Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium

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Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium sentiment_very_dissatisfied 676

Pets & Animals 13 years ago 1,992,070 views

For further information please visit Please note that we cannot answer questions via this site- please call one of our stores for any queries you may have regarding this video or any other aquatic topic. Thank you.

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Most popular comments
for Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium

Kalw Mamakams
Kalw Mamakams - 6 years ago
666 dislikes, illuminati confirmed
Lure Rebel
Lure Rebel - 6 years ago
dont clean you filters after a water change. at leaset wait a few days before doing so
Waffle Kitsune
Waffle Kitsune - 6 years ago
One thing, fish don't need tall or round tanks.. It puts stress on them and such..
L JonSpill
L JonSpill - 6 years ago
Fishless Cycling?
Modeltrain,101 - 6 years ago
My grandfather had a gold fish he had it for 10years and it was a foot long
KALIHD ;P - 6 years ago
Saqlain Sayyed
Saqlain Sayyed - 6 years ago
My fishes are dying don't know why
kiki the singer
kiki the singer - 6 years ago
BTW it is not easy keeping goldfish and if ur budget is 100€/£/$/¥ + then start keeping goldfish
Aidan Kane
Aidan Kane - 6 years ago
He put the filter upside down

10. comment for Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium

Kevinthelegit - 6 years ago
do goldfish need a light?
Deborah Tinsley
Deborah Tinsley - 6 years ago
yes just was wondering how long
g it takes the green machine to clear at tank seventyfivegallons
Unicorn DIY
Unicorn DIY - 6 years ago
Also tips
-With gravel never use big or small they can choke on small and big is just not good make sure it's a thin layer barely covering the botttom of the tank so that no food gets stuck
-make sure u don't over crowd the tank with decor make shore it can hide with a plant appropriate for the size of the tank and no wood cause it can really injure it
Unicorn DIY
Unicorn DIY - 6 years ago
I have a approximately 11 lt tank does anyone have any idea how much fish to put and the max
That Norwegian Biker
That Norwegian Biker - 6 years ago
Depending on the size of the fish and the attitude of said species, but 11L is not a lot, 1 or 2 at most
Fara Kasimovo
Fara Kasimovo - 7 years ago
If you put goldfish in small bowl lest than 10 gallons, they die! Plus it is cruel as they get very big.
It's sad to see them die, start right, buy a bigger tank and cycle it before you bring these beautiful creatures, research fishless cycle, to learn how!
Adam Sean dubstep
Adam Sean dubstep - 7 years ago
or you could just buy a snail to look after the algea problem
FOHorsemanship - 7 years ago
This is too small for a goldfish!
Maddy Yorston
Maddy Yorston - 7 years ago
My goldfish is in a 25 gallon tank
Kadir Emre
Kadir Emre - 7 years ago
This would be nice for a betta fish or some guppies not a goldfish
Aline Greeley
Aline Greeley - 7 years ago
2.5 gallons for a goldfish!?!? are you kidding me!! way too small!

20. comment for Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium

Wasim Ahmed
Wasim Ahmed - 7 years ago
Goldfish in a small tank is not a good idea. I had a 55 gallon tank for six goldfishes but I felt sorry for buying six goldfishes as they grew bigger. They grew up to 6-7 inches and I had to do a 50% water change in every week. Not to mention, One after another, I bought three over rated filters for that tank to reduce the amount of water changes. I learned, 55 gallon tank is good for 2 to 3 large/fully grown fancy goldfishes.

Yes, once I met a guy who put 22 common goldfishes in a 20 gallon tank. In 5 years, most of them grew like a big red sword tail. What a happy fish keeper !!! Yes, some of the poor fishes survived upto 5 years.

My point is that my pets are also my kids. Why should not I ensure the best possible living environment for them.
Angel Mendozaa
Angel Mendozaa - 7 years ago
wow i love the aquariums on your videos
Alejandro Alvarez
Alejandro Alvarez - 7 years ago
How is a bigger easier that's a small one
Neon Tetra Aquarist
Neon Tetra Aquarist - 7 years ago
Alejandro Alvarez There is more room for error and the parameters will change less drastically.
JKfive100 - 7 years ago
Larger aquariums can handle larger drifts from equilibrium, such as dead organic matter, feces, and other wastes that would more easily contaminate a smaller aquarium.
Clément Mahé
Clément Mahé - 7 years ago
You only need 90 more liters for that goldfish now ! Way to go.
Almond Draws
Almond Draws - 7 years ago
Keeping goldfish is hard, sensitive fish! This is a great way to kill a fish!
Tiny budgie
Tiny budgie - 7 years ago
Few days I'm sorry my tank was cycling for more then 3 weeks and that included plants
Jean-Michel Gervais
Jean-Michel Gervais - 7 years ago
can i put driftwood with my goldfish?
Jean-Michel Gervais
Jean-Michel Gervais - 7 years ago
the driftwood I would use already been in my aquarium with my goldfish for like 2 month before I put it out for the winter so he could have the chance to releas some tanin. I am exposing him to the elements so he could have some aging and have less tanin, even tho it wasn't bad to begin with... Im also doing regular water changes and I have a lot of rocks in my aquarium... so I guess I could balance the ph and if I find the driftwood make it too acid, i could let the driftwood rest outside and releach some tanin outside before attempting again? also, what is a good ph for goldfish?
Neon Tetra Aquarist
Neon Tetra Aquarist - 7 years ago
Jean-Michel Gervais Not all Driftwood Affects the phone that much. I have tons in my 55 and the phone is 6.7-7.2 at all times depending on my tap.
Dorito Fish
Dorito Fish - 7 years ago
Jean-Michel Gervais Unfornately no as they will ultimately turn the water acidic. Too acidic for any goldfish to handle.
jazzandtapioca1 - 7 years ago
Theirs no need for lighting my fish are 14 years old and have never had a light secondly testing the water is a whole load of crap iv never tested my water and my fish have lived long helthy lives but i do swear by the water condishener it works dreams
Amanda Snellings
Amanda Snellings - 7 years ago
why is he feeding goldfish tropical fish food lol
MoreMike - 7 years ago
Goldfish need a bigger tank

30. comment for Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium

AlejandroCod1976 - 7 years ago
LibC - 7 years ago
Sorry Maidenhead, you've really dropped the ball here. Given you're previously excellent videos, I'm hugely disappointing

1# It's huge ignorant to suggest a goldfish is a great introductoary fish. As you know, a golfdish is a member of the Carp family. They can grow to be HUGE! Far beyound even most advanced UK hobbists
2# A week isn't enough to cycle a tank?!?!?! A month at minimum is required
3# 10 to 60L isn't anywhere near a enough to house a goldfish, and a juvenile wont remain so for very long

I'd suggest this video be pulled, and a new, accurate video produced.
Victoria Vigilante
Victoria Vigilante - 7 years ago
Atleast 10 liters? In here (Finland) it illegal to keep fishes in aquarium under 40 liters. I would not even keep betta fish in 10 liters tank, let alone goldfishes.
Gatch - 6 years ago
3 to 5 GALLON easy mistake
Cornelia - 6 years ago
We need that law in every country I hope they bring it in to my country
I Benji they never said the fish would die but it's just illegal in Finland
Quatschknödel :D
Quatschknödel :D - 6 years ago
Yep, they can "survive" but they will not be happy. My betta has a 25l (40cmx25cmx25cm) aquarium and I would never keep him in smaller tanks. He is doing absolutely great, he's active and swims a lot! Please don't keep a fish in a small tank!
Itz Benji
Itz Benji - 7 years ago
Victoria Vigilante I don't think you know but a betta fish could survive in 3to5 litre aquarium :-)
s - 7 years ago
Victoria Vigilante a betta could live in a 10 liter. Goldfish aren't beginner fish imo. Things like harlequin rasboras, cory cats, bettas, and dwarf gouramis are good beginner fish
rayaan raichur
rayaan raichur - 7 years ago
Simon Pereda
Simon Pereda - 7 years ago
what? did he said bigger is easier to maintain? So if you owns a ocean park,its easier to maintain,haha!

Jean-Michel Gervais
Jean-Michel Gervais - 7 years ago
a bigger aquarium is easier to balance because their is more water volume and the amonia and all the bad stuff are diluate more proprelly. you don't need to do as much water change and stuff like that... so basicly, yes, a ocean park is easier to balance then let say... a 10 litter... :P
natalie r
natalie r - 7 years ago
Simon Pereda Bigger IS easier
Luke Grice
Luke Grice - 7 years ago
and a tank needs to cycle fully... not a few days.. More like a few weeks with adding ammonia
Luke Grice
Luke Grice - 7 years ago
Goldfish need 120 litre PLUS... not 10 litre
pinakabudlayngapangalan ngamapaminsaranko
pinakabudlayngapangalan ngamapaminsaranko - 7 years ago
Mohammed Syed well yeah maybe they have a huge pond and fancies are 20 a fish and +10 id you add more
Tiny budgie
Tiny budgie - 7 years ago
That tank that was set up would be great for white clouds.
TheGameCommentator - 7 years ago
10 Liters? WTF?
Gatch - 6 years ago
10 litres? have you seen how big goldfish get?
TheGameCommentator - 7 years ago
That's fine. I was talking about goldfish.
Tiny budgie
Tiny budgie - 7 years ago
TheGameCommentator I agree this is obviously no were near enough for a gold fish but 10 litres for shrimp is just fine at least it worked for me
TheGameCommentator - 7 years ago
Lol no its not
Tiny budgie
Tiny budgie - 7 years ago
10 litres is just fine people who have problems with small tanks probably just do not do there water changes
Dima Borisov
Dima Borisov - 8 years ago
Goldfish don't need decorations.
Dima Borisov
Dima Borisov - 7 years ago
You are right.
star and fox
star and fox - 7 years ago
their habitat is ponds where they would encounter very little in the way of plants,different wood or rocks to gather around.goldfish prefer having friends and swimming space rather then a decoration blocking everything.

it's not like a tetra that likes to shouldn't go based on how you feel and instead go based on where the lives and what they like.some fish like plants like small tropical fish,others like rocks like cichlids and others prefer caves like plecos and other prefer nothing at all.
Gustav Aldin
Gustav Aldin - 7 years ago
+JoeSnipes2006 JoeSnipes2006 they are fishes, a animal, it can't live in a emty aquarium
JoeSnipes2006 __
JoeSnipes2006 __ - 8 years ago
They do or they won't feel natural.
JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com
JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com - 8 years ago
So what Ph do goldfish need? And what water temperature is best for them?
Darkkomedy - 8 years ago
1.) Don't use substrate, it chokes / constipates fish.
2.) Don't use wood, it scratches eyes and head, especially of large goldies.
3.) 10 litres is nowhere close to big enough for a goldfish. 80 to 120 litres would be more realistic, they all grow huge and live over 10 years.
jazzandtapioca1 - 7 years ago
Darkkomedy my goldfish are 14 years old when i first had them we thourght we would only have them for a month or two lol
Kaitlyn Maddux
Kaitlyn Maddux - 8 years ago
do I rlly NEED a light? I have a filter tho
Jack son
Jack son - 8 years ago
It's not a necessity to have a light, especially if the tank is located in a well lit room.
Carli C
Carli C - 8 years ago
Actually you don't need a light source. It's optional. You also don't need a net. A goldfish could easily get injured while you try to pick it up. Using your hands is a lot less stressful for the goldfish and in my opinion easier. Plus you can have decor just not too much. A goldfish especially a fancy goldfish can easily injure themselves on sharp objects and fancy goldfish are a bit clumsy and could easily run into objects. You should do a 40-70% water chance every week.
Fancy Goldfish: 20 gallon tank per fish
Common Goldfish: 30 gallon tank per fish.
山本ヨーヨー - 7 years ago
Carli C
It's not good to pick up fish since their slime coats are really delicate
0welshboy2 - 8 years ago
Thank you
Kayleigh Browne
Kayleigh Browne - 8 years ago
Please dont put goldfish in BiOrbs or small Nano tanks advertised here, fancies can grow to around 6-8 inches and commons over a foot long, you need at least 20 gallons for one fancy and 40 gallons for one comet/common goldfish
Goldfish are honestly not a beginner fish, and you cant just wait a few days then dump a fish in a new tank, please read up about the Nitrogen Cycle first
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson - 6 years ago
that's only half right
JHstyle Won
JHstyle Won - 6 years ago
Ben Werner If a goldfish doesn't live into its teens then they're dying too young
Atena Layali
Atena Layali - 6 years ago
finally someone said it!
RealDarkFilm - 6 years ago
I raised 2 common goldfish in a 1 gallon tank; they lived for 8 years. They get that big if they are raised in bigger areas
gbjanuary - 6 years ago
Mohammed Syed same as people moving from flat to house.
What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay
What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay - 7 years ago
Kayleigh Browne well my fish acutally likes a bow I put him in a 30 g tank and tail nipped so I put him in a bowl to clean the tank and he did not wanna be taken out lol
kiina91 - 7 years ago
Kayleigh Browne thats waaaaaay too small what you suggest. those tiny tanks are just torture for those poor creatures.
Harry Stevens
Harry Stevens - 7 years ago
A fishes size growth depends on the size of the tank, I know somebody that had a goldfish in a bowl for over ten years and it stayed small.
Ben Werner
Ben Werner - 7 years ago
Kayleigh Browne not true I had an Oranda that lived for 8 years in a ten gallon
Syed Javid
Syed Javid - 7 years ago
thanku nice idea
Chaboii Leopold
Chaboii Leopold - 7 years ago
james hg
james hg - 7 years ago
I keep spare filter media in my tanks so i can start a new tank in a day
Julia Strupiechowska
Julia Strupiechowska - 8 years ago
Everything's good apart from water conditioner. Only use it when you're doing a larger water change. You don't want to be adding any chemicals into the water really. Goldfish are hardy enough to withstand a weekly water change without conditioners or any other chemicals.
Maddie W
Maddie W - 8 years ago
I love fish but have luck with the cheap ones.
Samuel Kogen
Samuel Kogen - 8 years ago
Fish keeping isn't as hard as it seems.
Chris Hannay
Chris Hannay - 8 years ago

50. comment for Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium

Julie LaPaglia
Julie LaPaglia - 8 years ago
+Rebecca Johnson well as 15 gallon tank is very very healthy and a good habitat I would get a 10 or 5 because anyth ok no lower than that IA just evil and I'd u get another fish it should be 2 or 3 gallons per fish
Starlight7 - 8 years ago
+Julie LaPaglia for fancy goldfish you need 20 gallons for one fish and 10 gallons extra fancy. commons/comets need 40 gallons for one and 30 gallons for each new one (you need a pond preferably), dont spread false information. by the way, how long did your goldfish live for?
Julie LaPaglia
Julie LaPaglia - 8 years ago
+Rebecca Johnson
Julie LaPaglia
Julie LaPaglia - 8 years ago
and also the net takes off a coat of there slime
Sunniedew - 8 years ago
Its no wonder why they water quality would be poor, all these tanks are wicked over stocked xD
MomIHitItGetTheCam - 8 years ago
You will now be known as sharkbait SHARKBAIT OOHH HAA HAA
MomIHitItGetTheCam - 8 years ago
Are there tanks at local pet stores?
ᆞ中石沒鏃 - 8 years ago
very nice
kaina kaina
kaina kaina - 8 years ago
Thank you for the effort you put into this video. Very useful. Bravo
Mini Mixers
Mini Mixers - 8 years ago
why is everyone so upset about the way British people say algae?
Rogues in Thailand
Rogues in Thailand - 7 years ago
I'm British and never have I Hurd anyone say it like this lol
Jack son
Jack son - 8 years ago
+star and fox well said
star and fox
star and fox - 8 years ago
+Jack smith languages change all the no one can say it's wrong or right.

do you speak like you are from shakes spears time?no cause it's old english and it changed.then the way we say things and the way you say things are equally right.

don't be a prick.
Jack smith
Jack smith - 8 years ago
+star and fox We say it right, the language is called english for a reason...
star and fox
star and fox - 8 years ago
some people are annoyed by the accent others it's pay back.
Mitchell McCreath
Mitchell McCreath - 8 years ago
Mine is 18 Liters. That's not very big,
CrestFallenMoon - 8 years ago
if its cold water it doesn't mean its easy to care for. Goldfish are bad beginner fish they grow huge and comments should be in like a 120 gallon
District 942
District 942 - 7 years ago
CrestFallenMoon just chill it's a damn fish
star and fox
star and fox - 8 years ago
yeah maybe poeple should look at the white cloud or the fat heads(also know as tuffies or rosy reds).

you could house 5 goldfish in that size of tank.
True Savage
True Savage - 8 years ago
+TheGoldenArowana WTF!!!
Kate Pond
Kate Pond - 8 years ago
its pronounced ayl-jee not al-gee.
SkankHunt42 - 8 years ago
+Kate Pond How can you tell english people how to pronounce english when you speak english. Not all accents are the same or dialects so go home.
hamneggwich - 8 years ago
+Kate Pond Both pronunciations are acceptable. But, you know, accents. You should see how Brits react to the way Americans use the word aluminium xD
Raj Singh
Raj Singh - 8 years ago
YOU IDIOT always we have to stock up or tank with goldfish being the BARE minimum of at least 20 gallons per 1 fish, if it's a single tailed variety 50 gallons is MUST , unless you want your fish dead after a week of buying it
PIPOCA THE UNICORN - 8 years ago
I feel bad for all the Goldfish. ;-; 20 gallons is the minimum for a fancy, like ryukins, comet, fantails and other single tailed goldfish need at least 40 gallons per fish...
Jacques Philippe Yapi
Jacques Philippe Yapi - 8 years ago
c cool
Nae williams
Nae williams - 8 years ago
Cool video
AnImAL RaNdOms
AnImAL RaNdOms - 8 years ago
can you please tell me more about how to take care of fishes.I am new in this..
i have added one video  you can check n tell me my next step
originalninjapirate - 8 years ago
Firstly goldfish are big fish that requires a lot of maintenance. making them really bad first fish. They need a minimum of 120L for a common and 80L for a orander each. they should live a minimum of 20years ideally 30 years please don't buy gold fish with out a huge take and/or a pond it's animal cruelty to put goldfish in small tanks.
True Savage
True Savage - 9 years ago
2:08 if your gonna have a tank that big, Might as well make it a salt water tank
Alphabet Boy
Alphabet Boy - 8 years ago
I have 4 -ranging from 10-13 inches.
True Savage
True Savage - 8 years ago
+Kevin Whitty they can grow to 12 inches but the would usually only grow to 8 inches
True Savage
True Savage - 8 years ago
+Kevin Whitty they are more likely to grow to just 8 inches
Alphabet Boy
Alphabet Boy - 8 years ago
not when goldfish are a foot long...
Reyes Nah
Reyes Nah - 9 years ago
I Have A 500 Galon Freshwater.What Fish Can I Put That Is Big
HomeisthroughYou - 8 years ago
+Reyes Nah you have a 500 gallon aquarium and don't know what fish to put in it? Are you sure you don't mean 50 gallons? Because 500 gal is around 2000 litres... it's massive.
musketerr12 - 8 years ago
+Reyes Nah silver arowana
Ercan Baştürk
Ercan Baştürk - 9 years ago
No need to use so much chemicals..
Paul Atkinson
Paul Atkinson - 9 years ago
10ltr for a gold fish you need 20GALLONS

You need to cycle for at least 50 days

You don't just Add about a million fish at once you need to add two every week

And don't say that goldfish are easy to care for because in my opinion they are not
CEFishEssentials - 9 years ago
great :-)
John Candy
John Candy - 9 years ago
Ha I do none of this and they fine just change water
Goblin Engineer
Goblin Engineer - 8 years ago
+John Candy They are probably not.
Jon Robling
Jon Robling - 9 years ago
I'm on my 3rd tank with my Goldfish.  I got him at a County Fair about 4 years ago, and when I got home with him, I just threw him in a 3 gallon tank.  After he stayed alive for a few months I decided to put him in 10 gallon tank.  He lived there for about 3 years and grew and grew.  So I knew if I wanted to keep him, that I'd need to put him in a bigger tank, so just recently I got a 39 gallon tank.  He is so much happier because he swims so much more and he does things now, that I never saw him do in his 10 gallon tank.  The only thing that I added from my 10 gallon tank to my 39 gallon tank was a bigger filter, additional rocks, and an aerator for more oxygen.  I'm debating on getting another goldfish but he's been alone his whole life so I don't know if he'll like a lil buddy. 
Raj Singh
Raj Singh - 8 years ago
+Sophia Vibbes you may keep one , but you MUST upgrade your tank to at least 30 gallons , if you get a 45 gallon long , you can grow about 4 HUGE goldfish , and they will be really fun
Adil Nawaz
Adil Nawaz - 8 years ago
So goldfish based on how big the tank is?
Prime Trickshots
Prime Trickshots - 8 years ago
I have a comet oranda and black moor together and they literally do everything together.
sofiavalentina - 8 years ago
+Zilla Woodward I got an 80L tank!! so all good :) 
Caspian Woodward
Caspian Woodward - 8 years ago
+Sophia Vibbes Goldfish need at least 75 liters to be happy, and they need more room as they grow. I'd suggest getting a different type of fish, honestly! Bettas are good for smaller tanks, they're very pretty and are also solitary, so you don't have to worry about getting any others :0
sofiavalentina - 8 years ago
+Zilla Woodward heyy, I'm adopting a goldsifh, but I have limited space so the aquarium can't be bigger than 50L mayyybe 60L, how many goldfish can I get in there (and keep them happy)? they are around 10cm long. thank youu
Caspian Woodward
Caspian Woodward - 9 years ago
Goldfish are naturally social! I had the same situation, a fair fish who lived alone for the majority of her life. However, last summer we got her a friend- a fancy goldfish. Technically, common and fancy goldfish shouldn't be housed together, since fancies tend to be slower and less competitive, but since my fish, Tweetums, was so shy and skittish from being alone her whole life, Blackmoor was a great buddy for her. While at first, she wouldn't cuddle with him or eat with him, they're now great friends- they sleep together, eat together, forage together, and beg me for food together. If you decide to get a new buddy for your fish, make sure to get one roughly his size (If your fish is a common that's bigger than 6 inches, you should probably get another competitive goldie like a comet or ryukin, just because his size advantage over a little pet store fish is so great). 
Daniel Aguado
Daniel Aguado - 9 years ago
Does your goldfish is pregnant? Or Normal To Get Big Their Tummy
Caspian Woodward
Caspian Woodward - 9 years ago
Depends on what type of big you're talking about. If your fish is "egg shaped", then you just own a normal fancy goldfish. If it looks like it is about to explode or it's scales are sticking out like a pine cone, your fish has something called dropsy, which is usually a sign of kidney failure and commonly leads to death. Or, yes, your fish could be carrying eggs! I suggest you look up pictures of different types of goldfish, as well as pregnant and dropsical ones.
whosJoshie? - 9 years ago
Is a light an absolute must? is so what would happen in I didn't have one?
Taylor Davies
Taylor Davies - 8 years ago
it stimulates growth and breeding
Hubs88 - 9 years ago
You don't need a light unless you also have live plants. For just goldfish light from a window will do but their true color will not be very bright but will cause them no harm.
brunowakeman10 - 9 years ago
Is my 25 litre tank to small for two orange goldfish and one betta
Doggolegends42 - 9 years ago
I had a goldfish DAM YOU SUMMER
abodealwkik - 9 years ago
Excellent vedio
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson - 9 years ago
What's the smallest fish tank recommend for just 1 goldfish? I just got a baby goldfish & I live in a college dorm so I don't want anything too big.
star and fox
star and fox - 8 years ago
actually there is no such thing really as a growth hormone inhibitor and that is a myth.what's really going is waste buildings up in the tank quicker and the lack of movement room stresses out the fish and most of the fishes energy goes to fighting disease or staying alive than growing.while they still grow they grow inconstantly causing deformities.
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 8 years ago
+star and fox also overstocked tanks of goldfish can stunted growth / slow down growth as well due to amount of growth hormone released from each goldfish in overstocked tank.
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 8 years ago
+star and fox I mean organs continue slowly to grow when fish is stunted. they are also ways to tell if fish is stunted from their head, eyes and body shape.
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 8 years ago
+star and fox actually goldfish release a growth hormone which can slow down the growth of the fish and their tank mates, the growth hormone builds up in smaller tanks faster because it does not have much water to spread out that's why most goldfish in small tanks they stop growing or grow very slow. Stunted growth cause stress not stress cause stunted growth, due to goldfish not able to grow their hormones still continue to grow which can increase chance for goldfish to get disease/bacteria infection. do your research rather post none sense as bigger tanks helps to slow down hormone from spreading and increases growth of fish due to amount of water available to slow down growth hormone spreading.
star and fox
star and fox - 8 years ago
stress causes stunted growth not the other way around.
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 8 years ago
+Mitchell McCreath fish seems happy until it either poisons it self from high ammonia, dies from stress/disease which can be caused by stunted growth. May survive for sometime but defitnelly not full live span.
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 8 years ago
Goldfish not good for small tanks they neither are beginner fish. Return your goldfish, research about nitrogen cycle , add a heater and then choose suitable fish for ten gallon tank like a betta fish with a group of dwarf rasboras or pygmy corydoras etc.
hamneggwich - 8 years ago
+Sam Woulfe 5 gallons is not okay at all for any goldfish.
star and fox
star and fox - 8 years ago
clear doesn't is the levels of waste in the water.
Kate Pond
Kate Pond - 8 years ago
5 gallon is fine. my three fish are in a five gallon with a snail and shrimp and all get along perfectly fine, and my water is always clear. just make sure to get plants and something for them to swim or go in.
Huskies23 - 9 years ago
+Rebecca Johnson Common/comets or shubunkins, at minimun, 40 gallons.
star and fox
star and fox - 9 years ago
+Mitchell McCreath
you have a goldfish in that small of a tank?

your slowly killing it when you keep them in that small of a tank cause while it's hard to tell on the outside but inside the fishes organs start becoming deformed.

also most never see a truly happy fish especially a betta but when kept in the right their very active and their colors unbelievable vid.
Mitchell McCreath
Mitchell McCreath - 9 years ago
Mine is 18 Litres.  Fish seem happy.
star and fox
star and fox - 9 years ago
+Mitchell McCreath 20 gallons is the bare minimum and goldfish aren't that dirty for their size.

also don't keep goldfish together with bettas cause goldfish are cold water and bettas are actually tropical.goldfish can live with cloud fish and rosy reds which are also colds and bettas can live witn any non aggressive,non fin nipping,tropical fish so long as they go in last and there's enough space.
Paul Atkinson
Paul Atkinson - 9 years ago
But I reccomend getting two goldfish to keep each other company so around 40 galls depending on size of the fish I have two tiny goldfish in a 20 gallon tank but always remember to have a tank spare just in case they grow really big or maybe even a pond
Paul Atkinson
Paul Atkinson - 9 years ago
20 gallons
Jess MacDougall
Jess MacDougall - 9 years ago
According to Solid Gold, the number one goldfish youtuber, 20 gallons each.
I would have a 40 gallon for one goldfish and 20 gallons for every additional goldfish.
It depends on the type, though...
Mudkip Silver
Mudkip Silver - 9 years ago
+Rebecca Johnson You can house a fancy goldfish for 20 gallons, or a common goldfish for 30 gallons. Even though the fancy goldfish is "fatter", the common goldfish will grow over 1 foot.
Donna McDonell
Donna McDonell - 9 years ago
The minimum tank size is an 30 gallon. You can start out with a 10 gallon tank but as your fish grows get another tank.
Donna McDonell
Donna McDonell - 9 years ago
That makes alot of sense, but I wouldn't risk it.
Donna McDonell
Donna McDonell - 9 years ago
+Deh_Nandie Bettas HAVE to be alone. They'll fight with another fish. 10 gallon alone is not enough for a gold fish and you don't want to add more if it's not even big enough for the goldfish. Is HAS to be 20 gallons and you can add anything else.
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
Depends which species, is it a comet, a ranchu?
Deh Nandie
Deh Nandie - 9 years ago
You could Get something like a 10 gallon and keep a few zebra danios, or a betta as they will interact with you a bit better as far as fish go.
Dang - 9 years ago
+Xan Beerboy 1)My friend didn't lose his goldfish. If you read my comment, you'd deduce that he had the goldfish since 2007 and it is still alive and well
2) I never said that it'd be optimal to keep a goldfish in a 10 gallon tank the rest of its life. I even stated the issues that would arise if you did, but I won't list them out here seeing that you can go back and read it
3) The size of an aquarium does matter. That I agree, but buying a 30 gallon tank is not needed if you are diligent with your water changes. At the minimum, 20 gallons should be sufficient for one single goldfish. The only reason why any fish would stop growing is because of mediocre water quality. All the nitrates induce stress-related hormones to the fish, stunting its growth. The physical size of the aquarium has nothing to do with it.

Like I said, I'd encourage anyone to buy a larger tank if they can, but 20 gallons is sufficient for one fish.
Xan Beerboy
Xan Beerboy - 9 years ago
+Bobby Cheezpuffs

Its actually impossible to keep a goldfish in a 10 gallons even if you do daily water changes.
A goldfish (fancy) is bigger then a grown man's palm all stretched out. You said yourself 10-12 inches long, how the hell is that going to fit inside a 10 gallons? A fish suitable for a 10 gallons would be a betta.
I would not put a goldfish in anything smaller then a 30 gallons with a canister filter.
Also your friend that lost his goldfish at 7 years means it died because of the conditions it was kept in. The oldest goldfish died at the age of 43 years old. Those fish most certainly did NOT thrive in those conditions, they lived a miserable life and died a horrible death. Imagine keeping a dog of 20 inches or so in size in a box of 35 inches in size his entire life.
You people can differentiate between surviving and living.

People end up buying larger tanks not because they want to cut on water changes but because they want to make sure that fish "thrives" and lives a normal life.

A goldfish that does not have a proper size tank is going to die because its body stops growing but his internal organs don't. A tank of tank gallons is a sure horrible death for it.
Dang - 9 years ago
Do you know why Goldfish need big enclosures? It's not the size of the fish, but rather the amount of waste produced by the fish. Goldfish produce so much waste compared to other fish, so it wouldn't take long for the water in a 10 gallon tank to degrade and build up nitrates. If the water quality is subpar, this stresses the fish, stunts their growth, and eventually deteriorates its health. With that said, it's possible to house a goldfish in a 10 gallon tank if you don't mind doing water changes every couple of days (which can be a pain the arse). The only other issue with a 10 gallon tank is the fact that once your goldfish reaches its maximum mature size, the tank will offer little room for movement; the rate of waste the fish produces also increases, so you're water changes will have to be more frequent. If you want the smallest and most optimal possible tank for a goldfish, opt for a 20 gallon long tank. Those are around 30 inches long and 13 inches wide. Keep in mind that smaller tanks require more frequent water changes, so most people end up buying a bigger tank because some find it more worthwhile to get a larger tank without having to worry about frequent water changes.

I just wanted to clear that up because many people assume that goldfish need large tanks simply because that's what we are told. Although I'd definitely advise that you get a 30 - 40 gallon tank for a goldfish, it's absolutely unnecessary to get a tank that large if you are consistent with your frequent water changes. I've had friends who've kept their goldfish in 20 gallon aquariums and have stayed alive for over 7 years (they're fish are about 10 - 12 inches long). I asked how their goldfish were able to thrive in such a small aquarium and all they said was, "Water changes."
Xan Beerboy
Xan Beerboy - 9 years ago
No goldfish should be kept in a 10 gallon.
You know how big a goldfish grows at maturity? About as big as an adult palm all stretched. That would be almost as big as the tank. 30 gallons for fancy goldfish and 40 for regular ones. That is unless you want to give them a horrible death as the body stops growing but the internal organs don't.

A 10 gallon is for a beta. NEVER a goldfish. You also need excellent filtration for a goldfish, like in external canister filter and regular water changes.
Xan Beerboy
Xan Beerboy - 9 years ago
30 gallons. You can use a smaller one as it is a "baby goldfish" but after it grows you need a 30 gallons one. If you keep it in a small aquarium you sentence him to a very slow and painful death.
SapceHerpes - 9 years ago
Id say a 10 gallon
Jerren Annah Olan
Jerren Annah Olan - 9 years ago
Very helpful thanks
Yoshi278 - 9 years ago
This is a nice tank but very misinformitive since goldfish need MUCH more living space.
Maybe dwarf gouramis or danios.
K00L VIDEOS - 9 years ago
great work dude
Giang Nguyen
Giang Nguyen - 9 years ago
I love fish
tasiawful1 - 9 years ago
One goldfish should be in a tank that can hold atleast 100 litres plus otherwise stunting of fish will happen and its a painful death for the goldfish.. Goldfish grow massive and really and truly you should put them in a pond. Not the fancy types though. They havent explained anything about Water cycling on here that is one of the most important things to do before buying fish and the test strips are not very good either bottle tests are much better and accurate.
tasiawful1 - 9 years ago
I recently had to rehome my goldfish to someone who had a pond..Ill never forget him he was 8years old but I know he will be much happier in a big space and hopefully will enjoy many more years of life.
REIF ISEPPIC - 9 years ago
I totally agree with you
Goldfish originate from the huge ponds and lakes and moving them to little bowls is torture
Also cycling your aquarium is very essential
A good amount of beneficial bacteria will help control nitrates and ammonia better than constant water changes. ( water changes are still essential to export other nutrients and debris
Mcluvin The Fish
Mcluvin The Fish - 10 years ago
great video. love goldfish
Sam Fennell
Sam Fennell - 10 years ago
Cycle.... Please...
HappyFishkeeping - 10 years ago
Nice video, but no mention of cycling the tank before adding your fish. A fishless cycle takes from 4-6 weeks.
Tomasz K
Tomasz K - 10 years ago
Najlepsze są sztuczne roślinki i chemia haahaha co za chłam.
Arvinas Labas
Arvinas Labas - 10 years ago
Lazar Arsović
Lazar Arsović - 10 years ago
A good tutorial really!But on the begining,about aquarium size,you need at least 50l for one goldfish,because they grow very large!
victor iliadis
victor iliadis - 10 years ago
do a water change and are you sure the sand and things you used aquarium only
LebronTheAlpha - 10 years ago
thumbs up if you have no fish it will be sad without a pet
Owen Pace
Owen Pace - 10 years ago
try 40 gallons. Common goldfish need a starting tank of 40. Orandas 30 your numbers are a little low but I do agree with which every goldfish there should be a additional 10 gallons though.
Arshdeep Brar
Arshdeep Brar - 10 years ago
if it's below 0.75 ammonia it's safe. So as my late Grandfather used to say,"No Need to worry." :)
Thaddius Leiber
Thaddius Leiber - 10 years ago
From what I understand that is not a detrimental amount and perhaps your ammonia converting bacteria are still growing, does your tank have a biological filter so that bacteria can colonize the tank?
Sam Willi
Sam Willi - 10 years ago
Here is some useful tips for start ups.
Fisu614 - 10 years ago
A goldfish needs at least 300 litres aquarium. Bigger is always better. I highly recomment to buy as big aquarium as you can, otherwise leave fish to the shop. A goldfish survives with only one or two goldfish mates, but because it should be kept in larger groups it is good to have an aquarium which size is between 600 and 1000 litres. A tumb rule is 100 litres water for one goldfish. Keep in mind that goldfish could reach to 20 cm lenght.
Eline Brouwer
Eline Brouwer - 10 years ago
Indeed, that's what they forgot to tell. I do have 4 lovely (young) goldfish in a 40 gallon tanks. And in my eyes it's still a way to small for them. But they are doing totally fine.
Jay Rigel
Jay Rigel - 10 years ago
Thank you for this video, it really help me a lot. Thanks!

100. comment for Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium

Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis - 10 years ago
Avery Schmidt
Avery Schmidt - 10 years ago
1 adult goldfish needs a minumum of 20 gallons, and each additional goldfish needs 10 more gallons. otherwise they will not thrive and live long
Convantol - 10 years ago
Keeping goldfish is not easy. My proof is that a lot of people have them but they like NEVER get older than 2-3 years old because people keep them to small and don't do enough water changes. Gold fishes that are healthy grow up to 30 cm and get 15+ years of age, that is NOT easy.
Tika Mika
Tika Mika - 10 years ago
nice video. thnx !
CarHub - 11 years ago
I agree,the guy should mention that a goldfish can grow alot and needs at least 30 litres each!
Glen Wallace
Glen Wallace - 11 years ago
Do you need a light if your tank is in a bright room? (Conservatory).
thecomputernerd03100 - 11 years ago
I understand you should be careful but there is no need to get test strips for a freshwater tank. Goldfish arent hard to keep this is a little over kill though I think
Jenna Marblez
Jenna Marblez - 11 years ago
Kinda, they only breed during a certain season though. You can also identify the gender of your fish during the breeding season (Males will get white spots on their gills, females will fill up with eggs and become rounder). I you want to breed goldfish, do a quick google search. There are like a thousand websites on what to do.
Tim Slee
Tim Slee - 11 years ago
Finally a video of goldfish NOT getting blended or killed!
Project Fish
Project Fish - 11 years ago
Cichlids are better than goldfish-all I gotta say lol still good vid.
MultiEnergico - 11 years ago
Near a month, if you have natural plants it can be less, but it's better to be patient ;)
graham wilson
graham wilson - 11 years ago
feeding is best done in two parts as goldfish have a primitive digestion designed for constant grazing rater than big meals, the more smaller feeding are better compared to larger ones. goldfish can grow in excess of 12 inches and live over ten years, not a disposable pet. anyone interested should check out kokos goldfish type it into google. thank you =]
Hanamura Lyu
Hanamura Lyu - 11 years ago
What is better sand or gravel?
Alvin Tran
Alvin Tran - 11 years ago
True, but having an aquarium doesn't mean you should get wet. There are many ways to minimize your exposure to water when you own an aquarium.
Alvin Tran
Alvin Tran - 11 years ago
You can't just run the tank and expect it to be perfect. You have to cycle your tank (letting the good bacteria to build up in your tank so that it eats the bad bacteria (ammonia)), and this process takes somewhere from 3-6 weeks. You can safely add your fish until your ammonia and nitrite levels are at 0ppm, which is why you need a testing kit to test your water. Please visit Kokosgoldfish forum to learn more about goldfish care.
Charlie Planted Tank
Charlie Planted Tank - 11 years ago
2 weeks
Universal Nest
Universal Nest - 11 years ago
It is safe. But, your fish could die of this harmful chemical.
Eduardo pedro
Eduardo pedro - 11 years ago
I like
nathan perlman
nathan perlman - 11 years ago
im getting a 160 ltr fish tank, how long do i have to leave it running befor i got to put fish in it
Riwaz Niroula
Riwaz Niroula - 11 years ago
good video!!
phosphate - 11 years ago
a 5 liter tank is way way way to small for even one goldfish goldfish need ten gallons each for fancies and twenty gallons each for comets commons and shubunkins when goldfish are kept in a environment that is to small they get stunted which is when they stop growing but their organs continue to grow and they eventually die
Steffateetee - 11 years ago
I've just bought a 12 litre tank, people at the pet shop said I just need to wait 3 days after filling it, with the pump on, and it'll be fine to get fish. Do I not need water conditioner then? Also, is it too small for one goldfish? The glass lid is getting splashed an awful lot from the pump, should that happen?
mildred leyson
mildred leyson - 11 years ago
My friend has a 5 gallon with 3 fancies in it. its been that way for almost 3 years now and they're still doing good.
Ipolito v
Ipolito v - 11 years ago
i wonder what type of gravel they used?
Jonathan Kramer
Jonathan Kramer - 11 years ago
The first thing you've got to know in our little hobby is: You cannot keep a normal goldfish in any type of aquarium. Yes they can live for a long time in it, but it won't be a pleasurable life for them. Normal goldfish belong in a pond! Fancy goldfish are a better option. One fancy goldfish needs 10 gallons and must be kept in an aquarium of not less than 20 gallons.
catsaretimtams - 11 years ago
Two fancy goldfish need 30-40 gallons, you can have one in a 20 gallon. If you really like goldfish I suggest saving up for a pond or 50+ gallon tank so you can have many goldfish.
Jacob Kelley
Jacob Kelley - 11 years ago
I don't have gold fish but i have 5 fish in a 10 gallon tank so you should be covered with a ten gallon
minty riley
minty riley - 11 years ago
awesome video! but can anyone tell me how many gallons does it have to be for two fancies??? is 10-20 gallons enough???
charlie dee
charlie dee - 11 years ago
gold fish yummy!
phosphate - 11 years ago
they're called fluval edge they not big enough to put goldfish in
BinkBenji - 11 years ago
You can probably manage two baby goldfish. Once they get about 3 inches long they need something bigger though. Try a 100ltr tank, they look beautiful when they have more room
Jorge Leonardo TF
Jorge Leonardo TF - 11 years ago
hola alguien sabe como se llaman estos peces 2:27 por favor alguien sabe.
lonewolf2545 - 11 years ago
♥♥♥RIP Goldie and Freddie, Goldie lived 7 years, and Freddie died a year later from a broken heart.♥♥♥
Fifa Simplistic- Fifa video's and more!
Fifa Simplistic- Fifa video's and more! - 11 years ago
love it :D
123456789e123456789 - 11 years ago
Fluval Edge :D I have one - looks awesome, maybe too small for goldfish, I keep tetras (tropical). They do a bigger version of the tank now though. Would recommend this tank I love the way that it looks!
Abigail C. Terrell
Abigail C. Terrell - 11 years ago
awesome vid! itsgonna help me sooooo much! ill be geting a few goldfish after Christmas and this will guide me when i buy them!!!
Octavio Alvarado
Octavio Alvarado - 11 years ago
¡Great video!
Wayne's Fish World
Wayne's Fish World - 11 years ago
so true, you can never learn everything no matter how good you are, what tanks do you have? i have a 125 gallon planted, 55 gallon reef and a 1,500 gallon koi pond
Conor Dunne
Conor Dunne - 11 years ago
@0:30 .. Theres a fishtank on the far left does anyone know the name of it i want to get one i seen one in a pet shop about a 30 minute drive from my house i wanna see if there good first. Thanks!!
wolverine1865 - 11 years ago
love that goldfish @2:46. its very pretty
Matthew Hamman
Matthew Hamman - 11 years ago
How many fish in a 35ltr tank?
Olivia Escamilla
Olivia Escamilla - 11 years ago
Where did ya'll buy this beautiful tanks?
musclecortez - 11 years ago
OMG! i'm a first time fish owner and I kept believe I was doing everything right!! I say that great part of taking care of an aquarium is to use common sense. Great vid!
Insanonaga - 11 years ago
10l Is a bit small. I live In the United States, So my conversions may be a bit off, but Here the rule Is '20 gallons for 1 goldfish, and 10 gallons for each additional goldfish. That would roughly equal 30l for 1 goldfish, 15l for each additional goldfish
HarryyHD - 11 years ago
I already know a fair bit about keeping fish but I learned a couple of thinks I didn't already know:)
The Barefooted Gardener
The Barefooted Gardener - 11 years ago
Use old fish water for your house plants- I do that; the plants grow so much faster! Never dump out old water!!
nicksmith1123 - 11 years ago
very nice tank :) please check mine out please like :)
demitron95 - 11 years ago
Satorii Rainbows
Satorii Rainbows - 11 years ago
This video helped A TON.
MajorEpicFail2010 - 11 years ago
maybe about the size of four tosters...
MajorEpicFail2010 - 11 years ago
well, I have a 10 gal and a 50 gal tank at home, and not only do I keep bottom feeders (snails, plecco's, etc..) in the tank, but I also have a magnetic cleaner and a handheld scrubber for the tank. I only need to use the handheld scrubber about every 3 months, the magnetic one i use about every month and a half, and the bottom feeders do the rest (That's in the 50 gal tank btw). The 10 gal tank is the one that i use the scrubber on every 3 weeks...
snakehead36 - 11 years ago
A standard 10 gal tank (usually) would be 20'' long, 12'' wide, and 12" high. As stated in the vid the bigger the tank,the easier it is to keep fish. Hope this is of some help.
snakehead36 - 11 years ago
A tank is not going through the nitrogen cycle with no fish in it. Unless you are talking about artificially cycling the tank by adding ammonia or other chemical additives.
MsDJTESTING - 11 years ago
dolphinsloth - 11 years ago
A 5 gallon still wouldn't be large enough. Try 10 gallon. They're very cheap and easy to maintain. To clean, use a siphon as seen in this video (long tubey thang) and an algae scrubber. It's easier than you think!! Don't be discouraged! There are also many websites devoted to goldfish with valuable information.
MrBuHuskyBlue - 11 years ago
Usually, a few days is not enough time to cycle a tank through the nitrogen 'cycle'. I allow 3-4 weeks before adding any fish. If it's a new tank. YOU SHOULD NEVER rinse filter media AND vacuum at the same time. This can force your tank into a cycle again, because beneficial bacteria is lost. You should alternate your water change one week, and media replacement/rinse the next week. There are flaws in this video.
mroshfosh - 11 years ago
hey man nice goldfish tank. im sure all of us in the reef world started off with a gold wish tank. i reamber winning a gold fish at the local fair when i was like 6 and put him in a 50g tank. he got to be about 7 inches long. i love gold fish!!
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia - 11 years ago
taking care of fish is NOT EASY!
kuronorocks - 11 years ago
People say to give a gold fish ten gallons, because of how piggish they are, also if there not the small algae eaters they will get big and territorial. my tank is stocked with tiny fish but I'm over the limit a bit but I'm not worried because of how many live plants I have in my tank and my regular up keep.
Ludo - 11 years ago
Great video! But please people if you are willing to keep goldfish please use a large enough tank as these fish need a lot of space.
Laura Holmes
Laura Holmes - 11 years ago
Yes from my own experience, you should upgrade (to something at least 60 gal) as soon as you can. Goldfish produce a lot of waste and need AT LEAST 10 gallons per small goldfish. With the algae eaters, if they're plecos, you have a problem and will need to have an even bigger tank (the common pleco get up to 24" and shouldnt be sold to anyone without a 90+) and may have to separate them due to aggression issues (not fun). With a 20 gal, you'd have to get rid of quite a few fish. Hope this helps
excalebuir - 12 years ago
more water means the fish waste will polute less the water which means less tank cleaning
Wolfgang Von Snowden
Wolfgang Von Snowden - 12 years ago
i have five normal goldfish a black moor goldfish and two algea eaters in a 20 gallon tank, is that o.k. for that many cuz one is really huge and the others are half it's size and im worried the others won't grow to their full potential or they will prevent my big one from growing anymore. if u could help out id appriciate it.
MegaTimebomb098 - 12 years ago
because its bigger.
EmoGii - 12 years ago
because there is more water volume for error such as poor water quality . for instance if you have a 10 gallon tank and you have an ammonia spike the fish are gonna be more effected than if they were in a 100 gallon tank .
john rem L.
john rem L. - 12 years ago
he also need to cycle the tank..and i dont think goldfish need a stress coat(i dont really know what a stress coat for)..ty anyways,nice vid.
benjimuk - 12 years ago
that was very useful thanks!
Coasterintheyard - 12 years ago
Tap water if chlorinated or has ozone will kill the beneficial bacteria, and it takes quite a while (a few weeks) for them to establish in a newly set up filter, they're not just magically there.
iatethefudge - 12 years ago
Test tubes are MUCH better. More accurate and will last you longer than test strips and save you more money.
iatethefudge - 12 years ago
There is a lot of argument if Nutrafin cycle actually works. In my experience if you are cycling with a fish you dont need it. Its my understanding that all water conditioners work the same. Yes you need to add or your goldfish will get ammonia poisoning plus whatever is in your tap water that is not safe for your fish. Goldfish make a lot of waste and the more waste the more ammonia. So no it will not harm the good bacteria in your tank and you NEED to add it every time you add new water.
New American Fishkeeper
New American Fishkeeper - 12 years ago
@ImJarlen "sometimes"? There is always benificial bacteria in an established filter, even one that was just set up!
ImJarlen - 12 years ago
@coraldude98 Also there is sometimes "good" bacteria in the filter, helping with the cleaning. You will destroy those with tap water.
Morgan Hägg
Morgan Hägg - 12 years ago
@KyraBackup "goldfish conditioner"? I can almost asure you that most conditioners works the same way, regardless of what fish it's made for. But, to the question - It will most likely not, as ammonia is not a bacteria, but a substance that comes from fishwaste (basicly fishpoop).
Dashizniz Manizzle
Dashizniz Manizzle - 12 years ago
e have a fish at work we got from an event that was held up here. he's now more than a year and a half old and saw 3 different aquariums, new ornaments and filtration devices and got 2 new friends. those guys are really resiliant.
Pikachu - 12 years ago
@coraldude98 Washing with tap water will introduce harmful chemicals to the media, so washing it with the tank water makes sure that there are no harmful chemicals inside the media.
ninj4sugarbyte - 12 years ago
@AznKidd117 @AznKidd117 Definitely get the test tubes (liquid test kit). It'll be more cost efficient (long-term) and much more accurate. I really can't understate the importance of testing your water quality. :)
The Solitary Outdoorsman
The Solitary Outdoorsman - 12 years ago
@casper20096 Weird, your comment shows up in my email but not here... Anyway, 60 litres is not quite enough room for a goldfish, they get too big. You would need at least 76 litres for one, and an additional 38 litres for each additional goldfish. They are very messy too, so you would need heavy filtration as well.
JONNIE BRAVO - 12 years ago
@pyr0static hello how many fish can i have in a 60 litre tank cheers
The Solitary Outdoorsman
The Solitary Outdoorsman - 12 years ago
I wouldn't go with smaller than a 20 gallon for one goldfish, plus 10 gallons for each additional goldfish. They need the space... Anyone looking to keep goldfish though should check those who keep them and are experienced, via online fish keeping forums, to learn how to best care for them.
kumarsa108 - 12 years ago
Nasty vulgar tacky plastic plants!
gdog48001 - 12 years ago
Whats a liter? Like a literacola?
Kevin V
Kevin V - 12 years ago
are test strips better than test tubes? i think it'll be easier and effortless if i get the test strips but then again more than all "easy ways" have a down side like if the test strips are inaccurate. id like to get an opinion before i buy any aquarium testing equipment. please and thank you :)
PanoramicFaith - 12 years ago
@mdrivera77 I wouldn't recommend it. The paint used on action figures is not suited for an aquatic environment and may pollute the water.
bennerix - 12 years ago
i use tap water :) i've had my tap water tested its clean :) my fish been happy in it for 3 years now
PTHinata2606 - 12 years ago
@earthy075 i see.. but what u mean the water lik a pond?
11computersrock11 - 12 years ago
@tehillahpsalmist actaully, goldfish CAN survive for u to 6days but I would never not feed for more than a day or two if u had to.
PTHinata2606 - 12 years ago
@tehillahpsalmist thanks :D
tehillahpsalmist - 12 years ago
@PTHinata2606 Feed the fish at least once at day with enough food for fish to eat within 3 - 5 minutes. Overfeeding will cause uneaten food to fall to the bottom and fowl up the water with neddless ammonia. Some fish can survive for 3 days without food.
BiteOffYourFingers - 12 years ago
@fekyalcz depends on your personal opinion, its your tank, you get to decide!
Peter Sorto
Peter Sorto - 12 years ago
@JustAHmongKid I laughed at that. XD
Vladimir Fejdi
Vladimir Fejdi - 12 years ago
Do aquariums look better without paper background?
JustAHmongKid - 12 years ago
"AL-GE" :D
PTHinata2606 - 12 years ago
Why are large fish tanks easier to keep? O.o how many times a day do i hav to feed them? =)
Laura Holmes
Laura Holmes - 12 years ago
@gagerdemon NO. WORST WAY TO GO. You shouldn't need to use that if you cycle your tank for weeks before adding fish, and DO REGULAR WATER CHANGES! It really annoys the hell out of me when people are clueless about how to keep a healthy tank and they don't care. Its not that hard so DO IT RIGHT! Plus, I hate how people recommend Goldfish as a starter fish when they are a often harder to keep than other fish. They produce 2-3 times more waste than others... plus most get over 8 inches!!! ARRGG!!
Hakop Agazaryan
Hakop Agazaryan - 12 years ago
@clippersown the bubbles from the pump aren't the reason that the pump adds oxygen to the water, it's the water agitation that does it.
Hakop Agazaryan
Hakop Agazaryan - 12 years ago
No need for air pump. If there is agitation at the top of the water, then air is being mixed with the water. Did you know that the bubbles that an air pump makes don't add to the oxygen levels? All it does is make bubbles, so the bubbles get to the top of the water and cause water agitation. If you have a filter, air pumps are useless (unless you like the look of the bubbles)
Dock18TeamMaster - 12 years ago
This is a really helpful video
szaki - 12 years ago
@gagerdemon No drop things for that, other than water change!
BirdseyeSky - 12 years ago
@DarkChildsFantasy92 True and Real plants + good filtration since they are little piggy's. But people just prefer to stuff them into a bowl, ignore their needs- they will just replace dead ones and don't care about fish suffering :/.
I garden because I have to
I garden because I have to - 12 years ago
Nice tip about rinsing the filter with the old water instead of tap water. Mental note to self.
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 12 years ago
@szaki ammonia and nitrites are fish killers, nitrates build up algae.
szaki - 12 years ago
High ammonia and nitrates can rise without any visual sign of water quality! Real fish killer!
Alexander Massaut
Alexander Massaut - 12 years ago
Anotehr tip for an goldfish aquarium is to buy an external filterwith some more capacity then you tank actually needs. Goldfish are indeed quite easy to keep but they are very polluting to your tank. regular cleaning an a good filter makes your hoppy a very pleasurable one.
Kraze111 - 12 years ago
Very Nice And Very Good Video
KawaiiWhale - 12 years ago
i <3 my little fish :3!!!
11computersrock11 - 12 years ago
Thanks!=) helped me a lot setting up my small aquarium=)
youronlycow - 12 years ago
This video is very good...
Sei Bailon
Sei Bailon - 12 years ago
Very Neat Video : )
iAzmax - 12 years ago
Nice work.

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