Expensive Yachts Fail Compilation | HD

Re-uploaded version of our expensive yacht fail and crash compilation Rich people can buy a 8M $ super yacht, But they can´t buy skills. ⚓️ For more videos like this click like and subscribe ⚓️ 🔴For copyright matters please contact us at: thesealad@hotmail.com You can find Us on: FB: https://www.facebook.com/thesealad YouTube: https://goo.gl/PcwM6k Google+:https://goo.gl/kHOOO9 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/thesealad Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSeaLad1 Seafarers Jobs: http://jobatseas.blogspot.com Watch more maritime videos on our channel: https://goo.gl/O7dM4Z Ships in storm videos: https://goo.gl/xs1r9b Fail / Crash / Launch videos: https://goo.gl/mHcrQd Documentaries: https://goo.gl/5wkRNB Inside the ship tours: https://goo.gl/Al8Da2 Time Lapse videos: https://goo.gl/zE989s Ship Simulator Games: https://goo.gl/V2K3YY Copy Right Claim : Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair Use copyright law. Most of videos are from different Internet users filmed and are freely distributed. All rights remains to the authors of videos. If you are author of one the videos and you want to remove the video from our channel, please contact us.

Expensive Yachts Fail Compilation | HD sentiment_very_dissatisfied 3758

Yacht 7 years ago 9,422,970 views

Re-uploaded version of our expensive yacht fail and crash compilation Rich people can buy a 8M $ super yacht, But they can´t buy skills. ⚓️ For more videos like this click like and subscribe ⚓️ 🔴For copyright matters please contact us at: thesealad@hotmail.com You can find Us on: FB: https://www.facebook.com/thesealad YouTube: https://goo.gl/PcwM6k Google+:https://goo.gl/kHOOO9 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/thesealad Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSeaLad1 Seafarers Jobs: http://jobatseas.blogspot.com Watch more maritime videos on our channel: https://goo.gl/O7dM4Z Ships in storm videos: https://goo.gl/xs1r9b Fail / Crash / Launch videos: https://goo.gl/mHcrQd Documentaries: https://goo.gl/5wkRNB Inside the ship tours: https://goo.gl/Al8Da2 Time Lapse videos: https://goo.gl/zE989s Ship Simulator Games: https://goo.gl/V2K3YY Copy Right Claim : Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair Use copyright law. Most of videos are from different Internet users filmed and are freely distributed. All rights remains to the authors of videos. If you are author of one the videos and you want to remove the video from our channel, please contact us.

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Most popular comments
for Expensive Yachts Fail Compilation | HD

The Sea Lad
The Sea Lad - 7 years ago
Watch more maritime videos on our channel: https://goo.gl/O7dM4Z
Ships in storm videos: https://goo.gl/xs1r9b
Fail / Crash / Launch videos: https://goo.gl/mHcrQd
Documentaries: https://goo.gl/5wkRNB
Inside the ship tours: https://goo.gl/Al8Da2
Time Lapse videos: https://goo.gl/zE989s
Ship Simulator Games: https://goo.gl/V2K3YY
Quinton Brumley
Quinton Brumley - 7 years ago
The Sea Lad Thanks Buddy , keep up the Great Vid Work
SGT Norgan
SGT Norgan - 6 years ago
Most of these are piloted by "professional "
Balkan C&A Vlog
Balkan C&A Vlog - 6 years ago
Most of them with british flag .gues why?
Andrew Carmichael
Andrew Carmichael - 6 years ago
Amazing how stupid some people are. Don't know where they got these captains (and I use that term loosely).
blue krz
blue krz - 6 years ago
if i trust you enough to drive my boat an you crash it like this u going to o me alot of money
freezerburnonmymeat - 6 years ago
I love it when rich people get fucked over
freezerburnonmymeat - 6 years ago
thats to bad fuck rockstar and monster fuck all you guys the owners are fucks
DcCapitalGamers - 6 years ago
Those two yachts at open sea were playing a game of chicken
Annie Lou
Annie Lou - 7 years ago
Quarter of a million dollars to hire for a week!!! I didn't know they cost so much.

10. comment for Expensive Yachts Fail Compilation | HD

ItsMeIsaa - MC
ItsMeIsaa - MC - 7 years ago
haha the first one was in The Netherlands
Moniker Kinakin
Moniker Kinakin - 7 years ago
dumb girl at 2:53 saying "It's just paint" do you not see the broken fiberglass??
mike n
mike n - 7 years ago
that has to be a garbage vessel to break that easily in the front for that money it better be built to not get damaged by a couple of inches of wood
Chris84Redfield - 7 years ago
Rich people problems
I don't think I would be standing anywhere near...
Owen Iverson
Owen Iverson - 7 years ago
a few of these look like they had some wind against them - still didn't know what they were doing, but not entirely ineptness. wind is pretty huge on these larger boats, but most of these were rich weekend warriors (and maybe a bit of drank)
joeashbubemma - 7 years ago
This post was incredibly satisfying. Upped.
SquillyMon - 7 years ago
5:24 "Call the Police right now"... WTF ? I don't think I have EVER uttered such a nonsensical sentence in my entire life. Why would that idiot say that?
DaebakMonkey - 7 years ago
Some people shouldn't own yachts. Or any boats for that matter.
foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild
foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild - 7 years ago
Hubris is owning a superyacht. Hahahaha!

20. comment for Expensive Yachts Fail Compilation | HD

John Bjorkman
John Bjorkman - 7 years ago
5:20 at sea crash:
Per navigation rules, the big boat is entirely at fault. The little boat properly maintained course and speed.

That said, the little guy should have seen the big guy wasn't turning and taken evasive action.
Joe Patroni
Joe Patroni - 7 years ago
Where's Capt. Stubing when you need him?
Herr bananhjärna Smith
Herr bananhjärna Smith - 7 years ago
I just love rich stupid people
Jamal Malik
Jamal Malik - 7 years ago
THis reminds me of when I was sold off into the Congolese child slave trade during the early 1950s. Every third Tuesday I would go out with Mputo and his gang onto a yacht they stole from a rich Monaco businessman. We would seek plunder around the shores of the Nile, putting our lives on the line as we swam in the treacherous crocodile-infested waters. I recall in 1961 we had a fierce battle with an Ethiopian tribe . Mputo lost his life, but I remained a slave. It was only in 1978 that I found freedom. My friend Bastian and I escaped from the gang's camp and fled to the border, crossing into Somalia. Eventually we escaped into Hungary as refugees. I got married and had three beautiful children. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to repress the past, those experiences never leave. I wake up sweating every night remembering those days. Never forget.
nick moore
nick moore - 7 years ago
fuckin idiots"hope they dont drive cars"
suloja61 - 7 years ago
BulgadariXR - 7 years ago
Hard to watch... Good video
floatpool - 7 years ago
"I got a cousin with some body repair tools"
Rudi Afolter
Rudi Afolter - 7 years ago
Drunken sailing?
Aimopotis 80
Aimopotis 80 - 7 years ago
who owns this things

30. comment for Expensive Yachts Fail Compilation | HD

Danibug Channel
Danibug Channel - 7 years ago
Danger Boat! Danger Boat! Danger Boat!!!!!
Angela Harris
Angela Harris - 7 years ago
There's something very satisfying about seeing these expensive yachts crash....
SharkBird - 7 years ago
I'm going to name my boat DANGER BOAT.
Aaron Brockington
Aaron Brockington - 7 years ago
@1:21...i wonder if thats the yacht they used as the basis for the model in GTA:V,,,,
Pat Kurzynowski
Pat Kurzynowski - 7 years ago
I hate it when my yacht crashes in to shit
"It's just paint." Bitch, you are fucking dumb.
Clark Thurmond
Clark Thurmond - 7 years ago
I suppose when your filthy rich you forfeit intellect when you buy a multi million dollar yacht. Take lessons hire a seasoned Captain now that's money well spent
pete b
pete b - 7 years ago
"danger boat, Danger Boat, DANGER BOAT!! hahaha.
BitGridTV - 7 years ago
basic story: money is not everything U need...
Chayene A
Chayene A - 7 years ago
Boat skippers with no boat handling experience.
Rody Wri
Rody Wri - 7 years ago
Was told one time that you cannot go too slow while docking. What I saw was pilot error.
Darr247 - 7 years ago
No... the old saw is, "you can never give a nuclear reactor too much water."
Just ask Fukushima.
Bartacomus Kidd
Bartacomus Kidd - 7 years ago
This is hilarious...
Naomi Sharpe
Naomi Sharpe - 7 years ago
Even highly skilled skippers have boo boos every now and then due to wind and currents. I'm pretty certain that the vast majority of YouTube critics have never piloted a ship.
emdman1959 - 7 years ago
Wow, looks like a lot of drunk captains out on the high seas.
tilly0191 - 7 years ago
all that sea and there still crashing
garrigproductions - 7 years ago
Oh shit, the owner of an expensive yacht has got a scratch on one of their favourite shiny things......meanwhile, in other parts of the world, a mother grieves for the loss of her child as a result of attempted regime change by the meddling of American foreign policy...but nobody gives a fuck about her.
You Cef
You Cef - 7 years ago
It must be strange to be that rich, always surrounded by staff that hates you, but kissing your ass at the same time.
Steve W
Steve W - 7 years ago
Ever wonder what happens when one rich dumb fuck meets another rich dumb fuck?
Caesar - 7 years ago
You should change tires for a good grip.
Will Roden
Will Roden - 7 years ago
4:52 you had the whole fucking sea

50. comment for Expensive Yachts Fail Compilation | HD

Who in the what now
Who in the what now - 7 years ago
Spot the ships captain that's either on coke or busy getting a blowjob...
Richard Conner
Richard Conner - 7 years ago
Stick to a submarine,less issues topside.I hear PUTIN has a couple he will let go for a song.
Winn87 - 7 years ago
That open sea collision  was ridiculous what is the chances of that, where the captains of both boats drinking
MrShadowpanther3 - 7 years ago
3:55 I've seen aircraft do a "touch-and-go" but never a yacht. Till now.
dugsey - 7 years ago
these vessels are very difficult to contol at low speed, especially if there is any sort of wind blowing, their high superstructure collects the wind an acts like a sail. even experienced captains or pilots can struggle.
lee兔 - 7 years ago
holiday seafarers ..............
Joshua Phillips
Joshua Phillips - 7 years ago
Im still wondering why this has bad reviews
ian fiegerty
ian fiegerty - 7 years ago
lot's of comment's from people who have no idea, the biggest factor is the breeze, it can push a slow boat sideways very quick, most larger vessel's have side thrusters to control this sort of problem
QE2 - 7 years ago
I would be surprised if these expensive modern luxury yachts don't have transversal bow thrusters. Nowadays there are steering thrusters for much smaller boats than these.
Marildo Kustura
Marildo Kustura - 7 years ago
these super yachts are amazing
Glenn Glenn
Glenn Glenn - 7 years ago
A rich idiot and his boat are soon damaged!!
Ken H
Ken H - 7 years ago
nice to see rich people making huge mistakes, haha
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 7 years ago
Bought a multi-million boat, and didn't have enough money left to buy longer ropes for the buffers.
Matthew Richards
Matthew Richards - 7 years ago
Glad the camera operators in these videos aren't yacht capitans
Funkymonkeypimps - 7 years ago
Narrator at 1:05 sounds a tit!
E.PLUMBUS UNUM - 7 years ago
Ha ha ha ha,  Sooooooo satisfying to see rich people losing their expensive toys.
bunakkaptan - 7 years ago
Azimuth captain probobly high on god knows what
Kevin Friend
Kevin Friend - 7 years ago
Don't crash my yacht dude!
Lord Jock
Lord Jock - 7 years ago
Makes you wonder how some of these skippers got their ticket
Bill McGahey
Bill McGahey - 7 years ago
i think you mean license - although i suspect there were some tickets involved also.
Steve Washington
Steve Washington - 7 years ago
You have to wonder about some of these. Sure would like to hear why it happened.
Hans Debulpaep
Hans Debulpaep - 7 years ago
Does anyone knows the song at 6min until 6min 42?
Loren Johnson
Loren Johnson - 7 years ago
money and brains don't travel in the same circle
SS Standartenfuhrer
SS Standartenfuhrer - 7 years ago
I have no sympathy for these owners in proportional terms they pay less tax than the average working man !!
Malakie Usn
Malakie Usn - 7 years ago
Some of those were dealing with large craft and obvious high wind conditions.. not easy to do in the first place... The river Thames crash, I remember that being a mechanical failure that caused that one.
SubnormalSwine - 7 years ago
the rockstar yacht is almost the same as gta.... weird
Sabrina Renee
Sabrina Renee - 6 years ago
I just realised that lol
Frontrunner 0495
Frontrunner 0495 - 7 years ago
I'm still intrigued by the fact that boats hitting each other on open Sea! It's the fuck-ing sea!! How much space do you need to have? :D
Xro - 7 years ago
First Yacht Video I have watched. Wow why are they all in Slow Motion? J/King - Wow what a bunch of Maroons.
Wheelchair Phil
Wheelchair Phil - 7 years ago
Just put some duck tape on it they'll be fine
Thx James Royal
Thx James Royal - 7 years ago
beautiful water at 6:43
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson - 7 years ago
Just goes to show drinking and boating don't mix.
Lars Hansen
Lars Hansen - 7 years ago
It looks like some of the rich had bougt a ship from the new category of vessels: Pinball ships
Rachel D
Rachel D - 7 years ago
gosh, id settle for just the money it cost to repair just one of these beauties lol
davie didgood
davie didgood - 7 years ago
Just another insurance write off for repugnant creatures....
David Gordon
David Gordon - 7 years ago
Next time hire a captain? I mean you ppl have chauffeurs for a friggn car, but you drive yr own yacht? Ima take take a guess here and say your wealth is inherited?
mobiltec - 7 years ago
Good reasons to keep the captain sober...
John Sessoms
John Sessoms - 7 years ago
In the collision at 4:53, which boat had the right of way?
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
I'm on a boat bitches!!!
marvin watkins
marvin watkins - 7 years ago
That compugirlie at the end sure doesn't sound like a sea lad. But then these days, who knows? BTW vis. those yacht owners little accidents: a trifling cost to them. As long as there are plenty of drunken, topless party sea nymphs aboard for captain and crew to drop anchor with, all is well and in ship shape. Ahoy: skanks 'ho'!
rocknroller1999 - 7 years ago
I feel so bad for them
Old Man Joe
Old Man Joe - 7 years ago
where did you boys learn to pilot a ship... in a bathtub ?
Mr02shadow - 7 years ago
Bust out another Million
Aleks Rossolini
Aleks Rossolini - 7 years ago
1:22 GTA Online :D (ROCKSTAR)
carloss Loss
carloss Loss - 7 years ago
sizes does matter. Sometimes it is nice to be small..lol
Leland Landice
Leland Landice - 7 years ago
What is it with rich people and mega million dollar ships who hire captains that can not pilot these ships. Notice that the flags seem to be all the same, now then do I want to have a captain from this country, NOT.
Dave The Mace
Dave The Mace - 7 years ago
Drunk Union Jackasses..
Luciano Eduardo MONDIN
Luciano Eduardo MONDIN - 7 years ago
Es tan fácil maniobras un yate que realmente los pilotos de este vídeos deben ser grandes fracasados.
Reed C
Reed C - 7 years ago
Captain Crunch at the helm!!
Ronnie - 7 years ago
I know nothing about what it takes to pilot a yacht, but how  does 4:53 happen? Open ocean, moving relatively slowly, something that big. How does someone piloting one of those not see the other person?
Brian Sierzega
Brian Sierzega - 7 years ago
P Fulton
P Fulton - 7 years ago
It's so hard to get good captains these days.
Bob Z
Bob Z - 7 years ago
As a boat owner (not yacht owner) my first lesson from a captain stressed that approaching a dock/boat/any stationary object I not approach faster than a speed I was comfortable with hitting the object. Good advice even today. Slow, slow, slower! Got it screwed up, come around and do it again.
0311TYPE - 7 years ago
LOL! Good advice!

100. comment for Expensive Yachts Fail Compilation | HD

Synaptic Shock
Synaptic Shock - 7 years ago
Lack of watch keeping? Really now...
Arnold Farphunougin
Arnold Farphunougin - 7 years ago
finding it really hard to feel sorry
Big E.
Big E. - 7 years ago
Hey, your dinghy scratched my anchor.
Nadejda Schmidt
Nadejda Schmidt - 7 years ago
Mabye they schuld buy a smaller boat, they can controll.
DeepPastry - 7 years ago
Like seeing car crashes where the driver decides to floor it, in the hopes that more power will somehow make everything better.
Herding Cats
Herding Cats - 7 years ago
I wonder if Walmart has that part in stock.
puglover - 7 years ago
This is a rare occurrence. This happens just as much to tiny boats as these. It's just that when everyone sees a huge ass boat, they take out their phones to film...
Alex Shotts
Alex Shotts - 7 years ago
how tf they crash. they got the whole dam water
Jordan Carmichael
Jordan Carmichael - 7 years ago
these buoy saves are epic
w4csc - 7 years ago
They have money. Nobody said they had any brains...
w4csc - 7 years ago
Money shouldn't be the #1 criteria for driving a yacht.......but it is....
vincent7520 - 7 years ago
2:34 one crew member just lost his job !…
Reparatii Frigidere Chirita
Reparatii Frigidere Chirita - 7 years ago
bad luck or stupid people
Computer Addic
Computer Addic - 7 years ago
I dont have pity with those riches..
William John p
William John p - 7 years ago
I love how everyone thinks the owner of the boat is the captain ! LOL
Automatically the rich person is to blame....80% of people who own any boat over 52 ft usually hire a captain ..
Boats over 75 ft have staff members and a captain .
rdillon517 - 7 years ago
99% of that stuff is avoidable.
Riyad Bushnaq
Riyad Bushnaq - 7 years ago
And they're not too difficult to avoid, either
rdillon517 - 7 years ago
These rich people know how to have a expensive good time.
P Glenrothes
P Glenrothes - 7 years ago
I wonder how many of the people commenting here have actually tried to dock a large yacht? Falling down is part of the process of learning to walk. Every skipper has his secrets.
Jack Sak
Jack Sak - 6 years ago
P Glenrothes: If learning by falling down means crashing boats, then there should be more crashed boats on the seas. And, if crashing is part of learning, we need more operator instruction time. Get it ??
Peter Burt
Peter Burt - 7 years ago
P Glenrothes some secrets are just a shitload bigger than others haha. My wife and I lived on our boat for quite a while and yeah, it can be tricky
Marie Hermans
Marie Hermans - 7 years ago
proof man against eqodt shade suppose performer rail contend witness.
Md Atik
Md Atik - 7 years ago
William Justice
William Justice - 7 years ago
Wind and waves are nature at work. Not like driving a car on land.
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold - 7 years ago
After watching this, I sure could use a three hour cruise.
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold - 7 years ago
Money can not buy a brain.
marksman 5150
marksman 5150 - 7 years ago
Lol it is great to watch rich ass holes wreak there shit. lmfao
T7315 - 7 years ago
So shame that the dickheads can't buy brains for this cash...
Brian Brewster
Brian Brewster - 7 years ago
How interesting to note that even the super rich who can afford to own these superyachts are just as poor of drivers as those fools buying all those rich cars and STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE THEM. Amazing.
Wayne Eden
Wayne Eden - 7 years ago
more dollars then sense for damn sure
OhFishyFish - 7 years ago
0:45 - i think she likes it.
Robert Rocks
Robert Rocks - 7 years ago
I guess if you can afford a yacht, you can afford to fix it?
Robert Kerr
Robert Kerr - 7 years ago
I am going to guess that most of these boat drivers were not navy trained, goes to show that just because one has a boatload of money doesnt mean they know how to spend it
Rip L
Rip L - 7 years ago
People with way to much money and no fuckin Brain's. Makes me laugh!
Ian Dowd
Ian Dowd - 7 years ago
Whoever the captains are of these yachts should be sacked pronto. For fucks sakes maaan.
E. Davis
E. Davis - 7 years ago
Well I bet the captain of the Azteca is looking for a new job.
gibbonspider - 7 years ago
More evidence why all private skippers should be made to take a seamanship course and a have a valid pass ticket before they are set free with their toys. But that should also include any sport vessel.
Blue Marshall
Blue Marshall - 7 years ago
5:21 Drop Anchor. and I Bet all the Crews and Captains of this Yatchs Didn't Study in any Maritime School. Never Ride in a Rich Dudes Yacht. For Sure They are In Drugs.
James Edmond
James Edmond - 7 years ago
Why would anyone build a boat this big and skin it with fiberglass?
hallagon - 7 years ago
I guess money doesn't buy brains
Fights Plug
Fights Plug - 7 years ago
only in england
Matthew Ford
Matthew Ford - 7 years ago
Thrusters not the main unit idiots.
Don McNeil
Don McNeil - 7 years ago
This Sickened Me. There Not Real Captains of shouldn't be. They should all be Jailed.
Jorge mendonça
Jorge mendonça - 7 years ago
Dangerous people
Lawrence Wirth
Lawrence Wirth - 7 years ago
Docking in the wind ain't fun!
hombero - 7 years ago
The sea scares me quite a bit, the thought of things under the surface that I can't see I think, and those old naval mines with the spikes sticking out of them make me feel anxious to the core. Wonder if I was a sailor who met an ill fate on the seas in a past life.
Stacey mcalister
Stacey mcalister - 7 years ago
too much speed in most of these incidents
Morten Gammelgaard
Morten Gammelgaard - 7 years ago
One wonders were these idiots learned sailing ???
ron rankin
ron rankin - 7 years ago
looks like they did not learn
Donny Topping
Donny Topping - 7 years ago
Some people have more money than brains.
notmyrealname - 7 years ago
Why didn't they put on the brakes???
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 7 years ago
If you're rich enough to own one of those beasts, shouldn't you be rich enough to afford a Captain that actually knows how to pilot it?
Mick Carson
Mick Carson - 7 years ago
Of course. People have to be on drugs to smash their boats. because the owners are super rich. at times they fail to realuze that there have to be two or three men navigating a boat, yacht or ship to make sure they are all aware of what they doing. but if it is piloted by a drug addict or a drunkard and being the only person piloting these vessels, then expect the whole scenario as being caused by the bastards who are behind the helm and those whi iwns the vessels but decided to cut costs and reap more profits by reducing staff who operate their vessels.
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue - 7 years ago
must have a New Mexico license
Ian Gregson
Ian Gregson - 7 years ago
why are these boats all registered on the IOM ?
Christopher Young
Christopher Young - 7 years ago
They rely way too much on those little pads.
Hale Luja
Hale Luja - 7 years ago
SBF HAWK - 7 years ago
No what happening is the boats are getting bigger and bigger and the docks are not big enough to handle that kind of traffic so there are more prone to crashes and of course lack of experience
grayboo212 - 7 years ago
This is why I’d never own a yacht.  My friend has one and just last week he was eating caviar off this supermodel’s tits when a big wave hit and knocked his bag of coke right into the ocean.
MeesterVegas - 7 years ago
I hope the supermodel's tits were ok.
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams - 7 years ago
grayboo212 send pictures, maybe we can find it.
lynx318therealone - 7 years ago
Damn, what a waste of cola!
Jo Barber
Jo Barber - 7 years ago
Serves him right.
Coke doesn't go with caviar.
ImaThug Yall
ImaThug Yall - 7 years ago
Do you mean it knocked her tits into the ocean. Dang...what a waste of good silicone. Fish eggs can be replaced...but fine breasts are another thing altogether.
Paynen D. Butt
Paynen D. Butt - 7 years ago
That happened to me once. I hate when that happens.
flaviuvacanta1 - 7 years ago
Idiot pilots. Not the owner is to blame, in some situations
ollimoore - 7 years ago
Helmsman, if 'captain' is even applicable to the person in charge of the smaller boats here, he/she isn't necessarily at the controls 24/7
Tom bomb
Tom bomb - 7 years ago
Buy a super expensive mega yacht, but cheap out on the crew. Hope they didnt cheap out on that yacht insurance.
TheCash500 - 7 years ago
The old saying goes... the happiest days in your life is when your bought your boat and sold your boat.
james vey
james vey - 7 years ago
big is not always better
Brian Martin
Brian Martin - 7 years ago
Hard to feel sorry for someone with a yacht.
dirt nasty
dirt nasty - 7 years ago
Jerry VanNuys
Jerry VanNuys - 7 years ago
Just undeniable proof that being rich does not equal being intelligent or skilled.
Κωνσταντίνος Κουβελας
Κωνσταντίνος Κουβελας - 7 years ago
anyone the song name on 6:00 please?
LosHihhuli - 7 years ago
Bridge is coming down.. Are you sure tho, i didint get that at first, not second and even in third time, so can you tell me once more?
Lloyd Alderman
Lloyd Alderman - 7 years ago
flymasterA - 7 years ago
Boat repair shops need work too.
Snow White
Snow White - 7 years ago
Ah.... Rich Assholes...
Michael Lowrey
Michael Lowrey - 7 years ago
the earth is mostly covered in water as these guy are trying to cram their penis into the smallest spot
Bunk Man
Bunk Man - 7 years ago
5:00 HUGE Ocean...LOTS of ROOM, how did this idiot manage to hit the only boat around for MILES?
Bunk Man
Bunk Man - 7 years ago
Just simply amazing. Just goes to show that common sense isn't so common.
ROTAXD - 7 years ago
Anybody ever notice that these yacht accidents usually seem to happen in third world shitholes ?
Steve Wilcox
Steve Wilcox - 7 years ago
I blame alcohol on all of them except the river boat with the engine failure
Buil Dinit
Buil Dinit - 7 years ago
steve gardonyi
steve gardonyi - 7 years ago
I'm a mechanic, I can fix it.
Adam Pressman
Adam Pressman - 7 years ago
Notice how many are British flagged?
Evan Jones
Evan Jones - 7 years ago
To all you want to be captains. Its not as easy as at may appear with boats there are NO breaks and you have less control the less thrust/Power you use. (Its the opposite to a car). the slower you go the less control you have. Plus even at very slow speeds the Momentum of these Boats is massive. You cant just stop when you want to. it requires a lot of anticipation.
joseph lee
joseph lee - 7 years ago
all fenders too high, above the beltline
Noot64 - 7 years ago
i think its all compensation
John Smith
John Smith - 7 years ago
I enjoyed watching this. It seems to have a strong resemblance to the way the United States is presently being run. The guy that has that job, would skipper a ship the same way as these fools. Many ports in the world have folks that make a decent living  sailing, or motoring a vessel in safely. They know the particular port very well,  and their experience prevents this from happening.  It doesn't show a lack of intelligence to use them. When these crashes happen, then we see plain old stupidity.
Kate Hawk
Kate Hawk - 7 years ago
The one at 4:53 looked totally planned, did you see how the smaller boat increased speed just before the collision ?
Kotik - 7 years ago
The smaller boat had right of way here, the larger should have given way
Francois-Xavier Brault
Francois-Xavier Brault - 7 years ago
I feel really sad for those poor billionaires now... :(
john doe
john doe - 7 years ago
If you can afford a yacht, you can afford the insurance premium and the repair costs.
Silvio Biasi
Silvio Biasi - 7 years ago
I somehow doubt that it's the owner commading those yatchs but rather is a professional crew which you need to have in order to sail with such big vessels. money could buy a better crew in this case
TheDutchPathFinder1 - 7 years ago
no mercy for the rich......
scott bowman
scott bowman - 7 years ago
only watched a minute. y do allow idiots to get liscence to drive these big vessel. O yea their rich they can do anything
robux boy
robux boy - 7 years ago
#so good
Hudson River
Hudson River - 7 years ago
just cause you're rich don't mean you're smart
Ben Gim
Ben Gim - 7 years ago
To much money and to small brain!
bighook - 7 years ago
the richer you get the dumber you become
BuildAPrep Preparedness Outfitters
BuildAPrep Preparedness Outfitters - 7 years ago
You know, if you can afford to buy or rent a megayacht, you probably can spare the funds for an experienced captain.
Richard Weed
Richard Weed - 7 years ago
1:50 Well, good thing hes got the radar running.
Patty Goldshark
Patty Goldshark - 7 years ago
Chris T
Chris T - 7 years ago
What you pay £70 £80 or £100 million for a yacht & no parking sensors what a rip off !!!!!!
Kirby - 7 years ago
I was surprised to see how many people commenting are very jealous of wealthy people. Some even called them stupid.
Pauly - 7 years ago
Money doesn't overcome stupid...
Patrik Sohlman
Patrik Sohlman - 7 years ago
Whas the one yacht rockstars?
Allen A
Allen A - 7 years ago
These folks should hire an experienced captain and crew and stick to their martinis. Ship and boat handling is difficult enough for the professionals and the combination of wind and waves can challenge even the best.
Charlee152 - 7 years ago
I guess they don't know there aren't any brakes.....
ClearLine Communications
ClearLine Communications - 7 years ago
You can buy skills, it's called training....
ChrisHallett83 - 7 years ago
That Azimuth yacht is worth $10 million? It's like 4 times the size of the last yacht I saw on sale for 10 million dollars, is it made out of cardboard or something?
Jack - 7 years ago
Obviously, it's pretty easy to obtain a captain's license!
George Koch II
George Koch II - 7 years ago
rich people problems.. lmao
John Bolton
John Bolton - 7 years ago
A typical plonker in London, "I am going to call the Police" wonder if his mum changes his nappies???.
Kasper Kleinert
Kasper Kleinert - 7 years ago
Don't let your wife drive the boat....

Minds me of these videos of female driving skill compilations. LOL
Rick Davis
Rick Davis - 7 years ago
If it was cheap and easy........everybody would be doing it.
VAM Channel
VAM Channel - 7 years ago
Good work
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 7 years ago
When these rich people are waiting for their crashed Lamborghinis to get repaired, they need something else to crash, so they take their yachts for a spin around the block.
Chris Powers
Chris Powers - 7 years ago
Further proof that more dollars = less sense.
STEVE R JR - 7 years ago
STEVE R JR - 7 years ago
hahahahahahaha. More money than brains club/
Terrence Bradley
Terrence Bradley - 7 years ago
I feel just as bad when I ding my 27 ft sailboat!
AnEnemy100 - 7 years ago
Schadenfreude brought me here!
lakecrab - 7 years ago
When T martoonies turn into six.
Sonny Gough
Sonny Gough - 7 years ago
Crashes bridge worth 83 million? What was the yacht worth?
geektoro - 7 years ago
They should have hired Captain Ron.
Drapetomanius Grimr
Drapetomanius Grimr - 7 years ago
Damn you're old. Damn, I'm old. Dammit.
773trucker - 7 years ago
Serves them right! I hope that the people whose boats got hit SUE them for everything they can. Money sure buys a lot of stupid.
Michel Savoie
Michel Savoie - 7 years ago
Rich does not mean skills
Sylvanor - 7 years ago
Its ok they are rich they can afford two more no worries
Armadyl Featherbreeze
Armadyl Featherbreeze - 7 years ago
The Khazarian Mafia can easily afford 500+ yachts for each of their families, as they own a good 98% of the Worlds money
Sylvanor - 7 years ago
We obviously speak about the richest
carlos ortiz
carlos ortiz - 7 years ago
Sylvanor not all of them
Kreig Dernier
Kreig Dernier - 7 years ago
All those flags of convenience
Ralph Bernhard
Ralph Bernhard - 7 years ago
Big dick addiction comes with a steep price tag :-)
ronpat100 - 7 years ago
Thats the type of dammage you get when you build ships from 20 barrels of epoxy resin instead of steal.
Daisy Jenssen
Daisy Jenssen - 7 years ago
Ron Rook
Ron Rook - 7 years ago
If you can afford the yacht, you ought to be able to hire someone with the skills to drive the boat.
Kris M
Kris M - 7 years ago
people with money and no brains to drive
minutes ago
minutes ago - 7 years ago
5:12 guys likes flipping them the bird, lol. and 5:24 "call the police", people are brainwashed into thinking sub human monkeys with 'special' badges are going to resolve everything. 'um calm down lady, so the ship crashed? ok got it". It's like making a small catastrophe into a larger one by calling idiots to the scene to bumble everything lol
Doug Short
Doug Short - 7 years ago
Gots to love watching the ultra rich having a bad day.
Da Majestic Muffin
Da Majestic Muffin - 7 years ago
Never give these people a boat again, unless it was a tech failure. I MEAN IM 15 AND I HAVE A BOAT LICENCE AND I CAN MOOR
monkeybollox66 - 7 years ago
if you can afford multimillion £$ boats you can afford repairs?
70torinogt70 - 7 years ago
stupid boats wouldn't want one even if super rich , just charter it  if you need one ,
bjfdog - 7 years ago
Billionaire problems.
Jas McCullough
Jas McCullough - 7 years ago
Mine Games is a 50 metre Trinity.
mummyswallowsthelot - 7 years ago
All the gear & NO idea!!
Seth T
Seth T - 7 years ago
They need back mirrors like my truck
Seth T
Seth T - 7 years ago
Big boat vs lil boat
Morgan_Kelly - 7 years ago
The Yacht at 3:20 is big as my school
dino omar
dino omar - 7 years ago
The white one is the owners of gta game same boat like in the game and stod rockstar on the side:)
beach side
beach side - 7 years ago
sooo close to 1 million views good luck
Uno Carb
Uno Carb - 7 years ago
Muhidin Zangira
Muhidin Zangira - 7 years ago
Gerald Penn
Gerald Penn - 7 years ago
Are these dumbasses drunk??? Look out the windows. That's why they put so many of them on the bridge.
Leggo My Ego
Leggo My Ego - 7 years ago
0:35 Credit card captain/owner would be my guess.
The weird Army!!!
The weird Army!!! - 7 years ago
I thought it was supposed to funny
avery domingue
avery domingue - 7 years ago
More money than brains club....
beqa bena
beqa bena - 7 years ago
whats the song called around 6:00
Dr.Dave3855 Dave Bowman
Dr.Dave3855 Dave Bowman - 7 years ago
So, the crew was Azteca Indians?
STHFGDBY - 7 years ago
Mr Magoo captains.
Adam Welch
Adam Welch - 7 years ago
For being an island continent Australian's sure don't know how to drive ships lol
Angelo C
Angelo C - 7 years ago
Pee test? lol
Mick Carson
Mick Carson - 7 years ago
Do those bullshit artist billionaire know when it's time to stop a large vessel and get help escorting it in tight spaces? Idiots!
john doe
john doe - 7 years ago
This is why I don't own a Yacht..
stupidguy1969 - 7 years ago
john doe me too .. that and i dont have 10 million dollars
Jim Boland
Jim Boland - 7 years ago
I sympathize! I can't even parallel park my Honda.
Brett Jones
Brett Jones - 7 years ago
the first guy panicked and hit everything , what a crack up :))
Gord Farmer
Gord Farmer - 7 years ago
Shitty skippers come cheap. Want a pro hire me . Never scratched a ship
puglover - 7 years ago
Everyone saying that people with money can't drive. It's the captains that pilot those huge ships..
irma lozano
irma lozano - 7 years ago
4:55 Um turn? That might of helped not get a crash...
robert a
robert a - 7 years ago
What is the capt doing???
Darko - 7 years ago
expensive yacht fails recorded with cheap cameras
Raymond J
Raymond J - 7 years ago
whats that saying all money no brains hahaha
Michael Collier
Michael Collier - 7 years ago
Needed a bigger black pudding.
Puhi Karena
Puhi Karena - 7 years ago
those crew are awesome
Maya Barach Jabbar
Maya Barach Jabbar - 7 years ago
I have one word to say and that is Damn
Paul M.
Paul M. - 7 years ago
Maya Barach Jabbar that's 10
Justin Crumpton
Justin Crumpton - 7 years ago
when you hear CRUNCH you know it's expensive
Mikey L
Mikey L - 7 years ago
For those heaping misery on 'The Rich' need to understand that the owners don't pilot these things themselves. They hire people to do it for them and they are responsible for these mishaps. Insurance takes care of the rest. From what I've seen most of these are Capt. error. even if the crew screws it up. He/She is responsible to the owner(s)
silverhorder1969 - 7 years ago
This makes me feel better about staining my fence and the wind blowing tiny stain drops on my car.
Bob alloo
Bob alloo - 7 years ago
Some people have no business piloting a boat.
Howard Jackson
Howard Jackson - 7 years ago
Ahh, none of those rich people you're making fun of are captaining those boats. You can bet some of those hired captains got fired though.
robb maier
robb maier - 7 years ago
j4cko56 - 7 years ago
5:25...call the police?! What the fuck for you moron? What are they going to do, arrest the boat?!
Jarno Matikainen
Jarno Matikainen - 7 years ago
Sailing intoxicated is crime, that includes sleep deprevation. :)
Frankie2012channel - 7 years ago
That's a silly comment. Call the police? That's usually the same as "Call First Responders". The police have direct radio access to rescue units, ambulances, EMTs, hospitals, et. al. The first step in any disaster or mishap, is usually people calling the POLICE, who then notify the appropriate responding units.
F Huber
F Huber - 7 years ago
You call the police so they can send the correct people out to handle potential injuries and maybe rescue people if the thing sinks.
Get these people moving fast and early... better that they show up and are not needed than they are needed and don't show up.

The guy saying"Call the police" was one of the smartest people there that day.
JP Herrmann
JP Herrmann - 7 years ago
legally speaking arresting property is actually a thing. legally they have to link cuffs on the boat symbolically to arrest it. gotta love legal.
j4cko56 - 7 years ago
Yes, sorry! I forgot that a boat can never have a mechanical problem causing a crash, ever.
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson - 7 years ago
How about coordinate a rescue if the boat capsized or started to sink. There is a Thames river police with their own rapid response boats (RIBS). Also to clear the bridge of rubberneckers as it may be needed for ambulances and other emergency vehicles.
Random Car Guy
Random Car Guy - 7 years ago
+Paul Kazansky it clearly says that the boat had engine failure. look up the incident online and that's what the reports say.
paxivet - 7 years ago
Yeah, because every one knows these boats are not driven by anyone. They just run around by themselves. And you call someone else a moron!
Paul Kazansky
Paul Kazansky - 7 years ago
Maybe to arrest drunk captain.
Maya Barach Jabbar
Maya Barach Jabbar - 7 years ago
j4cko56 I spit out all my water when I saw this
Lozza GQ
Lozza GQ - 7 years ago
I was going to buy a super yacht. then I picked up a cheap 110ft Ice Breaker. It's great I can smash the shit out of everything with no worries at all.
Dodge Mustang
Dodge Mustang - 7 years ago
Friggin Rich people!!
Bab Boon
Bab Boon - 7 years ago
Its strangely reassuring to think there's no incompetent like a rich incompetent.
mwnciboo - 7 years ago
Bab Boon Most super Yachts have professional crews the super rich don't drive themselves as a general rule.
Federico Lucchi
Federico Lucchi - 7 years ago
The skipper probably wasn't rich. Those rich guys can't helm, they pay for someone to do it. Too much money and you even have to pay people to play with your own toys.
Beff Jaker
Beff Jaker - 7 years ago
Oggy Oggy he wasn't talking about money fuck giraffe.
Spacelyz Rockit
Spacelyz Rockit - 7 years ago
Poor people don't run governments. In "democracies" the wealthy do a good job of tricking the common folk into thinking they have a say in it. In dictatorships they have merely dispensed with smoke and mirrors. Look at the mess we are all in, about to go to war and blow each other to shit. Only rich people have things they are willing to see millions die for. Not just incompetence , but murderous, insatiable greed. Every war that has ever been fought has been a con game, making the common folk think they have something to fight and die for, but in the end its all really to satisfy the designs of the rich, who never become physically involved in the fighting. It should be clear who the true savages of this world are.
Think Again
Think Again - 7 years ago
Generate wealth - ha ha ha with daddy's money usually.
Go read your Tony Robbins BS
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
Bab Boon
You should see poor incompetence. Half those cunts can't even hold down a job. They certainly can't generate wealth.
civiere - 7 years ago
that azteca must have azipods doesnt it? how the hell did it get so close to shore? and is she made of wood? the damage seems pretty big for a steel ship dont u think?
civiere - 7 years ago
yeah knew that, but ive only seen steel ones on steel ships and wood on wood. so this combination seems strange.
Burlats de Montaigne
Burlats de Montaigne - 7 years ago
civiere The wooden rail is called a rub rail. It is supposed to take a bit of punishment to protect the hull.
Ego adiuvabo te
Ego adiuvabo te - 7 years ago
5:25 ...call the police right now????? like the scipper and personel didnt noticed they crashed? dumb bitch.
Fred Fadungy
Fred Fadungy - 7 years ago
these things are Ludicrous
Klutch Krazy
Klutch Krazy - 7 years ago
4:55 I've had road rage for someone hitting my truck.. imagine someone hitting your million $ yacht lmao
wrushbo - 7 years ago
I think they thought the "skipper hat" and the blue blazer with the anchors on the lapels that they wore to the country club automatically made them Admiral fucking Nimitz.....
Lary Mayotte
Lary Mayotte - 7 years ago
You could call this video "more dollar's than cents/ sense" ....LOL = Love Of Life my friend.
daniel edrich
daniel edrich - 7 years ago
That'll rub out.
Sentrike Gaming
Sentrike Gaming - 7 years ago
whats the song called around 6:00
Johan Hardenbol
Johan Hardenbol - 7 years ago
Money can't buy you skills
TechCheck - 7 years ago
Most with a lot of money are intelligent, that's how they got rich. So your argument is moot, I know you will attempt to say that rich people are stupid since so many poor people hate rich people. If becoming rich and successful is for stupid people then what is all the poor peoples excuse for failing monetarily in life?
I will beak this to you, most poor people in 1st world countries are actually sub par in intelligence.
The most skilled car racers are rich, Formula 1 drivers etc. Same with rally drivers etc, go ahead and cry because rich people are better than you, fail.
nocoolname32 - 7 years ago
so many moron on this post. most yachts over 65' have a hired captain. some of those boats were well over 100' and $20M and you guys think the owner is piloting it? MORONS
Jarno Matikainen
Jarno Matikainen - 7 years ago
Money can buy excellent skilled sailor to "drive" the boat for you.
Armin Gaehwiler
Armin Gaehwiler - 7 years ago
Spacelyz Rockit
Spacelyz Rockit - 7 years ago
No, I just piloted a shrimp boat one season. Still pretty big though. 50 foot with 2 inboard diesels each with a prop shaft. Had to bring it in to the dock every day to dump the catch. The principles are the same. Better anticipate turning and stopping well ahead of time, because like a freight train, your'e going to keep moving for a while. In water, inertia is a big deal..
OMGWTFLOL - 7 years ago
Says someone glibly who's never piloted a large yacht before.
phuturephunk - 7 years ago
I can buy you a deck crew that knows what they're doing though!
Kirby - 7 years ago
I don't think they are all quite that limited.
Kirby - 7 years ago
Many if not most aren't even good at making money.  Some are happy, and don't care,  some are simply just not able and jealous.
Kirby - 7 years ago
Perhaps a few are only good at making money but there are many that are good at that and talented in many other things also. Accept it.
Spacelyz Rockit
Spacelyz Rockit - 7 years ago
They are good at the one thing that made them rich. To get rich they had to concentrate on that one thing, whether it's being a stock broker, a banker or whatever. Outside their little area of expertise they are lost. They are much like a savant. The funniest thing is when they buy an expensive performance car thinking that's going to turn them into Mario Andretti, then pile it into a tree. You tube is full of videos of that.
Kirby - 7 years ago
Rich people are good at one thing, and one thing only? Oh really, and what would that be?
Outland - 7 years ago
Rocket scientist's don't make that much.
Spacelyz Rockit
Spacelyz Rockit - 7 years ago
A lot of rich people have intelligence that is as specialized as an insect. Outside of whatever it is they do, banker, stock broker, rocket scientist, drug dealer, whatever, they don't have the slightest knowledge of anything. I was working as a mechanic in a garage and saw a guy come in with an 100,000 dollar Mercedes on a wrecker and he looked all spiffy and well to do and explained that he had put a new battery in his car but something had "gone wrong" and the car was dead and wouldn't start. Mr. rich genius had been unable to tell positive from negative when he tried to be Mr. Goodwrench. He fried the whole computer system in his car. That was not cheap to fix. His warranty wouldn't cover it, ha ha.
Alfs Awful
Alfs Awful - 7 years ago
Or intelligence!
kris4733 - 7 years ago
Most of them have hired captains
Johnnyc drums
Johnnyc drums - 7 years ago
Owner might not be on board.
Johnnyc drums
Johnnyc drums - 7 years ago
It can if you don't hire teenagers and other unqualified douche bags from your Country Club.
Johan Hardenbol
Johan Hardenbol - 7 years ago
Absolutly not,but skills have nothing to do whit being smart.
Kirby - 7 years ago
Are you saying these people aren't very smart?
Outland - 7 years ago
Yeah, but if you got all the gear why assume you need any idea?
brettymike - 7 years ago
No money definitely can't buy skills either.
Kirby - 7 years ago
Being broke cant buy you a boat handling course ether, much less  a yacht.
Rob Plotts
Rob Plotts - 7 years ago
I know thats right. Rich people good at one thing and one thing only. In this case not running a boat
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
Johan Hardenbol
No, but it buys a cool yacht.
Андрей Александрович Чекмарёв
Андрей Александрович Чекмарёв - 7 years ago
Johan Hardenbol no yacht no skill :)
Trav Crabbe
Trav Crabbe - 7 years ago
путь и истина и жизнь swann
путь и истина и жизнь swann - 7 years ago
Skills require some form of intelligence to be adapted. That, money can't buy.
Simon Carling
Simon Carling - 7 years ago
Trav Crabbe a
Trav Crabbe
Trav Crabbe - 7 years ago
It can buy you lessons with professionals, which could give you skills though:P
Daniel XiMenes
Daniel XiMenes - 7 years ago
o uh. :(. Saludos a todos de México.
Stormbase - 7 years ago
Daniel XiMenes Saludos de Panama!
William 748
William 748 - 7 years ago
Nice video man!
Daniel Gregory vlogs
Daniel Gregory vlogs - 7 years ago
Cool video

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