By far the most fun I’ve ever had fishing in a long time. I know. I’m a midwestern bass angler at heart but this was just pure insanity…I didn’t do too great of a job setting the scene but I literally had no idea Sam, Peric and I would be chasing GT’s until a few days before we left for this trip. Needless to say I was super stoked when I discovered we’d be hopping on a little boat in Bali to target quite possibly one of the strongest fish the world. Pound for pound these fish put anything else I’ve ever caught to complete shame, that includes wild steelhead, white sturgeon, barracuda, black tip shark, etc. I plan on filming a follow up video to this one soon discussing this experience as there is SO much more to story than what was told today. Anyway, hope ya’ll fish heads enjoyed. As always…keep fishing, NEVER stop!! --Young Plugg Location -- off the east coast of South Kuta, Bali Fish Species -- Giant Trevally Lure -- GT giant pencil walking topwater lure Peric's Channel -- http://bit.ly/2aahc0f Sam's Channel -- http://bit.ly/2pq9f1u What I film with… Drone — http://amzn.to/28SzZjw Camera — http://amzn.to/28WQz2y Lens — http://amzn.to/28YGMYe GoPro — http://amzn.to/28SGyRF BIG SHINY Camera -- http://amzn.to/2dqwEZb BIG SHINY Lens -- http://amzn.to/2dqwxNt My Other Gear... Computer — http://amzn.to/295J31n Editing software — http://amzn.to/28SzPIW Mic — http://amzn.to/28R3QWT Camera Case — http://amzn.to/28SzO7P Backpack -- http://amzn.to/2dHgZaZ Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD -- http://bit.ly/2l4fqpD INSTAGRAM -- http://bit.ly/2l8ma5u TWITTER -- http://bit.ly/2lFa0iq SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw FACEBOOK -- http://bit.ly/2kHM8fx #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*

HARDEST FIGHTING FISH IN THE WORLD -- Pt. 4 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 224

Tropical fishing 4 years ago 636,157 views

By far the most fun I’ve ever had fishing in a long time. I know. I’m a midwestern bass angler at heart but this was just pure insanity…I didn’t do too great of a job setting the scene but I literally had no idea Sam, Peric and I would be chasing GT’s until a few days before we left for this trip. Needless to say I was super stoked when I discovered we’d be hopping on a little boat in Bali to target quite possibly one of the strongest fish the world. Pound for pound these fish put anything else I’ve ever caught to complete shame, that includes wild steelhead, white sturgeon, barracuda, black tip shark, etc. I plan on filming a follow up video to this one soon discussing this experience as there is SO much more to story than what was told today. Anyway, hope ya’ll fish heads enjoyed. As always…keep fishing, NEVER stop!! --Young Plugg Location -- off the east coast of South Kuta, Bali Fish Species -- Giant Trevally Lure -- GT giant pencil walking topwater lure Peric's Channel -- http://bit.ly/2aahc0f Sam's Channel -- http://bit.ly/2pq9f1u What I film with… Drone — http://amzn.to/28SzZjw Camera — http://amzn.to/28WQz2y Lens — http://amzn.to/28YGMYe GoPro — http://amzn.to/28SGyRF BIG SHINY Camera -- http://amzn.to/2dqwEZb BIG SHINY Lens -- http://amzn.to/2dqwxNt My Other Gear... Computer — http://amzn.to/295J31n Editing software — http://amzn.to/28SzPIW Mic — http://amzn.to/28R3QWT Camera Case — http://amzn.to/28SzO7P Backpack -- http://amzn.to/2dHgZaZ Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD -- http://bit.ly/2l4fqpD INSTAGRAM -- http://bit.ly/2l8ma5u TWITTER -- http://bit.ly/2lFa0iq SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw FACEBOOK -- http://bit.ly/2kHM8fx #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*

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John Doe
John Doe - 3 years ago
So Dakota wants to be a Googan.. Really? He is a freaking bully and knows NOTHING about fishing.. Maybe rob is his bud but he is a freaking DICK! He married money and wants to ride on your hard work for a cush income... Dump this bully loser ASAP he is a leech.
Outdoors! - 3 years ago
You and your friends have inspired me to start my own YouTube channel but I don't have all the year i need do you think you could hook me up and yes pun intended
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson - 3 years ago
Hi my name is Kyle and I watch your videos every day and this one is so good I have to watch it 2-3 times sorry it’s late but it’s so good and my brother is Kurtis Hamilton
ItsPayDay Rs
ItsPayDay Rs - 3 years ago
being in indonesia right now, I'm pretty sure that, that last GT was not thrown back in the water. locals dont do that. i mean he gaffed it lol
FaZe Sprint
FaZe Sprint - 3 years ago
Were os he
Bill Bouser
Bill Bouser - 3 years ago
Animal abuse
Benjamin W
Benjamin W - 3 years ago
He does all the fishing I do... Knife Jigging and Popping - Subbed!
Rusty Links
Rusty Links - 3 years ago
Watch CavyFishing
Fishing Queensland Waters
Fishing Queensland Waters - 3 years ago
The Gt in this video are good but watch morningtide fishing they get the ""big bigs""


Unknown Fisherman
Unknown Fisherman - 3 years ago
No Jon the ideal whay to wake your friend up to go on a fishing trip is put a fish on his head
Elle Austen
Elle Austen - 3 years ago
shame he gaffed that gt. At least you tried. Good video man.
When casting lures that size 50g-200g try leaving more leader past the rod tip. Its easier on your finger, goes further and you'll lose less gear. not the same as bass lures.
Selex 7
Selex 7 - 3 years ago
Go to Selex7.com for anything fishing related, at amazing prices. Check out our Valentine’s Day Kit, valued at $150, for $59.99!
Frizky Destrian Galistan
Frizky Destrian Galistan - 3 years ago
Next time if you want to try fishing around the Komodo Island i can recommend a guide, try Adhek Sport Fishing the guy run it are the one pioneering the popping trend in Indonesia back in the 90's and they will make sure your popping trip will be awesome.
allien crew
allien crew - 3 years ago
Hey jon B maybe you come in lombok indonesia ? Fishing trip in lombok indonesia
Ryan Orion
Ryan Orion - 3 years ago
Uhh you shoulda kept the fish dude... it was dead already....
John Morgan
John Morgan - 3 years ago
every Fishermans dream
FishingTheEastCoast - 3 years ago
Hey guys I’m making a new channel and posting a ice fishing vid soon so go subscribe would really appreciate it.
wtsmith61 - 3 years ago
LOLZ... no gaff no gaff.... cut. Next scene its gaffed and bleeding "beautifully" all over the desk. Jon, "let's get this fish back in the water..." Great video.
Jack Wierback
Jack Wierback - 3 years ago
Good tunes. Good on you for not using a gaff


Patrycja Zaborowska
Patrycja Zaborowska - 3 years ago
Mordo zajebisty filmik dojebales do pieca jestes kozak koham sie
Patrycja Zaborowska
Patrycja Zaborowska - 3 years ago
ej dobrze prawisz mordo kurrea dojebałaś do pieca kna cnie
Luke Gramatikas
Luke Gramatikas - 4 years ago
Hey job b great vid just wondering if you could give a shout out thx
EQ-smoove - 4 years ago
Hey pretty boy! why no catching, keeping, cleaning and cooking the fish? you eating steak every night? I mean you did NOT even land those fish yourself. wtf? just paying the 3rd world locals to do your work?
thebystander - 4 years ago
Great channel. Fishing all over the flat earth.
Guru Mishra
Guru Mishra - 4 years ago
First he kill the fish and than say that i m leaving the fish into water. WTF
Dank Doritos
Dank Doritos - 4 years ago
Music plz
Chad Miller
Chad Miller - 4 years ago
For those who are not happy about the gaffing you may not travel and fish. Foreign angling, where catch and release fishing is practiced, is usually a product of significant American influence on the guides. I own lodges in another country and trust me once upon a time there wasn't a catch and release culture there. Over time though one developed and now the guides can't imagine killing a fish. Lets show a little grace towards people who don't live in our culture and fish our way. Usually over time they figure it out but it takes lots of really good anglers to come along and show them the value of the fishery.
Adam Tate
Adam Tate - 4 years ago
they killes that fish after u said dont how stupid multi lang NO is NO
Ernesto Palermo
Ernesto Palermo - 4 years ago
Bimbominkia con più soldi che cervello, vieni in calabria che ti faccio tirare un paio di tonni over 100


Darkcreeper143 - 4 years ago
what type of fish was that?
braydon pemberton
braydon pemberton - 4 years ago
Love your videos man
Star gaming
Star gaming - 4 years ago
try a sword fish or a sailfish
Carson Wood
Carson Wood - 4 years ago
one of the spots is wii wakeboarding area
In the sticks
In the sticks - 4 years ago
Y'all should check out Slab Em Outdoors they do l kinds of fishing video's
Jacob Sanders
Jacob Sanders - 4 years ago
At the end of the video "Is it broken?"
Tahleeah Davis
Tahleeah Davis - 4 years ago
Zack Brown
Zack Brown - 4 years ago
John B. I love ur videos where do u live i would love to fish with u
Andrew Levister
Andrew Levister - 4 years ago
Hey one of my favorite fishing vids by my favorite fishing youtuber and my favorite rod, spinning rods & reels
qwerty6801 - 4 years ago
" let's get him back in the water" why u lyin? That thing is bleeding everywhere
Bobby Gillissen
Bobby Gillissen - 4 years ago
Was that a tuna
Blake Edge
Blake Edge - 4 years ago
That line is so cool
Talisman - 4 years ago
You guys haven't even done real fishing. That GT was nothing. My first fish included a 30 pound salmon. And I've caught much bigger. With my best being 60 lbs, I just caught a 200 lbs Halibut. Another thing that bothers me is how you use treble hooks. They hurt fish. And it is not a respectful way to fish. The reason your fish never come off is because you used barbed treble hooks. To all those reading. This guy has no skill, catches wimpy fish with gear that makes it easier to fish.
Shooting starts Calm music maker
Shooting starts Calm music maker - 4 years ago
I thought a Goliath grouper is the biggest fighting fish in the world
Tigerpuffer - 4 years ago
Ahhh, the old kill and release.
Livin' the Keys Life
Livin' the Keys Life - 4 years ago
Just found and sub'd your channel. Was recommended by one of your followers to watch your channel in order to help with our narration for our channel. Will be binging your videos now lol.
Noah Petroni
Noah Petroni - 4 years ago
Fight a sailfish
Grant M
Grant M - 4 years ago
Can't lie. That last GT died. That sucks.
kj [WR]
kj [WR] - 4 years ago
Love your videos John you've inspired me to do things I've never done I last week I hooked a big 65.18
Kyle Young
Kyle Young - 4 years ago
Are GT related to amber jacks?


RocketsHockey46 - 4 years ago
My sister once caught one of those and then I caught a 15 pound strawberry grouper
Lucrecia Roberts
Lucrecia Roberts - 4 years ago
Nice video. I study something tougher on completely different video everyday. It will at all times be stimulating to read content from other writers and apply somewhat one thing from their store. I’d desire to make use of some with the content material on my video whether or not you don’t mind. Natually I’ll provide you with a link on your net video. Thanks for sharing.
Banananerd556 - 4 years ago
One time I got hooked on my ass...
Alex Hall
Alex Hall - 4 years ago
song name at 6:53 ? thanks
Cempaka261 - 4 years ago
is that penn battle 2 8000?
Topwater Kings
Topwater Kings - 4 years ago
When did Perick get there
Catch and release fishing O
Catch and release fishing O - 4 years ago
I caught a a skate off the coast of Oregon it was 80 pounds
Yelkbreb LIVE
Yelkbreb LIVE - 4 years ago
You absolutely have to try tarpon fishing off Costa Rica. Only 80-200 lb fish I've seen jump like a small mouth
Mike Sanford
Mike Sanford - 4 years ago
have u been to pike lake in Wisconsin
Fish bro Vlogs
Fish bro Vlogs - 4 years ago
The Coleman Films
The Coleman Films - 4 years ago
anyone else notice the line color changes when he casts?
LImeL :U
LImeL :U - 4 years ago
The best fish I have caught was a juvenile catfish
Tanner Oyler
Tanner Oyler - 4 years ago
Bro, you gotta go fishing with the Outlaw! @outlawdipper
braylee brock
braylee brock - 4 years ago
When he cast his line changes colors
Rick Faulkner
Rick Faulkner - 4 years ago
CadeTheGamer04 - 4 years ago
Jesse Huber
Jesse Huber - 4 years ago
What kinda line is that
Dan Marshall
Dan Marshall - 4 years ago
Didn't take out the rest of the hook wtf is rong whith you
Oscar Carter
Oscar Carter - 4 years ago
Need to come slay some Aussie species.
Arzzh - 4 years ago
Jon B. What line do you use?
ZACKNEBULOUS - 4 years ago
The hardest for me was a 5 pound rock
Psl Nation
Psl Nation - 4 years ago
Offshore is lit
Evan Ventura
Evan Ventura - 4 years ago
Ha that's a joke try 100lb black trvally
XxsniperElite 15
XxsniperElite 15 - 4 years ago
First catch was a good one. I didn't know there were GT's there
Heythatsprettygood - 4 years ago
wow i never realkse you were left handed until now!
mullet head
mullet head - 4 years ago
"Hardest fighting fish in the world" hahaha try catching an 30+lbs. A.J. on any size tackle.
UpInThePocket8611 - 4 years ago
no gaffe no hook.. as the blood is spewing out of the side lol. your the man bro keep up the good work.
Tanner Smith
Tanner Smith - 4 years ago
lol April 14 is my birthday
Tina Burns
Tina Burns - 4 years ago
Dose you're thumb get worn out when you lip bass
LuMiDon - 4 years ago
this vid was filmed on my birthday!
Hunter Heyerdahl
Hunter Heyerdahl - 4 years ago
Fish for whales :)
Gio Galeano
Gio Galeano - 4 years ago
try catching a 55 pound cobia that is 136 feet down and is getting chased by 8,9,10 foot sharks
Hunter Nekomoto
Hunter Nekomoto - 4 years ago
Micke Mike
Micke Mike - 4 years ago
Two things that makes life good are called G.T!
Brixton - 4 years ago
what kind of reel is that?
kayden grewe
kayden grewe - 4 years ago
you should do a pen pole review
awsom897 - 4 years ago
also known as GT
Than Dang
Than Dang - 4 years ago
the best beats man
Nathan Barber
Nathan Barber - 4 years ago
That's one dead fish
Dandre Washington
Dandre Washington - 4 years ago
I fish in Alabama and we catch tilapia, drum, gar, bass, catfish, brim, crappie, and clam.
Diego Nieves
Diego Nieves - 4 years ago
what pound of line do you use?
Nolan Klatt
Nolan Klatt - 4 years ago
If you think that's bad try deep see fishing in Aruba on hats off with ur friends
ryan knott
ryan knott - 4 years ago
anyone know if he actually broke that rod?
Billy Dillard
Billy Dillard - 4 years ago
y did he say lets get it back in the water it was dead and he probably didnt put it back because there was no scene of that
Donnie Reed
Donnie Reed - 4 years ago
You need to come to Cali and get on those 100lb plus blue fin
Peacock - 4 years ago
how come you use such small rodes in deep water fishing
Herbert Beck
Herbert Beck - 4 years ago
The line changes color when he casts
Harley Broadhurst
Harley Broadhurst - 4 years ago
i live in BAli
Brayden Williams
Brayden Williams - 4 years ago
"Is it broken"?
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan - 4 years ago
Last fish is dead

100. comment for HARDEST FIGHTING FISH IN THE WORLD -- Pt. 4

Kelvinium - 4 years ago
You should come to Costa Rica and fish some Tarpon!
VINCENTIUS DIAZ - 4 years ago
Haha, you looks good when you using caping in your head
Emily Jarvis
Emily Jarvis - 4 years ago
Loving the new way he edits his videos! Keep up the gr8 work!❤️
Apple pie Blackberry cobbler
Apple pie Blackberry cobbler - 4 years ago
Mike Krystyan
Mike Krystyan - 4 years ago
Hey Jon You should really try to go marlin fishing  some large marlin fishing can go for hours and hours for a single fish
Alex S.
Alex S. - 4 years ago
New favorite channel
Hit4Hit tv.
Hit4Hit tv. - 4 years ago
ulua! the hawaiins say! those would have been fun but i can't complain about some barracuda this week at the channel islands.
Mountain Crew Productions
Mountain Crew Productions - 4 years ago
come to north idaho to fish for kamloops(GIANT RAINBOW TROUT) in lake pend oreille where the roecord was caught you can catch some good 20 pounders.
Bill Woods
Bill Woods - 4 years ago
Pretty sad about that last GT Jon, not impressed.
cavecricket - 4 years ago
Somewhere, someplace, when you hooked up at sea, blacktiph sensed something wonderful was happening.
Tiaryn Naidoo
Tiaryn Naidoo - 4 years ago
I absolutely loves this video, great job!
Cake - 4 years ago
Those mother fuckers still hooked him after you asked not to, gotta keep it then.
Robert Arrowood
Robert Arrowood - 4 years ago
did you ever think fishing would take your life in this direction?
Quentin Hanson Jr
Quentin Hanson Jr - 4 years ago
that popper is still smaller than perics nose
Trillakilla - 4 years ago
I've seen 60+lb GTs destroy those penn battle reels here in Hawaii
chubbs 69
chubbs 69 - 4 years ago
i like how the line changes color so cool
Jack Land
Jack Land - 4 years ago
you try and catch a 90pound on on 30pound line
cause that is a hard fight
Noah Kendall
Noah Kendall - 4 years ago
I like you fishing moves
xromeo13x - 4 years ago
8:22 "this makes every fish i've ever targeted look so stupid." funniest shit i've heard today.
TannerAgant007 B
TannerAgant007 B - 4 years ago
Ur line is changing cooler
trieks58 - 4 years ago
jon may u try another spot in indonesia?not just in bali...big thumb up for you man...:)
CGIStiffy - 4 years ago
lmao that last fish it looked like you guys robbed it and took it's fish money
Josh Toner
Josh Toner - 4 years ago
"I'm good no belt" puts on belt
Nicky Osborn
Nicky Osborn - 4 years ago
giant trevally can weigh up to 180 lbs and grow up to 5.6 ft long
Thomas Ben
Thomas Ben - 4 years ago
This vid was awesome. Probably one of the best on the channel. GJ !
Paul Easterbrook
Paul Easterbrook - 4 years ago
that thing was pouring out blood. No gaf my ass lol
Off-roading vlogs
Off-roading vlogs - 4 years ago
why this niggas eyes always lookin like he smoking weed
suqa madiq
suqa madiq - 4 years ago
if you used a belt for a gt id unsubscribe report dislike and block ur channel
lukkyluciano - 4 years ago
That GT probably died because they gaffed it despite Jon asking them not to, fish dont have hemoglobin and thus their blood does not clot and the fish was bleeding from gill area.
lukkyluciano - 4 years ago
Really want to go GT fishing before I die
MrCompatible - 4 years ago
Smh like bruh who cares if they kept that one fish (nigga got gaffed so bad) at least they put the other one back
minimonkey969 - 4 years ago
9:50 the guys walking with the last gt, the one that wasnt supposed to be gaffed
minimonkey969 - 4 years ago
"no gaf please no gaf"
*gaf the fuck outa of it*
Dylan Creppel
Dylan Creppel - 4 years ago
anyone likes and to me ill sub back plz.and ty
Dylan Creppel
Dylan Creppel - 4 years ago
good vid!
Jdolin21 Jdolin11
Jdolin21 Jdolin11 - 4 years ago
Hey Jon I subscribed to ur. Handel and I love ur fishing I fish myself and I'm 14 I'm a bass and trout angler if u could in the next vid will u subscribe to my channel it would be much appreciated it would be cool to even get a response from u tks
SAY LOLOL - 4 years ago
This youtuber is more like gaytuber. I saw him having a. sex with an old lady.
wwegrinch - 4 years ago
congrats on 500,000 subs
Dooley's fishing
Dooley's fishing - 4 years ago
Hey big fan but I thought I would let u know that's a stick bait not a popper sheer charming them on the internet t
Dooley's fishing
Dooley's fishing - 4 years ago
The only reason I'm telling u is because I'm a big popper fisher men
The Human
The Human - 4 years ago
the second one was already died why wasting it at least eat it
Rb 65 04
Rb 65 04 - 4 years ago
in hawaii we have gt and they gaff them in the gill their extremely tough some of the spear fisherman in hawaii have to shoot them 2 times
Devon Schultz
Devon Schultz - 4 years ago
The editing of your vids make them 10x better....keep up the amazing work
Australian Fishing
Australian Fishing - 4 years ago
Gts are common here in australia
G1961- 11
G1961- 11 - 4 years ago
whats the name of that song
John Oehlschlaeger
John Oehlschlaeger - 4 years ago
Who makes that shirt? It's awesome
Johnny Mcdaniel
Johnny Mcdaniel - 4 years ago
Do a 30 ft cane pole challenge
Lewis Bragg
Lewis Bragg - 4 years ago
HARDEST FIGHTING FISH IN THE WORLD. try hand cranking a sword.
Lewis Bragg
Lewis Bragg - 4 years ago
im sure that last fish tasted like crap. looked like a permit. obviously kept it. "NO GAFF, No HOOk" -Jon b
Lunker Lords
Lunker Lords - 4 years ago
1 like on video =9 views
9 like on video =30 views
30 likes on video=123views
Lunker Lords
Lunker Lords - 4 years ago
Sub for a sub
Music Lover
Music Lover - 4 years ago
"My feet feel like hotdogs". LOL
Austin Stringham
Austin Stringham - 4 years ago
that second GT easily died.
Chris Baker
Chris Baker - 4 years ago
Come on Jon b don't be trying to pull the wool over anybody's eyes haha
AsianInvasion - 4 years ago
why are people so butthurt, there's no other way to land it, plus the fish was probably eaten.
Daniel Laffite
Daniel Laffite - 4 years ago
jacks fight harder
KERRY SCHMIDT - 4 years ago
did anyone notice that he had a different rod as he was reeling in like when he had the fish on the line then when they cut a part off he had a different rod the line was white then it was red 2:42-2:49
Cornell Johns
Cornell Johns - 4 years ago
lol go catch a 400 pound goliath grouper jon
Samuel Castro
Samuel Castro - 4 years ago
BlacktipH taught you well haha
Samuel Castro
Samuel Castro - 4 years ago
BlacktipH taught you well haha
Jetpacker Eric
Jetpacker Eric - 4 years ago
What's the rod and reel setup you used?
Fishing With Dog
Fishing With Dog - 4 years ago
they gaffed the shit out that fish..."back in the water" alright.... he went right to davey jones locker lmao
bensuss105 - 4 years ago
dude California Yellowtail is the best fight ive ever had pound for pound
Ontario Fly Fisher
Ontario Fly Fisher - 4 years ago
Too bad they gaffed that thing man.
Michael Lamann
Michael Lamann - 4 years ago
Am I the only one who sees john b's reel line turn red
JoobyFoo - 4 years ago
Anyway you guys could promote sunscreen use?
Shaka Fishing
Shaka Fishing - 4 years ago
Ulua are boss.
Cole Frieden
Cole Frieden - 4 years ago
Try fighting a bluefin I'll take you out to stellwagen
Jim Womack Fishing
Jim Womack Fishing - 4 years ago
Fantastic Video Jon.
Brandon Ward
Brandon Ward - 4 years ago
Sick video
deepfish1000 - 4 years ago
why did u kill it an put it back
Colbers Parrish
Colbers Parrish - 4 years ago
go for yellow tail not yellowfin tuna but yellow tail they say they are the pound for pound hardest fighting fish in the world I've fought many and I can barely get them in
Catch Em All Fishing
Catch Em All Fishing - 4 years ago
by FARRRRRR my favorite video of yours man. this was so freaking cool!!! loved it dude
魚類殲滅計画 - 4 years ago
Good video
MikeyzEdits - 4 years ago
Breh, you gotta go bluefishing with bass rods in the Raritan Bay of New Jersey. That'll put everything you've ever caught to shame. Pound for pound they're scientifically the strongest fish.
Jamie Bushnell
Jamie Bushnell - 4 years ago
come to Australia and catch the murray cod :)
Max Eller
Max Eller - 4 years ago
So how come you always release?
Hairul Cintasuzy
Hairul Cintasuzy - 4 years ago
Jon B. come to brunei pls hehehe
SLAB BOY - 4 years ago
i watch this part over and over 7:24 good job bro....big fan
Walker Sipe
Walker Sipe - 4 years ago
Bro these fishing videos are sick as fuck
Prinny Price
Prinny Price - 4 years ago
dude wtf id be worried about falling off the boat
Cutesie Angle
Cutesie Angle - 4 years ago
can u tell me ur fishing kit
Alex Tol, van
Alex Tol, van - 4 years ago
How can Americans always keep performing this excitement theatre? great job
satria budi utomo
satria budi utomo - 4 years ago
last part was awe hahahahah
braeden hanna
braeden hanna - 4 years ago
"No gaff No gaff" then they gaff it hahahah
Theo Sushko
Theo Sushko - 4 years ago
Should've just kept the last one there's no way it lived between that fight and the gaff
Charleston Freshwater Fishing
Charleston Freshwater Fishing - 4 years ago
Great video Jon! I love that Battle II Reel also. I used to the Battle II Combo for bass fishing until I broke the rod. Still, the reel is really nice!
Trophy Bass Chasin
Trophy Bass Chasin - 4 years ago
hmm.. check my channel? ;P
Trophy Bass Chasin
Trophy Bass Chasin - 4 years ago
obviously gaffed and kept that fish.. :(
REKHA OKTARIYANA - 4 years ago
Why do not you all bait black bass when in indonesia exactly in papua
Random Robert Renditions
Random Robert Renditions - 4 years ago
No shot of the release? Lol Wack!
Aditrya Nur Syiam
Aditrya Nur Syiam - 4 years ago
Hey John..thanks for coming
SilverSekeer1 - 4 years ago
"lets get it back in the water" Lol. all dripping blood!!! That fish hella dead!!
Elliott - 4 years ago
Saltwater lure challenge catch a fish in fresh water with a salt water lure
mad_dawg1357 Gaming
mad_dawg1357 Gaming - 4 years ago
What kind of sunglasses you have Jon? They look really dope.
Hakopa Hau
Hakopa Hau - 4 years ago
u have to come to new Zealand to fish
Yayang Pertiwi
Yayang Pertiwi - 4 years ago
alot of good place in bali
BassGeek - 4 years ago
Damn what a fight!
Giacomo de Gasparis
Giacomo de Gasparis - 4 years ago
That fish looked like it was bleeding out.
Tiger Budgie
Tiger Budgie - 4 years ago
Small GTs. Cute you thought they were big.
Wisconsin Fishing and Outdoors
Wisconsin Fishing and Outdoors - 4 years ago
Tiger Budgie shut up
ndbassin - 4 years ago
Hey guys! I am a new fishing channel! I am all set up with a drone, go pro, and a nikon camera, so there should be some awesome vids coming soon. I would completely appreciate a sub, and I will sub back if you do.
Elijah Garcia
Elijah Garcia - 4 years ago
The biggest ulua (travally) was over 160lb
Elijah Garcia
Elijah Garcia - 4 years ago
Those are so small
Trini Ryan
Trini Ryan - 4 years ago
Surprised those gears in that battle didn't start stripped! Then again those gt weren't monsters! Nice video game overall
Wesley Parrish
Wesley Parrish - 4 years ago
I really need to make a youtube channel. I just need a go pro or a camera. The bass i catch dwarf some of these other channels. Not to brag but I'm am more of a quality over quantity guy. Im pretty sure I've caught to NC records for a Largemouth bass and spotted bass. Quite frankly i want to also share my knowledge with the outside world. I just need some start up money, thats all. Just wait on it youtube... Wait on it.
1LoveFishing - 4 years ago
Congrats bro on the GT! dream fish right there
surethingsfly - 4 years ago
Big currents, big fish. So jealous that is a dream fish, good for you! Rod took one for the team ;)) ATB.
Chase Coy
Chase Coy - 4 years ago
You need to go for the blue marlin
Kekoa Rider
Kekoa Rider - 4 years ago
If you really want the big ones go to Hawaii they get big brah like huge make your gear look like kids play we call them Ulua
Rolan Sanda
Rolan Sanda - 4 years ago
Hello jon, nice to see you catch some salty species at my country. Thank you for releasing the fish and not using hook to take that fish to the boat :)
Phonpicha C.
Phonpicha C. - 4 years ago
wish you come fishing in Thailand. ^^
RandomVideosTV - 4 years ago
so your telling me you gaffed it and it was bleeding from the gill yall threw it back?
Tyrin Edwards
Tyrin Edwards - 4 years ago
they get much bigger than that but great fish bro. just wait until you hook up to one of the big ones the big ones are twice the size and they deal some serious damage
SBFISHINGTV - 4 years ago
Gotta be my favorite edit you've done. So sick dude - It got me hype to go fish.
Robert Secondi
Robert Secondi - 4 years ago
lmfao "is it broken".
xXNinja_DashXx Does Games
xXNinja_DashXx Does Games - 4 years ago
That ending had me dying
Chaney Hale
Chaney Hale - 4 years ago
If you go to 6:10 and watch his spool the line changes colors
Jellybeanjim 1
Jellybeanjim 1 - 4 years ago
That's not an even big one they grow way bigger
Derek Nowicki
Derek Nowicki - 4 years ago
dude, i really love your fishing videos and you have inspired me to do a lot of bass fishing
Gaff - 4 years ago
(shameless plug for my channel lol)
Taylor Petterson
Taylor Petterson - 4 years ago
that boy said come on g
Nothin nonya
Nothin nonya - 4 years ago
When you don't know it's a baby and it whips your ass regaurdless
James Myers
James Myers - 4 years ago
Hi I love your vids
Michael Tarasco
Michael Tarasco - 4 years ago
and the rods gone
Justin Mccurry
Justin Mccurry - 4 years ago
Awesome video.
Seth Houser
Seth Houser - 4 years ago
I love ocean fishing
9thchild - 4 years ago
"All fish always go back." Love your vids Jon B. but this philosophy is just stupid. Also why the hell would you put a fish back that you gaffed to get into the boat? GT aren't the best Trevally to eat but I'm sure they are fine table fare. Catch and release is a stupid concept unless you are legally required to do so or you are catching unappetizing species.
Luke Snelling
Luke Snelling - 4 years ago
Subscribe to my channel
Johnny Quest WY
Johnny Quest WY - 4 years ago
El Come Vibre.. what a fish..awesome vid bud.. and great catch...
No Name
No Name - 4 years ago
Noticed that Jon doesn't do any mending when he's fly fishing. Doesn't pertain to this video but it would help future fly fishing adventures if you mend the line. It eliminates drag on the flies.
Noah Perry
Noah Perry - 4 years ago
Whats a harder fight? GT or Goliath Grouper?
Jacob Erich
Jacob Erich - 4 years ago
i have a new fish for you to catch. because i have never seen you catch a carp. and i know it is not your tipe of fishing that you like to do. but i just started and my first carp was 3ft. and i like to go bass fishing a lot. but when i hucked into that carp. man. it was awesome. so i hope you read this and give it a try. and if you would like to see the fish i can send a picture to you.
Jeremy Omrod
Jeremy Omrod - 4 years ago
Jon…. when you cast heavy plugs like that you need to let out more leader and load the rod. you can't sling heavy plugs (hence the snapped rod)
Lewis - 4 years ago
why do people care if they keep the fish hahah
ricky B
ricky B - 4 years ago
Austin Stevens
Austin Stevens - 4 years ago
What size reel is that and what rod did you use?
VaBassAssassin 19
VaBassAssassin 19 - 4 years ago
We def know that last fish wasn't released because the gaffed the hell out it and another reason to cause it wasn't showed being released
Dika Sanita
Dika Sanita - 4 years ago
hey jon, u should try to catch GT at komodo island, there's much bigger than those
Hans Zheng
Hans Zheng - 4 years ago
"Is it broken?"-Jon B 2017
D-Smooth Fishing TV
D-Smooth Fishing TV - 4 years ago
They Gaffed that fish inside the mouth which is common for Saltwater Fisherman, it's like a Giant Hook inside the mouth to help pull the fish inside the boat, they use the same technique for Blue Fin Tuna. Of course no one trows the Tuna back unless it's a short, but big GT like that and up to 100 lb they sometimes use the gaff to get them inside the mouth, and yes it's a big hook and causes bleeding, but once that fish is back in the water the bleeding should stop and fish should make recovery, that is if they don't keep the fish out of the water too long and let it bleed out.
That Youtuber
That Youtuber - 4 years ago
I have been watching for what seems like 2 1/2 years. You and Roman where my favorite youtubers
the lonely boy gamer
the lonely boy gamer - 4 years ago
you should do a 21 dollar challenge you have to buy your own rod,line for the real, bait and ECT first to 5
Narcis Wang
Narcis Wang - 4 years ago
welcome to salt water world
Cal Hodgert
Cal Hodgert - 4 years ago
Jon b your videos helped me out a lot I used to play sports in college, broke my ankle. I didn't know what I could do for a long time without sports and I remembered how much I loved fishing as a kid. I'm so happy I found your videos thank you.
Collin Henson
Collin Henson - 4 years ago
That looks awesome but a yellowfin tuna on a spinning rod is no joke!!
Faiz Ismail
Faiz Ismail - 4 years ago
what reel is that? stella or penn?
Anthony Piotrowski
Anthony Piotrowski - 4 years ago
This is an amazing video no lie
Quinn Hooper
Quinn Hooper - 4 years ago
great vid jon
Quinn Hooper
Quinn Hooper - 4 years ago
great vid john
SmokyDbear24 - 4 years ago
6:11 is it just me or does his line on the spool change colors!!??? Like from blue purple red then green WTF!
Midwest Angler
Midwest Angler - 4 years ago
Why does the beginning of the video sound like a j Cole song
Jacob Zweifach
Jacob Zweifach - 4 years ago
the fish was bleeding out and you threw it back
Mini Man
Mini Man - 4 years ago
I agree with you, GTs are some of the hardest fighting fish in the world and I know that from personal experiences.
James Woods
James Woods - 4 years ago
I'd love to see you fuck with some catfish my dude
Ozzy Garza
Ozzy Garza - 4 years ago
You land base shark fish with blacktiph fishing
J&J Bassing
J&J Bassing - 4 years ago
Watching a Jon B. video is like a marvel movie. You ALWAYS wait for the credits to end just to catch that last little glimpse of something awesome.
Luke Placher
Luke Placher - 4 years ago
That is a non colorful jack crevalle
JAYFISH718 - 4 years ago
Lynx - 4 years ago
What happen to the long sleeve rigged shirts them shits were og #bringemback
Bryan Wheaton
Bryan Wheaton - 4 years ago
what is that song? i just started getting into fishing in March and i cought 5 large mouth and two strippers all thanks to you and your videos thank you jon b.
Jake Munos
Jake Munos - 4 years ago
where do you find all this good music.
Tom Mersereau
Tom Mersereau - 4 years ago
Dude, your videos are always on point. It always feels more like a story per se, versus other channels that just strictly show catching fish, which is great but, the production quality on your channel is bar none.
Nathaniel Buck
Nathaniel Buck - 4 years ago
You gaffed that last fish in an artery. Catch and release fishing is stupid anyway. A lot of released fish end up dying anyway. It's ok to kill fish but either eat it or leave it alone. Otherwise you're just torturing animals for entertainment.
FishingWithJ - 4 years ago
Nah man it isn't broken you should be good to go
Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson - 4 years ago
The sea is great isn't it!
FishingWithJ - 4 years ago
Love the content man let's fish in California #SecretSpots
Donovan J
Donovan J - 4 years ago
Love the way the line changes color based on how far out it is.
Vladimir Coopmeiano
Vladimir Coopmeiano - 4 years ago
I clicked on Sam's link to his channel , and it brought me to Sturgeon on wikipedia lmao
Campbell Buffington
Campbell Buffington - 4 years ago
You meant jt not gt lack travally
Westerners - 4 years ago
ahhh bluefin fight way harder endurance and power tuna always win bro
Dexter Acasio
Dexter Acasio - 4 years ago
Favorite vid of all time!
BlueWalrus - 4 years ago
Glad to see a kid grow up doing what he loves and making a living from it. Much love!
IamISCT - 4 years ago
What kind of rod was he using?
pete sampson
pete sampson - 4 years ago
GTs are very high on the list but there are a few I would place higher for fight to weight ratio. In no particular order:

1. Non-spawning salmon.
2. Big rays.
3. Big flatfish.
4. Tuna.
5. Tarpon.
6. Sailfish.

Rays and flatfish are completely different than any of the others but their brute force, straight down, compares pretty well to the speed of the others.

And here's the weird one. There's a relative of shad and herring we call Mooneyes. They are, basically, filter feeders that will also take insects so about the only way to catch them on purpose is during a major insect hatch, especially the mayfly hatch, here on the upper Mississippi. I believe the Minnesota state record is just under 2 pounds and it's possible that I caught a record and didn't realize it some years ago. It was, without a doubt, the hardest fight, pound for pound, of my life. I was using a very light leader and an ultralight fly rod and every time I got is close it would take off on another run. It was simply an awesome display of speed, power, speed, endurance, and speed.

They don't have much mass but I swear they can swim 50mph+ and they have a lot of side area. Jumps? Oh yeah They can jump. I once waded into a school and spooked them and I swear those 1 foot fish jumped at least six feet high and 20 feet long. If they made it to 20 pounds I think they would be among the most sought-after freshwater fish in the Western Hemisphere.

Matthew O
Matthew O - 4 years ago
Probably the best video in a long time Jon. Keep these vlogs up, this trip is awesome!
Jake Carr
Jake Carr - 4 years ago
Mystery tackle box and telescoping fishing rod giveaway here on my channel!
hunting and fishin
hunting and fishin - 4 years ago
Do the fidget spinner fishing reel challenge
JDZ Notorious
JDZ Notorious - 4 years ago
great video Jon. Looks like you had a blast! Keep fishing, never stop
Kenneth Mackenzie
Kenneth Mackenzie - 4 years ago
That fish is about the same size as the pike i catch on a regular basis!
Listin - 4 years ago
Look like a blue jack crevalle
Ronnie Clark Street
Ronnie Clark Street - 4 years ago
looks like an oversized silver jack crevalle
Jack MMyers
Jack MMyers - 4 years ago
What's top water fishing?
Dawson Trask
Dawson Trask - 4 years ago
I absolutely hate these fish, Id rather fight a 50lb amberjack than this fish, atleast you can eat Ajs.
West Noor Azli
West Noor Azli - 4 years ago
finally , a fishing clip .
Chris Weber
Chris Weber - 4 years ago
Yeah they kept it. They were probably pissed he threw back the other one
Mike Simonds
Mike Simonds - 4 years ago
ending is priceless keep up the grind jon B
Dylan Ward
Dylan Ward - 4 years ago
Damn it's so pretty out there on the water
Charm YT
Charm YT - 4 years ago
you know your the best when I watch you in school lol
taylor bennett
taylor bennett - 4 years ago
hollow bones
JaredWheeland Outdoors
JaredWheeland Outdoors - 4 years ago
GT spook bass fishing challenge?
iphone salim
iphone salim - 4 years ago
im in Indonesia
najsuroviji - 4 years ago
Those sharks better be grateful for GT snacks provided.
Steven Luna
Steven Luna - 4 years ago
Mister Jon B Can You Come To Mount Pleasant TX To Vist My Buddy Rance For His Birthday
Heri Budi
Heri Budi - 4 years ago
I'm shocked john, that u visiting my country. I always looking your channel. Keep fishing
Mike M.
Mike M. - 4 years ago
GTs and snapper blues are easily the hardest fighting. Saltwater fishing in general is next level compared to any type of freshwater fishing
Luke's Fishing
Luke's Fishing - 4 years ago
The end of the video lmao
BM. - 4 years ago
Fuck you guys know nothing about GT's... That second one was sweet. I have seen gts with chunks out of them and they are fine. Hands down the most resilient fish in the ocean and if you really think a gaff will stop one of these brutes then you seriously know nothing. These guys aren't your little pond bass and can survive almost anything
Best Mates Fishing
Best Mates Fishing - 4 years ago
Hey Jon did you do any trawling near the cliffs or from spot to spot? Blind trawling would have been insane especially if you drove over a school of tuna!
Angling101 - 4 years ago
Wow man awesome video thanks for sharing! Can't wait to hook my first GT!
Billy Donahue
Billy Donahue - 4 years ago
that looks like so much fun
Up North Fishing
Up North Fishing - 4 years ago
Imagine if smallies got that big.
DCFishing - 4 years ago
yeah nah awesome vid
Isaiah Roberson
Isaiah Roberson - 4 years ago
John, u gotta go for the mosters. Let the experts get u the gear and start bumpin iron lol
Jeff Wang
Jeff Wang - 4 years ago
Good thing they weren't hooked on the top of the head. On another note, Jon must have balls of steel.
Ted Larson
Ted Larson - 4 years ago
yeah that fish was gonna die
EzLyf - 4 years ago
Hey Jon can you possibly give me the details on this guide and how much they charge going to bali at the end of the year and keen for a fish
TheFerdifikri - 4 years ago
mighty GT power
FlyfishermanNick - 4 years ago
All I see in the comments is a bunch of tree huggers complaining about someone eating a fish. Where do you think the meat from the store comes from?
AtlantaDawg 770
AtlantaDawg 770 - 4 years ago
outdoorsnga - 4 years ago
wow...loved it....great day on the water...thanks for sharing...
redstagwith243 - 4 years ago
Come on over to New Zealand. Ill put you on some 20kg yellowtails... might change your mind about those gts. Offers there.
Hyperreelism Outdoors
Hyperreelism Outdoors - 4 years ago
you need to go to Costa Rica and get you a rooster fish added to your list.
egorney - 4 years ago
You should go amberjack fishing. I took a 30 pounder that took out drag on 100 lb test
Klunko52 - 4 years ago
Mike Sushi
Mike Sushi - 4 years ago
ChiliDog - 4 years ago
You all really released a fish that had been gaffed then released another that was spilling blood like cattle in a slaughterhouse? What kind of bullshit is that, just donate your catch!
RunOva - 4 years ago
i can tell how big jons package is if hes not using the rod mount on him
NoseyMosey - 4 years ago
Lolll 10:38 he destroys that rod
Bobby Bronson
Bobby Bronson - 4 years ago
You are the fucking man that ending when you broke the rod amazing Jon your out here making movies kid
Grizzly Beard Outdoors
Grizzly Beard Outdoors - 4 years ago
ik it was a gt! nice my man get em!
sffzapa - 4 years ago
The most amazing thing i've ever seen was GT feeding frenzies in the pomene lagoon in Mozambique
Carlos V
Carlos V - 4 years ago
Do u actually think he's gonna survive getting shanked like that
Jackson Welch
Jackson Welch - 4 years ago
"Let's get it back in the water" Blood pours out of fishes gills
Antonio Paquette
Antonio Paquette - 4 years ago
How did it feel to use a real reel penn best in the world
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez - 4 years ago
Jon b come to Oklahoma and snag giant spoon bill with me off the fort Gibson dam!!
Ryse Impxct
Ryse Impxct - 4 years ago
"Woah" drops half of pole in water "is it broken?" Sorry Jon I had to
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper - 4 years ago
Hey john huge fan wondering if u know any good creek fishing spots In Ohio
Trey Proper
Trey Proper - 4 years ago
if Peric's bitch ass poured water on me in my sleep I would fuck his scrawny ass up in a heartbeat.
GRANT_VLOGS - 4 years ago
when u get back home do a catch and cook.
Mike Sushi
Mike Sushi - 4 years ago
Everyone become my sub and I'll start posting gaffing footage
Jeb Zirkle
Jeb Zirkle - 4 years ago
DrakeSaltlife - 4 years ago
Stop being pussys over the damn GT. The guys taking them on keep mostly all the fish they catch. They keep them to eat and donate them to the locals and for people who don't have food. Who gives a damn that they gaffed it. It's called fishing pussys
frankyfishing619 - 4 years ago
Was waiting for " is that the biggest fish of your life or what" -blacktiph
Just another Youtube commenter
Just another Youtube commenter - 4 years ago
No gaff they said. Sure they said.

Also, what the heck is GT? Sorry for my limited knowledge
Trash Man
Trash Man - 4 years ago
is it just me or jon bs unreal editing cause the line on the spool changes colour when u cast
Rylan Vanwey
Rylan Vanwey - 4 years ago
Once again you have some of the greatest film work I've seen. Thank you for making content
Isaac Sandoval
Isaac Sandoval - 4 years ago
How is that fish supposed to live when is gushing blood
James Pope
James Pope - 4 years ago
Def not the strongest fighting fish... LOL
The Everyday Fisherman
The Everyday Fisherman - 4 years ago
Did you know if you pore citrus acid into a fish if it is bleeding it will stop the bleeding! It is ok somtimes locals don't know what you mean not there fault or yours, Love the vids Jon keep it up.
Brownmx 32
Brownmx 32 - 4 years ago
Why do saltwater fish bleed so much
Justin dru
Justin dru - 4 years ago

Christopher 95
Christopher 95 - 4 years ago
No gaff ? Lets get him back in the water ?
You are just a little bastard
TKFISHING - 4 years ago
That looks like an awesome experience. The surroundings were beautiful and it just looks plain awesome! Keep up the dope edits!!!
Phil and Grunt
Phil and Grunt - 4 years ago
Like the camera
Al Wood
Al Wood - 4 years ago
Dude this fuc*ing intro has me Vibing!
First Out
First Out - 4 years ago
Hey Jon, love the videos. BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FISH!! Where are some good places to learn or will you ever start to make those kinds?
Charlie Jordan
Charlie Jordan - 4 years ago
Your editing is insane
D_huck15 Fortnite videos
D_huck15 Fortnite videos - 4 years ago
''Leaves the hook in''
Intrepid Fisherman
Intrepid Fisherman - 4 years ago
very cool fish to catch. I love when big fish make the drag scream. Keep the videos coming.
OccasionalGamer - 4 years ago
The way that fish was bleeding, no way it survived.
Asher Haynes
Asher Haynes - 4 years ago
Jon b's thought process while editing a video,

More slo mo clips = more views
Fish Finesser
Fish Finesser - 4 years ago
0:19 wow nice hamburger
matchfrogger gaming
matchfrogger gaming - 4 years ago
His line is changing colors
Marty Sipe
Marty Sipe - 4 years ago
always appreciate these videos. the quality and video editing is always great. keep it up
Danurdara Gunarsa Putra
Danurdara Gunarsa Putra - 4 years ago
Nice fishing Jon. Those GT's you catch were awesome. Like it very much.
hecrunchedit327 - 4 years ago
Was it just me, or did Jon B. at 3:46 up until 10 seconds after he takes of his glasses remind you of Jeremy Wade?!? The glasses take off does for me!
Riley Benning
Riley Benning - 4 years ago
I saw that one of the rigged shirts were on sale so a immediately asked my mom if I could get it, she said no.So I went and bought it on my own without​ her knowing...*dab
Dean Snyder
Dean Snyder - 4 years ago
These travel videos are my life right now! Thanks Jon awesome entertaining video as always!!!
Mac102605 Hyper
Mac102605 Hyper - 4 years ago
You should go golaith grouper fishing
AJ Courtright
AJ Courtright - 4 years ago
I knew that's what fish he hooked because of river monsters
chris melton
chris melton - 4 years ago
like how that line changes color
Eternal Thread
Eternal Thread - 4 years ago
Jacks and Bonita prob fight just as hard
_bradynicholls - 4 years ago
That color line changing when you cast is dope
Illinois Bass Assassin
Illinois Bass Assassin - 4 years ago
At this rate jon b will be in antarctica by july
Doscher Hill
Doscher Hill - 4 years ago
What kind of glasses are those
Ferris Tv
Ferris Tv - 4 years ago
Yay, another china part!
b - 4 years ago
john you shouldnt have killed that last fish, fish are ment to stay in the water. not to get hooks stuck in their mouths forever... its gods creature dont you know better than to do that kinda stuff... this is just like catching the sawfish... the hook is probablly still in that sawfish's mouth john how could you... you should have known better this time around not to do that kind if shit john...

- troll jon, its tha best
Bill's Catch 22
Bill's Catch 22 - 4 years ago
Jesus effing Christ with all the GM/ Buick adds! I know YouTube lost a ton of sponsors, but they have to figure out a way to mix it up!
B1gBoss100 - 4 years ago
Awesome job brotha!
Dino Harrison
Dino Harrison - 4 years ago
Jon B., There was SO much I wanted to comment on this video, BUT, you went and ruined it with your out clip. NOW, the only thing I can say is "you break it, you bought it!!!!!" lol Good video and Great fish Dude!
Houston Doherty
Houston Doherty - 4 years ago
Jon B. is that the Oakley latch squared. I have the exact ones
Blake Haynes
Blake Haynes - 4 years ago
subscribe to me if I get 100 I'm giving a tackle box and lures away
Abigail Chiappetta
Abigail Chiappetta - 4 years ago
Hay John, when you caught that last GT were you reeling in, to go look at your buddy's GT ?
Justin M123
Justin M123 - 4 years ago
ey jon b that was dope!
Elcurtano - 4 years ago
No gaf just grab him. Proceeds to gaf hahahaha
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia - 4 years ago
Fish with the Morning Tide Fishing blokes. That would be pretty awesome xD
Joey B_
Joey B_ - 4 years ago
Nice fish Jon!! You should go to costa rica!! Los Suenos Marina "The billfish capital of the world" is awesome. Just got back from there and got some monster roosterfish, marlin and Sailfish!!!!!!!!!!! The roosterfish was about 40 pounds and caught the same way you caught the GT.
Caleb Sannes
Caleb Sannes - 4 years ago
did the GT fight harder than the giant white surgeon you caught a while back
LeoDaMan 52
LeoDaMan 52 - 4 years ago
hahaha "Is it broken" LOL
Isaiah Holman
Isaiah Holman - 4 years ago
where can i get that shirt man its a need
Simple Fishing
Simple Fishing - 4 years ago
Man there even a harder fight on a fly rod
Christian Tovar
Christian Tovar - 4 years ago
heii man GOD is looking for you
thats a dead fish lol
WWIIman1 channel
WWIIman1 channel - 4 years ago
LOL if u click on Sams channel, it takes you to Wikipedia
carter Trey
carter Trey - 4 years ago
Jon B was the sturgeon anything like that
Brayden Robinson
Brayden Robinson - 4 years ago
U can just tell when jon B getting hype
Armando Torres
Armando Torres - 4 years ago
hes raw
STRIKER 2799 - 4 years ago
Why is it GT not JT for jack trevalle?
PB Fishing
PB Fishing - 4 years ago
No belt, respect.
Mike N.
Mike N. - 4 years ago
badass video and edits man keep it up.
Tom Porter
Tom Porter - 4 years ago
congrats on a bucket list fish bro, looks like a good time over there.
LPC 2291
LPC 2291 - 4 years ago
haha john said no gaff but the capt. gaffed him anyways
Green State Fishing Team
Green State Fishing Team - 4 years ago
welcome to the saltwater addiction
Chandler Welch
Chandler Welch - 4 years ago
Something makes me think that they kept that last fish because I saw the gaf and when he was holding the fish it was all bloody in the mouth and gills and he didn't show the release
David_F17 - 4 years ago
Was that Peric at 10:33? It looked like Jon B but only Peric could do something like that lol
The Fishin' Dad
The Fishin' Dad - 4 years ago
Of course I understand that Jon wanted the catch and release, but unless all the people complaining about the gaff are vegetarians the complaints just doesn't make sense to me. I'm sure the guy makes a decent buck chartering a tourist area but that's a lot of food on the table as well. Plus it does look like they hooked it right in the mouth, at any rate I'm sure it will be mentioned in the next vid with all the comments about it?
Big Papa
Big Papa - 4 years ago
Nice waters my fucking ass
DCD 1972
DCD 1972 - 4 years ago
I need a hat like that I got a big fat head
DCD 1972
DCD 1972 - 4 years ago
totally awesome fishing very impressed. kick ass water.
Blake H
Blake H - 4 years ago
Thumbs up if Jon and the Googans should come fish the waters of Southern California?? That would be sick
Fish Hawk
Fish Hawk - 4 years ago
Cvangcha - 4 years ago
Jon b has rainbow line
HKM _ - 4 years ago
Best vid yet
TheDankEclipze - 4 years ago
come to Australia and you'll see what a real gt
Armando Torres
Armando Torres - 4 years ago
go to hawaii
Carl'sOutdoorAdventures - 4 years ago
"Is it broken?" Lol ya think
John D
John D - 4 years ago
Are you Clay from 13 reasons?
Wishing we were fishing !!
Wishing we were fishing !! - 4 years ago
Allison Stednitz
Allison Stednitz - 4 years ago
Was apbassin mad cause he didn't catch anything
Southern Outcast
Southern Outcast - 4 years ago
Amazing fish and an awesome location!! Great vid man!
Zman26 - 4 years ago
Go catch rooster fish, greater fight.
Joseph NY Wayfarer
Joseph NY Wayfarer - 4 years ago
Amazing, footage, fishing and beats. You outdid yourself on this one Jon. Great work.
Chase Kozlowicz
Chase Kozlowicz - 4 years ago
Did he just ask is it broken at the end???
TheBKKid718 - 4 years ago
Bass fishing is cool, but MAN the ocean just has so much more to offer. Saltwater fish are play no games! This was a great fight but wait until John B fights a 80lb+ tuna.
Anthony Damon
Anthony Damon - 4 years ago
Sean Hung
Sean Hung - 4 years ago
There was blood all over the deck!! Damm
Diego Curry
Diego Curry - 4 years ago
Do you list your music Jon?
Noah Petroni
Noah Petroni - 4 years ago
Go fishing for marlin
jwill227 - 4 years ago
nick viviano
nick viviano - 4 years ago
Poor guy is gushing blood...
Eric Marin
Eric Marin - 4 years ago
Ulua! They definitely still gaffed it, but they probably wanted to sell or give away the meat. Hell some of the socal boats will yell at you for throwing back rat yellowtail as the crew makes most of their money off filleting tips and want those fish in the counts. If the guide wanted to keep it he was going to regardless, and he did. And that was definitely a stickbait, not a popper, still fun topwater though.
Ely Ely
Ely Ely - 4 years ago
I live in bali, so where are you in gianyar
Sam Schroeder
Sam Schroeder - 4 years ago
What reel and rod were u using
lojo.fishing - 4 years ago
Damn those waves make me sick.
Andrew Farquhar
Andrew Farquhar - 4 years ago
0.40 boi da hell you wearing?
Brenny Hedderman
Brenny Hedderman - 4 years ago
Blue Jack Crevalle
Born2Fish - 4 years ago
I just hope my videos are half as good as John's one day
Ferdion Prananta
Ferdion Prananta - 4 years ago
he should do more saltwater
Pavin Parrish
Pavin Parrish - 4 years ago
The videos & edits just keep getting better B Roll
Conor Ireland
Conor Ireland - 4 years ago
Spot the tourist
Toby Davis
Toby Davis - 4 years ago
You should come to Australia. You are so close and the fishing here is awesome
Samuel George
Samuel George - 4 years ago
Why is everyone bitching about the last one getting gaffed?! Maybe there other fisherman wanted to keep it for there family's meals. Most fisherman like to eat fish.
Brock Domain
Brock Domain - 4 years ago
you need to go fishing for bluefin tuna.
Jimmy Saputra
Jimmy Saputra - 4 years ago
go ot North Sulawesi, on Talaud Island. tons of yellow/bluefin tuna there
Adam Hollenback
Adam Hollenback - 4 years ago
Brock Domain yea he says the GT is the hardest fighting fish try tuna and let's see how u do
The Great OutDoors
The Great OutDoors - 4 years ago
He played himself when breaking that pole
Adam Buzzo
Adam Buzzo - 4 years ago
Alex Echeverria
Alex Echeverria - 4 years ago
such a dope vid! man this is the best one yet!!!
izak really!
izak really! - 4 years ago
did you eat the fish
Grill 'n' thrill
Grill 'n' thrill - 4 years ago
Calling it, giant trevally
Peter Sokhom
Peter Sokhom - 4 years ago
mah boi got the bamboo satellite hat
Noah Tyler
Noah Tyler - 4 years ago
Great video Jon as always! Hope you don't get too much crap for something that wasn't in your control, all I preach is catch and release for anything but I wasn't remotely mad at you for that and all these people getting butt hurt about it need to relax and understand that you didn't do anything wrong! Can't wait for the next vid, keep up the dopeness
all_things_fishing - 4 years ago
lol at the ending..nice vid
ECregs Outdoors
ECregs Outdoors - 4 years ago
Loved the video Jon, keep exploring!
MrAliLonghorn - 4 years ago
U guys cast those lures on big rods like a bass rod. U shouldn't.
Aj 2k
Aj 2k - 4 years ago
Banger video
jroc619 - 4 years ago
Can we start a go fund me so we can get this guy a steady cam? I'm seasick sittin on the couch.
Pedro TMS
Pedro TMS - 4 years ago
Man, just a piece of advice...when casting big stickbaits or poppers or chugs, don't "sling shot" or "whip" the lure, give it more line and in one simple smooth powerful movement cast it...you some trouble casting, even in the vid we can see that. Besides you risk a lot hurting yourself or loosing very expensive lures...lures that for their price, we can a ton of bass lures... ;)
James Williamson
James Williamson - 4 years ago
You guys should try to get up around the NJ area for the Striped bass/Bluefish run in late May to mid June. You would really enjoy it. Could also be some epic footage if they bite.
Outdoor Adventures With Tanner
Outdoor Adventures With Tanner - 4 years ago
Can I please Get A shout out
Mark Mock
Mark Mock - 4 years ago
I get the notion that Peric was sea sick
Blake Carr
Blake Carr - 4 years ago
King fish are the hardest fish to fight in to world
Vladof - 4 years ago
that moment when you compare how morningtidefishing handle GT fishing vs Jon
Joshua Ryan
Joshua Ryan - 4 years ago
i new it was gt by just reading the title i catch them in austrailia
Joseph B
Joseph B - 4 years ago
Casting like a true bass angler. Quit snapping the bait out there and sling it slower....that is exactly how you broke that rod
Jason Schnabel
Jason Schnabel - 4 years ago
Notice how they didn't show the last one get thrown back
Jason Schnabel
Jason Schnabel - 4 years ago
that last one was bleeding a lot from being gaffed
Cooper Smith
Cooper Smith - 4 years ago
Love your channel man.
snaggyslugworm fishing/vlogs
snaggyslugworm fishing/vlogs - 4 years ago
did anyone else get one?
Life ;
Life ; - 4 years ago
is the spool changing colors?
dragmusicfishing - 4 years ago
Life ;
Life ; - 4 years ago
Oh cool and sure bud
dragmusicfishing - 4 years ago
it is the braid color changes. A lot of saltwater line has different colors and can you check out my channel
weqrfawe - 4 years ago
really? you threw that dead trevally back in the water...yeah i dont think so
KAZUTO Kirigaya
KAZUTO Kirigaya - 4 years ago
weqrfawe Ikr XD John asked him to use his hands but he used a gaff
weqrfawe - 4 years ago
ya im thinking the guide only heard "gaff" not "no gaff"
Hooked and Hunted
Hooked and Hunted - 4 years ago
he did say no gaff like 5 times tho
Hooked and Hunted
Hooked and Hunted - 4 years ago
yeah gaf and release? wtf
Corey Barnes
Corey Barnes - 4 years ago
That last part is sooo funny!! Nice fish bro! Keep up the good content!
Gabe G
Gabe G - 4 years ago
living the dream man, keep it up, never stop
weqrfawe - 4 years ago
so much slow mo, gotta stretch the vid past 10 minutes right?
Catching the Craze
Catching the Craze - 4 years ago
Next up on the list is a trip to Three Kings NZ for Kingfish! HAHA!!!
tiefsa - 4 years ago
Saltwater fish are no joke!
Nicholas Podvia
Nicholas Podvia - 4 years ago
Matt McSherry
Matt McSherry - 4 years ago
I love this channel
joking554 - 4 years ago
Wouldn't a Goliath grouper be the hardest fighting? Please answer
Peter Schwartz
Peter Schwartz - 4 years ago
You should fish Venice next trip and you will be blown away
Grant's Adventure's
Grant's Adventure's - 4 years ago
Why hasn't ap been posting?
Chris Baguio
Chris Baguio - 4 years ago
Yeah GT!
Fishing with Tyler
Fishing with Tyler - 4 years ago
new to making videos love watching you Jon can any one help tips and subscribe me
Rizalnosu - 4 years ago
welcome in Indonesian Dude!! i am fans of you from Indonesian
Danielpfishing - 4 years ago
You should be ripping the popper way harder when fishing for GT
Carter Steele Carter
Carter Steele Carter - 4 years ago
3 great friends wait till a girl ruins their awesome friendship
Sharkz Gaming
Sharkz Gaming - 4 years ago
Is it just me or did anyone see the line on Jon's reel change colors
Black white
Black white - 4 years ago
I go fishing every day.
jayden hupp
jayden hupp - 4 years ago
any one else see the line turn different coloers
Armando Torres
Armando Torres - 4 years ago
multi color line
Bravo Bruckner
Bravo Bruckner - 4 years ago
please don't get abducted by a terrorist group. That would be upsetting.
David Ger
David Ger - 4 years ago
congrats on the gt jon. been dreaming of catching them. if u liked the fight you should check out spots to catch yellowtail kingfish. Im going over to Robinson crusoe island in chile to catch them next summer.
Triston Williams
Triston Williams - 4 years ago
Itz_TheToxic_Viper - 4 years ago
What's gaffed
Lachie Mitchell
Lachie Mitchell - 4 years ago
Come to australia
Hayden Morel
Hayden Morel - 4 years ago
Do you know when salmon season is in california
Boston Beale
Boston Beale - 4 years ago
I need you to come to New Zealand to fight the hardest fighting fish the king fish king fish are very strong and are very fun to fight
Perfectatpanfishing - 4 years ago
Gt vs amberjack witch fights harder
Max Berns
Max Berns - 4 years ago
Patrick G haha sounds like fun
Max Berns
Max Berns - 4 years ago
Patrick G makes it pretty difficult
Patrick G
Patrick G - 4 years ago
Max Berns you only find them in reef, rocks, bommies etc
Max Berns
Max Berns - 4 years ago
Patrick G Yeah I guess it depends a lot on the structure you're around
Patrick G
Patrick G - 4 years ago
Max Berns yeah I understand, I've lost so many gt's from them going back to the reef. When you hook them you gotta lock up the drag and drive the opposite way.
Max Berns
Max Berns - 4 years ago
Patrick G honestly you'd probably know better than me because I've caught neither but I feel like Ajs r harder to land because they're usually oriented around structure they can dive in like wrecks
Max Berns
Max Berns - 4 years ago
Patrick G it's my opinion, it could go either way
Patrick G
Patrick G - 4 years ago
Max Berns most definitely not, sorry.
Andy S.
Andy S. - 4 years ago
10lb bass fuck yeah
Max Berns
Max Berns - 4 years ago
Perfectatpanfishing pound for pound AJ
Clever Happy Derp
Clever Happy Derp - 4 years ago
a panfish fights harder
Jeremiah Giles
Jeremiah Giles - 4 years ago
Perfectatpanfishing GT.
Triple Threat Outdoors
Triple Threat Outdoors - 4 years ago
Perfectatpanfishing amberjack for sure
Bob George
Bob George - 4 years ago
It looks like a giant jack
Fishing Florida
Fishing Florida - 4 years ago
I wanna see him hook a big ass amber jack haha
chazemaster - 4 years ago
You guys should fish for gt's in hawaii
Sergey Woudenberg
Sergey Woudenberg - 4 years ago
One of the best videos by Jon B. Thank You Sir
ant gfisher
ant gfisher - 4 years ago
Gaddiel Garcia
Gaddiel Garcia - 4 years ago
That why u should start fishing saltwater more,for Extreme fighting fish.
herbalicious - 4 years ago
RIP jon beez nutz
Parker Lemmon
Parker Lemmon - 4 years ago
I caught my pb bullfrog on a topwater frog yesterday. It only took half an hour
matthew cucchiaro
matthew cucchiaro - 4 years ago
come up to edgartown marthas vineyard to get some bluefish and stripers in late july and early august
Jonathan Lavigne
Jonathan Lavigne - 4 years ago
"lets get him back in the water" Its going to die there is no point in putting it back lol.
Fliesitdieshooksitcooks343 - 4 years ago
Bassin Everyday
Bassin Everyday - 4 years ago
Im sneaking on my computer and i have tests tomm. but its jon.b yolo
Family bassin'
Family bassin' - 4 years ago
wassup jon b family bassin here man do you pay for this type of sportfishing , im a local urban angler out of los angeles CA and enjoy saltwater fishing. much love man keep killin it
David Diaz
David Diaz - 4 years ago
I feel like he didn't release the second one
Harry Axton
Harry Axton - 4 years ago
the rod snapped because of the way that he was casting when u are casting for GT with huge poppers you do not flick them, you have to do more of a consistent stroke when casting!
Michael Lammi
Michael Lammi - 4 years ago
You guys should go to Alaska For your next trip #halibut
Trevah92 - 4 years ago
can you just not keep GT's? or do you just not keep anyfish? i dont think ive ever seen you keep a fish actually now that i think about it lol.
J Buck Outdoors
J Buck Outdoors - 4 years ago
How many colors of braid do you have on there???
Dave C
Dave C - 4 years ago
They put that to tell how much line you have left for big saltwater fish that spool you
Taylor Hendry
Taylor Hendry - 4 years ago
nice thighs
Nathan Dube
Nathan Dube - 4 years ago
Nice hat bud

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