expensive boat collision

expensive boat collision!

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expensive boat collision!

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Giovani22 - 9 years ago
I don't understand it either . How can a boat so big collide with another boat , that's even bigger and NOT see it from far away. Aren't the oceans or seas big enough?? Maybe I should take a marine course
Life_on_the_amazon - 9 years ago
Why do people fucking collide, all the empty space it's as if they target the boat. My dad has a boat on a lake and it seems people sway towards you it's "l
Adam K
Adam K - 10 years ago
lol the guy is polish and says "hold on"
yannick boezie
yannick boezie - 10 years ago
lets call the police to salve this xD
Coffeeforevah - 10 years ago
both captains were taking a shit at the same time
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford - 10 years ago
at@idontfkinknow1234 It is very sad because it 50% people in our society like that !
James Glynn
James Glynn - 10 years ago
the ocean in just too small!!
John - 10 years ago
it's just jousting for rich people... see who can knock the guy in the front off first.. with the least amount of damage..
John - 10 years ago
it's just joustin for rich people... see who can knock the guy in the front off first.. with the least amount of damage..

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huhhman - 10 years ago
All that ocean, and they crash?!? NICE!
Blackboilingrobotoil - 11 years ago
I cut a hole in my pocket so I can beat off at work.
La hora bruja
La hora bruja - 11 years ago
I give permission to anyone .......... the fault of the two, the ship where the camera is not respecting the laws of maritime and approaching from starboard not be aware of the maneuvers who comes to port. Regards.
David Vigliotti
David Vigliotti - 11 years ago
There on the damn sea...i guess its not big enough for the two of them!
AMULDARRY - 11 years ago
meybe the autopilot was on
coolaid2471 - 12 years ago
wow both of the boats people are stupid u stop the friggn boat fixing a 200 dollar part in the friggen moyor because u went in reverse so fast is better then having to pay over 10,000 dollars to fix the whole front of the boat
MaritimePhysics - 12 years ago
who in the fuck sake is driving the boats u fucking morons? You had like 2 minits to react but still you are headding in the same direction? Some people has more money than brain...
bruce wayne
bruce wayne - 12 years ago
it is always the responsibility of the smaller boat to make way for the larger boat so the fault lies with the smaller boat so they deserved to get hit for trying to take the right of way LOL

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