Inside a Russian Billionaire's $300 Million Yacht

Designed by Philippe Starck, the "A" has quickly become the most loved and loathed ship on the sea. WSJ's Robert Frank takes an exclusive tour of Andrey Melnichenko's 394-foot mega-yacht.

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Designed by Philippe Starck, the "A" has quickly become the most loved and loathed ship on the sea. WSJ's Robert Frank takes an exclusive tour of Andrey Melnichenko's 394-foot mega-yacht.

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Devin Brita
Devin Brita - 5 years ago
I bet that dog has a higher credit score than I’ll ever have
Lee Moore
Lee Moore - 5 years ago
I saw this yacht in Monaco last April, it really stands out compared to other yachts.
Shadow Rogue
Shadow Rogue - 5 years ago
Well he is ru ssian so he clearlly its a mobster xD
Jacob Li
Jacob Li - 5 years ago
This is the best yacht I have ever seen!!!
Enduro/Trail NSW
Enduro/Trail NSW - 5 years ago
I don't like the interior that much
Anssi Ulmala
Anssi Ulmala - 5 years ago
Buying really expensive material things is not important. More important is to help those who are needy
Anssi Ulmala
Anssi Ulmala - 5 years ago
There is many hungry Russians needy for food
Anssi Ulmala
Anssi Ulmala - 5 years ago
It is really important that he is Born Again Christian
Bod Log
Bod Log - 5 years ago
Sank 4.23.2017

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burymedeep 2093
burymedeep 2093 - 5 years ago
u tuber
u tuber - 5 years ago
not too bad i little gaudy but overall not too shabby..
Joanna Rees-Jones
Joanna Rees-Jones - 5 years ago
Duane Schwingle
Duane Schwingle - 5 years ago
Dovran - 5 years ago
I'm thinking of buying one of these. What'd you guys think?
Derp Seal :D
Derp Seal :D - 5 years ago
GTA online anyone?
short step
short step - 5 years ago
What do ya say,!
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze - 5 years ago
I need socks...
Mark D
Mark D - 5 years ago
luke dawson
luke dawson - 5 years ago
Absolutely revolting boat.

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Eric Shutter
Eric Shutter - 5 years ago
The interior is hideous and lacking taste. Having a dentist chair style bed ... not luxury at all.
Jesse Sorensen
Jesse Sorensen - 5 years ago
Whats with the Red Duster at the end? I thought the bro was Russian.
Andrei xrt
Andrei xrt - 5 years ago
Not bad....i'll take 2
chandler bing bong
chandler bing bong - 5 years ago
too much money and not enough taste
Android User
Android User - 5 years ago
I feel like a douchebag just watching this.
ZACK zack
ZACK zack - 5 years ago
All its need us another tsunami and this yhact will be a Million dollar junk...
Tulsatom Bob
Tulsatom Bob - 5 years ago
0:42 "Mr. Starck loves fact he has hundreds of cameras with selfie extensions all over the ship and a recording of YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL that starts to play whenever he enters a room".
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey - 5 years ago
Took you 20 secs because you’re a tub of lard you...
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - 5 years ago
Thats awesome!
Prometheus - 5 years ago
Russians generally aren't known for their good taste and this ship is a testament to that. Animal skins and mirrors all over the place? Pretty much Donals Trumps floating penthouse.

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Spaseebo - 5 years ago
Horrid design ~ the th9ing looks like an awkward submarine.
Jose Duran Jr
Jose Duran Jr - 5 years ago
What a waste.
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers - 5 years ago
It looks like sub in league of extraordinary gentlemen
Paul Montesclaros
Paul Montesclaros - 5 years ago
Too many bitter crybabies in the commments. It is his money, he can do whatever he wants
JOYDEEP MITRA - 5 years ago
Only because this man is not from the west, there is so much hatred down the comment section
Human Footprint
Human Footprint - 5 years ago
Torpedo bait
pmay222 - 5 years ago
Opulent but tasteless. . Like a fishbowl at sea
Spasoje Kulasevic
Spasoje Kulasevic - 5 years ago
Nooky room, he and the woman in there would need more room to breathe. It didn't look like it had vents. It's a bit funny.
Fresh Cakes
Fresh Cakes - 5 years ago
Fucken rich people
Obama Gaming
Obama Gaming - 5 years ago
i have one too

in gta 5
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 5 years ago
Ok, I'm not a hater, cant afford this. But if I'd spent $300 million on this boat, I'd be pissed. No wow factor at all, ugly interior design, not impressed. Hard to believe a 38 year old guy owns this. I think the builder got over on this one. Smh
Bee Real
Bee Real - 5 years ago
Russian propaganda lately.. I wonder why ?
Purple Koolaid199
Purple Koolaid199 - 5 years ago
Vid reminds me of strippers for some reason
254915796 - 5 years ago
я всё думаю где моя ярд баксов
KADEN GOLLER - 5 years ago
He wants the mirrors just so he can look at himself XD
UnboxiToxic Gaming and Tech unboxing and review
UnboxiToxic Gaming and Tech unboxing and review - 5 years ago
Somehow more expensive than the most expensive house in the USA 924 bel air
NASAR PANDA - 5 years ago
Great Video, cool...
Please watch Dubai Boat Show on;
Tha Q
Tha Q - 5 years ago
Sting ray? Foh
Corey Pattison
Corey Pattison - 5 years ago
Hey take that fish! We can not only bring animal hides far from land but grass far from land.
Jessie Miller
Jessie Miller - 5 years ago
Nookie room! Is that were Fred Durst live?

50. comment for Inside a Russian Billionaire's $300 Million Yacht

Ay Bee
Ay Bee - 5 years ago
Beyond necessity!
Polther Polther
Polther Polther - 5 years ago
This is not the best
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins - 5 years ago
What should we call her?
"Princess of the Sea!"

Peter Müller
Peter Müller - 5 years ago
russian billionaire maffia chief, aha. i know better, honest, russian ppl, with university degree- working for low money.
i dont admire such russians billionaires. shoot them like the bolsheviks the bourgeoisie.
i hate them. they have manners like drunken peasants. they never read Shakespeare, Goethe, Dostojewsij- or anything
i would not allow them to invite me for lunch, payed with illegal money, on cost of poor russian ppl.
They are loud, impertinent, drunken all the time. no Hotel like them as guest.
Even if they pay good.
i like russian ppl. but not such stupid uneducated "king-kong-on-cocaine-but-rich".
they dont deserve the money, and have no use for the money.
Eric Eric
Eric Eric - 5 years ago
Fk my life sucks
MiamiMillionaire - 5 years ago
Sieht aus als hätten sich eine Yacht mit einem U-Boot gepaart...
Фе́ликс Эдму́ндович Дзержи́нский
Фе́ликс Эдму́ндович Дзержи́нский - 5 years ago
A Russian oligarch. Another Jew connected to the Yeltsin friends who got an oil company for 100 dollars worth 5 billion dollars.
Seath Boykin
Seath Boykin - 5 years ago
Nothing opulent about it
Stanley Nolly
Stanley Nolly - 5 years ago
Hrusty Enrico
Hrusty Enrico - 5 years ago
Better hope he made all his money honestly and he doesn't contravene DJT EO on human rights.
Gracie's Momma
Gracie's Momma - 5 years ago
Mathematically sterile in appearance.
Jhabari Owens
Jhabari Owens - 5 years ago
Dang Thousand Sunny watch your six
YouTuber 1
YouTuber 1 - 5 years ago
Is it sea sickness proof?
harp - 5 years ago
People hating on millionaires are basically those who have no ambition in life they settle for thier mundane “jobs” which pay 15 an hour yet same people envy lifestyle of rich that’s why I will be rich someday because I have ambition to be rich unlike idiots working shytty jobs rest of their lives
harp - 5 years ago
chandler bing bong no
chandler bing bong
chandler bing bong - 5 years ago
Ever heard of punctuation?
nope dff
nope dff - 5 years ago
Isn't mirror the dumbest thing to put on a yaught
Nikalogy - 5 years ago
He got scammed
lyomon - 5 years ago
I dont think thats a 300 mil dollar Maybe 150 but the guy is a billionare so he got scamed on the scale of 7 zeros
shonz88 - 5 years ago
99.9% of people with this kind of money have a lot of blood on their hands. Funny how VH1 overlooks that little tidbit........
James Turney
James Turney - 5 years ago
300 million dollar yacht but no aircraft carrier
eino karjalainen
eino karjalainen - 5 years ago
Hard sample involved accommodate hat continuous canvas ah chamber Korean
Phil Puglisi
Phil Puglisi - 5 years ago
worth about 300 thousand
Eldar Karimov
Eldar Karimov - 5 years ago
Yacht for Fantomas.
Louie the XIII
Louie the XIII - 5 years ago
these yacht has been rubed
#ultrabarqueros / Barqueros de Ultramar
#ultrabarqueros / Barqueros de Ultramar - 5 years ago
James Liebl
James Liebl - 5 years ago
Now that is awesome done just right
honey bunny
honey bunny - 5 years ago
very pricy; but have you ever seen a russian with a good taste ?
TheRockIzBack - 5 years ago
Now sink it
TIS ME - 5 years ago
its ugly
Armando Salgado
Armando Salgado - 5 years ago
David Tracey
David Tracey - 5 years ago
I hope he works for equality as well...
DapperVanVlogs - 5 years ago
Tony Clark
Tony Clark - 5 years ago
Yah, you see that covered art in the bedroom area? Stolen.
Panda _
Panda _ - 5 years ago
This is nothing compared to Steve jobs's Venus
Rob George
Rob George - 6 years ago
You can't buy taste, no matter how much money you have apparently. Cute Bichon though.
WolfPandaFox - 6 years ago
More like a apple
Wood Guy
Wood Guy - 6 years ago
It looks like a submarine, I hope some country sinks it for being in their
Siward Beorn
Siward Beorn - 6 years ago
tc koh
tc koh - 6 years ago
Average Alien
Average Alien - 6 years ago
I see alot of jealous lifeless vegans
Anton Turov - Ферриz
Anton Turov - Ферриz - 6 years ago
Bryce Winter
Bryce Winter - 6 years ago
Love it
geriko1 - 6 years ago
1:57 a special nookie room? lol Doesn't he have enough money to buy as much "nookie" as he wants?
Alex Abadi
Alex Abadi - 6 years ago
It may have cost $300 millions but it does not worth $300
Blended Cellar
Blended Cellar - 6 years ago
What's this wanna be foo fighter music in the background?
Cairo Murphy
Cairo Murphy - 6 years ago
I have this.

Audrey McMace
Audrey McMace - 6 years ago
give me a 300$ million dollar budget and ill buy a simple small party yacht and line it with red velvet and red curtains with a black carpeting and make it something really sleek, maybe not attractive but sleek, and ill have a couple million left over
Audrey McMace
Audrey McMace - 6 years ago
alot thinner than i would have expected
Adam GamingHD
Adam GamingHD - 6 years ago
I'm sow jello
Jaem Maddog
Jaem Maddog - 6 years ago
Does it come with whores or is it seperate?

100. comment for Inside a Russian Billionaire's $300 Million Yacht

Troy Barnes
Troy Barnes - 6 years ago
I like it lol
Ocean - 6 years ago
wall street can suck my dick
Zone Television
Zone Television - 6 years ago
WSJ goes aboard a 300 million yacht and the pice looks like it was filmed by a 3 year old. camera wobble all the place. I got sea sick and they weren't even sailing.
Ramiz Jawadi
Ramiz Jawadi - 6 years ago
300 million dollar yacht, filmed with 20 dollars Walmart video camera
agenthelios1 - 6 years ago
Amazing vessel for sure. Pure quality. I think kings of old would have to blush if they saw this yacht. Funny how at 3:38 the dog puts it all back in perspective because it likely doesn't care or know its on a $300 Million floating mansion and just wants to lay in its bed. Funny how dogs bring the yacht experience back down to a human level.
The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God
The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God - 6 years ago
John 47
John 47 - 6 years ago
Can you waterski behind it? If not I'm not interested. And thats final.
John 47
John 47 - 6 years ago
Where are the life jackets? You know, safety first.
Philip Bouri
Philip Bouri - 6 years ago
princess ivy
princess ivy - 6 years ago
The definition of extra
deano2000nz - 6 years ago
lol what a shitter
Rocksmith Pdl
Rocksmith Pdl - 6 years ago
how is it that 720p looks like 240p?
germany a
germany a - 6 years ago
Da kostet so ne Stunde fahren schonmal 50000 Euro spritgeld
Cairo Murphy
Cairo Murphy - 6 years ago
I can afford this

Spasoje Kulasevic
Spasoje Kulasevic - 6 years ago
Nooky room is retarded. Everything else i like.
69,999 views - 6 years ago
$300 million dollar yacht. But no money for better video quality.
OkGray Official
OkGray Official - 6 years ago
I only got $39
I dislike because it is the Wall Street Journal
Dwight Turner
Dwight Turner - 6 years ago
Disco? The Russians are still into disco?
unknown - 6 years ago
is that really a 300 million dollar piece.
i am not judging or critisising him for having luxories or anything but compare it with other multi million stuff and it doesnt look as elegant as large and as expensice as they do.
Ron S
Ron S - 6 years ago
Proof the rich don’t pay enough taxes
Walter White
Walter White - 6 years ago
Still a beautiful boat but I really think they should've gone with another design.
Black chocolate
Black chocolate - 6 years ago
And then imagine what a cheap RPG-7 can do to this $300 million yacht.
O K - 6 years ago
I've seen this boat, and now I'm not so impressed. Very tacky.
Crosby4hyg - 6 years ago
I'd take a row boat with a few beers in the cooler over this thing any day.
Jonathan Bean
Jonathan Bean - 6 years ago
A 300 million dollar boat has a phone that I see in my school
Karl Hanks
Karl Hanks - 6 years ago
Good man, very clever and earned his money to afford this. But a complete asshole for using animal hides to decorate his rooms.
Okiha Addict
Okiha Addict - 6 years ago
Beautiful yacht but the interior is hideous :-S
northwoods1986 - 6 years ago
I saw this thing a few years ago in hawaii when I was a boat captain. Definitely catches the eye, it looks like a giant white submarine from far away, nice design.
Robert Davies
Robert Davies - 6 years ago
Because that’s his old one
Aliza Toys Review
Aliza Toys Review - 6 years ago
nice video Wall street journal~
akx - 6 years ago
Probably needed the mirrors to watch his back.
Andrei Pastushuk
Andrei Pastushuk - 6 years ago
Why the quality is so poor?
Grizzly - 6 years ago
But it’s recorded with a toaster, I have a better camera then this
Conservative Minuteman
Conservative Minuteman - 6 years ago
Ugly and not enough outdoor space and I need it to get out of that gaudy ugly interior. I wouldn't give 100 million, because it would take 200 million to refit it.
NiftyTheLynx - 6 years ago
It's iron man guys
Kevin Fred
Kevin Fred - 6 years ago
It looks like a submarine
Infamous Hunter
Infamous Hunter - 6 years ago
But does it have internet?
TheOnly 0506
TheOnly 0506 - 6 years ago
Bruh recoding with a couple of hundred dollar camera
Joshua Rialto
Joshua Rialto - 6 years ago
Nothing but THOUSANDS of boxes of vodka EVERYWHERE
E VN - 6 years ago
Why does the music sound chinese, it's a russian yacht
Shameca Rose
Shameca Rose - 6 years ago
I don't think it is cute but hey, it isn't mine so that doesn't matter.
Julia Collins
Julia Collins - 6 years ago
Cool but seriously animal skin walls?
Alexander Ray
Alexander Ray - 6 years ago
I want human skin
Harry. Horsham
Harry. Horsham - 6 years ago
I saw that on a beach in Spain
Harman S
Harman S - 6 years ago
If America was truly a capitalist country there wouldn't be any billionaires
Dhspat - 6 years ago
I don't like it. Not my style. I would have liked to see the engines though.
moby gamer
moby gamer - 6 years ago
Your the reason you don't get much ad revenue
TR - 6 years ago
Why not use the money to help out homeless people who need shelter and food instead of wasting it on this yacht that no one really needs to have...
Ivansgarage - 6 years ago
What did you film this with? a Kodak Instamatic? just checking to make sure I never buy one of those cameras.
Priyamjeet Mohanty
Priyamjeet Mohanty - 6 years ago
Royal life
Chet Smith
Chet Smith - 6 years ago
Everybody loves a winner!!!
Billy Yudani
Billy Yudani - 6 years ago
$300 Million yacht, still use windows 2000
strawberrycreamlord - 6 years ago
"russian billionaire"
What happened to good ol' communism
DesecratedReaper - 6 years ago
that dog house prob cost more than what my parents spent raising me.
Jeff Dunlap
Jeff Dunlap - 6 years ago
It's not confusing what is wrong with world, it's people and their unbelievable Greed, this exists while people starve, I'm not that religious, but Jesus would really be proud of us wouldn't he?
Star _gazer
Star _gazer - 6 years ago
My life is pathetic --_--
AestheticsisLife - 6 years ago
David Singleton
David Singleton - 6 years ago
I saw that in Kalkan Turkey in 2009
Allain Boy Mallabo
Allain Boy Mallabo - 6 years ago
Super nice
Nelson Nong
Nelson Nong - 6 years ago
Hey why don't you blame pewdipie for some thing and get some money to buy a better camera
Rodrigo Ulloa-Rubke
Rodrigo Ulloa-Rubke - 6 years ago
New Rich taste!
P. Snortimus
P. Snortimus - 6 years ago
Why does it look like a repainted naval ship.
Tio Yesi
Tio Yesi - 6 years ago
PhotoGeorge - 6 years ago
As soon as I saw that this "Russian Rich Boy" had the walls of the Bedroom lined with the Skins of 100 Sting Rays I knew right away he was a Pompous Jerk!!!
Sketchy - 6 years ago
.................I donʻt think itʻs that bad...
PhotoGeorge - 6 years ago
Soon as he said room lined with Animal Hides......I'm OUT.
Thompter S. Hunson
Thompter S. Hunson - 6 years ago
His dog is living better than me
DonGonTheOne - 6 years ago
Pretty ugly for such an expensive ship xD
Whatever at least it is expensive!
Chasing Freedom
Chasing Freedom - 6 years ago
stingray hide.... what a prick!
Daniel Thangsing
Daniel Thangsing - 6 years ago
what a horrible taste of design n colours for 300 dollars its the worst yatch I have even seen
Ira  Amerson
Ira Amerson - 6 years ago
Really cool on the outside BFU on the inside!
Avram Ruben
Avram Ruben - 6 years ago
Ugly exterior with beautiful interior
DjTilup - 6 years ago
wow 300 million dollars ; where are the starving africans ?
Guus van Sprang
Guus van Sprang - 6 years ago
this is nice and all. but is there wifi onboard?
WeBe Flexin
WeBe Flexin - 6 years ago
And to think that there is someone in the world that can afford this and have millions left is ridiculous...
Vergon PARADO - 6 years ago
looks like a Russian submarine.
hijothema - 6 years ago
But it can't dive.
It can sink though.
Bella Riley
Bella Riley - 6 years ago
Kleptocracy at its finest, soon coming to America if Donald has anything to say about it.
Lesley Allinson
Lesley Allinson - 6 years ago
Wow that's bigger than my little flat amazing
清涼水 - 6 years ago
Where in the yacht is the fresh water from?
清涼水 - 6 years ago
C.Ronaldo also has a yacht.
GrReaIm - 6 years ago
That thing is ugly
Neltron Z
Neltron Z - 6 years ago
BenzGamer - 6 years ago
If some one gave me one of those "small boats" i would faint
no one wants you here wall street journal, you ruin Youtube.
TFEN - 6 years ago
TheDriza - 6 years ago
Good God
Eli Gomez (Student)
Eli Gomez (Student) - 6 years ago
Wifi ??!!?
Tom Street
Tom Street - 6 years ago
He didnt give much grass for the dog on the worlds biggest personal yacht. what a joke this boat is.
destinationluxury - 6 years ago
The best
April Mae
April Mae - 6 years ago
Gaudy. Look At Me I'm Rich.
Ethan Deetsch
Ethan Deetsch - 6 years ago
He filled it with mirrors to make it look bigger... not bc of the "mathematical beauty"
Jeff LaFlare
Jeff LaFlare - 6 years ago
Could you buy a a luxury submarine
Ben Cook
Ben Cook - 6 years ago
300 million spent and still cant buy any taste
KrykaS 05
KrykaS 05 - 6 years ago
I saw this yacht in Monaco, from outside its ugly af.
Roger baconidas
Roger baconidas - 6 years ago
It looks like an American destroier without guns
Dmitry Popov
Dmitry Popov - 6 years ago
The most expensive clothes iron i ever saw
Parker - 6 years ago
I don't understand. A lot of these yachts look nice on the outside but the insides look tacky as hell.
Pocki - 6 years ago
You could build 30.000 schools with this amount of money. Something like this shows you what is still wrong in this world.
stuart Jones
stuart Jones - 6 years ago
saw this in dubai not so long ago
salim batel
salim batel - 6 years ago
canes - 6 years ago
i wonder how much of the 300 million was actually legit money
Zbriu - 6 years ago
It's the civilian brother of Zumwalt class destroyer. ;)
EB Maerz
EB Maerz - 6 years ago
If these people obtained all this wealth through the 'right' means without depriving or swindling anyone then good for them! Then they can do what they want with it even if they have the ugliest taste. But if, on top of the obscene sense of style, we are made to learn that they did it through unethical & unjust means then do you really expect people to watch this and go 'Wow, I wish I could be a scum bag like him!'???... Really? You must be kidding me! Get some bolts tightened in your head.
Rick James
Rick James - 6 years ago
With that kind of money I don't think you need a "special nooky room". It would be anywhere I wanted it to be.
Adi Kurnia
Adi Kurnia - 6 years ago
the cost of the mainenance is must be fucked
JTG1018 - 6 years ago
Give me US$300 Million please.
P2K4 - 6 years ago
Who stole my yacht??
Bridden - 6 years ago
Maybe if Wall Street Journal would focus more on information pieces like this instead of hit-pieces, it wouldn't be fading into oblivion.
chazz LUCAS
chazz LUCAS - 6 years ago
Matthew Milam
Matthew Milam - 6 years ago
That's chair with the horns looks like something that should be in a weird fetish sex dungeon it's creepy as hell
Adrian Caban
Adrian Caban - 6 years ago
And here I am, not being able to afford my cancer treatment for about $22k.
Kirinin Kiri
Kirinin Kiri - 6 years ago
the real tony stark
PumpkiePoo - 6 years ago
lol the bottom of the pool is glass, what if there was a party and people just look up at your butt
infinitewhileloop - 6 years ago
Kinda ugly inside for 300 million
chef curry
chef curry - 6 years ago
Mr stark
AVinash Goud
AVinash Goud - 6 years ago
lot of animals live in that yacht
Amadeus - 6 years ago
Meanwhile....People are killing, Hungry and breathing polluted air I wonder where all the money has gone....
Ben C
Ben C - 6 years ago
I mean, it's a massive yacht and all and I will never come close to owning something like that, but man that is one ugly boat.
Saint Etienne
Saint Etienne - 6 years ago
I'd rather have good friends
THE REAL BOSSTOP OB4L - 6 years ago
my yacht is way better than this, it's big and it's made out of pure gold.
Mamo - 6 years ago
Potato vid
Tech-Games tips
Tech-Games tips - 6 years ago
btw this boat is near monaco
Tech-Games tips
Tech-Games tips - 6 years ago
wtf that quality of video
Stripes Tutorials And More
Stripes Tutorials And More - 6 years ago
Hey I saw this in Monaco
cuenta clon
cuenta clon - 6 years ago
what?no carpets on the walls?im dissapointed
Brian McGuckian
Brian McGuckian - 6 years ago
Blurry but awesome
lawrence michael
lawrence michael - 6 years ago
the amount of mirrors and symmetry suggests a certain level of autism. lel
Ayaaz Ahmed
Ayaaz Ahmed - 6 years ago
Why the heck does WSJ have a youtube account??? Fuc off will ya, ruining youtube.....
Hardcore Ballers
Hardcore Ballers - 6 years ago
One day when I get Rich I will make this yacht look like a soup kitchen
3Fox 3
3Fox 3 - 6 years ago
Fingerprint security for the main bedroom.... why? What are ya cruising through the Somalia?
Salim Badruddin
Salim Badruddin - 6 years ago
Who else lost it in sting ray skins? yuck for such humanity
RtB68 - 6 years ago
Obscenity. Nautical syle.
Shrek Dank
Shrek Dank - 6 years ago
Russian billionaire has a union jack flag on the stern
chs75 - 6 years ago
For tax reasons.
Terry Foster
Terry Foster - 6 years ago
An obscene display of wealth! A floating Day's Inn. A ugly piece of flotsam. Russian fishing trawlers look better and probably cruise better. Hard to tell the difference between a WWI Russian destroyer or a NYC garbage barge. Something Jules Verne might imagine after smoking a bowl of Nepalese finger hash.
jannej - 6 years ago
Am I the only one who doesnt like this yacht? Music is horrifing too
ernest bautista
ernest bautista - 6 years ago
then they hit a storm and broke all the glass
Kyle Keogh
Kyle Keogh - 6 years ago
Money can't buy taste. But to each their own I guess
Thomas Guy
Thomas Guy - 6 years ago
It was okay....
NicksDomain101 - 6 years ago
It took me nearly 20 seconds to run the distance of the ship

pants heavily as he attempts to hold a running pace for 20 seconds
Allard Schmidt
Allard Schmidt - 6 years ago
Pffff well some day he's gonna realize someone has a much bigger yacht hating this one to commission an even bigger one. I really feel for those empty minded people not knowing what life is really about.
Ragebox85 - 6 years ago
Not only the content is disguisting but it's also pathetic quality.
Tony - 6 years ago
I just shook my head through this entire video. It''s not even impressive as much as it is sad... So sad someone has so much money to waste on bullshit like this. #notjealous
MOHAMMED ZUBAIR - 6 years ago
imagine the pirate hijacks it.
MOHAMMED ZUBAIR - 6 years ago
imagine the ship sinks down
Garundi P. McGrundy
Garundi P. McGrundy - 6 years ago
Yeah, but the Mexican deckhands all want to have sex with the owners wife and mistresses.
Jordyn - 6 years ago
Biggest decision of my life, see the yacht or give the wall street journal a few cents of ad revenue.. Yeah I'm going to pass.
Andre - 6 years ago
I was in our yacht and we passed right next to this thing in Dubai and it made me realize how big it is amazing boat maybe one day but for now, I am happy with our Princess 75
A Google User
A Google User - 6 years ago
Fuck the WSJ
A Google User
A Google User - 6 years ago
PEPE!!!! Hitler did nothing wrong!
A.G. Martinez
A.G. Martinez - 6 years ago
What is this crap? We dont got fins!!
comedyman112 - 6 years ago
imagine the tons of pussy he smashed inside
efg - 6 years ago
So many people sucking the dick of a billionare in the comments, damn
Fuck You
Fuck You - 6 years ago
Where are the £700 knifes?
Jimmy Saint
Jimmy Saint - 6 years ago
White sting ray hides? A whole room? What a cunt...
Whodey! - 6 years ago
Mr.Stark like in Tony Stark. He is real.
Charlotte - 6 years ago
WSJ = We Sell Junk.
Pre720 - 6 years ago
I'm not even gonna hide my envy or jealousy but why do rich ppl have gross designing in their homes and yachts? at least make it look nice and classy without the dumb shit all over the walls.
cburke106 - 6 years ago
Did you just say... 38 years old... Jesus christ
Yo Momma
Yo Momma - 6 years ago
And yet we have world hunger. How humans use their money, disgust me.
Terrence Klaverweide
Terrence Klaverweide - 6 years ago
Filmed with a potato? You got to film a 300 million dollar yacht and you brought a handycam? You should be ashamed WSJ..
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody - 6 years ago
That moment when you realize that a yatch is bigger than your home
Henry Smith
Henry Smith - 6 years ago
Fuck you wsj
Chad Hero
Chad Hero - 6 years ago
how about when it catches on fire or is taking on water and the guy is stuck in the Master because no one has the thumb print to let him out lol
Du Vieira
Du Vieira - 6 years ago
stan - 6 years ago
Some people think they could create their paradise yet on earth. But even if they have tons of money, they can't buy good taste and their paradise ambitions are ending in tons of trash.
County For Questionism-Ball
County For Questionism-Ball - 6 years ago
Billyspurs 43
Billyspurs 43 - 6 years ago
Is this owned by abramovic?
Powerfull Music
Powerfull Music - 6 years ago
ectualy its the uglyest yacht ive ever seen
Steven Williamson
Steven Williamson - 6 years ago
Its a bit much but the only problem I really have is the animal skins..I mean who has a wall of stingray skins??..GROSS
Kim Jong Un's Top Plays
Kim Jong Un's Top Plays - 6 years ago
now we know sliding up and down putins pole gets u a 300 million dollar yacht
Timmie Alsje
Timmie Alsje - 6 years ago
Saw this yacht in France, Antibes
Ohnotteemo - 6 years ago
Where's lil yachty
manderere - 6 years ago
Saw this boat in Dubai 4 weeks ago
mjstancer - 6 years ago
omg I would love to have a holiday on that boat
OutdoorsUnlimited 101
OutdoorsUnlimited 101 - 6 years ago
Josh Manners
Josh Manners - 6 years ago
Isn't white stingray indangered?
HBH Digital
HBH Digital - 6 years ago
People in Africa could have eaten that boat
Chill ass turtle
Chill ass turtle - 6 years ago
can we kill him?
Let's kill him.
Ben - 6 years ago
What a shitty boat.
Daniel T
Daniel T - 6 years ago
If this Yacht would be owned by a Amerikan millioner everybody wouldnt say some Bad thinks about him.... i hate this amerikan patriots

Ps : sorry for bad english, and no, im not a russian
Paul Williams
Paul Williams - 6 years ago
what a shit yacht shows how tasteless russians are
Phil Nugent-Box Mods
Phil Nugent-Box Mods - 6 years ago
PHLiiP - 6 years ago
fuck you for being dicks to Pewdiepie
Ross Harris
Ross Harris - 6 years ago
Smart Cat Collar Project
Smart Cat Collar Project - 6 years ago
I own a 10 years old plastic sea kayak and a 20 + yo bicycle... still have some fun with them !
Viktor Vanderbilt
Viktor Vanderbilt - 6 years ago
Fuck Phillip Starck…this is a Design Piece of Shit!!!
IM4 OUR - 6 years ago
You see what illegal arms and drugs will get you boy and girls. You don't have to study now do you .
rizon72 - 6 years ago
I see things like this, see the inside, and go, yuck.  It looks more like a museum than a place I'd like to actually like to relax in.
Tony McLean
Tony McLean - 6 years ago
Median income in Russia is $871/yr. In India it is over $1,000. 100 oligarchs own 35% of all the wealth in Russia. The most unequal distribution of wealth in the entire world.
Smart Cat Collar Project
Smart Cat Collar Project - 6 years ago
It's the wild west... he funded a bank at 21 ! but "According to media reports, he is one of the main social investors and philanthropists of Russia."
Alex Gamboa
Alex Gamboa - 6 years ago
why tf do Russians love yachts so much lol if u would look up top 10 most expensive yachts in the world a significant amount of the owners on the list r russian
Katrice Hovey
Katrice Hovey - 6 years ago
I've made $547 today, great :) you can find this method on my system
Tupac Amaru Shakur
Tupac Amaru Shakur - 6 years ago
H.O. U
H.O. U - 6 years ago
Where's the room that hacked the election?
Jon Fourie
Jon Fourie - 6 years ago
WSJ apologise to Pewdiepie
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks - 6 years ago
This cocsucker lierarly ripped thousands of Russians off creating poverty and enslaving Russian workers then left Russia with everything he stoleI don't think he's even allowed back into Russia. This is a terrible man with no morals
Raymond Basallote
Raymond Basallote - 6 years ago
can you tell me, what background song did you use? i need this for my upcoming thesis. many thanks.
jasonthecroi - 6 years ago
fake news. apologies to pewdiepie
Alifa Izzan
Alifa Izzan - 6 years ago
Ethan Warner
Ethan Warner - 6 years ago
fuck wsj! WE LOVE PEWDS
Pleasant Lake Pirate
Pleasant Lake Pirate - 6 years ago
Billionaires don't have nookie rooms, Guaranteed thats some kind of sex slave torture chamber..
jack tarr
jack tarr - 6 years ago
say what you like, I preferred my aircraft carrier
Great Guy
Great Guy - 6 years ago
Not worth the price? whats so special in this?
Gamerlol Comminer
Gamerlol Comminer - 6 years ago
Just here to leave a dislike. peace
Dale Mehana
Dale Mehana - 5 years ago
Gamerlol Comminer, Lol
Spasoje Kulasevic
Spasoje Kulasevic - 5 years ago
Gamerlol Comminer hahaha
Dreadios - 6 years ago
kys WSJ
Flame Studios
Flame Studios - 6 years ago
Stabbler53 - 6 years ago
Save pewdiepie !
Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire
Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire - 6 years ago
OMG, I respected this company before, but then they got exposed real hard, so pls KYS.
Michael Alexeyev
Michael Alexeyev - 6 years ago
Wouldn't exactly complain if I was given a $300 million boat, but all those mirrors would drive me fucking crazy
tinashe madondo
tinashe madondo - 6 years ago
ugly exterior
Harry Hov
Harry Hov - 6 years ago
Just goes to prove that even millionaires have crappy grass in some places LOL
RantZ_IE - 6 years ago
The best part about all of the people hating on this guy for spending so much is the fact that he probably is making money from it. He most likely rents it out when he is not using it to pay for it.
MrJackyMilonski - 6 years ago
Hässlich, der Kahn! Ein Schiff sollte aussehen wie ein Schiff ...
daveshen0880 - 6 years ago
in 2014. That billionaire man was visiting Greenland. He traveled through Nuuk. Some people were jealous at him and say at he is not welcome. But I don't care it.
David Michaels
David Michaels - 6 years ago
The dog is living a more luxurious life than all of us combined lol
John Wilson
John Wilson - 6 years ago
Help Me Sir . please i need to get another sail boat i sold my boat. to tray and save my Wife from cancer but it did not work if you can find it in your heart to get me a small sail boat. i will pray. day and night. for you Sir from john wilson
Aaron ___
Aaron ___ - 6 years ago
Sauce - 6 years ago
The Man
The Man - 6 years ago
Damn I got to get me one of those
Luke Paul
Luke Paul - 6 years ago
Cokes truck
bambang303378 - 6 years ago
Some warships don't even cost $ 300 million))) If them rich people wanna be different. They should purchase themselves submarines.
Smart Cat Collar Project
Smart Cat Collar Project - 6 years ago
Yuri Sheffler's yacht has a sub inside...
Secret BB-66
Secret BB-66 - 6 years ago
+bambang303378     I thought this was submarine, at least it looks like one.
Léon Rebel
Léon Rebel - 6 years ago
Only when the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money...
駒宮泰春 - 6 years ago
google 音
Robin gsx-r
Robin gsx-r - 6 years ago
I saw the yacht yesterday in dubai
It is really a special boat which is very noticeable
Crazy Clown
Crazy Clown - 6 years ago
No one gives a fuck u stooge
Costas En Garde
Costas En Garde - 6 years ago
Okay these comments are ridiculous and sad. Half the people are hating on billionaire cunts, the other half are justice warriors.
First of all many (NOT all) of these super rich bastards didn't even "work" for their wealth. They were born with a gold (hell, fucking diamond) spoon deep up their asses, taking control of daddy's company and shit like that. And secondly, you can keep drooling over their money, or you can spend 20 years of your life training to be a neurosurgeon for million dollar yearly salary, because that's the best you can do.
richbrutus - 6 years ago
Russian billionair = criminal.
Jon Samuel
Jon Samuel - 6 years ago
A = Abrahimovic
Ismail Aslam
Ismail Aslam - 6 years ago
I can see this yacht out of my window right now, Abu Dhabi, 19 december
Joey Cussen
Joey Cussen - 7 years ago
swear i saw this boat in friends with benefits
César LM
César LM - 6 years ago
unboxextremereview its true!
ليماني 66
ليماني 66 - 7 years ago
اليوم موجود في نيابه ليما 28-112016
akitmano - 7 years ago
Andrey Melnichenko, you are the man!
AlbertRazer - 7 years ago
the walls for the stairway to the downstairs COSTs like as much as a freaking car >;(
Trendy - 7 years ago
A penis extension.
Argot May
Argot May - 7 years ago
The chair at the end summed it up. Remember the ship sinking off of the coast of Italy?
Egos and glass.
Jay - 7 years ago
thank you for wasting 20 seconds of my life
Left anti pc
Left anti pc - 7 years ago
Corrupt Russian communist
Danny Fubar
Danny Fubar - 7 years ago
1% Mentality.
TheGlowShow - 7 years ago
this yacht sucks. why would u spend $60,000 on a banister? how boring lol
Detemplur - 7 years ago
a bedroom made entirely out of an animal? And the fact that this bullshit is 300 Million Dollar? Disgusting
w23857980 - 7 years ago
And how much did the hot babes cost?
Brigitte Logan
Brigitte Logan - 7 years ago
... Gebaut wurde sie in Bremen bei LÜRSSEN !
Nich Miller
Nich Miller - 7 years ago
what terrible human being whoever bought this
The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God
The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God - 6 years ago
Euge Garcia
Euge Garcia - 6 years ago
uno que esta podrido de dinero
Andreas Varkevisser
Andreas Varkevisser - 6 years ago
He was aiming at the boat having a whall of animal hides, not about the actual boat.
Dubious Doublechin
Dubious Doublechin - 7 years ago
+weesnaw weesnaw oh, no worries then
weesnaw weesnaw
weesnaw weesnaw - 7 years ago
+Dubious Doublechin no, I'm just letting you know I have a child sex slave
Dubious Doublechin
Dubious Doublechin - 7 years ago
+weesnaw weesnaw you're not seriously comparing owning a boat and owning a slave are you?
weesnaw weesnaw
weesnaw weesnaw - 7 years ago
+Dubious Doublechin tell that to my slave
Dubious Doublechin
Dubious Doublechin - 7 years ago
+weesnaw weesnaw's different
weesnaw weesnaw
weesnaw weesnaw - 7 years ago
+Dubious Doublechin I worked for my money so I'm gonna buy a slave
Dubious Doublechin
Dubious Doublechin - 7 years ago
If they worked for their money then I don't see an issue with spending it for yourself
weesnaw weesnaw
weesnaw weesnaw - 7 years ago
mopslopmop a whole wall of animal hide
mopslopmop - 7 years ago
Pingmeister - 7 years ago
I saw this docked in the harbour of Barceloneta
sunstarsmoon - 7 years ago
Two weeks ago I visited an aquarium in a big city where they had a water feature where you could touch small to medium sized stingrays . They would come up to the top of the water to be pet, glide along with endless joy, and look up at you with their sweet little eyes. It was an incredible experience. And this is what you do to these beautiful beings? You slaughter them for wallpaper? I don't care how rich you are, you giant piece of shit. This is what you do? You have to use animal skins to boost your already inflated ego? You are the lowest of low, pure coward. No awareness of the sanctity of life for other beings. You and your kind are the absolute worst of our planet.
Thebeetleman4444 365
Thebeetleman4444 365 - 7 years ago
Everything dies. He just made it happen sooner for a few stingrays.
Y3arZer0 - 7 years ago
$300 million dollar yacht, filmed with potato
svedego - 5 years ago
The Silent Hero
The Silent Hero - 5 years ago
Y3arZer0 Hideous
HunmbreVevo - 5 years ago
Said the same
ᄀᄂᄃᄇᄉᄌ - 5 years ago
Liem Nguyen
Liem Nguyen - 5 years ago
Y3arZer0 o
sdimas73 - 5 years ago
Probably a screen capture like most pirated video on YouTube.
David Tracey
David Tracey - 5 years ago
alfons schmidt
alfons schmidt - 6 years ago
Y3arZer0 s
Bryce Winter
Bryce Winter - 6 years ago
Love it
Kas - 6 years ago
Spit Burst
Spit Burst - 6 years ago
Synonym lol
Synonym - 6 years ago
potatoes arent cheap these days...
Charlotta Wallin
Charlotta Wallin - 7 years ago
Pfffft! This yacht is so luxurious it is ridiculous!
monkeybollox66 - 7 years ago
some people just shit money while there's people in the world dying of starvation????
Sirius - 7 years ago
meanwhile, i'd love to have my own little boat
Mystery History
Mystery History - 7 years ago
hideous design
Enduro/Trail NSW
Enduro/Trail NSW - 5 years ago
Mystery History yeah it's awful
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - 5 years ago
Master meme nah no one would want that, but if that’s what they desire, lots of unused expensive space, them that’s what they get
Master meme
Master meme - 5 years ago
Big Red
Big Red - 5 years ago
Bob Bob Yah i bought one of these a year ago and must say i probably overpaid by $50 mil, we learn from our mistakes though
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - 5 years ago
Mystery History it looks like a submarine
Secret BB-66
Secret BB-66 - 7 years ago
This looks like an U-boat with superstructure, or then they forgot to turn the hull around before they completed it.
HonestCactus - 7 years ago
Seen this boat in person in Fethiye, Turkey 2016. Looks a lot bigger IRL than it seems
Yacht Lane
Davide Ascanio Visconti-Borghese
Davide Ascanio Visconti-Borghese - 7 years ago
Jesus Christ, you're able to spend 300 million for a yacht... and you buy such a shit??
Fuckin' unclassy savages LOL
Secret BB-66
Secret BB-66 - 7 years ago
I'm pretty sure I could build my "Britannia" for 100 millions. too. I don't care about expensive and rare materials or specially designed stuff in the interior, I'm more for the functional and practical part. For 300 millions I think I could build an identic replica of the ocean liner SS Andrea Doria. Well, I like sailing boats/yachts/ships too. Newbuilt ships like Stad Amsterdam and Royal Clipper are pretty awesome. I just have a passion for ocean liners and the Britannia looks just like a little liner.
Davide Ascanio Visconti-Borghese
Davide Ascanio Visconti-Borghese - 7 years ago
+Secret 66
Good taste, mate, even if I'm not in that kind of ship.
Personally, I'd go to the Perini Navi shipyard in Tuscany to customize my dream's sailing yacht: 100 millions would be enough.
Secret BB-66
Secret BB-66 - 7 years ago
If I could spend that money on a yacht I would build a replica of the royal yacht HMY Britannia, in my opinion she looks like what a yacht should look like, at least on the outside. This one looks more like an U-boat with superstructure. His sailing yacht is not much better, looks more like some secret navy weapon.
Alex Kerr
Alex Kerr - 7 years ago
Fucking obscene
FancySassy80 - 7 years ago
eagle boy
eagle boy - 7 years ago
white stingray hyde?? what a dead set cunt
William Hollister
William Hollister - 7 years ago
What an UGLY boat, inside and out. This guy has more money than brains, because I don't think there's too many people on the PLANET that would pay $300M for all that GLASS and SHINY SHIT.
Lety Jay
Lety Jay - 6 years ago
thats why its called fuck off and fuck you money. you do what you want and dont give 2 cents what people think. and still have change. kudos to him for his love of glass and having it as a feature in his yatch. key word "his"
Farouk Abraham
Farouk Abraham - 6 years ago
William Hollister is right though its actually so ugly. I thought this video was from 1995  , looks so out dates with those old big box tvs , pale white , and generally shitty design. for 300 he got jipped
Thebeetleman4444 365
Thebeetleman4444 365 - 7 years ago
If you don't think it looks nice, your standards are higher that the top of the Burj Khalifa.
iMrMalibuZ - 7 years ago
tbh if i had 300mil id get myself a small houseboat/yacht, a nice villa and start a collection of supercars...
Dennis Muendesi
Dennis Muendesi - 7 years ago
Let the haters hate.
CravenKris - 7 years ago
It could be 43 million but 300 000$ IT'S TOO MUCH
CravenKris - 7 years ago
*3 000 000$
Rob Bogarts
Rob Bogarts - 7 years ago
I put it at 720p but the picture is still 360p :(
Verrückter Wissenschaftler
Verrückter Wissenschaftler - 7 years ago
I know that yacht pretty well. It often lies in front of the southern coast of Ibiza.
Steven Hardy
Steven Hardy - 7 years ago
When they were building it ,they were unable to flip the hull over soooooo
VICTOR MANUEL - 7 years ago
con 1 millón vive una familia mínimo 10 años
VideoPine - 7 years ago
Venus is better looking, this boat was ugly. I bet the skins and stuff was a request from the owner. check out steve jobs boat "venus", now that is beautiful design! Its funny how the same designer can make sutch an ugly boat when he is capable of so mutch more, I guess this proves that Jobs knows more about design than what people think.
Charlie Hudson
Charlie Hudson - 7 years ago
What's his job
Jimmy K
Jimmy K - 7 years ago
He parks his boats inside his yacht that's some G shit
Gorka Olloquiegui
Gorka Olloquiegui - 7 years ago
It's in my city right now, I'll go and throw him some eggs lol
Marko Marotti
Marko Marotti - 7 years ago
Gorka Olloquiegui trogir?
Дмитрий Змеев
Дмитрий Змеев - 7 years ago
throw for me too
Ahmed Abdi
Ahmed Abdi - 7 years ago
Squeeker GT
Squeeker GT - 7 years ago
I heard masturbateroom :D
David Peter
David Peter - 7 years ago
Generic Name
Generic Name - 7 years ago
I bet it's hilarious to open that cupboard with all the expensive glasses after rough waters.
My Perspective
My Perspective - 7 years ago
I saw this Yacht in Hawaii about a year ago.
My Perspective
My Perspective - 6 years ago
It was parked in the marina by the Aloha Tower. It was there for about a week. I took pictures of it and posted them on my Facebook. If I looked back I could probably get the exact date.
Wagners Welt
Wagners Welt - 7 years ago
that thing looks like shit inside?! WTF!
Jm Dean
Jm Dean - 7 years ago
Does this guy not know how many people in the world are starving?
cash king money man
cash king money man - 7 years ago
so this is how the other half live, I would make skins of greedy millionaires, for my room.
Cindy Bryan
Cindy Bryan - 7 years ago
Zip 00
Mach 1
Mach 1 - 7 years ago
He should be hang by his balls, animal skin everywhere. Shame on you, fucking Russian fuck
Hickory Trickory
Hickory Trickory - 7 years ago
Shockingly tasteless interior,really I am offended at such poor taste. I have'nt slept for 3 weeks since I saw this distressing video of such common bad taste. I am so offended at such a waste of opportunity to create something unique and with taste/class. The owner looks as though he was poor and became rich,only this situation could result in this terrible interior.
Air Port
Air Port - 7 years ago
just think how many poor people inafrica could have eaten that boat
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - 7 years ago
In Jersey atm
Richard Morris
Richard Morris - 7 years ago
why .....why did they have to use the hides like some kind of trophy....
DERVT - 7 years ago
Tacky wanker!
rodric heming
rodric heming - 7 years ago
It's off the Sussex coast at the moment. Just opposite Brighton. 17/09/16
SexyMuffin - 7 years ago
Best I can do is $20
Michael Delvalle
Michael Delvalle - 5 years ago
bout tree-fity
Daren Wilson
Daren Wilson - 7 years ago
Your cardboard micro-yacht will be arriving by UPS in the next few days. Remember: do not use it in water.
dw69ful - 7 years ago
This Yacht has been anchored off shore at Palm Bay,Margate for a few days (its gone now) close to where I live.I along with all the locals found it very interesting, making a nice change from the usual assortment of cargo vessels that regularly drop anchor in this area.
#Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo
#Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo - 7 years ago
disappoiting for that prize
cafer türker
cafer türker - 7 years ago
they will lose all in one day.history .asshole/thief/politicians, your job will not be easy in front of God.go on.
Bo Rerun
Bo Rerun - 7 years ago
that's the most highly technified ship In the whole fleet of the USSR
Johann Koenitz
Johann Koenitz - 7 years ago
Anybody else wondering about the african background music???
Dale Mehana
Dale Mehana - 5 years ago
Tacky ship, tacky music.
Justin Jones
Justin Jones - 5 years ago
Johann Koenitz yes
micha Tember
micha Tember - 7 years ago
i saw it 2 weeks ago on my way to work in Rotterdam. Sorry..but i find it ugly. Not worth the money.
Juan 4Realz
Juan 4Realz - 7 years ago
3:42 Wonder who does the job of picking up that stupid dogs shit? :'''')))
Thebeetleman4444 365
Thebeetleman4444 365 - 7 years ago
Juan 4Realz

What delusion? How is he delusional?
Juan 4Realz
Juan 4Realz - 7 years ago
nice delusion
leary - 7 years ago
someone for engineers or doctors triple salary
Juan 4Realz
Juan 4Realz - 7 years ago
That boat has 24hr nigger service for sure!
myvideoisnotgood - 7 years ago
why not just buy a military plane carrier and rebuild it
Vitiuxa - 7 years ago
It reads A, but pronounces Alpha, like in Latin alphabet.
Fo An
Fo An - 7 years ago
1989ElLoco - 7 years ago
When you are starting to pay 40 grand for each small tile in the showerroom of your boat, you know you've passed all reason. Dude come on.
Antonella Boles
Antonella Boles - 7 years ago
it's docked in Amsterdam right now
ZIP RIDER - 7 years ago
Tacky ass boat
I want it
Michael chrysler
Michael chrysler - 7 years ago
This is one ugly boat
Jurgen Weber
Jurgen Weber - 7 years ago
MasterJustinYe - 7 years ago
i saw chuck norris on a yacht on my cruise trip tour
Matthew Wibberley
Matthew Wibberley - 7 years ago
saw this today at Portsmouth uk docks it absolutely massive at first I thought it was a submarine
william brewer
william brewer - 7 years ago
Steve  with his ambition and  intelligence has built thousands of jobs  that fed generations of people. He should be commended for his contribution to society.
غاده محمد
غاده محمد - 7 years ago
اشهدوا ان لا اله الا الله واشهدو ان محمد رسول الله..بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم..
Do you feel like you are lost?
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You will see the lighting truth,
its in Islam.

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why I exist?
What is my destiny?
These questions and made the whole world .
You will find its solutions or answers only in Islam.

The sad people in the universe are so many .. but in Islam you move from happiness to happiness … by mentioning Allah and loving him.

What is the Islam. What are its beliefs?
Know the best Religion on earth, the nearest to Mans mind.
What is the secret beyond Muslims prayers? Why the white man stand beside the block one? The rich man beside the poor one, all together like brothers?
Allah will help you if you help your brother is one of prohet Mohammad sayings
life has no meaning withot Islam as it guide you to a permanent purpose
Prayers are the means to get a psychological health(islamic principle)
Do you want a peace of mind? Islam gives it to you as it tells you what you want to know about ur first & second life
* Islam is the religion of equality .
Let the sun of Islam shine in your heart.
Islam is a religion of mercy
that does not permit terrorism. I fear for you From the fire، God, I am what I lie♡.
((Oh god, I advised oh god witness)).
JCisKING - 7 years ago
It's almost identical to my mega yacht although I would never, ever have animal skins on my walls.
jj Al
jj Al - 7 years ago
ive seen this yacht in venice italy
Al Ortiz
Al Ortiz - 7 years ago
Sweet God Why not bless my life to be this plush....
freemancarl - 7 years ago
Ask yourselves: If this world is real is it worthy of eternity? The answer is obvious: NO. That's why we leave everything here where it belongs.

Wisdom is what this world needs. I hope many people will learn this someday...
paper towel
paper towel - 7 years ago
hey smart asd you cant take wisdom with you either so while your here..if you might as well ball out of control...yolo
freemancarl - 7 years ago
Wisdom No. Foolishness YES. :-)
Adam White
Adam White - 7 years ago
Wisdom inside a yacht is the key
SolidShibe's lost brother
SolidShibe's lost brother - 7 years ago
Fuck this shit I want a yacht that is a golden rattata, so it really is a top percent rattata
Sabine Van Osta
Sabine Van Osta - 7 years ago
Very very beautiful yacht indeed, must be most people's dream, the summum of human accomplishment. But perhaps not entirely so. I was wondering, with even half the worth of this boat how many sustainability project for the less fortunate people could be realised? How many schools to educate young people and how many hospitals and medical care centers built to provide for elementary medical care for the world's most deprived...
f mck
f mck - 7 years ago
You can work hard and get rich, but there are moral standards and killing endangered animals is one thing. Im a successful business person but at least I admire cheetahs and Lions when they are alive roaming the Savannah rather that be a big fat gutsy rich man standing on top of a dead beast.
fille118855 - 7 years ago
Shit filming, shit quality sorry
ThePig Ryder
ThePig Ryder - 7 years ago
damn comunist
kickracistarse - 7 years ago
It's a truism that money doesn't necessarily equate to taste.
Carl Lelandt
Carl Lelandt - 7 years ago
Good for partying, and elite get-togethers. Although, if it were up to me, I would've spent the $300 million on building a luxury full-size (830 ft) rigid airship (or a "Zeppelin"" as some people would call it) A helicopter pad on top "might" work too... When I'm not using the airship for special events/parties, etc, , I could have it in commercial use, for chartering, etc., to help promote the idea and use of big rigid airships again. I suppose if I could afford the $300 million for the airship, I could also afford another $100 million for a good modern, well staffed shed/hanger facility.. I bet if I did this, I could sell more airships, than that Russian guy could sell more luxury yatchs. I'd show up at that Farnborough Airshow the night before, with all airship's light on, and shuttle VIP's back and forth in the chopper, for walk-through tours of the airship. I think I'd probably fill my quota of orders and serious prospects, to keep the airship building shop busy for a while.
Caleb Simmich
Caleb Simmich - 7 years ago
Zepplin fuel doesn't have to be flammable. The Hindenburg and other German Airships at the time only used Hydrogen because the US trade embargo stopped them from getting the Helium they needed to mix with the hydrogen and prevent it from being as Flammable. Modern airships could even use carbon fibre vacuum chambers and get even more lift, with no flammable gas at all.
Carl Lelandt
Carl Lelandt - 7 years ago
+MurphMonkey..A way modern one. -Nothing much flammable except for fuel. Of course, when there's a fuel fire, it tends to destroy about everything anyway (what doesn't burn, melts), At least that's how it goes for many conventional aircraft crash fires.
Carl Lelandt
Carl Lelandt - 7 years ago
Definitely not a blimp, since they're non-rigid, and much smaller.
MurphMonkey - 7 years ago
Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un
Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un - 7 years ago
I would call it a blimp. Also for me im afraid of hights so... Just not for me.
BlackSparksWindow - 7 years ago
Ok, I'm watching this mega yatch straight outta my window at the moment. I thunk it was a submarine but searching I found this video.

I'm not joking, location: Dénia (Alicante, Spain) Wednesday, 27 July 2016 15:50.
G Patrix
G Patrix - 5 years ago
I just saw it on the sahara desert
germany a
germany a - 6 years ago
ZombieToad ahhhh das geht doch garnicht
germany a
germany a - 6 years ago
clan:rewired ein deutsche r
Mark Perryman
Mark Perryman - 6 years ago
just seen it near Canvey Island....
777 - 6 years ago
I saw it today in Formentera (spain)
Fluday - 6 years ago
i saw it in Capri last year.
Bxondie - 6 years ago
Currently in Monte Carlo, Monaco
Ismail Aslam
Ismail Aslam - 6 years ago
BlackSparksWindow just spotted out of my window in Abu Dhabi, it's been here for a few weeks
Abdulmajid - 7 years ago
Just spotted today morn in Dubai marina
Linda Young
Linda Young - 7 years ago
BlackSparksWindow l
BlackSparksWindow - 7 years ago
+ZombieToad that profile photo bro
ZombieToad - 7 years ago
just sailed into zurich Switzerland
Josh Stacey
Josh Stacey - 7 years ago
Was off the coast of Guernsey today!
Blah asdfghjkl
Blah asdfghjkl - 7 years ago
It's now just east of Brighton
Nathan Alexander
Nathan Alexander - 7 years ago
I saw it in Seattle, Washington a few months ago...
BlackSparksWindow - 7 years ago
+flabis66 We started a table location of this ship xD

Maybe the owner is moving it so much because he is selling it.
flabis66 - 7 years ago
On Thames in London right now
xavnl - 7 years ago
Same again. She just sailed into Amsterdam.
clan:rewired - 7 years ago
Same here. In Hamburg now.
BlackSparksWindow - 7 years ago
+Yukari - Sama m8
Yukari - Sama
Yukari - Sama - 7 years ago
kirito sux ballz
Toy Pupanbai
Toy Pupanbai - 7 years ago
If I had that kind of money, I'd buy a big ocean going diesel/electric submarine.
You could race along, sitting at sea level, crawl along and fish, do sub aqua dives.
Weather bad? Dive and sit it out!
Windows to watch marine life, of course!
Fly by wire electronics would only need a crew of 6?
An updated and civilianized Gato would do nicely.
keytothegate K
keytothegate K - 7 years ago
He is listed as 256 th richest man on Forbe's list, but the yacht is listed as 11 th most expensive . I did not like the master suite as it looks like a hospital bad.
Robertking1996 - 7 years ago
It's quite beautiful in person I can imagine, it's in the French Riviera currently, some friends took snapchats of it
Gonflyn - 7 years ago
Alex - 7 years ago
so all this animals had to die for this ugly yacht i mean i could design so much more beautiful yacht without animal die and less money wasted !
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
I'm not a fan out the exterior, and the animal hides are too much. But all of you saying "bad taste" and shit, thats all crap. Everyone has their own taste in stuff. And the interior is respectable
master muffin123
master muffin123 - 7 years ago
apart from the animal hides and that retarded mop rat dog thing of them
its a nice yacht
mrkogui - 7 years ago
he should be shot ...criminal !
mrkogui - 7 years ago
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
+mrkogui lol, ok!
mrkogui - 7 years ago
+Φίλιππος Κωστόπουλος of course not my friend, build your yacht and invite me : )
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
+mahesh katta exactly! I for example love yachts, and my dream is to build a yacht to my exact vision. Am I a criminal for having that dream just because it costs money? Absolutely not, I just want more out of life than average
mahesh katta
mahesh katta - 7 years ago
What if I like only gold. Wont it make me happy? Why are you judging other people for what they enjoy? And how sick of you to kill some one just because he built something he liked?
mrkogui - 7 years ago
+Φίλιππος Κωστόπουλος Im not contradicting myself, you don't understand what i mean. All the gold in the world would not make you happy so i don't agree with boundless pleasure.
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
+mrkogui you said it's not about how much you have but how much you enjoy what you have. So it doesn't matter if someone only has a small apartment or a penthouse, it only matters how much they enjoy what they have. So why are you contradicting yourself?
mrkogui - 7 years ago
+Φίλιππος Κωστόπουλος Good for him and if you don't see anything wrong with that good for you. i guess with the way you think you don't see anything wrong with anything as long as it gives you pleasure.
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
+mrkogui well I suppose he enjoys what he has, so why are you judging him? He gets to enjoy expensive things. What's wrong with that?
mrkogui - 7 years ago
+Φίλιππος Κωστόπουλος life is not about how much you have but how much you enjoy what you have.
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
This guy in the comments said it right. It's easier to hate someone for being rich than to admit that your life sucks because of your own decisions
Chris Farr
Chris Farr - 7 years ago
you ballin ass mutha fucka, I hope you get the cancer in yo asshole, yours truly the time haters!
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
It's easier to hate others for their success than admitting your life sucks and it's your fault isn't it?
Sonny Latchstring
Sonny Latchstring - 7 years ago
Strange you can't buy taste for $300 Million
Holma Runter
Holma Runter - 7 years ago
I thought with the helping hand of Philippe Starck this yachts interior would look good. But by what i saw, its tasteless.
J H - 7 years ago
White Sting Ray hide!? Not sure I"m down.
Thupten Thupten
Thupten Thupten - 7 years ago
Though the Yacht is great,I don't like the fact that it has some animal fur and horns for the ugly chair and decoration.
Thupten Thupten
Thupten Thupten - 7 years ago
Fuck off you cruel asshole!
BOB - 7 years ago
i like that chair make u feel bad ass like the warcief in world of warcraft
Khalid Omar
Khalid Omar - 7 years ago
What a beauty!
angel Midnight-girl
angel Midnight-girl - 7 years ago
Little poop pad - very thoughtful. Of course the boat is fab. With so many mirrors - I could see it becoming a bit dangerous after a few cocktails.
frank renda
frank renda - 7 years ago
Beautiful yacht, you bunch of losers that make bad comments all suck. Who cares about animal skins as long as there not endangered you all were lather shoes you bunch off assholes
susan7266 - 7 years ago
CycleCruza - 7 years ago
I couldn't imagine the maintenance upkeep costs of this yacht, not to mention the staff salary for this boat.
Secular meme
Secular meme - 7 years ago
Dafuq you doing here mayun!!
Ady Tech
Ady Tech - 7 years ago
they dont show the disco part , strange , i have worked for a gig in Antibes (IYCA) there is salon/disco in the middle of the boat (when u enter from the small gate in the middle of the boat trough the "passerelle"
imjimmy - 7 years ago
All this luxury worth 300 million and the dog gets a little square of grass? Cheap-o
Tyson007ian - 7 years ago
well he didn't buy the yacht for the dog now did he?
zh11147 - 7 years ago
Why wouldn't they put the heli pad on the stern?
Сергей Петров
Сергей Петров - 7 years ago
За большие достижения в благотворительной и общественной деятельности президент России Владимир Путин наградил известного российского предпринимателя Андрея Мельниченко знаком отличия «За благодеяние». В 2015 году в развитие российских регионов присутствия, социальные и благотворительные проекты в России компания вложила 659,8 млн рублей, уделив особое внимание созданию качественной городской среды, поддержке детского ледового спорта, сохранению водных ресурсов, подготовке нового поколения инженеров-технологов.
Johnfranco Archuleta
Johnfranco Archuleta - 7 years ago
ooooo shinny fancy pffhaa what a useless silly toy. knowledge now that is riches
Jan Jacobsen
Jan Jacobsen - 7 years ago
terrible taste
Jan Jacobsen
Jan Jacobsen - 7 years ago
not nuveau riche - nuveau shit
Brooks Anderson
Brooks Anderson - 7 years ago
It would make a great prop for aJames Bond movie! :=)
tonyo.l smith
tonyo.l smith - 7 years ago
i keep rewinding it back to listen for name of designer of that chair . any help??
Dikke Titte
Dikke Titte - 7 years ago
WOW, i wonder what kind of feeling that would give, taking your own helicopter to your own gazilion dollar yacht. Maaaaan that would be something....... Life rules!
dean peralta
dean peralta - 7 years ago
What kind of people buy these yachts? I'd love to see some of them
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
Come find me. My family owns a 40 meter luxury yacht.
Purple Groundhog
Purple Groundhog - 7 years ago
"No, this boat isn't nailing the 'tacky Russian oligarch' yet. Serge, I'll need two disco rooms" - owner
James Mckenzie
James Mckenzie - 7 years ago
I agree tho hope it sinks
James Mckenzie
James Mckenzie - 7 years ago
Love the boat and the style of it but really don't like people who use animal skins.
Erik Luyten
Erik Luyten - 7 years ago
fuck this shit its way over priced
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
That's the cost, get over it
Iknow Nothing
Iknow Nothing - 7 years ago
I'm embarrassed for him.
Die fucker Die
Die fucker Die - 7 years ago
That's tacky for 300 million
Mike Panocatapolis
Mike Panocatapolis - 7 years ago
I like this guy, sting ray for wallpaper! That is awesome. This is a boat out of a james bond film. Nice touch..
philhype31 - 7 years ago
Earn money is like a game, when you understand the rules its becoming easy to find a strategy to win. Poor people are just too stupid to understand the rules and find a way to win the game. It's the truth but you can insult me, maybe you will feel better, anyway tomorrow you will still wake up poor ahah
Ian - 7 years ago
+philhype31 Written like a poor black guy.
Mathew Calton
Mathew Calton - 7 years ago
How rich are you then, O'masterful?
Mr. KNRed X
Mr. KNRed X - 7 years ago
What have you won then? Poorer people than you buy the majority of the products of the richest companies and people in the world.
Don Corleone
Don Corleone - 7 years ago
money cant buy you taste
EvPanda - 7 years ago
I guess money does not buy taste... what a waste of money.
Billy Fegus
Billy Fegus - 7 years ago
What a stupid fucking name for a yacht.
TellMe IfItsReal
TellMe IfItsReal - 7 years ago
It's time for an old saying! "Money can't buy taste."
Laidback mar
Laidback mar - 7 years ago
so what happens if it sinks?
inconceivabledark - 7 years ago
......well you'd probably get a bunch of suprised but very rich fish or whatever. And a bunch of partying stingrays?
MurphMonkey - 7 years ago
...well if it sinks...spongebob can finally move out of that pineapple...
Laidback mar
Laidback mar - 7 years ago
+Aaron Tremble ima just run
Australia Is my city
Australia Is my city - 7 years ago
What happens if it sinks?
You kill yourself...
G Mahinda Bandara
G Mahinda Bandara - 7 years ago
Russia needs another revolution!
craigslistrr O
craigslistrr O - 7 years ago
what a garbage barge. ;-)
Vulcanscienceacademy - 7 years ago
I guess there really is no accounting for taste - especially bad taste.
Constantine - 7 years ago
Jim Carrey said "I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it's not the answer."
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott - 7 years ago
I want to puke and believe me, I'm not jealous!
koskoskng - 7 years ago
Как говорит наш кэп, "Такой уродливой посудины, не видал ещё!". Бабла поднять можно, а вот потратить его со вкусом дано не каждому.
areanna beyer
areanna beyer - 7 years ago
stupid ass rich people. and no i'm not jelly, just mad because they could be helping people but nope lets spend 40 k on a shower lever. what a moron. Also the front of the boat looks like a witch nose. ugly
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
They made their money by working for it. It's theirs and it's their choice what to do with it.
areanna beyer
areanna beyer - 7 years ago
+Crontax your nickname is trollface.
Crontax - 7 years ago
+areanna beyer someone's a little jelly
Danny Wildon
Danny Wildon - 7 years ago
Sting ray hide for WALLPAPER!?
Selfish monster
Keshaire!!! - 7 years ago
Why did you make your comment a retarded font? It's just harder to read.
Danny Wildon
Danny Wildon - 7 years ago
+panzach Are you for real? Haha
panzach - 7 years ago
It's a fish, not shellfish.
Robert hafberg
Robert hafberg - 7 years ago
it's smaller in person
religion doctor
religion doctor - 7 years ago
unoefxz - 7 years ago
the prop shaft is made from unicorn horns
Kata Bjork
Kata Bjork - 7 years ago
Haha this ship is currently in Akureyri, Iceland and i live there
SmileZ Gaming _
SmileZ Gaming _ - 7 years ago
por ugly ppl
(mirrors everywhere)
Laura Janssens
Laura Janssens - 7 years ago
TanzyTwi. - 7 years ago
I was looking at this yact from a bit distance yesterday lol and i was like, odd ship.
hugo jenssen
hugo jenssen - 7 years ago
Jeeezus...i see all the money in the world...DONT buy you a good taste in interior decoration. The ship is ruined by poor taste !!
El Gallo Esli Lopez
El Gallo Esli Lopez - 7 years ago
I have seen this yacht many times anchored a mile offshore in Sausalito California,
Rsalazar913 - 7 years ago
if u think people get extremely rich by being good u must b dumb u have to lie cheat steal and all kinds of twisted shit more power to them
Luke - 7 years ago
+Rsalazar913 no you don't. You just have to not be an idiot like you
Simon Gomes
Simon Gomes - 7 years ago
good. V
cht jagadesh
cht jagadesh - 7 years ago
i want a yatch....thats all
windyboy78 - 7 years ago
Saw this in Auckland when it was getting repainted. What a ship!
MARTIN SUGAR - 7 years ago
You too can become a gazzilionare if you murder, associate with very bad criminals and walk over who ever you want. Just call Satan.
Jason M. Farrant
Jason M. Farrant - 7 years ago
Everything you see is old news . The newest thing now is customized submariners.
smiles1969able - 7 years ago
lol awesome
PiXeLGeneral - 7 years ago
And I can only dream from something like this... World is unfear place :((
Beastinlosers - 7 years ago
Do not even contemplate thinking about that if you cannot even spell "unfair". the world isn't unfair, you have to work for that kind of stuff.
P.E.I. Man -Canada-
P.E.I. Man -Canada- - 7 years ago
A room to fuck in? Jet skis on board? I don't even own a fucking pool noodle.
Villa Dos Duquinhos - Salema Beach
Villa Dos Duquinhos - Salema Beach - 7 years ago
We have now a beautiful villa for rent in Portugal!
Watch our villa now!
Tatanka Bufalo
Tatanka Bufalo - 7 years ago
Tatanka Bufalo
Tatanka Bufalo - 7 years ago
lucky ducky dancer
lucky ducky dancer - 7 years ago
' a '? what kind of name is that?!
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
He accidentally pressed the enter button before finishing thr name I guess
The Revolution
The Revolution - 7 years ago
If I was a somali pirate I would rob this.
Dale Mehana
Dale Mehana - 5 years ago
You'd never get near it, and if you did, probably the last thing you ever do.
Coolidest - 5 years ago
Jeremy, you do realise there are pretty much only pirates in Somalia as far as most people know?
Jeremy Organ
Jeremy Organ - 6 years ago
The Revolution why would you need to be specifically somali and not some other nationality
:P Young life
:P Young life - 7 years ago
+luomio no need to be raisct now! Is it?
Fucking asshole
luomio - 7 years ago
If I was the owner I'd have a security force waiting to blow your nigger ass to shreds.
Greg Mccumber
Greg Mccumber - 7 years ago
I doubt that boat ever goes slumming near Somalia.
craigslistrr O
craigslistrr O - 7 years ago
+The Revolution you will need a bigger
Michael Joshua
Michael Joshua - 7 years ago
+The Revolution youd get murked
fantom as
fantom as - 7 years ago
Melnitchenko is a friend of Poutine so you know what does it mean , his money is the money of the russian people who live like in the middle age
fantom as
fantom as - 7 years ago
the owner stole the Oil money to the russian people, a shame !!!!
Esan - 7 years ago
i dont like the animal stuff.
John Madack
John Madack - 7 years ago
meanwhile in Africa a 3 year old girl and 7 year old boy die on there 17 mile journey to the well of dehydration.
Tai Hung
Tai Hung - 7 years ago
Animal skin ew
Pizza Dude
Pizza Dude - 7 years ago
meanwhile in africa......
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov - 7 years ago
meanwhile in Russia about 40mln of poor people, this is capitalism
point of view
point of view - 7 years ago
просто у нас во власти в основном уёбки
luomio - 7 years ago
Life is unfair. Get over it.
Mike Litoris
Mike Litoris - 7 years ago
Ok go back to communism
J Vilander
J Vilander - 7 years ago
What if it sunk...

-No worries, i'll just buy another, more expensive one.
Anthony Gaddy
Anthony Gaddy - 7 years ago
+J Vilander Yeah..... i was about to say the same thing!
Kevin2HD - 7 years ago
I'm gonna buy a ship with canons and destroy that
WILLIAM LOMBARD - 7 years ago
It was in Ayia Napa , Cyprus waters last year !
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
WTF it literaly just happened to me in another video. lmao
Kevin2HD - 7 years ago
+Φίλιππος Κωστόπουλος wth I dont even remember writing this lol
Φίλιππος Κ
Φίλιππος Κ - 7 years ago
You need money for that and I suppose it's wealth in others you hate. So that makes you just like the others
Robert Abshear
Robert Abshear - 7 years ago
The Ukrainian president! This was his payment to screw over his country!
Shen Shy
Shen Shy - 7 years ago
+Robert Abshear Viva Illuminati.
S V - 7 years ago
nookie room

nice little touch
clark hall
clark hall - 7 years ago
Love the boat. The glass has no business on a boat though.
Trishi Trish
Trishi Trish - 7 years ago
It's wonderfully designed. I'd relax and enjoy all the pampering and pleasures.
Joker - 7 years ago
What a retarded name for a boat.
duffdeluxe - 7 years ago
That run tho….
CoproManiac - 7 years ago
*Wow, we finally got the chance to see a $300 Million yacht, let's bring this crappy camera to film it!!*
Nikolay Klevstadlien Berisha
Nikolay Klevstadlien Berisha - 6 years ago
CoproManiac O
Paolo Testa
Paolo Testa - 6 years ago
Ybr Bynumgyderav
Ri5004 - 6 years ago
they must have filmed this on a iphone 3Gs lmao
JK - 6 years ago
CoproManiac and let's play the most obnoxious music we can find
Max Ray
Max Ray - 6 years ago
But hey it's the WSJ ! A good Camera in 2011/2012 was not so expensive this is a normal Camcorder maybe from Aldi =D
A&A Britten
A&A Britten - 6 years ago
Time and technology moved on. It's called life. We don't want yesterdays crap, we want tomorrow's technology.
U.S.Slave - 6 years ago
+The Wrong Hole man u guy's are spoiled. ya know there was a time not long ago 720p didn't even exist
The Wrong Hole
The Wrong Hole - 6 years ago
Leakena Sim the video is in shitty 720p, we cant see anything
Jax Manda
Jax Manda - 6 years ago
Leakena Sim
Leakena Sim - 7 years ago
CoproManiac what do you mean
Scorpionkiller130 - 7 years ago
+Justin H same
J H - 7 years ago
Uh yeah, I even checked to make sure I was viewing in 720 or 1080p to to be sure.
Jose Cervantes
Jose Cervantes - 7 years ago
fuckers only want to scam people is it

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