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Nyasha Nyaruwata
Nyasha Nyaruwata - 3 years ago
Haaa imi tsano imbomirai kutisekesa
Lot Danai Chitakasha
Lot Danai Chitakasha - 3 years ago
Yaa..akatanga kuita mabody guard anotyisa kudaro achicampaigner ko akazoita President..!
G.T. Madamombe
G.T. Madamombe - 3 years ago
bva zvauri bussinesman waka employer vangani. bussinesmen create jobs for us while politicians ana NC nana ED vachiita politics.
julian chimombe
julian chimombe - 3 years ago
i know a conman when i see one.
Maurice Chigumbu
Maurice Chigumbu - 3 years ago
Everyone wants to be president & they keep on coming. Next!!!
Mutsawashe - 3 years ago
You are so full of yourself.did you just say...'l didnt grow up with tax payers money....." on your bike sunshine.
Ellen Musa
Ellen Musa - 3 years ago
Not having a house does not mean you can not lead, neither does having house mean you can lead. All the people who have been leading our country had mansions, but look where they have lead us. They were business people also just like you, but they failed. Most of these young people whom you say rely on tax payers money have an education, but they have been let down by our government which destroyed the country's economy and thus making it difficult for them to get jobs. You know as such as any Zimbabwean that our people have a culture to learn and be educated. So you really think that it's by choice that our you young people are in this situation? Of all the politians I have come across, you are most stupid of them all. You can't even see what is going on around you. It's not what the MDC has done or how many times the party has been broken up. Its about what you can do for these young Zimbabweans you are moking. For any Zimbabweans to be attending your rallies, let alone plan on voting for you is plain stupid. I just can not imagine what you say at your rallies because you are against everything that the Zimbabweans are looking for in a leader. These young people are leaders of tomorrow. They need someone who can mould them and lead them by example and not mock them like you are doing. I am not a Zanu PF or MDC supporter, I am just looking for someone with leadership qualities, and you are not just one of them. It turns out that we Zimbabweans have given Zanu Pf a chance to lead our country and I am not going explain where they have lead us because one has to be a fool for one not see what is going on in our country. Mudzimai upi, ndaa amai vapi vaka dzidzisa vana vavo zvakaita ini kudai, zveku tamburira vacha imba vachitamba pari kutsvinyirwa vana vedu kudai. Handiti chatiri kuda i promise yekugadzirisa future yevana vedu. Ndine shuwa yekuti vana vedu nesu tese munhu wega wega hapana asina chisuwo chekudya cheziya rake achizvi shandirawo.
King of Zion
King of Zion - 3 years ago
The challenges to Jehovah have reached critical mass.

They are emanating from Iran.

Russia only wants and needs to be led.

If you see them leaning towards Iran, it's lack of leadership.

Russia must, and will be kept in check. Small matter. Nicely.

They will follow. Nicely.

Iran must answer.

If I had a choice, I would spare the women and children of Iran from the horrors of war.

What needs to be shaved, is the head at the top.

Regime change, without lessons of war, will do no one any favours.

I applaud China for exposing loud mouth North Korea.

Jabulani Mondhlani God Lion of Judah, and President Donald John Trump. The Two Biblical Witnesses.

No demonic danger in Prophecy.

That is the first thing I sorted out, Day One, as full God.

I was Jesus Christ since 2015, by Order of Heaven.

A lot of Revelations, Power and Might, have since been Revealed and Bestowed and Invested Upon my life.

Where do I begin?

Father Abraham.
Moses. The Sun. The Star from The East. The King of Kings. The King of Zion.
Michael. I brought the Moon here.
The Groom.
The Bride.

I have too much Power and Might.

I now understand the importance of Mercy.

Which is exceedingly far more important than Grace itself. As important as you think, and know, grace to be.

The Eye in the Sky.

Perception Himself.

Creation God.

Touchdown of the Kingdom of God.

The One whom everyone wants to see and hear. The Light Himself.

The One in whose Image we were Created.


Yes. Jehovah Himself is Here.

I leave His Seat clear, most of the times.

I hardly need to use it.

Sometimes, He just appears, and you will know about it.

He is always there.

Somewhere in the background.

I hardly need to call him.

I have too much Anointing.

All by myself. Anyway.

Once in a while. I consult Him directly.

He has set the System and Parameters Himself.

The New Millennium Abrahamic Heaven Anointing and Earth Anointing Mining Freedom and Peace Covenant.

Jesus is Lord.

Yes. Earth is fully represented.

Even by Planet Mother Earth speaking mouth herself.

I don't cut corners.

I Pick Up Everyone and Everything.

The guy with the briefcase?

I shot him. Yes.

I took the briefcase.

You want to know what was in the briefcase?

I thought it was money.

It was like the most valuable thing Earth was hiding.

And I unearthed some absolute treasures.

Wait for the song of Jabulani Mondhlani Part 5, 6 and 7.

The people are lukewarm.

They don't inspire me to pass knowledge, secrets and treasures.

In the briefcase.

The map to the mouth of the dead.

The dead know Everything. Jehovah. 2017.

Welcome to The Rapture.

The Seventh Day Seventh Millennium Abrahamic Heaven and Earth Freedom and Peace Covenant.

The Queen Elizabeth and King James Abrahamic Millennium Bible.

Coming to a place near you soon.

Jesus is Lord.

The Eternity Creation God.

Before Eden.

Big Bang Himself is Here.


Nature Boy.

Ask your Governments about a famous Court Case. Air. Jehovah.

For those operating on Higher Perception.

I Pick Up Everyone and Everything. Jabulani Mondhlani. God.

Let me finish by telling you funny stories.

White snake said I want to go on top of black snake.

Pecking order.

Black snake agreed.

It was after I had conquered everyone and everything.

If I can conquer in darkness.

Imagine that, for a second.

There are places where angels fear to tread.

I have given plenty of definitions of actual snakes, snakes, and zoo snakes.

Many people fear for their lives, for example, when you talk about snakes.

I have talked about air snakes.

Let me finish funny story.

I will write some more, if people show interest.

Black snake agreed for white snake to go on top.

It seemed important for white snake to go on top.

Black snake seemed to want to respect that order.

Wait for the Song of Jabulani Mondhlani Part 5.

Second part of funny story.

Black and white clay.

All the other colours of clay, no concerns or issues or queries raised.

White clay wanted to go on top.

Black clay seemed to agree, almost naturally.

The orders and hierarchy seemed to be an entitlement and a given.

Hey. I told you, even these trees around you have voices and speak.

I use the Anointing, in many different modes, to choose what to listen to, and what to blank out.

It's an extremely powerful world of beings we are talking about.

I Control Everyone and Everything.

Jabulani Mondhlani. God of Heaven and Earth.

Sorry if I didn't go too deep.

There are subjects, which, if I touch, I must do justice.

Read the Song of Jabulani Mondhlani Part One to Four, and hundreds of my Articles.

Especially the Early Writings. For the Rapture as it happened.

Jabulani Mondhlani. God of the Bible.

The Seven Day Creation God.


We have now reached an Eternity in Creation, full of Beauty and Diversity.

Back to Eden.

Road to Paradise and Heaven.

Owner and Creator of Everyone and Everything. Jabulani Mondhlani.

Arch Angel Touchdown.

There is someone called Air.

He is completely dominant and amazing.

Jabulani Mondhlani. Air.

Let me do some honour to Big Foot. Before I pen off.

Jabulani Mondhlani. Big Foot.

Right Hand holding the Left Hand.

Jabulani Mondhlani. The Right Side of Air.


That is a separate system, to Air Himself.

That System, The Right Side of Air, holding the Left Side of Air. Is connected to Jabulani Mondhlani.

Air Himself is the Source of all air.

There are eternity forms of air. Honestly.

The things I have seen on inspection.

Air Himself. Nature Boy.


Jesus is Lord Jabulani Mondhlani God Lion of Judah.

The treasures on my life, are the treasures of Time and Eternity. Before, after Eden.

Back to Eden.

Jabulani Mondhlani. The Chicken and the Egg.

Heaven Anointing flowing Top to Bottom.

Perpendicular Balance Top to Bottom.

Horizontal Balance. Right to Left.

Heaven Anointing. Right to Left.

The Centre of Gravity of God is the Centre of Gravity of Jabulani Mondhlani.

Jabulani Mondhlani. 24/11/1977. Sinoia. Rhodesia.

I am not called Lion of Judah for no reason.

Or small reason.


I have come to understand the importance of Mercy.

Jabulani Mondhlani. God of Lightning and Thunder.

Jabulani Mondhlani. God of Life.

Jabulani Mondhlani. God of Death.

Air Picture Rule.

Kingdom of God.

Every Creation connection system available in the Kingdom of God.

Jabulani Mondhlani. God of Peace and Love.

Jesus is Lord.

Iran must answer. Heaven and Earth Justice Department. Kingdom of God.
Date Stamp: 20 March 2018
Time Stamp: 04:07

The Spirit and The Bride say Come.

p.s. To the naturalized Holy Spirit children of God, who hate any mention or snake imagery. I apologize.

The blood of Jesus speaks better things.

The blood of Jesus speaks victory and dominion.

Power and Might Belongs to Our God.

Jabulani Mondhlani. Ancient of Days.

Appointed, Anointed and Revealed.


The Holy Spirit is Here.

I haven't even described in great detail how I work, move and have my being.

It's just a quick run down.

Right Hand and Left Hand Drive human Cars are back in the Kingdom of God.

I Pick Up The Event of Time and Eternity.

Jabulani Mondhlani. The Event.

I Pick Up Paradigm Shift.

Jabulani Mondhlani. Jesus Christ. The Rapture.

The Spirit and The Bride say Come.

The Kingdoms of this world have now become the Kingdoms of Abraham.

Our God and His Christ.

The Kingdoms of Jabulani Mondhlani. Father Abraham.

Stand still. And know that I am God.

I am walking in Jerusalem. Jabulani Mondhlani. The Ark of The Covenant.

Pick Up Jabulani Mondhlani God Lion of Judah Up and Down The Earth.

Pick Up Left Side of Air. Jabulani Mondhlani God Lion of Judah.

Pick Up Right Side of Air.

Jabulani Mondhlani. The Right Side of Air.

The One who conquered death.

I kicked it in the pit of the abyss bottom of the stomach.

Sorry. I closed the pit of the abyss bottom of the stomach.

Pick Up.

Jabulani Mondhlani. God.

Birmingham. Great Britain. First. America. First.

Jesus is Lord.

Meet me in the Sky, Rapture Kids.

I am on Sky News.

Jabulani Mondhlani. The Wonder of Heaven and Earth.

The wonders of God.

The wonders of Creation.

What is there to hate about the one from where we all came from?

This is a big, big, moment in the Bible and in History of Mankind.

Creation God Touchdown.

Pick Up The Light.

Jabulani Mondhlani. God of Heaven and Earth.

God of Everything and Everyone.

God who Rules below and above Gravity.

God of the Stars, the Galaxies, Space, the aliens and the alien human spirits.

God of the Universe.

I cut deep. Jabulani Mondhlani. God.

God of Fire, Water, Earth. Air Himself.

Air tastes like Jelly. No offence.

Guys. The things that surround us.

Yet. They are an Eternity away.

No one goes to Eternity and comes back.

Only One Man. Jehovah Himself. Jabulani Mondhlani.

Like me or hate me.

I am that important.

By birth and being. Anointing. And Everything else, set by the Order of Jehovah and Heaven.

Born to be revealed as God of Everyone and Everything.

God with actual Power and Might. To move things. In Air. Earth. And everywhere else.

When it's time to move, it's time to move.

The One who watches over Israel does not sleep nor slumber.

I call Iran to account.

I fully expect Russia to stand aside.

People should stop worrying about Russia in that way.

Some, just really do not trust Russia.

Never, ever put Russia in the category of Iran.

They are a million miles apart.

There is what can be reconciled.

There is what cannot be reconciled.

If you are Muslim, listening under the sound of my voice, look up to Saudi Arabia and Egypt under Ishmael.

Jabulani Mondhlani God Lion of Judah. Father Abraham.

Kingdom of God.
Christine Misomali
Christine Misomali - 3 years ago
Iwe hatikude futi

10. comment for Joseph M Busha President Of FreeZim

Christine Misomali
Christine Misomali - 3 years ago
Iwe ukawana nguva uyende kunorara usataurezvisina basa uye vanhu vari kuramba vachisapota zvakadayi vanotorwara dayi uri mumwe wana namatira kufa imbwa dzevanhu dzajayira kushandisa vanhu udze Mugabe wako akwane
Annie Ndhluli
Annie Ndhluli - 3 years ago
Nge MDC ukhulume into elenqondo sibili kuhlala kuhlukanwa kuphela loChamisa ngeke awine zviroto zvega zvega..i will definately vote for yu if i know your vision lokuthi uthutsha ngapi bt makukhangele ngathi uzosibisela emuva wena mdadlana..i just wish pastor Evan Mawarire could run for President cause to be honest that man stood for all of us as Zimbabweans lokhu okwe Mdc leZanupf seku outdated
Molline Madhananga
Molline Madhananga - 3 years ago
vanyuka nepi avo
Monica Lunga
Monica Lunga - 3 years ago
Ava vanongotomboka tomboka sehowa vabvep
Nobu Wamwanduka
Nobu Wamwanduka - 3 years ago
Aaaaa Duzvi iri ngaritibvire apa haiwawo rubish
Alistar Tafadzwa Murapiro
Alistar Tafadzwa Murapiro - 3 years ago
Iyi imbwa iyi ngaigare pasi ...2018 Chamisa chete chete
Zivanai Semwayo
Zivanai Semwayo - 3 years ago
pfungwa ndoshoma apa
rejay utsiwegotah
rejay utsiwegotah - 3 years ago
imbonyarara iwe
nyasha chikuni
nyasha chikuni - 3 years ago
where were yu my guy tichitambisirwa time na chamisa pliz pliz pliz huya kuGweru u have my vote
Dorothy Sokisi
Dorothy Sokisi - 3 years ago
vabva nekupiko tsano ava
nhaka tichaonerera

20. comment for Joseph M Busha President Of FreeZim

Jeffstar Mavangira
Jeffstar Mavangira - 3 years ago
he has said the truth though. zvibhohwe zvinakidze, he has really nailed it. but will he win? coz Zim needs a businessman as president for shuwa
Shaloom Chidukwana
Shaloom Chidukwana - 3 years ago
If u are a real slim shaddy pliz stand up...
lienol mlambo
lienol mlambo - 3 years ago
tibvireiwo kumhepo tifeme mushe .....Bullet train pfeee
Moses Chisamba
Moses Chisamba - 3 years ago
Kkkkk masara nechitima akoma
Ananias Danda
Ananias Danda - 3 years ago
You have my vote Mr President
Valerie Java
Valerie Java - 3 years ago
haahaa tsano tigarirei pasi, I'm sure being a sabhuku that position will suits very well
pride 17 mlilo
pride 17 mlilo - 3 years ago
That's rubbish
matiza percy
matiza percy - 3 years ago
chakaneta chi video ichi
Ricardo Bepeta
Ricardo Bepeta - 3 years ago
Dj Bhongo
Dj Bhongo - 3 years ago
Haiwawo iwe chimbomira kungohukura hauna nyaya. Vote pana Chamisa

30. comment for Joseph M Busha President Of FreeZim

Reynold Choruma
Reynold Choruma - 3 years ago
Lots of rubbish what he was saying.Tell us why we should vote for you not to spend the whole 4mins busy talking about other people.
nyashagrace - 3 years ago
ummmmmm pa 3:18 vanga vachitamba song inonzii, ndiri kutsvagawo masongs anotambika like that
Michael Maramwidze
Michael Maramwidze - 3 years ago
kkkkkk am third to view
Shaloom Chidukwana
Shaloom Chidukwana - 3 years ago
dude u are late the bus has already left the station with Chamisa in it
Voltz Babe
Voltz Babe - 3 years ago
Haiwaho hkuna chozikanwa apa
Gift Musungo
Gift Musungo - 3 years ago
Baba ava wht is he saying nhamo ine nharo veduweee. Fuck u. Uya kune vamwe u vote not kuvhoterwa
Rumbidzai Muzah
Rumbidzai Muzah - 3 years ago
Where were yu pese apa vanhu vachirohwq nezanu wakuda kumuka kuno compitor w chamisa ibvapa unotitorera mavotes
Violet Mukabeta
Violet Mukabeta - 3 years ago
Vote for Chamisa

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