Rich Boat Owner 'Forgot' About His Docked Luxury Yacht

For 2 years, a yacht abandoned in a Swedish harbor was the subject of much speculation, many a story, and finally a search for its owner. If you owned a hundred thousand dollar yacht, can you imagine docking it somewhere and simply forgetting about it? For 2 years, a yacht abandoned in a Swedish harbor was the subject of much speculation, many a story, and finally a search for its owner. Well, thanks to a Facebook campaign, local police found him, and also finally solved the mystery of why it sat there unattended for so long. According to the owner, he'd forgotten about 100-thousand-dollar vessel. When he was finally located and told that he'd left his yacht behind, the proprietor told a local officer that he could have sworn he'd sold it. That, however, is not the only incredible part of the tale. All the time it was docked, its keys were hanging from the deck railing, in plain view. Not once did anyone take it, not even out for a brief joyride. Despite the fact that it's been ignored for years, the yacht is said to be in pretty good shape. Now, all the owner needs to do is pay the mooring fees, which are assessed daily so will likely be significant, and sail the boat away. It's not believed that coming up with the cash will be a problem for the man.

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For 2 years, a yacht abandoned in a Swedish harbor was the subject of much speculation, many a story, and finally a search for its owner. If you owned a hundred thousand dollar yacht, can you imagine docking it somewhere and simply forgetting about it? For 2 years, a yacht abandoned in a Swedish harbor was the subject of much speculation, many a story, and finally a search for its owner. Well, thanks to a Facebook campaign, local police found him, and also finally solved the mystery of why it sat there unattended for so long. According to the owner, he'd forgotten about 100-thousand-dollar vessel. When he was finally located and told that he'd left his yacht behind, the proprietor told a local officer that he could have sworn he'd sold it. That, however, is not the only incredible part of the tale. All the time it was docked, its keys were hanging from the deck railing, in plain view. Not once did anyone take it, not even out for a brief joyride. Despite the fact that it's been ignored for years, the yacht is said to be in pretty good shape. Now, all the owner needs to do is pay the mooring fees, which are assessed daily so will likely be significant, and sail the boat away. It's not believed that coming up with the cash will be a problem for the man.

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for Rich Boat Owner 'Forgot' About His Docked Luxury Yacht

Mr Fingers
Mr Fingers - 3 years ago
i wish I knew about it.
redeyetrucker67 - 3 years ago
Definition of more money than brains
tuttt99 - 3 years ago
Throatwobbler Mangrove
Jim Steigelmann
Jim Steigelmann - 3 years ago
Do that in the US, and the harbor will file a lean on the boat, and after 90 days move to confiscate and sell the boat to cover the lean.
mindy burton
mindy burton - 3 years ago
he reported it stolen and already collected the insurance money
Mario Stelzner
Mario Stelzner - 3 years ago
What other things does he own that he forgot about.
George Lockwood
George Lockwood - 3 years ago
A hundred k is nothing for a boat
Jordan Ulbrich
Jordan Ulbrich - 3 years ago
That's a Tinker Siesta Vee. In other words is a dressed up bayliner. Not a Yacht lol
Jon Netbotic
Jon Netbotic - 3 years ago
clickbait bullshit thumbnail for faggot uploaders

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Elijah Hartley
Elijah Hartley - 3 years ago
I would have gladly took the yatvh take off the title and everything and move to the usa
T Bag
T Bag - 3 years ago
You can buy a luxury yacht for only $100k? Give me 20 please.
Adam Emil Lay
Adam Emil Lay - 3 years ago
Must be nice.
Equalizer - 3 years ago
If that's a Yacht , then my Canoe is a Cigarette Boat ...
dodgeguyz - 3 years ago
This is a yacht to the person in a 15 year old 18ft bow rider!!!!
pigskin1000 - 3 years ago
not a 100K boat unless it has diesels with fairly low hours. certainly not a "luxury Yacht" by any stretch either way. duh...
KREO CAPRICE - 3 years ago
40' boat about a 2001 can buy for 40k
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold - 3 years ago
Stupid trust fund kid still nursing off mommy's and daddy's teat.
Jet Blake
Jet Blake - 3 years ago
That is were I left it.Thanks
MemoryLaneCinema - 3 years ago
yacht? lol

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Hourani - 3 years ago
Not stolen, Of course, Its Sweden they don't have niggers.
Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter - 3 years ago
He didn't forget about it, he chose to leave it there and intentionally walked away from it hopping someone would take it.
Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis - 3 years ago
That is where my boat is!!

Dan Forster
Dan Forster - 3 years ago
so what no form of registration?? surely they could trace the owner this way. sad.
Bradley VanTassal
Bradley VanTassal - 3 years ago
Not a yacht. It's a boat. I've been on bigger in Lake Michigan.
Aaron Harris
Aaron Harris - 3 years ago
a cabin cruiser is hardly a yacht
GillesBoutenfeu - 3 years ago
"You know what, just keep the darn yacht."

- that rich dude
Saffron's World
Saffron's World - 3 years ago
More click bait bullshit on YouTube.
Yes Sure
Yes Sure - 3 years ago
it is a power boat - you won't sail away
isailwind - 3 years ago
Finding this hard to believe. Never ever seen a marina that would have a slip occupied for 2 years with no payment. Never.

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Evil One
Evil One - 3 years ago
No niggers live there you know it's safe
garth emsley
garth emsley - 3 years ago
Oh that's where I left it after that drug run. Thanks.
SirHenryofRR - 3 years ago
Why can't I find something like this that has just been forgotten about? I wouldn't say no to a nice boat or Rolls Royce. I could even bear to slum it with a decent Bentley.
tubedude54 - 3 years ago
2014... this was before the muzzie invasion or it would have been GONE!
Terri Romero
Terri Romero - 4 years ago
(Brain fart) I know there was something I forgot. Must have entirely to much money.
zach delarocha
zach delarocha - 4 years ago
I had a car I didn't want anymore, a 6 yo Z28 back in like 1996 couldn't sell it. Left it sitting downtown with keys in the door. Came back 16 hours later, pos was still there. This was long before bait cars. Dude wanted someone to steal his boat, and after 2 years with no maintenance or winterization in Sweden? That shit is an anchor.
csrgatorfan - 4 years ago
"I thought I sold it". Huh??? How do you forget if you sold your boat or not?

"Honey, where's that $100 grand that we got when we sold the boat? I can't find it. What, wuddya mean we didn't sell it? Where is it?"
Davey Summers
Davey Summers - 4 years ago
take it to my house and forget about it
Mai Naim
Mai Naim - 4 years ago
lol 100k. Try 30.
1951RKP - 4 years ago
I would hardly call a Rinker Boat a yacht and I sure wouldn't pay a 100K for it. Rinker's are entry level Cruisers at best. Don't blame the man for forgetting about it. Slip fee is probably more than it's worth.
Tim Light
Tim Light - 4 years ago
This is only odd because it's not happening in the United States. If you've ever been to a marina in Florida than you know that at least 3 boats there have been abandoned at least as long.
Nikki&Aba Spoknik
Nikki&Aba Spoknik - 4 years ago
magic cheeseball
magic cheeseball - 4 years ago
I see the dinghy now where is this yacht ?
Just Me Again
Just Me Again - 4 years ago
That's NOT a yacht, it's a cabin cruiser....a dime a dozen
James Stimpson
James Stimpson - 4 years ago
Turn ya adverts off
Hagen vanTronje
Hagen vanTronje - 4 years ago
It's only a Rinker ! If it were a Hatteras, Bertram, Blackfin or some other serious seagoing Motor Yacht then it would be worth something but Rinker ?
Landshark! - 4 years ago
luxury yachts use these as tenders !
S Vanslembrouck
S Vanslembrouck - 4 years ago
This is a Rinker not a Sea Ray. Big difference!!!! People have no idea about what they are talking about!!
Walter Kiley
Walter Kiley - 4 years ago
,Dumbass!!! x 3

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Doug Mohn
Doug Mohn - 4 years ago
Sorry, that is not a $100K boat!!
Darrren Betker
Darrren Betker - 4 years ago
and somehow you thought the world needed to know this.....give me my time back thief!!!!
1951RKP - 4 years ago
GREGORY WIERZBICKI -- it's a cheap ass Rinker ! Not a Searay.
Eric Knowles
Eric Knowles - 4 years ago
GREGORY WIERZBICKI, it says...Firsta Vee... that's made by Rinker.
Mike Allmon
Mike Allmon - 4 years ago
my Sea Ray Sundancer 270 is actually Yacht certified. Im a Master marine surveyor
FASTESTMAN ON3LEGS - 4 years ago
Who cares if it's "ONLY" 100k- I bet you wouldn't forget you owned one! Now that's BALLING!
VarietyBacon - 4 years ago
lol its a 320 or 340 searay sundancer! You can get them for like $70k or less! They arent even considered "luxury" or even "yachts"
1951RKP - 4 years ago
VarietyBacon --- not a Searay. This is a low end Rinker. Known as a entry level cruiser. Searay are much higher end than this crap.
Eric Knowles
Eric Knowles - 4 years ago
VarietyBacon it's a Rinker Fiesta Vee.. still under $70K... Either way, I'm wondering how many judgmental assclowns could afford a boat.
Brad Dumon
Brad Dumon - 4 years ago
So its an older model 340 Sundancer. Here's the likely scenario; guy didn't want it anymore and was sick of the upkeep. Decided to put it in a slip, leave the keys in sight and hope that somebody stole it so he could report it stolen, collect the insurance and move on. No more boat hassle..
Eric Knowles
Eric Knowles - 4 years ago
Brad Dumon , not its not.. it's a Rinker Fiesta Vee. Point still taken though..
Ralph Johnston
Ralph Johnston - 4 years ago
Stupid fucking sea lice!!! Pleasure boaters all over the world should sell their them one less thing to to stupid about...death to ALL sea lice, yachtnazis, wafis (wind assisted fucking idiots)...You can all fuck off and hopefully die a horrible, painful death...that would make me so blissfully happy!!! To see your boats burn to the waterline and your children be consumed by flames and smoke!!! Oh, what a happy, joyous day that would be!!! Death to ALL sea lice!!!...
Rollfilm - 4 years ago
job at bring and store ..
Phil Giellea
Phil Giellea - 4 years ago
Liberal with Penis envy
Sun Princess77
Sun Princess77 - 4 years ago
I get that all the time.... Had a call from Heathrow yesterday. I left my jet double parked.
epistte - 3 years ago
I hate when that happens.
Duke Of Hesse
Duke Of Hesse - 4 years ago
Hundred grand 'yacht'? guess I now own a yacht.
Swordsfor200Alex - 4 years ago
A 34' Cabin Cuddy isn't a luxury yacht douchebags.......especially if only $100K.
Bill Nygard
Bill Nygard - 3 years ago
really.... a pickup truck is 40 to 60K....
Swordsfor200Alex - 3 years ago
I am not the one arguing with you (that was Anderson)....all of my posts have clearly stated "luxury yachts" - I didn't just add it.  LOL
Tharin 4Prez
Tharin 4Prez - 3 years ago
Now you put emphasis on 'luxury' yacht. Mine is actually classed as a motor yacht. She's the Gulfstar Trawler class MKII.
Swordsfor200Alex - 3 years ago
Cool beans Tharin but in your case - I would classify your 1975 Ketch as a sailboat not a luxury yacht? The issue we are having is the title of the story is implying that this 34' cabin cruiser is a "luxury yacht".  My only point was nothing below $100K is considered a LUXURY YACHT. It might be considered a yacht for insurance or title but it isn't an Azimut, Galeon or Sunseeker with 4 berths and 2 cat's for $1M+
Tharin 4Prez
Tharin 4Prez - 3 years ago
+Mr. Anderson
Somehow I knew you would follow up with a long ridiculous retort. I'll be sure to let my titling company know they may be in danger of committing fraud by registering my 'boat' ('75 Gulfstar 43') as a yacht. After all, I only spent $27k to buy her, then another $39 on a makeover, currently appraised at $110k ... that's far below a Million I know ... and the living space only pushes nearly 300sf of cabin space. The deck is of course larger, but who wants to hang out on deck, right?

She was rebuilt in Annapolis where I had her parked all of last year. Then in early November we floated her down to Panama where she's currently docked in Amador Harbor. I will have the name MINE painted on her butt next week. And damned if I forgot to hire a captain to drive her down to the canal.

Yes, we live in Panama.
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson - 3 years ago
NO SHIT SHERLOCK. You mean a $1mil jet boat is not a yacht!???? I just built the network for a ship building company last year and know EXACTLY what a yacht is. You cannot buy a used yacht for $100k. Be hard to find one for $250k used unless it needs a ton of work. On average a builder will tell you that a yacht will cost roughly the same or more as the home of the person buying it. On average thats about what a buyer spends, and the home of a buyer is normally at least $1mil. Most of them have also owned many boats in the past and are 50 or older. You have to realize these people are buying a boat instead of another home or 5+ exotic sports cars or a plane. Yachts are also classified by range, power, and storage capacity, not just size. Living space is a small part and more implicit. Its the other things you need to stay on your yacht for a long time without leaving that add much of the cost including quarters for the help which is normally only 1 person that cooks and takes care of the work. Usually doctors and lawyers married together will have a yacht and employ someone or a business like a Marina to take care of it. One doctor alone unless a specialized surgeon or something crazy for decades cannot afford a yacht on their own. Only a small percentage are owned by super rich. Most are owned by couples who pay them off over the course of a decade or so. Also, most of the owners have spent years on the water. If they didn't, they would buy all the other crap you can get for the same price as a yacht.

I have family in the Marine Surveying business BTW who deal with these things sinking, sometimes intentionally for insurance payouts since the yachts stay parked by most owners and are hard to sell for more than 60% of what they cost new. I am about 40 miles from the Atlantic.
Tharin 4Prez
Tharin 4Prez - 3 years ago
Mr. Anderson
A yacht isn't defined by cost. It's by size. This would be better classified as a cabin cruiser.
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson - 3 years ago
Yeah, this isnt even close to being a yacht. $100k is way way off. Glorified motor boat.
Ross Johnson
Ross Johnson - 4 years ago
Swordsfor200Alex Thank you, I have a 50 footer and most people still don't call that a yacht
nicholascremato - 4 years ago
You are 100% correct!!! 100 grand is not even a Mercedes S class.
Guildford Suxs
Guildford Suxs - 4 years ago
The story came out of Swedish tabloids. To any foreigners :when you see swedish news originating out of Swedish tabloids like Aftonbladet och Expressen. just ignore it and move on.
Swing'nDong - 4 years ago
To the poster of this vid.... FUCK YOU CLICK BAITER!!!!!!
Michelle Lindon
Michelle Lindon - 4 years ago
wow what are the odds of that....and why cant that happen when i need a ride.....damn
MARKLINMAN1 - 4 years ago
100 Grand will NOT buy you a YACHT! A dingy yes, but a YACHT.......NEVER!
Torpedo Fails
Torpedo Fails - 3 years ago
ive seen some pre-owned yachts for 100k, but most were in bad condition
Bobby Green
Bobby Green - 5 years ago
This boat is one step bigger then a cuddy sport. More commonly known as a day cruiser. Sleeping room etc but not a yacht.
tackless - 5 years ago
Two things first off this is not a yacht. it is not even that large of a pleasure craft. and second off it's not mooring fees it would be docking fees as the boat was not moored it was berthed. You really should know of what you speak.
TIMEtoRIDE900 - 4 years ago
The thumbnail is around a million dollar yacht, and doesn't match the story.
A yacht implies luxury, so, a 60 foot houseboat might not be a yacht, but a 40 foot sailboat could be called a yacht.
bailey9r - 4 years ago
So a jon boat ( at 150 lbs is under 20 tons)to you is a yacht?
TIMEtoRIDE900 - 4 years ago
A ship is 150+ feet, and requires 2 white running lights.
This would be an "express" cabin cruiser, and cost more like $300,000
tackless - 5 years ago
+XtagoGaming. Are you a nitwit ? anything under 20 tons would be a yacht. so you are saying a 14 foot running about would be a yacht. where did you come up with that 20 ton figure , you must have pulled that right out of your ass. there are yachts that weigh 10 / 20 times more than that and they are called yachts. And what does a dry dock have anything to do with what we are,talking about here. the definition of a yacht is subjective, most people that own a 50 foot boat and this boat is much smaller than that ,would not consider their boat a yacht but a lot of people with smaller boats would consider it a yacht just because they could not afford it. when the FBI arrested Nicky Scarfo mafia boss out of New Jersey / Philadelphia they had a picture of his 40 foot Silverton in the paper that they called it his yacht. I laughed because I had the same boat and never in my wildest dreams would I consider my boat yacht.
so don't break my balls, I'm betting you never owned a boat in your life and you only want to give your uneducated opinion.
XtagoGaming - 5 years ago
+tackless A ship is a vessel over a certain tonnage say 20 tons, a yacht will be anything below that tonnage.

Harbors charge a mooring fee also have power and security fees as well. if it was docked that's be dry docked not in water.
eric wsmith
eric wsmith - 5 years ago
Most of those boat clubs are pretty tight nit , while they may not know everyone there, A boat not moving after a few holiday weekends people would take note, and if there was so much as a towel hanging on the rail it would be big news around the club house. What I find strange about the story is do they normally keep the docks in the water all year round ? Never seen anyone leave small pleasure craft in the ice.
Henry Raymond
Henry Raymond - 5 years ago
Oh that's right, I forgot, I bought that boat from him but I forgot to pick up the title if he would just come by I'll go ahead and pick that up. Thanks!
YouChoose - 5 years ago
1st world problems!!
Quagigitymire - 5 years ago
That piece of shit is considered a yacht? I would dare to bet the fees will surpass the value of this so called "yacht" and the owner will just leave it to be declared abandon and then auctioned off. A yacht... That thing is nothing but a boat.
KingOfAllAnimals - 5 years ago
Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbtttt... why do I feel like I just lost 2 I.Q. points watching this video?
DONN BENOITZ - 5 years ago
keith rice
keith rice - 5 years ago
must be good to have all that money . and you do not know you have a yacht that is $ 100.000
R Lyle
R Lyle - 5 years ago
a "yacht" worth $100,000? click bait
abdul mashuk
abdul mashuk - 5 years ago
well my mate has a yatch it worth 5 million
secretagentmanstumpy - 5 years ago
dude. Thats not a rich mans yacht. Its a boat and it sure is a stretch to call it a luxury yacht. Any middle class person could own that without too much trouble. Maybe the "rich" guy fell on hard times and couldnt afford the mooring fees. Maybe he was hiding the boat there while going through a divorce. This news story is obviously extremely biased and the reporters are making up the storyline as they go.
Mario Stelzner
Mario Stelzner - 3 years ago
secretagentmanstumpy How many do you own?
Brandon - 3 years ago
Griffen you can buy that same boat older for about half price
Griffen - 3 years ago
I don't think you realize how expensive boats are lol "Any Middle Class Person" couldn't own that boat.
GoMiGman GoMiGman
GoMiGman GoMiGman - 5 years ago
Oh, and BTW, that was NOT A YACTH!  That was a cruiser which is quite smaller than a yacht.  I would consider the 40ft line as what separates a cruiser or a regular boat to a yacht.  Looks like a 35 foot ( I was going to say Sea Ray) but don't see the logo) but something similar.
GoMiGman GoMiGman
GoMiGman GoMiGman - 5 years ago
+SeikiBrian Thank you. 
SeikiBrian - 5 years ago
+GoMiGman GoMiGman -- It's a Rinker 342 Fiesta Vee.
Mike Domen
Mike Domen - 5 years ago
I know of a yacht that had been left in a lonely cove in Sri Lanka for over two decades by its owner. Probably an European, Australian or an American. Several years before I swam and boarded it, but found the doors were locked. So no access to the cabin area. Locals say that it had been brought there and left by a white man more than 20 years ago. Anyhow nobody knows who that white man is. Now the Sri Lanka Navy keeps an eye on it probably till someone comes to claim the yacht. It is anchored there safely. The deck and the superstructure are in fairly good condition but the hull below the waterline is very badly covered with barnacles.
johnstarr2001 - 5 years ago
I wish to have that problem.
Origen17 - 5 years ago
That is not a luxury yacht - it's just a big boat.
Robin Luck
Robin Luck - 3 years ago
Origen17 yes, 100.000$ won't buy you much of a "yacht"....a boat...rule of thumb. 1000bucks a foot.
Lucky Dog
Lucky Dog - 5 years ago
Moving a boat is not like driving down to the local convenience store.
You must make plans, check weather and tides.
Fuel, batteries and safety gear must be checked.
Engine compartment must get vented.
The captain must be qualified.
Even if the keys were there you would be a fool to try to just take it.
SeikiBrian - 5 years ago
+Børre Børresen -- Mechanical and electronic sensors can malfunction. Using your nose and using proper ventilation systems are what any prudent mariner would do; relying on some machine to tell you there is a problem is what lazy boaters do. As for your comment about "a fuel leaking death-trap like you want in your boat," go fuck yourself.
Børre Børresen
Børre Børresen - 5 years ago
if didn't start it would be because something was wrong... gasses does not come of themselves but are caused by something like leaks, thats the reason sensors are to be installed.

so i would rather have an safe boat that informs me if anything is wrong than maybe blowing away the signs of a fuel leaking death-trap like you want in your boat
SeikiBrian - 5 years ago
+Børre Børresen -- So you'd have a boat that you could never use because it wouldn't start? I'd rather have a boat that works after simply running the vent fan for two minutes.
Børre Børresen
Børre Børresen - 5 years ago
+SeikiBrian well, i guess it comes with how lazy and unrestricted the building and certifying of the boat is. i would to be concerned if i needed to vented every time  mostly because if gasoline and leak it would not start as its by law dated over 30 years back is to have gassleak-registers direct connected to the starter.
another thing is that boats have to be built so that gasses escapes by its own and the fuel-tank need to be certified. if not and the boat is not allowed for sale here.
if something where to happen and its not certified it will be zero insurance payout and if anyone dies and you have built the boat yourself or modified it, it is then automatic classified as premeditated murder and you will be in deep shit.
but then again... finding an cabincruiser of that size here with not an Diesel-engine is like finding the needle in the haystack. pay 80cent the liter for it or up to 2$ for the gasoline...

i would be far more concerned though if it uses a LPG\LNG based kitchen as that stands for more than 85% of all the fires here,,. would say its not enough regulations when it comes to building those systems.
have seen an brand new 400K $ 38' Flybridger gone up in flames next to my work because of those systems... the protective plastic was not even removed from glasses. 
SeikiBrian - 5 years ago
+Børre Børresen "engine compartment vented? seriously, is that something that have to be done every time over in the US?"

Yes, every time if it's a gasoline (petrol) engine, because gasoline vaporizes into heavier-than-air explosive vapor that can accumulate in the engine compartment, bilge, etc.  And it's not just in the USA; any prudent mariner anywhere in the world will ventilate a gasoline-powered boat before starting the engine(s).
Børre Børresen
Børre Børresen - 5 years ago
+Lucky Dog always somewhere to run in an hide if bad weather over here. problem is that if you not known on the seafloor where you are you are guaranteed to run aground because its a rock\ground on every corner...
tides is like max 45cm in Skagerrak. depending on fuel and how long it have been laying you can get problem with the diesel only because of those pesky microbes, and 90% of all in-boards are diesel here...
engine compartment vented? seriously, is that something that have to be done every time over in the US? o.O
but then again US-spec engines are all banned from use over here so it might be something with that.
if you born before 1981 and its below 50 fot it rock'n roll and just drive. born after 1981 and older than 16 and you need to take a license that will cost you 2 evenings and 200$
grasscutter88 - 5 years ago
More like he couldn't afford the dock slip fee,
Vince Thrill
Vince Thrill - 5 years ago
+Wing Nut How do you forget you have a boat, or even think you sold one....good drugs? LOL
Wing Nut
Wing Nut - 5 years ago
It's my yacht and was only $10 a day for 729 days. I left the keys on the bow!
NaYawkr - 5 years ago
Some fella was hoping they'd steal his Bayliner, so he left the keys in plain sight.
Dan Nelson
Dan Nelson - 5 years ago
No one paid the slip fees for a year and the boat didn't have a lien placed on it and sold at auction WOW !!! I've owned boats by whole life and something like that would have never happened in the States.

Americans are incredibly greedy, In the states if you keep your boat at a privately owned marina and you're more than 10 days late on slip fees they automatically place a lien on your boat and tack on several 100 dollars in late fee's and lien fees for the first month. If after after 30 days you haven't paid the slip rent and the additional late fee's and lien fees which by now are substantial they will scheduled your boat to be sold at auction then they will chain your boat to the dock and lock you out of the marina.

At the end of 90 days your boat will have been sold at auction unless you managed to have paid all the outrageous accumulated late fees and slip fees which will by now will have accumulated to several 1000 percent of the monthly the slip fees.

If you ever visit the states do your research and make sure you avoid private marinas that don't have well established reputations. It's best to stay at government run municipal marinas and public docks. Government run marinas are required by law to follow international maritime lien sale procedures. This prevents them from unethically manipulating lien sale laws to steal your boat and sell it to their friends for a fraction of its value like private marinas often do .

Of course not all government run marinas are run ethically you still need to watch out for small town city marinas especially throughout Texas, the south and the inter-coastal water way as they can be as bad as private marinas. Most of these small town marinas do what ever they want regardless of the law, you mainly find this in predominately conservative anti government states who don't believe that federal law and maritime law based on international treaties apply to them.

I know a boat owner who was seriously injured in a car accident while on vacation and was in the hospital for 2 months, By the time he got out of the hospital the marina had already sold his boat at auction. Whats really scary is that even after selling his boat he still owed the Marina several $1000 dollars in fees.

The boat was sold at auction to a friend of the harbor master for a fraction of what it was worth. They literally lien sale'd a $50,000 sail boat for $500. To add injury to insult not only did he lose his boat in a lien sale but he still had to pay the marina several $1000 dollars in late fee's and lien fees on 2 months back rent.

Even though it's illegal, this doesn't stop unethical private marinas because they know they can get away with this. The victims are usually on vacation and not a locals. The marina owners know it would cost the owner more to recover his boats then it's worth. I've seen this same scenario played out 100's of times all across the US. That's why I pay my slip in advance.
DonkeyTeeth - 5 years ago
wow...pretty desperate for an exciting story if there calling that a yaught? its not a row boat for sure...buts its also far from yaught statis?
ThePaskajuttu - 5 years ago
luxory yacht my ass
wilbroo - 5 years ago
This ship is NOT a 100.000 dollar yacht...come on !  maybe half that price
Børre Børresen
Børre Børresen - 5 years ago
+willem van de broek in the US the Rinker 342 goes for 60K Used.

in Norway an 2012 Rinker 260 EC will go for 800000,- NOK,
if you say it was in Sweden the funny thing was that the Boat was Norwegian, and the town Stromstad is just 15min in car over the boarder...
SeikiBrian - 5 years ago
+willem van de broek That's not a ship, it's a boat.
Brad Scott
Brad Scott - 5 years ago
How does the boat only cost 100k? It looks like it would coat at least 700k, I mean how big is the thing?
Brad Scott
Brad Scott - 5 years ago
+Børre Børresen thanks mate, I don't know why but it just seems bigger than that...
Børre Børresen
Børre Børresen - 5 years ago
+Brad Scott 100K USD, its a Cabincruiser of the type Rinker 342. over here it would been more like 600-900K NOK
Southeastern777 - 5 years ago
All money & no sense!
Petre .W.
Petre .W. - 5 years ago
He probably sold it to a drug smuggler who was killed or jailed before he had time to do anything with it, or he's a drug smuggler or tax dodger !!...
DAOzz83 - 5 years ago
To the owner:  If you don't want it any more, can I have it?
Shannon Higuera
Shannon Higuera - 5 years ago
im desprate for fuck
SuperStuey2 - 5 years ago
+Shannon Higuera Ok..You near San Diego?
Ronald Fry
Ronald Fry - 5 years ago
Lets see... outstanding mooring fees at $ 30.00 per day for two years, gas to fill it, licensing fees, service and maintenance checks... that's about $ 30,000. Vessel discounted to present value from new, $ 60,000. less above costs; yup still worth 3 hours of his time to retrieve and sell.
Audi TT 8N 225
Audi TT 8N 225 - 6 years ago
That's how I know Sweden and Norway: leave the keys of your car in the ignition because nobody will even glance at it.

In Amsterdam they don't just steal your watch, but your hand with it...
mark rainford
mark rainford - 6 years ago
Fook me. THAT'S where it is!
DonziGT230 - 6 years ago
He was hoping someone would steal it.
Jason Stuck
Jason Stuck - 6 years ago
Damn dude, I would have taken that thing for a 2 year joyride lol

100. comment for Rich Boat Owner 'Forgot' About His Docked Luxury Yacht

darobow - 6 years ago
....ill take it
johnsoncm65 - 6 years ago
I want to find the owner and make friends with him.   Maybe he'll give me a new Porsche 911.
Pfsif - 6 years ago
I thought there were no super rich in the Socialist heaven of Sweden?  
Capt777harris - 6 years ago
That's not a yacht, that's a pleasure boat, or speed boat.
Tom Rex
Tom Rex - 6 years ago
The boat´s owner is a Norwegian guy, and in Norway this boat is worth at least 100 000 USD. It´s a shame that a person can "forget" a boat like this. The engines might probably have been frosen during the winter, and that can be quite expensive to fix.The freshwater system as well.So i guess it´s not i that good shape.
Jude Roberts
Jude Roberts - 6 years ago
and that boat is nowhere near $1,000,000 worth, not even when it was new.
Jason Worth
Jason Worth - 3 years ago
Yeah but your mins pussy is
johnsoncm65 - 6 years ago
Moron,   the vid said 100K,  not 1 mil.    Pay attention.
AV8R Tom
AV8R Tom - 6 years ago
avo420turbo - 6 years ago
+Jude Roberts  right*
Jude Roberts
Jude Roberts - 6 years ago
sure your wright sorry
Sodiumreactor - 6 years ago
thats not a Yacht
SOLUTION ONE - 6 years ago
I like

Janusha - 6 years ago
Yeah exactly... Its perhaps shocking that nobody steals a boat but in Sweden, people dont usually steal boats. They are just standing there, everywhere with no protection. 
serratop - 6 years ago
I had a boat a bit smaller like this and I forgot about it for 1 year or so. Than the harbour administration called me, that I owe the fees for 1 year. I said sorry, paid the fee and sold the boat. Simple like this. No big story.
DanteOfMJ - 6 years ago
Sounds like something I would do...  Tsk!  Tsk!
Benny Moonwalker
Benny Moonwalker - 6 years ago
Good job!
jasonROXcarlySUX Kiki
jasonROXcarlySUX Kiki - 6 years ago
Lol, this must be the aforementioned yacht u and mj were on.
Jay Ritch
Jay Ritch - 6 years ago
No doubt the guy must have been very wealthy to forget about his one hundred thousand dollar boat, because someone not rich certainly wouldn't be thinking that way. 
Mikey L
Mikey L - 6 years ago
should have sold it to a shell co in the Isle of man and wrote if off if he couldn't afford it...leaving the keys means he wanted it stolen
H Se
H Se - 6 years ago
This one time I ate a snickers, but I had really just forgot about it, so I got to eat it again; that was the best day ever.
jz422 - 6 years ago
Everybody keeps expounding on "he forgot", the owner states that he thought he sold it. It can be very easy to start to delegate low priority task then get pulled in a dozen directions for a dozen crises, then after a while it can be very easy to remember giving the task to a reliable someone. I'm not saying that's what happened, but I can tell it happens.
watchman1872 - 6 years ago
I wish I was rich enough to "forget" about a $100,000.00 asset I owned. I wouldn't mind having that much wealth.
TinnInches - 5 years ago
+watchman1872 FTFY *Liability
TOILET - 5 years ago
+Carlos T
Yeah I think I saw that movie.
Carlos T
Carlos T - 5 years ago
+sam Dennis One lotto winner in England I believe it was, lived poor for a year.. to make sure his new GF really loved him ;)
sam Dennis
sam Dennis - 6 years ago
+paul chappell ... the only thing money can't buy is poverty!
TOILET - 6 years ago
No, but it certainly makes it a lot lot lot lot easier to pursue it.
paul chappell
paul chappell - 6 years ago
Agree, some people say money don't buy happiness but let's agree to disagree, just think no shift working or holding back on things you know you cant afford until payday hell people money would make me dammed happy
G11B - 6 years ago
Money will never buy happiness. There's a reason for that quote's consistence in history - truth.
JIMJAMSC - 6 years ago
When I was in aviation we had a vintage Korean era jet trainer "Fouga ,iirc" land and taxi up. The guy looked shaken up and said the jet about killed him. It was towed into a hanger and sat for close to 3 years with NO information on the owners. We parked it in such a way nobody could sneak it out. Then one weekend 2 men showed up. Worked on it and got it running. They paid up hanger fees and the jet took off and disappeared to the north leaving a trail of thick black smoke. Now that I think of it, it was not uncommon at all to rent hangers for planes only to find out later they were filled with exotic cars,helicopters,vintage motos.
Walkertongdee - 6 years ago
Dude, you sail aweigh a sailboat.
Sailor john
Sailor john - 6 years ago
Actually there are yachts sitting in boat yards from dealers gone bankrupt, owner deaths, and those who can't part with their dreams of sailing around the world. they are left to deteriorate till the boat yard cuts them up and sends them to the dump. I know of several that were in the boat show, didn't sell ,ownership so vague that no one could be held responsible. Was strange that it wasn't hauled onto dry land if dockage wasn't paid but probably was charged to credit card each month as most marinas require a credit card just as good hotels.  
Nuke Dukem
Nuke Dukem - 6 years ago
Wow, that's incredible actually, nobody stole it or damaged it. Sadly, in my country it would have been long gone by now.
TS Group Partners
TS Group Partners - 6 years ago
video isn't the whole story. a stolen boat is what the owner was hoping would happen. Leave the keys, boat stolen, report it to insurance company. 
aka: insurance fraud.
darkstar18498 - 6 years ago
this vid has little value and my comment shouldnt  ither but you wasted any ones time popipng on this site
King Prospect
King Prospect - 6 years ago
Wow; Rich people problems!
watchman1872 - 6 years ago
No, the cool thing about being rich is that something like this really isn't much of a problem. Must be nice.
Jack O
Jack O - 6 years ago
Nobody took it cause it's SWEDEN where society is not corrupt yet.
marvinc999 - 3 years ago
Jack O -

"it's SWEDEN where society is not corrupt yet."

And Somalians don't know how to sail (unless they're pirates, of course) !
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold - 3 years ago
Mr. Anderson In the United States of America, their government wants it that way. While the citizens are busy whining and segregating themselves from each other, their govenement is getting away with murder. This is by design. It is a sad backwards nation.
renaissanceman - 3 years ago
Chris Namelast Hahahahahaha
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson - 3 years ago
EVERY continent in the world has DESCENDANTS of slaves. India still has slave. The USA led the world in making slavery 100% illegal and granting equal rights and protection under the law for everyone. ONLY the USA has people separated by multiple generations from slavery, who dont even know what it was because they never saw it, living on government checks funded by the people who work for a living, and still throw fits, destroy their own communities, kill each other, and glorify making cash illegally while damaging the future generation of the people in their communities. USA has the most entitled morons in the world who will complain about everything no matter how good they have it. Its so blatant that their crying wolf has destroyed their ability to even get anyone to listen any longer. The ONLY people at this point that even care at all are trying to pander for political reasons, or want to submerge themselves in the echo chamber of victimhood instead of lifting themselves up by the bootstraps and making something of themselves. Seems the majority would rather live on food stamps and cry racism or bitch about slavery that ended over 150 years, or 5 GENERATIONS ago. There are MILLIONS of people in the USA who came here from countries that were persecuting them much worse in the past 100 years, who complain zero and are complete success stories and pictures of the American dream. Never seem to hear Jews complaining about the holocaust holding them back or stopping them from making something of themselves. Only entitled minorities do that who have been told since childhood by liberal morons they are victims, even though there is no tangible evidence to support it. They are also the perpetrators of about 90% of crimes based on the color of someone's skin while they attack and target anyone who looks different than them they deem to be racist or privileged.
Christian Eidsmoe
Christian Eidsmoe - 3 years ago
And they don't have millions of former slaves who are super fucking angry.
Norris Jinglewilly
Norris Jinglewilly - 3 years ago
Jack O you said that way too soon haha
Democrats are SCUM Nuke mecca
Democrats are SCUM Nuke mecca - 3 years ago
swedes are white middle ohhh no I'm so racist for pointing out fact a fly born in a barn doesn't make it a horse
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson - 3 years ago
Guardian Observer
Guardian Observer - 4 years ago
Jack O
Hahaha. Are you Swedish who sell bullshit, or from another country who knows about Sweden only from Internet? You are way wrong about what you saying.
CrismaFire - 4 years ago
Jack O that was two years ago now Muslims run your country. Now everything is corrupt.
Janusha - 4 years ago
Everything is irrelevant to americans because they dont know shit.
blooneyful - 4 years ago
Spain is irrelevant. piss off.
blooneyful - 4 years ago
Holy shit are you wrong.
zdrux - 5 years ago
+Jack O Get ready for your shit to be jacked, all the Islam filth is coming.
Mr. Midshipman
Mr. Midshipman - 5 years ago
+FIRE FOX that not what most people understand. Snoop Lion, alias Snoop Dog went there to do a concert. And they arrested him and threw him in Jail for Marijuana possession, and gave him a drug test a few hours ago. Muslims can't live there, you have to eat rotted shark meat to get along.
FIRE FOX - 5 years ago
+Jack O They let muslims in so in a few years it will be a toilet, already having problems I understand.
Carlos T
Carlos T - 5 years ago
+floatpool if they are letting them in, they are not illegals dipshit lol
Zyzyzx Zyzer
Zyzyzx Zyzer - 5 years ago
+Jack O I am not sure about that It may be a NWO headquarters
Mr. Midshipman
Mr. Midshipman - 5 years ago
+Jack O That's cause they all are gainfully employed, unlike here.
Florida - 6 years ago
+Kenyon Krause Wow, that ad hominem sure got him. You go, girl! Fight the patriarchy!
Florida - 6 years ago
"maybe you're too inundated in what is actually going on to see what is actually going on" - lorenzzo Lama 2015, spread it around folks this is the most intellectual statement of our century
G11B - 6 years ago
+lorenzzo Lama
Not to mention you have the picture of a pretend Viking for a TV show (whose actually Australian) as your profile picture.
G11B - 6 years ago
+lorenzzo Lama
1. I'm Norwegian.
2. You sound like an idiot.
3. You have a Spanish name.
4. You aren't Norwegian.
Janusha - 6 years ago
+lorenzzo Lama
Yeah we wouldnt want to watch any news and read papers would we. 
Janusha - 6 years ago
+lorenzzo Lama
You still sound like some crazy person. Living in a reasonable country doesnt change that for you. 
G11B - 6 years ago
Look at all of these butt-hurt replies. How many of you have BEEN to Northern Europe? Norway, Sweden, and Denmark aren't comparable to the US, Slavic countries and (God forbid) anything south of them.
Yes there's crime every once and awhile - but 99.99% of them are from outsiders - primarily muslims - in Norway (I can't speak for Sweden and Denmark). Look at the facts instead of being a moron - this isn't racism, it's fucking reality!
Janusha - 6 years ago
+Gordon Bentley
Wow... You think Swedish people are their own race now ? you crazy or something ?
Jack O
Jack O - 6 years ago
you mean like number 1 would be plagarism and number 2 would be politicians speeches, etc.
Florida - 6 years ago
+A010110011101A001101 Acting as if one does not know anything at all when pressed is the highest form of intellectual dishonesty.
Florida - 6 years ago
+A010110011101A001101 Good thing mythical afterlives aren't relevant in a discussion about real world corruption and your ridiculous hatred of wealth.
Valueless Dollar
Valueless Dollar - 6 years ago
I agree, The U.S. is not wealthy but yet corruption runs ramped. So his logic fails.
Florida - 6 years ago
+A010110011101A001101 So if a place is wealthy, it's corrupt? Great distinction. 
Arneh Flumm
Arneh Flumm - 6 years ago
There are places those keys would have been taken right away. and ye most people that actualy sow the keys probably had their own boat and didnt care about someone elses.
floatpool - 6 years ago
Gordon needs to go to mexico and see how they treat Central Americans sneaking into Mexico..I'll help you out Gordon, they're called concentration camps and they hold their illegals hostage until a ransom is paid. While the illegals are beaten and starved. I'ts damn good that brown and black people can't be racist according you you elitists
Florida - 6 years ago
+Gordon Bentley Wow, Gordon. Would you mind telling me where floatpool or Jack paid homage to an 'elite race' of people? You are finding white supremacist views in places where there are none. Europe is the home of Europeans, for you or anyone to try and dispute that, to lay waste to our culture, to inundate us with peoples who have no motive other than to take advantage of us, is shameful. 

You're a college educated adult man. You don't browse Tumblr or other extremist social justice hugboxes; how can you support the displacement of your own people? 
floatpool - 6 years ago
+Gordon Bentley Yeah, on the surface your statement sounds great and politically correct, but I'd rather live in Sweden with Swedes, in Norway with Norwegians , in Germany with Germans, than in Mexico, Africa, the Phillipines, South America...apparently I'm not the only one, because Mexicans, Filipinos, South Americans and Africans don't want to live amongst their own either.
Gordon Bentley
Gordon Bentley - 6 years ago
Did the people of Sweden not learn from WW2 ? There is no such thing as an elite race of people.
floatpool - 6 years ago
It's getting there, they're letting too many illegals in, just like the United States has
offplanetevent - 6 years ago
Drug deal gone bad . The yacht owner is full of shit and so is the harbor master ...two years to find the owner , what a load of Swedish shit.
Jeff's RGU
Jeff's RGU - 6 years ago
Gives whole different meaning to the phrase "got more money than brains".
windsorcnc - 6 years ago
The picture is not that clear, but this boat have Michigan, USA registration
Carmel Pule'
Carmel Pule' - 6 years ago
It is a nice yacht,  but it is not worth that  much money, about half of that I would say.
Mike Zoe
Mike Zoe - 6 years ago
lol..    2 years is about 30-50k in mooring fees.  I wouldn't answer the phone...  =)
rednecknber - 6 years ago
if its in sweden would it not freeze in the water in the winter
abdul mashuk
abdul mashuk - 6 years ago
I own a yacht it cost me 200.000 pound and its in liverpool albort dock soon il be sailing with my good looking gf to evrywer x
Florida - 6 years ago
Abdul, why are you in Liverpool, England? 

How the hell did you get there? 
JOHNNY ROD KNOCK - 6 years ago
You own a canoe and screw a goat
Mich | Nope
Mich | Nope - 6 years ago
Only in Sweden
John Baker
John Baker - 6 years ago
I have seen this tactic before. He was hoping someone would steal it so he could claim the insurance money and get out from under the loan. Now he owes $20g's in marina fees! Hahaha!
yo,its brock
yo,its brock - 3 years ago
John Baker why would he not just sink it or set it on fire?
Old Gringo
Old Gringo - 3 years ago
John Baker park it in Chicago, gone in 15 minutes
47Banjoman - 5 years ago
+John Baker is probably closer to the truth than anyone!
67ES335 - 6 years ago
That boat is not worth more than $500,000. It looks like a 50' SeaRay.
CaptainArt777 - 6 years ago
Why did the local police take so long to find the owner? Is this normal in Sweden? Make's you wonder who was paying the dock fee's and why did it take so long for the harbor master to get involve. I don't understand this at all.
John Wahan
John Wahan - 6 years ago
Must have parked my exotic car---miata--somewhere! Damn memory! Lol.
Scott Hodges
Scott Hodges - 6 years ago
So the headline hook image shows a nice $1 million+ Broward yacht that generally requires a crew to maintain.  Then the video finally shows a 1999--2003 vintage Rinker Fiesta Vee 342 which might be worth about $40-60k assuming it still runs.  The owner is old.  That's his excuse.  There's no excuse for getting the article so wrong....oh, wait, it's a Mainsail/CNN article.  THAT explains it.     
502waf - 6 years ago
Definitely trying to make it much more of a story than it is, I've seen boats like that Rinker for under $30k.  If you are rich enough and have plenty of other things going on I can see how you could get distracted, especially when it's value is like $10 to the average person.
Art Smith
Art Smith - 6 years ago
Sounds like it was left to be stolen.  2 yrs, no takers, apparently not worth $100K.
pol1250 - 6 years ago
That was a damn cool guy !!
joejgoejgeokgeokgeokgeokg - 6 years ago
boring no video at all just picture slideshow.
sailor123ize - 6 years ago
That is not a $100k boat and one does not need to be rich to own that type of boat. Just be well off. The point of forgetting about the boat, maybe the owner has mental issues?
Bronzebk - 6 years ago
Eric Cartwright
Eric Cartwright - 6 years ago
reading these comments make me laugh.... really could swear all of you own million dollar yachts
Paul Baldacchino
Paul Baldacchino - 6 years ago
He has all the right to forget about it, it is his boat after all. This was brought up because the marina was not getting paid for the rent due.One would find a lot of boats in marinas around the world that are forgotten but the rents are paid for through a direct payment system.
SailorAllan - 6 years ago
hey geobeatoffnews--way to show one pic and have the story be about another.
you people are whats wrong with this world today.
Dylan Herlicka
Dylan Herlicka - 6 years ago
Not even a yacht, just a piece of crap rinker.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith - 6 years ago
Searay sundancer
socratesRAM - 6 years ago
That's a poor excuse for a tender not a yacht.
FPVREVIEWS - 6 years ago
If i owned that piece of garbage yacht, i would try to forget about it too. 
jim carnes
jim carnes - 4 years ago
Børre Børresen m
FPVREVIEWS - 5 years ago
+Børre Børresen chris craft, poor taste.. i wouldn't give two cents for one of those.
Valkryie is a Ted Geary design, go look him up, his boats are highly prized on the west coast, similar to Colin archer. his boats won many races like the transpac, and lipton cup something like 16 years in a row, he finally gave away the design to the competition, because he was tired of winning.
also designed some of the best express boats of the 1920's. I'd rather have a Geary boat than a hearshof.
Børre Børresen
Børre Børresen - 5 years ago
+FPVREVIEWS with other words what would be an old sloop made of now half-rotten wood over here.
for 100k USD you could get one of those >50 fot old wooden things easy over here, problem is that no one wants em unless its an Colin Archer, Riva or Furuholmen and if they got its age and condition the prices can go skyhigh. but even those you can get for Ok prices if you can do some work yourself. mostly because it will cost a kidney per year to keep em floating over here. and since its so ridiculous priced for maintenance on wooden boats prices drops trough the floor unless its in very pristine condition or something very special.
(if American, old and anything else than ChrisCraft it wont sell so people that import boats like that cant get rid of em and its not unusual that they are for sale in more than 5 years before they get sold\exported with heavy losses or just "accidentaly" burns up )

some would call my boat far more "yacht"ish than this but still my 1984 model Princess 42' upgraded with lots of fancypancy stuff costed me way less than half of the boat shown in the video
FPVREVIEWS - 5 years ago
+TheFrozenGargon no one will know what a flat screen is in another 80 yrs. Valkyrie will still be going strong. that's the whole point. stay at home with your flat screen, dude.
TheFrozenGargon - 5 years ago
Too old. Probably doesn't even have a flatscreen. LAME. 
FPVREVIEWS - 5 years ago
+TheFrozenGargon 1931 Ted Geary design heavy weather sloop.
TheFrozenGargon - 5 years ago
+FPVREVIEWS What kind of boat do you own ?
Zack Doss
Zack Doss - 6 years ago
Its not a piece of garbage yacht
8180 Digital Media Co.
8180 Digital Media Co. - 6 years ago
Not garbage. It's just an average yacht
Funbgs2 - 6 years ago
thats far from a yacht lol
Ben DeLong
Ben DeLong - 6 years ago
Was hoping to collect the insurance money when it got stolen.
salvor1 - 6 years ago
'and sail the boat away'....  -GeoBeatsOff news.
Fabrício Colombo
Fabrício Colombo - 6 years ago
Alzheimer's disease first symptoms.
Regan Copple
Regan Copple - 6 years ago
What a fucking dumbass, rich douchebag. This is a good example of what's wrong with people being that wealthy.
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 6 years ago
+watchman1872 what a dumb ass question! LOL! not real bright are you cry baby?  I got news for you loser  I am doing well but if you think we do well by being honest and good then I own you bitch LOL! anything else to say you fucking dork ? I make good money off pussies like you :)
watchman1872 - 6 years ago
+StJohns River66
So, since you apparently know the owner, explain how he's "screwing working people out of what they earn"? You envious socialist losers always accuse anyone more successful than you, (which is generally just about everyone), of somehow screwing you out of something you never owned or earned to begin with, without ever being able to actually connect the dots on how they did it.

Piss off, you greedy, needy little social parasite.
floatpool - 6 years ago
Yeah we should take all of their money and give it to those classy intelligent poor people....

Karl Marx
Barak Obama
Pol Pot
Fidel Castro
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
I'm no psychologist, and would never claim to be! In fact, my MS is in economics. My previous comment was not intended as a psychoanalysis; rather as an exposition of your unsound reasoning. Since my understanding of your reasoning is narrow at best, would you care to explain what you find so distressing about people acquiring large amounts of personal wealth?
Regan Copple
Regan Copple - 6 years ago
+John Smith Now you've crossed from argumentation into the arena of armchair psychologist, so unless you have a degree in psychology, I don't think you're qualified to psychoanalyze anyone, especially with such a poor grasp of the fundamentals of logic, argument construction, & rhetoric. The reasons stated are my thoughts, nothing else. You're trying to win an argument or get me to admit something based on inferred suppositions. How I feel about your treatment of your possessions (or your colleague's) is immaterial & a deflection from the original issue, so you really need to step up your game, because you argue like a junior high student. 
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
+Regan Copple Are you sure that is has nothing to do with how much money he has? It certainly didn't seem that way when you said "This is a good example of what's wrong with people being that wealthy.". It appears that by your reasoning, anyone with considerable wealth should not have it, and anyone who does not wish to take that wealth is a "bootlicking little ass-kisser." I hate to be so late to tell you that your greed does not entitle you to what other people have earned. Furthermore, what is wrong with him not taking care of his possessions? They are, after all, his possessions, and not yours, so it has no effect on you. For example, I own a beat-up, rusty BMW 2002, and it is worth very little. Since I treat it poorly, you must have contempt for me. You must also have contempt for a colleague of mine, because his house is uncleanly and dilapidated. 
Regan Copple
Regan Copple - 6 years ago
+John Smith Again, "contempt for a dipshit who doesn't take care of his possessions." has nothing to do with how much money he has, & you kissing wealthy peoples' asses has nothing to do with limiting how much money someone should have, it's concerned with you being a bootlicking little ass-kisser to people who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. That's how brainwashed you are, & John, logic FAIL, on both counts.
Go take a logic class, learn how to construct a fucking argument, then come back after you've learned something. Because right now you wouldn't know a logical argument from a hole in the ground. This is why America is so fucked up, dumbasses like you who think you can make the most tenuous of connections between two things, & think it will stand the barest of scrutiny, don't think so.
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
+Regan Copple "This is a good example of what's wrong with people being that wealthy."

"I think there is something wrong with kiss-asses like you being concerned with rich douchebags like that."

Do you have anything else to say?
Regan Copple
Regan Copple - 6 years ago
+John Smith I really want to hear how I said anything remotely like that because it's either you putting words in my mouth or something you rectally derived. You don't have any real argument.
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
+Regan Copple I am not at all concerned with rich douchebags. I'm much more concerned with people like you who would seek to limit a person's wealth. Who are you to decide how much money one should have?
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 6 years ago
+Regan Copple
you dont know much about the rich :)...Look around you its not hard to see :) If you are going to be one of the rich you have to play along with the others rocket science here...Yea the rich can try to hide it better but its still very clear..I am a builder and I know about them all:) you folks best stop letting a suit blind you of whats obvious..mansion trash ,nothing on this planet including a maggot that more disgusting.. guess you think we get rich by being honest and good clean got a lot to learn lol I sure didnt get what I have by being a good guy :) rich are open game to me and a working man I will not dare mess with or do are open best get over that slavery mentality..
Regan Copple
Regan Copple - 6 years ago
+StJohns River66 I don't necessarily believe that, there are plenty of people who have money who act nothing like that. Plus I object to your mischaracterization of all rich people's money as being stolen from their workers, & the way that they use it is entirely up to them. I think you've been watching The Wolf of Wall Street, but not everyone behaves like that. 
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 6 years ago
+Regan Copple just mansion trash,worse than trailer trash ever thought of people are the nastiest vilest things...they take their money that they steal from working people and use it to buy into even more vile and nastiness..
Regan Copple
Regan Copple - 6 years ago
+John Smith I think there is something wrong with kiss-asses like you being concerned with rich douchebags like that. Wipe the shit off your nose, bootlicker.
I'm not motivated by jealousy, it's contempt for a dipshit who doesn't take care of his possessions.
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 6 years ago
they are too busy screwing working people out of what they earn....I like how some dipshits say we are jealous ...So when ripped off we dont get upset we get jealous lol
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
I think there is something wrong with people being as jealous as you are.

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