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6 Boating Tips To Use Every Trip

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× Here we discuss 6 very important tips you should use every time you take your boat out. I hope everyone finds these useful and if you have any additional ones let me know in the comments.


Boating for Beginners - Boating Basics - How to...

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× A video on how to drive a boat for beginners is requestied all the time. So here is a few basic tips for the beginner boater. How to get up on plane, how to opperate a boat... they are all in here. For more information on the Button on my hat go to - Help the families of our fallen heroes -...


How To Anchor A Bay Boat (Top Anchoring...

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× When you’re dropping down the anchor, a lot can go wrong… Your hand or leg could get stuck in the rope and you could get pulled overboard… You could drop the anchor on your deck and be in for an expensive repair job… You could not tie the anchor on your boat correctly and lose your anchor… And those are just a few of the things that...


How To Drive A Bass Boat

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× If you are new to boating or a lifelong boater Buck’s Island Marina has a huge selection of Bass Boats, pontoons, and fishing boats just for you. Bucks’s Island Marina 📍 Follow me on social Check out my Store! #falconboats #boating tips #boatersafety...
× For Episode 9, the Lats & Atts TV crew takes us to Jack London Square in Oakland, California. Named after the famous adventurer and author, Feature segments include “Project Bluesphere – Refitting Namaste”, “Austin’s Adventures - Tahiti”, Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang, World of Boating Radio, a boat review of a new Hunter 38, and...


Boat Tips

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× Boat Breifing


Boating Tips - What's In Your Go Boating Kit

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Speed Boat CRASH with Seven Passengers

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All about Raft Building - ARK Survival Evolved

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× SEE LINKS BELOW FOR FULL BUILD TUTORIALS OneWing Guide for how to build the best raft, all the build techniques to design and create your perfect boat build in ARK survival evolved on Xbox One. NEW FOUNDATION LOWERING METHOD: Ultimate raft building guide. BUILD TECHNIQUES Aligning the build in the...


SimCity BuildIt | Tips & Tricks Part 9 - Boat...

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× Learn all about cargo shipments. SimCity BuildIt is your kind of city! With countless buildings and vivid, 3D-quality graphics, SimCity BuildIt is the most realistic city builder on mobile. Create and trade resources with friends and other cities. Unlock exclusive buildings or unleash natural (and not so natural)...


Boat Neck Blouse Cutting Very Clarity With easy...

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× How to Cut easy Method Boat Neck Cutting in Telugu, For Beginners. Online Telugu Tailoring Tutorials,Free Class By MUDHRA VIDEOPS. || Boat Neck Cutting Tutorial. ALL TAILORING VIDEOS :- BLOUSE DESIGNS :- HIT...


Top 5 Whale VS Boat Videos

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× ► Send us your video ideas! Whales are magnificent and beautiful creatures, but they can be dangerous if they get too close! Here's our list of the top five whale vs boat videos. Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC) Ole K (CC), David Bonds (CC), Shawn Backer (CC) The Top Fives channel brings you...


Pontoon Boating

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× Some information and observation from first time pontoon boat owners. Having owned several styles and sizes of boats, the pontoon is definitely the most comfortable for this family who uses it strictly in the intracoastal waterway. This is the living room on the water of smaller boats under 30'. Of course there are pros and cons to any boat but but...


Tips on buying a used outboard motor

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× Hope this video helps. Please like! Check out my video on outboard maintenance tips and tricks: Royal free music from


How To Trim Your Boat - Basics Of Boat Trim |...

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× This video shows you the basics of boat trim. It walks you through how to use the power trim on your outboard or sterndrive to your advantage; what it means to trim the boat up and trim it down; and how this affects the ride and efficiency. For more information, visit BoatUS Magazine is the flagship publication of...


Boating Customs and Immigration Procedures -...

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× In this Episode of Maintenance Monday with the Sailing Doodles we give information on how to clear in with Immigration and Customs and Border Protection. Both in the USA, US Virgin Islands and Foreign States. We give our experiences and tips to make the process easy. To get a DECAL: CBP locations and phone numbers:...


Quickest Way To Launch A Boat By Yourself

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× One of the most difficult parts about a solo fishing trip can be the part where you launch and load your boat by yourself. This is a process that can be very frustrating when not done properly. And it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress given that there are often other anglers waiting for you to get finished so that they can launch. In this...


First and Final Frames Part II

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× After numerous requests, I finally decided to create a sequel to "First and Final Frames". Part II plays the opening and closing shots of 70 films side-by-side. Like the first video, some of the opening shots are strikingly similar to the final shots, while others are vastly different--both serving a purpose in communicating various themes. The...


How to Buff and Wax a Boat

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× Trevor demonstrates how to properly buff and wax a boat on a heavily oxidized 52' Sea Ray with colored hullsides.


Beginner's guide to driving a small boat

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× In this video I go through the basics of driving an outboard-powered runabout boat (or "tinnie" as we call them locally.) This includes judging your speed, leaving and approaching a pontoon, manoeuvring in a confined space, navigating in a channel and driving between moorings. We also explore techniques such as using a deck line to spring on or off a...


Marlin Sinks Fishing Boat. Vessel Capsizes...

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× [Reuploaded for Solving Music Copyrights Infringements] The History: A sport-fishing boat off the coast of Panama capsized last Thursday after someone aboard the boat snagged a gigantic black marlin. Photos of the ordeal posted to Facebook make it seem as though the monstrous fish sank the boat as it was being reeled aboard. According to Marlin...


How To: Your First Offshore Center Console...

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× How to, your first offshore center console fishing boat! Beginner's guide, How to tips to outfit your first offshore fishing boat. Tips, tricks to get started with boating safety equipment, gear, & accessories. What to look for when buying or rigging and outfitting your first or second offshore saltwater fishing boat. Deep sea fishing and boating is...


Boat Fishing Tips for Beginners - The Totally...

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× Thousands of anglers spend a day afloat on a charter boat, fishing for many different species. But newcomers need to know the very basic tips and techniques to be in with the chance of getting a fish or two. Graeme Pullen takes you through a beginners guide to boat fishing, with tips that are easy to follow and have been proven fish catchers through...


How To: Your First Inshore Flats Fishing Boat

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× How to, your first flats boat aka fishing boat! Beginner's guide, How to tips to outfit your first inshore fishing flats boat. Boat review plus tips and tricks to get started with boating safety equipment, outboard motors info, fishing gear, & boat accessories. What to look for when buying or rigging and outfitting your bay boat or flats boat inshore...


NOOB!! Mistakes were Made!! Newbie Bass Boat...

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× Compilation of my bass boat fails as a new boat owner. I'm not perfect by any means. This is my very first boat and I've made some interesting mistakes. nothing major yet! 2017 Skeeter ZX250 Hobie Pro Angler 12 Nativewatercraft slayer propel 13 ############### Hey guys please subscribe to my channel if you are looking for: bass fishing tips and...


3 Stupid Ways to Kill an Outboard Engine

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× Wait! Stop! NOOOOOOOO! Better listen up, as Senior Editor, Lenny Rudow, fills you in on three stupid ways to kill an outboard engine. Don't do one of these three stupid things, or your outboard engine will leave you sitting at the dock. RELATED VIDEOS & PLAYLISTS: Basic Trouble Shooting When Your Outboard Won't Start -...


How to properly take your boat off its trailer...

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× Shipwright Louis Sauzedde shows you how to properly take your boat off its trailer and then he preps Fish Hawk for bottom paint in Bristol, Rhode Island. Brought to you by our friends at Jamestown Distributors


How To Dock In 4 Simple Steps | BoatUS

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× Learn to bring your outboard- or sterndrive-powered boat along side a dock or bulkhead in four simple steps with BoatUS Magazine. For more information, visit BoatUS is the nation’s largest association of recreational boaters with over half a million Members. We provide a diverse offering of services including...


7 ways to Trick Out a Small Boat for Better...

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× Tricking out this small aluminum boat will give me the advantages that some of the bigger more expensive boat have. From getting on plane in shallow water to fishing all day on the trolling motor these tips will greatly improve your fishing experience. Thank you to everyone for watching my videos and please subscribe before you leave. This boat is...


Tips and Tricks for bottom painting your boat

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× Learn some more cool tips and tricks for bottom painting your boat from shipwright Louis Sauzedde. Brought to you by our friends at Jamestown Distributors - TotalBoat - More at -


How To Drive A Bass Boat

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× If you are new to boating or a lifelong boater Buck’s Island Marina has a huge selection of Bass Boats, pontoons, and fishing boats just for you. Bucks’s Island Marina 📍 Follow me on social Check out my Store! #falconboats #boating tips #boatersafety...


How To Drive A Boat In Big Waves

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× Matt takes you on a rough ride on a big lake and explains the steps to safely running upwind, downwind, and cross swell along the way. He explains how to position the boat and use different trim settings to your advantage. Gear Recommended in the video... Mustang Inflatable Life Jacket: Hot Foot Throttle Control:...


Jetboating - some things to consider

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× Buying a jetboat is only a small part of it,what type of boat, you will need a 4wd to tow it around,maitainance and some basic safety tips You can find me on facebook here -


Engine Fogging for Long Term or Winter Storage...

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× Check out our latest video: "Preventing Catastrophic failure and Breakdowns | Commonly missed RV and Vehicle maintenance Items" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Before storing your boat, car or any engine for an extended period of time its a good idea to prep it in some way. You can consider turning the engine over...


Dragon Boat Paddling Technique

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× In this video, our Cigna dragon boat team captain Benjamin will show us the paddling technique, stroke technique and sitting position that give you a basic idea for how to paddle in a dragon boat as a team. Stay tuned!


Yamaha Jet Boat Maneuverability

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× Boating Magazine Editor Randy Vance looks at the benefits of Yamaha Jet Boats for maneuvering at slow speeds and in various docking configurations. Vance provides tips and pointers to help you drive like a pro and take advantage of Yamaha's internal propulsion drivetrain. Welcome to Yamaha's Official Watercraft YouTube Channel! Click here to...


Knots for Fenders - Tips & Tricks

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× Fender Knots, there's a lot of variation out there. If you are looking for a reliable way to tie them on your pop up cleat or on the railing then watch Sharm as he takes you through a couple of ways to tie them including putting a slip in the classic clove hitch.


Boating Safety with the U.S. Coast Guard

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× Boating safety is extremely important! I got together with the U.S. Coast Guard to discuss boating safety and tips to help keep you safe on the water. Hopefully, this will help all of you and maybe save a life. ▼ Coast Guard App: • App Store → • Google Play → ▼ Huge Thanks to: •...


How to dock a single-engine inboard/outdrive...

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× Single-engined, inboard/outdrive boats are acknowledged to be the most difficult type of boat to dock in reverse, stern-first, in a marina berth. Here are a few ideas which might make it less of a challenge. We use the low-speed "steer - then gear" method, plus a piece of ribbon, a non-electronic Rulan helm indicator and a simple length of rope....


How to Fly a Drone on a Boat

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× DJI Mavic Pro Platinum: DJI Mavic Pro: DJI Goggles: With summer boating and drone flying season in full swing, many people want to get awesome drone video and drone photos while boating, fishing, water skiing or generally out on the water. This video will give you five tips to help you...


How to Tie a Cleat Hitch | Boating Tips

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× Learn how to tie a basic cleat hitch with GetMyBoat. Want travel + boating tips plus exclusive opportunities and exciting announcements? Sign up for our newsletter ⇢ (We'll never spam you.) In this video, you'll learn how to tie a cleat hitch for a recreational boat roughly 50 feet. We used a J170 sailboat in this video....


How to Launch a Boat yourself | Launch and...

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× For more info and more boating tips check out our youtube channel Or Come to our website We have the best prices in Australia for Quintrex boats Caloundra Marine sells a great variety of new and used boats and is an official dealer for Quintrex, Evinrude, and Suzuki motors. Sunshine Coast Marine Centre specialises...


How to park a boat: Shaft Drive |

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× Nick Barke showing you how to park a shaft drive boat at Essex Marina with a Targa 47. For more boating videos visit


Boat crash Harlem Shake

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× Leisure Boating does not own the rights to the video or audio clip. This video stresses the importance of safe boating. Be safe on the water. Vist for top boating tips


The incredible moment a humpback whale tips up...

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× A woman vacationing on Mexico's Sea of Cortez shows the shocking moment a humpback whale breached onto a fishing boat. Gillian Panasewicz, who is from Arizona, captured a series of stunning pictures showing the massive mammal coming up for air right as a boat was overhead. Thankfully, neither the whale nor those on the boat were injured. Canada's...


Boating Basics

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× Operating a boat means more than just getting in and turning the key or hoisting a sail. As a boater, you need to know all about federal and state boating laws, required safety equipment, operational characteristics of your boat, what to do during an emergency and the environment where you operate, before venturing onto the water. The more you know...


3 Ways to trip your Boat Anchor | TAFishing

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× This is another way Graeme uses to trip his anchor on his 17ft boat. He shows you three different ways on how to trip your anchor when boat fishing. Getting the right anchor for your boat is paramount, but what many people don't think about is the ability to be able to release the anchor when it is caught in the bottom or in snags. Graeme has used...

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