Valentine's Date Turned Fishing Trip

Using our 1150R rotator to fish a car out of a creek on a foggy, rainy, Valentine's evening. If you like my appreciated, but not required.

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Tropical fishing 3 years ago 33,637 views

Using our 1150R rotator to fish a car out of a creek on a foggy, rainy, Valentine's evening. If you like my appreciated, but not required.

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Jack Sak
Jack Sak - 3 years ago
Another fantastic piece of work & video. I especially liked the conversation at the end with Police & Fire.
dhaggy1980 - 3 years ago
Ron you are a heck of a teacher. Good job on another pick. Also, as far as two way radios I have SENA 20S on my motorcycle helmet and I can connect up to 8 people and all talk back and fourth. But, that for a helmet I don't know how well they will work for a hard hat. I got my SENA for $300 and it came with 2 sets.
Tom zoofman
Tom zoofman - 3 years ago
You are a great boss
It’s awesome how patient you are and the way you train your guys
cogidubnus1953 - 3 years ago
Is his name Tallon or Talon, or whatever please? Whichever way I have a huge respect for you, your training regime, and him're all awesome...thank you for sharing this stuff

bigfoot1803 - 3 years ago
Nice to see you letting the next gen get some stick time. It’s tough to let control go but I see Talon learning quick at your side .
bigfoot1803 - 3 years ago
Midland radios, the inexpensive ones from like cabelas or such, have the option for “vox” voice operation. Work fair and with the upgradedear piece are not bad. 100 for a pair with microphone and ear piece. Or in certain situations we would put our Bluetooth headsets on, blue tiger elite, and just call each other anymore.
Doug Lewis
Doug Lewis - 3 years ago
Well done Tallon.. and Ron & tge Firey.. Good to see you boys all working together..
Anita Martini
Anita Martini - 3 years ago
everyone is so dang helpful and professional! Young Talon can handle it indeed! under what circumstances does one drive off the road like that? distracted or inebriated driving
Mud Boy 24
Mud Boy 24 - 3 years ago
For the communication issues get Bluetooth ear piece and do a phone call on the ear piece will work ok but if you are in a no service area that would work

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James Capozzi
James Capozzi - 3 years ago
Hello Ron , great video .... I found a pair of blue tooth , wrap around the neck earbuds from “pro-com” with a comm link for 80$ with a 5 yr warranty . Might be worth a closer look !! I think
James Capozzi
James Capozzi - 3 years ago
Hey again Ron , I goofed on the website name ☺️. Go to or search the video I watched on Facebook , it’s under things we love ...
TheRocket81 - 3 years ago
Nice teamwork and great letting Talon do the controls. God bless!!
Chris Hernborg
Chris Hernborg - 3 years ago
Why not try both of you using bluetooth on your cell phones so you are both hands free.
Ken Boles
Ken Boles - 3 years ago
Where did you find those lights?
Phil's Midwest Classic Cars
Phil's Midwest Classic Cars - 3 years ago
Also Ron, I was impressed by those Dewalt rechargeable lights with the stands. I think I head you say they were about $200.00. Are they LED's?
Phil's Midwest Classic Cars
Phil's Midwest Classic Cars - 3 years ago
Another great recovery. I'm still baffled how one sling could hold the weight of the car without ripping. I love the way everyone there, Police & Fire Fighters are all working together to help make the recovery easier. Looks like all those training workouts are paying off for everybody. Noah almost looked like one of your hired hands.Talon was excited to operate the rotator. Did an awesome job with your guidance. Love your videos.
teaches2010 - 3 years ago
Tallon tried hard to contain his excitement!!
ChrisB257 - 3 years ago
Brilliant Ron - superb team work and great equipment. Glad somehow no injuries sustained.
tigerspook1 - 3 years ago
Wow! someone was watching over those in that car, there wasn't a single panel not obliterated, can't help but wonder how the heck it got in there though...
UberDude - 3 years ago
Proud of Talon and particularly proud of you Ron for giving Talon some training in the drivers seat. I love watching you guys.

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Greg Tuttle
Greg Tuttle - 3 years ago
Great video Ron and great job running the rotator to talon...he has a great teacher. God bless!
fullraph - 3 years ago
A shame for this nice old corolla.
Ben Gone
Ben Gone - 3 years ago
Interesting pick. I like the auxiliary lights, but the cost will keep me away. I can telly the banter that you have a very good working relationship with all of law enforcement. Glad to see Talon at tne controls, it will pay off in the future. Did you ever celebrate Valentines with your wife? Stay safe and God Bless!
gwp58 - 3 years ago
Another great recovery and it made Tallon's night to work the big rig. Well done to all concerned
Mike Dinning
Mike Dinning - 3 years ago
Awesome Job Tallon
Robb Hodges
Robb Hodges - 3 years ago
AWESOME job Talon !!!!
Don Hanson
Don Hanson - 3 years ago
Ron you can use Midland or Cobra radios you can get headset for handsfree commutation.
John Walsh
John Walsh - 3 years ago
Another very professional job by Ron and Talon, I love the way everyone works so well together.Just goes to prove practise does pay off!!! And for the day that's in it Happy St Patrick's day to all at Midwest Truck!!!!!
norfolkhall - 3 years ago
Thanks goodness every one walked away from that accident.  Love the banter between the different professions, also shows the mutual respect between each other.
nashguy207 - 3 years ago
Excellent job by ron and talon God was definitely Looking after anyone who was in that car. Ron I believe as you miracles still happen every day. Good to see Talon getting some experience with the Rotator he did a great job. Thanks for taking us with you and sharing. Have a great weekend and God Bless!!!

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Dianna F
Dianna F - 3 years ago
Awesome job Guys. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Hugs God Bless
michael schatz
michael schatz - 3 years ago
Ron, take a look at UClear, it is about 500 for a set of two but they are excellent, used for motorcycle riding so they work in the weather, but I think with the hard hats you wear they might work well for you. You can get an "in ear" headset if you prefer. I have had mine for about 4 years now and still love it as much as day one. Since you wont be going 80 mph, you wont have any issue hearing with them.
Elise Ferrari
Elise Ferrari - 3 years ago
pretty much looks like any highway situation around here you go off highway 1,3,5 ,97,or 99 and this is how you end up and just to add a little fun to the mix on a couple of them its not just the river you have to deal with but railway tracks as well
Catfish moto
Catfish moto - 3 years ago
I'd be worried about setting your out-riggers on the edge of that asphalt that stuff breaks apart real easy but great vid though hope your date went well with talon will there be a second lol
Jeff Mccoy
Jeff Mccoy - 3 years ago
Talon has come a long way ! He has a great teacher...
Doug Fever
Doug Fever - 3 years ago
In 1966 I wrecked an International Loadstar tractor and 40 foot rack and tarp trailer on the Sanatorium hill in St. Catherines Ontario, when I left the road to miss a car full of kids. I was putting flares out when the first cop came along and he would not believe I was the driver until he looked in the tractor and didn't see a dead body.The drivers door was bent in half and the steering wheel was touching the seat. I had a small cut in the top of my head from bouncing up and down during my thrill ride. Funny thing, the only broken glass was in the drivers door. Not even the headlight in the left fender was broken and a tree pushed it even with the steering axle. The back window had popped out and was laying on the saddle tanks, and that was my exit route.
I do like watching you work Ron.
Zach Strasser
Zach Strasser - 3 years ago
For communication, get some cobra walkie talkies. Those are the best ones we could ever find
Dennis Moody
Dennis Moody - 3 years ago
Great job on getting the car out
Jane Weldon
Jane Weldon - 3 years ago
Great job! Talon and you work well together. Stay safe out there!
Sean Taray
Sean Taray - 3 years ago
I don't know Ron, It looks a little small.. Might have to throw it back.. LOL
Diefers Dashcam UK
Diefers Dashcam UK - 3 years ago
I can't believe people walked away from that! They were definitely being watched over. Talons excitement too at using the 'big boys toy' was awesome too and he did a great job, he seems like a genuine guy! Plus, it must make your job so much easier when you know and get along with the law enforcement and rescue crews too. The relationship you showed with the banter was awesome & respectful. Excellent job Ron & Talon. Professional all the way
Larry Nickel
Larry Nickel - 3 years ago
on communications check out Motorcycle communications
Cell Phone Bluetooth with noise cancellation
Thomas Desmond
Thomas Desmond - 3 years ago
I know God blesses you, your family and friends. He takes care of all who believe in him.
Mike Gillissie
Mike Gillissie - 3 years ago
Great job as always , young gallon did great on the rotator ,God bless to you an your family
Dirt Mover
Dirt Mover - 3 years ago
What are those big tall lights called? I could use a few of those!
Dan the farmall man
Dan the farmall man - 3 years ago
I would have talon on my crew any day, great job to all that were involved in the recovery
Adam's Talk show
Adam's Talk show - 3 years ago
I'm sure that was a "night" mare
David Fowler
David Fowler - 3 years ago
Get some walkie-talkies @ Walmart or Amazon.They come with a charger.Very inexpensive.We use them for multi car trips and hunting when we can't get cell service.
Mohammad Omar
Mohammad Omar - 3 years ago
Iam Amazed that no one got badly hurt from this, well the one upstairs must like them a lot that all i can say,great job Tallon your slowly getting there and big thank you foro sharing your night out Ron Pratt.
Zraupp10 - 3 years ago
you dont need HeadSets, 2 way radios are fine or use Zello app on ur smartphone with a wireless mic that clips on u
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
These look like a good possibility. Thanks for the suggestion. God bless.

50. comment for Valentine's Date Turned Fishing Trip

Zraupp10 - 3 years ago
them are fancy Dewalt lights
Glen Higginbotham
Glen Higginbotham - 3 years ago
I like the yelling . Keeps up the suspense lol love the program thanks .
Vax Buster
Vax Buster - 3 years ago
Buy some PMR headsets they are cheap and legal to use
David Crouch
David Crouch - 3 years ago
Top Man Ron!!! ;-)
Robert Albert
Robert Albert - 3 years ago
For you comm's issue just use your cell phones and a wired one ear headset. The phone cam be placed in a front shirt pocket, then buttoned closed.
t corley
t corley - 3 years ago
The sonim xp5 push to talks from att are amazing. They are fully functional rugged phones that utilize a two way radio over cellular technology.
gordon farmer
gordon farmer - 3 years ago
Ron Pratt have you got your own photographer now as I've seen on a couple of vids there is a guy in an high viz jacket with camera following yah about? I can't get over tallons reaction when you said you are operating this .
terry saunders
terry saunders - 3 years ago
nice job ron and hi from maine i'm a truck driver here been plowing snow I no whet its like working at nit
Wolfie John
Wolfie John - 3 years ago
good job Ron and Talon . Talon has learned alot and has been paying attention he will be able to do your truck alone soon . lol good that everyone was safe thanks again Ron and Talon
William Whitney
William Whitney - 3 years ago
Great Job, Guys!
Lyle Seyfang
Lyle Seyfang - 3 years ago
Impressive as usual Ron, great banter between you guys at the end, shows us how much they love working with a gentleman. Your instructions to Talon are always clear and easily understood, he is becoming a great operator under your guidance.
Praise God that no one was hurt bad, see less damage on cars with fatalities. Stay safe look forward to your next one.
Den Lair
Den Lair - 3 years ago
My husband and just both subbed to your channel. We are so impressed with your work and your work ethics. Talon is coming along quite well too! :)
brian criswell
brian criswell - 3 years ago
Always look forward to the new videos would enjoy going on a call with you just to watch your knowledge at work.
Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell - 3 years ago
Try getting one of those race Car radio set, Rugged Radio sells some pretty nice package deals. and racing radio is not to bad priced
adrian nicholson
adrian nicholson - 3 years ago
hay Ron them radio you were talking about just something more to get in the way batteries and the vox mic wire nar that one of the gods given mouth is for when you not eating lol
Joshua Balcom
Joshua Balcom - 3 years ago
Great video keep up the good work and stay safe out there
Ross Charlie
Ross Charlie - 3 years ago
Nice job . Your the man Talon ..You defiantly have the touch . I also think Ron is an outstanding teacher for inspiring confidence in a fella . Truth be told I reckon I'd have been asking for a little help from the big guy upstairs ,wouldn't of hurt any  . If it was as easy operating a rotator as Ron makes it look there would be no wrecker schools.   Ron & Talon take care, watch that all important part of your bodies that most other folks don't care about  your sixes !!!!!!  I still don't think the slow down move over has penetrated some drivers heads  either on your side of the pond or mine. It's not rocket science is it . It couldn't be any easier to save an operators or officers  life could it.   Thank you for another great video Ron. I like the DeWalt light pod idea ,how are they working out for you. Daz
m9 ovich
m9 ovich - 3 years ago
That "pop can" car sure gave it's life protecting is occupants.
Another great team effort by all that were there .
Thanks Ron , Talon.
Mike M.
Bill Davidson N8JXO
Bill Davidson N8JXO - 3 years ago
Talon is a good operator. Nice job guys.
Allie R
Allie R - 3 years ago
"We'll get it open one way or another." Gotta love your local fire and their great sense of humor! Great job!
Clifford Cupp
Clifford Cupp - 3 years ago
Awesome Job Guys.
aussiebloke609 - 3 years ago
For comms, you can always do what amateur auto racers sometimes use to talk to their pit crew - a cell phone and a Bluetooth earpiece. Just leave a call going and you can talk back and forth...and still hear what's going on around you with your other ear. Not sure if that's feasible for a conference call with a bunch of people on site...but when it's just you and one other that you really need to communicate with clearly and accurately (like when they're working the boom and cables and you're with the vehicle), then it's a thought - and cheap. and you've already got phones with you, so the only expense would be the ear pieces.
avenger007007 - 3 years ago
Seat-belts and a guardian angel. Normally vehicles don't punch through trees and land in rocks and every one walks away like that.
avenger007007 - 3 years ago
Should be a P.S.A for the use of seat-belts. To also reduce speeds on slick and foggy roads and curves.
Commissar0617 - 3 years ago
i mean, you could get a headset that plugs into the two way, i've not looked at it, but i don't think they're that exspensive.
Super Duty
Super Duty - 3 years ago
Ron or anybody else- what is the name of the free standing lights (yellow stand) you are using?
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
Dewalt DCL079B 20V model, if you already not figured it out, they are behind on production due to underestimating its popularity. Price is 200 without battery(s) as he said in video.
Sherry Kelley
Sherry Kelley - 3 years ago
Another Great job well done..Way to go Talon..
highjix - 3 years ago
Toyota should be buying that car back, That is a commercial in the making. When you consider that the passengers walked away basically unhurt and the car all things considered is in fair shape.
Jonathon Mason
Jonathon Mason - 3 years ago
Holy crap...i cant believe no one was seriously injured. That car totaled.
SouthJerseySound - 3 years ago
Over the years I've noticed a bunch of small-medium hits like a pinball is usually better than a massive one all at once..........Still hey were very lucky.
CC Rider
CC Rider - 3 years ago
I really appreciate the respect between you, your crew, the first responders and the vehicle owners and drivers. Keep up the good work!
JackMacLupus - 3 years ago
Well, for your small "communication problem" i whould suggest small portable radios with microphones on them like the police is using. Mostly those are from Motorola or Kenwood. I dont know exactly how expensive they are, but the good point is, they all have the option of a loading station for your truck so they are always loaded and easy to grab.

I used them when i was an active member of the volunteer fire department and every time i needed to use a radio i put it in the right breast pocket of my jacked, put the cable of the mic around my neck and attaced the mic somewhere on the left part of my jacked so that i could use it like the police officers. You know, grabbing the mic and talk right into it. (Got slightly inspired by them. XD)

And now i know what you meant on a previous vid when you said its better to use two cables instead of one. As Talon was lifting the car it turned itself around because it was stuck on the rocks, but later it turned back into the position it had before.
Mel McKEnzie
Mel McKEnzie - 3 years ago
You may consider equipping your cellphones with noise canceling Bluetooth headsets for communication
You can conference all your crew in at a jobsite and talk at a normal tone while being hands free
Robert Kimbrough
Robert Kimbrough - 3 years ago
Ron, try using your Bluetooth headsets on your iPhones.
Robert Boeck
Robert Boeck - 3 years ago
Super precision recovery! Love your theme music!
Dan Rossell
Dan Rossell - 3 years ago
I am amazed that people walk away from today's vehicles when you see the damage done to some of them
Peewee.31 - 3 years ago
Talon learned more in that video by you walking him through it than by watching you run it a hundred times. You are a great teacher. Enjoy the videos! John
l wilton
l wilton - 3 years ago
So was that your valentine's date that turned into fishing for a car, or the car passengers that went fishing in the ditch?

Helmet headsets: talk to this guy:
He is an arborist somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and uses helmet headsets to talk among his crew. I have a hard time believing he would have spent a small fortune on them, but they seem to work very well, and probably over longer distances than you will need.
New Jersey Bill
New Jersey Bill - 3 years ago
Dang, that sounded like my fire company tones @ 10:12!!
ebu touy
ebu touy - 3 years ago
great work, nice to see all departments working like a well oiled machine and with respect to each other
noah holsopple
noah holsopple - 3 years ago
We have a friend in to towing recover biz and he recently cut 3 of his finger off on his new rotator and now he has his rotator out cited so he can drive gear shift and controls for boom
Douglas W Smith
Douglas W Smith - 3 years ago
Awesome job talon on getting the car outta the creek and getting it on the roll back even though the front was hanging down.
Richard *Grumpy* Welsh
Richard *Grumpy* Welsh - 3 years ago
I thought I seen a couple of suckers down in that stream HA HA Good video as always thanks for taking the time to post
James Holland
James Holland - 3 years ago
Instead of super expensive headsets. Get some hand held radios and have them programmed on the same frequency that you use for your truck radios then simply get earpieces and push to talk buttons.
AJ  Raaum
AJ Raaum - 3 years ago
The Lord was smiling on those folkes
northstar2007 - 3 years ago
seems like business picks up in the rain for some strange reason....
Grime_werks - 3 years ago
Pretty darn good tallon nice job guys
Greg Dell'Agnese
Greg Dell'Agnese - 3 years ago
Hi Ron. There are three different companies on Discovery Channel's "Heavy Rescue 401" that use three different type of communication headsets. I looked in to them and they are all expensive. As you mentioned the motorcycle ones are less expensive, I was looking in to them myself as sometimes I need communications. Sena makes a few that work with work helmets or cycling helmets which are not built in to the helmet.
Sena Expand-02: 980 yards, 4-way intercom, water resistant $207 CDN (cheaper in the US)
Full loaded version of the Expand-02 is the Sena SPH10
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
The Sena brand is exactly what I have been looking at. Thanks and God bless.
Rob Bob
Rob Bob - 3 years ago
Have you seen this thing called the fire pen. Its basically a road flare that cuts steel.. their are lots of videos on it here's one.
Dustin Coates
Dustin Coates - 3 years ago

Concerning headsets. At the gravel pit I worked at years ago what we did was this.

Drill two small holes on the outside ring of you hard hat about an inch apart. Take a welding rod and bend it like a staple and push it trough the two holes, cut and bend on the inside.

Then get you some cheap walkies from Walmart that have the belt clip.

The idea is to hang the walkie off the hard hat with the belt clip part going through the welding rod. We typically hung on the edge by our ears. You can hear everything, and if you need to talk just reach up and hold the button.

Since it’s hanging from your hard hat you don’t have to move it for you to be close enough to the mic to talk.

Stay still do it to this day at the pit. The walkies are cheap to replace and it’s so simple it’s stupid.
Dustin Coates
Dustin Coates - 3 years ago
Also let’s for quick removal when you don’t need it, and leaves both hands free unless you absolutely need to talk
klyonsden - 3 years ago
And...angels were watching over the occupants of that car for sure!

100. comment for Valentine's Date Turned Fishing Trip

Edwin Schlee
Edwin Schlee - 3 years ago
Good training for Talon. Good job Talon!
klyonsden - 3 years ago
I have to agree with most here, and, I think I mentioned it myself in the past. Some kind of communication device is needed between you and your crew mates. Why not go with most police officers approach? Go with a Walkie Talkie or other similar radio that attaches to the waist with a mike that attaches to the shirt collar, pocket, or just above your top shirt button? Nothing to hold onto and reach for the mike to key up. When I clip mine on, I never think about securing it or whatever the whole day until I get home and place it in the charger. I don't think the headset set up is feasible with your helmets, video equipment and all. A radio attached to your hip and a mike near your face...problem solved. The mike also has to serve as a speaker. I bet you see your local officers wearing theirs every day.
Edwin Schlee
Edwin Schlee - 3 years ago
Those are neat lights on those tripods,
joe wisman
joe wisman - 3 years ago
Great video
Roy Wrenn
Roy Wrenn - 3 years ago
As always, Ron, great video. First and foremost thank God no one got hurt. That was a little on the tricky side. But with your help and a little guidance Talon was able to get that car fished out.
Take care and be safe.

Thanks for sharing and God bless
Anom Amos
Anom Amos - 3 years ago
Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets would do the trick many can communicate without using the phone over a fare distance.
You need to buy them as a set to be sure they work together but even different brands can work together. Sena have some good sets but they are not cheap.
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
The Sena brand is exactly what I've been looking at. No, they aren't cheap, but they aren't $7000+ for the "Professional" sets sold for our industry. Thanks and God bless.
Edwin Schlee
Edwin Schlee - 3 years ago
Boy those kids were really lucky to walk away from that!
john warren
john warren - 3 years ago
I like your new lights they look easy to use are they rechargeable
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
They use 20V packs so yeah they are convenient but hard to come by since they underestimated the popularity.
Raymond Hatch
Raymond Hatch - 3 years ago
Great video good to see talon at the controls
Sandy - 3 years ago
Nice and easy, like landing a 2 pound bass on a 10 pound rig. Well done Talon, a smooth job for sure. Ron, you make a heck of an instructor too. Knowledgeable in your craft and patient as Talon works his way through the situation.
Dale Brouer
Dale Brouer - 3 years ago
Thank God that all We are safe and no major injuries
Ordinary Mo
Ordinary Mo - 3 years ago
Talon is getting pretty good at the controls. :-)
Eddie 27886
Eddie 27886 - 3 years ago
Amen on miracles. God Bless
Ciscodude - 3 years ago
Unbelievable that they walked away from that, looks pretty far down.
Kickinpony.66 - 3 years ago
Geometry Vs. Physics (when placing the wrecked car on the Rollback), reckon? ;) Another fine video Ron!
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 - 3 years ago
I remember the first time i was turned loose on my own recovery with the heavy wrecker. Talon will someday be teaching someone new on the rotator. Ron and Talon very good recovery stay safe and GOD Bless you.
Ron - 3 years ago
Great teamwork by two real professionals. Could that retrieval have waited until morning?
Kenneth James
Kenneth James - 3 years ago
Poor Corolla sacrificed itself to save it's occupants, RIP Corolla! Good work Ron, nice to see Talon get some good hands on fun with the 'Tater!
Drone -AZ.
Drone -AZ. - 3 years ago
love your video here and boom shot....the comradery you have with the police and fire is cool.
Chuck B. Jr
Chuck B. Jr - 3 years ago
Joe Shortt
Joe Shortt - 3 years ago
Another great recovery by Ron, Talon and Noah may God bless and protect you.
Bernadette Apps
Bernadette Apps - 3 years ago
I can't believe they weren't hurt. Unbelieveable lucky people.
Deb Brown
Deb Brown - 3 years ago
Great Job TALON!! Ron, you're a good teacher. I can't believe nobody got hurt - that's a long way down onto rocks.
Zach Strasser
Zach Strasser - 3 years ago
What do you have for a motor. 18 speed assuming?
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
Cummins ISX 550hp and yes a 18 speed manual.
Dana Chappell
Dana Chappell - 3 years ago
Wow!! What a nasty accident. So happy that nobody was seriously hurt in that one. The car is toast. I'm laughing at Talon's reaction to you letting him use The Beast Sr. :) He made me laugh out loud. You will be glad to know that my little province of New Brunswick, Canada, is adopting the "Slow Down, Move Over" as law soon, and it will include naming tow trucks as emergency vehicles. I have a friend here that's a tow truck driver, and he's been lobbying for tow trucks to be added to the list of emergency vehicles here for the last 8 yrs. I'm just waiting for this law to come into effect, which is to be in the next few months. P.S. I'm still giggling over that poor old box truck in the middle of nowhere, stuck in the mud and looking forlorn. God Bless and stay safe out there. :)
john burdette
john burdette - 3 years ago
Something very satisfying seeing everyone work together. Great video.
mrmadmike427 - 3 years ago
Another great recovery Ron , Talon was on point Especially with your guidance , Safe travels and God Bless.
Justin Rolfe
Justin Rolfe - 3 years ago
Ron you've got some awesome help you sir are an awesome teacher I wish people would be as calm as you are great work
Trevon Stpeter
Trevon Stpeter - 3 years ago
Ron, you can get some radios at Walmart for 20-40$ and they work pretty good
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
MN. STEEL - Andrew K. - 3 years ago
The headset idea would work in cases like this Ron.
Dermot  Byrne
Dermot Byrne - 3 years ago
Yeh, I strongly believe in miracles too, one saved my life from cancer. Man Talon was like a kid with a new toy and a good job he did too. Always like your videos Ron and please keep them coming. You guys be Safe, ok
Gen15 - 3 years ago
Another excellent video with an excellent recovery.
Bill Z
Bill Z - 3 years ago
There are a number of headsets I have used over the years. Sometimes the real expensive ones are not the first choice, however there are viable options of balance. I don't know what kind of radios you use, but there are a number of VERY cost effective ones, (multiple channel, high power throw-aways), that give great service. And using radios with VOX, (Voice Operated Switch), takes your hands off the transmit button to concentrate on your work at hand. They don't cost that much at all. has some good 'cost effective' headsets that are moderately priced. they have an HS-11 and an HS-20 headset that work very nicely. I'm a radio communications repair guy and I deal with cool stuff often. First consideration is headsets that go over the head with a soft support so you can wear your safety helmet. They are "behind the ear" type headsets. I work for myself and deal with radios often. An inexpensive higher power commercial type radio, and some moderately priced headsets connected to them. It's a balance of the best of both worlds. You have an amazing talent for recovery of vehicles!
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
@Bill Z thanks for the reply. This is a big decision. I appreciate everyone's input. I don't want to waste money on a system that isn't going to work for us. I am having difficulty swallowing the $7000 price tag of the headsets designed for our industry (Sonetics). I would gladly allow them to sponsor me!!!! LOL. Doubt that will happen, but I can dream. Thanks again, and God bless.
Bill Z
Bill Z - 3 years ago
The Sena headsets are Bluetooth based. Yes, they connect to the phone seamlessly, (or should), and they do have a longer range for a Bluetooth device. They claim 1.2mi "under best conditions". (Typical Bluetooth devices have a range of 30 feet, give or take.) Down side is they are digital devices. If the digital signal is not near perfect, there is no understandable communication unless signals are 'perfect'. It's the same with your digital TV's today. You either have a picture and sound which is perfect, or you have nothing at all. All the police and emergency folks use digital communications. In my area, the police are scared they won't have clear communication service in weak areas when they really need it. In your environment, I don't believe they would serve you the best for the money you would spend on them. Read page 47 of their own manual for them. ( Things like, "Don't get them wet", "Don't store them in a hot or cold area..." "Don't bang them around...", etc. Can you see yourself pamper your devices in your business? I know I wouldn't! :-) I could probably call your office one day, if you like, and I can possibly assist you in your best use of whatever you require.
New Jersey Bill
New Jersey Bill - 3 years ago
Talk to Tucker Gott, he has a paramotor channel here on youtube. He extensively uses Sena while flying.
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
Do you know anything about the Sena brand? I have been researching their headsets for several reasons. First, they are good quality. Second, they have long range intercoms. And, lastly, they will Bluetooth sync with my phone so I can safely answer calls while working. I use something similar while riding a motorcycle, which is what gave me the idea. Sena builds coms for bikes also. Thanks and God bless.
Scott Burgess's VLOG'S and Dash Cam
Scott Burgess's VLOG'S and Dash Cam - 3 years ago
Good recovery Ron, I look forward to your uploads
B61 Mack
B61 Mack - 3 years ago
Go fund me Ron, I'm sure your viewers would help with some headsets. Just like with the tired Taurus . what goes around, comes around. Just curious, what was the price of the headsets you were looking at???
B61 Mack
B61 Mack - 3 years ago
Ron. Check on amazon they have sets ranging from $300.00 for a set of 2 and less then $2,000.00 for multiple sets. Just make sure you put in the words self contained radio headsets.
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
Unfortunately, the professional name-brand master set (that I won't mention the name of) for 5 people is over $7000.00. That's why I am looking into a less expensive alternative. Sena makes some good products for a fraction of that cost. I appreciate the idea of a Go-Fund-Me for the headsets, but I don't want to ask my viewers to do that for something that is simply a "desire" of mine. Setting up the Go-Fund-Me to help the lady in need with the Tired Taurus was awesome and I honored to be a part of helping her. There was a real need there. I do appreciate the idea and hopefully we will find something that will work for us. Thanks for watching and God bless.
Anthony Steiner
Anthony Steiner - 3 years ago
I think this one awesome professional towing company I have seen in New York not so good I wish I had a towing company like this here
Randall Vos
Randall Vos - 3 years ago
Nice work, Ron. Had the pleasure of stopping at the truck stop down the road from your shop on the night of the 14th, nice place. Hope that my Pumpkin truck never winds up behind your wreckers.......
Floyd Hynek
Floyd Hynek - 3 years ago
It is hard to believe no one was seriously injured in that one.
Daniel Clever
Daniel Clever - 3 years ago
You are the best
Bo Starbird
Bo Starbird - 3 years ago
Awesome recovery. You guys make it look so easy.
Rigo Tobar
Rigo Tobar - 3 years ago
P.s. Much Love from California (The Valley)
Rigo Tobar
Rigo Tobar - 3 years ago
Love your equipment,attitude and attention to safety.. You sir are one of my personal heroes.. And I strive to be better at my job because of your leadership skills and vocab/comm skills.. Thank You for your service!
Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Walker - 3 years ago
Thank goodness all wasn't hurt. As always luv watching ur videos. Talen and u both did an awesome job. Super friendly police officers also. Hubby now teases me when I'm watching YouTube and he hears ur voice Ron lol tells me u weren't kidding on loving watching those videos. ;-)
Adam Harp
Adam Harp - 3 years ago
Ron quick question can u post a link to them lights on how much they was i like them
JAPN Jim - 3 years ago
Ron you are one heck of a mentor and I can tell that Talon respects that. That is something to be proud of Ron, Jim and God Bless
Joey Canter
Joey Canter - 3 years ago
What brand radios?? Ear bud with mic built in would work and be the cheapest.
justin hinderman
justin hinderman - 3 years ago
Where did u get and how much was that dewalt standing light.
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
He got it through Mac Tools and they have been hard to come by as they under estimated the popularity of them they start at 200 a piece without 20V battery. Model DCL079B.
Jake Schisler
Jake Schisler - 3 years ago
Thanks for another great video, Ron!
photosbychristensen - 3 years ago
Nice catch Ron lol. Wow they din't get hurt in this. You let some one eless use the big beam Well that they best way to teach them not to shoe them but let them do it and tell them what to do
Negan - 3 years ago
You da man my brother... That'll be a nice bill there..
Mike Edmonds
Mike Edmonds - 3 years ago
Talon is really blooming, you can see his confidence growing.
paul mustang
paul mustang - 3 years ago
ron talan is great assett to you and another great vid.
Josh holsinger
Josh holsinger - 3 years ago
Walkeytalkeys are a good way like police man do and keep the videos up
Jim's videos
Jim's videos - 3 years ago
I'm also surprised that everyone walked away from that but small miracles etc. I wouldn't have thought the roof structure would have held up like that but I seem to learn something from each of your jobs!
aussiebloke609 - 3 years ago
Looks like it hit the back with the rear - so the seats and headrests took the force, rather than a skinny seatbelt for the body and nothing much to support the head. Never really thought it was lucky to spin around and crash rear-end first...but that's probably what saved them from injury, I reckon. ;-)
Robert Mather
Robert Mather - 3 years ago
Learn by doing, the best University with some of the best Professors in the world. Well done my friend.
big kahona
big kahona - 3 years ago
good job Talon pretty soon you'll be running that big wrecker by yourself you'll know all there is to know about it and how to do things and Ron it is nice to work with someone that you go train with especially from the fire department may God bless you Noah and Talon be safe out there God bless the family
Paul Stan
Paul Stan - 3 years ago
Out of curiosity did you ever hear anything about what the delivery truck was doing in the trail in the national forest? Or why they went out there?
Popeye - 3 years ago
Thanks for another good video tonight Ron, I really enjoyed it, and it was good to see you and Talon with the Fire Dept working so well, even on such a job, as to the car, I take it that will be used for fun time at the scrap yard, sitting here in the cold light of day, I can't believe no one was injured, or worse, surely, the GAoftheU was shinning his light upon the folks in that car that night, there's no other way for anyone to walk away from that werck
inarainyplace - 3 years ago
I've never seen plumb/pink interior on a car before. hahahaha
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
m9 ovich, either their color contrast is off due to readjusting it or they may be color blind or color different, not all see the same color.
m9 ovich
m9 ovich - 3 years ago
The color is off on your end, it is a darker red to me.
zalmaflash - 3 years ago
First class equipment and first class operators. Good job, but "ain't geometry wonderful" gets a "needs improvement".
Nice job Tallon and Ron.
ickipoo - 3 years ago
Really nice teamwork. Safe, quick, and no drama. Thanks for sharing.
conor ford Chabot
conor ford Chabot - 3 years ago
Does anyone know if Ron owns Midwest Truck or does he just work for them
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 - 3 years ago
conor ford Chabot. His father owns the company.
Carol Frazer
Carol Frazer - 3 years ago
What a great learning experience for Talon! He's getting better every time he goes out on a call. You must be super proud of you Son-in-law. I know I would be.
worlock1422 - 3 years ago
Great video, Glad everyone was unhurt and got to go home. Question for ya Ron. When the boom is at max ext. What is the lifting cap of it? I don't know if it was cause the video was at night, or the bank making it look like it, but the boom looks like it is being pulled down and has a nice curve to it. @20:00 is what I'm looking at with the curve.
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
With the boom "rolled" all the way to the rear, extended all the way, and at flat elevation it has a safe lift capacity of around 18,000 lbs. The "curve" you were seeing must be an illusion, because that little car was no struggle at all. Thanks for watching and God bless.
adrianspeeder - 3 years ago
Talon had to pass this test so when the shiny new bigger rotator shows up, this one can be handed down.
chaseoes - 3 years ago
Walkie talkies will be your best bet for communicating better. You can get heavy duty ones intended for outdoor use that clip on really well so you won't lose it. Plus there's other headsets or over ear pieces that can be paired with them if absolutely needed.
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
He has been looking into Sena's line as he uses similar for his motorcycle rides.
rondogwil - 3 years ago
Good job Talon! And Ron too. Ron, that was funny and perfect response to the cop suggesting you to put the work light in his car. LOL!!!!! And his response.....Do you know what I make???? LOL!!!
Patrick McCrady
Patrick McCrady - 3 years ago
bluemtnsman - 3 years ago
The working relationship you have with guys like Noah and law enforcement is worth its weight in gold. Very impressive indeed. And a well done for Talon !!!
adrianspeeder - 3 years ago
Gotta love new gadget lights.
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
I really like them. Thanks for watching and God bless.
kevin nicholson
kevin nicholson - 3 years ago
well done talon great job operating the big truck
Robert Waldrop
Robert Waldrop - 3 years ago
I really enjoy watching your Channel how much you charge one of your hats
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
$20 for a hat when in stock, Merchandise page via link in description.
Bruce Morris
Bruce Morris - 3 years ago
Send some of that rain this way. Its real dry here in northwest Oklahoma.
NZErehwon - 3 years ago
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
This is very similar to what my wife and I use on our motorcycle. That's why I'm looking into the motorcycle com systems as an alternative. Thanks for the suggestion. God bless.
Gerry Van Woerkom
Gerry Van Woerkom - 3 years ago
great bunch of guys  out there Ron .. love the vid ..
Bigmoose65 - 3 years ago
Ron was just wondering if you have ball caps you sale and if so where could some order them to love to get one love the video you doing
Patrick McCrady
Patrick McCrady - 3 years ago
kejay74 - 3 years ago
Hello Ron,
Another fine recovery. I was impressed to see Talon on the controls, albeit with an excellent instructor's guidance throughout. As with many 'endeavors', quality of instruction is the key to mastery of most skills! I believe, with your continued mentoring, he should be soon ready for the 'quarry'. ;<) God Bless & keep you.
J McCracken
J McCracken - 3 years ago
That was probably a pretty painful ride down the hill.
Ron Pratt that Talon is gonna makes a fine operator very soon.
He is dedicated and proud to be working for you.
Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett - 3 years ago
Ron can you give us the email address you want us to use to contact you again. Thanks
ed henderson
ed henderson - 3 years ago
Good Job Mr Pratt
FUNNYBOY12375 - 3 years ago
i dont know what the moto vlogers use but would that work for you guys
Dave O
Dave O - 3 years ago
I laughed when Firefighter Noah was there. I thought "hey, we've seen him before".

Here is an inexpensive radio with an earbud. Less than $40 for 2.
SouthJerseySound - 3 years ago
Dave-I tow and while I hate to say it accident scenes are one of the few times I get to see friends who are fireman and police officers.
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
We have two way radios. I'm looking for something less bulky and hands-free. I'm thinking about Sena products. Thanks for the suggestion. God bless.
Arnulfo Reyes
Arnulfo Reyes - 3 years ago
Does that fire department only have one guy working on the engine?
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
I think he is part of Rescue Squad, thus why he already had the rope set up to his rig that he and Ron used.
Tim Brown
Tim Brown - 3 years ago
I just saw a picture from Miami (my home town). The Dade County Fire Rescue department has its own rotator! Sadly, it was in use at the bridge tragedy...
Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett - 3 years ago
Talon did a nice job he is coming along with a great teacher!!!
Andy Gray
Andy Gray - 3 years ago
Nice job again Ron keep up the good work and stay safe.
Original Wolf
Original Wolf - 3 years ago
We use BaoFeng-BF-888S Two Way Radios in our company, they are not that expensive. 30$ for a two piece set on the great Brazil river. You get an In-Ear piece via cable with a mic on it and a charger included in the set for each radio. Charger via a Plug or USB available. We use them on USB Chargers from our 12V plugs in our cars. When the batter's dead, just buy a new one.
ahgfl007 - 3 years ago
2 meter handi-talkie is better has a longer area to reach as well. Interesting mess.
New Jersey Bill
New Jersey Bill - 3 years ago
Two problems with using 2 meter equipment in this application, (1) The radio operators would all have to get their amateur radio operators license, (2) Amateur radio is not meant for commercial applications.
Robert Baumle
Robert Baumle - 3 years ago
Looks like you have some bad weather conditions coming your way. Be safe
Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett - 3 years ago
Where did you get the work lights and approx how much were they?
Blazer02LS - 3 years ago
DeWalt and Milwaukee both have them (depending on which brand you already own batteries for) Bare lights are both around $200.00 Have used both. I like the yellow of the DeWalt better as it shows up better, but adding a few reflective strips to the legs helps keep the lookyloos from tripping on them...
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
They are made by Dewalt and are hard to get right now. Dewalt underestimated the demand for them. I ordered mine from my Mac tool distributor. If they are in stock you can order them from Amazon. If you purchase just the light, not the kit with battery and charger, the light is just over $200. Thanks for watching and God bless.
Daniel Perry Motorsports
Daniel Perry Motorsports - 3 years ago
Jeff Bennett 2nded, i could really use a set of those
Donald Priest
Donald Priest - 3 years ago
Once again Ron nice job
Steel Fist
Steel Fist - 3 years ago
An awesome recovery! You guys are a well oiled machine.
Ron Morris
Ron Morris - 3 years ago
good job guys
Alvie Schreckhise
Alvie Schreckhise - 3 years ago
If anyone don't believe there is a God they need to watch this video. They have no injuries that is proof that he does exist.
David Pye
David Pye - 3 years ago
Cross-Training with the fire dept!!! That made so much sense. Now the yelling thing sheesh, you all have cel phones in your pockets just blue tooth.
Charlieglock - 3 years ago
Another Well Done Recovery; Good Job Ron.
David McKinzie
David McKinzie - 3 years ago
Good job by talon, great experience for the company. Be safe out there
Alvie Schreckhise
Alvie Schreckhise - 3 years ago
Radio shack use to have voice ativated mics for handheld two-way radios. But I don't know if they still have them or not. And don't know how well they work in noisy situations.
Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett - 3 years ago
Didn’t this happen to you and your wife last year or maybe 2 years ago?
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
2 year ago, it was a Hyundai in different location I believe is what you are thinking of.
james casey
james casey - 3 years ago
Talons getting good on the rotator like see him run it and you are a good Teacher and like how you train with the Fire Department and police make working together a lot easier
cal raines
cal raines - 3 years ago
Just don't scratch the paint. Was a cause ever given for where they ended up? Great job, as always.
ernest darnell
ernest darnell - 3 years ago
ron you have the coolist job
Fady Pady
Fady Pady - 3 years ago
Good work Thank you for uploading the video.
Mattwin86 - 3 years ago
Me and the wife use these for hikes and bicycle rides. love them. They cost about 150 each but sure do make tasks easier.
Dave R
Dave R - 3 years ago
Good video, them people took a heck of a ride, the good Lord was watching out for them, Talon did a good job with the rotator
Mike - 3 years ago
talon has come a long way, he did a awesome job here!! pretty soon you can pass the torch to him so you can take the wife out uninterrupted!! lol
Bruce Shepherd
Bruce Shepherd - 3 years ago
you can get radio on ebay rear cheep price i got 3 of them very good price and they work perfect
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
More expensive than plug in but much more portable to handle.
Rhys Loader
Rhys Loader - 3 years ago
I hope you're wife liked the waders lol
Sascha K
Sascha K - 3 years ago
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
We currently have walkie-talkies. We are looking to upgrade to something that is hands-free. There are multiple options. Thanks for the suggestion. God bless.
0bsessivecompulsive - 3 years ago
Hi Ron from the UK
Nick Stamate
Nick Stamate - 3 years ago
Well done Ron you’re the best ever and I’ve been in it for nearly 50 year god bless Ron Nicky from uk Wales
Raymond Goff
Raymond Goff - 3 years ago
Amen! Keep up the great work!
kevin guthrie
kevin guthrie - 3 years ago
Great job
ethan hixson
ethan hixson - 3 years ago
Talons reaction to running the rotator is priceless has me laughing so hard
Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Walker - 3 years ago
ethan hixson me too !!
n8pu - 3 years ago
If you get something for your hard hats, one that is VOX operated could be an option, but every time you talk that would cause the radio to transmit, V= voice O=operated X=transmit. It would have advantages and disadvantages. If you get something and the sales person talks about privacy codes that will 'give' you more channels, they are blowing smoke. Privacy codes prevents your radio from hearing someone else that might be working in your area with radios on the same frequencies.

If you get radios with that feature, two important things to remember, set all your radios to the same 'privacy code', and the second thing is, if someone has those same frequencies in their radio (or scanner) without 'privacy codes' they can hear everything you say over the radio. So don't say anything on the radio that you don't care if someone else hears.

The reason I sound like a wind bag is I have been licensed as a Amateur Radio operator since May 17 1994, that doesn't make me an expert, just someone that has an understanding of those thing. Motorola is a well known name BUT an expensive brand as I suspect you have already found out.
Ray Giesea
Ray Giesea - 3 years ago
Ron your Man Talon is a valuable asset to your family business you've trained that young Man very well congratulations.
Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Walker - 3 years ago
Ray Giesea he did great
Norman Gallant
Norman Gallant - 3 years ago
good work always
Edward Page
Edward Page - 3 years ago
Another well executed recovery. Talon doing a fine job under you guidance and direction. Tickled me when was given the OK to operate the 1150R rotator and got excited. Job well done by Noah, too, with a great assist. The well placed boom cam adds another fine addition to the operation. Amazing survival by the driver and occupant. Love the comradery demonstrated between you, law enforcement, and fire department.
Rigo Tobar
Rigo Tobar - 3 years ago
hvy 1ton
hvy 1ton - 3 years ago
Hey Ron have you looked at Sena SMH10 for comms? It's popular with arborists.
hvy 1ton
hvy 1ton - 3 years ago
I didn't even know they marketed stuff for motorcycles. I hadn't heard of Sena before i saw their stuff on climbing helmets.
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
Yes, the Sena is one of the brands that I'm seriously considering. They are High end for motorcycles, but way less expensive than the brands sold for the towing industry. Thanks for watching and God bless.
Cat Lockhart
Cat Lockhart - 3 years ago
Way to go Talon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MRJOHNDEERE3720 - 3 years ago
get GMRS handheld radios.. u can get a 3 pack for $60
Big Fred
Big Fred - 3 years ago
Always wondered what those straps are made of.... Looks like plastic....thanks for the videos
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 3 years ago
They are made of plastic, Dyneema to be exact, UHMW PE, strongest synthetic so far in the world, sheathed in Nylon to last longer.
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - 3 years ago
When I worked for a all cargo airline we tied the front end of 747s down to keep them from falling on there tail with straps very much like those. Worked real well but they were sure tight with a load on them.
TechOut - 3 years ago
Question if the engine on the tow truck where to fail how do you get the boom back and outriggers up
Lackey DeHackey
Lackey DeHackey - 3 years ago
He fixes the engine because nothing moves w/o an engine or I bet he has a way to get hydraulics from the other TT like getting air
Nol - 3 years ago
It’s good to see someone passing his knowledge on to the next generation.
Josh Armstrong
Josh Armstrong - 3 years ago
I wonder how bad it could have gotten if the car twisted way past 90 degrees, and the cables started rubbing. Seemed like getting it in the air as quick as possible and keeping the boom lined up helped keep keep that from happening. Good work as always
1Slamalama1 - 3 years ago
Hello Ron,

On your swing out control panel, is that an Emergency Cutoff button in the center. If so what would it be used for? I am not in the business of Tow/Recovery, but the only thing I can think of is a winch or boom not stopping for some reason. Is there anything else?
Keith Klingensmith
Keith Klingensmith - 3 years ago
I think that assistant you have (Talon). Is going to do good out on the road doing solo.
Raymond Goff
Raymond Goff - 3 years ago
God was watching over them
Craig Pinto
Craig Pinto - 3 years ago
That car is totaled no one was hurt God had his hand on them. Great video Ron God bless
Doug Hale
Doug Hale - 3 years ago
Pratt University!
Dave A
Dave A - 3 years ago
Great job!
larryjo0956 - 3 years ago
god was on their side
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - 3 years ago
Fantastic Job once again Ron and Crew. God Bless
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
It was going to be, but after this I went home, took a shower, and went to bed. We made up for it on a different night. It happens all the time. Just part of the job. Thank Heaven I have an understanding wife. Thanks and God bless.
James Barnhart Sr
James Barnhart Sr - 3 years ago
WOW. First comment. That is a first. Good to see the young help (LOL) get to operate the big truck. Did a great job. You guys did a great job as usual.
Dee Nunya
Dee Nunya - 3 years ago
Nice lil workout for the Rotator ,good to know the Cops now exactly what n who they want to clear up quick , your always gunna get the lead Call Ron, gt Vid

Im sure theres a talk to Transmit head sets out there for normal Two ways or 440 PMRs

Till the next time
Ty Pashley
Ty Pashley - 3 years ago
Yet another job safely done well done Ron and Talon, jobs like that are ideal for him to gain experience on not rushing to clear the highway . Stay safe Ron
Starla Wilson
Starla Wilson - 3 years ago
How bout blue tooth on your cell phones??
Jeddco66 - 3 years ago
Talon is learning great job
chasmanz28 - 3 years ago
It's amazing how everybody's willing to help.
Elwenil - 3 years ago
You can get headsets to work with GMRS/FRS radios that are very reasonable. They can be used voice activated or push-to-talk. That allows you to put the radio in a pocket, safe and secure, and keep your hands free to wear gloves.
Elwenil - 3 years ago
It's been some time since I have bought one, but my personal favorite was an iASUS throat mic. I've had it for a decade or more and it has outlasted several GMRS radios. Keep in mind that some radios have proprietary wiring for their mics so you have to make sure what you are buying will work with your specific radio.
Super Duty
Super Duty - 3 years ago
Do you have a brand to recommend?
Cincy RailFan Productions
Cincy RailFan Productions - 3 years ago
They were very lucky that they didn't get hurt from that crash
James Anderson
James Anderson - 3 years ago
Two colored flashlights (blue and white), sure you could figure out a signal language.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 3 years ago
Way to bait a hook,Ron
29 auto
29 auto - 3 years ago
I'm still laughing at the box truck in the National Forest......
Jeff Kephart
Jeff Kephart - 3 years ago
Most pofung/baofeng radios are not type accepted for part 90 or murs operation. There are MURS only motorolas that are not a whole lot more expensive, and legal. (this is coming from a ham of 35 years)
Trevon Stpeter
Trevon Stpeter - 3 years ago
29 auto me too
Quitemite47 2018
Quitemite47 2018 - 3 years ago
use pofung there baterries can last up to a week of use on one charge
Crazy Craig's RC's and 3d
Crazy Craig's RC's and 3d - 3 years ago
It is by the grace of God no one died in that one. I hope whoever was in that vehicle goes to church on Sunday!
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt - 3 years ago
I believe so as well and I hope so as well. Thanks my friend. God bless.
GUNS Da Boss - Clash & More
GUNS Da Boss - Clash & More - 3 years ago
have you thought about setting up a private digital walkie talkie channel for company use only walkie talkies have a wider range of what you can do with them.
wbball15 - 3 years ago has a lot of great options
Carlos Vigil
Carlos Vigil - 3 years ago
Hi ron
Bacon Bacon
Bacon Bacon - 3 years ago
I like your big truck and all the lights on it
Sam16034 - 3 years ago
Stay safe! Good video, have you ever worked with a broken refuse truck? Specifically any front loads. Or side load Freightliner M2's?
Dale Lewis
Dale Lewis - 3 years ago
Try just using walkie talkies, inexpensive way to give it a try
Jeff Kephart
Jeff Kephart - 3 years ago
snag a neck strap and you have a NOOSE when falling etc. if you do use one make sure it's a break away style. Since there is usually only two winchmen on a job, talk to Blue Parrot about headsets for the cell phones.
Robert Kimbrough
Robert Kimbrough - 3 years ago
How about using your Bluetooth headset on your phone.
Stan Patterson
Stan Patterson - 3 years ago
Those little FRS things are good, but get some neck straps or lanyards so that they're hanging where you can hear them, and they're a little more protected than they would be hanging off your hip or in a back pocket.  As for keeping them charged,  yeah it's another responsibility, but if you get a few sets of AA batteries, you can have spares in the truck and throw them on the charger back at the shop.  Or, keep some alkaline AA's in the truck.
MrBugsier5 - 3 years ago
you can use a speaker/mike on it... (clip it on your collar)
Ki113dbysw0rd - 3 years ago
One more thing to hold on to and keep charged!
Bacon Bacon
Bacon Bacon - 3 years ago
The old I am going fishing trick stay safe Ron
Timothy Owensby
Timothy Owensby - 3 years ago
hello ron thank you and god bless 2
Goran Supic
Goran Supic - 3 years ago
Hi Ron how are you are you tirerd and hawe a good day and thanx for awensome video (I m from croatia and my English is baad)
Jason Alvarado Alvarado
Jason Alvarado Alvarado - 3 years ago
First one to comment
Jason Alvarado Alvarado
Jason Alvarado Alvarado - 3 years ago
I was the 51 one to watch and comment
Tony Colangelo
Tony Colangelo - 3 years ago
First love ur videos

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