the ball lmao
Andy Husted
Andy Husted - 3 years ago
Living the life
Noahm - 3 years ago
Yewwww you guys are sending it hard out there! Wish Southern California fishing was that intense. That would be really cool if you can put the googans on some those fish and see if they can last! That would be super sick! Great video!
Shane K
Shane K - 3 years ago
You guys are going to get raped by Somali pirates, they're everywhere
Francesco - 3 years ago
God bless you for all of this legends.....!!!
b WOOd
b WOOd - 3 years ago
Hands down the best YouTube channel there is! Morning Tide is bigger than YouTube! This is some Discovery Channel shit... Lol!! Poetic narrative, insane edits, wicked angles, and cool fucking dudes man!! Sophisticated but ballsy! Time to link up with BlackTip H!!!
Jeff Giĺ
Jeff Giĺ - 3 years ago
I discovered you guys about half an hour ago and I'm hooked. This is awesome.
sicboi - 3 years ago
i don't know who you guys are, and i've never watched anything of yours before, but fuck Trump if this isn't the best video on YouTube i've seen all year! I think it transcends a video, you guys have made an epic film. Everything is perfect. Fucking well done.
Ricky Baeza
Ricky Baeza - 3 years ago
sicboi lol what does trump have to do with anything in this video
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Stoked you liked the film mate!
Benn Waller
Benn Waller - 3 years ago
Jak Stewart
Jak Stewart - 3 years ago
send this shit to an art gallery what a bloody great video!
Smoke Faith
Smoke Faith - 3 years ago
Wow, words can't even explain how encouraging and your videos are. Put together perfectly. Made me wanna go on a fishing trip 5 min into the vid. Thanks for the inspiration for future travels. Well done
Allen Laymon
Allen Laymon - 3 years ago
With all the time that was put into this and all the editing, this video deserves 5mill + views and the Chanel deserves one million subs!
Tim Des
Tim Des - 3 years ago
Love your videos guys !
Tony Pollard
Tony Pollard - 3 years ago
Guys I have watched everyone of your videos this one is by far the most excellent beautiful amazing fantastic stunning story you have shared yet.
Briggsy your narration was absolutely frothing goodness i had goosebumps the hole time. You guys have captured what all us serious fishos feel when we are on the water or belting a lure from the shore.
Just a totally pshyco vid filled with frothing goodness and soul searching yum yums. Words cannot describe my true feelings.
Amazing work can't wait for the next one cheers Tony
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Cheers Brother!
Nievas - 3 years ago
Im transitioning to catching bigger fishes, any reel/rod recommendations?
FishingBrad - 3 years ago
Thumbs up boys. You show true brotherhood and mateship. Stunning fish also.
zhenhai yin
zhenhai yin - 3 years ago
That's a beautify fish!!
David M
David M - 3 years ago
I watched ThresherFishing and came across your vids (you should let him join you all, he's a good egg). OMG you all are amazing. You all caught my attention from the first minute... I am new to ocean/surf fishing. I watch vids to try to learn from you all. I am not lucky where I live but hope that someday I will catch fish off the beach...

Thank you so much for posting your vids, I tend to watch more. subscribed too
Piero De Berti
Piero De Berti - 3 years ago
You guys are living the dream. Holy shit that was the best video I have ever seen on YouTube. I felt so many emotions through this video. It made me happy and sad for many reasons, I will keep dreaming… The quality is 10/10 and you guys are perfect for the job. Question: What lure was Jonny using when he caught the GT? Keep the good work
Piero De Berti
Piero De Berti - 3 years ago
Thanks mate. I saw your video on "how you take lure pictures", you're a beast!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Marco Tulio
Marco Tulio - 3 years ago
Fantástico vídeo!!
Moacir Melo
Moacir Melo - 3 years ago
RESPECT, from Brazil.
Jesseh317 H
Jesseh317 H - 3 years ago
Ocean so clear
KnottedLine TV
KnottedLine TV - 3 years ago
Rick the Enthusiast
Rick the Enthusiast - 3 years ago
Another Epic Video!!! Fishing and camping at its best.
sffzapa - 3 years ago
Lol jon b
Jack Starr
Jack Starr - 3 years ago
Wow, this video was incredible, how long did it take to put it all together!
Curlyfried - 3 years ago
How does this not have more views? That was incredible
BigBilo - 3 years ago
fuckin love the music and editing amazing footage
liljoker123456 - 3 years ago
Were can i get a hat at they are sick
Alister Smythe
Alister Smythe - 3 years ago
Absolutely loved the video guys! You're great at fishing, filming and editing. The only thing you may need to improve on is your cooking skills when out and about ;) Great laugh watching you guys cook those amazing looking pancakes.
wei ying
wei ying - 3 years ago
very entertaining and involving. wish u could include more info on gears and techniques. or education might get in the way of delivering fun?
wei ying
wei ying - 3 years ago
Wow, that would be great. Definitely, landing the fish is the priority. I am sure most of us would appreciate whatever info you do manage to add in. Thanks for the replies.
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hey mate it's prolly not too big a deal to add in but we'd just have to remember, everything happens super quick when we have a fish out of water and getting them straight back in is the priority. But maybe after the fish is back in the water could take a minute to check out the setup and lure etc. I'll keep it in mind for next trip!
wei ying
wei ying - 3 years ago
Thanks. Yeah, everyone should definitely check out all your videos and learn what setups you guys use. However, I was just wondering if you might think it could be a distraction to have details of setups in use shown on the videos for a few secs at the time of catching.
MorningTide Fishing
Fishingwith Shades
Fishingwith Shades - 3 years ago
Epic video boys!
River Hague
River Hague - 3 years ago
Awesome vid guys
Amazing to see you can catch shit that u usually get offshore on the rocks. Psycho adventure and awesome detail. Sick to see more vids like these in the future keep up the great work fellas
Cmoney Dom
Cmoney Dom - 3 years ago
Fuck job b and the googans can't deal with gay cunts
Cmoney Dom
Cmoney Dom - 3 years ago
Seems like a party on the other seas haha
Cmoney Dom
Cmoney Dom - 3 years ago
Damm hell yeah ya seem cool af just sub funny fuckefs
Daniel James
Daniel James - 3 years ago
they really know how to have a good time
Don Eby
Don Eby - 3 years ago
Fellas this was fucking AMAZING. Briggsy good work putting it together, keep the videos coming. My brother and I love em.
OK Things
OK Things - 3 years ago
Beautiful vid guys!!!!
deckno777 - 3 years ago
The best thing I have watched in ages. A fantastic piece of film making.
Robert Granich
Robert Granich - 3 years ago
Muffling the music as you went underwater and then slowly bringing it back to life as you rose up out of the water...brilliant detail. This stuff doesn't go unnoticed! You guys are killing it.
Tynan Roussety
Tynan Roussety - 3 years ago
Waiting for your channel to blow up... itl happen.
lochieb7 - 3 years ago
please do a collaboration with jon b.
The Fishing trip
The Fishing trip - 3 years ago
You guys need kayaks for fishing
Mary dee
Mary dee - 3 years ago
The Friendship and boding among friends are beautiful! I wish to join you guys...Andy
del55555 - 3 years ago
The most underrated channel on youtube! amazing video !
elliot bradshaw
elliot bradshaw - 3 years ago
Bloody sic fellas! What editing software do you use?
Jared Wright
Jared Wright - 3 years ago
Truly amazing shit here. Best fishing videos on YouTube 100%
Mark Lee
Mark Lee - 3 years ago
Man, Australians and their lemons
Julian Uloi
Julian Uloi - 3 years ago
Szymon Wypiorczyk
Szymon Wypiorczyk - 3 years ago
Guy thanks a lot for the video! it made my's so fu**king inspiring.
living the dream...and sick edits! keep doing this please!
Briggsy what the fuck do you eat? haha

@Briggsy I loved your monologue about he fishing and our nataral needs...that's so true!
Evan Jelo
Evan Jelo - 3 years ago
I died at the Jon B reference
Zach Warcola
Zach Warcola - 3 years ago
You guys have inspired me to fish more and more in my daily life. I now live by catch and release fishing and one day hope to do trips like this. Absolutely incredible content, you guys are going to blow up real soon and get the attention you deserve, amazing stuff!
Henning Radasewski
Henning Radasewski - 3 years ago
You get better and better and have evolved into the best and intense fishing show on the web. Never move away from the metal soundtrack!
Atilla Mustafa
Atilla Mustafa - 3 years ago
You guys make the highest quality fishing videos I have yet to see on the tube.
יונתן פלקוביץ
יונתן פלקוביץ - 3 years ago
1:06 hahahahaha
SYLVA.BRAND.808 - 3 years ago
Hands down, BEST land based fishing channel on the tube. Mad RESPECT boys!!
T O - 3 years ago
I have a fish like you guys, we ARE the ultimate predators and sitting in front of my screen all day as an internet marketer gets SO FUCKING BORING AT TIMES! I want to live the lifestyle you guys have so much...whats stopping me? i dont fucking know~!
Flyfishertom - 3 years ago
You guys fucking R O C K!
I was born on the wrong continent tho .. :/
Gamingoodz - 3 years ago
Such awesome shots and editing man. I just woke up this morning after food poisoning all night puking my guts out and this video brought be back into a better mood. Awesome work capturing the pricelessness of going out and enjoying the outdoors. And the voice over about sustainability and enjoying outdoors superb. I go down to our local ponds and lakes and its just disgusting with trash everywhere, too many people are trashing the shit that matters most. Was so awesome and clean looking out there, reminded me what its all about.
We need guys on youtube changing the way these young people treat our waterways and literally even just the fricking planet we live on in general. I'm no tree hugger but I am not naive enough to not realize that we are destroying the place we live. This video really made me want to go out there and enjoy that beautiful scenery and time.
Preetpal Singh
Preetpal Singh - 3 years ago
Wow amazing yet again.. u guys really make me wanna fish everyday.. amazing guys.. amazing video and great bunch of guys.. care to share the tackle u guys used..?

Great video again..
Jj Sands
Jj Sands - 3 years ago
Can someone who speaks their language please provide translations into English.
Dietmar L.
Dietmar L. - 3 years ago
Holy moses amazing.
Kevin Chank
Kevin Chank - 3 years ago
a fan from Trinidad in the Caribbean....great vid!!...I felt as if I was there with you guys jumping from rock to rock to support my mate who just snagged a huge one, which is so much more than you could ask for on a humble video.....I might have on a shirt in my office killing the hours on youtube but I feel as if my feet are wet....thanks guys ...keep it up
Captain Gainz
Captain Gainz - 3 years ago
I do have a question..who would win in a fight between a Stingaero and a Drop Bear?, I'm frothin for that match up more that the Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hahaha I'd put my money on Stingero mate!
Captain Gainz
Captain Gainz - 3 years ago
You guys are the yard stick to which other fishing videos compare to, keep it up. Stingaero for the win
Oakland Agency
Oakland Agency - 3 years ago
So good fellas! Great vid
Sydney Fishing
Sydney Fishing - 3 years ago
ABSOLUTELY love the vids that morningtide provide!!!!
The amount of editing is greatly appreciated to make such a masterpiece of a video. F-ing LOVE IT!!!!
prankster671 - 3 years ago
Rice, soy sauce, onions wasabe is all the supplies I would need...fart on me tho, you best not sleep the rest of the trip.
Aussie Fishing
Aussie Fishing - 3 years ago
Better than ifish mate ! Love you guys !!
RLord31 - 3 years ago
loosest cunts shopping!! you guys are my idols wish i could hook up to fish like you guys! legends
mmmlllzzz100 - 3 years ago
Ruben H
Ruben H - 3 years ago
Absolutely brilliant video. I'm just.. speechless. Brilliant filming, brilliant music, brilliant people, brilliant narrating and brilliant fishing. I came here to watch a catch and cook video and got hit with a masterpiece documentary about a group of guys living the life on a remote island. You guys are amazing. Keep up the awesome work while I let this masterpiece sink in!
OXS Enterprises
OXS Enterprises - 3 years ago
If this doesn't get you pumped for good times with ya mates, nothing will!
Ross Morrison
Ross Morrison - 3 years ago
What rod and reel setup would you guys go out and get if you had around $1500 to spend?.
Cam Larner
Cam Larner - 3 years ago
francisco menjivar
francisco menjivar - 3 years ago
Love video nice work thas work.
Kilkees Own
Kilkees Own - 3 years ago
Milan Ristic
Milan Ristic - 3 years ago
So fkn good.. nice vid lads.
Nick Rotgans
Nick Rotgans - 3 years ago
Wicked video boys!!!! Awesome shit. Now just need another nz video haha yeow!
Finbar Griffith O'Brien
Finbar Griffith O'Brien - 3 years ago
Perfect edit, wonderful humour, great crew, insane location and even better some balls to the wall LBG. Can't wait for the next video, I wanna see more Spanish...
Chris Cork
Chris Cork - 3 years ago
This gave me chills and excitement
Louis Allen
Louis Allen - 3 years ago
I wish they said where they were
Nathan Huizing
Nathan Huizing - 3 years ago
You lads are killing it. The effort and hours put into a video like this would be next level but the finished product speaks for itself! Looked like one epic adventure. Keep it up boys, loving these vids!
Shane Jewitt
Shane Jewitt - 3 years ago
I've never commented on any video on any channel before but I just couldn't help it with this one! I hope you guys know how appreciative your fan base is of what you do! That video was world class and so are every other one you've made! They're just phenomenal!! You guys deserve so much more credit! This would be the most popular show on the world fishing network by far! Anyway I just want to say thank you for the exceptional content and I can't wait to see more!
Ramiro Juarez
Ramiro Juarez - 3 years ago
This channel is by far the best fishing channel on YouTube! You guys keep it so real and always have fun and that's what it's all about. It sucks that you guys only upload once in a while, but waiting for the next video is so worth it! Cheers from Florida!
Jackson Deadder
Jackson Deadder - 3 years ago
This is crazy these guys should have millions of subs. Just an outstanding video. Good work boys.
BLK PowerRanger
BLK PowerRanger - 3 years ago
didn't want to cook the whole fish on coals? would have got more out of it.
Bsprecks - 3 years ago
most underrated fishing channel on youtube!
Bsprecks - 3 years ago
Galey's Prime Time
Galey's Prime Time - 3 years ago
That was incredible viewing. The absolute whole package right there. Loved it.
EthanP289 - 3 years ago
Now this is fishing!
Muhd Hafiz Ramli
Muhd Hafiz Ramli - 3 years ago
nice video
Adam Cummins
Adam Cummins - 3 years ago
I've been watching you guys for a very long time now and with every video the trips the fish the storytelling the editing and the imagery just keep getting better and better. This video is absolutely incredible. Bravo and thank you for all of the entertainment you've given me!
Cody_blackmon50 - 3 years ago
Would a penn spinfisher 6500 size be good also I love the editing and I wish I could have that experience to fish on rocks!!
Pej Jam
Pej Jam - 3 years ago
In decades of fishing and watching fishing videos this is the REAL DEAL. I think best one of yours too. So much work Woa. Great job
Hudson Hitchcock
Hudson Hitchcock - 3 years ago
U r like the Jamie O Brian of fishing
WillFilms - 3 years ago
anyone who can appreciate hard work, dedication to the editing, filming and music producing will love these videos, keep up the great work guys!! awesome fishing videos!!
aizat flip
aizat flip - 3 years ago
please appreciate this video with your likesss. its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ira Jr
Ira Jr - 3 years ago
Do you fellas train jits? Belt?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Me and Cavy have blue belts but Jonny has never trained before (he played AFL growing up so reckon's he's pretty tough though haha) he's always starting shit and we sometimes have to show him what's up lol. Ryota was a pro boxer in Japan when he was younger, 7 wins, 7 knock outs! I held pads for him when we got back from the trip and thought it was going to break my hand haha. He reckons he was only going light but man he has some proper power in his right hand!

Cavy's the only one actively training, I've been out for a couple years now since the new baby but if/when I get time again I'll be frothin to get back on the mats. Jits is so bloody fun and I definitely miss it a lot!

How about you mate? You train?
Jayson Arman
Jayson Arman - 3 years ago
Looks like an absolute fucking epic time !!
meangreen - 3 years ago
Sick video. Keep pushing the bar every one is showing more and more! Sweet composition with the music as well.
Lured Fishing
Lured Fishing - 3 years ago
Hard work behind this video! We love it legends!!!
Kenny Newell
Kenny Newell - 3 years ago
Awesome video! One of the best yet! Adventure of a lifetime!
Garrett Bezdek
Garrett Bezdek - 3 years ago
Please get Jon b out there that would be epic
Cameron Melson
Cameron Melson - 3 years ago
Great video! When do you think you will have move inventory on the long sleeve psycho black shirt and the red and white hook hat?
Cameron Melson
Cameron Melson - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing - awesome I am a huge fan here in ATL Ga and love the gear! That shirt and red, white,and black hat is phenomenal. Your videos are inspiring nothing like it out there. Keep it up!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hi mate we're really struggling to keep up with the demand at the moment and are changing to a new factory, it's just taking way longer than we expected! I reckon there will be stock of the psycho's within a couple months!
antonio999us - 3 years ago
Hello again MTF friends.... just one question regarding your lures. I have noticed that most or your lures are setup with inline hooks. What in the main reason for you, when you remove the treble hooks and replace them by inline hooks?
In my case, given that sometimes I'm fishing in places surrounded by big and strong seaweeds, treble hooks have high probability to get stack on them. Then, to reduce the chance to get stack and lose my lures, I replace the treble by inline hooks.
I would like to know your reasons. Thanks....
antonio999us - 3 years ago
Hola again MTF.... thanks for your response.. it was clear... As I mentioned, recently I bought some inline hooks to replace the Treble hooks to reduce the chance to get stack on seaweeds and it worked. as you do, I also think to be fair with fish, then, even though inline hooks are a little expensive, I will consider to use them more often. thanks...
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hi mate we use singles a fair bit because they are nicer for the fish (less damage) and also they can tweak the action of the lure. We'll have singles and trebs on hand while fishing and if we feel a lure isn't swimming well we'll try different hook combinations to see if we can get better action out of it.
Jake Gatt
Jake Gatt - 3 years ago
amazing vid
Collin Snellings
Collin Snellings - 3 years ago
Man the stuff y'all do looks like so much fun.Wish I could come along and fish on these awesome islands.Great vid keep doin it plz
Malthe Wisler Johansen
Malthe Wisler Johansen - 3 years ago
Your vids are the best!
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith - 3 years ago
Seriously there's so much shit on telly made with big budgets and trained actors and I can't be bothered to watch any of it, yet you guys put this together with a bunch of mates and some go pros and I could watch this all day long (and apparently do it seems!)
Diego Gaxiola
Diego Gaxiola - 3 years ago
Greatest YouTube fishing Chanel , need more videos !
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
No worries bro, to want more of our films is actually the best compliment we can get! Just can only do so many of these big ones each year at the moment.
Diego Gaxiola
Diego Gaxiola - 3 years ago
Thanks for the reply , never meant to make less your work it's awesome how you show your experience
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hey mate these films take 100s of hours to make (this one over 400 hours not including the week long trip) so can only release them every few months. In the mean time, you should check out our personal channels where we put up more simple content.

Cavy -
Jonny -
Briggsy -
John Goodwin
John Goodwin - 3 years ago
The best fisherman that actually put in the work.
Catching Dinosaurs
Catching Dinosaurs - 3 years ago
jesus that GT was massive
Russell May
Russell May - 3 years ago
has anyone got a hook in the hand on one of these trips ?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Never on an Island trip, I'm actually the only one who's done it -
limestonelizard - 3 years ago
nice!! i bet the fish tasted fantastic
Mr.Tumbleweed - 3 years ago
11:15 you fucking said it brother. Truer words never spoken about fishing
Aaron Jin
Aaron Jin - 3 years ago
Super awesome video guys. Like you said, its hard to get out of the office, but videos like these make it feel like I'm actually there.

yung squa
yung squa - 3 years ago
Thienqv - 3 years ago
quality over quantity. id even wait months for a video from u psycho dudes.. also crazy japanese guy hahaha
Andrew D
Andrew D - 3 years ago
worth waiting a month for this video ;)
Jarrod Ward
Jarrod Ward - 3 years ago
you lads are killing this youtube shit. keep it up and you will be doing this for a living in no time.
David Angle
David Angle - 3 years ago
incredible work boys. nat geo finna give yall contracts ;]
Jed Payten
Jed Payten - 3 years ago
i appreciate how much time and effort goes into these fucking superb videos
Deep Blue Fishing
Deep Blue Fishing - 3 years ago
Best video i've seen on youtube for a while
Sunrise Fishing
Sunrise Fishing - 3 years ago
The long wait was really worth it!!
The Kiwi Angler
The Kiwi Angler - 3 years ago
bloody legends.
Troy Godbee Plumbing
Troy Godbee Plumbing - 3 years ago
Eleven dislikes, are those dicks for real.
Always look forward to watching your videos.Makes my week at work not so shitty.
Thanks heaps
jake Ahern
jake Ahern - 3 years ago
I live for these vids
cuzimabag man
cuzimabag man - 3 years ago
Man, what I would do to fish with you guys. I gotta say I am a huge fan of your videos. You guys make big game fishing look like a whole new kind of sport. I wish I could do some of this stuff here in the U.S.
Elliot Hooker
Elliot Hooker - 3 years ago
Soo sick amazing detail in the edit
pat - 3 years ago
This was the perfect storm of fishing videos. Fishing, superb sound track and all the behind the scenes stuff. Now I am going back for a second helping..
Harry Whitehead
Harry Whitehead - 3 years ago
awesome video!!! what drone are you using
The Fishing Style
The Fishing Style - 3 years ago
You guys need a TV show
JAPSY Atish - 3 years ago
guys can i join you one day?? am a big fan
DarkSide Fishing
DarkSide Fishing - 3 years ago
nice one boys!!
Muammar Maquiling
Muammar Maquiling - 3 years ago
"Fishing means so much to us because Its a form of meditation" - Morning Tide
Catch202 - 3 years ago
Seruiously good fellas. Ryota is a beast !!!! perfect fit with the rest of the team. Brooksyyyyyy the master of Rock Scissors Paper. Briggsy sick editing .... points off for farting in people's faces at lunch time though :P Have you thought of hitting somewhere like Abrolhos Islands or some of the islands down around Esperance ? Can't wait for the next adventure .... shame there's such a long time between drinks .... but the wait is always worth it.
Nick Monahan
Nick Monahan - 3 years ago
I understand catch and cook videos get lots of views but, I wouldn't have called this video a catch and cook because I was much more than that
FloBass - 3 years ago
You fella's are absolute legends! I've dreamed of doing exactly this! One day....
leo ll
leo ll - 3 years ago
I always bring high grade cannabis when I go fishing and camping.
Benno - 3 years ago
33 minutes and 42 seconds I could watch again and again. What an awesome video. People say that art is an expression of emotions, to every man who has had that feeling that you lads perfectly explained in that video, this is art.
Makai Smith
Makai Smith - 3 years ago
Thank you guys for the countless hours you put into making this. This video was incredible and I will be coming back to watch it over and over. You guys are the best, I would kill to tag along on one of these trips!
Stilweel - 3 years ago
You guys can fish... but sure can't cook.. Great vids! keep'em coming!
Ben Add
Ben Add - 3 years ago
you need more exposure vids are awesome guys
Ed Yulo
Ed Yulo - 3 years ago
Get so stoked watching your vids! Fishing as it was meant to be. Thank you guys!
Demanink - 3 years ago
Holy fuck, you boys are the real point break lads, love this shit!
Paul Bedigian
Paul Bedigian - 3 years ago
I've been waiting for a new video from you guys, and this did not disappoint. Great stuff!
Matt Davis
Matt Davis - 3 years ago
Awesome video! Truly one of the best fishing channels on youtube. You guys cover every aspect of what makes fishing such an incredible sport. Your passion really shows, keep it up!
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson - 3 years ago
perfect.... well done on another great adventure guys !
fdocmac - 3 years ago
This is ace guys!! Tackle used to catch the coral trout and the wrasse pls?! Cya.
Niklas Andersson
Niklas Andersson - 3 years ago
This latests videos is sooooo great dude.......keep up the awsome good work that u do.
I follow every videos u make. U have inspeired me. sorry my bad English!
tancao123 - 3 years ago
You guys should try filing land stuff on regular camera and fishing on go pro
tancao123 - 3 years ago
tancao123 - 3 years ago
Greatest fishing channel on YouTube edits are amazing
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hey mate these films take 100s of hours to make (this one over 400 hours not including the week long trip)! So can only release them every few months. But you should check out our personal channels where we put up more simple content.

Cavy -
Jonny -
Briggsy -
Francis Kasprzak
Francis Kasprzak - 3 years ago
This was pure gold boys
Stevie D
Stevie D - 3 years ago
Hi Guys,
Staggeringly Brilliant.
So much i could say but will try keep it short.
Your filming reminds me of an Exploration type TV Movie which gives a sense that the viewer is going out of their comfort zone and into the unknown.
It must be amazing to have remoteness like that where you don't get disturbed and can focus totally on everything. What a job you all did.
Your best video yet.
Steve in Scotland.
Will Keen
Will Keen - 3 years ago
Super frothing video! You guys' videos always get me super pumped to go out and get fishing. The pranks are also great - inspired me to give my friend some rod taps when we were out fishing for tuna and kingfish and it was hilarious! Each episode just gets better and better, keep the videos coming!!! (also, have you thought about doing a video with blacktiph?)
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis - 3 years ago
i would give anything to live that life
AdroitNGaming - 3 years ago
Y'all should pick one person to go with you guys each time :) would be a great experience
Leo Millar
Leo Millar - 3 years ago
Love your videos! Can't fault them! However one thing you could do to please us all is make the audio louder when you speak over the music! Tight lines guys don't stop doing what you love
jarrad Dittmer
jarrad Dittmer - 3 years ago
This channel deserves so much more than it receives. Every little thing is thought about and so much emotion is put into these videos. The detail is insane and in my opinion is far above any other YouTube channel or person out there that makes videos. It brings you to the person level and makes you feel as if you were there. Keep up the work guys. You're killing it.
antonio999us - 3 years ago
Hello mates, greetings from Peru.... this was just a great and amazing adventure like all the other ones you have. Some day, I wish to try that coral trout cooked in the same way. It seems to be delicious plus the condition that you were starving. That was a priceless moment in life. In my next fishing I will do the same with fresh fish. Congrats for sharing this video.
Soltfire - 3 years ago
My favorite fishing channel, keep up the amazing work. Cheers.
Toni Toni
Toni Toni - 3 years ago
Best videos on YouTube imo not joking u mamage to get the experience across soooo welll with the filming editing and especially the narratives rlly makes me think of why i fish too
The Fishing cartel
The Fishing cartel - 3 years ago
defiantly the best channel on youtube
Josh - 3 years ago
Amazing video!
Ado 2k
Ado 2k - 3 years ago
Now this is fishing, you guys deserve so much more subs
Phillip Kolesinski
Phillip Kolesinski - 3 years ago
Fuckin sick video
Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen - 3 years ago
I bet that wasn't the only trout they had after that first one
Tyler C
Tyler C - 3 years ago
great video as usual
82rocksolid - 3 years ago
You guys sure do make a bad ass video! Watched it last night and then once again this morning! Keep em coming man! Yeeman!
Adrien Lincoln
Adrien Lincoln - 3 years ago
so cool the video.... you should go in Farquhar island one day... its awsome
Xay Xiong
Xay Xiong - 3 years ago
manonthemoon1337 - 3 years ago
These vids are so freakin good, they pump me up so i have to go fishin NOW
Alex Phillips
Alex Phillips - 3 years ago
What is the best rod for a stella 20000
IM DEPLORABLE - 3 years ago
wow man what a great time with good bros. the editing the music all of it was perfect!!! one thing though man never ever cook me a fucking pancake! who forgot the frying pan??
Yunior De los Santos
Yunior De los Santos - 3 years ago
I watch your videos with a smile on the face! I kept coming in to see if you had uploaded any video. Please don't take that long to upload! Great video guys!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Hey mate these films take 100s of hours to make (this one over 400 hours not including the week long trip) so can only release them every few months. In the mean time, you should check out our personal channels where we put up more simple content.

Cavy -
Jonny -
Briggsy -
alexis stylianou
alexis stylianou - 3 years ago
Brian Bates
Brian Bates - 3 years ago
Great video, gents! You captured a whole lot there. I enjoyed some focus on the coral trout and the wrasse (wrasse?). Is there going to be some more footage on your personal accounts too? I'd love to see more on the Spanish, awesome fish. Cheers
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith - 3 years ago
George Karl III
George Karl III - 3 years ago
Some of the best fishing content on YouTube. How do these dudes only have 42k subs??
Anthony Segarra
Anthony Segarra - 3 years ago
all the F's, Fishing, Friends, Food, Fucking Awesome! keep it up, that's what life is really about. Excellent! !!!
Guy Strudel
Guy Strudel - 3 years ago
Oi bro what do you do when you need to fire a few sloppy poos out when you're out on the water????
Mark Manson
Mark Manson - 3 years ago
Just absolutely freaking awesome . This is what it means to be human . Job done to perfection on this one boys .
mario quiroz
mario quiroz - 3 years ago
True to form. A masterpiece. Just farting in people's faces lmao I died! Also I do t think Jon b is on this level of fishing. Or anyone else from the googan squad for that matter. Keep your circle small, it's all you really have in the end isn't it. Just my opinion
Jaxson McKenzie
Jaxson McKenzie - 3 years ago
I absolutely love the parts where you talk and explainfishing in only a way a fisherman can loved the video thanks guys
Willie Zenes
Willie Zenes - 3 years ago
Nothing better on YouTube
Marlene C
Marlene C - 3 years ago
You guys are awesome, hope your friendship lasts for life ,fish on ! I love all your videos .
Josh Whitehouse
Josh Whitehouse - 3 years ago
briggsy youre a fucking jedi at getting mad footy and editing it to this quality, got me frothin for a spin big time boys! yew !
BitetheBait Fishing
BitetheBait Fishing - 3 years ago
Man that looked like a lot of fun, another awesome video I got to do something like this someday. Epic trip!
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts - 3 years ago
Love the video boys, keep it up
Paul Nixon
Paul Nixon - 3 years ago
Another sick reason why you guys make me froth! Awesome video bru
Scott Salter
Scott Salter - 3 years ago
This is absolutely mental boys, the production quality on these is insane. You've really inspired me to get out and have a crack off the rocks for game fish, I'm hoping to get out next tuna season and have a crack. Keep up the good shit fellas.
15amitsh1 - 3 years ago
Nice video guys I love it so much
Jorge Moran
Jorge Moran - 3 years ago
Well worth the wait as always. Epic storytelling. That monologue trying to convey what this type of fishing feels like, what it feels to be on the hunt, the anticipation, the ectasy of that hit on the lure. Thanks bros, thanks for sharing and dedicating your time and resources and being kind enough to share it with us and allowing us to live vicariously through your videos.

Share this, let the world know Morning Tide Fishing is taking over. Frothing!!!!
Cool edits and Stuff
Cool edits and Stuff - 3 years ago
I was thinking about buying the disk on your website, does it come with all the locations?
Troy Hill
Troy Hill - 3 years ago
Fukin epic as usual when's the next one
Ed T
Ed T - 3 years ago
Bravo guys! You just keep going from strength to strength! I was seriously over frothed checking each day for the last two weeks for this video to drop! haha
JOSEPH JBAC - 3 years ago
Living the dream
beegers outdoors
beegers outdoors - 3 years ago
Cheers from Michigan mates !!! Love your vids. Just woke up , drinking coffee. What a great way to start the day. FISH ON !!!!!
huy tran
huy tran - 3 years ago
Amazing fishing video
Ashraf 'Ush' Hoglin
Ashraf 'Ush' Hoglin - 3 years ago
Jits n fishing!! Haha. Perfect combo
Ashraf 'Ush' Hoglin
Ashraf 'Ush' Hoglin - 3 years ago
bradoo123 - 3 years ago
Oh baby you guys get me so pumped. I just bought my first off-the-rocks setup because of this channel alone haha
Keep up the awesome videos, you guys are doing Australia proud.
John Santanello jr
John Santanello jr - 3 years ago
simply epic. life like it should be. cheers..fromJohn in Connecticut
DannyJoe - 3 years ago
best saltwater chanel on YouTube handsdown
Matthew Michael
Matthew Michael - 3 years ago
sick vid
Lachie jh
Lachie jh - 3 years ago
Sick videos lads. I love the fishery that we have here in NZ and we are bloody lucky, but your vids definitely leave me considering a long weekend trip over the ditch! Keep doing what your doing.
longjohnsenx S
longjohnsenx S - 3 years ago
What a fuckin' Barilliant trip mates! Keep it up!
Hugh Gerection
Hugh Gerection - 3 years ago
awesome job again lads
Zac Kemp
Zac Kemp - 3 years ago
Where do you guys get your WFT braid from.
Mario Hofmann
Mario Hofmann - 3 years ago
Very very Nice Action
Kane Austin
Kane Austin - 3 years ago
uuuhhhh so good
Sebastian Ljungkvist
Sebastian Ljungkvist - 3 years ago
You know it's a brilliant video when 33 minutes feel like nothing <3
Koby Brookes
Koby Brookes - 3 years ago
Love your shit Man
charlie cheng
charlie cheng - 3 years ago
i hope i can be with u
Danuriawan Perkasa
Danuriawan Perkasa - 3 years ago
wowwww napoleon !!!
JakobRutqvist - 3 years ago
An absolute masterpiece, Epic fishing and the mood between you guys is amazing! Love to watch your movies.Understand and appreciate all the hard work behind it. Cheers
tappinrocks - 3 years ago
best channel on youtube btw
AusRiverFishing - 3 years ago
watching that got me frothin so hard, love you channel boys keep it up
Tucker Lander
Tucker Lander - 3 years ago
what are the shoes you wear and how do i get a pair I live in the states and only fish the rocks.
tappinrocks - 3 years ago
do a collab with jon b would be awesome getting him over to aus
Leopold - 3 years ago
he would slip on the rocks and cry.
jack pogson
jack pogson - 3 years ago
cracking loose aussie dudes on a fishing trip! fuck en love it!
Kev 371
Kev 371 - 3 years ago
Awesome edit once again briggsy. Any ideas on the next trip?
Kev 371
Kev 371 - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing too easy mate, just love the content all you boys put out. What part of Queensland did you guys head out of?
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Next trip not too far off but think we'll do some films on our personal channels in the mean time, it's kinda weird season at the moment and won't really kick in for a couple months. But once spring hits we usually do a trip each month.
Nik K.
Nik K. - 3 years ago
sooooooooooo gooooooood man i would honestly prefer this to most modern hollywood films ! you guys are keeping it so authentic and do an amazing job at portraying how much fishing means to all of us!
kunal raikwar
kunal raikwar - 3 years ago
The Energy you guys have is something.. Have Loved all your videos and i am a die hard fan of all MT members. Idealize to be like you guys.. Always happy :) keep up the good work guys.. keep em coming..
Antonio Acquarola
Antonio Acquarola - 3 years ago
can't find the words to describe this video, as always great quality shooting, lots of fun and wonderful catches, you guys and your strong connection and respect for the nature inspire me every day from the first video i saw, keep it up!!!
Corey Mcniff
Corey Mcniff - 3 years ago
You fellas have really delivered again. The editing is so on point. Frothin hard boys love ya stuff
Skylin VN
Skylin VN - 3 years ago
Honestly this channel keeps things so real, no click bait and non of that bullshit. KEEP IT UP!!!
bryan chen
bryan chen - 3 years ago
Sick clip guys. Cheers from Singapore!
Sam HITCHINS - 3 years ago
Best video yet!!! Truly inspirational, being a kid who is passionate about the outdoors and especially fishing I watched every second of this video in ore!
CantB Happening
CantB Happening - 3 years ago
Great stuff guys, top notch vids, keep having the fun and sharing with the rest of us.
stjosephwilliams - 3 years ago
Sick trip boys...... nz
The McGregor Twins
The McGregor Twins - 3 years ago
Best fishing videos EVER
Gijs Schalij
Gijs Schalij - 3 years ago
BADBOYBENNY - 3 years ago
That was hectic
Skylin VN
Skylin VN - 3 years ago
Sooooo good I love the vids bro, keep it up
john Barry
john Barry - 3 years ago
What you are doing is Next Level $#!T
IsurfFloridaa - 3 years ago
Best fishing videos and just great people in the videos , this is too good , the content is amazing keep it up! Best channel in my opinion.
Fatih Uyar
Fatih Uyar - 3 years ago
You guys know how to enjot it ;) (Y)
Michael Rumble
Michael Rumble - 3 years ago
fuck mate thats commitment, bloody awesome vid though great job boys!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Last month, took me about 400 hours on the song and edit!
john Barry
john Barry - 3 years ago
You are a Cult.
I am a Follower.....
The hair....on my arms. F#ck Me......
Coral Trout is a beauty. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Jorge Moran
Jorge Moran - 3 years ago
I can relate
Lance Dal Molin
Lance Dal Molin - 3 years ago
Fuck yeah bois
Marcelo Sepulveda
Marcelo Sepulveda - 3 years ago
Wow you guys are amazing I've never seen a perfect representation of what what men are and should be in this generation the words you spoke are the truest Ive ever heard in my life and I've been trying to keep my lifestyle as being connected to nature you guys are living the dream I am young but I hope as I grow to become a man I want to be in contact in nature just like you guys and it is my dream to fish with you guys. Tight lines!
Daniel Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong - 3 years ago
Such a fucking killer video. Even here at 1AM in the states, I just have the sudden urge to go out there and fish. Your videos are epitomized reminders of sensations that are truly important in life. Beautiful filmwork and music Aaron! Jon B? You guys should take him out and accidentally feed him to the sharks.
Kurtis Bollard
Kurtis Bollard - 3 years ago
handsdown sickest vid yet! no fish for briggsy??
Kurtis Bollard
Kurtis Bollard - 3 years ago
shattered! by the looks of things seems like the trip was all time anyway!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
I had a few hits and couple hook ups, one small GT and small Spanish both got off haha, also lifted my lure out of the water to watch a 30kg + GT explode at my feet trying to hit it... that there pretty much sums up the fishing side of the trip for me Haha!
Sami El Otmani
Sami El Otmani - 3 years ago
Along with your other vids, one of the best fishing videos ever hands down. Keep it up boys!
Matthew Rad
Matthew Rad - 3 years ago
This is great guys. Must have taken you forever to edit! You guys will blow up soon!
ignition. - 3 years ago
Even that epic fade out, chatting ending... awesome way to finish Briggsy.
Raph dunn
Raph dunn - 3 years ago
YEEEEEEEEEEW and mate if ya have any spare reels and rods I'm all ways here
jonnywaselectric - 3 years ago
2 sniffs each, don't be greedy
mickey reginald
mickey reginald - 3 years ago
Great to watch your fishing as always.
MAX FISH - 3 years ago
i love how laid back Aussie and kiwi police are
bloody straya for days.
great video boys
Gaming addiction Liam
Gaming addiction Liam - 3 years ago
That is awesome
Koby Vollprecht
Koby Vollprecht - 3 years ago
You guys do the best fishing vids cause you always catch bloody huge fish!
Alex Gonzales
Alex Gonzales - 3 years ago
madtrappa - 3 years ago
fuck them 2 dislikes
B.Roberts - 3 years ago
I forgive em they frothed so hard it got on the mouse must of slipped the click…thats frothin for ya.
theslumpgod - 3 years ago
Best one yet. By far
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Cheers bro!
Mackenzie Morgan
Mackenzie Morgan - 3 years ago
This is awesome!!!
Reef Habitat
Reef Habitat - 3 years ago
That was epic! I live vicariously through your videos and always look forward to the next adventure. Best youtube fishing channel ever and I don't know if John B can survive one of your trips! Hahaha
Cavy Fishing
Cavy Fishing - 3 years ago
Man i couldn't retain my laughter with this prank and kind of blew it! But still got him a bit... Next time is gunna be good!
Michael Busby
Michael Busby - 3 years ago
Super inspirational stuff dudes
dfrsh1 - 3 years ago
Epic guys, great job
Zachary - 3 years ago
Absolutely... Amazing! Best video yet!
reed kopec
reed kopec - 3 years ago
Best fishing channel on YouTube. Hands down.
LionOfAmbition - 3 years ago
This video, and all your videos, are beauties. Honestly, the camerawork, the narration, the music, and of course the fucking huge fish are all impeccable. World class content.
Case Merritt
Case Merritt - 3 years ago
shit boys if i could choose a channel to instantly make explode with attention it would be this. yalls videos are EPIC you can see how much time really goes into filming and editing these. it's just so cool to watch the lengths y'all go to to catch these fish and how much fun you have as a group together. you do a fantastic job expressing it in your content. best videos i watch hands down. keep up the good work!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Cheers bro!
Tony k
Tony k - 3 years ago
Great work
Cédric Duperray
Cédric Duperray - 3 years ago
I was waiting for it, I knew that will be an amazing video, it's even better than I thought it could be ! Best fishing video !! Great job ! Bravo !
Thank you for doing all those efforts for us to enjoy the videos !
WestCoast Sharkin
WestCoast Sharkin - 3 years ago
Really psycho
Frothin - 3 years ago
The quality of these vids are amazing! Must have easily been 100 hours plus of editing!
Ryan M
Ryan M - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing Kudos. Can definitely see and hear the attention to detail, especially the music. That is still a lot of hours.
Kedde Jensen
Kedde Jensen - 3 years ago
the video work is like 75% in this movie! great job!
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Around 300 hours to edit and 120+ for the song, really stoked you appreciate the work mate!
Basic_Fishing - 3 years ago
awesome footage as usual lol haha those were giant as fish XD
Shaka Danny
Shaka Danny - 3 years ago
Basic_Fishing yewwww!
David Jeon
David Jeon - 3 years ago
Brett Johnstone
Brett Johnstone - 3 years ago
As always fellas stunning work! Looked like you were able to complete your mission on landing a few more GT's! Looks like you had a spectacular trip with a great bunch of various fish!!! as always. The camera shots of the reels and lures was hectic at 28:42!

keep up the great work guys and i look forward to the future videos!!!
spagetiization Madox
spagetiization Madox - 3 years ago
Yeah the boys
Fishing The World
Fishing The World - 3 years ago
Amazing cinematography, fish, and humour. I loved this video like all the others, it looks so incredible
Nasi Uduk
Nasi Uduk - 3 years ago
Nice movie video..
bemrocs - 3 years ago
Excellent video! I love when you all get together to make these epic excursions. So amazing. Glad I got my MorningTide gear.
Hazza Turk
Hazza Turk - 3 years ago
Amazing! Comedy and adventure all in one! Enjoyed every single bit of this film. I just want more and more! You guys are the best fishing entertainers on YouTube by far... Keep up the great work guys! Funny how Briggsy has so much gas haha, fart machine!
andrew jones
andrew jones - 3 years ago
MorningTide Fishing hahahaha bro that's what I like to call a Gluten Bomb. Screw wheat haha #celiac #intolerance
Hazza Turk
Hazza Turk - 3 years ago
Haha, now it makes sense after all, poor Jonny lol.
MorningTide Fishing
MorningTide Fishing - 3 years ago
Haha I don't usually eat wheat so trip time can get pretty smelly! (that's why Jonny didn't want to share the tent zone lol)
Clark Vue
Clark Vue - 3 years ago
Love the vids guys! This is so fcking awesome and inspiring!
Jake Matsumoto
Jake Matsumoto - 3 years ago
That is what life should be..good showing u guys
Coolten10 - 3 years ago
Holy fuck the gt
Murphy - 3 years ago
I love Jon b and all them, but no channel keeps it as REAL as this one. This is real fishing, a connection with nature as every wave crashes, not some fake shit with a click bate title. Thanks for giving me the chance to watch this and I hope you all get infinitely more subs. Please keep up the amazing work, and I hope that you can have more opportunities to make these videos! P.s. I am so jealous.
Vladof - 3 years ago
that'd be horrible lol
Jackson Deadder
Jackson Deadder - 3 years ago
A collaboration between the googans and morning tide on one of these island trips would be sick.
Murphy - 3 years ago
Skylin VN yeeeeeeew!
Demanink - 3 years ago
Murphy, please don't compare jonb with the lads!
Skylin VN
Skylin VN - 3 years ago
Murphy well fucking said bro!
Matthew. Rizzi
Matthew. Rizzi - 3 years ago
You make awesome videos

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Time to catch some big fish! Special thanks to Old Bahama Bay for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to check out...

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Shark Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

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Time to CATCH and RELEASE some SHARKS! ► Click HERE for crazy fishing VIDEOS! ► Click HERE...

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Giant FISHING Adventure with HobbyKidsTV

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The HobbyKids go fishing for toys in their boat in the HobbyKidsPool. There they find toys and a bunch of fun!...

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Shark Fishing Big fish Fishing video...

11,730 likes 11,270,165 views 4 years ago

Shark Fishing Big fish traditional fishing funny video compilation 2016 Monster Goliath fish catching

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