Yacht in a storm, 50kts and big waves.

more middle sea race action. 3 Reefs and storm jib, blowing 50kts

Yacht in a storm, 50kts and big waves. sentiment_very_dissatisfied 14

Yacht 12 years ago 155,883 views

more middle sea race action. 3 Reefs and storm jib, blowing 50kts

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Chris Lats
Chris Lats - 4 years ago
Taylored Miniatures
Taylored Miniatures - 4 years ago
Thank you, great video, even greater courage!
Tony - 7 years ago
It's "weekend" bud ..WEEKend. Your weak end is your head I believe. Be a good chap and refrain from comments in the future.
Tony - 7 years ago
OezkanOOOO is full of the blarney and I wouldn't entrust him with more than a rubber duck in a swimming pool. These images have 50kts written all over it. Whew! Fyi I have sailed round all 3 capes .. backwards .. in my underwear so don't bother mate!
Al Cos
Al Cos - 7 years ago
Where I am from this is a normal day's saliing. Boat looks in good trim for the conditions. Nice video.
Mad Corkman
Mad Corkman - 7 years ago
Never too late to ask for help :)
BooBooNZ - 9 years ago
@sailingunlimited Remember 50kts is not really that much wind. you are talking about it like its survival conditions but in that stuff we are still racing.
BooBooNZ - 9 years ago
Look lads im not one to talk shit, I don’t want to argue about how much it was blowing with people who were not there and are basing their opinions on I very bad quality video. It was windy OK- fu*ken windy, take my word for it. Look at all my other vids, I have done a lot of sailing and been through a lot of storms. Appreciate it for what it is. Take your own video of some great sailing, don't just pick apart others.....
BooBooNZ - 9 years ago
Google search 2007 middle sea race for the reports, we finished 3rd out of the 15 finishers and 75 starters. the race is from malta, around sicily and stromboli then back. all the locals said this was the worst storm int he area for many years, some saw over 60kts but we only saw 55kts max.

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Nickolas Davies
Nickolas Davies - 9 years ago
@iappsdev i thing your numbers have been translated wrong
BenjaminFranklin99 - 9 years ago
Nobody races in 80 knots of wind, ever.
BooBooNZ - 9 years ago
You are the man, one day when i grow up i want to be just as tough as you! Bullshit aside thou, this video was taken in the 2007 middle sea race, out of 75 starters only 15 finished (yes we finished), a few boats were lost including the RP65 'Loki' from sydney (built to handle the sydney hobart) all these boats were not just local club racers but all the best offshore racers from all around the world. So your claim that this is normal sailing conditions is utter bollocks.
iappsdev - 9 years ago
50 knots it's not even near the storm, it's a normal racing weather for us in Japan Sea. We race on the 25 foot yachts Conrad-25 in much worse conditions, like 80 knots wind and 20 - 25 foot waves with just one storm jib. I would call this kind conditions storm, but not 50 knots. :)
Fussinated - 10 years ago
@brokentiller And a mono: once filled with water, down you go.
biscayforce12 - 10 years ago
@peterski111 Yes it is a storm. Beaufort Scale: 48-55kts = Storm force 10
smileymac888 - 10 years ago
chicken feed
ollekebolleke007 - 11 years ago
or a trimaran :p

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