yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

more here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBrSWxb0evc Как победить туберкулез - симптомы, лечение. http://vk.com/tubtub

yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion sentiment_very_dissatisfied 3023

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more here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBrSWxb0evc Как победить туберкулез - симптомы, лечение. http://vk.com/tubtub

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for yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

Avinash Trivedi
Avinash Trivedi - 2 years ago
not real
Zack Hunter
Zack Hunter - 2 years ago
it looks like a mall
Epic Cruiser
Epic Cruiser - 2 years ago
Nikolay - 2 years ago
Gamer11 *Channel Closed*
Gamer11 *Channel Closed* - 2 years ago
he is very famous
1BigHead 2Sameshoes
1BigHead 2Sameshoes - 3 years ago
The cost of this yacht is equivalent to the Chinese population. $1 for each person? Crazy madness.
Redcarl Padilla
Redcarl Padilla - 3 years ago
i like the yacht house you can travel anywhere you want only rich people can buy this
Nadim N
Nadim N - 3 years ago
I can smell so many uneducated and immoral minds in this commentary section.

10. comment for yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

xTurboHD - 3 years ago
Imagine throw a party on that beautiful yacht. Gosh.
Dean Gearhart
Dean Gearhart - 3 years ago
Here's a man that wants everybody dead. who do you think's going to build your damn ship For you him all of us losers good luck bill. God bless everybody
Baby Happy
Baby Happy - 3 years ago
Yared refu
Yared refu - 3 years ago
it's like you have 100 dollars for the rest of your life and you spend 2 dollars on a giant boat....bruh
Strange Facts
Strange Facts - 3 years ago
Uploaded a Video on Xanadu 2.0 in My Channel. Please Check it out
TİGER TYGRA - 3 years ago
Money money money !!!
Danial Ahmad
Danial Ahmad - 3 years ago
if u can read little bit Arabic...this belongs to Sheikh Waleed bin Talal prince of KSA
Danial Ahmad
Danial Ahmad - 3 years ago
if u can read little bit Arabic...this belongs to Sheikh Waleed bin Talal prince of KSA
Farhan Ahmed
Farhan Ahmed - 3 years ago
Who knows if it is even real... i have to see the right secret video..
They dont know who is Bill gates..
Wats Doug
Wats Doug - 3 years ago
You'll never see this yacht , Bill gates isn't into wasting money or should I say the man isn't stupid.

20. comment for yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

John 47
John 47 - 3 years ago
Onlt a douchebag like Gates would have a "boat" like this.
Jake Boss
Jake Boss - 3 years ago
I have No idea "WHY" there's Multiple videos on this Island Yacht saying that it's Bill Grates Yacht, This Island Yacht is Called Wally WHY Island Yacht, the Yacht Manufacturer Named "Wally", and it has Absolutely Nothing to do with Bill Gates. I don't get it
Derick Chapman
Derick Chapman - 3 years ago
it must be nice
Brian Frenzel
Brian Frenzel - 3 years ago
Amazing! He earned it! Used his brain.........
Saifullahi Nasiru Aliyu
Saifullahi Nasiru Aliyu - 3 years ago
Hmm sir u have already done in ur life. U have to thank Almighty God.
Wisdom Lubunga
Wisdom Lubunga - 3 years ago
what interest do u gain when u are busy lying to people?
Wisdom Lubunga
Wisdom Lubunga - 3 years ago
what interest do u gain when u are busy lying to people?
hk. o
hk. o - 3 years ago
WHY am'una goyy'im...
(best of turkey)
michel wankeu
michel wankeu - 3 years ago
carl grant
carl grant - 3 years ago

30. comment for yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

Jignesh Suratwala
Jignesh Suratwala - 3 years ago
Tom W.
Tom W. - 3 years ago
Bill Gates would not waste money like that. clickbating LIAR
sam dahab
sam dahab - 3 years ago
thebestfreethrowcoach - 3 years ago
LOL. It's not even real. It's a cartoon of a fictional boat/house.
JunsKitchen Fan
JunsKitchen Fan - 3 years ago
It's "bill gates' " not "bill gates's"
Undertale is Stupid
Undertale is Stupid - 3 years ago
its bigger than my school
Alexi Jones
Alexi Jones - 3 years ago
The new captain Philips film, captain gates
goldman sun
goldman sun - 3 years ago
he dn care abt tsunam
Stephen Purkess
Stephen Purkess - 3 years ago
more greed selfish
Truth Matters
Truth Matters - 3 years ago
Do you believe this fake CG?
Master Ding dong
Master Ding dong - 3 years ago
that froggy will take nothing to his grave.
IM4 OUR - 3 years ago
I wonder who wipes his ass .
SAND MAN - 3 years ago
that is real
Chloe7 Seven
Chloe7 Seven - 3 years ago
Yeah - I also ask myself WHY? but that's tongue in cheek - as long as Bill Gates enjoys what he has and doesn't start trying to run the earth as if it's his own, together with the other clans, maybe there will be a place for him in heaven too.
Yasin Acar
Yasin Acar - 3 years ago
Dani Issa
Dani Issa - 3 years ago
soldierviejo - 3 years ago
He has all this but wouldn't even give a person one red dime!
almir almirich
almir almirich - 3 years ago
There are a few ideas for constructing boats:
Allow enough time.
take advantage of ready made boat templates.
(I read about these and more on Denelle boat builder site )
Leo Espinosa
Leo Espinosa - 3 years ago
bullshit. Bill and Melinda Gates have no yachts like this.
Issa Kofa
Issa Kofa - 3 years ago
paradise in heaven

50. comment for yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

Hellary Clinton
Hellary Clinton - 3 years ago
My husband Bill and I are thinking about buying one.
Kanuji Thakor
Kanuji Thakor - 3 years ago
Braveheart Aruta
Braveheart Aruta - 3 years ago
wow!! as in wow
SUB for SUB. just let me know!!!
SUB for SUB. just let me know!!! - 3 years ago
Eddy Febles
Eddy Febles - 3 years ago
Gardy Philemond
Gardy Philemond - 3 years ago
why the hate? get a fucking job and stop hating punks.
Lloyd Alderman
Lloyd Alderman - 3 years ago
j.r raphard
j.r raphard - 3 years ago
Cool! Bill saw the future
Lloyd Alderman
Lloyd Alderman - 3 years ago
Patrick Brönn
Patrick Brönn - 3 years ago
You say you have a high IQ, yet I see no grammar, too many spelling mistakes to bother mentioning and you seem to have forgotten what a question mark is and that computers actually have a CAPS lock... On top of that, I see no breaks or paragraphs at all. All in all, I deduce that a broomstick would have a higher IQ than you.
Justin Fuller
Justin Fuller - 3 years ago
the getting rid or 6 or 7 billion thing is science. earth has exceeded its carrying capacity so its resources are going faster then what they should because of modernization so even though he won't science said its true
TechnoKnightGaming - 3 years ago
Lloyd Alderman You have A LOT of grammatical errors in your "paragraph".
Revan - 3 years ago
Lloyd Alderman You are just so stupid. I don't know which free dodgy iq test you took and don't really care but just shut the fuck up please.
Krishna Arya
Krishna Arya - 3 years ago
wot this is nearly equal to uss gerald r ford
Mr Congeniality
Mr Congeniality - 3 years ago
the man who said "more money, more trouble" was probably a moron who failed at everything he ever did !
Indian Army
Indian Army - 3 years ago
Last chance
Last chance - 3 years ago
tsunami will destroy it
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt - 3 years ago
... not -a boat on the water will not affected by a tsunami
Christophe Maupas
Christophe Maupas - 4 years ago
Quelle égalité dans notre monde!
Jim Ronsivalli
Jim Ronsivalli - 4 years ago
andon croft
andon croft - 4 years ago
bill gates is another criminal he also a theif
dan jasperson
dan jasperson - 4 years ago
Ugly as hell
BloodBathMlG - 4 years ago
i wish bill gates could gove me 4million dollars
Sunny - 4 years ago
Something somehow looks scary
DaMasterAssassin - 4 years ago
obrbob194 - 4 years ago
Absolute nonsense... doesn't exist!!... idiotic
adrian the guy
adrian the guy - 4 years ago
what if a tsunami hits his yacht?
suhail1200 - 4 years ago
A life boat>This anyday.
jake awake
jake awake - 4 years ago
Adhyl Bugis
Adhyl Bugis - 4 years ago
Riki Nacev
Riki Nacev - 4 years ago
Bill said that when he dies 90% of his money will go to chairity
and 10 to his family
Master Ding dong
Master Ding dong - 3 years ago
and you believe that ?
we have poverty ,billions of people got no drinking water ,no food ,no place ,
and bill gates or zuckerberg or kingd will give it to charities?

nice try....
tweni baby
tweni baby - 3 years ago
Riki Nacev 99 actually
kane m
kane m - 3 years ago
Wrong , the most powerful/richest people have the greatest responsibilities. Better the world for all of humanity or buy another massive boat. Dont you think its strange - Half the world suffers from obesity the other half suffers from starvation
EX-CCC P - 3 years ago
Toxic Ducky So what? He has no responsibility nor obligation to give the money away.
Toxic Ducky
Toxic Ducky - 4 years ago
Riki Nacev Still though, that's a lot of money for his family still xD.
TT TT - 4 years ago
Whoever thinks this is real are so fucking dumb
Jamie Carr
Jamie Carr - 4 years ago
David Indelicato
David Indelicato - 4 years ago
it almost dont look real heaven on earth.
Lil Weezy F
Lil Weezy F - 4 years ago
Laughing at Floyd right BC he can't have this lmao
Everybody Relax
Everybody Relax - 4 years ago
neither can you lmao
Miro Vida
Miro Vida - 4 years ago
Click Bait. Computer simulation of a boat that Bill would never buy..
Eng:Ahmed Muhumed Ali
Eng:Ahmed Muhumed Ali - 4 years ago
But he is not Muslim he have no faith that problem
First King
First King - 4 years ago
Well I know who to rob next
christopher m primm Sr
christopher m primm Sr - 4 years ago
isn't CGI great !!!
R Killian
R Killian - 4 years ago
Its a bit bit small and plain...
Will i am MC
Will i am MC - 4 years ago
obviously a fishing vessel ..it has a massive live bait well in the prow. No name ,bcuz it has no transom to speak of .
Lloyd Alderman
Lloyd Alderman - 4 years ago
Lloyd Alderman
Lloyd Alderman - 4 years ago
Saif Rahman
Saif Rahman - 3 years ago
Lloyd Alderman your stupid you have no idea how much Money bill gates has donated
christopher m primm Sr
christopher m primm Sr - 4 years ago
CGI MAN its just CGI Fake
Ecliptify - 4 years ago
Money, gold, diamonds and oil? Oil is one of the most important things on earth lmao the more scarce it gets the more expensive it gets, if you have oil you have money. Soo if he owned oil he would be getting many pieces of bread. He makes about $100 a second if I remember correctly he is not gonna be poor anytime soon. PLUS He doesn't seem millions of dollars to charity and when he dies none of his money is being willed to his family it's ALL going to charity, Ha, greed my ass.
Phillip Fitzgerald
Phillip Fitzgerald - 4 years ago
Retard it's fake
MudMan Fan
MudMan Fan - 4 years ago
in a word...UGLY
Jitendra Kumar
Jitendra Kumar - 4 years ago
;:"'- , beautifully,;:"'.-,
Jitendra Kumar
Jitendra Kumar - 4 years ago
;:"'- , beautifully,;:"'.-,
Sd Pandher
Sd Pandher - 4 years ago
Jonis Maikel
Jonis Maikel - 4 years ago
bil Gates estas de parabens e deus esteja com voce
Angola esta com voce
Scene Boy
Scene Boy - 4 years ago
Max or Maya ?
Beaugard Agonde
Beaugard Agonde - 4 years ago
c'est magnifique haaaaouu
R Azazel
R Azazel - 4 years ago
Title says "for bill Gates" use your brains u dum fucks. This is why most of you are poor....
Guitar Dude Becker
Guitar Dude Becker - 4 years ago
T49 - 4 years ago
Beneficial influences !

Irritated Sugar
Irritated Sugar - 4 years ago
wow so much hate. bill gates along with his wife is probably the 2nd most generous donor on earth.
Richard Herzog
Richard Herzog - 3 years ago
Bill gates wants you dead moron. He wants the population down to 500 million. He's headed for Hell .
Gary Wharton
Gary Wharton - 3 years ago
Bjoern Guenther lastly its well documented how he spends money helping and not at all documented about how he is evil so who is really the stupid man? the one who sees him giving money away or the one who reads dumb theories online written by no lifers and takes it all seriously?
Gary Wharton
Gary Wharton - 3 years ago
Bjoern Guenther Btw you "cure" a disease you dont "heal" it.
Gary Wharton
Gary Wharton - 3 years ago
So bill gates ownes a company that makes its money selling stuff to the working class and your saying he wants to kill us all??? then he would stop getting money you fucktards.
Also try this....bill gates gave 28 bill to charities last year he is worth 81 bill so thats over 30% of his bank....would you give away over 30% of yours?? oh and for him killing the world 8bill went to saving it......
Rowwdy Colt
Rowwdy Colt - 3 years ago
To other countries.
Irritated Sugar
Irritated Sugar - 3 years ago
GodOurRedeemer00 - 4 years ago
Bill Gates is EVIL!!! He want to bring in world depopulation. This sick man believes that the have middle class and poor in this world are wasteful eaters. There's a video that has Bill Gates at a conference saying this. Of course he gives to charity, but it is all to think he's a upstanding nice guy that does all these great things. He is pure EVIL and  Bjoern Guenther is RIGHT!!! He would love nothing more than to kill us all! That's what nice guys do... Look up the definition of Nice and Kind. There's a big difference in those two words... Ngoc Dao and chester Guenther all I got to say to you is: Keep your heads stuck In the sand where it belongs...
magical tomato
magical tomato - 4 years ago
Bjoern Guenther let me guess, youre getting these crazy theories from listening to alex jones radio
nepokatneca II
nepokatneca II - 4 years ago
+chester nickleson sorry.but if you do really think..he spends money for HEALING deseases..then you are the stupid man... make your homework..what is in all vaccinations?? and why? what is the goal behind that..and then take a look WHAT HE SAID,WHY HE IS SPENDING THIS MONEY!! the NWO doesnt lie,they tell you all.but you are not listening!! make your homework..he is not rich,because he is nice..and doesnt spent billions because he is nice..
and btw. ask the african girls gotten his free vaccibation and are all sterilized.(10 thausends!!!!)
magical tomato
magical tomato - 4 years ago
Bjoern Guenther ya... The guy just spends billions of dollars to try to cure diseases accross the world but hes the evil one right??? You are crazy...
dancun chiriga
dancun chiriga - 4 years ago
The 'classic' moment when an argument begins to contain insults..........
nepokatneca II
nepokatneca II - 4 years ago
I dont know how stupid you are, but they are NOT GENEREOUS ! They do f.e. Vaccination in Afrika to minimize population and hidden sterilazation... wake up, NO ONE with so much money does GOOD THINGS.. they are all part of this STANANIC NWO ! and they want to reduce the mankind, because less is easier to control ! And he said is in public TV ! WE WANT TO REDUCE THE POPULATION IN THE WORLD ! TIME TO WAkE UP!
dancun chiriga
dancun chiriga - 4 years ago
i agree....so much hate for what? I and many benefit from his dreamspark project and more....pliz!
santos  m martinez
santos m martinez - 4 years ago
No seria aburrido con algunas" big butts" ladies

100. comment for yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

godwin ogago
godwin ogago - 4 years ago
Doe getters showbiz, dem take world 2 their own wish... Lol...
Paul Sturgess
Paul Sturgess - 4 years ago
nice fake video though
Salem Jassim
Salem Jassim - 4 years ago
That is not for Bill gates
David Weirich
David Weirich - 4 years ago
The CG is terrible...
lisa buchmann
lisa buchmann - 4 years ago
if this boat excists, can it sail in stormy weather ?
عبودي اآل دليم
عبودي اآل دليم - 4 years ago
Black Ice
Black Ice - 4 years ago
wait! let me call my friends the Whale's to go and blow this house down! they are already mad, because this concept Yacht looks just like their Mother!
shea lu
shea lu - 4 years ago
Uday Allawadi
Uday Allawadi - 4 years ago
this is yacht or what???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Martin Szoke
Martin Szoke - 4 years ago
that is one ugly boat...but not as ugly as the horror of a human being who owns it...
Daniel Baro
Daniel Baro - 4 years ago
hope your using a Mac then.
xXMediaTrix - 4 years ago
Bill gates would be like CHHEEAAPPP buys 10 of these for him and his children
Paddy W
Paddy W - 4 years ago
We Right respect individualism, you see it in our homes. It's clear Gates is a socialist. Minimalism is a representation of the left.
Yeet - 4 years ago
What a fugly boat.
Shakira Saeed Nadeem
Shakira Saeed Nadeem - 3 years ago
Mikayla Dean
Mikayla Dean - 3 years ago
daniel richards that is actually very true
dan jasperson
dan jasperson - 4 years ago
Oh its beauty? Hahaha why cos it says its worth more than your entire family and has generic white Wash walls which are 'sophisticated' and 'classy' hahah don't kid your self child it looks like a hospital or a 'classy' rehab clinic with no color or life just like you, p.s don't diss ppl for voicing opinion not only is that annoying as fuck but you make no factual sense and just end up looking like a simpleton,

only public school students comment with emoticons
Yeet - 4 years ago
corkster247 - 4 years ago
this doesnt even exist, it was an entry in an architectural design contest
Go-go Akins
Go-go Akins - 4 years ago
Its just alright
Olom Emmanuel
Olom Emmanuel - 4 years ago
is better to spend this money for poor people
Delusional_ Miner
Delusional_ Miner - 4 years ago
U idiot he has his own charity foundation for god sake!!!!!!
Mr. King of Negativity
Mr. King of Negativity - 4 years ago
He does,
T Castro
T Castro - 4 years ago
Bill Gates would never by such thing
spitzndtruth 1
spitzndtruth 1 - 4 years ago
yep sure did can i please have his phone number?
Jamar Roby
Jamar Roby - 4 years ago
says who
Faisal Faysal
Faisal Faysal - 4 years ago
Really amazing
Jan Jacobsen
Jan Jacobsen - 4 years ago
how ugly can it be
Nora Garcia
Nora Garcia - 4 years ago
im so jellous
airborn stone
airborn stone - 4 years ago
if i had that much doe i wouldn,t have such a boring boat
airborn stone
airborn stone - 4 years ago
if i had that much doe i wouldn,t have such a boring boat
Asphalt - 4 years ago
Minhaj Ahamad
Minhaj Ahamad - 4 years ago
one day yoj have to leave everything weather if you will or not..Iam rather happy to be a poor..seeing these things its really get feel afraid..
Real Prophet
Real Prophet - 4 years ago
Muhammad Zahid
Muhammad Zahid - 4 years ago
Brandon Saxton
Brandon Saxton - 4 years ago
Rather go Fishing
Trinity Ignagni
Trinity Ignagni - 4 years ago
T Golden
T Golden - 4 years ago
lol....hell yea...
Rj Sadman
Rj Sadman - 4 years ago
is there anyone have billgates number
Reikorocks21 - 4 years ago
+Jc Perez lmaoo
Jc Perez
Jc Perez - 4 years ago
Rj Sadman
Rj Sadman - 4 years ago
+Drake Songs potka ami jani eida tui
Fardeen - 4 years ago
LEIDIANI ROCHA - 4 years ago
um cara com tanto dinheiro enquanto eu preciso de 11 mil reais pra compra um carrinho pra pra mim.
Aliyu Tukur Gwd
Aliyu Tukur Gwd - 4 years ago
Mr B.G pls increase d aids to the third world nations.
ChloeThe.Unicorn - 4 years ago
He doesn't have a yacht! Plus why would you buy a boat more expensive than ur house!
J.Summer. Breeze. S Mrs . Shakur
J.Summer. Breeze. S Mrs . Shakur - 4 years ago
looks so lonely
tejashreyas herale
tejashreyas herale - 4 years ago
This is a true lie
phillip cooper
phillip cooper - 4 years ago
SO WHAT!!!!!!!! I got a 14 foot john boat with a 40 hp Mercury...............and a 36 quart Coleman cooler!!!!
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell - 4 years ago
It's utterly ridiculous - Huge unused spaces that provide and contribute absolutely nothing.
arnold jayeola
arnold jayeola - 4 years ago
the man has what we like to call "f*** you money" Meaning it's his money and f*** you
markpritchard09 - 4 years ago
cornskid - 4 years ago
Looks like an over priced fish drying rack to me.
Prince K
Prince K - 4 years ago
this is not a real thing
Mohammad al shaier
Mohammad al shaier - 4 years ago
it looks dull
First Amendment
First Amendment - 4 years ago
This is stupid in a big way.
Alex P
Alex P - 4 years ago
This yacht is real and video is not an animation
olivia m
olivia m - 4 years ago
I'm 12 I'm gonna be famous like him some day promise
olivia m
olivia m - 4 years ago
Holy shit
Dark Crow
Dark Crow - 4 years ago
One more of those guys who hates communism... You know, $160m can feed a lot of hungry bellies in Africa.
Dark Crow
Dark Crow - 4 years ago
One more of those guys who hates communism... You know, $1.4b can feed a lot of hungry bellies in Africa.
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams - 4 years ago
The end times
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams - 4 years ago
That's something to survive a mega wave
c0ld1 - 4 years ago
Thats allllll.... mine .
Space245 Man
Space245 Man - 4 years ago
dan jasperson
dan jasperson - 4 years ago
He does work hard on his eugenics propaganda and corporate interests I'll give you that.
nepokatneca II
nepokatneca II - 4 years ago
you cant get Billionaire with work ! this is NWO BULLSHIT ! no one deserves so much money whilst others starving !
Alair Scott
Alair Scott - 4 years ago
Father was a lawyer.
MudMan Fan
MudMan Fan - 4 years ago
Actually, he sort of cheated his way to the top. He repackaged work he bought from another and sold it off as DOS.
Rathl Sharma
Rathl Sharma - 4 years ago
Reena Remo
Reena Remo - 4 years ago
really awesome
Joe McGrath
Joe McGrath - 4 years ago
Lol not
Joe McGrath
Joe McGrath - 4 years ago
would be able to feed and help a Lot of people with that kind of doe
Cornelius Shivambu
Cornelius Shivambu - 4 years ago
who on Earth would take $1.4 billion an buy a yacht you crazy
Victor Thomascox
Victor Thomascox - 4 years ago
Most times busy
No time to use it
CamKam123 - 4 years ago
there are thousands of people who have the same name it's not just one person
Trinity Ignagni
Trinity Ignagni - 4 years ago
+Chlorox Bleach I see your comments everyone
Paul Sturgess
Paul Sturgess - 4 years ago
maybe the founder of windows.....pocket change to him...
TheGodaga78 - 4 years ago
Bill gates buy 12 million a book
xXMediaTrix - 4 years ago
Bill gates
ひnyirs - 4 years ago
+Cornelius Shivambu he's the richest guy on earth
Cornelius Shivambu
Cornelius Shivambu - 4 years ago
okay why don't he buy the Burj khalifa in Dubai then after all it's only $1.5 billion, he might have the money but i Don't think he would spend that much at once on private property
Logan Fuhrmann
Logan Fuhrmann - 4 years ago
that's 1/70 the of the money her has
Momo Akak
Momo Akak - 4 years ago
+Mohammed Hussaini yes
Mohammed H
Mohammed H - 4 years ago
someone who has over 50 times the price would probably
Water Man
Water Man - 4 years ago
Be nice children
sam82154 - 4 years ago
+Cornelius Shivambu that wasnt a moms joke, here is a moms joke.

his mom has green nipples
Cornelius Shivambu
Cornelius Shivambu - 4 years ago
+sam82154 ow i see you got some "your mama" joke hey,
your mom is so fat she can't fit on the door
sam82154 - 4 years ago
your mom is
konstantin fedorov
konstantin fedorov - 4 years ago
Tina Singh
Tina Singh - 4 years ago
Moundjour Cisse
Moundjour Cisse - 4 years ago
#$#-c du Lourd ca Ha oui.#$ No Comment...
roy paler
roy paler - 4 years ago
roy paler
roy paler - 4 years ago
thankz  for  your  care   sir...god  bless
Tyler Waltman
Tyler Waltman - 4 years ago
You are really an idiot
Aeventus - 4 years ago
+roy paler Do not listen to that individual Adnani, it is more likely a scam. Stay away from promise that sound too good to be true.
roy paler
roy paler - 4 years ago
+Ronish Chummun thanks   man....god  bless
Ronish Chummun
Ronish Chummun - 4 years ago
Jesus can help you out ☺
the son YNWA
the son YNWA - 4 years ago
+DaCensored Haha I can't even earn 10 dollars a day
DaCensored - 4 years ago
Don't work hard, work smart!
roy paler
roy paler - 4 years ago
+Adnani Rashidi thank you so much sir..ok ill try to connect..i know you have a good heart ..anyway thanks
roy paler
roy paler - 4 years ago
thank you sir....may i ask where you from..if its ok
FAROUK RASHID - 4 years ago
+roy paler connect me on facebóok: Farouk Rashid Fanchez i wil show you how you can make $1500 per day with our international company. We have offices over 180 countries worldwide
ChloeThe.Unicorn - 4 years ago
Bill gates could give everyone on earth 10$ and still be loaded
Aeventus - 4 years ago
+roy paler maybe that's the case, sometimes it's better working abroad or if you don't have the money, work at a lower job and work your way up. this is just some tips not advice. don't take this from me because I'm younger than you think
roy paler
roy paler - 4 years ago
maybe sir...but in our place..it's hard to work here...the government are corrupt ..people they know can work good here if not you will not be entertain at all
Aeventus - 4 years ago
+roy paler you can it's just the path that's wrong
roy paler
roy paler - 4 years ago
it's  ok  for  me  cuz it's my distiny..i am 33 years old..now...i have  only one  son..his  name  is  arthaz...paler....thankz  for  your  time   bro....maybe  i can't get  what i want  in  this  life...
Aeventus - 4 years ago
+roy paler I see. But i'm not saying you did anything wrong but it's best to earn a financially stable life before having a son.
roy paler
roy paler - 4 years ago
thanks for your opinion guyz...but maybe  i have  no luck at   all...it's  so sad  that  i can't even have 1000  dollar...i have 1 son ..i try hard to have more income but always  fail...i juzt want my son to have good  future..at  all..it's not even for me..
Aeventus - 4 years ago
+Nils Haese how so?
Tingel Tangel
Tingel Tangel - 4 years ago
+Aeventus thats wrong
Aeventus - 4 years ago
Work harder. Those who believe that they can accomplish what they want always get the result they wanted.
its.AleXXa - 4 years ago
pusite mi kukumar
jeevan hv
jeevan hv - 4 years ago
i think gta 6 also will get realeased and have this things
Ivan Nashwan
Ivan Nashwan - 4 years ago
I just want a small loan of a million dollars
Le Secret de la magie
Le Secret de la magie - 4 years ago
fake you
Young K Cash
Young K Cash - 4 years ago
i have one of the exact yachts in my closet
kakou brou kevin
kakou brou kevin - 4 years ago
big boss father gate
kamrul islam uk
kamrul islam uk - 4 years ago
I want bay
MaHi - 4 years ago
If i had that amount of money i would have bought a custom mansion with underground garage with some hyper cars and after all this i would still have a bank balance of around 900 million......hats off to MR. GATES....RIP MONEY!!!!
Carpe diem
Carpe diem - 4 years ago
what's with terrorist language ?? WTF!!!
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - 4 years ago
its a big mouse
Vivek Rajliwal
Vivek Rajliwal - 4 years ago
having all of this behind bill gates not only money but one of the best innovative ideas
A J C O - 4 years ago
I need 50,000 dollas rest of my life because I'm very poor
Space245 Man
Space245 Man - 4 years ago
+Junior Prinston You've got enough to afford a computer and internet, so... unless you're living in a library. Get a job.
Kanchana Maddula
Kanchana Maddula - 4 years ago
Nothing is impossible if we try hard so he too became a great billionaire enjoy ur life not money
SilosMOVIE - 4 years ago
This lookes sary and dead
Farming In Iowa
Farming In Iowa - 4 years ago
it's a giant version of a normal boat and all futuristic.
رككاده، - 4 years ago
It's not for Bill Gates said Walid bin Talal, a Saudi prince is sexual and the price of 150 million , not 1 billion
Starain Evans
Starain Evans - 4 years ago
Stupid guys
Scienceboyee - 4 years ago
Every person in this world who thinks bill gates doesn't donate 8 million dollars every day is wrong. people who think Bill doesn't deserve his money are also wrong. He saves hundreds of thousands of people if not millions every day from cancer, boredom, starvation, and many more illnesses with his inventions. He's the one who gave us the internet and this is how people thank him? Shame on those of you who underestimate the world's most rich person's charity work. The internet is what powers our country's economy while we're still in 24 trillion dollars in debt. Without the internet, only a fraction of people that have no internet would even know about things like HIV, Steroid abuse, The black plague, and many other problems.
Scienceboyee - 4 years ago
+khunt shut up cunt. You know you're stupid if your literal name is cunt. go to hell
Scienceboyee - 4 years ago
+khunt hi. This is Damien's mom. consider yourself reported.
khunt - 4 years ago
+Scienceboyee So Bill Gates invented the internet did he? Oh and by him hoarding billions and not paying taxes this helps your economy right? Your just another Gates fanboy.. Seriously, are you brainwashed? he donates stupidly measly amounts  because his gates foundation saves billions in taxes. They get charity status rather than corporation you.. his donations are a tax dodge.. Microsoft is a tax dodging criminal Mafia, Windows sucks too, his vaccination programs makes millions of people who are forced to take them sick, he has millions of dollars spare for his vaccination programs in Africa but doesn't seem to have money for food and water in those nations, he is an advocate of depopulation and agenda 21, his DRM is a police states dream, he is anti freedom of information and drives the war against folks on the internet wanting access to data and information, he is pro big business and pro entertainment industry vs the little guy, he works closely with the criminal Rockefeller foundation, his organisation manipulates politics by money lobbying, DARPA was the original internet it wasn't a gates invention and Gates has nothing to do with the internet and its day to day functions, Wndows 10 is nothing but bloated spyware, Microsoft works closely with the NSA and the CIA, he was an advocate of globalisation and used to frequent many summits promoting free trade and globalisation and look where that has taken the world...
Falcon - 4 years ago
That isnt a yacht is a cruise
Kadir Bike
Kadir Bike - 4 years ago
mike A
mike A - 4 years ago
BILLS TO SMART TO BUY A YACHT he just uses one of pals when he won't to
claire fitzpatrick
claire fitzpatrick - 4 years ago
rich people want you to dream of this stuff because they've brainwashed you into thinking that if you work hard enough you might just get there in the end. When in fact what would make you happy is that you didn't have to work so hard that you died six months after retiring.
If I could tell you one thing it would be, ALWAYS look at what you have got not what you haven't.
smb12321 - 4 years ago
+claire fitzpatrick Hate to have to break it to you but you would not be able to enjoy a computer, tv, solar panels, porn, car, many foods, cell phones, etc if not for rich folks. I was a a consultant and inventors KNOW that the first iteration will be bought by the wealthy. This allows production scaling, greater efficiency and endless improvement. Without those first users we would not have much of what we have today.
claire fitzpatrick
claire fitzpatrick - 4 years ago
+xRumStar your very welcome.
xRumStar - 4 years ago
Thank you, such words <3
Cheeky Alpha agario
Cheeky Alpha agario - 4 years ago
All you guys are retarded it a a model for sale that means f you want it you pay upfront and that start making it 3-4 years later and you will receive the boat in 7-10 years
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith - 4 years ago
Real or not. I find it as sickening as I do fascinating. When is enough enough?
P2055516 - 4 years ago
More is enough
Ady H
Ady H - 4 years ago
Melania is Hot Hot people !!! Trump is a lucky guy !!!!
smiles1969able - 4 years ago
noahs ark
Jesu Sode
Jesu Sode - 4 years ago
does the yacht owned by Bill Gates? did he bought it because all we can see in the video is an animation
roger palmer
roger palmer - 4 years ago
Created by CAD.....
Vinicius Costa
Vinicius Costa - 4 years ago
muiitso loucco
Big Jack
Big Jack - 4 years ago
this isn't bill gates
jally muscat 35
jally muscat 35 - 4 years ago
Nathan Truong
Nathan Truong - 4 years ago
I bet you the life boats are regular sized boats
B Kaintz
B Kaintz - 4 years ago
its sick though
Sanyasirao Senapathi
Sanyasirao Senapathi - 4 years ago
Very Nice
Freedom Works
Freedom Works - 4 years ago
Poor design!!
abhay sharma
abhay sharma - 4 years ago
Gaming With Spicy Memes
Gaming With Spicy Memes - 4 years ago
I'm sure bill gates has enough money to buy 100 of these yachts and feed every hungry African child for 50 years.
Nema Labavo
Nema Labavo - 4 years ago
+Derl Chur None cares about african kids,and black ppls,yeah because they are trash on this world.
adeesha jamil
adeesha jamil - 4 years ago
Ronald-Eduard de Trano-Guelph-Orsini-Orlov
Ronald-Eduard de Trano-Guelph-Orsini-Orlov - 4 years ago
Was this yacht ever really built? If so, was Wally Yachts the shipyard? How many feet or meters do the plans call for?
Ronald-Eduard de Trano-Guelph-Orsini-Orlov
Ronald-Eduard de Trano-Guelph-Orsini-Orlov - 4 years ago
Was this yacht ever really built? If so, was Wally Yachts the shipyard? How many feet or meters do the plans call for?
Tim Wooten
Tim Wooten - 4 years ago
fuck em
Ebay Tutorials
Ebay Tutorials - 4 years ago
this is a bunch of bull shit
Roberto Lucio
Roberto Lucio - 4 years ago
queria dar uma vautinha nesse iate ⛵
darth allzen
darth allzen - 4 years ago
1.4 billion for this crap you sir are a fool. I see nothing pertaining to the value or worth of 1.4 billion . unless the glass is made out of diamonds and the floor out of gold but sadly not.
E Belanger
E Belanger - 4 years ago
this yacht is a peice of shit
David Elliott Claveau
David Elliott Claveau - 4 years ago
The comment are like :-Ooo Bill Gates need to give to the poor...Shut up guys he do wath he wants with his money.You wanna help poor then give cash to them and stop being jealous .If you want to be rich you need to work for it.
Comedy Gamer
Comedy Gamer - 4 years ago
1.4bil yacht and a 8.7mil house? lies
Andrew  George
Andrew George - 4 years ago
Wow to whatever that is... I definitely don't see Bill Gates in that but then again i don't really know him. It's a very confusing structure though and it looks like it won't be able to survive rough seas... In my opinion.
Muqeet Asif
Muqeet Asif - 4 years ago
and if it does it is 2 billion
Rabi K Thakuri@gmail.com Thakuri
Rabi K Thakuri@gmail.com Thakuri - 4 years ago
very easy for suside you fool
graczmisiek - 4 years ago
3:38 "WHY"? LOL :D
RAMMSTONE - 4 years ago
Comes with a glory hole.
Carlo Ferrino
Carlo Ferrino - 4 years ago
it's scary I will never buy that if I was a billioner
B.K lala
B.K lala - 4 years ago
+Carlo Ferrino you should think about that when u become a billioner ^_^
Noah Prestyly
Noah Prestyly - 4 years ago
this animation freaks me out for some reason
budoy82 - 4 years ago
Im buying this if only they include in their design the helicopter landing area and docking space of my submarine.
terrandefense - 4 years ago
Gates would never own this.
Lil Canoe
Lil Canoe - 4 years ago
jesus thats fucking ugly
Jack Klompus
Jack Klompus - 4 years ago
That is one ugly ship
Слава Ермаков
Слава Ермаков - 4 years ago
What about waves in the sea and stuff? It will cosplay titanic immediately.
Stephen powerhousesteve
Stephen powerhousesteve - 4 years ago
Somali Pirates would love it.
paul Hyde
paul Hyde - 4 years ago
I had one of these,got bored,torched it for the insurance. looking at a solid gold dinghy right now.
Kaish Md
Kaish Md - 4 years ago
Nice dubai
Geovani Barbosa
Geovani Barbosa - 4 years ago
muito bonito,mas pelo que vi, muito mal distribuído......sem falar que o vídeo não mostra tudo.....
Tian Adventures
Tian Adventures - 4 years ago
It's an amazing yacht like house on the water
Tian Adventures
Tian Adventures - 4 years ago
This pretty awesome and most expensive yacht in the all world
Zedreck Doterte
Zedreck Doterte - 4 years ago
wow kailan kya ako magka roon ng ganyan
billy bob
billy bob - 4 years ago
When I saw the WHY at the end my first thought was WHY?
kala tapara
kala tapara - 4 years ago
Lea Bonnefoy
Lea Bonnefoy - 4 years ago
Frank May
Frank May - 4 years ago
the question is not why its why not!
Jason Genova
Jason Genova - 4 years ago
$670MM not 1.4B
FUNHOUSE - 4 years ago
this is 3d rendering this thing doesn't exist
Zebediah Tolman
Zebediah Tolman - 4 years ago
this boat looks hella ugly
Ty Steib
Ty Steib - 4 years ago
When this money could've been forwarded to starving families.
Bono Youtoo
Bono Youtoo - 4 years ago
Ahmet Büyüküstün
Ahmet Büyüküstün - 4 years ago
gta 5 is starting to happen in real life!
Cary Collins
Cary Collins - 4 years ago
Hello Bill Gates, I know that you will get this message really soon. All students of Jackson Public Schools District (JPSD) really need your $1 million dollar offer that you once tried to help the district with before Dr. Watkins (previous superintendent) egomaniacaly/crazy ass turned it down. If you find this message slightly humorous and definitely sincere, please contact Dr. Gray or anyone in administration at (601)960-8700? Mr. Gates we have about 40k students in our schools whom will sincerely appreciate the second chance. I have read about the good that you do and have done for mankind and I want to say, "Thank You, and you are the only rich person that I can think or heard of with sense and not let being in your position turn you nuts."
"DISCLAIMER, I am not a spokesman nor ass kisser of/for nobody!" Enjoy!
P2055516 - 4 years ago
Mél_Wolfhard - 4 years ago
C pas bien de dégoûter les grns
Fahad Elahi
Fahad Elahi - 4 years ago
this is totallay animated video,fuck
Rodolfo Jacinto
Rodolfo Jacinto - 4 years ago
anddy parvilus jr
anddy parvilus jr - 4 years ago
that my house
Peter Schmidt
Peter Schmidt - 4 years ago
Well,, what to do with all the money ? If Wally yachts are involved in the design of this project, it shows ? Known for boats that sail and handle very well but in my point of view have very little or no charm. Could have been designed by some Danish or Swedish person and ordered from Ikea.
thejjzz - 4 years ago
dear santa...
Wieme Sultan
Wieme Sultan - 4 years ago
I'd spent less in if boats are possible if you like me
Clark Human
Clark Human - 4 years ago
My brother is one of the board members that helped design this prototype. He works for Wally Yachts in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This is called a "Floating Island" and is a collaboration between Wally and Parisian fashion house Hermes. I can't tell you the software used for this but I can verify it is computer animated and it costs roughly $160 million. Not the "Billion" people keep exaggerating about and it is for whoever wants to buy it, not specifically for Bill Gates. He already has a nice yacht.
Clark Human
Clark Human - 4 years ago
+Mr_Sg That's why I said roughly $160 because it depends on what features the customer wants added on. Thanks for the attempted correction.
رككاده، - 4 years ago
150 Million * not 160
budoy82 - 4 years ago
Fuck.. i got carried away to explain this shit yacht design LOL
budoy82 - 4 years ago
+wrecker4 exactly... not to mention he has the balls to show off his brother as one of the board member who helped design this ship when the hull design is totally copied to "Ramform Titan Class Seismic Vessels". The design has a reason behind the awkward hull design. The unusually large beam which you can easily notice at the aft part of the ship allows for greater initial stability and consequently a very large period of roll which makes the ship a smoother sailing one, very crucial in carrying out seismic data acquisition operations. The large fuel capacity allows for long survey endurance lasting around 150 days. the reason i see why they choose this type hull design is its able to deploy easily and has large accommodation and deck area and exceptionally large fuel capacity in comparison to vessels of same length. let me add this information as an engineer point of view. the ship features a sinusoidal wave formation along its length? Why? Time to know. Well, as you have already noticed the sudden discontinuity in the ship at its aft, you might as well be interested to know that this comes with a big disadvantage to the ship. The flow of water around the ship’s hull suddenly breaks as it reaches the aft. We designers call it flow separation, which leads to the formation of eddies. Now eddies are nothing, but water particles in circular turbulent motion, which in simple terms means, that the water particle has gained some energy. Where did this energy come from? From the power provided by the propeller, therefore causing a loss of propulsive efficiency of the ship. Wondering why the designers didn’t pay heed to this? Well, they designed the length and the hull form in such a way such that the wave formed by the ship is always sinusoidal along its waterline, which by the theory of hydrodynamics, induces minimum drag on the ship.
wrecker4 - 4 years ago
+Clark Human , well they did a shit job.. the yacht is so ugly
Murugavezh Natanasabapathi
Murugavezh Natanasabapathi - 4 years ago
+AL3X KN0WS F00TB4LL So, definitely can't be a Windows Server
R-A Bros Backup
R-A Bros Backup - 4 years ago
My mom was a server for bill gates fathers wedding.
Clark Human
Clark Human - 4 years ago
Well Budoy Dael, it's obvious Wally isn't even close to your needs. I see your Twitter profile pic. I assume that's your crew. I don't blame you for not having any pics or vids of your lifestyle on here because people like to be private. Good luck with your ventures! - Clark-
budoy82 - 4 years ago
+Clark Human yes, im not buying this yacht. i currently have the superyacht with the two standard MTU diesel engines, she has a Lycoming gas turbine linked to a central booster. Together they generate 7,700hp to give her a top speed of 46 knots and still the speed is a waste of time in moving from place to place. all i want is to have my dinner on my yacht in different places. how could i do that if the top speed is only 46 knots? thats why i need  a yacht with a heli deck. 
Clark Human
Clark Human - 4 years ago
+budoy82 Years of research and the size of the boat is why no heli deck. That was the first question I asked and he said most people that buy yachts do not want a heli deck for many reasons. Mainly because of the insurance nightmare. Also, Wally doesn't make boats big enough to support heli pads certified or not. Since the boat is in "free mode", I'm sure anything is possible. Guess they missed out on a sale from you. Haha. :)
budoy82 - 4 years ago
+Clark Human please tell your brother that their design is not even impressive to begin with. how could they miss the helicopter landing area?
Clark Human
Clark Human - 4 years ago
Troll life on Youtube. 0 subscribers, 0 videos, 0 activity.
Im Just A hater Deal with it
Im Just A hater Deal with it - 4 years ago
Cool nice showing off about your brother.... But we dont give a fuck about him
Timatari - 4 years ago
looks 78656 times better than my house lol
tall0362 - 4 years ago
Are we supposed to be impressed????? 1.4 billion dollars for a floating house? .. All of the amazing things you can do for humanity with such enormous wealth wasted on a meaningless boat. That's neither beautiful or impressive, it's disgraceful .. And I'm no hater .. But that's disgraceful!!! ..
tall0362 - 4 years ago
Also read this article and watch these vids at the end of the article as well !!!
Mr. King of Negativity
Mr. King of Negativity - 4 years ago
But he does amazing things for humanity though
Jack Maggs
Jack Maggs - 4 years ago
Jack Maggs
Jack Maggs - 4 years ago
It's fake bill gates do have a huge mansion but he give 20 billion I think to charity
Gregore1988 - 4 years ago
willom88 - 4 years ago
It looks like Batman sticking his tongue out.
Xena - 4 years ago
Bill Gates dont have 1 Billion $ he has 80$ Milliarden
oOPrinzValiumOo - 4 years ago
+Xena In germany it's called Millarden, in US and so on it's called Billion. Easy as that :) It both means the same
TDBeatzzz - 4 years ago
+Guntars ;p you meant "understand" dummy.
InspectorPetty TM
InspectorPetty TM - 4 years ago
He has $78 Billion
Allie McLean
Allie McLean - 4 years ago
your fucking stupid. lol. We now have our idiot of the year right here folks and its still january. face palm
Merchaant - 4 years ago
Bill's net worth is, in fact, 80 billion.
Xena - 4 years ago
+Guntars Leja no he have 80 000 000 000$
rui montes
rui montes - 4 years ago
i dont like, for me like more a destroyer or battleship maybe the titanic...!
Sagal Said
Sagal Said - 4 years ago
bill gates is damn rich ok lets think how many poor people are starving to death omg
UniqueAce - 4 years ago
He has his own charity
TADufine - 4 years ago
+Daniel Willey like i said the world needs more people like Bill Gates,that's very kind of himself
Daniel L
Daniel L - 4 years ago
He donates half of his earnings yearly to charity
TADufine - 4 years ago
Bill Gates in a good hearted human being he donates a ton of money to the less fortunate.Long live Bill and his wife the world needs more people like the two of them
LandonRB - ROBLOX - 4 years ago
Bill gates gives loads of money to charity the other day he gave like 20.1B to them
Universal Compilations
Universal Compilations - 4 years ago
+Sagal Said That's why he's not the CEO of Microsoft anymore and now works in the Melinda Gates Foundation.
talesin- god of the internet
talesin- god of the internet - 4 years ago
+Sagal Said and let's think how many more people would starving if bill did not provide those 1k's worth of jobs
raihaan siddique
raihaan siddique - 4 years ago
bill gates donates a shit load of his money to the poor so he is doing something about it
Youtube Police
Youtube Police - 4 years ago
+haywood jeblome yep still buying those rpgs tho
haywood jeblome
haywood jeblome - 4 years ago
+Morgan Freeman They live in huts over there. 
Youtube Police
Youtube Police - 4 years ago
+haywood jeblome fun fact his computer probably helped pay for an african childs ak
haywood jeblome
haywood jeblome - 4 years ago
+Sagal Said You should donate your computer to a poor child who could make better use of it.
Carmen Rudd
Carmen Rudd - 4 years ago
So very sad, if this is something Gates wasted money on, when so many People Globally, are struggling just to get a handful of Porridge. Let's get Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Businesses, Jobs and Cultural Creation back into the Lives of Millions of Struggling Poor and Refugees. Peace and Justice. Carmen Charles Rudd, Global Humanitarian Relief Worker, see Linked In.
Mr. King of Negativity
Mr. King of Negativity - 4 years ago
He has donated 28 billion dollars so its not really sad
Time Tv
Time Tv - 4 years ago
jo warscheinlich
Jan Jacobsen
Jan Jacobsen - 4 years ago
what an ugly boat
Johan Holmeback
Johan Holmeback - 4 years ago
dwills s
dwills s - 4 years ago
A shit attempt to make bill one of the most humble billionaires look like a greedy slob.
Andrew Benson
Andrew Benson - 4 years ago
To cool to be true, but lolos unforgetible
Chase Michon
Chase Michon - 4 years ago
Where the fuck is he going to park this?
SolidShibe's lost brother
SolidShibe's lost brother - 4 years ago
In space
wyzapple - 4 years ago

Where ever he wants to.

...of course.
haywood jeblome
haywood jeblome - 4 years ago
+Chase Michon NO!
Chase Michon
Chase Michon - 4 years ago
Whoa guys simmer down
haywood jeblome
haywood jeblome - 4 years ago
+Mima Alexis What? I am smart and right i hope you know. 
Future Angelica
Future Angelica - 4 years ago
+haywood jeblome yeah ok, keep telling yourself that.
Augusto A. Nouel P.
Augusto A. Nouel P. - 4 years ago
+Chase Michon The owner wouldn't park it at any marine, just anchoring it near the shore.
Tea Mhatre
Tea Mhatre - 4 years ago
With That Kind Of Money& Cash, He Can Park It On Your Roof and You Will SMILE ;)
haywood jeblome
haywood jeblome - 4 years ago
+Chase Michon:)
Chase Michon
Chase Michon - 4 years ago
+haywood jeblome haha yeah man
haywood jeblome
haywood jeblome - 4 years ago
+Chase Michon Its not real tho. If that thing was real its so ugly I wouldnt even want it for free. 
Chase Michon
Chase Michon - 4 years ago
+haywood jeblome shit man I hope so
haywood jeblome
haywood jeblome - 4 years ago
+Chase Michon Somewhere in Uranus.
Taunsa shareef
Taunsa shareef - 4 years ago
Will he Live forever
Top Fitness
Top Fitness - 4 years ago
This can never be done: Way too large to enter and park into any port anywhere! Unrealistic totally ..
jelaninoel - 4 years ago
Why is right lol
Zoro Gaming
Zoro Gaming - 4 years ago
I think bill gates can buy all these yachs
GentleFelon - 4 years ago
notice no television or computers
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 4 years ago
show the engine room
Adrian CHIRIAC-SUSU - 4 years ago
FAKE!!! Anyway Bill Gates is too modest for his money!...everyone should make an example out of this!!!
Qader Eshpari
Qader Eshpari - 4 years ago
I think Hollywood used this house in a movie called " Oblivion " starring Tom Cruise..
PlayStationfriends - 4 years ago
Lol all them piece of shit welfare fuckers think this man doesn't deserve his Money
Mr. King of Negativity
Mr. King of Negativity - 4 years ago
Why doesn't he deserve his money?
Ameen - 4 years ago
alwaleed bin talal al saud owns this shit he is one of the richest arabs y u lien to people dawg
Pierre Dignand
Pierre Dignand - 4 years ago
Shit looking yacht, person looked small walking on deck, then u see the deckchairs and hey, these must be twenty feet wide and 80 feet long, stern of boat looks small, bow looks gigantic... ... .
ouR lIfE Is cOuntEr sTrike 1.6
ouR lIfE Is cOuntEr sTrike 1.6 - 4 years ago
man he is so richh dude
i was just shock that house surrounded by water wwoooo
this house will never come in our life
man dam fucking so awesome house that was just spechlesss
Jojo Navarro
Jojo Navarro - 4 years ago
Gerry K
Gerry K - 4 years ago
Nice cgi!
Stephan Zanke
Stephan Zanke - 4 years ago
Ob man sich da mal als Urlauber einladen lassen kann? Wär schön...Sonne mal anders zu genießen.
ertonyrn - 4 years ago
Not real... this is an obvious CGI design video.. Look at all the angry trolls on here crying lol
ertonyrn - 4 years ago
Not real... this is an obvious CGI design video.. Look at all the angry trolls on here crying lol
xmart zex
xmart zex - 4 years ago
WTF is a ship or not any guy tell me ...????
al mamun
al mamun - 4 years ago
Go Get Em
Go Get Em - 4 years ago
Mr Bill Gates sir, could you lend me $1,000,000 please sir...I need it to start a business to feed my family. I will repay you the amount in full in the year 2030 with 10% interest...Please and thanks..I am looking forward to your reply
Anita Vejar
Anita Vejar - 4 years ago
crap , taxpayer sub.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
Wow just think of how many starving children you could feed with Bill Gate's boat money?
Daniel L
Daniel L - 4 years ago
+The NSA Today what about Hillary's emails?
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
Nobody forces Trump to say ignorant racist things that go against our Constitution.  He does that all on his own.  He is a con man trying to get in the Oval Office any way he can. He should be in jail at this point for Treason.  He is now more a friend of ISIS and Putin than he is the United States.
Daniel L
Daniel L - 4 years ago
+The NSA Today Trump want to make it so people who don't want to work don't get free money and food stamps
Mr. King of Negativity
Mr. King of Negativity - 4 years ago
Dude, he does, he has donated 27 billion dollars to charity
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
If you think Drumpf wants to tax the rich to help the poor, you are profoundly mistaken.  Drumpf wants to help Drumpf.  He could care less about the poor and minorities.  That is just "labor" in his world.   He is a poor excuse for a human being, which will become more clear as each day passes.  Hang in there tiger.
prover16 - 4 years ago
+Political Princess you say that there will be increased taxes on the rich to help the poor, which is what trump is doing, then you critise him in another comment.
prover16 - 4 years ago
+Political Princess you need to fuck off. You say this and I bet you haven't donated anything to charity.
Daniel L
Daniel L - 4 years ago
And I agree on feeding hungry adults that have problems such as birth defects, mentally challenged etc. but people who don't want to work I could care less if they are hungry and homeless
Daniel L
Daniel L - 4 years ago
You must be retarded. Bill gates donates HALF HIS YEARLY EARNINGS to charity for the less fortunate. He doesn't even own this boat. someone just posted this and titled bill gates boat 1.2 billion. He wouldn't even buy this boat. And he drives a Ford fiesta to and from the Microsoft factory. You sir are a retard.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
He may not give them Billions, but they will have a safety net for life and all the right connections, not to mention the best education money can buy.  In other words, they millionaires for life by default.
jalibazzgaming - 4 years ago
+Political Princess bill gates said he is not giving any of his money for his children. because then they won't learn anything about hard work
R WARRIOR - 4 years ago
Stupidity of this Political Princess is paid for by the United Socialist States of America!  *Still laugh'n!!
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
You're already bankrupt.   But thanks for playing.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
What about when all the Billionaires pass their money down to their lazy kids?  Now all the people with power and money did NOTHING to earn it.  How does your theory work then?
JmRisse Prado
JmRisse Prado - 4 years ago
+Political Princess its his hard work so we have no rights to say what he should do on his money. he just reward himself for it
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 4 years ago
+R WARRIOR Fetuses are not babies you uneducated conservatard.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
Oh thank you for your interest in who I support in the upcoming presidential election.  Bernie Sanders for President 2016!  Join the Bern www.berniesanders.com  I love you all.  It has been so fun getting to know you all in the comment section.  Some of you seem pretty mean, but I guess that's just how Trump fanboys are. Some of you have been very sweet so have a Happy New Year and may 2016 be the best year ever for the U.S.A. !!!
R WARRIOR - 4 years ago
+Political Princess And I can smell a entitled, liberal, baby killing, Hillary Liar Clinton supporter. Sell any baby parts recently??
I cant think of a Clever Name
I cant think of a Clever Name - 4 years ago
+Political Princess Woah what a hypocrite, you completely ignored my other comment, you just know how wrong you are hahaha, and yes go watch some make up videos, those poor kids in africa could have eaten those shitty make up products :-(
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
I can smell the TRUMP fanboys in this comment section.  It smells like a corrupt old man rotting in bed as he lays dying.  I'm going to go watch some makeup videos for a while and then play with my pussy cat for the rest of the day.  Why don't you boys stay here and make some ridiculous comments about what a clueless bitch I am.  Kisses!
dwills s
dwills s - 4 years ago
+Political Princess fucking hate self righteous bitches like you. It's so easy to sit on your ass and complain and expect perfection from people who are successful but you look pathetic when you sit there saying what they should do yet you do absolutely nothing about it except complain like a self righteous cunt. Bill isn't perfect but he's done more then you ever will and guess what you've used his products haha fucking lowlife.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 4 years ago
+Political Princess Your economic illiteracy is truly mind boggling.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
The government already has the right to take your money (through taxes) and that will never change.  So we tweak the tax code to increase the tax burden on the very rich and wallstreet and use that money to provide good basic healthcare and education for all Americans.  And then after lunch...
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 4 years ago
+Political Princess Who gave you and Comrade Sanders the Red the right to take other people's money away,huh?
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 4 years ago
+Political Princess •Calls bill gates an asshole.
•Uses windows.
I cant think of a Clever Name
I cant think of a Clever Name - 4 years ago
+Political Princess Do YOU donate to africa though? you seem to care a lot for children but i bet you care for them while taking a bath and eating some nice food, enjoying life, also i only worship Lord Satan not Bill gates.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
No need to be upset.  Just saying.
NoNeedToBeUpset - 4 years ago
+Political Princess god damn, just kiss some chloroform all ready. My notifications are going crazy since the past 2 months once I made a comment on this damn comment.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
I'm kissing myself as we speak.  You too!
TrillGoat - 4 years ago
+Political Princess kys
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
Maybe you guys can start a religion where you worship Bill Gates and other rich guys.  The Koch brothers could be your patron saints
Jason Stewart
Jason Stewart - 4 years ago
+Political Princess LOL..bill gates donates money often.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
What's your point?
I cant think of a Clever Name
I cant think of a Clever Name - 4 years ago
+Political Princess Hope you have a read. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AppealToWorseProblems
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
Bill Gates is married to Melinda Gates.
Take This L
Take This L - 4 years ago
Bill Gates donates to charities. ._.
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
When your done worshiping on the alter of Bill Gates, why don't you do a little research on how Bill Gates’s charity invests in the defense contractor group DynCorp, which has been charged with several incidents of abuse of human rights, up to and including sexually molesting Afghan boys and paying them to dress up as girls and dance. They were also accused of being involved in a sex-slave ring in Bosnia, where the company’s employees were charged with raping girls only 12 years old.
PRINCESSS J.C - 4 years ago
sadly Bill Gates Donates more money then you'll see in your life time. Have a nice day.
TrillGoat - 4 years ago
+Bernie's Friend you called bill gates an asshole but he donates more money than you will ever
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
Yes I agree.  We should make sure no man, woman, child, or animal is going hungry before we spend a billion dollars on a party boat for some rich asshole.
Pierre Dignand
Pierre Dignand - 4 years ago
just children?! how about starving animals, or starving adults?!? Y just children!?! if u give to charity u give it to the problem to be solved, can't just donate to kids, u feed one hungry child and two hungry adults... ... .
Yacob 99
Yacob 99 - 4 years ago
+Bernie's Friend u slow or what , the vid said that that info is wrong
Brains for Change
Brains for Change - 4 years ago
join the revolution... www.berniesanders.com
DramaticArts - 4 years ago
+NoNeedToBeUpset I cri erriytime ;(
NoNeedToBeUpset - 4 years ago
+NoNeedToBeUpset too*
NoNeedToBeUpset - 4 years ago
To bad with your ignorance, you probably don't even know bill gates it's the head leader of a foundation to prevent polio.
NoNeedToBeUpset - 4 years ago
+Fishlips 22521 that comeback sucked tbh
DramaticArts - 4 years ago
+Jay Smith ... That's horrible. A bit like ur boob job.
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 4 years ago
Fuck um ,let them die !
Toby Slinkard
Toby Slinkard - 5 years ago
$1,400,000,000 would be enough guilders to immunize every child on earth. Bill Gates would not spend money on something this frivolous.
Zachary Maneja
Zachary Maneja - 5 years ago
Now hows secuity
SRV. 123
SRV. 123 - 5 years ago
SAKA - 5 years ago
Mintage = Lumion
MoDz GotIt
MoDz GotIt - 5 years ago
Idk about this, would anyone buy a yacht house in the middle of the goddamn ocean geez just a regular mansion in call it a day i mean what's the point
Etienne Van Biljon
Etienne Van Biljon - 5 years ago
Great where is the rest of the yacht looks like it was cut into A 1/4
jewel rana
jewel rana - 5 years ago
E Veebee
E Veebee - 5 years ago
two cities could fit in that
WALKER - 5 years ago
its total bullshit the video is in arabic and it dont say's anything about billgates
Samuel Yuval
Samuel Yuval - 5 years ago
this yacht doesn't even exist
Lando Neverson
Lando Neverson - 3 years ago
w c k
kerranz - 4 years ago
no it doesn't, this is a 3D computer art simulation.
THUG JAIR - 4 years ago
it does ya idiot
Raylon - 4 years ago
+Augusto A. Nouel P. 5 minuets
Niek - 4 years ago
And it won't exist
Augusto A. Nouel P.
Augusto A. Nouel P. - 4 years ago
+David Todd Singleton
If Bill goes to the beach he'll get sunburned in just ten minutes, LOL!
David Todd Singleton
David Todd Singleton - 4 years ago
+Samuel Yuval exactly....gates doesn't own a yacht....Bam. Next!
Bin Boy
Bin Boy - 4 years ago
+Samuel Yuval now i need bill gate to suck me off
talesin- god of the internet
talesin- god of the internet - 4 years ago
+Samuel Yuval i have two of them- one on each coast

okay, i don't
AnotherMemories217 - 4 years ago
It would exist if you order one.
Mary Ferrari
Mary Ferrari - 4 years ago
+Samuel Yuval just what I've been thinking lol
vancouverbuspilot - 5 years ago
looks like the nose off an old oil tanker had sex with a Miami condo. This is just another dream/nightmare that thankfully will never be built
Robert Diaz
Robert Diaz - 5 years ago
I think that is in the yachtisland category.
Arun Kalyan
Arun Kalyan - 5 years ago
Yacht looks like lamborghini
Marina Joyce
Marina Joyce - 5 years ago
The ugliest ship I have ever seen!
Nivaldo Dionizio
Nivaldo Dionizio - 5 years ago
e montagem isso gente
Zeek Ya
Zeek Ya - 5 years ago
It's a joke, bill gates knows a simple rocket would sink it.

He's not about to get on any such craft, he's more likely to hide in orbit.
Plugdj Minecraft
Plugdj Minecraft - 5 years ago
Now when you think of a Mac computer, it's a pic with really nice cover and cheap prices.
herr lastmann
herr lastmann - 5 years ago
The last scene sums it up quite nicely :


Josh Kwan
Josh Kwan - 5 years ago
rangpatadotcom - 5 years ago
Yves Roméo Bigirimana
Yves Roméo Bigirimana - 5 years ago
Kosta Jordan
Kosta Jordan - 5 years ago
tel +38166106110 bill call me Filip
Shahel Miah
Shahel Miah - 4 years ago
You indian curry munchers go and eat rice
Wet Works
Wet Works - 5 years ago
+Rishi Pr Lol do you have fucking cum on your face?
Is that your indian billionaire jizz on your face?
Kira - 5 years ago
Bill Gates still has more Money than your Indian fucktard
greg h
greg h - 5 years ago
Best comment here so far is "Life isn't fair. Get used to it" --- Bill Gates
baklazan ivanovich
baklazan ivanovich - 5 years ago
ammmm - what is this - need to burn ship for bill gates last day ? :)))
Blake - 5 years ago
Samsung still better though
Thera Yudha
Thera Yudha - 5 years ago
1.4 brillian dollar is really cheap for Bill Gates
MrDb - 4 years ago
+Markas Logvinenka Your grammar and spelling are both atrocious. "You misspelled billion" or "You spelled billion incorrectly" Don't correct people when you haven't the education to do so.
ertonyrn - 4 years ago
you spelled "you" wrong.
Dj c
Dj c - 5 years ago
that's fake it's a animation
Hiro Hamada
Hiro Hamada - 5 years ago
idiot , this is not real , THIS IS FAKE YACHT
The Mayday Channel
The Mayday Channel - 5 years ago
yea nice yatch Bill Gates why dont you set sail towards the middle of the bermuda triangle?
The Mayday Channel
The Mayday Channel - 5 years ago
+IRek Clan And i replied to you on the youtube app on a android
The Mayday Channel
The Mayday Channel - 5 years ago
IRek Clan
IRek Clan - 5 years ago
He copied Steve jobs
Nelson Wang
Nelson Wang - 5 years ago
Nelson wow
sidney lomboy
sidney lomboy - 5 years ago
this is a very nice yacht...very hi standard of living,anyway he is just enjoying the fruits of his hard works...
kiniwo00 - 5 years ago
They just find the ATLANTIS and Bill Gates is the fucking POSEIDON
Daryl Buck izzz Trinity Valour indeed!
Daryl Buck izzz Trinity Valour indeed! - 5 years ago
Build 'em BIG you rich Cock Suckers. We ARE Coming!
rickyboy1947 - 5 years ago
this is the reward of thinking and working smart.....from nothing into something
rickyboy1947 - 5 years ago
like a space ship.....very cool
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
TheDustyRavage - 5 years ago
everytime I see things like superyachts and private jets and new supercars that are probably resold before their fuel is empty I think "how is it possible in this world that one human being can accumulate that much possession"... elsewhere millions of people are starving... in this second
push on
push on - 5 years ago
It's how you balance your life and what your main priorities are. How would you deal with being super rich? What price would be worth it? Why not be content with your life and enjoy the present. Why not appreciate your attributes and not dwell on your short falls. Be proud of your accomplishments as time continues to tick away. It will bring you happiness. Don't be envious of others, it gets one no where and just brings sadness. The world has enough of that, no matter how much money you have. Linda Thompson needs to understand how lucky she is. A job, two parents, a house, probably a car. Many would trade with you dear. You're being selfish.
Harry Potters Corner
Harry Potters Corner - 5 years ago
Dont be down people, this isn't real............. :-) But it's nice to fantasize about...
Robert Alexander Kilgore
Robert Alexander Kilgore - 5 years ago
and billions of ppl around the world are STARVING..
Discusting person....
If u want even call it a person....
straight To HELL..Bill ....
Ossy Ossy
Ossy Ossy - 5 years ago
I'm poor and hold no grudges against wealthy people.it's the American way.love it or leave it!!!!!!!!
Hemant Tanwani
Hemant Tanwani - 5 years ago
one tsunami is enough
Spicy Edits
Spicy Edits - 5 years ago
If I was bill gates I would fly around with a helicopter with money and throw it off.
Its really nice
Bryce Devera
Bryce Devera - 5 years ago
Look like that map from black ops 2 lol
deadshot - 4 years ago
Bill Gates! ?!?!
you believe! ?!
Tom Bober
Tom Bober - 4 years ago
no not really
HoriXonRL - 4 years ago
RenocideGamer - 4 years ago
+Saif raja ye son
Mr Bean 2.0
Mr Bean 2.0 - 5 years ago
Butterbiscuitx Gaming
Butterbiscuitx Gaming - 5 years ago
all I can say is sick
Dangerous Fork
Dangerous Fork - 5 years ago
This DLC looks cool
Hector Matos
Hector Matos - 5 years ago
para que tanto algún día se hundirá .
donny maclean
donny maclean - 5 years ago
Sergio Adino
Sergio Adino - 5 years ago
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nott tellingyou
nott tellingyou - 5 years ago
its called why? my thoughts exactly lol
Jay len
Jay len - 5 years ago
Its not even real
Alex Lekic
Alex Lekic - 5 years ago
This is Hermes design yacht, Bill Gates does not own this boat. Its not even built.
Vincent Ryan
Vincent Ryan - 5 years ago
this ain't real. its just a CGI concept
Pro Gamers
Pro Gamers - 5 years ago
ok everyone im planning a heist mission at dis moment................. who wants to join me.....we need a hacker a gun specialist and a helicopter flier............XD
Guy Sutton
Guy Sutton - 5 years ago
This was the most horrible video I have ever seen, we saw NOTHING!!!
Christopher Kenny
Christopher Kenny - 5 years ago
Why indeed. It's horrible. Whatever floats your boat I suppose.
Sur Rusko
Sur Rusko - 5 years ago
haha some ppl here mad ...this man worked for what he got ...he should be able to injoy his life without giving to other ppl. sharing with other ppl..caring for other ppl...fuck that..frfr...juss me tho.
WickedDuck - 5 years ago
looks more like Noah's Ark
1stkorean - 5 years ago
I don't believe this for a moment.  Bill Gates does not appear to be this opulent of a person.
Terry O'Grady
Terry O'Grady - 5 years ago
I thought Gates had a soul. He will only have all this shit around him for a little while. Her will die and the worms won't know the difference between the poor man and Gates. Don't cry Linda, you're doing something worthwhile. Be proud of yourself.
League of Tai
League of Tai - 5 years ago
*correction 28B dollars
League of Tai
League of Tai - 5 years ago
he donated millions to charity unless your worthless self being jealous and wasting your time complaining instead of doing something productive
alba - 5 years ago
ma è Wally!!!
master jerico
master jerico - 5 years ago
i have a made in china condom,
iTSY0URb0YEE - 5 years ago
its kinda uglyfrom the outside....but hey i'd take it
marco fortuna
marco fortuna - 5 years ago
Grande stupidaggine...
Murat gençkal
Murat gençkal - 5 years ago
ı guess ı could be persuaded to live in such settigs :)
Roger Perreault
Roger Perreault - 5 years ago
what's with all the stupid music inn these videos...
enough already. ..........
detpop Ernesto
detpop Ernesto - 5 years ago
hah i hv a ps4 bitch
linus dodd
linus dodd - 5 years ago
Is this seriously legitimate?
Kevin Schuett
Kevin Schuett - 5 years ago
news flash this isnt real
NSResponder - 5 years ago
This looks like it was designed by someone who's never set foot on a boat in his life.
kaminaridragon66 - 5 years ago
Lol at 2.25  Its an A frame on its side...  Sad...
Being Glaun
Being Glaun - 5 years ago
TrainWolfe - 5 years ago
Bill Gates is so Famous that you have to pay HIM to suck his dick.
uphill248 uphill248
uphill248 uphill248 - 5 years ago
Fake.... With that kind of money he can build Africa.
Ritchie Winters
Ritchie Winters - 5 years ago
bullshit bullshit bullshit .this is the last thing bill gates will ever ever own
Nick R.
Nick R. - 4 years ago
+Ritchie Winters Bill Gates has donated an estimated 28 billion dollars. Yeah he definitely cares about himself. He doesn&#39;t have to but he does. You sound really jealous. BTW how much have you ever donated, given money to a homeless person, or given a dollar to a cancer research org??? The irony of people jealous of other people on top
 is crazy.
Wolfyy - 4 years ago
+Ritchie Winters Your name is Ritchie and you despise rich people... =)
Ritchie Winters
Ritchie Winters - 5 years ago
+MsHowToMC he should do .the fucking money hes got
Plugdj Minecraft
Plugdj Minecraft - 5 years ago
+Ritchie Winters its a really old yacht so no one gives a shit, only gold diggers do
Ritchie Winters
Ritchie Winters - 5 years ago
+Mackenzie Ciez a billionair would not been seen dead just sitting in 1 off these.he would be in all the news world wide thats the last thing he wants.them rich folk only care about themselfs
mreggbarth - 5 years ago
Tocaria Walket
Tocaria Walket - 5 years ago
in like two years i will have more money than him i own 294 billion
Gabriel Freitas
Gabriel Freitas - 5 years ago
Not true
raj varma
raj varma - 5 years ago
say noooooooooooooooooooooo
Margaret Johnson
Margaret Johnson - 5 years ago
I am not rich. came from a steel mill blue collar family. don't understand why anyone would be sad because someone else is wiser or smarter in making money. he worked for it, why shouldn't he spend it how he wants. being envious is not the way to think. , but with all the propaganda against capitalism no wonder young people are easily swayed into a hatred for the rich. most of us working people have some kind of hardship but hey, I've got my "salvation" and that is something that can't be stolen, worn out, or confiscated, rust, envied because it is available to all who would believe. John 3:16
TADufine - 4 years ago
I agree 100% Amen
Patrick Diviney
Patrick Diviney - 5 years ago
+Margaret Johnson
I used to feel negatively toward the &quot;fat cats.&quot; However, since my baptism of the Holy Spirit, I don&#39;t concern myself with how much other people have. I know how priceless is my soul&#39;s salvation and wish the same happiness for everyone else.
Jake PK Rio
Jake PK Rio - 5 years ago
I dunno. It looks like a giant robovac. Or from the air, a dustpan...
wilfred ivanhoe junior kereru
wilfred ivanhoe junior kereru - 5 years ago
go-racing.pl - 5 years ago
Pomysłowość i kreatywność ludzka nie zna granic :)
arif zuhri
arif zuhri - 5 years ago
That's just bullshit..
FARİD Axşamın
FARİD Axşamın - 5 years ago
Gözəldi 055 506 77 44
Pallum13 - 5 years ago
This looks like a toilet seat
Ashleigh Smith
Ashleigh Smith - 5 years ago
Who in the world thumbs down this video?. Something must be wrong their eyes or something. This yacht is beautiful.
Swaliki Mubiru
Swaliki Mubiru - 5 years ago
No way this is fake and artificially animated .
Ari Latvala
Ari Latvala - 5 years ago
This is not a Bill Gates Yacht.. He is not own a yacht.. he's rent a yacht if he want go to sea..this yacht it's not even build yet..
johnabuick - 5 years ago
Bill Gates doesn't even own a yacht so quit crying Linda.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - 5 years ago
Oh look a house, that looks like a hotel, there is nothing personalized in there, not even a picture of the kids or a dog toy laying on the floor.
MrLinoventura - 5 years ago
Au fin fond de l'Afrique, on extrait du minerai qui entre dans la fabrication des smartphones. Ces minerais proviennent de la République démocratique du Congo. Chaque jour des mineurs meurent pour fabriquer ces Nokia. Cette situation ne devrait pas laisser indifférent Bill Gates. Il est en effet devenu philanthrope et vient en aide aux populations les plus pauvres de l'Afrique. Invité à Paris par  "Solidays" , Martin Boudot demande à Bill Gates si les conditions de fabrication des Nokia sont compatibles avec ses valeurs? Son silence est assourdissant.
MrLinoventura - 5 years ago
+MrLinoventura Nokia appartient à Microsoft, créé par Bill Gates, l'homme le plus
riche du monde. Le businessman, devenu philantrope, refuse de répondre à
"Cash investigation" sur la fabrication des smartphones en République
démocratique du Congo.
dante Boban
dante Boban - 5 years ago
Forget bill gates its no big deal he has a business and makes money. wow! 
He is not a thief he earned it.... Now if you want to talk abut thieves lets talk about the federal reserve and privatized central banks. Direct your hate and insults that way leave the little guys alone.
Vaezer - 5 years ago
Guys bill gates is a good person because on his will he said I want only 10 MILLION NOT BILLION dollars to be separated equally to his children and the rest of the the 74.9 BILLION dollars go to charity
Mary Jackman
Mary Jackman - 5 years ago
Terrible. All is Beautiful, but, this country have to much hungry, the money in the World is bad distribution.
Diann Casaba
Diann Casaba - 5 years ago
These luxury things they bought are for business as well. It is to persuade the prospect businessmen to invest in their company by showing them what their company can afford. Just saying..
Marcus  Brown
Marcus Brown - 5 years ago
Ola mr gates
boomy818 - 5 years ago
hits ice yacht sinks
PokemonMaster 10
PokemonMaster 10 - 5 years ago
bill gates is is minecraft and he is rich holly fuck
Tony Inc
Tony Inc - 5 years ago
the pure desiign of true expression of architecture glowing with reason of comfort and idealism showing reason to hold hands in the thought of the gift of a heart glowing with love of leading the family of man made achievemet of pracitical and theoddtical blueprints that every life on earth can celebrate as a monument of succes in calming the waves to serenity together
Super S Super N
Super S Super N - 5 years ago
Fake fils de pute
Csaba Biró
Csaba Biró - 5 years ago
Not bad
oseme thompson
oseme thompson - 5 years ago
bill gates is one of the kings on the earth
Riverin Denis
Riverin Denis - 5 years ago
It's a concept, this boat doesn't exist! Pôvres andouilles!
GreyFuzzy - 5 years ago
+Riverin Denis No fucking shit..
GreyFuzzy - 5 years ago
+Riverin Denis No fucking shit..
mitzvah golem
mitzvah golem - 5 years ago
He gave more to charity than anyone( besides Buffet) in world history...your a bunch of jealous losers...
It’s okay to be white.
It’s okay to be white. - 5 years ago
That thing better be guarded by the U.S. navy
B3AROfficialGaming - 5 years ago
I do not get why someone would need something like this this much money could feed so many stomachs around the world and he wants to spend on a yacht he does not need
deharleyva - 5 years ago
Nice music.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 5 years ago
I am not saying this is not his ship, but its animated. Wish Billy & Belinda would have shown us the real deal....
GreyFuzzy - 5 years ago
GreyFuzzy - 5 years ago
I'm pretty tired, you know?
I'm pretty tired, you know? - 5 years ago
I started crying because of how Bill Gates is so lucky to have such a life, while I'm stuck here working extra shifts to help my parents pay for our small home because they both lost their jobs.

Edit: I got it, I got it. His way to a rich investment was not pure luck and was hard work. Definitely took me 80+ replies to get it... haha. This was a comment from 2015; why are people still replying?
I'm pretty tired, you know?
I'm pretty tired, you know? - 3 years ago
+TheVibian 'Kay then..
TheVibian - 3 years ago
+Satan's Daughter however you want lol
I'm pretty tired, you know?
I'm pretty tired, you know? - 3 years ago
+TheVibian How am I supposed to take that?
TheVibian - 3 years ago
+Satan's Daughter No, you seem like an edgy teenager.
I'm pretty tired, you know?
I'm pretty tired, you know? - 3 years ago
+TheVibian Was that sarcasm?
TheVibian - 3 years ago
+Satan's Daughter You're so edgy lmfao
I'm pretty tired, you know?
I'm pretty tired, you know? - 3 years ago
+Tony Clifton Um, it's a name that refers to my personality as always being called "mean," so I just thought that I should give a heads up to anyone.
Tony Clifton
Tony Clifton - 3 years ago
well satans daughter.....do you like satan or is that some kind of ironic name you chose?
Chris Black
Chris Black - 4 years ago
I guess that's the reason you got nothing!
sam82154 - 4 years ago
+sam46314 i am sam too motheryucker
TheVibian - 4 years ago
+Angelic Melodies he's not lucky he was smart and worked his ass off to get there. stop whining and bitching, this type of thinking is what is holding you back.
Bronx agario
Bronx agario - 4 years ago
Lucky have you heard of hard work?
prover16 - 4 years ago
Do not ducking say lucky... He worked hard to get this...
yribka yribka8
yribka yribka8 - 4 years ago
+Angelic Melodies Its not lucky. He has been original and work a lot for it. Today only an original idea will make you millionaire. Have a nice life!!!!!!::))))
Tea Mhatre
Tea Mhatre - 4 years ago
Me Too...
Working So So Hard and Struggling Daily ....
If I Win A Lottery even Small, I Will look for You.... :)
Rissadum Mils
Rissadum Mils - 4 years ago
It's the modern day economic system with bogus money, where rich are permanently rich and poor are permanently poor.
timmy D
timmy D - 4 years ago
+dwills s hell, no. Those kids in Africa or any 3rd world countries get it really bad. I've gone on a couple church trips to these countries to help build playgrounds and help out at places like a mentally/physically disabled hospital, a lot of these guys are treated really badly by the nurses. and stuff and i wish i could do more but going around the world isnt easy. I just see going online and seeking pity as very childish and pathetic for lack of a better word. But while im here in the states, i still make it a point to give back to people
dwills s
dwills s - 4 years ago
+timmy D= you are what's wrong with this world. You gonna go to some kid in Africa and say well at least you aren't being tortured like people in the Middle East. There's always worse but that shouldn't take away compassion you fucking bitch. Have some compassion for this girl and stop being so self righteous.
timmy D
timmy D - 4 years ago
+Angelic Melodies life really isnt fair, while you have a job, access to computers and a home, there are millions of homeless kids in the world who have no parents and face starvation on the daily.
slydog98j - 4 years ago
It's not fucking luck, goddamnit. He worked his ass off, and became a major innovator. He earned his money, and built up his fortune. He even donates to and operates several non profit charities.
Hanna Benson
Hanna Benson - 5 years ago
+kim jay how Do YOU know that?
hector munro
hector munro - 5 years ago
yes for sure
John Excell
John Excell - 5 years ago
+Cool Connor Never will happen, Bill is an asshole.
“Dollar devalued as worthless paper “
Letter to editor Jan 17, 2008
“This is camouflage for printing a lot more worthless money”. The saddest thing of all is that all this worthless paper has to be redeemed and there is going to be a 1930's type depression when it happens.
jesus ortega
jesus ortega - 5 years ago
well at least you still have your soul
hector munro
hector munro - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson

remember linda, this earthly life is worthless, and a mere flash, compared to the afterlife. relax dont worry about it : )
allen HOLI
allen HOLI - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson Don't cry dry your eye....remember having billions doesn't exempt you from the troubles of life. You'll just have a different set of problems and challenges.
Someone - 5 years ago
investments.... investments.
Laz N
Laz N - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson hey it's bill , cry me a river
That's a bad idea
That's a bad idea - 5 years ago
Lol, do you think he became the richest man alive because he was lucky? Think again kiddo.
AwesomeAlex! Adam
AwesomeAlex! Adam - 5 years ago
+kim jay You are Not well informed at all. Read about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Hanna Benson
Hanna Benson - 5 years ago
Bill Gates is a Great man and hero! He gives alot of money to the children and people Who don't habe food or a house. He desirves it.
Elixed - 5 years ago
he's not Lucky u he worked hard for his life.
J - 5 years ago
+aponcapone bill gates did work his ass off tho
Wes Black
Wes Black - 5 years ago
you are to bee commended for helping your parents..... be strong.. you are not a victim
AwesomeAlex! Adam
AwesomeAlex! Adam - 5 years ago
+Mr. Anonymous Exactly!
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson, stop crying dear... Bill Gates not just lucky, he gets what he deserves... the fortune he made is linier with the benefits he provides to the world, so from now on stop thinking you are the center of the universe... and focus on how you can provides benefits to others and learn how to convert it to become cash...
fuzzywzhe - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson Saying Bill Gates is simply lucky shows a profound ignorance as to what he did.

The reason a computer costs $150 is because of Bill Gates - he commoditized hardware. This was a pretty revolutionary concept, because previous to this, IBM expected to sell hardware, and to give away software in order to sell the hardware.
ugo duru
ugo duru - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson Go to Somali and see poverty....maybe then you will stop crying.
currypowder - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson How do you know he's having a happy life? Just because you have tremendous luxury doesn't mean you're happy, and fulfilled. Being rich is a quality not a quantity.
Colin Booth
Colin Booth - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson He worked hard, took risks, focused on his goals and attracted everything into his life. Don't envy others, go out and work your ass off with the right attitude, never give up and success will come along.
AwesomeAlex! Adam
AwesomeAlex! Adam - 5 years ago
+kamran khan "Praise the lord" My Ass! Everything I accomplish I do Myself. I use My Mind which is the only '"god" I have to do with!
I have it in Me to accomplish anything I put Myself to!
I am AwesomeAlex!
Fletch - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson Let me guess, he stole your microsoft idea?
kamran khan
kamran khan - 5 years ago
why are you watching this then. go watch poorer people than yourself then u know how lucky u are at least u got your parents. don't look up look down see who is below u then praise the lord for wat u have
Baconator89 - 5 years ago
I feel bad for you now...
Thomas Mason
Thomas Mason - 5 years ago
+Jace Holt i love you for this response, i could not of worded that better myself. Have respect for anyone who has worked hard to become rich.
AwesomeAlex! Adam
AwesomeAlex! Adam - 5 years ago
+Jace Holt Well said Jace!.
Jace Holt
Jace Holt - 5 years ago
+Linda Thompson Respectfully, why would you call what he has luck? And who told you that you are stuck at your job? Do they have you there at gun-point? Of course not! I ask because whoever told you that your stuck lied to you. You are the ONLY ONE making you stuck! I promise there is a better life to live out there for you! That is loving of you to do that for your parents, but don't cry and have a pity party for yourself when you see others build wealth. That's just just selfish pride in the form of jealousy.
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge you worm :)
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+AwesomeAlex! Adam big like dude ^.^
AwesomeAlex! Adam
AwesomeAlex! Adam - 5 years ago
+Albert Georgy You may Think you're smarter but I KNOW I'm AWESOME!
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
Come on! You can do better than this. (;
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge and you could be my worm...i like insects :)) maybe one day you will become food for birds :))
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
You could be my pet. I like humanoids. (:
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge ty :) i appreciate .is amazing what you can do...for a trained monkey =))) your trainer is a smart guy
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
*It's (: I help you out np.
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge yes, you have a monkey brain :)) is obvious
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
+Albert Georgy Bad, bad english...
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge your brain is a monkey brain? :) a monkey has the mind concept?
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
+Albert Georgy Your mind doesn't exist. It cannot be empty or full. It's just a concept.
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge your mind is empty? i'm just curious...
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
+Albert Georgy You're just naive and delusional. Go back to work. McDonalds is waiting for you. (:
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge 100% =)))))
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge i was right:) you are certainly stupid :)
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
+Albert Georgy Right!
Jason Spencer
Jason Spencer - 5 years ago
+sh ha he also STOLE tons of ideas and work from others along the way. Much more than just luck and hard work.
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+NBA Launchh there are a lot of lucky ppls :)
NBA Launch
NBA Launch - 5 years ago
+sh ha preach this shit man ... nothing comes easy in life you have to work for it.
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge you know better :)
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
+Albert Georgy Truth hurts...
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+Alexander Delarge only stupid ppls praise themselves
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge - 5 years ago
+Albert Georgy I am smarter than you as well.
Robert Juarez
Robert Juarez - 5 years ago
wow..... what a wonderful life to have a yacht like that
shane - 5 years ago
Why does this look depressing to me?
shane - 5 years ago
+Shane Groves LMFAO i just realized the "why" on the yacht at the end of the video.
Clinton White
Clinton White - 5 years ago
Looks like a lonely life of friends you can't trust. Be happy with what you have don't envy the rich.
Maritos Channel
Maritos Channel - 5 years ago
im mad ;[
ChristmasSamurai Ran 2018
ChristmasSamurai Ran 2018 - 5 years ago
JulieBraun - 5 years ago
This is fake you
know this wouldn't even float for gawd sakes
they would of has a real pic if it was for real tbh! :I
GreyFuzzy - 5 years ago
+JulieBraun Holy fucking shit, PLEASE LEARN ENGLISH! You don't know how to set a fucking picture either.
Ейнур Сулейманлы
Ейнур Сулейманлы - 5 years ago
It is not really!
Julio Vigil
Julio Vigil - 5 years ago
I wonder if his kids have ipads
Christy Sheahan
Christy Sheahan - 5 years ago
personally i would not spend that much money on a yacht. Because i can bet u that he gets very busy with his work so that he can not really just relax like that. One thing is for sure that Bill Gates has had a nice life and has succeeded. And also notice how his name is Bill! like a dollar Bill!
Johnny Favorite
Johnny Favorite - 5 years ago

M Gordon
M Gordon - 5 years ago
He and his wife should TOTALLY role-play the whole "Bond Villain/Dr. Evil" thing.
kevin tibor
kevin tibor - 5 years ago
company's WHY,
lmao makes sense
Jim Rozzi
Jim Rozzi - 5 years ago
This is fake...a CAD fake
pantelis bam
pantelis bam - 5 years ago
Pls mr Gates i only need 300000 euros to fix my life. Ty !!!!!!
Fresh ko
Fresh ko - 5 years ago
and I would like to know where is this kept at ?
pottram - 5 years ago
An amazing design.
George Bozinovski
George Bozinovski - 5 years ago
I saw this house/concept/design on a yaht builders website 7-8 years ago. This isn't bill gates house. Its never been built and will never be.
Iam SixStackz216
Iam SixStackz216 - 5 years ago
that's ballin
Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine - 5 years ago
Is it a boat ?  A plane ?  An island ?  A continent ?    I am confused...
KING XOMASH - 5 years ago
Then comes a tsunami and ... Sing along kids you know the words..."washes all his hopes.
Mark Ukkerd
Mark Ukkerd - 5 years ago
1:34 Start
Star Fox
Star Fox - 5 years ago
its so sad to see the humanity going in that direction of rich and greed those humans are garbage
one day in the future humanity will disappear and i wonder if those rich ass could survive hahaahahahaha
so sad today human being only care about how much money they make
money is a piece of paper and us intelligent human being i say this is garbage
lastchapter - 5 years ago
One day all his money will be worthless to him.  But I heard  he's a pretty cool descent guy.
o2benaz - 5 years ago
LazyTitan, do some research yourself. He makes over 1.5 billion per year from salary, investments and copyrights. All he did is create a great tax deduction for himself. If he wants to help people, how about paying some quality inspection people to get his crappy Windoz OS to work?
Yi Qian
Yi Qian - 5 years ago
That why I love photoshop
Surreal Feeds
Surreal Feeds - 5 years ago
when u know you made it
Kwang Yi
Kwang Yi - 5 years ago
I wonder how much of the US taxpayer's money will be wasted to protect the private toy of M$'s Gates..  It will only take couple of $1 million cruise missile to sink this junk.
aqwszxcde73 - 5 years ago
Eric Irvine
Eric Irvine - 5 years ago
Powered by apple!
hk monaro
hk monaro - 5 years ago
Awsome good luck to him we all work hard well most of us.enjoy
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
Can I suck his dick
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
+Only God Can Judge Me
I asked you to re read my comment because you said that I said Mexican's don't exist which I did not. Now if you're done crying
let's continue.

letters, journals, diaries, personal papers, photographs (obviously no photos of Geo) and portraits, as well as newspaper accounts, writings made contemporaneously with the events described therein, official business records and organizational minutes and records (eg: minutes of the First and Second Continental Congresses or the Congress of the Confederation or the US Executive or Congress) and original documents such as birth and death records, bills of sale, deeds of title, filings and transcripts of court proceedings, wills, marriage licenses and a host of others.
Now for God we only have a collection of stores that teach why things are why they are.

The bible is viewed by historians as not s historical document for god's existence.
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
Omg calm down. Its just a dick
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
I didn't have to forfeit YOU already did! lol. Damn you really are STUPID! I can almost bet you still live at home with your mommy. 
Now i'm just beating a dead horse but while i'm at it you should know that beings you NEVER answered ANY of my questions that's the same as forfeiting!!

BTW i don't believe you exist. Its called "circumstantial evidence". LOL. 
YOU cannot prove your birth certficate is true using your birth certificate!!!! That's called "circular reasoning." ROFL. 

YOU lost the debate kid get over it already!! 
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
+Only God Can Judge Me
No the debate is not over.
Both parties must agree but you can forfeit.
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
Seems someone is a bit of a sore loser, I said the debate was over so now you can argue with yourself stupid! 
Theres no evidence George Washington Exist.
GOD does exist! 
Trump has a plan its to become president so he can become richer and buy 10 more Yachts 
He will LOSE and NEVER become president. Just like YOU LOST this debate! LOL hahahaha. ROFL. hahahaha. Falls out of chair laughing.  YOU LOSE I WIN!!!!! 

BTW I almost forgot to block you but now you've been BLOCKED!! SO have fun auguring with yourself!!! ;-) Yawn. 

Anybody ever tell you your very rusty in debates? I'm sure women tell you your rusty in bed all the time!! LOL. 
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
Actually, I win. Because you left the debate.
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
You clearly got your ass whooped in this debate! And Anybody who rereads our conversations will agree.

YOU lost the debate get over it already and stop crying about it. PLEASE stop replying to me STUPID!! 

You've been BLOCKED!!! Reread this out loud to yourself before replying. Yawn. 
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
+Only God Can Judge Me
You should reread my comment that'll help maybe read slower.
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
The last time i checked the bible was a book? Why where is this "circumstantial evidence" that YOU found that is so "overwhelming" about George Washington!?!? Links Please?

Theres no such thing as Mexicans. That's like me saying my nationality is American. The proper term would be Hispanics STUPID!! 
Theres ONLY one way to officially fix the illegal hispanics from coming over here. Just make Mexico the 51 state. Then theres no need for them to come over here and we can also tax all the factories that are over there that steal all the american  jobs. 

Speaking of books.....i don't think you read any at all. It looks as though you didn't even graduate high school which would explain ALOT. 
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
+Only God Can Judge Me
I never said a book. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.
No. He improves Americans and kicks out Mexicans,.
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
You cannot prove George Washington Existed from a Book. That's called Circular reasoning. Yawn. 

His plan FUCKS America to the point he can by 10 more Yachts like this. I talk to lots of people on youtube but not only are you REALLY dumb but you DO NOT know how to debate to save your life. LOL. Kinda like Trump. That's why he has degrade women to make himself feel better. I'm sure your no different. Guess you guys got something in common know wonder your going to vote for him. 

P.S. I will Vote against Trump so your vote will be pointless thanks to me. ;-) 
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
+Only God Can Judge Me You cannot prove the bible is true using the bible. That's called circular reasoning.

There is plan. His plan helps America.
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
GOD did exist, numerous evidence. Not to mention the most preserved artifact known to man kind. The bible. Yawn. 

There is no "plan" at least not for the people. They have a "plan" alright, A plan for there wallets to get bigger. That's NOT his plan that is someone else's plan that he paid for and bought. Donald Trump is a idiot and people who can't see that.....well chances are they are idiots too. I'm not emotional at all I'm just very blunt theres a difference but i'm sure you're to stupid to know any better.  To bad your momma didn't swallow you!! Now the world has to deal with a retard who goes around butting into other peoples conversations like complete retard. 

A determined soul will do more with a RUSTY monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop.
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
+Only God Can Judge Me
Gorge Washington did exist, numerous evidence.
I don't care anything about the president.
All I care about is there plan, their ability to do their plan, and if they are a puppet or not
Trump is not a puppet and has best plan and will do his plan.
You are too emotional to vote. I will not mind my own business.
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
Ya you know George Washington really doesn't exist!! Your so fucking stupid you think the guy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth should be president. I Guarantee you Trump is just a PUNK and will NOT make president! I would vote for someone like Russell Simons to become president before Trump at least he's intelligent and actually knows WTF he's talking about. Trump only cares about one thing. That's making more $$$$ and its impossible for him to get any more rich then he is already unless he becomes president why the fuck else do you think he's running? LOL. 

p.s. Next time mind your fucking business. No one was even talking to you.  Yawn
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
+Only God Can Judge Me You know god really doesn't exist. I doubt you could turn 6 million into 100 billion in 40 years or make Trump not president.
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
Unfortunately Gates along with most rich men will NOT bow down to Jesus and do as Jesus has instructed them to do which is to get rid of everything they own. Give it all away and then follow him. This is why it says very few rich men will make it into the kingdom of heaven. Its given a example of how many rich people will make it into heaven. Would you like to know? Put it this way it would be easier for a camel to fit thru the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven. 

In addition. Both Gates and Donald have almost 100 billion dollars each. When they die do you know how much they are going to leave to there kids? 1 Million each!!!! LOL. A little ironic and half ass backwards beings Donalds dad left him with 8 million. Fuck if i started off as a kid with 8 million dollars i would have 100 billion dollars by age 60 like these old bastards. LOL. BTW FUCK TRUMP he will NEVER make president (mark my words) but that's a whole another story! 
Gentleman - 5 years ago
+Stewie Griffin Stewie plz
Rios Bwa
Rios Bwa - 5 years ago
+Gentleman thats the worst kind of blasphemy ever, gates will bow down to Jesus in any of those events cause im pretty sure jesus could snap his fingers and poof "where did gates go"
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
Well you would be with a billionaire so you can drink million dollar wines i'm sure. lol. 
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
+Only God Can Judge Me lol. Depends on how much I drink
Only God Can Judge Me
Only God Can Judge Me - 5 years ago
+imran alan You would let him shit in your mouth for a billion dollars don't lie motha fucker!! Either that or your just stupid!! LOL. hahaha
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy - 5 years ago
+imran alan hahah :)))
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
+FARK HEAD are you rich?
FARK HEAD - 5 years ago
U can suck mine
MIchael Wright
MIchael Wright - 5 years ago
+joe black Strange fetish...
Strange Faction
Strange Faction - 5 years ago
He gave you DOS, Windows ME/Vista/8/10, Internet Explorer, C#, Bing AND CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, REVERSI !! How much more of his junk and shit do you guys want!??
He'd probably charge you big money to taste his junk, that's usually the way he roll.. Blow him dry and you're probably broke like Apple 1996...
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
+Gentleman lmfso
Gentleman - 5 years ago
+imran alan To suck his dick would be like jesus. Probably a thing that would never happen, and if it did, it would be an opportunity so special you would literally be sucking 1 billion dollars. I bet his jizz is worth more than a ferrari.
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
+anfrax riddimz you would suck mine for free so be quiet. At least I do it for money lol
Anfrax Riddimz
Anfrax Riddimz - 5 years ago
+imran alan your mothers need a slap across the face lol , saying you would suck dick for money, tramps
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
+joe black yall so money hungry lol
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
+RichieT eww. Thats toooo much. I mean i was ok with sucking but thats just toooo much
WinMore - 5 years ago
+joe black I'd let him shit in your mouth too.
Alan Versace
Alan Versace - 5 years ago
+Atticus Finch Threesome
Anti Parasite
Anti Parasite - 5 years ago
Where is the heli pad? How is he supposed to go to land and back in style?
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - 5 years ago
Spends 1.4 billion dollars on glorified plywood "Hey look, I spent all my money and now I cant buy furnishings"
Jason Dale
Jason Dale - 5 years ago
I think it is sad that many of us sit here and comment on how bad it is for Mr Gates to spend this much money on a yacht, when it is his money. We are all too quick too criticize and pass judgement on people. What about the good he has done with his money?, what about the wealth he has created for many other people?, what about the jobs that will be created building this yacht? What about the many humanitarian causes that are funded by the Gates foundation? 

Am I jealous? Yes, do I watch the videos of Supercars and big houses and mega yachts and dream? YES but does that give me the right to pass judgement on how someone spends the wealth the have accumulated through their skill and tenacity? NO! Congratulations to Mr Gates and anyone who has done what is needed to succeed in life and been able to reward themselves with the trappings of success.
O' Thrylos
O' Thrylos - 5 years ago
I just wanna play Minecraft on this yacht that's all!
Ali Mehar
Ali Mehar - 5 years ago
damn! i also have a yacht in my bath tub.make a documentary on my yacht please
SharonFilsell - 5 years ago
The nicest guy on Youtube
The nicest guy on Youtube - 5 years ago
I don't understand how this video got 1k dislikes. Like do people hate seeing others be successful? Smh, ya'll just jealous enviious little pricks...
Helios77711 - 5 years ago
If Gates took out a payday loan to buy this, he'd better watch out for that 6000% interest!
Butchzzilla - 5 years ago
For Bill's sake, I hope this beautiful yacht is running on Linux.
North 2345
North 2345 - 5 years ago
Jai Undertenyearsold
Jai Undertenyearsold - 5 years ago
I like your videos
Kolby Juarez
Kolby Juarez - 5 years ago
so fake
azzorzer - 5 years ago
I'd never spend that much money on a boat... imagine if it sinks
Deborah M
Deborah M - 5 years ago
too modern misses the nautical aspects of boating for me.. but lovely wow
Alan Surgeoner
Alan Surgeoner - 5 years ago
Wow , looking at this video and comment section and to see when it was published and the first thing you see," Payday Loans". Man  is that Cruel , Cheeky, Smart advertising strategy or all the afore mentioned ?
AUTOMOBILI LUCIA S.R.L - 5 years ago
Bellissima sognate amici!!
AwesomeAlex! Adam
AwesomeAlex! Adam - 5 years ago
This is what god would have.
all it takes is frikkin one tornado
Fizyx - 5 years ago
a billion dollars should home or rebuild an area for thousands of people.
Hiro Hamada
Hiro Hamada - 5 years ago
i'm just want to tell you he has given a lot of money to charity and he didn't spend his money in this shit yacht
this is lies , the yacht doesn't belong to him
sorry i was to you before
Fizyx - 5 years ago
+Fionkey Shrek was just kidding.  
Hiro Hamada
Hiro Hamada - 5 years ago

okay , since you are not famous , maybe you're generous but i can't search you
Fizyx - 5 years ago
+Andy Sebastian No he isn't  Look up a guy named Beavis Wantinelly.
Fizyx - 5 years ago
+Fionkey Shrek Actually I wasn't talking shit.  Just commenting on the absurdity of such highly priced luxuries.  But who am I to tell others how to spend their money.  Relax YouTubers.  It's one comment...
Fizyx - 5 years ago
+Fionkey Shrek I'm the most generous ever so why don't you do some research!
Hiro Hamada
Hiro Hamada - 5 years ago
he has been giving more than 30 billions to charity , and he's planning to gave 95% his fortune to charity , do some research before talk shit !!
he's the most generous person ever
aLittle(too)Hyper - 5 years ago
+Klossie You replied to his comment... clearly giving a shit...
Andy - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans You do realize that Bill Gates is the most prolific philanthropist in human history, right?
Fizyx - 5 years ago
Ok guys.  Honestly I don't care how ppl spend their money.  But all your counterpoints are still saying a billion dollars spent on a boat is better than spent on others in need.  That just sounds dumb.  but hey - whatever...
Mightymousy - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans Yep and those same people would want free food, monthly stipend and clothes. At some point personal accountability has to click in their simple minds.
chello70 - 5 years ago
And ...Queen's wealth (one woman)

Can abolish WORLD hunger and poverty....Forever!
THESKYPILOT777 - 5 years ago
+The nicest guy on Youtube You got that right!
The nicest guy on Youtube
The nicest guy on Youtube - 5 years ago
+THESKYPILOT777 Nobody is going to care about you. Not even your government.
THESKYPILOT777 - 5 years ago
+Floris Lantink You think he cares about any one let alone tens of thousands?
Floris Lantink
Floris Lantink - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans having a billion dollar ship built employs and thus houses tens of thousands of people
Patriots - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans lol work your ass off. Not everything on this world is free.
Ethan Perry
Ethan Perry - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans Its not their money
FuturisticHub - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans Nah it was necessary. You can't tell people what to do with their money.
Bosh Page
Bosh Page - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans He already donated over $30 Billion dollars to charity. Do some research before commenting.
The nicest guy on Youtube
The nicest guy on Youtube - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans Get a job you fucking bum... nobody is going to hand you anything! Him housing thousands of people is only making the poor even poorer.
Klossie - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans I couldnt give two shits
Fizyx - 5 years ago
+Klossie Was the "fuck off" really necessary or did you want to give the impression that you are a douchebag and tough as long as you're safe from harm.  
Klossie - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans His money. His choice fuck off.
Ike Rosales
Ike Rosales - 5 years ago
Wow! What a Beautiful sight!!! Everyone looking will love it!!!
LucasPlaysGames - 5 years ago
I'd love to b the person u gets it after him
Bhaba G
Bhaba G - 5 years ago
OMG! I love this concept, spacious, classical, and functional all at the same time. Let's not forget that the design renders itself to it being a potential self sustaining home away from home with global reach☆☆☆
XL Sandown Travel
XL Sandown Travel - 5 years ago
Azteca Dalia
Azteca Dalia - 5 years ago
i am poor :( awww
Chase Jackson
Chase Jackson - 5 years ago
totally unnecessary....but i guess it is all relative....if you have 50 billion dollars your view of the world and what is necessary if very different than the regular folks n its his money to spend/waste as he sees fit!!!
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln - 5 years ago
its not real people its auto cad or some other architectural app,
JohnnyC Major
JohnnyC Major - 5 years ago
This boat does even compare to mine.
William Click
William Click - 5 years ago
Listen to all these whiners and complainers.  Why don't you enjoy life for awhile instead of voicing your money envy.
Samuel Swenson
Samuel Swenson - 5 years ago
Weird nobody enjoying boat, poor kids in panama have more fun floating cans in the sewer! Lol
Real OG
Real OG - 5 years ago
i was in holidays i seen his yacht
pmessinger - 5 years ago
NitroCorn - 5 years ago
Awesome animation. Nearly looks real.
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie - 5 years ago
There are children dying because no clean water and someone has this
7656SWORD - 5 years ago
Geldverschwendung im eneffect rammt der Kahn noch ein Eisberg.
I could Be The One
I could Be The One - 5 years ago
Where are the life boats this doesn't look rough sea worthy lol.
Arie United
Arie United - 5 years ago
this house waiting for tsunami..
AustralienGuy - 5 years ago
Its a CGI WANK-FEST......

And all you fools be arguing over it......

Its not a Joke..... You are.
Franksta281 - 5 years ago
how boring
Rs Sleep
Rs Sleep - 5 years ago
This is pretty fake by the way, just saying. I can make a more realistic and less plain+cheap looking yatch with my windows 98
Alfred Feider
Alfred Feider - 5 years ago

Dominic Tirl
Dominic Tirl - 5 years ago
IT looks like it was designed by Steve Jobs
flapte - 5 years ago
totally ugly! but still, whow what a schip!
Marcella Hearnsberger
Marcella Hearnsberger - 5 years ago
I don't know if this is real but I really don't like it. Looks like a computer. Not earthly. More alien. Creepy.
totalmach - 5 years ago
Kobe Jamez
Kobe Jamez - 5 years ago
i would choke a hobo for that...sad that i'm not alone
Jurriaan Vile
Jurriaan Vile - 5 years ago
get real overcome your projectious envy
Christopher K
Christopher K - 5 years ago
Who will be the next Bill Gates and what will he/she create to make them the next Tsar of the Billonares
greg - 5 years ago
+MateoIs Cool lmao uneducated idiot. 
Mateo DLT
Mateo DLT - 5 years ago
Steve Jobs had more money than him but now he died and now there's no one else to beat Bill Gates
Fizyx - 5 years ago
+Greg Akopyan I didn't imply they had anything close to that amount.  And I'll believe more of the sources I've read than some guy on YouTube saying otherwise.  
greg - 5 years ago
+jonpaulevans Rockefeller family being worth 500bill and etc are just speculations none of which are remotely true.
hangrid - 5 years ago
English. Do you speak it?
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - 5 years ago
+hangrid but only if this egomaniac is a God can he build said billions worth of parks and museums because you cannot magic your way into creating stuff when the people under you only care about salaries and the manpower and resources are not present in that society. In short Bill Gates is only as good as the people surrounding him he expanded to video games because it is close to computer stuff, he is reduced to pharmachetical philantrhophy because he had Rotchild friends in that industry but are these employees care about any breakthrough,

Papa Benedict: Did science just injected me with monkey stuff Bill Maher reversing the process of evolution.
hangrid - 5 years ago
+JohnzeeMr Only an egomaniac would pay billions to name parks and museums after themselves.... or to have a yacht like that.
Christopher K
Christopher K - 5 years ago
+JohnzeeMr what did i say?
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - 5 years ago
+Christopher K I can't believe people would make up this ridiculous 1.4 billion stuff up, this diminishes my Uncle Bill Gates, I know him personally and he is not a dumb person besides if you look at his face he doesn't look as blooming as my Uncle Dooonalllldddd or Unlce Merdock. Anyway Uncle Bill Gates build a Bill Gates University, a Bill Gates Museum, Bill Gates Park, etc something that would last the test of time and more importantly give you more control of your life you could to be continued... Transparency I hope you have the power to choose and not surround yourself with parasites people close to you who portray you like this will stress you to death or god forbade... because in the chaos they can get money from you. How dare you people uncle bill Gates is a simple guy.
M S - 5 years ago
Well one company made these life like full size "fantasy" dolls, made with pink skin like soft plastic, so real you almost have to touch one to realise it's not a person.Another company utilized the tech and made a kind of standing gyrating talking andriod type robot, exhibited at a recent tech expo in Tokyo. Word is now that either another company or one or both of the above companies are mixing the tech and coming up with the sex robot idea for real. While it is not on the open market yet, I would bet good money it is already in the post production and pre sales area now.I honestly think it will not be long before they are available, even  seen prices thrown around on the Japanese internet, only guess's probably, but going to retail for around the $20,000 range after a down payment placed with initial order.
Christopher K
Christopher K - 5 years ago
is it a reality or is this just a drawing board plan 
M S - 5 years ago
+Eric L Too late they already have them in Japan...
Fizyx - 5 years ago
+Eric L That's actually a pretty good guess.  He is a true pioneer.  Problem is these days technology grows so fast and knowledge is shared so quickly that even Musk will have competition once he's on to something truly groundbreaking.  That's my dumb 2 cents.  
Eric L
Eric L - 5 years ago
+Christopher K elon musk, rechargable robot fuckdoll
Fizyx - 5 years ago
+Christopher K Likely nobody as the world becomes more and more diverse and numerous people and businesses taking similar approaches at success in the same industry. Look back on history. Before Gates we had people like Vanderbilt and Rockafeller. Those guys were wealthier than gates with inflation adjustment. But it is an interesting question.
Forrest Flood
Forrest Flood - 5 years ago
I guess I could live on that.
Lixie Aliensky
Lixie Aliensky - 5 years ago
Yeeeach if Indonesian people really impossible have the comfort place to stay as these which have billion $ to build them ..really the paradise house the best house I ever seen before with perfect design also perfect design interior an have good perspective make everyone comfort if stay at these house (@_@) incredible house
BREEKI BRO - 5 years ago
I don't grudge folks for having money, a lot of em earned it and I'm not sayin they shouldn't enjoy it either. But this seems excessive.
Chris E
Chris E - 5 years ago
Bill Gates is a bildiburg attendee
jaynegs76 - 5 years ago
That's it! I'm asking my boss for a raise!?!
Jake Broussard
Jake Broussard - 5 years ago
I would say that Bill Gates is the Thomas Edison of today.
SLEEPING GIANT - 5 years ago
This is what you can achieve if you only strive to. 
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson - 5 years ago
i hope it sinks on the first day out
League of Tai
League of Tai - 5 years ago
he can buy another one
Hound Dawg
Hound Dawg - 5 years ago
That's call hate'in. don't do that. Lol....
Akash Deshpande
Akash Deshpande - 5 years ago
Guys in case you didn't know he donated 40 billion dollars to India...
simbarashe Mekani
simbarashe Mekani - 5 years ago
Amen +David Cooper​
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson - 5 years ago
Only if your looking for it. how many people are too distracted by everything on the internet to even think about god. I rest my case. 
David Cooper
David Cooper - 5 years ago
#CoolStoryBitch but that's incorrect technology ultimately is what will bring us closer to God.
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson - 5 years ago
he's just carrying out the devils work and getting rich from it. 
David Cooper
David Cooper - 5 years ago
clearly you've been a loser your whole life. wishing such ill will on people will only come back on you. he didn't rob no body he gave the world an operating system that brought our quality of life leaps and bounds higher than imagined. I hope he gets laid by virgin supermodels who groom themselves and do kiegle exercises all day to the point they have monk like discipline over their vaginas.
/\/\ /-\ /\//\/ / /\/ _/ /-\
/\/\ /-\ /\//\/ / /\/ _/ /-\ - 5 years ago
+simbarashe Mekani Because hes a fraud ,and honestly do you know how many homeless ppl that $1.4billion could have fed?But no he just spends it on some ugly ass yacht hes probably only gonna use twice a year
simbarashe Mekani
simbarashe Mekani - 5 years ago
Why wish that tho.
Robert Chutney
Robert Chutney - 5 years ago
One must feel lonely, in those wasted spaces! USA rich and famous don't have to much taste. But one thing I liked there is the spiral walk way, instead of stair case! There Bill foreseeing, that there he will be able to use his comfortable wheel chair, after been punished by God for wasting his resources, while daily thousands of people around the globe are dying from hunger! Richness don't necessarily mean happiness! Step aside, I will womit!
Heinz Dieter Mueller
Heinz Dieter Mueller - 5 years ago
.....only an animation,absolutly steril....
Kevin Olesik
Kevin Olesik - 5 years ago
any boat like that would always be at risk of pirates and sea-bourne hoodlems ... You might want to add an automatic security system with radar to the unit for good measure
Bananasaregood right?
Bananasaregood right? - 5 years ago
It's fake
Sadegh Ayoubi
Sadegh Ayoubi - 5 years ago
Gates definitly deserves that.
noman ahmedsorder
noman ahmedsorder - 5 years ago
haven in world
Джейсон Хичкок
Джейсон Хичкок - 5 years ago
What!!! Are you really serious, did I really hear you talk about morals. Can you please explain to me what morals have anything to do with lazy people that don't want to work. I am not talking about the disabled people, I'm talking about these worthless coon ass niggers and worthless white backwoods trailer trash. Morals? Morals? My morals are my business. And if I decide to have morals for dogs then that's my business. People like you think you are entitled to other people's hard earned money. Do you think God thinks it's okay. That's just a form of stealing. And if you take just one penny from a millionaire it is wrong....... Want to know why....... BECAUSE IT'S DOSE NOT BELONG TO YOU!!!! Because you do not deserve it. You did not work for it. You do not deserve anything at all!!!!... Unless you have worked for it. I am a hard-core Republican conservative. And I have never ever talked about morals..... Liberals are for abortion..... Well I have a surprise for you, So am I. In fact it would be better if they did aborted every baby they had... But.. That is how they get more welfare money. I was unfortunate to overhear A black woman say. "I MAKE MORE MONEY HAVING BABBYS THEN WORKING A JOB". And I thought that was disgusting. And if you think she's doing the right thing only because she's able to get more money this way. Then you are truly messed up in your way of thinking. They need to be fixed so they are unable to have children. Same goes for the men.... I know that you are using this so-called moral issue about Republicans being against abortions so you can try to feel good and justify your self for receiving money that you did not earn or deserve. You type of people are giving the hard-working taxpayers costly fines, And the only thing they did was get up out of bed and go to work. If you feel so strong about people being forced to give you money only because you have less and do not want to work. Then why don't you give almost half of what you get in welfare to these families in Third World countries that are starving.... And working very hard for about $10 a month...... Now I know what you're going to say..... You will say why don't you give half of your money to them? Well that answer is I have already given nearly half of what I make in taxes already. It is known to be a freak of nature, It is known to be against the laws of nature, It is known to be a virus. Because when a person consumes, oxygen, food, water, gasoline, electricity, material objects and human services such as medical. And give nothing back in return.....happens to be a freak of nature. If you could please tell me how a welfare recipient benefit society in anyway please let me know.
William Philip
William Philip - 5 years ago
Don't get down on Bill Gates, he does more with his money and is leaving it for the good of man. What about all those rich bastards that don't give a dime to anyone. What have the Waltons done for anyone, they can't even treat their employees nicely. They and others like them are the real assholes.
diamondmoti - 5 years ago
It won't sail very well. It could sink instantly.
Flyingdutchy33 - 5 years ago
When I first saw a turd in my toiletbowl I thought that was the most disgusting thing that ever floated untill I saw this...
orphichouse - 5 years ago
Great purchase. Great foresight and wise investment with imminent floods due. 
Frank Hulst
Frank Hulst - 5 years ago
ETERNAL BLUE - 5 years ago
looks pretty bland
natlin 06
natlin 06 - 5 years ago
Andreo Suro
Andreo Suro - 5 years ago
ниче так, только мало зелени, пальм и т.д... и еще нужна комната для выращивания марихуаны, ну и конечно же кинотеатр, джеты, подлотка, катер, верталет, примерно 30 девок легкого поведения, но расфуфыренных и очищенных по полной программе, вагон виагры, ресторан с 10 шеф поварами и тд :)))
ALAGOR ROGALA - 5 years ago
yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

A home for one man.

What can 1.4$ billion dollars do if they were invested into the community instead of luxuries like this?

We Could build over 8000 Homes For 8000 People And There Families!

How many homes can we build with his Net Worth, the net worth of one man?! why he lives like king, the one thing we tried to destroy with A republic known as the United States of America, a emphasize on civic duty and virtues and opposition to corruption fancy luxuries and aristocracy!

NetWorth 79.3 billion USD (2015) Forbes

Homes: 395000 built.

There is no such thing as a good rich person, no matter how much you donate you are evil at your core.
Agus Forte
Agus Forte - 5 years ago
Im gonna make one but 20 times smaller than this, Then I'll show you, Its possible, never say I CAN`T. I'm rich. The only secret is... WORK HARD BUILDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. DO NOT WORK HARD FOR THE BUSINESS OF OTHERS. you can be rich before the 30s : ) TEACH, WHEN YOU GIVE, YOU RECIEVE, IF YOU HAVE A COMPETITION, MAKE IT YOUR FRIEND. ITS A BETTER WAY TO KEEP GROWING. For those who are going to ask, Here is my answer, I`m a model and a Business man.
Watson inc.
Watson inc. - 5 years ago
+Dani Agus Forte I totally agree. I have ideas for a cool yacht except a lot smaller... Like go through Venice small... And still luxurious.
Agus Forte
Agus Forte - 5 years ago
what the fuck are you doing here? I mean... dont you have anything more than just joke? play with your shemale dad's dick? are you black? go with your "mama", "nigga".
Agus Forte
Agus Forte - 5 years ago
+Kilted Celt I don`t speak english... but I know how to humiliate a 2 years old bitch-girl.
Kilted Celt
Kilted Celt - 5 years ago
+Dani Agus Forte
I feel dumber, and dumber the more I am forced to read the way you type.
Kilted Celt
Kilted Celt - 5 years ago
+Dani Agus Forte
Sorry, lad, I don't stalk people's profiles on G+ (Mostly because no one uses it, and I'm not gay). Good cover up having a pretend girlfriend so your father won't beat you more than he already has.
Kilted Celt
Kilted Celt - 5 years ago
+Dani Agus Forte
No thanks. Not everyone is gay like you.
Kilted Celt
Kilted Celt - 5 years ago
+Dani Agus Forte That was the gayest thing I've ever read.
Joseph T.
Joseph T. - 5 years ago
Over a billion for that ugly yacht that looks like mostly plywood, and no character. Even malls have better architecture. By the way, these billionares and other rich people donate to avoid taxes. You think they do it because they are such nice people? It's a tax write off.
phillyfire99 - 5 years ago
Well you obviously don't know any tax codes or have ever done tazest for yourself. You know how much the percentage you have to donate to make it beneficial. Just start with FASB 13 which talks about leasing. Easiest to understand.
arodlilman - 5 years ago
+Joe T. That looks alot like a computer mock up of it. You cant judge what it looks like from a plain computer g