Flying Fish Picked Off From Above And Below | The Hunt | BBC Earth

Flying fish can make powerful, self-propelled leaps out of water into air, where their long, wing-like fins enable gliding flight for considerable distances. It appears these Flying Fish are in a no win situation, picked off above the surface by Frigatebird's and devoured underwater by the Dorado. Taken From The Hunt Subscribe to the BBC Earth YouTube channel: Want to share your views with the team behind BBC Earth and win prizes? Join our fan panel here: BBC Earth Facebook BBC Earth Twitter BBC Earth Instagram Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

Flying Fish Picked Off From Above And Below | The Hunt | BBC Earth sentiment_very_dissatisfied 955

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Flying fish can make powerful, self-propelled leaps out of water into air, where their long, wing-like fins enable gliding flight for considerable distances. It appears these Flying Fish are in a no win situation, picked off above the surface by Frigatebird's and devoured underwater by the Dorado. Taken From The Hunt Subscribe to the BBC Earth YouTube channel: Want to share your views with the team behind BBC Earth and win prizes? Join our fan panel here: BBC Earth Facebook BBC Earth Twitter BBC Earth Instagram Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

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for Flying Fish Picked Off From Above And Below | The Hunt | BBC Earth

Linh Ta
Linh Ta - 5 years ago
Thập diện mai phục
Putra Badai
Putra Badai - 5 years ago
kasian , di bawah dimangsa eh diatas juga dimangsa
River Tam
River Tam - 5 years ago
next time you better bring an AR-15 assault rifle an shoot this birds and large fish trying to eat this poor flying fish.
Andrew Lohbihler
Andrew Lohbihler - 5 years ago
All that effort to evolve wings and become bird food.
shortysean - 5 years ago
Anyone know what the music was?
SkyGirl Gaming
SkyGirl Gaming - 5 years ago
guess swim and fly isn't alwas working, they need to grow feets aswell. well then they probably get hunt on the land too lol haha
drawing wolf
drawing wolf - 5 years ago
I was like GO GO GO GO
birb eats fish NNNNNNOOOOOOO
beauty - 5 years ago
Gosh no place to hide!
Karen Neal
Karen Neal - 5 years ago
so cant believe God created all this!

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SokemRokemRobot - 5 years ago
God's a great Creator... evolution did nothing.
L Stupid
L Stupid - 5 years ago
only the best pilot could survive + having fun
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews - 5 years ago
Yeah, it does look amazing. But what's amazes me more is. How n the heck r they able to film these random fish. Way out n the middle of the ocean somewhere. An even under an water randomly like they do? I mean the fish seem to be swimming along at speeds up to 2 r 5 miles a hour? While the fish is turning up an down, this way r that way. An the camera is staying right along with an beside the fish??? Some one please help me to understand, explain this to me please...
SkyGirl Gaming
SkyGirl Gaming - 5 years ago
drones and a fast boat for sure
سعود الشمري
سعود الشمري - 5 years ago
سبحان الله
biggbertz1 - 5 years ago
I hated those in super Mario bros
Pakhi Pr
Pakhi Pr - 5 years ago
Adventured and Thrilled I am!!
johann zarco
johann zarco - 5 years ago
menyedihkan..di alam bebas begitu kejam
fatexs #
fatexs # - 5 years ago
kasian atas bawah bahaya.smua..
Ninno Srigunadi
Ninno Srigunadi - 5 years ago
Subhanallah, sungguh Engkau Pencipta Yang Sempurna Ya Allah ....
BassForever44 - 5 years ago
How do they do to make those takes is a complete mystery to me. Amazing

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LUV KASHYAP - 5 years ago
Thats like choosing between Trump or Hillary........U wd die either ways
SHRI Krishna COIMBATORE - 5 years ago
What flying fish ? , what's it called ?
MTU - 5 years ago
BBC Earth has come a long way providing these amazing footages. I used to watch nature in the discovery channel decades ago, but these new footages made me hooked to watch nature life again.
LaughTooHard - 5 years ago
Without a good wind they can't fly far. (I write that before he said it). I've had then fly right into my boat.
Lilly Fletcher
Lilly Fletcher - 5 years ago
Shimul Sarkar
Shimul Sarkar - 5 years ago
Barbara Papkey
Barbara Papkey - 5 years ago
I'm sad :(
Mohamed Gamal
Mohamed Gamal - 5 years ago
what music ??
Anuraj Kesavan Nair K P
Anuraj Kesavan Nair K P - 5 years ago
We gotta feel for those fishes..On one side predator in water and on the other predator in the air.
Oh god those who saying life is such a silly thing, have to watch this and have to admit that how tough it is.Thats the way nature works!!!
Ludu - 5 years ago
looks like avatars resolve to lazas benefits forever

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Ankana Das
Ankana Das - 5 years ago
What's the use of wings then! Poor thing!
SkyGirl Gaming
SkyGirl Gaming - 5 years ago
well it improves chance to survive, in this case they are hutned in both sections but otherwise with only a fish hunting htem it helps alot and even here in which predators from the water and the sky attacks they survive alot longer as a normal fish would giving them a chance to escape.
Narjumanji - 5 years ago
The flying kommies and the underdog nazies eating little countries in WW2
Экин Aслан
Экин Aслан - 5 years ago
What is this soundtrack? It is very beatiful.
xevious2501 - 5 years ago
We see this as incredible, but for them its hell on earth!. evolve to have fin wings to escape from below, then birds nab you from the air, nah son.. thats a horrible life!
Leafer Jack
Leafer Jack - 5 years ago
what's the name of the music?
WN Channel Mancing
WN Channel Mancing - 5 years ago
Kasian amat lolos diair blm tentu lolos dari predator udara
Shashikant Roy
Shashikant Roy - 5 years ago
cool dude 59
cool dude 59 - 5 years ago
What an amazing animal dude.
Jive Junior
Jive Junior - 5 years ago
What if the flying fish evolve the ability to flap? Then it's a whole new game!
kajungle kamalo
kajungle kamalo - 5 years ago
Ahiba Sabala
Ahiba Sabala - 5 years ago
At what point does beauty become impossible to enjoy, when it's so tainted with cruelty.
Turbo Chau
Turbo Chau - 5 years ago
This was a super cool video!
한민우 - 5 years ago
Wow... wonderful scene I've ever seen.
greimalkin - 5 years ago
Wow, I didn't realize flying fish actually got that much air time
afroj ansari
afroj ansari - 5 years ago
There is a danger of her life when flying.
Md Selim hossain shovo
Md Selim hossain shovo - 5 years ago
awesome fish
Mr. Ardan S.
Mr. Ardan S. - 5 years ago
Uripmu lebih mengenaskan...
Esk Khan Esk Khan
Esk Khan Esk Khan - 5 years ago
Like your video
bikram gurung
bikram gurung - 5 years ago
i need curry for this flying fish
Aziz Culla
Aziz Culla - 5 years ago
arrduha fi semaweti we me fil arrd

50. comment for Flying Fish Picked Off From Above And Below | The Hunt | BBC Earth

Irwans Saidini
Irwans Saidini - 5 years ago
Pitty on that fish... to many enemies... i hope that fish can spit acid... hahaha so both that big fish and bird can die easily... and flying fish live happily ever after... the end..
surya Christy
surya Christy - 5 years ago
عبدالسميع اللميع اركب الهوي
عبدالسميع اللميع اركب الهوي - 5 years ago
The inevitable goodbye to you flying fish
STÄMSAJT - 5 years ago
The big fish be like "wut"
Slamet Basuki
Slamet Basuki - 5 years ago
Amazing sea with fly fish
sapan sp.sapan
sapan sp.sapan - 5 years ago
When Danger Comes From Bothsides Even Human also Thanks
윤성희 - 5 years ago
날치 불쌍하네ㅠㅠ
Dindu Nuffin I’m not gonna lie
Dindu Nuffin I’m not gonna lie - 5 years ago
And I thought my life was hard
MishuTaste - 5 years ago
This world is messed up!
kozmobillions - 5 years ago
Sucks being them
Ali Qadri
Ali Qadri - 5 years ago
Now i' have seen everything
Augustine Ackamowu
Augustine Ackamowu - 5 years ago
How vulnerable these amazing fishes are
Jane Rhee
Jane Rhee - 5 years ago
So this is what the old man must have seen
nizar pk
nizar pk - 5 years ago
Behind the enemy lines
Mwali studio
Mwali studio - 5 years ago
Nature is scary
Chương Lê
Chương Lê - 5 years ago
My baby's fly like a jet stream
High above the whole scene
Abu Bakkar Siddique
Abu Bakkar Siddique - 5 years ago
Allah huakbar
sowbhagya lakshmi
sowbhagya lakshmi - 5 years ago
So much run for life... beautiful video
gangsta world t.v.
gangsta world t.v. - 5 years ago
Amazing footage
Nurul Md
Nurul Md - 5 years ago
allan banguilan
allan banguilan - 5 years ago
they should evolved to have a deadly toxins so that whoever eats them will eventually die
Dips Vaishnev
Dips Vaishnev - 5 years ago
I like this video bro
Dini SCH.OUTEN - 5 years ago
Flying Fish Picked Off From A bove And Below! Leuk die vliegende vissen, hier duurd het wat langer voor ze vis hebben! Succes ermee! Categorie Hobby & Wetenschap? Licentie Standaard! YouTube--Licentie!
phil yip
phil yip - 5 years ago
Absolutely amazing and stunning video !! Thank you !!
Shagufta Patel
Shagufta Patel - 5 years ago
adnan - 5 years ago
life is tough
Baharali Alam
Baharali Alam - 5 years ago
BaharAli alAm
David Smith
David Smith - 5 years ago
Poor Dorado wasted all that energy so the birds get the fish.
Cesar Bello
Cesar Bello - 5 years ago
'Can't wait to see flying fisherman...
bogen broom
bogen broom - 5 years ago
Flying Fish ......they don't care about that magical force called ---Gravity ! .
Watch- '200 Eric Dubay......(2017). ..Now translated into 17 languages and has been watched by over 4 million people.
Hazafan88 - 5 years ago
What video is this??
AssetLanguageMan - 5 years ago
this is cool
Prakash Baskar
Prakash Baskar - 5 years ago
Beautiful world .. doom the humans ...
nelson jhon
nelson jhon - 5 years ago
it it was filmed in real then this is the most amazing videos ever without the narration off course
Shivananda Amashi
Shivananda Amashi - 5 years ago
Extraordinary video great. What a performance of making this video great great great.
Kanna Bass
Kanna Bass - 5 years ago
No way, has to die?
Po A.
Po A. - 5 years ago
Death beacons at every waking moment and yet they continue to fight to live. Something to learn there...
kamal kishor goley
kamal kishor goley - 5 years ago
Fishes Reminds me the movie LIFE OF PIE
Allvin Srinivasan
Allvin Srinivasan - 5 years ago
But so sad
Renjith Ma
Renjith Ma - 5 years ago
wowww......nice video
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen - 5 years ago
puffalump76 - 5 years ago
I want to see a flying fish fly into somebody's face or hair
DMANSLIDE3 - 5 years ago
that must be extremely stressful
Shan Hussain
Shan Hussain - 5 years ago
It's a hard knock life
RAYON MEDIA - 5 years ago
Can I download this video
Azer Azizli
Azer Azizli - 5 years ago
xxxchurch100 - 5 years ago
For a long time I thought and was taught that  dinosaurs evolved into birds .
But now I can see it was flying  fish  that evolved into birds  ... but  when did they get the feathers and beaks ??

But wait !! 
Were the preditor birds hunting them , the friget , originally  dinosaurs also .

I am confused .

I need to re-read  " How the tiger got its stripes "  &  " How the rhino got its horn " by Kippling to understand what has happened
here , and the  correct evolutionary processes .

John 3 : 16
Uthman Rihan
Uthman Rihan - 5 years ago
Nature is beautiful but it's a two sided coin.
Petrus Adriaan
Petrus Adriaan - 5 years ago
Man! It really sucks being a baitfish.
Banglar Gan
Banglar Gan - 5 years ago
Wow amazing

100. comment for Flying Fish Picked Off From Above And Below | The Hunt | BBC Earth

Sanjit Kumar
Sanjit Kumar - 5 years ago
very good
Maneesh. Kumar Kumar
Maneesh. Kumar Kumar - 5 years ago
sohel1659 - 5 years ago
سبحان الله و بحمده سبحان الله العظيم
Hen D
Hen D - 5 years ago
Ikan indosiar
Bruno Pinkhof
Bruno Pinkhof - 5 years ago
They will become birds some
bogen broom
bogen broom - 5 years ago
Bruno Pinkhof
Watch- vic button .... 'Fake Education '.
Desmond Low
Desmond Low - 5 years ago
I thought this was beautiful, the further down I watch, the sadder I got
Rupok Ahasan
Rupok Ahasan - 5 years ago
vip sex
vip sex - 5 years ago
helena sangden
helena sangden - 5 years ago
santoshi jyothi
santoshi jyothi - 5 years ago
Incredibly disgusting
SARAT BHOI - 5 years ago
Bhaut khash..
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira - 5 years ago
BBC is simply unbeatable. The combination of breathtaking images and music makes this and other videos simply perfect.
md Rizwan Chudhari
md Rizwan Chudhari - 5 years ago
Imagin video
Juan Flores
Juan Flores - 5 years ago
The most beautiful escene
Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen - 5 years ago
No where to escape
Edoy Belmonte
Edoy Belmonte - 5 years ago
Sad life
Mallikarjuna K
Mallikarjuna K - 5 years ago
Fresh Boy
Fresh Boy - 5 years ago
2:15 Joinkz!
Abdul Mutalib
Abdul Mutalib - 5 years ago
Perfect video shoot
bogen broom
bogen broom - 5 years ago
Flying Fish couldn't care less about Gravity ......because Gravity doesn't exist .
The Earth is Flat and Motionless....... Watch- '200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning Ball ' Eric Dubay (2017) Now translated into 17 languages and has been watched by over 3 million people....
Maricel TeJada
Maricel TeJada - 5 years ago
Ocean is mystery.
mqgy - 5 years ago
Oh my. Life sucks
Fredoh Xyzxyz
Fredoh Xyzxyz - 5 years ago
Me trying to escape my problems
Wonderful capture
James Cofi
James Cofi - 5 years ago
This looks like Africa between China and EuropexUSA
KangIam89 - 5 years ago
Awesome video....
esteban Correa
esteban Correa - 5 years ago
Con arpon y escopeta se la pelan
veerapandu pusala
veerapandu pusala - 5 years ago
Amazing ..... Video...
Dick Plummer
Dick Plummer - 5 years ago
Are you people blind, this is all cgi!
Silly Fool
Silly Fool - 5 years ago
Can't go anywhere.
MagnusMaximusinWales - 5 years ago
Their short lives must be crammed full of terror!
shnkar panda
shnkar panda - 5 years ago
Abhe Alber
Abhe Alber - 5 years ago
Tidak ada pilihan selain mati
Moniraam Kondho
Moniraam Kondho - 5 years ago
Kawoi fish
Act Naturally
Act Naturally - 5 years ago
WOW! Spectacular footage!! Thumbs UP
Shrikant Vadnere
Shrikant Vadnere - 5 years ago
They are always fight in air and water...!!
Sanata X
Sanata X - 5 years ago
I want to eat the fat fish
Abhisek Nanda
Abhisek Nanda - 5 years ago
this is what competition is today !
Md Imtayaz
Md Imtayaz - 5 years ago
This is amazing created by Allah
Adhitya Yudha
Adhitya Yudha - 5 years ago
Amazing moments, and you got it, incredible!
Finnegan - 5 years ago
Nature is beautiful! it just keeps surprising me, of it's beauty!
nigus emiru
nigus emiru - 5 years ago
The fish fall to accept it's "fishsness" and try also to be bird. I am sure they aren't flying to escape the big fish; but because their unstable mindsets of trying to be both fish and bird cause them life lost. Surly, if they are just being fish living under water, they have big chance to use their swimming technic to escape the big fish. However, doing both is not the best option as we can see.

Let's compare such example with human life: thus, trying to live sinful life and on the same time of being God's believer without repenting is dangerous. However, not to believe is totally wrong because it would be same as those fish; trying to fly like a "bird" at all times, it's not our nature because God exist is true. We humans are designed to live Godley and according to God only. Otherwise, we will be targeted victim. We are designed to pray for God, praise the Lord then live with him for eternity; that is our purpose in this world. Enjoy our swimming Style is fairly NOT sin, but we have to be careful of our predator devil like of those fish under water. Because, if anyone believe in God has to believe in the real existence of the Devil presence in life. Our swimming Style is the only and best key to escape from the big fish.

Let's be honest, those flying fish seems confused after they fly on the air, when they Come back to the ocean. The biggest fish found that "SWEET". Also, when they start flying, they know they will not stay longer due to luck of what they breath. In other hand, we saw they have fairly best way of escaping chance from the big fish with their swimming technic while they are under water.

So, guy's, we have to live according to our nature. Godley. The rest is out of our control. But, trying both way of sinful and denying God is NOT goooooood!!!!

"I found this from the video." Thanks God for having this example for us. Amen.
nigus emiru
nigus emiru - 5 years ago
After you READ my comment, watch the video again; for the best illustrations. :)
Locane256 - 5 years ago
Poor fishies :(
gwi Han
gwi Han - 5 years ago
Hirap naman buhay flying fish kahit saan ka... delikado
Adi Rindra
Adi Rindra - 5 years ago
and I wonder that one day, the predator fish will use flying fish as bait to catch the birds..
eesa Khalid
eesa Khalid - 5 years ago
Most beautiful fish are
Charilaos Tilaveridis
Charilaos Tilaveridis - 5 years ago
awesome footage!!
Gaurav Yadav
Gaurav Yadav - 5 years ago
Incredible should thank the god to made us human .....
Emerson Bayani
Emerson Bayani - 5 years ago
amazing creatures
khalil rahman
khalil rahman - 5 years ago
Al hamdolillah.
Mohammed Nidan
Mohammed Nidan - 5 years ago
Masha allah .allah is grateful
roopa kl
roopa kl - 5 years ago
What a fight for life, but can't escape from death, if it has come to count down your life span, beautifully picturised to show the play of life and death of creatures
Asif iqbal
Asif iqbal - 5 years ago
Unblevabl and poor fish
San Diego
San Diego - 5 years ago
all those frikin Dorado swarming that water.... sport fisherman's paradise.
Pingkai Liu
Pingkai Liu - 5 years ago
All these videos reminds the strength of human being is never physical but mental, our best athletes are just joke compared to these fishes.
Muhammad Nawaz
Muhammad Nawaz - 5 years ago
it's nOt real it's faKe
{{R_A}} Album Video
{{R_A}} Album Video - 5 years ago
Amaging fish
What a fantastic video shoots !
YVEL - 5 years ago
Se correr o bicho pega e se ficar o bicho come.
Angel Cat
Angel Cat - 5 years ago
Scary to be a flying fish.
Mahesh Naik
Mahesh Naik - 5 years ago
Danny Tran
Danny Tran - 5 years ago
He can't fly
Kennedy Otieno
Kennedy Otieno - 5 years ago
life can be challenging at times, especially when your home becomes a refugee camp,and enemies looking for you as a relief food in the camp.
Eu Gene
Eu Gene - 5 years ago
When you think your life is hard, look at the flying fish, and think again
Karim Ali
Karim Ali - 5 years ago
Wow wonderful .. thank GOD the CREATOR who master every thing HE creates .
Tejeswini Sharma
Tejeswini Sharma - 5 years ago
really amazing world it is
#NativeTribes Nature
#NativeTribes Nature - 5 years ago
Amazing world
ali Baba
ali Baba - 5 years ago
masha Allah
nitin chakravarthy
nitin chakravarthy - 5 years ago
Incredible beautiful to watch the nature
Abdullah Faleh
Abdullah Faleh - 5 years ago
Me vs life vs uni
kalgun칼군:D - 5 years ago
kalgun칼군:D - 5 years ago
날라댕기는 놈을 고대로 낚아채부넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Flyingfish60 - 5 years ago
Hora de pesca
Hora de pesca - 5 years ago
Hermosas Tomás y gran calidad del vídeo.
mohammad shamsher ahmad
mohammad shamsher ahmad - 5 years ago
masha allah
iliyana johari
iliyana johari - 5 years ago
teteth miranda
teteth miranda - 5 years ago
Feel bad for the flying fish
Dedek Martin
Dedek Martin - 5 years ago
subbahannallah ... maha besar Allah yang menciptakan berbagai macam makhluk hidup..
erick passos
erick passos - 5 years ago
Jude Jerry Salmon
Jude Jerry Salmon - 5 years ago
That's the proof of evolution right in front of us
Jitender Gautam
Jitender Gautam - 5 years ago
mayur warghade
mayur warghade - 5 years ago
Thissss is call truely satisfying vdo
Emacar Brian
Emacar Brian - 5 years ago
This is the most beautiful thing I've seen all day...
Be Logical
Be Logical - 5 years ago
what a great food chain is this. Only one God can do this.
Dropout's Production
Dropout's Production - 6 years ago
It would've better if a frigate caught the fish out of blue.More dramatic.
Muhammad Shahid
Muhammad Shahid - 6 years ago
What i learned from this video is, Struggle hard to get yourself out of a trouble, but always open your eyes not to welcome a worst scenario as the Flying fish end up its struggle in the mouth of the bird in the shape of death.
Ajay Khan
Ajay Khan - 6 years ago
Ikan indosiar
Hamad c
Hamad c - 6 years ago
Yes I just saw them yesterday on my way from Zanzibar to Dar es salaam by boat , Amazing ...
root2ohm - 6 years ago
So many years of evolution leads up to this amazing creature. And then straight on into the fat Frigatebirds belly. Its breaking my heart.
Bruce Nguyễn
Bruce Nguyễn - 6 years ago
Hideous big fishes.
Amit Ranjan
Amit Ranjan - 6 years ago
Survival of the fittest
ThePanamaCollection1 - 6 years ago
That was awesome.
Vince Anthony
Vince Anthony - 6 years ago
These fish need after burners.
Chandrasekar Thodla
Chandrasekar Thodla - 6 years ago
I saw them in Andaman seas!
I liked sound track....could u give title of it
theSnowBeas - 6 years ago
Those fishes are my favourite type of fish
Cristina Paiva
Cristina Paiva - 6 years ago
Candice Nicole
Candice Nicole - 6 years ago
I guess at least they have the option to fly...
ɱȪɧɚʩȩɖ ɱȱǩʚđęɱ
ɱȪɧɚʩȩɖ ɱȱǩʚđęɱ - 6 years ago
سبحان الله الخالق العظيم
ADNAN KHAN - 6 years ago
mashaa Allah
All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
Creator of Muhammad and Jesus peace be upon him.
هاني ابو سليم sL
هاني ابو سليم sL - 6 years ago
Ikramul Hoque
Ikramul Hoque - 6 years ago
chf gbp
chf gbp - 6 years ago
Give the poor bugger a break!
Chetan Naik
Chetan Naik - 6 years ago
Feel really sad for the little ones, this world is very cruel.
Nikhil Nikki
Nikhil Nikki - 6 years ago
Which place
mohd hafiz
mohd hafiz - 6 years ago
Antony Vivera
Antony Vivera - 6 years ago
It taste good
Dwight - 6 years ago
And you think you're having a rough day...
babloo1666 - 6 years ago
What can you do sometimes you have to become the prey
Anubis The Reaper
Anubis The Reaper - 6 years ago
Flying whale
Swamp Fox
Swamp Fox - 6 years ago
As a fish you have a unique skill ,you can also fly
but either way you go YOU'LL STILL DIE
cause there is nowhere you can hide

I know,That rhyme
Better you like my comment
Till you have time.
chotamil potter
chotamil potter - 6 years ago
Wow...such a hard life...
Miqdad Abdul Halim
Miqdad Abdul Halim - 6 years ago
I love mahi mahi
Hy Phương
Hy Phương - 6 years ago
Nice video
Ur mom gay
Ur mom gay - 6 years ago
What ever those giant fish with the green tails are

they’re so majestic
muxu mizna
muxu mizna - 6 years ago
We see flying fish alot here in maldives
Harley quinn
Harley quinn - 6 years ago
M17 - 6 years ago
Is this footage real or CGI? It's too damn perfect!
fizz rocs
fizz rocs - 6 years ago
they regret having wings
John Gajmer
John Gajmer - 6 years ago
Poor flying fish they don’t have options so sad under water space and land.
LowFrequency - 6 years ago
Predators in the sky and in the sea, damn the flying fish has a hard life
Martians 808
Martians 808 - 6 years ago
David Castro
David Castro - 6 years ago
Amazing video
Md Khurshed Alom
Md Khurshed Alom - 6 years ago
Allah is great
Hanju Lee
Hanju Lee - 6 years ago
인간으로 태어나서 다..다행이다
ภาคินัย จันทร์ทิพานนท์
ภาคินัย จันทร์ทิพานนท์ - 6 years ago
A7l20 ROBLOX GAMER - 6 years ago
We need to keep the flying fish safe
Like we put them in a zoo to they be to much and don’t extinct
Cyber Net
Cyber Net - 6 years ago
ikan serba salah. nyelem diburu, terbang diburu. kasihan kasihan kasihan
Stara Małpa
Stara Małpa - 6 years ago
nie chce się wierzyć, że w tym nie ma cząstki Boga
Mousumi Majumder
Mousumi Majumder - 6 years ago
awesome video I just love it
Lightstorm - 6 years ago
Now the next generation is flying pigs?
Phillip Miranda
Phillip Miranda - 6 years ago
Meron bang ganyan?
Phillip Miranda
Phillip Miranda - 6 years ago
That is not true
Benson Su
Benson Su - 6 years ago
Woww, death from above and below...
i love coyote peterson
i love coyote peterson - 6 years ago
the flying fish cant catch a break : /
union king18
union king18 - 6 years ago
flogyston - 6 years ago
I am very glad they filmed this. I was afraid I was going to miss it all and only experience it pompous writing and bad footage.
Hãris حارس
Hãris حارس - 6 years ago
This is why i love youtube.
jefte cartagena
jefte cartagena - 6 years ago
sweet flying fish. i miss to eat these
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles - 6 years ago
So majestic...
Shahid Shafqat
Shahid Shafqat - 6 years ago
Charismatic Planet
Charismatic Planet - 6 years ago
the most amazing thing is that, Who Created this Animals, who is providing food to everyone. Such a great power behind them.
Charismatic Planet
Charismatic Planet - 6 years ago
Amazing, such an amazing video. Flying fish is ultimately the food of their predators, over and down.
Sam Ma
Sam Ma - 6 years ago
"yo that fish is flying". You drunk bro?
vangrails - 6 years ago
Somehow there are still flying fish left in the ocean.
Hanza Cello
Hanza Cello - 6 years ago
Flying fish in Catalina Island seem to be doing better. I haven't seen any seagulls there. Phew relief!
Demon50 - 6 years ago
Dolphin are ruthless fish, they will case a single fish for a long time. I had one chase a ballyhoo for 1/4 mile before catching up to it to eat it, they are one of my favorite fish and very cool looking.
Иванов Nиколай
Иванов Nиколай - 6 years ago
Беда не приходит одна
AnkhordumenI - 6 years ago
Isn't it funny how this is the way nature is set up......Species being killed for food so that another can live but yet no one wants to die.....Everyone and everything fights for its life......Interesting
brrr - 6 years ago
Flying fish are one of my favorite sights. Love watching them fly away from the wake of my boat every time I go offshore.
Thoriq - 6 years ago
inedible birds or inedible fish
Shiroski O'charos
Shiroski O'charos - 6 years ago
The hellish life I've seen so far
primetime - 6 years ago
This is one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a while. Poor flying fish. :-(
The Coolest Jedi Porg
The Coolest Jedi Porg - 6 years ago
Natural selection is certainly crazy and I think that a flying fish is something not even our wildest dreams could have thought up to exist. Amazing footage and amazing music along side this animal.
Douglas Silva Santos
Douglas Silva Santos - 6 years ago
Chow !!!
ajit desai
ajit desai - 6 years ago
i think this is animation
ssppeellll - 6 years ago
Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. 
Nature, you mean.
sing an
sing an - 6 years ago
this is probably one of the most amzing things i have ever seen
Mnhm Mnhm
Mnhm Mnhm - 6 years ago
Nibin John
Nibin John - 6 years ago
Its just awesomee
soorya ravipoojari
soorya ravipoojari - 6 years ago
Ain't your Bae
Ain't your Bae - 6 years ago
They fly because of their pectoral paired fins
Arven Skankin
Arven Skankin - 6 years ago
최기원 - 6 years ago
물위을 날라가네요 잠자리고기인가 힘이 엄청 쎄네요 감상 잘하고 감니다
Arbind Kumar Arbind Kumar
Arbind Kumar Arbind Kumar - 6 years ago
OBUMNEME Ani - 6 years ago
rainmoon olidan
rainmoon olidan - 6 years ago
awesome video
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira - 6 years ago
BBC always produce something we didn't even know could be possible. The song, drama and jaw-dropping images are simply unique.
sarkar zaidi
sarkar zaidi - 6 years ago
عسكريما اومت شهيدا
عسكريما اومت شهيدا - 6 years ago
Ethan Lam
Ethan Lam - 6 years ago
Top ten saddest anime deaths
Nurul Amin
Nurul Amin - 6 years ago
amazing footage
kaLex Hub
kaLex Hub - 6 years ago
This is life. Whatever choice you make you will die.LoL
Asif Khan
Asif Khan - 6 years ago
Dragon Plush
Dragon Plush - 6 years ago
I love flying fish
HRIDOY TV - 6 years ago
This is Fake video...not Reall
Van Thuan Luong
Van Thuan Luong - 6 years ago
This is so insane. Wow. Nature. So amazing. Can not believe in my eyes
Lachhu Tudu
Lachhu Tudu - 6 years ago
Ty Willis
Ty Willis - 6 years ago
Fish with wings, wow and I thought I was useless......
shoan rana
shoan rana - 6 years ago
jones forever
jones forever - 6 years ago
ひだかみさき - 6 years ago
All around is enemy...Such a hard life....
Hizkia Noviansyah
Hizkia Noviansyah - 6 years ago
Life of pi
Hizkia Noviansyah
Hizkia Noviansyah - 6 years ago
AthulKUmar Techeel.Com
AthulKUmar Techeel.Com - 6 years ago
David's voice gives life to the amazing footage, his voice is a blessing from mother nature. Thank you David
Andre P
Andre P - 6 years ago
This is amazing, and another reminder that the ocean is Hell...
Eat and/or be eaten...
Arieanna And Dolls
Arieanna And Dolls - 6 years ago
I am very amazed
Pooja Bhardwaj
Pooja Bhardwaj - 6 years ago
a wonderful vedio....
An Ostrich
An Ostrich - 6 years ago
Give it a couple of hundred years or so these fish might evolve into an avian species
ll ljuk
ll ljuk - 6 years ago
ikan indosiar
Yung FA
Yung FA - 6 years ago
ranjeet singh rajput
ranjeet singh rajput - 6 years ago
all humans wild and humans is property of allaha ,allaha hu akbar
_Caliiber - 6 years ago
That's messed up
Axl H.
Axl H. - 6 years ago
How weird, they're just regular fish in the water, then all of a sudden they look just like birds
Md Ibrahim
Md Ibrahim - 6 years ago
Md ismail
Md ismail - 6 years ago
Joseph Wonderless
Joseph Wonderless - 6 years ago
I seen a flying fish when I was in the U.S. Navy. It flew between my ship and our escort . USS Enterprise cvn65, and USS Sacramento AOE-1. They are beautiful in person watching them fly.
rajkumar yadav
rajkumar yadav - 6 years ago
MAXWELL M - 6 years ago
selim KAPLAN
selim KAPLAN - 6 years ago
İyi , akıllı , çalışkan , merhametli olanların nekadar düşmanı çok yaa :( , denizde yüzüyor büyük balıklar avlıyor , uçuyor yukarıdan martılar avlıyor :(
P’Wa Yo’Sun
P’Wa Yo’Sun - 6 years ago
no matter how much they run they still get eaten, underwater nor above!
Sayan Dutta
Sayan Dutta - 6 years ago
the best chase scene ever
Rismanto Manto Surbakti
Rismanto Manto Surbakti - 6 years ago
i like that
Ulysses Alves
Ulysses Alves - 6 years ago
Poor fish. It has no place here on earth.
FourLeaves - 6 years ago
Perfect definition of 'Between the Scylla and Charybdis".
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar - 6 years ago
Amazing video
mostafa elsyad
mostafa elsyad - 6 years ago
سبحان الله
Mohammed Ibrahim
Mohammed Ibrahim - 6 years ago
Hack-trix - 6 years ago
Fell Man
Fell Man - 6 years ago
It's almost as if the Dorado and Frigates are working together.
Kakto Tak
Kakto Tak - 6 years ago
I wonder if they can evolve into flying creatures without having to go on land first.
nadeem Zaidi027
nadeem Zaidi027 - 6 years ago
Very very good video
RogueSwisher91 - 6 years ago
2:43 that juke tho
Haseeb Ahmed
Haseeb Ahmed - 6 years ago
BBC Earth does an excellent job in capturing nature at its best!
felix anophelus
felix anophelus - 6 years ago
how cruel nature is
tim23tom23 - 6 years ago
Stuck between a rock and a hard place. What a minute...
Seyit SALTIK - 6 years ago
Constant stress
himanshu goyal
himanshu goyal - 6 years ago
Suddenly it make me remember titanic
An ne
An ne - 6 years ago
These fish have developed the amazing ability to "fly" in order to get away from predators in the water...

then the birds come along
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar - 6 years ago
Wiley - 6 years ago
Remarkable footage
Olly Johnson
Olly Johnson - 6 years ago
tell you what, must be a mindblower as a flying fish the first time you do a big jump out the water.
Shiva Kumar Penchala
Shiva Kumar Penchala - 6 years ago
Mimicking Attenborough lol
claudia maria dalù
claudia maria dalù - 6 years ago
Insomma: se non è zuppa è pan bagnato!
Sarat Pal
Sarat Pal - 6 years ago
life is a game
بيان محمد
بيان محمد - 6 years ago
يا الله سبحانك ، ما رمشت طول المقطع ، فرحت انها تقدر تطير بس مسكينه ، السمك الصغير لما يصير فريسه فله مصير واحد ،بس السمك هذا يحزن لأنه عنده وسيله للهرب عنده امل ،، امل زائف. +الرعب فضيع بتنأكل بتنأكل اه
Roosje Keizer
Roosje Keizer - 6 years ago
A cousin of mine had lived at Aruba for a couple of years and back home during a family gathering he told the matriarch of the family about elphants, tigers and lions he had met and even fought on the island but when he came to the true story of the flying fish, she looked him straight in the eye, saying: "I may be old but I am not as crazy as to believe that".
Tanha Dil
Tanha Dil - 6 years ago
amazing wao
Joseph Chue
Joseph Chue - 6 years ago
Is a catch 22 no matter what
ahmad khan
ahmad khan - 6 years ago
Good flying
Kulbhushan Gupta
Kulbhushan Gupta - 6 years ago
God is cruel
Hilmy Nizar
Hilmy Nizar - 6 years ago
Interesting. Thanks for the video.
Winter Blitz
Winter Blitz - 6 years ago
No way out
Marc Jaspher Carrero
Marc Jaspher Carrero - 6 years ago
mas bro
mas bro - 6 years ago
Hard to live as flying fish..:/
Murniati Husni
Murniati Husni - 6 years ago
Incredible creatures
Sri Bijay Kumar Das
Sri Bijay Kumar Das - 6 years ago
Naveen Ashwapathi
Naveen Ashwapathi - 6 years ago
M Kasim
M Kasim - 6 years ago
dirkie draadloos
dirkie draadloos - 6 years ago
My life story
John Nike
John Nike - 6 years ago
Is suck to be this flying fish have no place to hide either way still get eating
John Nike
John Nike - 6 years ago
Damn need to catch one of this fish lol
Joyal George
Joyal George - 6 years ago
masseye seye
masseye seye - 6 years ago
Allahou Akbar
Shaan Ahmad
Shaan Ahmad - 6 years ago
Darling Darling
Darling Darling - 6 years ago
oh my god realy
Nice video
Chandra Shekar
Chandra Shekar - 6 years ago
I pity their lives...
Magnús Másson
Magnús Másson - 6 years ago
Stupid David A. Not flying you old fool, but gliding fish.
DON - 6 years ago
Good Lord!! and I thought life was hard!
Ararya Abiyyu Darvhy
Ararya Abiyyu Darvhy - 6 years ago
nice video...
Middle Man
Middle Man - 6 years ago
It's like being caught between the Republican and the Democrat party.
Solomon Kofi Otu Thompson
Solomon Kofi Otu Thompson - 6 years ago
As above so below
ryan Lifeguardryan
ryan Lifeguardryan - 6 years ago
I love this Narrator
md Ripon
md Ripon - 6 years ago
Closing the Loop
Closing the Loop - 6 years ago
God did it again.
Bert Lambert
Bert Lambert - 6 years ago
now...let's eat!
Anwar Ali Shah
Anwar Ali Shah - 6 years ago
Heart touch vedio
NuRal Hakdosh
NuRal Hakdosh - 6 years ago
Praise be our lord Allah
Lovely boy
Lovely boy - 6 years ago
wow really
Mohit Singh Chauhan
Mohit Singh Chauhan - 6 years ago
Fudduu banane ki ninja technique
Mady Z
Mady Z - 6 years ago
udh di air di buru terbang juga kena mangsa #thuglife
Ackara - 6 years ago
They don't want you to live
Lawrence Ruata
Lawrence Ruata - 6 years ago
Wow..i have never seen flying fishes. this is unbelievable
Singit Doankz
Singit Doankz - 6 years ago
So sad... But its amazing world.
Jason Saint
Jason Saint - 6 years ago
Whats the point of wings for flying fish?option to die either by swimming or by flying.
Sifiso Phil
Sifiso Phil - 6 years ago
Don't trust everything you see on the Internet, could be CGI.
kevin e-anaba
kevin e-anaba - 6 years ago
damn. these flying fishes can't catch a break.
jem Ogn
jem Ogn - 6 years ago
Saroj Mahat
Saroj Mahat - 6 years ago
no secure for flying fish even water n air.....
jojo tj
jojo tj - 6 years ago
Michael Hester
Michael Hester - 6 years ago
I love these! Imagine one day if they move on from gliding to flying - they could end up being like reverse whales, having to dive into the sea every now and then to get water instead of jumping in the air to get oxygen!
M A Rahman Mizan
M A Rahman Mizan - 6 years ago
My God is really great who crate such amazing beauties in the Earth.
D Singh
D Singh - 6 years ago
Devil In, devil Out !
Kasanova Tokotaha
Kasanova Tokotaha - 6 years ago
Flying Fish: The Dying Breed
Paolo Fulvio Mazzacane
Paolo Fulvio Mazzacane - 6 years ago
Like a beautiful action movie, impressive!!! BBC simply TOP!
tuananh hoang
tuananh hoang - 6 years ago
Beautiful footage as always. Watching this, with those flying fishes being hunted by the Dorados, remind me of the book " Life of Pi". Just like not only read it from the book and imagine, now I've finally seen it myself, amazing.
Shujaat Hussain
Shujaat Hussain - 6 years ago
Wanna see a flying whale
Mintu kumar Murmu
Mintu kumar Murmu - 6 years ago
Amazing unbelievable!!!
Priok Store
Priok Store - 6 years ago
what a great video
bogen broom
bogen broom - 6 years ago
Flying Fish ......defying gravity...... again and again !
Saleem Latif
Saleem Latif - 6 years ago
beautiful ❤
Ben Bravo
Ben Bravo - 6 years ago
Name of the background music, anyone?
Aung Hmung
Aung Hmung - 6 years ago
shankar nayak banavath
shankar nayak banavath - 6 years ago
Wow amezing
El Diablo
El Diablo - 6 years ago
I've seen these up close while riding a jet ski, and it convinced me that evolution is real.
Mujayin Ahmad
Mujayin Ahmad - 6 years ago
INDOSIAR kelesss
werner koen
werner koen - 6 years ago
San Mcnellis
San Mcnellis - 6 years ago
Caught between the devil and jesus. The devil is best. jesus will torure you with fire if you do not love him.
ladygryphoninia - 5 years ago
God never created hell. This place is unbiblical and ungodly. It is a pagan thing which was injected into the Bible. There is neither hell nor heaven for the dead. We merely sleep in the grave till Resurrection Day.
WaterspoutsOfTheDeep - 6 years ago
No one can love Jesus. Jesus has to put that love in you. We were made to be with him. Hell wasn't made for humans, you have free will to sin. The cost of sin is death. Jesus died and went to hell and paid the price so you don't have to.
rex tyler
rex tyler - 6 years ago
Lets fly on the wings that freedom brings
blv phn
blv phn - 6 years ago
evolution is we see. thousand years from now that fying fish will also walk and have foot and become vegetarian
Sid Zaidi
Sid Zaidi - 6 years ago
awesome commentary
basheer Cp
basheer Cp - 6 years ago
This old
Zakir Hassan
Zakir Hassan - 6 years ago
I wonder how to fish dropping in water sounds are generated?
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YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX - 6 years ago
Yasir Riaz
Yasir Riaz - 6 years ago
Kenara Arief fadillah
Kenara Arief fadillah - 6 years ago
Rei Eben
Rei Eben - 6 years ago
This fish are so much awesome, i hope his species will never got exticnt
Fawwad Ali
Fawwad Ali - 6 years ago
Mashallah SubhaanAllah
frans ker
frans ker - 6 years ago
Just editing
Native People
Native People - 6 years ago
Tough life
selfaddress - 6 years ago
yallow rosa
yallow rosa - 6 years ago
1:23 Double Attack, from the sea and from the sky ... flying fish need a gun
David Holguin
David Holguin - 6 years ago
wow, great footage and excellent use of the score in the background
Ronnie Otieno
Ronnie Otieno - 6 years ago
Why are they flying
HueTubeR - 6 years ago
Damn, can't a brother just get a break?
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer - 6 years ago
Hard to live as a flying fish
TV kansas
TV kansas - 6 years ago
Nous avons fait de l'eau toute chose vivante
Ridwan Tio
Ridwan Tio - 6 years ago
TG Nandi
TG Nandi - 6 years ago
Oh man. Poor little guys can't get a break lol
aviel Sosani
aviel Sosani - 6 years ago
Al M.
Al M. - 6 years ago
First time hearing of flying fish
sandrizzie ramirez
sandrizzie ramirez - 6 years ago
God didn't have a beginning nor will he have and end..(read your bible)....
it amazes me how ppl would rather believe in an "idea" than fact. But ppl wanna believe in what they want to believe. Go ahead and continue believing in Darwin's "theory" aka "idea"
Ananth Nag
Ananth Nag - 6 years ago
If it escapes from both the predator, then comes Richard Parker sailing in the ocean with Pi
d trump
d trump - 6 years ago
Suks to be them
Slimy Robloxgames
Slimy Robloxgames - 6 years ago
im gonna go hit my head for 15 mins goodbye
Stephen Blake
Stephen Blake - 6 years ago
These fish been drinking redbull
Action Potential
Action Potential - 6 years ago
Waiting for some stupid evolutionist to speculate that the remote ancestors of the flying fish were actually birds that went back to the sea!
Andy Gomez
Andy Gomez - 6 years ago
There is no way to go.
Jerome Saverimuttu
Jerome Saverimuttu - 6 years ago
Then they start digging.
Erick L
Erick L - 6 years ago
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
uwemsam2008 - 6 years ago
@ 3:05 Dorado fish: hey look, I can fly too
Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma - 6 years ago
started goin to church ..after seeing what its to be a flying fish
3/4 UVA RETARD - 6 years ago
This was a pretty cool video
akbar khan
akbar khan - 6 years ago
Allah hu Akbar
Tommy Hammernots
Tommy Hammernots - 6 years ago
Mmmmmmm. Mahi.
Shaiful Yusre
Shaiful Yusre - 6 years ago
Its sad... beatiful bad sad...
Matthew Blum
Matthew Blum - 6 years ago
How did they manage to keep the camera so still?
Adeeba Irshad
Adeeba Irshad - 6 years ago
subhanALLAH <3
Blurta Pinyin
Blurta Pinyin - 6 years ago
Wonderful filming!
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar - 6 years ago
great videography
Lim John
Lim John - 6 years ago
Can fly but useless
scott car
scott car - 6 years ago
Wow it really sucks to be a flying fish, no where is safe for them. Wonder why God gave them wings?
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan - 6 years ago
shamnad taj
shamnad taj - 6 years ago
William Grike
William Grike - 6 years ago
There's a lot of religious people down here saying god did it, why can't this just be evolution
pavankumar reddy
pavankumar reddy - 6 years ago
It's a graphics totally fake
John Thapa
John Thapa - 6 years ago
Amazing video .........Respect !!!!!!!!
Marty Gilman
Marty Gilman - 6 years ago
I've seen them closeup many times. Life in the sea is always eat or be eaten :(
Arvind Shrivastava
Arvind Shrivastava - 6 years ago
can't believe! where this fish can be found ?
gerald alston
gerald alston - 6 years ago
amazing footage !
Lunxi Liang
Lunxi Liang - 6 years ago
生命真的很神奇 弱肉强食
dannass555 - 6 years ago
Praise Allah almighty for his creation....
Jose Flores
Jose Flores - 6 years ago
this is cool
Sharon Wah
Sharon Wah - 6 years ago
Sharon Wah
Sharon Wah - 6 years ago
Flying fish are one of the most gorgeous, ludicrous, beautiful creatures in the world, and this video captures it
juan sebastian duarte rivera
juan sebastian duarte rivera - 6 years ago
Kashif Ali
Kashif Ali - 6 years ago
Thats not fair. 2 at 1
Asyraf Nazri
Asyraf Nazri - 6 years ago
They will eventually fly... Myb in few 100 more years
phatrix123 - 6 years ago
Talent is useless when ur still below the food chain.
Click Watch
Click Watch - 6 years ago
I want to be a film maker, don't know where to start...
Shahriar Bin Rouf
Shahriar Bin Rouf - 6 years ago
Damn! Terrors r under water n on air! Tough life ..
Uvebeen HAZED
Uvebeen HAZED - 6 years ago
sad life
Adam Young
Adam Young - 6 years ago
Beautiful nature
Salt Nomads
Salt Nomads - 6 years ago
I guess you could say...they were just wingin' it
TheTigerBall - 6 years ago
There is no way they can escape death. How unfortunate! When they fly there's that fish-eating bird ready to catch them and when they dive into the water there's that big fish waiting to devour them. They're left with no choices at all.
GARY HILSON - 6 years ago
Amazing camera work!!!
Emeka Osisi
Emeka Osisi - 6 years ago
This must be how pretty girls experience life
Crimson Disk
Crimson Disk - 6 years ago
Masahiro Sakurai
Masahiro Sakurai - 6 years ago
These fish will be absolutely beautiful in a few thousand/million years.
Too bad I'll be gone.
Kenneth Kim
Kenneth Kim - 6 years ago
Sandeep Joshua
Sandeep Joshua - 6 years ago
Amazing footage.. awesome...
ThePotatoIsAStarchyTuberousCropFromThePerennialSolanumTuberosumOfTheNightshadeFamilyLOL - 6 years ago
give them some chill damn
Cω Tham
Cω Tham - 6 years ago
Amazing soundtrack to go with the superb footage.
Vivek Anand
Vivek Anand - 6 years ago
Between the devil and the deep blue sea!
Thank God for being born a human, with food from supermarkets, living in condos and torn jeans for 100's of $$$!
JustSeanTime - 6 years ago
It hurts me to hear an Englishman misusing the word literally.
Ceter Dinar
Ceter Dinar - 6 years ago
poor guy
Nejmeddine Hannachi
Nejmeddine Hannachi - 6 years ago
Amazing.....Thank you for the video...
Emma Hollen
Emma Hollen - 6 years ago
Me when I start watching : -_-
Me 5 seconds later : o
BBC does the best job ever at making you care about pretty much anything from spiders to fish or mice. I'm amazed by the amount of talent that is put into these episodes <3
Med Abdo
Med Abdo - 6 years ago
Slm Cv
Alexandru - 6 years ago
darkest dungeon in real life
AleRicoSuave - 6 years ago
this is a massacre
Isuru Madusanka
Isuru Madusanka - 6 years ago
They are called piya messa in my country. And very tasty.
Rapture folds
Rapture folds - 6 years ago
Reminds me of a saying I heard once, "If I fly, the eagles get me; if I swim, it's the sharks!"
searchforALLAH - 6 years ago
سبحان الله وبحمدة سبحان الله العظيم
الحمد لله رب العالمين
searchforALLAH - 6 years ago
سبحان الله وبحمدة سبحان الله العظيم
الحمد لله رب العالمين
nmheath03 - 6 years ago
Death from above,or death from below....
zippity dandy
zippity dandy - 6 years ago
Honestly, this is hard to watch. So unfair. Why can't i jump that high?
zippity dandy
zippity dandy - 6 years ago
seriously tho, definition of live bait
rockspring11 - 6 years ago
What kind of sick twisted mind made the flying fish, poor little things
remyposees - 6 years ago
poor things everywhere the danger lurks
king Collins
king Collins - 6 years ago
Pardon Makwara
Pardon Makwara - 6 years ago
Kobo - 6 years ago
Dinner is served!
josh ch
josh ch - 6 years ago
Evolves unheard of skill in the ocean world, finally able to evade all predators and possibly ascend to the top of the of the aquatic kingdom
Gets eaten by seagull
Space Turtle
Space Turtle - 6 years ago
i gotta say, this video is really well made. both clips, theme song and the narration
Brian McNeil
Brian McNeil - 6 years ago
#Amazing! =)
Alexandre Beyeler - Guitare
Alexandre Beyeler - Guitare - 6 years ago
Superb, Bravo.
Tb Langel
Tb Langel - 6 years ago
Wow...what a beautiful God's creation they are!!
Drunk By U
Drunk By U - 6 years ago
Sir D.A. is da best!!!
Drunk By U
Drunk By U - 6 years ago
theres a bird that can fly n swim underwater
Стефан Петков
Стефан Петков - 6 years ago
Very quality video!
Michal Opielka
Michal Opielka - 6 years ago
I could eat all three of them! The birds, hunting fish and the flaying one! Only when I have to... of course ;)
liwaza Memon
liwaza Memon - 6 years ago
please add captions
Act Of Vengeance
Act Of Vengeance - 6 years ago
New Superhero Name..."THE FLYING FISH"... the song in this video is perfect
David M123
David M123 - 6 years ago
what's next a flying great white,
dang imagine that!
Hyun-Kyung Shin
Hyun-Kyung Shin - 6 years ago
Go flying fish go!
xAlpaca Zeu
xAlpaca Zeu - 6 years ago
Can't wait to see a flying human.
Randy - 5 years ago
xAlpaca Zeu well, there is jetpackman, jetman and amateur ironman flying suit exist, just very few people
Rajesh Chendekar
Rajesh Chendekar - 5 years ago
xAlpaca Zeu actually they exist.
xAlpaca Zeu
xAlpaca Zeu - 6 years ago
what would be better is if a flying shark ate the flying bird which ate the flying fish.
engol iq
engol iq - 5 years ago
cristopher Prado
cristopher Prado - 5 years ago
xAlpaca Zeu sharknado!!?
Jason Lor
Jason Lor - 5 years ago
A flying Shark? Oh god NO!
emon hossin
emon hossin - 5 years ago
xAlpaca Zeu u
balls deep
balls deep - 6 years ago
xAlpaca Zeu and cthulu eats the sherk - 6 years ago
سبحان الله
Renville80 - 6 years ago
Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don't!
Michael Lou
Michael Lou - 6 years ago
Jeez that was a merciless massacre.....sad little flyers.

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