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ADDING FISH TO THE 2,000G AQUARIUM sentiment_very_dissatisfied 2391

Pets & Animals 5 years ago 1,464,927 views

Today we add fish to the 2,000G aquarium! See the stingrays added here ► GET YOUR SHIRT HERE ► Available only for 9 more days! SUBSCRIBE ► Get the ultimate DIY book ► LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► Facebook ► Instagram ► The king of DIY aquarium education and inspiration. How to build aquariums: How to build aquarium filters: How to build aquarium stands: How to build aquarium equipment: How to build aquarium lighting: How to build aquarium decorations: Varius aquarium tutorials: ALL Thursday videos: ALL Sunday videos:

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The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 5 years ago
watch here:
Shivaan Daru
Shivaan Daru - 4 years ago
The king of DIY that arowana did a perfect jump
COOL CANADIAN - 5 years ago
Stevie G who sorry?
Stevie G
Stevie G - 5 years ago
Hey its his video not yours be nice!
Romin Prospero
Romin Prospero - 5 years ago
i don't want to know what your water change day looks like
m me
m me - 5 years ago
Take fish out their nice big lake, into a small water tank.
AnonymAlkoholiker - 5 years ago
Joey, could you add a link to the music you use in this video? It's really dope!
Shiraz Ahmed
Shiraz Ahmed - 5 years ago
The king of DIY
hi what about adding datoid tiger fish?
Stuart Underwood
Stuart Underwood - 5 years ago
Joey can you help me identify the issue with my fish
COOL CANADIAN - 5 years ago
your/ practically everyone's fish ONLY think about food....
all my cichlids care about is breeding
Ranadipto Kar
Ranadipto Kar - 5 years ago
otherwise very beautiful aquarium it is....!!!!
Ranadipto Kar
Ranadipto Kar - 5 years ago
The king of DIY plzzz add some new fishes in the tank and plzzz add pairs of flowerhorn and arwana...!!!!
Ray - 5 years ago
The king of DIY First reply!!
hahayourfunny94 - 4 years ago
Frank and Cheese = the two best fish on youtube.
Andrew bowlgarte
Andrew bowlgarte - 4 years ago
must of been the best day ever for you and frank
Az The Drummer
Az The Drummer - 4 years ago
Get some sharks ?
Ali_daboss52 - 5 years ago
RIP buddy
Clauds - 5 years ago
Both of these fish are no longer in this tank
Wobbe gong
Wobbe gong - 5 years ago
How do you keep the flower horn from killing the other fish
Atomic Jay
Atomic Jay - 5 years ago
Wobbe gong the big blue base cross back arowana (buddy) kept him in line where he was under controlled, but recently a tragic accident happened and buddy passed away... after that he grew bigger and since he's a cichlid he then started nipping the rays he added like 3 months ago.
X Wolfie MSP
X Wolfie MSP - 5 years ago
Dang how long does it take to clean out xD
hunting caracal
hunting caracal - 5 years ago
was that an arwana?

10. comment for ADDING FISH TO THE 2,000G AQUARIUM

Savannah S
Savannah S - 5 years ago
Rip. Buddy
Atomic Jay
Atomic Jay - 5 years ago
Moving the Asian Arowana gave me the goosebumps! Great video Joey!
Kevin Cho
Kevin Cho - 5 years ago
how do u clean the tank?
Nirvana Magnolia
Nirvana Magnolia - 5 years ago
you deeply understand in Asian arowana such as Super red , Malaysian golden blue base and Golden head arowana. And also very cute and playful flower horn.
You have done a good job.
Bradfaz Fasshauer
Bradfaz Fasshauer - 5 years ago
RIP buddy we will Miss you
Sia - Senpai
Sia - Senpai - 5 years ago
That jump tho
Mad Dog
Mad Dog - 5 years ago
Frank is one ugly fish
Cos mos
Cos mos - 5 years ago
Rip arowana
Maco - 5 years ago
RIP Buddy...
Bryan De Anda
Bryan De Anda - 5 years ago
Who's watching this after buddy's death ):

20. comment for ADDING FISH TO THE 2,000G AQUARIUM

Benjamin Block
Benjamin Block - 5 years ago
RIP Buddy
Snake Joaca
Snake Joaca - 5 years ago
I will download this video in memory of Buddy
Mozart school
Mozart school - 5 years ago
Thats so cool!
Sarah Arceo
Sarah Arceo - 5 years ago
I swear if I see in the comments "that tank is to small 4 any fish" imma scream!!!
Shaun Hill
Shaun Hill - 5 years ago
crykie is dat a sharrrk!!!!!!!!!!
MWD games
MWD games - 5 years ago
Please put some plants in there
Aquarium Lady 67
Aquarium Lady 67 - 5 years ago
I love frank! :)
Ryan Duong
Ryan Duong - 5 years ago
Nice !! My two favorite fish in the same tank.
Mr Fish
Mr Fish - 5 years ago
That's bigger than my 1200 gallon uninhabited container
Lynn Rawding
Lynn Rawding - 5 years ago
Why don't you put both arowanas in the tank

30. comment for ADDING FISH TO THE 2,000G AQUARIUM

Laryssa Rae
Laryssa Rae - 5 years ago
Frank is like the cheese of your channel
Craft Crazy
Craft Crazy - 5 years ago
frank was showing him around the tank,lol
Hailey Maree
Hailey Maree - 5 years ago
Lookin good !
dinesh dinesh
dinesh dinesh - 5 years ago
Is a very very very beautiful aquarium and beautiful arowana and flowar horn
lookatmychair - 5 years ago
keep that tank just for frank plz
Remix Ruxpin
Remix Ruxpin - 5 years ago
Is Frank a Parrot Fish?
Millerific - 5 years ago
Frank is a Flowerhorn. Parrot Fish are saltwater, Flowerhorns are fresh water.
✧猫Dasha✧ - 5 years ago
Woah, didn't realize this video had gotten over a million views already :o Congrats~!!
igor De Carvalho
igor De Carvalho - 5 years ago
music 0:20
Zago TM
Zago TM - 5 years ago
notbadsteve - 5 years ago
anyone know the tune playing at the end?
Joseph Jefferies
Joseph Jefferies - 5 years ago
Just realized there was no add for this video. Was it too short to generate revenue?
Onebadegg - 5 years ago
are afraid to hold your fish or what? im not trying to be rude but they are big fish and you can just hold them just like any other fish you would catch when fishing
FunPandaFamily [하하호호 판다가족]
FunPandaFamily [하하호호 판다가족] - 5 years ago
wow!! great AQUARIUM!! wow!!!
I Love Turtles
I Love Turtles - 5 years ago
Why on earth would anyone thumbs down this video??!!!
Zz Z
Zz Z - 5 years ago
Frank got eaten
Mike Tong
Mike Tong - 5 years ago
You should invest in a koi sock for moving your fish in future
Cub Plays
Cub Plays - 5 years ago
"that's all Frank ever thinks about... food."

I might be Frank...

I think you should name the Arowana Jim. Frank and Jim. best friends forever
ghost cario
ghost cario - 5 years ago
Frank put a smile on my face when he got into the tank
Lizzy Busch
Lizzy Busch - 5 years ago
Frank: "Aye Dad why you do dis"
joseph kerr
joseph kerr - 5 years ago
Fried Rick
Fried Rick - 5 years ago
Poor Frank. Arrow is such a jerk.

50. comment for ADDING FISH TO THE 2,000G AQUARIUM

boogiemanspud - 5 years ago
Joey, I think Frank has become your new mascot!
Leo F.
Leo F. - 5 years ago
Damn SHAWTEE (Joey ) u got OVER a MILLION VIEWS!! TF!!
Emmanuel Tadena
Emmanuel Tadena - 5 years ago
Haha wow what a beaut!
jaquelinaveronicacastro castro
jaquelinaveronicacastro castro - 5 years ago
mi nombre es abisal
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - 5 years ago
Add Koi to your 2000g tank! But they have to be as big as the arowanna. I know koi fishes are cold water fish but they can live in 27 degrees Celsius it's pretty warm but it could be manageable for the koi fishes.
MLG Oatmeal
MLG Oatmeal - 5 years ago
i want to get a massive aquarium, and then put one small goldfish in it.
Jhonatan Torres
Jhonatan Torres - 5 years ago
you should call him Saiyan, strong and a surviver fish
Torque Driver
Torque Driver - 5 years ago
Frank is so cute he always comes up to say hello to you.
fun facts
fun facts - 5 years ago
Really expecting frank to get eaten right away.
adels Bochkara
adels Bochkara - 5 years ago
second fish was a tough bastard :D
Mari Kurokawa
Mari Kurokawa - 5 years ago
congrats for 1 MILLION VIEWS!!
October Primavera
October Primavera - 5 years ago
How...did I end up here?
John - 5 years ago
No risk keeping the Flowerhorn with your expensive fish?
David Ramirez
David Ramirez - 5 years ago
One Million Views! Rock on!
Betta Beauties
Betta Beauties - 5 years ago
Your big beasties are so fun to watch! Currently have a 20 g - and I know my hubby will draw the line at having one 55 or 75 g tank. No fish room for me...
Idon'tbelieveinshortcomments - 5 years ago
h looks amazing from above. . . I'm sorry that I ever doubted you
joe smith
joe smith - 5 years ago
MysteryPink and TCG
MysteryPink and TCG - 5 years ago
So.... When is water changing day?
sara bee
sara bee - 5 years ago
Erly Bahtiar
Erly Bahtiar - 5 years ago
bad idea with the little water man it hurts the fish you know
corndog984 - 5 years ago
in the beginning* "oh that tank isn't that bi-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT"
Wiwin Winarti
Wiwin Winarti - 5 years ago
Ad an arapaima
Thomas Ben
Thomas Ben - 5 years ago
Frank is so cute :')
Frosty Alaska
Frosty Alaska - 5 years ago
why don't they make gmo'd algae that grows on the bottom of the tank eating negative material reducing cleanup and providing a natural food source for the poor trapped bastards?!??
BrickHead Reptiles
BrickHead Reptiles - 5 years ago
Awesome bro
Amanda Wong
Amanda Wong - 5 years ago
Frank is so cute!!!!!
SBbild - 5 years ago
Frank has the EXACT same personality my FH, Drogo has. Joey how much do you feed Frank at a time? He's grown so much faster than mine.
Garbage Human
Garbage Human - 5 years ago
stocked my 10 gallon today.

I have dreams ok
NakedCucumber - 5 years ago
This makes me want fish
I hate Jojo siwa
I hate Jojo siwa - 5 years ago
this looks smaller then 2k gallons
C K - 5 years ago
that Arowana is so aggresive NO THANKS JOEY i will stick with my goldfish
Ruben C.
Ruben C. - 5 years ago
excellent video man. I've been waiting for this since u did the concrete for it. loved it
m me
m me - 5 years ago
Take fish out their nice big lake, into a small water tank.
Connor Adams
Connor Adams - 5 years ago
Over a million views. Good going.
lisaliamcole - 5 years ago
Name him Tobias!!
my 8month old son is obsessed with fish, he watches your channel with me. Anyone would think playschool was on by the way he won't look away from the screen
lisaliamcole - 5 years ago
I actually started watching your channel so o could start up my own tanks again (I haven't had one in years) just so he could have his own
TheHumbleNoob - 5 years ago
That jump at the start tho
Adrian Vendura
Adrian Vendura - 5 years ago
that aquascape is so ugly...
Me B
Me B - 5 years ago
Nice booty too ;)
kALaHaTi - 5 years ago
Might as well put the smaller arowana in there too
Thomas Young
Thomas Young - 5 years ago
damn! 1.3m views. Killing it
Monica Kuzmicki
Monica Kuzmicki - 5 years ago
I loved seeing that fish jump haha
LGW3 Orchids & Exotics
LGW3 Orchids & Exotics - 5 years ago
Looks great Joey!
Pecker - 5 years ago
too mach fish that tank is too small! only one neon tetra could fit in that
Katie Cashe
Katie Cashe - 5 years ago
Frank is by far my favourite fish you have
life hope
life hope - 5 years ago
frank is the cheese im sorry but he's adorable
Lyretail Productions
Lyretail Productions - 5 years ago
I wonder if, he's gonna add a Giant Gourami (if he gets one). Since in another video it seemed to do nicely with other Asian Arowanas.
Ishan Patel
Ishan Patel - 5 years ago
Wow 1.2 mill views so fast
Dorn Lambert
Dorn Lambert - 5 years ago
great tanks I must say!!! Can you do one on Flower Horns 4 us
Stuart Underwood
Stuart Underwood - 5 years ago
Can someone help me identify this weird thing on my fish Joey would love your help
BelFish - 5 years ago
so its oky to put the flowerhorn with other fish in aquarium? how about pacu & fl?

100. comment for ADDING FISH TO THE 2,000G AQUARIUM

rajput - 5 years ago
is anyone here thinks that he can identify a tropical water fish?
Kimsotus Orelius
Kimsotus Orelius - 5 years ago
This was a culmination of all things exciting and awesome in DIY fishkeeping. Congrats on being #1!
MDP91 - 5 years ago
Please add some more sand, cant be the only one who is bothered by the big white patches :(
I'mJustASadTwigOfLemonMyrtle - 5 years ago
Awww Frank
I'mJustASadTwigOfLemonMyrtle - 5 years ago
So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joey Yang
Joey Yang - 5 years ago
Frank is a national treasure lol
MaryRav EquineForever
MaryRav EquineForever - 5 years ago
I love your fish
Firebreather - 5 years ago
Wait, great vid, sure, but how is this trending?!?
calvin ho
calvin ho - 5 years ago
why dont you get tiger datnoids
calvin ho
calvin ho - 5 years ago
you have moved him perfectly better than laast time in the net ....................
Haley Kemp
Haley Kemp - 5 years ago
"Thanks dad!!!" Im dead
Michael Lou
Michael Lou - 5 years ago
Why use a bag? A small plastic bucket is much easier.
D3adRomanc3 - 5 years ago
Sickest aquarium i have ever seen! Keep up your great work! new sub here
Suresh Sampathkumar
Suresh Sampathkumar - 5 years ago
Pls add an hour long video of fishes swimming in 2000g
Patricia Kloeppel
Patricia Kloeppel - 5 years ago
great transfer very awesome fish look great and at home in a new tank
o0oRin - 5 years ago
is that a Golden Arowana?
God - 5 years ago
0:01 that's one scaly dog you got there
Rafał K
Rafał K - 5 years ago
Will you give them female partners?? You have now gib tank.
AnonymAlkoholiker - 5 years ago
What song is playing when the Arowana is beeing bagged? So dope!!
Kristopher Castillo
Kristopher Castillo - 5 years ago
Love your channel. I've been a member for years. Thank you for your hard work and passion for the fish keeping hobby. You inspire us,the fish keeping community. Looking forward to more epic videos Joey!
sammie chun
sammie chun - 5 years ago
1.1mil views
Ezeeuiel Alvarenga
Ezeeuiel Alvarenga - 5 years ago
wow 36 on trending
Bulwark 87
Bulwark 87 - 5 years ago
It was very cool watching the process of this tank, and congratulations on finishing your project. I can't wait to see it florished with plants.
Anna Laitinen
Anna Laitinen - 5 years ago
I was so nervous that the bags would break when he carried them to the aquarium!
JJ Aquariums
JJ Aquariums - 5 years ago
1 million views!!!! wtf damn Joey
No Videos No Subs
No Videos No Subs - 5 years ago
Thought this was going to be an add for call of duty.
False - 5 years ago
Frank is the homie
2638 4930 1146 XD
2638 4930 1146 XD - 5 years ago
Frank has afro
kaushik patel
kaushik patel - 5 years ago
hey! why u dont put grass or aquvatic plant???
Orfeyo - 5 years ago
Joey what's the name of that tune? I can't get it out of my head
Shannon Lozano
Shannon Lozano - 5 years ago
TANKOAQUATICS has the best videos and they're funny go watch and subscribe
mekia02 - 5 years ago
LOL " He's like thanks Dad!", I love it!
Haley Beth
Haley Beth - 5 years ago
Zesty Italian
Zesty Italian - 5 years ago
Jacob ygren
Jacob ygren - 5 years ago
looks awesome!!!
Mudda Alex
Mudda Alex - 5 years ago
Tommy Ohlrich
Tommy Ohlrich - 5 years ago
Hey hey! Finally! Wanna see the stingrays! Hoping for the best this time man. Remember the 'eggs in a basket' bs though. Put failsafes on your backups on your backups.
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli - 5 years ago
why am i so fascinate with his videos i dont have any rare exotic expensive fish. i just have some lazy cats
Scottie_ R_Jr
Scottie_ R_Jr - 5 years ago
You have got to have the COOLEST Wife ever!
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams - 5 years ago
Like a dragon when looking from above
Srijana Shrestha
Srijana Shrestha - 5 years ago
king of diy can i put my arowana with flowerhorn in 3500 Gall tan
Zom Bee Nature
Zom Bee Nature - 5 years ago
I am glad it's not a saltwater tank. Those are not worth the trouble. I was bitten by an Arowana; I bled pretty well...
Everyone, please watch my tiny nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!
Nabil Bsat
Nabil Bsat - 5 years ago
i have a dilemma that i am facing
I have three oscars one 8 in one 7 in one 5 in in an 80 gallon tank (I know it is too small which is my dilemma) i have a 100 gal aquarium which is empthy and enough for two of the three oscars so i have three options
a) move two oscars down and get another fish for the oscar in the other aquarium (specify what fish please)
b) give one back and fill the aquarium with other fish
c) get rid of two of them and fill the 100 gal with fish

someone answer
Ze Inacio Ribeiro Ribeiro
Ze Inacio Ribeiro Ribeiro - 5 years ago
parabéns pelo seu trabalho ! tem ajudado muitas pessoas !
Andrew Hockenhull
Andrew Hockenhull - 5 years ago
1 million views congratulations Joey :D
Dark_Kitten - 5 years ago
That flower horn is adorable!!
Dhanuka Perera
Dhanuka Perera - 5 years ago
Bro I love the tank but those are some ugly ass fish
Imperial Point of View
Imperial Point of View - 5 years ago
Number 13 on trending: PUTTING A FISH IN A BIG WATER TANK
Adriana Valdés
Adriana Valdés - 5 years ago
So happy to see this finally coming together, so proud of what you've achieved
Teo Andy
Teo Andy - 5 years ago
can u make more video on the flowerhorn? the littel guy looking good
Pink Barbie Doll
Pink Barbie Doll - 5 years ago
I've got no idea of what trending is but I want to see the sexy sump in action!
KJ Gung-eon
KJ Gung-eon - 5 years ago
Flowerhorn and Arowana :)
Martin Lorenzo Oconer Yuzon
Martin Lorenzo Oconer Yuzon - 5 years ago
My dad watched only the first part of this vid and said a flower horn needs that large tank to itself?

He needs to watch the whole vid
He really needs to
Elliot Mallard
Elliot Mallard - 5 years ago
I think this is the best video I've ever seen in my life.
Little Fish
Little Fish - 5 years ago
Omg yes I've waited for this moment :)
Jim AoE Daligdig
Jim AoE Daligdig - 5 years ago
Million views my boy. Big things are coming
Ash Garrix
Ash Garrix - 5 years ago
Slaysmr - 5 years ago
I LOVE the way this video was edited! Keep it going! ❤
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 5 years ago
Add a few hundred rummynose tetras
Bathtubfairy Cotton
Bathtubfairy Cotton - 5 years ago
so cool. I once had a school of talopia. they're easy to take care of and seemed to love interaction and appreciated food!!!!!!
Nicks Exotics
Nicks Exotics - 5 years ago
congrats for making this your 7th most viewed video already!
MrCharismatix - 5 years ago
Jason McClough
Jason McClough - 5 years ago
Frank is the best! Love that fish.
D. S.
D. S. - 5 years ago
I thought you shouldn't mix your water from the different fishtanks you have , when putting in your new one. Or that is only the case when pet store water is the case ?
rashmi baral
rashmi baral - 5 years ago
Man your flowerhorn is starting to become a celebrity.
Michelle Weng
Michelle Weng - 5 years ago
Zeidi - 5 years ago
I love frank.
Athletic - Dashole
Athletic - Dashole - 5 years ago
Your hairy legs are repulsing
anonymous_bmx_and_stuntrider anonymous
anonymous_bmx_and_stuntrider anonymous - 5 years ago
he didn't want to leave lol
TheDarkWarLord 206
TheDarkWarLord 206 - 5 years ago
U should add plants or lilli pads
Tran Vu
Tran Vu - 5 years ago
shrimps or small fishes will def get eaten, both of those fishes have huge appetites
M - 5 years ago
The little guys would probably get eaten
TheDarkWarLord 206
TheDarkWarLord 206 - 5 years ago
Wait nvm forget the plants u already said plant but ADD LITTLE SHRImP AND LITTLE NEoN FISH it looks natural
TheDarkWarLord 206
TheDarkWarLord 206 - 5 years ago
Or add little fish
Paula Samuelson
Paula Samuelson - 5 years ago
looking really awesome Joey. can't wait to see the rays in with the other two. woo!! hop!!
adf adf
adf adf - 5 years ago
When are you gonna toss him on the grill and eat him?
Betta Josh
Betta Josh - 5 years ago
Would it be weird if I said I'd only put one male Betta I there and watch him explore the whole tank over time that would be so cool lol
Michigan Matt
Michigan Matt - 5 years ago
how does this channel only have nearly 500k subs? I'm not a fish person, I've killed enough gold fish to know when to stop. but I can watch him talk about his fish for 10+ minutes a pop.
Ron Douglas
Ron Douglas - 5 years ago
Damn... very cute... and also the aquarium.
problems - 5 years ago
but how do you clean it
Magical land Of memes
Magical land Of memes - 5 years ago
I'm really craving fish right now
Evan Eversole
Evan Eversole - 5 years ago
how coome at 6:57 the wood on the left looks cut off I don't remember seeing that....
Yahya Hassen
Yahya Hassen - 5 years ago
my favorite video ever!
so exciting and I loved the aisian arowana move!
Evan Eversole
Evan Eversole - 5 years ago
Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot - 5 years ago
Frank just need a hoe to accompany him dad..
Ray Bondi Jr
Ray Bondi Jr - 5 years ago
congrats on being trending
Citedel Gaming
Citedel Gaming - 5 years ago
finally the tank is finished!!!!!!
CIRCUS NERVOUS - 5 years ago
Put a live camera under water in the 2000g
XxBrightSoundxX - 5 years ago
1 million views. Congrats Joey. You got me back into the hobby a few months ago after a 10 year hiatus. Thank you!
Alejandro marquez
Alejandro marquez - 5 years ago
Yesss finalll!!!!!
MayburyMayhem - 5 years ago
Jonah Linze
Jonah Linze - 5 years ago
LOVE your videos!
Daray - 5 years ago
Joey my friend from Thailand his family breed flowerhorns and Dragonfish (AAs) he saw your video and freaked out when you put them together he said they will bite at each other's fins just a heads up maybe they won't cause Frank is so sweet.
Chris - 5 years ago
You should've made a wooden background to that tank :(
It'd look much better than white.
Udaya Balamurugan
Udaya Balamurugan - 5 years ago
turn on captions at 1:37
Udaya Balamurugan
Udaya Balamurugan - 5 years ago
would be tough to clean that tank
Mind Flowers
Mind Flowers - 5 years ago
How much to setup a tank this size for freshwater fish?
Westwood 2101
Westwood 2101 - 5 years ago
you the man joey... love your ch. ,ur advice , just all u bring to the fish community.. Thanks bro.... from Inglewood, California
Aria Germanota
Aria Germanota - 5 years ago
frank is one hot fish xD
John James Rambo
John James Rambo - 5 years ago
Frank looks amazing and what a great character!
John James Rambo
John James Rambo - 5 years ago
You have beautiful fish wow
Pat Lager
Pat Lager - 5 years ago
Once you add the plants add some very small fish like tetras that will hide in the plants are are quick enough to not get eaten by any of the bigger fish
It would be cool to see the hierarchy and feeding order
Kati Combs
Kati Combs - 5 years ago
watch my vids
blindabinda123 - 5 years ago
beautiful tank and fish. what kind of fish is frank?
jack ooi
jack ooi - 5 years ago
Joye, your fish are so so so lucky to have the owner like you.
Jenic Darling
Jenic Darling - 5 years ago
It would be cool to see a Great White shark in a huge aquarium.
Justin - 5 years ago
really nice work
Julius Wicked
Julius Wicked - 5 years ago
1 Million views yoohoo!!! (my 10th time watching this)
Kenzie Adventures
Kenzie Adventures - 5 years ago
Whoa! That's a cool fish tank!
Steven Bourgeois
Steven Bourgeois - 5 years ago
Congratulations! It's beautiful. How on earth will you clean it? Or manage the algae?
Andrew cameron
Andrew cameron - 5 years ago
man how the comments change on a trending video!!!! congrats joey 1000000 views in 24 hrs!! good job man
PROJENT - 5 years ago
that fish has a better hairline than my dad if he were still here
KING OME- norway
KING OME- norway - 5 years ago
Was it only my shipping that did cost as much as the t-shirt?
radblook - 5 years ago
i think this tank is literally bigger than my room...
Dank Meme
Dank Meme - 5 years ago
Omggg!!!!! Congrats on trending so happy for you❤️
Sameer Menon
Sameer Menon - 5 years ago
At 0:00 you can see that the video starts.
Chubby Fish
Chubby Fish - 5 years ago
Manny Lee6 awesome videos toacboac
Manny Lee6 awesome videos toacboac - 5 years ago
Great job joey, been watching your for many years. Glad you got #1 trending
Apple Honey Tea
Apple Honey Tea - 5 years ago
Oh my gosh I am in love with your tank! Do you plan to add any more fish or just the freshwater stingrays?
R-AIK - 5 years ago
I'm sure you already know but you can lose an arrowana if you have an open top!
Moneer ahmed
Moneer ahmed - 5 years ago
that frank fish looks like a Edward fish
GRAYSCO18 JC18 - 5 years ago
Lmao was one of those songs a remix of the HTTR theme song
B's Aquatics
B's Aquatics - 5 years ago
tyson the dog
tyson the dog - 5 years ago
1 million views good job
Ms. Woodard
Ms. Woodard - 5 years ago
how much is the electric bill
Nick Lol
Nick Lol - 5 years ago
Imagine a betta living in that tank
Ally Fiorido
Ally Fiorido - 5 years ago
autistic aesthetic
autistic aesthetic - 5 years ago
y is this trending?
cash it roulette
cash it roulette - 5 years ago
looks dope
Timothy Love
Timothy Love - 5 years ago
You have some very ugly fish
BoB n fishy
BoB n fishy - 5 years ago
a full day later and this is still trending
Ariel Bledsoe
Ariel Bledsoe - 5 years ago
Frank is adorable!
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming - 5 years ago
Number 3 on trending nice!
Nino Nestor Navarro Melchor
Nino Nestor Navarro Melchor - 5 years ago
Finally. Been following all you update and had been waiting for this day. Happy for you buddy . You deserve it. Such a genuine smile and joy all throughout your face . Godbless and all the best.
theepicsealshow123 - 5 years ago
INB4 a giant truck smashed into his house and breaks the tank -0-
chris zanotti
chris zanotti - 5 years ago
why is this trending at 3
Timothy Kiefer
Timothy Kiefer - 5 years ago
Pile Of Crap
Pile Of Crap - 5 years ago
Nearly one mill views!
This is a huge ACCOMPLISHMENT.
HammerandNails withBitsy
HammerandNails withBitsy - 5 years ago
Beautiful fish!!!! Nic aquarium. I think they are loving thier new home. That second one was feisty.
Jonah Brady
Jonah Brady - 5 years ago
this tank is still smaller than the tanks inside the Frys Electronics in San macros :P
卐Nabstaton卐 - 5 years ago
Sofia The were wolf
Sofia The were wolf - 5 years ago
Lol the fish didnt even care it just jumped over his hand
hansonsux - 5 years ago
Next one will be "I fedcthe fish".
IntensePlayerProductions - 5 years ago
This is Timmy
Juanita Lappost
Juanita Lappost - 5 years ago
al pan chino no masguerra
ZipperBoxFilms - 5 years ago
1:36 turn on subtitles... HAHAHAHAHA
Logan Wincz
Logan Wincz - 5 years ago
rip elbow
Robert Adamék
Robert Adamék - 5 years ago
rock angel
Striyd - 5 years ago
One word.
Pain in the ass to clean.
Slimy Stuff
Slimy Stuff - 5 years ago
Six words
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen - 5 years ago
How can you tell if the arowana is a female or a male???
ShadowNinja Gaming
ShadowNinja Gaming - 5 years ago
I wanna see how cool it'll look with more fish. I subscribe, I like, I stay tuned!
max playne
max playne - 5 years ago
why is this trending??
Andrew Dingman
Andrew Dingman - 5 years ago
post the stingray video and when are you gonna add the blood red Asian arawana?!!
Mikayla Petrova
Mikayla Petrova - 5 years ago
Good job Joey! I hope i get to have an aquarium the same size one day!
King of Cannabis
King of Cannabis - 5 years ago
Who the hell is disliking this?
sabirin Mahamed
sabirin Mahamed - 5 years ago
why the hell is this trending???
Majic - 5 years ago
wow tight
King of Random
King of Random - 5 years ago
put more arowana's there mate
VaynOG - 5 years ago
Is it 2000G or 2000KG
Madison Cabral
Madison Cabral - 5 years ago
Frank is my spirit animal. "All he ever thinks of is food"
Bryce Mazloum
Bryce Mazloum - 5 years ago
I thought the flowerhorn would be small enough to be eaten
NorCalGopeds - 5 years ago
your video is the #2 trending on YouTube
Oppressed Kekistani
Oppressed Kekistani - 5 years ago
must be a bugger to clean out
Sydney Lee
Sydney Lee - 5 years ago
This is so sad.. reminds me of Finding Nemo
Charles - 5 years ago
Aren't Asian Arowana illegal to own?
King Dededediddles
King Dededediddles - 5 years ago
your not a mlg fishkepper unless u git a millyen gallin refe aquarum!!!
Austin Schlarb
Austin Schlarb - 5 years ago
Anyone know the song?
Pat O
Pat O - 5 years ago
Hey Joey. Any plans to ever upgrade your camera to something that shoots in 4K? With the new gallery I plan on watching more videos on my TV to get a better sense of size.

I watched this one on TV yesterday and it didn't look quite as good as my phone. Not big deal though. I know these cameras are pricey.
SuperDannyBoy95 - 5 years ago
He's hot.
meetzerocool bart
meetzerocool bart - 5 years ago
What are you going to do with the old tanks
Akira Oda
Akira Oda - 5 years ago
Why use the imperial system? I honestly have no idea how much is 2k gallons
Amber Haslam
Amber Haslam - 5 years ago
your tank is too small
fluffy kitty
fluffy kitty - 5 years ago
Saw an arowana in a tank at a restaurant today and my first reaction was "omg thAT'S THE JOEY FISH!!!"
Tegan Lov
Tegan Lov - 5 years ago
Those fish are way too big for the tank
Ryuko - 5 years ago
asian marijuana?
OGInfinite - 5 years ago
Alex Bee
Alex Bee - 5 years ago
Congrats on still trending! :)
Eloo DelPiero
Eloo DelPiero - 5 years ago
Frank is so cute
Deon 0026
Deon 0026 - 5 years ago
About time a fish channel hit #1
Carson Wolf
Carson Wolf - 5 years ago
I want a pizza

MOHUDEEN SY - 5 years ago
MOHUDEEN SY - 5 years ago
T-bones Tanks
T-bones Tanks - 5 years ago
Like your videos
Bernard Gullett
Bernard Gullett - 5 years ago
sweet I can finally pick up a shirt thanks man
spider 32345
spider 32345 - 5 years ago
not to be mean, but I don't see the point of this video
spider 32345
spider 32345 - 5 years ago
Tom New somewhat
Tom New
Tom New - 5 years ago
spider 32345 are you dead inside?
lala Smith
lala Smith - 5 years ago
please watch my YouTube channel
Brandon Mays
Brandon Mays - 5 years ago
Almost 900k views and he's not at 500k subs yet? Come on guys.
zeaundra gayle
zeaundra gayle - 5 years ago
Brandon Mays I watch this guy's videos and I only realised I was not subscribed today.
cody guillen
cody guillen - 5 years ago
Follow me on Instagram @kilshot_24
Karla Garcia
Karla Garcia - 5 years ago
Aaron Mosely
Aaron Mosely - 5 years ago
Aaron Mosely
Aaron Mosely - 5 years ago
spingel88 - 5 years ago
Yaaaaaay, Frank!
RAYMOND FOX - 5 years ago
Number 1 on trending boi!
Alex Rose
Alex Rose - 5 years ago
hey man, you're awesome! the way you treat all of these fish, it's brilliant and make my heart getting melt
David Huynh
David Huynh - 5 years ago
where are you located?
Abe De Los Rios
Abe De Los Rios - 5 years ago
that ass
Colin Jozefowicz
Colin Jozefowicz - 5 years ago
you should do a live stream of the tank when it has all the fish added
Fluffywabbit - 5 years ago
How expensive was that tank?
Tubitus - 5 years ago
My gf dumped me and said that she will come back if I get 500 subs! Please help me
Adrian Aguilar
Adrian Aguilar - 5 years ago
Deon 0026
Deon 0026 - 5 years ago
Joey has the same Flower horn as me!!
Jacob Moorman
Jacob Moorman - 5 years ago
This is so amazing
Jarreled Stewirt Winslet.
Jarreled Stewirt Winslet. - 5 years ago
wtf number 1 on trending? maybe number 30 but number 1?????
Kaleb Films
Kaleb Films - 5 years ago
Why is this number one on trending omg.
Bleumoon - 5 years ago
congrats! can't wait for the rays tomorrow
Kaidence Nicole
Kaidence Nicole - 5 years ago
The Goldfish Whisperer
The Goldfish Whisperer - 5 years ago
ThatPromotionGuy - 5 years ago
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez - 5 years ago
Cooks fish after video ends
Israel P Jr99
Israel P Jr99 - 5 years ago
He looks like Ryan swaze in the thumbnail
Lightning Amvs
Lightning Amvs - 5 years ago
On my pastime i like to fill the hot tub with spaghetti and pretend that i am a meatball
Public Envy NO.1
Public Envy NO.1 - 5 years ago
I wanna meet you! nice fish!
natalie hausler
natalie hausler - 5 years ago
I'll watch youtibe videos while I'm on break at work, so my co-workers are always over my shoulder. they've seen some of your videos and although they dont follow you I'll get questions like " did that fish guy finishes that aquarium yet?" my boyfriend will ask me too. so I have to relay updates to everyone!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 5 years ago
+natalie hausler Tell them all I said hello!
Koopra11 - 5 years ago
congrats on being #1 most tending on youtube!
Ulises Garcia
Ulises Garcia - 5 years ago
u should add a fish tower than the fish can swim up over the water and u can see them better
Joshua Weese
Joshua Weese - 5 years ago
kool video look forward to the next
Dilly Pickle
Dilly Pickle - 5 years ago
You should jump in.
Mini Vinny
Mini Vinny - 5 years ago
They're gonna get hurt off of that giant pointy branch :(
Khang Pham
Khang Pham - 5 years ago
Frank is me
Malcolm Battle
Malcolm Battle - 5 years ago
Damn That's a fat ass aquarium
Alison Martin
Alison Martin - 5 years ago
"He came right back to me" like a father-son Nemo moment
Alison Martin
Alison Martin - 5 years ago
This is partial artsy vlog and partial tutorial... for anyone else planning on using a 2,000G aquarium...
Alison Martin
Alison Martin - 5 years ago
Is anyone else deathly afraid of fish... this was torture
Khaotic - 5 years ago
I'm glad this was trending, this is actually rather calming more so than I expected and he's rather charming. Welp .... guess it's time to go through the rest of your videos and subscribe. It's happening. No one can stop me. I've always enjoyed fish, I've wanted a big tank for a while but I simply don't have the room or funds, but one day.
Ultimate Fishkeeping Show
Ultimate Fishkeeping Show - 5 years ago
Absolutely Brilliant, looks incredible.
We love that you have introduced the Arowana and the Flowerhorn to each other.
We look forward to seeing the Sting Rays in there along with the Fish.
Enter Username -x
Enter Username -x - 5 years ago
One of the first aquarium channels to reach #1 TRENDING CONGRATS
Kevin Espino
Kevin Espino - 5 years ago
"Lets check back in a day to see how hes doing" 1:52

Fish is dead
Maryann Bitto
Maryann Bitto - 5 years ago
Maryann Bitto you
initialfunk - 5 years ago
I think the 2000gal is missing a DIY sticker..
Stephona Lewis
Stephona Lewis - 5 years ago
fish is food
Shubi Sharan Raghavan
Shubi Sharan Raghavan - 5 years ago
is this saltwater or freshwater
Ryan's games 101
Ryan's games 101 - 5 years ago
Shubi Sharan Raghavan freshwater
Jerome Perner
Jerome Perner - 5 years ago
Sooooooo cool. I am watching it over and over again.
Desmond Davis
Desmond Davis - 5 years ago
Awesome build! Not sure if this is the right place to ask but on the bucket canister build, does the ball valve sizes matter in relation to the pump size and power?
Snitz - 5 years ago
very nice driftwood! where did you get it?
KwikDraw 35
KwikDraw 35 - 5 years ago
finally a video that deserves to be trending....congrats
Frank and I are alike, only think about food
Eli &Nana
Eli &Nana - 5 years ago
This video is awesome finally something valuable trending
Big Bass Nation
Big Bass Nation - 5 years ago
Am I the only one who hates the new comment
Jan Abbring
Jan Abbring - 5 years ago
Wow, Joey, what a great looking tank. Well done!!
Rin - 5 years ago
Aw cute they're so happy
Day 2 Day
Day 2 Day - 5 years ago
Soon hitting 1mil joey. Well done
Nathan Woof!
Nathan Woof! - 5 years ago
congrats being #1 on the trending list for youtube!
Freezing ACE
Freezing ACE - 5 years ago
Tell me why he is number 1 trending I liked the vid but never heard if him ?
Luigib BV
Luigib BV - 5 years ago
Anna Brown
Anna Brown - 5 years ago
I didn't know you could have these types of fish as pets
Fardin Mondal
Fardin Mondal - 5 years ago
what is the background song?
Lan Friesen
Lan Friesen - 5 years ago
I love when animals have human names
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball - 5 years ago
Frank is some ugly ass fish though lol
Robert Plant
Robert Plant - 5 years ago
dude Frank is hot
KingOfStillwater Boss
KingOfStillwater Boss - 5 years ago
why is this trending?
Migdalia Garcia
Migdalia Garcia - 5 years ago
I love the updates. on a separate note got a question for you. I have a 90gallon take that was in a garage. that sustained heavy smoke damage from a fire to the house. tank was new when it was placed in there. should I reseal this tank to make it usable for fish or if I rinse it out a few times will it be fish safe. I ask cause I understand the silicone can absorb chemicals
Lora Mueller
Lora Mueller - 5 years ago
Ahhh!! Your little flower horn is LOVING that tank! AWESOME JOB!! Do you have any plans to add a streaming cam so we can watch them even in between videos??
syd - 5 years ago
Frank out here having me crying in the club, he's just so happy and carefree. Everybody should be like frank
syd - 5 years ago
TheTechosaur1 1
TheTechosaur1 1 - 5 years ago
RAVINDER S Purba - 5 years ago
Great Videos,  I have learned a lot from your Videos and still doing so, I just shut down 375 gallon reef tank and I am planning on getting 800- 900 gallon reef tank. Size I am looking for is 90" x 72" x 34", Do you think it is doable with plywood tank with this size and this tank will be 3 sided glass view and overflow on the other side?
KathrynJag - 5 years ago
lil fishies
bridgeboy513 - 5 years ago
My fishes's are so much smarter. They can dance.
Gurg Mesh
Gurg Mesh - 5 years ago
Frank is a cutie
Yankeeguayo - 5 years ago
That boy Frank
Estuardo cali boys last I'll Rivera
Estuardo cali boys last I'll Rivera - 5 years ago
love your aquarium good job
TenSilver - 5 years ago
can you name that fish that kept running away Amanda Nunes?
Caesar Kraft
Caesar Kraft - 5 years ago
i got an arowana today
Lonesome TV
Lonesome TV - 5 years ago
can you give me a fish my Insta is tyler_litfam03
Katie Erickson
Katie Erickson - 5 years ago
I love it, you are still at the top! WOOT!
Fernando Smith
Fernando Smith - 5 years ago
#1 Joey we're bigger than versitas project
Daniel - 5 years ago
Why is this #1 trending?
Ztran - 5 years ago
Art Z
Art Z - 5 years ago
frank has a brain tumor
Hacking Turtle
Hacking Turtle - 5 years ago
love fish
John Moua
John Moua - 5 years ago
You're so good towards your fish. keep it up
Rhyme Timer 89
Rhyme Timer 89 - 5 years ago
Congrats on #1 bro!
Minecraft only
Minecraft only - 5 years ago
2 view
Seems legit
Jaime Castro
Jaime Castro - 5 years ago
Spencer does random stuff
Spencer does random stuff - 5 years ago
omg god joey you're number one on trending
Joshua Salluce
Joshua Salluce - 5 years ago
Evaldo - 5 years ago
somehow i like this guys personality
Aka Dreamz
Aka Dreamz - 5 years ago
1 like this comment: 9 views
3 likes this comment: 30 views
10 like this comment: 110 views
Neon Tetra Aquarist
Neon Tetra Aquarist - 5 years ago
Next 7z Whaaa?????
Zu Zahra
Zu Zahra - 5 years ago
What if the big fish ate the little fish
Class Project
Class Project - 5 years ago
Still number 1 on trending
Nikolai Altergott
Nikolai Altergott - 5 years ago
after watching Nemo, I feel sad for these fish
Anthony Ragan
Anthony Ragan - 5 years ago
I'm amazed the flowerhorn and the arowana get along. Neat!
CiRdy34 - 5 years ago
OMG #1 in YouTube trending!
Lexi Ermels
Lexi Ermels - 5 years ago
Joey yaaas. Congrats on all the views. You've done so much for the fishcourse (fish discourse).
SALTY - 5 years ago
you still have the #1 spot
ROHIT MESHRAM - 5 years ago
i really felt happy when i saw the Flower Horn in the 2k gallon. i felt bad for him when frank was in small tank... i feel free jus watching him in the big tank with his big brother, The Arowana!!!
geoffrey smith
geoffrey smith - 5 years ago
excellent!! . looks stunning even without plants joey!!
tommy b
tommy b - 5 years ago
looking good. way to go, #1 trending when I watched.
Benjamin Lewers
Benjamin Lewers - 5 years ago
Ruby pearlish
Ruby pearlish - 5 years ago
Opalite Bettas
Opalite Bettas - 5 years ago
It's Beautiful With The Fish, Good Work
Madison Ashbach
Madison Ashbach - 5 years ago
Chelsi Martin
Chelsi Martin - 5 years ago
Frank is adorable!! makes me want to get one! he's like a little puppy :)
arlkrt83 - 5 years ago
They look so happy in their new home.
honda rider
honda rider - 5 years ago
ur flowerhorn is so beautiful
Xeno 66
Xeno 66 - 5 years ago
#1 on trending my dudes
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - 5 years ago
Jen Jung
Jen Jung - 5 years ago
Joey, you're number 1 on trending!!!!
Is Mail
Is Mail - 5 years ago
yolo beast
yolo beast - 5 years ago
I'm allergic to fish
NW fishkeeper
NW fishkeeper - 5 years ago
Congratulations on holding the number one spot for twenty-four hours, I bet your super excited. It would be cool to see the rays battling it out with Frank and Mr. Blue, the Asian Arowana, for the number one spot on YouTube tomorrow.
NW fishkeeper
NW fishkeeper - 5 years ago
thank you for the "loved by the King of DIY". I have never commented on YouTube before and this will be the 3rd, scouts honor.
Randy H.
Randy H. - 5 years ago
In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, an Arawana is worth 10,000 Bells.
Hayden Edmonds
Hayden Edmonds - 5 years ago
how is this number 1 on trending
Rafal Omnom
Rafal Omnom - 5 years ago
2nd fish looks delicious.
Lauren Del Rey
Lauren Del Rey - 5 years ago
What kind of fish is Frank?
Rajesh kesavan Menon
Rajesh kesavan Menon - 5 years ago
Hi Joey ! Greetings from Singapore ! Awesome setup ! The sheer scale of the setup is mind boggling. Congratulations and keep up the good work . Best wishes . A big fan of your channel . Cheers
blaze lightwood
blaze lightwood - 5 years ago
man ur doing a great job but but your videos r becoming to short u have us waiting all week for 7min of footage now thats not cool at all
moneyn100 - 5 years ago
so a 2kg aquarium then???
Wszyc - 5 years ago
Joey you think you're the king and you think you're making this aquarium gallery for yourself and the comunity but all that it's not true... The true is that your arowana was showing you in those eyes that he own this aquarium and this house :D Previous building was to small for both of you :D You could choose between building bigger aquarium for him or moving youself out of his territory let say to the garage :D He's the real king here :D
Solid Gold Aquatics
Solid Gold Aquatics - 5 years ago
Awesome video once again Joey and CONGRATS ON #1 ON TRENDING!!! :o
Clauds - 5 years ago
Solid Gold Aquatics hi jenny
Julius Wicked
Julius Wicked - 5 years ago
i love you Jenny
ZONE Dixidia
ZONE Dixidia - 5 years ago
Solid Gold Aquatics hi jenny .I decide to own a goldfish when I saw ur channel. . and I own a flowerhorn seeing frank in this channel ..anyways im a subscriber of urs
Alex Bee
Alex Bee - 5 years ago
Hi Jenny! You are the reason I got into fish keeping! I love your videos I hope you trend next :)
Jacob Silva the fishy
Jacob Silva the fishy - 5 years ago
Jenny I watch you too
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 5 years ago
Thanks Jenny!
Tide Detergent
Tide Detergent - 5 years ago
Ugly ass shirts
AИԌELHѺᏒSЄ - 5 years ago
Jax Besherse
Jax Besherse - 5 years ago
why doesn't he put more stuff in his aquariums?
TomcanKnife - 5 years ago
javel faderugao
javel faderugao - 5 years ago
Put the backgrounds ❤️❤️❤️ This is so awesome!
shayan husham
shayan husham - 5 years ago
I never thought I'd live to the day a fellow fish keeper reached No.1 on trending. It's a dream come true. Good job man, bringing fish keeping to the mainstream
Young Purch
Young Purch - 5 years ago
Dude. number one on trending
Char Lee
Char Lee - 5 years ago
I love Frank!!.. Great video Joey. I worked a 12 hour day yesterday and when I got home I couldn't wait to watch this big move. Looking forward to seeing the rays moved over! Great job!
Lauren Callahan
Lauren Callahan - 5 years ago
minhhai kim
minhhai kim - 5 years ago
I say Roman Atwood aquarium is better
Connor Bloop
Connor Bloop - 5 years ago
Turn captions on at 1:37
Samur Jee
Samur Jee - 5 years ago
Dear Joey, I like your videos and I like having pet fish, maybe you should try the Black Knife Ghost Fish they grow very big, but the are very smart
Jose Carlos Ruiz
Jose Carlos Ruiz - 5 years ago
I can relate to frank
Le Thicc Spy
Le Thicc Spy - 5 years ago
I appreciate the effort you put into it
Outdoor Adventures With Will
Outdoor Adventures With Will - 5 years ago
I'm watching tanked and this is like nothing vs them
Double Mat
Double Mat - 5 years ago
Anyone that likes and sub i will sub back
Gold Lynel
Gold Lynel - 5 years ago
Right now on July 10th at 11:44 New York time there is 777k views on this video....2017
Julie Tran
Julie Tran - 5 years ago
#1 TRENDING!!!!!!
FintasticFish - 5 years ago
Ian_ Apples
Ian_ Apples - 5 years ago
Guys what's that thing called that's like a ton of hanging pieces that overlap each other and it doesn't look like anything but when you look at it from a certain angle it makes up something?? What's it called
Quantas? - 5 years ago
That first fish looks like a genius.
NSITF MCPE - 5 years ago
the fish was probably terrified because the water level was going down at such speed
SuperAwais12 - 5 years ago
Knowing nothing about this channel, I was expecting a douchy "look at my crib" video but its awesome to see your love for fishes, oddly enough it really opened my eyes to how fascinating fish are, so yeah thanks for the fish video.
Carlos Topete
Carlos Topete - 5 years ago
He does videos... a lot
Ezekiel Bartlem
Ezekiel Bartlem - 5 years ago
It's so cool to see people being drawn into the hobby by this channel, if you do start an aquarium feel free to ask for advice.
nishchay pallav
nishchay pallav - 5 years ago
SuperAwais12 He is a house husband.
SuperAwais12 - 5 years ago
Yeah iv been binge watching all his stuff! Im more impressed that he does all this by himself, anyone know what he does for a living?
nishchay pallav
nishchay pallav - 5 years ago
SuperAwais12 Since you are new to this channel, you should watch more videos of him. Hope you like it. :)
Anthony Smitj
Anthony Smitj - 5 years ago
don't spell poo back wards

it's a trap
Tony .R
Tony .R - 5 years ago
Add some green on it dude, it looks lifeless.
Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright - 5 years ago
arton fuerte they'll just rip it all up
Rylan Hurley
Rylan Hurley - 5 years ago
I hate when people ask for likes subs and comments

Like sub and comment if u agree
Andrew Colombani
Andrew Colombani - 5 years ago
I swear to god I will like this comment
Angels den
Angels den - 5 years ago
LOL, frank was the guinea pig
Keitaro Imaidegawa
Keitaro Imaidegawa - 5 years ago
What was the song used? :O
Nova Studium
Nova Studium - 5 years ago
such a joy to watch <3
bigdogtrist - 5 years ago
Man , that's a lot of G's. I think fighter pilots only experience 7
leo g
leo g - 5 years ago
have you ever seen a shark for sale at a fish store??? I have but it was to expensive so I didn't get it:(
RJ SirCasm
RJ SirCasm - 5 years ago
#1 on trending. congrats, you deserve it Joey
Susan for SLC Aquatics
Susan for SLC Aquatics - 5 years ago
congratulations Joey on the Trending #1!!! and adding fish to the tank! woo hoo!
Jordi Xavier
Jordi Xavier - 5 years ago
Super Frank.
Hands on S.A
Hands on S.A - 5 years ago
now that you all set up whem arw you bringing the gold fish back...
truong the thanh
truong the thanh - 5 years ago
i love u
abd abboud
abd abboud - 5 years ago
hamza idrees
hamza idrees - 5 years ago
X XAli_GaMErX X - 5 years ago
Make a tank for a puffer fish
Ján Švasta
Ján Švasta - 5 years ago
TrapSquid - 5 years ago
Asian marijuana
That _ Boi420
That _ Boi420 - 5 years ago
Why is this the number 1 trending?
Clarence Silvers
Clarence Silvers - 5 years ago
congrats on the #1 Trending Joey!!!!! just watched dustinsfishtanks video about it! love your vids and the gallery is sick!!
Captain Picard
Captain Picard - 5 years ago
I hope one day I can find a fish with half the personality that Frank has.
punith kumar
punith kumar - 5 years ago
Bro some more updates on this 2 big brthrs plss
Rowell V
Rowell V - 5 years ago
grats on the #1 trending! been subscribed to you for so long. you deserve it!
great white lover
great white lover - 5 years ago
Mr Scar3crow
Mr Scar3crow - 5 years ago
how is this #1
RiceFlyer - 5 years ago
wow this is way to much, I just store my fish in my pool

oh wait
Lucky Wize
Lucky Wize - 5 years ago
niceeeee arwana ...

congrats for the #1 trending
Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands
Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands - 5 years ago
Really nice to see them getting along.,
Medallionz Gt
Medallionz Gt - 5 years ago
Hey dude I'm planing on buying a aquarium how many gallons should I have ?
Shrimp Life
Shrimp Life - 5 years ago
1984 .0
1984 .0 - 5 years ago
And this guy knows nothing about fishes..! ¬,¬

All the aquarium channels must be jealous he's #1 at Trends in a channel like this
Serious Special Sarcastic Silly Spontaneous Potato
Serious Special Sarcastic Silly Spontaneous Potato - 5 years ago
This motherfucker is gonna have a water bill higher than Snoop Dogg when he has to do his weekly 50% water replacement.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo - 5 years ago
Ai đăng ký để đăng ký lại
A Nod
A Nod - 5 years ago
Hmm... how can we think it's alright to eat fish.
yoboyjonathan bloot sighn
yoboyjonathan bloot sighn - 5 years ago
SMITH tv - 5 years ago
You're #1 on trending
Japhet Anciado
Japhet Anciado - 5 years ago
The arowana <3
Ernie Thinnakone
Ernie Thinnakone - 5 years ago
why not use clove oil as fish anesthetic to help the move?
Dota 2 Rampage
Dota 2 Rampage - 5 years ago
Carl Reed
Carl Reed - 5 years ago
Jesus is for real.
Muzamil Ahmed S
Muzamil Ahmed S - 5 years ago
a few Indonesian tiger fish for the 2000g
Duke Darwin
Duke Darwin - 5 years ago
Dude fish don't become friends.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 5 years ago
Mine do
tic tac tech
tic tac tech - 5 years ago
is that a shirt body flowerhorn
Dylan Eagles
Dylan Eagles - 5 years ago
as i thought, Frank is the boss of this tank HAHAHA
absolutely amazing to finally see fish in there, especially since we ain't seen much of them during the build, good job Joey :)
Tim Brackett
Tim Brackett - 5 years ago
What happen to moving the Stingrays first?
D Mufasa
D Mufasa - 5 years ago
I wanna watch more of the fish swim come on joe
Creative Mastermind
Creative Mastermind - 5 years ago
I'm all for new builds and being creative, but this is just an obsession that has gotten out of hand. I understand the need for more space and giving the family back there personal space, but you just constructed an entire building just to build a tank to rehoming the same old fish you already have? Why not do some custom install and introduce some new fish to your channel? All we ever see are the same stingrays and Asian arowana. You say it's for education and the hobby seems like all this is personal and just for you.
Manny DeFelice
Manny DeFelice - 5 years ago
I love frank omg
CXOW MOO - 5 years ago
why is this number one on trending???
Castiel W
Castiel W - 5 years ago
Why is this the cutest thing I've ever seen lmao
Gaming Assassin175
Gaming Assassin175 - 5 years ago
Achievement acquired
Adding fish
zeowmeow - 5 years ago
I thought you were Ryan Swaze in the thumbnail
mikael hong
mikael hong - 5 years ago
Arowana jumps like a dog man
Up_Syndrome - 5 years ago
I bet you won't read this
Up_Syndrome - 5 years ago
The king of DIY well darn
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 5 years ago
sure i will
The Atlantean Fish Lover
The Atlantean Fish Lover - 5 years ago
just imagine that tank having no fish other than say about a million guppy
Branson Flynn
Branson Flynn - 5 years ago
Frank is why this is trending
GrantRoscoe - 5 years ago
Branson Flynn :D
154138 - 5 years ago
The king of diy u should move the little arowana beacuse you moved frank I think that arowana will get use to having friends
Mathew Dabek
Mathew Dabek - 5 years ago
#1 on trending
Pawel Sawicki
Pawel Sawicki - 5 years ago
Awesome episode
Pankraj Patil
Pankraj Patil - 5 years ago
Every aquarium lover has dream to have this aquarium .. simply superb..
gsgdg - 5 years ago
awesome Joey.
dsaasdasd asdasdasd
dsaasdasd asdasdasd - 5 years ago
omg 700k in a day? congrats joeyyyy
dsaasdasd asdasdasd
dsaasdasd asdasdasd - 5 years ago
owwwww ty for the love joey you always hit that love button even though I am late
Potato Lord
Potato Lord - 5 years ago

Mitch Seward
Mitch Seward - 5 years ago
How is this trending but not the second verse
L3GENDS 0F B0SS - 5 years ago
Mitch Seward Jake Paul should kill himself..
Neon Tetra Aquarist
Neon Tetra Aquarist - 5 years ago
Mitch Seward And apparently a lady from buzzfeed picks out which videos go onto the trending list, but I cannot confirm this.
Mitch Seward
Mitch Seward - 5 years ago
Neon Tetra Aquarist 900k views after more then a day vs 7.2 million is 20 hours
Neon Tetra Aquarist
Neon Tetra Aquarist - 5 years ago
Mitch Seward Becuase Joey deserves it, and everyone was hyped for it.
Bones Toner
Bones Toner - 5 years ago
Mmm fish tacos
Stefan Lewis
Stefan Lewis - 5 years ago
Great job Bro ur an inspiration for many fish keepers out in this world
Patricia Collins
Patricia Collins - 5 years ago
Hope your room doesn't smell like an ocean now lol.
kikix Mejia
kikix Mejia - 5 years ago
man... just get a dog or something...
Mini Wolf
Mini Wolf - 5 years ago
kikix Mejia He does have dogs I believe
Florentino John Tecson
Florentino John Tecson - 5 years ago
damn those fish are so happy with the new huge tank man.
HalfBit360 - 5 years ago
Anyone else wanna see if frank's head bubble is squishy? I want an answer
ishan patel
ishan patel - 5 years ago
love form India.
madhawa manukularathna
madhawa manukularathna - 5 years ago
Nice aquarium... The flower horn looks really cute...
Randomness with me
Randomness with me - 5 years ago
#1 on trending cool!

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