Untamed and Uncut - Double Great White Attack

See the 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks EVER: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/untamed-uncut-animal-attacks/ In a truly rare event, an unfortunate surfer gets attacked by not just one, but two sharks at the same time...and lives to tell the tale!

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See the 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks EVER: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/untamed-uncut-animal-attacks/ In a truly rare event, an unfortunate surfer gets attacked by not just one, but two sharks at the same time...and lives to tell the tale!

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JDO Gaming
JDO Gaming - 4 years ago
This guy is a good person!
Ruben Strand
Ruben Strand - 4 years ago
What a lucky guy and what a great attitude for the sharks. Respect man! The ocean is the home of the great white shark and also all other sharks. #savethesharks
Grace Brown
Grace Brown - 4 years ago
So many morons or idiots in the comment section who don't get it. Surfing is a sport, a passion, Surfers know every time they get in the ocean there's a chance of encountering a shark. That's why we swim in pairs, never alone. This is a bit different however because there were 2 sharks showing aggression and it's a miracle he survived.
Jerome 092
Jerome 092 - 4 years ago
The good thing is if those sharks ever see the interview they will know this guy respects them ...
ChiefGwopp100 - 4 years ago
Dumass Still Surfs
Kosuzu Galvamoth Unit 34
Kosuzu Galvamoth Unit 34 - 5 years ago
Is it inhuman that i'll Say that The Sharks are badass when doing teamwork
Blue Hunter
Blue Hunter - 5 years ago
"If they come near me, they better stay away, I'll take them down." Oh ok pal. You believe that. Its luck enough you survived a double great white attack.
Jesse Stewart
Jesse Stewart - 5 years ago
A sign to stay out of the water period. 1 lucky boy.
​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​
​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​ - 5 years ago
Damn that some 0.000000000000001% coincidence right there. Like can anyone even actually imagine how impossible this scenario is?
A guy named Shannon. Far out.

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H҉A҉C҉K҉E҉R҉ - 5 years ago
i miss this show lol
Selena Gonzalez
Selena Gonzalez - 5 years ago
Amazing the second shark saved his life proof that all creatures make choices and are intelligent
gabby - 5 years ago
Randy Van Meeteren
Randy Van Meeteren - 5 years ago
It's really strange that people call this story inspiring. I understand that the moral is to let nothing stop you from doing what you love, but this is basically like watching someone get hit by a car and then going back to play in traffic. To each their own, I suppose.
Tiger H. Lore
Tiger H. Lore - 5 years ago
Untamed and uncut sounds like the title for a porno series.
Kelly C.
Kelly C. - 5 years ago
This guy had mad luck. He got attacked by TWO sharks and just got a bitten hand. Not undermining what happened, but people have gotten way worse wounds from a single shark.
Liquid Knives
Liquid Knives - 5 years ago
I don't really know why surfers surf with sharks. But it's plain stupidity.
Mr. Niceguy
Mr. Niceguy - 5 years ago
No desrespect but i havnt seen a black man encounter such things like attackd by lion sharks licking a doggs tounge idk many more always another white man hahahaha
Ja Man
Ja Man - 5 years ago
shannon still has scares, really i cant believe that! what a stupid thing to say
David Bloyd
David Bloyd - 5 years ago
A killer whale should have got the man on his back and delivered him to the beach and then team up with the second great white shark to fight the first great white shark. That would complete this excellent video.

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Simon Vance
Simon Vance - 5 years ago
Can't believe it happened?! They surf where they know the sharks feed and they're surprised by an attack?! I can't believe people risk themselves like that to surf. But he walked out of there after it - badass.
qwerty 13420
qwerty 13420 - 5 years ago
If the shark wanted to get his ass it would.
Karma just gave this lad a warning about something that only he knows.

We ALL know when KARMA strikes us.
Wolfie 28
Wolfie 28 - 5 years ago
I always liked Shark 'Stories' when I was a little kid... There was blood and stuff... HOW DID LITTLE ME LIKE IT?!
Jabroney - 5 years ago
The cool thing about this is that this the the same guy that was caught on video in Norway surf competition with the orcas swimming under him.
kenneth andrews
kenneth andrews - 5 years ago
Well the sharks don't like you, but only to eat.
Scotty Lewis
Scotty Lewis - 5 years ago
The narrator sounds like Jim Ross if he lost his accent and wasn't funny.
hair and knits
hair and knits - 5 years ago
Thats great, he didnt stop surfing after incident wowww...inspiring
Buffalo Man
Buffalo Man - 5 years ago
we would hop on the backs of the great whites and ride them back to camp, and filet them for lunch. If you grab onto their frontal side fins and you can steer them anywhere you like. They're fun.
Neguinhow21 - 5 years ago
saved by food competition lol at you o.o
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes - 5 years ago
i make sharks suck my dick..anbd swallow. Just saying..

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Aldo Balduci
Aldo Balduci - 5 years ago
the sharks respect you back and also they love you too.
Winkelried V.
Winkelried V. - 5 years ago
Stupid surfers...
RandomVideoCircus - 5 years ago
And this is why I will never surf, I was hit by a shark once, circled me and slammed into me, but thankfully didn't bite me.
951 HaCkZ
951 HaCkZ - 5 years ago
i would have a buck knife on me if i went surfin
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen - 5 years ago
Shannon is a girl name.
LikeLisa - 5 years ago
Actually the same guy was attacked by a great white again a few years later
MrFredSed - 5 years ago
Shannon Ainslie - the Ronnie Pickering of the surfer scene! The only guy living who's hard enough to take on two Great Whites.
Eva Smith
Eva Smith - 5 years ago
Is it worth it? So stupid...
TJ Mendoza
TJ Mendoza - 5 years ago
The shark stared at him because he was thinking
"this doesn't look like a seal?"
Hudsanity - 5 years ago
the underwater part was animated
Fab Io
Fab Io - 5 years ago
Hudd-Riffs wait really ?
Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker - 5 years ago
Love the size of the sharks in the animation. Only slightly exaggerated LOL.
RikkiTikkiTavi - 5 years ago
Anthony hopperpup
Anthony hopperpup - 5 years ago
A true hero.
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones - 5 years ago
I'm genuinely convinced I have a shark phobia. I've gotten panic attacks just watching videos like this before.
psysword - 5 years ago
full Aryan respect
Longrider - 5 years ago
I am all for doing what you love and I love a few dangerous things, but damn sharks scare the hell out of me I wont even go in the water where the toddlers play lol
webhead2777 - 5 years ago
let's go to the beach and watch the surfers feed the sharks
Kenneth Ketchum
Kenneth Ketchum - 5 years ago
if they wanted to eat him, they would have, it seems the other shark realized it wasn't a seal and stopped the attack and the other shark didn't have an actual intent to kill him it was just curious, which is bad because of them using their mouths,,,

OR they were juveniles and were learning, but the fact remains they could have easily killed him but chose not to because they realized the creature they were investigating was not a threat//food source,

if sharks always considered humans a food source there would be thousands of deaths weekly,

i've only had one experience, off the coast of new jersey, with a large shark and i will never go into or onto the ocean again,
Fred Vanhees
Fred Vanhees - 5 years ago
"I love sharks, I respect sharks". Pathetically ridiculous.
SRT8Driver - 5 years ago
there goes the, Great Whites are 'solitary' hunters bullshit theory...
frank dizzle
frank dizzle - 5 years ago
SRT8Driver what lol? Just because 2 animals go after the same prey at once doesn't mean they arent solitary hunters. So happens they both went for the same thing. They steal food from each other all the time

50. comment for Untamed and Uncut - Double Great White Attack

Grizzly claw
Grizzly claw - 5 years ago
Does the word dumbass mean anything
Linda Beeston
Linda Beeston - 5 years ago
What a great attitude Shannon has. Seems to me the sharks were curious, but sharks curious teeth do lots of damage.
Got to respect them though, it is their home x
DIABLOinWEHRMACHT - 5 years ago
this guy is a moron, why the hell would you get back in that water?
Splendid Mendax
Splendid Mendax - 5 years ago
the narrator is an imbecile.
Alexander Eiding
Alexander Eiding - 5 years ago
lou lou
lou lou - 5 years ago
The other shark is the real hero here
TheTruth - 5 years ago
''i could see his top and bottom row of teeth and it stared at me for no reason. Then I stared back'' lol fuck me i laughed my ass off sounds like the beginning of a school fight.
Mike l
Mike l - 5 years ago
i would poke it in the eye then shove my fingers in its gills cutting off vital air supply , headbut the fucker then casually stroll out if the sea .
Miguel Ochoa
Miguel Ochoa - 5 years ago
I will NEVER understand WHY he continues surfing.. ana putting himself AT RISK ..
Kiersten The unicorn
Kiersten The unicorn - 5 years ago
Is this guy really that stupid he BARELY survived from the attack but he STILL goes back into the water like are u trying to get attacked again
Outcast Outdoors
Outcast Outdoors - 5 years ago
Surfing in South Africa? The sharks must have mistook his giant testicles for two buoys, so they let go.
Tyler Mokarry
Tyler Mokarry - 5 years ago
Sharks don't have teamwork skills like orcas
FranktheDachshund - 5 years ago
Two great whites go after him and he walks away only missing a pinky finger., South Africans!
jared robinson
jared robinson - 5 years ago
Shark 1: Dude this humans mine mayt
Shark 2: Nah mayt ive clearly got right of way
Shark1: Ye fokken wot mayt??
Shark 2: im catching this shit.
Shark 1: Ye fokken dropped in on meh ye kook ass bitch!
Richard Weed
Richard Weed - 5 years ago
Yeah. See that red stuff? That's supposed to be on the inside.
mark Luther king
mark Luther king - 5 years ago
is it only us south Africans that know sharks don't like the taste of human flesh therefore we won't be eaten by them?
velveetaslingshot - 6 years ago
True story, this guy was attacked again at a later date. They did a study and they discovered that he pees in his wetsuit a lot because of a weak bladder and the sharks can smell it.
Brayanwood - 6 years ago
What's gonna work? Team work!
Sandra Palmieri
Sandra Palmieri - 6 years ago
sharks don't stop and stare. absolute BS.
Tiffany Christine Smith
Tiffany Christine Smith - 5 years ago
They don't have good eyesight, it was probably smelling him but to Shannon it looked like he was just staring at him
endwood - 6 years ago
Testing the lowest level of the gene pool by the looks of things!
Ricardo - 6 years ago
These retards deserve to die. Why the fuck are you serving in the first place
Faxbruh - 6 years ago
Ricardo Salinas listen fagg surf is life u fagg it's a dangerous sport
ChaosVisionZz - 6 years ago
Ricardo Salinas surfing*
Sam De Casas
Sam De Casas - 6 years ago
Ricardo Salinas It's an enjoyable sport and the chances of getting attacked are extremely slim
Morganslife - 6 years ago
i hate hearing about shark attacks. But i love sharks i think they are beutiful creatures. And just have a bad rep. Also sharks dont understand. They are born to kill and attack.
Dennis Henderson
Dennis Henderson - 6 years ago
All these people saying humans should stay out of the ocean can't swim
Diego Baquerizo
Diego Baquerizo - 6 years ago
Lucky fucker
Husky - 6 years ago
I love how Americans use subtitles because they can't understand their accent lol what kind of accent do they have btw? do they speak English as a first language?
enilyksnor - 6 years ago
That's not Aussie accent, that's South Africans accent.
Husky - 6 years ago
+laughing out loud the Australian accent is the best one =D
laughing out loud
laughing out loud - 6 years ago
it was a joke because your name is sydney but you completely ruined it lol
Husky - 6 years ago
+laughing out loud They are not Australians, they are South Africans!
laughing out loud
laughing out loud - 6 years ago
lol at least it's more comprehensible than the australian one.
HeyItsHales - 6 years ago
I thought I saw 4 shArks in the wave
3 at the bottom of the wave and the 1 at the top
Delorimier15 - 6 years ago
Il faut vraiment que ce soit une passion pour y retourner sans aucune crainte après cet horrible attaque! Mais je crois que les chances sont aussi présentes avec le parachute ou l'alpinisme ou tout autre sport extrême... J'avoue par contre qu'ils me paieraient très cher pour retourner dans cet océan!
Kayla Carter
Kayla Carter - 6 years ago
You did not need to zoom in
Road Racer
Road Racer - 6 years ago
Hey, a shark has to eat. Who told you to go in the ocean where sharks live and eat anyway?
John Castillo
John Castillo - 6 years ago
Road Racer If the sharks really wanted to eat him there is no way he would have gotten away, they probably realised it was a human and gave up.
popsingerstar - 6 years ago
somebody said on another episode of this that the announcer talks like a sports commentator & i agree with them. he makes it too dramatic
FTW123 _
FTW123 _ - 6 years ago
The only guy who can say I survived that
Kirby Everyman
Kirby Everyman - 6 years ago
Anita McGee
Anita McGee - 6 years ago
I know Shannon well my family does and that's him.
Exotic Cichlids
Exotic Cichlids - 6 years ago
only a fkin moron with the iq of a tsi tsi fly would go surfing there
Sunny Dhanoa
Sunny Dhanoa - 6 years ago
How is surfing for no lifers if anything they have more of a life then you. Enjoying this planet while you sit on your ass all day inside.
Exotic Cichlids
Exotic Cichlids - 6 years ago
so don't surf get a life lol
Le Cuz
Le Cuz - 6 years ago
Go surfing where, the ocean? Sharks are everywhere and this could have happened anywhere
Ali Pa
Ali Pa - 6 years ago
Aint this muppets seen Jaws before.
Abicornia Flew
Abicornia Flew - 6 years ago
When he said head and shoulders I said head and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes knees and toes head shoulders knees and toes eyes ears mouth and nose and then I'm like this is not the Great time to sing this..
kokumaru - 7 years ago
little to human knowledge ,that surf is actually a 'shark bar'; the
1st attacking shark was drunk on humans and the 2nd shark was
the 'shark tender' & was just sayin;"sir-I think you've had enough..' and
called a whale shark to take him home to his wife...
amber miller
amber miller - 7 years ago
popsingerstar - 7 years ago
this is why i'm gonna stay out of the ocean
Barbara Dyson
Barbara Dyson - 5 years ago
popsingerstar try the uk to swim, cornwall, it's safe from great whites.
Gavin Reads Stuff
Gavin Reads Stuff - 6 years ago
I go in the ocean......... Like 2 feet
Ryder Benson
Ryder Benson - 7 years ago
That was a pretty clever Strategy those Sharks thought of !!!
147onyx - 7 years ago
I don't think this is the only documented case of two Great Whites carrying out a co-oridinated attack,are they communicating?
dancepiglover - 7 years ago
That second shark was a jock blocker.
Dexter San
Dexter San - 7 years ago
Shanon??? What are you doing here you are suposed to be a shark shanon god damnit!!
prince joey Ampoloquio
prince joey Ampoloquio - 7 years ago
Trenzy !
Trenzy ! - 7 years ago
That second shark might of saved him on purpose
Kill_ ZONE347
Kill_ ZONE347 - 4 years ago
Both sharks were out to kill him
sensi please
sensi please - 5 years ago
however, most of our bodies are filled with disgusting, very unhealthy and toxic substances including our fat zhich i would presume is wqy different to that of a seal considering where a lot of people gt their fats from. Just my two-cented opinion, peace
Ketchen Raleese
Ketchen Raleese - 5 years ago
White sharks eat seals, way fattier than people.
Trenzy !
Trenzy ! - 6 years ago
Sunny Dhanoa well it's known that sharks don't like humans because our meat is more fatty. Yes they may attack but only if they mistake us for prey. It's people's choices if they want to go into shark waters, it's their territory!
Sunny Dhanoa
Sunny Dhanoa - 6 years ago
+Diplo Trenzy You do realize that saying only exists because we spend the majority of our lives on land and not in water right? It doesn't mean that shark attacks are unlikely it just means we aren't in the water long enough to be vulnerable to sharks often.
Trenzy !
Trenzy ! - 6 years ago
Sunny Dhanoa bring me my millions, I have more of a chance of winning the lottery than attacked by a shark
Sunny Dhanoa
Sunny Dhanoa - 6 years ago
Lmao get back to reality this isn't cartoons they both want something to eat its how they survive. People like you want to believe sharks are some friends when the truth is its you or them.
TheBrodz7 - 7 years ago
Shannon tatum
Philip ,Vincent Hilado
Philip ,Vincent Hilado - 7 years ago
their territory!...
Icicle Fledglings
Icicle Fledglings - 7 years ago
How cool... He has a guardian shark.
Mikael Nelson
Mikael Nelson - 7 years ago
kelsey 。
kelsey 。 - 7 years ago

100. comment for Untamed and Uncut - Double Great White Attack

Sabrina578 - 7 years ago
Shannon two skarks
Sabrina578 - 7 years ago
Thats shannin
tony montana
tony montana - 7 years ago
lol the american commentator always making everything sound like sports
theguyintheworks - 4 years ago
tony montana I love it when commenters think they need to point out the fact that they are americans.
FUZBEEZ - 5 years ago
it is a sport...
Emma_28005 - 7 years ago
Shannon is a amazing surfer! He should carry on respecting sharks because the ocean is not just for animals. Its for Sharks too. I think he is amazing by respecting sharks that way
The MaZter Bro
The MaZter Bro - 7 years ago
If that Shark Didin't Bump In the Other Shark's Head Then Shannon Might die.
JackassJunior627 - 7 years ago
Of all the people I have seen that were attacked by sharks, this man, is the only victim to have my full respect. Why? Because he actually said the exact words every human should say when swimming in the sea, "Respect Sharks" and "The Ocean was made for them". This guy has got it spot on, we don't own the ocean, and sharks should be given respect if you are swimming in their territory, as well as considerate the possibility that a shark may mistake you for prey.
Maddie Faith
Maddie Faith - 5 years ago
have you heard of Bethany Hamilton???
Suzanne Ito
Suzanne Ito - 5 years ago
Solo Rider, do you really expect there to be photos being snapped and cameras rolling when the men are desperate to survive? Do you think the first thing that came into their minds was, "Hey guys, let's find our cameras and take photos and movies of this great adventure?" The stories attested to by the USS Indianapolis is evidence enough. The only thing of truth you have written is that the sharks weren't great whites but were indeed white tips. However, you left out tigers sharks. Your concept of what is evidence and what isn't evidence is flawed.
chasid maslagupo
chasid maslagupo - 5 years ago
Mark no
chasid maslagupo
chasid maslagupo - 5 years ago
I saw a great white off of the coast of the South of France when I was a boy. We were cataramaning. The wind died right down and we were just drifting. One swam right under the vessel. About 15' long. Minutes before the instructor said we could get out and kick. Something inside told me not to. We were lucky. It was huge. Since then I only go into the sea when im bleeding from my legs and I have raw a pork joint tied to my left flipper
Exciter - 5 years ago
Does this man deserve to die by shark?
MadDorya - 5 years ago
nathan brady Drop a single nuke and you can kiss your precious life goodbye. One nuke is enough to permanently alter our atmoshpere. Ever heard of nuclear fallout?
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes - 5 years ago
Good you can lead the way sir...
nathan brady
nathan brady - 5 years ago
Stop sleeping through history class and pay attention!
nathan brady
nathan brady - 5 years ago
You are very ignorant of the facts. Look up the USS Indianapolis please its the ship that delivered parts for nukes that were dropped on Japan. The Smithsonian refers to it as the worst shark attack in history. There were over 300 hundred witnesses that were there saw first hand what happened.
Solo Rider
Solo Rider - 5 years ago
nathan brady
First of all, sharks accused during ww2 were oceanic whitetips, not great whites. Two, there's no proof of that even happening. Not one photo, zero evidence. Those sailors drank salt water which makes you hallucinate. Unless you got some solid proof that sharks ate those sailors I'd love to see it. I love how people point fingers without having any evidence. Shark diving industries make over 200mill year. If sharks were that dangerous people wouldn't be swimming with them. Movies make people dumb. Do real research and not take movies like jaws serious.
JackassJunior627 - 5 years ago
First of all did it ever occur to you why they would have viewed those sailors as prey? The blood in the water, the screaming, the thrashing around? That's ringing the dinner bell for sharks as that's what they contribute to prey in distress, so of course their instincts will turn on. Second of all what's your problem with whales, what have they done? In fact what have sharks done to you for you wanting to nuke them?
Wanting extinction on two species, that's a sign of a bastard of a human being right there.
nathan brady
nathan brady - 5 years ago
They are not misunderstood they are apex predators that some times kill people. Do you think all those sailors in ww2 that were in the water after ship sinking were "mistaken" for prey? BULLSHIT!

Nuke the whales and the sharks!
JackassJunior627 - 6 years ago
+Adam Sloss Is a Boss No worries. I don't see any bad in sharks. They are really misunderstood creatures just doing what they do.
Mohamed Sawan
Mohamed Sawan - 6 years ago
+JackassJunior627 I was just playing devil's advocate the whole time, I honestly don't care about colonizing the ocean, and I hope the shark's territory will be respected.
JackassJunior627 - 6 years ago
+Adam Sloss Is a Boss Fair enough maybe evolution was destined to make us the top species. All I am stating is the consequences of our actions and how it would effect other species and the Earth itself. To me the ocean is the sharks domain, they rule it, it's their rightful place. So I respect them that its an area not made for humans to conquer. Intelligence does come with a price, not just to ourselves, but to other creatures around us.
Mohamed Sawan
Mohamed Sawan - 6 years ago
+JackassJunior627 Evolution has made humans intelligent. I will utilise the human race's collective intelligence and progress to colonize the oceans under my dominion. If any animal wishes to threaten me, may the best species win. That's how evolution works. Nature is only objective, to say Earth would be better is a subjective statement.
JackassJunior627 - 6 years ago
+Adam Sloss Is a Boss There is no rulebook. But evolution has made animals to adapt to their environment, unlike humans who take their position for granted, killing the planet in the process. If they didn't, Earth would be better, and other creatures would not be affected.
Mohamed Sawan
Mohamed Sawan - 6 years ago
+JackassJunior627 You're the one who believes in some mythical rule book about nature. LOL
JackassJunior627 - 6 years ago
+Adam Sloss Is a Boss If you really think like that, then humanity deserves extinction.
Mohamed Sawan
Mohamed Sawan - 6 years ago
+JackassJunior627 Who cares, morality is useless in nature. Please show me this rulebook. "The strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must."
JackassJunior627 - 6 years ago
+Adam Sloss Is a Boss Since Earth's beginning. Human kind is the only species on Earth that takes their place on the food chain for granted. We don't kill for food, we kill for sport. We spread like pests affecting wildlife across the globe. Our technology has improved us as a species but we are slowly killing the planet in the process. And we kill predatory animals because they are at risk of killing us, even though it is us that's invading their territory and hunting grounds.
You never see that with any other creatures on Earth. The human race was made on land, yet we claim the ocean because we believe we can do anything. As such the sharks are now at risk, because if they attack us, they need to be killed for public safety. This isn't fair on them, they do what they have done for millions of years. It is us who puts ourselves in danger, yet they pay the price. Very few people are like this man, where they respect the creatures they are interacting with or attacked by. These animals attack us out of misidentification, and surfers are the common targets for Great Whites.
Mohamed Sawan
Mohamed Sawan - 6 years ago
+JackassJunior627 So, since when was there a rule book in nature.
JackassJunior627 - 6 years ago
+Adam Sloss Is a Boss But the ocean wasn't made for you. You are a land based organism. Sharks however are sea based, so they belong to the sea.
Mohamed Sawan
Mohamed Sawan - 6 years ago
If I want to make the ocean my territory, may the best species win.
JackassJunior627 - 7 years ago
+DHScherocha  Ok well I am one of those people that care more about other animals than my own species. So these people who think they can just swim and surf wherever they like are at least to m in the wrong. The sea belongs to the sharks, they hunted, swam and bred in it for millions of years. Now there is a cull wanting to go on just because humans are that irresponsible, and the potential fear of an attack they kill predators that only do what they do to survive. Its what they were made to do.
DHScherocha - 7 years ago
Of course, but it's a contentious issue and generally the state governments side with pro-culling advocates, particularly in Western Australia, where there's still a policy to cull large sharks spotted near areas used by surfers and swimmers. It's disgusting.
JackassJunior627 - 7 years ago
+DHScherocha Is there a campaign against the shark culling? I want to join that one.
DHScherocha - 7 years ago
+JackassJunior627 In Australia, many surfers actually campaign for shark culling and drum lines.
jessicamshannon - 7 years ago
+JackassJunior627 Then you haven't seen a lot of footage from this show. Shark attack victims are often surfers who are trained to respect the power of the ocean. I've seen dozens of attack victims say the same thing.
JullianneNYC - 7 years ago
who would've thought, being attacked by two sharks was actually safer
Είμιστι όλ' τσ' Αριστιράς τσ' Προυόδ' κι τσ' 'Ιπρας
Είμιστι όλ' τσ' Αριστιράς τσ' Προυόδ' κι τσ' 'Ιπρας - 4 years ago
If you add a Whale & a Kraken Attack you can surf smoother!!!
Exciter - 5 years ago
JullianneNYC No it was Flipper.
MegaBspark - 5 years ago
its safer than being attacked by terrorists.
sonja westbrooks
sonja westbrooks - 7 years ago
+Angry Bruger lmfao!!
BSODeception - 7 years ago
Using subtitles when people are speaking english is disrespectful to say the least. How about you mute the stupid american talking shit instead.
MichaelCasanovaMusic - 7 years ago
Why? I can't imagine the average American is exposed to moderate South African accents on a regular basis. I can understand him just fine, but you would be surprised at some people.
swagmuffin9000 - 7 years ago
so, what saved this man from being killed by a shark, was another shark
Shark fan of the sea
Shark fan of the sea - 5 years ago
nathan brady the USS Arizona
Exciter - 5 years ago
No it was flipper.
Rowdy Lowdy
Rowdy Lowdy - 5 years ago
The first shark said, "You spend too much time surfing and not enough time running your business, I'm out"
nathan brady
nathan brady - 5 years ago
Do you know anything about ww2 and all the sailors killed by sharks?

I declare shenanigans!
Savage ThaDon
Savage ThaDon - 7 years ago
It's the fact humans are boney and don't have high omega fatty acids like fish and seals. And seals have a thick layer of blubber. What saved him was the fact that humans aren't even good enough to be shark food. Thier eye-sight is terrible and the best visual point for a shark is straight up above them so giving the fact it was coming damn near straight for him the sharks vision was blurry and the board gives off a similar outline as a seal. When sharks find out your're not what they eat, if your're not dead or dying you'll be fine.
Kenan639 - 7 years ago
Competition lol
bringerofrage - 8 years ago
If that had been me, there's no fucking way I would ever set foot in a beach ever again! You got a second chance, don't tempt fate again!
Gemmol Lewis
Gemmol Lewis - 7 years ago
+bringerofrage lmaooooooooooo same here, I would not even look at pictures of a beach
John Doe
John Doe - 8 years ago
This was a sign from GOD for him to stop surfing and he still does it...
idk guess he holds his balls in another sack strapped behind his back
theguyintheworks - 4 years ago
John Doe we all have beliefs and you have yours. God says to love your enemy, so instead of calling out blasphemy and making a gazillion replies you grow a pair and deal
Kellie Williams
Kellie Williams - 5 years ago
That's like telling someone just because they were in a car wreck they should never ride in one again... Bad shit happens all the time for no reason. Why should he stop surfing altogether? It's his passion, and it's what he loves. Haven't you ever taken a risk for something you love?
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay stfu hillbilly
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay hill billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay hill billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay hill billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay hill billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay hill billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay hill billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
hill billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay hilly billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay stfu hillbilly
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay hill billy
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay short dick hick named lenny
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay incest hillbilly
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
+achaffay not black, you incest hillbilly
Bruno Ulivi
Bruno Ulivi - 7 years ago
+AziZune this is the best comment ever.
Marximus - 8 years ago
+John Doe god does not exist, stop being delusional.
Veks - 8 years ago
Why would God want someone to stop surfing
Christian de Ravin
Christian de Ravin - 8 years ago
Jeez, Shannon's accent! LOL
DemocraticSocialist01 - 8 years ago
That other shark saved his life.
Shark fan of the sea
Shark fan of the sea - 5 years ago
In a way, yes
themadrapper101 - 5 years ago
The sharks bumped into each other on accident
HAMBUTTFACE BUTT - 8 years ago
Dont mess with mother nature.
die mango
die mango - 8 years ago
ahhh thank god hes not saying: " Kill all sharks they almost ate me etc" Finally someone who can think clearly 
die mango
die mango - 7 years ago
what does that mean?
JAHLIL 'THE OAK' OKAFOR - 7 years ago
die mango
die mango - 7 years ago
+aattitude I was talking about the media. Not surfers and divers. And it's obvious that surfers and divers go into the water more often than journalists.
And I don't go into the water often myself because I live in southern germany. ;)
@david m  simply ... why ...?
die mango
die mango - 7 years ago
JAHLIL 'THE OAK' OKAFOR - 7 years ago
+die mongo biatch
aattitude - 8 years ago
It's only people who don't go in the water who talk like that. Ironically surfers, divers, etc, are the first to admit they are the visitors to the ocean.
SpitnGames - 8 years ago
if i were Shannon i would exaggerated the story. Should of said I karate chop both sharks or something
Super2L2Q - 8 years ago
quit feeding the troll
spencer Blyton
spencer Blyton - 8 years ago
+Sand Maggot Hey maggot. Go kill yourself asap.
Isabelle Burns
Isabelle Burns - 8 years ago
Really ? @ sand Maggot ... You lecture me about social skills and " Going outside " and you continue your Nazi humour bashing .. Whilst using an Electronic device ! ... Practice what you preach then you may resume your lecture !
Isabelle Burns
Isabelle Burns - 8 years ago
How is leaving a comment  " Acting cool" ... Seriously Sand Maggot , what a boring person you are to see a little humour as idiotic and immature ! You're a Humour Nazi !
MrGoodkat - 8 years ago
+Sand Maggot
What's your problem dude??
Isabelle Burns
Isabelle Burns - 8 years ago
I would have exaggerated it too ... and yes I'm young and immature , and I don't care !
aron gonzalez
aron gonzalez - 8 years ago
+Sand Maggot That's young. You must be stupid.
Sly Impact
Sly Impact - 8 years ago
most annoying over dramatic voice ever
popsingerstar - 4 years ago
Sly Impact i know. somebody said on another video of this that the guy talks like a sports commentator & i agreed with them. he makes it too dramatic
alvinfry - 8 years ago
OMG!!! Sharknado!!!
Afshan Shaikh
Afshan Shaikh - 8 years ago
so shanon did survive!
Violette Summer
Violette Summer - 8 years ago
Making an idea more stupid than the Jackass.
Surfing o Jaw
Annissa Rascona
Annissa Rascona - 8 years ago
happy spanners
happy spanners - 8 years ago
that sharks a kill stealer
Göktuğ Kaya
Göktuğ Kaya - 5 years ago
RIEL - 8 years ago
L.O.L. hahaha
James Hodson
James Hodson - 8 years ago
I absolutely LOVE the fact they felt they needed to add subtitles. Kick, groin, down.
Adam Kennedy
Adam Kennedy - 8 years ago
stand up dude.
sam smith
sam smith - 8 years ago
amazing attack. what are the odds of two great whites attacking a surfer at once? one of the luckiest escapes of all time.
Paul Gillett
Paul Gillett - 8 years ago
@Ronny Fags. He doesn't need help, he obviously likes to surf and he's not a pussy. How many times can you say GOD. Maybe he isn't scared all of the time like you, maybe he doesn't have to pray to god every second of his life like you. If you don't like this or agree with it don't watch it. Worry about yourself, you're a shame
Rogelio Castro
Rogelio Castro - 8 years ago
may this guy saved the other guys who where swimming around, maybe if the shark had taken one of them they wouldn't make it. 
Slaine D
Slaine D - 8 years ago
spectrum patronus
ErMaGawd69 - 8 years ago
I immedily fought he might die
NA he not gonna dit there just gonna hv a friendly cup of tea together
Awesome vidios
Awesome vidios - 8 years ago
U r brave
jake dinkleberg
jake dinkleberg - 8 years ago
Couldn't take it seriously after they said Shannon twice
Niall Horan
Niall Horan - 8 years ago
she got her leg bite off by a great white shark
Nnene nnene
Nnene nnene - 8 years ago
Big fool
Xiia - 8 years ago
they said it was because he peed in the water like 5 times so it attracted the sharks
Troll-Agent-On-Duty - 9 years ago
I really love to watch surfers eaten alive by sharks...    ..where did I put my popcorn?
Barkeroni - 9 years ago
Good gosh do these sharks actually get together and decide they need to attack in pairs?  Might as well start giving them hand grenades too!
major bejier
major bejier - 7 years ago
actually sharks some times attack the same seal for exampel but as i said its very very very rare!
anditspaganpoetry - 8 years ago
No, they don't. This was a one-off.
major bejier
major bejier - 8 years ago
no its really rare! thay just happend to go for the same target 
Pythor ­
Pythor ­ - 9 years ago
they need to go to the land NOT the ocean
Rodney Gardner
Rodney Gardner - 9 years ago
LOL at most of these comments. Sharks do not LIKE the taste of humans we do not have enough calories in us to sustain a shark  for any amount of time which is why  most people only get bitten once  or twice and let go. Most shark victims die of blood loss not from being eaten by sharks.  But still havent seen two work togethor before that is pretty cool.
Serena Eller
Serena Eller - 5 years ago
And the shark knows we don't have enough protein for them
Ryan Jablonski
Ryan Jablonski - 9 years ago
I Didn't know sharks were Smart, It was pretty smart of them to devise a plan like that !!!
ElijahFreyMMA - 9 years ago
actually theres a huge chance your overthinking it. thats not to say that sharks arent smart its just that they might have been competing for that kill. otherwise what most likely would have happened is the shark would dive down and the second shark wouldnt have gone for him at that point the shark that got shannons hand would have let go and the sharks would have eaten him. think about it. go back to the second animation. the second shark bumped shannon out of the sharks mouth on accident as a result from him wanting the kill more than the other shark.
Ronny Pags
Ronny Pags - 9 years ago
He's not afraid of them? Loves them?  They should be afraid of HIM & stay away cuz he'll take them down next time?!? LOL wow...this guy needs help from a dr...& God....Doesn't thank God at all -just feels "lucky"-something that doesn't exist, we make our own "luck"- I believe in miracles & a God that is real, & that we were created from, & saved because of.... anyway yea instead of thanking God & using wisdom-learning from what happened & being more careful & avoiding that situation again- he's just like all the others I've seen, survivors of shark attacks... they don't thank God & they continue to be ignorant & think that it can't happen twice or that they now kno how to survive. Shame.
Clynton Moorcroft
Clynton Moorcroft - 8 years ago
By the way I know Shanon from school and since the attack in 2000 he has become a staunch believer! He knows it was a miracle that he servived and he does thank God. He has infact had TWO near encounters with sharks again since the incident and knows that he is being looked after. Dont judge if you dont know all the facts MR Pags. Not all christians are evangelic and shout out praise to God all day long. A relationship with the Lord is very personal and sometimes some people choose to keep it that way. Shanon is passionate about surfing!! It is his life and he has become a surfing teacher. Every time you enter the sea you put yourself in a situation to be attacked by a shark, It is kind of hard to avoid being attacked by two Great Whites. It is the nature of the game!
Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey - 8 years ago
I don't really see how not thanking god is rude? You might not believe in that stuff?
N. D.
N. D. - 8 years ago
+jolly nnene
How can it be rude, if he does not believe in god?
Nnene nnene
Nnene nnene - 8 years ago
That was so rude of him relying on luck alone he should know dat it's by God's grace he survived next time his head will be ashore on the beaches of Seychelles
Ronny Pags
Ronny Pags - 9 years ago
+N. D. I just want to apologize for my last 2 posts, they weren't nice at all, I've been goin thru a lot tho & I let it get to me....& let his response get to me too, but it was warranted cuz I did leave a kinda rude comment that was very straightforward.  So, sorry Johnny Jax, to U & to N.D. - you're right it's all open to opinion ok, & the fact I believe in the bible & my God like I do, well that's y we call it our "faith" it's all a faith thing.   Take care guys.
N. D.
N. D. - 9 years ago
+Ronny Pags
I'll say that your "great big comeback" is just as rude as his comment. And it's fine if you believe in a 2000+ year old book, but not everybody does. Just saying.
Ronny Pags
Ronny Pags - 9 years ago
LOL  u can't even spell Christian, a great example of how people like U don't know what you're talking about, & don't know what I'm talking about... & as a Christian I'm not gonna hate we're about LOVE nor hate ok -& JESUS was the only perfect one, cuz He as half man yes but also GOD.. the Son of God & part of the holy Trinity, which I CAN'T prove  but that's Y we call it. it's called our FAITH, however it's all in the bible ok what I'm saying to u here, & there's AO MUCH EVIDENCE that the bible IS for real, that what & who r in the bigle on u as u r with me but people like U frustrate me & I feel sorry for u, & u need prayer so I pray for people like u...Look, there is such a thing as "good fortune" yes, for those that don't have God in their lives & those that do even.. but if ya have our Lord (yes OUR, cuz U were created by & loved by the same God, it's just that not every1-like people like U is going to have the FAITH to believe in Him, or to even care) -yea if God is in your heart, in your life than then it's HE that will save & protect u & is in the miracle working biz....I kno from personal experience, He's saved my life many times that I could've or should've been dead cuz of my own fault or some freak thing that happened, could give many examples of where it HAD to be God...(but I'm not leaven an even longer comment here lol cuz for starters I'd be wasten my time with someone like U who I can just tell is close-minded & has no faith, sorry)...I just kno that I kno that GOD is REAL, I've had a personal encounter with Him.  Also, I think it's so silly & ridiculous how anyone can think that all of this world & the animals -& US humans who r such an amzing put together being -how it could've happened from some -big "BAAANG" lol  or that we came from apes or an cavemen, and/or an ameba -cuz WHO created that/those things huh?  there HAD TO BE a supreme being cuz they could've just appeard, ok & the sun, moon, oceans, SEASONS, ANIMALS & US -COULD'VE have just come about cuz of some big thunder, some big bang-combustion.  So yea take this as a learning lesson, just some constructive criticism here K?  Do not make ignorant & rude comments like U did -posts with the kinda questions as u gave me without expecting a great big comeback, a response that's too biiiig for U..& u not being able to back it up with a good argument yourself -as I just did, which WE KNOW that u can't.  But anyway whatever, take care ok, & GOD BLESS YA.   : )   hehe
suzie jones
suzie jones - 9 years ago
lucky guy!!
long2d - 9 years ago
James Madison I can't reply to you cause I'm on an ipad but the sharks at 0:10 aren't the. Same sharks in the video retard
metalhottie44 - 9 years ago
wow,  hes  delicious!!!!
metalhottie44 - 8 years ago
nom nom nom nom!!!! :)
CK_32 - 9 years ago
Thats not what happened. They both went to bite at the crest.This show is retarded.
sicwititdime - 8 years ago
Agree....the shark staired at him for 2 mins lol
Noa Gomez
Noa Gomez - 9 years ago
0:48 cool, you could see the sharks fins through the wave! not the dorsal fin (the other ones)
Noa Gomez
Noa Gomez - 9 years ago
0:10 what a bunch of dicks, they took the time to record the sharks but not warn him ? ughh
We need the audience volume turned up a little bit.
We need the audience volume turned up a little bit. - 9 years ago
TheMrChurbro - 9 years ago
man great whites are no fuckin joke
Korey - 9 years ago
Tell me about it haha
YourTypicalKid - 9 years ago
Damn nature u scary
Kayleigh Davies
Kayleigh Davies - 9 years ago
I like this man, respect!!! fucking nut case...
Jamelle Wilson
Jamelle Wilson - 9 years ago
I went surfing at the beach just last weekend because I had a three day weekend,my dog barked at me and I turned and saw a shark,if it wasn't for my dog,I would have been Shannon but dead......
DEN!MARK.Hd78g - 9 years ago
Shark 1: "Hey, Larry, I got a seal!" Shark 2: "Nigga, that ain't no seal" *headbutt* "letgoadat!"
Cubanazo1975 - 9 years ago
Stay out of the ocean motherfuckers!
XMG3 - 9 years ago
so the 2nd shark saved his life ?
Tom Mmy
Tom Mmy - 9 years ago
this is why you don't surf in africa, all the animals are huge there
annette - 9 years ago
that's why I hate the water people .-.
Lexi Garcia
Lexi Garcia - 9 years ago
Ben Bellamy Sharks LOVE blood we all have blood in us they eat like all animals almost all. i now how they are my beast friend loves sharks my brother past out from watching Shark week my friend she loves Sharks i do not love them i like them they are scary!
Markus Vosh
Markus Vosh - 9 years ago
If this wasnt enough to keep this childish surfer out of the water, maybe getting bitten in half oneday might. You are pushing your luck Shannon, and you dont respect that.
Ben Bellamy
Ben Bellamy - 9 years ago
Isn't it possible that the shark didn't want to eat Shannon because he was a human. They feed of seals!
Ur Mum
Ur Mum - 9 years ago
This is why I don't go to the beach
Гоша Фёдоров
Гоша Фёдоров - 9 years ago
Да,уж!!всё равно эти "бараны" опять лезут в воду.
SilverFlame819 - 9 years ago
Seriously, English CC on an English show? People are really so stupid that they can't understand a South African accent?
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown - 9 years ago
Shit what a story
Gurjeet Chehal
Gurjeet Chehal - 9 years ago
wow super cool dude. i was being ignorant till i received my ipad from here. its not a joke, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. have a try and enjoy :) -> bit.ly/145mazn?=rbnbhr
Kurt Harris
Kurt Harris - 9 years ago
Man...glad he survived and major bravery for going back in and later helping a fellow surfer!
James Thomas
James Thomas - 9 years ago
or the board makes you look like a seal and then the shark thinks that you're a seal and immediately attacks. this happened to another surfer named bethany hamilton and there is a movie about it called soul surfer and she also still surfs like crazy
equarg - 9 years ago
If I ever meet this guy I plan to buy him a drink He faced 2 hungry Great Whites and lived. Did he get a lottery ticket right afterwards? Still I admire him for his attitude for sharks. He does not hate them and respects them immensely. While he still surfs, I bet he is a bit more cautious!
silvia D
silvia D - 9 years ago
oh god at beginning i was scared
Emma Tompson
Emma Tompson - 9 years ago
The only reason they attacked was because when you're surfing, sharks think you're turtles so they attack! The only others reason for the attack was maybe they were hungry! But sharks can last up to 4 months without eating anything!
Recklessclasshole - 9 years ago
That's funny when people argue and start fights on YouTube
Thierry van Thiel
Thierry van Thiel - 9 years ago
Attacked by two huge sharks and all he has are injured fingers o.0
frizzyo - 9 years ago
uncut means the video didn't leave out any juicy details, not that his body isn't damaged.
frizzyo - 9 years ago
No, he's wise. Any person has the exact same likelihood of getting attacked. He's doing what he loves, which makes him a respectable person. You must just be an worrisome person
Derrick Tyson
Derrick Tyson - 9 years ago
Have you ever been attacked or had any close encounters at all? Genuinely curious.
54bobbers - 9 years ago
Whiterun Guards talks like this now?? I MUST SEE THIS MOD!!
xXp00nslayer_69Xx - 9 years ago
An easy jab to the eye and gills of a solo shark can cause it to back off but two nigga that shit is crazy
TheBasslinegurl - 9 years ago
Shannon is right, it's their ocean, we are visitors.
jklover92 - 9 years ago
Im never surfing........EVER!!!
The Concise Statement
The Concise Statement - 9 years ago
"I immediately thought... Oh Gosh No." Really? Because I would've been slightly more like JESUS CUNTING CHRIST! TWO BIG FUCKING SHARKS, MAN!
APoem YouNeed
APoem YouNeed - 9 years ago
He's real ballsy. Admire the bravery but I prefer land mate lol
matyviola - 9 years ago
im sure the first shark bitch slapped the second after that
loner1878 - 9 years ago
In case you didn't know, sharks live in the ocean. Its a pretty big area.
Joshua Coronado
Joshua Coronado - 9 years ago
Pretty but dangerous
joshuawaller74 - 9 years ago
Great whites are so pretty!
Tiago Spartan Beast
Tiago Spartan Beast - 9 years ago
they are stupid!
Michael Nolan
Michael Nolan - 9 years ago
yh well not many people would live to be able to tell the story of how they were attacked by 2 great whites at the same time
Harry Barrett
Harry Barrett - 9 years ago
Stupid man
Tiago Spartan Beast
Tiago Spartan Beast - 9 years ago
why do these dumbasses surf in waters that might have sharks?
Peace Keeper
Peace Keeper - 9 years ago
I wish great whites would intentionally attack the worlds best surfers
coliexcolbieXFunTime - 9 years ago
He's been through 2 other great white shark attacks after this. "Shark bait ooohaha!"
Snow Blossom
Snow Blossom - 9 years ago
Awwwww he looks like Cody Simpson awwwww!!!!!! <3
Andre H
Andre H - 9 years ago
He was obviously joking.
melonie davis
melonie davis - 9 years ago
omg i cnt watch this
SenneffRules - 9 years ago
Sharks aren't attracted to urine. They can smell it but it wouldn't attract them towards a human
Jon Kennedy
Jon Kennedy - 9 years ago
love the way it has subtitles IN ENGLISH
jorge navales
jorge navales - 9 years ago
nice one
Lexi Laubach
Lexi Laubach - 9 years ago
Well... At least he has a way to pick up chicks "Hey... Wanna see my shark bite scars?" "Yeah I was attacked by 2 great white sharks."
Rushsero - 10 years ago
This movie, especially the animation is not true. There were 2 great whites attacking the surfer at the same time, which was probably his rescue. 1 knocked him off his surfboard (the one left in the video) which is why the other shark (right one) missed his attack. You see both sharks attacking the surfer while still on his board at 2:37.
A.J. Jaikrishnan
A.J. Jaikrishnan - 10 years ago
the sharks probably mistook Shannon for a seal.
A.J. Jaikrishnan
A.J. Jaikrishnan - 10 years ago
Lol - 10 years ago
The camera man just watched him die
princepippa - 10 years ago
that's a nice way to think after something like this- I respect someone who can keep their affection for an animal that hurt them sharks are cool
Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby - 10 years ago
Atleast he has more balls than you ever will.
asoedem - 10 years ago
good guy second shark saves the surfer ;)
Sean DuTremaine
Sean DuTremaine - 10 years ago
sardines and seals
Sean DuTremaine
Sean DuTremaine - 10 years ago
He was on his best run.. but the sharks couldn't possibly let that happen.. they wouldn't
velveetaslingshot - 10 years ago
Ok so I have top comment and I keep getting asked about this. Here's the title of the youtube vid: Great White Shark Attack - True Story - National Geographic Full Documentary Thumbs this up so people can watch it.
velveetaslingshot - 10 years ago
Its National Geographic documentary and its on youtube.
velveetaslingshot - 10 years ago
It was on the discovery channel or something like that. It was a documentary about why this guy got attacked twice when he was surrounded by dozens of surfers both times.
sharyn Gould
sharyn Gould - 10 years ago
Living in aussie no one gives a crap anymore if people see a shark but it does go on the news and stuff but its normal now
NewKingofControversy P Kelley.
NewKingofControversy P Kelley. - 10 years ago
It's bandage wow!
Elan Doy
Elan Doy - 10 years ago
Did you even watch the video?
Thomas Bacon
Thomas Bacon - 10 years ago
The second shark (i'm guessing)came when Shannon started bleeding
TheArtisticGirl1 - 10 years ago
shannon's hot
velveetaslingshot - 10 years ago
He has a bladder control problem and was peeing in his suit about twice as much as a normal surfer. The documentary is probably on youtube somewhere.
joah walters
joah walters - 10 years ago
A great whites bite force is 1.8 tons!
blantha01 - 10 years ago
thumbs up if you're a muppet cunt saying "thumbs up"
mia paulin
mia paulin - 10 years ago
He is very brave
Daniel Lawren
Daniel Lawren - 10 years ago
Bro, you almost died...how are you going to "take em' down" the second time?
ripsticklord - 10 years ago
the guy who filmed this was my pe teacher.... true story
porcupinetree1993 - 10 years ago
hell yeah haha
porcupinetree1993 - 10 years ago
LOOOL snap your shit up? thats hogdetwins init? xD funny comment btw ;D
Lil Sokz
Lil Sokz - 10 years ago
lol... he just got wrecked and he's saying "come near me and ima take em down?"
mohammed hanif
mohammed hanif - 10 years ago
he said love shark ...hahahaha
Carolyn Cantrell
Carolyn Cantrell - 10 years ago
Nathan Deschamps
Nathan Deschamps - 10 years ago
YA Now i dare another shark to go near him and see if he really takes him down!
dilara mutlu
dilara mutlu - 10 years ago
Lol at if they come near me again I'm going to take them out
Taylor Diehl
Taylor Diehl - 10 years ago
he got so lucky
Life Fire
Life Fire - 10 years ago
a whale produces 22 gallons of sperm....and you wonder why the ocean is so salty
velveetaslingshot - 10 years ago
Yup. It was in a documentary on the Discovery channel or animal planet, can't remember. But they did all kinds of tests trying to find out why sharks went after him on two occasions when there were dozens of other people around. Turned out he has a bladder control problem that makes him pee in his suit a LOT. Which led the sharks to "sniff" him out.
zmarpotty - 10 years ago
stupid just because your not afraid it doesnt mean you cant get killed and immuned
Raozone16 - 10 years ago
nothing interesting about death-by-papercut
Lisa Buble
Lisa Buble - 10 years ago
Fuews - 10 years ago
ben croney
ben croney - 10 years ago
so he has nothing against sharks he respects sharks and loves sharks but if they come near him he's going to take them down ? ;D
Griffin Turner
Griffin Turner - 10 years ago
The most racist japanese commercial.
warkid03 - 10 years ago
30 stitches not 13
Bernando A
Bernando A - 10 years ago
13 stitches? I got 24 stitches on my thumb alone after an accident at work. I drove to the ER myself, and went back to work 2 days after. Where is my youtubeclip????
macmillerluvr69 - 10 years ago
lol when people say sharks won't eat people. say that when you're right next to oneee ~~~~
Kevin C
Kevin C - 10 years ago
surfers are braindead
Siphodias92 - 10 years ago
jack ellon
jack ellon - 10 years ago
i love how they added the subtitles when he spoke
there are 5 genders
there are 5 genders - 10 years ago
Great White, Bull Shark or Tiger Shark :) most likely Tiger Shark, they're the trash cans of the ocean.
Lightnin Joak
Lightnin Joak - 10 years ago
Levi Roots would be tasty!
Patrick - 10 years ago
No, just NO.
RavageHamster - 10 years ago
Humans are not tasty that is proberly why the sharcks did not kill him
justojust - 10 years ago
@RayRayakaRachel Wrong...that's south African, not an Aussie mate
Renee Beaudrie
Renee Beaudrie - 10 years ago
Deffs NOT, seriously??? you obviously dont know that most South Africans have their own accent. Not British or Australian! I lived there and there is a major difference!
buntgestraifft - 10 years ago
I often think how come those things of untamed and uncut are always filmed by accident....How lucky
RayRayakaRachel - 10 years ago
Deffs from Australia mixed with Uganda accent
Nantes Visser
Nantes Visser - 10 years ago
What an idiot! You would shit yourself if you just saw a fin next to you! Your the pussy,pussy!!!
ariana oblisk
ariana oblisk - 10 years ago
so happy he is ok
georgesjjj - 10 years ago
Wat a guy :)
Aldo Rivas
Aldo Rivas - 10 years ago
his guardian Angel was swimming with him that day
Adrian - 10 years ago
Both times I've seen sharks whilst spearfishing, is when I've just peed in my suit. It feels good, but if you don't wanna see any sharks, I'd maybe hold it.
velveetaslingshot - 10 years ago
This guy got attacked again at a later date. They figured out it was because he pees in his wetsuit a lot and probably smells like seals. True story.
xXXXquickoneXXXx - 10 years ago
Mate you would of died also wtf the other great white went for his head how'd he survive ??
Ashley Nguyen
Ashley Nguyen - 10 years ago
it's so cool to listen to his south african accent on a white guy. not being racist. it's just different :)
Nass Nasro
Nass Nasro - 10 years ago
shanon: I am not affraid of sharks, I love sharks, I respect sharks wtf?? sharks don't love you, they dont care about ur respect and thry dont give a shit whether u r affraid of them or not .. on yea next time they catch u again u r GONE !!
oscar walter
oscar walter - 10 years ago
sick DENCH !!!!
DUBReviews - 10 years ago
well it is dramatic..? how can you make a comedy out of this horror
John Waiton
John Waiton - 10 years ago
I hate how dramatic they make it
ShadowedRenegade - 10 years ago
This man had a Yolo moment.
westcoast37 - 11 years ago
@CHENOTV You sir don't have a good thought process. The reason he got bit was cause he was surfing…now how you do expect someone to surf is a swimming pool?
Joshua Lamb
Joshua Lamb - 11 years ago
@CHENOTV Kind of hard to catch waves in a pool don't you think?
slkr99 - 11 years ago
@Molhedim how do you get a sea cat from a sting ray?
62squad - 11 years ago
@cutegurl567 same
Molhedim - 11 years ago
@justthebestgolfer say that to steven irwin ...i'm not afraid of crocodiles but an sea cat killed me ...
Firsteric struthers
Firsteric struthers - 11 years ago
thumbs up if you hate ads
KPUA1 - 11 years ago
@MrThebigblueone That shark was watching saying, iight.....i warned you once.
MrThebigblueone - 11 years ago
"I respect sharks , I love em the ocean was created for them!" "They had better stay away from from me or I'm taking down" Think before you say because you look a bit of a dick now
Rayne Silverwing
Rayne Silverwing - 11 years ago
Wow i just read a comment about someone saying he should have thanked god and how people should thank god for living through these things. Sure i respect peoples beliefs and i may be an athiest but really? What if he dosn't believe in god? I still stand by that bumper sticker i saw the other day, "I have nothing against god, its his fan club i cant stand."
TheAnsoSaur - 11 years ago
oh gosh...no
misterCJpenny - 11 years ago
People "Like" videos these days to tell other Youtube viewers that the video actually lives up to its title, not necessarily because they "Like" the content
DemocraticSocialist01 - 11 years ago
@gzillag You couldn't pay me to to the beach in south Africa! And to think when i was a child i actually wanted to live under the sea! watch?v=C8OBlq_svBY
Aaron Powell
Aaron Powell - 11 years ago
he ought to buy himself a lottery ticket!
justthebestgolfer - 11 years ago
@david1991rules4life Hey buddy the T-shirt is suppose to be a JOKE & its not meant to be serious..lol.I know he might be alittle scared but its just a good T-shirt to show people that he survived 2 GW shark attacks. Also@the end of the video he said he wasnt scared of the sharks..lol
Sir David Robinson
Sir David Robinson - 11 years ago
@justthebestgolfer that doesn't mean he wasn't scared of themm ... -.- *facepalms*
Rae A
Rae A - 11 years ago
i'm so freakin scared of sharks that i never go in the ocean unless i can see in the water and yet i live at the beach
Grey Fox
Grey Fox - 11 years ago
This guy has balls
Waxfoot - 11 years ago
@shebzydon HAHAHA, apart from the fact they don't sound Australian even in the slightest ... the video actually says they are from South Africa
mubashiralirao23 - 11 years ago
I respect sharks :) He is so noble :D
PoptartDragon Lily
PoptartDragon Lily - 11 years ago
what channel is this on att uverse agin i love this show?
Jovi Lim
Jovi Lim - 11 years ago
Why do they have to dressed like seals..
Jovi Lim
Jovi Lim - 11 years ago
Why do they have to dressed
TheAkatsukibrothers - 11 years ago
idiots I:
Trev Bender
Trev Bender - 11 years ago
@kekeboo360 i would i love sharks and i am a girl take the risk take the wave :)
kekeboo360 - 11 years ago
I would go back but not to far in the waves since I kno sharks r there #watchurself
hachano - 11 years ago
@shebzydon they're south african
cowofthemonth - 11 years ago
I wuz juss in tha WATA, wid my BUCKIT of BURLY, end this big SHERK attecked me for NO RISSON
shebzydon - 11 years ago
Haha why have they got subtitles for the Australian guy? LOLOL
BostonSecret45 - 11 years ago
i honestly hate how people blame sharks for everything. how woud you like if people came into your home and polutes it? sharks dont have very good eyesight, since humans on surf boards look like seals jumping it is very easy for them to be mistakin. i respec shannon for having resect for sharks because he knows that is there nature
Doug E Fresh
Doug E Fresh - 11 years ago
Damn nature, you scary!
fasthonda - 11 years ago
3:00 Shannon still haz skaaarrzz :(
RaxuRangerking - 11 years ago
3:04 if u need an announcer to say you aren't afraid, it means you are, who wouldn't be? and at 3:14-ish Shan: ''I like sharks, the ocean was made for them and i respect them (but everytime i see a shark i'm like 'OMG get the dang shotgun, i gotta get back at those stupid fish!')''
tommothe1st - 11 years ago
@shewenhao Haha mate, he's south african. Why's it always the stupid Chinese to get things wrong?
she wenhao
she wenhao - 11 years ago
Why always stupid british got bite?
MonaeJune - 11 years ago
i'm shock
bik gora
bik gora - 11 years ago
sharks go fishing for surffers
Cerys Webb
Cerys Webb - 11 years ago
@Runescaper5310 I bet he would rather find a billion dollars in the trash...
Aqil - 11 years ago
You have a bteer chance of getting hit by lightning then getting attacked by a shark, and you have a better chance of finding a Billion dollars in the trash then to get attacked by two....AND SURVIVE!!!!!!!!
bombingcontent - 11 years ago
i'm meeting this guy tonight
StarrySoakedSky - 11 years ago
their accents are sexy
Caitlin Sherry
Caitlin Sherry - 11 years ago
justthebestgolfer - 11 years ago
luckiest dude on the face of this earth.Who can say that they survived 2 GW shark attacks at the same time...WOW. I would have made a T-shirt that said "I SURVIVED 2 GW SHARK attacks...SO IM NOT AFRAID OF JACKSHIT"..lol
khaki91 - 11 years ago
the dude name is shannon...
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson - 11 years ago
The second shark went for his shampoo?? What a bastard!
Slashment - 11 years ago
@xtcalexxtc This is YouTube, not Facebook. LMAO
xtcalexxtc - 11 years ago
@Slashment your name is no where to be seen so who's the one ashamed? wanker ha ha
assf hiol
assf hiol - 11 years ago
he must need head and sholders
Slashment - 11 years ago
@xtcalexxtc That says Alex? LMAO. Dumbass. It looks like a different word because all your letters are lowercase. Ashley, LOL
xtcalexxtc - 11 years ago
@Slashment yeah and thats why it says alex in my name...
trole - 11 years ago
head and shoulder knees and toes knees and toes knees and toes eyes ears mouth and nose :D
Slashment - 11 years ago
@xtcalexxtc lol. Well those people absolutely regret their name, your name is probably Ashley or something. LOL
xtcalexxtc - 11 years ago
@InternetSenation quite alot of people actually you fucking idiot
Victor Chang
Victor Chang - 11 years ago
Zachylolz - 11 years ago
@karisue1 I guess im fucked and that shark is going to be constipated.
Rayne Silverwing
Rayne Silverwing - 11 years ago
inless i can see the bottom when in the water, i wont go in :D
branden mora
branden mora - 11 years ago
@Zachylolz what happens if the shark eats that part of you that has the knife
lavaling - 11 years ago
shark#2 knew his buddy shark#1 was going to eat Shannon and thought about the promise he gaved shark#1 that he will watch out and make him go on a diet. so he pushes Shannon out of shark#1 mouth ,to save shark#1 from trailing off from shark#2 die plan. Thats calld a true friend there people. you should learn one or two things from shark#2.
loves2sploosh - 11 years ago
@InternetSenation the same people who had their son grow up surfing in south africa
Zachylolz - 11 years ago
i wont go into the water without a small snife in the pocket of my shorts for this reason.
TheYossi - 11 years ago
MAADMO - 11 years ago
@InternetSenation Someone with 2 moms
reillyboy100 - 11 years ago
oh shit................they're working in pairs
ThatBeSloth - 11 years ago
@cifeso ummm big time rush!!! (its a kid show i never seen it but their songs are on tv,radio)
R10freestyle - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 Your fucking thick. There South African dip shit.
ys kl
ys kl - 11 years ago
@x2s7 Well, I think that if you stab them in the eyes, they might back down.
loner1878 - 11 years ago
@InternetSenation I met a guy named "Beverly" once.
Cliff Ang
Cliff Ang - 11 years ago
@superkimmy98 , his pronouncing isn't so good
small stingray
small stingray - 11 years ago
he was speaking english but they put subtitles LOL
kleanthis Aristidou
kleanthis Aristidou - 11 years ago
@brodie9909 xD when i wrote this i was shoked but now i swim and am not afraid sharks,those 3 days i was in holidays and i swimming in the sea for a long time with my friends deep in the sea and i know is infrequent to see a shark in the mediterania sea ^^
Dalton M.
Dalton M. - 11 years ago
@InternetSenation its an australion name for boys.. unlike our american name for girls
simos901 - 11 years ago
seems like someone didnt learn his lesson lol
brodie9909 - 11 years ago
@kleanthis1000 Loooooooooooool, that's pretttttty pussy man, you only have one life live it to the fullest and have no regret's, the ocean is a incredible place, if you don't experience it you'll miss out. |0| Don't be scared of anything |0|
kleanthis Aristidou
kleanthis Aristidou - 11 years ago
damn wtf!!!! i wont ever swim in the sea only swimming pools
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 11 years ago
ok so the first shark bit his arm but shannon gets out safely because the sharks suddenly decided not to follow their instincts, lucky guy
aikduck - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 I didnt know south africans are called aussies
electricmonkey212 - 11 years ago
2:57 he says incwedibly
tyrone14693 - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 clearly says south africa, retard.
Luke Evans
Luke Evans - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 they'r south african...
Don Bosco
Don Bosco - 11 years ago
*TRAPPED BETWEEN TWO GREAT WHITES!!* the narrator must be a black dude or a mexican dude..
utarian7 - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 And you and those 38 people that liked your comment must be American, because you're ignorant enough not to know the difference between South African and Aussie.
Aaron Powell
Aaron Powell - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 thats a south african u dope..not an aussie mate..unlucky
Gramztoker - 11 years ago
this is why i dont fuck with the ocean
tacos43 - 11 years ago
Still surfs, got some balls dude!
Venge fulmilk
Venge fulmilk - 11 years ago
@0Kodrad0 Aww look at you all mad your not the most thumbed comment.
Bri T
Bri T - 11 years ago
@Privettec123 That is a pretty good commercial
Ed Woolcott
Ed Woolcott - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 This is funny because he's actually South African
Chance Privette
Chance Privette - 11 years ago
good thing he didnt eat a snickers peanut butter squared or he would be done for
SuperCash13 - 11 years ago
know that what u call a true surfer after geting attack by a shark on top of that not any kind of a shark it a great white shark two of them!!! and going in too the water
Garyck Arntzen
Garyck Arntzen - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 I'll get a sense of humour when you tell a joke. Insofar all you've showed is ignorance and incorrect statements.
Garyck Arntzen
Garyck Arntzen - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 You have zero understanding of anything relating to South Africa, so just stop now.
Ka Smith
Ka Smith - 11 years ago
"i emmediately thought that shannon might die," nah duh its a shark
Valdessa - 11 years ago
ERAUsnow - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 Your problem is that you confuse national identity with ethnic identity. The two are not one and the same. Calling someone South African simply means they were born in the nation of South Africa, to citizens of South Africa, not that they have a certain bloodline. In fact, one Nelson Mandela might take offense to you stating that these two individuals, who do, in fact, have an Afrikaaner accent, are not South Africans after what he went through to unite that country.
ulkem - 11 years ago
He stayed and looked at you because he was trying to understand if you were a hunt or not dumb idiot.. Sharks don't even like human meat.. They are not bears they don't hunt humans to eat.. Shark probably thougth "hey what a huge ass fish I'm gonna eat the shit out of it!" and there comes the attack.. And the sharks like "WTF man this is not a fish, this is just another human.. Cmon lets roll bro" and they went away..
ERAUsnow - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 so, just out of curiosity, when do you think South Africa the country was founded? Before the Europeans showed up, there were only native African territories that had absolutely nothing to do with where the colonists drew their new lines. The country we know as South Africa is a product of the 19th century, which means those two white kids have as much right to call themselves South Africans as the blacks who had been there for millenia.
ERAUsnow - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 Actually, I really did go to high school with a girl from Johannesburg (which, again, is in South Africa, look it up on a map). As for you, how far back do you need to go to be considered South African (or any nationality, for that matter)? It's racist bullshit like what you're spouting that has been the cause of more human suffering than all the religious and territorial wars put together. Blood means nothing anymore, so get over yourself you pissant.
ERAUsnow - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 So a girl I went to high school with, who was BORN AND RAISED in Johannesburg (which is in South Africa, in case you don't own an atlas) to parents BORN AND RAISED in South Africa is NOT South African because she's white with blond hair? Is that what you're saying? As for yourself, you're saying that because you have Dominican blood, you're a Dominican? In that case, someone should call INS because you're here illegally. You were born in America, you're an American. Get used to it.
ERAUsnow - 11 years ago
@wannabethug7 And you know this how? You've done a DNA test? Man, STFU before you embarrass yourself further. His accent is called Afrikaans, a holdover from the original Dutch colonists who settled there in the 1600's. Anyone born in South Africa to citizens of South Africa is a South African by DEFINITION, doesn't matter what language they speak or what color their skin is. Do the world a favor and repeat middle school so you can speak intelligently about something you ignorant bastard.
indycolt2017 - 11 years ago
I think this would be my worst nightmare. I don't think I'd ever be going in the ocean again...
1971SuperLead - 12 years ago
So, no sharks where harmed in the making of this video?
adyclipper - 12 years ago
so shannons a guy ?
domanskikid - 12 years ago
Back to surfing eh? Couldn't get enough of getting fucked up by sharks the first time? I guess we will be reading up on this guy in the obituary soon.
Ubannedme - 12 years ago
@Thehorselover32 Good question, I was wondering the same damn thing.
Thehorselover32 - 12 years ago
"i will take them down" well u didn't take them down before so how could you take them down the 2nd time?
June - 12 years ago
Sometimes/All the time you just gotta love Doctors for saving your life:)
Mtthyman - 12 years ago
They are both very attractive... :)
Zewen - 12 years ago
@ComedyLove28 i thought about poking its eye .. that could work as well
Alex Oakland
Alex Oakland - 12 years ago
if they let go, for me it would be scarier to swim back to shore cus i dont like surprise and wat if they attacked me again...
Alex Oakland
Alex Oakland - 12 years ago
great white sharks are like black people get in their turf and they will fuck your shit up
Laura Davidson
Laura Davidson - 12 years ago
Wow I can't believe you survived. But how freaky.
Dan Ladbrook
Dan Ladbrook - 12 years ago
@ivesour Its better if you smack their nose, its more sensitive. but if you get attacked by a croc or an alligator, i believe that works, it was in the news a few weeks ago. a man was gettin attacked and he poke the reptile in the eyes and it let him go.
Dan Ladbrook
Dan Ladbrook - 12 years ago
@ComedyLove28 Thats true but how are you supposed to because if you try to punch it lets say, the water would slow down you movement of your arm, so the punch wouldnt be very impactful would it?
Bjorn Johansen
Bjorn Johansen - 12 years ago
I take my hat off to the guy who even after that incident isn't afraid to do what he loves, but geesh... that is something I dont understand. I mean, they say lightning doesn't strike twice, but still...
fieldscorner95 - 12 years ago
why is it that all shark attacks seem to happen to white people? hum.. perhaps it because they believe sharks don't like the taste of humans, or it your fault for flapping around in the water. I mean , what else are you suppose to do in water hang glide?
XiuUldum - 12 years ago
@ComedyLove28 Really? I thought sharks felt things with their mouths and noses. They bump things all the time. So wouldn't punching it in the nose be kind of like punching a person in the fist?
jjo169 - 12 years ago
go for the eyes
morteza99 - 12 years ago
@ivesour ther gonna sense u after and fuck u up
turkishspade - 12 years ago
@ivesour I dont know how you are going to manage to find sharks eyes and poke them in that panic and shock
Kevin - 12 years ago
LMAO i love how the guy helping hold his hand just like pushed his hanging finger and the guy says "ouch" LOL
SkittySkittles11 - 12 years ago
Either the sharks are Jaw's descendants or they thought that the surfer dude was a seal or something. :P
JaRrEd M
JaRrEd M - 12 years ago
fuck i hate those adverts ahhhh greedy bitchezzzzz
joseph montes
joseph montes - 12 years ago
so cool
ImJustDead - 12 years ago
@ivesour or grab their nose ... they will go into a trance
Drethoran - 12 years ago
And they tell me ....Go camping ,go swimming...>I mean Na Ah!!!! I will play computer....Walk for few hours....And come back home noooo water....Noooo wild for me...
3429Hannah - 12 years ago
hes crazy!
slovakmath - 12 years ago
i immediately thought to myself "Oh gosh, no" lmfao!
Jordan tuno
Jordan tuno - 12 years ago
@ivesour Really? i heeard something about hitting their nose
Ella Brown
Ella Brown - 12 years ago
maybe they have subtitles caus some ppl cant understand his dumb british accent!!! lolz
Mora - 12 years ago
@ivesour or their nose
darkoelaswad - 12 years ago
OOOh !! thats new to me, next time then if i was attacked i will go for what u said...but still i love sharks :)
darkoelaswad - 12 years ago
@riseofteamrocket nose !? i thought the eye was the best place to attack !! ?
dhn09 - 12 years ago
Beerus, God of Destruction
Beerus, God of Destruction - 12 years ago
@riseofteamrocket You can't attack a sharks nose underwater..
blubuddha - 12 years ago
1:26 LMAO JESUS F---ING CHRIST! Thats gotta be the scariest dramatization sequence I've ever seen in my life. lol I mean can you imagine that! I'd be thinking WTF!!! i was having a good day off work 5 sec ago!
Lisa Tran
Lisa Tran - 12 years ago
how did he survive? That's cool...
Daemon Elias
Daemon Elias - 12 years ago
@ivesour or punch their gills... Or punch their nose...
Audiology - 12 years ago
Bang the shark.
Stacia Spearbeck
Stacia Spearbeck - 12 years ago
You are suppose to hit the shark directly on the nose
Trev Vitalis'
Trev Vitalis' - 12 years ago
@DGMRV lmao it is it is xD
darkembassymusic - 12 years ago
That's what happens when u surf inside a great white feeding turf
SuperNazoBros. - 12 years ago
@malaugevitalis the comment was supposed to be funny.
Hanzo "Scorpion" Hasashi - 12 years ago
right now i want a scar from a shark
switch12345678 - 12 years ago
@Betaass1 They did it for the South African dialect..
Trev Vitalis'
Trev Vitalis' - 12 years ago
@OhSnapV1 lmao seriously? >.> to me it looked like it was trying to finish him off :O
Trev Vitalis'
Trev Vitalis' - 12 years ago
@DGMRV LMAOOOOOO XD sorry i just had to laugh XD!
YottaFlop - 12 years ago
Now wait a second... The second one got his head and shoulders and he didn't died?!?! ... well... provably the shark didn't liked H&S...
SuperNazoBros. - 12 years ago
kamakaze112 - 12 years ago
his stomach had the rumblies that only hands could satisfy
24forpresident - 12 years ago
i bet no one surfs that beach anymore....
Daryl Tan
Daryl Tan - 12 years ago
Did the narrator just said the doctor managed to put Shannon's fingers back on his hand? Really? How did they find his fingers?
stacey menard
stacey menard - 12 years ago
Good god i would die immediately after having a massive heart attack i am terrified of sharks even watching this video my heart is beating so fast ughhhhhhh stupid people "der da der lets so swim or surf with something that is above us on the food chain"
DarthLancer - 12 years ago
@JuIiaSheer perhaps he was shopping for a new wetsuit?
Devajoe245 - 12 years ago
MATRIX at 1.14
Gazda96 - 12 years ago
@ivesour u can also punch it in its gills
JJ Munguia
JJ Munguia - 12 years ago
fucking advertisement
Tamayako - 12 years ago
@ivesour Thats how a guy got away from a shark once!
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth - 12 years ago
so instead of helping him lets just watch.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm rnt we smart
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth - 12 years ago
@JuIiaSheer tats awesome
Dwayne Ng
Dwayne Ng - 12 years ago
"shannon stills have scars. and he still surfs. no, he is not afraid of sharks." really, this time the shark's not gonna fail. next video's headline: "untamed and uncut- man eaten by double great white sharks."
An4c0nd4 - 12 years ago
@JuIiaSheer lol
sanaaafreen - 12 years ago
something wrong with shannon,,the second shark decided not to bite his head..
Robbie DeHaan
Robbie DeHaan - 12 years ago
OMG! At 1:28 hes gonna get his head bitten off!!!!!!!
Lyndizzle Tothesnizzle
Lyndizzle Tothesnizzle - 12 years ago
@JuIiaSheer lol :L
xVegasAnimagus - 12 years ago
That guy is so lucky, to walk away with it only having a go at his hand.
Betaass1 - 12 years ago
love how there are subtitles even though it's in English.
Brian - 12 years ago
the only way for a human to take down a shark without a weapon is poke there eyes
Forgotten455 - 12 years ago
The Two Sharks Just Needed Some Action.
Terry Eckensviller
Terry Eckensviller - 12 years ago
Actually recent evadence suggests that they may not be loners,and sometimes do co-operate with other great whites, although there is still a pecking order, bigger goes first.
Adrian Nicole
Adrian Nicole - 12 years ago
@JuIiaSheer its like yum yum bloody cookies
Adrian Nicole
Adrian Nicole - 12 years ago
@kiofever what the heak is white cats wait o i dont care because u r soooooooooooooo dumb
romerouno17 - 12 years ago
good man Shannon, just keep respecting sharks, this was unfortunate. but glad you survived!
itsnightsoon - 12 years ago
dumbass idiot
Duane Bartolo
Duane Bartolo - 12 years ago
i love dick
Abdallaah Aamir
Abdallaah Aamir - 12 years ago
"i love sharks, i respect sharks" haha no wonder. LOL
Diran Abudu
Diran Abudu - 12 years ago
God specifically choose for you to be alive
ivanmikhailov - 12 years ago
I think this poor lad may have sustained brain damage as a result of his shark encounter. Somehow his brother was affected as well.
Thor Klauson
Thor Klauson - 12 years ago
@buujack And that is where you leave rational thinking in the presence of awe.
micklfc2008 - 12 years ago
"it stoped and stared at me for no reason " was prob like what your a guy ? i thought you were a girl with that name shannon dammmmmm! and the other shark was like shut the fuck up and head butts the other one .
chemicalsweet13 - 12 years ago
lol "it stopped and stared at me for no reason!" Thats what you get for being named "Shannon" bro.
KnorpelDelux - 12 years ago
Fake! Soviet Russia doesnt exist...
fdyjt - 12 years ago
i would never swim again i think
Wayne Watson
Wayne Watson - 12 years ago
@NarutoUzumakis u jap muhfucker your gonna die
Wayne Watson
Wayne Watson - 12 years ago
@JuIiaSheer lol lmfao
Jason Pham
Jason Pham - 12 years ago
screw him i got attacked by 3 sharks
Caitlin Atha
Caitlin Atha - 12 years ago
Was I the only one who noticed the THIRD fin at 0:49???
Jeff Galvez
Jeff Galvez - 12 years ago
what guy is called shannon??! :P
cornalfrogymaster - 12 years ago
@NarutoUzumakis dude know who your fucking talking about this man was granted a second chance and the sharks would of at your ass like it was thanksgiving
Nikola Cvetkovic
Nikola Cvetkovic - 12 years ago
fucking idiot,would he "love" sharks if he lost his legs or arms or more,fucking retard,would be the same as liking someone who tried to kill you,this guy should have died
Herb Domantay
Herb Domantay - 12 years ago
@SorrowKX hahhahahaha hilarious
Ovirload - 12 years ago
He only survived because shark two was a hater?! and wanted what the first shark had?! LUC-KY!
Angy Pangy
Angy Pangy - 12 years ago
why are they subbing it.?@? he speaks english fucking americans
aaron spann
aaron spann - 12 years ago
@darnjack0roll well, they still kill more than tripping and drowning.
Saint Of Awesomeness
Saint Of Awesomeness - 12 years ago
Other Shark: Hey we are strictly on diet bro! Get a grip n leave that bitch alone.... XD Lucky guy !!!!!! :)
darnjack0roll - 12 years ago
@damanspann bees dont kill much ppl in europe
aaron spann
aaron spann - 12 years ago
@darnjack0roll bees actually kill quite alot of people. more people are killed by tripping and drowning in two inches of water than killed by sharks.
darnjack0roll - 12 years ago
@razorwindcharizard even bees kill more ppl than sharks
Crystal - 12 years ago
well hello Shannon Ainslie ;)
Princess Darkseid
Princess Darkseid - 12 years ago
@razorwindcharizard ikr i read that in a book once
stavros flatley
stavros flatley - 12 years ago
this has happened to me a couple of times. on both occasions i found that a sharp punch into the sharks bollocks forces them to open their mouth in shock and then you can safely doggy paddle to shore.
quitebitterpi - 12 years ago
Pff. They just wanted to say hi, even shook his hand and everything.
Aldrig Sige
Aldrig Sige - 12 years ago
threes a crowd lol
Deni Banham
Deni Banham - 12 years ago
OMG thats 1 lucky guy
fullsjuk - 12 years ago
and he still surfs??what an idiot,i hope all surfers becomes sharksnack's
jjstiphens - 12 years ago
the other shark said "that ain't no seal dumb ass! "
Scott P
Scott P - 12 years ago
shit american commentary for retards. compare this shit to the BBC
trurealdogg - 12 years ago
a bad ass surfer!
noReactionZ - 12 years ago
cut the adds
flower - 12 years ago
whats that accent??
slagness - 12 years ago
great white!!!!
karrrido - 12 years ago
LOL the other shark saved him i would be so grateful
pokie4life - 12 years ago
TheDiamond123123 - 12 years ago
@Preator6 "not aggressive", right :D
zxcvbnmjfjf - 12 years ago
@censurabass um, i dont understand what you are saying, our woemon cant give birth underwater and babies cant swim hence why we have swimming lessons, and if you are talking about female sharks then no shit we arnt talking about them. and yes millions of years ago the first multi celled organisms came from the sea but man has involved and adapted to earth outside of the water so we should not go back in it if we have involved from it, try to be more clear and explain it again
Rooster1Cogburn - 12 years ago
@zxcvbnmjfjf Nah, let them go in. They provide the sharks a variety in their diet.
zxcvbnmjfjf - 12 years ago
men dont have fins or gills whcih means they whernt meant for the ocean, so stay out of it.
chipmunk3k - 12 years ago
wow from a strategic point of view. ths sharks hit him at the perfect time and if the second shark actualy got his head/shoulder that would of been game over within 15 seconds :S kinda creepy
GMcreations77 - 12 years ago
danetpie - 12 years ago
@vanski1986 nah he says that cause he forgot everything =)
CCodyXP - 12 years ago
wow scary byt could of been alot worse.
TheDiamond123123 - 12 years ago
"shakrs never attack".... lol.... people who swim in shark infested waters are just stupid. no matter what you say.
nickdemondares - 12 years ago
Hell, lucky to be alive, u son of a bitch, I saw a bull shark and it fuckin attacked the water scooter, I decided to smoke weed and fuckin stay away from the water.....Peace
Joo-Sung Park
Joo-Sung Park - 12 years ago
@FFeste after watching this vid, i truly lol'd at this.
sasa2340 - 12 years ago
Subtitles..... lol
Jake Julian
Jake Julian - 12 years ago
@iloveniggers1000 you don't deserve to die, but it might happen, its just risky.
Gayle Carpenter
Gayle Carpenter - 12 years ago
Sucks to be you dude
erick476 - 12 years ago
Sharpclaws - 12 years ago
I'm pretty sure I know why the shark stopped to stare at him. It probably noticed that he was the weirdest looking seal it had ever seen. It may have realized he wasn't a seal and moved thus slamming into the other shark.
abbielovesoasis - 12 years ago
wow what a complete dude mind!
Adam lancaster
Adam lancaster - 12 years ago
its his parents fault he got bit, shannon... lol
Hamburgan - 12 years ago
ouhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd
Nanipark50 - 12 years ago
@Kittygohigh Um Yes, please white it out
Nanipark50 - 12 years ago
HOw scary! That's horrible
robg71 - 12 years ago
@TheUnbeatableSpartan Id rather be killed by a soda pop machine :)
razorwindcharizard - 12 years ago
sharks dont kill that many people, coconuts do though, it must be on a documentary! all about the coconuts deadly lifestyle!!! aah!! 'here is the killer coconut'
poop Cooke
poop Cooke - 12 years ago
lots of people are too paranoid of sharks they only kill 5 people a year and non of them are completely eaten they mostly die of blood loss and soda pop machines kill more people than sharks
Rayne Silverwing
Rayne Silverwing - 12 years ago
@Kittygohigh i dont think it would really matter whats on the board because sharks think surf boards are seals...............and im pretty sure they dont have that good of vision to know whats a penguin or not....
Rayne Silverwing
Rayne Silverwing - 12 years ago
@vanski1986 mhm your absolutly right!!

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