Yacht in rough seas.mp4

Yacht entering harbour in rough seas. Very skillfull helmsman!

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FSEVENMAN - 2 years ago
that was badass seamanship that guy knew what the hell he was doing ......
well done dude
mike force
mike force - 2 years ago
not skillful, stupid and careless with life and property.
scdevon - 2 years ago
It was close to broaching. I thought he was going to end up on the bricks.
Good skipper + luck.
Michael B.
Michael B. - 2 years ago
I don't know what the Poles have ever been good for, but at least, the now "assfuck" the bitch Merkel
zenon ciupaga
zenon ciupaga - 2 years ago
Baltic, normal docking :)
Ruth C
Ruth C - 2 years ago
Made it! Whew.
getto joe
getto joe - 2 years ago
Brought that in like a boss
Adam Lewandoski
Adam Lewandoski - 2 years ago
Observing the narrow opening and the partially submerged objects on the inside of the opening of the harbor,these bastards were damn lucky they did not "surf" into those objects and splinter that plastic boat and sacked put to sea.
Wiener Woods
Wiener Woods - 2 years ago
Darwin Award narrowly avoided. Stupid.

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Makhoe van der Vlugt
Makhoe van der Vlugt - 3 years ago
The wind is strong onshore. They cannot heave to. Conditions may have changed while they were approaching the shore. They might be tired, etc. One minute of video is far too small a data set. Judging the actions of that crew in these circumstances is stupid. Surely "sailors with a great deal of experience" below would understand how pointless their criticisms are.
RCOne - 3 years ago
Lucky or not, that skipper still had some skill
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - 3 years ago
Fantastic sailing. The crew made it look easy. Those waves are surely even larger than 2D looks.
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - 3 years ago
(No harm done except here in the comments, lol)
SV Amandolin
SV Amandolin - 3 years ago
I would be white knuckling it on a calm day. Tight entry.
Czar Lee
Czar Lee - 3 years ago
o skurwesyn!
The Beast
The Beast - 3 years ago
Idea for a programme called "Yachting Mishaps" some funny - some tragic.
Adam Redmond
Adam Redmond - 3 years ago
Lucky Lucky Skipper, could have killed somebody
Al - 3 years ago
Pretty slick driving.
Agv G V
Agv G V - 3 years ago
Scary...can you assure at about 0:34 the boat didn´t touch the rocky bits at all?
Xerra - 3 years ago
They're Poles. It explains everything.
Rusty Razer
Rusty Razer - 2 years ago
What does it have to do with it?! However, the skipper made a decision when the yacht pushed the wave, in a stable situation. He entered the port without risk.

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Zowie - 4 years ago
Nice work!
The Den
The Den - 4 years ago
I agree it is a great helmsman, and of course it could av gone bad if he had been unlucky. This is something you have to learn to deal with when sailing in the Baltic sea. The weather changes quickly, waves grow big and irregular and the port entrances are very often narrow. I've done it a couple of times. You have to be very decisive and maintain a high speed.

For all of you who think he should have stayed on open water: You don't really want to do that over night when the storms hit on the Baltic Sea. The waves comes from all over the place – not like on the Atlantic where the waves comes from one single direction and all you have to do is put the boat in irons when it's dark. In the Baltic you'd get awashed constantly for 10 hours.
George Theotokis
George Theotokis - 4 years ago
@ 0:48, half-sinked blocks 2 meters left from the bow!
Plain luck, glad they made it but too much of a risk.
This is the stuff nightmares are made from.
maremontilago - 4 years ago
vedere lucky
Warwick Wells
Warwick Wells - 4 years ago
looked like a delphia 40
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Armstrong - 4 years ago
Then lightning strikes them.
cornskid - 4 years ago
Jesus. I don't know about his judgement but I've never seen more skill.
chris topher
chris topher - 4 years ago
What an idiot, he should have gone out to sea and not risked everyone's lives.
Manley -
Manley - - 5 years ago
Unless he had a seriously injured crew member or very good intelligence that the storm was going to get considerably worse, he should not have come in there. That was foolhardy, not brave.
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
Good catch. Silly of me not to notice that. So he is just a troll.
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 3 years ago
And what would be the fun in that?
mangore623 - 3 years ago
You "Pilot" a cruise ship...Oh my lord.  If you are going to lie, at least make it plausible.
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 4 years ago
bla bla bla
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
Yeah, sure. Tell that to the court investigating the deaths you caused by reckless endangerment.
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 4 years ago
As I said, I would have entered and made it through, and you wouldn't have tried. And that is Ok, it makes us different. No matter how hard you pump that keyboard, it won't make you right and me wrong...
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 4 years ago
And you have every right at your opinion... :)
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
No it does not. Any skipper who attempted this entry without EXTREME urgency or necessity is by definition a poor quality skipper.
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
+Jose Villares Did you really just say you don't see women and children on board? Women??? And qualify it with some kind of male macho bs? "I see a bunch of grown men"… Many of the bravest, toughest and most competent sailors I have known are women, and your assumption that I myself am not a woman is telling indeed. Well, macho and sexist comments aside deliberately risking the lives of others you blithely assume don't mind is the very soul of foolhardiness. What I see is a bunch of people of indeterminate (and irrrelevant) sex surfing wildly in waves easily capable of capsizing and rolling them into the seawall, overwhelming any rudder command, at the same time as wearing no life vests in most cases and wearing foul weather gear that would actually prevent them from having a hope of swimming in that sea. Your observed "weather gear", without buoancy aids, far from being hlepful, would just assist in killing them. People don't generally die from rain and spray, you know. Only one appears to wear either harness or lifejacket. The vessel comes within around two feet of disaster on the concrete outer breakwater,and luck alone saved it from being holed flipped and rolled into the outer sea wall, where it would have broken up, killing most or all the unprotected crew. As to lightheartedness and your assumption or suggestion that I am not lighthearted because I make seamanlike calls and don't risk my friends' lives pointlessly, all I can say is that you are right about the fact that we are very different. For sure. About which I am quite content.
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 4 years ago
Skipper, I see you are well versed... Please forgive my language shortcomings in advance, as English isn't my first language. I am quite enjoying this conversation...

When I said there is a fine line between being brave and being stupid, I meant in life.

I was once a soldier, and what some people consider brave, others might consider fool hearted. People are usually quick to judge from what little evidence they have, as in this case, it is a matter of perception. Even though you seem adamant of judging this skipper with what you see in this video, neither you nor I have all the details.

When I pilot 3k+ souls onboard the vessel that I am paid to work on, the safety of my crew and passengers is always paramount. When I sail my personal racing yacht, people know that they are in for a ride and are prepared to take the risks involved with it.

I see no women and children onboard in this video, I see a bunch of grown men in weather gear ready for a day of tough sailing.

Also, I am not entirely disagreeing with you here, I it is very risky passage. But I think you are too quick to judge as to call the Skipper a fool as we do not have all the details.

At the end of the day, if it was me on the helm, I would have committed to enter and would have prevailed. However, I understand that there are many people who wouldn't have. But that doesn't make me better or worse than you, it makes me different.

My personal and work sailing are complete opposites. And you are right, you probably wouldn't be invited on the sailing yacht. The crew is very lighthearted, fun and they would likely bump you off and forget to call it in...

In conclusion, we are different... And that is ok... Cheers!
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
+Jose Villares My qualifications and experience are entirely relevant here. And piloting a cruise ship is completely different, frankly. However your assertions concerning stupidity and bravery are nonetheless relevant to that, as I will return to below. I skipper and instruct on vessels and in conditions analogous to this one as the bread and butter of my professional life. Unless there was a compelling reason to enter this particular port in these conditions the decision was a bad and foolhardy one. Whether you "could" have done it is neither here nor there. The question is whether you "ought" to have done it. And no, there is not generally a fine line between stupid and brave. As Manley suggests above, bravery is called for if the situation is extreme and options limited or nil. Stupidity involves a "wing it" or "suck it and see" approach when conditions are dangerous, the rewards slim, alternatives are available, convenience is the goal, and the downside is infinite. If you can't see the stark difference between these things then I wouldn't want you on any bridge I worked on. Frankly it concerns me that a professional pilot would make such an obviously wrong and unprofessional assertion that there is a "fine line" between stupidity and bravery "in pretty much every case"!
Manley -
Manley - - 4 years ago
I would argue that, unless there is a pressing requirement, as above, stupid and brave are synonyms in this context.
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 4 years ago
And I pilot a Cruise Ship... I am actually very proud of that too, but I don't use it to win stupid internet arguments. Congrats on throwing around all your certifications... Personally, I could have done the exact same entrance, but I don't need you to agree with me if it was stupid or brave. That is generally a very fine line in pretty much every case. Have a great day!
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
+Jose Villares Bullshit. I am a professional skipper (worldwide including high latitiudes) and MCA instructor. This decision was BAD and could have got them all killed. And that just depended on nothing other than dumb luck. Wavetrains like this are unpredictable, and chaotic. He got lucky. End of story.
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 4 years ago
It depends on the quality of the skipper.
Eric Vardac
Eric Vardac - 5 years ago
Looks like he knew what he was doing - after going out when he should not have.
2 marks.

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Artur Hinc
Artur Hinc - 5 years ago
Pewnie jako kotwicę mogą używać swoich wielkich jaj.
travis ruiall
travis ruiall - 5 years ago
that was very impressive. . he timed just right from what i saw he knew exactly what he was doing. . give that crew a hand. ............
bobflyman - 5 years ago
Very Skilful? No. Very lucky and stupid helmsman, or skipper. That could have gone horribly wrong. Spoken as an ocean sailor with more than 70,000 miles of experience.
bobflyman - 3 years ago
Google my name Bob Moore, boat Renegade, Practical Boat Owner Magazine. Been published many times and my storms. I'm for real not a bullshitter! Piss head sometimes though ;)
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - 3 years ago
I remember you! Always bad with people, you ol drunk! "70,000" miles, "real" sailing, lol, you ol troll! Honestly tho, how's the liver??
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
Bob and Jose... :) Tip of that hat to you both from Telaga, Langakwi, just now. Next job: Dublin. Damn Looking forward to it actually. Haven't been there for a quarter century! Fair winds and following seas and plenty of fucking rum and the sweetest of sweets to you both! So say I tonight (and it is filled with blazing lighning!!)
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
Then you don't even begin to understand either the Caribbean or sailing in general... you could anchor 1000 yachts in Five Islands Bay in Antiga alone. Only think of Marinas? Fuck off back to the "first" world. And stay away from real sailing... interested in the latter? Get your head out of your arse and learn to anchor and cruise...
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 3 years ago
The Caribbean has changed a lot my friend... Still have a lot of places for visiting yachts, but expensive as hell. I went to a Marina last week and the night was U$S 150. Beautiful, but very expensive.
bobflyman - 3 years ago
No worries mate. I figured it was really a bit of banter, ie fun. Med was great when I first went 40 years ago. Staying in fishing harbours for a few pence a night, now a lot of it has marinas and it's £20 -£30 a night. Everything changes. Eastern Med is still OK I think. It was 20 years ago when I was in the Caribbean with my 30 footer for 5 months. Cheap. Anchoring. Cheap rum etc. A lot of the places I went to have now got Sandals hotels, or no landing for visiting yachts. (I saw it was an ongoing and very old post. Have fun, keep up the shagging!)
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 3 years ago
Touche... Nothing to do with you... Alta and I have been at this shit for years... This post is four years old. Every time someone answers I get the notification... :)

Btw. I know enough about the caribbean, how was the Med?
bobflyman - 3 years ago
If you're the kind of sailor who might die while fucking your girlfriend on a centre consol in open seas I'm certainly not going to argue with you. You obviously have a wealth of experience. ;) (And I'm not a ' Tight assed fuck who hasn't had a decent lay in my entire lives' guy either. I've shagged many beautiful women on lots of beautiful boats all over the World from the Caribbean to the Med. From millionaires yachts I've skippered to my own boat while sailing the Atlantic. Never on a center consol though :( ) Nice rant, and I agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion and who does give a fuck? Nobody really. Though you appear to, as you're slagging off everyone who has made a comment about this?
bobflyman - 3 years ago
Never a dull moment, all the same the bits in between make it worthwhile. Wish In was out there now or the Carribean!
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
Ironically about 2 minutes after I posted this comment I was forced to strike our canopy and up anchor to get off a lee shore since the forecast was for NW 4 with <1m swell, and it was actually W 7 with 1.5M and building, beginning to break. By the time we'd up anchored we were beating into a gale and heading for the shelter of Chalong round, guess what? The other freaking side of the island! haha! Cheers mate. And yes> Youtube is definintely full of idiots. As to the BDA-Azores area, hell everythng from NS to Hatteras and out to the Azores is an unpredictable beast, or can be. 20 months ago I was race navigator aboard a 96 footer 630 miles ESE of Newport, whose mast we put in the water both port and starboard within 45 seconds ... Big rig damage, hydraulics out. Lots of fun and games! Have had plenty of that kind of thing in those waters...
bobflyman - 3 years ago
Don't bother to argue mate, the idiots that think this was clever have probably never set foot on a small boat. I went through a tropical storm on my 30 footer on my way back to the Azores from Bermuda. And seen Force 10 in the Western Approaches. You Tube is full of idiots!
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
You don't seem to understand what a theory is. In any case, why would I be jealous? I live mostly at sea, as a professional sailor, spending at least 220 (up to 365) days a year aboard, from tropics to high latitudes. I am writing this in SE Asia, weathering some adverse winds at anchor right now. I instruct professionally in conditions such as this. The last Yachtmaster course I taught was this past October in the English Channel. Believe me we had comparable conditions, as I do frequently skippering charters around the West Coast of Scotland and sailing professionally worldwide... what I said refers specifically to the Island in the Baltic Sea where this incident occurred. So go on then, genius, explain to me why what I have said "makes not sense"...
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
Not very skilful. Very stupid. Pointless endangerment of boat and crew. Just lucky. All he had to do was steer round the island to the lee side, and enter at the port of Ronne. Making for a lee shore port in a following sea shows bad and dangerous judgement.
bobflyman - 4 years ago
You're welcome, she's been dead for 20 years.
bobflyman - 4 years ago
Thanks. I was commercially endorsed as an ocean yachtmaster too, until the cost of staying commercial got too much. Instructor and diesel course instructor, was that is. retired now.
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
NOPE, just dumb luck.
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
This sailing professional and MCA instructor agrees with you. Stupid and bad skippering.
bobflyman - 4 years ago
The stupidity is in risking trying it. What happens if it goes wrong? He drowns himself and his crew.
Angelika Ophagen
Angelika Ophagen - 5 years ago
I'd say on purpose plus lucky. He did wait for the wave and seems to have known the harbour well. Still, surfing a big boat like that is crazy. Chapeau!
Krushpak 98
Krushpak 98 - 5 years ago
No lifejackets,hatches wide open and wrong choice of port.
Bornholm has sooo  many ports wich would have been better to go to.
No seamanship seen here just luck
Ilya Kuchaev
Ilya Kuchaev - 5 years ago
Capt777harris - 5 years ago
Wow, what were those guys doing out there?
Martin Eklund
Martin Eklund - 5 years ago
captin  marvel
Mateusz Sowinski
Mateusz Sowinski - 5 years ago
Polish sailors.... :)
Sasha Petrov
Sasha Petrov - 5 years ago
Run with the sea , safer !
Kali St-Wyatt
Kali St-Wyatt - 6 years ago
Excellent Sailoring!
Mike Pickering
Mike Pickering - 6 years ago
How about wearing some life jackets, guys?!
Desmond Carnegie
Desmond Carnegie - 6 years ago
Wow!! Ballsy, skillful, reckless, whatever you want to call it. Thats a badass video. 
tigger314159 - 6 years ago
Certainly one of the worst examples of sailing I have ever seen! They were just very lucky. Why was there a crew member on the bow? Why is nobody wearing a lifejacket? From Google Earth it is Svaneke on Bornholm Island. There appear to be other much safer ports on the leeward side of the island.  
Storms and Saugeye
Storms and Saugeye - 6 years ago
Alright, the sailor girl in me says: That was an awesome maneuver! 
The surfer in me says: Hey Jim, I can catch waves too watch this!
Norman Smith
Norman Smith - 6 years ago
Very well done. Taking the windward/wave-wash side of the entrance to prevent being smashed on the down wide side. 
John Dupuis
John Dupuis - 6 years ago
Should have stayed at sea...that was the safest place for a well found yacht. They were just lucky...that last wave didn't broach the boat. When a boat broaches the helmsman is helpless in that situation.
Patty Ada
Patty Ada - 6 years ago
Excellent captain and crew.. Wow!! My heart was racing just watching this clip. Glad they are safe!
Derlin Mina
Derlin Mina - 3 years ago
Patty Ada lññsñsñssñqññfwweeñfñsxzñxc

striper8311 - 6 years ago
im not a blow boater sought of guy, but that was great seamanship and skill by the helmsmen and crew, well done guys
smokeystriper - 6 years ago
That was reckless. Unless there was an injury on board that required immediate medical attention that skipper should have stayed in deep water and hove to. could have easily killed one or more of his crue. 

50. comment for Yacht in rough seas.mp4

GoAway - 6 years ago
The boat is a Delphina 37' - a fast and nimble yacht designed to be agile in high winds. I'd say this clip shows 1/3 luck, 1/3 top boat handling skills and 1/3 excellent boat design. A slower, full keeled "traditional" style boat (like a Westsail) wouldn't have the agility to move like this boat does. 
Sailing followtheboat
Sailing followtheboat - 6 years ago
Subwaterfilm - 6 years ago
Wow,.. well done! The helmsman really did a good job... it seems, as if he knew the harbour already... otherwise I wouldn´t be so brave!
Brian Mackle
Brian Mackle - 6 years ago
Incredible feat. Needed a bit of luck but also had nerves of steel ! See how he lined up to starboard to use the surge to make it through that narrow entrance ! Wow !!

Iontach !
Macallafarm - 6 years ago
What I admire most is the nerve to go through this narrow entrance in these sea conditions, but yes, the helm  does an excellent job, lining the boat perfectly, and avoid a deadly broach at the crucial moment to surf through the entrance in style. No doubt he knew the harbour well. No luck there, just nerves and skills.
fuelbasti - 6 years ago
What a fucking awsome skipper. And that guy at the front is the most optimistic guy I have ever seen in a YT video so far. Respekt. 
Réal Leblanc
Réal Leblanc - 6 years ago
Very daring move. Say all you want, that skipper was very very lucky to make it safely into port.
eggmancorp - 6 years ago
Wow, all I can say.
Carl E
Carl E - 5 years ago
+eggmancorp I agree
TheCjcalioso - 6 years ago
100% luck and 100% skill
Cam Romeril
Cam Romeril - 6 years ago
no sails, no steerage?, little inboard wouldn't generate the helm control required for that entrance, speeded up much (probably) bollocks then?
Thomas Sharpe
Thomas Sharpe - 6 years ago
Anyone who thinks that is stupidity doesn't know about seamanship. The yacht was "at sea" in a storm and obviously seeking shelter. The way the helmsman brought that in was superb, He had to "surf" it in and therefore steer well to starboard and let the sea work against the hull for an inch perfect entrance. He judged it perfectly. The crew were all in foul weather gear and there was a crew member on the bow tending the furled storm jib which skipper must have been using for more control further out. Observer on the right pier proves this film has not been edited. No experienced Yachtsman would go out in weather like that so I'm thinking this was the end of a long trip and the weather just caught them out.
John Carroll
John Carroll - 3 years ago
It's a saying for lots of courage ;}
joshua ashley
joshua ashley - 3 years ago
John Carroll what do you mean
John Carroll
John Carroll - 3 years ago
Two big brass balls
joshua ashley
joshua ashley - 3 years ago
Thomas Sharpe i want to know how much is it to own a yacht
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - 3 years ago
... O_o ! hahahah +a
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed... you are still posting on this thread, it would seem. Aware of that are we?
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 3 years ago
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
Why should I?
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - 3 years ago
Jose Villares
Jose Villares - 3 years ago
Alta, it's been months... You aren't gonna let this shit die, are you?
AltaMirage - 3 years ago
Total nonsense. This was a combination dumb luck and pig headedness. You can't that accurately control a surf on a break like that, in a sailboat. Just bs. Helmsman was good ok, but the decision to enter that harbour very nearly killed some or all of them, and it is completely unpredictable how a wave will break at the harbour entrance like that. And don't give me that BS about life jackets deflated UNDER jackets. What nonsense is that and what use would they possibly be? Furthermore they could not be used as harnesses. They are simply not wearing either lifejackets or harness, and they were simply damned lucky. I AM a professional sailor and RYA instructor. I spend minimum 220 days a year on a boat much of that at sea.... you?
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
Your words show you have no idea what you are talking about. The crew had no lifejackets, the incident seems to have happened at Bjornholm, which means the skipper only needed to divert a few kilometers around the island to enter in perfectly calm waters at Ronne. And your assertion about seamanship is denied by this professional skipper and MCA instructor.
AltaMirage - 4 years ago
Exactly. Idiot only needed to go round to Ronne. Anyhow awful judgement, and terrible skippering.
Tommi Kyntola
Tommi Kyntola - 6 years ago
That is stupid irresponsible shit that got massively lucky in that last crest. It could've gone anywhere from that no matter who's in the helm.

When this video was in Reddit someone said this happen in northeast of Bornholm (a Danish island southeast from Sweden). The skipper was the only one experienced, the harbor in the video was closed at the time, a safe-to-enter harbor would've been 1.5 Nm away and it was a rented yacht. No lifejackes and people on deck and bow. Fucked up is what it is.
neville fisher
neville fisher - 6 years ago
Nah that was just dumb luck , The skipper was lucky I see they had wet gear on and no life jacket's , 
Bob Hudson
Bob Hudson - 7 years ago
I would say stupidity! And I am an experienced sailor!!
Koko Diver
Koko Diver - 7 years ago
A super skiper. !!!!! I say that as a sailor and a skiper
George Washington
George Washington - 7 years ago
absolutely retarded to take a boat out in those conditions and a terrible choice to try to enter through all those rocks...what a shitty area for boating lol
cordelmar - 7 years ago
That was like threaring a needle on a wet roller coaster ride, !Very good Job skipper !!
PanzerDave - 7 years ago
It looks like it may be Savaneke on Bornholm Island, part of Denmark in the Baltic.
PanzerDave - 7 years ago
Great job of getting into the harbor. Nautical Videos, are you able to provide any information on when and where this took place, as well as who did the great job of getting it into port? Thanks for posting this.
samsungw200 - 7 years ago
was it more luck there? got quite close to outer breakwater
Captain Elliott
Captain Elliott - 7 years ago
lucky fucker!
Yiannis Armenakis
Yiannis Armenakis - 7 years ago
Great Captaining.
TheYachtskipper - 7 years ago
hopefully we're not all so stupid...
Jon Landau
Jon Landau - 7 years ago
Great captaining surfing a sailboat into a tight marina. I am sure everyone on board was crapping a brick.
MJL - 7 years ago
they were experts for sure
zdaytona - 7 years ago
that dude is badass peroid
szpackyu - 8 years ago
Thats cool becaouse they are polish. Polish sailors are the best. Period!
Lucky yacht
quiznights - 8 years ago
As a relatively inexperienced sailor (approx 300NM) I find this fascinating. How that skipper and crew timed that is very, very impressive.
21wdwrkr - 8 years ago
There is an old saying. I'd rather be lucky than good...
spymaine89 - 8 years ago
Nonmoo Butt
Nonmoo Butt - 8 years ago
That isn't a Yacht... It's a space station.
Tae Taefolks
Tae Taefolks - 8 years ago
Who are those guys!? Amazing!
Alcala333 - 9 years ago
Amazing pilot!!!
Tom Lee
Tom Lee - 9 years ago
Definately a "brown trouser" moment!! I think it's a Delphia by the way.
Paweł Kowalczyk
Paweł Kowalczyk - 9 years ago
It is Polish yacht, I think entering one of the Bornholm's ports. VERY risky...
Jonny Kerr
Jonny Kerr - 9 years ago
that aint a yacht, thats a surfin yacht! :)
7070legend - 9 years ago
@nauticalvideos thanks for the info,i guess youre never too old to learn something.
Neil's Nautical Nonsense
Neil's Nautical Nonsense - 9 years ago
@7070legend 'A yacht is a recreational boat. The term originated from the Dutch Jacht meaning "hunt". It was originally defined as a light, fast sailing vessel used by the Dutch navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors around and into the shallow waters of the Low Countries. After its selection by Charles II of England as the vessel of choice to return to Britain from Holland for his restoration, it came to be used to convey important persons.' Hope that clears it up for you :)
7070legend - 9 years ago
that aint no yacht,thats a sailboat
Moldz92 - 9 years ago
Hes deffo done that a few times, judged that too perfection.

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60 Sea Ray Sundancer [Yacht Walkthrough]

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More information: http://www.denisonyachtsales.com/boat-for-sale/2008-Sea-Ray-60-Sundancer/4940439 This 60 Sundancer...

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