Bill Gates' New Yacht $400 Million 2016 Model

Bill Gates Net worth And 400 Million Dollar Yatch
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Most popular comments
for Bill Gates' New Yacht $400 Million 2016 Model

Jocke - 6 years ago
Mark g
Mark g - 6 years ago
Antwun Barbary
Antwun Barbary - 6 years ago
Ms miller
Clarence White
Clarence White - 6 years ago
Pearl Queen
Pearl Queen - 6 years ago
CHOCO FILIPINO 88 - 6 years ago
Valerie Philmore
Valerie Philmore - 6 years ago
It's sickening to see such opulence for one person to appreciate when there's so many people in this whole wide world who have next to nothing it's sickening to watch this yes it's a beautiful vessel but shoving it in our faces to make us feel inferior because we don't own the biggest baddest bullshit
Stephen Mcallister
Stephen Mcallister - 6 years ago
CHOLLO - 6 years ago
I'm playing to buy an 80 million $ yatch!!

10. comment for Bill Gates' New Yacht $400 Million 2016 Model

Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen - 6 years ago
Does not belong to Bill Gates.....Its not too late to change the title. Nicky C. Do you care about being correct or just want views?
Derrick Van
Derrick Van - 6 years ago
I've heard Gates gives half+ his money away. I hope he enjoys the boat. He's the one person I'd see on one of those and not figure that people died for him to be on it. Just to be honest I'm sure someone somewhere has died in the tech race. Fell changing an antenna. Got in a crash delivering motherboards somewhere. But I saw one of these a few years in San Diego and it was flying the mexican flag. I immediately assumed he was cartel. Most people don't make that much money without being a heartless ass hole. I guess that's my point.
Raschene Smith
Raschene Smith - 6 years ago
Thecougar66 - 6 years ago
It's been photoshopped. It's really just a pedalo from Scarborough.
John Collins
John Collins - 6 years ago
Don't buy a yacht unless the damn thing runs every day. Tax write off only.
South Hill Woodworks
South Hill Woodworks - 6 years ago
Bill Gates would not buy a yacht.
KMT15 - 6 years ago
Bill Gates doesn't own a mega yacht. He probably chartered this for a week or more
MrHillhouse - 6 years ago
Shit recording and according to the other comments a frictkin lie...... get a fucking job
Mike Ackrman
Mike Ackrman - 6 years ago
I don't give a flying shit who owned it but some of the multi billionaires should consider giving back something to the homeless in the world. That thing will sink just as fast as titanic did!!!
SAYMOORE MOSES - 6 years ago
like death never exists

20. comment for Bill Gates' New Yacht $400 Million 2016 Model

Wats Doug
Wats Doug - 6 years ago
This isn't Bill Gates boat the man is modest and not stupid enough to waste his money on a boat this huge....
Second Unit Aerials
Second Unit Aerials - 6 years ago
Bill Gates doesn't own a MegaYacht now. It kept crashing.
masonwatcher - 6 years ago
You must be American, retarded and with little knowledge of anything.
Selna Goodhead
Selna Goodhead - 6 years ago
Without being able to share a Boat like this with others? I wouldn't know what to do with it..would you? Rather have my Home up in Big Surr Country..
Selna Goodhead
Selna Goodhead - 6 years ago
Totally Disgusting- Why not just buy a Navy Destroyer and convert it? Recycling. ;-)
DeManHemZelf - 6 years ago
can i have 10000000000 mil
John Falzon
John Falzon - 6 years ago
I am a yacht master and I'm really interested to work on one of these mega yachts even as a deck hand.
Operator Turbiny
Operator Turbiny - 7 years ago
Bill Gates,jesteś bardzo bogatym człowiekiem,wspomóż mnie finansowo bo biednie żyję.
Mr. Hobodoc
Mr. Hobodoc - 7 years ago
NOT GATES SHIP! Belongs to Paul Allen called "Octopus"
Walter Strong
Walter Strong - 7 years ago
Video quality SUCKS!!  If you can't do any better than this you need to STOP MAKING VIDEOS!!

30. comment for Bill Gates' New Yacht $400 Million 2016 Model

Tommy Hardt
Tommy Hardt - 7 years ago
die reichen dekadente wichser ...versenken sollte man das scheissteil... wieviele menschen mussten für diesen reichtum leiden und hungern...wieviele wurden abgezockt...!?
Andrew Felcey
Andrew Felcey - 7 years ago
The boy's Dunn good !!!!
Dumdum888888 - 7 years ago
MrDoctorbudo - 7 years ago
Yeah, I was thinking it wasn't really what Bill and Melinda are all about.. It's certainly the kind of thing rent and enjoy, throw the keys back
eric heine
eric heine - 7 years ago
I think the dimensions exceed the aesthetic. Might as well stay home. Iron American Dream on YouTube. Share it. Take a ride across the promised land. Ride a Harley.
Tom W.
Tom W. - 7 years ago
Never ever would Bill Gates waste Money like that! Your a clickbating fool!!!
Siberiano Nudista
Siberiano Nudista - 7 years ago
Negrus negrus Way
lin tim
lin tim - 7 years ago
Grandpa the Grey
Grandpa the Grey - 7 years ago
Bill Gates does NOT own a yacht. He CHARTERS yachts when he feels like it.
Von Allan
Von Allan - 7 years ago
the richest in this world will be the poorest of the next!
TooNippley - 6 years ago
got him lmao
Paul He
Paul He - 6 years ago
So in the next life 95% are rich ? haha
JON DOE - 7 years ago
That's a floating city.
Joe Killian
Joe Killian - 7 years ago
This is not Gates' yacht fools.
Eeee Ee
Eeee Ee - 7 years ago
In 2016 the cost of chatering excluding gratuities tips was 1.000.000. $ a week
Eeee Ee
Eeee Ee - 7 years ago
It was chartered on two occasions by bill gates in 2011 and 2016 in cabo san luca and puerto vallarte in 2016 it was chatered for neartly three weeks
kabouil - 7 years ago
L argent te fait croire que tu ne mourras jamais .....
kabouil - 7 years ago
L argent achete tout le monde
Paul Frank
Paul Frank - 7 years ago
I think James Bond is driving the filming boat getting ready to take on the evil oligarch.
Nadejda Schmidt
Nadejda Schmidt - 7 years ago
it must end up to be bored to be so rich, you can bey or get almost enything with a push of a butten, when do they start to buy fighter jets. monye is nice to have, but i like to bild my own things with my own hands.
Second Unit Aerials
Second Unit Aerials - 6 years ago
Haha.... very mean....but very good. :oD
Hugh Le
Hugh Le - 7 years ago
definitely! especially when you can build an entirely new english vocabulary
Nathan Okeefe
Nathan Okeefe - 7 years ago
it's like the yacht on black ops 2 lol
Mike - 7 years ago
I like my 25 ft Crownline beter..At least I'm real...I earned it myself, not through consumers....

50. comment for Bill Gates' New Yacht $400 Million 2016 Model

edgu71eg - 7 years ago
who cares if its his or not

us piss ants can't and will never step on this ever
Mike Liggett
Mike Liggett - 7 years ago
I hope the mother fucker sinks
ranlive1 - 7 years ago
Jealous much?
joangar88 - 7 years ago
37 years ago when I married I told my wife that someday I would buy a boat ... a couple of years ago I bought a $ 10 table
leslie clanton
leslie clanton - 7 years ago
He is going to rescue Gilligan, the skipper, Maryanne
John Smith
John Smith - 7 years ago
Just saw the flag it is hailing you are right gates just rented it he is not the type to waste his money on something he will not use that much
trumpsuporter um huhh
trumpsuporter um huhh - 7 years ago
$ 400.000.000 it better fuckin fly for that much money.
Mordalo - 7 years ago
This is not Bill Gate's yacht. He doesn't own one. Paul Allen on the other hand, does.
Don Baxley
Don Baxley - 7 years ago
That is the Serene that he rented like at $100,000 a day!
Der M.
Der M. - 7 years ago
Bitte 1% was das schöne Schiff kostet,spenden sie an eine Tier Hilfs Organisation. Die Tiere werden es ihnen ein leben lang danken.
Illuminati Recruiter
Illuminati Recruiter - 7 years ago
Go figure another click-bait title....fucking dumbass
Winai Phimjan
Winai Phimjan - 7 years ago
C McNeill
C McNeill - 7 years ago
that thing is hugh lol like seeing it from the water up.
micky bang-bang
micky bang-bang - 7 years ago
billy could buy this many times over
hotstank5512 - 7 years ago
no wonder the subcriber are so little. as a media you failed hahaha... wrong info brah!!! XDDDD
ChefGiovanni - 7 years ago
What a lousy video. Focus and then jump on board to get some more details.
John Nielsen
John Nielsen - 7 years ago
Very nice :-)
dave gantly
dave gantly - 7 years ago
That's not Gates' yacht, He doesn't have one. That was Serene, ex Yuri Scheffler, now off radar, probably being done up somewhere, having been bought for €500million by a rich Arab type.
Keith P.
Keith P. - 7 years ago
Bill Gates is cheap ass billionaire since he was young.

1. He had told his children that they will not have his inheritance money when he and Melinda Gates died. They have to work for it and earn their own ...
2. With his well known for being a cheapskate, why did you think he would willing to waste over $500 millions to purchase a yacht? He would rather give away to his best pal, Warren Buffet, in billions than to his children.
3. This boat, The Serene, owned by a russian Stoli Vodka's tycoon and real owner, Yuri Scheffler, is only need to rent out less than $300,000 a week with all the crews, fuels and no maintenance. Why buy?

Learn to get your fact straight before posting something on YouTube and misleading people to get your chum change with YouTube.
Gary Souza
Gary Souza - 7 years ago
Bill Gates DOESN'T own this yacht. He doesn't own a yacht at all. Another stupid, uninformed youtube post
SYDNEY HI - 7 years ago
and how many people could he of helped without owing this lol
Judy Ainsworth
Judy Ainsworth - 7 years ago
Maybe we all need to get our facts in order, a few years ago in Sorrento, I saw Bill Gates business partners yacht. 'This looks very similar, it was called Blue something? Tour guide gave facts on it all and including daily running costs! We tend to rubbish tall poppies out of jealousy, I was on a poverty pack tour. Good luck to all who did that, we are better off for their efforts! The yacht was called Octopus owned by Paul Allen, so do some research before you rubbish!
krokobil12 - 7 years ago
That bong is Lit!
Rich _aF
Rich _aF - 7 years ago
That's no yatch...
That's a cruise ship!!!!
Stephen Livers
Stephen Livers - 7 years ago
i dont know who's it is ...and dont care....this thing looks like a schenectady ny whore......ugly.....why do people with money have no taste.....middle class who think they have money buy a winnabago......billionaires with money build this......lets see what it will do in the north atlantic in October.....cant the wealthy ever have a proper ship drawn up for them.....
amulawa16 - 7 years ago
Stephen Livers why would a billionaire want to be in the north Atlantic in october..... they get yachts like this for comfort and to vacation with, not to go exploring arctic circle with
Storyboard Dave
Storyboard Dave - 7 years ago
Wow so much hate over a boat video.
Everett Cox
Everett Cox - 7 years ago
If Gates rented that yacht(and he did) it should be obvious to everyone that he doesn't own one right? Why would he pay somebody to use his yacht if he had one himself???
Lety Jay
Lety Jay - 7 years ago
it could be maybe his was in service ? maybe his was not going to be there at the time he wanted to use it ? maybe he just wanted something different ? maybe he actually didnt pay but was offered to spend a week for free ? so many reasons..
Ruth Nelson
Ruth Nelson - 7 years ago
Click bate, Fake news. not bill gates yacht
Susan Vue
Susan Vue - 7 years ago
Imagine all the skilled labor it took to build this and the skilled labor to operate and maintain it. Without the rich there would be no jobs for regular people.
Reno D
Reno D - 6 years ago
I'd be curious to know how much people got rich working on that ugly thing. I would bet not that many. You really believe we need the "riches" to save our poor lives ? As an honest worker he must have just participated in society's welfare his own way. Sure of that!!! It's all about corruption, politics, arms dealing, money laundering, country destabilizations and human trafficking. Glad for you if you like it. I am not exactly lost in admiration at that personally.
tackless - 7 years ago
Susan Vue. Sue , I have gotten plenty of jobs from poor people. All women. Hand jobs, and Blow jobs mostly. Nice girls, thanks.
Susan Vue
Susan Vue - 7 years ago
Not one poor person has ever given me a job. The Progs and Libs destroyed the Middle Class with H1-B visa slaves -
Tomas Barrett
Tomas Barrett - 7 years ago
Susan Vue without regular people the rich won't have money in the first place and nobody to build and operate it. also the middle class create far more jobs than the super rich
Bob Boberson
Bob Boberson - 7 years ago
Bill Gates doesn't have a yacht, dumbasses. He chartered Serene for a week back in 2011.
MsMsmak - 7 years ago
I'm all for these monstrositys. There's no better way for very rich people to spend their money. Lots of jobs. Lots of technology. Lots of people behind the scenes that are in the food chain of the production of these. They are peak consumption. And yet they are for play.
Gary Souza
Gary Souza - 7 years ago
Says the guy who doesn't tolerate my point of view. Hmmm, bigoted??? BTW, he DOESN"T have a mega yacht!!! Fact. But you know better, even though you can't spell. Idiot!!!
Lety Jay
Lety Jay - 7 years ago
he does, and he has a private jet too and mega mansions.. yes, im fucking smart, thanks! why isnt spending 300 mil on a yatch a good way to spend money ? dont be bigot, you should learn to tolerate other people point of view. idot!
Gary Souza
Gary Souza - 7 years ago
Hey douche, I'm completely aware of the Gates Foundation. Doesn't mean that spending 300 million on a yacht is a good way to spend money. Otherwise, he WOULD have a mega yacht-but he doesn't! Gee, you're so smart.......
Lety Jay
Lety Jay - 7 years ago
@Gary Souza he's already doing that though. thats his major thing with his wife charity worldwide . he is also the creator of giving pledge. do you live under a rock ? people like you just throw these comments out there without even thinking. even if he donates 70% of his wealth today, he can still afford to buy a 300 million yatch.
MsMsmak - 7 years ago
Perhaps. But there is a great deal of technology in these ships that support high level economic activity. Marine engineering. Construction trades. Fabrication. Design services. Hospitality. Lots of high dollar employment. I wouldn't condemn them merely because they don't have the higher purpose of legacy.
Gary Souza
Gary Souza - 7 years ago
How about spending money on cancer or Alzheimers research? I think that's a better way. Leave a legacy..
Helmner - 7 years ago
not his yacht, he rented it.
GC West
GC West - 7 years ago
When u start it's engines you hear the Microsoft jingle
Saffron's World
Saffron's World - 7 years ago
This cannot be. Bill Gates is an asshole globalist and his fucking Windows software never worked worth a shit. He got this billions palming a shit product off on the unsuspecting public? No justice in this world. He should be behind bars for fraud.
CARIACOU01 - 7 years ago
Kanuji Thakor
Kanuji Thakor - 7 years ago
IMur KING - 7 years ago
which company built this yacth ?
Peter Loescher
Peter Loescher - 7 years ago
it was build bei Fincantieri in italy
Naedue - 7 years ago
only 400? some royce cost that much.
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
Check out the 1.4 billion one it's insane it makes this look like a cargo ship lol
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
wow man what a piece of shit boat that is lol
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
Only a Fucking Fag would bring that into this
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
What the fuck how the hell does somone get go suck dick from a fucking boat video
Yourtube - 7 years ago
Bluesgod King of Blues yeah, sure thing faggot; go back to sucking dick, bitch!
Mark Acuna
Mark Acuna - 7 years ago
Ur jus jealous u pink ass
Everett Cox
Everett Cox - 7 years ago
Your sarcasm meter must be broken...
Stefanos Zamanidis
Stefanos Zamanidis - 7 years ago
Bluesgod King of Blues
You're one hell of a dumb cunt.
dave gantly
dave gantly - 7 years ago
This is Serene, formerly owned by Yuri Scheffler, now owned by the Number 2 guy in Saudi Arabia.
John Forbes
John Forbes - 7 years ago
Sorry Yuri Sheffler vodka billionaire. Volodinov own self Dilbar.
alex kee
alex kee - 7 years ago
Dilbar - own Alisher Usmanov, moron
John Forbes
John Forbes - 7 years ago
Sorry. Serene.
John Forbes
John Forbes - 7 years ago
This is the motor yacht Serne. It is owned by Vyacheslav Volodin the billionaire speaker of the Russian parliament. Last year it was rented by bill gates for one week. Someone needs to check their facts.
twoweeled soto
twoweeled soto - 6 years ago
I wonder the same about our politicians! How do they live like that on under $200,000? The answer is;
they don't!!
standrosik - 6 years ago
Only thing is that it was owned by Yuri Shefle, not Volodin, and now seem to be owned by saudi arabian prince Mohammad bin Salman. Someone needs to check their facts. But yes, it is Serene motor yacht.
orfeo smania
orfeo smania - 6 years ago
wonder how a Deputy has the money to buy such thing... theoretically the salary is not more than 100K per year... I guess.. some kind of Putin's mafia friend ?
riccardo meconi
riccardo meconi - 7 years ago
Scott - 7 years ago
John Forbes i
Chris San Filippo
Chris San Filippo - 7 years ago
Joseph Bloe love this
Carew Martin
Carew Martin - 7 years ago
You may think it's yourtube but it's not, it's youtube
Joseph Bloe
Joseph Bloe - 7 years ago
Just posting this for educational purposes.......Cunningham's Law states "the best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer.".
dave gantly
dave gantly - 7 years ago
It was Yuri Scheffler's, a Russian vodka king. Now belongs to a rich Arab.
Greg Martin
Greg Martin - 7 years ago
John Forbes Smart man. If it flies, floats or fucks, rent it.
Nicholas Gidaro
Nicholas Gidaro - 7 years ago
This isn't Bill gates yacht yourtube - are you a moron?
Everett Cox
Everett Cox - 7 years ago
He sucked Putin's dick that's how.
Yourtube - 7 years ago
Danilo Marvel why the fuck do you care?!
Danilo Marvel
Danilo Marvel - 7 years ago
you mean the useless russian bilionaire ... what did he do so good to earn this amount of money?????????? probably nothing.... must be some of those highly overpaid...
ChiraqSquadshit - 7 years ago
Oh, yes indeed Serene*
Trek Compsport
Trek Compsport - 7 years ago
with all the crap i bought off bill over the years i probably paid for the toilet seat
Rick Davis
Rick Davis - 7 years ago
Au contraire Pierre
Cook Outdoor
Cook Outdoor - 7 years ago
This is the funniest comment I have read and  I have been laughing for minutes! It s a great joke. Equal to the joke that a man buys such a thing to enjoy the sea...  OK, well done to have money and show/spend them but such boats are far beyond what a human needs to enjoy sea time.
Nicholas Gidaro
Nicholas Gidaro - 7 years ago
I can tell - you're one of those morons, yourtube. Keep up the good work, idiot
Yourtube - 7 years ago
Trek Compsport who asked you to buy it bitch?!
Robert Bolton
Robert Bolton - 7 years ago
Trek Compsport j
Fast Frets
Fast Frets - 7 years ago
If you thought it was crap you wouldn't have bought it. That's why the free market is so great. Nobody forces you to buy anything, produce anything, or work for anyone. It's all voluntary transaction by both parties. People who bash capitalism are truly the most delusional entitled scum on earth.
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos - 7 years ago
Trek Compsport I don't think I ever bought any original Microsoft products lol always pirated. my moneu doesn't Go to this motherfucker
First Last
First Last - 7 years ago
My yacht is bigger than that....its got its own toilet AND a rubber dinghy....
Xpert Warrior 007
Xpert Warrior 007 - 7 years ago
First Last GTA super yacht
Anja Gerl
Anja Gerl - 7 years ago
He is donating half of his money He gets.
Jeff Papendorf
Jeff Papendorf - 7 years ago
Anja Gerl j
Donald Robnett
Donald Robnett - 7 years ago
"Over there! Swanson I want to go over there..."
Geo K
Geo K - 8 years ago
Imagine the defensive gear tucked away in that! L-RAD, Sparrow missile launchers and GE miniguns...
Jack William
Jack William - 7 years ago
I never new they had military issued weapons onboard
Marry Phuong
Marry Phuong - 8 years ago
Hi there!Click my name to go to my channelCheck it out.You re welcome!
King of Luxury
King of Luxury - 9 years ago
Do you want another copyright claim by me and close your channel this time? No? So stop copying people videos without autorization.
Patrick--- - 6 years ago
Are you claiming for this shitty job, Mister talent ?
Madeleine Harvey
Madeleine Harvey - 6 years ago
shonzta A
shonzta - 6 years ago
Lol while you guys are fighting for this stupid video bill is happy with his family ... idiots
Dumdum888888 - 7 years ago
King of Luxury shut up idiot. Who cares who posted it first.

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