Coral reef fish danger - Blue Planet - BBC Environment

BBC 'Blue Planet - Deep Trouble' team explain the environmental dangers facing the world's shallow waters. With high demands for rare species of fish, coral reefs are in danger of being fished out and deserted. Brilliant natural world video.

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BBC 'Blue Planet - Deep Trouble' team explain the environmental dangers facing the world's shallow waters. With high demands for rare species of fish, coral reefs are in danger of being fished out and deserted. Brilliant natural world video.

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for Coral reef fish danger - Blue Planet - BBC Environment

Jennelyn Picardal
Jennelyn Picardal - 3 years ago
Super wird at the start
Rana Rabayah
Rana Rabayah - 3 years ago
i like anima..........
ต่อ - 5 years ago
Jan Golden
Jan Golden - 5 years ago
Hong Kong. Of course...
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey - 7 years ago
Well humans are the stewards of the Earth and some do a great job and others fail miserably. It is up to us to call them out when they fail to be good stewards. And similarly we should commend the efforts of people who are working to save this beautiful Earth for future generations.
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey - 7 years ago
Well, the monetarists wanted consumers, now we have consumers. Retarded consumers who don't even realize they are literally destroying their own future. I guess the resulting starvation will please the monetarists who want to kill off most humans around the world. However, there won't be anything left to consume in that bleak future. Sadly, the growing consumer demand in China will probably wipe out millions more species than we already losing :(
Husni Hashmi
Husni Hashmi - 7 years ago
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Rayna Shan
Rayna Shan - 7 years ago
The development of our human species is the biggest mistake in the world.
Montyzzzification - 7 years ago
Not meaning to be racist but is it just me or does mainland china do a lot of things wrong in our world?
John Meda
John Meda - 4 years ago
Montyzzzification Well, it's true.

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Scamper - 7 years ago
I don't eat fish because I think its wrong. People should leave fish and all living things in their natural habitat.
GameLife - 7 years ago
Steven Bian
Steven Bian - 8 years ago
humans are the killers not sharks or any other animal in the sea
Interesting Television
Interesting Television - 8 years ago
Its Asia. They eat and destroy rare and majestic creatures, because it is part of their culture.
Nino Ombongi
Nino Ombongi - 8 years ago
Neha Chhabra Piyush kumar Zadu
Neha Chhabra Piyush kumar Zadu - 8 years ago
save coral reefs
WiLDPlaysGames - 8 years ago
Because people don't think about the consequences as what they eat.
WiLDPlaysGames - 8 years ago
I dont know... It is so sad.
stuff - 8 years ago
I welcome Chinese fishermen to the Mississippi river to take their goddamn carp back before they reach the great lakes.
Chau Yu
Chau Yu - 8 years ago
on the same page..human population should cutting back from 70 b to 70..

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Sydney Williams
Sydney Williams - 8 years ago
I want to cry right now
Sydney Williams
Sydney Williams - 8 years ago
Why are we so stupid! STOP,STOP!!!
Justine David
Justine David - 8 years ago
corals are part of nature guys
Haloaaaargh9 - 8 years ago
I know, we're destroying the Earth.
Dave Fischer
Dave Fischer - 8 years ago
I am in the hobby of reef keeping, yes fish are getting fished out but they are being placed in aquariums where there chance of survival is much higher than in the wild. as to the amount being eaten, i think its quite sad. As i said I am in the reef keeping hobby and have noticed a large increase in aquacultured fish and corals, I hope this habbit gets involved with fish we eat.
vagusnerve89 - 8 years ago
hahahaah and Western countries do? We generally don't practice what we preach. One segment of our society studies and urges conservation, the other: Toxic waste dumping, insistence on anti environmentalism because its inconvenient or costs too much money, Oil spills the size of small countries, Fracking for oil and natural gas, deforestation because we want the land for our ever growing populace, farming runoff that causes a coastal deadzone seasonally, etc. Its easy to make generalizations
sounduser - 8 years ago
is that a porno??
milokurangmanis - 8 years ago
why most of the chinese are selfish!?
Dylan Drews
Dylan Drews - 8 years ago
Cody Sinclair
Cody Sinclair - 8 years ago

30. comment for Coral reef fish danger - Blue Planet - BBC Environment

Tenacitybrit - 8 years ago
because some of us just don't give a crap about this. (but I d before you asked don't worry)
Laromanecc - 8 years ago
Chinese and Japanese, they're the worst! They're so greedy and don't give a fuck about the environment.
mathew vaughan
mathew vaughan - 8 years ago
ima use this for my science project thx. :D
mathew vaughan
mathew vaughan - 8 years ago
i love the shade of violet on those fish @ 3:37 <3
ferrari4sale - 8 years ago
Damn chinese people.
Cross-Fitness Training
Cross-Fitness Training - 8 years ago
Very cool reef but look my at home
firemouth100 - 8 years ago
we need a wealthy person to actually care bout this and buy all them and put them back every week...this is soo sad :(
barleyarrish - 8 years ago
no you are one of the most horrible creatures to stalk the earth, why not put your own life up for earth saving?
Kelly Tan
Kelly Tan - 8 years ago
LuGaSk: everybody has different taste buds.
Erin Min
Erin Min - 8 years ago
You state that the chinese "live in poverty so are forced to eat everything they can find" to support your claims. That's utterly ridiculous. These fishermen travel hundreds of pointless miles to find inhabited coral reefs, just to get profit. Chinese individuals find these fish "delicacies" and will pay so much more for this than for a farm-raised one. THIS is ignorance to its fullest.
Lucas Skovgaard
Lucas Skovgaard - 8 years ago
Fucking asians
Chum Almaquer
Chum Almaquer - 8 years ago
coral reef species are to be save first. they maintain marine ecological systems. open water fishes are those viable enough for human consumption. let's not be ignorant, save the coral reef fishes.
Amanda guillot
Amanda guillot - 8 years ago
I say save the fish, and let's start cutting back on human population. We are by far the most horrible creatures to have walked this earth. People make me sick.
klee4 - 8 years ago
Stop off shore oil drill, or why waste fish to oil spills. Easy to shift the finger and point to someone else. Easy anyone can do that.
thewhatever379only - 8 years ago
Groupers? Ask the Chinese. Or ask me.
zain t
zain t - 8 years ago
why the fuck do japanese people eat any thing first cats then dogs then frogs then eels now endargered marine specimens
Dia Lim
Dia Lim - 8 years ago
daniel davis
daniel davis - 8 years ago
asreholes why kill them beautifull fish.makes me would they like it if i kill them and eat them tossers
MegaAndyali - 8 years ago
try spelling MARINE correctly !!!!!
Marie Mb
Marie Mb - 9 years ago
Why are you attacking me? Attack Shawodblood66!!!

50. comment for Coral reef fish danger - Blue Planet - BBC Environment

kaylee shae
kaylee shae - 9 years ago
another reason why I'm a vegitarian, and another reason that i'm getting a degree in marean biology, so I can help them... if theres any left in 3 years.
kaylee shae
kaylee shae - 9 years ago
right, and some say with other animals, because they have troubles living, people HAVE to kill them... well im a FUCKING VEGITARIAN AND IM DOING FINE WITHOUT ANIMALS AND FISH THANK YOU...
Pascale Sweeney
Pascale Sweeney - 9 years ago
Why do humans destroy everything beautiful ?
Ivan Sutrisno
Ivan Sutrisno - 9 years ago
My deceased grandmother always scolded me when I was a kid for not clearing the food plate down to the last grain of rice. For her, leaving uneaten food down to the bin is a big disrespect for nature. All I know about chinese way of thinking, we never kill animal for sports. You guys on the west on the contrary, made hunting popular for sporting event not if you are in hunger or need state. Dont get me wrong, not trying to start a debate but this is an example of bias judgement.
Ivan Sutrisno
Ivan Sutrisno - 9 years ago
I am chinese origin and I do feel sorry about this. But please do not take this racially as I never hate anyone black yellow or white because some of their individuals do something stupid. There are ALOT of asians who don't agree of such practice although I must also agree that many Asian countries do not enforce enough law on this matter. Also please do not forget the background of Asian people who used to live i poverty so they were forced to eat everything they can find.
shiawasekappukekiful - 9 years ago
Why don't you guys just shut up and do something about it, clean a beach, start a protest, join the peace core, complaining is for people that DO something about it, that's why I'm not complaining about the reefs because my family could care less, but I can complain about the complaining, that's where this post comes in
pandalillyapps - 9 years ago
Check out the video on Aquarium I.D.
rubarb3618 - 9 years ago
why do chinese drag fish on the floors with nets there very nice (sarcasm) and only eat the endangered animals
Marie Mb
Marie Mb - 9 years ago
@Shadowblood66 What are you talking about? Yes, protecting the fish, I understand. I understand we use them in medicine, perfume etc.. But we don't HAVE to kill animal to survuve? You speak of it, like because we make jelly, we HAVE to eat it.
Bart Coppens
Bart Coppens - 9 years ago
@Soschwoons It would be better to protect the species and make sure nobody hunts them. However animals are not only killed for eating, but also used to make products that are all around us, like glue, gelatin, paint, medicines, pet food, cake mix, dyes, inks, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. they ALL contain parts of animals, and we need to kill them to make those things. We should stop them from killing and eating endangered species by protecting them, not by going vegetarian
Lewis Anshutz
Lewis Anshutz - 9 years ago
that's why faith doesn't place me in those places cause if I had a weapon I'm sorry for the shops that sell those fishes
Marie Mb
Marie Mb - 9 years ago
@Shadowblood66 Why?
Bart Coppens
Bart Coppens - 9 years ago
Why eat an ENDANGERED species? There are so many species of animals that are farmed for eating, and they have to eat an ENDANGERED species?
Bart Coppens
Bart Coppens - 9 years ago
@Soschwoons Going vegetarian doesn't help. Even if we didn't eat meat, we would STILL have to kill animals to survive.
FlushitTV - 9 years ago
@darthfocus That's a good thing. Their population is already way too high. We need less people on the planet, not more.
Nate Pereira
Nate Pereira - 9 years ago
fish dont taste good
Miles Anderson
Miles Anderson - 9 years ago
@BoboC888 shut the fuck up asshole, china should know about conservation.
Ms Vidoqueen
Ms Vidoqueen - 9 years ago
Watch Forks over Knives on Netflix.
Marie Mb
Marie Mb - 9 years ago
GO VEGETARIAN! God dammit.
Bobo Cheung
Bobo Cheung - 9 years ago
I think people should just stop hating on China, unless you've never eaten fish
Chris Donohue
Chris Donohue - 9 years ago
its not the jap or chinese its the human race yes that includes you and me we need to change now or nature will change us, it makes me sad to see how the handle the live fish ie its like dumping a human been into the sea to drown! then cut up them up to sell but again just look at the human rights issues in china and you can put 1 and 1 together?
lcabosa - 9 years ago
im sorry for humans, cannot find a better use for existence, just eat away the all world u morons, them u can eat one another.
Gordonkris - 9 years ago
I actually felt sad for the fish at 2:35...
WWpictures100 - 9 years ago
That is a huge wrasse
Victorino Silvestre Jr
Victorino Silvestre Jr - 9 years ago
Coral Reeves and Orchids from Virgin Forest can cure Cancer, AIDS and HIV so do not destroy them.
Khaosdash - 9 years ago
@mannerzdeejay Bombing China will only make things worse. You can't just go into war with anyone you hate
///ALEX C - 9 years ago
cant they just keep eating rice and salmon or freakin tofu? lol
lettiehigh - 9 years ago
I'm a citizen of Hong Kong, but I didn't know anything about this before I watched this video. I feel that people in Hong Kong are too jealous. I hope this could change soon.
Avery Williams
Avery Williams - 9 years ago
Lets do only what is best for all.
StephanieLisaTara - 9 years ago
HAIKU I hatch! Crawl! And swim! Oh how I love my sweet life, Don't pollute my home. —A Green Sea Turtle
Doom - 9 years ago
I love eating fried fish...but man, poor fish.
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen - 9 years ago
We are not depending on OiL. We are depending on Food, Water and Shelter. That's all we need in life. Stop the needless balogny and fix the system. Earth is dying and people are getting cancers.
Ye Oo
Ye Oo - 9 years ago
@nwyk153 when i said the comment two mounths ago japan has the biggest wave
Whitedog2185 - 9 years ago
@AdAmBrOpHy Try it and find out for me.
Whitedog2185 - 9 years ago
@newmabreu96 You're welcome.
newmabreu96 - 9 years ago
bombarderoazul - 9 years ago
what is with the asians that they seem to eat everything, whales, dolphins, sea turtles? WTF?
Adam Brophy
Adam Brophy - 9 years ago
@justinsnewchannel dont be stupid thats like saying humans live better in a prison cell
Adam Brophy
Adam Brophy - 9 years ago
i fucking hate all them asian countrys man y do they have to eat absolutely everything serioisly just leave them all alone you greedy bastards
GamesAreAwesome - 9 years ago
this makes us asians look bad
sean nealey
sean nealey - 9 years ago
what would be the reason to dislike this video
YourFreeToys - 9 years ago
Can I buy these tapes in the US ?
Carmela - 9 years ago
just keep swimming just keep swimming
shawn Garrone
shawn Garrone - 9 years ago
In the fphillipines on the beach i saw a semisphere thing that liikeed like a rock but was completely covered with tiny mouthes opening and closing. idkw hat it was
gbyzh - 9 years ago
thank god this scientist was respectful enough to stand there and just talk, and not be a rabid greenpease asshole by smashing the tanks
Pallas89 - 9 years ago
Yes, we live inextricably interwoven with upwards of 40,000,000 non-human species with at least 1000 living inside and on the surface of even the healthiest humans. We are walking ecotones as are most animals. Still, we forget that we may not create thermal maximum, nuclear fallout or associated mass extinctions. It is not our right, divine or otherwise.
hoppimike - 9 years ago
Just wanted to shout out to similar people - I have created a brand new forum based around our planet :) It's at earth-forums (dot) com. I hope you like it!
hello jaja
hello jaja - 9 years ago
Less Co2.
stopdemockery - 10 years ago
~ Since the 60's, municipal water fluoridation has used hydrofluorosilicic acid, a waste byproduct from smoke stacks of aluminum and fertilizer plants, containing 23% sodium fluoride (rat poison), mercury, arsenic, lead, barium, cadmium, palonium 20 and other trace poisons. Water filters can't remove it, regardless of their claims. And, commercial pesticides are fluorides. So, between agri-run-off and waste water, our rivers perpetually poison our oceans. We are poisoning our reefs.
Scipio Canadensis
Scipio Canadensis - 10 years ago
Last time I checked David Attenborough narrated Blue Planet. I'll assume this is a different program of the same name, or one of those crappy remakes they do for the American versions of BBC programs.

100. comment for Coral reef fish danger - Blue Planet - BBC Environment

cartoonkid - 10 years ago
I'm sure it's horrible about the fish. But the whole time I was thinking of the real travesty... ...why isn't David Attenborough narrating this?!!
Journeyman - 10 years ago
Love the coral!
Josh V
Josh V - 10 years ago
1:21 is she saying 'FRISH'????? mhmmmm!
JapalyaandCJ - 10 years ago
so sad :( the fish and coral reefs are so beautiful
UFnKnowsIt - 10 years ago
It comforting to know that entire eco systems will be destroyed to supply particular countires with their 'delicacies' at meal time! Really warms the heart.... warms it and then drives a bloody chopstick right through it!
tajah - 10 years ago
And they say America Is fucked up....
Captain Quinn
Captain Quinn - 10 years ago
I think that it is time we start thinking a little more about our environment and a little less about our economy!
rob ord
rob ord - 10 years ago
huhu... poor fishes.
HiddenMistJutsu - 10 years ago
@earlymusicus Shows how stupid you are. Obviously China is one of the most polluting country in the world when it's in its developing phase. Same thing happened with developed countries such as USA, Canada, UK, etc. Compare the number of people in China and other countries. Obviously it pollutes. Kids need to use their brain these days before even trying to post.
earlymusicus - 10 years ago
Human beings are a plague on this planet. And China contains some of the worst people - bears are becoming endangered because of the stupid Chinese belief that bear galls are an aphrodisiac - even though there's no scientific evidence for it - and this over fishing. China is one of the biggest polluting nations on Earth!
Tommy Path
Tommy Path - 10 years ago
reminds me of finding nemo
riddler626 - 10 years ago
this is horrible all those innocent fish getting slaughtered why dont we put those people in the ocean and try to catch them. the ocean is there home and we dont have the right to go in there and treat them like that and throw them on the floor those are beautiful fish and dont deserve ignorant people messing with them. what are you guys gonna do when all the fish are gone . this video is just wrong
Joshua Vang
Joshua Vang - 10 years ago
Where killing ourselves, and the world around us! I don't mind if 2012 is real we deserve it to come! No wonder why god want's to punish us for our crimes! Let the world be and stop killing everything around us!
rednutbrian - 10 years ago
fucking indonesians fishing in australian reefs. no respect
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades - 10 years ago
China, you bastards are going too far
Johansyah m
Johansyah m - 10 years ago
nice video....
Ashitaka255 - 10 years ago
Stupid Chinese superstition. Asia as a whole really need to grow up, too much superstition for people who live in the 21st century.
We are all guilty, the blame lies only with ourselves
MikeHaggarSSBM - 10 years ago
@sunsetsbythesea so eating an ugly animal is much more "right"?
Ellie Randall
Ellie Randall - 10 years ago
OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE, CHINA YOUR GAY!!! -Happily spoken by a fellow Marine Reserver! :@ Ugh, I hate China. Their fake and they ut beautiful creatures in danger
carica0712 - 10 years ago
I guess the rational thing to do would be to forbid (and control) cathing the fish that are too young as well as promote consumation of older and mature fish... It would help a lot to promote these qualities as desirable amongst rich or whatever consumants.If the people were told that this kind of fish is better and more valuable and, of course,if it were made more expensive, they would buy it. And you would solve two problems at the same time : satisfy the market and satisfy the reproduction.
Redkaa - 10 years ago
it makes me sick seeing these fish suffer... soon nothing will be left and we will eat each other ..
Stabacs McBass
Stabacs McBass - 10 years ago
@missingt00th oh yeah, come on and insult me. shows how smart you are. I just felt a little bit confused because in my opinion you and me, we are rich. 1) we have learned reading and writing (862 million people didn´t) 2) we have elctricity (a lot of people haven´t) 3) we have computers (a lot of people haven´t) 4) we have access to internet (some more people haven´t) 5) we have even time to write youtube comments. So, you are right I should read a book. And stop wasting time provocating you.
Francis Molina
Francis Molina - 10 years ago
the chinese people eat almost anything! frome these fishes to ants!
Stabacs McBass
Stabacs McBass - 10 years ago
@missingt00th you are not rich just because you drive a stupid suv. And just being rich isn´t a reason why someone can´t be humble and live in harmony with nature. btw is the word retarded a little bit discriminating for mentally ill people. You seemes to be a person with a lot of negative feelings for other people. Sad. Maybe you should see them as part of nature and be humble to them. Oh, and don´t take me to serious. ;) PS: We should protect the nature. And having $´s could be helpful. :P
Stabacs McBass
Stabacs McBass - 10 years ago
@missingt00th Hmm, better alternative: get rich and make it better. by the way, i think that most rich people are just not aware that the fish they eat cames out of endangered reefs. They just should not die but learn and understand whats right and whats wrong.
Wayne's Fish World
Wayne's Fish World - 10 years ago
you know i have a reef tank but, its not that bad as it seems every coral that goes in an aquarium didn't come from the ocean there are, coral farms where people frag corals, that way it saves the reefs, its like say i took a parakeet from the wild but i bread over the years 500 birds see how that works
Swainy -
Swainy - - 10 years ago
@jakerawr101 fucking brain donor !!
Damon - 10 years ago
@cutietwo22 i dont eat seafood, the taste is veil. however the people who enjoy the taste can eat what they want.
cutietwo22 - 10 years ago
@jakerawr101 so I guess you don't. So sad. However I guess that means u don't eat seafood or anything like that. If you do then you should care about the ocean. I know we don't live there, but other animals do. I do not understand how people like you can say that it's so upsetting!
Damon - 10 years ago
@cutietwo22 ya, but who gives a shit about the ocean?
cutietwo22 - 10 years ago
@jakerawr101 what they say is true. It is said that coral reefs and most fish that live in them will be gone in 30-40 years. All because people do not know when enough is enough. Eating fish is not bad, but over-fishing to eat fish is bad. We won't die if we stop eating fish for a while to let their numbers jump back. I think if the whole world boycotted fishing for a couple years or so, it would help the ocean is so many ways!
cutietwo22 - 10 years ago
@gamerproHQ and why is that? I hope you are being sarcastic!
Good! excelente, where is? donde es? como se llama , plis, agradecida.
Damon - 10 years ago
@syro666 i live in america dude, easy on the drugs man
syro666 - 10 years ago
@jakerawr101 Cause you fucking ZAPS eat all the fucking fish there are not going to be any left. Now I know the cost of life is cheap in that side of the world I mean you people kill your first born daughters, But we won't get into that. There are certain fish that have high reproductive rate so it is ok to eat them. But you dirty dirt worshiping heathens must over fish. you know what kill the ocean on your side of the world but send your ship here and we'll blow em outta the water
Ralph Schraven
Ralph Schraven - 10 years ago
@gamerproHQ retard
Damon - 10 years ago
FISH ARE FOOD, i dont like the tast, but in china people like to eat fish. its a healthy diet. how is eating fish bad? ANY video can make ANYTHING seem like the end of the world and very sad
FurWiGi - 10 years ago
This video should seriously be promoted, coral reefs are so delicate and important to our world. We need more people to become aware of the problems we are causing.
94jg - 10 years ago
20-30 years from now when there's nothing left and the only fish that can be eaten have to be from hundreds of miles away and slowly become a delicacy more than a common diet, I hope China, Japan and other Asian countries are happy for being the majority that wiped out entire species and habitats. I know it sounds racist but it always seems China/Japan/Asian etc. are mostly responsible for some form of species being push to the brink of extinction simply because they want, not need, to eat it.
Adam lancaster
Adam lancaster - 10 years ago
@TheOneAndOnlyProdigy how do you know that fish is innocent? it could be stalin reincarnated.
firespin98 - 10 years ago
im a chinese but i even think it is so insensetive
tim brown
tim brown - 10 years ago
just as sad as the million lbs or so of Alaskan crab we see shoehorned into tanks on that wonderful show called the deadliest catch.
94jg - 10 years ago
Asians threatening another species to extinction what a shocker.
theripoff20 - 10 years ago
aura0noir - 10 years ago
poor fish :( i dont eat much fish, especially not fancy fish, but that doesn't make much difference since the Chinese population is so numerous :/
makupa86 - 10 years ago
@TheOneAndOnlyProdigy everyone in hong kong does that. you should see what it's like at the fish markets... so inhumane, i hate it
sunsetsbythesea - 10 years ago
how could someone eat something so beautiful!!??? It's soooo wrong!
CommonSenseCanadian - 10 years ago
Watch this empowering video on the movement to save wild salmon in BC, Canada. Youtube search: Triumphant Victoria Finale for Salmon Migration
leedabee95 - 10 years ago
this is shocking how can they kill all of the tropical fish little pubes!!!!
druvak - 10 years ago
Shut up assholes. Sushi is being eaten all over the world. The beef trade is one of the most polluting industries. The kind of fishing thats done in the west kills a lot of stuff too. Don't blame China for every thing.
I am Antix Supreme
I am Antix Supreme - 10 years ago
ribhkum jones
ribhkum jones - 10 years ago
this is very beautiful!! i love it!!killing these fish is very bad
usespanner1 - 11 years ago
My friend was in NY but in shopping malls people also prefers living fish instead of the frozen one.
Chris The Hobby Guy
Chris The Hobby Guy - 11 years ago
I guess China is running out of Cats and Dogs to eat and now they are eating all the reef fish..............................They even eat seahorses using them as a viagra.....sad It is so painful to see how our planet is being destroyed
PJ Holaday
PJ Holaday - 11 years ago
Those fish look delicious.
dellovad - 11 years ago
@DaveDooval um, cows don't multiply? LMFAO where do you think they come from?
Pine Apple
Pine Apple - 11 years ago
Some ppl use explosives to destroy coral reefs. :'(
cutietwo22 - 11 years ago
beautiful video on the reef, absolutely spetacular. Poor fish they don't have to slide it across the floor and let it suffer. Horrible.
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly - 11 years ago
All the climate change deniers should be told about the damage done to the great barrier reef
j yz
j yz - 11 years ago
wake up people its time for a change. its PEOPLE who are destroying the earth it doesn't matter if ur chinese, american, whatever. PEOPLE is the culprit.
nativeskater1 - 11 years ago
friggn chinese eating all the fish in the world go apatize yourself on eachother and lower your pouplation
fang8989 - 11 years ago
Whoa whoa whoa....let's not point any finger here....I am Asian... but I don't like fish either and I know bunch other people who don't....Where ever you come from I'm sure there are load of people destory the ecosystem too....and I think it's safe to say that everywhere else in the world are doing the same thing.... But are friend, not food....
CheekyMonkey888 - 11 years ago
If they've wiped out the fish stocks in their reefs why allow they to plunder others' fish stocks?
eryn - 11 years ago
i may not know much about chemistry but i do know biology and what u just told is true
pathammond - 11 years ago
6O2 + C6H12O6 --> 6H2O + 6CO2 + energy.
pathammond - 11 years ago
Be a sceptic all you like, In respiration, glucose is oxidized and thus releases energy. The carbon atoms of the sugar molecule are released as carbon dioxide. If you don't get this, or believe it, i really couldn't give two, or even one. Maybe next time you'll think before acting condescending. And by the way, it's hilarious you question my sources (of a basic and obvious fact) and then recommend i use "english wikipedia". You realise, anyone can write a wikipedia article? Hilarious. Bye.
Burns me up.
Burns me up. - 11 years ago
due HA!
Burns me up.
Burns me up. - 11 years ago
BBC World... Don't bother to tell me You should tell these people who do this for a living as they are the ones doing all the fishing. Me, the average guy, maybe held a fishing rod a few times in his whole life, cannot due anything about thisextinction except observe.
pathammond - 11 years ago
Here's a biology lesson for ya, photosynthesis relies on light. In the dark, through the process of cellular respiration, plants USE Oxygen, and produce Carbon Dioxide. Now please, next time you want to be a condescending fuck, back it up. "Too many plants in your room at night " <<Can you read? Night. Not Day. Night.
kesuga7 - 11 years ago
@TheOneAndOnlyProdigy have you seen what the americans do in animal slaughter houses?
pathammond - 11 years ago
Only if you don't include what they do at night?
aronchai - 11 years ago
They mainly produce oxygen.
pathammond - 11 years ago
Plants produce carbon dioxide too y'know... Too many plants in your room at night and you could die.
Derek Bunyak
Derek Bunyak - 11 years ago
And, so will you. And before you can say it, so will I. (Unless I let my ashes in space) :P
dzhotdog - 11 years ago
yeah! and if you die, that will leave more resources to the res of us!
william buffinger
william buffinger - 11 years ago
The extinction of certain species leaves more resources for others to thrive.
Sipaktli 13
Sipaktli 13 - 11 years ago
Do you think I exagerate? Google Permian Extinction and tell me again in 20 yrs if I was exagerating. It is not the planet that is in danger, it will survive, it is humans the ones that are in danger of self aniquilation.
Sipaktli 13
Sipaktli 13 - 11 years ago
But aparently we are going to destroy the oceanic transporter before anything else, the water won't cool enough at the poles causing the Oceans to stall, once stalled, the Ocean water will become poisonous and just about all Ocean life will die, potable water will vanish quickly and we'll be forced to filter Ocean water for our consumtion, but the demand will be too big and there will be global thirst and likely war for potable water resources.
Sipaktli 13
Sipaktli 13 - 11 years ago
the other day I met an Eng that didn't know plants produced Oxigen, sadly it is not the first time I meet a prof. that lack so basic knowledge regardless of all the information out there, scientists have been warning the world for about 30 years and just a few are listening until very recently, a couple of months ago that gvts around the world are already having a glimpse of what it will be like if we don't take drastical meassures in the next just 5 years.
Sipaktli 13
Sipaktli 13 - 11 years ago
Asians, Americans, Mexicans even Australians, everywhere humans eat to much and wrong. Our body is not even designed to have a meat meat based diet, basically eating meat more than 2 days a week is too much. We produce enormous amount of grain and drain enormous amounts of water and it is all wasted in cows pigs and chicken for human consumption. There is plenty of fish, but humans are even more and are eating way too many fish too, there is half the fish there was just 10 years ago...
designtoad - 11 years ago
Actually, the whales are killing the planet. Let's get 'em, guys!
designtoad - 11 years ago
Be Good. Be Green. But not psycho 'green'. We don't need to destroy the economic system to 'save the planet'.
sonnetxi - 11 years ago
no, fish came first, human then comes along and finds fish tasty, humans eats too many fish, humans build too many machines, the whole planet dies.
Hammockviking - 11 years ago
netlizard : You should read more history!!!
netlizard - 11 years ago
hey, humans come first, if a fish is tasty, then it's gotta die.
D-b1rd - 11 years ago
that sux... fish should not be sold like that
Taiji4Life - 11 years ago
The world is doomed.... Earth can not coexist with humans.... Moneys the root of all evil.... When there's no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth....
flyingSnakess - 11 years ago
where did you get those statistics from?, its sad because you think you know everything about what is going to happen and that living in your little secluded world everything is fine and ok..
flyingSnakess - 11 years ago
we already know whats right and wats wrong, but the problem is educating people not to be ignorant and naive like you .stop thinking you know everything
flyingSnakess - 11 years ago
fuck you, if everyone was like you there would be no more fish in the oceans, its not about 1 fish that dies, its about the whole ecosystem and the species. and YOU THINK that over fishing is natural curiosity, and that its because you need to be more educated about them?, thats wat the japs said about their whale hunting,"for scientific purposes" fuckin bs., why do you think you know if its going to be alright, because you are ignorant and naive and uneducated retard, fuck you,
flyingSnakess - 11 years ago
ha FUCK YOU, im saying that they are ignorant because if you dont listen to the news or know anything about what is happening at the present, there is massive uproar about japanese whaling, overfishing, polluting the worlds ocean . the list goes on. so get YOURSELF EDUCATED YOUSELF EDUCATED YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH and stop acting like theres nothing wrong with overfishing and killing off the worlds oceans. listen to the moral of the video, thats y its there. stfu and to every1 who thinks its ok
Haroon - 11 years ago
I'll tell you what is natural: Fish living in sea; not tanks.
Josh8292 - 11 years ago
Everyone in the world is contributing to the destruction of our planet. Whether you look at from a large scale of continent, country or population or even a small scale of every individual person. Everyday more and more "resources" are depleted. Everyday we use way more than should and create tons and tons of waste and pollution. And it's not going to stop until everything is gone or until nature exacts her revenge on us. It's really sad to think of what we've done to this beautiful planet.
Haroon - 11 years ago
I wish people would stop buying fish for their tanks just for selfish decoration. Fish were born in the open water for a reason: THEY BELONG THERE!
Idkfawin32 - 11 years ago
They'll be fine. They were alive on the video weren't they?
Hugo Perez
Hugo Perez - 11 years ago
Roger A
Roger A - 11 years ago
do people have to be so rude
flyingSnakess - 11 years ago
this is so sad makes me want to cry so much chinese people tend to be so naive and ignorant is depressing, because epecially the fishermen that fish these fish most likely arent very educated or wealthy
Tony Bigt
Tony Bigt - 11 years ago
Emma C
Emma C - 11 years ago
this makes me want to cry :') its so beautiful and its a HUGE mistake to over fish :(
kurtbuckley - 11 years ago
i bet you feel hard !
Max Brown
Max Brown - 11 years ago
just wanna go in ther and jack all the coral
michael mclaughlin
michael mclaughlin - 12 years ago
this is very depressing
AnaLiceInMyPants - 12 years ago
What this movie doesn't show isn't the topic of this discussion. Thanks =]
Raymond Severns
Raymond Severns - 12 years ago
I hear you on that I couldn't agree more with you. Thats why I want to be a game warden but I dont want to encourage non hunting and fishing.
matty thomas
matty thomas - 12 years ago
im not yelling.. k =) .but the point of the video is not encouraging people not to eat fish, the problem is there taking reef fish at a juvenile age before they have the chance to reproduce, therefore endangering the species.
SyeraMiktayee - 12 years ago
Or start buying/raising *sustainable* meat. :P
Raymond Severns
Raymond Severns - 12 years ago
What this movie doesn't show is that many country's are trying to make laws against this. so there should be no reason to hate a country were all the same just different looks on the outside. I hunt, and fish and I don't like seeing over fishing ether that's why I support clubs like B.A.S.S and others so we can stop this. But going vegetarian is not my option. I'm sorry but its not. Thanks =) PS I don't want anyone yelling at me for this post. I'm not being rude. Thanks again
russo martinex
russo martinex - 12 years ago
this is very sad
Chris Martin
Chris Martin - 12 years ago
more reasons to kinda dislike China.. :( sorry, this is my own opinion.
Jacques Woo
Jacques Woo - 12 years ago
mm mm mmm tender baby endangered fish, nothing but the best if you have the wallet =]
newyorkny5023 - 12 years ago
what sould we do about over population
ainsheea - 12 years ago
Thats why I'm vegan and only have two children, not ten
Romy Jesus
Romy Jesus - 12 years ago
Gracias. Romy
bAnnAd - 12 years ago
That's really sad. :( I'm not some crazy tree-hugger or anything, but at least give them a chance to live and reproduce where the belong. I mean, Jesus Christ. ._. Over-fishing the reef fish JUST so you can have a pretty thing in your house? Or JUST so you don't have to eat something a little less tasty or whatever? Damn idiots.
PossumBlade - 12 years ago
Mmmmmmmm......... I love McFilet of fish. Tasty little fuckers'
TallerMovil - 12 years ago
this place sounds like ratial is the COMMERCE, not the eating nor the nationality, nor the race. People with TOO MUCH and those damned "fashions" and "exotic" trends...
manatyson - 12 years ago
Truly if u really gave a damm you can buy the fish uncooked and alive from the restaurant...
artemuscal - 12 years ago
And cattle on public land trample or eat everything that grows and shits in the stream. Producing major amounts of greenhouse another Big Mac. Go forth and multiply? Not anymore. Too many people, not enough earth. Get a clue, over population is the MAIN problem of all problems on earth.
LudicrousTachyon - 12 years ago
China needs tribbles!

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