Sailing The Whitsunday Islands Ep. 87

We hoist the sails for an island hopping sailing adventure in the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands, Queensland! Click here for your 30 day free trial with Audible! We were off to a rough start, but the little tropical storm had passed in a day and out came the sun. We visit two anchorages, Sawmill bay on Whitsunday Island and also Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Stay tuned… Videos made with love, Elayna. For more info on visiting Queensland: Song Credits: 01:15 Adam Yoo - Wake Up - 04:42 Adam Yoo - Johnny had a Water Gun (isn’t he just amazing?) - 07:32 Adam Yoo - Used to be High - 08:09 Phoria - Emanate - 09:30 The Road - Martin Piehlmeier - Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Want the chance to come aboard/unseen footage privileges? Please become a Patron and support our production! Download Elaynas album here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: What software do we use? Premiere Pro

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Sailing 7 years ago 402,906 views

We hoist the sails for an island hopping sailing adventure in the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands, Queensland! Click here for your 30 day free trial with Audible! We were off to a rough start, but the little tropical storm had passed in a day and out came the sun. We visit two anchorages, Sawmill bay on Whitsunday Island and also Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Stay tuned… Videos made with love, Elayna. For more info on visiting Queensland: Song Credits: 01:15 Adam Yoo - Wake Up - 04:42 Adam Yoo - Johnny had a Water Gun (isn’t he just amazing?) - 07:32 Adam Yoo - Used to be High - 08:09 Phoria - Emanate - 09:30 The Road - Martin Piehlmeier - Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Want the chance to come aboard/unseen footage privileges? Please become a Patron and support our production! Download Elaynas album here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: What software do we use? Premiere Pro

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Most popular comments
for Sailing The Whitsunday Islands Ep. 87

GUNNER67akaKelt - 7 years ago
For everyone asking where the catamaran is,  the cat is still in France because R & E are still waiting for some (very slow) paperwork to go through. In the meantime, they've gone back to Australia and were offered a loaner boat by a company down there. They are sailing around the Whitsunday islands.
Peter Mo
Peter Mo - 6 years ago
GUNNER67akaKelt 我的前半生
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts - 6 years ago
GUNNER67akaKelt I'm starting to doubt that they're ever actually gonna get that catamaran. Or that the company is gonna hike up the price or something at the last minute.
James Forbes
James Forbes - 6 years ago
actually, I like this boat much better..  so I don't really care what boat your on. I enjoy all your episodes and expeditions.  cheers!
GUNNER67akaKelt - 6 years ago
Your're all welcome :)
gerace007 - 6 years ago
Like everybody else, I was wondering the same thing.
Mike Crittenden
Mike Crittenden - 6 years ago
thank you for the update because I was tripping out on wondering why they were not on the new cat so a big thanks for the info
USPATRIOT99 - 6 years ago
Lol the govt type
USPATRIOT99 - 6 years ago
Nah I am way past excitement and want to see the Cat in some awesome places.
Sander Devisch
Sander Devisch - 6 years ago
David it's registration but in a different place where paperwork apparently takes long
David - 6 years ago
loan maybe ?
Steven Z
Steven Z - 7 years ago
paperwork? What paper work could take this long.
nayR - 7 years ago
you're a fucking lifesaver bro. lol
mdubin - 7 years ago
Me as well
Leumas D
Leumas D - 7 years ago
i agree
Chuck Rothy
Chuck Rothy - 7 years ago
Thank you! I was so confused! lol
c dawg
c dawg - 7 years ago
Actually the suspense and the way they are building up to the new catamaran adventure sailing series will do just the opposite and add lots of new subscribers for their future sailing adventures ........Just give it a chance
Nick Pol
Nick Pol - 7 years ago
You are at risk to loose an interest of your audience, thanks to your new so call partners from France, this is not a joke guys this your as I understand business and future earnings ??!! This is looking very bad, sorry I love you both, but it looks like One season of the great show is over, audience is exited and is expecting a great continuation and instead the new season of the same show appears to completely screwed up! Sorry French is screwing you up big time!!
Connor Pepin
Connor Pepin - 7 years ago
GUNNER67akaKelt thanks for the info
c dawg
c dawg - 7 years ago
I dont care what you 2 are sailing on as long as you keep sailing and posting vids......cheers
Gary Shobe
Gary Shobe - 5 years ago
Riley please stop dragging yourself behind the boat while sailing. Remember what happen to the tuna you put behind the boat? I do not want you to turn into shark bait. Hugs to you both.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
I will not stop. It’s great fun. Hugs to you too Gary.
Gerhard van Tonder
Gerhard van Tonder - 5 years ago
The vegan bits is nerve wrecking.
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee - 5 years ago
Nothing wrong with a little animal sacrifice for the good of man.
William Griffin
William Griffin - 5 years ago
whats the song at 6:54?
Ryan Lifchitz
Ryan Lifchitz - 5 years ago
excellent time lapse...I see those Premier classes paid off :)
gardensofthegods - 5 years ago
I already listened to some audio books here that are free on YouTube ... I like listening to them to help me doze off to sleep because ASMR doesn't help me ...I need to have the sound of talking sometimes to help me sleep .
da ne
da ne - 5 years ago
Sailing looks dangerous !
jeffrosBBQ - 5 years ago
if i had my little way, i'd eat peaches everyday!!

10. comment for Sailing The Whitsunday Islands Ep. 87

Toney Harris
Toney Harris - 5 years ago
Hey Hey Y'all hello from Mississippi, I am going to be getting a boat soon. What books did you check out before you got out in the ocean.
EveryCitizen - 6 years ago
Where did the desire for the vegan diet come from and does that mean no more fishing/spear fishing?
William Wiese
William Wiese - 6 years ago
Great video, I learn more and more every time I watch you guys with the sails and rigging, your pirate is was a riot!
queenmarr. - 6 years ago
oh my god 7:08 Phoria !!!! i haven’t listened to them in forever because of bad memories but damn it’s strange to hear a Phoria song on SLV !
Rett - 6 years ago
.RILES, sounding so much like Jack Sparrow. You both need costumes
nameless4284 - 6 years ago
"Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man in a factory downtown."
Deb B
Deb B - 6 years ago
Will you be doing a series all of Australia? Would be very cool.
Bilal El-Ghourani
Bilal El-Ghourani - 6 years ago
Very gorgeous girl .i really love everything about you
to mi lu
to mi lu - 6 years ago
funnelweb10 - 6 years ago
Would love to sail, so good skill to have,. Whitsundays are majic, love Airlie.

20. comment for Sailing The Whitsunday Islands Ep. 87

Jack - 6 years ago
how the hell do all the famous singers get contracts and they suck they have to be auto tuned or made to sound good in a studio but her she can sing so good and its natural I swear man everything in the world is backwards.
Tyler Fletcher
Tyler Fletcher - 6 years ago
SHARK lol (At 6:58)
Brainmelter - 6 years ago
what a girl......and what a guy. I hope neither of you are ending up wrapped in a anchorchain. Keep going until I realize my own sailing adventure.
Flower - 6 years ago
This is what you guys do the best.... Loved this. ....enjoy your life together.
BeeeHonest - 6 years ago
Loved it! You guys reenacted paragraphs of the audio book! LOL....
K Reed
K Reed - 6 years ago
what did you guys think of the new larger boat?
ted renard
ted renard - 6 years ago
Gee people, there's a lot of negative commentary posted here. R & E were invited to show a bit of their country in a better light in return for posting a couple of videos for it which we all enjoy. Any of you watch your favourite sport on telly with "athletes" paid thousands a week for the advertising revenue they bring is ought to think before posting. If you've got a job, chances are your company advertises or wishes they could. It's a part of life. R & E aren't pushing cars or deodorants they're never going to use, or posing with the latest razor (well, not Riley maybe :-)). Plenty of liveaboards use audio books and digital readers just because of the restricted space on board, so in a way they're talking sense, and we'd all appreciated a few less trees going to the paper industry. I live on a tiny , rusty & currently yard-bound steel boat, freezing through the endless winters here in the UK. Like every negative poster on here, if some French yacht company wanted to offer me a beautiful, sorted dream boat (unlikely, as I'm English, so they'd probably use me for target practice :-)) I'd be right in the queue behind the rest of you, even for a daily blog. So lighten up on them a bit, it's not as though they ain't done the hard yards, and they're not through this deal yet either and I'm looking forwards to seeing the new videos. Fair comment is fair comment, but at least make sure it's fair.
goulash75 - 6 years ago
Now that is how to do an ad for!
Great video as usual guys. I know you've moved on from here by now, but if you ever get the chance, go a bit further south and check out Fraser Island. One of the most beautiful places on Earth.
stuart bromley
stuart bromley - 6 years ago
Hey guys just found your amazing programmes and im am so loving watching them, cant wait see you on the new catamaran,,,,,,,,all the best from stu in the UK ☺☺☺
keeblerhunts - 6 years ago
OMG! Love the ending! lol

30. comment for Sailing The Whitsunday Islands Ep. 87

markmywords312 - 6 years ago
Love the vids but does anyone sail Europe anymore? Getting seriously bored of endless Caribbean/Pacific Island paradise sailing videos from you tubers. Hopefully the Cat will STAY in Europe. Yeah it's colder sometimes but deal with it. I thought Aussies were tough? And what about Sweden, Denmark, Scotland etc?? Doesn't always need to be sunny folks. Christ, if the brilliant Distant Shores pair can do it surely the younger crowd can handle it.
Grant Bradshaw
Grant Bradshaw - 6 years ago
"So we keep on waitin- the Tabasco sauce is in the fridge Riley- on the world to change" You guys are the best! Love all of your videos and can't wait for the CAT! Good luck!
Que Sera
Que Sera - 6 years ago
Peaches for free lol
Tarzaan - 6 years ago
can you guys be my mom and dad, pls adopt me
Ynk Yrd
Ynk Yrd - 6 years ago
Bu kız yemek yapmasını bilmiyor :)
Austin Urban
Austin Urban - 6 years ago
Rene13831 - 6 years ago
Why do the rope at 8:35 and the chain look so warned when this is a brand new boat? I'm not a sailor so I don't know, just curious. It being a brand new boat I expected everything to look brand new. I'm not hating or judging. I just wondered.
Stronglifezone - 6 years ago
Great music as always!!
Es Gee
Es Gee - 6 years ago
drunk history ad at the end was hilarious. would be great to hear more regularly about riley's favorite books or excerpts of books even.
j harper
j harper - 6 years ago
What wuss. Scared to tell your girlfriend you have been eating like a man.
Diego Soares
Diego Soares - 6 years ago
Hey Ry and Elayna, keep up with the positive approach, always. You guys will always have a blessed way on this path. Have fun... Hope you guys get to como to Brazil some day.
Stephanie Cane
Stephanie Cane - 6 years ago
What a HUGE inspiration!!! I literally pushed the subscribe button within the first five minutes. They are not only the cutest couple but they are so young and are sailing around the world! Their lives are things people only dream of!
Jeff Coker
Jeff Coker - 6 years ago
Do you know how many viewers/backers you'd have if you'd just have BACON evey now and then?
drx1 xym
drx1 xym - 6 years ago
Audible - I listen to audio books all day - it is good for multi tasking. There's a turtle! .... reconsider!
Richard Dyer
Richard Dyer - 6 years ago
Elayna, how the heck do you keep your falafal balls from crumbling apart? Mine always fall apart no matter what I do but yours are always intact. Hmm. Your guys' food always looks so delicious. Too bad you can't put the smell up here! ha ha
domsooch - 6 years ago
Hey Riley, you should listen to the Pale King on Audible, really good version!!!
The Primal Nutritionist
The Primal Nutritionist - 6 years ago
You might want to check out the oils that hummus is made with. Most are made with rapeseed, or sunflower, both are inflammatory and oxidising. Better to make your own with good quality olive, or macadamia oil.
runfarandfast - 6 years ago
thanks for the update...all they can do is be patience hoping for the best!!
Alapiko ma Mālolonui
Alapiko ma Mālolonui - 6 years ago
Must use that Persian Strategising Technique! that what the French were using as regards your Outremer?

Aloha nui na koʻu hoaloha! :)
Chief Enumclaw
Chief Enumclaw - 6 years ago
love the irreverent nonsensical slice of life since that's the side we most live on.

50. comment for Sailing The Whitsunday Islands Ep. 87

striperjunkie - 6 years ago
hey guys i love the channel and was going to say if you make it to the US please hang out for a little while and that way some of us can come out to meet you guys in person... i live in North Carolina on the east coast. so it would be so awesome to meet you guys.
connormurphy19 - 6 years ago
If you could decide would you go with the longer monohull after sailing that boat.
Pavel R
Pavel R - 6 years ago
Where is the original SLV? I'm surprised and confused by the new version of SLV progress:-(
Bob Forshay
Bob Forshay - 6 years ago
Such a pleasure to watch yhour videos. Thank you!
Flatcap007 - 6 years ago
Think your diet is awful all them veggies! boat must stink you both farting for Australia
soren_dk - 6 years ago
Hahahaha great pirate-ending :D :D Did NOT expect that hahaha, Thx for the laugh and have a great trip :) (Do the Southpole, I dare you haha).
Gregory Eagle
Gregory Eagle - 6 years ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Black and White at the end. Classic!!! Cheers!
Sarah Mc
Sarah Mc - 6 years ago
Steven Pendleton
Steven Pendleton - 6 years ago
You need to go back and look at your videos from 6 months ago. Something has been lost in these last few videos. They seem very scripted and there is no video with off the cuff interaction between you guys. And the commercialism of your cast really takes away from the genuine spirit your videos used to portray. If you couldn't afford the boat without doing this you should set your sights a little lower. You guys make a pretty good income but didn't have to have a million dollar yacht! I love you guys and will continue to watch for a while and see if you guys can get back the magic that made your videos magical! Love you both. Steve
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Sorry you didn't like this one mate.
We feel good about it and don't feel anything has changed. There is always next week.
SKIP AD - 6 years ago
I have just read Elayna's Not So Breif Bio. Check it out!
Eric  Frost
Eric Frost - 6 years ago
finally a normal couple sailing home!
RoryTravelsAnywhere - 6 years ago
These one kg hummus were my road-trip fuel in Australia hehe
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown - 6 years ago
I was just looking at Elayna carrying her swim fins. Is she that tiny or are the fins that large? Goodness !!! I was looking at Episode 1.
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown - 6 years ago
Very sorry for the difficulty with the Cat. I hope that it all works out to your satisfaction because I really like the chirpy talk between you two, as you appear to becoming seasoned and expert seafarers. Something is going on with Youtube because I am not getting your updates lest I go looking for them. Best to you.
Ataume - 6 years ago
Good episode! Nice shots giving us a real feel of "being there" with just the two of you. Bit of sailing, bit of sightseeing, bit of daily life. Bit of everything, really. :) (We even got Elena saying "hello" to an animal, which I missed with the gulls. xD)
All around a really great episode.
Empty Nest Sailing
Empty Nest Sailing - 6 years ago
Looks gorgeous Down Under! Thanks for sharing.
The Butte Life
The Butte Life - 6 years ago
Great video!
kanifkanif - 6 years ago
you should stop wearing that blanket so much and put on a bikini
Chase Gunner
Chase Gunner - 6 years ago
What is your workout routine for on board?
Bill yuan
Bill yuan - 6 years ago
I also intend to sail around the world, but I don't know if sunreef82DD is a good choice
Joe Bott
Joe Bott - 6 years ago
Totally amazing how some of the whacamoles here see conspiracy and underhanded-ness. You two are great , You wont lose anyone . Sail away and keep on keeping on
Jesse - 6 years ago
So Riley, what is the technical manoeuvre you hinted on? cheers
Rev. David Thompson
Rev. David Thompson - 6 years ago
Well mates, flat straight ahead.. you make people feel good, good on ya . nuff said.
Sean Norris
Sean Norris - 6 years ago
So when do you guys get to sail on your new boat? Can't wait to check it out! Cheers
franken spank
franken spank - 6 years ago
i love your happy joy! from my place on the north shore of lake ponchatrain louisiana i see all those awesome isles. blue water,yaaay!
Rob Meyer
Rob Meyer - 6 years ago
When you headed to the North West?, Seattle, San Juan Islands, British Colombia, Inside Passage to Alaska?  #1 fan   ps don't stand under the tree's where the fruit bats are roosting on Hamilton :-)  Took me and the family a tad too long to figure why we were getting wet!!!
Keith Vinson
Keith Vinson - 6 years ago
Melvin J. Gouder
Melvin J. Gouder - 6 years ago
Surreal life
Chris Bee
Chris Bee - 6 years ago
cool song peaches from the presidents, love that song.
TomDue62 - 6 years ago
Great guys, one of the best movies you've ever made! I consider to become a patreon so you can go on with your inspiring trip!
james daley
james daley - 6 years ago
ha hah a yea as usual interesting and funny
Martin Seitz
Martin Seitz - 6 years ago
How funny that b/w clip. Great
david hensley
david hensley - 6 years ago
GREAT production, wow so professional, drone footage, time lapse, you guys are getting very technical, training in vid production has payed excellent dividends. QLD is great as a visitor unless your boats over 15 meters long, then full comprehensive insurance is required in QLD, no other state in AU has this so lots of potential visitors stay away and clear in to the South. Hope the weather clears enough for you to get to Whitehaven, the sand's so fine it squeaks when you walk on it. Kinda like Astro boy but without the rubber boots
Sean McSweeney
Sean McSweeney - 6 years ago
If the cat is a 10 in comfort how does the 49' in this episode score? What about vagabond 1?
ClayZ - 6 years ago
Ah. I'm a little behind it seems. It looks like riley made it thru his Australian solo cruise. Goodo.
Butch Duncan
Butch Duncan - 6 years ago
Very nice to see you Guys back on the water. Hoping all is well and Happy Sailing!! Around Seattle out!
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen - 6 years ago
Every few seconds, I think, Nice cutting, Nice timing, nice angel, nice all kinds of everything, I just wish you wouldn't read this so it won't alter the layout - nah. Thanks for being there for us :)
Thomas Red
Thomas Red - 6 years ago
...peaches for free.
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen - 6 years ago
I've got a hunch you're gonna to 2 be fine all 4ight ;)
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen - 6 years ago
That´ll be gone.
Paddy Brown
Paddy Brown - 6 years ago
Do you need any deckhands once the cat sets sail lol
Rickandrollshow - 6 years ago
It's great to have you back on the water again. Your energy is so much different, (better) and it's great to feel this connection through you. Good luck, much love and thanks for sharing!
Silent Lightning
Silent Lightning - 6 years ago
Whoa.. so many judging comments in here right now. Seems to me that people these days are programmed to JUDGE! Instead of first taking a thorough look at themselves before pointing fingers at people about such blatant things such as their diet etc.
Facebook, you tube, all these mediums are numbing people down ( if used to the wrong extent)
I'd say: before you nag about stuff concerning this specific channel and whine about riles putting in some cheeky advert, why don't you ask yourself how you can improve YOURSELF and your surroundings and environment. Ffs man. Think twice before spreading negativity.. ok I think u get my point.
Kudos to the massive input of time and energy which the makers of this channel have invested so far!!! Rock on 2017!!!
Squire Hogg
Squire Hogg - 6 years ago
So enjoyable. Your videos continue to be a source of pleasure and relaxation. And a touch of envy, I must admit. Sail on sailors!!
Jake - 6 years ago
see how much fun monohulls are? don't go to the dark side!
Gleaning The Scriptures
Gleaning The Scriptures - 6 years ago
How often do you guys have Hummus on hand? Is it a regular part of your diets?
dolorodon - 6 years ago
I love how you still put effort into the sponsor-advertisements :) reaally funny!
Gert1803 - 6 years ago
Must admit: did loose a littlebit my interest in La Vagabonde ... but seeing this new vid I again discover this magic between you two ... and will keep on following you. Wishing you good winds and a lot of love to each other !
ferry651 - 6 years ago
but hope it goes well for them
ferry651 - 6 years ago
you would think that they should have told everyone about the cat right at the start

100. comment for Sailing The Whitsunday Islands Ep. 87

Harold Hofmann
Harold Hofmann - 6 years ago
After reading the comments that have been posted since seeing this on Patreon; good job keep on being the free spirits that you are......fair winds and following seas. I'm into this for the long haul!
Bill Fowler
Bill Fowler - 6 years ago
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby - 6 years ago
I stumbled upon your videos a ways back and just finished your last episode the videos are great and look forward to the future installments. Congrats on the new sailing vessel
Ericson578 - 6 years ago
Can't wait to see you guys sailing on your new cat :D
Steven Vandenbulcke
Steven Vandenbulcke - 6 years ago
Loved the "Pirates of the Caribbean" teaser at the end, you guys would be great actors ;-)
Sailing On Grace
Sailing On Grace - 6 years ago
Some of my most memorable and best sailing were on days "they" said " dont go". Veggie stir fries look delish! If you run into Peter from sailing into freedom say Aloha for me.. You Pirates crack me up!
Ron Maxwell
Ron Maxwell - 6 years ago
Question: Who are the people giving thumbs down?? And WHY??? Maybe they should watch something else.
Steve S
Steve S - 6 years ago
cool to see you both as a team sail that mono.
Garrett Devitt
Garrett Devitt - 6 years ago
looks like Ireland is shaping up to have a really hot summer. You could cruise up the west coast of Scotland and go whisky tasting, pop across to Ireland and sail down the west coast. It would be epic!
dean hood
dean hood - 6 years ago
Hi Guys. Just wanred to let you know how much I enjoyed this snippet of being back to sea with you both. This larger boat is exciting, can we keep it aswell as the new cat ? Chuckled good at the Persian "important" decision process and heartily agree that reason from a broadend range of perspectives should help facilitate better understanding and eventually a more solid agreement. x
Addison Tanner
Addison Tanner - 6 years ago
i've been waiting for a month to see you adventure in the cat********* you just got what the hell
iSail and KTM Kulture
iSail and KTM Kulture - 6 years ago
Great time laps in Cid!!
tashateacup - 6 years ago
aaaahhhh Nara Inlet!!! i remember that place so well for some reason, with the goats in the night hahaha so beautiful, back in 2002 i think i was 10 years old. such great memories
Daniel Small
Daniel Small - 6 years ago
Eric Grech
Eric Grech - 6 years ago
come on guys get the cat ready
firefly 16
firefly 16 - 6 years ago
Just a comment on your cooking :) It looks delicious and very healthy. It's good to see you going and exploring. Njoy and good winds 4 u2 ! X from holland
William Lawton
William Lawton - 6 years ago
You guys are getting really creative and have a good sale see you in the next episode thanks for sharing
Peter d'Entremont
Peter d'Entremont - 6 years ago
Riley! Make that woman eat meat atleast twice a month at a minimum! Seriously if it's for environment reasons plants destroy more of nature that food animals and far less that hunted animals!
Gary McCubben
Gary McCubben - 6 years ago
R & E are in the Whitsundays to help the area get up and running again with tourism, due to big cyclone that we had recently. we have sailed the Whitsundays in our own yacht and it is a great area to do so, hope they enjoy it too. We really enjoy watching their videos too. regards G & M
Lankster Price
Lankster Price - 6 years ago
although the last part was a bit funny.. I just cant stand ad's mate... I know that will change nothing, but I have a free site that I get books from when Im on the go... Like most stuff FREE beats $$$$ any day... I hope they keep paying you for your silly ways..
whyno713 - 6 years ago
Have you guys thought about going to the Seychelles Islands? Over 100 islands for you two to explore!
Hacim Llih
Hacim Llih - 6 years ago
Got the biggest kick out of your audible skit heroes! ROFL Loooved it! ;]]]
Witty9171 - 6 years ago
Love," the president "
Witty9171 - 6 years ago
Ie ," peaches"
Larry Kramer
Larry Kramer - 6 years ago
Nice-- simple every day laid back stuff.
Walhalla Dome
Walhalla Dome - 6 years ago
How I miss the Whitsunday islands. I was there in 1998 on the Southern Cross and Grettl. It seriously is like paradise on earth. Enjoy your trip and keep on sharing.
Ryan Withers
Ryan Withers - 6 years ago
Guess what I just saw for sale....the first La Vagabonde
Project Manaia
Project Manaia - 6 years ago
Nice boat though.... not bad for a loaner at all! How do you come across all those free boats! Should probably learn a lesson or two from you on that!
deckert618 - 6 years ago
Nice to see blue skies and water in your vids again! No offense to Europe, but The Med looks depressing as f in the Winter!
TheBuckStopsHere - 6 years ago
excellent vid, I really enjoyed it. please play more giutar. loved the end piece! thanks!
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor - 6 years ago
Riley is a great guy. So much fun to watch you goof around.
Katie Hanes
Katie Hanes - 6 years ago
I think you be doing the earth a favor if you would stop producing trash and have some fish every now and again. also it was a very exciting part of you channel and I am even vegan.
jeffery miller
jeffery miller - 6 years ago
why tow the dingy isnt that hard on it
Paul Li
Paul Li - 6 years ago
Hi Guys, awesome lifestyle!! I was wondering, how do you deal with bad weather when sailing across the ocean?
DishragSRU - 6 years ago
Elayna, send me a song melody and I will send you lyrics for it.
Forrest Wiley
Forrest Wiley - 6 years ago
Glad to see you two out n about again.... equally excited for your adventures to come....
telemetryz - 6 years ago
Oh thank the good lord. Welcome back... thank you.
Michael Young
Michael Young - 6 years ago
That is a brilliant audible ad! Well in line with your style, and even though I am already an audible member, it makes me want to sign up again!
dougefresh133 - 6 years ago
Enjoyed the little skit/commercial at the end. You two are a hoot.
stcldcrzy - 6 years ago
YYYYYEEESSSSSSSSS !!! millions of peaches, peaches for me !!! lol loved that song haven't heard it in ages , great vids, great travels!
Its me Yaboi
Its me Yaboi - 6 years ago
Few things get me as excited as a new video of these out on adventures, cheers!
William McKenna
William McKenna - 6 years ago
The music is great. Anyone know the songs played in this episode? I tried using Shazam, but it did not recognize them.
brint holeman
brint holeman - 6 years ago
peaches for free..
mick mccrohon
mick mccrohon - 6 years ago
Welcome back... and what a great way to make decisions!
Try the audio book 'Ringworld' by Pournelle and Niven.
Evntho Music
Evntho Music - 6 years ago
what a life! cheers and be careful out there! : )
Dave Scott
Dave Scott - 6 years ago
The newly conceived flavor of commercialism within this production is breaking my heart...what a sad loss this is, as La Vagabond wasn't able to maintain the innocence of it all, which has certainly passed with yesterday's winds and today's deals/sponsorship :-(
I as a loyal viewer to a few other sailing productions am so thankful though that for instance Brian Troutman has figured out a way to not sell his production to the highest bidder while maintaining the continuity of their personalities, diets, story and product.
Aidan Jelveh
Aidan Jelveh - 6 years ago
lol remember when he wore a life jacket for a day
Dirt Road Sailing
Dirt Road Sailing - 6 years ago
I want to see Riley eat a big, thick, juicy steak and a baked potato loaded with bacon, sour cream and butter. He can Vegan it out with some grilled Asparagus. Let the man eat like a man!
Robert DeNova
Robert DeNova - 6 years ago
Hi guys,
Sorry to say that 12 minute videos, including commercials is just too short. Looking forward to sailing the cat...Fair winds.
M3GA - 6 years ago
What happened to that new girl who supposed to be traveling with you both? Sent home?
Jenni Mulraney
Jenni Mulraney - 6 years ago
M3GA she has her own YouTube channel now. Google Abbey Mulraney you will find it there
Fooey Yu
Fooey Yu - 6 years ago
Can you tell me what type of lube Riley puts on his 'Shaft' when he has plumbing problems with Elayna?
Ori Lahav
Ori Lahav - 6 years ago
Hey Riley and Elayna- following you for more than a year and enjoy your videos very much. Just found that Riley is a Humus lover.
Here is my suggestion to you. Take advantage of being in the Med again and head east of France till you get to the coast of Israel. The friendly people and beaches of Israel are waiting for you as well of the endless fresh Humus places all around the holly land. Not to mention the Vegan scene of Tel-Aviv. Say 'No more' to Humus in a box and come taste the original fresh served one. Fun sailing and water-sport is promised.
Don Davey
Don Davey - 6 years ago
It Makes me feel good inside cause you can decide where to go by which way the wind is blowing. I mean come on what a life and I love that you can bring it to me , even relieves my stress a little. haha And Elayna you sure look like you know what you are doing by cranking them sails and levers like you do. Looks pretty intimidating to me . haha Your voice has matured to were it is nice to hear it .Not saying it was bad before . Sorry about the cooking it looked like ya needed some meat in them stirfries. Like some shrimp or something . That was sweet that you brought Riley his brecky , I hope he knows what a prize he has . And as always it seamed that Riley had everything under control in his own way .
Missed ya hope the papers come quickly for you. Don from Canada
Kinu Grove
Kinu Grove - 6 years ago
Great video. Really nice to see yo sailing again and the editing was really well done. Hope that everything gets sorted out with the new boat soon.. IMO people need to chill out more and just enjoy the adventure....
jamie cheung
jamie cheung - 6 years ago
Finally a John Mayer cover! Amazing as usual
Shannon Mcafee
Shannon Mcafee - 6 years ago
I must say this may be the best video, you have put out since you crossed the Pacific. thank you!!!
Now you need some good wine and cheese
TRUMPANZEE - 6 years ago
I'll bet Riley's favorite scrabble words is " bugger ".
Russell Clogston
Russell Clogston - 6 years ago
wow you are absolutely gorgeous and man what a voice! He is a very lucky man!
Aelectrician Sebastian
Aelectrician Sebastian - 6 years ago
So what happened to the brand new boat you had in France. Why aren't you sailing her?
Moon Sims
Moon Sims - 6 years ago
I really enjoy watching you handling the boat, using all that mysterious sailing equipment.
Dimitri Jordan
Dimitri Jordan - 6 years ago
with this diet they wont be able to handle the boats anymore
rayred74 - 6 years ago
just eat some meat already FFS!
SueMyChin - 6 years ago
Riley please keep doing the Audible adds just like that, continue to tell us about things you're reading or have read...
W Kenneth Kimball
W Kenneth Kimball - 6 years ago
yep and not interesting watching people wailing for paperwork. and the now video's are poor uninteresting way to keep the monthly patreon coming in.. kinda glad I stalled signing up as patreon. but like anything it's an opinion
Logan Czarnecki
Logan Czarnecki - 6 years ago
I'm confused why earns you sailing the out remer
Robert Blaylock
Robert Blaylock - 6 years ago
Warren Haugen
Warren Haugen - 6 years ago
You guys rock!
Claudio Boas
Claudio Boas - 6 years ago
2 asshole kidz sponsored by youtuberz
nedaz2 - 6 years ago
A nylon string Yamaha? You must have left the Taylor in France? Have fun!
Jonnes __
Jonnes __ - 6 years ago
Hi guys, I really love your sailing adventures!
But I am wondering a bit, what are you doing if a big wave sweeps you both into the sea and the sailboat sails without you over the ozean?
Do you have an emergency plan for that?
Holger Sommer
Holger Sommer - 6 years ago
so beautiful. I have been there a few years ago...
AMY WEATHERFORD - 6 years ago
Glad to see a new video! I laughed my butt off at the ending! You guys look awesome as drunken pirates!
Beautiful Peahen
Beautiful Peahen - 6 years ago
way better quality vlog with this LOVED the shenanigans and fun all around!
Raster - 6 years ago
Ha ha! Har Har! You'all had me cracking up with that one! Hilarious (decide when drinking with friends, reconsider when sober, reconsider that when drunk... ha!) Loving it.

This is a very beautiful video. You guys are great!
Anders Nilsson
Anders Nilsson - 6 years ago
WHAT. CAT. There ain't no damn purr purr in sight!?!?

oh... the CATamaran...

I've literally been clueless this whole time.
ChopStickZero - 6 years ago
.....peaches for free, look out!!
Strawberry Nose
Strawberry Nose - 6 years ago
Riley I'm not saying you have big teeth but is it true that where you grew up you were classed as a dangerous dog?
Larry Fanella
Larry Fanella - 6 years ago
Elayna...when are you coming to the US?
Sven Vee
Sven Vee - 6 years ago
Always so incredible to watch your journey. Calms me down in my hectic student city life :)
bobvise7 - 6 years ago
fantastic video
Strongy - 6 years ago
Perfect idillic life. Except for the food. Mans gotta be given a nice bit of steak or chicken.
Kap E
Kap E - 6 years ago
Great voice and song. Fyi, add the honey after cooking. We trust you, Cap'n. I loved the BnW add at the end, but I wish you did content like that, that wasn't a commercial.. Y'all rock.
John 47
John 47 - 6 years ago
Nice and "Arr" and "Aye" and get below.
Daniele Piccirillo
Daniele Piccirillo - 6 years ago
3:17 Me thinks: "How come Riley is shouting at the wind like that? That's awesome, I'd do it."
8:08 Me remembers: "Oh that's why, freakin' Vikings heh." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
alphasxsignal - 6 years ago
Like your ending video.
alphasxsignal - 6 years ago
Maybe Captain Hook was there.
Ramboinator44 - 6 years ago
7:27 Yes that's the sun god Helios (heliocentrism) also known as Horus/horizon born in the morning (sunrise) Ra arvo and Osiris into the underworld at night. This is where obelisks come into it and what they actually are: they symbolize the penis which penetrates the night sky goddess to give birth to Horus so we receive another day. Aparantly our ancestors were a weird bunch. lol
John Baumgartner
John Baumgartner - 6 years ago
this is the GD life
John Baumgartner
John Baumgartner - 6 years ago
meanwhile...i'm sitting in a cubicle
alphasxsignal - 6 years ago
Nice flying. Hook Island cool.
alphasxsignal - 6 years ago
Glad you are sailing where you are. I would not want to sail in Europe today.
Jennifer Lynn
Jennifer Lynn - 6 years ago
just discovered your videos! Love them! Elayna, what does your cord necklace have on it. Love it!
RiC Communications
RiC Communications - 6 years ago
Cool, finally some sailing and less of all that stuff that gets in the way!!!! Who needs a cat, this boat is cool too!!!!
the.skyhigh farmer
the.skyhigh farmer - 6 years ago
Where is La Vagabonde One now ??
Jeffrey Searle
Jeffrey Searle - 6 years ago
Very cocky on that screwed up jive mate, I give you credit for leaving it in the video, and no that's not how the Volvo guys do it except the guys that hit Madagascar
Dudu Mecawi
Dudu Mecawi - 6 years ago
is there a map showing where you went so far?

Ken Leach
Ken Leach - 6 years ago
Riley, I think you may like this free podcast.. it is about the mafia and corruption in the capital of a little state in USA called Rhode Island, where I am from..The good parts of Rhode Island is that it is home of Newport, RI (the "sailing capital of the world" or so it has been claimed), the America's Cup races where held there for years, lots of sailing history in Newport.... come visit, I can get you a slip an my marina or a hook.
James Behr
James Behr - 6 years ago
Where is the new boat???
Adriana - 6 years ago
Following your journey is absolutely fantastic and inspiring, from just the two of you in the vaga the first up to today, your progress and accomplishments can only make me happy and this is making me dream of an alternative life for myself in the future! I do not understand the negativity you've been receiving lately and hope these comments won't bring your enthusiasm down. Continue to seize every good opportunity, and thank you for sharing your voyage with us, you guys are simply bomb! xxxx
Jules de Campigneulles
Jules de Campigneulles - 6 years ago
Hi! Been following you guys from the start, just wanted to say: I ADORE every single song you've used since then :) Voila
Texas Jerry
Texas Jerry - 6 years ago
Gotta love Audible. Been a user member for almost 5 years and it's great.
pigskin1000 - 6 years ago
been there....loved it!!!! Going back soon from Cape Cod USA.
Video drone
Video drone - 6 years ago
Outstanding! It ain't the boat, its the sailor. Best video from you guys in as long as I can remember. Feels like the good old days again.
RA Kaiser
RA Kaiser - 6 years ago
Damn Riley , eat some protein foods, you are loosing muscle mass.
Brian Baack
Brian Baack - 6 years ago
I saw a lot of the Q&A about why people are so interested in this couples travels. Has anyone pointed out the obvious yet? Its's that Alana is a total fox, sorry Riles! If it was just you sailing I'm afraid it wouldn't be such a sensation :) But I have to be honest Riley has now grown on me too! Look forward to more adventures! Be safe out there Guys!
Dax Hallman
Dax Hallman - 6 years ago
Thanks Elayna for the Peaches sting.
Protip: Bring your own dunny roll.
suedeslounge - 6 years ago
Good luck! And get a Wok!
Douglas Doty
Douglas Doty - 6 years ago
So So glad to see you two back on the water !!! Ya !!
lauren X ocean
lauren X ocean - 6 years ago
Love it! Really beautifully shot, and some awesome food!
Jason Gudzik
Jason Gudzik - 6 years ago
Suggestion: you should make your own hummus. Canned chick peas (garbanzo beans) are cheap, along with garlic and spices you probably already have, and you won't have to use valuable refrigerator space!
TheJhtlag - 6 years ago
Yaah, it's gotta be one of the biggest markups out there, and you can control how much and what type of oil goes into it.
Jason Gudzik
Jason Gudzik - 6 years ago
Video drone - It's definitely much easier with a food processor, but it is possible (and a little fun) to make it with a mortar and pestle. And yes, you're right, tahini!
Video drone
Video drone - 6 years ago
tahini and a food processor in there somewhere right? or just eat canned chickpeas...
geeznogoodname - 6 years ago
Good to see you sailing again. Also, nice work with the drone! Would like to see more of that as well.

About eating meat Riley. Do what is right for you man. I would suggest additional vitamins, and minerals, B12 etc, though if you continue. But I'm sure you already know that.
scprepper 50
scprepper 50 - 6 years ago
love to see you guys out at sea again but worried when you said you both had gotten cabin fever after 1 afternoon of sailing,going to make a crossing hard if you guys cant stand being on the boat anymore
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker - 6 years ago
Hi guys, your having a bit of a hard time regarding the cat still. l know where getting close to the new adventure. l think all the red tape with the registration is pretty pathetic.
Outremer is advertising their big cats through your channel and should generate more sales. This surely will back fire on them big time. who will buy now from them and wait 4-5 months for papper work. l know l would shop else where for a new boat. You probably would of had another 100,000 subscribers if it weren't for them French twits. Yes people have lost interest in your channel, Hope you can win them back. Everyone plays the blame game at the end of the day. should of you kept to the old vagabonde? and also Riles needs to eat more protein, before he needs to steer clear of the drains on the street. ONLY joking Riles. Goodish come back Video of what we are all waiting for, Sailing and adventures.
mike womack
mike womack - 6 years ago
Nice   ........   ;~D>>   ............    Rrrrrrrrrrrrr
Tristan Cruz
Tristan Cruz - 6 years ago
the ending was brilliant. So funny.
Tim Hyatt
Tim Hyatt - 6 years ago
so glad to see you guys back on the water again!! I realize this is a "loaner" boat....did they give you any option of getting a cat, so you could get some more experience before returning to the shiny new one in france?
King Smith
King Smith - 6 years ago
love ya guys u r legends
King Smith
King Smith - 6 years ago
gl guys
Jesica NW
Jesica NW - 6 years ago
I know riley is intelligent but i appreciate it when he takes on a captain ron persona
VilleGardian - 6 years ago
yea....mooving to the country, I am gonna eat a lot of peaches. Love that song.:-)
peter sherman
peter sherman - 6 years ago
BeachBow - 6 years ago
Sounds like how our politicians make decisions today...
dejanira2 - 6 years ago
Must be really neat to be sailing with the bone in her teeth! I had the phrase in my head but had to look it up to make it was what I thought. WOW!
April Coursey
April Coursey - 6 years ago
Please, Please go to Sardinia while in the Med? Oh I want to go so badly, and to see you two there enjoying it would be second best. I love you guys!
dejanira2 - 6 years ago
Hmmm, somehow I became unsubscribed and because I went looking for you found this new episode. Yes, I resubscribed. Enjoy your videos very much.
Dan Denali
Dan Denali - 6 years ago
Elayna's editing has improved tremendousy from what was already great editing. The last two vids were not my favs, but this one had me gleefully exclaiming, "The videos are back!!! The videos are back!" This video, how it was produced, the content, the storyline, and even the audible advert is why I subscribed in the first place. Yes, I like adverts because I know the adverts add pressure on the producer to maintain high quality, even if by implication. Glad SLV is back in the game even without La Vegabonde 2.0....and I'm looking forward to those episodes. Love you, Elayna and Riles! You are my fleeting escape from my mundane ocean-less life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Oak Greymane
Oak Greymane - 6 years ago
Full cover of Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America.
Please :)
Pilot Lotpi
Pilot Lotpi - 6 years ago
She turned a beer drinking, meat eating, monohull loving Aussie into a vegan, she controls how much he can drink, the cat was probably her hipster idea...enjoy thinking about how you are going to pay off the cat lol
SFIFAB - 6 years ago
A F'n men!! I don't care about how they finance the cat or pay it off. I just care about one of the coolest dudes on YouTube loosing his balls!! Dude I know she's hot but damn!! It's not worth your happiness. It's been clear to me for some time that you're not happy. Your balls are shrinking while her head is swelling. Lol!! Kick her ass off the boat and get a new one. Believe me there are probably thousands that would be there tomorrow if you asked. Just my thoughts. Be happy!!
Daniel Pratt
Daniel Pratt - 6 years ago
we are all hoping you get the cat soon.
Carl203 Crazy
Carl203 Crazy - 6 years ago
That is a sad, sad meal. If pressed with that on a regular basis I'd have to jump ship under a cruelty mind set. No wonder you both look like stick people. And as far as living till you're 99 below, You can't relate one person to the general population. I'd be dead in a month eating that stuff.
SV Abbysinia
SV Abbysinia - 6 years ago
Where is the damn cat?
Wynne Eden
Wynne Eden - 7 years ago
A lot late, but I'd like to thank Riley for mentioning "A Voyage for Madmen" by Peter Nichols quite a while ago. Fittingly, I bought a used copy online, and when I took the dust jacket off, it had a fine layer of sand and sea salt on the book cover...

Any references for further info on the archaeological site you visited? I'd like to read more. That's the beauty of the way you two do your videos - you give history and info enough to inform, and often encourage (at least me) to go find more information.

Thank you.
jons - 7 years ago
I cannot believe what just happened. 10 minutes into the video I starting writing a comment of how I want u guys to make a short sketch in which you act as pirates. What are the f-ing odds someone please tell me.
Angelo Pantano
Angelo Pantano - 7 years ago
that wonderful moment when you turn off the engine...
Born 100 Years Too Late
Born 100 Years Too Late - 7 years ago
Maybe a video explaining whats going on? Showing some frustration? Its gotta be driving you crazy....Maybe I missed it but the continuity of episodes with the build up to the cat and then this change is hard to watch ...
finaltom5 - 7 years ago
You aughta check out the book series, " The ringing ceders" by "Vladimir Megre", the first book is called "Anastasia".
David SANSEBASTIAN - 7 years ago
Hello guys... Where is your catamaran ?
terranborn56 - 7 years ago
Every time you guys post a new video, it makes my week. Thanks.
Machieavelli - 7 years ago
Shamrock241 R
Shamrock241 R - 7 years ago
The end was absolutely hilarious with you two in the pirate garb, you have to do more of this.
Andy_K - 7 years ago
A couple off audiobooks to see you thru some long watches, Riles. Fingerprints of the Gods - Graham Hancock and also Magicians of the Gods by Graham Hancock too. At least 48 hours of "entertainment" to make you think.
Steve Hall
Steve Hall - 7 years ago
You two are off your heads.....great video keep um coming.....
Clare Hill
Clare Hill - 7 years ago
my heart sunk not to see the catamaran
Uppercut Yard Service
Uppercut Yard Service - 7 years ago
Looking thin bro. Smash some pies.
Jules Des Bois
Jules Des Bois - 7 years ago
Again really great video ;)
However I like the song at "7:32" but i can't found it on the link gived..
If anyone know it please share :)
Sailing Catamaran Diving Adventures
Sailing Catamaran Diving Adventures - 7 years ago
Riley, just register your cat in the Cook Islands, very simple process and works well if you are an Offshore Ozi Expat.
Star Light
Star Light - 7 years ago
5:13 purky ! Give me a thumbs up !
john bergquist
john bergquist - 7 years ago
Awesome video,you guys are a breath of fresh air,yes warm air Elayna, Miss not seeing yo erery week,cant wait til you start cruising on new boat, thanks jb
Ted LaughsAtCreationists
Ted LaughsAtCreationists - 7 years ago
I follow them because they are genuine in their interest of sailing. Riley is intelligent, entertaining, loves the science and Elayna is intelligent, entertaining and sweet. When I was a kid I built a catamaran out of two sheets of roofing iron some wood, tar, a broomstick and a bed sheet. It's about the journey and it's magic. Now I have small yacht I sail on weekends. In a few months I retire and plan to move up to a cat similar to theirs. I watched them from the beginning and they have re-inspired my love of sailing.
Just me.
Just me. - 7 years ago
Some actual sailing, THANK GOD.
morri03 - 7 years ago
Nice Presidents of the United States of America reference
Stephen McQually
Stephen McQually - 7 years ago
Enjoyed this, helped relive memories of my wife's and my trip there two years ago - minus the vomit
Wolfcall - 7 years ago
Seriously you guys need to watch The Last Kingdom on netflix cos Riley is the main character!!!
Iliamo Lumo
Iliamo Lumo - 7 years ago
Your Videos have gotten extremely good! Very nice to watch! Greetings from Germany
Aerin Alese
Aerin Alese - 7 years ago
so in love with Emanate! I just recently discovered Phoria.
Glad you use some of their music in creating this video.
Geremy Chubbuck
Geremy Chubbuck - 7 years ago
Awesome video, guys. I am so happy that you are actually sailing again and also showing and explaining cool places. Keep up the great work!
Icandostuff - 7 years ago
Wanna hear a joke ?

Vegans starving at sea
Yemen Amen
Yemen Amen - 7 years ago
live the meme, KGB sniper lady to be precise
Nathe Ferts
Nathe Ferts - 7 years ago
I may of missed it but why are you guys on the Vegan diet now? what happened to the fishing and cooking up all sorts of delicious fish in all sorts of different ways.?
Lizzy - 7 years ago
Nath Ferts I know it was fun and exciting to watch them pull up huge fish and fry up the pieces for dinner
Frrr brrr
Frrr brrr - 7 years ago
I liked the fiction part of the clip in black and white and these beautiful whitsundays islands. it reminds me of the good times I had there.
ey - 7 years ago
it's so great to see you guys sailing again.. How much longer?? I can't wait to get going with you on the new Cat... until then, I'm enjoying your homelands... Take care, Fair Winds and Following Seas... Capt'n Rick... land locked in Mississippi, USA
Bulls & Barras
Bulls & Barras - 7 years ago
Thank you so much for showing the world how beautiful The Whitsundays is..
Simo - 7 years ago
HAHA. I couldn't sleep last night. "I watched all of Vikings" Classic, I love that show. Nothing like a good TV show binge.
Caitlin Parker
Caitlin Parker - 7 years ago
love how no one would comment on an unhealthy diet but as soon as someone challenges the mainstream idea of what a healthy balanced diet is everyone goes off their rocker
Aleeas - 7 years ago
Don't force vegetarianism/veganism on people! Meat is the best. thing. ever!
Timotei Mocan
Timotei Mocan - 7 years ago
Omg that skit was awesome!! :))
Brock Cutler
Brock Cutler - 7 years ago
Skip to 11:42 for the absolute best part of this episode! So funny!
Christine Egeberg
Christine Egeberg - 7 years ago
Love this episode!!
Mike Hammack
Mike Hammack - 7 years ago
Jack neff
Jack neff - 7 years ago
You look to have gained weight....your face is much fatter.....sorry
Zeeadster TV
Zeeadster TV - 7 years ago
lovely people . lovely journey. i loved the pirates part in the end hhhh
Lucy Turville
Lucy Turville - 7 years ago
I wake up in the middle of the night to my boyfriend on a "Vikings" marathon too. He says he might be a little bit in love with Lagatha... ask Riley ;) I feel like we are dating the same person! He's also pretty jealous of the dogtooth...
Tim & Perina White
Tim & Perina White - 7 years ago
Love you guys!! Thanks for all your posts....we are following you with your adventures :)
Just Alex
Just Alex - 7 years ago
the days of the video without trying to sell you something like a late night info-mercial is gone. whats next? selling the space on Alayna's tramp stamp area to the highest bidder? LOL
terranborn56 - 6 years ago
I'm pretty sure he lives in the sewer. A basement would be a step up.
mbchudno - 6 years ago
lol, what a moron.... go back to your basement.
terranborn56 - 6 years ago
Why are you still watching if you don't like what you see? Just to complain? Youtube revenue has been cut by almost 60% because advertisers didn't want their ads being shown on hate group channels and withdrew their content. So, need to make it up in other ways. It's affecting everyone.
Just Alex
Just Alex - 6 years ago
STFU yourself skippy. your insipid comments where dumb as hell and not fit to read. If you don't like what I had to say, tuff. Have a nice day! LMAO
mbchudno - 6 years ago
so you feel entitled for people to work to produce a content for you, entertain you, all without any compensation? geez... like i said before, maybe instead of watching their video filled with commercials, you should go out and produce your own and post it on YT. Until you do, STFU
mbchudno - 6 years ago
and your problem with being compensated for work done is?
Just Alex
Just Alex - 6 years ago
yeah...for free??? lol trying to sell something. I am not the only one that feels the same way...I talked skippy!!
mbchudno - 6 years ago
they spend shitload of time on those videos. go spend hours upon hours every day on video editing and filming your own life for free with no goal to earn some compensation for it, then talk.
terranborn56 - 7 years ago
You can't even spell her name right. Geez. LOL. At least they are upfront about everything, unlike other youtube "influencers".
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 7 years ago
Hey guys Riley here.

I would like to answer some of the questions coming in about the catamaran.
The process of paperwork has taken longer than anticipated, this isn’t Outremers or our fault, we are in a unique situation and usually it is much easier. This process is now complete and we are very happy although to be honest it has felt like our home for a while now. There is no conspiracy, we aren’t tied to the Outremer facility and we are free to explore the world as we like. You will see this for yourselves as we tour the Mediterranean and cross the Atlantic over the next 12 months.
Wish us luck.
happy saini
happy saini - 6 years ago
Flower - 6 years ago
Good luck you two...sail safe and most of all enjoy life....Peace be with you both.... I wish I had my life to live over again because if I did i'd do what you kids are doing...but alas I am sixty now and mostly in a now I join ya'll in your adventures and live through your eyes...thanks for the adventure kids... Love you both x
Edvando João
Edvando João - 6 years ago
Good luck
Zone Television
Zone Television - 6 years ago
If you guys make your way to Newport Rhode Island would sure like to meet you both. Thanks for the adventures. Fair Winds⛵️
bennykell3 - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde Awesome, good luck guys!
Wicked Automotive & Performance LLC
Wicked Automotive & Performance LLC - 6 years ago
happy to hear that and cant wait to see you guys set off YET AGAIN!
Emilio Yidios
Emilio Yidios - 6 years ago
Is there a full version of that John Mayer cover anywhere?
Ari David
Ari David - 6 years ago
Hey Riley and Elay, if you pass by Portugal south coast after the Mediterranean, I would love to meet you guys! I can show you around and great natural gems!
I work in a touristic company in Albufeira and I'm on Couchsurfing so you can imagine that I love to meet people from around the world and share some histories, I just would love to ear from all of yours guys!
Im also actually learning to sail and taking my license...
So if you have time, please feel free to contact me ;)
Best wishes and all the best,
Sailing followtheboat
Sailing followtheboat - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde [Liz] Stay just the way you are, guys: genuine, fresh and enthusiastic! Don't let the negative comments get you down. As we know, the cruising life is full of snags and pitfalls, as well as much waiting about for parts, paperwork and problems to be resolved. Making this effort to bring a little sailing to your followers while straining to get back to your adventure should be applauded. Keep on keeping on and living your dream. Peace and fair winds!
GUNNER67akaKelt - 6 years ago
Sailing the Great Lakes would be awesome and it's a good time of the year to do so!
Daniel Gaertner
Daniel Gaertner - 6 years ago
Cool! Good Luck!!!!!
Daniel Small
Daniel Small - 6 years ago
what needs doing to the monohull? any repairs needed? Saw it on trademe today.
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde yay looking forward to the new boat videos
sum42guy2k - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde please sail the Great Lakes!
SpinDreams - 6 years ago
I do hope you guys do an episode (I am sure you will) on exactly what has gone down and how it's all setup with the cat purchase, I am in the market for a used Cat in the MED and so watching with interest.
addi83 - 6 years ago
Good luck you both! I will continue following your trip :)
Nick Pol
Nick Pol - 6 years ago
Hope so hope so ...still I think French side is screwing you up, your channel is your intellectual property, laps in continuation of the process of creating new and make cense videos is no question slowing you overall performance, no question about. It is like audience would waiting to see how Jack Sparrow steal the ship and start his journey instead he would desire to stay a shore or even more ridiculous scenario would Jack Sparrow would desire to be a mere fisherman for a while ??!!!
Melly and Leon Vlogs - BAHASA INDONESIA
Melly and Leon Vlogs - BAHASA INDONESIA - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde , congrats on getting the paperwork. Cool little skit for the audiobooks at the end. Cant wait for the next vlog
Dan Denali
Dan Denali - 6 years ago
RIles, please eat some meat. I say that like a concerned father, is all. :-)
The Fur Monsters
The Fur Monsters - 6 years ago
Will you come to Barcelona??
terranborn56 - 7 years ago
Put on your boots, ignore the ankle biters and live your life. Some people like to make trouble just for trouble's sake.
Barry Berg
Barry Berg - 7 years ago
Loving it guys, keep up the great content and 'bigger', better things to come... nudge nudge, wink wink ;)
Larry Fanella
Larry Fanella - 7 years ago
Where do you think you will land in the US when you cross the Atlantic?
Steve Loop
Steve Loop - 7 years ago
Thanks Riley and Good luck!! SLV On!
Larry Crook
Larry Crook - 7 years ago
Looking forward to it! You both are a lovely couple :) Ignore all the negative vibe! Besides, your doing what everyone else wishes they were
Benny Dreieiei
Benny Dreieiei - 7 years ago
Good luck and fair winds!
Iliamo Lumo
Iliamo Lumo - 7 years ago
Good Luck Bro :3
Bob Down
Bob Down - 7 years ago
It's big juicy hamburgers tonight here at Casa De Bob Down
Graeme Henderson
Graeme Henderson - 7 years ago
Great to see you guys sailing again! Thanks for the video!
Mike C
Mike C - 7 years ago
Wheres the new boat
donkeytico13 - 7 years ago
someone looks stoned....and its not riley. peace!!#
laurawgarts - 7 years ago
Love the sunset time lapse of the boats at minute 7:00 ! Going to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie this weekend! Would be cool to see where some of the movie was filmed down your way! :) Thanks for your movies, so very enjoyable and the black and white skit at the end was pretty funny! Cheers!
Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson - 7 years ago
Chute Harbour is great, try Linderman Island.
Alex Schlake
Alex Schlake - 7 years ago
Cool to see you guys get a handle on a new/different boat so quickly. I'm sure the cat is a whole other animal, but you guys seem to have a good handle on picking up on the particularities of a boat. Watching you guys learn, while we all learn from you, is part of what makes all of this so much fun to watch.
GSA Hookah
GSA Hookah - 7 years ago
I wonder how much Audible pays them to promote their book service.... thoughts?
tony b
tony b - 7 years ago
Elay- I remember when Riley was climbing down the mast and he used his toes to pull the step out. You said omg, your toes are like fingers!!

Umm ffwd to 7:52 on this video= Nice finger toes! Lol
The Quizzle
The Quizzle - 7 years ago
Remember when you did like a 45 min episode because you wanted to be caught up to real time? This is why being caught up to real time is not such a great idea. You have no "content savings" if you will. You made such a big deal about about the Cat you had a big party, you got your audience all amped up, then you go sailing in Australia...On a monohull? WTF. You are going to have to do better. If there was a 6+ month delay you would not be stringing your subs and paterons along while you handle this "french paperwork" or whatever.
Angus J
Angus J - 7 years ago
Peaches come in a can they were put there by a man
John Rohrbach
John Rohrbach - 7 years ago
song at 2:00??
OXS Enterprises
OXS Enterprises - 7 years ago
Stick the vegan thing, where's all the fish you should be eating!?
TheJhtlag - 6 years ago
I've kinda wondered many episodes ago if some of their fishing wasn't illegal (and honestly I don't care, but...) so they've kinda shut up about catching any fish.
ted renard
ted renard - 6 years ago
The areas in the Whitsundays where fishing is permitted are restricted, as explained by the permit dude in one of the earlier episodes.
Randy Gilmour
Randy Gilmour - 7 years ago
Got a chuckle out of this one, nice
Rockbiter Hd
Rockbiter Hd - 7 years ago
Good to see you guys back out on the ocean again great stuff
Darcy Klyne
Darcy Klyne - 7 years ago
Yar!? Did ya hear about that new pirate movie??? Its rated ARE! Great job guys. Always entertaining. :)
Scooby Do
Scooby Do - 7 years ago
Can we have a boat tour? They're interesting just to see what's out there. Great film and I think it's about time the captain cooked a braai definition: as much meat as you can possibly fit on any given size of BBQ :) ! and you may even fit a bit of a vegetable on the very corner!
Gordon Bishop
Gordon Bishop - 7 years ago
Thanks for taking us sailing....was getting a little claustrophobia. ;-) loved the pirate bit. Cheers
Alpinex105 - 7 years ago
Ed Rosenberger
Ed Rosenberger - 7 years ago
Elayna! Riley has a first rate sailing mate, great chef and an awesome friend.....
David Butler
David Butler - 7 years ago
this used to be a good channel, now it's just plugs for other people's crap to buy.
John Jones
John Jones - 6 years ago
if that nice restaurant turned out to be a 23andMe spit test, and i had to do it in Queensland, yeah i'd be offended.
MrJgp2012 - 6 years ago
Funny, I saw the same video and only recall seeing a product plug at the end of their video. It's a product they use/enjoy. What's wrong with sharing with viewers? So, let me understand, if a friend told you about a nice restaurant to experience, you'd be offended?
Alaska Skidood
Alaska Skidood - 7 years ago
Loved the skit for the Persian decision making. Keep up the great work!
Appleblade - 7 years ago
Videos just keep getting better .. you two are great tour guides! Keep up the good work!
Icetruckiller - 7 years ago
Appleblade Really? Been subbed for a long while and since the cat, the videos have become a lot worse. Poor Riley seems hen-pecked nowadays and what was a great channel now is littered with plugging products. They seemed to have disappeared up their own backsides
Doug Moore
Doug Moore - 7 years ago
Great video! Very entertaining, thank you.
Jon Worrall
Jon Worrall - 7 years ago
byebye kenyatta, byebye
Aaron James
Aaron James - 7 years ago
What happened to the middle of Riley's toast?!
Bond Keevil
Bond Keevil - 7 years ago
Is Elana's music available anywhere?
Bob Down
Bob Down - 7 years ago
Yep, you can get it right here...
Outside - 7 years ago
If your a fan you'll stay positive, otherwise your just another douche bag.....
Elle DelSol
Elle DelSol - 7 years ago
Gorgeous as always! You two are so amazing!
AmazGraz - 7 years ago
That was soooo powerful. Entertaining. Fun.
AmazGraz - 7 years ago
Riley has grown a lot where catering to the camera is concerned. Keep up the good work.
chatsworth777 - 7 years ago
Riley, it is obvious you are an aspiring but, so far thwarted, actor. Now Elayna has the bug. Bilgey wasn't adequate as a foil. There are a lot of actors who can tell you stories about having to sell their soul to get in front of a camera. I live near Tinsel Town and see them everywhere. Petula Clark wrote a song about all the actors waiting tables and pumping gas. I recommend against taking a too serious attitude about acting. Maybe you can slide into something like Paul Hogan did. He started out doing cigarette commercials.
Best of luck to both of you.
TheJhtlag - 6 years ago
Interesting read, definitely some parallels.
chatsworth777 - 6 years ago
Read up on Sterling Hayden for inspiration.
TheJhtlag - 6 years ago
It does make me wonder what they'll be doing in five years, I would think they would settle down somewhere, they've obliquely mentioned it. But this is their job right now, maybe this would lead to being pitch(wom)men or something, tough business but maybe acting's not out of the question.
Nobody Move
Nobody Move - 7 years ago
Do you think you will miss the leaning ways of a single hull?
John Donaldson
John Donaldson - 7 years ago
Great video - my favorite kind. I really enjoy being at sea with the two of you, sails deployed, bow cutting through the water, healed over, just crusin'. I've traveled quite a bit, lived on a Navy ship for 16 months mostly at sea, and learned to love the ocean. So when your videos are mostly about sailing, as this one was, I really enjoy them.


And your audible commercial was great too.
spelunkerd - 7 years ago
Gotta love it when you hit the water and sail, whatever boat you are in. It's been fun watching you guys gain experience and confidence on the water. Just remember that there are typically three phases of learning anything. It starts with the beginner "I know nothing", followed by the "I'm an expert " phase, followed by nasty experience leading to a much more wise last phase, "I know nothing" again. Have fun all the way, but be ready for nature to throw something at you that you don't expect.
Jason Under The Sun
Jason Under The Sun - 7 years ago
slider time laps at 6:58? That's a whole new level of video production.
Nick Pol
Nick Pol - 7 years ago
Seems to me French is putting your project in a great danger, you are risking to loose a great momentum of your channel. I don't know, but this last episode looks like desperate try to save your channel, with all do respect but your channel is loosing, with all that new expectations of new adventures on a new catamaran, with all that "last goodbyes" to your old monohull, with all that big parties at French side this new ride on borrowed monohull is looking strange to say the least. You guys should definitely ask yourself a question if those French so call "partners" worth your partnership at all ?
Bob Down
Bob Down - 6 years ago
+ Nick Pol Gee wizz,, you're an angry little fella eh?

I recommend you go sit on a beach and listen to the waves and just chill out dude
Aaron Gallaway
Aaron Gallaway - 6 years ago
Rick James, They did address the issue with the new cat. I think it was at the beginning of the previous video. Riley is apparently registering the cat somewhere other than Europe or Australia. The exact comment was "somewhere in the Dagobah system".
Aaron Gallaway
Aaron Gallaway - 6 years ago
Smeggy, they aren't making anything off of Youtube. Youtube income is generated by adds, and I haven't seen any adds on their videos, and I've watched nearly all of them. They are making their living off of Patreon, and that's giving them a lot more than they would make off here.
Nick Pol
Nick Pol - 6 years ago
WTF are you talking about ? Morons gullible like you have now idea why businesses are running, why original content can be created, you plain and simple stupid moron who probably did not create a single thing in your miserable life, relying only on handouts from your boss so you couldn't die from hunger.... I am sure for people at your level, it does not matter what they watching "it is all good" even show definitely repeating itself. The trend of this show is bad and I am telling as is, they start repeating themselves. Those two young people who created this channel are risking to loose their business, however what is it for your, you have no idea why things are running and working, you just want to eat your cheap can food and watch something which is good enough for your level
SaxyDan54 - 6 years ago
+ Nick Pol Piss off. Every comment you make seems to be negative. Enjoy the show and quit yer griping. Delays in port and dealing with government appear to be a very real part of the sailing experience. You can't always be sailing in a gale and howling to the winds. Nobody gives a shit about your criticisms...and the BS of those like you. Go watch something else.
Smeggy - 6 years ago
Yes your comment really is Peyo31....They make their living form the YouTube....when they are not posting good content they aren't getting the subscribers or views and so their income goes is that moronic, only an idiot couldn't work out that out.
peyo31 - 6 years ago
Nick Pol: what a moronic comment
Bob Down
Bob Down - 7 years ago
Most people understood that there was going to be a bit of a hiatus between leaving the old boat and and starting their adventures on the new cat...

Only those who want instant gratification in this all so rushed world seem to be whinging.
DDB 2015
DDB 2015 - 7 years ago
I love the new locations...Love your show...Its my inspiration.... Will be getting my 101, 103 & 104 courses in November in Virgin Islands.. so excited! Thanks you guys!!
Brian McConkey
Brian McConkey - 7 years ago
Looking forward to the day when you return to these lovely islands, say in a couple of years or so!
The Narrator
The Narrator - 7 years ago
wheres the catamaran!? lol
doomoncharlie - 7 years ago
Great ending
John Boyer
John Boyer - 7 years ago
Eye-guzzling Vikings! Good on ya. You'll get enough sleep in Valhalla.
Paul None Ya
Paul None Ya - 7 years ago
it must suck being a vegetarian, eating like a rabbit every day. No thanks. I like my protein.
Murlynd 73
Murlynd 73 - 7 years ago
You can't start a cover of Peaches and not follow it up with Lump...
T.I.V - 7 years ago
Thanks for all your hard work!
Robert Orellana
Robert Orellana - 7 years ago
So good to see you guys again out in the ocean. Looking at all the yummy food Elayna was cooking is making me very hungry. I didn't know how much I missed going out with you two on your adventures until now. Thanks again for taking me out into the open sea.
Poppy Rex
Poppy Rex - 7 years ago
that's how I make all my decisions from now on
Gilles Jolicoeur
Gilles Jolicoeur - 7 years ago
I agree with the TBone for Riley, his colour and masculinity is disappearing. Hell of a price to pay for whatever it is he is getting.
Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy - 6 years ago
Gilles Jolicoeur didn't know about the diet change before I decided Riley was more personable in this vid. No masculinity problems with that man.
Emily - 6 years ago
Gilles Jolicoeur For every 100 calories of steak there's only 6.4 grams of protein vs. 11.1 grams of protein in every 100 calories of brocolli. If what makes Riley less masculine is his dinner plate doesn't have a dead animal carcass on it then I'd reconsider your perception of what it means to be "a man".
Gilles Jolicoeur
Gilles Jolicoeur - 6 years ago
terranborn56 ha ha ha and the new trend at MMA is being a vegan. What a genius!
Smeggy - 6 years ago
Alternatively he could just have a nice big juicy steak or 6
terranborn56 - 7 years ago
If he did more calisthenics his muscle definition would return. Got nothing to do with being vegan.
Dave Dowling
Dave Dowling - 7 years ago
Google hunker down vs bunker down!
Charles Cabral
Charles Cabral - 7 years ago
Wires the cat???
Jett Rink
Jett Rink - 7 years ago
I find it more relaxing to watch a Riley in his natural habitat...good on you, mate.
natkimgold - 7 years ago
This video was like the good old days. Have fun.
Keith Vinson
Keith Vinson - 7 years ago
Nithin Kumar
Nithin Kumar - 7 years ago
whose boat it is?
Stryke - 7 years ago
9:20 that's one awful sail trim to have before the wind ...
JKFlorida - 7 years ago
Great job with the drone shots!
Jarno Saarinen
Jarno Saarinen - 7 years ago
Nylons are big wright now!
DiaIect - 7 years ago
Riley, you're a legend. You finally watched all of Vikings. How'd you like it?
groovydoo - 7 years ago
This is a really good one... You do your best work when your sailing. :-D
Ashleighmermaid - 7 years ago
best video yet! i like this loaner boat
Andrea Lopez
Andrea Lopez - 7 years ago
I adore your short b&w films. too cute!
Brubeck Desmond
Brubeck Desmond - 7 years ago
Nice respite from around the clock terrorist bombing news.
Matthew 24:4
Matthew 24:4 - 7 years ago
Brubeck Desmond - yep it's good to avoid fake news.
Brubeck Desmond
Brubeck Desmond - 7 years ago
I even enjoyed the commercial.
Kyle Varner
Kyle Varner - 7 years ago
thank you guys love the show happy your guys are back at it sailing we can see you love it
Gugguggug100 - 7 years ago
That's how you make an ad.
Ryan Mazurski
Ryan Mazurski - 7 years ago
Awesome sums it up! Another great vid. Love the fact that you share some of the history that's involved with the places you's important.
moz - 7 years ago
i still think ( life of ) riley would be a better captain jack sparrow than johnny d - just needs elayna to apply the eyeliner
Jay Athey
Jay Athey - 7 years ago
the Food looks amazing...think about's a sailing Kitchen/Diner...always a daily special...
The Traveling Together Journal
The Traveling Together Journal - 7 years ago
The audible add looks like Riley's work. I was expecting Bilgey to show up :)
Hindukush - 7 years ago
A good vegetarian meal and easy to make. Is the Japanese S&B Golden Curry mixed with veggies. Awesome stuff peace..
A Rottie
A Rottie - 7 years ago
I Really! Really!! Like CATS!!!
oceandrew - 7 years ago
Great to see out out sailing again and in your home waters no less and for the first time. You sure make it look easy. Great fun.
Bill Wailey
Bill Wailey - 7 years ago
Great video! Have you ever seen the movie Australia, it's my favorite! I've been following your adventures since you were in the Caribbean and I appreciate the videos.
Rustin Faris
Rustin Faris - 7 years ago
Rustin Faris
Rustin Faris - 7 years ago
Jay Athey
Jay Athey - 7 years ago
you guys rock...@♡
Chuck Hoover
Chuck Hoover - 7 years ago
Your enactment of the book is priceless!!
Steve Loop
Steve Loop - 7 years ago
Hey Riles and Elay Absolute Classic SLV video, little bit of everything we all love about the channel, Elayna singing, gorgeous beachs, Gorgeous drone shots, Sailing on a lean, You two making fun of each other, Improv video at the end. what more can we ask for?

Wish some of the comments on here would get with it and Stop asking about the cat, here's a Top Tip follow these two on FB or Instagram or Twitter, they've been keeping there fans up to date on why they are sailing this boat right now for a bit for this tourism company. I applaud them for appeasing to the fans and getting this content out whilst Lavaga2 is getting stuff done to it.

the Outremer Cat is there's and waiting for them for them to return. LV2 will be hitting the beachs and oceans soon!

Cheers R&E
TheJhtlag - 6 years ago
And the improv was a sales pitch but you'd never know it, Riley pulls out a quote from reading (audiobooks) and riffs on it, and they make it reaally personal. Well done.
SaxyDan54 - 6 years ago
Thanks, Steve
antonyjh1234 - 7 years ago
Yay, a sailing video.
Nick Steenson
Nick Steenson - 7 years ago
Hey guys! I was on Rinaldo with Boulton when you used our radio to call in (Tongue Bay I reckon?) :-D You've got a new subscriber here. Footage looks great!
Spencer Saunders
Spencer Saunders - 7 years ago
haven't started yet but know this will be good
Brian M
Brian M - 7 years ago
glad to see new video
Freddy Wulf
Freddy Wulf - 7 years ago
well, I could have read the comments...all the answers are here...Fair Winds!
Shufty - 7 years ago
First time in one of your videos I can actually say, IVE BEEN THERE! :D
Chris Merrick
Chris Merrick - 7 years ago
the audible bit at the end was funny !!! keep doing that !!!
Nick last name
Nick last name - 7 years ago
Oh and Elayna your a great cook. Love the veggie stir Fry's you make on the stove. Umm they look good.
Paul Ohlstein
Paul Ohlstein - 7 years ago
Stir fry veggies are good, but a few ounces of meat or poultry added at the end improves the taste and nutrition.
wsl pb vt usa
wsl pb vt usa - 7 years ago
whats happening with the cat ?
Nick last name
Nick last name - 7 years ago
Nice boat to sail there. Can you give us a little sailing training when your making the videos? Like a run of what sail your going to put up and why and how your going to navigate​ the islands. It may be interesting to all us landlocked people back in the states to see how you plan the sails, tacking, and a little bit on how you chart the course to get to the next islands. Like some thing for the beginners out here. That boat is easy for you to sail and you guys are the best out there. Thank you much for the tour of the islands of Australia.
Clubs - 7 years ago
I have been craving this but I can't wait until you guys have the cat and start traveling the world again. Love your videos and I hope you guys have fun!
Mauser M03 Blog
Mauser M03 Blog - 6 years ago
Hi David. :-) That's fine. My kids come home from the movies and blab how it ends, and I say, 'But now I know what happens!' These days I say, 'Stop! Don't tell unless I ask, OK'. Thanks for taking my gentle ribbing so well. :-) I was half expecting to get flamed into the next life, as per usual on YouTube. Sheesh!. ;-) Regards, Rick.
David Latoundji
David Latoundji - 6 years ago
Mauser M03 Blog not trying to be a spoiler, there were just a lot of dopes shooting their mouths off and asking the same questions over and over again that can easily be answered by following them on all their social media!
Mauser M03 Blog
Mauser M03 Blog - 6 years ago
Spoiler! Geez David, if I wanted to know how the next chapter turns out I'd go looking. But I don't wanna know, ahead of seeing the vids as they slowly roll out here. So, please enjoy R&E's other social media as much as you can, and leave it over there! Phew. All the best and regards, Rick.
David Latoundji
David Latoundji - 6 years ago
For those that don't follow them closely, they are now back on their new cat and sailing and are currently in Mallorca.
David Latoundji
David Latoundji - 6 years ago
mat hicks All the info was either from their regular episodes or the live streams from La Grande Motte on Outremer's channel or from their posts on Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook.
David Latoundji
David Latoundji - 6 years ago
Leumas D you are obviously only a casual follower, if you watched all the episodes from France and their live feeds and question and answer time from La Grande Motte, they gave the specifics of "the million dollar yacht deal. " and it is exactly what I said above, they are getting a secured loan for the boat in return for doing at least 2 videos per month. Irregardless, the yacht registration process can't begin until the boat is completed, the owner has sea trialed and accepted it and the boat is titled and insured. So the process began in mid-March and they have said it is complete now, which is very understandable! In the meantime, instead of twiddling their thumbs, they visited family in Australia and took up anther offer to promote Australian tourism, hence the free charter boat in the last few episodes. Got it now?
sainity1 - 6 years ago
leumas, until you have tried to do the same thing in the same circumstances, best to mind your own business, you are purely negative & full of conjecture on that you know very little about, any boat owner can tell you what a nightmare getting all of the paperwork, insurance & govt' red tape to line up is the pits & every country whose waters you want to sail in has there own requirements that have to fit in to the mix as well
David Latoundji
David Latoundji - 6 years ago
Leumas D no, the boat was not free, Outremer helped them secure a French bank loan and they can pay off the boat from their YouTube income. Even if the boat were free, you still have to pay taxes on its retail value! You don't seem to know much about economics and certainly not yacht registration. The hold up is most certainly not Outremer's fault, but more likely bureaucratic snafus in the country of registery. Registering a yacht can make closing on a house look like buying a gum ball. Take a look at the BVI's website, you will see, if all goes perfectly, they say the registration process takes a month. Many people hire a company to help with the numerous options and complex issues!
David Latoundji
David Latoundji - 6 years ago
Leumas D it doesn't matter how many boats you sell, every owner has a different situation. Who knows where they decided to register the boat and how best to do it for their current situation. There could be any number of reasons why there is a month's delay. You show your ignorance of the process!
David - 6 years ago
Now this makes sense as to why it takes to long ...
Howard Blasingame
Howard Blasingame - 6 years ago
David Latoundji THANKS MATE.
Freddy Wulf
Freddy Wulf - 7 years ago
that is NOT a new Outremer...where we at on the time line, I have been this a passage while waiting for Paperwork on La Vagabonde II?
Dawn Connelly
Dawn Connelly - 7 years ago
Nice one.Good to see you doing your thing on the water.
Cawfee Dawg
Cawfee Dawg - 7 years ago
Elayna looks scarily like Cersei Lannister in this episode. xD
22 Oclock
22 Oclock - 7 years ago
Bob Down
Bob Down - 7 years ago
Sometimes I reckon Bonita has to tie a sheet around Yoshies ankle to stop him floating off the deck.
TEST Fifty
TEST Fifty - 7 years ago
I love Audible. Start the series "Homeland" R.A. Salvatore . Great series and wanting for more.
Bobby Baldeagle
Bobby Baldeagle - 7 years ago
Y'all got me very confused I don't got tweeter or that instant gram thing... I was excepting to see you on a cat. not this boat. Then I read down on the comments and I guess until you get some miles on the cat you won't be uploading new videos....
22 Oclock
22 Oclock - 7 years ago
ya wheres the cat
Mike McHale
Mike McHale - 7 years ago
I too enjoy books from Audible the trilogy from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo read by Simon Vance is the best.
Bill Baxter
Bill Baxter - 7 years ago
The pirate ending was super.
Baxter2243 - 7 years ago
Never thought in a million years there would be another Bill Baxter
Bill Baxter
Bill Baxter - 7 years ago
Bill Baxter
Bill Baxter - 7 years ago
Hey I'm Bill Baxter. Lol
Baxter2243 - 7 years ago
Hey I'm Bill Baxter from California USA , What part of the world are you from Bill Baxter ?
Derek Wilder
Derek Wilder - 7 years ago
oh man I miss the kilo of hummus from Coles!! a tour staple
Ian Johnstone
Ian Johnstone - 7 years ago
lovin the drone shots! better than being there? I wish :)
Grantor Settlor
Grantor Settlor - 7 years ago
Looks like the could not get it insured.
Grantor Settlor
Grantor Settlor - 7 years ago
Hey, you your watching a video and you have a T.V. behind you on the wall that you could set it up that you could watch an have the computer to use through the T,V.
GSA Hookah
GSA Hookah - 7 years ago
STOP feeding that Man soy products please. Once or twice a year, perhaps...ok, but you feed him way too much of that estrogen late'. Seriously though, soy products contain genistein and daidzein. Both act similar to estrogen, and numerous case studies and science data state that Soy wreaks havoc on Male hormones. STOP :)
Three Random Words
Three Random Words - 6 years ago
+Oliver C Another European expert on the US.
Most in the US buy organic or alternatives these days. BGH is a widely known topic here, that's why people buy different.
Mopunkscene - 6 years ago
Here you go sir. That should be what you are looking for.
terranborn56 - 6 years ago
Lots of protein and fat and minerals are how they grow. Same thing for human mothers milk. Being cows, they are genetically designed to grow. Please point to independent studies to support your post.
Oliver C
Oliver C - 6 years ago
Feeding cows with Growth hormones is not allowed in EU. Only the US does that.
Mopunkscene - 7 years ago
You do realise that milk contains natural growth hormones, like any milk from mamals. How else would a calf grow from 90kg to 300kg within about 6-9 months. It does not mather if it is organic or not. Added growth hormones are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak ;)
terranborn56 - 7 years ago
That's why I only drink Organic milk from cows with no growth hormones used. It's also why I never buy milk from Wal-mart.
terranborn56 - 7 years ago
Quinoa and amaranth are much better alternatives to Soy. Not only a complete protein but minerals as well.
Only fermented soy is free of estrogen. But having some soy sauce with your food is minuscule and nothing to worry about. Switch to almond milk instead of soy.
Rd Villaluz
Rd Villaluz - 7 years ago
Well, that's not really very reassuring. -_-
OohzyJohnDow - 7 years ago
Villaluz LOL.. estrogen doesnt make you gay, it just makes you look like a little girl ;)
Rd Villaluz
Rd Villaluz - 7 years ago
Is this even true? I'm oriental and consumes a lot of soy sauce(especially with fish or chicken adobo) but I ain't gay.
CharlieBRose - 7 years ago
Dairy milk contains REAL estrogen, soy only contains phyto-estrogen and there is no hormone risk unless ridiculous amounts are consumed.
I have a bachelors in nutrition and I would advise anyone to give up dairy far before I recommend they give up soy.
Duncan Maxwell
Duncan Maxwell - 7 years ago
I thought I'd try watching that GWTW's channel last night, seriously cannot stand that guy.
Mopunkscene - 7 years ago
I am vegan for 3 years now and my hormone levels are completely within norm and all other tested indicators for health within my blood are extremely good. Btw. I eat tofu and soy nearly every day. I don't know what you guys are all talking about. Just do not eat isolated soy protein. That stuff has double the groth hormones than dairy. If you scared of soy then you absolutely shouldn't consume dairy. Diet is a choice. They made their choice and you make your choice. Simple as that.
OohzyJohnDow - 7 years ago
No matter who read what or who claims to know something better then the other, there is a simple fact of life we all can agree on.. and that it is never a good thing to "only" do this or that. Are we only herbivors? Only carnivors? Heck no.. our bodies need a healthy mix of cooked and uncooked nutricion of everything.. this includes some animal products! Riley indeed looks thinner and although it could just be because of less work out over the last couple of months, in the end the simple fact i mentioned before is just a fact of life. We all hate (or should!!) the meat industry as there is NOTHING positive about it, but this does NOT change the fact that we indeed do require just that bit of animal produce in our diet. Just soy and soy derivatives laced with vegies is simply NOT enough. Dont get me wrong as well, I am not claiming meat or animal products have to be eaten daily, but there is nothing wrong with eating a bit of meat a couple of times a week. Personally i try to keep a diet of 60-20-20 and heck sure there are days and string of days on which only veggies are consumed, but as a guy i would surely keep soy (and derivatives) to a minimum and would never fully cut out animal products.. unless unavailable.
Three Random Words
Three Random Words - 7 years ago
The only hair on Riley's chest was on that Wookie tshirt.
Tony_tm - 7 years ago
The monohull God is fair and forgives you. He wants you back and gifted you with that nice breeze in Australia.
Three Random Words
Three Random Words - 7 years ago
Riley might also start growing that ridiculous Billy Bibbit hairdo - from Cuckoo's Nest movie fame. jeez

Oh man, hope the Wynns aren't subs here.
He screamed like a ^ little girl in their latest vid. Didn't want to get wet from a wave.
Just Alex
Just Alex - 7 years ago
GSA Hookah
GSA Hookah - 7 years ago
I read that case study tonight, before I posted. That same study shows that much less than 3 liters per day also affects male hormones...significantly.
Robert Orellana
Robert Orellana - 7 years ago
LOL, don't want to make Riley a little girly...
Orangey The Cat
Orangey The Cat - 7 years ago
GSA Hookah exactly, only fermented soy is good for you yet most people think it is all good, nope! No tofu, no soy isolate protein powders, it's all cheap garbage that wreaks havoc on your endocrine system.
Jason McNally
Jason McNally - 7 years ago
My absolute favorite Youtube channel. Keep it up!
Fortiskip - 7 years ago
I've been watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix and I can't get over the resemblance of Riley and Uhtred.
Keith Roper
Keith Roper - 6 years ago
Fortiskip I too have watched that program and the resemblance is remarkable.
Freyr SeaWolf
Freyr SeaWolf - 6 years ago
Fortiskip start calling him Arseling ! Lol
terranborn56 - 7 years ago
Now I'm gong to have to watch it.
Sittin Pretty
Sittin Pretty - 7 years ago
Fortiskip omg!! My husband and I always say the same. Riley is Uhtred!
Aria G.
Aria G. - 7 years ago
Wish you guys would do these little theater skits more often! Absolutely hilarious!!
Mike McHale
Mike McHale - 7 years ago
I dont blame you when the opportunity came along for you to get back on the ocean. I did see some stress in the new catamaran adventure. (Of course we would all like to see you on that beautiful yacht.) But if it takes you away from the spontaneous life of sailing the world with the obligation of a big boat payment etc. can get your old boat back LOL (not) keep your friends in the loop,
so we have a better understanding of whats up .
I hope it gets easier for you to progress toward the cruising life as we & you know.
Love you both, From Souther California (jest a hop and a skip from you)
HerBeauty`sInsideOut - 7 years ago
when do they actually sail their new boat?
Christopher Travis
Christopher Travis - 7 years ago
Great to see some sailing and rope work on deck! Love the ending of this video!!! LMAO!!! MORE pirate short films please!!!!
Mellow Fellow
Mellow Fellow - 7 years ago
love the ad
Majestic Mark
Majestic Mark - 7 years ago
What an ending. Love the dancing on the no step hatch. Well you got to be true to character and isn't that what drunk people do?
ForceOfWizardry - 7 years ago
This guy Riley needs a villain. Then we will have a full blown Pirates of the Caribbean series goin
Eric Crouch
Eric Crouch - 7 years ago
please include "waiting for the world to change" in your next Itunes Album.
Hi5 Productionz
Hi5 Productionz - 7 years ago
That'll be gone !
Pfsif - 7 years ago
11:12 Kookaburra
Paul Lass
Paul Lass - 7 years ago
I wanna see the CAT
OpenGL4ever - 7 years ago
Riley lost muscle mass, this vegan food is obviously not good for him. Elayna, you should give him some meat. A big t-bone steak made of beef should be fine.
Frank Gerlach
Frank Gerlach - 6 years ago
Have you ever seen a Silver-Back Grizzly bear, they are meat eaters, Riley and Elayna, stick to whatever you damn well want. Advice is easy to give particularity when you don't have any idea of what you're talking about. Keep on truckin' and thanks for your fine show! By the way Red beans and rice gives you all the necessary food values including protean so eat what you want and Bon Appe'tit.
Appleblade - 6 years ago
Plantbased Paul: Why not respond to my argument instead of just yell at it? It isn't good to decrease the number of animals bred for food because never having existed is not a benefit to any animal (unless the animal is tortured so much that it would have preferred never existing, which would basically mean torture from the first moment it's born till it dies). For those animals that already exist and are typical food animals, they will either live to the point that they suffer from disease of the pains of old age or they will get killed earlier than that ... for food, typically, but it's still better to get killed even for the fun of hunting or whatnot than to die of natural causes. All animals die, plantbased ... nothing can stop that (yet).
Smeggy - 6 years ago
Gorillas have been known to eat meat namely monkeys. So even your poster child vegetarian needs a good steak every now and then.
Oh and for everyone's info....yes there are some fit vegetarians out there, but there are a hell of a lot more healthy meat eaters. Just because a few are fit doesn't mean it is better. I have seen a lot more vegans with dietry problems than meat eaters
Shamrock241 R
Shamrock241 R - 6 years ago
I honestly believe if it was in your power to force everyone to no longer eat meat you would do it, so yes that is a totalitarian like Hitler or Stalin.
When we were living in caves we ate meat amd you know what else did too? Great White Shark,Grizzly Bear,Lion,Tiger,etc.........Why are you wanting us to quit and not the other meat eater?
chax2004 - 6 years ago
Riley looks like a girly man. being strong is virtuous
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
So I am equivalent to hilter because I don't like killing animals, and hope other people stop killing animals? Also wow, there is a lot of evidence that proves humans are causing climate change
Shamrock241 R
Shamrock241 R - 6 years ago
LOL she might want to look into how many Buffalo use to roam the earth before we started hunting them. I guess now we can call the buffalo hunters, enviromentalist.
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
So if I bred a dog with the intention of killing and eating it, that would be okay because at least it had a chance to live? Couldn't we just not breed more animals in the first place?
jason hisey
jason hisey - 6 years ago
But I love meat meat just tastes better
jason hisey
jason hisey - 6 years ago
the beef and dairy industry is ruining the world really thats just silly
Shamrock241 R
Shamrock241 R - 6 years ago
Stalin,Hitler and Mao would be proud of you. You said ** I only said that I stopped eating meat because I care about the environment and animals. I did the transition gradually ** and now because you did you think all of us should follow your example and (not commit crimes against the animals) Please stop, can i take a while guess and assume you believe the BS propaganda of man caused global warming? Problem is the earth has always been changing in it's many billion year existence. No human was around during the last two recorded ice ages correct? No factories, SUV's of farting cows, now that was most certainly some extreme climate change.
OpenGL4ever - 6 years ago
What you say is not true. If you buy animal products you are contributing to the life of the animal. It can live because there is a market for that animal that wants to buy it after it has grown up to some degree.
Without that market, that animal would never exist, it would not have a life at all.
If all humans would become vegans the amount of animals on this planet would decrease. Less animals would be able to have a life.
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
And the live and let live ideology is fine for some things, but not when there is a victim involved. When you buy a product, you are supporting that industry. Hence when you buy animal products, you are contributing to the killing and torture of those animals. Animals don't have a voice, so I think someone needs to stand up for them. Unlike if I wore black nail polish, cut my hair or wore blue shirts on fridays, no one has to die for me to do those things.
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
I did not tell you to go screw yourself or tell you how to live your life. You asked me a question, I answered it, then you didn't even acknowledge what I said at all about the environmental issues that come along with animal agriculture. So do you think we should ignore those issues and pretend they don't exist, like you just did my comment?
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
When did I say how others should live? Let's go back to the original comment "Elayna, you should give him some meat" THAT is a perfect example of telling others how they should live. So you should be telling the original poster that and not myself, I only said that I stopped eating meat because I care about the environment and animals. I did the transition gradually it as a super busy university student, by learning one new recipe at a time. I am actually intolerant to many ingredients in processed meats (cane sugar and potatoes), so I've never ate them. There are plenty of healthy whole foods that get me my 1800 calories a day (I use cronometer to check). It took me a while but I found switching to a plant-based diet was a completely obtainable goal, as long as you do it at your own pace!
laliday - 6 years ago
The major problem is with overindulgence, lack of moderation and being greedy, not with eating meat and using animal products. If any of you want to eat a vegan diet, it's your choice. For me, this would be torture. As much as I love vegetable, I would not be able to physically consume the amount of vegan food necessary to satisfy the1700 calories a day I need. Another issue relates to not knowing how to cook vegan and stay healthy. Many vegans buy substitute hamburgers or hot dogs or other meat products. Buying fake processed food is not something I'd want to do for myself or my family. I also don't have the time for learning how to cook completely new veg meals and prep and cook larger portions, as opposed to relying on what I've learned throughout my life. So please have some compassion and empathy for others. If you enjoy that lifestyle, please continue, but don't say how others should live.
Shamrock241 R
Shamrock241 R - 6 years ago
I new as soon as i saw the first comment from someone here about vegan, this would turn into a long thread. I wish people who like yourself want to only eat plant life products could practice a live and let live ideology. It is because of many militant vegan attitudes that these other commenters get so angry. So many example i could give of me telling you what to do that you would not like, how to cut your hair,what color nail polish, only blue shirts worn on Friday,etc..... and you would tell me go screw myself, WHICH YOU SHOULD, i have no right to tell you to do or stop doing anything unless you are hurting someone. Please give us the same respect and courtesy.
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
Shamrock241 R I definitely think meat and other animal products should at least have a tax on them, because animal products have a significantly worse impact on the environment than plants. If you look up the water use, land mass, waste management and food consumption of animal agriculture you will see why so many people are choosing to replace their animal products with plants. And there are some societies that rely on meat in animal products to survive, so it shouldn't be illegal for them, but more privileged people like us who go to the grocery store to buy food can easily pick up some plants instead of meat
Shamrock241 R
Shamrock241 R - 6 years ago
I do not care if you do not want to eat meat products, but i am curious if to know, if you had the power through electing politicians who think the same as you, to pass laws making it illegal for the rest of us to eat meat, would you?
Mastiff Comms
Mastiff Comms - 6 years ago
I fully support your choice in that matter. My choices are different. What is right for you may not be right for me. It's not for us to judge.
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
Mastiff Comms Us humans are evolved enough so that we have the ability to reason, and show compassion. The way I see it is that a pig feels pain the same way a dog or a cat does, I wouldn't punch and torture a dog, so why would I pay for someone to hurt a farmed animal?
Mastiff Comms
Mastiff Comms - 6 years ago
Something, not someone. It is important to eat what we were designed/evolved to eat. Science supports that are/were not strictly carnivore, or vegan but omnivore.
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
Killing someone who wants to live isn't cruel?
Mastiff Comms
Mastiff Comms - 6 years ago
You can consume meat and not support animal cruelty.
elisemarsman - 6 years ago
Actually, well planned vegan diets have been proven time and time again to provide all the necessary nutrients (adequate protein too). There are SOO many male vegan athletes that have plenty of muscles: Patrik Baboumian (strongman who broke the world record for the most weight EVER carried by a human being), Mac Danzig (who won The Ultimate Fighter 6), Jason Lester and Rich Roll (triathletes), Alexey Voyevoda (bobseld olympian), Carl Lewis (no meat olympian), Scott Jurek (vegan ultramarathoner), and Jon Venus (body builder here on youtube) to name a view. You don't need to support animal cruelty to gain muscle mass. Hopefully you will do some research one day and learn more about the subject, cheers
MrJgp2012 - 6 years ago
Humans are carnivores. R + E, please eat some meat!
alphasxsignal - 6 years ago
He needs to just workout with weights.
Mastiff Comms
Mastiff Comms - 6 years ago
Vegans should celebrate that our ancestors ate meat and survived, giving modern humans the choice.
vince snetterton
vince snetterton - 6 years ago
how often did he mourn.?
Dan Denali
Dan Denali - 6 years ago
I saw that too. I grow concerned. That tofu stuff makes you poop your muscles out and they are stinky ones too. OpenGL4ever, you are spot on. And I know you commented because you care about Riles like most of us. I hope he and Elayna takes your suggestion.
terranborn56 - 7 years ago
+plantbased paul, your heart may be in the right place, but most info out there about vegan lifestyle is just as slanted as pro-animal protein. It boils down to genetics and how your body processes stuff. If you are genetically prone to heart disease, reducing red meat intake is wise.The statins that reduce cholesterol were derived from the DNA of a small village of Italians who live very long lives and ate meat with a very low incidence of heart disease.
They are now finding it's better to eat whole egg and milk than egg whites and nonfat milk.

A lot of people are soy intolerant, but at least with superfoods like quinoa one can reduce their intake of animal protein if they choose to do so.

People mischaracterizing cows as nothing more than hamburger and steak fail to mention all the other things we get from them, like shoes, clothing, and calcium among others. I'll take leather over petroleum base synthetics any day. Leather lasts longer and when it breaks down, returns to dirt. Synthetics wear out faster, but then can last up to 400 years in a landfill and contribute to ground water pollution. Just my .02, not trying to start a flame war. Everything has a cost associated with it, not matter how much we disagree on things.
Shamrock241 R
Shamrock241 R - 7 years ago
Here we go with this back and forth, Ok my two cents, my Great grandfather lived to the ripe old age off 99 he was a farmer and carpenter. Now here's the important part, he ate bacon and eggs every mourning AND this is disgusting but one further proves my point, he loved the fat more than the meat on a steak, again he died at 99))) My Father is 86 and still driving around the country in his motor home, eats meat and fastfood, wow.
Cream Sinatra
Cream Sinatra - 7 years ago
Firstly, that is not the strongest man in the world, he's no where near. Secondly, just because an athlete can follow a vegan diet doesn't mean it's going to work out for you too. In very simple terms, it's basically all about the amount of calories and protein you are getting in you. An athlete will monitor his macronutrients real close, making sure he's getting just as many calories and proteins on the vegan diet as he would on any other diet. I highly doubt this Riley fella is tracking his macronutrients and because the vegan diet is mostly comprised of very low calorie dense foods, he's clearly not eating close to the calories he would be while being free to eat whatever he wants.

He's clearly lost mass. Maybe he doesn't give a fuck, or maybe he's misinformed. But at the end of the day, you can get stronger, leaner, bigger, faster on any diet if you just hit the required macronutrient goals. But on some diets, it's harder. This is one of those diets.
Enrage - 7 years ago
This dude is so misinformed I bet he still uses the fixed function pipeline. #gotem
Nundah Music
Nundah Music - 7 years ago
4 times olympian, greatest athlete Carl Lewis also vegetarian.
Appleblade - 7 years ago
Dying of 'natural causes' can be pretty awful. Lucky animals get painlessly processed for food (because every animal dies ... every last one). Also, having never existed isn't a benefit to any animal, so I don't see the strength of the argument that it is better for food animals like cows and chickens to never exist in the first place. Better to live a while, and be dispatched for food for most all food animals ... not sure about pigs. : /
OpenGL4ever - 7 years ago
@planetbased paul
The oldest woman died at the age of 117 years on April 15th 2017. Her secret of her long life was to eat two raw eggs and a little raw minced meat every day.
www telegraph co uk/news/2017/04/15/worlds-oldest-person-emma-morano-dies-aged-117/
Paul Ohlstein
Paul Ohlstein - 7 years ago
I also noticed that his arms were thinner than when he took a spill while forcing a chafing hose over a chain in a prior episode.

That said, the "strongest man in the world", Patrik Boubanian is a vegan.
Sam Bennett
Sam Bennett - 7 years ago
the excitement i get when i see a vaga notification...
ZaphodsPlanet - 7 years ago
That's right out of a Douglas Adams book like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a personal favorite.
Dan&Teisha Drouin
Dan&Teisha Drouin - 7 years ago
Luv'd the ending. Got a good chuckle.
john tame
john tame - 7 years ago
Is this video before or after cyclone Debbie??
lynsey brydon
lynsey brydon - 7 years ago
I was at work the other day ( I live in California) and in walked a guy with a SLV t-shirt on!! We talked about what a awesome channel you guys have and how excited we were to see more of the cat. Keep doing what you love and letting us come along for the ride!
Christopher Simonot
Christopher Simonot - 7 years ago
Thanks you lovely folk, I enjoyed that. Riley, someday soon you can meet a living Viking descendant ...
Liv.n.lillie Equestion
Liv.n.lillie Equestion - 7 years ago
Love it
arumrunner - 7 years ago
A nice 16oz Rare Steak
would go great with those VEGI's
mobiltec - 7 years ago
I'll ask again... Doesn't a cat have two hulls?
Mohammad I
Mohammad I - 7 years ago
The last 2 videos including this one was pretty boring. I found the videos following the CAT to be a lot more entertaining. I would prefer videos following the new boat process vs these sponsored videos.
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi - 7 years ago
ask for your money back
Mohammad I
Mohammad I - 7 years ago
Andrew Felcey Me too!
Andrew Felcey
Andrew Felcey - 7 years ago
Mohammad I I'd of liked to see them hanging around the boat factory seeing the building prose's !!!
Artagain - 7 years ago
Paused it at 11:52, screen shot, and made it my desktop photo (is that spinach or from a sharpie). Too funny guys!
Kevin Swanson
Kevin Swanson - 7 years ago
Riley a mono hull boat is much safer then a cat,with increasing roag waves stay safe, and Alana you sound as beautiful as always
semidemiurge - 7 years ago
Why is the water so turbid, I would have thought it would be more clear? Runoff from the islands and coast?
Robert Edgerton
Robert Edgerton - 7 years ago
Aw guys, it is so great to see you both back on the water together.
Capt Chef Mark SV Alcina
Capt Chef Mark SV Alcina - 7 years ago
Hi Guys, go to Blue Pearl Bay on the north west side of Hayman lsland
Nick Puttock
Nick Puttock - 7 years ago
You can defo watch all of vikings anytime!
James Bockenstette
James Bockenstette - 7 years ago
The French backed out on the deal. They got screwed out of their catamaran. I'm not surprised.
Dylan Holmes
Dylan Holmes - 7 years ago
Does anyone know what the name of that boat is?
Mohammad I
Mohammad I - 7 years ago
I love Vikings, the season finale was amazing!
Mike J
Mike J - 7 years ago
This boat looks sweet
Ross Carroll
Ross Carroll - 7 years ago
Great video work. Love the skit at the end. Two thumbs up.
Steve Szanto
Steve Szanto - 7 years ago
Love the black and white vignette at the end!
Zac Thomas
Zac Thomas - 7 years ago
Great vid as always guys, and I loved the Audible ad!
Vince McK
Vince McK - 7 years ago
This boat really suits you maybe if the financing on the cat falls through you could upgrade to a 49er.
silver8532 - 7 years ago
Beautiful you two just beautiful .
Stephen Gloor
Stephen Gloor - 7 years ago
You can't beat the value of that tub of hummus. Best thing ever.....
James Young
James Young - 7 years ago
Guys double check the portholes and hatches before you leave and preferably take the outboard off the dinghy before a trip or at least tip it up out of the water. Have a great trip and I am as ever looking forward to the next video.
Bautista Goulu
Bautista Goulu - 7 years ago
do you ever sailed small sailboats like lásers?.
Gilbert Ruffel
Gilbert Ruffel - 7 years ago
Hi ! When are you going to have your catamaran , everyone is asking the same question but we never get an answer !!!
Chris - 7 years ago
I'm in love with la Vaga monday's! Awesome way to start the week. Keep up the great work!
curt5253 - 7 years ago
greeting rils and elly...ever thought of going to hawaii..i just went there foe 2 weeks..if you haven't been plez sails my friends
Indy Flyer
Indy Flyer - 7 years ago
Wonderful video!
MrDenis7p - 7 years ago
Awesome Trip, Thank You for taking us along for a Sail. The Audible Book Plug was Well done and Entertaining! A Terrific Team You are! Loved the Play, the Acting and Costumes.
Steve Crombie
Steve Crombie - 7 years ago
Yea!!! Back in a boat and on the water going where the wind takes you. I know you guys have been so involved with the new boat that it must have been a hell of a lifestyle shift. Did you have any idea how long the whole transfer and instruction would take? I only really know you from all your videos of your travels, but like many others we love you and thank you for letting us travel with you. Be safe my friends.
Gary Weir
Gary Weir - 7 years ago
I had no idea I had been so influenced by the Persians in my life...
Brandon Cornelius
Brandon Cornelius - 7 years ago
hey guys! i was just wondering if you knew why when people with accents sing, sing with an American accent. ive heard it a lot with singers with accents in their natural tongue. Cheers! Fair Winds and Calm Seas!
lee deetz
lee deetz - 7 years ago
Thank you❤️❤️❤️
sheaDtree - 7 years ago
BTW when you sail to Fair Haven, NY I will have you guys over for Gumbo ;-)
John Thomas
John Thomas - 7 years ago
This is how we like it. Nice sailing, nice locations, nice boat, another veggie stir fry. Soak in the best days for us. stay safe
John Thomas
John Thomas - 7 years ago
Yes, when it's on their plate. I'm working on a carne asada burrito and a beer.
Harry Gibbs
Harry Gibbs - 7 years ago
Cats dead now. lets move on.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 7 years ago
Geelong cats came back from the dead last Friday night or are we not talking AFL? ;)
Vivid MediaTv
Vivid MediaTv - 7 years ago
Loving the advert at the end guys! Yet again another amazing episode.
sheaDtree - 7 years ago
It was good to see you two again especially in the sunshine. And I loved the Great bit for Audible at the end! Cheers.
Jason - 7 years ago
Another awesome video! Love you both!
Lucas Reed
Lucas Reed - 7 years ago
What the hell...She absolutely dropped her accent while singing! That's like me attempting to sing in an English accent...It's not happening.
datboikevin - 7 years ago
what happened to the new boat?
todd Wynn
todd Wynn - 7 years ago
I'm dying with laughter at that ending !!
Nice teeth! Arrrgggg
steven mcdiarmid
steven mcdiarmid - 6 years ago
todd Wyn
Biff Jones
Biff Jones - 7 years ago
Doug Wituik
Doug Wituik - 7 years ago
give the man some meat.
Abraham Patillo
Abraham Patillo - 6 years ago
Doug Wituik m
Abraham Patillo
Abraham Patillo - 6 years ago
Doug Wituik
Doug Wituik
Doug Wituik - 6 years ago
women want him men want to be him ole Riles........ who eats meat 3 times a day? Point them out to me ....Id like to shake their hand. Likely dumb and out of shape ....I joke...a lil levity to fill the void till my venison is ready....see i cant help myself...son of a quote a great Canadian U tuber AVE. I hope the great meat debate of '17 is over. I seriously could not care eat meat dont eat meat....marry same sex dont marry same sex...have a pisser out there kids, life is short.
Dani H
Dani H - 6 years ago
Both Canadians and Australians are direct mate. I don't think you were trying to be offensive and I doubt either R or E did either... they probably laughed. Europeans and Americans communicate differently and the people seeing it as offensive are most likely from Europe and to be fair within their cultures, such statements are. Anyway it seems eating meat for every meal is neither necessary or environmentally sustainable. Riley is a good role model, mans man, smart and fit... seems you can be that without meat 3 times a day. I have met few people who acheived his level of success in life.
Ashley S
Ashley S - 6 years ago
Doug I'm pretty sure he'd eat meat if he wanted to eat meat. he's a big boy!..... I guess im just convinced in Canada ;)
Doug Wituik
Doug Wituik - 6 years ago
may have come off a bit abrasive not my intentions really. Enrage is correct it is their choice. I guess Im not sure why the meal has to be prefaced with vegetarian whatever.... Riley is super fit a bit of red meat wont harm him and they kill fish so there's that..........I guess Im just confused in Canada.
villiers man
villiers man - 7 years ago
thats a bit rude doug but exactly what i was thinking lol
Enrage - 7 years ago
Or don't? it's their choice.
joey saladass
joey saladass - 7 years ago
Doug Wituik probs gets a nice ham wallet every now and then
Sebastiaan Pasteuning
Sebastiaan Pasteuning - 7 years ago
Why are they not doing with the big boat?
Sebastiaan Pasteuning
Sebastiaan Pasteuning - 7 years ago
MoD_Doc thx
MoD_Doc - 7 years ago
watch Ep. 86
docvideo93 - 7 years ago
9:33 Riley, I want that shirt!! Where did you get it, mate?
Shaun Hogwood
Shaun Hogwood - 7 years ago
Where's the cat ?
Matthew Fetherston
Matthew Fetherston - 7 years ago
The de sexing of cats happens on "Vet Tails' Sailing Chuffed"
Charlie - 7 years ago
They had to take the cat to the vet, getting desexed
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 7 years ago
They did say on Twitter how far back they were from real time. I don't remember the number tho.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 7 years ago
these videos aren't current. They did these sails while waiting for paperwork to be finished. That's now done and last I heard they were picking the boat up. We just need to wait for the videos to catch up to real time. Believe me I'm waiting on pins and needles.
OpenGL4ever - 7 years ago
Where's the parrot?
Lacinocappacino Areyousureaboutthat
Lacinocappacino Areyousureaboutthat - 7 years ago
What happened to their catamaran
Paul Swan
Paul Swan - 7 years ago
The deal got sunk LOL
Lacinocappacino Areyousureaboutthat
Lacinocappacino Areyousureaboutthat - 7 years ago
Colton Ramsey thanks for the help
Lacinocappacino Areyousureaboutthat
Lacinocappacino Areyousureaboutthat - 7 years ago
Colton Ramsey yeah, same
Lacinocappacino Areyousureaboutthat
Lacinocappacino Areyousureaboutthat - 7 years ago
Lucas Reed thanks dude
Lucas Reed
Lucas Reed - 7 years ago
They still have it, still can't sail it yet.
Graham Harrison
Graham Harrison - 7 years ago
I want a kilo of hommus.
Lovely time-lapse, you guys have stepped up the production. I love it.
Oh, and you were Gypsies, not Persians!? I'm confused.
Isaac vR.
Isaac vR. - 7 years ago
Its like were sailing but at home, Love it guys!
Myriam Drouin
Myriam Drouin - 7 years ago
Wow I love this . I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️
Matt Bills
Matt Bills - 7 years ago
Greetings from Bellevue, Nebraska! Love your videos!!
Enteraname - 7 years ago
Still no Frenchy boat.... jeez, forget it.... This boat is the right size for you two...
ted renard
ted renard - 6 years ago
La Vagabonde 1 is a Beneteau. Is that French enough?
pkane5472 - 7 years ago
I love it!  We don't know where we're going, but we're going....  That's the spirit!
Nicholas says
Nicholas says - 7 years ago
Whattt you guys were in QLD, if you come visit my cafe in Brisbane I'll load you up with caffeine
Glenn Vaccaro
Glenn Vaccaro - 7 years ago
awesome from Staten island ny
Mike Funk
Mike Funk - 7 years ago
Chris Hubbard
Chris Hubbard - 7 years ago
my lavaga fix!

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