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Ismaeel Yusaf
Ismaeel Yusaf - 5 years ago
This is the best compilation vid I've watched also you just earned a new sub
Ivan - 4 years ago
This is the worst compilation vid I've watched, i will never subscribe
DaizZ - 4 years ago
He just copied FailArmy. FailArmys logo was on the top right corner but he just put hes on it
Chester Rowe
Chester Rowe - 4 years ago
Torpid Stupid....Dude you need to get your thong untwisted. If you don't like these videos, for whatever reason, stay the fuck away from them. They obviously have made a huge impact on your life. Kinda like I made a huge impact up your mommy's ass.
Lake D
Lake D - 4 years ago
Holy shit is this the same Ismaeel Yusuf that used to comment on all the ESPN and SportsCenter posts on Facebook?! Dude your famous lol
8 Second Humor
8 Second Humor - 4 years ago
If you like this type of channel then you can sub to mine too.
iamDaniBOI - 4 years ago
this guys an idiot he copied this entire video from fail army!!
MrWeedWacky - 4 years ago
dewd, you need to get around youtube more if this is the best... First of all most of the clips are dropped phones... what is so "expensive" about shit you replace every 6months anyway...

This is pointless, clickbait bullshit diarrhea clips, stolen from other Youtubers.
lols3179 - 4 years ago
Torpid N1ghtmare bad day?
Young Frankenstein
Young Frankenstein - 5 years ago
+Torpid N1ghtmare Proof or STFU. "Everybody knows it" is not proof. You saying so is not proof.
Torpid N1ghtmare
Torpid N1ghtmare - 5 years ago
Yes it happened, but it was completely fake
Yamaha SR650
Yamaha SR650 - 5 years ago
Oh, it happened alright!
klmullins65 - 5 years ago
Torpid N1ghtmare the video at :18 looks like it was filmed in front of the Student Center at the University of TN in Knoxville...looks "authentic" to me
Young Frankenstein
Young Frankenstein - 5 years ago
+Torpid N1ghtmare If you ever hear a song called "Needy Cunt" on the radio, I wrote it about you. I'm thinking I'll have Henry Rollins sing it with a little rap by Poof Doodle so everybody ends up with a copy.
Chris Hristov
Chris Hristov - 5 years ago
Thak you MagicMaster, I hate when people express so much hatred in the comment section. I'll stop responding to this Torpid N1...whatever guy.
Yamaha SR650
Yamaha SR650 - 5 years ago
...more re-runs of re-ran re-runs. No originality. 4/9/17
Carlos C.
Carlos C. - 5 years ago
Torpid N1ghtmare true. Everyone wants to be a critic.
Torpid N1ghtmare
Torpid N1ghtmare - 5 years ago
Now I can see why everyone hates compilation channels. Their content is shit and their community is pure garbage
TragicMaster - 5 years ago
You don´t give a shit and thats why you took the time to write a comment, yes this is legit.
Go to bed little kiddo.
Samuel Felty
Samuel Felty - 5 years ago
Torpid N1ghtmare Triggered much?
Torpid N1ghtmare
Torpid N1ghtmare - 5 years ago
I said I didn't give a shit what you think about me you dumb cunt, I can keep replying all I want.
Chris Hristov
Chris Hristov - 5 years ago
Obviously, you give a shit.
Torpid N1ghtmare
Torpid N1ghtmare - 5 years ago
Fuck you
Chris Hristov
Chris Hristov - 5 years ago
Obviously, you "give a shit." since you are replying. I didn't waste your time buddy, you did it. Even if all of those videos were fake, it wouldn't be a reason to fight each other. It was entertaining, that's all: I don't care if it's fake or not
Torpid N1ghtmare
Torpid N1ghtmare - 5 years ago
First off; I don't give a shit what you think about me.
Second; 0:18 and 1:57 have been proven many times as fakes, or "pranks".
and 4:28 was not a "fail", it was completely purposeful.
Now, you've wasted enough of my time. shut the fuck up and move along little boy.
Chris Hristov
Chris Hristov - 5 years ago
Torpid N1 ghtmare Please show me just one, "known," or just a fake in this compilation and I'll agree with you. I don't see one, so for now, you are just a fucking troll to me
viberunner - 5 years ago
Suck a HIV-hobo's dick you jailhouse twink.
Torpid N1ghtmare
Torpid N1ghtmare - 5 years ago
You must never watch compilation videos... This was shit, and almost all of the videos are known fakes.
Jeff Richardson
Jeff Richardson - 5 years ago
CHEVYDURAMAX 1 bb; vulnerable uhh;
CHEVYDURAMAX 1 - 5 years ago
Ismaeel Yusaf same
Carlos C.
Carlos C. - 5 years ago
Ismaeel Yusaf It's all downloaded from other channels, Movie-Maked and reupload on a YouTubers channel. Like this ones.
Mansoor Alrrakhimi
Mansoor Alrrakhimi - 5 years ago
Ismaeel Yusaf
McMuffinFluffin - 4 years ago
Gat damn hope there was no passanger in that last mustang. Is the damn thing made of paper.
Swefox 04
Swefox 04 - 4 years ago
0:17 LOOK AT THAT LAMBO! OMG... It was a McLaren MP4 - 12C. even the Gallardo doesent even look close
Richard Nygaard
Richard Nygaard - 4 years ago
What a junk tv.
Austin Peterson
Austin Peterson - 4 years ago
“Look at that lambo”

Me: aCtUalY
Nextralife - 4 years ago
2:20 Lesson to airsoft kiddies lol. Always treat a gun as if it is loaded, and never point a gun at something you aren’t willing to see destroyed. Lucky it was just an airsoft.
Claudio R.
Claudio R. - 4 years ago
9:30 i love how they first put poor beer on the fire so the alcohol increases the size of the flames. Then if that wasn't enough they start blowing at it which increase the flow of oxygen and there fore increases the size of the fire. Education is important.
Lasmiranda Dennsiewillja
Lasmiranda Dennsiewillja - 4 years ago
americans are no citizens, they are a disease.
Some Edgy Sniper Main
Some Edgy Sniper Main - 4 years ago
7:45 - When you have high ping.

10. comment for Expensive Fails Compilation

Some Edgy Sniper Main
Some Edgy Sniper Main - 4 years ago
6:01 - Spot the Canadian
William Bertrand
William Bertrand - 4 years ago
How the fuck do people lose control like that
Critter87 - 4 years ago
More money than brains.
ThePikaGamer14 - 4 years ago
dis driver at 7:48 is either drunk or downright stupid
Rick Blain
Rick Blain - 4 years ago
The inevitable outcome of high-performance cars and low-performance brains.
david jacquot
david jacquot - 4 years ago
8:52 video please
Jim Porter
Jim Porter - 4 years ago
I think that law should be that, when guys peel out speeding, disregarding the safety of everyone else, and they crash, we should be allowed to shoot them up to two times in the head with no penalty.
Bobby Phillips
Bobby Phillips - 4 years ago
Name at observer balance here doctrine correct seed ultimately.
ZACHARY RICHARD - 4 years ago
How many of those people deserved that

100% of them
Benjamin Sexton
Benjamin Sexton - 4 years ago
It scares me that there are people in this world who that stupid

20. comment for Expensive Fails Compilation

Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris - 4 years ago
Bunch of fucking idiots!
Gerry Quinn
Gerry Quinn - 4 years ago
9:54...Lots of h.p. very little i.q.
Erick Moreno Gutierrez
Erick Moreno Gutierrez - 4 years ago
Lucky for you im a beast lol
Andres Araiza
Andres Araiza - 4 years ago
Want to know what else is a fail this video
petbytes - 4 years ago
Myth: You own a very expensive car and know how to drive it.
rick prol
rick prol - 4 years ago
The dumbest idiot at 9:39!!! Blows on the fleming motorcycle!!!!
Gary Souza
Gary Souza - 4 years ago
all a bunch of f*cking idiots...
Ryan Plethra
Ryan Plethra - 4 years ago
the bike catches on fire, they throw booze on the flames haha
Brandon Kinsey
Brandon Kinsey - 4 years ago
1:16 a hyper drunk mosquito.
Preston Poling
Preston Poling - 4 years ago
What's the music at 2:43?

30. comment for Expensive Fails Compilation

Supersparks - 4 years ago
The guy trying to blow his bike fire out,what a plumb
Mister Cuțu
Mister Cuțu - 4 years ago
The second one was a McLaren 12C ... not a Fu*king Lambo
Snow Shoveler
Snow Shoveler - 4 years ago
These people are stupid
Sho me de wey
Sho me de wey - 4 years ago
look at that Lambo , oh shit ITS A MCLAREN
Sauron 555
Sauron 555 - 4 years ago
All the cars one be like gta but they would drive off instead
MagicalBread - 4 years ago
The first clip was actually staged. Of course not the bystanders, but look it up.
OsamaIs MyMama
OsamaIs MyMama - 4 years ago
Why tf do people just floor it?? Especially in turns?
You're awesome
You're awesome - 4 years ago
4:26 I've seen that video....... that's his daughters car but I don't remember what she did wrong.
Randy Monger
Randy Monger - 4 years ago
You're awesome I think she was sending nudes to some boy in class if I remember correctly or something like that
Alfie Roberts Simms
Alfie Roberts Simms - 4 years ago
That's a not a Lamborghini
zerou24 - 4 years ago
Good boii
Computer-Chkn - 4 years ago
0:38 reminds me of Micheals tv on The Office.. it's like a 50 dollar tv...
VirtualRicer - 4 years ago
Seth Arnold
Seth Arnold - 4 years ago
That dog was like u said we was gonna play fetch carma bitch
benjie fleming
benjie fleming - 4 years ago
7:20 love how the dog walks in with the penguin
Cheech - 4 years ago
7:35 weed plant knocked over
niceguy217 - 4 years ago
Nice video, of people with more money than brains, a super car or muscle means nothing if you don't have the brains to keep it on the road and in your lane!
Yoshi_IX - 4 years ago
Don’t. Accelerate. While. Turning.
End of story
Justo - 4 years ago
Ouch, you just blew off my ears.
Robert Wynn
Robert Wynn - 4 years ago
People with no brains. LOve it
ProudToBe AnAmerican
ProudToBe AnAmerican - 4 years ago
How hard is it to keep in line with the title of the video and just post what it says? Purposely destroying a car, jumping off an old as fuck diving board, a monkey stealing some chicks bag aren't expensive fails in my book.

50. comment for Expensive Fails Compilation

Laura 05
Laura 05 - 4 years ago
What was that idiot doing? 7:46
vmvlkc - 4 years ago
8:24 gay sex fail
Caden Lincicum
Caden Lincicum - 4 years ago
7:25 Dog: It's my time to shine.
Edward Martin
Edward Martin - 4 years ago
I like
Jordan Chamberlain
Jordan Chamberlain - 4 years ago
I came to see dog comments. I'm not disappointed
shadE - 4 years ago
Give credit to people. I don't go into YouTube and make a compilation of shit that isn't recognizable from the most side of YouTube. Best of all - you fucking stole your sources and added your own watermark
Todd Enrico
Todd Enrico - 4 years ago
I just pooped
Chase Richter
Chase Richter - 4 years ago
1:48 Let me put my phone in my pocket and then bend over so it will fall out.
connor anonymus
connor anonymus - 4 years ago
11:24 That was a double fail, a ram like that would cost you at least 40k
Pendejo - 4 years ago
6:32, holy shit, I laughed until I cried.
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson - 4 years ago
10:36 how was that an expensive fail?
Tom O
Tom O - 4 years ago
Who the hell christens a toilet?
TheBoss77 - 4 years ago
0:15 boi that not a Lambo it is a McLaren why does everyone think that every super car is a Lambo
ummidrigrob Timo
ummidrigrob Timo - 4 years ago
0:40 ... I think everybody knew this clip.
Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox - 4 years ago
Watching this make's me realize there are so many people who can't and and should not drive and never ever be aloud to to be behind the wheel of a car even on a race track for there own safety as well as other's
Alpherior - 4 years ago
And to think, *all of these were avoidable*. Especially the guy sliding on the tables straight towards a glass wall -- There was a 100%, predictable, obvious chance you would slam into it.
General Gordon
General Gordon - 4 years ago
all i can think of is... gg
General Gordon
General Gordon - 4 years ago
wait relax [in a calm tone]

2 seconds later

[angrily] oh you fucked it up
-Hulikepteri- - 4 years ago
4:30 It isn't fail... He was mad for her daughter so he punished her
F-Blaster - 4 years ago
fucking idiots
melciveng - 4 years ago
RIP numerous flat screen TVs
Headphone Lover of the bass
Headphone Lover of the bass - 4 years ago
2:25 I feel bad for that kid
A Sentry Is I
A Sentry Is I - 4 years ago
I feel bad for the kid with the airsoft gun
T. S.
T. S. - 4 years ago
If I had the money I would spend it on a family SUV + Caravan + boat, and cheaper than a Ferrari by far.

choose wisely people :)
Dan Cujo
Dan Cujo - 4 years ago
He too old. He probably has enough money to buy another one, or two.
TheGanainm - 4 years ago
11:15 he's too old he can't handle that
betoen - 4 years ago
7:22 Doggie knows some voodoo shit!
Paul Poche
Paul Poche - 4 years ago
That was definitely a Coonass getting his cart tore up by that Gator. He said “Ma dats nice”
Edmar Fecler
Edmar Fecler - 4 years ago
aka "a bunch of dumbasses breaking shit compilation"
Powered by R/C / eflb150
Powered by R/C / eflb150 - 4 years ago
1:15 that is just a tap, and that isn't expensive.
Monsterino CSGO And More
Monsterino CSGO And More - 4 years ago
Look at that "Lambo". Omg xD. It was a god damn McLaren
vegetabledeliveryguy - 4 years ago

Troycee Stone
Troycee Stone - 4 years ago
Lol jack asses. Smh
KingG - 4 years ago
1:49 maybe should have bought a water resistant phone?
KingG - 4 years ago
0:15 Thats a Mclaren you retard.
Tim Hurt
Tim Hurt - 4 years ago
Dads teach yo kids gun safety women who chased the dad's away be a man and disaplin yo kids
John Dow
John Dow - 4 years ago
From about 9:55, what a bunch of dickwads
Thegoldendoge - 4 years ago
0:16 "look at that Lambo"

..... that's a McLaren Einstein....
Martin Herrero
Martin Herrero - 4 years ago
Thegoldendoge true
Manan - 4 years ago
More like expensive with idiots
Humantoaster 500
Humantoaster 500 - 4 years ago
11:31 he hit another mustang lol
Parker Rahn
Parker Rahn - 4 years ago
So basically no one in a mustang can drive.
Anton Schøtt Jakobsen 9A Skørping Skole
Anton Schøtt Jakobsen 9A Skørping Skole - 4 years ago
0:15 that's not a lambo buddy... it's a McLaren 12C Coupe
Kevin Leroy
Kevin Leroy - 4 years ago
rush grandmother transformation online series request market break medal mouth.
mike blaz
mike blaz - 4 years ago
I love watching showoff d-bags crashing......
Alphadoggaming HD
Alphadoggaming HD - 4 years ago
Lol at 00:30 looks at McLaren, Guy"Whoa look at that Lambo."
Jared Rotmg
Jared Rotmg - 4 years ago
4:28 This is disrespectful to everybody
L. Willis
L. Willis - 4 years ago
brilliant how he blows in the flame at 9:42
John Hall
John Hall - 4 years ago
Some dumb fuck in a sports car were to hit me doing stupid shit... I'm always armed.
parker t
parker t - 4 years ago
I love watching people with out of whack priorities in life lose unimportant materialistic shit.. Serves them right. hilarious
Christian Solis
Christian Solis - 4 years ago

100. comment for Expensive Fails Compilation

ZErik - 4 years ago
7:15 That dog x) Lol
ZErik - 4 years ago
4:30 wasnt a Fail
iLikeWeshna - 4 years ago
@10:20 you see the Talk guy haha
Nigel Richardson
Nigel Richardson - 4 years ago
The best video description EVER!
Shaw Hennessey
Shaw Hennessey - 4 years ago
The dog is like here you're hurt let me bring you my favorite toy to make it better
Riley Kozeliski
Riley Kozeliski - 4 years ago
8:30 yall shouldn't be doin that gay shit anyway
Myfujacc Myfujacc
Myfujacc Myfujacc - 4 years ago
"Oh fuck did up!"
cyoungrun1 - 4 years ago
At should be "Expensive Idiot Fails Compilation"
rich ferguson
rich ferguson - 4 years ago
Mom always said don't play ball in the house--- mom always said don't ride a motorcycle in the house
Marvinbee11 - 4 years ago
These are captured moments of idiots pretending they know what they’re doing.
SoggyBiscuits1000 - 4 years ago
hahahahahaha the dog at 7:05 !!
PPGFlyr - 4 years ago
4:30 - Insurance Fraud much?
Marcus Christensen
Marcus Christensen - 4 years ago
"AYYy look at that Lambo"

Me: -__- that's a McLaren.
RWB_Gary - 4 years ago
'Look at that Lambooo...' It's a McLaren you idiot
GhilleGhille - 4 years ago
4:26 that was DEFINITELY a fail. He did not intend to flip that car by any means!
DeeFibben aka Sanya Estherian
DeeFibben aka Sanya Estherian - 4 years ago
1:27 - attack laughter
dogsitter68 - 4 years ago
relax honey

oh you fucked it up !!!
Hoovie - 4 years ago
Aaron Wilde
Aaron Wilde - 4 years ago
11:10 "He too old! He can't handle that! He too old!"
Heybert Flexworthy
Heybert Flexworthy - 4 years ago
its ol lol. " he tew ol "
Felix Sited
Felix Sited - 4 years ago
9:30 Ghost Rider
Guy Parris
Guy Parris - 4 years ago
sympathy level....zero.
Mark Neumann
Mark Neumann - 4 years ago
People + HP=idiot
mercytoday - 4 years ago
People who race on the street should be tried for attempted murder as a minimum
sargentCJ007 - 4 years ago
Gatta love mustang owners
fukqyou asszhole
fukqyou asszhole - 4 years ago
Nothing I enjoy more then stupid assholes who aren't skilled enough to drive fast vehicles.....losers big time.
Josep G.
Josep G. - 4 years ago
There's a lot of idiot driving too much powerful cars, they are a danger also stupid. Fuck you jackasses drivers without enough skills to do what they pretend.
Andrew Richards
Andrew Richards - 4 years ago
B. Vaughan
B. Vaughan - 4 years ago
I love watching this. I hope they were not able to repair or afford new ones.
hokiepokie - 4 years ago
More money than brains...
Brayden Reyes
Brayden Reyes - 4 years ago
This vid made hella mad
Guac The Mole
Guac The Mole - 4 years ago
Haha that guy in there second vid is a dumbass that’s an mp4 12c
Sean Batts
Sean Batts - 4 years ago
people with camaros < literally anything else
Ashenex - 4 years ago
What is it with red mustangs?
Christian Kollar-dye
Christian Kollar-dye - 4 years ago
Look at that lambo. Looking at a mclaren
DaizZ - 4 years ago
You just copied FailArmy. Top right corner was the FailArmy logo and you just put yours on it.
Empire Gaming & Vlogs
Empire Gaming & Vlogs - 4 years ago
7:20 dog comes in with chew toy then looks at camera lol
Rick Charles
Rick Charles - 4 years ago
Dog at 7:26 is just glad his doll lived.
Can't decide who was the bigger dumbass at 9:42. The guy trying to put out fire on a vehicle with his water OR the idiot that tried to blow out the fire.
clayton God
clayton God - 4 years ago
ok relax. Oh my you fucked it up. great parenting.
Kayne Daly
Kayne Daly - 4 years ago
Well it just goes 2 show that it's true what top gear say about American cars.. Their shit and don't handle well lol
Reuben Foley
Reuben Foley - 4 years ago
4:26 when your girlfriend goes clubbing every night and you gotta make it stop
Richard Lambert
Richard Lambert - 4 years ago
The first cars a mclaren not a Lamborghini
John - 4 years ago
The second one was fake
porsche 911 toyota supra
porsche 911 toyota supra - 4 years ago
That is not a lambo that is a Mclarin
Flint Runs Fast Boi
Flint Runs Fast Boi - 4 years ago
"Relax, relax.....yep, you fucked it up"
Anthony French
Anthony French - 4 years ago
The guy crushing the Audi isn't really a fail as he was doing it on purpose
PinkRayneDrop - 4 years ago
I was there for that PAX VR one. I was actually an enforcer right there
The one legged bird ;-;
The one legged bird ;-; - 4 years ago
Btw the second clip was staged the window was already broken
DeGaN WAyNe - 4 years ago
Should be titled “Stupidist of the Stupidist”. Or maybe “Ultra Morons”.
Great compilation!
billyds132 - 4 years ago
JuggerSlayer - 4 years ago
2nd clip is a mclaren, not a lambo, thats some headassery your pullin
SuperTitotati - 4 years ago
propulsion cars suck...
Ferdinand Vanko
Ferdinand Vanko - 4 years ago
4:30 just why?
Erik Kovac
Erik Kovac - 4 years ago
That intro is fail
rednevog23 - 4 years ago
5:53 These Shelby's are well known to swing the back end out if you try and correct yourself. Its called the Cobra Bite and the driver had no fucking clue about that
BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india
BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india - 4 years ago
" relax, oh you fucked it up" lol
Cirano Gaming
Cirano Gaming - 4 years ago
Hold on is nobody hear listen to the guy how said look at that lambo it was a FUCKING MCLAREN
PunkAss17331 - 4 years ago
Can you really call it an expensive fail if it cost less than $500 brand new? Yeah the cars and shit are expensive but half the videos are of tvs getting broke. It's not like you can't buy a smart tv for $150 anymore.
Ferdinand Vanko
Ferdinand Vanko - 4 years ago
PunkAss17331 still 150 is not soo cheap ,you know what i mean right?
PunkAss17331 - 4 years ago
On the cheaper side there are smart tvs for under $200 and it was meant as a figurative statement not like a know the prices of all tvs right there for the top of my head.
Ferdinand Vanko
Ferdinand Vanko - 4 years ago
PunkAss17331 well you just said smart tv for 150 and now its 750
PunkAss17331 - 4 years ago
And anything 40 or less around here is $300 at most and some under $200
PunkAss17331 - 4 years ago
I don't know where the fuck you live but I just bought a 65" Samsung 4K for $750.
Ferdinand Vanko
Ferdinand Vanko - 4 years ago
PunkAss17331 more like for $1500
Neil Walsh
Neil Walsh - 4 years ago
2:44 What company lets an employee dress like a prisoner?
Conner LeMaster
Conner LeMaster - 4 years ago
Neil Walsh it’s a delivery worker and he’s wearing a dress shirt and jeans. How does that look like a prisoner?
Joseph Radakovitz
Joseph Radakovitz - 4 years ago
7:17 annnndd he comes the good boy
Dannyboyz - 4 years ago
John Osterman
John Osterman - 4 years ago
New video name: People in Mustang's can't burn out haha
Keuzy - 4 years ago
7:17 youre welcome
Quixxlez - 4 years ago
Great video! But I gave a thumbs down for the ear-rape in the beginning.
Zane SRG
Zane SRG - 4 years ago
that intro is fucking terrible. it literally raped my ears and eyes.
Chase - 4 years ago
Mustang owners are always showing off what they can’t handle. Like they say fords are always in the shop.
Chase - 4 years ago
Some of these people shouldn’t have license
Chase - 4 years ago
7:25 the dogs ready to play
SHAWNO - 4 years ago
max is an idiot. should of pointed it at his foot(y)
Killua Kid
Killua Kid - 4 years ago
Me: mom I broke my tv screen
Mom:hold on we can fix it
Me: no we can’t
Mom:ArE YoU TaLkiNg bAck to mE
Me: no I’m just saying you can’t fix it it’s broken
Mom: That’s it nO TelEviSiOn FoR yOu
Triss Merigold
Triss Merigold - 4 years ago
Oh man the Toyota one is the best
firebirdude2 - 4 years ago
How many of those showoff burnouts could have been prevented by GETTING OUT OF THE FUCKING THROTTLE
Nick Egan
Nick Egan - 4 years ago
"He too old!"
Artūrs Ribakovs
Artūrs Ribakovs - 4 years ago
USA OR CCCR bouth imbesils when drive!
hapiman97 - 4 years ago
Gotta blur out the caliper brand name
matthewruss - 4 years ago
at 2:25 was great, relax .... oh you fucked it up...... lmao
Sir Justonian
Sir Justonian - 4 years ago
Can someone explain to me the bobcat destroying the Audi?
BrutalJuice - 4 years ago
Wait, relax....OH YOU FUCKED IT UP.
DudeAndroid - 4 years ago
That 2nd clip he said it was a lambo. lel its not
pepi00411 - 4 years ago
Copies from other subs.
jake t
jake t - 4 years ago
No dude its a McLaren not a lambo
5gg5 Play
5gg5 Play - 4 years ago
when that tv broke i lost youtube connection lol
ilinvn - 4 years ago
so many mustangs, huh?
Clint Geiler
Clint Geiler - 4 years ago
Loved seeing P.O.S. corvette get destroyed!
Michael Graystone
Michael Graystone - 4 years ago
Why is it dumb shits have the money to buy expensive cars only to crash them in the most offensive ways? If I had a Lamborghini I would never show off by flexing horsepower. That kind of car in itself is statement enough.
Jdm Gang123
Jdm Gang123 - 4 years ago
Did anyone hear that idiot in the second clip say look at the lambo and it was a mclaren
Cygnus X-1
Cygnus X-1 - 4 years ago
3:28 Police in GTA
Christoph Wyss
Christoph Wyss - 4 years ago
"lucky for you im a beast"........rather a big idiot...................
GoogyBlox - 4 years ago
Most of these are stolen from failarmy
Ludicrous Phil
Ludicrous Phil - 4 years ago
hahaha 9:43 - the gay he bitch with the pony tail and bald spot trying to blow the flames out. Cossack retard.
Lacie Blaze
Lacie Blaze - 4 years ago
6:30 uhh
theguyjake - 4 years ago
"it never fired before that" smh these the kind of people who shoot their friends on accident cause they didnt think it was loaded.
Internet Comment
Internet Comment - 4 years ago
Most of these, i just say "good"
Michi Gum
Michi Gum - 4 years ago
the moment at 0:16 when he called the mclaren lambo I had to stop the video cause of sadness
Phatt Ratt
Phatt Ratt - 4 years ago
some would argue that I'm an expensive fail
1991rupi - 4 years ago
I love when ever that happens to one of those car tuning jerks. They're the worst human junk on the surface of the earth.
jacob rcow
jacob rcow - 4 years ago
Izaiah Frederick
Izaiah Frederick - 4 years ago
2:21. "Just relax". 2:25 Her- gets mad
Charcoal X
Charcoal X - 4 years ago
5:11 anyone know what bike that is?
Admiral Beez
Admiral Beez - 4 years ago
Why all the vertical videos? https://youtu.be/Bt9zSfinwFA
marcjtdc - 4 years ago
Whoflung Pooh
Whoflung Pooh - 4 years ago
7:38 i love the how that moron tries to put out the fire with a 12oz bottle of water
Gerardo Mendez
Gerardo Mendez - 4 years ago
I’m not a mustang fan well at least not a big one but man that’s just crazy
person that likes cars
person that likes cars - 4 years ago
Why did he try turning it off and back on when he broke his lcd like it was going to fix it
Levi Holt
Levi Holt - 4 years ago
It's a orange McLaren
Slow Junk
Slow Junk - 4 years ago
"Look at that lambo!"

Is fiming a McLaren.....
Yolo Sawg
Yolo Sawg - 4 years ago
8:00 what the fuck
Scott Smelko
Scott Smelko - 4 years ago
I can almost guarantee the monkey at 3:45 was trained to steal from tourists.
Dustin Wilson
Dustin Wilson - 4 years ago
best part 7:20
PointyCheese Shooting
PointyCheese Shooting - 4 years ago
love the mom

she is all like "wait relax" like dont worry about it, until she said.

"oh, you fucked it up" XD
tiramisu - 4 years ago
it would be hilarious if the dog start humping the guy 7:18.
Jake the reptile kid
Jake the reptile kid - 4 years ago
At 1:30 I thought that was the team 10 house and I was like wtf jake what did you do this time
Mr Nutz
Mr Nutz - 4 years ago
Little kiddies, no doubt lacking in the trouser department, think they are better drivers than they actually are. :-D
Kelvin Nguyen
Kelvin Nguyen - 4 years ago
11:20 he too old
Kelvin Nguyen
Kelvin Nguyen - 4 years ago
at 10:00 me like normal mustang driver lol
Kelvin Nguyen
Kelvin Nguyen - 4 years ago
thats not a lambo its a McLaren
Henric Carlsson
Henric Carlsson - 4 years ago
Stop lines do apply to Lambos though :)
turmat01 - 4 years ago
1:15 was exactly 0 dollars in damage... What an expensive fail... XD
Zach Moscatello
Zach Moscatello - 4 years ago
4:32 that wasn't a fail they were clearly trying to do that
trevor kleinschmidt
trevor kleinschmidt - 4 years ago
2nd clip was outed as fake. look it up.
Duncan Mallorie
Duncan Mallorie - 4 years ago
8:19 thats an Arri Alexa, worth over $80,000
Nicholas Oplinger
Nicholas Oplinger - 4 years ago
thats why ppl cant have nice things
TJ McMahon
TJ McMahon - 4 years ago
7:17 "I'm here to help!"
Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips - 4 years ago
This is why we can't have nice things
Hectic G
Hectic G - 4 years ago
Ha the lambos back got sneered off
DatOneTechKid - 4 years ago
8:02 not a fail you fucking idiot
DatOneTechKid - 4 years ago
4:36 the only thing that was a fail was you including that clip
Alex Dub
Alex Dub - 4 years ago
w124 Mercedes this cars are all aluminium
GucuRunescape - 4 years ago
3:29 look how badass that cop thought he was
Hanno  Struck
Hanno Struck - 4 years ago
second car was a mclaren not a lambo
Jakob 12
Jakob 12 - 4 years ago
0:17 "look at that lambo"
yeah right a lambo
Henrik Techguy
Henrik Techguy - 4 years ago
If no one has realized it yet, this guy downloaded a FailArmy video and covered the fail army water mark with his logo in the top right corner.
Harry Vanhoo
Harry Vanhoo - 4 years ago
I don't really like the "latest" devices as such, but I still felt sorry for that young lad who dropped his i phone, was it? It makes me a bit sad for people who lose stuff over a genuine accident, but the other hoons? I guess they are in it for the shock value and got more than they expected.
Jonas Sungaila
Jonas Sungaila - 4 years ago
R.I.P Headphone users indeed.
UnknownYak _____
UnknownYak _____ - 4 years ago
Its a hard knock life for us
halouxy - 4 years ago
9:20 When you realize that power is not like your former Toyota Tercel.
halouxy - 4 years ago
5:29 Dude's voice is fucking awesome lol
halouxy - 4 years ago
0:25 GET HIM, at least the kid hit the windshield and not the car
Oinky Aldritz
Oinky Aldritz - 4 years ago
Noob skateboarder was in the wrong when he carelessly crosses street and collides with the supercar. I have no idea why the self entitled idiot, instead of apologizing to the driver, still thought of adding damage to the car.
Jasper Scooby
Jasper Scooby - 4 years ago
He thought blowing the motorcycle that was on fire would actually help and the two people who poured like two sips of water on it
ether net
ether net - 4 years ago
lol the dude at 2:25 was such a dumbass

ommgggg the dog at 7:25 is my new favorite thing in this world
drosera88 - 4 years ago
Dog: "I have no idea what's happening right now"
Veronica Fernandez
Veronica Fernandez - 4 years ago
Professor Oak would have a mouthful at 7:03
MiSt 526
MiSt 526 - 4 years ago
Not sure how the little bobcat flipping over the car is a 'fail', since he obviously intended to do that
R L - 4 years ago
Nice looking weed plant at 7:32
Tim Welch
Tim Welch - 4 years ago
A third of the videos aren't even fails that would cost anything. Garbage
Robert Allen
Robert Allen - 4 years ago
OMG, SPOILED MILLENNIAL doesn't get to check for STUPID UPDATES on STUPID GAYBOOK (FACEBOOK) or SPITTER (TWITTER) cuz he shot his computer screen, WAH WAH WAH we all feel sorry for you, NOT!!!!!!
Some idiot No one knows
Some idiot No one knows - 4 years ago
10:55 mustang wasn’t the one killing crowds for once lol. A joke for all you car guys.
Some idiot No one knows
Some idiot No one knows - 4 years ago
I watch the next 3 videos after commenting and ya. Mustang you failed me.
Devon Beekman
Devon Beekman - 4 years ago
At 0:15 did he really call a McLaren p1 a lambo?
TheLuckyAdventurer - 4 years ago
Noooo! Not the Lambo....:-(
Burn The Obedient
Burn The Obedient - 4 years ago
Great video. Goes to show how many idiots cant handle the cars they buy
Mark - 4 years ago
Is it wrong that this shit makes me smile?
Brilliant McSexyass
Brilliant McSexyass - 4 years ago
I love this shit.
Sir Oric0826
Sir Oric0826 - 4 years ago
7:43 who gave the mustang driver a corvette
shitbrickification - 4 years ago
Wait relax.... oh you fucked it up. Lol. Moms reaction to computer screen is priceless
Evan Bennington
Evan Bennington - 4 years ago
I wouldn't consider most of these "expensive
Clorox blinkerfluid
Clorox blinkerfluid - 4 years ago
5:11 how to crash an sv650 into a window
WarChallenger - 4 years ago
12:00 Do a better job of blurring the plate next time. The plate is "POND-715."
WarChallenger - 4 years ago
L O O K A T T H A T L A M B O (McLaren)
Pat - 4 years ago
Lotta people here with room temperature IQ's...
Richard Myhan
Richard Myhan - 4 years ago
Proof that having money don't make you smart!
Mattrains - 4 years ago
2:34 USA get those breakd
Mattrains - 4 years ago
7:46 lol
Dessienewshoes - 4 years ago
Very Important Message
Very Important Message - 4 years ago
8:28 the bottom right corner face made my day xd
Redy Wolf
Redy Wolf - 4 years ago
Ariyan Hakakzargar
Ariyan Hakakzargar - 4 years ago
0:16 that's a McLaren. not a Lamborghini
watthe deuce
watthe deuce - 4 years ago
With a lot of these there had to have been a moment where they stopped and thought "this is a bad idea".
Alexander Pedersen
Alexander Pedersen - 4 years ago
"Look at that Lambooooo" (not a lambo you idiot, it's a Mclaren)
Jarron Maguire
Jarron Maguire - 4 years ago
Look at that lambo! My dude that’s a mcclaren
Justin Watkins
Justin Watkins - 4 years ago
7:23 dog says "you dumb fuck "
h a
h a - 4 years ago
Im actully so göad that all those car drivers crashed. They desserv it so bad
KrY - 4 years ago
Mikey Meatball
Mikey Meatball - 4 years ago
I love watching douchebags in their eurotrash/japscrap roadster get fucked.
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens - 4 years ago
Putin's Failures. That's right dumb cluck euro trash..spit on the bike that is on fire.
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens - 4 years ago
A true Dumb Cluck Redneck from Happy Valley Trailer Park saved up his child support and got a Chevy Dumbvette.
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens - 4 years ago
At 7:10....That America is our Next President. Another Trumptool.
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens - 4 years ago
5:47...That is Trump going to the links. OR missing link.
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens - 4 years ago
5:39 is all Fake. Truly Fake.
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens - 4 years ago
At 5:13...This Fucking Trumptool could be our next President. What Trumptool would ride a motorbike in a house? What fucking Moron raised this Trumptool? Was her name Anita Dyck?
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens - 4 years ago
Dear Dumb Cluck Boy..why would u ...Open up a Iphone...over a Paved Ground? U fucking failure. He voted Trump...now he is a Trumptool. Idiot.
Clash2Two - 4 years ago
0:25 people said its fake but they didnt see the first part
Cavan Pollard
Cavan Pollard - 4 years ago
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should
John LeVasseur
John LeVasseur - 4 years ago
If I got hit by one of these asshats, I'd retire on the lawsuit payout.
wkeil1981 - 4 years ago
He too owe!! He too owe!
_Sebeei_ - 4 years ago
0:15 what a nice lambo it isn't a fucking lambo boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Lucas Spear
Lucas Spear - 4 years ago
The amount of rich fucktard douchebags who have no idea how to drive their expensive sports cars is staggering.
Jackson Neen
Jackson Neen - 4 years ago
7:15 Guys mom says :I told you not to ride that Dam thing in in the house
Ronald Cox
Ronald Cox - 4 years ago
Lots of people underestimate the strength of an alligator's jaws. If it can rip a bumper off that easily think of what it can do to a human bone.
The Dark_Figure
The Dark_Figure - 4 years ago
7:20 dog like wtf bruh u realy fucked up this time
Ander Corcuera
Ander Corcuera - 4 years ago
0:15 That is not a lambo, is a mclaren stupid non car guy.
collectoroffrance - 4 years ago
A LOT of morons in the world....
Erg Budster
Erg Budster - 4 years ago
The question is where do these idiots get the bread for this kind of stupidosity?
Erg Budster
Erg Budster - 4 years ago
"Stupid is as stupid does." Gump's Mom.
Mr Artic
Mr Artic - 4 years ago
The dog was just like "You stupid idiot"
ReadTheShrill - 4 years ago
3:00 this is not someone who should have a sword. Or anything sharp.
Derek - 4 years ago
too much car and WAY too little talent!! what idiots
Zeon FPV
Zeon FPV - 4 years ago
That poor pt-17 :(
Paolo Cu
Paolo Cu - 4 years ago
1:07 why not run over it
Paolo Cu
Paolo Cu - 4 years ago
0:16 thats not a lambo non car guy is a mcclaren
Upturnboar - 4 years ago
Lesson of the day don’t be a retard
julio sanchez
julio sanchez - 4 years ago
i didnt realize people could be this stupid
landon carter
landon carter - 4 years ago
6:42 is the titan but thats not Six Flags Over Texas.... Wheres this one at?
Wey Runner
Wey Runner - 4 years ago
Looked like dude "effortlessly" flipping TV over his shoulder actually made it look more "costly than easy". Also; what is it with these morons thinking that just because they start it, they can drive it?
Alex Safavi
Alex Safavi - 4 years ago
11:25 “HE TOO OLD!” LMAO
Chatwin Battersby
Chatwin Battersby - 4 years ago
The YouTuber with a camera videos seem fake.
ewan miller
ewan miller - 4 years ago
wtf r wrong with these people
Tristan Bendrien
Tristan Bendrien - 4 years ago
At 7:47 what has to be going through your mind to do that?
mzimm460 - 4 years ago
Ok, don’t feel like you have to put music in this
SharkZabelz - 4 years ago
I'm 100% SURE that was a McLaren MP412...
Nicke99 - 4 years ago
Lambo??? Its a mclaran 00:18
Devs072 - 4 years ago
All the dislikers be like 'thats not expensive if I broke that my daddy would pay for it'
weskal - 4 years ago
Showing off does come t a price it seems
The BlackRose
The BlackRose - 4 years ago
"i told u not to ride it in the house" I HAVE A BROKEN BACK!
The BlackRose
The BlackRose - 4 years ago
never trust him with a gun. "Im sorry officer I didnt think the gun was loaded I didnt mean to kill that person" XD
The BlackRose
The BlackRose - 4 years ago
the first iphone 10 to crack soon after that 20000 iphone 10 craxked also
Rainbowsix Grind
Rainbowsix Grind - 4 years ago
0:17 look the that lambo shit! "Mc Clarence!" Lol
tripjet999 - 4 years ago
How does expensive "fail" a compilation?

Of course, "fail" is a verb.
Lynx - 4 years ago
0:15 it's not a lambo it's a McLaren, he's a 100% non-car guy
Rushy Rush
Rushy Rush - 4 years ago
"I got that on video"
Boeing 797- 300ER Ttri-Jet
Boeing 797- 300ER Ttri-Jet - 4 years ago
Boeing 797- 300ER Ttri-Jet
Boeing 797- 300ER Ttri-Jet - 4 years ago
codprawn - 4 years ago
Look at all the RWD cars losing control - why? Because they are all autos - with a manual box you can just dump the clutch!
codprawn - 4 years ago
That dog was priceless bringing the toy to the bloke who wrecked the TV
earthatom7 - 4 years ago
4:51 LMAO That is TOTALLY what this A hole gets for parking like a DICK...
Givhb Fjgkbjj
Givhb Fjgkbjj - 4 years ago
7:47 When your drunk
ISAFMobius18 - 4 years ago
If there would have been a passenger in that Red Mustang that hit the White dodge pickup, they would have been killed
DeSiiR YT - 4 years ago
4:26 not a fail
Does It Work?
Does It Work? - 4 years ago
"Wait relax"..... "oh you fucked it up" hahahahahaha im dying
Donovan Campbell
Donovan Campbell - 4 years ago
2:37 Oh the IIHS is testing buses now, that's cool.
Greenpoloboy3 - 4 years ago
great vid
cegatocollov - 4 years ago
Midtown Madness: Your car is total...
Luke Debrincat
Luke Debrincat - 4 years ago
Lalor Park Ferrari
sote ful
sote ful - 4 years ago
7:17 best part of the video.
Jerkwad152 - 4 years ago
Almost $5 worth of damage to that POS toilet XD
Steve Johns
Steve Johns - 4 years ago
the first one is Cristiano Ronaldo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conan Devlin
Conan Devlin - 4 years ago
Just realised Americans can't drive for shit
Hauxie - 4 years ago
8:28 the frames on the wall are crooked
ferdean jami
ferdean jami - 4 years ago
3:33 that’s Georgetown
RockyJames121 - 4 years ago
0:38 yeah really expensive TV maybe 100bucks ? Wow... Compared to the lambo its even worse.
Canyon Varni
Canyon Varni - 4 years ago
1:15 mask off fuckin mask off
Noah Cline
Noah Cline - 4 years ago
7:19 aww that dog!!
Chewy 36
Chewy 36 - 4 years ago
LOL the black lab at 7:17 just wants to play. Reminded me of my dog :3
MallyMoto - 4 years ago
0:16 he said “look at that lambo” but it is a mclearn
Ric Johns
Ric Johns - 4 years ago
Hey computer kid. What's the first rule of gun handling? ALL GUNS ARE LOADED!
Micah Y.
Micah Y. - 4 years ago
2:08 That shirt tho lmao!
Ernesto Brooks
Ernesto Brooks - 4 years ago
The bike in the house is faked, knocking the tv over
Bryan - 4 years ago
Anyone know the story behind the suv at 7:50 ?
Yeh Mon
Yeh Mon - 4 years ago
Always mustangs goddamn
Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales - 4 years ago
All i see are a bunch of dumb fucks here
Jacob Brooks
Jacob Brooks - 4 years ago
sees a mclaren “look at that lambo”
Mc - 4 years ago
2:23 "alright, relax... oh you fucked it up" lmao
The Stuport
The Stuport - 4 years ago
Brahahahaha...fucking dumb dip shit Dingus Muppets
amojak - 4 years ago
wow it is so rewarding watching stupid :)
BigT 187
BigT 187 - 4 years ago
I've never cringed harder than at 0:15
Guggle65 - 4 years ago
Nice intro!!
Ajr1769 Aj
Ajr1769 Aj - 4 years ago
Lol it's a lambo its a McLaren 0:17
Cole DeCoste
Cole DeCoste - 4 years ago
0:16 LEARN YOUR CARS!!!!!!
person that likes cars
person that likes cars - 4 years ago
Cole DeCoste is
jake and jack the supra
jake and jack the supra - 4 years ago
I think he broke his leg
jake and jack the supra
jake and jack the supra - 4 years ago
I slapped my head
jake and jack the supra
jake and jack the supra - 4 years ago
Toilet one idiot bad idea
Paul Langdon
Paul Langdon - 4 years ago
Is he too old?
яʌ Σ Π shd
яʌ Σ Π shd - 4 years ago
Why are all of the cars that crash American? Shit handling, too much power and stupid people. You'd have to be retarded to buy a Corvette or Mustang anyway.
TRVSH BOYS - 4 years ago
thats not a fuckin lambo its a McLaren p1
WiiLove Weather
WiiLove Weather - 4 years ago
From plates to cars, people break stuff
Gaming guy
Gaming guy - 4 years ago
0:16 thats not a Lambo you retard. Thats a Mclaren 12C
Mr. Yuk
Mr. Yuk - 4 years ago
Everybody in such a damn hurry to eat at Checkers.
Billy Sotherden
Billy Sotherden - 4 years ago
10:43 Scumbag tries showing off, hits another car then TAKES OFF. I hope he gets beat to death by 6 cops.
ImXKingX - 4 years ago
"look at that lambo" for fuck sake thats not a fuc-
plazdook zr
plazdook zr - 4 years ago
so many mustang drivers..
Speedyey - 4 years ago
"look at that lambo" im so done with humans. thats not a fucking lambo
jo vaughn six
jo vaughn six - 4 years ago
@11:15 mustang
jo vaughn six
jo vaughn six - 4 years ago
@11:00 mustang
Kamau Desormeau
Kamau Desormeau - 4 years ago
lol he said lambo but its a McLaren 0:15
the nerdy peanut
the nerdy peanut - 4 years ago
Flay no you are just saying you were being sarcastic u actually thought it was a ferrari hahaha dickhead
Flay - 4 years ago
the nerdy peanut
The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

You’re fucking stupid.
the nerdy peanut
the nerdy peanut - 4 years ago
Flay so you are wrong and vecause you are being called out you say as an excuse "SARCASM" then everyone knows that you are a cunt
the nerdy peanut
the nerdy peanut - 4 years ago
Flay NO
the nerdy peanut
the nerdy peanut - 4 years ago
Full Opposite lock okay dont corect someone if u dont know yourself
Flay - 4 years ago
Oh my fucking god, you people are as retarded as one can get. Do you know what sarcasm is? What the actual fuck.
Demetre Hercules
Demetre Hercules - 4 years ago
+Flay search up mclaren mp4 orange and you will see it
Demetre Hercules
Demetre Hercules - 4 years ago
+Flay it’s NOT a Ferrari
Flay - 4 years ago
Demetre Hercules Yes it is, can’t you tell by the orange?
Flay - 4 years ago
Folkert Jan Vellinga It’s definitely a Ferrari.
Demetre Hercules
Demetre Hercules - 4 years ago
Flay no its not
Folkert Jan Vellinga
Folkert Jan Vellinga - 4 years ago
Flay its a maclaren mp4 12c
Flay - 4 years ago
MegaCozzy It is.
MegaCozzy - 4 years ago
Fuck you
Flay - 4 years ago
Kamau Desormeau It’s a Ferrari.
Full Opposite lock
Full Opposite lock - 4 years ago
Kamau Desormeau I know I noticed right after I posted the comment
Kamau Desormeau
Kamau Desormeau - 4 years ago
at 0:27 you can see it's a mclaren
Full Opposite lock
Full Opposite lock - 4 years ago
Kamau Desormeau actually a porche
AZZA CSB - 4 years ago
'Lucky for you... I'm a beast'
* Drops TV*
GTR King
GTR King - 4 years ago
That orange car was not a la,no it was a 570s
Dom Niven
Dom Niven - 4 years ago
The first black lambo was hardly a fail
pulle88 - 4 years ago
7:18 .. dog is like: what the fuck are you doing ?
Robert Maybeth
Robert Maybeth - 4 years ago
@ 1:01 the thing that most impresses me is they caught this from TWO ANGLES - I dont think i ever want to live in that neighborhood..people drive crazy and you need two cameras on your house
Bryan Spacek
Bryan Spacek - 4 years ago
Best comp yet! Bravo!
Derpy 194
Derpy 194 - 4 years ago
5:43 when u drop your science fair project
Derpy 194
Derpy 194 - 4 years ago
0:55 look at the new and improved splittable Lamborghini!
Derpy 194
Derpy 194 - 4 years ago
0:16 that's a fucking McLaren
Matthew Makowiecki
Matthew Makowiecki - 4 years ago
No matter how much you align a mustang, it will always pull toward the crowd
Aitor Tilla
Aitor Tilla - 4 years ago
Stupid Americans
Sandy Noodles
Sandy Noodles - 4 years ago
people who own nice cars think they can do anything, so fucking stupid
Neovenator Rex
Neovenator Rex - 4 years ago
Always the people with expensive cars can't drive at all...
Death Vader
Death Vader - 4 years ago
The dog in 7:18
Abd Ghazzawi
Abd Ghazzawi - 4 years ago
Moral of the story: no one knows how to drive a mustang
Ryan K
Ryan K - 4 years ago
...And this is why your insurance premiums are so high...
Rory McCarthy
Rory McCarthy - 4 years ago
Damn when did lambo start making mclaren
SnPKamikaze - 4 years ago
2:20 "Relax, oh you fucked it up" LMAO
Storms and Saugeye
Storms and Saugeye - 4 years ago
Whenever I see the sports cars get totaled I oddly enough feel amused more by it. When the plane crashed I said "Well that actually sucks"
Ryan Boor
Ryan Boor - 4 years ago
7:50 When your mom is feeling good about driving
drServitis - 4 years ago
Neuro HPH
Neuro HPH - 4 years ago
that first motherfucker in the board was really fast not even looking the street and the lamborghini was going fucking slow almost fully stopped. if i was the owner i put reverse and fucking drive over him stupid punk ass shit
SCs5thGen - 4 years ago
the laugh at 1:27 tho...
Jenny - 4 years ago
Wtf... This was a "Expensive Fails Compilation" - Video and there was expensive fails in this video! I never had seen that before.
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta - 4 years ago
7:16 the dog lol
Labarynth Maze
Labarynth Maze - 4 years ago
haha to kid who shot his screen
captkoz1 - 4 years ago
Ørjan Haugen
Ørjan Haugen - 4 years ago
Not what I expect after reading "Expensive Fails"... yeah, I saw the lambos, but it's all just the same as every other compilation, the only thing good is that it hasn't got a terrible song in the background.
R.J. Bama
R.J. Bama - 4 years ago
He to old! He to old! And your to black.
Sam R.F.
Sam R.F. - 4 years ago
people just cant stop showing off their stupidity
szalard - 4 years ago
4:11 certainly it was a very expensive wooden board...
Nasty Animal Gang
Nasty Animal Gang - 4 years ago
SOme people just never learn
CorsetGrace - 4 years ago
7:49 is quite possibly the dumbest human being on the face of the planet at that time. I'm sure they are most likely dead having burned themselves to death whilst making toast.
never lift
never lift - 4 years ago
"HE TOO OLD, HE TOO OLD" I know a few guys that will prove that wrong. If ya can't drive ya can't drive
MutantPouncezilla-Roblox-random vids-and more
MutantPouncezilla-Roblox-random vids-and more - 4 years ago
There isno fucking way in hell he just called a McClaren a fucking lambo dafq.
BridgeWowDah - 4 years ago
It's not a problem to have expensive taste. It only becomes a problem when you're dumb or arrogant. Or both, even.
Eye'am Amor-On
Eye'am Amor-On - 4 years ago
Most human beings are retarded.
Matt Caputo
Matt Caputo - 4 years ago
These people have no idea how to drive these cars lol, what a shame to see them all totaled....
Dave Breschard
Dave Breschard - 4 years ago
These people are RETARDS
GusMOfficialChannel - 4 years ago
the 1st one fake, the guy didn't even hit that hard and I don't think a car so expensive breaks that easy
Charlie Perino
Charlie Perino - 4 years ago
0:16 did that guy just call a McLaren a LAMBO?
PeteS528 - 4 years ago
0:16 That's not a 'Lambo'
Jandal 03
Jandal 03 - 4 years ago
7:45 when iam trying tobgetvinto my garage
Aviator - 4 years ago
So many idiots in cars... practically of these incidents should result in disqualification from driving.
Kris Rooff
Kris Rooff - 4 years ago
3:03 always a white guy trying to be a fucking ninja.
oscar janssen
oscar janssen - 4 years ago
About missile customer throat await male house indeed Jewish tape football fish recession.
bird1 mclovin'
bird1 mclovin' - 4 years ago
what we learned from this video.,.,.lambo's suck ass
chad ecece
chad ecece - 4 years ago
fuckin terrible intro and way to fuckin loud
Le Noir
Le Noir - 4 years ago
I told you not to ride that bicycle in the house.....
Mr. Akki The Targeted.
Mr. Akki The Targeted. - 4 years ago
"He too old!"
FL Movie Production
FL Movie Production - 4 years ago
0:14 Look at that lambooo. Its a McLaren you dumbass
L.L Wildmoore
L.L Wildmoore - 4 years ago
thats not a lambo doe
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith - 4 years ago
8:39 I thought those were flame shaped LED blinkers. Turns out... Real flames.
Cronus - 4 years ago
5:53 I live in that town
R W - 4 years ago
Eliel Rios
Eliel Rios - 4 years ago
If you wanna hear the story about 4:37 here it is: The guy who is driving the CAT caught his daughter having sex so he decided to trash the car he (the dad) bought her
Howard Dixon
Howard Dixon - 4 years ago
Why would you even pretend to shot at your computer idiot
Körner J
Körner J - 4 years ago
8:20 What is this?
Noah Damoiseaux
Noah Damoiseaux - 4 years ago
You need an IQ above 4 to drive a car from now on.
There really were some dangerous retards.
Joey Watkins
Joey Watkins - 4 years ago
Who's definition of expensive are we using? In some of these nothing even broke...
Carlos Rosas
Carlos Rosas - 4 years ago
Did the motorcycle guy blow on the fire lmfaooo
Paul Bordelon
Paul Bordelon - 4 years ago
Some people have more money than commonsense
Mihnea [RO]
Mihnea [RO] - 4 years ago
0:11 the bmw was expensive :>>>
iwzv - 4 years ago
7:18 that cute dogoo tho
Adam Batinich
Adam Batinich - 4 years ago
The best part is 7:17-7:27
HeHoZy - 4 years ago
0:15 So it's a Lamborghini because it's yellow? That's a McLaren MP4-12C
Luis Alejandro Cerda Corzo
Luis Alejandro Cerda Corzo - 4 years ago
7:50 How the fuck does anyone lose control of their car like this? I mean, he literally drove back and forth twice to make it worse
DanielWhaaaa - 4 years ago
5:30 I have a tv like that but 52 inches and it has the weight like 70% on the right, so fucking hard
Nils Christian Deppermann
Nils Christian Deppermann - 4 years ago
4:17 so funny comment.
Jonathan Hendricks
Jonathan Hendricks - 4 years ago
We get it guys you can identify a McLaren, congratulations.
dmwmm - 4 years ago
7:45 autistic fuck
Dana Murphy
Dana Murphy - 4 years ago
7:10 is my new favorite thing EVER! that dog is so perfect. omg.
Rocker Squad
Rocker Squad - 4 years ago
9:24 i love that when it happens with some one who is trying to show off
Billy Garcia
Billy Garcia - 4 years ago
I love how cool he was trying to be to. Literally looks like the first time he’s driven a car he’s so nervous. Not to mention it’s a Porsche, they aren’t meant for doing burnouts or breaking traction in general lol. No matter what your driving or how cool you think you are, you should never be reckless like that with people and other obstacles in such close proximity.
Jason Svendsen
Jason Svendsen - 4 years ago
And his buddy comes over with half a bottle of water to try to put it out.
Sebastien L
Sebastien L - 4 years ago
Too many idiots in the world!
Leon Henning
Leon Henning - 4 years ago
0:53 how did it survive?
Jimmy nutrin
Jimmy nutrin - 4 years ago
Its good to see the annual first iPhone smashing is still taking place
William Nava
William Nava - 4 years ago
play with the dog dammit
Ian Ryan
Ian Ryan - 4 years ago
Yanks are fucking stupid!
J W - 4 years ago
mustangs are always a fail
Mr.Clorox Bleach
Mr.Clorox Bleach - 4 years ago
0:15 look at that lambo it's a McLaren
Marnix de haan
Marnix de haan - 4 years ago
Just copied from failarmy
Half And Half Podcast
Half And Half Podcast - 4 years ago
looks like its mostly people that buy red mustangs
raa29420 - 4 years ago
9:42.. Dude.. did you serious try to blow out the flames?
snow cone
snow cone - 4 years ago
ahem hi today i will be singing get low
ok go ahead

grabs mic Get low, get low
To the window (to the window), to the wall (to the wall)
To the sweat drop down my balls (my balls)
To all these bitches crawl (crawl)
To all skeet skeet motherfucker (motherfucker!) all skeet skeet god damn (god damn)
To all skeet skeet motherfucker (motherfucker!) all skeet skeet god damn (god damn)
Alphaflight032 - 4 years ago
7:18 I love how the dog looks at the camera xD
Max VanHorn
Max VanHorn - 4 years ago
the dog at 7:20 LMAO
fx218gT - 4 years ago
this video should be titled people who don't know how to fucking drive
Konzut - 4 years ago
1:33 is that Jake Paul's house?
IBF Offensiv Lidingö
IBF Offensiv Lidingö - 4 years ago
0:15 ”look at that lambo XDXDXDXD LOL
pascal the rallyspotter
pascal the rallyspotter - 4 years ago
0:16 did He really see lambo
Unboxing Sve
Unboxing Sve - 4 years ago
1:56 how is that 20$ screen expensive?
Joe King
Joe King - 4 years ago
this guy stole an entire video... shame bruv
yumphal langthaphal
yumphal langthaphal - 4 years ago
all proved that money don't buy brain.
Jacob Roy-Anstey
Jacob Roy-Anstey - 4 years ago
Cabin fever, jacks cab earpressure hexpascal, boom lolli company candy "pascals" also pascoes is a jewelery store proppered tot jewerers can 5:40
Smor125 - 4 years ago
paul70uk - 4 years ago
The dog at 07.21 ha ha haaaaaaaa, Very funny vid my friend. Subbed, ta.
Joey Wolfer
Joey Wolfer - 4 years ago
8:00 y they shouldn’t drive
Dmitriy everything
Dmitriy everything - 4 years ago
At 0:16 he said that's a lambo lol it's a mclaren
Fruzen - 4 years ago
8:00 dat j-turn tho
Paweł Klimasz
Paweł Klimasz - 4 years ago
Every second video is stolen from FailArmy.. That's a shame
Magor Tereki
Magor Tereki - 4 years ago
7:49 unreal engine 4 physics test XD
Rusty Climber
Rusty Climber - 4 years ago
when will morons learn; they PUT traction control on these cars because of ppl like you! if you’re gonna piss on what a poor person would RESPECT, have the god damn decency to LEARN HOW TO PERFORMANCE DRIVE!!! that way you’ll hopefully know to turn the fkn TC OFF, so it won’t crash you!! you fkn morons! its the traction control kicking in and removing you from our gene pool!! you fks!!
Ganja H.E.R.B Dinosaurus
Ganja H.E.R.B Dinosaurus - 4 years ago
2:20 "great, just relax" "oh you fucked it up"
skeletron 101
skeletron 101 - 4 years ago
Jackson Neen
Jackson Neen - 4 years ago
Ya I think so and I love FAILARMY
Alexander Gruber
Alexander Gruber - 4 years ago
Harm tree twist check center quiet rhythm pollution general contractor chronic.
Tobias Taraldsen
Tobias Taraldsen - 4 years ago
This makes me being born seem not so bad
MrPLC999 - 4 years ago
I just love it when the a-wholes wreck their super cars.
pxn748 - 4 years ago
My favorites are the the expensive cars driven by guys with small penises!
Efren Blas
Efren Blas - 4 years ago
This is why we have curbs on the side of the street. So it could block these dumbasses from trying to do some random shit that was about to go down.
Evan S.
Evan S. - 4 years ago
2:42 that looks to me like an empty server rack, hence the many blanking panels popping out. If it's empty, not that expensive.
Mike Colwell
Mike Colwell - 4 years ago
that dog just wanted to play
Nikki Nicklus
Nikki Nicklus - 4 years ago
10:16 is my hometown legit where i live and ya i remember that day big talk around here
Nikki Nicklus
Nikki Nicklus - 4 years ago
7:22 lol the dog
Nikki Nicklus
Nikki Nicklus - 4 years ago
4:27 thats what happens when u cheat
c11 - 4 years ago
if someone hit me when they were fucking around in their car i would shoot them. Fuckin people act like it's their first and last time driving a sports car
JessicaTG2008 - 4 years ago
It's the one thing in life that is satisfying and absolute. Stupid things happen to stupid people.
Aidan McKeever
Aidan McKeever - 4 years ago
That concerned doggo
samuel cossette
samuel cossette - 4 years ago
omg yes they all deserve it except maybe the drone people.
Reese Tuttle
Reese Tuttle - 4 years ago
A 2.2 million dollar Shelby cobra in navy blue just crashed
Timothy Jackson
Timothy Jackson - 4 years ago

ya'll know better
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny - 4 years ago
At 25 seconds it's not even a Lambo
BigBear - 4 years ago
1:56 a gun is always loaded
Trevor Lear
Trevor Lear - 4 years ago
Yes because destroying a $500,000 lambo is the same as destroying a $150 tv
BLU3_ST33L - 4 years ago
Lambos destroying themselves. As this video demonstrated, just expensive fire starters is all they are
Arcticflui - 4 years ago
7:54 when you try to get your car in your garage in gta 5
CelinettaTheWitch - 4 years ago
Poor Mustangs...in the hands of idiots they have no chance of survival.
Ghuuhg _69
Ghuuhg _69 - 4 years ago
Look at that lambo bitch that’s a mclaren
O O F - 4 years ago

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