Nothing Can Prepare Us For THIS... (Arctic Odyssey Pt.1)

Filmed and Edited by Bryant Patterson Bryants Insta -- brpatt Chris' YT -- What I film with… Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera -- BIG SHINY Lens -- My Other Gear... Computer — Editing software — Mic — Camera Case — Backpack -- Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD -- INSTAGRAM -- TWITTER -- SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw FACEBOOK -- #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*

Nothing Can Prepare Us For THIS... (Arctic Odyssey Pt.1) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 56

Tropical fishing 2 years ago 93,104 views

Filmed and Edited by Bryant Patterson Bryants Insta -- brpatt Chris' YT -- What I film with… Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera -- BIG SHINY Lens -- My Other Gear... Computer — Editing software — Mic — Camera Case — Backpack -- Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD -- INSTAGRAM -- TWITTER -- SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw FACEBOOK -- #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*

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for Nothing Can Prepare Us For THIS... (Arctic Odyssey Pt.1)

Logan Gleason
Logan Gleason - 2 years ago
when jon b references the nelk boys
Chad Lebarre
Chad Lebarre - 2 years ago
Just go home and start a channel called fishing the Midwest! I bet it will blow up!
AcaRa Bombshell
AcaRa Bombshell - 2 years ago
In my mind the only fish I could think of up there is the Greenland Shark but I never would have guessed you guys would try for one. Those things are so rare.
Toffeln - 2 years ago
Finally Iceland!!! <3
MattHD - 2 years ago
Should have went to Estonia!
Matthew Quinn
Matthew Quinn - 2 years ago
The dang add on this won’t load
John Roberts
John Roberts - 2 years ago
Ya I’m having the same problem
Will Walter
Will Walter - 2 years ago
Go on kill 'em
Nico Norris
Nico Norris - 2 years ago
This video makes me want to walk to Iceland.

10. comment for Nothing Can Prepare Us For THIS... (Arctic Odyssey Pt.1)

Jed Honrado
Jed Honrado - 2 years ago
So jealous, Jon. Iceland is one the most unique destinations I've ever visited. I've always wanted to go back and try fishing there. Hope you get into some.
Cody Johnson’s Aquatics
Cody Johnson’s Aquatics - 2 years ago
He’s probably going to catch a chimera or also know as rabbit fish or rabbit shark
Camy G
Camy G - 2 years ago
I did Iceland last January and all hot pools were completely surrounded by snow, it was amazing. It's cool to see what it looks like only 2 months later.
Twangtown7 - 2 years ago
Jon's videos have gone from being fishing videos to being a Casey Neistat wannabe. Whatever works I guess.
Andrew Farquhar
Andrew Farquhar - 2 years ago
Twangtown7 - 2 years ago
Damn. Jon dumped Peric for Chris. No loyalty.
Will Roan
Will Roan - 2 years ago
Greenland shark?
Wired 4 Fishing
Wired 4 Fishing - 2 years ago
I can't wait too see this one!!!!!!!
Dylan Pasbrig
Dylan Pasbrig - 2 years ago
Definitely the best fishing youtuber ever
feellnfroggy - 2 years ago
Dude you gotta keep a Bungee with your fishing gear, wrap your poles to the top of the Uber if needed.

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Eduardo Hernandez
Eduardo Hernandez - 2 years ago
I just met Jon b at the airport
Jack Middlebrook
Jack Middlebrook - 2 years ago
Iceland shark?
WadSquad - 2 years ago
R u goin for goblin shark?
valleylivn209 - 2 years ago
Hey Jon B. I just seen the video while at work and but just guessing but I heard a lot about the Greenland halibut. Please tell me that’s what it is. I have been wanting to go there just to try it. Once you talked about how deep you were going that’s the first thing that popped into my head. Oh man. Congrats if that is true.
Orbelin Araujo
Orbelin Araujo - 2 years ago
Doesn't Jon B look like a younger Steven Rinella?
Jakob Breazeale
Jakob Breazeale - 2 years ago
What a dope video
AllWaterAngler - 2 years ago
What brand are those pants you are wearing
kvandy5989 - 2 years ago
What is taking Discovery channel so long to just give you your own t.v show?
Liam Rappley
Liam Rappley - 2 years ago
Follow @Hodag_Outdoors for hunting and fishing posts from Wisconsin
xELCHEETOx - 2 years ago
What was the song at the end?

30. comment for Nothing Can Prepare Us For THIS... (Arctic Odyssey Pt.1)

Spencer Prats
Spencer Prats - 2 years ago
I have seen a video an Greenland sharks they live in like at least a mile deep water
Dean Merrill
Dean Merrill - 2 years ago
JB- Have you approached Netflix about picking you up? This is binge-watching at its finest!!
Michael Montemayor
Michael Montemayor - 2 years ago
Yall complain too damn much
Ahrenoutdoors - 2 years ago
Iceland is one of my favorite places to go.. HMU if you need some fire spots to fish.
Ben Lapinskes
Ben Lapinskes - 2 years ago
greenland shark that's the fish
Real Jon B fans like the vid before the ad at the beginning ends...
Johnny P
Johnny P - 2 years ago
I loved the sign at the soup place! "Sorry no wifi. Talk to each other and smile."
Brandon Nanney
Brandon Nanney - 2 years ago
Hey man you should come to Tennessee and do some fishing that would be cool
Bradyy Ashbyyy
Bradyy Ashbyyy - 2 years ago
Greenland shark or what?
Bradyy Ashbyyy
Bradyy Ashbyyy - 2 years ago
Lol oh nvm
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant - 2 years ago
What are they trying to catch
drew m
drew m - 2 years ago
Hahaha I love how you guys are shocked at the 50 wide I got into tuna fishing at a young age and now I’m a mate on a tuna fishing charter boat and hearing those reels scream is the sweetest sound in the world
Assaultlife5.56 - 2 years ago
The Amazon filming style was the highest level of quality I've seen from you. Idk what's changed. But it feels forced and just off. Just giving ya some input. Couldn't even finish this video, when in the Amazon series I couldn't wait to see the next one.
TheLizardShaman - 2 years ago
i knew at the beginning it was gonna be a Greenland shark
Christopher Coyle
Christopher Coyle - 2 years ago
The best fishing youtube channel by far!
Clayton Scull
Clayton Scull - 2 years ago
Jon how much do you weigh?
Chronos Gaming
Chronos Gaming - 2 years ago

btw Jon your my favorite youtuber I’ve ever watched
Victor Papaiz
Victor Papaiz - 2 years ago
What’s your impression of the Plano Airliner? I’m in the market for a travel case and it’s one I’ve been considering.
Jack DeBord
Jack DeBord - 2 years ago
Have you ever taken a trip to another place and not brought your rods and fishing gear
Misteriosi81 - 2 years ago
Reminds me of CKY2K
Dan Howell
Dan Howell - 2 years ago
cant wait for the next part! Love your channel dude!

50. comment for Nothing Can Prepare Us For THIS... (Arctic Odyssey Pt.1)

Christopher Wagner
Christopher Wagner - 2 years ago
watch Chris bylaws video if you want to know what happens sad results.
Ronnie Santo
Ronnie Santo - 2 years ago
Like if they should make Chris a Googan!?
Roger Martinez
Roger Martinez - 2 years ago
The way this video was edited was amazing !!!!
RippinLipz WNYfishing
RippinLipz WNYfishing - 2 years ago
you'll easily be able to afford a few hotel rooms... y'all are internet fishermen guide- hoppers! who gleam the spotlight from fishing guides!
RippinLipz WNYfishing
RippinLipz WNYfishing - 2 years ago
you'll easily be able to afford a few hotel rooms... y'all are internet fishermen guide- hoppers! who gleam the spotlight from fishing guides!
fredfredburger811 - 2 years ago
Beautiful videos and editing, don't forget the fishing
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez - 2 years ago
Greenland Sharks!
joshbertrand - 2 years ago
Hit up Jeremy wade. Pretty sure he caught a Greenland shark in one of his episodes. But I could be wrong
Gulfside Fishing
Gulfside Fishing - 2 years ago
overexposed footage
Colin Hill
Colin Hill - 2 years ago
Im so excited for you guys to be able to experience and enjoy places like this, ive only been to germany, sweden and iraq haha well iraq for warfare, for some reason in these countries i always feel like i should be hidden away just because we live so differently and open more than these countries i think, like theres just not a ton of people in certain places so i get the feeling like ok if theres not a ton of people here then why am i here haha i dont know its weird i feel like you have to act a certain way in some countries based on culture, haha but looks good guys loved the geysir and the hot springs thats bad ass, i always try to hit up hot springs wherever i go
Grant Scott Wilson
Grant Scott Wilson - 2 years ago
What, sweet vid on the falls. Nice bro
Grant Scott Wilson
Grant Scott Wilson - 2 years ago
Omg, I want soup too
Colin Hill
Colin Hill - 2 years ago
I need to go to iceland
Grant Scott Wilson
Grant Scott Wilson - 2 years ago
Did he bring u some grass
Born2Fish - 2 years ago
Has anyone purchased the googan squad backpack?
Leonardi Auto Performance & Repair
Leonardi Auto Performance & Repair - 2 years ago
I love the sign at 5:09 "No wifi sorry talk to each other and smile" lol
Mantis Rules
Mantis Rules - 2 years ago
Swimming like a cooked lobster xDDDDDDDDDDDD
Bassachusettes Fever
Bassachusettes Fever - 2 years ago
Are you going after Greenland shark and big Skate.
Rock Creek Outdoors
Rock Creek Outdoors - 2 years ago
New it was gonna be the greenland shark! One of the best rivermonster episodes jeremey wade handlined one through the ice! Hope you guys got one!!
Allbout Thembass
Allbout Thembass - 2 years ago
almost made watch apbassing do you know how many minutes of my life coulda been wasted? jon b you will pay by being subscribed yaaaaaaaaay
Caleb Cole
Caleb Cole - 2 years ago
Watched your come up for the past couple years, true inspiration bro keep fishing, never stop.
Phoenix 1303
Phoenix 1303 - 2 years ago
I have strong feeling Chris bulaw has a asian descent...
Lucas Stevens
Lucas Stevens - 2 years ago
I knew it, just knew it had to be the Greenland shark
Kimberly Sneed
Kimberly Sneed - 2 years ago
Beast mode
Trevor H
Trevor H - 2 years ago
You’re going for the Greenland Shark. Am I right? Yep, I was. Sweet! They are massive beast. Good luck.
Raptor Plays
Raptor Plays - 2 years ago
I think they are fishing for halibut.
Brendens Outdoors
Brendens Outdoors - 2 years ago
I like how you try different things and travel around the world and see new things
Jizz Fishing
Jizz Fishing - 2 years ago
does it change anything for You Jon if I watch adds to the end or I can just press skip add.
Kyle Franco
Kyle Franco - 2 years ago
What’s with all the ads? Three before the video was half done. I bailed. Video was boring and seemed forced, quality of shots was way bad. You can do better Jon.
Peter Hayes
Peter Hayes - 2 years ago
Is the lifeguard chair at the hot springs actually a phone booth? Epic video Jon!!
Robert Gammett
Robert Gammett - 2 years ago
Already knew you were going after a Greenland as soon as you said you're in Greenland lol. Good luck, took Jeremy wade forever to catch one
Jacobl Hammonds
Jacobl Hammonds - 2 years ago
Justin Muladore
Justin Muladore - 2 years ago
Can't wait to see If you hook up and land one!
BIGGSY BIGGLES - 2 years ago
Come to Australia
Fishing Channel
Fishing Channel - 2 years ago
so beautiful... and cold
Derek Marvin
Derek Marvin - 2 years ago
Nelk boyssss for the fuckin boys
ringatoi - 2 years ago
I saw how much of this ends up already, I still watched all the way though and will watch the upcoming because I love how you tell a story. Kudos to you and Bryant. It's skillful, keep going. Keep telling the story.
Darko Leskovšek
Darko Leskovšek - 2 years ago
Bear Grylls driving an uber? damn son
Brandon Gumbert
Brandon Gumbert - 2 years ago
But why...the greenland shark isnt an active fish. It just swims along slowly.
PyroTeam TUK
PyroTeam TUK - 2 years ago
Ἄνδρα μοι ἔννεπε, Μοῦσα, πολύτροπον, ὃς μάλα πολλὰ
πλάγχθη, ἐπεὶ Τροίης ἱερὸν πτολίεθρον ἔπερσε.
Joseph Stahl
Joseph Stahl - 2 years ago
That geyser b roll had that Peter McKinnon flow
MAX DE KONING - 2 years ago
You should really come to Amsterdam and start fishing in the canals. HUGE perch and zander
The Fishing Style
The Fishing Style - 2 years ago
Colour grading please
CALIBASSKID TV - 2 years ago
I’m in Southern California, but I’m down to come to the Artic Tundra if you have a free room. Hit me up if you still have a vacant room. I know I’m alittle late but it was worth a shot in my book.
Treb - 2 years ago
What kind of pants are those? They look sick
ACTIV REDLINE - 2 years ago
2000 meters = 1.24 miles
1 mile = 1609.344 meters
DAKS BASS - 2 years ago
I just dont like seeing a video here,then the next one your home,now your back out, when i watch everyones videos and i feel like they are all so inconsistant of where you are when we watch, like where actually are u right now...not bitching, just saying its weird
DAKS BASS - 2 years ago
Like they are 2 weeks delayed, we watch this now, but actually your home on the couch , idk i love your videos tho
Ouis Sandy
Ouis Sandy - 2 years ago
Are you going for greenland shark?
flopsy3333 - 2 years ago
beautiful places. That cafe tho ''No wifi , talk to each others''
Kail Cooper
Kail Cooper - 2 years ago
That geysir may be the coolest thing ive seen in slow motion

100. comment for Nothing Can Prepare Us For THIS... (Arctic Odyssey Pt.1)

The Quizzle
The Quizzle - 2 years ago
Sweet!! this is going to be sick. But, with all that beautiful scenery Chris looks even uglier than normal. How? I want to know how someone gets that ugly. Did he get surgery or something?
Epic Fishing
Epic Fishing - 2 years ago
Max Bohler
Max Bohler - 2 years ago
my mans is always traveling
GLI TV - 2 years ago
Fishzhor :D
BryaNt - 2 years ago
Dude no way my name is Bryant, literally the first person who I’ve seen that has my same first name.
Kyle DeGroote
Kyle DeGroote - 2 years ago
South dakotaaaaaa lol
Welsches - 2 years ago
It genuinely upsets me to see you not get hundreds of thousands of views every video. So glad you are experiencing this crazy life though.
Brent Offutt
Brent Offutt - 2 years ago
Green land shark
Adam Seiden
Adam Seiden - 2 years ago
they are catching the famous Greenland SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Seiden
Adam Seiden - 2 years ago
who saw the no WIFI sign in the soup shop
Matthew. Rizzi
Matthew. Rizzi - 2 years ago
You make awesome videos
Guns and Glass
Guns and Glass - 2 years ago
Greenland sharks can get up to 2500 Pounds and 20 feet long that’s crazy
Chaz Forcia
Chaz Forcia - 2 years ago
DrDoobs420 - 2 years ago
Under the ice.... You're going to Ice fish freaking Greenland sharks?! People call me nuts for fishing heavy gear with big 12'' dead minnows here in Canada, but this is next level! Hope you guys stick em!
Motor city Outdoors
Motor city Outdoors - 2 years ago
Jon we know u weren’t spost to fly the drone... but hey I won’t snitch
Garrett McClure
Garrett McClure - 2 years ago
“The Iceland area”
White Trash America
White Trash America - 2 years ago
Bad ass man!
Tyler Green
Tyler Green - 2 years ago
That slo mo clip of the geyser was fucking beautiful
Brian Kallberg
Brian Kallberg - 2 years ago
Really good content as of late
Left Lane Outdoors
Left Lane Outdoors - 2 years ago
Every time I see that yellow bag I know things are about to get interesting.
Evan Ludwick
Evan Ludwick - 2 years ago
thats right the nelk boys are the dudes
Jack Black
Jack Black - 2 years ago
You will not find that social capital where non whites have invaded the West. If in Illinois the Latinos if in Europe the Muslims ... we must fight to preserve and protect our unique culture and traditions
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
Stick and Strings - thank you for your high IQ contribution. Now papers please
Jack Black
Jack Black - 2 years ago
what kind of mud blood are you? hahaha All these wannabe dopey latinos watching a white man's fishing video. Sad
Sticks and Strings
Sticks and Strings - 2 years ago
the Bible and a beer fuck off boi
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
Color? Color? I am talking about my people's culture, laws, history, and facts. You have no defense. Again, you are welcome for everything. My ancestors built this country and yours stole from it. Period. Here is another fact, I am one man, who is part of an NGO that represents millions of men like me and 72% of white men voted for the man who is running the country and removing your kind. Facts ...adios hombre
Tyler Suarez
Tyler Suarez - 2 years ago
It seems all you care about is color. So let me paint you a picture.
My skin is as white as the paper you write on.
But my blood is as Mexican as those you hate.
You can thank my Norwegian ancestors for my stubbornness. But my culture is mixed. I don't accept just 1 nor am I accepted by just 1.
You may say whatever you wish. But you are but 1 "white" as you put it. For every 1 person like you there are thousands that just care about their fellow man.
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
You can't take offense, you don't even belong here to have an opinion. You think this is about hate and racism because your dopey culture teaches you that the white man owes you. You MUST support the views you do otherwise you are a hypocrite. You likely believe that the USA is a "melting pot" a "land of immigrants" and that as long as you believe in "America" you belong here. You could be a model citizen and it doesn't matter because you are not supposed to be in the USA. It is a blessing we are removing millions of latinos and while incentivizing self deportation for the rest. The other real truth is your people ruin more lakes and wildlife than any other group in the USA. Like I said, mexico looks like it does for a reason. Where is the latino Jon B and that channel? Where is the IQ you find and the risk taken by the boys on this channel in mexico? Where is the synergy among latinos like there is among the white men in these videos in latin america? It doesn't exist. Again, you are on the wrong channel and in the wrong discussion and country. Adios hombre
Tyler Suarez
Tyler Suarez - 2 years ago
the Bible and a beer you misunderstand. I'm not whining about equality in fact I don't really care. I stick to my thing and let everyone else whine about politics, racism, ect.
I prefer the outdoors. And the fishin is slow as off late. So I decided to watch some Jon B.
But it's obvious we're not gonna agree. I prefer to be unbiased when I debate. So I don't take offense at all. You said your part I said mine. You are in titled to yours as I am to mine, that's your right.
great chat. But I'm afraid I have to call it a night.
Have a great night The B&B.
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
You dopey mexican, if the settlers never showed up you wouldn't be sitting on wifi whining about equality like a indoctrinated pawn. Those "people who colonized the USA" were white. They were not latino, they were not black, they were white. There is a reason the West looks like it does and mexico looks like it does. I do not judge anyone on any level. Your people do not belong in the USA and most originated illegally. Why don't you go back to your real homeland and teach them how to act like the white man so you can have a homeland you actually want to live in versus crawling across the border to the white man.
Tyler Suarez
Tyler Suarez - 2 years ago
I will not tell you thanks for anything.
You didn't suffer through anything that the people who colonised the Americas went through. I owe you no thanks.
The men and women who fought for the liberty's we have. Yes people take advantage of that. But there's all sorts of people who do that. Judge each person as individuals. Not as statistics.
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
So you are a decedent of or an illegal yourself. The USA was founded by and for white men and their families. Those are facts and they do not care about your feelings. We are not all equal, we are most certainly different and God did in fact create us that way. We are equal in the eyes of God in terms of the ability to receive salvation. Your people, mostly illegal, but even when not are a huge liability to my country and culture. There is not one statistic that suggests otherwise. You latinos are mostly all the same ... you want the white man's culture but while doing so will not admit how degenerate you are in your own. You chose us not vice versa. Not one white man is invading latin america, breeding on the brown tax dollar and creating crime and welfare there. You are welcome for EVERYTHING you are.
Tyler Suarez
Tyler Suarez - 2 years ago
If you wanna get technical everybody in the us is an immigrant.
We all came from somewhere. Unless you're a native American?
I can't say I enjoyed the chat but it was an interesting one.
And I am truly sorry you have so much hate in your heart.
If you are truly a man of God just remember. He created all in his image. In other words he's color blind when it comes to his creations.
Good day and have a wonderful life.
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
Where does the surname Suarez exist in Norway. One of your family members came from mexico and statistically it is highly likely it was illegally.
Tyler Suarez
Tyler Suarez - 2 years ago
Honestly. My family originated in Norway. My great grandfather came over early 19 hundreds. Started in North Dakota and worked our way around.
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
No hate ... just facts. You are on the wrong video and in the wrong discussion and country. Which one of your family members came here illegally? Be honest
Tyler Suarez
Tyler Suarez - 2 years ago
Definitely wrong discussion.
And I think you may be on the wrong video bro. This is Jon B. Ya come here for great content and dope B rolls. Not to hate on your fellow man.
And I've never been to Mexico. Don't even speak Spanish. I'm probably paler than you are.
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
I think you may be on the wrong side of the wall but you are definitely on the wrong video and in the wrong discussion.
Tyler Suarez
Tyler Suarez - 2 years ago
Yall sound like some wonderful people.
the Bible and a beer
the Bible and a beer - 2 years ago
That is SO true. The West is being destroyed. Jon's videos are a throw back to the times before the immigration of mexicans. It is refreshing. I hope white men wake up soon otherwise we will not have a nation of our own.
gwestrocks - 2 years ago
These are so fun to watch
Corey Sage
Corey Sage - 2 years ago
Nice vid anyway....Thank u
Corey Sage
Corey Sage - 2 years ago
That's why u should of stayed in college.......this prob would of been better, commentaried.......good editor..luckily
Dylan Pasbrig
Dylan Pasbrig - 2 years ago
Hey jon are ya fishing for monster brown trout up there?
John Jarosinski
John Jarosinski - 2 years ago
This is honestly a masterpiece of a video
Brent Bostic
Brent Bostic - 2 years ago
That water fall was awesome it was a beautiful view
Isaac Hayden
Isaac Hayden - 2 years ago
This mini-series is gonna be so sick! I went to Iceland a few months ago during the Summer months and wasn't able to bring my rods but I did do a lot of sight seeing. I wanted to fish so bad because the water there is so pretty from all the glacial run off. Maybe you've been to some of the same places I have. Stoked to see what you've filmed!
NWestern Outdoors
NWestern Outdoors - 2 years ago
Isaac Hayden spoiler alert they don't make it due to heavy fog and snow, and dont get to go greenland shark icefishing
Isaac Hayden
Isaac Hayden - 2 years ago
Well, watched the entire video now and realized you're going to Greenland lol. Still cool to see we went to the same soup shop and some of the same parts of the golden circle!
HoosierbackOD - 2 years ago
Nice JB!!!
Clayton Lyga24
Clayton Lyga24 - 2 years ago
Hello awesome video
Cole Mercer
Cole Mercer - 2 years ago
Full send baby!
Ian Stone
Ian Stone - 2 years ago
At least you brought your rods pal, have a good time
226rlg - 2 years ago
So good
Ryder Greene
Ryder Greene - 2 years ago
are you going for that shark thingy that kinda looks like a sting ray
Sam Bennett
Sam Bennett - 2 years ago
you getting trip ideas from river monsters?? lol
Dennis Taranchuk
Dennis Taranchuk - 2 years ago
ay he didnt for get his rods this time
LuckyStitch Bass Adventures
LuckyStitch Bass Adventures - 2 years ago
So intense! Can't wait to see what yall do tomorrow. Good luck and go get em!
Tyler G
Tyler G - 2 years ago
Chris uploaded this like a week ago
Daniel Barney
Daniel Barney - 2 years ago
Nice hair cut.
dmonchamp19 - 2 years ago
one nice ass ending
Evan Kaiafas
Evan Kaiafas - 2 years ago
Holy shit what a cliffhanger, Jeremy Wade did it, why can’t Jon B and Chris Bulaw. Also why Jon and Chris be lookin like some British hipsters with those sweaters on.
Keith Bailey
Keith Bailey - 2 years ago
That sound quality with all that wind though.
mac423 - 2 years ago
The worst part of compilations is when you know how this entire Iceland trip ends...... because Chris uploaded it already
Austin Hult
Austin Hult - 2 years ago
I new you were going for Greenland shark as soon as you said you were going to iceland
Eric Guerr
Eric Guerr - 2 years ago
Immaculus.... Icelandic jargon I assume
LuckyStitch Bass Adventures
LuckyStitch Bass Adventures - 2 years ago
Iceland!?? What!!?? So Awesome!
B1gBoss100 - 2 years ago
Good luck brotha and be safe!
klunke.e - 2 years ago
I'm sooo hype!
Owen Keeley34
Owen Keeley34 - 2 years ago
Ayye what’s poppin Jon
Austin Mandl
Austin Mandl - 2 years ago
Nelk boys ftw
Samuel Loeding
Samuel Loeding - 2 years ago
Jon I live in crystal lake I’m a huge fan
Anders Battiston
Anders Battiston - 2 years ago
Two words.. GOOD LUCK! Ur gonna need it
Kyle Weeks
Kyle Weeks - 2 years ago
How do you afford all your trips! Like seriously. I need your job lol.
Calico MortyCash
Calico MortyCash - 2 years ago
Jon B. aka 9:23
Ash man 104 Alex
Ash man 104 Alex - 2 years ago
Dude dope video
Andrew Price
Andrew Price - 2 years ago
but but but.... you just got back from the ice!!
adam cronin
adam cronin - 2 years ago
What a cliff hanger ive never been this excited for a youtube video in my life
cjrides17 - 2 years ago
Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh! In the back of my head I was like he’s going for the Greenland shark, but my first thought was maybe he was going for something else, and then when u said the Greenland shark I freakin lost it! A trip for the books indeed
Zach Davis
Zach Davis - 2 years ago
cjrides17 too bad he'll never get there. Chris's channel shows their flight getting cancelled.
Bruce Nguyen
Bruce Nguyen - 2 years ago
what kind of car is that?
shaun beare
shaun beare - 2 years ago
fingers crossed its greenland shark
TheFlyingBando - 2 years ago
Omg... That geyser B Roll
Nick M usel
Nick M usel - 2 years ago
Let me know in next vid
Nick M usel
Nick M usel - 2 years ago
Where u fishing for the opener
Nick M usel
Nick M usel - 2 years ago
Hey Jon your so good at fishing
Gixxer0732 - 2 years ago
Dude, buy yourself a beanie and some sunglasses, you look miserable lol
Fede V Fishing
Fede V Fishing - 2 years ago
BassGeek - 2 years ago
So in the weather "person" role play Jon b is Donna and he was tossing it to Greg not Greg tossing it to Donna. Odd selection there. LOL
Lucas - 2 years ago
Greenland shark
Kumra - 2 years ago
Spoilers for next videos****

They never make it to fish for greenland sharks and the plane can never land and has to turn back. See Chris's channel.
Max V.
Max V. - 2 years ago
Greenland shark
Reid Nelson
Reid Nelson - 2 years ago
Ronan Murrr.
Ronan Murrr. - 2 years ago
CawmunityCreations - 2 years ago
Just bought my 2018 licence this afternoon. Can't wait to hit the water.
piaoliang - 2 years ago
I prefer to watch small channels now. More realistic. This is like watching animal planet- fake.
Wisconsin Fishing and Outdoors
Wisconsin Fishing and Outdoors - 2 years ago
Why even comment this? Just makes you look like a cunt
White Trash America
White Trash America - 2 years ago
Then get the hell off of his channel!
Tom Brady
Tom Brady - 2 years ago
piaoliang what?
Slayer OfGods
Slayer OfGods - 2 years ago
yea soup and coffee cough tons of alchol behind them cough
Oliver Abar
Oliver Abar - 2 years ago
I love how you travel Jon. You just throw a marker down on a map, and go there, without any plans. Totally epic. Thanks for being an inspiration and a source of entertainment to me for 2 years now.
Slayer OfGods
Slayer OfGods - 2 years ago
lol i didnt even realize this was new lol.
TheOrmsson - 2 years ago
You can catch brown trout up to 35 lbs and arctic char up to 10 lbs in that underwhelming lake though
Suefeng Yang
Suefeng Yang - 2 years ago
Iceland. The third winiest place in the world. Next to being a ten foot radius from Perics nose.
Trek Wilcox
Trek Wilcox - 2 years ago
This guy is such a big inspiration to me. He help me start my own channel so go check that out my channels name is, trek Wilcox
Eric Schroeder
Eric Schroeder - 2 years ago
Too bad they never make it to Greenland. :(
HatmakerLuck - 2 years ago
Ok this is dope!
Riley Chapman
Riley Chapman - 2 years ago
Its SID in his natural habitat
Delta S1x
Delta S1x - 2 years ago
How romantic, sitting in the hot bath watching the sunset together :D :D
wetfly2010 - 2 years ago
Besides the white balance being weird for the whole video, Bryant's got some editing talent! Looks great! Can't wait for the next part to come out!
Kinz -13
Kinz -13 - 2 years ago
I feel like I've already watched this..
Nathan Barber
Nathan Barber - 2 years ago
Kinz -13 Chris
auggie angling
auggie angling - 2 years ago
TehSynchHD - 2 years ago
When you just took a bong rip and see that Jon B. uploaded a new masterpiece. Oh yes.
LordDarkHelmet - 2 years ago
You should go off of sable Island off the coast of canada to go after greenland sharks. best time would probably be when the seals go there. Are you able to fish for them i don't know lol but logically best odds to hook up would be near there food source.
Josslivesit - 2 years ago
7/0 circle hooks and huuuuuge Penn reels, the dude is going for Shark!
Ezra walsh
Ezra walsh - 2 years ago
Hell yes
BUCKSLAYER - 2 years ago
Jon just wants to drive so he doesn’t have to sit in the back with his stupid rod tube in the way. Cmon Chris grow some balls and stand up for yourself
Evan Long
Evan Long - 2 years ago
I'm calling it now there fishing for the Greenland shark
MasterCliff Gaming
MasterCliff Gaming - 2 years ago
Banger again
Something-fishy -Productions
Something-fishy -Productions - 2 years ago
Greenland shark?
NY Fishing
NY Fishing - 2 years ago
Who’s ready for him to stop taking these weird trips and start fishing
andy luo
andy luo - 2 years ago
Wow you’re after Greenland shark. Be careful the fjord where these things live are impossibly deep. You’re likely catch a rarer deep sea skate or more likely sea lice. You must let the lines sink to the bottom then wait. Check the lines every hour because these things do not make line move at all. Be extremely careful when reeling the beast in as these shark can easily over take your boat just by it’s pure size which can exceed 20 feet and weigh as much as 8 tons. There are recorded attacks on seals whales and even who knows what. It’s teeth act like a pair of scissors with the top acting as serrated point the lower as the smooth cutting surface.
Blake Hurst
Blake Hurst - 2 years ago
A half mile of line, damn
jacob sartorious
jacob sartorious - 2 years ago
Iceland shark im calling it
KJ Outdoors
KJ Outdoors - 2 years ago
Typo trips
KJ Outdoors
KJ Outdoors - 2 years ago
Love all the awesome props your doing
Tyler Watson
Tyler Watson - 2 years ago
I straight up thought they were going after the loch ness monster
Rayzor Blade Outdoors
Rayzor Blade Outdoors - 2 years ago
I’m so confused! Am I in a time warp again ? Or is there two of you and Chris ? I’m lost !
sam.lovejoy - 2 years ago
S/o to nelk
Aidan Ecken
Aidan Ecken - 2 years ago
They’re going for Greenland shark
Water 2 Woods
Water 2 Woods - 2 years ago
Just started a channel about fishing and hunting. Please check it out anyone! I just uploaded my first video. By the way love your channel
Greg Kotschwar
Greg Kotschwar - 2 years ago
Dude you look tired/jet lagged !!
Seth Stokes
Seth Stokes - 2 years ago
That is cool to be way over there!!! Keep fishing!!!!!
LBF Outdoors
LBF Outdoors - 2 years ago
No it’s 1080 don’t know what’s wrong with everyone
MoJoe Fishing
MoJoe Fishing - 2 years ago
Its about time we start seeing some BaSa with a side of hYdRiLla.. Anyone think so
LBF Outdoors
LBF Outdoors - 2 years ago
Spoiler alert the Greenland flight was cancelled and they went back to Chicago
Hunter Watkins
Hunter Watkins - 2 years ago
Dumb litty
Aanchal Aji
Aanchal Aji - 2 years ago
This sounds so fun . Great job Jon keep doing these fun vids
Brendan Fox
Brendan Fox - 2 years ago
Spongebob lookin font
Thomas Baxley
Thomas Baxley - 2 years ago
Didn’t chis already upload basically the same thing where they could not fly out to Greenland so after 3 days they went home with no fish caught
Roman Cholak
Roman Cholak - 2 years ago
As soon as I seen the title ur fishing for green land sharks
BassAndCoffee - 2 years ago
If i owned a Tackle Shop, I'd rerun Jon B. Episodes for my customers.
Carter Buck
Carter Buck - 2 years ago
10:52 is actually sid in the hot springs in ice age
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 2 years ago
10:42 hahaha
Corey Hartshorne
Corey Hartshorne - 2 years ago
When you are watching an AP video and Jon B pops up in the corner...
lurefishingMNL - 2 years ago
When are you going to hit up the Morning Tide boys
daTrail - 2 years ago
Sad to know already this trip was a bust. Amazing start to what could have been epic.
Fleming Outdoors
Fleming Outdoors - 2 years ago
I really hope y'all catch one!
Games rule
Games rule - 2 years ago
11:40 wevideo wth… it looked like we video
L&S OUTDOORS - 2 years ago
awsome video loved the sites
James Fox
James Fox - 2 years ago
Hey Jon b giving anything away lately could use a lift to get started bro this video is sick I bet this was a time to remember hit me back when you can thanks man
Kyle Dove
Kyle Dove - 2 years ago
Greatest YouTuber and Angler, HANDS DOWN!
TheFreshFish - 2 years ago
The Dank level is over 9000
Adam Harris
Adam Harris - 2 years ago
Full send for the boys....
melvin5818 - 2 years ago
Awesome video
TheTruchan125 - 2 years ago
Why isn't Chris part of the Googan squad?
Backwater Bunch
Backwater Bunch - 2 years ago
Seems a little familiar
The Dream Catcher
The Dream Catcher - 2 years ago
Who saw the River Monsters ice fishing Greenland Shark episode?
Garrett Tippett patterson
Garrett Tippett patterson - 2 years ago
seen it to many times to count.
TheMasterCasters - 2 years ago
Fluffì - 2 years ago
I've been to Tasiilaq, a city near Kulusuk, it's an amazing experience. Hope to see some of the places ive been to, in your videos :)! Good Luck
Mark Turnbull
Mark Turnbull - 2 years ago
Lmfao trying to start a car with no key in it
gbg5 - 2 years ago
gotta love that 360 p life
Tyler Mendheim
Tyler Mendheim - 2 years ago
Dope video
Isaiah Rozzelle
Isaiah Rozzelle - 2 years ago
I look forward to seeing you go through this journey Jon. I can't wait!!!
Rumble Fish Outdoors
Rumble Fish Outdoors - 2 years ago
haven't seen 360p since 2012
ZZ430T56 - 2 years ago
Where did you find that camera guy? Sun behind you every shot LOL
PatrickSkinner - 2 years ago
Arctic halibut??
Mr swatter
Mr swatter - 2 years ago
When you comment before the video is over
giovanni scalia
giovanni scalia - 2 years ago
two specials in a row why i love jon
JoeMcbassin em
JoeMcbassin em - 2 years ago
Iceland is prettier than my girly friend.. Thanks for going so i dont have to freeze!
Gamefowl! /Life/Stile/
Gamefowl! /Life/Stile/ - 2 years ago
you should go to Australia for a crazy fishing trip
Mike Chamberlain
Mike Chamberlain - 2 years ago
Love watching all your videos my friend, but I'd like to see you fishing and catching fish. Watching you drag your bags to you car and loading your bags in your car is not that interesting, actual fishing videos.
White Trash America
White Trash America - 2 years ago
gary oak Then get the hell off his channel!
AlphaToxiic - 2 years ago
His channel is not just about fishing
gary oak
gary oak - 2 years ago
Dude have you ever been to Iceland or Greenland? I have not and the fact that the homie gets to show me around and we get to kick it is whats cool about it for me
FVP Fishing
FVP Fishing - 2 years ago
Then don’t watch this video
Chad Lebarre
Chad Lebarre - 2 years ago
Mike Chamberlain go follow apbassn he goes fishing! Every video
Travis Pennington
Travis Pennington - 2 years ago
For the love of God man go somewhere warm during the winter months LOL I need some weather porn
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams - 2 years ago
the fish you are trying to catch did Jeremy Wade from river monsters catch it
gus the frog
gus the frog - 2 years ago
Fist Smith
Fist Smith - 2 years ago
Dude absolutely beautiful footage. And thumbs up for the NELK reference lol. Catch one for the boys
Keller Fishing
Keller Fishing - 2 years ago
I dont like how the camera was recording it was blurry the hole video.
will peasley
will peasley - 2 years ago
How do you carry fishing rods on planes
Andro Peterson
Andro Peterson - 2 years ago
IshTheGoat - 2 years ago
So I saw that Jon put this video up on my phone and when I went to watch it on my computer, it wouldn't show up in the subscriptions. Unless I went to the channel so wtf youtube, fix your shit
Dillon Finesses
Dillon Finesses - 2 years ago
They're gonna catch a lockness monster
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez - 2 years ago
camera man aint so good man he moves alot and the shots he gets are a bit off
paul millar
paul millar - 2 years ago
360p boys
nqi87 - 2 years ago
I don't get it....your trip to Greenland was a bust this is just a repeat
nqi87 - 2 years ago
Dwyane_Wade_Fan 2006 Altimedonny Films Californiakid guys guys can you take your debate in a new thread I want you to validate my comment or take it somewhere else
Dwyane_Wade_Fan 2006
Dwyane_Wade_Fan 2006 - 2 years ago
Alltimedonny Films they caught trout too silly goober
Alltimedonny Films
Alltimedonny Films - 2 years ago
I don’t wanna be THAT guy, but a char isn’t a trout. Different genus. So it’s just Arctic Char.
nqi87 - 2 years ago
Californiakid Greenland trip was a bust--GREENLAND, Einstein
Californiakid - 2 years ago
Greenland wasn't a bust, he caught artic char trout and perch
nqi87 - 2 years ago
Had they released their vlogs on the same day it would have lessened the confusion
Drew Frederick
Drew Frederick - 2 years ago
nqi87 no it isn’t, Chris Bulaw who was with him put up a video showing their trip, so Jon has not posted it yet. I also know it’s a bust
Tigerfishdivision Lancey
Tigerfishdivision Lancey - 2 years ago
If yall watched Chrises videos, you know this is only gonna be a 2 part series XD
Awesome-est Fisher
Awesome-est Fisher - 2 years ago
He's going for greenlandish shark
Donovan Harris
Donovan Harris - 2 years ago
Jon b I'm a big fan of yours could you send me a fishing pole and one of your reals
Fishing Mojados
Fishing Mojados - 2 years ago
How long before you go out with MorningTideFishing on a fishing question???
Maryland Bass Hunter
Maryland Bass Hunter - 2 years ago
I keep refreshing in hopes of seeing 1080p... why......!
Westcoaster fish
Westcoaster fish - 2 years ago
Why 360p
Tyler Black
Tyler Black - 2 years ago
Can you make the quality of the next video video better like 480p or 720
Colin Hill
Colin Hill - 2 years ago
Its whatever devide your using that will allow it or not even some bandwidth speeds wont allow higher
USN_Ret 84-05
USN_Ret 84-05 - 2 years ago
Watching in 1080 now.
Jacob Crawford
Jacob Crawford - 2 years ago
I got 1080 on this video, but I've had others that could only go to 360 randomly.
WillHelmS - 2 years ago
youtube has a processing time for that. probably a fresh upload
Andrew Willis
Andrew Willis - 2 years ago
Dope video brother ❤️
jed rouse
jed rouse - 2 years ago
Greenland Shark I wish it the best jon
rex jonhdeer
rex jonhdeer - 2 years ago
thank god jon uploaded this is 360p quality
c m
c m - 2 years ago
Hurricane Squad
Hurricane Squad - 2 years ago
I hope you know greenland sharks can get up to 21 feet long.

R.I.P. John B.
a13x8r1ant3 - 2 years ago
If this dude hooks up......
Alexander MacLellan
Alexander MacLellan - 2 years ago
Hey Jon your vid is in 360p again can you fix this so I can enjoy some of that dope Jon b-roll?
Jacob Remus
Jacob Remus - 2 years ago
Alexander MacLellan it's YouTube not john stop being a fucking pain
NOC GAMING - 2 years ago
HMU when you will be in OHIO got some great spots for you to check out nice video
Ethan Mills
Ethan Mills - 2 years ago
You should come to Upstate NY for trophy Northern Pike...(Lake sacandaga has the biggest pike in North america record)and also the esopus and ashokan resevoir for smallies and brown trout
Thomas Devlin
Thomas Devlin - 2 years ago
BANGERS IN THE ARTIC!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaayyyy
Splatmaster - 2 years ago
Don't normally comment, but watch every vid. This was not up to your normal standards. Hopefully the 380p was just a mistake, but the audio was terrible and the lighting wasn't done well either. Without solid quality visuals, the video was just boring. Can't appreciate the scenery you were seeing if we can't see it as well.

Hate to be harsh on the guy who hooked you up with this, but he needs to work on it. Your normal style is far better.
Zerge916 - 2 years ago
It's always bad quality when something is first uploaded.
Robertas Klemanskis
Robertas Klemanskis - 2 years ago
360p.. Like retro so hip so wow... I mean OMG
Richard Lovett
Richard Lovett - 2 years ago
Good luck dudes HOPE y'all had a great time
Allyson Driedger
Allyson Driedger - 2 years ago
Jon b I love your fishing videos
Ickyloo - 2 years ago
I was so excited when you said you were going to greenland because i really like the greenland shark, and when it got to the end of the video and you announced that was the species you were chasing i jumped out of my chair
Average Joe
Average Joe - 2 years ago
Chris Bulaw looks like Ted Cruz
GirlsHuntToo Vlogs
GirlsHuntToo Vlogs - 2 years ago
Woo can’t wait for future videos
Ian Adams
Ian Adams - 2 years ago
One of the best moments of my life were from fishing in Iceland
Awesome-est Fisher
Awesome-est Fisher - 2 years ago
You should have a pet trout
TheMadPat - 2 years ago
Izack Perez
Izack Perez - 2 years ago
Link up with morning tide and throw plugs for greenland sharks
airborne fishing
airborne fishing - 2 years ago
Going for Greenland sharks good luck
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - 2 years ago
Chris Mallory
Chris Mallory - 2 years ago
Guy those fish can be like 500 years old
Chris Mallory
Chris Mallory - 2 years ago
Dude they are so old that's fucking crazy job you are the man dude I can't wait for this next video God I hope you get one
Paul English
Paul English - 2 years ago
Jon you do great work, thanks for all you have done for the sport of fishing!!!!!!
Glitchtheplanet - 2 years ago
Is he fishing for the Greenland shark?
I don’t see them using it for halibut?
Boom got it right
Dusty Diez
Dusty Diez - 2 years ago
Welp, 360p
Y Sailaj
Y Sailaj - 2 years ago
I cant even watch this in 360P wtf
John Cahill
John Cahill - 2 years ago
Legendary Fishing
Legendary Fishing - 2 years ago
Nice vid man
Cole Poche
Cole Poche - 2 years ago
Jon b., you are my motivation to move on in life and keep fishing, thank you for what you do and you take a big role in my life.
JesseOutdoors - 2 years ago
Awesome video Jon!
KogavRL - 2 years ago
john bond
john bond - 2 years ago
is it just me or did he record this in 360p
Z Lamb
Z Lamb - 2 years ago
There were a lot of internet issues around the US yesterday
taprackbang88 - 2 years ago
Youtube takes a while to process HD video sometime. So for the first hour of an upload sometimes only 360 is available. HD will come eventually. I'm currently watching in 1080
Pony Power131
Pony Power131 - 2 years ago
Let’s go pats
Californiakid - 2 years ago
I got 1080p
ICY BurgleTree
ICY BurgleTree - 2 years ago
Matthew Smith go bills
ICY BurgleTree
ICY BurgleTree - 2 years ago
Not just you
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 2 years ago
john bond yea that’s all I got too
luke petrey
luke petrey - 2 years ago
Do some puffin hunting
Cody Arnold
Cody Arnold - 2 years ago
any more backpacks
fishingct_ - 2 years ago
Matthew Tsui
Matthew Tsui - 2 years ago
First 300
Shank Plays
Shank Plays - 2 years ago
360p squad were you at
Camdyn Gerlach
Camdyn Gerlach - 2 years ago
rawbeastk - 2 years ago
Jon do you ever stay home!?
vince greco
vince greco - 2 years ago
Slide to PA to "crank some toads"
Steven Turner
Steven Turner - 2 years ago
Gfin - 2 years ago
360p Gang
MFishingBC - 2 years ago
SUMONSTERTUBE - 2 years ago
Jon b upload on mah big day. Couldn't get more hype
D T O M - 2 years ago
SUMONSTERTUBE happy birthday I think
Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez - 2 years ago
Epic mission time
Kyle. B
Kyle. B - 2 years ago
Noice mate!
sour patch
sour patch - 2 years ago
Wow first 50 to wqtch
Moses Cortez
Moses Cortez - 2 years ago
Ayeeeeeeeee Jon
James Holmes
James Holmes - 2 years ago
But you were just in Sweden. and in your last video you were is Illinois
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas - 2 years ago
Mitchell Sechrest
Mitchell Sechrest - 2 years ago
Love these traveling videos!
JuneMoon - 2 years ago
Ayy anyone else here Early but Me ?
Rumble Fish Outdoors
Rumble Fish Outdoors - 2 years ago
Hey Jon b. If you’re still in Illinois I sent something to your PO
Absolute Fishing
Absolute Fishing - 2 years ago
Love the vids keep em up
Jose Almaraz
Jose Almaraz - 2 years ago
Nice video man
Oscar G.
Oscar G. - 2 years ago
Bang bang banger! Notification Squad!
Brisngr - 2 years ago
Jon on dat upload grind. EARLY GANG
TheMasterCasters - 2 years ago
I’m at work should be washing dishes but who cares a Jon B video just came out
The Fishing cartel
The Fishing cartel - 2 years ago
Smash em boi
BoofBite Fishing
BoofBite Fishing - 2 years ago
The Fishing cartel Yew!
Fatpat 1213
Fatpat 1213 - 2 years ago
Ohh yeah- Koolaid man
M&M Outdoors
M&M Outdoors - 2 years ago
45th!my earliest ever
Army_Outdoors 88N
Army_Outdoors 88N - 2 years ago
Nice dude. looking forward to this series bro
logang 4 life news
logang 4 life news - 2 years ago
love you vids my dad died nov 4 2017 I'm 11 I would love to meet u
NatesFishingLife - 2 years ago
Hey Jon I am a noobie to bass fishing I was wondering if you could do a video about when to fish certain baits and what conditions you are looking for plz that would be a absolute huge help to me
Dlayne Leach
Dlayne Leach - 2 years ago
I don't normally troll but when i do…

Read more
The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman - 2 years ago
well played
Matthew Quinn
Matthew Quinn - 2 years ago
Dlayne Leach I fell for that 4 times
Cj H
Cj H - 2 years ago
Asger Nielsen
Asger Nielsen - 2 years ago
Missed me with that
The hooks edge
The hooks edge - 2 years ago
Shank Plays oh sure
x-Camobear-x - 2 years ago
Dlayne Leach ha
Pony Power131
Pony Power131 - 2 years ago
You tried
Maxx Anderson
Maxx Anderson - 2 years ago
I thought you meant trolling like fishing trolling fml
Ruvim Nemets
Ruvim Nemets - 2 years ago
I fuckin love this trick
salt and soot
salt and soot - 2 years ago
The read more doesn't work for me what does it say?

lurefishingMNL - 2 years ago
Hahaha nice
SkoobyRdips - 2 years ago
Dang it you got me
Fish Boy
Fish Boy - 2 years ago
Wow I just got got.
Hayden Raithel
Hayden Raithel - 2 years ago
that’s lame know falls for that
Shank Plays
Shank Plays - 2 years ago
yo you aint gettin me i aint fall for it
Fatpat 1213
Fatpat 1213 - 2 years ago
I feel for that 42 times
Idahofisherman - 2 years ago
My LTB is a day away unboxing is happening but I love watching his vids
Sam Woody
Sam Woody - 2 years ago
Ly jon b youre a STUD
MMA MLB - 2 years ago
is it onna be HD or wut
Cole0Powers - 2 years ago
Good intro
Sportz Boys 3
Sportz Boys 3 - 2 years ago
I love your videos please give me a shout out
Sir Gillium
Sir Gillium - 2 years ago
2 relatively close uploads?!? Sweet!
Hook’em Fishing
Hook’em Fishing - 2 years ago
Jon B can you please respond if you get this
Charles Badell
Charles Badell - 2 years ago
corn_cob08 - 2 years ago
I love your videos
Tomminator 2
Tomminator 2 - 2 years ago
4th like
Zachary Baker
Zachary Baker - 2 years ago
First notification squad great vid Jon can’t wait for part 2
Brandon ONeill
Brandon ONeill - 2 years ago
Ya boi Jon’s in Iceland, wow
Bassin_Assassin13 - 2 years ago
Hey what’s up my boy Jon B
central_outdoors fishing
central_outdoors fishing - 2 years ago
Catching. Some todes
Ezequiel Bueno
Ezequiel Bueno - 2 years ago
Come to San Diego for some halibut
Derek Nesbit
Derek Nesbit - 2 years ago
Hey Jon!
Golden Trick shots
Golden Trick shots - 2 years ago
First comment
Tyler Belanger
Tyler Belanger - 2 years ago
Please reply Jon I’m a big fan and I love these cinematic vids
Blake Taranto
Blake Taranto - 2 years ago
great vid!
Sam Couch
Sam Couch - 2 years ago
2 nd comment like Jon
logang 4 life news
logang 4 life news - 2 years ago
Kagan Hance GM 2022
Kagan Hance GM 2022 - 2 years ago
Ur a god
Collin Garofolo
Collin Garofolo - 2 years ago
Nice great vid
Athan Liaros
Athan Liaros - 2 years ago
First like
Sam Patenaude
Sam Patenaude - 2 years ago
Hey Jon
Outdoor Guy
Outdoor Guy - 2 years ago
Payton Rundquist
Payton Rundquist - 2 years ago
JaJa Binks
JaJa Binks - 2 years ago
Taliesin Angling
Taliesin Angling - 2 years ago
Been looking forward to this.
Isaac Mullen
Isaac Mullen - 2 years ago
Love the vids

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