full face snorkel mask review (Ebay cheapo special)

I had lots of requests to review this new full face snorkel mask so heres my little take on what I think of it. Come check out my main Youtube photography channel here at http://www.youtube.com/user/doksik

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I had lots of requests to review this new full face snorkel mask so heres my little take on what I think of it. Come check out my main Youtube photography channel here at http://www.youtube.com/user/doksik

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for full face snorkel mask review (Ebay cheapo special)

Shane Reitzammer
Shane Reitzammer - 5 years ago
Great review! Thanks!
Mason Ballard battles & Nerf
Mason Ballard battles & Nerf - 6 years ago
I got one on amazon for 18.88
Thomas Casabona
Thomas Casabona - 6 years ago
can someone help me? I received mine and on the circle part where the mouth is...there is a vent. supposedly to train water...my question is why is there a hole right where your mouth is....the water fills up. how does water leak out but not get in? I tried this and water came in through the drain hole at the mouth
Conner Thomas
Conner Thomas - 6 years ago
hey bro make more bids to make more sud u already have 36 and u only made 4 vids MORE!!!
HD Cast
HD Cast - 6 years ago
Good vid mate I just bought one of those from eBay at £22 and yes iam also a cheapo #cheaposunited
morningglory313 - 6 years ago
Very helpful
Raulbuzo Rangel
Raulbuzo Rangel - 6 years ago
Very bad product, do not buy it !! People ended using regular mask , and for the price you pay you can get very good normal scuba mask
MisterSir - 6 years ago
it shouldn't fill up AT ALL with water!
Thomas Luna
Thomas Luna - 6 years ago
thanks. I tested it out earlier today and got that suffocating feeling. That breathing out tip might help for the next time.

10. comment for full face snorkel mask review (Ebay cheapo special)

jake char
jake char - 6 years ago
so there is no need to equalise in this mask ay?coz ur breathing.correct????
dragonwickster - 6 years ago
jake char If you dive underwater you will need to equalize as the water pressure will be pushing against any air spaces (sinuses....)

My question is "How do you equalize?" My scuba full face mask has a special "pad" to block the nose for equalization
Jose Benedico
Jose Benedico - 6 years ago
I got mine in Wish for $18
Tony Tran
Tony Tran - 6 years ago
Jose Benedico I've been looking at those on the app. How is it working for you?
Chris Dessi
Chris Dessi - 6 years ago
I got mine for $64 - just search "The Super Snorkel" on Amazon.
thefireles - 6 years ago
What size do you have?
Heather Hensen Kemp
Heather Hensen Kemp - 6 years ago
Hey Pete! Great review, thank you so much for the info! What brand was the "cheapo" kind you tried out? I'm a cheapo too so I'd love to try the same brand! :)
Pitty - 6 years ago
I plan to go deep underwater treasure hunting, would this be the right product for me?
Island Warrior
Island Warrior - 6 years ago
Pitty no
Gal - 6 years ago
So far I tried just the Aria and it was AMAZING. No water, no steams, (never foggy). Really awesome. It did cost around 100$ but we had fun with it in Eilat.
Emily Stanke
Emily Stanke - 7 years ago
Hey! this was a very helpful video! Do you have a link to the mask you purchased at all? I'm all about cheap and to know it's decent is handy!
madamadam158 - 7 years ago
me too i was so worried about the mask being bad now i have soemthing to look foreward too
Michele Schmeltzer
Michele Schmeltzer - 6 years ago
Christopher Ouellette
Christopher Ouellette - 7 years ago
prices are all over the place, could you let me know what you paid and company. I want to take it on my upcoming cruise!
Keane N1411
Keane N1411 - 6 years ago
Christopher Ouellette go on amazon and search full face snorkel and it will come up with things from £10-£300 obviously you get what you pay for but anything over £50 is to much if you are trying it out
Richard Dixon
Richard Dixon - 7 years ago
I bought mine for 40us dollars in Alibaba.. takes 3 weeks to arrive so get it in good time.

20. comment for full face snorkel mask review (Ebay cheapo special)

Lucas L.
Lucas L. - 7 years ago
great review, I ordered a ebay mask from China and I'm still waiting for it in the post. "FL, USA" no tracking number! mind posting a link to the one you purchased?

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