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Apogee, Darwin Deason's $70 million-dollar luxury yacht, can be chartered for a mere $400,000 per fees. Subscribe to FORBES: Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: Forbes Video on Twitter: Forbes Video on Instagram: More From Forbes: Forbes covers the intersection of entrepreneurship, wealth, technology, business and lifestyle with a focus on people and success.

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Apogee, Darwin Deason's $70 million-dollar luxury yacht, can be chartered for a mere $400,000 per fees. Subscribe to FORBES: Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: Forbes Video on Twitter: Forbes Video on Instagram: More From Forbes: Forbes covers the intersection of entrepreneurship, wealth, technology, business and lifestyle with a focus on people and success.

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for Inside A Billionaire's 205-ft Mega-Yacht | Forbes

Boat Name Guy
Boat Name Guy - 5 years ago
Let me know if you need a new boat name or graphics anywhere on your boat Mr. Deason.
I noticed some chipping on one of your life preservers...
Deano W
Deano W - 5 years ago
I congratulate you on the success of being blessed. Get rid of the costs and operations part, and focus on what you get out of it, especially HOW it gets you closer to the Almighty!
Todd Simone
Todd Simone - 5 years ago
I bet his wife is smashing some of the crew members
Strictly gaming news
Strictly gaming news - 5 years ago
Loving life
Geoff Longford
Geoff Longford - 5 years ago
Fuckers gonna die like all of us.
Sounds like a fucking fairy with his taste in his arse.
Peter C Geere
Peter C Geere - 5 years ago
And obviously acquired from lots of hard work and effort. Great! 'But store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy'. And also 'Jesus answered, 'Go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasures in Heaven. Then come, follow Me'. [Matt. 19 v21]. NOW, before the whole world dumps on my head, I'll say this. Would I like to have a yacht like his, along with a beautiful woman? ABSOLUTELY! As would EVERYONE checking out this clip! GOD bless you all, as He has me, and just remember - our graves will ALL be the same size one day; STAY HUMBLE! And be kind to one another! Shalom!
Egon Mandl
Egon Mandl - 5 years ago
Soul Song
Egon Mandl
Egon Mandl - 5 years ago
Soul Song
elvis manhattan
elvis manhattan - 5 years ago
so in this world where we operate as society... i absolutely support KILLING KILLERS...
but i also support poor people killing and stealing from this DEMONS!

10. comment for Inside A Billionaire's 205-ft Mega-Yacht | Forbes

Anna James
Anna James - 5 years ago
What I can see, this fucking guy loves to leave a mega carbon footprint.
I wish to fucking him and his fucking crew to get drowned on this environment killer.
Hayden Philbert
Hayden Philbert - 5 years ago
I've been on those boats before
David Case
David Case - 5 years ago
You should see my 14' Carolina skiff
Richard Boudville
Richard Boudville - 5 years ago
Enjoy it. You can't take it with you when you die.
RowdyRides - 5 years ago
Felt like some shade when she said "whose quite a bit younger than him" lol
thomas seven
thomas seven - 5 years ago
Kind of tacky.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 5 years ago
More dollars than cents.
Robert Gilmore
Robert Gilmore - 5 years ago
Arkansas Hillbilly made it big.  Must have pick right numbers on Powerball.
David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick - 5 years ago
You can marry more money in 5 minutes then you can earn in a lifetime
ALEC GRIMES - 5 years ago
Good for him. I am poor as hell, but....hey....if you built a company....enjoy the rewards. One life to live.

20. comment for Inside A Billionaire's 205-ft Mega-Yacht | Forbes

Jason Utley
Jason Utley - 5 years ago
Brilliant man..
Zaparoony Zap
Zaparoony Zap - 5 years ago
What do they say... "Money can't buy you happiness"? I call B.S. on that!
Tribe Benjamin
Tribe Benjamin - 5 years ago
he stole from Barry Seal
Zen-activités - 5 years ago
rich people are boring fat and all they do is pollute the planet.
FreedomForce100 - 5 years ago
At least he knows it's a waste of money.
Jayson Padilla
Jayson Padilla - 5 years ago
Seven Sevens
Seven Sevens - 5 years ago
One reason for boat. To impress other people. Question: Why bother.
Mr. Cosmos
Mr. Cosmos - 5 years ago
Wish he is also rich in the sight of God otherwise Jesus thinks he is a fool! Hahaha, been through all that in my own way and I now know Jesus is right (not meaning at all to be religious but as a matter of personal experience of the vanity of materialism)
UTI - 5 years ago
Nice boat. TERRIBLE HOST> this lady is dressed like a common office worker- not a tv personality. her speaking skills and voice are not suited for her role.
Sam Steward
Sam Steward - 5 years ago
Sounds fun!!

30. comment for Inside A Billionaire's 205-ft Mega-Yacht | Forbes

Steven Morris
Steven Morris - 5 years ago
Are we here to admire the yacht or look at a face?
Anil Hiralall
Anil Hiralall - 5 years ago
Len Farneth
Len Farneth - 5 years ago
Yeah and at 50K per year I can pull hotties like that. Lol must be nice!
Jameson Cross
Jameson Cross - 5 years ago
Some people are just driven. That's very cool.
Jake the Snake
Jake the Snake - 5 years ago
Do ya think I could get one of these yachts on section 8?
don't deny my righteousness truth
don't deny my righteousness truth - 5 years ago
I'm calling shenanigans. She said a crew of 17. At 5:28 I clearly see a crew of 19. Get your shit together lady.
don't deny my righteousness truth
don't deny my righteousness truth - 5 years ago
You know you come from a small town. When you think Tulsa Oklahoma has bright lights and a big city. God bless him
The frog
The frog - 5 years ago
Cool it's how l want to live.
bob miller
bob miller - 5 years ago
but everyone in your life, including your wife....likes you because you have lots of $. Id rather be alone.
Gabe Lee
Gabe Lee - 5 years ago
what a rough life...some people are so poor in that all they have is MONEY.
Kevin lee
Kevin lee - 5 years ago
It's scary, how much this lady knows about this dude's life.
pepe arias
pepe arias - 5 years ago
te va 4 quinientos mil pesos bolivianos, para un mes ( el morfi lo pongo yo)
clary prince
clary prince - 5 years ago
Wouldn't be interested in giving Me ah ride to pick up My Fiancee from Indonesia would ya,, LoL,, from South Carolina that is..!!
Siward Beorn
Siward Beorn - 6 years ago
good man an best wishes to him! He is living his dream! let him be a inspiration to all ! may he always feel the teak beneath his feer an the wind at his back! peace love an light peeps
haley smith
haley smith - 6 years ago
foolish amt of money there is no such thing
אדם בן
אדם בן - 6 years ago
מעניין אך מרגיש זקן עשיר עם צעירה שהיא איתו רק בגלל הכסף
francisco auger
francisco auger - 6 years ago
Very nice overview!
But to keep him happier his doctor must treat ASAP his severe case of
OCT ! !
ประทีป อนุมาตย์
ประทีป อนุมาตย์ - 6 years ago
David Martinez
David Martinez - 6 years ago
Luisa kroll
Can kiss alot of ass
Roger Thornhill
Roger Thornhill - 6 years ago
Stunning , this is tge stuff of dreams .

50. comment for Inside A Billionaire's 205-ft Mega-Yacht | Forbes

Dunstan Hilton
Dunstan Hilton - 6 years ago
Sir Deasons it is nice to see what you are doing as one of our world Billionaire,Im mr Hilton a former speaker of vanuatu Parliament,irst off all greettings from Vanuatu,.and im pleased to inviting you to my country vanuatu,if you can make your time available to visit Vanuatu.All the best and do take care , God Bless
Disinf3ctant - 6 years ago
This guy isn't even worth that much.
Emre Can Ergin
Emre Can Ergin - 6 years ago
What an annoying voice.. fuck.
David Digital
David Digital - 6 years ago
How do you screw in a disco ball ? Must be painful
Dragon Man
Dragon Man - 6 years ago
He deserves it he worked for it
Bud Weiser
Bud Weiser - 6 years ago
In the end that wife is going to cost alot more than that little boat
Ek Chuah Studios
Ek Chuah Studios - 6 years ago
I like it, I'll take two.
Lenny Online
Lenny Online - 6 years ago
Where is his hot wife?
Dan Elisha
Dan Elisha - 6 years ago
What a boring life he must have
hinwi - 6 years ago
Good for Him, For Having Fun.
Cosmic Messenger
Cosmic Messenger - 6 years ago
I think he's done really well. I'm still trying to find 20k to finish training but what the heck. If he made it then good on him. 7,000,000 a year to run, wow!
Rich Martinez
Rich Martinez - 6 years ago
Robert DeNiro is a Stupid Motha Fucker!!!!
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott - 6 years ago
Very nice indeed........
Buckwild 65
Buckwild 65 - 6 years ago
Babe when that old man kicks off hit me up, we will bring that yacht and money back to Oklahoma. We will set that yacht on lake Texhoma
Dave Grieger
Dave Grieger - 6 years ago
AND he earned every friggan dime! penny? Proud of ya!
toto wolf
toto wolf - 6 years ago
Fuck this cracker...hope he capsizes and dies of hypothermia
Jorge Toro
Jorge Toro - 6 years ago
If the label of water bottle in the fridge is not facing out, the employees get in trouble!!! What an idiot
1111pyramids1111 - 6 years ago
Very, very, nice, but is the toilet made of 24 karat Indonesian Gold?
twoweeled soto
twoweeled soto - 6 years ago
Imagine my surprise when she says he has a younger girlfriend? Wear protection, my friend. Always wear protection.
Anders Hallberg
Anders Hallberg - 6 years ago
So much bad taste cramped together on 205 ft. Astonishing!
Henk Zaanstad
Henk Zaanstad - 6 years ago
It,s is and me goning to Heaven...( every one on earth going )
Randall Vaughn
Randall Vaughn - 6 years ago
This guy is savvy enough to have an iron clad prenup. He got his start in Bush Whack Arkansas with nothing but dust in his pockets and built a fortune. I can admire someone like that.
Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith - 6 years ago
I also want to screw in a disco ball
Leila Moss
Leila Moss - 6 years ago
tooooooo much money "foolish money'! as he said
we'll call you k
we'll call you k - 6 years ago
Look at that fucking whore There's always some cunt who will suck an old cock
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown - 6 years ago
This is an absolutely vulgar display of human nature. Where is natural selection when we need it most?
Dr Simon Fox
Dr Simon Fox - 6 years ago
The women says in this tape.A good place to screw???.Screw what.The crew ha ha.What a retard.
Dr Simon Fox
Dr Simon Fox - 6 years ago
And he dies like everyone else.And the tax man get a lot out of him.
Ursula Phillips
Ursula Phillips - 6 years ago
I now that life
Fauzan Said
Fauzan Said - 6 years ago
alangkah indahnya
Theron Nelson
Theron Nelson - 6 years ago
that aint shit
Mulga Man
Mulga Man - 6 years ago
I get more fun out of my tinny then this piece of shit that this guy payed millions for.
Phil Razzi
Phil Razzi - 6 years ago
I worked for him for several years. Nobody ever got a raise. He is one cheap bastard.
Sivam Jothinayagam
Sivam Jothinayagam - 6 years ago
Phil Razzi - all fucking rich T , B , M is An Asshole Fucking Bastatd....
ELIPIO Quispe Bendezu
ELIPIO Quispe Bendezu - 6 years ago
Phil Razzi de
ELIPIO Quispe Bendezu
ELIPIO Quispe Bendezu - 6 years ago
Phil Razzi la.
David DiStefano
David DiStefano - 6 years ago
Is it for Sale ???
zanko zezo
zanko zezo - 6 years ago
Is this video about a woman wearing a glass.
CÁSSIO CAMARGO - 6 years ago
Subscribe my CHANNEL
CÁSSIO CAMARGO - 6 years ago
hammer6048 - 6 years ago
Let's see, he dies, you die, I die, none of this means anything.
Dan Vaught
Dan Vaught - 6 years ago
I shouldn't watch this, I shouldn't watch this...
annabel Kennedy
annabel Kennedy - 6 years ago
nice the yacht design
annabel Kennedy
annabel Kennedy - 6 years ago
my sweetheart billioner
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones - 6 years ago
now how does this float on water?
Craig Peeke
Craig Peeke - 6 years ago
Really show me that going where without it blown out of water
GcoEnterprises - 6 years ago
gaining vast amounts of wealth is actually easy when it does occur, because it's usually by luck, it's trying to live day to day that's a great drag!
whiteribbonman1 - 6 years ago
The yacht is beautiful to say the least but WHY would you have "disco balls"? I would think they would be out of place on that luxurious sea-bound palace. What does the flag he flies mean?
Seth S
Seth S - 6 years ago
Look st his girl. Probs old buddy
Ed Zeppelin
Ed Zeppelin - 6 years ago
The chick married him 'cuz he's HOT. A real fugg stick. She makes love to his wallet often. Dances the pole in a costume for the tip $$$.
Thomas 69383
Thomas 69383 - 6 years ago
Makes me sick with envy ! I know I shouldn't think like that but it does .
DR N - 6 years ago
Married to most expensive prostitute in the world
Darrell's Moto Diary
Darrell's Moto Diary - 6 years ago
Who says money can't buy you everything

100. comment for Inside A Billionaire's 205-ft Mega-Yacht | Forbes

Charles Irby
Charles Irby - 6 years ago
It's more like a floating Country in International waters.
ShieldZone - 6 years ago
l'apologie des milliardaires. qui n'ont rien d'autre que du pognon en excès a balancer par la fenêtre pendant que des gens crèvent..c'est merveilleux de les voir s'amuser à dépenser 100 million dans 1 bateau..On doit se poser la question de savoir si c'est une bonne chose de fermer les yeux et de faire "wow fantastique, je veux le même"!
ABC ABC - 6 years ago
old senile dementia man
jmh30us - 6 years ago
hot young digger
Matt Bridges
Matt Bridges - 6 years ago
..."can go anywhere...."
I wholeheartedly recommend the Somalian coastline.
karen pyle
karen pyle - 6 years ago
With all that money, can you share some with me?
WonderingAimlessly - 6 years ago
yea, I suppose so.
Der Gorghast
Der Gorghast - 6 years ago
I like the trophy wife - most of all!

What % is silicone?

Does she seal or open cracks?
doh1959 - 6 years ago
the great thing about yachting is 5.24 secs
Ken Bridgens
Ken Bridgens - 6 years ago
Well done Mr many weeks a year do you spend on your yacht?
Preston Garrison
Preston Garrison - 6 years ago
The man who boldly transgresses, amassing a great heap unjustly--by force, in time, he will strike his sail, when trouble seizes him as the yardarm is splintered. He calls on those who hear nothing and he struggles in the midst of the whirling waters. The god laughs at the hot-headed man, seeing him, who boasted that this would never happen, exhausted by distress without remedy and unable to surmount the cresting wave. He wrecks the happiness of his earlier life on the reef of Justice, and he perishes unwept, unseen.

AESCHYLUS, The Eumenides
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien - 6 years ago
And now he embarrasses and perpetuates the "dirty old man" thing with the women half his age. The yacht is great and he deserves the rewards of his labors; but he's a reality case. By the time most people acquire such wealth, they have overworked themselves, decreased their lifespan due to stress and heart disease and he's too old to really make it more than an infomercial for "One can attract the most attractive women one can afford."
GSA - 6 years ago
Martin Oberg
Martin Oberg - 6 years ago
...........and there's people starving in Africa !!! What a wonderful world we live in.
James Y
James Y - 6 years ago
Very annoying voice especially where you emphasize the vowels. Is that an Alaskan accent? Borrow some money and fix your vocal chord too.
ready and waiting
ready and waiting - 6 years ago
poor fella, must be awful ! lol
Alex Stevenson
Alex Stevenson - 6 years ago
good on the man, he`s made his money now he`s spending it that`s what makes the world go round, not like the selfish bastards that`s goal is to be the richest idiot in the graveyard, hording billions out of circulation
Randy Larson
Randy Larson - 6 years ago
Work hard play hard obviously you deserve it!!
Jr Crawford
Jr Crawford - 6 years ago
Wow to where and for what? My meds?
Gary Weinstein
Gary Weinstein - 6 years ago
fun to watch
LA on location
LA on location - 6 years ago
With women. Like that you don't. Need vagrant
Jonathan Dooley
Jonathan Dooley - 6 years ago
I like how she has to state that his wife "who is much younger than him" ...
Andreo Suro
Andreo Suro - 6 years ago
хуйня :)) за 100 тыщ баксафф можно взять покататься, и то на соляру бабла жалко...
hintsofblue - 6 years ago
Who cares
notanxiousanxiety - 6 years ago
I worked for this guys company...
Street sweep 717
Street sweep 717 - 6 years ago
When did Tina Fey start working at Forbes?
xrcrx ftfghjg
xrcrx ftfghjg - 6 years ago
all the hot men n she picks colonel Sanders
destinationluxury - 6 years ago
Irish Tino
Irish Tino - 6 years ago
This video was unsettling, the boat reminded me of the Playboy mansions, a good place to get an STD. What is really disturbing is a guy with only a high school education spends his money on this trivial lifestyle and never gets a real education. Hard worker sure, good businessman absolutely, human being with a billion dollar mind, no.
Zee Ro
Zee Ro - 6 years ago
Luckily his wife loves him & didn't just marry him for money.................... LOSER.
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D - 6 years ago
probably spent 16 hr days his whole life working....sleepless he can play on a big boat when hes old. Not worth the trade. Borderline lame
Jeff Stryker
Jeff Stryker - 6 years ago
Ew gross fucken gold diggers.
dstrong11 - 6 years ago
In 10 years let's see if Apogee is still shining clean. In 10 years his net worth will be half, or less. Spend money to make money.
S Lit
S Lit - 6 years ago
He sends it in to get cleaned and the cum scraped of the dinner table.
zzbzaz - 6 years ago
condoms included???
Nikolay Smirnof
Nikolay Smirnof - 6 years ago
this old man must get excited watching how somebody screws his wife ..... money cant give you a natural long erection
Sergio Chapa
Sergio Chapa - 6 years ago
what accent is she speaking in? sounds canadian maybe
Antonio Escobar
Antonio Escobar - 6 years ago
Hope he has a good tongue.... haha..
Paul Jamieson
Paul Jamieson - 6 years ago
I wish the subject line said, "Inside a Billionaire's wife" !!
Sam Connor
Sam Connor - 6 years ago
Why the Cayman Islands flag on vessels constantly?
Clive Venning
Clive Venning - 6 years ago
Good on you mate.. Enjoy
Kimbocf Aloggo
Kimbocf Aloggo - 6 years ago
Peter Getinard
Peter Getinard - 6 years ago
I bet his wife fell in love with him and not his money!......yeah right....
Peter Getinard
Peter Getinard - 6 years ago
I wondered what happened to Dog the bounty hunter after his series was cancelled....
Robert Brand
Robert Brand - 6 years ago
This absolutely gross....
bentallha chiffa
bentallha chiffa - 6 years ago
Jeff Barris
Jeff Barris - 6 years ago
god bless him
RUPESH KUMAR GUPTA - 6 years ago
where ever the pleasant weather he move there ?
ben thomson
ben thomson - 6 years ago
Literally stopping this video after 2 minutes, I can't handle this stupid cows voice any longer.
ben thomson
ben thomson - 6 years ago
Her accent makes me so angry.
GoneFishingStories - 6 years ago
WOW!! "He's wife is quite a bit younger then him" WHAT A SHOCKER!
Bertha Lovejoy
Bertha Lovejoy - 6 years ago
i wanted to see the yacht not an old hag ramble on about it thanks
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma - 6 years ago
this girl must hate her job
Walter Strong
Walter Strong - 6 years ago
Spend it if ya got it!
Derek Comer
Derek Comer - 6 years ago
Good on him
Patriot Jefferson
Patriot Jefferson - 6 years ago
Good for him. Enjoy your success! :)
Jeffrey Gold
Jeffrey Gold - 6 years ago
The whole "selling your company" to Wall Street or Wall Street companies is just another form accounting fraud—no accountability. It's complete bullshit, because the BailoutBanks™ that own companies like Xerox get to borrow the money from us—yes, us—at 0.075% interest from the Federal Reserve Discount Counter (yes, still us, but cleverly hidden). Then, to add injury to insult, we all pay for it again with meager wages, long hours, nonexistent healthcare, Constitution-free workplaces, and a whole host of other neo-feudal indignities (including American workers losing about 60% of their 401Ks).
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim - 6 years ago
Love that life, life is love,
Anthony Cotton
Anthony Cotton - 6 years ago
What a horrible world we live in, when there are disgusting people like this in it.
1111pyramids1111 - 6 years ago
Maybe this guy should have his teeth removed and replaced with gold teeth to match his golden bathroom sinks. He is not worth a dime unless he helps people that are homeless and starving. Kiss my big Efen derriere. Mr. Dimwit.  You have allot to do to join the human race.
guy leblanc
guy leblanc - 6 years ago
rektnarok - 6 years ago
good monkey, shiny.
Vivian George
Vivian George - 6 years ago
However, he looks like he will live barely 7 years...!!
S upermanSinger
S upermanSinger - 6 years ago
Usually this shit makes me sick, but the guy does love and enjoy the life more than the average billionaire would. I sure as shit wouldn't mind owning that yacht.
Neri Cohen
Neri Cohen - 6 years ago
every label have to face out
or rhe crow will get into trouble

well I feel sorry for the crow who works for this mini dictator
fuck him and with all his money he knows deep inside he can't buy love with all the money in the world
AWILDA DAVILA - 6 years ago
Sailing Nations UG
Sailing Nations UG - 6 years ago
nice video, keep up the good work!
Andrew Zhang
Andrew Zhang - 6 years ago
And I though I had OCD
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt - 6 years ago
Quite a nice yacht from the outside but the inside (furniture) is not that kind of a europeans taste. So it would be hard for Mr. Deason to (propably)sell it to an european wealthy man.
TheWebCritic - 6 years ago
Mocorito sin. Mex What's it coming to? There were rich people in every era and every country.
3rdDegMM - 6 years ago
What a douche
lea cole
lea cole - 6 years ago
Ugh just show me the yacht, lady talk so damn much.....
Big Rip
Big Rip - 6 years ago
2:00 why does she need to say his wife is "quite a bit younger than him" ? is she jealous? seems like a liberal thing
Puff Of Smoke
Puff Of Smoke - 6 years ago
Meh. There's no indoor whale shark aquarium.
jmj002vp - 6 years ago
There are two kinds of rich people. Some, like Darwin, go out and spend some of their money buying houses, boats, and airplanes, and then hundreds (in some cases thousands) of people like me are employed in various capacities and so we get to live their dream. The other kind of rich guy just puts all their money in the bank and let it compound over and over and over. I'll take the spenders every time. Money is like manure, you have to spread it around to do any good.
Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor - 6 years ago
I've done a lot of work for this guy back in the early 90's a very very nice place. A 10 story building and he has the 10th floor and a large penthouse on the roof. Beautiful wood work and stairwell I helped build it and know he spent a lot but he sold the rest of the floors to pay for the building and his place. He was an entrepreneur back then and would go out at night in a limo if he liked the limo service he would go buy it the next day. So he has many many investments. I have pictures of his place and look at them and say I know how the rich live.
Khiem Tran
Khiem Tran - 6 years ago
Totally not a foolish spending at all. If you have that much money spend it and enjoy life before you die. Don't know when you will die and can't bring anything down in your tiny coffin!
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden - 6 years ago
With a yacht you are able to go anywhere in the world? Anywhere? Come to Paris!
Steve Wenzel
Steve Wenzel - 6 years ago
Steve Wenzel
Steve Wenzel - 6 years ago
Is that the dumbest question you could have ever asked. A tractor trailer is 53 ft long. So that boat is 4 tractor trailer lengths long. And you ask can it go in the ocean derrr Duhhhhh
Steve Wenzel
Steve Wenzel - 6 years ago
Keep scrolling around you tube maybe you'll stumble across this guy and your dream of fucking a male billionaire will come true
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden - 6 years ago
+Steve Wenzel
So tell me you braindead genius, can he go to Paris with the yacht?
Steve Wenzel
Steve Wenzel - 6 years ago
Let me answer your question for you hopefully it helps. At 205 ft and if it's called a MEGA YACHT chances are if you ask if it can go around the world you sound like a complete fucking idiot .. no it can't it's meant to go into his private pond ......dummmy....sounds like your the retard btw. And for the record. YES IT CAN GO AROUND THE WORLD you and him can have butt sex in all the rooms to
Hope this answers your complicated question BITCH
Steve Wenzel
Steve Wenzel - 6 years ago
Edward Snowden that's so cute eel. maybe you guys can meet up ... Yeah and your wishes can finally come true. a rich old smelly man can stick his cock. in your ass .... Yeah come to Paris. please. you fucking faggot .. go kill yourself please
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden - 6 years ago
+Steve Wenzel
get back to porn and keep Wenzelling you little fart
Travel Hub 365, Inc.
Travel Hub 365, Inc. - 7 years ago
Vladimir Steinberg
Vladimir Steinberg - 7 years ago
This is all temporary! The mortality rate is 100%!!!!!
Stop Motion Express
Stop Motion Express - 7 years ago
Ralph Anidjar
Ralph Anidjar - 7 years ago
$400,000 per week, gives $2,380 PER HOUR. Isn't that a lot of money whjch not even some junior executives can't earn PER MONTH?
atal1001 - 7 years ago
i dont want this yacht for one day free...(without money)
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
And now we have a President that has always lived in luxury and knows absolutely nothing about how us common everyday people struggle to put food on the table and barely eek our way through life.
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
It's amazing how much some people have and at the same time we have so many people with nothing living check to check if they are lucky. There's something terribly wrong with all of this
Pentti Toikkanen
Pentti Toikkanen - 7 years ago
Expensive boats.
Paulino diaz lorenzo
Paulino diaz lorenzo - 7 years ago
Me parece muy bién y si encima le saca partido a una inversión de su propiedad como es alquilarlo a otras personas que se lo puedan permitir,estupendo. un saludo.
That Family
That Family - 7 years ago
Hmmm he worked hard and achieved the American Dream....why does everybody seem to despise him for enjoying his success?
Did he steal all that wealth? Did he cheat people? Did he kill anybody in his blind ambition for self promotion? No, he built a successful business which employs thousands of people and makes it possible for me to not stop at tollbooths.
A despicable fraud is running for president; she has made millions by selling our national interests, covered her tracks by deleting her private server emails, left dead Americans in her putrid wake......and on and on and on...
Millions of deluded sheep will vote for her.
Yacht Lane
Braden White
Braden White - 7 years ago
"He has a dance pole" MORE LIKE STRIPER POLE
Stop Motion Express
Stop Motion Express - 7 years ago
the bitch goes were the money is at gold digger!!!!!
tootsie girl
tootsie girl - 7 years ago
Would you blame her?  What the heck.. you only live once.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 7 years ago
Not a pinnacle, more like a testicle. Tacky design. Not worth the money asked for.
Phil Razzi
Phil Razzi - 7 years ago
Glad i could help this prick out in getting his dream yacht. I worked for ACS / Prepass for many years without a raise! What a prick.
Cjevo14 - 7 years ago
Money certainly can buy women because he is F**** Ugly!!
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
Cjevo14 Hell yes he is it's amazing how money makes men attractive
Laurence Janson
Laurence Janson - 7 years ago
let's hope that North Korean submarine does not blast it to kingdom come
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
Laurence Janson lol what a tragic death that would be
dirtTdude - 7 years ago
meh...  I would rather have a 60' sailing yacht and a few friends
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 7 years ago
Check out his young wife. She is a gold digger just waiting for him to die. I'm sure she has cheated mulitple times. But I have to say if I had that much money I would agree with a comment Huge Hefiner once said. "I have never been with a female over 26".
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
Michael Anderson she won't get much
Alex Charles
Alex Charles - 7 years ago
he said you can go anywhere? is that true? are there rules if you're going in another country?And where do you dock something like that? are there private docks?
CRM6718 - 7 years ago
apogee of foolishness...
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
CRM6718 Yes totally
Nicole Novo
Nicole Novo - 7 years ago
His wife isn't even that great, she looks like me minus the D cup breasts. Not fair.
Bobby Baldeagle
Bobby Baldeagle - 7 years ago
All that money for a hole in the middle of the water :(
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor - 7 years ago
I'm happy for him. He worked hard with a goal in mind and he obtained it.  Many people wish they were wealthy but are too lazy to go for it. I've always believed a person no matter the race can get what they dream of if they apply themselves and don't give up.
Henry McDaniel
Henry McDaniel - 6 years ago
Strictly gaming news with respect... you may be stuck in a rut and have to take new risks and explore other possibilities to get where you want to be.
Drake Destroyer
Drake Destroyer - 6 years ago
AllAmericanGuy01 - 6 years ago
STRICTLY GAMING NEWS Respectfully speaking, have you considered budgeting and managing your funds better? Sometimes we have to cut back just to gain a little.
AllAmericanGuy01 - 6 years ago
Bill Taylor My goal in life is to be happy.
Strictly gaming news
Strictly gaming news - 6 years ago
Bill Taylor bull crap most of these guys there grandfather have set them up etc very rare you will get this from rags to richies story some people just lucky i been working for 13 years 7 days a week up 5am and still cant afford a house unless i borrow from the bank and pay it of all my working life
Bluesgod King of Blues
Bluesgod King of Blues - 7 years ago
Bill Taylor Where is your Yacht dude I wanna see it
Michael Gould
Michael Gould - 7 years ago
Bill Taylor v
xirvin92 - 7 years ago
what a retarded dude, spending all the money like that
Matt - 7 years ago
Matt - 7 years ago
He has enough money to buy 4 of those yatchs and live on them till he's 100.. Even if it does cost 7million a year..
memee looker
memee looker - 7 years ago
Patrick Lim
Patrick Lim - 7 years ago
I would live all my life in this yacht
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 7 years ago
My biggest enjoyment is Deason did this without a college education. He is not a politically correct, liberal ass kissing tramp or or flamer supporters! He has the Hollywood sick candy ass scum actors paying to rent his boat!!!!!!
Lammie Baker
Lammie Baker - 5 years ago
Michael Anderson SC
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 6 years ago
Added that when king Obamanure was sworn in.
Preston Garrison
Preston Garrison - 6 years ago
The hammer and scythe are appropriate. Go far enough to the right and you reach the lunatic left.
SlowStacker47 - 6 years ago
Michael Anderson to bad you can't read hillbilly
Keeshan Agulto
Keeshan Agulto - 7 years ago
SS Trevors Big Pussi
gloomyteens - 7 years ago
2:00 "his wife Kat, who's quite a bit younger than him" LOL SHADY BITCH
#jAkY pontz
#jAkY pontz - 7 years ago
hi hello Darwin Deason how are u..i really loved your Apogee Yatch
HAPPY TOURISM - 7 years ago
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus - 7 years ago
To the people that say he should donate his money. How bout you look up what percent of donations actually make it to the foundations after politics get taken care of. And the people he employs everyday from his businesses to his yacht crew to his butlers drivers maids and all the people that work on his yacht private jets and real estate properties. He does a lot more than any of you people bitching about him not donating. He didn't get to where he's at because of donations. It's called hard work!!!!!
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus - 7 years ago
+xirvin92 it's his fkin money guy! Who gives a fuck how he spends "his" money. Why do you care what he does with his money. Go worry about yourself
xirvin92 - 7 years ago
he spends money in such a innecessary way its a crime almost
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus - 7 years ago
If you people honestly think he doesn't know she is with him cause his money. Y'all are crazy. He knows it but doesn't care. He's fucking a young model instead of some saggy ass old lady. What would you guys rather do? Fucking a model for the rest of you life or a saggy old women.
Linda B
Linda B - 7 years ago
LOL, what does the fact that his wife/gold digger "is quite a bit younger than him" have to do with the boat? smh
fouad dahdah
fouad dahdah - 7 years ago
هذا الرجل هو ذكي تتمتع أمواله، و يمكن لجميع النساء . أصحاب الملايين الآخرين يموت يعملون في مكاتبهم
fouad dahdah
fouad dahdah - 7 years ago
that man is intelligent is enjoying his money and all women can. the other millionaires die working in their office
fouad dahdah
fouad dahdah - 7 years ago
ese hombre es inteligente esta disfrutando su dinero y todas las mujeres que pueda otros millonarios moriran trabajando en una oficina
Capt Eric Bergeron
Capt Eric Bergeron - 7 years ago
Enjoyed this video, thumbs up. Cheers from sunny Nelsons DockYard Marina, Antigua in the Caribbean.
Sallee - 7 years ago
Capt Eric Bergeron are you rich?
Lankster Price
Lankster Price - 7 years ago
Greed at it best...
theKONGBLOG - 7 years ago
MEANWHILE... ...somewhere in the desolate lands of Somalia, flies are swarming around starving children born w/ HIV
ivan arciniegas
ivan arciniegas - 7 years ago
ikr,, and that guy wasting money, what a waste of resources, i hope he donates money too, like bill gates
Lions and Associates Sales Team Training & Success Building Channel
Lions and Associates Sales Team Training & Success Building Channel - 7 years ago
Awesome Yacht!
omnivorace - 7 years ago
Why do show her face ?
E. M. Torres
E. M. Torres - 7 years ago
I see a golddigger,
Little Blitz
Little Blitz - 7 years ago
why have a wife? So she can divorce you and grab most of your money? I wouldn't, unless it was my first wife.
abbyboyone - 7 years ago
+Derr Johnston hell yeah if done right
Derr Johnston
Derr Johnston - 7 years ago
Are those things watertight?
abbyboyone - 7 years ago
im sure he has a prenuptial agreement.
Derr Johnston
Derr Johnston - 7 years ago
+Patrick B For the 5:29, arm candy!
Artie Hill
Artie Hill - 7 years ago
Woweeee! Nice breast, just kidding.:-)
Alexander Cáceres
Alexander Cáceres - 7 years ago
Like para dosis de inspiración diaria :
Frank Jones
Frank Jones - 7 years ago
70 million dollar yacht and he can't pay a guy who'll hold the fucking camera still
Lankster Price
Lankster Price - 7 years ago
+Frank Jones, he paid that guy, 200 Peso to hold it... lol.... ($11.00 USD)
milton avalos
milton avalos - 7 years ago
Yung Six Speed Foreign
Yung Six Speed Foreign - 7 years ago
colt8826SOLDIER11B - 7 years ago
Glad someone is having a blast on that yacht tho be kool if we all had one woohoo lol
Dolly Probasco
Dolly Probasco - 7 years ago
In 2012 he was 1075 on the worlds billionaire list!  Unreal who knew there were that many "Billionaires" in this world!  Just looked it up and here is what it says...  1,645 people made the 2014 billionaire list, representing combined wealth of $6.4 trillion.... UNREAL!!
murph murph
murph murph - 5 years ago
it's now just under 3000 in 2018
Matt Centurione
Matt Centurione - 5 years ago
Dolly Probasco h7
MrIntelligentdesign - 7 years ago
OK, does he go to the Church?
alexa177 - 7 years ago
When the rich buy mansions or yachts, they usually just consider the purchase price. But what about the operating costs? Staffing, maintenance, and repairs can be financial sinkholes, and it’s all too easy not to discover them until you’ve been swallowed up.
A mansion For yachts, the operating costs are about 10% of the purchase price. So a $24 million, 150-foot yacht will cost you about $2.5 million a year to run.
Villa Dos Duquinhos - Salema Beach
Villa Dos Duquinhos - Salema Beach - 7 years ago
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Alexander Ray
Alexander Ray - 7 years ago
Your not worth it. You are 1 in many. You are a bad man
Kris B
Kris B - 7 years ago
This guy seems like a real peach.
pacman19ze - 7 years ago
What a bunch of jealous asshats. Do you really think he doesn't realize he wouldn't stand a chance in hell of bedding here without his money? He didn't make it by being an idiot.
SaneChek - 7 years ago
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David Todd Singleton
David Todd Singleton - 7 years ago
Well...he's in TERRIBLE shape.....TERRIBLE. So, the gym is just to fuck his chicks on...cause he's not embodying the picture of a perfect body. Next!
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
David Todd Singleton he looks fine for an old dude
David Todd Singleton
David Todd Singleton - 7 years ago
+*****'re welcome
TodaysRealHealth - 7 years ago
When people workout all the time but eat crap, they have a great body hidden under toxic layers.
He needs a private health chef. One that really knows what healthy is. Not a the wrong health propaganda released via media.
Brooklyn Pranks
Brooklyn Pranks - 7 years ago
too much money sickning
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles - 7 years ago
Personally I would choose love over money, happiness over sensation, philanthropy over self indulgence, self-discipline over greed, class over brashness but hey this is the american dream to live like a russian oligarch or an arab dictator when your own people are jobless, homeless and destitute. Good luck USA
10MoreGuns - 7 years ago
regardless of how much a person has they can give to much do you give?
10MoreGuns - 7 years ago
regardless of how much a person has they can give to much do you give?
Kid-Killah67 - 7 years ago
hippy socialist
Mitch Myers
Mitch Myers - 7 years ago
he seems pretty humble you have to spend your money somehow
Lion of Damascus
Lion of Damascus - 7 years ago
+Sopho Cles love made me happy, now I'll go for greatness since I don't have love
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles - 7 years ago
+Lion of Damascus whatever makes you happy 
Lion of Damascus
Lion of Damascus - 7 years ago
+Sopho Cles yeah but I just got rejected by my first love, I see no point in having love if she doesn't love you. I am going for the money now, I used to like like you
Aditya Nayak
Aditya Nayak - 7 years ago
+Sopho Cles Personally I would choose love and money, happiness and sensation (sensation? wut?), philanthropy and self indulgence, class and brashness.
No Name
No Name - 7 years ago
Micah J. Donaldson
Micah J. Donaldson - 7 years ago
+Think And grow rich preach
Mari Rodriguez
Mari Rodriguez - 7 years ago
The point is rich people do more to help themselves than anybody else! It's okay to spend some money on ourselves but when we have so much...We should help as many others as possible without going broke and do some good.* #IWantToBeAnAngel To do good for everyone! :))
Mari Rodriguez
Mari Rodriguez - 7 years ago
+Arman Mulder Great point! No objection! Lol
Arman Mulder
Arman Mulder - 7 years ago
+Mari Rodriguez you can`t succeed without helping others succeed first.
You do not go to the top alone.
It's Just Milk I Swear
It's Just Milk I Swear - 7 years ago
nuh uh you can't go anywhere cause if you got too far out cthulhu will get u and sink your broat.
JC landers
JC landers - 7 years ago
shame on him when there is so much need in this world waste of talent money and a chance of doing something more transcendental this life is passing sad to see this EGO-maniacs....
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
JC landers stfu
Rudyard Pue
Rudyard Pue - 7 years ago
+JC landers Everybody is a philanthropist when it comes to other peoples money.
Kiki lulu
Kiki lulu - 7 years ago
+JC landers you fuck off mother jealous loser , dropp dead.
excelerater - 7 years ago
and I have to think twice when ordering the guacamole for 4.95 extra
Satch Mahoney
Satch Mahoney - 6 years ago
excelerater your slutty mama’s stinky cunt you tea sipping fag!
Elvia Martinez
Elvia Martinez - 7 years ago
Cole Whittington
Cole Whittington - 7 years ago
is that british talk^
abbyboyone - 7 years ago
excelerater - 7 years ago
bloody wanker
John Johnson
John Johnson - 7 years ago
But my mom doesnt know u... btw sorry for taking ur side u scumbag
excelerater - 7 years ago
CUNT,,,,,,,,Ask yuor momma
John Johnson
John Johnson - 7 years ago
+Christopher Mueller why r u such a cunt?
Rian Weston-Dodds
Rian Weston-Dodds - 7 years ago
+excelerater That's alot for guacamole
excelerater - 7 years ago
I own two...piss off
Christopher Mueller
Christopher Mueller - 7 years ago
+excelerater Start a business or stop complaining
marion cobaretti
marion cobaretti - 7 years ago
lotsa loads blown daily on that vessel
Hash Brown
Hash Brown - 7 years ago
There are places to screw.... in disco balls
FreeFlamingInfinite - 7 years ago
2:00 "his wife Kat, who's quite a bit younger than him", haha!
What a surprise!
I bet that's real love between the 2 of them... NOT!
Zex Konjina
Zex Konjina - 5 years ago
Every man wants to have a ton of sexy women. His golddigger wife is certainly not the only one he is banging on his yacht, or private parties. But he worked all of his life for that privilege. Every normal man would do that. That's the purpose of life.
hotdog - 6 years ago
She could have me and then get my speedwell.
FreeFlamingInfinite - 7 years ago
Damn straight!!
TheErnstkare - 7 years ago
I'd say it's fine as long as they both know what it's about. she gets the money and he gets the hot wife
ivan arciniegas
ivan arciniegas - 7 years ago
+antonio aquino pfff omg, shut the fuck up, go buy prostitutes dumb fuck
antonio aquino
antonio aquino - 7 years ago
Your like ivan arcisiegas, a loser!!!
antonio aquino
antonio aquino - 7 years ago
Your a dummy for saying that, and a loser!!
ivan arciniegas
ivan arciniegas - 7 years ago
hahah yeah, the picture at the end with the golddigger its kinda sad actually
FreeFlamingInfinite - 7 years ago
+Linda B
Me too my friend... Me too.
Linda B
Linda B - 7 years ago
True, unfortunately! That's why to me the REAL luxury is to find/have someone who loves you for you So I never get it when people assume that someone is jealous of some fake love
FreeFlamingInfinite - 7 years ago
+Linda B
I think all I'm saying is that people of both sides are using each other for something.
Rich guys use hot girls, hot girls use rich guys, hot guys use ALL girls, and so on...
Nobody is getting out of this deal free.
Just the way of the world I'm afraid.
Linda B
Linda B - 7 years ago
"Most girls are willing to do it for a free dinner and a couple of drinks" I don't know you can say that for MOST girls, but since I'm a girl I obviously don't have direct experience with how far other girls would go and for what price. I personally don't know any girls would sleep with an unatrractive man for just a dinner and some drinks, but I know some who would sleep with him when they are attracted to him. It depends a lot where you are, I guess. In a first world country there'd probably be less (attractive) women who'd be willing to sleep with an unattractive man for a low price. But even for men with lower budgets exist enough options to get good looking young wives, who love you for your money, for cheap #mailorderbrides So there's really nothing to boast about, lol
FreeFlamingInfinite - 7 years ago
+Linda B
I suppose you're right... Most girls are willing to do it for a free dinner and a couple of drinks.
This dude's getting ripped off!
Linda B
Linda B - 7 years ago
Jealous of his money, yes, but jealous of having a gold-digger who sleeps with him because he has money? LOL, EVERY man can do that, because there exist prostitutes in every price range,and I bet even in the lower ranges are lots who are much cuter than his current gold-digger
AGuyWhoComments - 7 years ago
FreeFlamingInfinite - 7 years ago
+David Porter
Oh, thanks Ghandi, I'll keep that in mind...
david.porter Porter
david.porter Porter - 7 years ago
+FreeFlamingInfinite When you are jealous it keeps you in your place, why not be aspirational?
FreeFlamingInfinite - 7 years ago
+David Porter
Why not? He's rich AF and has a sexy little trophy wife. If that's not worth jealousy, I don't know what is?
david.porter Porter
david.porter Porter - 7 years ago
don't be jealous
TodaysRealHealth - 7 years ago
I think older men with younger woman really make the men look much older then they are. The young woman's face next to the old is aging for the old. Sorry but it does.
Graeme Sorrell
Graeme Sorrell - 7 years ago
It probably took this guy 25-30 years to become a billionaire. Took that woman, what, a week? I guess women really are smarter than men. Fastest way to become a billionaire: marry one. Forbes is focusing on the wrong billionaire.
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
Sopho Cles you know nothing
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
Graeme Sorrell Wrong
EpiDemic117 - 7 years ago
+Sopho Cles i don't doubt she will. But it's probably minuscule compared to his overall wealth. I know it's a game, Money talks, nobody wants to loose all of theirs. Maybe a tiny casualty of a share. But not a big chunk. 
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles - 7 years ago
+EpiDemic117 No body knows but she's not stupid she will get a sizeable chunk whatever happens maybe a few hundred million
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles - 7 years ago
+Dan G Malarkey he looks as if he has one foot in the grave - and with all that rich food and unsuitable exercising it won't be long before this 'girl' inherits the lot and has still got time to find real love - so yes absolutely women are smarter.
EpiDemic117 - 7 years ago
+Dan G Malarkey what makes you think he'd just let her have all his money? think about it, he's the one whos really calling the shots. You think he'd be that dumb after 25-30 years to just share it all with her? and have nothing pre written by a lawyer? Give me a break.
ShoopkoTube - 7 years ago
Today I'm giving a free hoverboard! Giveaway video will be uploaded soon, just so you know haha it's not a yacht but it's still cool enough
O R - 7 years ago
Well, he only needs to rent it out 18 weeks out of the year to break even. I'm not sure what the market is for renting out such expensive yachts, but I'm sure its possible. Its probably more expensive for an average worker to own a luxury car than it is for this guy to own this yacht, in relative terms of course.
Capt h00k
Capt h00k - 7 years ago
Sure there's no expense having to pay a crew of 19 .... and fuel costs.... and port fees.... and ...and lol boats are the biggest money pit
TodaysRealHealth - 7 years ago
Good math.
Rob Ford
Rob Ford - 7 years ago
Michaelson Sarmiento
Michaelson Sarmiento - 7 years ago
America was founded on a fucking lie that all men were created equal. All billionaires are Caucasian people. Never mind the bubble is going to burst soon and these fuckers are going to get their fucking heads chopped off like a cow to the slaughter.
Michaelson Sarmiento
Michaelson Sarmiento - 7 years ago
Fuck you. You think the party's going to rage on forever don't you? Guess what? You're next to die in the gas chambers like what happened to the Jews in WW2.
pacman19ze - 7 years ago
+Michaelson Sarmiento Except for all the Asians, Middle Easter, Africans and Hispanic billionaires.
CKPranks - 7 years ago
u fuckin earn money nothin like this is goven to you he deserves this all of it
EpiDemic117 - 7 years ago
+Michaelson Sarmiento Get mad an jealious motherfucker. You seem to have gone out of your way to complain and whine about it. Yet you are pissed because of this nations sucess as a whole. MURICA MOTHERFUCKER. EAT A DICK. 
Michaelson Sarmiento
Michaelson Sarmiento - 7 years ago
+EpiDemic117 How did your bullshit economic diatribes get confused in the discussion? Truth is your founding fathers or should I say founding scammers never deserved to win the revolutionary war against the British in 1776. You fucking racist cunts continued to own African slaves even after declaring all men to be created equal. Guess what? It's you and your children who are going to pay 250 years afterwards. 
EpiDemic117 - 7 years ago
+Michaelson Sarmiento That's strange. Because I dont' seem to be suffering from income inequality. 

But i also find it funny how you morons get offended by open markets that involve naturally driven competition over shares of that pie. 

You really think a centralized state will fix anything? No you idiots don't learn from history and as we know about human history Most of it has been covered in a blanket of famine and tyranny. Only now do we get to view this rare event in human history of prosperity and instances of liberty. 

The poorest person in the united states is richer and far more well off than others in poorer countries. 

They even posses technology that rich people in the early 20th century could ever dream of.

People want to bitch about a bad economy but have no idea how shitty it really was before the industrial revolution. 

Learn your history fuckwad and quit preaching classwarfare. IT's a tired, Tried and failed method of economics. 

Get over it, Free trade is here to stay. Even the Chinese are liking it. but likely they will not develop a middle class if they keep drinking the totalitarian koolaid. 
Michaelson Sarmiento
Michaelson Sarmiento - 7 years ago
+EpiDemic117 Dude your country has the worst income inequality gap among developed nations, which is comparable to third world countries you speak of. And guess what? You owe 13 trillion dollars to China and other countries in sovereign debt. As I said before heads will get blown to pieces once your illusory capitalist ponzi scam gets exposed to the surface.
EpiDemic117 - 7 years ago
+Michaelson Sarmiento the point is to disprove your bullshit benign class warfare scheme. Marxists always fear other people making it to sucess. you fucker would rather have everyone drag underneath the state. 

Fuck you pinko communist pieces of shit. Everything you touch ends up turning into a thirdworld shithole. 
Michaelson Sarmiento
Michaelson Sarmiento - 7 years ago
+EpiDemic117 Computer? Internet? What does these have to do with USA being a scam?
EpiDemic117 - 7 years ago
+Michaelson Sarmiento If it where the biggest Scam then you wouldn't be typing on that computer or even have internet. Or even take HALF of the things you use for granted. All of this was a result of risk and investment that no governing bureaucrat would have ever though of or invented. 
Michaelson Sarmiento
Michaelson Sarmiento - 7 years ago
+EpiDemic117 We'll see if there is any steel in your words once the bubble bursts like I said in my comment. I still stand by my belief that the United States of America is the biggest scam that ever occurred in the history of humankind.
EpiDemic117 - 7 years ago
+Michaelson Sarmiento What about all the black athletes who made it big? Like floyd mayweather. Who is worth more than this guy. I'm sorry but your weak excuse is no longer valid in the 21st century. The only thing that speaks is the $ sign. Not race, If you've put into something and invested towards it and people find it valuable, you will get whatever it is you put in return regardless of race. There are plenty black billionaires out there.
Michaelson Sarmiento
Michaelson Sarmiento - 7 years ago
+ChickaSteve Explain to me how the fuck you and your grandchildren are going to pay 13 trillion dollars of sovereign debt? Kill more indigenous people and steal their land like your ancestors did?
ChickaSteve - 7 years ago
Retard detected beep boop
Olajide - 7 years ago
she (narrator) has her head so far up the Apogee's Ass...she needs to come up for air once in a while ..
Jamwhenever - 7 years ago
If you got it- SPEND IT-
Xx xX
Xx xX - 7 years ago
Does it have a gold plated toilet?
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Got Cryptos? I did!
Got Cryptos? I did! - 7 years ago
I'll hit1.5 billions tonight!!
Beast Mode on
Beast Mode on - 7 years ago
give me some of that shit lol :D
misteeq64 - 7 years ago
And of course a young trophy wife to complete the package
Nicolas Henriques
Nicolas Henriques - 7 years ago
Having a yatch must be the most relaxing and fun time you could wish for, i respect those billionaires.
harry rudd
harry rudd - 7 years ago
what has the world come too
Mitch Myers
Mitch Myers - 7 years ago
+Steve Gould what a time to be alive
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
We've arrived at a golden age. It's great to live in these times.
Tess - 7 years ago
3.5 million Americans homeless
Bryan Wheelock
Bryan Wheelock - 7 years ago
+Tess He insulted prisoners of war. He said his rich kid school gave him better military experience.
Tess - 7 years ago
+Bryan Wheelock He sure doesn't.
Bryan Wheelock
Bryan Wheelock - 7 years ago
+Tess Trump doesn't care about veterans one bit.
Tess - 7 years ago
+***** Do you care about veterans?
manofweed1 - 7 years ago
+J Sterling  Yeah, and boatless.
Tess - 7 years ago
+Bryan Wheelock Isn't there a correlation between economics and ones personal financial issues?
Bryan Wheelock
Bryan Wheelock - 7 years ago
+Tess It's a personal finance issue.
Tess - 7 years ago
+Bryan Wheelock​​ Its not regularly taught across the nation in high schools and its far from adequate.
And its absolutely an economic issue, I mean suggesting its not is just laughable. 
Bryan Wheelock
Bryan Wheelock - 7 years ago
+sterling j It's taught in high school. It's not really a matter of economics.
FreeFlamingInfinite - 7 years ago
+sterling j 
Well I doubt you could fit 3.5 million of them on this boat. Plus I don't think most of them would know what to do with that stripper pole in the bar area.
Oh well they'll have to stay homeless for now I guess.
Tess - 7 years ago
Economics should be taught in middle school, this is pathetic.
NickFendii - 7 years ago
Make em get jobs
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
They should buy a home. Lazy cunts.
Chase Michalski
Chase Michalski - 7 years ago
+sterling j They should get jobs?
Tess - 7 years ago
+Jimmy Kimye what do you think my point is?
Jimmy Kimye
Jimmy Kimye - 7 years ago
your point ?
Harry Axe
Harry Axe - 7 years ago
Thank you for the presentation. Keeping many employed. Better than government that is more interested in arranging wealth instead of creating it.
Guy Croft
Guy Croft - 7 years ago
shut UP whining girl!!!
InStyle-Decor - 7 years ago
Liking this from Christine at Beverly Hills
Cellar Door
Cellar Door - 8 years ago
It's a snazzy boat and all but gold sinks! Really? I'd love to impress my guests too but that's just way over the top for me. Personally, I'd like for my guests to feel relaxed not stressed out that they might break the gold vanity if they stare at it too long or resisting the pressure to not spill anything on the super white interior.
James C
James C - 8 years ago
All I heard was "there are places to screw"
TheYah00netstar - 5 years ago
James C-Very naughty Yatch...
budi raharja
budi raharja - 5 years ago
James C y
ประทีป อนุมาตย์
ประทีป อนุมาตย์ - 6 years ago
Murray R
Murray R - 6 years ago
And disco balls
Gamer with Luis
Gamer with Luis - 6 years ago
James C ii
WonderingAimlessly - 6 years ago
definitely added emphasis and long delay stating 'screw'.
MrNonch1 - 6 years ago
Yeah but...she said she would have married him if he was skint!
Zaburi Kiogora
Zaburi Kiogora - 6 years ago
lol I scrolled immediately expecting to see your very comment lol!
Trey Drier
Trey Drier - 6 years ago
Lol I believe the second half of the comment was "to disco balls" . I can only imagine the talent this dude can get on this yacht. They need a follow up video.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones - 6 years ago
jump right to 2:15 from there...there are place to screw/and have a good time. Lol.
Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford - 6 years ago
And the dance poles. Don't forget those.
y2king32 - 6 years ago
she said places to screw in disco balls, can you imagine being that rich , must not feel even human having all that I feel sorry for them to be honest what a huge fall they are going to go through like other billionairs in 2008 why they killed themselves when they lost everything
Matthew Adams
Matthew Adams - 6 years ago
Sure you can, throw the bitch over board.
Max Johnson
Max Johnson - 6 years ago
Anyone who marries for "love" or any other reason is a complete idiot. I bet he has an iron clad prenup from hell to keep that bitch in line. Good for him.
Prop Paper
Prop Paper - 6 years ago
James C

come on be nice... they married for love..just like Anna Nicole smith did with J marshal howad
Andy James
Andy James - 7 years ago
Yup, .. "Places to screw and disco balls..! LMFAO
stevesartstudio - 7 years ago
+James C Right after I heard it I knew I had to check the comment section. Well worth it haha!
ZacharydeLima - 7 years ago
Same haha
lostthe80s - 7 years ago
+James C Love that - I'm sure I heard just the same !
killer91311 - 7 years ago
+James C me 2 :p
Adrian Larkins
Adrian Larkins - 8 years ago
Madam, Don't you know the floors on a ship are called decks? Floors indeed, really, tut tut!!
jjtech - 8 years ago
testament of idiocy
dphotos - 8 years ago
I think the style is ugly and not my taste. I like mid century modern and modern. When you start putting in gold sinks every thing is down hill from that point on. He sounds like a control freak with bottle labels having to be perfect. I am sure he could careless. I would hate to be the staff of that boat.
Frederick Chantal
Frederick Chantal - 8 years ago
I'm a hard worker I broke your leg 2 years ago and now I just had to tag and I had to have surgery for my tendon in my hand I'm a mechanic now and can barely on a glass of milk help me I'm buddy
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
Jack off with your other hand.
Frederick Chantal
Frederick Chantal - 8 years ago
please give me some money
The Senior List
The Senior List - 8 years ago
Truly amazing... Cant wait for a cruise :)
Travel-With-Me! - 8 years ago
I will be sharing with you my phone videos!
Add me to your circle!_ Share and Subscribe
Lisa Gallant
Lisa Gallant - 8 years ago
Real nice-I would not want it-lot of headaches! Start a business-like a cruise for the guess.
[technologic] - 8 years ago
Meanwhile in Africa...
North Sea Brent
North Sea Brent - 8 years ago
Money certainly doesn't buy one taste, culture or an intelligent women.
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
There are plenty of poor people without those things too.
dphotos - 8 years ago
You got that right. Think he needs to hire an interior designer that has good taste. I am thinking he is from the mid west and has not a clue to what is a nice style. The bedrooms were really ugly. The only furniture I liked was the sun beds.
North Sea Brent
North Sea Brent - 8 years ago
White Arabian tent, there marquee tents used at state fairs, Bedouin tents are drastically different.
Melissa Moon
Melissa Moon - 8 years ago

Tea Mhatre
Tea Mhatre - 8 years ago
spkprobe2 - 8 years ago
Lovely Yatch ............
remedyfarm - 8 years ago
He doesn't sound too happy. A bottle's label being out of line gives him a fit. Can't handle any evidence the boat is used - slight stains are intolerable as are any scratches in the floor. He needs to state that though it is not a more expensive boat, it's still up there (enough to get attention). He likes to appear to be into fitness (ignore the booze gut please). He'll even facilitate your partying 70's style his way by making sure you have the costume. The message is you have a roll to play whether guest or staff. At the end of the trip (heck, during it actually) he'll erase any evidence you were ever there.
It's interesting to compare what someone says with the data.
Grey Rooster
Grey Rooster - 8 years ago
thebassfisher31 - 8 years ago
she is implying his wife is a gold digger
Leslie Ledet
Leslie Ledet - 8 years ago
Just ran across this i was shopping for a small boat to live on in Kemah TX. so many bad comments lol. Just want to say your boat is awesome and your wife is gorgeous so lots of love sent your way enjoy life!!!
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
MarinRayado jealousy
MarinRayado - 7 years ago
That's why I love my state. God Bless Texas. Yes so much hate. What a beautiful yacht!
ابو مزنة الكركوكلي
ابو مزنة الكركوكلي - 8 years ago
000000 so w .
Luara Amber
Luara Amber - 8 years ago
You don't ever need a mansion when u have this!
HEADBANGRR - 8 years ago
Coool. I like that!
barratttoby - 8 years ago
Stunning. One day......
Harry Eva
Harry Eva - 8 years ago
if he is american why does he have the british flag on his boat and not the us flag
Iryna Maciejka
Iryna Maciejka - 8 years ago
+Harry Eva The boat is registered in the BVI, this is used for tax purposes. They are tax havens for the wealthy. You will see flags from Marshal Islands, Caymen Islands, BVI British Virgin Islands and now just recently Jamaica has really opened up to the wealthy.
Ed A
Ed A - 8 years ago
+Harry Eva Means he is visiting British territory; possibly the BVI's (British Virgin Islands.)
Josh S
Josh S - 8 years ago
Nice boat. Anyone want to go half $300k each? Lol.
Zatoichiable - 8 years ago
Either your mega yacht leaves you or you leave your mega yacht. Nothing is permanent in this world.
Zatoichiable - 7 years ago
+***** who needs a wife that marries you only for your money.
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
G C - 8 years ago
1:55 - Places to screw... in disco balls...
MrLinoventura - 8 years ago
1/3 des hommes dans le monde n'ont pas accès à l'eau potable !
MrLinoventura - 8 years ago
Nokia appartient à Microsoft, créé par Bill Gates, l'homme le plus riche du monde. Le businessman, devenu philantrope, refuse de répondre à "Cash investigation" sur la fabrication des smartphones en République démocratique du Congo.
Toni Langmead
Toni Langmead - 8 years ago
can i have your yacht and some money
David Evans
David Evans - 8 years ago
OMG, can you imagine working for this guy, so stressful. "That's 10 mins, GO GO GO GO!" Run into room "Jack get that bed made, Sarah make sure those water bottles are straight!". I mean, Jeez.
David Evans
David Evans - 8 years ago
One day I'm going to be a millionaire. Just takes time.
Graeme Glen
Graeme Glen - 8 years ago
Y'know what I liked the most? That man has his maintenance down pat. Nothing pisses me off more than poorly maintained property. Especially if the property in question (yacht, house, car, horse whatever) was created to be special and unique. To treat it any less is an insult to whoever made it. And a dark stain on the character of whoever is responsible for it.

Indeed, his wife is a couple of years younger than he. Well done Sir. What a yacht.
Poet Realm
Poet Realm - 8 years ago
Now to openly say my prayers... Lord grant me the hustle I need to ambiguously peruse a better yacht then this.
amandeepkang13 - 8 years ago
hate how she talks
KEVALSATYA - 8 years ago
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Why accept such a fate? These books offers a path to true Bliss and its entirely upon you to take this path or not, but one thing is sure; upon reading this book you will at least start getting the faint sweet smells of the flowers that exist in the Garden of Bliss and you will be left with no choice but to enter this Garden. If that feels like an audacious claim then so be it, the experiment is yours and the result is yours…
Plop Plopp
Plop Plopp - 8 years ago
and still he has to have a fake boob girl, i guess money can't buy you everything
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
Yeah, money can buy fake boobs.
357SAF - 8 years ago
Haha most of these folks are old as fuck like 70 shame you can't buy youth and life lmao!
Neddskorg - 8 years ago
+357SAF Ahhh but he can buy booze and a wife lol.
Carlos T
Carlos T - 8 years ago
+357SAF Looks youthful for 70. I think your jelly.
Mrs. KJ
Mrs. KJ - 8 years ago
At one point I was expecting the narrator to say "Blah blah blah" because she sounds so bored. lol
Caleb is life
Caleb is life - 8 years ago
If you are a billionaire why would you spend it on unnecessary things for only showing why not donate some of ur money to the people who are starving? :(
DanteOfMJisBack - 8 years ago
All good!
badaboomrock - 8 years ago
Nice Boat I would do a few thing different with it, but you did a good job with it and as long as you like it, that all that counts.
Rod Sapyta
Rod Sapyta - 8 years ago
Good for him. I would have more than one chick .if  I had his cash..
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
+Joel Lucas
Is that your dream too?
Mdsopan Sopan
Mdsopan Sopan - 8 years ago
Carpe and all the rest
Carpe and all the rest - 8 years ago
The narrator's voice is obnoxious - can hardly watch it.
Deter Wibbenmeyer
Deter Wibbenmeyer - 7 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest lmao nope, not me. U mad!
jvolstad - 7 years ago
She probably wishes that she was his wife.
pacman19ze - 7 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest Then don't.
Sphink Turd
Sphink Turd - 7 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest If I were this wealthy man I would not be alone with this narrator, she seems a bit disgusted of men with money.....Its a sign of the times.....So lets kill some poor broke cops on the street, shall we.
obsidianstatue - 7 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest ikr her voice makes this video hard to fap to.
Francis Bagbey
Francis Bagbey - 8 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest "...quite a bit younger than him." Good English...NOT!
Kitaini Yamini
Kitaini Yamini - 8 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest Yeah, very nasally.
Gutcheck - 8 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest I was wearing headphones and her voice sent me into a temporary seizure.
Carpe and all the rest
Carpe and all the rest - 8 years ago
+Mr. Wong Yeah,  you're a brat.
Tyson007ian - 8 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest I thought I was the only one who felt that way!!
1MrZackdaddy - 8 years ago
Because of their age difference, if she stays with him when he is older (not much older from the looks of him), she will eventually have to change his diapers when he can't control his shit and piss anymore.
Carlos T
Carlos T - 8 years ago
+1MrZackdaddy I don't bet or fucking dipshit. Also notice how I said "could be" not "is". Hopefully your brain can develop some. Thumbs up.
1MrZackdaddy - 8 years ago
+Carlos T You wanna fucking bet??
Carlos T
Carlos T - 8 years ago
+1MrZackdaddy Pretty sure they can hire someone to do that, and I bet he won't mind. I think he could currently be in better shape then you even, only older but stronger and more intelligent :)
Nana Collins
Nana Collins - 8 years ago
Send Haitian student to wallstreet
Warren Pugh
Warren Pugh - 8 years ago
Skyhighblu - 8 years ago
the crew's going to get into trouble haha
aaaaaaaaaaaadddd - 8 years ago
I live here on st.maarten and I saw it ... I will have my own yacht .
Doug Campbell
Doug Campbell - 8 years ago
Imagine how many homeless people you could feed and help if you were a person who was not so consumed with yourself. I wonder if God will want to charter your boat
when you are standing at the Pearly Gates.
Jimmy Kimye
Jimmy Kimye - 7 years ago
he created a lot of jobs people should lend to fend and not expect donations , if you always want people to have sympathy for you it won't work all the time , he worked had for he's money he should enjoy it as much as he wants, as for "god" don't know if that exists
Henry Miller
Henry Miller - 7 years ago
Not trying to be rude or say nothing bad about nobody but this guy is pry miserable he seems like he could be miserable with everything having to be so perfect on his yacht
Now for the homeless part I'm pretty sure these ppl some of them do donate a lot of money to the homeless but some ppl are homeless because they choose to be or they got hung up with the wrong company and got into drugs which is sad but it happens but some are just to plain lazy to work
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 7 years ago
You're a violent hypocrite. Go to hell.
Opie - 8 years ago
+Carpe and all the rest Good observation.
Carpe and all the rest
Carpe and all the rest - 8 years ago
Have to agree. I'll admit I'm envious, but really he seems pretty narcissistic, plus the fact that he's so anal about "making sure the room is clean when a guest steps out of the room for a few min," and the water bottles arranged perfectly, that's a real OCD issue. Makes me wonder if he can be intimidating to those around him.
vince33x - 8 years ago
Reason every right ti spend his money any way he sees fit. I just hope he's not a phony like Gates and Buffett!
Dragon Steel
Dragon Steel - 8 years ago
REMEMBER PEOPLE, rich people buying yachts creates a rather long list of very high paying jobs for a lot of people. To build these masterpieces, someone is going to have to fund them. The funds that purchase these ships, also pay crews in manufacturing (raw material  to assembly), and pay crews in operations (from docks, to maintenance, to the ship it self).  

Also, heavy spenders also means more people making more money. It's taken me too long to realize that wealth is actually easy to attain. It's a simple difference of mindset. If you go out with the mindset that people all owe you something, you are going out to remain in poverty and gripe about other peoples wealth. 

Go out knowing that you are in-charge of your own future and realizing that you are the only person who owes you anything, than you can get a yacht.

Reasons why you can't = Never achieves anything
Reasons why you can =  You get shit done and achieve dreams
PaiNExoTiC - 5 years ago
Well said. I was lucky to have a change in mindset as early as 14 (when I was growing up in poverty).I never really envied the rich but I did think they "owed" society. Now I think no one owes anyone anything and that wealth is rather easy to build if you change your mindset.
Hattori Hanzo
Hattori Hanzo - 6 years ago
dragon steel you're full of shit
Bill Wainwright
Bill Wainwright - 6 years ago
Dragon Steel a
Ken Cur
Ken Cur - 6 years ago
REMEMBER PEOPLE, that nobody is actually needed for there to be work: work would exist regardless. Because work is the essence of the human condition. So just ignore anyone who tries to mask disgusting wealth gaps with some bullcrap about “job creation”.

But who am I kidding? Remember? We’d be lucky if people actually understood. Or, rather, they’d be.
james welsh
james welsh - 6 years ago
Restaurant's sound control
Dragon Steel
Dragon Steel - 7 years ago
+TodaysRealHealth Already working on it. ;)
TodaysRealHealth - 7 years ago
+Dragon Steel well done. Now are you ready to pay it forward?
TodaysRealHealth - 7 years ago
Well said. BRAVO.
pacman19ze - 7 years ago
+Dragon Steel Keep truckin'! You no idea where it will lead you. I have met very wealthy people. The one thing they have in common is dedication to theri goals.
K.S.D. - 7 years ago
+wazup3333 The education I got  did nothing for me, I had to educate mysel if I wanted to be succesful. I recently turned 18 and most people consider me succesful. My point is you shouldn't wait to be educated, you should educate yourself (which you can do before you turn 18)
Dragon Steel
Dragon Steel - 7 years ago
+wazup3333​ I surely did not intend to attack your character here. When I was 18 I tried to start a computer business and failed. I tried a few different things, some I did well in. I could have done it when I was 18 if I took the time to actually care for what I was trying to do. Also, I never completed high school or went to college. I would not say I am very academic. My experience was baptism by fire.
wazup3333 - 7 years ago
Just because you have done that doesnt mean everyone can. You are talented and very academic. Another thing to mention is that from what it seams you are very experienced and have proper education in that field. Could you have done what you did when you were 18?
Dragon Steel
Dragon Steel - 7 years ago
+wazup3333 Why not? One month after you wrote this response, I started a logistics company with a partner who took a chance in me knowing I only had some experience and no cash in my pocket. Using key mentors in various specialties I grew to a company net-worth of $800,000. That's in just barely three months, think about that time frame for a second. I had nothing in my pocket, I had lost my job a year ago, I was living off credit cards, my house payment was $1000.00 a month, savings drained and one small retirement cashed out (that's bad ju ju). The only thing I did was network with the 1% percent of America for free, learn a few things and located a mentor in the process. The mentor was the key element in this success. The funny part was, I wasn't looking for a mentor or a business, but I got both. I was just being a friend and we got into a conversation about goals and here I am. I am 31 years old. I can have a yacht in the desired time frame just by being a friend.  You can have your dreams whenever you want them, there is no reason why not, just have to open your imagination and adjust the perspective.  
K.S.D. - 8 years ago
Youre a great mind, dont worry about the small minded they'll never see the bigger picture.
wazup3333 - 8 years ago
+Dragon Steel Wealth itself I agree is relatively easy to obtain. But what is not easy to obtain is gain a vast amount of wealth in a desired amount of time.
Dragon Steel
Dragon Steel - 8 years ago
+***** I don't care a lot about "likes", I have comments I've made on YouTube with more then 300 likes, some with only a few and some with none. You don't get many "likes" on comments in videos like this, it's quite normal.
I suppose that common sense your speaking about is indicating that no one works at those ocean side repair shops and cleaning facilities in Miami?  
When you buy a used car, does someone not first buy it new whom has a bit more income? Who builds and maintains those cars? Well people do, well the same goes for boats. Unlike cars, these boats require more engineers, they require more specialists, they require more diverse materials, they require heavier manufacturing, some require a crew, they require maintenance, they require cleaning, and they require stocking.
For all these tasks, there are many various people earning their lively hood. There income is brought about thanks to people whom had a little more money to spend. What are you trying to prove? Jobs for who you ask? One boat has upwards of 500+ income positions it directly affects. Do you know how many positions exist in fiberglass manufacturing alone? Do you know how much fiberglass is used in some of these boats? I don't think you understand economy.
The final half of my first comment is to say, it's simply a matter of mindset that determines what you achieve. Please tell me where I am not using common sense? 
goldminer1957 - 8 years ago
think of all the homeless  you could feed ps. that yellow stain on the white cushion is where i snuck on one night when you were in the disco room and my dog did the moon walk on them
Bobby Olson
Bobby Olson - 8 years ago
The first thing i"d ask him when i got on the yacht..i would like a water..and show me your library...for a great thinker...must have a great library.
Pete Hodge
Pete Hodge - 8 years ago
Some day he may be able to move in the same circles as Bill and Hillary Clinton...
Charles Marshall
Charles Marshall - 8 years ago
Henry Kissinger said it best,"the sexiest man is the guy with the most pictures of Ben Franklin".  Men's brains are wired for tits and asses and women's brains are wired for safety and security.  We never seem to really accomplish a true understanding of this problem in our lives.
revedmusic - 8 years ago
Look at her again. Gorgeous. When he's done with her he will get another one. Tommy Manville, the roofing products heir, married 14 different Vegas showgirls. He was 63 when his last wife was born. He was 83 when they married. the guy had a fun life. No problem.
rika muranaka
rika muranaka - 8 years ago
ok....what can I do to make this kind of $$$?
Husse Sin
Husse Sin - 8 years ago
Now here is a question with a trick. What would you rather be: a North American Billionaire or an European one?
juan pablo Ram
juan pablo Ram - 8 years ago
piraña the girl que go with him
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz - 8 years ago
Ugly garish interior, and this yacht doesn't even have a decent swimming pool.
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat - 8 years ago
If he thinks the boat is expensive, the Whore he is fucking will turn around and fuck him.
Taking the boat, money, home, company and everything in divorce court.
Then she will happily romp on the next rich dick and the game starts all over. hahaha
Dandre Titus
Dandre Titus - 8 years ago
Let me see a cruise ship flipped a personal vessel!!!!!!
Chefdicedfoot - 8 years ago
Billonaires DO NOT get rich with hard work, they get rich from the hard work of others
tim van der velde
tim van der velde - 7 years ago
+Chefdicedfoot I interpretated your comment that you said that bilionaires are rich for they profited and kinda "stole" the work and money of others perhaps evil was not the word I shoud've used I agree but I hope you understand what I mean :)
Chefdicedfoot - 7 years ago
+tim van der velde What?, where does it say in my comment that billionaires are evil?
tim van der velde
tim van der velde - 7 years ago
+Chefdicedfoot Bill Gates became rich for not partying and fucking useless sluts in his young years he studied and invented to later on change the world. There are shit people who get money but not all billonaires are evil as you say it
purge98 - 8 years ago
5:22 where did he find such small people to crew his yacht?
AustinPetDetective - 8 years ago
There is obviously a big difference between enjoying the fruits of your success and pure gluttony.
Tony Cordasco
Tony Cordasco - 6 years ago
AustinPetDetective j
AustinPetDetective - 8 years ago
+***** LOL yeh your absolutely right. I just watched it again and it costs 7 million dollars a year just to run the boat that in itself is simply mind blowing !!!!!.
Marco Builtz
Marco Builtz - 8 years ago
Behind every great fortune lies a great crime
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
Marco Builtz bullshit
Marco Builtz
Marco Builtz - 7 years ago
+Think And grow rich
If your brain would work, you wouldn't place such a comment.
Iron Feliks
Iron Feliks - 8 years ago
The wife pays the crew extra to put small amounts of crushed glass into every meal and drink
Gianlucca Di Zioverli
Gianlucca Di Zioverli - 8 years ago
Some day... Some day..
jackchorn - 8 years ago
I like how he was able to use the US and its infrastructure to make Billions the he is flagging his big old boat in George Town to evade paying Taxes. Its just never enough is it.
Don Bryant
Don Bryant - 8 years ago
S Stls
S Stls - 8 years ago
she said there's places to screw in disco balls lol 
TheSweetblue2 - 8 years ago
Envy That is what you Guys have! Good for him! Love comes with a price! And maybe that Lady loves him ? Who knows! He is Happy and he will be happy because he deserve happines, and Love is in his heart for that lady! hahaha She is so lucky and he is so lucky to have found his other half! Love is in the air =P
D T - 8 years ago
Psalm 49:20
20 Man in his pomp yet without understanding is like the beasts that perish.
David Mark
David Mark - 8 years ago
$7,000,000 per year.....WOW
GYM GYM - 8 years ago
VISA 01/17 984
4612 3502 9598 3713
I WANT $1,000,000.00
RevolutionaryRocket - 8 years ago
And over a billion people are struggling on under $1 per day. Disgusting.
Troll Handsome
Troll Handsome - 6 years ago
Pouroddacloud Cloud true and Bill gates give like 75% of his money to charity that's right plus money can be printed out they don't have to give money we can just print more duhh
RevolutionaryRocket - 8 years ago
+Nik Murphy But the government says it is communist. Like I said the hypocrites and thieves who run China continue to spread the communist manifesto so they can stay in power. Everyone knows they are liars.
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz - 8 years ago
+RevolutionaryRocket On planet Earth that is practically impossible. 
RevolutionaryRocket - 8 years ago
+Island Drones Good point. As long as you don't make your money exploiting people or paying or accepting bribes, well done. Unfortunately in places like China for example, corruption is systemic and a way of life. So many of their rich are corrupt. In fact the top 70 CCP politburo members have $90 BILLION in wealth between their filthy families. If there is a revolution there they will flee to western countries who will gladly take their dirty money. There are many wage slaves working like drones to make the boss man rich. Again in China, there are no unions, no human rights, just dog-eat-dog to make officials and boss men rich. Things are so bad there, some workers making Apple products at the Foxconn factory committed suicide, as they were making Apple shareholders richer. So much for communism - the most hypocritical, disgusting and evil system ever devised.
Island Drones
Island Drones - 8 years ago
+RevolutionaryRocket I disagree, A lot of people tend to think that the wealthy owe the world something but thats not true, people complain as though their wealth has been created unfairly but its simply not true..First off, with the mentality most people have they couldnt get rich even if they had the exact same opportunities....I live in a third world country where our currency is beneath the us dollar so u can imagine what jobs pay here and I've got to be honest, I was in the same situation as many other people, same shitty salary and now I am not and all i did was decide to save from that shitty salary which all my co workers and friends could've also done and I invested in a drone, which allowed me to start a business with it that actually makes more for me and I've since quit that shitty job and while I'm not rich I am starting to live more comfortably than my peers, many of whom are still in the same position not because of lack of opportunity but just mindset...when I look at these billionaires all I see are people with the correct mindsets for achieving wealth, I also personally know people who went from dirt poor to actual millionaires and it was a mindset change so stop pointing the finger at the wealthy and work to become wealthy!
Carlos T
Carlos T - 8 years ago
+Panzer Blitz Yep humanity.. I cant say much else :P But its better not to label someone you don't know. Figuring he doesn't know the owner or renters.
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz - 8 years ago
+Carlos T The problem is the majority of "rich" are without any morality, along with being environmental destroyers and enslavers to get their blood money.
Carlos T
Carlos T - 8 years ago
+RevolutionaryRocket I think you mean the average person has little opportunity to reach where the most successful have.. that's kind of a given. As for most first world countries everyone has some opportunities to be successful in life. Many choose the wrong path, being from the guidance of bad peers, or just plain making the wrong choices when options come up. poor in different regions have different meanings, also being poor is not always about financial wealth. Some can enjoy a "poor persons" lifestyle and have more enjoyment trough life then a "rich" person. 
Sidowse - 8 years ago
+Nik Murphy You either didn't read properly that which I wrote, or you have no idea what the speech marks in: "Poor" mean.
RevolutionaryRocket - 8 years ago
Its all about opportunity. Poor have little opportunity and little hope. Something the stinking rich and corrupt will not admit.
Carlos T
Carlos T - 8 years ago
+Panzer Blitz So being a businessman is not work? pfft
RevolutionaryRocket - 8 years ago
But Gates imposed his shit software on the world to suffer.
Pouroddacloud Cloud
Pouroddacloud Cloud - 8 years ago
People like you are never happy, and probably demonize successful and influential people because of their wealth, bill gates was successful and changed the world WITHOUT inheritance nor bank loans, don't be mad at successful people and how they spend their money, people like you are the Idiots who want 15$ hr minimum wage and the rich to pay more taxes so people can exploit the system and have more kids and not work and exploit welfare (not saying every recipient of welfare is)
Sidowse - 8 years ago
+Panzer Blitz I don't know about greed universally. Take Gopro for instance. Gopro have always been massively overpriced for what they are, but people still buy their products in droves. RevolutionaryRocket moans about rich people, but its often the "poor" that make the rich so rich through buying overpriced shit they don't need. Take lottery winners for example. A lot of them have lost all their money because they just went out on spending sprees and bought stuff because they could afford it, not because they needed or could justify it. How many cars do you need? an everyday run about and perhaps ONE sports car to last ten years? not every single sports car that exists etc.

Real poor people are not in a position to complain on the internet. Whilst western-companies do exploit the genuine poor-people such as in China, its not like the exploited workers had a better alternative; a shit job was better than no job.
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz - 8 years ago
+Sidowse All billionaires should be forced to clean up the billions of tons of plastic garbage that their greedy corporate practices have caused 
Sidowse - 8 years ago
+RevolutionaryRocket If you don't like being "Poor", do something about it! What is stopping you from becomming a millionaire?Ship builders are paid quite well actually as it is a skilled trade and their clients are billionaires.
RevolutionaryRocket - 8 years ago
+Sidowse Yep, poorly paid serfs for the rich. That's the way the system works and always has since the days of Solomon.
Sidowse - 8 years ago
+RevolutionaryRocket It is you that cannot see. What about all the people involved in building that Yacht for one?
Theo - 8 years ago
then i was wrong
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz - 8 years ago
+Theo He's just one of those "capitalists" who make money which is just interest from a ton of money that he stole somewhere. That's not "working"
CopperGaut - 8 years ago
+*****  you seem to believe that we live in some glorious meritocracy, where hard work is equally rewarded. There are people who work a hundred times harder than others but are unable to pass whatever invisible threshold has been put in place to keep them down. Society is not equal, opportunity is not equal for all. I'm sorry if your perspective does not allow you to see that.
CopperGaut - 8 years ago
+***** you're an idiot and you don't understand how the world works. Continue living your prejudiced, privileged life you jackass.
CopperGaut - 8 years ago
+***** you're an idiot and you don't understand how the world works. Continue living your prejudiced, privileged life you jackass.
John Monrow
John Monrow - 8 years ago
+french toast mafia Damn it, I only made $0.98.  Just kidding, I'm not an African savage.
french toast mafia
french toast mafia - 8 years ago
How much do you make? $1? If you don't you have no right to speak
RevolutionaryRocket - 8 years ago
+Theo You cannot see can you.
Theo - 8 years ago
He worked for his money.
John Monrow
John Monrow - 8 years ago
Sucks to suck then.
Ultimate 5
Ultimate 5 - 8 years ago

cool stuff bro...

if u r rich and u own a boat or yacht then watch our video on 5 amazing island!!
EvolutionIXRR - 8 years ago
Remember this, guys are more handsome with money than a handsome guy without money.
Zac Cobb
Zac Cobb - 8 years ago
No, but your Mom is.
Jeff Calvin
Jeff Calvin - 8 years ago
Are you a girl?
tsolias27 - 8 years ago
another ugly rich fag
tsolias27 - 7 years ago
+***** I'm not fag you piece of shit, neither I am miserable. I'm not rich like him, I have a good income, successful job and I'm not ugly like him. You can't afford all in this world, but I'm happy with my life unlike like you.
quadcatfly - 8 years ago


NickyTV - 8 years ago
+quadcatfly Im sorry quadcatfly a mother fucking rich person like "u" does not go looking at these vids on youtube u would be spending cash like this mother fuker in the video is doing. so yeah
Kunal B
Kunal B - 8 years ago
+***** hahaha lol. I may not be in the list of the richest people in the world but I'm not poor either and got lots of money in my bank account and I'm not even working yet. But I also definitely have a better heart than you bc people like you don't have sympathy towards people in general. Be happy with your rich life but don't forget it can crumble down any second and you might have to join the poor people clan someday. Respect people, whether poor or rich. Money can buy you happiness with luxury but it can never buy you the real happiness that most rich people don't have and most poor people have. Stop being so ignorant towards poor people. Who knows one day one of them might turn out to be your biggest competitor.
Kunal B
Kunal B - 8 years ago
The poor make you rich by buying your shit and you don't forget that. 
rfruss - 8 years ago
Did I here him say he could go anywhere in the world with his yacht. Well Darwin try going to Bolivia,Chad,Mali,Nepal to name a few. With all his loot maybe he could hire a tutor for a geography lesson.
Capt777harris - 8 years ago
A touch ostentatious for my taste.  I'll take my Hobiecat or Sunfish off shore anyway....with a tent and sleeping bag stowed.
andrew grijalba
andrew grijalba - 8 years ago
Sorry it is actually 656".  
andrew grijalba
andrew grijalba - 8 years ago
Though I am a multi-multi-millionare
rsuriyop - 8 years ago
If I were ever that rich (or even richer), I'd like a nice yacht all to myself as well. But 200+ ft is waaay excessive! Under 40 ft would be more than good enough to make me happy. 
Red Bull
Red Bull - 8 years ago
Thanks for your feedback
superdave31 - 8 years ago
well tachnically you cant go anywhere in the world when you have a yacht...try going to Andorra, luxemborg, moldova or swaziland and see how far you get on your yacht!
Yachts for Tots
Yachts for Tots - 8 years ago
I would love to #yacht  with a #billionaire  someday!! Everyone should have a chance to see the ocean from a boat at least once in their lives, don't you agree? #keepingthedreamalive   #pinnacle   #passion  See what we are doing on Facebook (our labor of love) and if you think its a great idea please LIKE us: 
jerry henrie
jerry henrie - 8 years ago
Must read "GET RICH IN MARITIME SHIPPING STOCKS" at amazon in kindle and paperback by Jerry Henrie.
Jim Tarutis
Jim Tarutis - 8 years ago
GOOD FOR HIM!!!!    ENJOY........
Do you Have jams?
Do you Have jams? - 8 years ago
5:25 now i aint sayin she a gold digger......
But she aint messin with no broke guys
adad - 6 years ago
I am pretty sure your wife would not mess around a disabled man.
Prop Paper
Prop Paper - 6 years ago
Judy Bodden ... im not saying gold digger, more the other way around ....

walmart only sells so much crap, whats a man supposed to do with the rest of the $800 million dollars

i actually meet this man years ago we had an ACZ office in town and he visited from time to time... he was just an avg joe, you wouldnt suspect he had a kangaroo put his pants on in the morning....haha Nah he really is a cool guy ... very driven, hard working and logs the time in.
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
by not "sayin" she's a gold digger you pretty much labled her one by saying how she doesn't get with broke
Mari Rodriguez
Mari Rodriguez - 7 years ago
+Dylan Hahahaha! Lol :))
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+Judy Bodden pumping this guy's cash on shopping while on the side she's getting pumped hard ;)
Do you Have jams?
Do you Have jams? - 7 years ago
Oh wow
Sphink Turd
Sphink Turd - 7 years ago
+Judy Bodden But people wanna shoot some cop who makes 30k a year...Now that is sad.
Plop Plopp
Plop Plopp - 8 years ago
+Dylan i had a broken digger once, until i fixed the oil
Mrs. KJ
Mrs. KJ - 8 years ago
+Do you Have jams? LOL at all the comments.
aaaaaaaaaaaadddd - 8 years ago
+Dylan Now I'm saying she a gold digger , but she ain't messing with a broke nigga.
Dylan - 8 years ago
+Do you Have jams? Now I aint sayin she a gold nigga....But she aint messin with no broke digger
My name Borat
My name Borat - 8 years ago
+Dan Holland you're a fucking retard
Dan Holland
Dan Holland - 8 years ago
+grandchaser91 I'm pretty sure the word is "digger".
My name Borat
My name Borat - 8 years ago
white people get scared 
grandchaser91 - 8 years ago
just say it.....nigga.
My name Borat
My name Borat - 8 years ago
That doesn't rhyme
Carew Martin
Carew Martin - 8 years ago
God i would hate to work for that guy
powertweak101 - 8 years ago
What a piece of shit...People are dying everyday of hunger and this guy spends hundreds of thousands on a fucking boat! What a colossal prick!
Greg Akers
Greg Akers - 7 years ago
+Bill Boo Now that is funny
MarinRayado - 7 years ago
Shut the fuck up weak power! It's not hi fault people live in poverty. What percentage of your income do you give to people with cancer and homeless? Hmm??? ???? Doesn't matter how much money you have. Anybody can donate a percentage of their income to ppl in need. How are you so sure this CEO doesn't help ppl in need? You don't know shit.
Carlos T
Carlos T - 8 years ago
+powertweak101 I know a rich man who owns a massive steel yacht, he also donated to have many upgrades done on the local hospital, and helps the communities in many ways. They usually don't go showboating it.. unless ofc your Donald Trump, but then again he is a true douchebag.
Carew Martin
Carew Martin - 8 years ago
Yeah sure you do, i'll bet you're a real saint. Your attitude is replete with kindness and generosity. So poverty is Darwin Deason's fault? You're a self-righteous, logic-challenged, lying socialist idiot. Here's what i would do if I had oodles of money-i'd enjoy it! I guess that makes me an asshole too but at least i'm honest, unlike you because you know full well you'd do the exact same thing if you were rich.
powertweak101 - 8 years ago
I actually feed the homeless every 2 weeks...have been doing it since Ive been a boyscout.
Carew Martin
Carew Martin - 8 years ago
+Greg Akers Exactly Greg
Greg Akers
Greg Akers - 8 years ago
What percentage of your income do you contribute to the people dying of hunger?
Dogmatic Marxist
Dogmatic Marxist - 8 years ago
I have feelings, i have a soul.  If i had billions of dollars, I would donate some of that money to the palestines, haitians and some to homeless people who don't have where to sleep.  I just don't have the guts to own billions of dollars for my ownself, in a world where billions of people live in extreme pain and poverty
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
How much of your money do you donate now? That's right, zero. You don't give a fuck. Nor do I, but I admit it.
เสราะ กราว
เสราะ กราว - 8 years ago
Nice guy, I wish for you to be rich.
Colden Bradshaw
Colden Bradshaw - 8 years ago
Its there own problem for being a dead beat
My name Borat
My name Borat - 8 years ago
That's why you'll never be rich
Dakota Hylton
Dakota Hylton - 8 years ago
It's like Jay and Gloria
Dakota Hylton
Dakota Hylton - 8 years ago
Sugar daddy much
Chris'sVids79 - 8 years ago
My father used to own a 58' Viking Convertible, and it cost almost $6,000.00 just to fill the fuel tanks which he would deplete in one weekend of cruising!  OMG can you imagine what this baby would cost to fill up!?  Wow.  Hey,  If you can afford it,  more power to you!  Beautiful yacht by the way!!
j rae
j rae - 8 years ago
he seems like a dick - I feel sorry for the crew
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
j rae stupid
j rae
j rae - 7 years ago
+Think And grow rich was that really called for?
Onan Encore
Onan Encore - 8 years ago
I think he fat he not use gym so much he should have put it downstairs? but is hard to tell in advance. the girl speaking really seem to hate him for some reason he fuck her ass???
Rene Gubbels
Rene Gubbels - 8 years ago
I like his girlfriend better than the yacht, a yacht like this you can buy every ware, not so an girl.
Sami Daher
Sami Daher - 8 years ago
lucky man
EagleSlightlyBetter - 8 years ago
Thank goodness you've found an escape from your high stress millionaire lifestyle. Those jerks in the factories have no idea how good they have it.
ken syG
ken syG - 8 years ago
"can be chartered for a Mere $400,000 per week"....Pshhhh That's it?! It would only take me about 40 years or so to afford that. I'll pass on that cheap boat, i'm looking to splurge.
Gerardo Aguirre
Gerardo Aguirre - 8 years ago
Start somewhere
Gerardo Aguirre
Gerardo Aguirre - 8 years ago
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NitroCorn - 8 years ago
+Gerardo Aguirre i wish i knew how to man! 
Gerardo Aguirre
Gerardo Aguirre - 8 years ago
+NitroCorn invest 12k in the fucking stock market and flip it to 4 million!
NitroCorn - 8 years ago
+ken syG 40 years to earn $400,000?
I earn $49,000 a year here.. And my pay is normal. What country are you from?
ken syG
ken syG - 8 years ago
Thats for certain.
wtfrick - 8 years ago
It would suck if that boat would sink.
mamadou djouma ly
mamadou djouma ly - 8 years ago
Veri nice
России Русскую Власть
России Русскую Власть - 8 years ago
All stolen from you, people.
Uplifting Core
Uplifting Core - 9 years ago
Oh Yea...he has $14 to buy ALL IS WELL Uplifting Poetry and help many by giving it as gifts since it is really uplifting... what everyone must remember to live heaven on earth THANKS
meer uddin
meer uddin - 9 years ago
Inside A Billionaire's 205-ft Mega-Yacht.
meer uddin
meer uddin - 9 years ago
meer uddin.
FIFA Lords & Legends
FIFA Lords & Legends - 9 years ago
What i learned from that video is that luxury is expensive. I'd rather buy a nice house that is just enough for me to handle, and spend my money on something bigger than me,then just chill and enjoy the happiness of the company of my brothers and pops
Caroline Bond
Caroline Bond - 9 years ago
He is not that particular - did you see that "fur" on his arms.. ugh
NY Sledge
NY Sledge - 9 years ago
You are my new best friend.
Congrats to being able to live life the way you want to.
gerard henry
gerard henry - 9 years ago
now thats how a man should roll this is how life should be lived
Nobody Nothing
Nobody Nothing - 9 years ago
I believe everyone should see something amazing every day,and the APOGEE has used up a years worth of amazement for me. It's quite literally out of this world. Amazing with a capital A.
Skyheartstar777 - 9 years ago
Luke 16:19 - 19 “There was a certain rich man who was clothed in purple and fine linen and fared sumptuously every day. 20 But there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, full of sores, who was laid at his gate, 21 desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell[a] from the rich man’s table. Moreover the dogs came and licked his sores. 22 So it was that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom. The rich man also died and was buried. 23 And being in torments in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.
24 “Then he cried and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.’ 25 But Abraham said, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things; but now he is comforted and you are tormented. 26 And besides all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed, so that those who want to pass from here to you cannot, nor can those from there pass to us.’
John Bramwell
John Bramwell - 5 years ago
If it helps you to believe that rubbish that is fine but I can tell you now that this was written in the first place by the wealthy to placate the poor.
I can tell you with absolute certainty that when this guy dies he will be the same as everyone else that dies, and know nothing about it. In the meantime he is having a good time and good luck to him.
china4151986 - 8 years ago
fuck jesus
Kristopher Leitzinger
Kristopher Leitzinger - 9 years ago
And that's why no one gives a shit anymore. He's a douche
Husture - 9 years ago
Was this was shot in St. Lucia?
MassDynamic - 9 years ago
not gonna be fun when a giant wave drags the boat all the way inland...
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ChangeN2Bread LLC - 9 years ago
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Collin Bru
Collin Bru - 9 years ago
Like a traveling house
Hani Saeed
Hani Saeed - 9 years ago
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Ernest Zuidinga
Ernest Zuidinga - 9 years ago
Yes, but will the screw in disco balls, gold plated bathroom sink, period costumes, doing what ever he wants to do, and the name Apogee save the yacht when a sixty foot rogue
wave comes along and broadsides the yacht?  Nah.
Adamski51 - 9 years ago
Billionaires make me sick there must be a few thousand of them in the world so why can't they all club together and help the poor?
UK GOLF DIRECTORY - 9 years ago
That hooker has done well
Fucking for cash 
Justin Waters
Justin Waters - 9 years ago
Does he make enough money chartering to cover the expenses of maintaining the yacht? It sounds like he doesn't. 
Justin Waters
Justin Waters - 8 years ago
Do you know him? Does he need a first mate?
Carlos T
Carlos T - 8 years ago
+Justin Waters He does it just to help cover the expense. Its part of what got him to where he is, money management and trying to get returns on purchases and/or investments. In the end He don't really give a dam lol.
Alec M
Alec M - 8 years ago
+Justin Waters
 to be honest he probably doesnt even care
Justin Waters
Justin Waters - 9 years ago
Interesting, thanks for the analyses.  Maybe he tried to sound like he doesn't make money to discourage competitors from entering the market. 
BaronVonGrumble - 9 years ago
$7 million a year to maintain including staff.

$600,000 to charter for a week including staff.

52 x $600,000 = $31,200,000

In fact, he would only have to charter the boat for 12 weeks to cover his costs. Although, he probably only charters it for about 6 weeks of the year (I have no idea) but doesn't mind paying the remainder himself, as it is only a very small fraction of his wealth.

Even if he had $100m in the bank, the interest from that would pay for his boats maintenance.
I doubt he has it in the bank, it is likely privately invested. But my point still stands. It is nothing for a man this rich.
Tony V
Tony V - 9 years ago
shes just high priced whore  only there for the money  . It would be fun to board a yacht like that and take out the owner  and head out to sea . free boat lol .
Diego - 9 years ago
I'm happy that he earned his way to the top. I love it when people work hard to gain wealth – not having it given to them. Although, I'm kind of sorry for him in the sense that his wife has probably fuck all of the crew members and married him just for the money.
leepakim - 9 years ago
I love the USA! Anyways, much respect to Mr. Deason for his hard work.
syed ahad
syed ahad - 9 years ago
Excellent video content! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched - Dalletante Magic Growth Blueprint (google it)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate at last unbelievably grew tall with it.
SassySnuffleupagus - 9 years ago
He sounds like he forgot how to treat people... Leave the room for 10 minutes and the room has to be cleaned?  Give me a break. lol
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer - 9 years ago
That is true, but honestly, everyone on that crew is probably ecstatic to be working there because the tips they get are absolute insanity. Like were talking $100 to move a towel and $1000 to fetch a boogie board. Plus just being aboard a ship like that and sailing the seas is a pretty crazy experience itself.
Nelson find
Nelson find - 9 years ago
any idea. business with humanity.can be billionaire 
Dale Buckley
Dale Buckley - 9 years ago
I'd rather sail  !
Ci5koo - 9 years ago
help me out please. will greatly appreciate it. 
wangchuk shamshu
wangchuk shamshu - 9 years ago
You worked our guts out to earn that kind of money, so you alone would know the pleasure and satisfaction of spending that kind of money for you live only once !
doceigen - 9 years ago
Forget the boat, take the girl... only, she's probably much more expensive!
Bigonefromcuba - 9 years ago
Wife can get it all day n night.
Bigonefromcuba - 9 years ago
I want to have a few billion, but a couple hunnet mil seems more realastic.

andy mcarthur
andy mcarthur - 9 years ago
Yeah but is he happy??
blackl1steddrums - 9 years ago
this bitch sounds envious
Hamisi Lebulu
Hamisi Lebulu - 9 years ago
People are dying in africa because they cant afford a dollar
Matthias VD
Matthias VD - 9 years ago
the wife has fake tits lol and isn't really that hot, its always the same story. Younger wife with older rich guy. Wife gets the cash when he dies and marries younger guy. xd
Murray Neville
Murray Neville - 8 years ago
John Smith
John Smith - 9 years ago
She's only with him do the money
SwollenRhino - 9 years ago
Bill gates yacht is 1.4 billion !
MrSilverism - 9 years ago
Larry7652 - 9 years ago
Travis Blackburn
Travis Blackburn - 9 years ago
Blaming Hollywood
Blaming Hollywood - 9 years ago
s ex g ce+@@.
jason h
jason h - 9 years ago
Well, I'd bone his wife
Brad Beasley
Brad Beasley - 9 years ago
It's true money can buy you anything you desire. You know you are doing it big when A list actors rent your boat. Ridiculous. Just bananas.
Daniel Millard
Daniel Millard - 9 years ago
Love it!. Unbelievably beautiful yacht. 
Rutger Sperry
Rutger Sperry - 9 years ago
The guy is himself a hard worker as well. All of you should fuck off
dog pound
dog pound - 9 years ago
What a gigantic fucking prick !!!!!!
Leyla Binns
Leyla Binns - 9 years ago
7 million a year most people couldn't earn that in a lifetime !
Gerry Purcell
Gerry Purcell - 9 years ago
Great personal success story. Darwin, we have a better yacht for you!
Gordon Ziegler
Gordon Ziegler - 9 years ago
he ranked 1075 on the world's billionaires list.....what a fucking loser(sarc)
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz - 8 years ago
+Gordon Ziegler He even looks like trailer trash. This loser should give his money to save the whales and start over again.
Frank Wrigley
Frank Wrigley - 8 years ago
+Dan Jane can you read?
Dan Jane
Dan Jane - 8 years ago
what are you ranked as broke fuck
Adler Santos
Adler Santos - 8 years ago
+***** Do you know what the word sarcasm means?
Doge - 9 years ago
Husture - 9 years ago
Beans - 9 years ago
"TaSSteSSS and intereSSSSTSSS"
PAPER FRIENDS - 9 years ago
400.000 dollars weekly???? I don't see this money not even dreams...
PAPER FRIENDS - 9 years ago
And i'm here paying for a shitty apartment here in China. :( 
Marty Beaudry
Marty Beaudry - 9 years ago
cool little boat LOL
kleinbottled79 - 9 years ago
The back and forth of the comments here seems improperly polarized. Power/Money isn't inherently ethical or unethical. Actions taken with it can be. Being poor in a system with more debt than capital (by the very mechanism of fiat money creation) can hardly be considered stupid. It's rigged, someone mathematically HAS to go bankrupt.
    'Good' and 'Bad' are completely separate from 'Rich' and 'Poor' Start addressing the real problem. Corrupt unethical behavior full stop.
David Williams
David Williams - 9 years ago
Jermaine Miller
Jermaine Miller - 9 years ago
I can go anywhere in the world too, it's called an airplane
idan124 - 9 years ago
ALL THIS is bulshit come to see my civic!
Mantaray - 9 years ago
it just looks shit and old  lol
Malkolmen HD
Malkolmen HD - 9 years ago
send it 2 mi pls
adres: sviden, gothenborg, poop, 66666, aschim
givemeabreak001 - 9 years ago
the wife is too old ewwww i'd only hit on -25y old 
fingerhorn4 - 9 years ago
Tasteless bling. The more money the less taste.
Lucien Harbuck
Lucien Harbuck - 9 years ago
Booze and Narcissism! TNX Anyway!
Jasmyn Sharif
Jasmyn Sharif - 9 years ago
I love Al shaddai yes
i do I love el Shadai
how about you.
Princess Uasmeena Sharif
oakbubble - 9 years ago
I know there is a big divide in this argument, rich are thieving jerks etc. Should give all money to poor.

But what about guys like me, I work seventy hours per week min, lost everything in first business, including relationship.

Started over again,after paying off debt, did not claim bankruptcy. I now have one full time employee who has always gotten paid when I have not. Working huge hours to support a second shot. If i fail again i will lose everything for the second time.

If I succeed do I not deserve to be rich? I took all the risk, worked far harder then my employees who risked nothing.  And they are happy with their pay and like working with me. They get weekends off, I don't, they have gone on vacation, I have not, etc etc.

Nobody is forced to buy my product, nobody is forced to work with me. And quite frankly nobody deserves the money as much.  I am just starting to get ahead, and in ten years will likely be rich.

I have always been charitable and what people don't understand is you give away the fruit, not the tree. And if you spend a lifetime planting orchards, are you not entitled to the harvest?
Nathan Voie
Nathan Voie - 9 years ago
"There a place to Screw....... In a disco ball"
Hayes Lincoln
Hayes Lincoln - 9 years ago
So, what entitles any of you bashers to his money. He earned it,and he's spending it as he pleases.  What's your problem. Jealousy looks really bad on all of you.  The next time I go through Chicago, and got to use the I Pass instead of the cash lane, I know why to thank.   You all wish you had thought of that. Admit it.  He's got nothing on Bill Gates, or Steven Spielberg. Oh that's right they're liberals and give some of their money for humanitarian purposes. So that's all right, Right? 
canklehater - 9 years ago
his wife,WOW!smoking hot
Travis Travis
Travis Travis - 9 years ago
Poor guy, full of insecurities he needs a yacht.
associatedbears1 - 9 years ago
Good on him. He's worked hard. If he wants a certain type of wife, his life, his business! Beautiful yacht!
bigfatdogscock - 9 years ago
Tasteless and naff, why is it that so few boat owners cant fit out their toys with any taste or class?
Victor Snell
Victor Snell - 9 years ago
I could only imagine being that rich but if I ever reach that level my circle would stay the same . My family would all have jobs and be very comfortable . What good would it be to have all that money and not share with family and friends. "KEY WORD WORK I WOULDN'T GIVE ANYTHING BECAUSE IF YOU DO THEY WILL ALWAYS WANT YOU TO GIVE THEM AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT YOUR BROKE AGAIN. THAT WANT HAPPEN .
Global Citizen
Global Citizen - 9 years ago
Can he take it with him into this grave, or will they burn is body and bury it inside this yatch.... hahaha  FUNNY HUMAN BEINGS.... 
EricDavidFloyd - 9 years ago
Where's Vladimir Lennon when you need him?
Shannon DeSilvey
Shannon DeSilvey - 9 years ago
They won't take it to the grave
1q3er5 - 9 years ago
I like how the narrator snarkily remarks of the age gap between him in his wife out of nowhere lol
TheYah00netstar - 5 years ago
1q3er5-She´s probably selling(marketing)the idea(fantasy) to possible clients interested in leasing the "love boat"...must be fun...just saying...
Voice Of Reason 4U
Voice Of Reason 4U - 5 years ago
1q3er5 yea i don't like that shit...clearly no one would want her ...
Voice Of Reason 4U
Voice Of Reason 4U - 5 years ago
adad i agree with you 6000%%%
adad - 6 years ago
He is the boss. Money and a hot young wife. I respect him. Fuck feminism.
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson - 6 years ago
Dan Holland shes ot like that though . She loves him for him lol
Dan Holland
Dan Holland - 8 years ago
+1q3er5 Its the same ole story. Hot babe with plastic boobs, great body etc etc...married to an older rich man.
Stanlee O'Tool
Stanlee O'Tool - 8 years ago
Hey,, she's just giving everyone a heads-up!!
Ms ATXGault
Ms ATXGault - 9 years ago
Lol ... don't forget that flat monotone voice, as if she was forcing each syllable. Lol
Steve ldnuk
Steve ldnuk - 9 years ago
Actually that's a very nice price for that size of boat. And 7 mill to run is very good too. I still wouldnt have one if I only had 1.1 bln though. I would want to have atleast 5 to begin thinking about buying one.
Maddie B
Maddie B - 9 years ago
If he's happy being so ostentatious, good for him. I think it's too much, I mean, what does anybody need a gold washbasin for? But again, if he enjoys it... 
bodza - 9 years ago
Cha-ching $$ XD
bodza - 9 years ago
All I need is the Jacuzzi oh joy x3
Ka Bong
Ka Bong - 9 years ago
Apogee is anything but top drawer - what a boring dull wannabee. Eclipse or Octopus are superyachts.
mgr Jolanta Hryniewicka-PYRGIEL PMI
mgr Jolanta Hryniewicka-PYRGIEL PMI - 9 years ago
*** Congratulations ***
blthetube1 - 9 years ago
I think of how much less I worked and stressed about things to achieve my 1100 square foot bungalow and a super modest apartment rental business. I used to get upset about some jackoff dinging the door on my new car but now I really don't care.... It's 7 years old now. Everything is relative. Of course I don't have any groupie women..... but do I really want them?
James Hilding
James Hilding - 9 years ago JOIN US TODAY NO COST
steerhead9 - 9 years ago
What a dushe...
THINCOVER - 9 years ago
All billionaires are, there living the dream i don't think they care.
fiendin281 - 9 years ago
damn that woman is ugly
Michael Loughlin
Michael Loughlin - 9 years ago
And why not enjoy lifes luxurys I would do the same if I had that kind of capital life is to short enjoy it while we can all negative people in here are just jealous they haven't got it can't understand I've got nothing but I wish that gentleman well dont be bitter......
matchbox555 - 9 years ago
not as cosy as my bedroom
cakesofdeath - 9 years ago
Wonder if he'd have his arm round that hot lady if he owned a shrimp boat.
nina mijatovic
nina mijatovic - 9 years ago
i naravno mlada i zgodna zenska pored njega.....
JWH91969 - 9 years ago
He's rich because he earned it. He didn't go to college & just had a decent education. That education was before the unions started to be "politicly correct" & indoctrinate. He made his fortune by using his ideas in the computer industry. There once was a time in this country where if you could dream it, it was possible. Now with over regulation & the highest corporate tax of any country, it has made this once great country into a Oligarchy. 

This Oligarchy has control of the media, the schooling system, & is putting the final touches on the political. They have systematically turned our young into crying, selfish, & disgruntled spoiled little brats who think that a guy this rich made his money off the backs of others.

Yet these same young people can't even stop to think, that the vary thing they are denouncing are in fact the vary thing they should try to achieve. If there was more of them that really wanted change & they'd become billionaires {that's if they could think for themselves}, imagine what would be different.

They'd be investing their time & money to solve the problems they want the government to solve. More than likely they'd come to the conclusion that they would in fact do it cheaper & 110x better. There'd be clean energy, the poor would have decent schools, & be fed, & the governments would then look like the tyrants they are.

Why don't they think for themselves? Because they are to caught up in furthering the cause, trolling YT, & getting drunk off the excuse of being free of responsibility. They can't dream, because they were taught that dreamers were losers & self centered pigs. Maybe they need to be looking in the mirror & asking themselves why they can't?

Why is it that they can't comprehend "We the People" & what "Life Liberty. & the Pursuit of Happiness" means? Why are they for socialism? Why do they trust government so much?
626quagmire - 9 years ago
Yup...and there are good people in this world who are starving, can't afford health care, or clothes to put on their growing kids......AND THEN THERE IS YOU..... GIVE....GIVE BACK TO THE REASON YOU'RE RICH...SOB
savgal1211 - 9 years ago
Why did this womena have to mention his wife is "Quite a bit younger than him."And in other news" The sun still rises in the East"!! Yes, thanks Capt Obvious!! Wealthy men marry firm bodied 22 yr olds!!
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson - 9 years ago
Think of the good that money could be used for..

This guy needs a lesson from Bill Gates
ReLoad - 9 years ago
it's nice but honestly it's hard to admire something we'll never own.....
Carol Castro
Carol Castro - 9 years ago
This women is with this man because money his ..Don't have love of women new with more old.
palt habbaboof
palt habbaboof - 9 years ago
I see nothing but disrespect for this guy. I, for 1, could dig a week of this lap of luxury.
And I would not feel guilty for a second.  A full crew, that is willing to fulfill my every whim ? In the most beautiful setting(s) on Earth ? Come on ..... stop kidding yourself.
Stop being jealous. He earned it, every penny.
77chonyc - 9 years ago
It still must really suck knowing your wife is with you because you have money. No amount of money will fix that feeling
Woody615 - 5 years ago
The woman shown, is Katerina Panos Deason, his 5th wife and she's 27 years younger than he is with 3 kids by him. And she's over 50.
lloyd albery
lloyd albery - 5 years ago
and then you lied to her. Women love that. Best not to have ridiculous amounts of the money in the first place if you want to attract the right kind of woman and be trueley happy.
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
Richard Armes and he wouldn't look at her if she wasn't very attractive. So it doesn't matter
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
77chonyc don't think he cares
TRex - 6 years ago
With that kind of SCRATCH you'd be amazed how much BS you put up with.

Troll Handsome
Troll Handsome - 6 years ago
caballiti boniti I'll give it to my son not the mother
Richard Armes
Richard Armes - 6 years ago
No matter how you word it, the woman wouldn't look twice at him if he wasn't filthy rich, so stop kidding yourself people!!!
PaddleDogC5 - 6 years ago
would you be happy with a hag with his money? LOL
toto wolf
toto wolf - 6 years ago
77chonyc grow up kid...nobody gives a fuck about that when your a billionaire...that's feeling is for little pricks like you that only have one bitch that more likely fuk guys like me and you'll never know about it
Art Trombley
Art Trombley - 8 years ago
+John Jones It's about ownership, He owns the girl.
Perro Oceaniko
Perro Oceaniko - 8 years ago
+77chonyc your comment belongs to a young guy ... (which is perfectly understandable) ... actually, when you get older , you get more pragmatic and mature about things ... Your wife, friends, and even family is with you because any kind of interest, money is one of them ... if she wants to be with him because money ,it is totally understandable and is not of our business. It is a fantasy to think people is around you just because they "love you" .... Many women get tired of poor , young guys with no education and completely brainless ... other girls, accept an idiot young guy, with six-packs and beautiful body ...!! i dont judge any of them .....
Plop Plopp
Plop Plopp - 8 years ago
I was lucky in love, when I won the lottery I was flocked by girls, im so lucky
David Evans
David Evans - 8 years ago
+77chonyc But what if they met before they he got rich, I know a millionaire and he has about 5, 6 million and his wife is 30 while he is 50, but they met before he got rich.
Plop Plopp
Plop Plopp - 8 years ago
+Grape Soda but are they happy?
Alan Shteynberg
Alan Shteynberg - 8 years ago

It's called not giving a shit. Only poor people care about petty shit like 'love'.
David Hill
David Hill - 8 years ago
+77chonyc personally i would like to suffer like him for a while ..poor fella :P
revedmusic - 8 years ago
+77chonyc Look at that picture of the two of them again. She's gorgeous. I doubt he is very much interested in what she thinks. They've made some kind of deal they are both happy with. So where's the problem? 
Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley - 8 years ago
+Brian Westmoreland Be careful. There's a decent enough chance that she will leave you for a richer guy, especially if you cheat or don't go out of your way to make her feel special. Rich guys don't have to be faithful or pay attention to them.
Brian Westmoreland
Brian Westmoreland - 8 years ago
+Mark Bradley My woman makes more than I do, I own my own business as well. We've been together before I owned the business....Try Again
Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley - 8 years ago
Most wives are with their husband because of his money...even if it isn't much money, it's still more than hers...
lobelia1997 - 8 years ago
maybe she loves the man cause he is self made and actually has ACHIEVED something. stop judging people on the surface
galaxy - 8 years ago
true but your new wife who is younger than your daughter is yours! hahaha
achiepalaago - 8 years ago
It's similar to getting a luxury car or house. You can get the finer things in life with money. Besides the majority of marriages aren't because of love. They are more like arrangements. Men on average want a woman who is attractive and good looking whereas women don't really care too much about the looks. They are more interested on what the man can provide them. So it's fair exchange. When you have money you'll get the most attractive women just like you can also get the best of material comforts.
Maximilian V
Maximilian V - 8 years ago
Pity is for free, but enviousness have to be earned!
SoldierCyfix - 8 years ago
not really. he probably already acknowledged the fact that he will never meet a woman that's going to want him for him and not the fact that he is very rich. so why not a trophy wife, at least then you know what the deal is and don't have to lie to yourself. 
John Jones
John Jones - 8 years ago
+superdave31 More than I'd attract being a nice guy beta!! I was the one they told their problems to while they went off and fucked the biggest douches who put them in their place. I guess you just have to show them who's boss. It turns them on. I'm not good at it, but I've seen it done time and again and very successfully. 
superdave31 - 8 years ago
+John Jones
ok, so you feel that without money or chemistry (and you said chemistry 'rarely happens') that its all the 'douches' who treat women badly, that get all the hot women?  ok, go and continue with your extreme views. And see how many hot women you attract by acting like a dick
superdave31 - 8 years ago
when that beauty is sucking my dick.. all would be forgotten!  To me this man seems like a guy who is living it up, enjoying his remaining years with his wealth.  And when i saw his wife i was like how ridiculous! But clearly he doesnt care.. and i have to say.. fair play to him!
goog le
goog le - 8 years ago
so right. That's the last thing Id do. I knew a rich guy that was getting on in years and had never been married. He was dating three young, beautiful ladies at the time and thought I'll just marry one of these three after a little test. He gave each a wad of cash. One put it in the bank, the second spent it all on herself, the third spent it on him. Which one do you think he picked? .....................dumdedumdadum.......................................The one with the big tits.
powertweak101 - 8 years ago
+77chonyc I know what you mean!
Robert Brunner
Robert Brunner - 9 years ago
+77chonyc ok,  thank you for the info.  We have some Russian women here and very beautiful,  but I sensed some attitude with them also.
77chonyc - 9 years ago
+Robert Brunner I had two Russian GF's (different times), because they are very nice looking. Ill give them that. Problem is, they were extremely, extremely materialistic. Almost to the point where you felt most of the things she had were just so others could see it, and say ooooo, ahhhh. I lived with her in a Russian section of Brooklyn and as hard as i tried i just could not fit in with them. And i really tried. They were extremely rude, her family too. They had a lot of money and just didn't have any manners. I was embarrassed at times when we went out to nice restaurants. Just a completely different culture to ours and this is the reason they stick with each other.
John Jones
John Jones - 9 years ago
+Robert Brunner Beauty and youth. Big time! I don't think a lot of women actually realize that their entire value to society is bases souly on how hot they are. 
Robert Brunner
Robert Brunner - 9 years ago
+77chonyc How did the Russian women act?  I'm just curious.    I know beauty has it's price.
77chonyc - 9 years ago
+Robert Brunner I think there is shit everywhere. Some places more shit, and some have less. I have dated many different in my years and the worst compatibility to mine have been Russian girls But i understand some men might have the personality to accept them. I just couldn't....
Robert Brunner
Robert Brunner - 9 years ago
Stay as far away from American Women as possible,  there are tons of "good" gals out there but just like anything else.... ya gotta look.
caballiti boniti
caballiti boniti - 9 years ago
But that´s easy to fix marry her with prenuptial agreement...that mean separate your things from if you died, donate all so she don´t gets anything!!! XD
Jaybeatsz Silva
Jaybeatsz Silva - 9 years ago
Word so obvious
77chonyc - 9 years ago
+Echocookie LMAO. I would do the same thing. I would go pick up a new chick i just met in an old Toyota Corolla the first few times, which i would own jsut for this purpose. Then I would surprise her, or give her the boot!
Echocookie - 9 years ago
If I were to ever become a billionaire (heh) I would lie until I found someone who didn't just love me for my money. I would tell them I don't have a lot.
Evil Thinker
Evil Thinker - 9 years ago
+Cosmopolit90  Yeah, Exactly!
Cosmopolit90 - 9 years ago
Does it mean that if I got money, there is no chance anymore that women love me because of my personality and it´s always all about the money?
John Jones
John Jones - 9 years ago
+Evil Thinker I disagree. If there is real chemistry, money or smarts are irrelevant. Only problem with true chemistry is that it doesn't happen often. Without chemistry, or money, you can still do ok if you are a douche, a real asshole that treats women badly. That works well to get the hottest women but only some guys can pull this off. 
Evil Thinker
Evil Thinker - 9 years ago
Knowing my wife loves me cuz of my money won't hurt me cuz it's normal, i mean think about it, she may loves cuz ur handsome or smart, but what if u lost your beauty or you became an idiot? would she still love you? it's the same thing for money?
You are what you have.
John Jones
John Jones - 9 years ago
I always think, would this women marry this man if he were the janitor sweeping the floors and that goes the athlete's wives. I don't understand why guys like this just don't sleep with a bunch of gold diggers like the young girl in the picture and stay single. Why get married. He could see this girl take half his money. Never makes any sense to me. I hate fucking boats too. Love the ocean though. I'd go for an amazing beach house and ditch the wife idea so I can keep it all. His wife is a dime a dozen.
matszz - 9 years ago
1:55 "There are places to screw, and disco balls"
Steve ldnuk
Steve ldnuk - 9 years ago
lol...well thats what happens like everyone thought it does on yachts.
Justin Moniz
Justin Moniz - 9 years ago
wah up with the my country flag on d back its the bermuda flag no lie i live on the island the bermuda triangle aint tru 
Josh - 9 years ago
screw AND discoballs?? or screw IN discoballs
MrSottobanco - 9 years ago
It is heart warming to know that his wife saw through all of the money and saw him for the loving man he is.  Now it is time to bear his children.  He will be a great father  for ten years.
MrSottobanco - 9 years ago
Watch out for the pirates.  Wax your arms.  Stop treating your crew like slaves.
Christian S
Christian S - 9 years ago
She won't get a penny, his lawyer has it all under control.
courteny woods
courteny woods - 9 years ago
Live in dalles tx
Chacon de tu Naerma
Chacon de tu Naerma - 9 years ago
Make an ironman suit!, oh, you can't 
Crowhillgal - 9 years ago
So, great! He loves, he loves! BUT, big question is...what did the WORKERS who got him where he is today get?! Don't think they got a yacht..NOPE. They were lucky if they got a pension! phtttt!
burninhell Nsa
burninhell Nsa - 9 years ago
and it only takes pulling a trigger from a 9mm and he will not be able to enjoy all that shit !
burninhell Nsa
burninhell Nsa - 9 years ago
WIFE is a professional golddigger , she is fucking the personal trainer , meanwhile the old fat fuck is paying for everything hahaha poor bastard !!!
YkWireless IPhone Repair
YkWireless IPhone Repair - 9 years ago
I can most guarantee that most of the guys thats commenting on this post are college graduates, this dude didn't even go to college making and spending more money then all your loan put together, and making sure he shit in a gold toilet.
Charlie - 9 years ago
Enjoy! - 9 years ago
Why don't the "PIRATES" hit these PIECE of SHIT ANIMALS?!?!?
desatron5000 - 9 years ago
If i had that type of money, i would stay humble about my wealth so that people (especially women) don't simply use me. Its hard to talk now though cuz i have like 20 bones in my account :[
Adam S
Adam S - 9 years ago
You could give a hoe the world, that don't mean shit - Yo Gotti
RAFFY YFFAR - 9 years ago
these hoes aint loyal.
Kulafachi - 9 years ago
yeah being rich like this would be awesome but, it would also suck ass knowing everyday that your super model wife is only with you because you are rich. and all of your friends are just fakes hanging out with you because you are rich. after you get use to your wealth. you will get skeptical about the people in your life.
harrison hollywood
harrison hollywood - 9 years ago
ISAAC HUERTA - 9 years ago
Only Live Once Enjoy :-)
offplanetevent - 9 years ago
If I had his money , I would become a polygamist and have like three of those wives, maybe even four . Get them all pregnant and leave all the money to my kids and not a dime to my gold digging wives.
I must say ... he's got taste in both women and yachts, but she hasn't much taste, maybe she has a thing for grandpa types .
Zed - 9 years ago
i wanna billionaire so freakbad
Nick Love
Nick Love - 9 years ago
How much is a bit youger? Wink, wink
kemppaul999 - 9 years ago
Skeet skeet skeet, jizz tits
kemppaul999 - 9 years ago
I am a crew member and I wax his wife's ass every time he passes out from heroin.
kemppaul999 - 9 years ago
nuff sed
nuff sed - 9 years ago
i wonder what his young wife sees in this old billionare
Patrick Ols
Patrick Ols - 6 years ago
She see 1.6 billion things, mostly all in his bank account
Troll Handsome
Troll Handsome - 6 years ago
New shoes and a dress with a cute flower on XD plus the 100 lockers of clothes
PaddleDogC5 - 6 years ago
security and a good life. Just like when people were cave men women went for the best hunter for security.
Rudy Zanoni
Rudy Zanoni - 9 years ago
All these comments posted below Represents: JEALOUSY! People who suffer from
this  mental sickness should have brain surgery removing a part of the brain structure which triggers that.
nonyabeesnees - 9 years ago
so calling him a fool is about as best as it gets for the host of this video.  I think he is a Brilliant man.. nothing like the beauty of the Ocean.   just as dangerous though.   good planning, and good care.   enjoying life . 
Dan Holland
Dan Holland - 9 years ago
Why are there so many comments bagging on the rich guy? So he got super rich after selling the company that he built. The man has tenacity and drive to reach a goal that most people don't have. I think people shouldn't bag on him, but be happy we live in a place that allows people to reach such heights.
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
Panzer Blitz have you?
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 5 years ago
Stanlee O'Tool you're an idiot
Eduardo José
Eduardo José - 8 years ago
+Dan Holland The world is full of jealous cowards
superdave31 - 8 years ago
+Panzer Blitz
how do you  know he hasnt already?
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz - 8 years ago
+Dan Holland Has he ever given a dime to save the tropical forests, instead of using "rare woods" in his big plastic floating toy so that more tropical forest area gets screwed..
Stanlee O'Tool
Stanlee O'Tool - 8 years ago
+Matt Phillips hey doc, I've got mine. What's your beef?
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips - 8 years ago
Yeah like seriously screw this chick. He worked hard and created his own company and now He's an old man enjoying his success. You have not. Maybe if u work your jealous ass off instead of bitching you could have one too. Can't stand people like this.
Stanlee O'Tool
Stanlee O'Tool - 8 years ago
AND,, I suppose the next best thing to do, after you've built and sold the company is become an old fool so that others can see how ( lucky) you were while the brains around you built the company and you just had to sit around and say, yeah, why not? Looks good to me!
Red Flag S&P
Red Flag S&P - 9 years ago
People are just jealous. that's all. they still believe rich people are evil, yet for some reason think that money can solve all of the world's problems.
James Dean
James Dean - 9 years ago
What a Dick.
Mitchell W
Mitchell W - 9 years ago
what a boss
Sunshine Inn - Burns Lake
Sunshine Inn - Burns Lake - 9 years ago
Good for him. My dream boat is about 160 feet smaller and with way less zero's on the price tag. 
Heb Macman
Heb Macman - 9 years ago
Lot's of jealous people commenting here...
Eezee Listen
Eezee Listen - 9 years ago
Wow! I am SO glad that his "younger" wife married him for his looks and not his money!
Dallas Roberts
Dallas Roberts - 9 years ago
nice boat. I'm sure his wife loves him more then his money. With that much money i would just rent a hot wife each week.
grant4life13 - 9 years ago
I'm very skeptical when it comes to VERY rich old men with these hot and young women...   it makes me wonder if they would be married if he was poor. hmmm

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