Crappie Fishing Cold Front Conditions During Spawn

Folks, here in the Tennessee Valley, we have had several cold windy days caused by a cold front. Crappie are looking to bed during this time, but a sudden change in water temp can cause some set backs. Today, we head to Lake Guntersville in search of some crappie! I show you my techniques during conditions like this. I hope you enjoy the video! Subscribe To The Machine! Fishing a hidden pond deep in the woods 4x4's Ultimate Crappie Jig Head Fish Stalker Lures - Slab Tail Jigs Contact The Machine: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

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Folks, here in the Tennessee Valley, we have had several cold windy days caused by a cold front. Crappie are looking to bed during this time, but a sudden change in water temp can cause some set backs. Today, we head to Lake Guntersville in search of some crappie! I show you my techniques during conditions like this. I hope you enjoy the video! Subscribe To The Machine! Fishing a hidden pond deep in the woods 4x4's Ultimate Crappie Jig Head Fish Stalker Lures - Slab Tail Jigs Contact The Machine: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

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for Crappie Fishing Cold Front Conditions During Spawn

J Peach
J Peach - 4 years ago
quick question, do you think smoking a cigarette then handling bait or lures affects the bite? ty love the videos
TroyboyQUE - 4 years ago
Richard is there something wrong with the fish this time if year? They looked frying pan ready to me.
TroyboyQUE - 4 years ago
J Peach
Thanks I thought that it was because of the color change on there bodies. I haven't had the pleasure of fishing for crappie yet. I've seen so many people posting there crappie fishing trip since mid February. I mean like every southern state from VA. Down. And out towards TX. Crappie fisherman have been going Bat S@&! Crazy.
I'm kinda salty because I wanna fish too LOL.
J Peach
J Peach - 4 years ago
TroyboyQUE maybe because of spawning patterns. He's leaving a future for the species and us.
xarrow81 - 4 years ago
Love you videos, but you gotta stop that smoking. Lol
Addicted2outdoors - 4 years ago
Keep catching them Richard! I love your videos. You have single handedly gotten me back into Crippie fishes this year. It’s been about 7 years. I drove 3-1/2 hours on Saturday to try and get into them. Unfortunately I didn’t catch any but I am sure I soon will.
urtypicalguy - 4 years ago
Love seeing the actual bobber go under!!
Derrick Anderson
Derrick Anderson - 4 years ago
That's how to ues the wind to your advantage ... O yes ima keep awatching
Ken Quesenberry
Ken Quesenberry - 4 years ago
They're all good fish.
Cheng Lee
Cheng Lee - 4 years ago
Richard, you need to try out fly fishing for crappie!
isellcatlitter - 4 years ago
we still have 36-45 inches of ice in Minnesota, but the crappies and sunfish are moving out of the main lake basins and staging near their traditional spawning grounds.

10. comment for Crappie Fishing Cold Front Conditions During Spawn

Richard Warmack
Richard Warmack - 4 years ago
The 5 that gave this video a "thumb down" are probably in their parents basement and never been fishing their whole lives. Thanks again Richard for another fun and informative crappie video. Actually had some success with your techniques yesterday.
HoosierbackOD - 4 years ago
Nice my friend!!
Flying Fish Guy
Flying Fish Guy - 4 years ago
Love this guy!!
Mike Chamberlain
Mike Chamberlain - 4 years ago
You know I've been watching and have watched most eveyone of your videos and if I'd say so myself this one has to be my favorite or at least one of my favorites. Not only are you catching some really nice crappie, you are giving alot of awesome tips to people who don't know how to crappie fish. This reminds me so much of my father in law, and us fishing. Just awesome keep them coming. I'm sure you'll be doing alot more of these videos just like this cause guess what time it is, spring time and just an awesome time of year to catch crappie and bass and all kinds of fish. Thanks Richard, thanks so much. Good luck and God Bless.
RUSSELL SELF - 4 years ago
Great video Richard !!!
Robert Booker
Robert Booker - 4 years ago
Just another GREAT crappie fishin video to watch time and time again. Thanks Richard, for bringing us along and sharing your wealth of knowin how. Keepem comin cause its good for us!
rolltidematt92 - 4 years ago
somethings just a tad off richard lol not bad, just a little off lol
Steve Davison
Steve Davison - 4 years ago
Richard, that a handsome looking sweater. Bet its warm. Tell us a little bit about the trolling motor your using please. Thanks again for the video. I sure enough enjoyed it. Steve
Bob Addonizio
Bob Addonizio - 4 years ago
great fishing keep the videos coming !!!
Craig Savoie
Craig Savoie - 4 years ago
What model reel you paired up the Reese stick with Richard ?

20. comment for Crappie Fishing Cold Front Conditions During Spawn

David Waldon
David Waldon - 4 years ago
Great information Richard. Seems my crappie rigs catch everything but crappie. Must be bad timing on my part. I never give up so off I go again to find me some crappie. Still bank fishing till my boat is ready.
Jason Dampier
Jason Dampier - 4 years ago
Fisherman porn all day long.
Abdur Raqeeb Anwarullah-Lewis
Abdur Raqeeb Anwarullah-Lewis - 4 years ago
Is it me or u just extremely accurate when it comes to casting or do u just edit out the snags
mitch Cole
mitch Cole - 4 years ago
Hey richard what do you think about rusted hooks
Badger Report
Badger Report - 4 years ago
I had a hound dog; named Joe!
He used to bite me on my toe!
He's a walker and he walks real slow,
And his name is.. Joe!
adam parsons
adam parsons - 4 years ago
Some good lookin/good fer ya tree tops, you got there! Idea for you? Maybe some jig saving/not hanging up with EVERY cast tips? I know you edit but never see ya buried in brush. Hang ups are where them guys and gals are...Si it does happen.At least I am a VERY experienced knot wrangler lol Lots of practice!
Corey Mcdaniel
Corey Mcdaniel - 4 years ago
I'm from Florence Alabama but I live in Columbus Ohio love watching you fish
Glenn Thornell
Glenn Thornell - 4 years ago
A fine video mr gene nice crappie and. Brim thats a nice body of water also tell elmo to get off his rump roast and go fishing take care my friend RG
Slick Jones
Slick Jones - 4 years ago
wowww, I hear ya Richard , lay wit it , nice slabs you pulled out of there boyyy!
Rick Stuckey
Rick Stuckey - 4 years ago
What u think happend..?

30. comment for Crappie Fishing Cold Front Conditions During Spawn

Rick Stuckey
Rick Stuckey - 4 years ago
Hey Richard when I went i only caught five in an area about twenty yards long it was about 3 oclock and it happened in. About. Thirty mins and just quit and nothing else all day
WastedKlick Hook
WastedKlick Hook - 4 years ago
Good video Rich
Rick Stuckey
Rick Stuckey - 4 years ago
Just went and caught some nice black crappie richard thanks to you
Rick Angel
Rick Angel - 4 years ago
Hey love your crappie video's. I'am a crappie fisherman my self. Do you have a facebook page.
Jonah Lawrence
Jonah Lawrence - 4 years ago
Great video Richard keep them coming
Michael Dooley
Michael Dooley - 4 years ago
Hey Mr Gene, I see you have your lucky sweater on. Man I love that thing. I'm gonna sic that Bigfoot lady on ya and have her get it fer me.
God bless you and yours my brother.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee - 4 years ago
You da man Mr. Gene!!!
Robert Ledbetter
Robert Ledbetter - 4 years ago
Another great video Richard
mysteriousfrog gaming
mysteriousfrog gaming - 4 years ago
Wow, those are dandies!
Wes Lovelace
Wes Lovelace - 4 years ago
Speck Slabb Champion!! You've got em dialed in.....
M.D.S. - 4 years ago
Are you gonna do a catch and cook video? How do you cook your crappies?
BOB MORRISON - 4 years ago
i can't quite laughing, i needed that
Wayne Gordon
Wayne Gordon - 4 years ago
Hey Gene I don't blame ye a bit !! Brother I wouldn't want to mess wiff datt ole gal either !! She can keep em little ole pond fish !!! But I really enjoyed ye Video and the Cold Front Information !! You ins ull be a lot safer air fishn dem creeks on Guntersville !! You'd need Elmer an Elmo both to git her off of ye !!
iVd yunus
iVd yunus - 4 years ago
Wow so nice fishing my broth...
Matt Watson
Matt Watson - 4 years ago
Don Crappie
Don Crappie - 4 years ago
I'll tell you what from a pond to a lake to a river good ole rich gonna catch some crappie and nice crappie at that! Thanks for the video brother.
Faruq Al-Amin
Faruq Al-Amin - 4 years ago
Mr. Gene, that is some nice fishing sir
shun barkley
shun barkley - 4 years ago
I had a great day today,huge crappie but had to let go because their tails where bloody and they were full of eggs
15 acres
15 acres - 4 years ago
I don't believe Elmo catches any fish by accident - 4 years ago
Great Video Rich!!!

50. comment for Crappie Fishing Cold Front Conditions During Spawn

patrick cordery
patrick cordery - 4 years ago
I was fishin the tree tops like you and man there were sum big crappie in there i like doin that except i loos alote of jigs but its worth it thanks for another good leson on how and where to find them in the spring
Alvis Jones
Alvis Jones - 4 years ago
Richard I swear I believe you catch. crappie in a mud hole gaaaa you laying wit um this is johnny earl from Hillsboro by the way how is Elmer & Elmo hold on its getting on me woohoo woooooo hehehe He haw he haw woohoo. good job Richard Gene
MidWestStoner - 4 years ago
Right on.
Ruben English
Ruben English - 4 years ago
I'd like to invite you over to fish Georgia's Lake Oconee for the best crappie fishing in our state.
Ruben English
Alvis Jones
Alvis Jones - 4 years ago
Issiah Jordan
Issiah Jordan - 4 years ago
Good size crappie again another great video love em all like i always say keep em coming enjoy them all!!!!
TEAM ICESASSINS - 4 years ago
That must be ur lucky red fishing cup huh ?? Lol, jk.... great work !!! Keep them comin !!!!!
FISH ON - 4 years ago
Ah I see you know my sister SallieMae Ann....she's trouble thats a fact
Doug Black
Doug Black - 4 years ago
Gene send me you address some jigs for you
Z71Ranger - 4 years ago
Just in case he don't see you reply...You can email him here >>>
Conrod M
Conrod M - 4 years ago
Learn something new every time and get a smile/laugh too! Pure clean fun! Keep‘um comin’!
robertintexas - 4 years ago
Richard, I'm going ultralight with the smaller jigs with 6-8lb test mono using spinning reels. I'm having a devil of a time with the line balling up and making loops on my spool. What am I doing wrong? wrong line? too much memory? too light jighead? I end up just cutting my line several times a trip and just starting over. Help! Thanks.
robertintexas - 4 years ago
Roggiedale, I'm going out of town this weekend for a family get together, and I drive right by a Cabela's. I'll stop and pick up one of these spools of line. Thanks for your tips. rob.
roggiedale - 4 years ago
First before you go let the line out 50' plus and stretch the line. Then reel the line on your reel and spray with reel magic or a similar product. STOP throwing and snapping the bail by reeling Throw out the bait then fold the bail by hand to stop the line twist. After a period of time twist are going to form ( Facts of life jig fishing). Let the line out with nothing on your line for 50' +. Then reel back on reel and start fishing with this rod again. Add two similar rods, reels, and line for a longer period of fishing. Be a smarter fisherman and start using 4lb and 6lb. Use monofilment green Pro Line (Cabelas) on a 7'/ 6'6'' rod ( Your going to need the line stretch and forgiveness in the rig). Of course smaller rod on docks. Reel slower then you think it should be moved. Watch the line jump. Thump! Cheap and smart til you learn. Use your drag. Enjoy more fish. Just a thought from a old man. Well with a freezer full of crappie fillets. With this line bring it. You can afford to respool for pennies on the dollar. Remember most fishermen fish below the crappie. Learn weight of bait on line weight and rate of fall. Test with staked out level of water level in lake. With foot measured pvc pipe, 1000 one 2000 two etc ( Hint). Just a thought. Wish some one told me this years ago. God Bless you and yours. Good Luck!
robertintexas - 4 years ago
Darren, thanks for the suggestion. Viewed several videos and got 4 or 5 tips. Hopefully this will fix me up. Thanks again.
Darren Mudge
Darren Mudge - 4 years ago
spooled wrong. there is a way to do it but hard to explain in words. look it up on youtube on spooling reels.
Alfredo Montoya
Alfredo Montoya - 4 years ago
What size Sahara are you using?
Mike West
Mike West - 4 years ago
Alfredo Montoya 3000
Paul Drapac
Paul Drapac - 4 years ago
Richard, what is that music that you play at the end of your videos? I've grown partial to it. Thanks again for a great vid!
Shoal Creek Kennels Alabama
Shoal Creek Kennels Alabama - 4 years ago
Mr Gene , you said thirty second ounce jig but what size hook if I might ask ?
Rodney Yarbrough
Rodney Yarbrough - 4 years ago
Another good one. Them black crappie fight like the devil right now. Thanks Mean Gene.
Mike Richards
Mike Richards - 4 years ago
Which reel are you using in this video Richard?
Thanks.....nice fish!
derek a
derek a - 4 years ago
RGTFM showing it's about that time of year. The best time of year, only if I can get away from watching the NCAA Tournament, on t.v. Being from Kentucky, March Madness is truly madness.
derek a
derek a - 4 years ago
Pre-spawn crappie pattern is now happening in Kentucky. The males are searching for nesting areas. Just got back from a local lake. The crappie are on the move.
wavygr - 4 years ago
Are your videos live or do you cut out the hangups tangles and little crappie?
Michael Ferik
Michael Ferik - 4 years ago
Richard if you was to see all those crappie around ya under the water it would likely give ya a heart attack! Man that lake has a heck of a fish population in it!
Alvie Ward
Alvie Ward - 4 years ago
Richard do you ever troll for crappie? If so do you have any pointers? Do you prefer long line trolling or vertical trolling(spider rigging)?
Bobby Blevins
Bobby Blevins - 4 years ago
As usual, getn it dun!
Ryan Mordick
Ryan Mordick - 4 years ago
Love the videos Richard. Last season I targeted bass, bluegill, and catfish. This year I'm all about the crappie! I live in SE Iowa so any advice for fishing the Midwest would be appreciated! Love going on these trips with ya!
Felipe Hernández
Felipe Hernández - 4 years ago
señor de las crappies.....
Bubba Houck
Bubba Houck - 4 years ago
Mr. Fishing machine love your videos could you tell me the where to get those 4x4 Ultimate jig heads
Z71Ranger - 4 years ago
Always read under his video click "Show More" Sometimes he will have a list of what was used and where to get them... Here you go for the 4x4's Ultimate Crappie Jig Head
Dennis Haire
Dennis Haire - 4 years ago
Bubba Houck Dennis
Doug Hensley
Doug Hensley - 4 years ago
There’s the fishing Machine! Get em boy!
rat4spd - 4 years ago

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