Betta Fish Tank Water Change.

Betta Fish Tank Water Change. sentiment_very_dissatisfied 21

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for Betta Fish Tank Water Change.

Alex Pickles
Alex Pickles - 5 years ago
Are bettas for females? I never see betta vids with guys.:/
stfu heu
stfu heu - 5 years ago
lol the water still drity asf
Betta nation
Betta nation - 5 years ago
StarBoi Heu it's not :)
gameplayer 11
gameplayer 11 - 6 years ago
the water is still dirty
jak pets
jak pets - 6 years ago
Amazing video! Subbed!
CorgiPlush - 6 years ago
How did you make those dividers?
Roldawn / BrokenAnkler123
Roldawn / BrokenAnkler123 - 6 years ago
hey nice video. U just earned +1 sub :) . Btw, where to get the small stone thing? I got 7 Bettas :)
Shayon Khaled
Shayon Khaled - 6 years ago
Song name - Kiiara - Gold
You are welcome :)
Josie And jake gaming
Josie And jake gaming - 6 years ago
Can you please make more videos
Betta nation
Betta nation - 6 years ago
Josie Delcarmen i'm sorry for my absence! i've been very busy! hopefully new videos soon!
dullrice - 6 years ago
Nvm i found it

10. comment for Betta Fish Tank Water Change.

folsomfish - 6 years ago
subbed :)
Caleb Pettigrew
Caleb Pettigrew - 6 years ago
What kind of song is that
Betta nation
Betta nation - 6 years ago
a good one
dullrice - 7 years ago
Betta nation
Betta nation - 6 years ago
+Bleach it is :)
Bleach - 6 years ago
+Salem Ross its not
Salem Ross
Salem Ross - 7 years ago
In the description
ayishia robertson
ayishia robertson - 7 years ago
What's that circle thing in the blue BETTA's tank
walmart - 6 years ago
itsa mesh tube ig. the betta swims through it
Lytranic Bettas1
Lytranic Bettas1 - 7 years ago
hamster's, Betta's and piggys
hamster's, Betta's and piggys - 7 years ago
just subscribed can you sub back
Johanna Veras
Johanna Veras - 7 years ago
Hello where did you get those dividers and what size tank do you have... Great vid
Emmys Animals
Emmys Animals - 7 years ago
great vidio !
KaPets - 7 years ago
Sorry but is that dirty water?(not being rude just asking)
Voeris - 6 years ago
+Betta nation I see. Thank you. :)
Betta nation
Betta nation - 6 years ago
Voeris yes
Voeris - 6 years ago
Is it Flourite?
KaPets - 6 years ago
Okay, sorry for the misunderstanding. You're tanks look amazing though! :D
Betta nation
Betta nation - 7 years ago
nope! this substrate is always breaking down so every time you move it around the red gets in the water! then when I added the water back in, everything for mixed up and needed to settle. then the tank is clear a few hours later!
Maxxlonia the turtle
Maxxlonia the turtle - 7 years ago
Hey it's me @maxxloniatheturtle fron instagram! subscribe me back plz
Summer Surfs
Summer Surfs - 5 years ago
Maxxlonia the turtle omg I love your instagram, I follow you (; I'm urmomsaturtle

20. comment for Betta Fish Tank Water Change.

Poisson Sauvage
Poisson Sauvage - 7 years ago
RENNN <3 Love that boy
Sarah Calkin
Sarah Calkin - 7 years ago
Cool vid
Sarah Calkin
Sarah Calkin - 7 years ago
+Betta nation ok thanks
Betta nation
Betta nation - 7 years ago
rinse them and scrub with a tooth brush!

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