Catching Wild Fish For Aquarium - Peru Vlog

Catching Wild Fish For Aquarium - Peru Vlog. This is a long format video series of catching wild aquarium fish in the forest looking at their natural habitat. #vlog #aquarium #fish tank #aquariumcoop *Our Monthly Give Away ►* *Patreon Support ►* *Instagram ►*

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Catching Wild Fish For Aquarium - Peru Vlog. This is a long format video series of catching wild aquarium fish in the forest looking at their natural habitat. #vlog #aquarium #fish tank #aquariumcoop *Our Monthly Give Away ►* *Patreon Support ►* *Instagram ►*

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Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Juan Diego Vasquez
Juan Diego Vasquez - 2 years ago
I liked the video before it started just because of the title and the fact that Cory is an interesting host. Good stuff Cory. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you but keep this up. The fans approve (Y)
Kaalo Lovett
Kaalo Lovett - 2 years ago
That made me sad. Vital to show that destruction though
Kenny Crawford
Kenny Crawford - 2 years ago
Where are you from sir
Alek Koomanoff
Alek Koomanoff - 2 years ago
Aquarium Co-Op Thanks for long form video and pointing out pernicious effect of gold mining greedheads. Gave us more of the flavour of the journey.
NatureShy - Elemental Fluttography
NatureShy - Elemental Fluttography - 2 years ago
I do a lot of backpacking and hiking throughout the year, and I know what you mean about feet being sore. I did an 85 mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon this summer, and my feet killed me on the 12-14 mile days!

There's a way that hikers and backpackers go to the bathroom, which would be a much better (and cleaner!) method than doing that hole above the creek at 16:25. Use a backpacking/hiking ultra-light hand trowel and dig a hole 6-8 inches deep. Do your business, burn any toilet paper (or carry it out), and then bury it. That way, it doesn't lead to water contamination or giardia (a parasite that is often found in seemingly clean water, even in wild areas in the U.S.) Practically the only "safe" water you can drink straight without filtration around the world, incl. the U.S., are from glaciers directly from the source.
Les Olson
Les Olson - 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing your journey. Great call. Really enjoyed the adventure.
Malas Palabras
Malas Palabras - 2 years ago
Thank you for this documentary!!!! I learned alot and am now finding information on Go Wild Perú!
tsfcancerman - 2 years ago
Why would you put it in a bucket when yiu could have used big jugs instead that way no danger of spilling the water
tsfcancerman - 2 years ago
Ppl need to stop the ppl destroying the nature
tsfcancerman - 2 years ago
Shouldnt be hard to get them back aslong as you bring some airpumps
SharkyJ17 - 2 years ago
Very cool, although Tetras are endangered in the wild because of international pet trade. Better to get them from breeders. That is so cool though!
SharkyJ17 - 2 years ago
I realized after that I was talking specifically about Neon Tetras. My bad. That is true, the gold mining does destroy the river bed. Great video!
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
That’s not true to the best of my knowledge. We are currently losing Peruvian fish to gold mining pollution.
SharkyJ17 - 2 years ago
Your thumbnail makes you look like Andy from The Office.

10. comment for Catching Wild Fish For Aquarium - Peru Vlog

Josh Potatoe
Josh Potatoe - 2 years ago
an actually gold pleco nice. gold nuggets are just orange yellow lol
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - 2 years ago
Why do people have to pollute
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Well I think it's a big issue. Essentially everyone pollutes. The best idea I've heard is to just consume less period.
3luisadan - 2 years ago
That sensitive plant we call it “morivivi” in Puerto Rico it have thorns also.
TheDemarest - 2 years ago
Look at these wild sticks in the wild!
Diane Mullinax
Diane Mullinax - 2 years ago
I'm half Peruvian ❤️
Backwoods Boy
Backwoods Boy - 2 years ago
A wolf fish is my dream pet!!!
Oliver Stepniewski
Oliver Stepniewski - 2 years ago
Does that Ancistrus sp. Gold have any L number? When you google it it just shows L144 or Albinos..
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Nope, it hasn't been described yet.
Danny velez
Danny velez - 2 years ago
Wow beautiful
bruceborges - 2 years ago
Wild Sticks in the wild, so cool,....
Cocoy C
Cocoy C - 2 years ago
Great vlog series. Thanks so much for sharing.

20. comment for Catching Wild Fish For Aquarium - Peru Vlog

Daniel Dulu
Daniel Dulu - 2 years ago
I cannot watch Dean Sorry
mooosestang - 2 years ago
Cell phone > hot water, how sad is that? I'll take hot water all day, every day.
mooosestang - 2 years ago
Absolutely, do you not remember when cell phones didn't exist, we got along just fine. I've gone days without hot water in florida due to hurricanes, never missed my cell phone. Indoor plumbing should take priority over cell phones too.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
You'd take a hot shower over the ability to educate yourself and your children? Along with the ability to call for help in a time of need? I wouldn't.
Brandon Carpenter
Brandon Carpenter - 2 years ago
I’d love to come along!
Camopar87 - 2 years ago
The shower looks like it would give you aids
Heiko Bleher
Heiko Bleher - 2 years ago
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Heiko Bleher
Johny Bravo
Johny Bravo - 2 years ago
My go to channel for fish
Ian Moone
Ian Moone - 2 years ago
How do you get them home afterwards?
elkin fabian bermeo trujillo
elkin fabian bermeo trujillo - 2 years ago
Griegos cuando vallan a latino América metan las mallas a las aguas turbias hay es donde se ven las especie de peces variados
Smuk Plays
Smuk Plays - 2 years ago
"Look at these wild sticks in the wild" lol i literally laughed for 2 min ..good stuff man ..hope u keep bringing these adventures to us bro ..
Wills Aquarium fish
Wills Aquarium fish - 2 years ago
you should do a scape that is like those rivers

30. comment for Catching Wild Fish For Aquarium - Peru Vlog

Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen - 2 years ago
Cell phones... check.
Indoor plumbing? What's that?
Arbear64 - 2 years ago
mold, damaged wall, cold showers? sounds like some of the more $$$ in Peru. I have stayed in a lot worst.
Lugh On The Loo
Lugh On The Loo - 2 years ago
We call the sensitive plant "Makahiya" here in the Philippines.
Elder One
Elder One - 2 years ago
25:22 for thumbnail.
Victor Monaco
Victor Monaco - 2 years ago
Great series. The trip looks like a blast. Good job.
Sumon Panday
Sumon Panday - 2 years ago
Jonathan Antonio
Jonathan Antonio - 2 years ago
Should have bought some hiking boots
BTDarters Channel
BTDarters Channel - 2 years ago
Cory, I didn't think that the video was too long at all. Very nice!!
Lucas Pitcella
Lucas Pitcella - 2 years ago
Do you have any kind of document to explore the fauna of another country?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
No document to explore, but lots of documentation to take anything out.
Quentin Fogal
Quentin Fogal - 2 years ago
No Way to the short punchy videos. We always want the long versions. And wow bravo thanks for bringing all the awesome footage of your Peru trip, its so cool feels like we got to go with you. I know it must have been super hard to film there and also taking away time from catching fish thank you for all your hard work. I hope you get tons more supporters to $upport Aquarium Co-Op by signing-up to your Patreon Page
So we can learn about more amazing fish catching places and countries and see more awesome fishy events. Cory is someone well worth supporting. You cant watch a video and not learn something. That is coming from experience the experience we get to go along for the ride on!
Jemma Hughes-Apps
Jemma Hughes-Apps - 2 years ago
Love it! “I’m probably just geeking out”
Alexander the great
Alexander the great - 2 years ago
21:22 nice
Robert Mansfield
Robert Mansfield - 2 years ago
Cool video rlly in depth on how they catch the fish and question do you sell wild tetras
Jepnahid - 2 years ago
that sensitive plant is called "makahiya" (shy plant) here in the Philippines.
joseph stanley
joseph stanley - 2 years ago
That’s crazy but looks like fun
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki - 2 years ago
i just realized how slow americans speak compared to everyone else wtf
JackieJea - 2 years ago
what is the name of the fish at 25:29?
matteo cardellino
matteo cardellino - 2 years ago
Why you don't come in Ecuador is the best place to find awesome and rare fish , more of the am I promise you never see in your oune life
James Shamley
James Shamley - 2 years ago
The plants like the toilet
Yorky One
Yorky One - 2 years ago
Those waterfalls would make a great Terrarium tank background for Frogs

50. comment for Catching Wild Fish For Aquarium - Peru Vlog

conn mann
conn mann - 2 years ago
Hey Corey. I love this video. And all your videos. Like turn on the TV app and clear the room stuff. I feel like I'm there with you guys. Thank you soooooo much for this!
gunnerpp - 2 years ago
nice to see santa has a 2nd job at 20.14 ...good video
ボリスブラウン - 2 years ago
Brandon McKinney
Brandon McKinney - 2 years ago
A dream to be able to do this, glad you showed all
StudeeYOO - 2 years ago
What did u do with the fish that u didn’t want.
Casper Tiffney
Casper Tiffney - 2 years ago
You remind me of corn
Harusame Glory
Harusame Glory - 2 years ago
why don't you use oxygen tanks when you put the fish in plastic?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
We do, we don’t between the first few stops as we water change them as the stress makes them fowl the water frequently.
Someone mention here the time.....i just want see the fish
Waseem Yusup
Waseem Yusup - 2 years ago
Ahahahaha the bathroom
Fish Keeper man
Fish Keeper man - 2 years ago
Damn hippy. More then one. hahahaha love this channel. Wish I had this life. Serious. And the plecos. Love the unique bottom dwellers. Serious want this life!!!!!!!
frank davis
frank davis - 2 years ago
You know theyre eating those dogs
Keefe Weekers
Keefe Weekers - 2 years ago
Nice to see fish in their natural habitat and a nice vid all together. But it's a shame though that you even see plastic garbage in the jungle of Peru.
TheJeffreyJJones - 2 years ago
A recommendation for if you go collecting again, get a pack frame, and some tie down straps for the 5 gallon buckets. That way you can carry your bucket on your back rather than having to carry it in your hands.
Brad's Fishroom
Brad's Fishroom - 2 years ago
Do you happen to have the L number for the green gold plecos?
Brad's Fishroom
Brad's Fishroom - 2 years ago
Aquarium Co-Op dang I hope some get imported to Canada soon. I will have to keep an eye out.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
They’ve never been described
bel pet
bel pet - 2 years ago
Do you know if any of the money goes to conservation or if there is any program that helps with conservation?
rick rodriguez
rick rodriguez - 2 years ago
Corey love the journey u took us all on.
Kenith Burnett
Kenith Burnett - 2 years ago
I much prefer the longer version much much, mucho more.
Andy yan Andy yan
Andy yan Andy yan - 2 years ago
Next time use water bottle to do a fish trap . Because fish like water bottle as a home . Easy to use trap catching wild fish . Go youtube see
How to DIY fish trap .. use it
Andy yan Andy yan
Andy yan Andy yan - 2 years ago
Hop one day you catching new fish
In wild . Because new wild fish
Can sell very hight . In all asia
Jesus Montana
Jesus Montana - 2 years ago
Nice omg!!
Stevenkhup - 2 years ago
love it
Friday Fish Facts
Friday Fish Facts - 2 years ago
Different style of video for you. I really enjoyed your “vlog” can’t wait for part 2
Jakobe Smith
Jakobe Smith - 2 years ago
How do u bring fish into the States, I’m trying to do that on my next trip
Jo3yM3rc1er - 2 years ago
Awesome video! your making me wanna go grab my own fish now hahah!
Tomohito Noda
Tomohito Noda - 2 years ago
Stop by in Ecuador!
jay m
jay m - 2 years ago
great video man cheers for the downtime. yew yew
this is so cool man, thanks for the full vid
Logan - 2 years ago
Wish I had the opportunity to do this! Epic for sure.
Characato - 2 years ago
That's not all Perú
Bart Vandenhaute
Bart Vandenhaute - 2 years ago
I recal from the vid with Gary Lange him mentioning the fact that collecting fish is 10% collecting and 90% traveling to the right spots. But seeing all those fish in those buckets seems to make it worth all the travelling.

Thanks for sharing Cory ;-).
Mikael Löw
Mikael Löw - 2 years ago
Wow Cory what a great Vlog you did always great to follow your trips on the Vlog great movie Cory keep it up ;) from your friend Mikael
Equales Rex
Equales Rex - 2 years ago
love you guys but it does break my heart to see these things ripped form their habitat for our amusement.... </3
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Most of these fish are going to die as the water dries up over these next month. With less water, they can’t escape the predators and some will get cut off from the main water all together and die
azrul _rulz
azrul _rulz - 2 years ago
like you from malaysia
osei thomas
osei thomas - 2 years ago
i think there are some in trinidad
if i am right i have some
johnny stone
johnny stone - 2 years ago
Love the long format!
Chandler Dolan
Chandler Dolan - 2 years ago
Great video. Just got back to the States from a 2 month volunteer trip in Bolivia. South America is beautiful!
Ryan Boser
Ryan Boser - 2 years ago
Long format awesome! Them plecos wow! Cant wait to see more!
Tom M
Tom M - 2 years ago
I thought it was bad driving hours to different fish stores my gf would go nuts if I left the country to get fish but it looks fun minus the hat lol when in Rome though looks like you need it.
Senan Farrell
Senan Farrell - 2 years ago
Great video. What's the food like?
eightgeorge - 2 years ago
Amazing adventure, just goes to show how difficult it is to collect wild fish. Do you get to export the fish back?
eightgeorge - 2 years ago
That's so cool , thank you awesome channel.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
We do, yes.
El Cazador
El Cazador - 2 years ago
Why would u go to the bathroom in any water source? Dig a cathole at least 75 yards from a water source. I think the standard is 100yards though, lol
Vicki K
Vicki K - 2 years ago
Super interesting! I love that you are documenting the process and how absolutely un-glamorous trekking around in the Peru jungle really is. Glamping -- this is not! I for one, am so grateful to be able to get my tetras and bristle-nose and other wonderful healthy fish in Edmonds, WA!!
keejinjohanson - 2 years ago
If someone doesn’t have 30 min to watch this I don’t want to know them
PHLuke 19
PHLuke 19 - 2 years ago
I’ve never been supportive of capturing wild fish for the hobby until you explained it a while ago and why it isn’t the monster it first seems, very informative and captivating video
Esmeond - 2 years ago
Thank you for this trip Cory!
Youtuber 2018
Youtuber 2018 - 2 years ago
Some people eat extreme food or ...............
Olivia F.
Olivia F. - 2 years ago
the Acromyrmex cutter ants I saw when I visited belize were mesmerizing! wish I had been able to smuggle some back hahaha
Olivia F.
Olivia F. - 2 years ago
I liked as soon as you said you went the longer, realistic route for filming. not just thirsty for views but actually informative.
2DebbieDoo - 2 years ago
Okay, can I just say it? YIKES! HOLY CRAP and WOW Cory! You're all very brave souls and I am thankful you're all back safe and sound. I'm not sure I could do it, so thank you for taking one (or well, maybe several...) for the team. Can't wait to see all the babies!! I love it "You breed them, I buy them" LMBO! Missed YT, my computer died 3 days before I left on vacation, so now I'm trying to get all caught up.
Michelle McDonald
Michelle McDonald - 2 years ago
What an amazing experience! Very glad you decided to go with the more in-depth version. Loved every minute of it :)
Bryan K. Ingham
Bryan K. Ingham - 2 years ago
Awesome video, I love that you chose the real experience, thank you! I definitely enjoy the documentary style!

But maybe you could do a highlight reel, maybe with your other collection videos? No reason not to get views with a short highlight video that’s easier to share to people not passionate about fish yet, while also doing this long educational video.

100. comment for Catching Wild Fish For Aquarium - Peru Vlog

Tara Vanflower
Tara Vanflower - 2 years ago
very cool! i hope you do another video on all the fish you collected when they get "home".
william amely
william amely - 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing this video with us. The fish you've caught are beautiful and I hope you'll continue to find other really great fish there.
Random Robert Renditions
Random Robert Renditions - 2 years ago
I enjoyed the whole story and not just the snippets. Great video, looking forward to the next one!
George Hough
George Hough - 2 years ago
those sensitive plants are in North Carolina to
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor - 2 years ago
Need more of these videos. Love it
Everything I Know
Everything I Know - 2 years ago
Great catch
Fredrik Spångberg
Fredrik Spångberg - 2 years ago
Awesome video!
Michael E
Michael E - 2 years ago
Wait do you own that place with all the fish tanks in the beginning?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
No, go Wild Peru does.
Rebecca - 2 years ago
This reminds me of my time in coastal Ecuador! Now that is a trip I would love to make. Thank you so much for sharing with is Cory!
The Fish Nerd
The Fish Nerd - 2 years ago
Dude, this totally makes me want to go!
moldy mole
moldy mole - 2 years ago
Great Great video. I look forward to seeing the next episode!
Kyles Wild World
Kyles Wild World - 2 years ago
wow collecting plecos looks like alot of work fliping rocks in a river all day!
Kyles Wild World
Kyles Wild World - 2 years ago
thanks for putting the long video out! it is appreciated
Miguel Ayuyu
Miguel Ayuyu - 2 years ago
Cory wish you were able to test water parameters at each collection point
Lilly Even
Lilly Even - 2 years ago
This makes me miss Peru.
Nereidas HD
Nereidas HD - 2 years ago
Are u still in Peru? Hope you enjoy my country mate!
BigggRoss - 2 years ago
Corey caught some wild Corey's? What's it like to catch yourself? ?? Lol
Bjorn Serapio
Bjorn Serapio - 2 years ago
We call the plant that close as you touch them mary mary
Fabian Benavidez
Fabian Benavidez - 2 years ago
Make better choices.. The title to the video haha
Bjorn Serapio
Bjorn Serapio - 2 years ago
You guys need to come trinidad
Catherine Kennedy
Catherine Kennedy - 2 years ago
You know Cory if it was the first time I went collecting in Peru .....ya I’d be just wanting to see everything, just like you did! Wouldn’t care how rustic, personally, not afraid to just jump into things, although I know you have to be cautious at times. I was really enjoying the video, wished it was longer this time! Glad you enjoyed yourself, think you needed this!
parker benz
parker benz - 2 years ago
Does anyone know where I can find a good image of aquarium co-op's aquarium stand system at the store?
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith - 2 years ago
Thanks for the longer version! :)
Erik Ruiz
Erik Ruiz - 2 years ago
hey Cory, do you know anywhere i can get some rice fish ? somewhere online please and thank you so much
Rioaquatanks - 2 years ago
Those plecos look so nice! Can't wait to see how they look after they settled in your tank.
Brian Scheuermann
Brian Scheuermann - 2 years ago
Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
Dan Lackey
Dan Lackey - 2 years ago
Glad you chose the longer format. Those were some amazing fish, and you definitely weren't geeking out over nothing with the rocks and scenery. Good job showing the human effects on the waterways, can always use a reminder.
McTaggart Family
McTaggart Family - 2 years ago
It doesn't seem right to be taking them from the wild.
Skylar durrant
Skylar durrant - 2 years ago
Jake Lantsberger
Jake Lantsberger - 2 years ago
Please tell me you have another video coming. This is awesome. I know you guys collected for more than 2 days haha
Bengal Ghost
Bengal Ghost - 2 years ago
Hey, fresh water sponges gotta eat , too, Cory.
Shelley G.
Shelley G. - 2 years ago
WOW~WOW & more WOW I am going to take my time watching is soooo interesting. Im so glad you decided to go the long version on the video. I almost cant imagine being there. It doesnt even really seem real!!! Its like a whole other world. I mean, just the opening part of the video blows my mind! Oh and that shower!!! wow, thats ummm , well, really something special. The women have to use that too? LOLOL
shrimper - 2 years ago
Nice video
SHerbeck91 - 2 years ago
Can you do a video on aquatic turtles?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
I have videos on turtles.
Tyler - 2 years ago
to bad a jimmy didn't go would have had a lot of sweet shots
Jarom M
Jarom M - 2 years ago
Thanks for the longer experience. I appreciate it. Also, nice Tilley Hat!
Vire'l the fish channel
Vire'l the fish channel - 2 years ago
Loved it and Dean should drop by south India sometime... will be happy to take you to places... I’m a fish keeper too and I collect a lot around here in south India
Hailey Dunlap
Hailey Dunlap - 2 years ago
that "sensative plant" is called a touch me not, we have them here in texas
Andrew Pascucci
Andrew Pascucci - 2 years ago
Wow i want one of those places they r so kewl
Sam Lim
Sam Lim - 2 years ago
Can u catch apistos there?
Sam Lim
Sam Lim - 2 years ago
Aquarium Co-Op awesome
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
We did, you'll see that in some videos coming up.
Caesar Castillo
Caesar Castillo - 2 years ago
Very nice video!
Sydsidens Stemme
Sydsidens Stemme - 2 years ago
A bit to long...
Sydsidens Stemme
Sydsidens Stemme - 2 years ago
Piranha Fish and Friends
Piranha Fish and Friends - 2 years ago
A great adventure :)
Courtz courtz
Courtz courtz - 2 years ago
Love it
Corey Gendron
Corey Gendron - 2 years ago
what was the water temp? just curious
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Every place was like 70ish
Kaalo Lovett
Kaalo Lovett - 2 years ago
Woot! Thanks!
tortoisetom1 - 2 years ago
Awesome video!Thanks for sharing!
Foster's Fish
Foster's Fish - 2 years ago
Cory: love the long form video, way better than multiple shorties. I really want to take a trip to Peru, so I appreciate the full experience format.
random scg
random scg - 2 years ago
upload more such long videos
Ryan Rugari
Ryan Rugari - 2 years ago
Fantastic.. been waiting for this since you mentioned it.. cannot wait to see more.. hailing from Australia.
lee8830 - 2 years ago
nice hat they gonna be 4sale on website , good video
David Tang
David Tang - 2 years ago
Losing some good weight
edstar81 - 2 years ago
Awesome mate. Hope to see more
Jo Fox
Jo Fox - 2 years ago
I loved the longer format Cory - great job!
Ed Staart
Ed Staart - 2 years ago
Lifetime experience ,supercool,thx for sharing
JeromeASF _0
JeromeASF _0 - 2 years ago
great wish i could go hope they all make it home
AAA AAA - 2 years ago
Sirloin Steak
Sirloin Steak - 2 years ago
The flowering plant with the leaves that close on touch are mimosa plants. They're everywhere in my country (Singapore) but no one bats an eye except for the curious kids. Its nice to see you guys appreciate wildlife so much. Love the vlog, hope to see more soon!
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Definitely, we appreciate much more than just fish :)
cicco - 2 years ago
Hello it's so beautiful and magic thanks you guys for video....
Derek Huey
Derek Huey - 2 years ago
Awesome video!
Jefftheostrich - 2 years ago
Corey, If you ever go back and do this again I recommend a good pair of wading boots. As comfortable as nice shoes, water proof like water shoes and super grippy with interchangeable soles. I have a pair of Korkers Devils Canyon wading boots and they are amazing. They are made specifically for walking around in water and having good grip. They are pretty pricey but are 100% worth it.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into it
zaki yasin
zaki yasin - 2 years ago
You had an amazing journey God Bless you. You help us discover these beautiful creations of almighty God
Armen Gharabetian
Armen Gharabetian - 2 years ago
Short and on point
Night Owl
Night Owl - 2 years ago
This is your best video ever. I hope you didn't come back empty handed after all the feat and exchaustion in those jungle.
ThatDroneGuy 98
ThatDroneGuy 98 - 2 years ago
Been watching for a while and love your videos. Always been a dream to catch wild fish sadly Australia dosent have much in the way of fish. Hope to meet you one day soon
Luuk Hoedjes
Luuk Hoedjes - 2 years ago
Go see if you can find any dart frogs!
Aquascaping 101
Aquascaping 101 - 2 years ago
This is really cool. One of my LFS sells wild tetras so this as cool to see where they come from. I would want it do this some day!
Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley - 2 years ago
Awesome video! It's great to be able to see some of the natural habitat and all the work that goes in to catching some of these fish. Makes you appreciate just how cheap many of these fish are when something like this goes in to catch them.
Stephan Rempel
Stephan Rempel - 2 years ago
inserts thank you gif for the LONG video
firekitty0 - 2 years ago
Need 45 min Eps please. More !! ps loved the content
Daniel Scerri
Daniel Scerri - 2 years ago
That was a great vlog Cory. Can't wait for the next one. :) Glad to be home in your own bed I bet lol. Have a great day mate.
Bunny Pleaser
Bunny Pleaser - 2 years ago
What a beautifully done video. Learnt so much and felt like I was there with you!! Was amazing to watch! Thanks!
graphite - 2 years ago
I have been waiting for this video forever! Awesome!
Zthena - 2 years ago
Awesome Video, TY
Kazuki Kirihito
Kazuki Kirihito - 2 years ago
Wow Look at these wild stick in the wild - Cory 2018
j03yYunG Aquariums
j03yYunG Aquariums - 2 years ago
So cool! Would like to go to Peru someday.
Aquatic Maniac
Aquatic Maniac - 2 years ago
I have to go! Also Cory, You have to sell those plecos in the shop

Also you should film another video with Dean when you guys get your fish in
Jordan Yang
Jordan Yang - 2 years ago
It's so cool that you get to do what you love for a living.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
I agree, I am very fortunate.
Patricia Duncan
Patricia Duncan - 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing Cory! Very interesting and informative
Dominick John
Dominick John - 2 years ago
Liked, commenting and sharing.
Sherrie Dixon
Sherrie Dixon - 2 years ago
OMG! That video was awesome. Such cool shots of such a beautiful place. Great job. The collecting , the trek, the lodging, the fish ... I'm jealous. Sorta.
Angelfish Of Texas
Angelfish Of Texas - 2 years ago
Life goals lol
Debbie Swan
Debbie Swan - 2 years ago
This was awesome. Please show all your Peru videos like this.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget - 2 years ago
That's self awareness right there... I could keep it short for this ADD generation and get views or give you actual content... lol he chose real content
Micheal Faulkner
Micheal Faulkner - 2 years ago
Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing Cory! The long format may not get all the views but in my "super" fan opinion it was awesome! Jimmy, awesome editing! Very well put together and the picture clarity is so nice! Thanks again guys really enjoyed this!
EJ Fishes 76
EJ Fishes 76 - 2 years ago
Fantastic video, thank you for sharing!
H. Kyoht Luterman
H. Kyoht Luterman - 2 years ago
Really liked the longer format. Very cool.
Francisco Mendez
Francisco Mendez - 2 years ago
Boots... Get some boots next time plenty of gortex boots that will keep your feet dry i always take a pair of water shoes with me on a hike but i have boots on for the hike XD
Garry Mcgrath
Garry Mcgrath - 2 years ago
Bet there tap water over there is not toxic with chlorine and fluoride. Keep up the good work cory
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Yes, but even the locals have to boil it to not get sick from all the bacterias.
Lords Mobile2828
Lords Mobile2828 - 2 years ago
Hey Cory, quick question. Would you recommend a small school of tiger barbs for a 10gal? And if so, how many? If not, are there any types of schooling fish that can thrive in a 10gal?
Eric - 2 years ago
Give me the long video! Thanks for taking the time for showing us your experience
Franz von Köller
Franz von Köller - 2 years ago
Thanks for sacrificing the views to show us the real experience! I loved the video and can't wait to see the fish you brought back in the end!
LadyKej - 2 years ago
Cory, this is wonderful!!!! You all’s love for fish really shines through in the video.
pony girl
pony girl - 2 years ago
So glad you went with the long version!
chaotemagick3 - 2 years ago
I cracked a beer and enjoyed this FULLY. Nice work, where's part two??
William Ma
William Ma - 2 years ago
I love this! It’s such a good adventure vid! I’ve been waiting so long for this!
Austin Hautala
Austin Hautala - 2 years ago
Looks like it was an amazing trip
rich andy
rich andy - 2 years ago
Very nice guys.
dropthe_bass 21
dropthe_bass 21 - 2 years ago
What an awesome video !!!
Aaron Wagner
Aaron Wagner - 2 years ago
Do you make a Video where you determine the different species?
Lisa Combest
Lisa Combest - 2 years ago
Beautiful. I hate that the greed of man for gold and even fish is ruining the homes for some of these amazing species.
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 2 years ago
The greed of fish isn't ruining these fish homes.

It's the need to survive that is doing it and the thing that is really destroying these fishes homes is things like logging mad mining.

Looking at the world from a black and white perspective is not healthy and never did real world problems.
Fishing Fantasy
Fishing Fantasy - 2 years ago
The species there are incredible! I made a video just like this last week I would appreciate if you checked it out too!
Mrcreepyalex - 2 years ago
i bet it took u hours to upload this video!
Nikoli Streeter
Nikoli Streeter - 2 years ago
I went out looking for wildings to keep as well. Only got 3 minnows and some frogs.
nick rogers
nick rogers - 2 years ago
Loved this one!
Adam K
Adam K - 2 years ago
VERY interersting
Mikey Colon
Mikey Colon - 2 years ago
You make some of the best vlogs! Well done!
The #1 Kill Joy
The #1 Kill Joy - 2 years ago
I just got back from Costa Rica, an amazing experience, I wasn't collecting fish I was working at a wildlife sanctuary, I miss the jungle sooooo much, it was truly amazing ✌️
Addison Curry
Addison Curry - 2 years ago
I actually love seeing long vlogs like this!
Nicki Taylor
Nicki Taylor - 2 years ago
N. N n.
Dave Jenkins
Dave Jenkins - 2 years ago
When will the unboxing of the new caught fish be done? Love to see it! This video is awesome!
Hilton Aquatics
Hilton Aquatics - 2 years ago
This has just been added to my bucket list along with the Everglades and new Calidonia
Aqua Splendor
Aqua Splendor - 2 years ago
Thank Cory for filming all this and documenting AND Catching fish, it seems to be a very great trip.
The waterfall rock shape at the beginning was quiet interesting !
I watched everything :)
toolhog10 - 2 years ago
You guys look like kids in a candy store out there. The amazon is an awesome place.
mandalynFSU - 2 years ago
Love the long version! I hope you do the rest like this, even if they aren’t “profitable.” It’s definitely better to do these videos right. I love seeing what it’s really like there-the video quality is phenomenal! I’ve tried to find other collecting videos, but they are few and far between. Can’t wait for the next installment!
moira hair
moira hair - 2 years ago
Loved that, felt like I was there too.
Groomer Girl
Groomer Girl - 2 years ago
Me again you could have made this into a reality show...can't wait for the next video...sooooo good!
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Sounds like a bacterial infection. I’d add 1 tablespoon of salt per gallon if you don’t have live plants
Ooshy Bermi
Ooshy Bermi - 2 years ago
Great video!
patrick nepton
patrick nepton - 2 years ago
those slippery rocks are the reason so many people die in river every years… carefull guys when going on river alone...
Bob Caylor's Fish Hobby
Bob Caylor's Fish Hobby - 2 years ago
Glad for the long format. Thanks for documenting and sharing!
Asnl45 - 2 years ago
Thanks Cory, this is more like a documentary I love these.
Cosmos - 2 years ago
I can't bring myself to catch anything wild and force it into captivity, this is no different than catching a wild bird and throwing it in a cage. Wild animals belong in the wilderness.
Profetu Rulz
Profetu Rulz - 2 years ago
The adventure is awesome but isn't it easier for the local guy to catch the fish, send you photos and then the fish?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Sure, it's easier to watch someone play basketball on tv then it is to do it yourself.
Christopher Gilmour
Christopher Gilmour - 2 years ago
Will you be posting more footage of your trip Corey? I am absolutely fascinated by this.
Bob Ried
Bob Ried - 2 years ago
Great choice corry
The Dutch Aquarist
The Dutch Aquarist - 2 years ago
Awesome video :) cannot wait to see the rest of the footage :) definitely gonna watch JH aquatics videos as well!
Javier - 2 years ago
Amazing video, thank you for taking us along with you!
Björn Nilsson
Björn Nilsson - 2 years ago
This is awesome. Looking forward for more videos.
Ants Utah
Ants Utah - 2 years ago
Amazing fish, the plecos were gorgeous!
C&H Aquariums
C&H Aquariums - 2 years ago
so rad I'm jealous!
Damion Markham
Damion Markham - 2 years ago
super wow
Tinyestdolittle - 2 years ago
I need to go b4 I get too old looks awesome
Ruud - 2 years ago
more please!
Abu Aziz
Abu Aziz - 2 years ago
Really great video!
jane barron
jane barron - 2 years ago
This is probably my absolute favorite video that you've ever made. Thank you so much for making it a longer one, because I really enjoyed seeing most of what happened to y'all.
SCYTHE2525 - 2 years ago
That does look like an eartheater at the 27:30 mark but I can't determine what kind. Jeweled?
Tom Tom
Tom Tom - 2 years ago
What sp 25.45mn ?
Brandon Schooner
Brandon Schooner - 2 years ago
Cory! I cant wait to see more of your trip / end of your trip Im very curious on the selection process and what you need to deal with when shipping through customs etc
Ak Drew
Ak Drew - 2 years ago
Does yellow lights make your tank look cloudy just asking any advise
Cameron Hunter-Beal
Cameron Hunter-Beal - 2 years ago
such a good vidio makes me want to do it so bad
SCYTHE2525 - 2 years ago
Did ya'll encounter any venomous snakes or other unwanted?
Mashugina - 2 years ago
New to the channel but this is one viewer that is super happy we got the long tour
Candi Overhuls
Candi Overhuls - 2 years ago
Finnbar Magee
Finnbar Magee - 2 years ago
Loved every seconds of that!!!
NYGOLD - 2 years ago
Looks like a fun trip. I'm glad you didn't edit it down.   Cory in those tight wet  pants, Hubba .  LOL
SCYTHE2525 - 2 years ago
First day is a visit to where the corydoras weitzmani lives. Awesome. That's the cory that caught my eye in that rainbow tank. Wish we had those for sale around here. Can't say as I've ever seen one. But the color scheme reminds me a lot of Alabama hog suckers which I encountered in a popular swimming hole near me. I'd love to catch one sometime and attempt assimilating it to an aquarium. Very neat fish.
Carly Stockley
Carly Stockley - 2 years ago
"Wild sticks in the wild" lol
Petro Gonzalo
Petro Gonzalo - 2 years ago
That was a what snail now?
M E H - 2 years ago
So can he take these fish home?
Jody van Tonder
Jody van Tonder - 2 years ago
Greatt stuff... here in south africa... building up in the hobby... really insperaitional.. wish I could go into your line of work after school this year.
Flickabook - 2 years ago
Hey Cory. Have you ever thought about setting up a franchise of the aquarium co op brand? Would be good in the UK
Catfish Cave
Catfish Cave - 2 years ago
The Honeymoon Suite without Dorkula? I'm sure she is soooooooooo jealous!
This was a terrific armchair trip to Peru for all of us. Showing "the fall" made it all the more real and authentic. Does this include footage from everyday there? Hopefully there will be more snippets released in the future. Time to watch you co-horts videos.
54Punchie - 2 years ago
I am going to be watching this twice. Great video! Falling made me laugh too :)
Fish Gangster
Fish Gangster - 2 years ago
I felt that I went to Peru with you guys ...I never had left Los Angeles till I watch these vedio
Blue's Velvet Underground
Blue's Velvet Underground - 2 years ago
I see natural habitat, now I know why Plecko hangs in downward water stream in column from fiter
Fish Gangster
Fish Gangster - 2 years ago
That’s snail that u guys found how dope is that
Garrett H Beck
Garrett H Beck - 2 years ago
I love this type of video. I could watch several hours of this stuff. I hope there's more. Big thumbs up from me!
ONEFUNFONE - 2 years ago
Wow whomever brought home those gold ancistrus- if you have any luck breeding them I would love to buy a nice group of juvies when they are ready. Never seen them colored up like that.
Cygnus Floyd
Cygnus Floyd - 2 years ago
Before you could finish the word "drop" you dropped! I love that you kept that in there lol.
Adrian Castillo
Adrian Castillo - 2 years ago
Wow cory! Amazing experience, thank you for sharing!!
tilapiastew - 2 years ago
So very cool, thanks for bringing us along. Dean is the man as well.
olivicmic - 2 years ago
Cory's Wet Underwear Bathroom Adventure feat. Fish
Robbie - 2 years ago
Great to see the fish in a natural habitat
Michael's Fish Room
Michael's Fish Room - 2 years ago
Great video! I love the “realness” it was like I was there with you!
Russell Murphy
Russell Murphy - 2 years ago
CELLULITE SALLY - 2 years ago
Michael's Fish Room I didn't make it to the bathroom
ELR - 2 years ago
So cool! What a great adventure!
Pleco Whisper
Pleco Whisper - 2 years ago
it not easy been bigeiz
Dianne Leon
Dianne Leon - 2 years ago
Thank you so much for making the long version. I love my memories of primitive camping. This brings me back. I can smell the air. You definitely become part of earth's eco system..... belonging. Live doesn't get any better.
JOHN SCALES - 2 years ago
iNTERESTING, but I would rather like to see the fish and environment left alone. Give the fish a chance to really populate and grow. With Republicans in control now, the world we live in is destined to die off.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
I'd recommend doing some research on how the fish die off etc where we were collecting. Some of the streams we were at would be fully dry within the next couple of months. There were pools of stagnant water where the water would die. We couldn't collect those fish either as they were already dying.
andy stokes
andy stokes - 2 years ago
The only thing wrong with this video was the length; just over 30 minutes - for goodness sake, why was it not a couple of hours?
Voodoo Nurse
Voodoo Nurse - 2 years ago
I am so glad you chose to show this way instead of just highlights! Thank you.
John Zimm
John Zimm - 2 years ago
This was great! Thank you for showing us.
Groomer Girl
Groomer Girl - 2 years ago
So glad you decided to let us view the entire trip, it's sooooo interesting. Thanks Cory!
Rekab Haras
Rekab Haras - 2 years ago
Seeing the actual water ways where a lot of these fish come from, makes you realize we are not giving these fish as much water flow and aeration at they need.
Green Ghost
Green Ghost - 2 years ago
Cory, those dogs only speak Spanish. :P
Genji Shimada
Genji Shimada - 2 years ago
Aquarium Co-Op haha
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Ah! That was my problem.
Juan Ortega
Juan Ortega - 2 years ago
Looks really fun going out there , great video by the way too
Max Ping
Max Ping - 2 years ago
Long Island Fish Guy
Long Island Fish Guy - 2 years ago
So cool... I’d love to do something like this one day!
Cody Bechard Watson
Cody Bechard Watson - 2 years ago
This was so cool to watch and learn from. I aspire to own a fish store one day soon. Thank you for the *long version*!
Tim's Aquariums
Tim's Aquariums - 2 years ago
really interesting awesome video
Stephen FitzGerald
Stephen FitzGerald - 2 years ago
Cory, just had to say thank you for including us on your epoch journey in Peru! It is awesome and I cant wait until the next one!
Flynn's Fish Forum
Flynn's Fish Forum - 2 years ago
Awesome video!! I want to go to Peru! Or Honduras for wild swordtails.
Catfish Cave
Catfish Cave - 2 years ago
Wild Swordtails!! Sounds like fun!!
Richard Huff
Richard Huff - 2 years ago
This is sooooo cool as hell !!!! Wish I was there!
KG cichlids
KG cichlids - 2 years ago
Well that looked like fun, especially the restroom, top notch! Lol
Cygnus Floyd
Cygnus Floyd - 2 years ago
Thanks for putting up the long version!
Ashish Singh Gusain
Ashish Singh Gusain - 2 years ago
Superb .... love it ...
Steenfott Aquatics
Steenfott Aquatics - 2 years ago
Next time i am there!
RobynGuppy Art
RobynGuppy Art - 2 years ago
This is awesome!
Nik - 2 years ago
Thank you for this amazing content! I have been waiting forever for this!
Erika Meilink
Erika Meilink - 2 years ago
Aren't you afraid the fish are going to eat eachother in those buckets?
Erika Meilink
Erika Meilink - 2 years ago
Cool, thank you for answering! <3
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
We don't put any fish that would eat each other in the same bucket. The small wolf fish we caught in a future video for example, was bagged solo as soon as we caught em.
jon james
jon james - 2 years ago
It looks great there, you're all like kids in a sweet shop.
Insitefool1 Fish Keeping
Insitefool1 Fish Keeping - 2 years ago
Great Video! Thank you for the long version!
AKL_ Gaming
AKL_ Gaming - 2 years ago
Awsome video sir you are now indiana coop raider of the lost jungel fish hehe. Happy fishkeeping
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan - 2 years ago
So that's how stores get "wild caught" fish!!
Rashed AlQemzi
Rashed AlQemzi - 2 years ago
Adam Till from Arctic Lights Aquatics
Adam Till from Arctic Lights Aquatics - 2 years ago
Very cool! Looks like a lot of work, but fun. Those caves look like the “monkey pots” that Tannin sells, and they’d be worth importing if so. They last forever.
Fish Gangster
Fish Gangster - 2 years ago
Wow what a feel good amazaeing vedio so cool ..thnks
ShelbyRae Lane
ShelbyRae Lane - 2 years ago
That is what you call roughing it fa real! So glad you went with the longer video instead of just highlights.
Todd Ratson
Todd Ratson - 2 years ago
What beautiful scenery! I am really pleased that you decided to go "documentary" over "clickbait". I really enjoyed this and I am looking forward to seeing more.
MISTER DABALINA - 2 years ago
What a treat to wake up to this morning.
John Micheal
John Micheal - 2 years ago
Thanks for taking time on your trip to record the experience for us, the Amazon is my dream destination.
Anthony c
Anthony c - 2 years ago
Cool !
dirtyoldfarmhand3 - 2 years ago
Long version? I want more! lol .Thanks for sharing it with us Cory.
The Peoples Affront to Judea
The Peoples Affront to Judea - 2 years ago
What sorta degenerate down votes this?
Dead Inside
Dead Inside - 2 years ago
Lol in Hawaii we call that flower sleeping grass
Fearbleeds - 2 years ago
Keep them coming I want more lol
Mike - 2 years ago
I love this super awesome to see and I wish I could go on one of these trips sometime!
GreenImp's Gorge
GreenImp's Gorge - 2 years ago
Great stuff man. Epic creek stomping in the mountains! Love how you all had an awesome team of net fishing. =D
HamBonyBone - 2 years ago
Michael's Fish Room
Michael's Fish Room - 2 years ago
That dog couldn’t have cared less that you were there. Lol
Jennifer Tribolet
Jennifer Tribolet - 2 years ago
So fun to watch while not getting my underwear wet lol
Can't wait for more :)
Kira Doom12
Kira Doom12 - 2 years ago
I prefer the full video to! Ty
Elissa Jackson
Elissa Jackson - 2 years ago
Oh my gosh that's so amazing.
Leslie Sockwell
Leslie Sockwell - 2 years ago
Amazing! thank you for sharing your adventures and how hard it is to actually collect wild fish.
Bunnytaichou - 2 years ago
This was just what I needed for a relaxing Sunday morning. Thank you for sharing the long version of this.
HReed Crazy Birdy Soaps
HReed Crazy Birdy Soaps - 2 years ago
That big pleco was AMAZING! Great video, LOVE to see more!
Jared Wood
Jared Wood - 2 years ago
Love the video Cory did you notice the guy peeing when you were showing the cute little dog.
Reece Warden
Reece Warden - 2 years ago
Great video, glad it was the long version
Jeremy Fryrear
Jeremy Fryrear - 2 years ago
Way cool to watch the whole collection process looked like fun a quick question what's your favorite guppy strain
Deansfishroom - 2 years ago
Awesome, had so much fun with you guys!!!
Triple 10 Tanks
Triple 10 Tanks - 2 years ago
Was there any fish in the bathroom stream
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Not in the stream we saw but I’m sure there was in the river the stream fed too
Jay Vioga
Jay Vioga - 2 years ago
Dude, I asked and you delivered.

I'm so thankful that you released this, it's amazing to see the experience you guys went through.

Super awesome, kudos!
Matthijs Postelmans
Matthijs Postelmans - 2 years ago
How is this profitable though?
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - 2 years ago
Matthijs Postelmans
It's probably not, just yet. Once the fish survive and breed it should be.
But it's a lot about the experience and the chance of finding something rare.
gunstarhero - 2 years ago
i think i would have liked an even longer video
Alyssa Bentley
Alyssa Bentley - 2 years ago
So, I know we gotta wait like 6 months at least for the baby ancistrus to grow up to breeding size and then another year to get babies to large/sellable size so we’re looking at me waiting until at least late 2019/early 2020 but since I live in the area I am SO EXCITED to see these guys come in and get bred and get into the hobby. I’ve already got a tank in my head getting ready to slightly approximate their conditions. Omg. Much excite. Very wow.
DreBluntz - 2 years ago
airlines always do that. they only delete the segments as the time passes so you can rebook
Monkey Nut
Monkey Nut - 2 years ago
A hotel in a jungle and it’s not a squatter toilet..... that’s 5 star in my book. Love the vid
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
It was built this year to get tourists. I think they are on the right path
merlingt1 - 2 years ago
Very cool
Justjump216 Ingram
Justjump216 Ingram - 2 years ago
That was awesome thanks for the vid
Your Neighbor Amos
Your Neighbor Amos - 2 years ago
Dude, that looks like so much fun
zombiehuntertim - 2 years ago
Great to see, hope the hard work paid off? Can’t wait to see more!
Siang C
Siang C - 2 years ago
amazing video
Golden Fish Tanks
Golden Fish Tanks - 2 years ago
Nice video, I had a few red breasted sunfish in my pond for years.
Blake Miller
Blake Miller - 2 years ago
Awesome vid hope to see more of the days you had
Flickabook - 2 years ago
Hope there is more of these. What an amazing place. Would you go do it again in another country?
Flickabook - 2 years ago
Aquarium Co-Op that would be an adventure.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
I’d love to do Africa next
Monkey Nut
Monkey Nut - 2 years ago
I’m wishing this is the short version, would love a series of long versions
CircularMirror7 - 2 years ago
Monkey Nut yes that would be amazing
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo - 2 years ago
Hope u like it here.
Jim Ariz
Jim Ariz - 2 years ago
Just awesome, I'm so jealous but so grateful you shared your adventure with those of us who may never have an opportunity or the courage to take one of their own. Thank you Corey
Michelle Scheer
Michelle Scheer - 2 years ago
Love the longer videos! Makes it even longer when I have to keep stopping to look things up so I know what your talking about. Lol
Lenny Man
Lenny Man - 2 years ago
Wonderful video... Love it. Reminds me a bit of collecting fish here in Suriname but minus those mountains.
fuzzy wuzzy
fuzzy wuzzy - 2 years ago
very nice
Aung Htoo
Aung Htoo - 2 years ago
I do like the video but you guys are not catching a lot of fish.
Alan S
Alan S - 2 years ago
Reminds me of slipping around on slime covered rocks, catch and release fly fishing up little creeks on a hot summer day in Australia,Thanks many times to all of you.
V. Stag
V. Stag - 2 years ago
Looks amazing Awesome video thanks for sharing #FishFam #NJAE18
Tavi Calhoun
Tavi Calhoun - 2 years ago
So random but I’m thinking about starting a puffer tank!
Isaiah Yoder
Isaiah Yoder - 2 years ago
Why not just make both videos?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
The internet gets very angry if you show them content that has been shown before. Also it splits the views between both, which does even worse for the channel
Cj Fish
Cj Fish - 2 years ago
Fantastic, could have watched a few more hours of that. Love collecting in the wild. Don't do it like I used to.
margaret wood
margaret wood - 2 years ago
And me!
Nik - 2 years ago
Me too!
BillMc89 - 2 years ago
hydrorecords - 2 years ago
man that was a goofy vid haha, but thank you for doing the long version
Ella Humphrey
Ella Humphrey - 2 years ago
I went to Peru this summer with Spanish class. We went to Cusco and the sacred valley, as well as Lima. It was amazing! Next I want to go on a hiking or even better collection trip in Peru. Have fun on your adventure!
Tazawa Tanks
Tazawa Tanks - 2 years ago
Awesome! I loved the “honeymoon suite” at the end.
LG3 Nation
LG3 Nation - 2 years ago
That trip looks like an amazing experience! I am seriously going to look into going someday in a year or two because of this amazing footage! I haven't been in South America for over ten years
703 CRUIZ'N - 2 years ago
That plant at 12:19 in Puerto Rico we call it morivivi which translates to life and death. This look like an awesome trip thanks for sharing.
D vd
D vd - 2 years ago
thank you for going the extra mile with the long footage!
Chris Brown
Chris Brown - 2 years ago
Great video - up there with my top 5 youtube videos
MyParentsBasement - 2 years ago
Great video, thank you.
smiles_ tell _lies
smiles_ tell _lies - 2 years ago
This was great. Keep it up and show us all that uou can. Can't wait to see the next part.
Silehnt - 2 years ago
This looks amazing. Really appreciate this video.
Michael Tette
Michael Tette - 2 years ago
Congrats awesome in a word.
laura jackson
laura jackson - 2 years ago
Breathtaking views
Eduardo Rizo
Eduardo Rizo - 2 years ago
Awesome Cory. looking forward to seeing more.
AVP Aquariums
AVP Aquariums - 2 years ago
Super cool footage. Glad you guys chose the longer format video!
Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston - 2 years ago
So eye opening how much flow these fish can actually handle vs what we give them in the hobby
Bryce Lin
Bryce Lin - 2 years ago
Thanks for making a longer video.
Aqua Apprentice
Aqua Apprentice - 2 years ago
That was so enjoyable to watch. I didn’t want it to end. Definitely something I have to experience.
Srt18Fe - 2 years ago
Catching fish bred on wild and imprison them on an aquarium. I won't support this.
Anji Mac
Anji Mac - 2 years ago
I have aquariums, I didn't realise many fish are wild caught, I don't like that at all so I have started selectively breeding my own endlers, my favourite fish, once my others die they won't be replaced, I'll be sticking to what I breed, I expect they will be a lot healthier too, store bought fish are likely sick, stressed and easily die, that's been my experience.
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 2 years ago
Catch 22

It's either let their habitat get destroyed by unsustainable industries like logging or support sustainable wild colloecting.
KG cichlids
KG cichlids - 2 years ago
Srt18Fe that’s the point of collecting wild and breeding them! so they aren’t over fished, creating new life to help educate and sustain the hobby is the goal. Educate yourself.....your face is imprisoned.
Srt18Fe - 2 years ago
Yes I do have an aquarium and i love the hobby, BUT its not the same keeping fish that are bred in aquarium and keeping fish that you have caught from the wild.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
If you have an aquarium, you are already supporting it.
Conrad - 2 years ago
Amazing vid would love to go myself thanks for showing us man
Quack Quark
Quack Quark - 2 years ago
Cory, after watching this, I'm thinking aquariums should be designed to mimic the fast flowing water in nature, with perhaps a little less intensity.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
They have some tanks like that being produced in Germany. Very expensive though
Stuck in The 90s
Stuck in The 90s - 2 years ago
isn't it easier to just buy them at the fish store
margaret wood
margaret wood - 2 years ago
Yep, not as much fun as this!
Stuck in The 90s
Stuck in The 90s - 2 years ago
It was kinda meant as a joke Cory :D
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Sure, except those gold plecos are new and undescribed and no one has them for sale etc
novoiperkele - 2 years ago
Awesome that you decided to go with what you like instead of money.
CallMe Blew
CallMe Blew - 2 years ago
fantastic video, i didn't want it to end!
Will Earley
Will Earley - 2 years ago
Like the longer videos! I can't wait for the next Peru video!
The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium
The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium - 2 years ago
thanks for the long route!
Jeff Eden
Jeff Eden - 2 years ago
Wow! I can’t wait to do this!!!❤️❤️❤️
smiler - 2 years ago
Corey thank you so much for uploading long videos. That was a good move for us, and yourself, as we love to watch the details. Although I'm against wildcatching, I have loved this and see now why you're doing it. You look your happiest here. Please upload more.
santosh p
santosh p - 2 years ago
I want to see this those fish in your shop tour
Mazeus - 2 years ago
So glad you didn't edit this down. Just awesome.
Villiam Yaj
Villiam Yaj - 2 years ago
Wow lucky wish I could do that want to see your packaging & how to ship it back to USA
JH Aquatics
JH Aquatics - 2 years ago
I had an awesome time getting to know everyone. Great memories!!! I loved it!!!
Rebecca - 2 years ago
Great to see you guys in the same place!
Mike - 2 years ago
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Make sure you guys subscribe to Jh aquatics for more coverage
Hoàng Nguyen
Hoàng Nguyen - 2 years ago
I like that
Pamela Fox
Pamela Fox - 2 years ago
Looked like so much fun, should do some in the US as well.
Alberto Montano
Alberto Montano - 2 years ago
Looks like a fun trip
Cindy Mason
Cindy Mason - 2 years ago
More more more! I love it!
Gerson - 2 years ago
Great video! Thanks for going with the longer video!
DR. speed
DR. speed - 2 years ago
Awesome video love it!
OneStepAbove - 2 years ago
Watching this makes me giddy! and I wasn't even there with you!
Gun_Klub - 2 years ago
cory next time get a pair of scuba diving boots they will protect your feet and keep you from slipping on slimy rocks.
RescueDogTreats - 2 years ago
So amazing! Have they found over the years that there are less and less fish? Thank you for sharing this amazing trip!
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Yes, where ever the gold miners have been, fish go away essentially :(
Chris Hofmann
Chris Hofmann - 2 years ago
Awesome love the video. It's crazy to see how other people live and not to take warm water n having a plumbed bathroom for granted
Dorkula - 2 years ago
Well done. ♥️
Walid Tounieh
Walid Tounieh - 2 years ago
9:37-9:39, pretty sure there was a pleco under that rock he stepped on, look at the fins coming out of the water seemingly disoriented ><
captainkavi - 2 years ago
longer video was a good idea - dont pander to view counts
Xtreme Pro Exotics
Xtreme Pro Exotics - 2 years ago
Dwain Kitchel
Dwain Kitchel - 2 years ago
so awesome to relive these memories, thx Cory!
maniatikoleal - 2 years ago
Best moment: 25:59

"You breed them, I buy them, we, we've stablished this"
mustangeas3 - 2 years ago
I'm loving this content
First Last
First Last - 2 years ago
Love these longer videos. Awesome content on so many levels!
Darren Wright
Darren Wright - 2 years ago
at 9:39 it looks like pleco dorsal fin pops up
HOOKED ON PR Jon Rojas - 2 years ago
forget the views. thank you for your great work. the mold is risky. that plant we call morivivi(die-live) here in PUerto Rico
OregonOutdoorsChris - 2 years ago
It's amazing how similar some of those rivers and creeks look to the ones we have here in the PNW.
Trenton Walker
Trenton Walker - 2 years ago
Oml I like the videos and everything but they are too long
Rakhi verma Nonu
Rakhi verma Nonu - 2 years ago
Hello I am from India nice video love it
Keith Pymer
Keith Pymer - 2 years ago
nice one    nice one
kenneth Brown
kenneth Brown - 2 years ago
This was amazing video man I loved it. Please give us more.
Lotad - 2 years ago
woooo I've been looking forward to this!
Bryan Riendeau
Bryan Riendeau - 2 years ago
Awesome! Worth the wait. Thank you for documenting the journey
Chadwick Dupre wickii snow
Chadwick Dupre wickii snow - 2 years ago
Mary RNH20 all plecos are worth it they are my favorite fish the bristlenose in the bearable nose are so cool
Stephen FitzGerald
Stephen FitzGerald - 2 years ago
The gold pleco was beautiful.
mikdre - 2 years ago
Were those just a subspecies of the bristlenose pleco? They look so similar.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Yes, there are over 200 species of bristlenose plecos
Tabatha Holtz
Tabatha Holtz - 2 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!
fishead 2925
fishead 2925 - 2 years ago
I'm so happy that you decided to put the video out this way. Thank you so much for sharing this experience.
Nick Hall
Nick Hall - 2 years ago
Those greedy gold miners!!!
Charles W.
Charles W. - 2 years ago
I love the longer more detailed videos. I know they don't do as well in the algorithm, but the amount of detailed information and getting to see the true reality things is sooo worth it!! Keep up the good work, enjoy life and nature daily!!
Pam Espinoza
Pam Espinoza - 2 years ago
They have that plant (the one that close up when you touch in the Philippines too.
Kristina Burke
Kristina Burke - 2 years ago
Definitely glad that you decided to go the longer video route. most people won't get to ever see or experience Peru, and its nice of you to share your experience with us so its like we get to experience it, too. thank you, Cory.

IG: @RanchuStina
Wet Sleeves
Wet Sleeves - 2 years ago
i actually like this format better awesome video man
American Aquatics
American Aquatics - 2 years ago
Neat seeing aquarium fish in their natural habitat.
HUKIT - 2 years ago
What an amazing experience! I’m headed to Belize next year for first collecting trip so seeing this just makes me more excited!!
Christian Medina
Christian Medina - 2 years ago
Who kept the super gold pleco?
Christian Medina
Christian Medina - 2 years ago
Aquarium Co-Op nice
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
They are currently still at go Wild Peru. We will get them back to the states in a week or so. Dean will get some for breeding
viperr007 - 2 years ago
Did dean keep the wolf fish
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
You’ll have to wait for the unboxing video :)
Lizzy B
Lizzy B - 2 years ago
I can appreciate the beauty of the jungle but there’s no place like home...USA. Video so interesting to this armchair traveler.
Patrik Väätti
Patrik Väätti - 2 years ago
Love the video
DesertFishHobbyist - 2 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!!! I like the play by play video. Thanks again!!!!
Nuredin Rey de Castro
Nuredin Rey de Castro - 2 years ago
ty jimmy
smorc655 - 2 years ago
Interesting how there are fish here (ancistrus, tetras, etc) coming from extremely turbulent, oxygenated water, but in the hobby you'll never read that as a care requirement for them (while hillstream species from. S.E. Asia--living in similar conditions--get talked about as if they HAVE to have that!).
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Yep, we the internet are a silly bunch that place crazy requirements. I’ve been keeping and have bred hillstreams in tropical temps and no flow. I’m the crazy one, while people are doing the same thing to their other fish etc
Danny's Aquariums
Danny's Aquariums - 2 years ago
That's a dream trip for sure!
So awesome you collected those fish they look amazing and so healthy!
The 5 inch BP was a monster!!
The Golden BP's are so beautiful! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the trip!
Keep up the good work guys! The video quality was great!
Jeo Sioson
Jeo Sioson - 2 years ago
Are my eyes deceiving me or did I notice a snake at 3.08. Snakes can camouflage really well, also I’m not so sure though.
Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy
Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy - 2 years ago
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us Cory.
Aquarium Adventures
Aquarium Adventures - 2 years ago
Looks awesome - rough, but awesome! Would love to do something like this
Arctic Aquariums
Arctic Aquariums - 2 years ago
Nice video!
Paulo César
Paulo César - 2 years ago
are u going to take some fish to your store?
Daddy Tankee
Daddy Tankee - 2 years ago
I spit my drink all over the place when I saw this was up
Mike Jurnak
Mike Jurnak - 2 years ago
Great video I bet your loving it Cory✌
CoonAss Fabrication
CoonAss Fabrication - 2 years ago
What size aquariums are those in the beginning
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
They hold 7 gallons for the small holding tanks
Uwe411 - 2 years ago
thanks for sharing the whole thing...
Joel Fernández
Joel Fernández - 2 years ago
Lol at 9:34 when the sir on orange moves a rock theres what looks like a MASSIVE fin on the water, probably an Ancistrus?

Great video, the first waterfall with the different layers of sediment is unreal.
Cofish - 2 years ago
We have been waiting for this, yess! Thank you Cory!
CELLULITE SALLY - 2 years ago
Cofish this is horrb
Sean Ford
Sean Ford - 2 years ago
I really want to go to Peru and do some fishing.
Greene Aquatics
Greene Aquatics - 2 years ago
Thanks for making the longer video.
Yourt - 2 years ago
awesome man
Rose switzberg
Rose switzberg - 2 years ago
Man I wish they didn't do the illegal gold mining
JeromeASF _0
JeromeASF _0 - 2 years ago
agreed !!!!!!!!!!!
Morgan Newby
Morgan Newby - 2 years ago
Hahahaha! "Bear with me if I dro-o-p...."
margaret wood
margaret wood - 2 years ago
I laughed out loud at that point!
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 2 years ago
Yeah, that couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m glad was smart enough to film with my iPhone instead of another camera, it would have been ruined.
Random Hobbyist
Random Hobbyist - 2 years ago
I'm glad you went on the longer video! Much better to see everything as it happened.
CELLULITE SALLY - 2 years ago
Random Hobbyist so give me respect immediately!
Rose switzberg
Rose switzberg - 2 years ago
It reminds me of mexico
Mexico has cool fish
Rose switzberg
Rose switzberg - 2 years ago
Wow love the video I want to go to Peru now
Noah Bebo
Noah Bebo - 2 years ago
This is so cool
Kyle Knudsen
Kyle Knudsen - 2 years ago
So awesome!
OMKAR Fulari
OMKAR Fulari - 2 years ago
Yo !!! i want to see this only...!!!!
Brandon Duran
Brandon Duran - 2 years ago
sweet thanks
Ian Kuhn
Ian Kuhn - 2 years ago
Geoffrey Alexander
Geoffrey Alexander - 2 years ago
Glad ur back and amazing video
Animal Mayhem
Animal Mayhem - 2 years ago
First person to watch
Animal Mayhem
Animal Mayhem - 2 years ago
Wel I guess that I was the first to coment

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