The ULTIMATE way to travel. Ever thought about sailing around the world? For the inexperienced and those on a budget it's totally do-able. We share our 8 hot tips to help get you on your way. Read a bit more into it in our blog! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Song Credit: 00:00 Adam Yoo - Divine FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: What software do we use? Premiere Pro

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The ULTIMATE way to travel. Ever thought about sailing around the world? For the inexperienced and those on a budget it's totally do-able. We share our 8 hot tips to help get you on your way. Read a bit more into it in our blog! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Song Credit: 00:00 Adam Yoo - Divine FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: What software do we use? Premiere Pro

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Rod Rosenberg
Rod Rosenberg - 6 years ago
Dear Alfred how are things in the med?
blueseacaro - 6 years ago
poor Alfred ......hang in there :)
Timothy Miller
Timothy Miller - 6 years ago
A little skirt goes a long way!
Mason Romp
Mason Romp - 6 years ago
Angela Vlogs
Angela Vlogs - 6 years ago
you guys are amazing with that sailing trip!!
Aleks Figueroa
Aleks Figueroa - 6 years ago
You guys are legends! Thank you for all the epic, informative and inspiring videos! Sending positive vibes from Long Beach, California!
Emanuel Antunes
Emanuel Antunes - 6 years ago
You guys are legendary artists ;) I'll be looking forward for your novels or sailing chronicles :D Haha! Best regards from Portugal!
Bobby G.
Bobby G. - 6 years ago
Hang in there buddy!
Rehtor - 6 years ago
Captain of SV Catfish
Captain of SV Catfish - 6 years ago
I enjoyed this reply!
Jf Mc
Jf Mc - 6 years ago
Hey Alfred I really enjoyed hearing all about how you're doing mate! Maybe you could get your own episode? You know just throw it out there and see if Riley bites. Take care!
P.S. Have you heard from Bilgey lately??
Rod Rosenberg
Rod Rosenberg - 6 years ago
OMG you guys made my day I love watching adventure every week!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
HahahahHAHAHAhahaha. I'd love to mate. Next live broadcast we are going to outline our cruising plans.
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
You need at least another two decades before you can write "The Grumpy Old Man and the Sea". PS When are you coming to Ireland?
Dre Konrad
Dre Konrad - 6 years ago
Id steer clear of posting Alfred's complaints. By the sounds of it you guys might be up for lure rights violations at the next port of call.
CoSta - 6 years ago
Poor Alfred...
Well, at least he found a slice of happiness in that tackle box ;)
Britt Attema
Britt Attema - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde This is amazing
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Hey Rod.

Its been really good not being mauled by gigantic pelagic fish as much but I still live in constant fear and am dragged behind their boat for days on end. It gets cold. It gets really cold at night time. Whenever the sun is setting I get this horrible dread that I will be attacked from the depths by some gigantic creature. Sometimes Riley jumps in the water next to me and drags himself along beside me and I'm thinking "Why the f*&k would you do that.?" I don't know if he thinks he is keeping me company or if he wouldn't expect someone onboard to do something he wouldn't but to be honest it kinda freaks me out a bit.
I suffer from anxiety, but I'm seeing someone about that, the winch handle. Shes an elderly professional and has been giving me such compassionate and profound advice about my role in the universe that I have decided not to untie the Improved Clinch knot above my head but I'm still having the recurring dream where I'm left in the sun for days on end and go all crackly.
I'm covered in scars now and I'm getting on a bit in lure years but at least I've met a nice little skirt to keep me company in the tackle box. Its a hard life but I'm ok.
Will Burkhart
Will Burkhart - 5 years ago
Having done the Vendee a couple of times I know the sea pretty well but I can’t imagine the fun your having, being able to stop, having a crew and not going 25kts upwind with water pouring over you 24/7
David Guest
David Guest - 5 years ago
You forgot get a hot Aussie chick who sings like an angel and make videos. Pays for everything.
KikasCompleto - 5 years ago
Hey guys if you drop by portugal say something if you want a crew member
S/V Yarika Sailing
S/V Yarika Sailing - 5 years ago
In the Caribbean, stock up on beer and wine in the French islands. In the Bahamas, stock up on everything that you can except rum. Everything is at least twice as expensive as anywhere else. We are on a Beneteau Cyclades 50. We anchor 99% of the time, mooring 0.9% if the time and marinas 0.1% of the time. We eat on the boat 95% of the time. A lot of walking when reasonable. We save for van trips on islands such as Dominica where rental cars cost about $80/day and you have to pay $20 for a temporary drivers' license, and rent cars in the French islands (much cheaper). If anyone wants to see a family of 4 with 2 teenages do it, go to S/V Yarika Sailing and check out our videos. Cheers.
terry yang
terry yang - 5 years ago
thanks it is a great vedio
Richard Bruce
Richard Bruce - 5 years ago
Yep I'll be doing this thanks to the cryptos :())))
Rubberumthedubberhum - 5 years ago
4:03 isn't lasagna a pasta dish?!?!
Pierre Salomon
Pierre Salomon - 5 years ago
great vid - thanks for sharing Your tips !

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SV Nellie Jo Westsail 32
SV Nellie Jo Westsail 32 - 5 years ago
We did it on a small Westsail 32 SV Nellie Jo and are currently in the Sea of Cortez!
John C
John C - 5 years ago
IMO A Blue and White Islander lure with chrome head is the best all around far!! tip it with a ballyhoo or ad a bird to excite the action and hold on! i really enjoy your videos....Thanks
Tony Coelho
Tony Coelho - 5 years ago
Love your old stuff!!
nonslave - 5 years ago
I love you guys and and have watched you go from a young innocent couple into a great fantastic business enterprise with a fantastic beautiful catamaran home...I am jealous
much love and fair winds merry Christmas are the luckiest people in the world
billypunte - 5 years ago
Free diesel & $5.00 lobsters how much beers / rum cost ? BTW great video TY very much...... very informative too .
Capt Larry -
Capt Larry - - 5 years ago
I searched for sailing douches..and ended up here.  Classic !
Bob Highlen
Bob Highlen - 6 years ago
gdamn u two are just too beautiful
SpearChuckUngawa - 6 years ago
More spearfishing please
db Productions
db Productions - 6 years ago
Were you nervous to start sailing? I’m a very impatient person. So I’m wondering if this could be therapeutic?
GOuDa Cheese54
GOuDa Cheese54 - 6 years ago
I came for the butt

20. comment for SAIL THE WORLD ON A BUDGET (8 TIPS)!

Quarry Adventures
Quarry Adventures - 6 years ago
I have a lot of things to mention that I know will help as I have no experience in what you are doing. Without a question I will be ignored. I am going to offer my detailed advice on stuff you know ship loads more about. All you need to do is ask.
F. Tian
F. Tian - 6 years ago
What about dangers of Pirates???? Not trying to be negative here...and how do you manage sea sickness or claustrophobia?? Be nice if you can post some Cons or doing this...thanks.
mikolaj64 - 6 years ago
Do you make visas to countries where you need visa?
mikolaj64 - 6 years ago
findacrew and... could you please write what was the second website you mentioned?
Andy Roghi
Andy Roghi - 6 years ago
You guys seem to be doing a good job,will meet you around the globe , or perhaps you'll give me a ride across the atlantic, and fair winds
Milton Waddams
Milton Waddams - 6 years ago
When you have people in their 20s just sailing around doing nothing, you know the economy needs to crash and burn.
Mark Gray
Mark Gray - 6 years ago
Love it all so very much! What's not to love? Stay safe and have fun while ya young!
Ocean Nomad
Ocean Nomad - 6 years ago
<3 Tip number 1: Crewing on other people's boats. I've been travelling the world last years like this and now helping others to do the same. For anyone looking to learn more in this department, happy to help!
Katelin Brady
Katelin Brady - 6 years ago
isaac rokes
isaac rokes - 6 years ago
thank you  guys !!

30. comment for SAIL THE WORLD ON A BUDGET (8 TIPS)!

ron werner
ron werner - 6 years ago
Alfred is king of daredevils
Asaya Everson
Asaya Everson - 6 years ago
It would be awesome if you guys did some more sit down chat videos!! This was great <3
Thomas Cavallaro
Thomas Cavallaro - 6 years ago
been following and enjoying he adventure ...
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson - 6 years ago
Thoughtful question, what is a more difficult lifestyle(in terms of daily jobs, chores and overall stress), the sea life or on shore? I’m 16 and would like to become a naval architect one day, designing my own vessels out on the open ocean, so I’d like to know what kind of hole I’m digging myself into.
Anand Rasheed
Anand Rasheed - 6 years ago
what is the brand and length of the boat
John Boyd
John Boyd - 6 years ago
When are you guys coming to Asia?
James Landon
James Landon - 6 years ago
Youtube gold right there
Jeff L
Jeff L - 6 years ago
what kind of lure are you Alfred? You look kinda like a blue squid.
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze - 6 years ago
Great tips. Plus you will find plenty of books on the best way to prepare to go offshore.
nativesurfer11 - 6 years ago
Thank you for this
Chris Verra
Chris Verra - 6 years ago
Just read through some of the comments below. Great video and in my experience, valid points and quite true to life. So many people limit themselves to a line in the sand where their comfort disappears and their fears begin. It is certainly not for everyone but the cruising lifestyle is possible if you have zero dollars or a million dollars. My daughter recently returned to Canada after cruising the east coast of America and the Bahama's for a year. She spent less than one months typical salary on the entire trip and around 6K on the boat. Had a great time and came home with a lifetime of adventures under her belt....still in her early twenties. Underway she met others with boats they salvaged for free who followed the same path she did. It is all attitude folks.
We bought a series of boats and fixed them up and sold them. Our sweat equity after 15 years has us in an ocean capable 32 footer bought and paid for on a limited budget. Whether in a million dollar catamaran or a free salvage boat, we all wake up under the same sky. Make a plan, push through your fears and have that adventure before they pat you on the face with a spade... Love to Riley and Elayna from your friends in Canada. See you out there some day.
LesPaulDreamers - 6 years ago
Alfred you're a legend, keep up the good work mate !
Jayson Cody
Jayson Cody - 6 years ago
Butt click video ! Made me look though !
Geo Hazel
Geo Hazel - 6 years ago
Congratulations on making it! So few of us will ever experience your success, so happy for you guys! Please never stop making the videos, your adventures are the only way most of us working class will ever get to see the world. Hope the vids get longer with longer clips of the cultures encountered and hope the clips capture the joy and hardships, to give us dreamers a bit of the hardship realities before selling the house and the joys to make us sell. Thank you guys so much, glad we are able to get a glimpse into a world we have only been able to dream about! Y'all rock!
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor - 6 years ago
You guys are just... the best. You've inspired me and my family to take to the seas... we're starting near home in the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound as our kids grow up a little and learn (currently 3 and 5) and then we're heading to the South Pacific (the dream is a Catamaran like yours). You're both such magical people! I hope we run into you out there someday.
Stefan neculaı vıtelaru
Stefan neculaı vıtelaru - 6 years ago
looks so fun but i thing is mor scary ven you are alon ........
Steve Graham
Steve Graham - 6 years ago
Have you guys been to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua?
gareth price
gareth price - 6 years ago
I wouldn't bother sailing anywhere with such a hot woman! Might as well have fun in the Harbour, the lucky guy!! Any topless pictures of the beauty ?
Oxnate - 6 years ago
Tip Zero: wear a PFD when on deck.
Aj - 6 years ago

50. comment for SAIL THE WORLD ON A BUDGET (8 TIPS)!

barry Clements
barry Clements - 6 years ago
How Wonderful to Live xxxx
Tony Lorentzen
Tony Lorentzen - 6 years ago
Raise your hand if you're here for the thumbnail-photo bait ;-)
MrMoerbe101 - 6 years ago
5 years from now!
OCR FIT - 6 years ago
A Lobster? That thing was a small dinosaur!!
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson - 6 years ago
Tip #1: Buy a $700,000 Catamaran and get other people to pay for it.
niceguy217 - 6 years ago
What a well done and perfect video! Would add a nice big net (for fish,and also removing creatures which somehow end up in all boats on trips ;) along with a nice gaff hook...But! and it's a big one! When you hit safety equipment, I agree some take too much, including the people I knew who had 2 full size life rafts and 14..yes count 'em 14 radios on a 34' they were just island hopping on! But you're never gonna convince me to travel w/out my coconut helmet and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, you guys of all people should know how terrifying and aggressive some of the crabs out there are!
Modern Day Mavericks
Modern Day Mavericks - 6 years ago
I love your videos! I'm a huge fan and a member of your Patreon page. I just started sailing and am working toward crewing a boat this April. Going from Sf to the French Polynesia. I've lived in a van for the past year, and plan to spend the next few on a bike. The sailing opportunity sort of fell into my lap..I'm extremely new to it all. You guys rock!
Geneish - 6 years ago
What company and what model made your boat?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith - 6 years ago
Elay's bum made me click
Hatless Chimp
Hatless Chimp - 6 years ago
I used to work with Riley, he is a gun! Most easy going laid back bloke you will meet. Well done with the Channel!
123DEEPSPACE - 6 years ago
Lucky guys, all the best for the next voyages, very good vids.....
Arden Hill
Arden Hill - 6 years ago
you two are so inspirational
Arden Hill
Arden Hill - 6 years ago
you two are so inspirational
Arden Hill
Arden Hill - 6 years ago
you two are so inspirational
Arden Hill
Arden Hill - 6 years ago
you two are so inspirational
Steve Loop
Steve Loop - 6 years ago
Outstanding top tips here R&E. good on ya for the many vid edits amongst this outstanding presentation.
And Shared on my FB feed
Good Cook Bad Cook
Good Cook Bad Cook - 6 years ago
Good tips :-)
Sailing VIO
Sailing VIO - 6 years ago
great tips guys. many thanks , regards Phil,
Philosopher Prince
Philosopher Prince - 6 years ago
Sub'd ! Because of that Lobsta!!!
siege0017 - 6 years ago
wow you guys are amazing. totally how life sound be, you've nailed it, beautiful people and a template to how everything should be, thanks for sharing
Philip Nelson
Philip Nelson - 6 years ago
Just got back from Mallorca to look at a boat and put an offer in on Friday. Wouldn't have come this far without you two. Good on ya.
Addict - 6 years ago
So, first be rich, then follow these 8 steps to spend as less as possible . Got it :)
spiritualinsight - 6 years ago
Curious is it possible to take this advice, with someone that's vegetarian. In May I have up eating meat, so sailing I feel like would be a bit harder. Was allergic to Shellfish, and counting out all the other meats including fish means fishing or living off the seas bounty as it were seems a bit harder. Am I wrong. Is it still do able?
Dominik Bergthaler
Dominik Bergthaler - 6 years ago
Concerning Alfred: I'd love to see a video about your fishing experiences and equipment - you inspired me to buy some stuff myself and I tried it out this summer, sailing greece - not a single bite tough. I saw alfred and thought, ok maybe its the lure, but I guess you guys must have more tips and cheats for trolling - if you wanna do a video about that I shall send you an email with all my questions or make a video asking them - whatever you prefer :)
Fair winds and following seas my friends :)
or as we say in Austria: "Immer eine Hand breit!"
daMagicPlum - 6 years ago
I have always wondered if you carry a weapon on the ship? pirates are still a thing.
Bruce Wagenberg
Bruce Wagenberg - 6 years ago
When you need a break from each other in the middle of an ocean, I see you wear headphones a lot. Do you just forgive quickly out of necessity? Do you practice overboard and fire drills in deep choppy water?
Redneck Hollywood
Redneck Hollywood - 6 years ago
Thanks for confirming my thoughts of buying in the Caribbean! That is what we will do. RedneckHollyWood
Salar Farrukh
Salar Farrukh - 6 years ago
What place is she talking about at 2:50 to 2:55?
I'm sorry I just can't understand it :/
Johnny Dilworth
Johnny Dilworth - 6 years ago
George Betar
George Betar - 6 years ago
Very nice video. ty
Josh Hockman
Josh Hockman - 6 years ago
Tip #1: Use half nude photos of your girlfriend/wife as clickbait to get youtube views...
Chesca is Lost
Chesca is Lost - 6 years ago
The idea of crewing is great! Especially for your younger viewers who won't have the $$$ saved to buy a boat outright, AND it gives them the experience if they want to go and buy a boat in a few years time. Also, hello to Alfred! He makes a fine addition to the SLV vids x
Timothy Miller
Timothy Miller - 6 years ago
Hey Riles, met and spent labor day weekend with Solomon Rust (brother of Alex Rust of Chasing Bubbles) on Patoka lake in Indiana, USA. Had a great time doing shots of fireball and listening to stories about Alex. Thought you might get a kick out of that, I know I sure did!
Mark Greene
Mark Greene - 6 years ago
Love following you two. My weekly getaway on the sea.
Michelle Bazis
Michelle Bazis - 6 years ago
These are great tips! I wouldn't have thought about crewing - seems like an awesome way to get a feel for things before investing in your own rig. Would you guys ever consider doing a series where you share beginner sailing tips? Like lingo, tacking, navigating, maintenance, what to do in emergency etc.
franol7 - 6 years ago
Fantastic clip !.My best regards , guys;)
Rooftop Antics
Rooftop Antics - 6 years ago
Really enjoyed this one guys! Love the edit.
Bill Duncan
Bill Duncan - 6 years ago
I absolutely LOVE your videos! thank you for this! it is still a dream of mine but watching vids on how to make money while doing it helps me feel more like it can be done !

Thank you!
زايد خميس
زايد خميس - 6 years ago
Hi all
Kayla Renals
Kayla Renals - 6 years ago
Have been watching you guys for years, and loved this small departure from regular programming to share what you've learned with others, with resources for those who want to go more in depth. Please do more like this!
Todd Stoughton
Todd Stoughton - 6 years ago
I've been watching your travels on an off for a year or more an you guy's are a breath of Sunshine 2 a land lock dreamer all the best Stoughtontodd@GMAIL.COM
Marina Batham
Marina Batham - 6 years ago
It's amazing to me that so many people are upset by the "anyone can do it" message of this vid. The fact of the matter is anyone can! First you must really WANT it and have no doubt. Second you set a goal and make a plan and put one foot in front of the other. Third don't expect instant gratification! Stop spending money on stupid stuff, pare down your living to basics, put the money away and don't sell the house! Rent the house for income once you are living on the boat. Anyone can do it and only you can put road blocks up to prevent it. No excuses!
haxpet - 6 years ago
How can people afford to sail around the world like this?
Where do you get the money from?
RealityIsTheNow - 6 years ago
A budget? You mean the 334K youtube subs or the $9,000 per episode Patreon account? Do this on $15,000 a YEAR and then I'll check it out. LOL Budget!
Dark Vctry
Dark Vctry - 6 years ago
Hello I'm a long term subscriber. I am from USA, and I have 2 houses paid off that I can rent, to bring me in close to 1700 USD per month. I also have 120k USD set aside to buy a boat. I am IYT skipper licensed (did all the training). Do you think its possible if I buy the boat in cash that 1700 USD / month could keep me afloat ? I'm 35 and single incase any single ladies out there HAHAHA. Nah but seriously I'm pretty frugal, I love mono-hulls and need to find a good strong blue-water for under 120k, ideally around 40 to 50ft.
Diane S
Diane S - 6 years ago
Yep, great ideas!!
Wildly Intrepid
Wildly Intrepid - 6 years ago
Thanks guys, great tips. I really like #7, if you are shy about what others may think or wonder if you will be welcome, you miss out on so much.
Austin Freeman
Austin Freeman - 6 years ago
Great tips! Thanks for making this video!
Kelsey Brennan
Kelsey Brennan - 6 years ago
Just wondering, how did you guys afford health insurance before you got all this support? do you just kind of hope for the best? being in different countries with not so great hospitals seems spooky to me
wacker wood
wacker wood - 6 years ago
my top tip is ,if you are fishing the best knot to use is a 5 turn grinner and wet the line when you pull it tight

100. comment for SAIL THE WORLD ON A BUDGET (8 TIPS)!

Clare Hill
Clare Hill - 6 years ago
Where's Los roches?
Ili - 6 years ago
Clare Hill
Clare Hill - 6 years ago
I thought they were no longer on a budget now their patreon seems to be super successful
Joseph Shirley
Joseph Shirley - 6 years ago
From my wee bit o experience I think a lot of people are afraid of improperly navigation. Id suggest a short course as there are many and once you immerse oneself into the community more often than not you will likely be surprised at how many sailors will take you out for free with FREE navigation training. Just be yourself and don't be shy about being a bit ignorant of the topic. I'd wager how surprised you will be at the speed in which you find yourself helping another. Helping to teach folks how to do things actually gives ya a better or maybe deeper, more thorough understanding of navigation. It may seem intimidating at first until you realize how intoxicating these little lessons can be. There are schools out there but I say these two gorgeous human beings are perfect examples of learning as you go without some degree in sailing. Happy Wakes and trails!
Shakes McTremens
Shakes McTremens - 6 years ago
See this video in Suggestions.. don't know if it's a sailing video or not.

Not, that is, until I caught sight of the butt floss in the thumbnail ...Aha! Sailing video.
OkinawaWild - 6 years ago
Cap'n Fatty Goodlander: "How to Inexpensively and Safely Buy, Outfit & Sail a Small Vessel Around the World"

One of the best reads I've had. A lot of life-lessons.
Hamilton - 6 years ago
Will be doing just that. Escaping the rat race and going sailing. See you on the water!
Steve C
Steve C - 6 years ago
Love you guys. Thanks so much for this! Safe travels out there! Fair winds and following seas
don schlegel
don schlegel - 6 years ago
Amazing couple you are .
efren181 - 6 years ago
How many knots were you going when Alfred caught the tuna and dorado?
Martin Seitz
Martin Seitz - 6 years ago
How much could you loose when you started ?
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez - 6 years ago
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez - 6 years ago
This is stupid but I have two music recommendations for you. The first is someone who tells great stories with pretty easy guitar parts and he goes by "Radical Face" You have 10+ years of music there that is amazing and I hope you enjoy it. The other is "The tallest man on Earth" who may be one of the best Acoustic guitar players on the planet, his voice isn't for everyone but you could do some amazing covers if you could figure out his Tuning .
TX Rider
TX Rider - 6 years ago
You can get good tips from this couple at sailing emerald steel channel.. They hand built their own sailboat and have been live aboard cruising in it for 30 years..
Lokobuff - 6 years ago
Please create an "Alfred" T-shirt...
NutmegThumper - 6 years ago
Guys I've watched a ton of your vids over the years. Love you both. Great intro - seems like there is a ton of people doing this now! My biggest issue would likely be that you don't have access to quality medical care in an emergency.
Martin S
Martin S - 6 years ago
Hi guys, u are such an inspiraation, and one of the reasons i have bought a small catamaran and will start my voyage next month.
First on a two week two week systembut who knows! it really feels like breaking free.

My boat is close to Marseille, so a nice point to start!

happy journey and if i ever meet u guys that would be great
Max Brand
Max Brand - 6 years ago
You guys are amazing. Exactly the tip I needed. Signing up on FindACrew and CrewSeekers right now!!
DAM FLA - 6 years ago
Perfect click-bait (as if Elay needs it:)
Dave Dowling
Dave Dowling - 6 years ago
Last time hunker down not bunker down. I'm done.
Travel and Vino
Travel and Vino - 6 years ago
When are you guys getting Married?
Shane Lawler
Shane Lawler - 6 years ago
Great tips, thanks for sharing.
Stafford - 6 years ago
Well done! Nice of you to pass on blessings to others. Cheers - 6 years ago
Just found this about how to prevent seasickness. Let me know if it works.
Dirk Myers
Dirk Myers - 6 years ago
when are you going to marry that girl!
Pete Muzic
Pete Muzic - 6 years ago
im jealous... i need to escape my 40 hour a week trap... i have a 32 carver marina but shes not set up for long distance
George Last
George Last - 6 years ago
Please don't start clickbaiting
OMGWERDOOMED - 6 years ago
No. 6 me thinks ye watch too much Gilligan.
Thomas Levy
Thomas Levy - 6 years ago
How to earn enough money to buy a boat, in 6 easy steps:
Step 1: Buy some stocks on the stock market.
Step 2: ?????
Step 3: Sell your stocks with profit.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until you reach step 5.
Step 5: Become rich.
Step 6: Buy a boat.
Adam Bradley
Adam Bradley - 6 years ago
Thumbnails of Elayna's butt make my day.... That Riley is a lucky guy. Well he's a hottie too, so she's a lucky gal!
Soulrider2012 - 6 years ago
All this about a clickbait thumbnail pic. When you think about it, EVERY thumbnail is designed to do the same thing, create interest in the video, get people to watch. However, thumbnails REALLY bother me when they are not FROM the video. I guess that's when they fall under the label of "Clickbait". Sadly, that was the case with this thumbnail, it wasn't IN the video anywhere. To me that's a bit deceptive (even if it is just a shot of someone's amazing posterior). :) You think of the thumbnail pic as a sort of "preview" of some part of the video. That was not the case here. Unfortunately. :) However, regardless of how nice the thumbnail was, to me it was irrelevant as I watch every episode of SLV anyway. So, whether the thumbnail is of one of Elayna's incredible features (notice I didn't say best..but good lord knows it's up there on the list...) or not, I'll be watching the video anyway.
Le Typ
Le Typ - 6 years ago
5:09 ... WOW!
Terry Griffiths
Terry Griffiths - 6 years ago
Just wondering what were the little fish wriggling away @4:57?
rami halim
rami halim - 6 years ago
if there's a way I can like this video twice I would complain about not being able to like it 3 times : )
John 47
John 47 - 6 years ago
Tip of the day: make sure there is more water outside the boat than in. It works for me.  :D
Project Manaia - Ocean Conservation & Research
Project Manaia - Ocean Conservation & Research - 5 years ago
John 47 always a good one to keep in mind....
Paul Evans
Paul Evans - 6 years ago
Are u in the med or near the storm hope u all safe good sailing paul
Julian Morse
Julian Morse - 6 years ago
This is great! Your vids are so inspiring. Really appreciate ones like these especially, with tips and info on how to get into ocean cruising.
Loanword Eggcorn
Loanword Eggcorn - 6 years ago
Wonderful thoughts, wonderfully presented. Beauty mates!
qakk2000 - 6 years ago
one of your best guys well done
Alwyn Hartman
Alwyn Hartman - 6 years ago
One thing not mentioned though, and something many people are unaware of: Many of us don't have the travel freedom afforded by better passports. Being from Aus, USA, Nz or UK for example will allow you to go just about anywhere in the world without the need to apply for a visa, a crippling barrier to adventure. Assumption is a killer, don't think everyone or anyone can just kick off and go on a fantastic trip like you guys, you are in fact exceptionally fortunate.
Benny Dreieiei
Benny Dreieiei - 6 years ago
You are absolutely correct. The degrees of freedom are distributed very unevenly amongst people and peoples.
Theodore Kocoshis
Theodore Kocoshis - 6 years ago
boo clickbait! you're above that.
Keltic Viking
Keltic Viking - 6 years ago
Obviously not ! Lol
Clint Davis
Clint Davis - 6 years ago
Sailing mischief lost their boat and has a go fund me. Hope lavanga will help out another sailor in need. This boat was their home and it sunk in st Martin.
K Reed
K Reed - 6 years ago
you goys ah liginds
Brad Hyatt
Brad Hyatt - 6 years ago
You guys are awesome! Such a helpful video. Im finishing up my engineering degree and racing my 16 foot cat in the meantime. Planning to live on a sailboat full time eventually because of you guys!
The Online Business Advisor
The Online Business Advisor - 6 years ago
When I clicked the link to your Facebook page it gave a not found error. I am going to share some of your links and videos on my page too. Love your work! :-)
The Online Business Advisor
The Online Business Advisor - 6 years ago
This is an awesome video. So many great valuable tips! Thanks heaps. :-)
Franz Loehle
Franz Loehle - 6 years ago
please please please moooooooor details!
Tu Chenz
Tu Chenz - 6 years ago
Just gonna grab that thumbnail real quick, thanks!
peacetrain - 6 years ago
You're getting pretty good at this... Pretty, pretty good.
Kitty Bierwirth
Kitty Bierwirth - 6 years ago
Great tips and thank you!
harshith anchan
harshith anchan - 6 years ago
do u need a crew ??
harshith anchan
harshith anchan - 6 years ago
what are the website you mentioned ??
Lovely Krisha
Lovely Krisha - 6 years ago
that's JP!!!
adamttreat123 - 6 years ago
Yes Alfred and Bilge show fosho! Where's Bilge! Bilge seems a lot more fun than the new bloke you got on the boat ha!
Dilly Dally
Dilly Dally - 6 years ago
On a budget and on a million dollar boat!
Bimshire - 6 years ago
LOL the bait in the click is strong with this one!! Well done sir!!! Well done!! (PS poor old Alfred seems out of place in the med!! he needs some Caribbean waters asap!!!)
Steve Crombie
Steve Crombie - 6 years ago
Can't believe how long we have all been together. Can't wait to see your sailing plans for the future. Be safe my friends.
jason fraser
jason fraser - 6 years ago
brilliant post, thanks for sharing
Wayne Federico
Wayne Federico - 6 years ago
Great info.. TIP ~ don't music over you talking .. no need we want to here you..
2000jago - 6 years ago
What appeals to me most about this lifestyle is getting as far away from other human beings as possible. This whole "big family on the sea" business really puts me off.
Sal - 6 years ago
hey check me out im click bait.i pimp out my girl .here piggy piggy
Owen - 6 years ago
As expected, you've all missed the point of the criticism regarding the clickbait. I for one love Elayna's bum, she looks incredible. BUT, if you include that in the thumbnail it should also be in the video otherwise it is just clickbait and misleading. Don't become like the likes of Jake Paul and all those other 'vloggers' who have to clickbait for views because their content isn't interesting enough like yours la vaga. If you include her bum in the thumbnail, give us a bit in the video too ☺️.
Alfonse Hugo
Alfonse Hugo - 5 years ago
Ey Owen, we all know Elayna's really beyond gorgeous, but who would put his disappointment about not having been provided a glimpse on her statuesque figure en publique?
William Fink
William Fink - 6 years ago
rock on, from Makawao Maui Aloha!
gotham city
gotham city - 6 years ago
nice ass
Deano Stevenson
Deano Stevenson - 6 years ago
When out off bait we found the trusty foam  ear plug soaked in cooking  oil and pushed onto your hook , worked a treat
Vincent Dupuis
Vincent Dupuis - 6 years ago
Cc a vous deux merci pour ces magnifiques vidéos !!! continuer a nous faire rever !!!! et surtout Elay n oublie pas tjrs sensuelle , sexy !!! biz a vous deux !!!!
lauren X ocean
lauren X ocean - 6 years ago
Love this video guys!
Willy T
Willy T - 6 years ago
Your videos are the best. You are the best also.
Steven UK1
Steven UK1 - 6 years ago
looking into hybrid, electric power.. any thoughts? also what is the smallest size hull do you need for ocean crossing (12m?) excellent content.
CBDav - 6 years ago
click bait
Bus Life NZ
Bus Life NZ - 6 years ago
Great vid team!
Brayden Cannon
Brayden Cannon - 5 years ago
Bus Life NZ heeeeey
myhorecalife - 6 years ago
Great video guys! <3
Dave Collins
Dave Collins - 6 years ago
What have you guys done to me its all your fault, after months of watching your vids purchased a Beneteau 393 last month, now I need to learn how to sail it, off to Croatia end of Oct with the missus to do the Competent Crew and Day Skipper course, Fair Winds Gday Dave
Scot G
Scot G - 6 years ago
I guess the swag discount you mentioned didn't work out. Shame, I was about to place an order.
sundownerII - 6 years ago
Anchoring and little use of marinas saves a fortune, obvious but essential : )
EVAN KOLACKI - 6 years ago
Elayna-you should do a swimsuit fashion show some time.
jameskguy - 6 years ago
Thanks for the good tips!
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Tony Park - 6 years ago
Escape the rat race!!!!
Ané Du Preez
Ané Du Preez - 6 years ago
You guys are the best!!!
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k a - 6 years ago
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Hugh Jass - 6 years ago
Step 1: Be born beautiful > feature girlfriend's ass in videos > get huge Youtube following > someone gives you million dollar boat.
Keltic Viking
Keltic Viking - 6 years ago
Hugh Jass lol yep
Outdoor enthusiasts
Outdoor enthusiasts - 6 years ago
I sure hope you two are at it 5 years from Now! That's when our youngest will be in college and we will be free to roam! Love you both and keep on your adventure!
Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad - 6 years ago
Tip #9: Bring along a gorgeous Austrailian bikini model who knows how to cook as well as sail. This has certainly worked for Riley LOL
George Lomax
George Lomax - 6 years ago
Awesome info guys thanks!!!!
Be safe!
Whiskey And Wanderlust
Whiskey And Wanderlust - 6 years ago
Hey guys, I've got PP, but my laptop can't handle it and my footage is wasting away. I can't edit with so much lag. Is it strictly Macs that you use for editing, or can you drop me some specs on what you use to help me out? Thanks, and keep up the good work! - Nick
CryptEx Gaming
CryptEx Gaming - 6 years ago
Don't forget about crowdfunding. It hasn't worked for me, YET, but I only recently started mine. I've seen it work for others, however, so it shouldn't be discounted. :D It probably helps if you are active with Social Media and have places like that to spam your link around tho lol.
Michel Tremblay
Michel Tremblay - 6 years ago
I live in Kelowna BC Canada and we absolutely love every episode. I own a real estate agency and have a few homes under construction so life is busy but I promise you I will be living the cruising life again soon....for now, you brighten our lives on solid ground and keep us dreaming....please keep going ..... and absolutely ignore the occasional stupid comments for you know, they are just jealous otherwise they would simply tune out right ?
Rick Ealy
Rick Ealy - 6 years ago
Yo LaVagabond.... Hey Riley, do you have any of your shirts for sale with the ships wheel logo??  XL is good... I'm glad you're safe from the storms... I've heard your in St.Croix?? Keep it up.. Capt'n Rick... now in Mississippi, USA.
kirkstable - 6 years ago
you should market 'alfred' i'll buy one especially if he responds to email and txt msgs for me.. cheers I'm about to go look at my first sailboat
Charles Smith
Charles Smith - 6 years ago
10 points on your Gymnastics,Elayna.
Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald - 6 years ago
So Alfred; which fish was the sketchiest? The Marlin? What's the boss like? Does he look after you? And lastly, will Adelaide win the flag this year? Lol
Valden23 - 6 years ago
Jim, if you watched the Tigers play last night, I think you know the answer. :-)
Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks - 6 years ago
I work midnight shift here in Atl, Georgia. Started thinking about how my life has been passing me by for several years now. So I was watching some youtube vids on sailing a while back and got addicted to your videos. There are tons of videos out there, but known are as amazing as ya'lls. So family friendly and genuine. I actually get picked on by my coworkers about it, but its worth Been thinking about relocating to Florida and buying a boat and starting a new life. Thank you two for all you do for people like me. Until I start my new life, I will gladly continue living it through ya'll.
J B - 6 years ago
I really thought you were better than posting your ass in basically a g string for views.... Remember why people want to follow your story
Rich Allcorn
Rich Allcorn - 6 years ago
How do I do a "two thumbs up"?
Jack Grist
Jack Grist - 6 years ago
Hey Punks, well done on the change of pace:)
Ps. Still click baiting Elenas butt? That's o k if her butts featured in the vid but.. it's a long term branding trust thing ..
Nick, Brisbane.
PPS. Have you seen plukky 'sailing into freedom'?
Valden23 - 6 years ago
Hi Nick. I'll agree with you that bad click bait is the worst, but good-click bait can be simply excellent! :-) I think Riley and Elayna have built trust with this use of clickbait, because the video behind it is excellent. It was an appealing image of Elayna having fun with her friends that got me watching this channel. Same story with Delos. Both are very entertaining and inspiring. Sailing Pacific will be the same.
danzupu - 6 years ago
Where exactly is Las Rocas that you mentioned?
Curt Brooks
Curt Brooks - 6 years ago
Start a new channel called, nice ass tv i'll subscribe
tim5356 - 6 years ago
I've been around the world,,,,,,,,, on youtube with you 2.... Love you guys, keep it up.
elisa alvarez
elisa alvarez - 6 years ago
I dream of sailing with you and learning. I am a flight attendant studying to be a pilot in Santiago de Chile, but grew up next to the sea in margarita island Venezuela... so every time i see a video you upload it makes me feel a little more close to home.
keep it up.
enjoy life a little more everyday.
thanks for the hard work .
Lightnin Will I AM Robin
Lightnin Will I AM Robin - 6 years ago
What happened in the Panama Canal?
Valden23 - 6 years ago
I think they were just referring to the cost of going through the Panama Canal. A big expense for subsistence sailors on a tight budget. Thousands! :-O
OHFORPEATSAKES - 6 years ago
Love your channel, have followed you from the very beginning, but recently I've noticed some click-baiting. Please don't lower your standards.
Tim K
Tim K - 6 years ago
Hello Riles & Layna! Ive been watching for quite a while now and your videos have certainly inspired me to go Sailing even in land locked Tucson Az. Did you know that Arizona has more boat registrations per capita than any other state in the Union? But I digress...This video hearkens back to the old days when it was just the two of you on the Beneteau. Congratulations on your fantastic success and thank you for not forgetting where you came from. You give us hope that one day, with planning, stubbornness, and a little luck that we could be sailing the world too. You are both Legends!
TheCamPayne - 6 years ago
Butt shot for click bait is no good
K Reed
K Reed - 6 years ago
jesus, Cam
TheCamPayne - 6 years ago
I like your positivity, however it's the only planet we know so there is no comparison and it seems as if our days are numbered.
Valden23 - 6 years ago
You have a point there Cam. I'm not satisfied that we, the only species on the planet which can perform a custodian role, are doing a particularly good job, overall. Nonetheless, it's the most beautiful planet we have, which ought to inspire us all to celebrate it and all of the beautiful things on it. Ask any astronaut if it looks beautiful from where they sit! :-)
TheCamPayne - 6 years ago
Have you seen all the hate and destruction.......The world is becoming a very sad place. I have my fun where I can but if you look at footage of the oceans 15 years ago compared to now, it's very sad, very very sad.
Valden23 - 6 years ago
Cam - it's a beautiful world. It's a short life. Lighten up. Have fun! :-)
TheCamPayne - 6 years ago
Less than thrilled.
Valden23 - 6 years ago
It's only click bait if what comes next is rubbish. It's a very good butt, which, when clicked, played a very good video. So that's all good. No?
whatdaheck - 6 years ago
sad to know that some of the places you have visited recently are gone ,damn Irma
Brown Dog
Brown Dog - 6 years ago
Awesome tips guys, we have been rvers for a long time,hope to get our feet wet soon.Can we have alfreds
Mark Russell
Mark Russell - 6 years ago
Thanks for the Thumbnail!
Misti Luke
Misti Luke - 6 years ago
Great tips. Still waiting for information on the choker. Help a landlocked sister out.
Lasma Zorgenberga
Lasma Zorgenberga - 6 years ago
Aw! Thanks again! You guys are legend! Such a inspiration! Hope we cross each other's paths one day, somewhere in pacific!
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 6 years ago
Tomas Vykruta
Tomas Vykruta - 6 years ago
Really nice tips guys thinks for putting it together!
Tom Snow
Tom Snow - 6 years ago
Great Video! I am building a catamaran hope to see you out there.
Jake - 6 years ago
Bad timing. This would have been cool when you were on your own boat. Not on a free million dollar catamaran.
Expert1911 - 6 years ago
Discounted and financed through the company because no bank would give a loan. Definitely not free.
Jake - 6 years ago
I'm just saying it doesn't look very good. I am of course rooting for them and happy for them.
Nathe Ferts
Nathe Ferts - 6 years ago
pretty sure they are paying for the boat, yes they got a deal, but they do have to pay it off so its not free.
Nixon - 6 years ago
Jake The new boat doesn't negate anything they said, and it ok to be a little jealous. I personally love that things have worked out for them, wether through hard work or luck, it's great to see people win.
The Treehouse Yoga - Bunbury
The Treehouse Yoga - Bunbury - 6 years ago
I have nearly circumnavigated the World as 'crew' on boats. I thought this was a really great point you made - looking outside the box! You guys rock...keep inspiring us, stay true to yourselves and be safe.
Kevin Culhane
Kevin Culhane - 6 years ago
lol on a budget n a million dollar boat
Adrien Joinette
Adrien Joinette - 6 years ago
Awesome video, I'm jealous I've been building my boat for the past 17 years something I thought would take 8 years but I'm still moving on , maybe I'll finish it before I get to old to do a round world expedition but if not there's still lots of large inland waters
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown - 6 years ago
Hey I want to thank you for your videos I didn't think I'd need to see that one but I enjoyed it never the last I did learn some things Ivan land lover I'll probably never leave her good evening
Pedro Strom
Pedro Strom - 6 years ago
what no Bilgey mentions ?
Paul van Bellen
Paul van Bellen - 6 years ago
I love the taste of fish but I don't like killing....  I'll disregard #8
Paul van Bellen
Paul van Bellen - 6 years ago
If there are alternatives to killing (and we both know there are hundreds) then I'll avoid killing. I find that actively making a decision to avoid killing lifts my mind to a more loving place, therefore leading to a more peaceful existence.

Wild animals are bound by their instincts & have limits to their ability to reduce the suffering of other beings. As humans we have the ability to make a choice... we can live perfectly healthy while at the same time reduce killing to a minimum and therefore reduce an animals stress (like being hooked on a line in the mouth).

When I was a child I was fishing on a wharf and when I went to cast my line, a dog behind me grabbed the bait and swallowed the hook. It started jumping around and yelping... a disturbing thing to see as a 10 year old! A random guy that was around the wharf cut the line and rushed the dog off to the vet. I'm not sure what happened to the dog. When telling that story to people they often feel so sorry for the dog. Since then I've often wondered what the difference was between catching that dog or a fish. Both animals don't want to be hooked. They both will suffer.

I'm happy with my decision to stop fishing.... sure other fish might eat them, that's the way of nature....but as a human who wants to lesson suffering in the World I'll continue down this path because it makes me feel better.

Thanks for the discussion mate ;)
Valden23 - 6 years ago
Hi Paul. Keep in mind that virtually every fish in the ocean eventually gets eaten alive, apart from the ones that Riley or other people catch. As much as your humanity is laudable, which it is, all those fish are not lining up to thank you. Nonetheless, I'm sure your humanity manifests in many other ways; caring for sentient animals, children and the elderly. :-)
Paul van Bellen
Paul van Bellen - 6 years ago
I'm not hungry enough because there are many alternatives to killing, like provisioning at a supermarket or local market. If I was marooned on a deserted island then yes I would hunt. But if I have alternatives to killing then I'll do that to lesson other being's suffering.
Valden23 - 6 years ago
That's because you're not hungry enough Paul. :-) Have you seen Bear Grills' videos about dropping groups of city-slickers onto tropical islands, for weeks, with no food? They very quickly learn how to hunt and fish! :-) Seeing those women catch a sleeping pig with their bare hands, then kill it with little more than a sharpened spoon made me realise I'd never been that hungry either.
Gary Colyer
Gary Colyer - 6 years ago
Going to look into that #findacrew thing. Would save me buying a boat.
OldGuyTrippin - 6 years ago
Brilliant as always, cheers
Lake Sailer
Lake Sailer - 6 years ago
"alfred even responds to emails" hahaha I almost missed that, had to back up a bit and play it again. So funny.
Terry Zammit
Terry Zammit - 6 years ago
Good episode. Will have to reference it from time to time
P West
P West - 6 years ago
That ass though Q
P West
P West - 6 years ago
That ass though
life aboard french melody
life aboard french melody - 6 years ago
I bought a sail boat 2 months ago I'm 19 from UK funny how it happend really I don't know how to sail but watched your videos now for about 2 and a half years I'm learning to sail and living onboard my 35ft jeannua melody and it's great but I'm in the north ATM for a year but hoping to start cruising I'm also on crewbay and have had alot of interest from crew that should all be going ahead soon once I've got more experience
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
Life aboard the Broads good on ya lad :-)
Shelley McCarthy
Shelley McCarthy - 6 years ago
How much do you live off of?
Renegade Show
Renegade Show - 6 years ago
When you buy a boat, consider what the boat is made of, not all hulls are the same, some are solid fiberglass, others are chopstrand, some have a balsa or foam core.

Some boats are made to cross oceans, others are made to sail on lakes.

Also consider the hull design, some boats are designed to race, some to cross oceans, they have very different properties.
David Macomber
David Macomber - 6 years ago
thanks for the tips!!
paanikki - 6 years ago
These are mostly excellent tips.

About crewing:
To have realistic chances for crewing overseas, you should have at least some skills in sailing, and experience from different conditions and more than one type of boat.

Having some kind of training in sailing skills (coastal navigation, marine radio communication, survival, first aid etc.) dramatically increases your chances for a crew position. Having documents of formal training in these areas is even better. (a skipper licence from your national maritime authority, or the International Pleasure Craft Operator's Certificate of Competency, SRC marine radio licence etc.)
Your "crew chances" can be increased further if you have training or skills in some special areas like fixing diesel engines, electrical systems, computing/data networking, plumbing, cooking/food hygiene (provisioning), or if you have language skills that are useful in the cruising area.

About being paid for sailing:
In most cases the crew pays their part of the food and fuel costs. Some yacht owners may pay the crew's food and other expenses for the duration of the trip, sometimes even flights.
To actually earn money by working as a crew is possible mostly on yachts which are registered for charter (or other commercial use). To be able to work as a crew in such yacht, one must have a formal training and STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate.
Rebecca P
Rebecca P - 6 years ago
I see where Riley gets his good looks! Your dad is hot! Is he single?? lol
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
Rebecca P yes, I thought you did,that's why I put my comment in.i think if a female said that about any male on a huge channel like this, they would be very happy?.hence walking about like a big male rooster with his chest out. :-)
Rebecca P
Rebecca P - 6 years ago
David Westwood Meant it! Truly!
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
Rebecca P haha,Comment of the year,his dad will be walking around like a big rooster now...:-)
Harold Steed
Harold Steed - 6 years ago
shush! Don't tell too many people about this. There won't be any room at the anchorages!
Thiago Albano
Thiago Albano - 6 years ago
Great tips!! My first challenge is convince my wife and children!!!
scott wood
scott wood - 6 years ago
You guys need a dog
Fr Ya
Fr Ya - 6 years ago
Love you guys :D
Dennis Bradberry
Dennis Bradberry - 6 years ago
You got me with the thumbnail ya bastards
Daniel Pratt
Daniel Pratt - 6 years ago
You should be more famous
Finn Hawkins
Finn Hawkins - 6 years ago
Cool Vid!
blondegaijin - 6 years ago
2:50 - There's no way Elena is not a former gymnastics devotee or cheer leader. Yet she has never spoken of this. ???? Amazing moves, bravo..! :O Must see vid shot!
deepblueyonderspage - 6 years ago
This short video was actually quite refreshing.  Hi guys... Be glad you all are not down here in the not so sunny state of Florida.  :P
JeremyBFord - 6 years ago
What about Bilgy?!
Robert Orzech
Robert Orzech - 6 years ago
I've been watching you's from the beginning.Not in a weird way. I'm learning as much as I can from you's for the day I set sail into the wild blue yonder. I've had my heart set on this goal for 41 years already. Then I had to raise a family. Ok, now I'm back on track.The dream is back ! Keep on making great videos. It's like keeping one foot in the water all the time spurring me on. Cheers From something like tying a knot pulling in a fish,I always learn something new from you's. Many Thanks
zzzx xzzz
zzzx xzzz - 6 years ago
I've been reading comments about the thumbnail to this vlog . Hasn't anyone noticed the HUGE difference in from the fasting cleanse vlog ? Someone is beaming !
ronbronb - 6 years ago
never sailed, but, my tip is always nail pictures above the water line. cheers.
Sean Colligan
Sean Colligan - 6 years ago
Riley my girlfriend and I love your guys' channel and everything you're doing. Don't bother responding to the negativity, all it's going to do is encourage more. The internet will forever be laden with trolls. Just ignore it.
Scott Ed
Scott Ed - 6 years ago
Yes I would. If I could I surely would.
Sledgie555 - 6 years ago
I think ol Hanna needs a hug bro... lol.. Riley.. if you are a toolbag... your my favorite toolbag mate ! I wonder how Ozzy man reviews would respond to ol Hanna ? Love you both..carry on.
zzbzaz - 6 years ago
Aren't you glad you didn't happen to be in the Virgin Islands.....I am.
Jack Terry
Jack Terry - 6 years ago
What ever happened to your "123 and Me"? Did I miss the out come?
CockatooDude - 6 years ago
I liked the last safety feature in the little number 6 box that showed up on screen. Those are must.
Robert Orellana
Robert Orellana - 6 years ago
Yes, yes...Escape the Rat Race. That's the ticket! Where do I sign?
Star Light
Star Light - 6 years ago
Great vid,,,, Keep them coming !
Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin - 6 years ago
Clickbutt.... I mean bait!
Christian Stephens
Christian Stephens - 6 years ago
Shameless clickbait. I thought you guys were better than that
DADA 5000 - Francis Ngannou's Conditioning Coach
DADA 5000 - Francis Ngannou's Conditioning Coach - 6 years ago
Don't be a faggot...
Valden23 - 6 years ago
Worked for me. Elayna can't help it that she's damn cute. Furthermore, the quality, entertainment value and information value was excellent. Where's the problem? :-)
Thomas Mcluckie
Thomas Mcluckie - 6 years ago
well as i right this i know there are 85 really jealous people out there why else would you give this a thumbs down wow sad people
Gary Sherman
Gary Sherman - 6 years ago
you guys are awesome would love to come met you or be on board.,
Matthew Armour
Matthew Armour - 6 years ago
"AND he also replies to emails." quite alluring!
Curtis Mulder
Curtis Mulder - 6 years ago
La Vagabonde your top shelf...
Professor Farms
Professor Farms - 6 years ago
Tip 9 dont shave your moustache it saves money on razor blades
andrew - 6 years ago
Great video, more like that would be awesome
mike scholl
mike scholl - 6 years ago
Awesome stuff. I'm envious, as I sit and watch from a desk. Arghh...Someday.
Sailing SV Compromise
Sailing SV Compromise - 6 years ago
Quality vid and advice guys
Don Juan De Malco
Don Juan De Malco - 6 years ago
Modern day Amphitrite & Poseidon
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor - 6 years ago
What about bilgey??!!!
Victorious victor
Victorious victor - 6 years ago
#9 Become a pirate. Come out richer then when you went in.
Valden23 - 6 years ago
In that case, they're pirates!
Shadows [CoC-Clash Royal]
Shadows [CoC-Clash Royal] - 6 years ago
Pourriez vous faire des épisodes en français ? Merci de votre réponse! Je vous connais grâce à voiles et voilier
Patrick--- - 6 years ago
Une bonne raison pour apprendre, en plus c'est moins dur que la nav' et "quazi" obligatoire pour voyager...Loin.
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
chatsworth Australians? Do they speak English? In reality while many fine the way Australians go up in pitch at the end of sentences or words annoying most english speakers, they also seem to love some Australian accents. Case in point Gabrielle Miller . "Who's that Bart?" I hear you ask. anyone who has seen a advert will instantly recognise her. And yes the voice in English is her's! I don't know what it is, but her voice has it in spades!
chatsworth777 - 6 years ago
Je ne parle pas bien français. In the 60s, american music became VERY popular in Europe. At the same time, British rock spread all over Europe. The kids grew up listening to rock & roll,,, in English.
It is too much trouble to learn French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Since the kids already had exposure to English, they more-or-less adopted as the lingua franca. All pilots must learn English.
The Australians are so far from Western counties that they rarely learn another Western language.
Dudenat or
Dudenat or - 6 years ago
Ils ne parlent pas le Français...
Dutch Flats
Dutch Flats - 6 years ago
I don't know if you'll read this, but what has been the best/nicest destination you've visited in all your journey? Would you both agree on the place? Excuse me if you've previously mentioned it.
John Roughneen
John Roughneen - 6 years ago
I have a wall in my room that I reserve for pictures of special people that... gonna have to use the word inspire if I can't think of another... Fuck it. Inspire me. There are three pics up there. One of them is you guys at the front of La Vagabonde un with a couple islands behind ya
Nasim _
Nasim _ - 6 years ago
There is a lot of bum talk in the comments. Honestly, you guys can put all the bums in the thumbnail if you want. ITS YOUR CHANNEL! I hope people can keep in mind the great content you guys upload, esp compared to other sailing channels. Wasn't Riley butt naked with his piece on the window in a recent upload?! Yes. So Elayna, more of your bum if YOU wish, nothing wrong with it. Thanks for the great content,
miniwaern - 6 years ago
Nasim _ - So as long as you can legally put bums in the thumbnail that mean we cant, shouldnt & mustnt talk about it
ningpo69 - 6 years ago
she's definitely competition for the "pippa bun appreciation society"... !...that's a FACT....thanks...!
hallnoats4ever - 6 years ago
Step nine- post videos being half naked and set up a go fund me page lol
usertogo - 6 years ago
I had a cheap generator once that I eventually fixed by putting harder (motorcycle) valve springs on instead of the original ones...
Ecca Smecca
Ecca Smecca - 6 years ago
More click bait thumbnails like this please ;)
ron werner
ron werner - 6 years ago
I was in school with Alfred good looking chap although he was kind of a poser he was a righteous dude kind of sharp with his words had kind of a barbed personality you could tell by his self assuredness that he knew he was destined for greatness
Rodger Dodger
Rodger Dodger - 6 years ago
Riley, get yourself some adapters for your french propane tank so that you wont get caught trying to get it refilled in other countries
David Owen
David Owen - 6 years ago
This is it! Love this kind of stuff.would love to see the odd instructional vid on whatever too.
Love the old footage.
rude235 - 6 years ago
Thats it!! im growing a porn stash!!!
Martin Evans
Martin Evans - 6 years ago
Hi guys, Been a subscriber since you pretty much started out. Fingers crossed. I start a competent crew course in a few days.
Certainly plan on being on the water sometime soon. Come to Cape Town.
stephan meyer
stephan meyer - 6 years ago
sup Riley you bloody legend, whats the fishing details you mention in the last section ?could here the name properly ?met you in nz la vagabond party.( fishing loer)
Hanne Øby
Hanne Øby - 6 years ago
Love your videos! A lot of inspiration as i'm sailing around in the caribbean this year
Tigersmundo - 6 years ago
Outstanding Cheers
peewaye - 6 years ago
Hey guys, thanks for that great motivational vid! Got my first sailboat quite recently after doing a bit of crewing and an Atlantic passage last year. Got a small 24' Puma (1975 POS!!) and struggling with finding cheap place to dock in the Med and boat repairs, man it's hard but oh so worth it! As you said Elayna, escape the rat race!
Chris King
Chris King - 6 years ago
Thats a nice spirited vlog, but whats with the cow skull in the background, looks feral?!
James Knowles
James Knowles - 6 years ago
Just sub'd been watching a few days now this seems exciting. Do you see sailing community people with kids? I suspect no. Looks amazing! Well done.
Gerrit Breukelman
Gerrit Breukelman - 6 years ago
where are you guys now?
Barry Munsell
Barry Munsell - 6 years ago
From Sailing Uma. Don't buy the couch.
Anthea Elise
Anthea Elise - 6 years ago
Barry Munsell thank you for this comment Barry <3 I've never heard of sailing uma before but I think I've just found my people! Much love
Radius Unknown
Radius Unknown - 6 years ago
I cry during every one of your videos. Even this one!
Which has no moment in it that should cause crying.
Many happy tears! Love this channel, love watching you both sail + grow.
Dirt&Smiles - 6 years ago
All the talk of Elay in the comments. I do wonder what Riley's plan was before he met her. It appears she is the driving force behind the YouTube and social media. You two together are great. If you hadn't started YouTube would this have been a much shorter and direct trip?
Efrain Bueso
Efrain Bueso - 6 years ago
Just big thank you for sharing your story.
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen - 6 years ago
I have been the first to say you have changed but that video showed the old couple we miss well done x
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods - 6 years ago
Riley u could make a living as a stand up comedian.
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
Patrick Woods ? He already is lol...
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods - 6 years ago
bryan wall
bryan wall - 6 years ago
What is make/model of Alfred? They talk about him a lot, but never throw out brand. Guess we'll have to get a squid lure and try it out.
Ron Gamache
Ron Gamache - 6 years ago
great vid and great tips. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that by this time next year I'll be out there myself.
Happy sailing guys
qosikim - 6 years ago
Hi Elena and Riley. 

I´m a huge and longtime fan of yours and I´d like to chip in for once.
It´s a mere suggestion to make your upcoming episodes, even more great!
My passion is storytelling as a cinematic experience. Yours is to sail the world and to document a living while doing it. Cool!
I´m a retired filmmaker, so make sure you read my comment, with a pair of 1970´s sunglasses and some 80´s hip hop!

Not so much your videos in general, but in this episode specifically, it´s like it could have been even more.
Watching it felt a bit like a “mile-stone video” for you guys and for the journey that is SLV, but it was´nt lit!

My suggestion to the video, is simply to add detailed information from the blog post, into the video.
Merge them together, maybe not 50/50, but at least 20/80. 
There is a history and accumulated knowledge in the footage and the episode was fairly well edited. Each of these hilarious cut-aways are priceless and the fun spans years of a visual storyline. 
But if you suddenly want to do an epic video on a story, combined with your own blogpost, make your videos accordingly. There is a huge “story” and visual potential!
Adding graphics, texts, drawings, edit techniques or something. 

Talk bubbles
A “when or where” graphic. 
A quick peak, funny, informative and visual lower third.
The year - The country or sea - The particular situation - Names or info on the people in the shot- The wind and weather
Text with the actual websites you promotes. 
Maps visualizing the particular journey.

Adding info to each clip, enhancing it with folklore and flavour, for a more dense experience as a viewer, is a must!

Anyway, my point is, some people say; it is not supposed to be art, it is supposed to be finished.
Sure, in some cases, but I´d rather say; Wait… Wait, just a bit and get the final details and silver linings to connect…
Or you could solve it, by sending the final edit of an episode to @Qosikim and he will deliver the graphics! ;-)

Happy sails and thanks for your effort and awesome videoes!



I did sail Los Roques in a SWAN once :-)
Gustaf Brahme
Gustaf Brahme - 6 years ago
Tips on working from the boat in the Mediterranean,
If you are from a EU-country, (ab)use the new roaming rules and get a extra large data package on your current subscription.
You could also get a 4G wifi router and buy prepaid data cards. Italy and Croatia has worked pretty well for me but not Greece.

Croatia: "VIP" about 10€ for 20 gig data/week
Italy: Vodaphone "Total giga" 45€ for 60gig / month (shared on 30 day/ 30 night 24:00-07:00)

Both these have speeds that makes it possible to even watch netflix from the boat if you want.
In Greece I tried Tazamobile and it didn't work very well, made have to change the route and go earlier to Italy
LIX 59
LIX 59 - 6 years ago
Where is the place you mention that is "cheap" to stay @ 2:54 ?
T Lowe
T Lowe - 6 years ago
Great to see Y'all , I've got to cut it short.
Got to get ready for hurricane Irma.
From your fan's here in central Florida
Good on ya.
eric harris
eric harris - 6 years ago
love you guys, but have you actually sailed around the world, or have you sailed the world.
Jan Mendoza
Jan Mendoza - 6 years ago
OMG there were FUNNY clips on this vid that I don't remember! I guess I need to watch all of your vids over! :)
scotthawesome - 6 years ago
A really good video that will garner some amazing information in the comments. Definitely one to check back on, periodically. The thumbnail baffles me. I watch your videos, regardless, but out of every possible frame, you chose this one. It has nothing to do with the discussion in the video. Click bait isn't necessary, guys. Your videos are enough.
Arrowguy 2015
Arrowguy 2015 - 6 years ago
I would love to do that mabye 1 day i might i hope
TopTribute BandsNstuff
TopTribute BandsNstuff - 6 years ago
Go overboard with a spare (or 2) autopilot/s and/or windvang because when the going gets really tough, the electric autopilots always go out! Surgical tubing is like gold if you know how to use it (we did in the hurricanes with a tiller and line on the other side). You can also steer with your jib sheet if you learn how to do that (tiller also but hey, perhaps there is a way to wheel?)... Ahhhh, the joys of problem solving on the sea!

More overboard must haves: Fully charged handheld VHF radios always on you when topside sailing (until the lines are tied up) and a fanny pack with the good life saving stuff when outside at night or in any good wind (day or night). We had a whale hit our keel on a calm sunny afternoon and could have just as easily ended up in the water instantly. A handheld really helps because you can see and direct the boat but they can not see you even in daylight quite often and with only a 1 foot chop. But hey, you only live once.

BTW, were you both getting over a long party night? Your eyes tell the happy story :-)
Valden23 - 6 years ago
Thanks for this suggestion Top - re using a handheld radio to guide the boat to you, as the MOB. Better have it in a good zip-lock.
weilandcm - 6 years ago
TIP #9: Get satellite internet access so that you can watch the entire SLV catalog on long crossings.
wavygr - 6 years ago
I know a dude in Columbia that will help you buy a boat. All you have to do is bring in these kilo wrapped packages in for him. He will even help you hide them on the boat and let you borrow a couple machine guns.
DC Mobility
DC Mobility - 6 years ago
click bait, no beautiful ass in a thong ;-(
Dan Cald
Dan Cald - 6 years ago
Is that JP, the pilot currently flying around the world on the Fun for Louie vlog, at 0.56 seconds?
Brian Shrader
Brian Shrader - 6 years ago
Thanks for the tips
Hope y'all are somewhere safe and far away from the foul weather Fla is experiencing
J Campbell
J Campbell - 6 years ago
Tip #1 - Take a beautiful woman with you
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith - 6 years ago
proud to know the two of you !
Ben Sykes
Ben Sykes - 6 years ago
Awesome! Come to Hawaii
MrDenis7p - 6 years ago
Good Info and Great Advice y'all, So many funny moments happened over the past years, Riley's Dad saying "If it's not the Spinnaker, it's the Bloody Autopilot!" Also when you were low in food and getting pretty Hungry and That Beautiful Dorado/Mahi-mahi Flopped itself back and you lost your Catch... Sad moment but also Funny watching the unexpectedly Floppy Fish Escape! Also, hearing those young Sailors telling you about their first time sailing off to see the World and having Second thoughts when it started getting Choppy and Calling Home and their Family telling them... No Keep Going we are Behind your Dream!!! "Like they wanted their Nest to stay Empty and not have them Return Home.... So Funny!!! Great Videos... All of them... Never Sell any Rights to your Videos when they come to ask you... The Ethereum Blockchain will be able to store them forever and charge folks to watch or use them in a News Clip for Example and Pay you Instantly when they do. Ask Vitalik Buterin. He is the Chief Scientist at Ethereum and can explain it all to you! Y'all gonna do very well! Thank You and Outremer and All the Patrons and folks who Supported your Dreams and bought La Vagabonde Hats and T's! Dream Big and keep following your Dreams!.
Erkut Gurun
Erkut Gurun - 6 years ago
Aquarius61 - 6 years ago
It's a PIRATE'S Life for me!!! HaHa~HoHo~HeHe!!!
You guys are Modern Day Pirates.... Stealing Hearts in Your Wake!
Inspiring Others to follow their Hearts and Dreams Beyond Horizons Far & Near!
Share a Glass of Wine, And Together We'll Cheer!
Michael Brashier
Michael Brashier - 6 years ago
Came for the bumm. Stayed for the education. But seriously the one thing above all that puts me off sailing like this is the heat. I know I'd probably get climatized to it but I'd want a boat where I could run A/C underway or at anchorage on those really hot tropical days and not have to think about wasting the boats resources. That single indulgence probably puts me in the $1M+ 60-70ft class of luxury yachts.
minermarcus - 6 years ago
Michael Brashier nope not at all. It does mean you have to seriously work out your electrical systems and charging. Learn a bit about refrigeration systems and how they work cuz you will be fixing the AC. But a smaller boat 40' needs less cooling than a 70' boat.
And you might find that you acclimatize better than you think you would.
Redds Morris
Redds Morris - 6 years ago
My how you have blossomed in 3 years
Evelien van Winsen
Evelien van Winsen - 6 years ago
Didn't catch the details about Alfred, what kind of lure is he? We've already lost more lures than we caught fish..
rude235 - 6 years ago
Holy click bait batman! :)
Chris Mason
Chris Mason - 6 years ago
Hi E&R, I'm a trying to convince my seasick suffering wife that we need a couple years cruising this world we live in. I'm a fully qualified marine engineer/electrician and a keen sailor. Any sea sickness avoidance tips, so I can talk her around to the idea? If I can't convince her, would you like a live aboard engineer ? Haha
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family - 6 years ago
Great tips - thanks a lot for sharing it!
Luis Bermúdez
Luis Bermúdez - 6 years ago
green Solera beer. they passed through Venezuela What did you think of our coasts and beaches? I'm Venezuelan. a greeting
Jf Mc
Jf Mc - 6 years ago
Thanks for the video, it was nicevtobsee you two on a Friday!!
rich noonan
rich noonan - 6 years ago
You two are simply the best! I own a video production company. I am married to one of the best video editors anywhere and we employ a couple of others. Your videos just keep getting better in terms of story telling, your pacing, your shot selection, you audio levels are even perfect. Thank god you do not use too many boring music montages.
Remember above all you two are the story, the locations are awesome but hundreds of thousands of people watch because of YOU. We care about how you get along, we like to see you kiss and smile. We want to know how you prepare that tuna you just caught. We want to know how much things cost, and how you keep comfortable on your awesome new home..all those details might seem minor to you, but the little details are what make for a great story. Your relationship is the star of the show..and we always want more!
harry t
harry t - 6 years ago
Thanks for sharing...fair winds.....
pmessinger - 6 years ago
Has it been 4 years?! I just now noticed this one, but I always look forward to Mondays! Hoping to become a better supporter someday soon. I'm curious about what I'm missing.
Northern Light
Northern Light - 6 years ago
I would like to add that you don't need to spend a ton on a boat. There are plenty of good old tough boats out there yet. Don't let the latest fancy gizmos stop you from your dreams. A good rig and a strong haul and your good to go.
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
Northern Light ,your name any relation to min min ? :-)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Sir Fred 200
Sir Fred 200 - 6 years ago
Ah yes, Alfred. a distant cousin of mine.
nathan rubio
nathan rubio - 6 years ago
100% honest, I clicked because of the booty pic; completely involuntary but worth.
Holleran Properties
Holleran Properties - 6 years ago
OMG! I saw ths thumb nail and thought for sure Elayna was a delivering a "bum" shot video. It was like someone threw a cold bucket of ice! Zero "bum" shots. Damn. I guess I'll take a cold shower. At least it wasn't Riley with no pants on smashing his junk against the windshield. I love your videos and adventurers, WW
Anthony Patterson
Anthony Patterson - 6 years ago
Love your videos. Would do this on my own .but I Would have to find a new wife. Wink wink.
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown - 6 years ago
I love your sailing videos, being too old to do such myself now. Please pay no attention to those jerks making rude comments about ... Women's bodies.
b williams
b williams - 6 years ago
Love this show! - 6 years ago
@Sailing La Vagabonde I'm not on water but I am always on the move. My best tip is "REVOLUT master card" revolut (dot) com
Keep the great videos coming!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Whats the go with the card? Whys it so good???
Rod Weiner
Rod Weiner - 6 years ago
Thanks guys! I'm 23mos away from floating past you! Stay safe, please send Extremadura Jamon.
Cloverleaf Studios
Cloverleaf Studios - 6 years ago
Great tips,safe journey SLV
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson - 6 years ago
What I wouldn't give for an adventure on your boat with ya guys ;)
otowise - 6 years ago
Fantastic video loads of information in a not too short video, I noticed some comments about the thumbnail l, it's just silly why people have to make negative comments about click bait or about a unbelievably pretty girl with a hart stopping body, you are sailing in the sun living a life of freedom out of the rat race in some of the most beautiful places wear what you like and post what you like those who get it will keep coming back those who don't can go back to looking at the picture on their office wall, would've could've should've does seem to be in you vocabulary keep flying free.
cfolman - 6 years ago
PS... nothing wrong with a nice butt. Whats the big deal :-)))))))))
steph swinden
steph swinden - 6 years ago
We are getting closer to this dream every day!! Finally moving to Sooke BC this October in hopes of getting our monohull next year! Unless we can crew on someone else's boat sooner...*coughSLVcoughcough* But seriously, you guys are absolute gems. Looking forward to meeting you out on the water soon! xoxooo
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
All Patrons are in the bucket and have an equal chance proportional to their pledge. I think its the 11th commandment.
cfolman - 6 years ago
You forgot one advice for prospective vloggers - make sure you buy an old boat where shit breaks all the time - viewers love it ;-)
Regie Bedenbaugh
Regie Bedenbaugh - 6 years ago
Awesome video! The best on the net.
Gary Burt
Gary Burt - 6 years ago
Thumb nail/Bum nail
This should get you a lot of views.
Stay safe and continued good fun!
moz - 6 years ago
you forgot to mention that looking like rockstars helps too
Project Manaia - Ocean Conservation & Research
Project Manaia - Ocean Conservation & Research - 5 years ago
Works for few couples.... pretty girls seem to help....
Loanword Eggcorn
Loanword Eggcorn - 6 years ago
They seem like good blokes, and their content is well thought out and from the heart.
erdembayulkeaq - 6 years ago
yeah but thats not the point here, would you rather watch someone with good personality but is ugly or would you watch someone with good personality and is hot as fuck

simple shit. plus of course people wont watch an asshole lmao
moz - 6 years ago
just for the record, i believe R & E have style, but more importantly, substance
Matt Gray
Matt Gray - 6 years ago
Being down to earth easy going makes the vids way more enjoyable. There will always be a group of viewers here for the candy!
CockatooDude - 6 years ago
I don't know, I think if they were both assholes, I wouldn't watch them. I would rather watch someone less pretty with a good personality than someone more pretty with a bad one.
James Kennedy
James Kennedy - 6 years ago
was that her?? with a mustache? if I hadn't backed up and looked again I would have thought it was you:) love your adventure thanks guys.
Mr Sellconn
Mr Sellconn - 6 years ago
How much was old La Vagabonde?
VekomaTjex - 6 years ago
With every video I'm more and more tempted to start my own journey. Thanks guys!!
JayRast - 6 years ago
You guys are awesome.. also nice pic to choose lol
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown - 6 years ago
So happy that you are NOT in the Caribbean or the Atlantic off Florida. The whole thing is frothing!!!
infected_moes !!
infected_moes !! - 6 years ago
i'm thinking of sailing the world but im still not sure with all the things that could happen and what type of boat i want, but i'm still 16 so i have some time thinking about it. btw if you do read this la vagabonde any more tips on boats?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Your 16? Just keep looking at them online. You'll get a feel for if one is a good buy. Ask people for help. Do some sort of work that you can take with you, travel with. I'm just glad your watching our channel and not some pranking channel. Or cats.
David McNiven
David McNiven - 6 years ago
Useful to know something about onboard electronics now that we rely on them so much and they're so expensive.

Revising Ohm's law and studying a basic electronics primer is a good start.
Learn electrical safety, mains power, radio & radar's dangers - and ESD protection before you actually touch anything. Even 12 Volt stuff can have dangerous voltages inside.
Got to know how to discharge capacitors safely.

Once you can take a piece of equipment apart and put it back together in the same condition without stray charge damaging it or yourself you start learning fast.
Just learning to use a multimeter & soldering iron, how to recognise and test the different components, their failure modes and relative likelihood of failure can take you a long way.

Many failures have happened before and are known faults. Searching the web, phoning or emailing a friendly service engineer can help a lot.
Circuit diagrams & service manuals are sometimes available as .pdf's online or cheaply on ebay.

Can almost get an education from YouTube too - lots of videos showing repair of electronic stuff.

Stay safe :)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
This is exactly what I would say to young guys looking at trying to head off.
Jessica Tollefson
Jessica Tollefson - 6 years ago
Elayna, where did you get that beautiful necklace? I love it! <3
Jason Konas
Jason Konas - 6 years ago
More like "How to Sail Around the World on a Buttget!", amirite?
Jason Konas
Jason Konas - 6 years ago
I amuse myself plenty, but thanks for asking.
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
SO we are some sort of clowns just here to amuse you? Ill ask Danny De Vito about that.
Jason Konas
Jason Konas - 6 years ago
Well I found it pretty funny, butt I guess I am just easily amused.
Cory Hawkins
Cory Hawkins - 6 years ago
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
ChefGiovanni - 6 years ago
Ah yes, another great video. Cheers from across the pond. Tight sails to you !
SPUNKBAG MGTOW - 6 years ago
I Personally knew 3 family's that set off into the Wild Blue Yonder Never to return!
Read This book Called "Surviving the Savage Sea" by Dougal Robertson!
A Catamaran Sail boat is "NOT" the Ideal Ocean Vessel for reasons of Capsizing or Pitch poling! Elaynas and Rily Have been very lucky to do what they have been doing, Very Romantic!
But All that aside, Free spirited Sailing is A wonderful life style for A few!
Valden23 - 6 years ago
If Riley takes this cat into the Southern Ocean, I'll be watching with my hands over my eyes. Big seas + boats = knockdowns. Some boats come back up. Some don't. Flipper boats never do. :-|
SPUNKBAG MGTOW - 6 years ago
Ahoy Skip Novak! I Couldn't agree with you more that "Destination Sailing" in a cat Is Wonderful! But Ocean Sailing Is A debate That has been Raging for Years Between Cat's, Tri's and Monohulls owners! I have sailed in all three! A mono hull with a Full Ocean Keel and skeg Is safer than Any Fin Keeled Boat,(They lack strength)! Grant you a wee bit Slower but more sea kindly In a big rolling sea with breakers!
Sailing La Vagabonde
obsceneace - 6 years ago
Alfred deserves a retirement and a framed cabin spot on the vessel surly!
Tim Hyatt
Tim Hyatt - 6 years ago
the lure replies to email!!! that. is. AWESOME!!! (and utterly hysterical!!) Do Bilgey, and the Great Oven have an emails too???
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Hahaha not yet.
Have you received an email from Alfred?
FirmGrip DownWithTheShip
FirmGrip DownWithTheShip - 6 years ago
Pretty click baity thumbnail...I thought it was ultimate guide to travel in a bikini...or with someone in a bikini.
Callie Gunzenhauser
Callie Gunzenhauser - 6 years ago
Awwww guyssssss, the montage of memories is too cute!!!
Tom Paulsen
Tom Paulsen - 6 years ago
Been watching since the beginning and you two are the best, good on ya and be glad you're not in the Caribbean right now.
brkr7799 - 6 years ago
Hi Alfred!
Regan Kelly
Regan Kelly - 6 years ago
Hey Elayna and Riley! Just want to say thank you for making these vids! I've been watching since nearly the beginning and really appreciate the fact that even though you guys have made it, you haven't changed! You're both a big inspiration!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
When I read comments like this Regan it really makes my day. Thank you so much for writing in, keep following our adventure and if you could be so kind sharing this video on facebook or whatever would be helpful also.
Nonaligned Videos
Nonaligned Videos - 6 years ago
Nice one, guys! You forgot a tip: If your online job is creating online content makes sure you put Elayna in a bikini in your thumbnails! That might be kind of weird if you are sailing some boat that Elayna isn't on though, eh?

Seriously--I was glad to see you going back to tried & true promo. My girlfriend says that the right Riley pic works just as well as clickbait for her as a fetching Alayna bum view does for the boys.--so consider your female fans!!!
John and Sole Huntley-Loomis
John and Sole Huntley-Loomis - 6 years ago
Always love you two!!! Post Script: All my love to sailing vessels in the path of the recent hurricanes!!!
Wm H
Wm H - 6 years ago
John and Sole Huntley-Loomis
I was part of a 3 man crew sailing a King40 from Key West to Kemah, Tx and found ourselves in the outer bands of Harvey because our weather radar was down and the ships we contacted along the way said nothing about a hurricane. It was only by chance and/or luck that we got a freak signal on a cell phone that let us know the weather we were in was way more than we thought before we got any closer to home. We were able to make the Louisiana coast finally, but it could have gone different very easily...
we all have to look out for one another out there in the beautiful blue.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Well said.
Gregory Saunders
Gregory Saunders - 6 years ago
yes! another la vaga video! JP and his world flight is pretty cool too
Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald - 6 years ago
Always watching out for your great vlogs and particularly liked this one. Helen and I are both planning our life on a boat, all thanks to watching you a year or so ago. Going to Southampton boat show next week to start price comparison on various bits of kit that we might need. Keep it up and I hope the thrill of the journey is still there for you both!!
J M - 6 years ago
Number 9: Hire Bilgey as cheap crew to help you on those long, lonesome nights at sea
Mega Mind
Mega Mind - 6 years ago
Nice clickbait
Unstoppable Morgan
Unstoppable Morgan - 6 years ago
I wish I could have been there when your pops threw the coffee hahaha so funny!
Yolandi Harmse
Yolandi Harmse - 6 years ago
Awesome video! Maybe sometime you could share what you know about sailing with children, specifically regarding schooling etc
Nigel Thornberry
Nigel Thornberry - 6 years ago
I'll be there in 10 years lol
Moe Jaime
Moe Jaime - 6 years ago
You guys are awesome ! I am watching you Riley !! safety ! Safety !! SAFETY !!
1pilotsteve - 6 years ago
Watch the Hurricanes you two....I hope your both safe.
Christopher Olsen
Christopher Olsen - 6 years ago
I like to think I'm above the booty thumbnail, but I have to admit that I'm not. sad.
T Savage
T Savage - 6 years ago
This was one of the best videos you have done when it comes to explaining your travels and tips. More of this type of video would be great, ie. cooking, sail repair and maintenance, daily diary stuff, etc. More about you and your feeling about the life you have on the boat, with B roll of the scenery and location stuff. The production values were great and it was nice and calm, please carry on. Cheers
don ski
don ski - 6 years ago
watched every video so :)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Thats the way mate. Thanks for following.
Indiana Hoosier
Indiana Hoosier - 6 years ago
Dear Alfred, do you have any smaller bass fishing buddies you could recommend? Even the large mouth around here would probably have a hard time swallowing you... but they'd probably try.
Daniel Shakti
Daniel Shakti - 6 years ago
Thanks for sharing your experience and motivation. I'm on my way to make this possible for myself and whoever wants to join me. Hope to meet you beautiful people somewhere, sometime <3
Richard T K Hunt
Richard T K Hunt - 6 years ago
I have an extensive amount of sea sea hours as a helmsmen and sailor on a dinghy if i brought food and booze can i come :) btw Big Fan of you guys… keep up the easy hard-work lol
imcharmed4evr - 6 years ago
Love that u guys shared tips with other sailors!
tesuquegolfer - 6 years ago
Nice vid guys. Informative, interesting, and fun as always!!!
Rob Plotts
Rob Plotts - 6 years ago
I could watch elayna do flips cartwheels all day. You lucky dog Riley. Be safe guys happy sailing
Event Hʘriךּon
Event Hʘriךּon - 6 years ago
Bless you two. Stupid question, but do you think its feasible to be part of a crew without sailing education, learning on the job? Or better start with a sailing course? (im probs gonna go take one anyway)
philandnichole - 6 years ago
thought you two were above click bait
Laghlan Deyo
Laghlan Deyo - 6 years ago
Shame, shame, +Sailing La Vagabonde! Flagrant clickbait.
Mike Lancaster
Mike Lancaster - 6 years ago
I love what you are doing just ordered some SLV swag to help you along, hope to get a boat someday..............
Jesse - 6 years ago
Always excited to see a new video pop up!! Thanks!
Willy Sparrow
Willy Sparrow - 6 years ago
Awesome.  Thank you!
Laura-Amy Beresford
Laura-Amy Beresford - 6 years ago
I crewed this summer as a photographer for a sailing holiday company in the Med, was the best thing i've done!
qosikim - 6 years ago
How did you get that gig, if I may ask? I´m asking because I´d like to do the same.
john smith
john smith - 6 years ago
Are you armed in case of pirates?
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
john smith yep,he sure is with cans of baked beans:-)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Wrong video
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton - 6 years ago
Nice one guys!
Nick Stone
Nick Stone - 6 years ago
Thanks we're in the process of looking to buy our first big boat. Great to hear other people tips
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Your a legend Nick.
Lost LeBlanc
Lost LeBlanc - 6 years ago
Awesome vid guys
Dan Goodwin
Dan Goodwin - 6 years ago
Christian needs to do his engagement vid on your boat lol. would be perfect and viral.
skeche - 6 years ago
wow its christian talking to riley and elayna
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Thanks mate.
You should do a "How to make a viral video."
Matt Riser
Matt Riser - 6 years ago
Hey Riles I love these lures for trolling over 10 knots, they are amazing. p.s. I have no affiliation with Ballyhood.
David Owen
David Owen - 6 years ago
Bart Connolly haha. internet word? It's just a word champ. Pretty sure most people would know it's meaning. Although a lot of people mistakenly call trolling trawling.
It's like the internet word 'surfing'.... Were you aware it actually means to ride upon a board on a wave?? ...
Haha just fucking with you.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Really??? Does that mean I can go on one of the yachts?
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
Yes but R+E are quite a successful lure on their own and are more popular then the Americas Cup according to Google Analytics. Were you aware of that?
Matt Riser
Matt Riser - 6 years ago
Yes I am aware thank you, when these guys hit the trade winds this fall his favorite lures will not be effective at the average speeds their boat can make.
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
You may not be aware the internet word "troll" comes from the fishing technique of trolling bait.
10bbremer - 6 years ago
Was thinking, what happens when so many start sailing about that sailing becomes the rat race? Will we then see channels popping up about living life in suburbia? I dunno...just a stray thought. Excuse me now. I have to go mow the back yard. Video to follow.
Aleks Figueroa
Aleks Figueroa - 6 years ago
Mikeztarp nothing with Kevin Costner is good. Lol :P
Mikeztarp - 6 years ago
Have you watched a movie entitled Waterworld, with Kevin Costner? It's kind of like that: everyone lives on water. Good movie, if memory serves.
Thomas Mcluckie
Thomas Mcluckie - 6 years ago
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez - 6 years ago
The wife can't be without her makeup, I think that says it all. LOL! But I'll keep watching. Cheers!
Paul Pede
Paul Pede - 6 years ago
Awesome info! But what about Bilgey?
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
I hope you don't announce Bilgey and Alfred are a same sex relationship. Actually come to think of it is Bilgey female?
kate owen
kate owen - 6 years ago
Good vid...the hardest one is the work. Would love to have an online career but I am so bad with computers and anything like that..have no patience for it. Think some re-training is in order as for the only thing stopping me is being able to work remotely
Joe S
Joe S - 6 years ago
Sorry, can't quite tell what you're saying about Alfred.. What brand/model of lure is Alfred? Sorry, must be the accent.. I've listened to you a bunch of different times and just can't tell what you're saying.. lol.. Cheers!
Nick Pegg
Nick Pegg - 6 years ago
you guys!
Carl Michael
Carl Michael - 6 years ago
Here's one. Don't drop your £400 micronet display in the water. Don't crash your £1000 Mavic Pro in the marina, don't toss away £300 worth of old steering rams away because you want to lighten your boat, or withdraw €300 cash at 4 a.m when in San Antonio, Ibiza (I can only guess what that was for). Other than that I'm doing well so far. Which mistakes have cost you guys the most?
Carl Michael
Carl Michael - 6 years ago
Haha will do. In Malta now. Didn't you guys mention there was a girl here refitting her boat out? I should offer to lend a hand for a day or two.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
That is a bad run. If we ever meet ask me about my mate Chucky.
David Benore
David Benore - 6 years ago
Great video guys. Do you think you could ever do some Cat comparisons? Interested in the Saona 47 and the Antaras 44i. Have any info on them?
Marc Cayle
Marc Cayle - 6 years ago
You guys continue to impress.  This kind of content is important and appreciated.  Well done, as usual.  BTW... Come to the Great Lakes in the US!  We would love to host you at the Milwaukee Yacht Club!
PSiedTSi - 6 years ago
How did you guys end up with Diff sunglasses??
kieran jordan
kieran jordan - 6 years ago
Hi Riley, I am Kieran from the UK age 15 good luck and I hope one day to be doing the same sort of thing , sailing dingy's at the moment and been on the discovery and tall ships but would love to live the dream like you guys are. where are you at the moment?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Hahahahaha. Kieran don't listen to Bart.
When your asking where to start, what do you mean?
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
Sorry to be pedantic Kieran but how about no 1 and then 2 and 3 and video no 4 and so on in chronological order. sorry to be even more pedantic and suggest that when you get to about 87 there is a 11 day ocean crossing by Riley when Elyna is in New Zealand with a friend and you may slip out of chronological order which would drive people like me insane but I think you get the idea. Or is satire wasted on teenagers as my father was wont to exclaim?
kieran jordan
kieran jordan - 6 years ago
What you have achieved is briliant, your video's are very inspiring. where would you say the best place is to start ?
kieran jordan
kieran jordan - 6 years ago
My parents, I had nothing to do with it although I do like my name, and my Mum likes Ireland it's beutifull
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
Where did you get the Irish name in the UK Kieran?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Currently in Tunisia mate. Good work on the sailing, I wish I had done that as a young guy.
Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell - 6 years ago
Hey guys hope you see this!! I am a few months away from hitting my target to go travelling. Then i saw this page and its made me rethink completely how i might want to travel. I cant take my mind off a sailing world travel now. When you say its cheap to by a boat in Europe what was the price your thinking ?? I cant find a good sail boat under 25.000 pounds. Any recommendations id really appropriate :) thank, wish you both well
Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell - 6 years ago
Thanks pal. Been looking at the prices definitely more better for my budget and great amount of room. Bit more saving to do ha. Cheers buddy
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
Matt if you want a slow but roomy cat for under 20k you could think about a Heavenly Twins.

I also know of a 37 foot Colvic Victor which is under 25k

Both are UK Irish prices. Actually you can take off 10% and say Price in euro.

Either of these boats are capable of blue water sailing and you can even beach a HT
ManicBeans - 6 years ago
How do you work online though, we can't all be youtubers :(
Wes Reynolds
Wes Reynolds - 6 years ago
How can I get one of those cool stickers I always see on the backside of your laptop?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
gabriele granelli
gabriele granelli - 6 years ago
Grazie ai vostri video anche dall'ufficio mi sembra di essere in barca con VOI!
Avanti nel vento.
Esquire - 6 years ago
Riley, love ya bro, but your assumptions about the pricing of yachts is off. When you bought your first boat the currency markets worked in your favor. There is the difference in the value of the currency between countries, and there is also the difference in the value of the currency between when your boat was new and what it's worth now and how that contrasts with the value of other currencies. It can get mind boggling. Value of boats are not always cheaper in the Mediterranean in your native currency. Thanks for the videos, I love your show.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
When I was looking, every second of every day, back in 2012 it was as I said but it may have changed now. Thanks for writing in with this. Do you have any links or more info?
94perrieg - 6 years ago
awesome content. Love your channel
Douglas Stormborn
Douglas Stormborn - 6 years ago
OK, maybe once you guys had a budget but be honest you are making big cash these days.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
I'm not talking about us. This is trying to get other people on track.
ARAVN1 - 6 years ago
10/10 Thumbnail
Kyle's Vibes
Kyle's Vibes - 6 years ago
I wanna buy a boat so bad. I'm doing nothing at home so why not take the plunge!
Larry Outdoors
Larry Outdoors - 6 years ago Mmmm that's some nice water:D
Bill Lauber
Bill Lauber - 6 years ago
Fantastic advice!! my wife and I sailed for years and your suggestions are spot on... keep making videos so we can reminisce. Thank you.. thank you - Bill and Marisa
Valden23 - 6 years ago
Elayna - you've just prompted a thought. About the hardest I've laughed lately was watching Delos' outakes video, celebrating their 100th episode. If you were to produce such a vid, it would rate through the roof. :-)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Phew! It is a bit nerve wracking when your trying to be informative rather than just showing what you did. You should see the outtakes from some of my history stuff its ridiculous.
Bill Lauber
Bill Lauber - 6 years ago
Also Daniel's editing is ace.. beautifully crafted .. well done
Bill Lauber
Bill Lauber - 6 years ago
and my favourite fish was Dorado .. couldn't get enough. good fighter as well. Once after hooking one off the stern as I brought it near the boat it did the usual and sounded.. gave it plenty of drag but then other Dorado's came and started dashing at the line.. till one broke it.. we looked at each other in amazement ..
Bill Lauber
Bill Lauber - 6 years ago
not in the least.. much better than we could have done. You covered it all. :-)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Great to hear from a fellow sailor we were close to the mark Bill. Would you add or alter anything...???
Peter O'Connell
Peter O'Connell - 6 years ago
Im a simple man.I see ass, I click like.
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
you have got to be kidding me? "on a budget" um someone just tossed you two the keys to a million dollar boat? and you wanna talk about budget! LMAO! wow
Alfonse Hugo
Alfonse Hugo - 5 years ago
Well, would you throw in 10hrs of editing a day plus shooting almost 24/7, or is that not so much your thing? You decide - and then: there's a story you need to tell in any vlog, a content to provide in a typical manner you have to invent, being gorgeous is not bad an asset, but this alone won't make it a years-long success.
Alfonse Hugo
Alfonse Hugo - 5 years ago
Well, let me add to the house-rental-part: once your bank calls you to propose rebalancing your mortgage, so after 4 yrs normally, don't!
Don Corleone
Don Corleone - 6 years ago
you dead right mate. and the worse thing is your kids are gona suffer not having the right financial backing cause their parents wanted to go on a holiday around the world. There's an old saying that says you could sit on one spot and still discover the world , you don't necessarily have to do things that aren't a viable option for your own long term future as well your next in kin.
Loanword Eggcorn
Loanword Eggcorn - 6 years ago
Their new boat is nice, but they were doing essentially the same thing before on a boat that cost a small fraction of the Outremer. Many more people could afford their first boat than probably realize.
deckert618 - 6 years ago
Our lives revolve around the choices we make. I think Riles and Elay have made some good choices, so far. Hell, they both have giant brass balls to throw it all to the wind and go for it, and I admire that.
minermarcus - 6 years ago
John Smith i think the point to understand is that sailing is for everyone who wants to do it. Riley and Elaina are intelligent, good looking youngsters who hit the right mark at the right time, but there are thousands out there sailing from all walks of life. Some much wealthier, some much poorer, some more handy, some more intelligent, but all of those who are out there doing it had a strong desire to do it or are partnered with someone with that strong impulse. As a lifelong sailor,I have seen many people look at buying a boat dreaming to go cruising, few of those bought a boat. Of those who bought a boat, few actually worked hard enough to save up a cruising fund and get the boat in shape, of those who did, half actually untied the docklines and spent significant time cruising. Of those few made it into a lifestyle.
I wouldn't trade the years I spent sailing for anything. It didn't hurt my career. I may go out again once my kids are out of high school.
If you have the desire for something, pursue it. Be it sailing, starting a company, making and marketing Utube videos...
Or if you prefer the 9-5 security and the white picket fence or whatever that translates into in your culture do that. But realize these are choices.
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
Lawson " Had really nothing to do with them, aside from the fact that they are successful YouTubers."

Which is the point really isnt it! I mean they are sucessful youtubers doing WHAT? Sailing around the world in a boat. So sucessful they are more popular then the americas cup. The sailing came first BEFORE the videos which came about kind of by accident. But if they were sucessfull you tubers doing dry wall installation I doubt Outremer would have even heard of them. As it is the ratings for Beneteau go up and down each year as the sailing season comes and goes but the overall pattern is reversed for ONE type of Beneteau. the cyclades! which then drops off this year? Do you have any reason to suppose why that is true?
Michael Brashier
Michael Brashier - 6 years ago
I see your point John smith but it is true that "anyone can do it" meaning it is a thing that is possible. Anyone can do it is not that same as everyone can do it. It's like that movie Ratatouille. "Anyone can cook" means a chef could come from anywhere.
You don't have to score a sweet deal to afford to travel like this and like they said in the video the cheapest way is to simply crew aboard someone's boat.
Lawson Conner
Lawson Conner - 6 years ago
Outremer did that for the attention SLV gets on their channel. Had really nothing to do with them, aside from the fact that they are successful YouTubers. Riley did buy his first sailboat....
oceandrew - 6 years ago
+John Smith,
Sell the house don't sell the house. Buy a boat don't buy a boat.... ultimately the choice is yours and if you can't do it don't blame anyone else but yourself if you wished you had. SLV's job is to inspire those who really want to or are intrigued by the possibility.
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
First of all you can actually buy an Outremer 45 for half a million so you are out by 100% in your comment on what you claim to be "facts"
Second they are actually buying their Outremer according to a plan they thought up themselves. They didn't win it in a lottery!
Also OTHER PEOPLE ARE doing the same thing! R+E just popularised it but people have being doing it for years. and some people have also died at sea or been killed by pirates. so what? some people fall down the stairs or are hit by cars when walking their dog.

Ill say it again the odds are NOT higher than winning the lottery! You can buy a boat for say 20k capable of going round the world. some people prefer to spend 20k in a month on a cruise ship . Whatever floats your boat.
But having some secure regular income is a good idea.

And they are not telling people to sell their home for a pipe dream. More like "rent your home for 2k a month ( if you can) and sail round for 1.5 k a month"

and many people in my country are in negative equity. I know of people who paid 650k for a house and can not get out of the mortgage and the house dropped to 400k. At lkeast the prices are beginning to clime but they are stuck with that house in that place for 30 years unless they sell up. Now maybe a boat would also lose value but at least they can move if they want.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Valid points there mate and I sympathise.
I'm also thinking of young guys out there who googled "sailing" rather than "pokemon" and found our channel. I'm talking to everyone of course but sometimes its the younger lads. You don't need a $100,000 yacht to go on an adventure and if I was 20 I know what I would be buying instead of a car. Do a trade, figure out how to repair boats when they break, travel, learn french or spanish or both and work at different places around the world. Rigging, electronics, we met a young girl who was making a killing in the Caribbean scraping hulls with SCUBA.
For the rest of us, lets hope facebook launch those internet baloons.
I guess what I'm saying is that as a very long term "life" goal its achievable.
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
I agree with you there that it is achievable to some extent. If you live on a costal city and perhaps cruise 6 months at a time or so. go back and work 6 months then return to cruise. But there is the real problem. This lifestyle requires you to basically not have a job. People who Vlog and are successful at it are the exception. Even if you were to own an internet based company it would be nearly impossible to work from the boat given the lack of continued internet. Now lets say you go cruise for 5 or 10 years. You have amazing stories experiences and pictures to share, but then what? What do you do when it comes to an end? You now have no career, no job and no retirement. The only thing you may have is a boat partially paid off that you can sell for pennies on the dollar of what you paid. So as you said its not really a good investment. Now the flip side of the coin is, you had a better 10 years of your life cruising then most people do in 30 years of retirement. I agree with that sentiment. I believe that i could get hit by a bus on my way to work. It may all be over before you ever get to retirement so why not play while you are younger. I totally get that and agree. After watching so many sailing vlogs, it seems like a very expensive life style. Forget the cost of the boat. Lets just talk about day to day living. Port fees, maintenance, diesel, food, blah blah blah. I make a pretty good livng at my job of 6 figures and i cant even imagine paying all the bills you guys have even if i kept my job let alone giving it up. I respect you both for what your doing and i of course love your content. It just seems so far off for so many of us. but then again maybe that is the point of your video. Keep up the good work and stay safe guys. Love from a land locked state coming your way.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
That is pretty much the exact opposite of what I think John I really do. I'm not of the philosophy that anyone can make it, I think that is incorrect. But to say that owning a boat and going cruising is an unreasonable goal is not correct either in my opinion. No one would think it is a silly or unreasonable goal to save up and buy a house but for some reason yacht is different. I know they aren't a particularly wise investment, like they wont go up in value, but what you get is infinitely more important. You can get them cheap, fix them, work as you go, travel home again, eat beans.
I think it is so achievable for most people. You just can't have the house as well.
Frank Ling
Frank Ling - 6 years ago
Oh you grumpy mumpy John
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
Dont blame them for doing a great job and getting sponsored at all. I think its awesome for them. But to tell everyone that "anyone can do it" is just not true. All we are going to do is encourage a bunch of people to sell their home and go bankrupt chasing a dream that is reserved for the super rich.
Michael Brashier
Michael Brashier - 6 years ago
John Smith nah. Plenty of people do it. Can blame them for being so good at it that they got sponsored.
John Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
@ Riley and Elayna Guys, first of i love you both although my comment might sound bullish, what it comes down to is im pissed off that im stuck in my office and you guys are having all the fun. (or atleast partly) but we have to be honest here. You guys are living a one in a million shot. lets face it, you basically won the lottery. And yes i know you worked hard on the oil rig to by your original boat and so on. But in reality what your doing is not a reasonable goal for most people. I think its fool hardy to encourage people to do it (as much as i want to do it myself) when the odds of being successful are less then winning the lottery.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Trying to encourage other people and show them that its not impossible isn't a bad thing mate come on. Also we didn't get tossed any keys.
Keltan Xavier
Keltan Xavier - 6 years ago
Did you even watch the video? They haven't been sailing on the outremer since the beginning.
Roberto Mentasti
Roberto Mentasti - 6 years ago
Compliment Riley. You both are two real entrepreneurs. I'm a sailor too ... but never tought to live on a sailboat. I'm wondering how old are you?
jman017 - 6 years ago
Great video! Please keep yourselves down to earth because that's where you two rule Love Ya!
National rent to own
National rent to own - 6 years ago
I just seen her bump in that bikini in thumb nail that's all I needed to click on the video
Ruk Peterson
Ruk Peterson - 6 years ago and what was the other one? Could not hear it clearly. Thanks, love the vids!!!
Martín Sebastián Mora
Martín Sebastián Mora - 6 years ago
Have you ever counted how much are your average monthly or weekly expenses? And if you have, how much is it? I'm working with my best friend in a 3 year plan to make it happen, and that's our biggest unknown matter
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
That is exactly right.
This is a link to a blog post I did.
oceandrew - 6 years ago
There are a number of articles floating around the Web where cruisers have posted spreadsheets of their cruising expenses. Look around.
Also Adventures Adrift as well as Gone with the Wynns have posted budgets and expenses to their websites. I can tell you that the range is very wide. You can live on as little as you want or as much as you can and that's just true for anything.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
We aren't really that type of people. I've never done a spread sheet or budget in my life. If I ever ran out of money (like we did in Grenada) I went back to work.
Bob Down
Bob Down - 6 years ago
Still working on refitting my custom South African built 50 foot steelie in Adelaide, hope to blast off early to mid next year...see ya on the water. ;)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Maaattteee!!! Thats awesome!!!
scott stovall
scott stovall - 6 years ago
Binge watched 0-103. Almost unemployed :)  Keep up the good work !
Thomas Mcluckie
Thomas Mcluckie - 6 years ago
James E Dennison
James E Dennison - 6 years ago
I had an SLV Sticker... or as we call them here, Decal... show up randomly in the mail the other day, thanks for that ... made me smile....was not expected
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Really? The world works in mysterious ways. :)
Dennis Haggerty
Dennis Haggerty - 6 years ago
For those older sailors who want to put off voyaging until they retire, remember no-one lives forever or always remain healthy into their later years. The La Vaga experience shows you what young fit people can achieve. This gets much harder over age 60, so go for it while you still can. One of the biggest causes for abandoning long distance voyaging is the death/serious illness of elderly relatives. Riley's dad was young enough to go along and help out. So for younger folks who want to follow the dream, go and then invite your old dad to go sailing when you reach an island paradise (I live in hope!)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Excellent advice my man. Having my old man on for that trip was the best thing ever. I spoke about it at his 60th.
Jonathan Hartfield
Jonathan Hartfield - 6 years ago
Elayna please do the try on bikini collection video.
Kman - 6 years ago
@2:52 Los Roques off Venezuela?
Skippie - 6 years ago
Awesome guys, happy cruising!
Robert Allen
Robert Allen - 6 years ago
Thanks for the video guys can't wait to see more
connie woods
connie woods - 6 years ago
Hope all is well with you guys....hugs!
ajadrew - 6 years ago
Is knowing how to swim a good tip? I'm landlocked in Essex UK....;-))
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Yeah mate it is recommended but not essential. Gulp.
Rabbit Rabbit
Rabbit Rabbit - 6 years ago
Holy Boinkers... That was a great video... Thumbs up!!!
Oscar Gouveia
Oscar Gouveia - 6 years ago
Can you recommend some good books on the basics of sailing?
Oscar Gouveia
Oscar Gouveia - 6 years ago
Thanks! I'm so glad I found your channel! You've inspired my wife and I to consider taking up sailing!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago

There is a section on books in the sailing guide I did a while ago. Its free mate. Enjoy.
Pfsif - 6 years ago
Slightly damaged sailboats in the Caribbean this week for sale.
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
Lars Kristian Gretnes totally agree, maybe all the top sailing Chanel's could start a go fund me site & help all the people who lost everything and are now homeless.clothes & food and basic needs ? Just a thought...
Borpheus Maximus
Borpheus Maximus - 6 years ago
Pfsif probably more going all the way up the east coast
Lars Kristian Gretnes
Lars Kristian Gretnes - 6 years ago
too soon, mate!! :p
sony111111111111 - 6 years ago
Love this! I've been waiting for this kind of vid from you guys for a long time!! :)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Any more tips or information here to keep the dream alive for people would be greatly appreciated. Links, advice, discussion of countries both expensive and not, stories, both positive and not, boat building projects, time taken, what can you get away with and what you can't, budgets. Anything you can think of here we really want to hear about it. I'll be in the comments section for the entire day.
Tumelo Motsoeneng
Tumelo Motsoeneng - 6 years ago
Thanks for the Advice.
Dave Liley
Dave Liley - 6 years ago
Dave Liley
Dave Liley - 6 years ago
Here in the UK at the moment old 1970-80 20-30 foot boats can be picked up from 2-5k making it very achievable, once your are ready to really invest in the 'big' boat then this first boat could almost be given away.

This is my plan for next year!!!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
What do you think about the logistics of buying and selling 2 boats though. Or selling one and buying two, more correctly. Thats a fair bit of behind the scenes work (as we say).
Dave Liley
Dave Liley - 6 years ago
Buy a cheap smaller keel boat and sail for a couple of summers before buying that bigger boat for your world travels.
Learning the basics in this cheap boat (that won't break the bank if you break the boat) will gain you the experience to take better and safer decisions.
Also it is a way to dip your toe in to check it is really for you and any family you aim to travel with.
Hope this helps!
Cigarmann - 6 years ago
Be nice if my budget included a new outremer 45.......
freespacexl - 6 years ago
My partner and a few mates and I met Rylie & Elayna at a gig in New Zealand (fat freddy's drop) and they were genuine as. They both took time to stop and chat about their adventures, sailing and youtube even though they were socialising. Congratulations to you both, keep up the hard work.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Kenneth thank you so much for writing that mate. We really do put everything into these videos. Sailing is HARD. Getting the smallest of jobs done onboard is hard let alone in a place you have never been before in another language. The videos take up all of our remaining time. We love it, we want to keep doing it for sure and reading your words you have written here makes it all worth while. Sharing as you said our "weaknesses, fears, difficulties, as well as joys, successes, and good times" is good for the show and good for the soul.
Kenneth Parker
Kenneth Parker - 6 years ago
Pete, disagreement doesn't necessarily imply disrespect. Your opinion is absolutely valid, I just feel they could easily make "watchable" videos and be successful without sharing so much of themselves and their personal lives. But, they choose to share themselves as well as their adventures, and for that I am grateful, Through their sharing we get to know them as "people", not just as "adventurers". They are unafraid to show their weaknesses, fears, difficulties, as well as their joys, successes, and good times. And, as I wrote earlier, for that I am grateful! As for the editing knowledge, this month marks 41 years since my first "professional" video production. I think, maybe, I might be getting the hang of it.
Pete Williams
Pete Williams - 6 years ago
Kenneth, you make some brilliant and sound points, except one. I like the way you have really nailed the aspects of editing and just how much time it consumes. No disrespect intended to yourself or SLV, albeit that statement alone indirectly implies, the opposite, however, moving on. I do not feel that SLV is generous in sharing their videos because the videos are content marketing, I.e. the content of the video is marketed and social media e.g. Youtube is a brilliant vehicle for content? YES, the videos are simply gorgeous in production and it looks like after the shakedown sail we're back on track with the 'sailing adventures' However, the videos are made as an income stream, they have to be because no self-respecting sailor would dedicate more time to video production that actual sailing. If I am mistaken then I will whole heartedly stand corrected and apologise, however, these videos are content marketing and not simply generous sharing. SLV need us as much as we want them?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Beautiful Kenneth.
Kenneth Parker
Kenneth Parker - 6 years ago
There are so many variables, both technical and creative, when creating an unscripted video from unscripted footage that there simply is no accurate formula to estimate post production time. Just from the technical side a 3 minute video could take 2-3 hours one time, and 20 the next. Anyone who thinks editing video to tell a compelling story is easy, or fast, is simply ignorant (this is not necessarily a perjorative, it simply means they lack knowledge and understanding of the process). If they repeatedly do so, then they are stupid (and that is absolutely a perjorative). And then you must consider the actual creative elements of storytelling: what is the story, how do we tell that story in a compelling way, where do we want the story to lead (if the story is a part of an ongoing series like "Sailing La Vagabond"), what impact do we want the story to have on the viewers? All of these take time, and vast amounts of energy. And, because they are variable, can lead to having to rebuild the story and start over. If you can finish the edit on one video in a day you have done a great job. And, if it takes a week or more, you have still done a great job. What is important is to take a good story, and tell it well. In my not even close to humble opinion, the La Vagabond crew/team have done, and continue to do, an excellent job of telling their stories, and are very generous to share those stories with all of us.
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
Lawson To WHAT politics might you be referring? Would this be "political Geography"? I guess we are lucky they weren't on the other side of France ( La Manche) or visiting Islands North West of there.
Lawson Conner
Lawson Conner - 6 years ago
Bart, piss off with the politics/political shenanegans, please. Kthx, bye :)
Bart Connolly
Bart Connolly - 6 years ago
Again not wanting to be pedantic but the Mediterranean is a SEA. Now you have forced me into fact checking every one of your videos. And I thought Donald Trump would never have to be mentioned?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Thank you. A guy the other day was asking why Elayna wasn't playing guitar because the editing shouldn't take more than an hour! I nearly fell off my chair, the outside one, which is dangerous because there is ocean nearby.
minermarcus - 6 years ago
It's interesting to me how little understanding there is of how much work is involved in filming and editing good videos like these. There are some out there that think they can just go sailing and post some vid. These guys and the other successful tubers really put effort into crafting stories in video form. We appreciate your work!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Appreciate it mate.
Cigarmann - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde lol, thank you. My comment in no way is to disrespect to you. I envy you what you are doing and wish I had done that at your age. The fact that you're getting significant sponsorships is a testament to your videos and sailing ability and quite frankly your audience appeal. Fair winds and I look forward to watching your future travels.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Don't sell your self short mate, there is an audience for everyone.
Cigarmann - 6 years ago
Willem Moseley lol. I may just do that! Although my wife and I are a bit older and I am not nearly as attractive
Willem Moseley
Willem Moseley - 6 years ago
Cigarmann start a YouTube channel and a Patreon page. You never know, you might hit it big!
Yuthvong Yem
Yuthvong Yem - 6 years ago
Have they encountered any pirates yet?
Lori Uhland
Lori Uhland - 6 years ago
and it made ME cry
Alex Desnoyer
Alex Desnoyer - 6 years ago
Yuthvong Yem, they did have a scare way early on. Check it out its a really good episode
Henry Timpe
Henry Timpe - 6 years ago
The best thing about this channel is how genuine you seem. I don't get the sense that you guys are overreacting about anything that happens. Those moments when you are both in awe I can genuinely tell you are having a moment. It's such a beautiful dynamic you have in your relationship.
Angela Vlogs
Angela Vlogs - 6 years ago
Nonaligned Videos
Nonaligned Videos - 6 years ago
well said, Henry!
Glynis Brown
Glynis Brown - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde ❤️❤️❤️⛵️⛵️
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
We have been planning this video for a while but you wouldn't believe me if I told you how busy we are. So stoked you are nearing your dream. Love from Riley and Elayna.
SHANKSY1 - 6 years ago
Another great video. Those clips bring back some memories :-)
Paul Hellard
Paul Hellard - 6 years ago
Exactly what I was thinking. Yes, stay natch! Both of you are so likeable!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Thanks mate. Thats really nice.
ThinkinG1337 - 6 years ago
Notification squad: WHERE YOU AT!?
Cricket Addicts
Cricket Addicts - 6 years ago
Hey Sailing la vagabond just wanted to say that I am a 13 year old boy from Sydney and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love both of you
Will Taurins
Will Taurins - 6 years ago
Fusion Productions hey I'm 13 and I live in Sydney as well Yeah Straya
Chuck Rothy
Chuck Rothy - 6 years ago
"Don't get the clap" - Jimmy Dugan
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
Fusion Productions & keep your eyes off Elayna's butt.or you'll go blind :-)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Work hard and be good.
Chadisms - 6 years ago
I wish I had sea legs. Love you guys. Hugs!
Loanword Eggcorn
Loanword Eggcorn - 6 years ago
Agree. After a year of intermittent sailing with my club, my sea legs are much better. It can take a little time.
David Westwood
David Westwood - 6 years ago
Chadisms keep trying mate,your sea legs will just takes time.good luck & don't give up...
Spencer Markus
Spencer Markus - 6 years ago
Greeting from Cape Town, South Africa! Another great video! Thanks for the tips! And I want to say thank you for the stickers I received the other day.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Our pleasure mate, display them with pride!
sean john
sean john - 6 years ago
Almost first damn haha
TinyBeat - 6 years ago
Yay love this chanel keeps my dreams alive!!!!
Chris young
Chris young - 6 years ago
TinyBeat - 6 years ago

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