Etho's Modded Minecraft #2: Tropical Fishing Huts

Minecraft modded. In this Minecraft episode we have some fun checking out a few building tricks the mods offer as we begin building our tropical fishing village. Twitter: TwitchTV:

Etho's Modded Minecraft #2: Tropical Fishing Huts sentiment_very_dissatisfied 162

Tropical fishing 9 years ago 680,195 views

Minecraft modded. In this Minecraft episode we have some fun checking out a few building tricks the mods offer as we begin building our tropical fishing village. Twitter: TwitchTV:

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Most popular comments
for Etho's Modded Minecraft #2: Tropical Fishing Huts

Liam Lachambre
Liam Lachambre - 6 years ago
I can't bieleve this was 3 years ago I remember this series like it was yesterday
MAGIC Lucky - 6 years ago
somewhere about 9:57 he is about to say something but doesnt
Kronk - 6 years ago
"I'm never gonna run out of content, these mods offer so much" Stop series at 64 episode because he thought it was boring
Philip - 6 years ago
"I don't think I'm ever going to run out of content with this"
- Etho, 2015
Caleb Ames
Caleb Ames - 6 years ago
Starting my third time through the series what about you?
Tom M
Tom M - 6 years ago
4th here!
MotoKoko - 6 years ago
Tropics+Fishing=Tropical Fishing
srpoti lol gmaeing
srpoti lol gmaeing - 6 years ago
etho just gone back to your old vids and i forgot how good they are
MacTGC•TeamGoldenCity 4Ever
MacTGC•TeamGoldenCity 4Ever - 6 years ago
the weird thing to you etho' is you always throw potion for no reazon.. even weakness =/
Teague Abbott
Teague Abbott - 7 years ago
do u have orespawn
Caleb Ames
Caleb Ames - 6 years ago
Teague Abbott no

10. comment for Etho's Modded Minecraft #2: Tropical Fishing Huts

Daniel Walsh
Daniel Walsh - 7 years ago
One word for the fishing village. Tropicraft
SticksPlays - 7 years ago
I'd put a fountain in the middle. (A little late lol)
Anal God
Anal God - 7 years ago
I just realized your skin is kakashi sensei
Jordan Johns
Jordan Johns - 7 years ago
who's watching this from episode #73 (from this series)
Becky Pierce
Becky Pierce - 7 years ago
you have the wall-e mod???? xD it's waila(what are you looking at) (wayyyla)
radostin04 - 7 years ago
70 episodes later, he never used Rotarycraft for much on anything
TheMissingTexture - 7 years ago
hey look its me
Master penguin !!
Master penguin !! - 7 years ago
Is your skin kakashi from Naruto?
I'm a fan of it
Emperor Bob
Emperor Bob - 7 years ago
Legend of Diamonds yep
Baron11704 - 7 years ago
The thing with the food its convenience vs. uh... Encouraging variety.
LegendaryStun - 7 years ago
I just started watching your modded series after your LP season 2 and I don't know why I like this so much more. You're very entertaining etho I love your content keep up the good work!

I aspire to produce good content like your but something about talking to a mic alone in a room just feels weird but I hope to get better at it.
itร ʝuรt ɓɛcɑuรɛ yѳu pʆɑy it ɓy yѳuʀรɛʆԲ ʆѳʆ
SovereignMC - 7 years ago
You will get better at it dude, just keep it up! :) I have been making content for about a year and a half now, and I felt exactly the same way at first. It's like you're telling jokes and laughing along with someone that isn't even there yet! lol. Just keep pushing on and it becomes natural after a little while. It'll be like you're just talking to your viewers and everything is normal. You'll get there :)
OggyFoxy - 7 years ago
Agreed! :) Also I get bored when i play survival alone idk why

20. comment for Etho's Modded Minecraft #2: Tropical Fishing Huts

the hacker slasher headley
the hacker slasher headley - 7 years ago
Deadbones 100
Deadbones 100 - 8 years ago
I don't think etho should take or add any leaves HE SHOULD PUT SOME STILLTS ON HIS HOUSE
Insanecamozombie1 - 8 years ago
I came back to check this channel after like 3 years, glad to see youre still growing.
Coljan Three names
Coljan Three names - 8 years ago
2016 anyone?
No0 Leader
No0 Leader - 7 years ago
Manaelm Zenith
Manaelm Zenith - 8 years ago
Sup m8
Unablemonster 02
Unablemonster 02 - 8 years ago
phil_osopher33 - 8 years ago
+Unablemonster 02

You begging for attention there boy?
Unablemonster 02
Unablemonster 02 - 8 years ago
Oh sorry am I late I'm using Internet explorer
oscar1000108 - 8 years ago
2:39 Etho, self harm is not good, you should not be happy.
Thatchycoyote 1
Thatchycoyote 1 - 8 years ago
Love ur content!
Your Mother
Your Mother - 8 years ago
Jayce Miller
Jayce Miller - 8 years ago
+jesse mcelwain ...fair point.......
Jesse McElwain
Jesse McElwain - 8 years ago
But... it's M'aiq the Liar...
Jayce Miller
Jayce Miller - 8 years ago
0_o you are wayy to l8 m8
I'm Andrei
I'm Andrei - 8 years ago
Link pleease
Christian Nanny
Christian Nanny - 8 years ago
whats the walie
Ghost Toast
Ghost Toast - 7 years ago
Do you mean Waila(what am I looking at)?
Christian Nanny
Christian Nanny - 8 years ago
nice one ive already figured what it is but nice joke

30. comment for Etho's Modded Minecraft #2: Tropical Fishing Huts

ESRGamers - 8 years ago
Btw it's not wally it's waila, pronounced wayla
I Just Triggered You. Lel.
I Just Triggered You. Lel. - 7 years ago
He knew that. He just pronounced it like he wanted. I know Etho pronounces A LOT (And I mean A LOT. It's like his superpower. He pronounces everything wrong.) but I don't think he's that stupid.
still_lava115 - 8 years ago
I know this is old, but was anyone screaming at Etho last episode when he didn't know which mod the graves came from and it said at the top of the screen?
still_lava115 - 7 years ago
I honestly have no idea.
I Just Triggered You. Lel.
I Just Triggered You. Lel. - 7 years ago
Not screaming but yes. And why are you commenting that on this video instead of the video that actually happened on?
The Brighton Boys
The Brighton Boys - 8 years ago
In the middle of the pier
The Brighton Boys
The Brighton Boys - 8 years ago
Put a fountain
Mr.Potato - 8 years ago
Etho's Modded Minecraft world download
AMazing BLOB 101
AMazing BLOB 101 - 8 years ago
nice kakashi skin
Nicholas K
Nicholas K - 8 years ago
you should use a texture pack like sphax or something else
R. pizzamonkey
R. pizzamonkey - 8 years ago
What minecraft version is this?
Alton Loftis
Alton Loftis - 8 years ago
+R. pizzamonkey 1.7.10 :)
Brayden Holst
Brayden Holst - 8 years ago
your design is great Etho
isochronous - 8 years ago
I know this video is super old now, but the rope ladders from openblocks would have been perfect for the pier => town level transition.
XxxDARKDEMON Xxx - 8 years ago
What if you eat every single food
Mesmerised - 8 years ago
my dad says im a reptilian because I like the heat so much hiiiiissssssssss
Mesmerised - 8 years ago
im so sorry
Gideon Hail
Gideon Hail - 8 years ago
The Hunger aspect of the pack is similier to blightfall, but much more intense
Amir - 8 years ago
Same mod, Etho just modified it to be 250 foods for some reason.
TheTrueArtist - 8 years ago
Boo smeltery going the easy way out
Tristen Graves
Tristen Graves - 8 years ago
Im just curious you don't have to answer if you don't want to share but what kind of computer do you use and whats the processor, graphics and ram specs?
Tteam (2nd channel)
Tteam (2nd channel) - 8 years ago
in the "about" tab
blaze christensen
blaze christensen - 8 years ago
It looks awesome
Mathew P.
Mathew P. - 9 years ago
So ethglo heard u like dark wood ;)
Jase Sandefur
Jase Sandefur - 9 years ago
In real life, the sheep would probably eat their merry way through the bamboo prison
Jacob Halifax
Jacob Halifax - 9 years ago
Why did you waste another potion. A weakness potion can help cure a zombie villager!
Epsilos - 9 years ago
It looks good etho (:

50. comment for Etho's Modded Minecraft #2: Tropical Fishing Huts

gnowelyk - 9 years ago
The food system is actually really refreshing and really fun. It's so exciting to find a new type of food.
Collin Goggins
Collin Goggins - 9 years ago
Love the vids etho
Collin Goggins
Collin Goggins - 9 years ago
Ryan peivandi
Ryan peivandi - 9 years ago
Ryan peivandi
Ryan peivandi - 9 years ago
He said arrow but he meant skeleton
BananaMan - 9 years ago
Gameraid123 - 9 years ago
28:24 leaf afro :D
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - 9 years ago
Your houses look like they're built out of crates
21 Frazier
21 Frazier - 9 years ago
make the village in the huge trees
Mage Wings
Mage Wings - 9 years ago
what mod adds the blood moon?
[Pro] Rnjshade [PRO_CO_LEADER] MR MW3KILLERPRO - 9 years ago
Why don't you stop the video then start it back at the spot were you left off!! Beacuse we didn't see what did in your free time! :(
TheIceThorn - 9 years ago
"the way of how this works is you fill it with love"..? xD
It's nice to have the vat of love, lol
JudgeGrimm - 9 years ago
No, it's pronounced Lau-va.
XxSteadyGxX 7803
XxSteadyGxX 7803 - 9 years ago
Claire Howell
Claire Howell - 9 years ago
you have to see Big Hero 6 it is soooooo funny
HollywoodDr.p - 9 years ago
In the kindle of the sphere is a dragon egg once you beat the ended dragon
hanna jones
hanna jones - 9 years ago
richard mitchell
richard mitchell - 9 years ago
that was some good transparency you got to teach me that
Sky Celestial
Sky Celestial - 9 years ago
Killer Keemstar
Killer Keemstar - 9 years ago
Kyle McLoughlin
Kyle McLoughlin - 9 years ago
what is the seed
Slam Dunk Craft
Slam Dunk Craft - 9 years ago
Why 124 dislikes? Imagine, 124 people hate you
Blake Boudreaux
Blake Boudreaux - 9 years ago
just because someone dislikes a video doesnt mean they dislike you. Just ask what they disliked and what they would like to see more of
Slam Dunk Craft
Slam Dunk Craft - 9 years ago
wouldn't you cry so if your a hater then stop disliking and move on to a different video if you don't like it
Evananjunli - 9 years ago
Did anybody else see the Terraria reference? It said "The Blood Moon is Rising..."
Deathwish - 9 years ago
There's a hole in your pier, dear etho, dear etho,
There's a hole in your pier, dear etho, a hole.

You should fix it dear etho, dear etho, dear etho,
You should fix it dear etho, dear etho, fix it!

AND, I dont know the rest of the song. Have a nice day!
Yami No Mizu
Yami No Mizu - 9 years ago
sigh I know this is sorta off topic, but oh well. The mods won't work for me, lol. I've tried everything I know how to to fix it, and nothing worked. So I was wondering if you're working on getting modpack permissions? It's fine if your not, I understand that's a ton of mods to get permissions for. I hope anyone reading this has a good day. :D
Ron Zimmermann
Ron Zimmermann - 9 years ago
Skossan - 9 years ago
You MUST put coal inside the smeltery to get a higher temperature.
Lucian Radu
Lucian Radu - 9 years ago
Jaime Ebert
Jaime Ebert - 9 years ago
hey etho i think you should make a 5 by 5 crucible smeltery
Arielle E Rivera
Arielle E Rivera - 9 years ago
This idea is awesome. I've been thinking of what I want to build in the game and you're building exactly that xD And I can tell it's gonna look great!
tychodancer - 9 years ago
kilika?! Awesome!
Ineedhelpplw - 9 years ago
No it's LARVA not lahva.
eddog6666 - 9 years ago
Mine craft is an open-source codes so there for mods are too. all you need is permission from the mod creator and if it is a yes, you are allowed to add items, change recipes. Look at ME^4 again. The quatum mod didn't start out with compressed cookies. so you can change the mod around as long as it keeps it function normally. even Parcel31 in ME^4 added a 16384k storage cell for the AE mod.
Ellie Karatzas
Ellie Karatzas - 9 years ago
I would build a tree house on that giant tree
OpposingGeek - 9 years ago
The leaf roof looks like Fortree City from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. (At least to me it does)
benja ben
benja ben - 9 years ago
u think win7 x64 with duo core,3gh nvidia geforce gtx 750Ti and 4gb ram would work for this modpack? :3 opinions plz,l could boost ram for example if needed
Brooke Tatum
Brooke Tatum - 9 years ago
Are you no longer in Minecrack?
Noah Evans
Noah Evans - 9 years ago
I love the series!!! The city look like it will be amazing!
entombed ant
entombed ant - 9 years ago
Could u put a mod list in plz
Kitopher 78
Kitopher 78 - 9 years ago
u know with carpenters blocks u can make water go around the fence (I hope that made sence)
Chilly keys
Chilly keys - 9 years ago
"Oh I probably shouldn't have hit myself with a weakness potion", famous last words
Nate Miller
Nate Miller - 9 years ago
You should put a trible camfire in the middle
tyler swedan
tyler swedan - 9 years ago
If you have withers you should do that
jop lo
jop lo - 9 years ago
How did ethi make the blue box smaller and on the left?

And what is the mod name?
cpdion - 9 years ago
what mod has the grave and points out where you die?
Geodude - 9 years ago
what mod is that, that shows you what other mods are in the corner ;-;
Brandi Fouche
Brandi Fouche - 9 years ago
In the middle of the town, make a fish jumping out of the water
Elissa Carroll
Elissa Carroll - 9 years ago
Etho, the plank hut being able to stay in the air with only the one support that the ladder is on does not look very realistic. I was thinking it might look good to have the dark wood that is part of the house walls go down to the water so that each "heavier" wood is a support. I enjoyed your video
Anelisa Huff
Anelisa Huff - 9 years ago
caphalor08 - 9 years ago
reminds me of a civilised tfc food system

100. comment for Etho's Modded Minecraft #2: Tropical Fishing Huts

Silencus - 9 years ago
Etho likes Final Fantasy? I didn't know this. I like him 100x more now. xD
ngoc huynh
ngoc huynh - 9 years ago
RustyChickenMC - 9 years ago
Does anyone at all know a modpack like this. i would love to play the same as this!
phennec - 9 years ago
Etho, have you ever used Ender IO?  It's really compact and you can put up to three different pipes in the same block.  Also, the Ender IO SAG Mill will double your ores and give you extra stuff.  Be sure to put some flint in it.  And there are recipe books built right into some of the machines.

I really LIKE the food system and the lunch box is very cool.  I think there needs to be some type of hunger tweek with Pam's Harvestcraft otherwise there is no point to having all those different kinds of food.
phennec - 9 years ago
+Joseph jlk;lkjhgf Oh I thought he was using some type of hunger tweeking mod.  I just wasn't sure which one.  I agree with you about Hunger Overhaul going well with Pam's Harvestcraft.
Joseph jlk;lkjhgf
Joseph jlk;lkjhgf - 9 years ago
Hunger Overhaul goes pretty well with both Spice of Life and Pam's surprised he isn't using it.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim - 9 years ago
Hey Etho, 2 of my friends kept telling me to watch you. I thought that i shiuld stick with Chimney Swift, but me and my friend watched ep 5 of your modded survival, and i was like, "OMG, this is wat i've been missing out on. So i am watching the series from the start. Your so cool!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!
King - 9 years ago
I'm a bit late on this video but you should make the middle a tiki bar.
Gamer_128 - 9 years ago
I don't remember what exactly but I believe that carpenter's posts or one of the carpenter's blocks causes water to fill around it when a block is put on it and surrounded by water.
I think it works with all liquids but not sure
Aidan Luong
Aidan Luong - 9 years ago
What were your guys snacks today?
Jxhn - 9 years ago
Rotary craft? You NEED Reactorcraft too.
evildude5t5 - 9 years ago
is there a way we can get a list of all the mods?
Elysium - 9 years ago
The mods bring back memories from FTB
Azurestorm's/Kisame's Lets Play
Azurestorm's/Kisame's Lets Play - 9 years ago
Etho why dont you add hunger overhaul???
TheUnb3atable - 9 years ago
Hey Etho it would be so awsome if you could get permission to realease your mod-pack I would love to play it!
Alistair Noakes
Alistair Noakes - 9 years ago
Are you calling doc a pear?
SynisterSheep - 9 years ago
What mod did etho make again. I forgot. By the way love the series etho :)
Michael Dayton
Michael Dayton - 9 years ago
you dun got bird poop there with that white texture
Zteph - 9 years ago
Zteph - 9 years ago
Make a town hall in the middle of the tier
Craig W
Craig W - 9 years ago
It looks like clams! Perfect for fishing village.
Pim Hollander
Pim Hollander - 9 years ago
It's really cool !! those leaves and the whole series
thehumansock - 9 years ago
I am really liking the series. I hope the episodes come often!
Inverted T
Inverted T - 9 years ago
+EthosLab Do you have TropiCraft in your pack?
Kasey Woods
Kasey Woods - 9 years ago
use coal in the crucible thing to increase heat past 1500
GsGotCookies - 9 years ago
What mc version is this? :)
ZeVaughn - 9 years ago
can you place the dirt/grass, color it bamboo with paintbrush and then place clover/leaf on it?
mini dwarfdude
mini dwarfdude - 9 years ago
A lighthouse would look amazing in the centre of the pier!
GingerSnapz FTW
GingerSnapz FTW - 9 years ago
etho love this series keep it going plz ! :)
Christos Vournazos
Christos Vournazos - 9 years ago
Try carpenter's blocks to create inclined roof surfaces n cuse leaf texture...that might work...
That one person
That one person - 9 years ago
Celsius FTW!
Osher Ahron
Osher Ahron - 9 years ago
Etho please make your videos in 1080p :D
Milk Tea
Milk Tea - 9 years ago
Lol Ethos stupid in a good way

Etho: Holds harming potion in hand Splashes himself Yay!

Me: Facepalm Lmao
Defiancy - 9 years ago
Thanks for the jump edits. They make the videos way more enjoyable :)
MattCraftDotDerp - 9 years ago
The houses make me think of Fortree City from Gen 3 of Pokemon
Finn M
Finn M - 9 years ago
Finn M
Finn M - 9 years ago
put a fountain in the middle of the pier!
Nathan Drobisch
Nathan Drobisch - 9 years ago
Etho, they do have a thing with the water surrounding it in carpenters block, beef did it in his modded lp, I think you have to right/left click with a hammer while its in the water, hope this helps!
Dom Padilla
Dom Padilla - 9 years ago
A foten 
Adam Phoenix
Adam Phoenix - 9 years ago
Is this tropicraft
lavaelf - 9 years ago
hey etho I use the tinkers construct tools allot I want to use some different tools
Andrew Varghese
Andrew Varghese - 9 years ago
ETHO I know this is just episode 2 but this series is AMAZING!
zee cat
zee cat - 9 years ago
If you want decor, get decocraft
Coffeewind - 9 years ago
Etho, why don't you put smart moving mod in the pack? It would make escaping and climing way easier and more fun. (correct me if you already have it).
Micah Burgin
Micah Burgin - 9 years ago
Ahh, etho. "It looks like real ingot casting"
Trust me, it's a LOT more complicated than that IRL, XD
Alexander Weinstein
Alexander Weinstein - 9 years ago
I am pretty sure that carpenters fences actually let water surround it.
JAZZ HANDS - 9 years ago
Why did you use the weakness potion on yourself...?
yaseen reza
yaseen reza - 9 years ago
I like the white colour of the clover, it's like a Japanese blossoms
SwekMan117 - The Chicken Eater
SwekMan117 - The Chicken Eater - 9 years ago
When he cut his voice out when he said he was getting more bone
meal did he swear??? :O
Jaxson Kulka
Jaxson Kulka - 9 years ago
Build the Dino from mindcrack for the centre piece
Kevi Aday
Kevi Aday - 9 years ago
hi Etho! I love how u do your videos. Keep up the good work!
Jacob Furrow
Jacob Furrow - 9 years ago
I think carpenter's blocks already do that.
Mr.Coolaid 100
Mr.Coolaid 100 - 9 years ago
hay etho go watch a helper on rotery craft 
RagePlaysGames - 9 years ago
Started playing the pack and both myself and my viewers agree the food/hunger aspect is insane :) 
Jiggle McSwiggle
Jiggle McSwiggle - 9 years ago
+Zed Zombi Lol
Cyborg Zed
Cyborg Zed - 9 years ago
Hidden advertisement is hidden lol
Jiggle McSwiggle
Jiggle McSwiggle - 9 years ago
+DrRageHard I subscribed to you anyways because your gameplay is great :-P
Jiggle McSwiggle
Jiggle McSwiggle - 9 years ago
+DrRageHard Yeah,advertise on a popular YouTube channel.
RagePlaysGames - 9 years ago
my apologies if this comment bothered you in any way, just thought id try and be a bit more tasteful than just "look at my channel"
RagePlaysGames - 9 years ago
no problem :) happy to help 
GeneralPickleton - 9 years ago
ah, that's it. thank you!
RagePlaysGames - 9 years ago
its a combination of pam's harvestcraft and spiceoflife
GeneralPickleton - 9 years ago
+DrRageHard Yeah, I agree with you.
Simply by watching, even, I really want to know the name of the mod... Do you know the name of it by any chance?
RagePlaysGames - 9 years ago
well then that's my reason :) 
Super Fry
Super Fry - 9 years ago
+DrRageHard Combining mods can be hard
RagePlaysGames - 9 years ago
Why doesn't everyone make their own pack? 
Super Fry
Super Fry - 9 years ago
+DrRageHard Why didn't you just make your own pack?
RagePlaysGames - 9 years ago
no, but he did scroll through the mods and so I just downloaded them myself. Took forever, but it was worth it :)
Super Fry
Super Fry - 9 years ago
But he didn't release it?  (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
Najia Saleem
Najia Saleem - 9 years ago
Hey Etho, when do you upload this series? It would be nice to know when so that I can look forward to this series! By the way it's GREAT so far!!!
Æxitium - 9 years ago
If you right-click on the Carpenting block with seeds it will have some plant stuff on it.
x o
x o - 9 years ago
More More More
Lucian - 9 years ago
Hi, I want to know what mod I need in order to see on the top of the screen the description of the block/item I look at... Could you help me?
Bub Thy Potato
Bub Thy Potato - 9 years ago
Your house looks good!
pedro h
pedro h - 9 years ago
Etho add zombie awareness! You are gonna "love" it!
Tealaa - 9 years ago
Really enjoying the series very laid back.
Zack Christopher
Zack Christopher - 9 years ago
Etho I think carpenters fences do fill in water. They are pretty cool.
DippinDakota - 9 years ago
I liked the bar going across the top. I'm not familer with the mods and it helps me know what the block is and what mod it's from. I can't read it in the corner.:(
Michael Rooney
Michael Rooney - 9 years ago
The stuff you put on the pier looked like bait almost. Like bits and pieces of fish. Which would make sense because It's a pier. Also try roughing up the pier with holes in places and try and make it look like they patched up a few areas. Don't forget to include boat docks, ramps, etc... Fishing shops utilizing item frames to put rods/ fish on display. And your housed looked AMAZING! Brilliant idea with the leaves. Really gave me a tropic feel
colin1079 - 9 years ago
Etho! You seem to get a lot of requests in your comments. So in keeping with tradition I would request you keep doing what youre doing.
Have fun, do what you like, and keep making thousands of people laugh and smile everyday.
Love the new series.
Timdeuces - 9 years ago
Ahh! Those bees!
Don Choi
Don Choi - 9 years ago
Hey etho use the carpenters collapsible blocks for the pier. you can do many things with that and it with a bit of tweaking it can look very rough like you want it to and make it look very cool
Nick Reddest
Nick Reddest - 9 years ago
I love this series.
Ultracity6060 - 9 years ago
CreepTheGame - 9 years ago
Dying to see the next episode 
Random Hehehe
Random Hehehe - 8 years ago
OMG hi Creep The Game YOUR ONE OF MY FAVOURITE YOUTUBERS btw do more vids you haven't did one in a month
Alexander Beattie
Alexander Beattie - 9 years ago
Not sure if you already have this mod, but I think the statue mod would be a pretty good addition to this modpack. It allows you chisel two blocks on top of each other, and then it makes a person's texture that you choose based on the block. You can also color it, and customize its poses and stuff. I think it would be cool to try out. :) So, for example you can put a statue in the middle of the pier. 
Drake Delong
Drake Delong - 9 years ago
Carpenters blocks has that water feature with fences
Rory Degnian
Rory Degnian - 9 years ago
Etho do a dead leaves kinda block for the roof.
killerc 2001
killerc 2001 - 9 years ago
I'm so exited for this series!!! 
Sma - 9 years ago
just a suggestion, but the Advanced Genetics mod is quite fun to play around with. I say this because i have made an infinity shareable zombie named George
mhter22 - 9 years ago
a smelter can be as small as a three by three
mhter22 - 9 years ago
you should make the crafting table into crafting station
FallRim 003
FallRim 003 - 9 years ago
Hey Etho I was thinking and I know how you love this new modded survival, so I think you should upload more often of this modpack.
heather jackson
heather jackson - 9 years ago
For the walkway can you use seaweed to alter the pathway??
Roman Bartley
Roman Bartley - 9 years ago
Make multiple ideas write it On a pice of paper and put it in a bag and thats an idea about what to do.
Nathan Moss
Nathan Moss - 9 years ago
Yo etho! For that spot on your peer you should put some sort of a bonsai tree in the water! And maybe make it look like a koy pond thing :)
Aj Lark
Aj Lark - 9 years ago
BioMan - 9 years ago
The new thaumcraft rings, amulets, and belts that go into the baubles can be imbued to give you shielding which can protect you from all kinds of damage however they take earth and air to recharge the shields. Love the vids keep it up :)
Crimson Reaper
Crimson Reaper - 9 years ago
+EthosLab can you get shadow ninja to move into the village
in my opinion that would actually be pretty great i think
Andrew Hurl
Andrew Hurl - 9 years ago
Looks like this series will be great, hoping to see it regularly, I love watching creative style survival let's plays.
Ham.Radio - 9 years ago
You should put a fountain in the middle
Mike Eaton
Mike Eaton - 9 years ago
It is a dock
Alberto Mazzarolo
Alberto Mazzarolo - 9 years ago
hi, in every way possible i've tried to do my own modpack, but for some reason a lot of mod crashes my game... have you got any idea why? am i missin something? have you got a link to a downloadable "etho's modded minecraft" modpack?
doglovernat174 - 9 years ago
+Alberto Mazzarolo Hope this is not offensive, but I can;t really understand what you want me to do because of the spelling. From what I can read, you might want to put this on the FTB fourm or one of the mods you are going to use fourms. Again, make sure they are ALL compatible.
Alberto Mazzarolo
Alberto Mazzarolo - 9 years ago
hi, i guessed that downloading all the mod, one by one was enouth for make it run, i downloaded every single one same version 1.7.1 and it doesen't work, then i tried to create my own modpack just checking every time that i add a mod and now i've nailed down to almost 54 mod (including core and everything) but then when i try to add the map mod (for example) it crushes again. the crush generally happen before the home, except for the map that freezes the home of the game. but i was wandering are you so king to send me by pm a link to a dropbox or something so i can try whit a working version?

thank you
doglovernat174 - 9 years ago
Check this checklist!
1. Are you sure all the mods are the same version as each other and the version you are playing?
2. Are you sure all the mods are compatible with each other?
3. Are you sure all the mods don't have any additional mods such as core mods that need to be installed for the mod to work that you don't have?
If you have checked all of the mods, and there is still a problem, remove all the mods and add them 1 by 1. Also, tell me why it crashes. Does it crash randomly or does it crash when you try to join a world, open your inv., etc.
Jordan Matus
Jordan Matus - 9 years ago
do one of your famous terra firma craft chisel sculptures in the center of the dock/peir
GamingTimeWithMario - 9 years ago
i really want him to get into botania if he has it installed if he doesnt he should lol its an awesome mod :)
Foxy Frenzy
Foxy Frenzy - 9 years ago
You should put a jungle (Any tree) in the middle of the "Dock"
Juliana Bowman
Juliana Bowman - 9 years ago
just wanted to say i love watching and thanks for being such a good youtuber and not swearing thanks again 
Game of Knowing
Game of Knowing - 9 years ago
Might you consider adding mo creatures or tropicraft so you can get some tropical fishes in the water?
Phoenixmage50 - 9 years ago
+leotamer5 not tropical fish i think
leotamer5 - 9 years ago
Last time I checked, Mo Creatures had fish.
Phoenixmage50 - 9 years ago
+The Game of Knowing your thinking of tropicraft
Game of Knowing
Game of Knowing - 9 years ago
I have. Aren't there fish in mo creatures? maybe I'm just thinking of tropicraft
Phoenixmage50 - 9 years ago
mo creatures is in..... watch the first episode
PgkDesiigns - 9 years ago
Etho, i'm still asking myself, how often do you upload this series? Is it a constand thing? Or just some random time inbetween 2 - 4 days? -Patrick
OpposingForces - 9 years ago
+EthosLab  Another mod I'd suggest for your pack would be chicken shed. what it does is  it makes chickens shed feathers randomly. makes it possible to farm feathers without killing chickens. they drop in a similar way and time pattern as eggs do. very handy.
Mat Cahill
Mat Cahill - 9 years ago
Ethos use the pencil from the open blocks mod to put invisible blocks behind the ladders so they go to the back of the block and dont look odd like this OS he can see it
Brendan Mesters
Brendan Mesters - 9 years ago
i love that leaf roof!!! it looks AWESOME!! this is really such an awesome mod pack, wel done etho
robertcody16 - 9 years ago
Why is the ad in spanish!
trexpl0s1ve - 9 years ago
I wish you had Botania as well.
Ammaross Plays
Ammaross Plays - 9 years ago
Probably get lost in the comments, but a painter from EnderIO would handle simple painting. The custom flooring option is very flexible and nice though. Also, try a SAG Mill for ore doubling as it has secondary item chances and can increase (chance of) primary output beyond double as well.
Oceanwaves252 - 9 years ago
the "pier" kinda looks like that place on google maps where there is that person dragging a bloody body into the lake.
jacob meek
jacob meek - 9 years ago
I believe you can walk the ladder w I th the carpenters hammer to get same result without the pillar, and I think to get more variety in the leaves you could use the chizle
Angus Robinson
Angus Robinson - 9 years ago
You should make a pagoda/Asian buildings
Lin Khant Oo
Lin Khant Oo - 9 years ago
I don't know about anyone else, but I preferred the floating disconnected ladder to the connected ladder because the oak pillar is really distracting and I feel it's too much. If it is disjointed, what about making the ladder come up a little more into the deck?

Love your vides! I love this series!
Cian Keenan
Cian Keenan - 9 years ago
I Love this Series!
Short Black
Short Black - 9 years ago
Carpenters fences will get covered in water n stuff
Z - 9 years ago
You can't make silicon IRL, it's an element, who made this mod?
Z - 9 years ago
I like how you call WAILA "Wall-E"
Sam Dadds
Sam Dadds - 9 years ago
Etho you should make the right side of the pier the business area and the right side for houses
Nate Ralosky
Nate Ralosky - 9 years ago
Which mod is it that adds the blood moon?
And also, the loot bags?
I think Etho should keep the blood moon, because it presents a challenge, and he'll find an interesting way to overcome it
Agora2021 - 9 years ago
Well, thanks for explaining how your food mods work a little bit. I feel better about them now.
headle55 - 9 years ago
i like the map and info bigger . rly hard to read even full screen hd
SiD - 9 years ago
Put fences between the logs on the dock
y_my_pp_hard ???
y_my_pp_hard ??? - 9 years ago
I will blew yuor mind with 10 facts if you pass you are smart
1. You have a low attention span
2. You couldn't pay attention so you went to the comment sectoin
3. You realized I spelled section wrong
5. You didn't but you checked saw I missed 4
7. I mispelled your at the top
8. I misspelled misspelled
9 you checked to see if I misspelled anything on no.8
10. On 6 I didn't put a space between the number and the text
And on 9 I didn't put a period

You noticed how 6 and 9 were both used you get a dirty mind freebie

Quote Cannon
Quote Cannon - 9 years ago
Hey Etho, why not try the Construction Mod? It enables you to make exact reproductions of your buildings, while still requiring the materials used. For a hardcore builder, it is a great mod.
Liam Orel
Liam Orel - 9 years ago
In the middle od the ''Bridge'' you should put a fountain :D
Linus Monnberg
Linus Monnberg - 9 years ago
If you put a fauntan as the center thingi
Tyler Bauer
Tyler Bauer - 9 years ago
You should block the middle of the pier off on around the bottom and put all the fish that you breed in there as like a fish pond!
Jesse Wilburn
Jesse Wilburn - 9 years ago
Great video Etho I love everything about this series. Keep creating and having fun
CS SL - 9 years ago
If u have seen The Hobbit part 2 and 3 then You know what I mean when I say have look  lake town! Its a town on a lake (duh) and its has the paths connecting houses on other sides of the path below! Anyway you should have a look yourself!
Acrylic Gaming
Acrylic Gaming - 9 years ago
Etho's fishing hut looks more like a treehouse
Reece Reinbolt
Reece Reinbolt - 9 years ago
by far my new favorite series!
crazypeopleparodies - 9 years ago
Nonum - 9 years ago
:D Etho..!   I think we are going to have a lot of fun with your "Mod Smash"! Can't wait till the next one..!
pipieman - 9 years ago
I like the series, but it jumps/cuts a bit too often for me. I'm sure it's mostly just because the series is just starting off, but I would prefer to have a more continuous video.
Shockwave Bolt
Shockwave Bolt - 9 years ago
As a YouTuber myself i find it hard to know what to keep in the video, you don't want the whole video to just be crafting and gathering recources but it can't be all jumps all the time, i think there definitely has to be a balance! +pipieman 
DisKorruptd - 9 years ago
etho, the arrow spawner would work great in the roof of a mob farm, it rains down arrows upon the unsuspecting mobs
mylescraft55 - 9 years ago
play terraria
Jay Hanlon
Jay Hanlon - 9 years ago
this is my favourite series
kebler14 - 9 years ago
your fishing town is like lake town from the hobbit.
Callum Southern
Callum Southern - 9 years ago
what mod has the sifter?
Callum Southern
Callum Southern - 9 years ago
can you leave all the mods you used in the description on the last episode of this! please! good work on this episode! i LOVE it!
Kameronia 6
Kameronia 6 - 9 years ago
Hi etho could you try to make modded minecraft vids every day FOR THE FUTURE PLEASE!!!!
THRIPP4swag - 9 years ago
I love this new series, please keep it up! Looking forward to the next episodes :)
Rania Chowdhury
Rania Chowdhury - 9 years ago
nice new mic
joão pedro
joão pedro - 9 years ago
I really don't understand what makes someone to dislike this video .. Great video man!
Matthew D.
Matthew D. - 9 years ago
Echo do u have tropic craft?if not add it in
OskyEdz Snakehult
OskyEdz Snakehult - 9 years ago
Awesome stuff all video! But I think the sheep can escape that bamboo pen where you hop in and out just as easy.
ITrain34 - 9 years ago
Can you post this series more
FireFly Epic
FireFly Epic - 9 years ago
Etho, could you build up some land in the center piece and put flowers on it and harvest them as you walk by :D? You could also put a palm tree in the center for shade w/ the flower, bushes, etc.
JonesyyDesigns - 9 years ago
Etho I know the chances of u seeing this is slim but in the middle of the pond u should have the floor open up and it be a launch pad for galaticraft like an rocket silo open up to launch off
MoonlightCharizard - 9 years ago
Everything in this is so cool! The house looks great btw.
Cheshieruu - 9 years ago
Y'know, I'd be a kewl idea to turn those tall bushy trees (with the coconuts(?)) into treehouses... jus saying. XD
DragonDust5 - 9 years ago
etho i loved the house mybe the roof should have less leaves but be more messy
Colton Martinez
Colton Martinez - 9 years ago
And another thing! Why in earth do you have IndustrialCraft on this modpack? And the crucible furnace is a pain. Just make a Mekanism wind turbine or heated redstone generator if you have extra utils. Run a pulverizer.
Colton Martinez
Colton Martinez - 9 years ago
The gold coins act as nuggets if i'm not mistaken.
The Reaper
The Reaper - 9 years ago
etho put a fountain in the middle
Peter Potrebic
Peter Potrebic - 9 years ago
For the roof
Peter Potrebic
Peter Potrebic - 9 years ago
Use carpenter blocks looking like leaves and slant them
OutlanderVideo - 9 years ago
This is looking like a great series. Don't Starve is poop I don't know how your still playing it!
katherine moody
katherine moody - 9 years ago
hey etho, try making a the dinosaur sculpture like you made on mindcrack. That would look cool
Brock - 9 years ago
Put seeds on carpenters blocks
Carlito Guabbana
Carlito Guabbana - 9 years ago
Make a zoo ETHOOOO pleasee!!
Sonya Dovgaleva
Sonya Dovgaleva - 9 years ago
Malkara - 9 years ago
You could also try using the hammer on the stairs you made, it'll make em look differently, you might prefer a different look :)
radmine - 9 years ago
if you put a carpet on a fence you can jump over
Sygeth Blackscales
Sygeth Blackscales - 9 years ago
Since its your own custom pack why dont you let your subscribers play it? You should post it on the technic launcher or even the ftb launcher.
xThe KOLO - 9 years ago
Arthur Ling
Arthur Ling - 9 years ago
Love your modded play series and also your Don't Starve Together w Docm77. Keep em coming out! I play along DS. Wish I could also play the mods, but with you showing the ins and outs of the mods is great info.
I was thinking, are you planning on putting Japanese style rooftops on the fishing village homes?
Oh yeah, and where is Cooking with Ethos?
subscribe to my new channel
subscribe to my new channel - 9 years ago
Etho the grindstone can crush ores into dust making 2 which you smelt to get ingots its an easy ore doubling system
Nope. - 9 years ago
But he has to manually put them in + its more fun to have the smeltery & use the mods he has
Trust IT
Trust IT - 9 years ago
How get this modpack?
FarGoGameCo - 9 years ago
Hey Etho! I know you said you don't plan on doing mob farming in the same way, but if you do farm these mobs, you should have a look in your thaumcraft config, and turn champion mobs off. The uncommon and rare treasure bags that come from them get a little over powered when you have a well designed mob farm, but if you plan on just killing mobs by hand, this won't be an issue for you, and the treasure bags are fairly balanced ! If you turn the champion mobs off, they will still spawn in a certain special thaumcraft dimension :) You probably have, but I highly suggest reading through every config file, although time consuming, you will learn SO much about which mod does what and how to tweak your modpack to something that's more fun for you to play! :)
FarGoGameCo - 9 years ago
Oh yeah, forgot to mention, since you look a bit scared in that hole lol, have a look at the random things config, just enable the ability to sleep during the blood moon, or maybe turn down the percentage chance of it occurring ? Or both :P
guitoo - 9 years ago
with the sleeping bag, you sleep on the block you're on, not the the block you'are pointing at.
Macadoof - 9 years ago
Etho if you set this line in the CarpenterBlocks.cfg(line 66) to true, you can use fence posts/slopes in the water and it'll fill in the rest of the block.

    # When enabled, unobstructed stationary fluid adjacent to block will render in the block space.
    # Note: when enabled, you may experience noticeable chunk update lag spikes.
    B:"Routable Fluids"=true
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - 9 years ago
+Macadoof I wonder if the lag spikes would be an issue for him
Macadoof - 9 years ago
Also you do not have to have your settings set to Fancy for this to work for the people who can't play on fancy.
Srcsqwrn - 9 years ago
Etho, I think you're moving in a great direction!
Keep it up! :D
CadmiumCore - 9 years ago
Etho confirmed for good taste in FF's
Adre Zero
Adre Zero - 9 years ago
Next Video Etho Upload:
-> Don't Starve
TheGarthel - 9 years ago
Try breaking the grass around the bamboo so the baby ones spawn more often around them. Maybe the grass prevents them from spawning?
TheGarthel - 9 years ago
Also I think the sheep can get out between that fence post that you placed, the place you were able to get in and out.
Triaxx2 - 9 years ago
Two thoughts. You could have a sort of horizontal stair case, using the carpenter's ladders. Ladder on a block, freestanding ladder on top of that and then another ladder on a block above that. And don't forget you can use bamboo to change the look of the carpenter's ladders.

Second, I know BoP has palm trees, if you can find a tropics or oasis biome. Those leaves might fit the theme a little better than the oak leaves.

Also, the latest versions of Tinker's don't require a 3x3 smeltery, it's just the version that works best.
Ryan Granger
Ryan Granger - 9 years ago
Shaders like you had in TFC plz thnx
Ruzil Yafizov
Ruzil Yafizov - 9 years ago
Он ахуенен
Martijn de Groot
Martijn de Groot - 9 years ago
What is really the purpose of a sleeping bag, seriously.
Triaxx2 - 9 years ago
It's basically a portable bed. So no matter where you are, you can sleep through the night.

It does not reset your spawn point though, so I believe you will still spawn in  the last bed or at world spawn.
Dunne - 9 years ago
Since you cannot release the modpack, could you atleast give us a list of all the mods you have? Would be very much appreciated =) And list changes etc in files you've done, if you have time for it ofc.
Hiken Angel
Hiken Angel - 9 years ago
Will Etho's Modded Minecraft replace Etho Plays Minecraft? Greetings for Greece!
John Nicks
John Nicks - 9 years ago
Add Archimedias mod
Lucht - 9 years ago
Awsome modpack, I hope it's getting released soon to public so we can play it two :D
Toke Rasmussen
Toke Rasmussen - 9 years ago
Hey Etho! You could use other types og darker wood, to make the wood look soggy from the water :-)
Loving the new series, and keep up the good work :-D
Daragh Hollman
Daragh Hollman - 9 years ago
Etho could you please do a tutorial on how to make a mudpack.
I've watched other tutorials but I couldn't understand what they were doing.
James Galante
James Galante - 9 years ago
Etho i just got 30 stitches above my eye so i came here to watch you and now im happy (i slipped onto a metal corner)
Doge Army
Doge Army - 9 years ago
Padriac Bozik
Padriac Bozik - 9 years ago
Etho loving the new pack I already love it more than crash landing!!!
I see more building than crash landing
Cloudzzz - 9 years ago
Etho will u ever live stream
Megan M.
Megan M. - 9 years ago
Try to make the leaves not look like hair
Luu - 9 years ago
The white clover flooring looks a bit like seafoam. It might be neat having it under the pier and around the supports.
FPS - 9 years ago
Etho you shoul make each village like distrects from the hunger games this one would distrect 4 fishing
Lego King999
Lego King999 - 9 years ago
I love the series
YoshiGames - 9 years ago
I always watch your videos and they're just all so awesome!
I'm playing Minecraft too!
okaysimon - 9 years ago
I'm really enjoying this series so far, dude!! And it's only the 2nd episode so far! Such a great idea! I want more!!! :D
Qusai Al faouri
Qusai Al faouri - 9 years ago
I think that you should have ah Npc for Docm on the fishing pier since he loves fishing so much
Broomy - 9 years ago
I have watched all of your video's and I think you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
Sushi Sushi
Sushi Sushi - 9 years ago
U dont need a cow farm but u sure as heck need a tofu farm...
SniperD Gaming
SniperD Gaming - 9 years ago
I love the leaf roof!
Duckybobman L.
Duckybobman L. - 9 years ago
You have a crazy uploading schedule lately .-.
Catchy888 - 9 years ago
What about a sculpture of a fish or something of the sort in the middle of the village?
Giorgos Prokopiou
Giorgos Prokopiou - 9 years ago
Cool! Etho this series is one of the best series of the history of minecraft! I love your videos! Keep going with the good work and you know vat (:P) if you can make your videos for 30 minutes this is going to be the best!
Guy Dubach
Guy Dubach - 9 years ago
U should add smart moving so u can use ur sheep farm easer and other farms too!
Jaren Kneeland
Jaren Kneeland - 9 years ago
hi etho you shoud put a bout couster and go mining and get dimonds and mack a anchanting tabel andenchant your stuf and get a plan by jaren kneeland
PlumpedJose - 9 years ago
Nooooo it ended so soon please have these come out like once a day if u can work that in too your schedule it would be really coool so if u read this please doooooo
Technokiller™ - 9 years ago
Upload pls im dying from waiting for the next vid xD
Dank Montages
Dank Montages - 9 years ago
Omg i loooove this series try make a automated something and a HUUUUGE farm plz #YOUR-THE-BEST
Hank Jones
Hank Jones - 9 years ago
You can dye carpenters blocks and it can make the messy/ well used look.
Try gray.
william li
william li - 9 years ago
Etho for UHC to make it exciting make it modded, such mods like tinkerers contruct and orespwan will introduce new weapons, biomes and threats such as mobs, it will make it very interesting as it has never been done before!
PlumpedJose - 9 years ago
Ya ep 2 been waiting all week
ojulu opiew
ojulu opiew - 9 years ago
Etho I like u u just post for funn
Liferay - 9 years ago
Put some chests and storage blocks in the middle for like fishing storage looking thingy!
Troy Ourn
Troy Ourn - 9 years ago
Nice work
Mikeyb184 - 9 years ago
You should add the mod Minecraft Comes Alive
Mikeyb184 - 9 years ago
And Wilson 2.0 in the town
BLank - 9 years ago
Hey Etho, why have you never shared any actual personal info? Like your name or at least your age. Anyways if you do want to consider sharing some of that stuff then that's awesome. If not, I'll still watch you Etho, your my favourite youtuber.
Garrison Taylor
Garrison Taylor - 9 years ago
So does anyone know why Etho says lava like that?
Mouse&KeyboardGaming - 9 years ago
The leaves for the roofs are a neat idea but they look a bit bushy
logan kennard
logan kennard - 9 years ago
in the middle you could make a lighthouse
Tristan Melendez
Tristan Melendez - 9 years ago
Yo etho on the peer center piece u should grow a patch of bamboo it would go with the theme and look swag well just a suggestion
Paris Burk
Paris Burk - 9 years ago
#savemindcrack BRING IT BACK!!!
Paris Burk
Paris Burk - 9 years ago
Pls pls pls pls please call your pier DocM
Paris Burk
Paris Burk - 9 years ago
But tropical
Jack Duitsman
Jack Duitsman - 9 years ago
Good video
Phillip Neff
Phillip Neff - 9 years ago
looks like the house had a bad hair day
Jack Duitsman
Jack Duitsman - 9 years ago
Also you should put a tiki head in the middle
Jack Duitsman
Jack Duitsman - 9 years ago
Hey etho in my opinion you should put some pillers in the corners of the house so the house doesn't look like its floating
Paris Burk
Paris Burk - 9 years ago
Make it kinda like LakeTown in the Hobbit. Very messy and cool and kinda oldish feeling
Paris Burk
Paris Burk - 9 years ago
Paris Burk
Paris Burk - 9 years ago
That's how it got out
Paris Burk
Paris Burk - 9 years ago
If you can fit through the entrance to your sheep farm, your sheep can fit too.
Fluffy56547 - 9 years ago
I love the blood moons
Cinnabar - 9 years ago
I don't know much about your modpack, but I think that the leaves might be white because of the color of chalk you had on your bar.  I'm not sure but it seems possible to me!
Adam West
Adam West - 9 years ago
Leaf and grass blocks are normally gray and then the game adds the green color based on were it is. With what he did the game does not know it needs to add the green color to it.(I might be wrong on this its just a guess)
Alex Palacios
Alex Palacios - 9 years ago
Does it bother anyone else that the video is 29:29
LeafyDragon - 9 years ago
ethos whats wrong your breath is shaky? YES SHADERS!
Dan Gratz
Dan Gratz - 9 years ago
Actually, Tinkers Construct got an update where the smeltery size can be whatever you want.
Springxnich21 - 9 years ago
Whenever I see etho's village, the one from avatar the last airbender comes to mind XD I actually liked that village after the water became clean, though. It would be cool if etho made something like that.
Austin Mann
Austin Mann - 9 years ago
I can tell how excited you are with the Mod Series. It's great to see you so excited!
Gunnar Eriksen
Gunnar Eriksen - 9 years ago
Etho why do you always say your such a terrible builder when you make amazing things that I dream of making some of your builds are better than bdoubleo and keralis combined
Randy Gaspar
Randy Gaspar - 9 years ago
Make sport beams into the water on the houses and put vines on them
Dean Walker
Dean Walker - 9 years ago
It's been 10 minutes and i can't think of anything to say. :(
Fysix - 9 years ago
Try a tree for the center of the doc/pier?
TheKYLE323 - 9 years ago
flans mod you should add
Anthony Ayers
Anthony Ayers - 9 years ago
For the center area you should build a Tiki Bar
Ryan Headland
Ryan Headland - 9 years ago
Hey etho, after you're done with the doc project could u make a really cool Atlantis or something it doesn't have to be in the water it just needs to be above with water flowing off the sides, I'd really like if u did that.
Colin Vos
Colin Vos - 9 years ago
2,000th comment
Austin Kenville
Austin Kenville - 9 years ago
Love the series so far Etho keep it up
Kyle Hosterhog
Kyle Hosterhog - 9 years ago
great video. i enjoy watching the techky stuff
Max Knepper
Max Knepper - 9 years ago
Out statue of you and say this is the founder
999Epic RBLX
999Epic RBLX - 9 years ago
etho you should make the clover patches bird poop
UntouchedWagons - 9 years ago
RotaryCraft is a cool mod.
DanTheDominator - 9 years ago
These episodes are great! Etho sets high standards for himself and then surpasses them! He has more done by episode 2 than some youtubers get done by episode 20! cough captainsparklez cough
Adrienne Breland
Adrienne Breland - 9 years ago
Do you ski?
John Deuel
John Deuel - 9 years ago
Off to a great start bud can't wait to see the crazy awesome contraptions you come up with...
DOUBLETAPM4A1 - 9 years ago
Diagonal ladders? Etho do you simply mean stairs? Lol xD
DOUBLETAPM4A1 - 9 years ago
Lol yeah I figured that but that would still kinda be considered stairs
Owlblocks David
Owlblocks David - 9 years ago
I think he means a diagonal... Ladder. Like, ladders propped against the platforms, to give them a bridge sort of feel.
Jason Whitehorn
Jason Whitehorn - 9 years ago
Hey Etho, I have notice you not been playing much steam games lately except for don't starve. Your terraria episodes were funny and cool, and starbound. But it would be so funny if you play five nights at freddys 1, or 2. You would get so scared or surprised.

                    Jason Whitehorn
BoB n fishy
BoB n fishy - 9 years ago
hello and welcome to ethosses's slab the home of methocles 
Grayson Jones
Grayson Jones - 9 years ago
"I got jipped!"
-Etho 2015
CanadianBrick - 9 years ago
Maybe try to use Tripwire hooks as decoration for fishing rods or fishing rod holders?
Jacx246 - 9 years ago
add chisel please!
Jacx246 - 9 years ago
Owlblocks David
Owlblocks David - 9 years ago
He used chisel blocks in this episode... :D
Fvck - 9 years ago
If you get to 2 mil subs can you do a face reveal?
Blake Colonius
Blake Colonius - 9 years ago
Etho! I was looking through my Xbox friends list and I saw that one of my good friend's avatar looks just like your minecraft character, I just thought I would share that with you. Keep up the hard work that you put into your videos!
Marq Harris
Marq Harris - 9 years ago
You should put hay on the roofs instead of leaves
Dean Walker
Dean Walker - 9 years ago
Etho, you should use carpenter's collapsible blocks for the pier. It would add a rough look and give it some character.
ayub sheikhnor
ayub sheikhnor - 9 years ago
Etho people can spawn in if you build it right with bamboo fisher people
Colton Kilbreath
Colton Kilbreath - 9 years ago
For your houses, have you ever seen a straw roof? An example would be like ac4 with all the roofs for the buildings on the islands. Just an idea :)
The Nether Jumper
The Nether Jumper - 9 years ago
Etho you should use dark oak or some sort of barricade if you have them for the windows.
Dominic Waudby
Dominic Waudby - 9 years ago
I have a question what are the days you post videos or where can I find your plan for when you post (like if you made a video for this) thanks.

destinybrodie - 9 years ago
Make a carpenters fence and put bamboo in it they automatically load water around them.
katherinemakesmusic - 9 years ago
I love you
Anton Yershov
Anton Yershov - 9 years ago
a pier is for large ships, or many ships. correct me if i'm wrong
Coopa Jay
Coopa Jay - 9 years ago
+Anton Yershov Dude just delete your comments lol
Anton Yershov
Anton Yershov - 9 years ago
no, a dock is for docking ships, a pier can just be for boarding. so I'm incorrect
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II - 9 years ago
Does anyone remember Sirloin the cow
Owlblocks David
Owlblocks David - 9 years ago
I know. I can't believe we decided to murder him!!!
Jake Clements
Jake Clements - 9 years ago
"Make that vat," - Etho 2015
TheOnlineAnimator - 9 years ago
Etho for the center piece of the peer I think you should put some kind of small light house or something what would go with the water-type aesthetics! Loving the series by the way. :D 
TheAwesomeRuben - 9 years ago
Etho, I think you should put a water fountain as the centerpiece for the piers (docks).
Inthelittlemac Inthelittlewood
Inthelittlemac Inthelittlewood - 9 years ago
Etho post more pleasant I luv this new let's play it made me come back to the chanel post more episodes plz
YouNoKillMe - 9 years ago
"Auto Eject Fluids."
- Etho 2015
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter - 9 years ago
I'm really enjoying this new series, I think its my new favorite :O I need to get some more snacks though, I ate all mine while I was watching this video.

I really like this series and others do to, a daily series is to much for us, you, and your internet, :P So I was thinking about every 2 days for a while? I don't know just maybe to get some people interested, cause I know some people act like mods are their bane of life.
Philip Chen
Philip Chen - 9 years ago
Long time viewer and subscriber.  I have never commented before but wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the new series so far.  Looking forward to what you and the new series have in store for us!!
TheBlueLobster - 9 years ago
Etho: I think I am going all over the place
Me: your in the same darn place!
Will Maloney
Will Maloney - 9 years ago
You should get biome o plenty leaf for the roof
The Rustman402
The Rustman402 - 9 years ago
have a bamboo roof
oblivious - 9 years ago
Love the series, but can you please explore the world as much as possible?
Dan - 9 years ago
Etho, what if you kept the Blood Moon but made it very rare. At first you'd die each time it happened but over time you could devise a way to conquer it.
Midge - 9 years ago
Etho theres a thing calle dthe extractor from rotary craft it gives you about 7 times ore output quickly i had a beast mode set up in 1.6.4. If you want i can do a quick video so you can see it.
Dave Mahoney
Dave Mahoney - 9 years ago
Your build designs are so cool olive how you have themes. It's pretty cool watching you transition from a cave to finally buillding above ground again.
Dont Fuck With Me Youtube
Dont Fuck With Me Youtube - 9 years ago
"Eject your fluid" Yes sir!!
Logan English
Logan English - 9 years ago
Youn should put your dinosaur sculpture from the mindcrack server as the center peice on the peer.
Erin Culvey
Erin Culvey - 9 years ago
Etho your the best
CJ Ladd
CJ Ladd - 9 years ago
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie - 9 years ago
Maybe make this a daily series for a couple months or whatever and switch something else into daily rotation. Especially at the beginnings it's good to put out more videos if it gets enough views.
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter - 9 years ago
I'm thinking modded every second day,
Nathan Richardson
Nathan Richardson - 9 years ago
Dear etho, some of your followers and I are desperately missing mindcrack. Someone's got to take the Mesa deed and prank bdubs. If someone can inform me where it went that would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work!
XsaivierWolfe - 9 years ago
He said its become a singleplayer series, on a laggy server, which isn't fun for anyone involved.
Nope. - 9 years ago
About a week ago!
no, it was longer than that but not like 2 months long.. He said that people are now getting into mods & other games that mindcrack is getting kind of boring
Midge - 9 years ago
hey made a video it was on his single player were he explained we he isnt playing it was maybe a week ago not sure though
Max Magana
Max Magana - 9 years ago
Jrry watching avatar the last air bender s3 the painted lady
Wyatt Sybert
Wyatt Sybert - 9 years ago
Make a cage with a fish player skin and call him the legendary man fish or something like that.
Mateo Valva
Mateo Valva - 9 years ago
the point when carpenter blocks already do that... you know water fences
Biz-Z - 9 years ago
Etho, you should leave the area with some bamboo, I think the area looks like the Orient, so it would be kinda like an Asian/Oriental fishing village.
Ardor Fox
Ardor Fox - 9 years ago
Hey Etho,
   Ultimate here. I have started a YouTube account. Your YouTube is awesome. I have been watching you for years. If your interested in what im doing, go to Ultimate Gameer. Thanks. Also, are you going to continue your non-modded Lets Play?
nitrodog96 - 9 years ago
I was about to say "Hey Etho, you should try to collect one of every item in your modpack!"

Then I realized how insane that would be.
mopthet0p2001 - 9 years ago
The house design looked pretty cool. I like it. :)
Joey Bradley
Joey Bradley - 9 years ago
You can use vanilla grass but not modded
Animus BTME
Animus BTME - 9 years ago
Etho try out the carpenters block in the water, with slopes and steps, if water is touching the block it fills in the block to look like the water is flowing in, it might work with the carpenters fence as well.
Killerz Trem
Killerz Trem - 9 years ago
how does one make a modpack
Dessert Limbo
Dessert Limbo - 9 years ago
It wont really crash with the same recipe it will only craft one armor the other one will be lost
JoepedPlays - 9 years ago
+Owlblocks David late but your talking about ids ids are the names of items and 1.7+ no longer matter at all with making a pack
Notsewxela - 9 years ago
+Alex K There will either be a crash on startup when the recipies are loaded or you will not be able to craft them if you're lucky.
Alex K
Alex K - 9 years ago
what happens if two mods have emrald armor with the same recipie and they have diffrent duribillitys what happens?
Owlblocks David
Owlblocks David - 9 years ago
I think. I could be totally wrong- I haven't ever made one before, but I know a few things (a very small few) about modding, and I think if two packs name their items with the same name there are problems (the local/coding/whatever name, not the name that appears when you hover over the item). So I think changing the ids is just renaming them, but that's just a guess I COULD BE COMPLETELY WRONG.
Killerz Trem
Killerz Trem - 9 years ago
easy enough lol :P 
Alex K
Alex K - 9 years ago
download a bunch of mods and call it a mod pack lol
Jacob Sherwood
Jacob Sherwood - 9 years ago
Are you going to upload a lets play soon?
Frodo Man 91
Frodo Man 91 - 9 years ago
Put the ender dragon egg in the middle of the pier once you get it
Industrials.Black - 9 years ago
Oh, this might become an epic serie... with rotarycraft :D, I really hope you give the mod a proper chance. It's definately one of the better tech mods out there (subjective opinion). Interesting progression and awesome end-game. On another note...

Mariculture crucible problem is an easy fix. If you hover over potential fuel (it takes solids as well) when in the gui it shows you both how much heat you ger per unit and a max temp. Hover over a lava bucket and it should say max temp. 1500°c ^^

Etho is love! Etho is life! xD
Rowan Smith
Rowan Smith - 9 years ago
Love it etho keep up the good work
Thorvald Bjerre
Thorvald Bjerre - 9 years ago
Why not use bamboo blocks in the fishing village? Theres different blocks just like there is different quartz blocks. :)
Alex Sironen
Alex Sironen - 9 years ago
Love the leafy roof!
HamsterHG - 9 years ago
Hey maybe add a 2 wide trunk under the hut like a treehouse. Maybe then the village is raised above flooded land. Just a thought great modpack Etho love it
Minecraft Player
Minecraft Player - 9 years ago
Maybe you could do a comment of the day for this series to
Treston Benton
Treston Benton - 9 years ago
Add tropical craft + a lot of stuff for your town :) plus im big fan
Keys4Thought - 9 years ago
Please get the mod pack public!
conor rood
conor rood - 9 years ago
Etho you might not see this but make loads of different bases on the hills and connect them with bridges that would look cool
Christopher Lindaman
Christopher Lindaman - 9 years ago
Etho I just wanted to say I love material energy and personally I think u should continue it. Btw a word of advice don't let what other people think get you down, as long as your having fun it doesn't matter what other people think
Thorvald Bjerre
Thorvald Bjerre - 9 years ago
Love this new series! Hopping it'll stay on :)
Rosa Elizabeth
Rosa Elizabeth - 9 years ago
Etho, you should make little 'water ladders' every here and there on the decks of the pier, so if you fall in you don't have to swim to shore! It would also add some to the design, It would add some depth! ;D
J B - 9 years ago
Etho, use the carpenters fences in the water, there is a way to make the water surround it (visually, not physically)
I can't remember but you could ask beef, he's a pro with carpenters blocks. Kindof...
RSRampage01 - 9 years ago
You must add the tropicraft mod
Cruder Squid
Cruder Squid - 9 years ago
i really like the modes series keep it up and never quit!!
zimguy55 - 9 years ago
the dark logs throughout the pier look a bit tall in my opinion, maybe turn the top piece into a slab. also, thanks for making the item identifier thing smaller! that was getting annoying
Rich Poverty
Rich Poverty - 9 years ago
etho i really liked the base you had in the first few episodes of mindcrack ftb, it would be nice if you could do something similar to that
PikachuChingChong - 9 years ago
Try a fountain in the middle of the pier!
xXang3l_Xx - 9 years ago
I know you don't do this much but could you give me a shout out
Nobody175 - 9 years ago
Put blood like stuff in places from fish n things
laallan1230 - 9 years ago
Etho I dont want to sound rude, but I am really confused where Fly boys has been. I love that series and I would love more of it. I know it is hard with all your other series, but who agrees?
Salmon Head Studios
Salmon Head Studios - 9 years ago
ETHO! Hey! I just came up with a really cool project for you to do on this series, you could make a programmed Wilson from your single player but with computers. Also keep up the awesome vids!
Normal Guy With Orange Hair
Normal Guy With Orange Hair - 9 years ago
Etho, there is a cool mod called botania you should add to the pack, it is a mix between nature and magic, but the only problem is that you will have to travel to unloaded chunks to find the items from the mod. Also, keep up the great work, I love your videos!
pepperschips - 9 years ago
Hey, who wants to join my realm? like this comment and reply your username and why you should be aloud on.
Underflow Repercussions
Underflow Repercussions - 9 years ago
Name: BluFence
(If that doesnt work try Phantomguy321)
(Mostly) good builder, will be on frequently if others are on frequently.
NoiDedvro - 9 years ago
Username: SuRaGaFTW
I love building, I'm pretty good at making Mob Farms/Automated things too!
(And I hate griefing) I also have skype :)
Pobblebonk - 9 years ago
Noeyevideos I have owned a realm before
Snoop - 9 years ago
Will also listen to rules and won't kill (unless told to by owner or mod)
Snoop - 9 years ago
Also I hate griefers and (have skype)
Snoop - 9 years ago
There aren't really any good servers out there and I think that realms servers are better than others
Tony Penrose
Tony Penrose - 9 years ago
Because there's no good servers
Don Choi
Don Choi - 9 years ago
Just want to do something new with some with everyday and so some coop,(has Skype)
Dylan Butterworth
Dylan Butterworth - 9 years ago
Username: MinerNators.
Reason: I ain't no troll like most people are.
Misc:I don't play minecraft to most crafters standards but if I was joining this i,d be playing minecraft a lot more often.
MaximumGames - 9 years ago
I'd love to join. I don't do trolls (except if someone attacks me fore no reason). And I'm good at trading, hole digging, and Survival. User: NetherMax1
Shockwave Bolt
Shockwave Bolt - 9 years ago
I would like to join, i make HD videos and post almost everyday. I have a good mic and am not annoying a don't troll. +Pepperschips I love survival minecraft and am a pretty good builder. 
pepperschips - 9 years ago
+Jet Lag Sorry im not advertising for a channel that is stupid im basically giving a job opportunity in the paper. Im asking if people want to join thats it. I dont really see why its so bad im just looking for people to play.
TheRealThintros - 9 years ago
My username is TheRealThintros.

I'd love to play on your Realm. I love working on community builds and I actually enjoy the more grindy aspects of Minecraft like mining and landscaping. I'd be able to build shared and community farms and buildings, as well as helping people with the builds they are already working on for themselves. I'm no redstone pro but I can understand the logic and help with most simple to intermediate circuits. For some time, I ran my own Realm and spent the entire time building things for the other players to use. As well as these community projects I have some ideas I'd like to try out for my own private base that I haven't done before and would like to trial with friendly people around.
Sam Miller
Sam Miller - 9 years ago
Ign texan_slayer
I'm a mature, friendly person who would be very active around the place. I have never really had a chance to play a proper SMP so it would be amazing if I could finally have the chance to!
Chaszzo - 9 years ago
cuz im bored
Jet Lag
Jet Lag - 9 years ago
Etho has clearly stated that any advertising in the comments is forbidden.
Why don't you advertise your realm world somewhere else and not in the comments on a famous YouTuber's videos?
It makes you look like bad.
Please leave.
PavoFair - 9 years ago
bunny681: I can make huge good looking farms that can supply a lot of food. I can also develop a trading system so I can get resources in exchange for food. I can be on most of the week.
corey heimbigner
corey heimbigner - 9 years ago
Ign coreymacw

Loyal not greifer decedent at red stone love farming no skype I finish huge builds

Disadvantage might not play all the time
Qotrix - 9 years ago

Reason I should be aloud in:

I've been playing minecraft since alpha and I am really good at building and survival
Justin Galloway
Justin Galloway - 9 years ago
Hello my in game username is stormyman10 ams there are many reasons you might want to invite me to your realm. First off i am friendly and get along with other people on all the other servers I play on. I am also a pretty good builder and know a little bit about redstone, mainly the basics. I have been looking for a server where everyone is friendly and acts as a community. I would be pretty active on the server as I have quite a bit of free time. If you need more players please invite me.
Aim Derpson
Aim Derpson - 9 years ago
IGN: batmaaann
All of these aren't 100% true, I can't be the judge of how I am towards other people but I hope for the most part it's true.
I try to be friendly and polite towards other people. I may come off as odd at first but over time, I'll open up a bit more.
Since I lack a life, I sometimes play the game for 4-5 hours straight and try to build stuff, which I hope looks good.
I already do play on a server with another one of my friend, but that's only a 2 player world and I always do find more populated servers to be more fun
Hylian Warrior
Hylian Warrior - 9 years ago
I've been playing mc for 3 years now. I'm a decent builder. Really good at redstone and commands. And I love a good community. Name: Kyrogen
Jeheva Like this
Jeheva Like this - 9 years ago
IGN: AshCip
Why: I like redstone, can build gigantic builds, I am devoted and love vanilla minecraft.
pepperschips - 9 years ago
I dont really care about griefers we started today and its about finding the people who will be trustworthy ive been playing minecraft for 4 years and i really dont mind griefers.
Total Massacre
Total Massacre - 9 years ago
I STRONGLY recommend that you only accept people who post good applications so that people who will grief and such do not join. I have seen some of your other posts, and you have accepted people who may not be trustworthy....just saying.
pepperschips - 9 years ago
Your invited total massacre. :)
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter - 9 years ago
IGN: Chrazm
Good builder and redstoner, I have skype and a YouTube account with videos.
OrangeWaffle - 9 years ago
Name : orangewaffle8
Decent builder and redstoner, would like to make a marketplace for people to put shops, and other builds that have the community be more social, like King of the Ladder.
Nothing But Rap
Nothing But Rap - 9 years ago
In game name: superben67
Great builder, has Skype, technical player, and I'm friendly :D
J B - 9 years ago
Allowed* and thanks, but no thanks...
Redrocks1027 - 9 years ago
You can put seeds and wheat on carpenters  blocks. Also do you have forge    microblocks?
Jordan - 9 years ago
I like the leaf roofs its uniqe (sorry don't now how to spell uniqe
joseph Foley
joseph Foley - 9 years ago
I have a feeling jm going to enjoy this series i sugesst making the house like a tree house so its not floating
Daniel Hartnett
Daniel Hartnett - 9 years ago
So if Etho makes something using a mod but removes that mod later on, is whatever he made also removed from the world? Like would blocks related only to that mod just disappear? 
Ashar Afzal
Ashar Afzal - 9 years ago
It either dissapears or changes it into another block I think
pik641min - 9 years ago
It might, or it might corrupt the world or just the chunks those blocks are in
Sharky - 9 years ago
If I remember right when you give texture to carpenter's fence and it is next to a water source it will make the empty area around the fence look like vanilla water. Or I am not sure if it works with textured water at least doesn't with Shadders.
paul rushe
paul rushe - 9 years ago
Etho stop skipping stuff and also could we have a list of all the mods you have installed so we could put it together ourselves if we want (I know i want too!) And then when ever you add or remove a block just mention it in the video or description because I don't want to wait until you release the modpack!
paul rushe
paul rushe - 9 years ago
Thanks... I know In his first episode he showed the list but he scrolled pretty fast!
Nitro - 9 years ago
+paul rushe He showed the list in the first episode, also on the mindcrack subreddit there was a comment on his first episode showing all the mods he used.
paul rushe
paul rushe - 9 years ago
Sorry...whenever you add or remove a mod!
Rising Wolf
Rising Wolf - 9 years ago
have you asked the mod makers for there permission to release this mod pack you have made?
Risky Tactics
Risky Tactics - 9 years ago
I feel like episode 1 was an intro the pack and we missed an episode and now he is referring back in this one... Confused as fudge
Liam's Engineering
Liam's Engineering - 9 years ago
Add the above paths
1wolffan - 9 years ago
In my experience, piers are for huge boats on large lakes/oceans. Docks are for fishing and personal watercraft in smaller lakes ponds and rivers. Your structure is smallish, and almost bumps into the other side of your body of water, so I personally think it's a dock. Honestly it doesn't matter either way. We'll know what you're talking about. It's your Mariner Town afterall.

(It gives you the bad potions to use on enemies, silly)
ICrushTurtles - 9 years ago
Etho you need to start using pneumaticraft as soon as possible. That should be soon because the materials are cheap.
Owlblocks David
Owlblocks David - 9 years ago
So cheap. Only a ton of iron, the thing he's wanting the most right now :D
Hexcongolden - 9 years ago
Hey Etho, can you try and include a more uncut video? If you don't want to thats fine!
George Denho
George Denho - 9 years ago
DissectedPig - 6 years ago
George Denho when I liked this my appendix exploded all up in me
George Denho
George Denho - 9 years ago
lol me too
Nope. - 9 years ago
I'm suprised this comment still gets attention
Underflow Repercussions
Underflow Repercussions - 9 years ago
Whatever you say.
Frida - 9 years ago
Nope. - 9 years ago
Life... Saver! Luckily nothing happens when i hit the dislike butto.... Finds $20 on the ground :O Spams dislike button
Zquasshy - 9 years ago
thanks, i almost died just then.
Owlblocks David
Owlblocks David - 9 years ago
GeekyGamingLabs - 9 years ago
Does he have ae installed, and pls more so fun to watch
Thrillhouse - 9 years ago
You could put a rope ladder instead of the bamboo ladders in the town It makes it look scruffy and old but looks great

P.s love your videos
Django De haan
Django De haan - 9 years ago
Etho there are rope ladders in openblocks u might want to look into that :) Love the new series!
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor - 9 years ago
Oh, and etho- try the builder's wand from extra utilities.
John Gillespie
John Gillespie - 9 years ago
If you have computer craft you can automate the grinder
Wyatt Rowe
Wyatt Rowe - 9 years ago
Shaun Davies
Shaun Davies - 9 years ago
House looks amazing keep series going
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor - 9 years ago
Etho- instead of just putting the mod name in the bottom, you can see exclusively everything in that mod by doing @mod.Mariculture
Thomas F.
Thomas F. - 9 years ago
Etho you should use a rope ladder to get up to the top level
jammy panda
jammy panda - 9 years ago
I think u should make the town like booty bay from wow a pirate cove and in the centre have like a hanging giant fish that u "caught" and keep up the good work  
Matthew Smalley
Matthew Smalley - 9 years ago
Etho you should put the t rex statue in the middle of the pier!
Alexander Rohring
Alexander Rohring - 9 years ago
Carpenters Block fences do do that in the water :)
Zack Does Games
Zack Does Games - 9 years ago
Seriously u r awesome
Andrew Gonzoles
Andrew Gonzoles - 9 years ago
Also, I think eventually you should add the "comment of the day" to this series as well. Thank you for making your videos so good!
-Andrew (again, edit wasn't working :P)
Alex Behr
Alex Behr - 9 years ago
Hey etho, I think that you should get a new intro for this playthrough. Like, Modded something. It's just an idea
Andrew Gonzoles
Andrew Gonzoles - 9 years ago
Etho, I would like to suggest one thing. If you have dollies (the two wheeled cart thingies) in this mod pack, use a diamond one on the spawners. It doesn't break them, and you can transport them to wherever you want! Keep up the great work!
Shrike - 9 years ago
Also, you can use a hopper or the like to remove ingots from the caster. Allows for some really fun automation, especially with a Tinker's Construct smeltery as the input.
Guillaume Larok
Guillaume Larok - 9 years ago
You can connect carpenter's fences to water with the carpenter's hammer
Tobbsable - 9 years ago
Etho I don't think you need to add much more detail :) you vill build many houses and after all many cities. The details will not be recognized after the first couple of houses. Love your work, you doing very well.
Un Normality
Un Normality - 9 years ago
22:16   Why do I imagine Etho with wings and flying off into the distance clinging to his pc when he says this?
Shrike - 9 years ago
Man, such a different playstyle than me. When I start a new world, I have a bed, a chest, and a wall around my ENTIRE residence, with every single block illuminated. I build defenses before I build a furnace half of the time.
Tobicrafters DK
Tobicrafters DK - 9 years ago
I love your new series

it could be a good idea to make a statue of yourself in the middle of the bridge thing hope you know what i mean
Sorry if my english is bad but i am from Denmark
Clay Schuster
Clay Schuster - 9 years ago
your english is fine!
amit shemtov
amit shemtov - 9 years ago
Plz invite someone to the series like Seth or dock
Matsie36 - 9 years ago
iHe already has a dock, and a series with doc!
Sven Kronberger
Sven Kronberger - 9 years ago
The best ep ever!!!!!!
WARS x OMEGA - 9 years ago
please don't turn of the blood moon it's so awsome and it gives you more action to the world <3 please like so he can se this 
EldonS - 9 years ago
Wow so many items. How don't you get lost in that infinity of possibilities? Would take me 10 years to figure out what to do with all that :)
KevinGrzyb - 9 years ago
Etho i think there is a way to make a full water block around the fence with a chisel i think,Beef did it in his life in the woods series.
StarstormHUN - 9 years ago
To me it already looks more like Laketown from Middle-Earth.
StarstormHUN - 9 years ago
I'm 90% sure it was said that the whole town was on stilts. Even in the game of the same name it's like that. On the other hand games generally have some deviations from the piece of literature they're based on. Not as bad as movies, but still.
Owlblocks David
Owlblocks David - 9 years ago
Wasn't lake town floating rather than in stilts? I suppose it was probably a combination, but it's been a while since I've fully read The Hobbit.
Brickburner - 9 years ago
When I saw the burnt brick I was so happy
Pete Clausen
Pete Clausen - 9 years ago
Buld with BAMBUUUU! Would be cool
Randomness Tv
Randomness Tv - 9 years ago
Please please please please add tropicraft! It is very cool. I think you would love it. I do.
Blizz Az
Blizz Az - 9 years ago
White clover on the dock looks like seagull poop! lol
billy zorzanello
billy zorzanello - 9 years ago
When you're all geared up you should try to take on every mob
That you come across during a blood moon
Jimbo Sheen
Jimbo Sheen - 9 years ago
You should make a jumping fish in the middle of the peer look so cool
brad hagerman
brad hagerman - 9 years ago
please come out more often 
AnimeAngel - Minecraft
AnimeAngel - Minecraft - 9 years ago
Loving this modded series more than single player. :D
ayden morris
ayden morris - 9 years ago
This is one of the most interesting and entertaining series you have done
dakota redstone
dakota redstone - 9 years ago
Hey ethics would micro blocks work for the dock, where u wanted to put fence posts I haven't tried it but a 4 by 4 in the water it might work
Cathal Staunton
Cathal Staunton - 9 years ago
hey etho just a tip but all of magiculture is very dear and might fell grindy keep the modded series coming.
IrishBruse - 9 years ago
Etho I think when you can make written books you should do the comments thing like the vinella lp and for the peir you should put a fountain and have your smeltry under it using some creative way I know you can do it ps love your vids and keep up the great work
Italianburrito - 9 years ago
Love what you've got going on here. I think it would be neat if you made some sort of random, automated dealio to shoot "Blitz balls" randomly across from house to house or somewhere. Or have the custom NPCs passing them to each other. Keep it up!
Zennith Jones
Zennith Jones - 9 years ago
Call it Naruto Bridge
BigMartin58 - 9 years ago
The white clover texture makes it look sorta like trash-paper. Gives it a good "trashy/dirty" vibe.

In other words, it makes it look good.
Jake Hillion
Jake Hillion - 9 years ago
You have to add certain fuels to the crucible furnace to get certain temperatures if I remember correctly. You can use the lava to keep it warm but have to add a stronger fuel to melt some things.
Wolk - 9 years ago
What mod adds the food plants, as well as lunch box and bamboo?
Amir - 8 years ago
Pam's Harvestcraft, Spice of Life and Biomes O Plenty respectively.
TheOutsideMatrix - 9 years ago
The lunch box is apart of the Spice of Life mod
Shrike - 9 years ago
Pam's Harvestcraft adds most of the crops and foodtypes. I'm not sure about the lunchbox. The bamboo is from biomes o plenty I believe.
Aaa Bbb
Aaa Bbb - 9 years ago
Put a big tree coming out of the water in the center of the pier, something like a mangrove
Ehppy (GodGeneralSync)
Ehppy (GodGeneralSync) - 9 years ago
I'm really digging the leaf-roof thing, it looks pretty awesome. :D
Ethan McQueen
Ethan McQueen - 9 years ago
If you hit a carpenter's fence in the water with the carpenter's hammer, it fills in the water
BLTspace - 9 years ago
I love the food/farming thing, it's actually something you have to think about and plan. Also, agree with you on the leaves... perfect idea but they need a trim. Whole dock/pier thing is looking awesome, good stuff Etho! :D
Andrew The Nigger
Andrew The Nigger - 9 years ago
Hey etho what is your opinion on feminism?
Andrew The Nigger
Andrew The Nigger - 9 years ago
And please dont bother about my username
Isa van Dijk
Isa van Dijk - 9 years ago
will you dig in to thaumcraft?
Mikey Buchan
Mikey Buchan - 9 years ago
Etho which mods are you using ? pls tell me also great vids
Wyatt Rowe
Wyatt Rowe - 9 years ago
1st Ep one of the top comments was a list.
BigMartin58 - 9 years ago
About the issue at 1:45, you should add a realistic water physics mod or something. I don't know if they have any for 1.7.10 but, in the future if they have one, I recommend you get one. Make it look SO much better.
Tzemoe Zazbee
Tzemoe Zazbee - 9 years ago
Put some vines on the houses
Pål Berglihn
Pål Berglihn - 9 years ago
cool house etho:)
Mats - 9 years ago
Please make this a daily series! It's so much fun!
Zeberence - 8 years ago
+Amir He wanted attention because he commented with an irrelevant piece of information about the total count of adblock users after the argument had come to an end. You and him can believe what you want. He offered no source to prove his theory right and neither have you.

My proof is the fact, popular YouTubers, or even semi-popular YouTubers will not be receiving a dollar for every 1k views.

The money depends on advertisements ONLY. You're naive to think anything else. Sorry but adblock is detrimental to the revenue income of our favourite YouTubers.

Go watch Wengie's video on it, you might understand it better then. Stop reading redditors opinions on PewDiePie's income and trying to relate that to every YouTuber.
Amir - 8 years ago
+Zeberence Funny how once you obviously lost the argument, you're saying he wants attention. Also, he was actually right.
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence Lol , you know have won when the person you against in the debate has gone off topic multiple times.
Zeberence - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS Lol, you're so desperate for attention. Cute.
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence Guess I win then.
Zeberence - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS Again, you have no knowledge or information to back up your claims, you're literally talking out your ass.

I have two tips for you, don't act like a twat and call names when someone has more knowledge than you and proves you wrong.

And don't prop yourself up above people saying things like " your just a grammar less idiot" when you don't even know the difference between You're and Your

Cya later.
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence No but the person who said it was so your just a grammar less idiot are you not?
Zeberence - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS Are you a YouTube partner? No? Shut up.
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence You can prove yourself right 6 year old idiot
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence I flund one add block that has over 10,000,000 people who have it so yeah....
Zeberence - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS If I thought there was a point behind proving myself right, I would take my time to go find Etho's video  some time in 2014 where he talked about it. Or find the Mindcrack podcast where he talked about it. but there is no point because this is the internet and you can't get anything out of proving yourself right. So good day to you sir. I'm out.
Zeberence - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS No, because a very small majority of people use adblock. 

But lets say the per thousand view payment was real, small channels that are partnered who have a video go viral, could get a 80k payout. Which doesn't happen.
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence Also they have to make it from views since ad blocks and stuff 
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence I know I don't but the youtuber who did (think it was BestInSlot) the video had one though
Zeberence - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS And to add to that, the ONLY threads I could find about being paid per 1000 view are from 2009-2010. The rest of the online threads say exactly what I say. 

And +Thoraxe555, monitoring ad play length is quite easily monitored. They can monitor which ads get watched the most on any part of the advertisement industry, including TV! . 
Zeberence - 9 years ago
I listened to them talk about it for over an hour. If your theory was true, people like RomanAtwood would earn  over $1500 off of YouTube per vlog he uploads, which is ridiculous because his pranks would be well over 20k. Google doesn't make them sorts of payouts to channels that small.  
Thoraxe555 - 9 years ago
It doesn't matter if they ad plays or not, they get paid simply by the view count on the video. There is no way of knowing  how many people of the total view count have adblock anyway.
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence Shut up kid A youtuber I watch can't remember the name but they even said and it's true because you know what they have a verified name any you don't so yeaaah.
Zeberence - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS You're so wrong its funny. Bahahahahaha 

You're talking about the way the views were handled BEFORE Google brought YouTube.
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+Zeberence you don't either it's for every 1,000 views you do get money for ads though
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+BynakoYT you simply do not understand youtube
Zeberence - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS That isn't correct. Its an adcount on the people who view the video. They don't get money if people don't watch the ads. That is why YouTubers find it annoying when everyone starts to use adblock etc.
BynakoYT - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS  Dude, do you see what I am trying to say? I'm a huge fan of Etho and I am not trying to hate. I am simply saying that if this is his job, what would he spend his money on if he is on it 24/7? He isn't on it 24/7, he DOES have some sort of life to attend to a few days/every day of the week. May I also add he must do other series' such as his vanilla LP which this and both take hours of hard work.
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+BynakoYT Any youtuber gets £/$ whatever currency for every 1,000 views no matter if it's is a job or something to do when your bored
BynakoYT - 9 years ago
+XANDERSAURUS he may spend tons of time on minecraft but at the end it's his hobby AND job, and what would he be getting money for if he's on minecraft 24/7?
XANDERSAURUS - 9 years ago
+BynakoYT A life is spending 6 hopurs making somthing in minecraft okay
Rebecca Gutierrez
Rebecca Gutierrez - 9 years ago
BynakoYT - 9 years ago
+AnimeAngel11Gaming™ He has said "Even with faster internet, I probably won't upload more often". I mean, he has a life too, we cannot blame him.
Evan - 9 years ago
+AnimeAngel11Gaming™ He upgraded his internet a few months ago.
AnimeAngel - Minecraft
AnimeAngel - Minecraft - 9 years ago
+MegaFreezeProduction He has slow internet.
Mats - 9 years ago
+AnimeAngel11Gaming™  Why not?
AnimeAngel - Minecraft
AnimeAngel - Minecraft - 9 years ago
He can't. :\
Hunter Ruesch
Hunter Ruesch - 9 years ago
Loving the new series, i think it will turn into something epic so keep it up!!!
chomage - 9 years ago
Alumimimiunium dust. sounds legit.
Josh Sen
Josh Sen - 9 years ago
It would be really cool if you made the town full of custom npcs that use those gold coins like currency. you could make an inn and maybe a fishery too
RasmasCas - 9 years ago
You should add custom NPCs fishing in the pond and they should
Sell you mariculture fish and fishing equipment
Petr Stuchlý
Petr Stuchlý - 9 years ago
so glad to see another episode of this! i haven't been so excited for any minecraft episode, modded or not, for a long time!
Kaelem Hanna
Kaelem Hanna - 9 years ago
1 hour episodes please.
TimovanWijk - 9 years ago
Etho, if you make a tinker tool, add auto-smelt and fortune. It'll work with iron too.
Raven Õun
Raven Õun - 9 years ago
Etho. i was thinking, that you could build a mushroom like tower in the middle there. (i dont mean the texture of a mushroom.) you could make it a room to control the bridges with those blocks(forgot the name) that pole out blocks
haunlyboy47 - 9 years ago
You should make a house in one of those big trees
luc göbel
luc göbel - 9 years ago
Ethonin the middle of your dock or pier you can try and make a building and with signes in it and it shows you what where is, maybe?
valdonoe50 - 9 years ago
Why did Etho start breathing so hard at 1:10
Che Mo
Che Mo - 9 years ago
make a treehouse
Nimatsu - 9 years ago
Ethos I suggest you build a main(ish) base on an Archimedes ship.
Dario Malerba
Dario Malerba - 9 years ago
I don't understand why people find the way you say 'lava' funny
I say it that way as well and I'm not Canadian
Finlay Lawson
Finlay Lawson - 9 years ago
In the mid of the dock you should put a submarine

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